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Urban Runoff

- For decades tourists and local beach goers have been flocking to Southern California in search of an inviting environment to relax and enjoy all the amenities a coastal climate has to offer. Yet despite the beauty and breathtaking atmosphere, many unforeseen factors may alter your perspective in regards to how frequently you visit these beach locations. In its current state many beach destinations surrounding the Orange County, California area are susceptible to urban runoff bringing copious amounts of pollution to the waterfront....   [tags: Pristine Ecosystems, Fish Disease]

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Decay Theory in STM and Theory of Duration in STM

- Decay Theory in STM and Theory of Duration in STM The theory suggests STM can only hold information for between 15 and 30 seconds unless it is rehearsed Brown & Peterson (1959). After this time the information Decays (fades away). Waugh & Norman (1965) used the Serial Probe Technique to test the theory. Participants were given a series of numbers to learn. They were then given one of the numbers and asked which number followed it. For example; participants were given the Probe word 7 and asked what followed it, the answer is 3....   [tags: Papers]

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Urban Sociology

- Order for Sociology Degree - Modernity Module Introduction In metropolitan areas urban sociology is the sociological research of life and human interaction and their role in the growth of society. Urban sociologists use statistical study, as well as immigration, financial side, scarcity, race relations and style. Modern urban sociology creates from the work of sociologists such as Max Weber and Georg Simmel who intentional and put forward the economic, social and intellectual development of urbanization and its consequences....   [tags: Human Interaction, Growth of Society]

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Urban Education

- There have been a number of issues in the urban schools like poor quality of education and segregation of schools by races. The great cause of these issues has been increase in immigrants and shifting patterns from rural areas to the urban areas. This has resulted in high concentration of the poor and minority students in the urban schools. These issues have necessitated the formation and application of the No Child Left Behind policy with a bet to better education system and standard in America....   [tags: Education ]

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Urban Agriculture

- Urban Agriculture Restores Burghal America: The Seeds Quietly Await A vibrant young couple pulls into a full service station on a road trip to “fill ‘er up”. The service man does just that, but not with fuel. He fills the tank with scoops of sugar, salt, white flour, and soft drinks. Any rational car owner would scream: “Vandalism!” However, such havoc was not wreaked upon an automobile, but a HUMAN fuel tank. The scoops of sugar, salt, white flour and soft drinks are the fuel used in a typical fast food lunch....   [tags: Collective Health, Community Influence]

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Urban Planning

- In the twentieth century, the world witnessed significant changes and an increase in the city's population. Today more than half of global inhabitants live in cities or towns (Clarke, 1980), and most of the modern cities around the world have similar economic structure and social interests (Sassen, 2001). The observer to these cities will notice the common characteristics are much more than differences (Clark, 1996). Many recent studies recognize this phenomenon. One of the important studies that examines and analyses this phenomenon was carried out by Clark (1996)....   [tags: Sociology ]

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Urban Aboriginal

- In this essay, we will analyze certain aspects of Aboriginal life, specifically pertaining to their experiences within the urban city setting. Aboriginals coming from their respective reservations face many difficulties, challenges, and hardships when attempting to integrate themselves into city life. This paper aims to illuminate some of those issues, as well as, give the reader a better understanding of urban Aboriginals. This paper does not intend on providing solutions to the problems that are discussed....   [tags: Article Analysis ]

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Urban Legends

- According to Brunvard, urban legends can tell us a lot about the society in which we live. Brunvard explains that these stories are an indication of our own fears and issues, and by implanting them into stories, we give voice to them. For example, “The Boyfriend’s Death” tells the story of a young couple who had gone to the woods in the boy’s car, and they were making out. The boy then left the girl alone in the car and promised he would return but never did. She later saw his body hanging from a tree....   [tags: Brunvard, The Boyfriend's Death, The Jersey Devil]

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Urban Planning

- In a contemporary era the ideal project goes from the design of a spoon to a city. The indissoluble link between every component of the city and the city itself it is now clear and studied. You cannot add another actor to a play without changing the plot. All the elements are mingled to each other as the people are mingled to them. The attention of people needs and habits has to mould the each project of every scale. The interesting difference between a limited architectural project and one in an urban scale is the triple interaction between the architect, the client and the multiple users....   [tags: Architecture, urbanization]

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Urban Mythology

- Hip-hop’s greatest gift and its heaviest burden is its legacy of urban mythology. It will be remembered as that bittersweet moment when young black men captured the ears of America and defined themselves on their own terms in doing so, they raised a defiant middle finger to a history that shamed them with slavery, misrepresented them as coons and criminals and co-opted the best of their culture. Family History Tupac Amaru Shakur was born on june,16,1971 in East Harlem, Manhattan New York. He was the son of Alice Faye Williams who was born January, 10, 1947 in Lumberton North Carolina to Rosa Belle Williams and Walter Williams....   [tags: Race]

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Urban City Stereotypes

- Stereotypes of urban cities commonly reflect the portrayal of minorities which they are seen as poor and criminals in comparison to the middle and upper Caucasian class. Such stereotypes are an effect of environmental racism. However, to divert from the spread of negative and racist stereotypes, the local government must reflect a better city. In this paper, I am going to explain the benefits of new regionalism in relation to urban cities and minorities. Having influence from Manuel Pastor and Myron Orfield, minorities need attention from their local government to better their lives....   [tags: Urbanization]

