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Under the Gaslight: The Character of Laura Courtland

- Under the Gaslight: The Character of Laura Courtland Under the Gaslight does indeed "acknowledge 'luck' or 'chance' or 'fate,' but it reinforces the importance of individual character at the same time that it suggests that integrity is not an absolute stay against the vicissitudes of circumstance" (159). This idea is mainly supported through the character of Laura Courtland--a symbol of both sides of the nature versus nurture debate. Laura was born into a prominent, upper class family, the Courtlands....   [tags: Under the Gaslight Essays]

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The Success of Under Armour

- What makes a person choose one brand of clothing over another. Is it the price. Or is it the style of the clothing. There are numerous factors that will play a key role in determining who will purchase your products and why they will choose to purchase your product. Kevin Plank, the founder of Under Armour and former captain of the special teams on Maryland University’s football team, would become infuriated at the amount of times he was forced to change his undershirt during games and practices due to how heavy with sweat they would become....   [tags: Under Armour Analysis]

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Driving Under The Influence Of Alcohol Concentration

- Driving Under the Influence Many people don’t realize that when they get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol they are not only putting their lives in danger, but they are also endangering every single other person on the roads. Whether it’s a sixteen year old girl, a single mother with her newborn in the back seat, or an eighty year old man. There are more than tens of thousands of deaths due to drunk driving accidents every year. This is one issue that is not going away and it is our duty as citizens of this nation to do something about it....   [tags: Drunk driving, Driving under the influence]

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A Pre-Performance Routine to Alleviate Choking under Pressure

- INTRODUCTION The County schools sports scene has been around for many years. In these years, the emphasis on sports and achievements in our schools has grown tremendously. Starting with just 16 sports, the County Schools Sports Council now oversees 28 sports. This growth has a few noticeable effects not only on schools but also on our student athletes. The desire to compete, to win and to lift the championship can be seen on the face of every athlete that steps onto the playing field. Many would say that this is a strength of our school sports scene as each individual strives for excellence....   [tags: Choking under Pressure]

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Driving Under Influence On High Blood Alcohol Content

- Driving under influence or with high blood alcohol content (BAC) increases the risk of car accidents, vehicular deaths, and more so highway injuries across all age-groups. In fact, an intoxicated driver with relatively higher BAC increases his/her risk of death by up to 380 times in single-vehicle crash (DeMichele, Lowe & Payne, 2014). Drunk driving is often considered as the largest social problem in the modern day society since 40 to 45% of all fatal traffic accidents usually involve drunk drivers....   [tags: Drunk driving, Driving under the influence]

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Reflection in Iris Murdoch's Under the Net

- Reflection in Iris Murdoch's Under the Net   In her novel Under the Net, Iris Murdoch examines the nature of reality through the thoughts and relationships of the novel's main character, Jake Donaghue. A recurring theme in the novel is the idea of reflection, in both senses of the word: Jake is continually thinking about ideas, and he is also forever trying to see himself as he really is. Many of the instances of reflection in the novel occur near rivers or are connected in some way to currents....   [tags: Iris Murdoch Under the Net]

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Dylan Thomas' Under Milk Wood

- Dylan Thomas' Under Milk Wood deals with the simplicity of life, stressing the importance of "each cobble, donkey, [and] goose"; we must rejoice in the simple aspects of life which ultimately make it so wonderful. There are many characters in the play who would attempt to hide from reality behind their "germ-free blinds" and "sealed window[s]", consuming themselves with insipid activities which do not bring the joy of the "spring sun" into their lives. Thomas' treats these characters with humour, subtly suggesting where his sympathies lie; with those characters who rejoice in the "love" and the little aspects of life which make it so much more worth living....   [tags: Dylan Thomas Under Milk Wood]

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Courage Under Fire

- Courage Under Fire      In 1991, millions of people tuned in to CNN to observe a real life and death drama played out in the cities and deserts of Iraq. For the United States, the war was more or less a display of power and a preservation of economic interest. Nobody was to ever hear of the mishaps and foul-ups of the war. In many eyes the war was seen as a chance to boost American spirit and make the government look empowered. Director Edward Zwick and writer Patrick Shane Duncan snatched onto this notion and expounded on it in their movie Courage Under Fire....   [tags: Film Movie courage Under Fire Essays]