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Urban Geography: Chile

- Chilean Landscape Chile is located along the southwestern coast of South America and has the Andes Mountains on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other. The landscape in Chile offers diversity from deserts, forests, rivers, glaciers and valleys. Chile has three different climate zones and they experience a variety of seasons to support their primary sector of agriculture and produce variety of fruits including grapes to manufacture wine. ("Chile facts and," 2007) Population Density: Urban or Rural....   [tags: Geography ]

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To Investigate The Urban Heat Island Of Guangzhou

- This essay investigates the urban heat island (UHI) phenomenon in Guangzhou, the commercial and manufacturing hub of southern China. Research and original fieldwork was carried out by Fleur Wang, a sixth form student in the British School of Guangzhou. Fieldwork involved using two transects that measured the difference in air temperature between SW-NE and E-W profiles of the city. Land uses in the city were also studied using Landsat satellite imagery. Results showed air temperature increased with high density urban built-up areas and decreased with vegetation cover in rural areas....   [tags: Southern China, Air Temperature, Climate]

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Urban Elite Theory

- Theoretical Lenses I. Urban Elite Theory Urban elite theory will provide students with a theoretical lens by which to understand the redevelopment projects initiated in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver during the lead-up to the 2010 Olympic Games. Urban elite theory extends the scope of classical elite theory by adding that a metropolis is divided by its physical districts based on class distinctions (Darity et. al., 2008). The presence and power of elites, however, is not seen as entirely negative according to this theoretical perspective....   [tags: Development, Politics, Vancouver]

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The Use Of Urban Space And Metropolitan Life

- 6.15 Urban Exercise Furniture The American Parkour Academy refers to bodily movement as fun and joyful. This is an essential feature to communicate in the promotion of physical activity. Parkour is interesting for physical activity in the city, because it uses obstacles in the built environment to exercise. In the past years, l’art du deplacement (parkour), and free running have become increasingly popular. Parkour is an urban based performance that has developed out of military obstacle training, with the intention to take the fastest way from A to B....   [tags: Physical exercise, Exercise, Strength training]

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Presentation Of Urban Garbage : Paula Pentel 's Presentation On Urban Trash

- The purpose of this paper is to summarize the contents of Paula Pentel’s presentation on Urban Trash, present the themes which constitute the outlined concerns regarding urban waste and pollution, and to assess the multidimensional outcomes of dealing with waste disposal and conversion to energy in the United States. The United States produces 11 billion metric tons of waste per year from mining, agriculture, industrial processes, municipal functions, and sewage sludge; New York alone produces 32,000 tons of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) each day....   [tags: Waste management, Recycling, Waste]

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Modern Urban Sociology

- Introduction One of the mainly electrifying essentials of contemporary period is the urbanisation of the globe. For sociological reasons a city is a comparatively great, crowded and lastingly community of diverse individuals. In metropolitan areas urban sociology is the sociological research of life, human interaction and their role in the growth of society. Modern urban sociology creates from the work of sociologists such as Max Weber and Georg Simmel who put forward the economic, social and intellectual development of urbanisation and its consequences....   [tags: urbanization of the globe, Baudelaire]

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Lack Funding And Overcrowding Urban Schools

- Imagine going to school one day, and you find out that your teacher is being laid off because the school can not afford to keep them. Your school has decided to triple the amount of students in one class. Urban education has been impacted tremendously by insufficient funding, and overcrowding schools. Urban schools are insufficiently funded causing, smaller amounts of teaching staff, outdated supplies, and poor building conditions. Urban schools are also overcrowded, which causes stressful working conditions and negative effects on classroom activities....   [tags: Education, School, Poverty, Teacher]

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An Analysis of the Importance of the Rural and Urban Scenery

- “A quiet secluded life in the country, with the possibility of being useful to people to whom it is easy to do good, and who are not accustomed to have it done to them . . .such is my idea of happiness.” (Tolstoy) The differences between the lifestyles of the rural and the urban have been written into literature, primarily poetry since the very idea of the city was developed. From the time that these two groups began to identify themselves, the differences began to form. Plenty of writers have offered their opinions on what it means to live in the country, and the city alike....   [tags: poetry, robert frost, birches]

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The Gap Between Rural And Urban Communities

- In the United States, more people live in urban areas than rural communities. According to the U.S. Census, nearly 80.7% of the people live in urban areas whereas only 19.3% of Americans live in rural communities. The gap between rural and urban America created a tipping point generations ago but the gap is flaring in every aspect. One of the challenges rural areas face is the scarcity of affordable health care. There have been challenges in population health and the reform of health care systems in the United States but the biggest encounter is adapting rural communities to the shifts in national health policies and access to affordable health care....   [tags: Health economics, Medicine, Health, Health care]

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Urban Planning 2040

- Whenever attempting to plan for any certain aspect of a city for development, it is very important to consider many of the attributes of urban planning. In order for a city to be successfully constructed, certain elements to the planning must be enacted. The General Plan for any given city is important to consider while in the process of constructing it because of all of the many revisions, alterations, and changes that the plan undergoes in order to lead to the final product. The municipality that is Tempe, Arizona is only one city of many that uses a General Plan in order to help understand their planning designs so that further construction may continue successfully and with little diffic...   [tags: Personal Vehicles, Roadway Development]

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Plan 1011 Urban Society – Sociological Themes In Urban Fiction

- Throughout modern history, urban life and the city has constantly been documented in fiction and song and the way a city’s energy influences its inhabitants and the creative and destructive elements that can be the result. As a theme, Michel de Certeau considers cities and the societies within them the ‘most immoderate of human texts’ (De Certeau 1984, p. 92). One such observer is writer-director George A. Romero (‘the grandfather of the zombie’) who is well known for his satirical horror films depicting the outbreak of a zombie apocalypse in America, and its how it impacts groups of individuals and society within the cities....   [tags: Sociology ]

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The Health Benefits of Urban Green Roof

- In this paper, I consider an effect of green roofs – its mental and spiritual impact on health of residents living in urbanized area. It is well known that natural open spaces and well-designed greenspaces provide a locus for recreation, social interaction and community action and are highlighted as having a particularly positive influence on health and well-being. Given that urban green spaces are now widely recognized as major contributors both to the quality of the environment, and to human health and well-being, an important question is whether this will move them closer to, or further from, the goal of mental and spiritual health on urban residents....   [tags: mental, spiritual effect, environment]

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Sustainable Urban Area

- The model of our sustainable urban area is one that is comprised of several interacting parts, each relying on one another in order to successfully transport the population to whatever destination they have in mind. The first is a system of trains located outside of the city itself that will provide long-distance travel for both goods and people. The inner city area will have very little cars because our electric autonomous automobiles will be utilized mainly in order to connect these stations and other residences with the center of the urban area....   [tags: Trains, Transportation, Cars, Walking]

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Clothing Store: Urban Outfitters INC

- Since the 1970’s Urban Outfitters INC. has produced a wide selection of clothing brands for the younger generation. Urban Outfitters INC. includes Free People, BHLDN, Anthropologie, Terrain and Urban Outfitters. The beginning of Urban Outfitters INC. started out in Philadelphia for college students, their fun loving affordable clothing appealed to students who were living under a college budget. It’s known for its “hipster” and “free thinking” clothing that would appeal to the younger generation....   [tags: brands, sales, bed-bug ]

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The Impact of Rooftop Gardens in Urban Areas

- What are the impacts, positive or negative, of rooftop gardens in urban areas and should they be instigated. The investigation is being instigated in order to determine the true impacts of rooftop gardens on surrounding or involved communities as well as the environment itself. Through this investigation, the effectiveness of rooftop gardens, its costs and benefits and its sustainability (short or long term) will be assessed. A rooftop garden is any garden established on the roof of a building. These gardens are visually attractive as well as means of controlling overall heat absorption, a means of providing food (if a vegetable garden), architectural enhancement and recreational opportuniti...   [tags: sustainability, environment, ancient history]

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Global Warming in The Urban Heat Island

- ... The impact of the UHI is critically relevant to residents in and near the urban core. UHIs were the well developed in winter, while the area and intensities of UHI in summer decreased. Nonetheless, the intensity of the UHI is much higher due to the original temperature being high and more recognizable than UHI in winter. As the maximum UHI intensity has a negative correlation with wind speed, the amount of clouds, and precipitation. UHI intensity decreased with higher wind speeds, cloudiness, and precipitation....   [tags: population, south korea]

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The Older Care System Of Urban China

- 3.2 Older care system in urban China Considering the living modes of the older people, after the mid-1990s, the older people in urban China are more likely to live in nuclear families instead of extended families (Whyte, 2005). But comparing to other societies, only 10% of older people in China live alone, which is lower than the average level of 22.5% in developed countries and the world average level of 14% (Hu and Peng, 2012). Among the Chinese families with older people, 75% older residents live with their adult children or their spouses....   [tags: Old age, Geriatrics, Elderly care, Sociology]

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Urban Transprotation Issues in the United States

- Transportation systems are what support the high levels of accumulation and concentration within cities. The bigger the city, the more complex its urban problems are if not properly managed. The largest transportation problems occur when public transportation systems fail to fulfill the many requirements of urban mobility. Urban efficiency is highly dependent on its transportation systems to move consumers, labor, and goods from one point to another. The most outstanding urban transportation issues in the United States are: traffic congestion, longer commuting, inadequacy of public transport, green transportation difficulty, and good distribution (Rodrigue)....   [tags: traffic, commute, trains]

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Transformation of the Pacific Northwest into an Urban Society

- From the mid 1840s into the 1900s, the Pacific Northwest transformed from small towns to an urban society. In the beginning, settlers traveled by foot, water, and horse to the Pacific Northwest; then later by wagons, stagecoaches, steamboats and sailing ships to passenger trains. The Pacific Northwest experienced a rapid rate of growth from 1880s to 1890s. In between 1859 to 1890, the Pacific Northwest established its statehood between Oregon, Washington and Idaho. The growth in resources of travel and the increase of immigrants, transformed the Pacific Northwest from small towns to an urban Society....   [tags: American History]

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The Effect Of Rainwater Management On The Urban Design

- Kronsberg - Built for 2000 world exposition on a 1200 hectare site of mainly agriculture land located south east of Hannover, Germany. Expected to have population of 15000 residents with approx. 6000 dwelling units and 108 people as net density per acre or 44 dwelling UPA. This development was planned to have land covering of 150 hectares with streets, building, parking and other built elements. Total cost of the project was 2.2 billion (Places 43) Aimed in setting a model for eco-friendly suburban - ecologically feasible community(Places 43).This was achieved through “Optimal design of the living units, keeping waste to a minimum, public transport connections, cycle-paths, environmentally-a...   [tags: Water, Hydrology, Rain, Retention basin]