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The Character of No-one in Twenty-Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

- The Character of No-one in Twenty-Thousand Leagues Under the Sea        Alan Quatermain, sitting hunched over and delirious from opium withdrawal, has been taken aboard a huge submersible vessel.  The aging adventurer says, "P-please.  I feel so sick.  Need my medicine."  A cold voice answers him, "You are aboard my ship, sir, and my remedies are bitter."  Quatermain turns, with his eyes rolled back, teeth clenched, and streams of sweat rolling off of his face, and he says, "Who said that....   [tags: Twenty-Thousand Leagues Under the Sea Essays]

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Under the Rug

- ... I had to get rid of her as soon as possible. I met a man who is in God's Spirit to perform the exorcism. The most difficult task to do was to lure her into an abandoned warehouse to perform the exorcism. We were miles away from our home. I felt my heart beat faster, it was the first time I've ever performed an exorcism. The exorcism was performed with five people. The man started to read the transcript telling the devil to get out. More than 3 hours passed. The exorcism was brutal, but I will do anything to get my most cherished back or gone....   [tags: personal narrative]

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The First Recommendation For Under Armour

- The first recommendation for Under Armour is that they should build on its relationship with veterans and first responders. In order to do this they should continue to offer the ten percent discount to these groups. Additionally Under Armour will develop a marketing campaign that appeals to veterans and first responders, and builds Under Armour’s reputation as the brand that supports those that support us. The second recommendation for Under Armour is that they should develop a shoe line and marketing campaign for women, based on the idea of everyday athlete....   [tags: Marketing, Athletic shoe, Supply chain management]

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Benefits Of The Coverage Under The Aca

- Advantages of the Coverage under the ACA The ACA has addressed many of the gaps in coverage that existed under the previous health care system. Prior to the enactment of the ACA, high morbidity and mortality rates were prominent among the uninsured and underinsured (Kocher, Emanuel, & DeParie, 2010). According to Kocher and his colleagues (2010), financial barriers are the most cited cause for lack of insurance and inadequate insurance. However, when the ACA was enacted, this problem was addressed by expanding Medicaid coverage to assist low income families and individuals....   [tags: Medicine, Health care, Health, Public health]

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A Woman Under The Guise Of Ganymede

- Sixteenth century England demanded strictly polarized gender roles, and, as a result, women were confined within the bounds of societal expectations. In As You Like It, however, Shakespeare’s Rosalind challenges those beliefs. She spends the majority of the play as a man under the guise of Ganymede. Her disguise grants her the ability to explore and expand herself beyond the culturally accepted views of women. She proves herself capable of adopting many traits considered strictly masculine. Thus, Rosalind transcends the barriers of gender to create a powerful female character, rejecting the stereotypical view of women during the sixteenth century....   [tags: Gender role, Gender, Man, Woman]

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The Agony of the Jews Under Hitler

- ​​“The agony of the Jews under Hitler is too important and too outrageous to be forgotten; yet it can be remembered it seems, only in ways that distort its meaning and deny its importance… When Auschwitz became a social myth, a metaphor for modern life, people lost sight of the only lesson it could possibly offer: that it offers, in itself, no lessons (Rosenfled). -Christopher Lasch (Social historian) ​This quote talks about how people are forgetting the meaning of the Holocaust. It wasn’t just about people dying....   [tags: holocaust, Auschwitz]

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China Under The Ming And Qing

- 4. China Under the Ming and Qing During the era of Ottoman and Mughal rule, two dynasties governed China, the Ming and the Qing (ching). Both dynasties took power during times of upheaval. To restore order, they established strong, centralized rule and revived traditional Chinese values, including Confucian ideals. The Ming Revival In the mid-1300s, China was in turmoil. The Mongol Yuan dynasty was still in power, but disease and natural disasters had weakened the Mongol grip. Bandits and rebels roamed the countryside....   [tags: China, Qing Dynasty, Ming Dynasty, Han Chinese]