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A Theory Of Race, Crime, And Urban Inequality

- Getting played is a well written portrayal of the harsh realities of African American girls in poor urban environments. The theoretical framework this book uses will be related to Sampson and Wilson 's Toward a Theory of Race, Crime, and Urban Inequality 1995. The relationship with race and crime is complex with historical, cultural, structural factors and more. The Unequal Treatment of Girls in the Ghetto Black girls in urban environments have high rates of being victims. There are multiple causal factors for this including many environmental factors such as these neighborhoods having low collective efficacy, few resources, low supervision, and more....   [tags: Criminology, Crime, Police, Sexual intercourse]

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Urban Public Space

- Le Corbusier was serious when he suggested that a “truly modern street will be as well equipped as a factory. In this street, the best equipped model is the most thoroughly automised with no people except for those operating machines. In the city of the future, cafes and places of recreation [public space] will no longer be the fungus that eats up the pavements of [the city] the macadam will belong to the traffic alone” (See Figure 1). This comment seems drastic, though as the modern world develops into a society that is more introverted and private, these spaces of public display and freedom, one day may turn into those envisioned....   [tags: Public and Private Properties]

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The Effects Of Drug Trafficking On Urban Communities

- The Effects of Drug Trafficking in Urban Communities Inner city youth are usually very impressionable due to less than ideal living conditions in their communities. As a result, it is easy to see why so many African American youth think that selling drug is a way out of poverty. Unfortunately, because of their surroundings, the only people they know with substantial amounts of money are the drug dealers they see in their community. Whether it is a friend of a friend or a close relative, these young people have become accustomed to this way of life....   [tags: Illegal drug trade, Drug, Heroin, Gang]

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Rural-Urban Inequality in Contemporary China

- Introduction -- The Summary of the Reading Materials:   The PRC hukou system, whose formal name is “huji” system, institutionally divides and organizes the Chinese people. To fully appreciate the significance of the hukou system, however, is not easy, even though many, especially those who have lived under the system, can vividly and endlessly attest its mighty presence. For it extensively and powerfully affects almost every aspect of the Chinese society and way of life. In this process, the hukou system tends to generate multifaceted, sometimes even contradictory and conflicting effects on China’s politics, economy, and social life.In politics,the PRC hukou system established stability, au...   [tags: impact of PRC Hokou System]

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The Road Between Nature And Urban Environments

- I have no idea where I’m going or when I might get there. All I know is it is this road that will take me to it, wherever it maybe. If you think about it, roads are an underappreciated benediction in this day in age. In this magnificent age of technology, man and machine has allowed us to give birth to a wonderful thing called the road. Our creations reflect our very nature, for we are creatures of habit, and so are our creations. We created the road that allows us to stroll through life with the greatest of ease....   [tags: Walking, Life, Thought, Nature versus nurture]

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Transportation in Urban Communities: Traffic Problems

- The traffic problems that all of us have to face well known. This aspect of urban experience deserves a lot of attention and discussion. As this is a problem faced by all and sundry. As asked in the first question its importance will be explained and in what ways it affects the urban life. It would be difficult to imagine how life will be without transportation a movement of people. It affects the urban experience in many different ways. Road congestion is becoming so common that people take 1 hour to reach at a place where they can be reached in about 20 mins....   [tags: traffic, urbanization, transportation]

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Urban Schools For New York City

- Urban schools in New York City have been criticized for many failures in the last past years. Failures such as low achievement, disconnection between students and teachers, poor teaching methods, inappropriate conduct, lack of security, and lack of motivation from students as well as from teachers. To improve these issues, few changes have been implemented such as the metal detectors. The effectiveness of these changes is been questioned. But the best way to see the effectiveness, it’s by looking at the school’s progress....   [tags: Education, Change, School, High school]

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Chicago 's School Of Urban Sociology

- In the 1930s, Chicago’s School of Urban Sociology sought out to define the characteristics of urban life. According to Louis Wirth in his article, Urbanism as a Way of Life, “…a city may be defined as a relatively large, dense, and permanent settlement of socially heterogeneous individuals” (8). Wirth theorized cities as being defined by three major characteristics: large size, large density, and heterogeneity of individuals. There was a vast amount of different cultures and types of people all living together in the city....   [tags: City, Sociology, Global city, Saskia Sassen]

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The Urban Revolution And Irrigation Were On The Rise

- In 6000 BC farming and irrigation were on the rise. Since there was little rain in Southern Mesopotamia they created irrigation which lead farmers to settle in Southern Mesopotamia. With the large increase in population in Southern Mesopotamia, things quickly changed. There were new inventions and ideas, which led to the exchange of those inventions and ideas- known as trade. Over hundreds of years farmers and inhabitants settled along the Tigris and Euphrates River banks and plains. Some of the villages were religious and will later evolve into Sumerian city states....   [tags: Sumer, Mesopotamia, Sargon of Akkad, Uruk]

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Resilience and Vulnerability in Urban Disaster Management

- In recent years, the term resilience has gain influence in the study of disaster management. Along with vulnerability, those terms have become two of the most commonly used concepts in the field. This paper will argue both resilience and vulnerability are useful concepts to urban disaster management. It does so by first looking at the definitions of those two terms, follow by practical measures in which by adopting both concepts can help enhance disaster management. There are various definitions of resilience and vulnerability that have been used throughout time (Manyena, 2006)....   [tags: Disaster Management]

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Housing and Urban Development: Family Homelessness

- Introduction Families now comprise a major segment of the homeless population. According to the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s 2013 Annual Homeless Assessment Report, 222,197 people in families were homeless on a single night in 2013, accounting for 36 percent of all homeless people counted. This condition has been considered as a problem in this country. However, from social constructionist perspective, it is socially constructed by members in its society rather than an objective condition....   [tags: Homeless Population, Government, Mental Health]

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Urban Planning: The History of Cycling Infrastructure

- ... 3 is the type of road in the green area which are unpaved roads full of gravel, stone, and no defined edges which are not the perfect conditions for daily commuters and these roads have no possibility of becoming paved. Fig. 4 shows another issue which we face because of the terrain which is two very powerful slopes which are dangerous for bikers as they go down these slopes, and they create another problem when people try to go back up these slopes as they might prove demanding for some cyclists....   [tags: bike boom, bike paths]

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Urban Issues of Inner City Teens

- Urban Issues of Inner-City Teens In the generation that teens live in today they are seasoned by the thought that getting by is a simple key to success and a good life. Many of these teens who are so tied up in this obnoxious stereotype don’t realize that what their futures holds is based upon their actions and the way that they are growing up is numbered. Regardless of what is said about inner-city teens they have the power to alter the negativity that is given off from the decisions they make to become much healthier....   [tags: diversity, generations, success, good life]

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Urban Transport: Traffic and Transportation Planning

- AIM AND OBJECTIVES The aim of the project is to design and develop a novel web based application that can dynamically recommend the best route and estimate the travel time for urban transport. The objectives of the project are the following: 1) To utilize the real-time data being generated and captured from the GPS installed in MTC buses on selected routes in the city. 2) To analyse this data and to make inferences on the traffic scenario along these routes. 3) Efficient data structures and parallelized implementation of algorithms to be integrated into the existing design to improve the response time....   [tags: best route, gps technology, travel time]

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Improving The Urban Atlanta School Setting

- I have worked in both urban and rural settings in low socio-economic schools in Georgia and Florida. Initially, I thought changing the urban Atlanta school setting would be quite the opposite environment in Starke, Florida. However, there were many similarities that both areas pull from numerous subsidized housing and single families. Atlanta has lots of resources that are easily accessible to help students and families. In contrast, Starke is in such a rural area that the resources are not available and I see more problems for the students I work with now....   [tags: Education, School, Rural, Teacher]

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Holistic Urban Initiatives: Curitiba, Brazil

- Introduction Curitiba is globally recognized for its innovative urban strategies that have allowed the city to grow in a controlled and socially equitable manner. The unique political culture that drove the sweeping changes in Curitiba can be best described as a benevolent authoritarian regime. An authoritarian style of governance is not typically associated with comprehensive and inclusive urban planning, however the cast of characters that set the stage for comprehensive development worked as a collective group, compromised of likeminded individuals that set goals based on the expressed needs of the population as the primary driving force behind policy decisions....   [tags: Jaime Lerner]

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How Urban Life Affected Farmers

- Urban life was exciting in the 1890’s as huge cities expanded outward and upward. Technological advancements made jobs plentiful, and lives easier. But not everybody was satisfied with the changes occurring around them. As millions of Americans flocked to cities in search of better lives, the farmers’ agricultural lifestyle was being threatened; the farmers’ diminishing social prestige allowed them to be taken advantage of in situations such as the shipping of their crops; pro-farmer politics such as bimetallism failed to gain a foothold in the federal government; and most importantly, economic failures, caused by overproduction and other means, threatened the farmers’ way of life....   [tags: agriculture, overproduction, economics]

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Building Large Urban Police Organizations

- Originally created to serve large urban police organizations and designed to respond to dangerous situations (e.g. those requiring hostage rescue, barricaded and/or armed suspects, mass shootings, and serving high-risk search warrants) the use of PPUs has recently spread into smaller, more rural departments (den Heyer, 2014). Kraska (1999) conducted a survey of both large police departments (those serving populations of 50,000 or more) and small departments (those serving populations between 25,000 and 50,000 residents)....   [tags: Police, SWAT, Constable, Paramilitary]

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To Fluoridate or Not to Fluoridate

- Fluoride is found in earth’s soil and makes its way into water sources around the world. Thanks to Dr. Federick McKay and Dr. GV Black a correlation was recognized between fluoride consumption and the tooth’s ability to resist decay. Years after the discover, in the 1940’s, public water supplies were purposefully fluoridated to aid in the decrease of one of the most prevalent chronic diseases known to man – dental decay. ( The USA was the first country to implement public water fluoridation on a wide scale attributing over 60 years of research on the effects of fluoridated water on our health....   [tags: tooth decay, mineral]

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The Urban Environmentalist

- Driving my parents SUV today, a thought occurred to me. How am I really making a difference towards improving the environment. You see, this is an important question to me as I now consider myself an environmentalist. This is the "career" that I have finally prepared to commit to. A big change for a boy raised amongst the glitz of a big city, where money, fame and toys define your status. As such, I'm wondering now if I really am making a difference and what I can do to make the biggest impact while being able to live my life in the urban realm....   [tags: College Admissions Essays]