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The Fourteenth Amendment Under The Constitution

- Everyone accused of a crime is legally presumed to be innocent until they are convicted, either by being proved guilty at a trial or pleading guilty before trial. Defendants in criminal cases have rights under the U.S. Constitution regarding due process and fairness because a trial searches the facts for the truth in order to render justice. The 14th Amendment under the Constitution gives rights to all persons born or naturalized in the United States, whom are citizens of the United States, and shall not be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor be denied equal protection of the laws....   [tags: United States Constitution, Jury, Lawyer, Court]

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Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol

- ... If this issue proves to be safe in no situation, then why does the government allow a person to have any amount of alcohol in their system while driving. During an interview with Kelly Kellermann, a teacher at Oakville High School who has had close friends involved in drunk driving accidents also agrees to a zero tolerance policy. When asked how she feels about the current legal Blood Alcohol Content while operating a motor vehicle she states that “the effects of alcohol are different for everyone, and there is no right answer for how to determine a suitable amount for every individual in America....   [tags: major safety issues in America]

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Penalties for Driving Under the Influence

- ... Lee explains that even though offenders get punished, they still disregard the law: “Only until the time comes that we recognize that drunk driving should have serious consequences on the first offense (license taken away, car impounded, jail time, higher insurance rates) will we be able to reduce drunk driving and make ourselves safer” (Lee). As long as DUI punishment for first offenders remains the same, people will continue to ignore the law. If the government made stricter DUI laws, then people would think twice before driving under the influence....   [tags: we need stricter laws]

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Driving Under The Influence Of Driving

- Driving Under the Influence (DUI), or commonly known as “drunk driving,” is operating a motor vehicle while one’s blood alcohol content (BAC) is above the legal limit set by the state which in California is 0.08%. This means, if you drink just one 12-ounce beer, one five-ounce glass of wine, or 1.5-ounce shot of distilled spirits then get behind the wheel, you could already be guilty of a DUI (BACTrack). Driving is a daily routine for millions of people around the world today but unfortunately, it is also increasingly becoming a deadly task because of the many people who drink and drive....   [tags: Alcohol law, Drunk driving, Alcoholic beverage]

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The Rise Under The Han Dynasty

- Buddhism saw its initial, but slow rise under the Han Dynasty, which lasted from 206 BCE to 220 CE; however, the religion spread rapidly towards the end of the Han amidst political chaos and doubt about Confucian principles. Within 200 years, Buddhist missionaries had spread the religion from its origins in India to Sri Lanka, Japan, and China. The postclassical era gave rise to the rapid expansion of Buddhism in China, with its promise of Nirvana in a time of chaos, which in turn led to both negative reactions from adherents of Confucianism and positive reactions as expressed through a more unified society and new art forms....   [tags: Buddhism, Confucianism, China, Han Dynasty]

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Clean Water : An Under Appreciated

- Clean Water: “An under-appreciated liquid to Survive” Water is pure and a transparent liquid that is vital for all humans, plants and animals on the planet. In the United States, people have access to clean drinking water and clean sanitation systems, not like in other parts of the world where clean safe drinking water is getting scarce. A lot of people don’t have access to it, and many regions are suffering severe drought. Yet, humans take it for granted, they don’t appreciate that a reliable clean supply of water is essential to human health, economy and agricultural prosperity....   [tags: Drinking water, Water crisis, Water supply]

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Film Analysis of Under the Moon

- Introduction The sacrifices of a mother for her child can never be underestimated. The film Under the Moon depicts this precise example of a mother’s unconditional love for her son to the point of sacrifice. According to Lynch this mother followed the normal process for migration: preparatory stage, the decision to leave; act of migration, the process; the period of overcompensation, realizing the changes and doubting the decision; the period of decompensation, conflicting times and transgenerational impact, the migration process (Marci Hanson and E....   [tags: Analysis Movie Film]

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Under All The Influences Of Society

- Katherine Jorgensen, Spencer Vogel Bishop Honors American Literature 14 December 2014 Under all the Influences As individuals, we want to stand out from the norm of society. Although, it is often easy to submit to society’s standards of an acceptable lifestyle; the bible says “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind” (Romans 12:2). Despite wanting to define oneself, this may not always be the outcome considering the constant influence of society you are exposed to....   [tags: Sociology, Mass media, Mainstream, Definition]

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Is Euthanasia Appropriate Under These Circumstances?