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A Withering Rose inWilliam Faulkner’s, A Rose For Emily

- ... This alienation and confinement left Miss Emily stuck in time, further departing her from reality. This is shown through the meeting over her taxes between her and the town deputation when she refers to Colonel Sartoris. “See Colonel Sartoris. I have no taxes in Jefferson” (Welty 682). After the death of Emily’s father Emily lost the only connection she had to reality, but shortly after her loss she met a man by the name of Homer Barron. But Miss Emily’s relationship with Homer Barron eventually pushed her further away from realism, even turning her homicidal....   [tags: decay, death, grief]

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Deterioration of Relationships in Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

- ... His extreme pursuit of knowledge causes him to cloud his judgment. Because Victor is miserable with his creation he even contemplates suicide: “I was tempted to plunge into the silent lake, that the waters might close over me and my calamities for ever” (Shelley 91). His extreme pursuit of knowledge, has proven to be negative, as the very thought of what he creates causes him to want to take his own life. This shows the decay of his relationship with himself, because he wants to end his own life....   [tags: decay, knowledge, monster]

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Radiometric Dating: The Assumptions of Scientists

- In the beginning of twentieth century, an advance in science occurred with the discovery of radioactivity. Scientist learned rocks and fossils could be used as timepieces, to tell the age of Earth. Radiometric dating is common method, often relied on by the world, which uses rocks to tell the age of Earth and its materials. Through this method scientist have concluded that the earth is 4.6 billion years of age and, this date and radiometric dating is accurate. However, over the years scientists have been proven incorrect....   [tags: rocks, decay, atoms]

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Assessing the Impact of Fluoride on Human Health

- Assessing the Impact of Fluoride on Human Health Historical Background The history on adding fluoride to the drinking water is shaped by lies. It was insisted by the government that addition of fluoride to drinking water is safe and that it is necessary. However research conducted by many scientists’ shows that it is not safe to consume fluoride. Surveys have shown that areas where people consume fluoridated water have shown to pose serious health implications. The main reasons for adding fluoride to water is because of the pressure from industries like aluminum and pharmaceutical manufacturers....   [tags: Wellbeing, Tooth Decay]

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Radioactive Sources and Gamma Ray

- Radioactive sources ar accustomed study living organisms, to diagnose and treat diseases, to sterilize medical instruments and food, to provide energy for warmth and power, and to observe numerous steps all told kinds of industrial processes. Sterilization of medical instruments and food is another common application of radiation. By subjecting the instruments and food to focused beams of radiation, we are able to kill microorganisms that cause contamination and sickness. as a result of this can be through with high energy radiation sources victimization magnetic force energy, there's no worry of residual radiation....   [tags: radioactive decay, alpha radiation]

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Perspective of Aging: A Phenomenological Approach

- Perspective of aging: A phenomenological approach Introduction Aging is the process by which the human body undergoes changes and maturation over time, mainly because dead cells are not replaced in sufficient amounts to maintain optimum performance. In addition, changes in behavior are expected, (Gall, Beins, and Feldman, 2001). Due to the distinctive physical and psychological changes, this period of life can be one of much confusion for the elderly. Fortunately, technological advances in medicine and lifestyles have made life expectancy increase significantly since the fifties to the present, (Hiller & Barrow, 2011)....   [tags: chronological aging, decay, cells]

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Taking a Look at Water Fluoridation

- Fluoride is one of the most effective ways of preventing tooth decay. Fluoride can be administered in several different ways. Fluoride is administered either systemically or topically. Community water that is fluoridated is actually considered to be both systemic and topical. Fluoride is “a salt of hydrofluoric acid; the ionized form of fluorine that occurs in many tissues and is stored primarily in bones and teeth.” (Wilkins 2013) Fluoride is necessary for optimal oral health for all age groups....   [tags: preventing tooth decay]

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Assessing a film collection, film damage and decay problems, definitions of digital preservation, and the feasibility of digitally preserving moving i

- With the proliferation of information in the Digital Age and the advent of new technologies, digitization and digital preservation are hot topics in the archive and librarian worlds. More and more information, regardless of its form as a book, video, or audio recording, is being born digitally. Joan M. Reitz defines born digital material as “work created from scratch in electronic form, for example, a hypermedia thesis or dissertation, or an electronic journal that has no print counterpart.” This definition includes the majority of the information created in the Digital Age, but what about information not born digitally....   [tags: Film Preservation]

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Imperialist Decay: The Sane and the Insane

- “People often claim to hunger for truth, but seldom like the taste when it’s served up.” (George R. R. Martin). Life is not just a single journey, as commonly known. Life is made of multifarious little journeys, both physical and emotional, defining who we are, were and will be. Meaning might lack, but we never give up on our supposed goal, because we are persistent humanoids. Charlie Marlow’s journey in Heart of Darkness had been summarized in the last couple of sentences, surprisingly. Marlow encumbered himself with a journey of self-discovery and truth seeking; the truth about the superficially ornamented culture he belonged to....   [tags: Charlie Marlow's Heart of Darkness]

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The Effect of Rural-Urban Migration in South Africa

- ... SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES -To determine if employment status influence rural-urban migration. -To determine if more males are likely to migrate than females. -To establish if migration rates differ between different age groups. -To establish whether distance determines migration rates. -To determine if people with higher educational level are more likely to migrate than those with primary level of education. 1.5 RATIONALE The importance of this study is to alert both people and government of the causes of Rural-urban migration and its effect on economic growth....   [tags: manova technique, apartheid era]

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Urban and the Council of Clermont

- Urban and the Council of Clermont There are many accounts of that day in November, 1095. Some were written by monks, others by bishops, and even a few by warriors themselves. Historians are constantly asking, "What exactly did Pope Urban II say at the council of Clermont to persuade Christians to set forth on such a difficult venture as the Crusades?" One man, an early 12th century cleric named Fulcher of Chartres wrote perhaps the best historical chronicle of the events at Clermont and the speech of Urban II....   [tags: European Europe History]

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State mandated urban growth boundaries in Cloverdale

- Urban growth boundaries are a zoning tool cities and states utilize to concentrate growth, protect open space, and guide growth toward existing infrastructure and services. Urban growth boundaries limit and define urbanization, for a specified time period. During that time the city may not annex land or extend services to lands outside the boundary. One of the earliest, and most studied, examples of state mandated urban growth boundaries is Oregon. In 1973, the state passed legislation requiring every city in the state to create urban growth boundaries.2 The legislation stressed planning for both population growth and economic development while preserving community character and retaining ag...   [tags: Government Regulation, Zoning]

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The Decay of a Dream in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby

- The Decay of a Dream in The Great Gatsby      The central theme of The Great Gatsby is the decay of the American Dream. Through his incisive analysis  and condemnation  of 1920s high society, Fitzgerald (in the person of the novel¹s narrator, Nick Carraway) argues that the American Dream no longer signifies the noble pursuit of progress; instead, it has become grossly materialistic and corrupt. Fitzgerald¹s novel is structured as an allegory (a story that conceals another story): the terrible death of Jay Gatsby is, by extension, the death of the American Dream....   [tags: Great Gatsby Essays]

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The Link in Bringing the City and People Together with Urban Design

- ... Cyber space is a new mode of place. It eliminates distance and as a result has minimized the importance and meaning of place (Sepe & Pitt, 2014). There are three conditions that must be met in order to allow for public interaction: (1) open persons, the accessibility for an encounter with others, (2) Open regions/ locales, a situated place which is mutually accessible to all, and (3) triangulation, external stimulates that creates opportunities for strangers to talk to each other (Aelbrechy, 2010)....   [tags: building, cyberspace, infrastructure]

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What the Future Stands Before Us with Urban Poverty

- Introduction Urbanisation and Poverty are two economic patterns that hold ongoing trends that some individuals may find troubling. Urbanisation refers to the rising number of people who occupy in urban areas. It mainly results in the physical expansion of urban areas. The United Nations estimated that half of the globe's population would settle in urban areas at the close of 2008. (International Herald Tribune)Thirty-five years from now it is expressed that 64.1% and 85.9% of the developing and developed world respectively are going to be urbanised....   [tags: Brazil, Vietnam, Egypt, global community]

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Socio-Economic Effects of Rural to Urban Migration

- Statement of the Problem As countries pursue development and industrialization the need to build urban areas become certain. The lack of urban cities will cause people in the rural areas wants to move to the urban areas. Every person wants a standard of living better than where is he now. Therefore the drive to migrate to urban areas becomes obvious. Rural to urban migration leads to a loss of man power in the rural areas to work on the farm lands. It will lead to the declining of agriculture. It also leads to congestion in the urban areas therefore unemployment level will raise because people would fight over limited jobs....   [tags: poor housing situtation, unemployment]

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Urban Poverty Around The World From My View

- URBAN POVERTY AROUND THE WORLD FROM MY VIEW Introduction Urbanisation and Poverty are two economic patterns that hold ongoing trends that some individuals may find disturbing. Urbanisation refers to the rising number of people who occupy in urban areas. It mainly results in the physical expansion of urban areas. The United Nations estimated that half of the globe's population would settle in urban areas at the close of 2008. (International Herald Tribune)Thirty-five years from now it is expressed that 64.1% and 85.9% of the developing and developed world respectively are progressing to be urbanised....   [tags: Urbanisation, Poverty, Economic Patterns]

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The Urban Legend of Tommy Hilfiger

- The Truth about the Rumor of Tommy Hilfiger A big controversy happened, the well-known Fashion Designer Tommy Hilfiger was on the Oprah show. She asked him if it was true if he said he did not make clothes for Blacks and Asians, his clothes were intended for upper class White people. When he admitted he said those things, she asked him to leave. This E-Mail is an Urban Legend. Juicy Emails like these are simply for entertainment purposes only and should not be taken seriously. Like junk mail it should be emptied into the recycle bin....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Urban and Suburban Secondary Education

- Urban and Suburban Secondary Education There is a big disparity between urban and suburban secondary education in public schools. Many critics of this inequality are arguing that urban schools are not receiving the same attention as schools that are in suburban areas or wealthier parts of country. Urban schools are facing a large crisis on there hands, these schools are not meeting the required criteria in educating and graduating their students. So, why is there a huge inequality between urban and suburban secondary public schools....   [tags: Arugmentative Arugment Schooling Papers]

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Attitudes and Practices of Rural and Urban Women Towards Breastfeeding

- CHAPTER - V RESULTS This chapter dealt with the findings of the study to compare the knowledge, attitudes and practices of rural and urban woman towards breastfeeding. A structured questionnaire was used to collect the data and analysis was done with the help of descriptive statistical method and chi - square test. P value <0.05 was considered as significant. Results were presented under the following headings: Part I: Deals with the frequency and percentage distribution of demographic characteristics of rural and urban women....   [tags: Research Analysis ]

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Impact Of Urban Planning On The Film City Of God

- The Impact of Urban Planning on Poverty and Crime in the Film City of God The film City of God (2003) co-directed by Fernando Meirelles and Katia Lund explores the impact of urban planning and urban environment on the social and cultural behaviors of urban residents. The movie portrays urban planning as a factor in the allocation of resources to different urban neighborhoods, and how this allocation promotes the development of two social classes- the poor and the rich. Secondly, the film attributes urban planning to social decadence as the marginalization of poor neighborhoods through government policies that limit resource allocation creates the perfect social environment for crime, moral d...   [tags: Sociology, Poverty, Decadence]

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Small changes for the urban teacher

- Small changes for the urban teacher I think there are a lot of minds going to waste in our urban environments, minds that could be reinventing the world, but are, for some reason, only keeping themselves down and out of a culture that needs them. Why are there so few college bound kids graduating from our urban schools, and why are the ones who do go to college so ill-prepared when its obvious how capable they are. I claim that it is possible to change how we teach in a manner that doesn’t take more time, but yields more opportunities for the multicultural classroom to learn....   [tags: Education Teaching Learning Papers]

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Tree Carbon Storage in Urban Forests in Aukland

- The tree carbon storage of urban forests in Auckland is highly variable as displayed in figure one. The average total carbon storage by trees in urban forest plots overall was 31.21 Kg C/m^2.The range of carbon storage was large with storage ranging between 0.31 to 115.64 Kg C/m^2 as displayed in table 1. The significantly higher carbon storage in the Auckland domain when compared to all other urban forests surveyed (figure 1) this is likely due the Auckland domain being located on the cone of an extinct volcano....   [tags: trees, nutrients, ecosystems]

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A Case Study of Urban Nairobi

- A Case Study of Urban Nairobi A Case Study of q A developing world city q Urban growth in an economically developing country q Housing problems and strategies in an economically developing country Why is there migration to Nairobi. The Urban Pulls to the city q Good employment prospects q Tall beautiful buildings q Good cheap communications q Good public utilities-water, electricity, hospitals q Smart clean people q Centre of Kenya q Recreational facilities q Good shopping facilities q Self-advancement q Enjoyable social life....   [tags: Papers]

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A Case Study of Urban Glasgow

- A Case Study of Urban Glasgow A case study of; q Urban planning scheme q Inner city residential redevelopment scheme Why Glasgow's east end . The east end of Glasgow, like the east end of London was the centre of shipping - import / export, storage and ship building along river Clyde. Many famous 19th and 20th century ships built. Industrial area - coal, iron ore found so steel industry set up in 19th century - led to development of heavy machinery, engineering, ship building....   [tags: Papers]

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Rural to urban Migration in Brazil

- Brazil Investigation . Challenges Of An LEDC Brazil is the largest and most populace country in South America, and fifth largest in the world in both area and population. Spanning a vast area between central South America and the Atlantic Ocean. Rural To Urban Migration Brazil?s economic development creates wealth like any other country, but due to many different reasons its development has mainly taken place in the Southeast of the country. For example, · Main ports and air ports are situated in this area making exporting goods easy · Has the right climate and land that is needed to grow coffee, which is Brazils main export · It has many mineral resources in the rocks on the coast i.e....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Traffic and Urban Congestion: 1955-1970

- Traffic and Urban Congestion: 1955-1970 In 1960, Great Britain still had no urban freeways. But with the ownership of private cars becoming ever more common, the problem of congestion in British cities was unavoidable. Investigating the possibilities of freeways as alleviators of big-city traffic jams, the government-sponsored Buchanan Report was pessimistic: ... the study shows the very formidable potential build-up of traffic as vehicular ownership and usage increase to the maximum. The accommodation of the full potential is almost certainly beyond any practical possibility of being realized....   [tags: American America History]

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Demographic Transition From Rural to Urban Areas

- From 2000 until 2030 the urbanized areas will be nearly tripled1 because of the demographic transition from rural to urban. The use of dark building materials, such as asphalt and concrete, leads to a lower albedo in urbanized areas than in natural environment2, fostering local and global warming. In turn, the increase in urban albedo might support climate stabilization efforts3. Here, we investigate the potential effect of the increase in albedo in a representative set of European cities relying on instantaneous radiative forcing (IRF), urban cooling and the consequent effect on mortality, ozone formation and energy use....   [tags: european cities, global climate change]

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Health Differences and Availability in Urban and Rural Areas

- People throughout their lives hear about “city folks” and “country folks”. Whether it was that city people were snobby or country people were dumb, there have been biases against both. However, many people do not know the definition of urban and rural, nor do they know about how healthcare differentiates between the two. According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the definition of urban is “of, relating to, characteristic of, constituting a city. (Merriam-Webster). Rural is defined as “of or relating to the country.” (Merriam-Webster)....   [tags: Health Care]

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