- • Should the government allow individuals with debilitating illnesses, such as Huntington 's disease with no reasonable hope for a quality of life to take their own lives. I am myself against euthanasia, but that is a personal choice, just as being for euthanasia is a personal choice. I understand that regulating such a thing could prove difficult, however, there needs to be options for those who do wish to end their lives, with regard to such and awful disease. This would offer at least a resemblance of control, in their life and how they choose to die....   [tags: Death, Morality, Capital punishment, Murder]

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The Medical Field Is Under Attack

- The medical field is under attack. At least, that is what many individuals in the medical field seem to believe. Unfortunately, supply fails to meet expectations, as demand increases due to certain medical procedures. It is so evident that there is a disparity between blood that is in need and blood that is donated. In order to narrow this gap, opportunities to donate blood should be required for eligible donors. Donating blood is a simple procedure that can benefit society as a whole. Blood is a vital component that is required for the human body to function properly....   [tags: Blood, Blood donation, Blood bank, Hematology]

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An Open Area Under The Tree

- It was a mild Tuesday morning at Cal State LA, where I get to interview a skateboarder. I had a chance to interview him in an open area under the tree, one of the outside tables at Cal State LA. My interviewee was little distracted by little kids huddle playing with a bottle of soda in an open area around the campus. Miguel is a skinny guy with an average height. Carrying his skateboard with him at all times. Growing that first fresh teenage beard from the chin. Always has a white undershirt and an open button shirt over it....   [tags: High school, Education, School, College]

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Swot Analysis : Under Armour

- Arnold Lioy September 4, 2015 Week 3 Assignment – Under Armour SWOT Analysis The SWOT analysis provides an in-depth summary of the internal and external environment which Under Armour is part of in both a company and industry level. It summarizes the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats facing the company. Strengths Weaknesses Brand Loyalty Product Lines High Quality Apparel Focuses Segment Innovative Product Technology Limited Distribution Network International Market Share Opportunities Threats Sports Wear Industry Growing Industry Competition Women’s Wear Industry Growing Similar Products International Markets Innovation 1. Strengths....   [tags: Strategic management, Marketing, Brand]

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The Success Of Under Armour

- Under Armour is a company that never stops innovating, as it has more than 40 scientists, and engineers always workin in hopes of finding the next successful idea. UA also hosts two “Future Show Innovation Challenges,” each year, so that young, and ambitious entrepreneurs around the world have the opportunity to showcase their ideas. This Under Armour future show is the base (starting point) of many of the products that Under Armour releases, or plans to release year after year. Usually around 12 finalists are selected amongst 1,000’s to meet in Baltimore at the Under Armour headquarters where CEO Kevin Plank and his team analyze the products....   [tags: Innovation, Creativity, Headphones, Zipper]

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Surveillance Under The Bush Administration

- Under the last couple of years America has withstand a very watchful eye from the government. Phone calls, e-mails, and even physical searches, have all been collected and done in numbers never seen before. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act was established solely to prevent the government from getting out of hand with surveillance, especially the surveillance of innocent American people. However, after the attacks of 9/11 things changed drastically; and although FISA was enacted, President Bush changed the entire outlook on “foreign” intelligence surveillance that would soon lead to question if Americans really do have any privacy in their own country....   [tags: phone calls, e-mails, scrutiny]

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Womens' Education Under the Taliban

- “We cannot achieve democracy and lasting peace in the world unless women obtain the same opportunities as men, “stated by the Norwegian Noble Committee. This was said in 2013 when Malala Yousfazia was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for her work in raising awareness for the women’s’ education in the Middle East (Lemmon 5). This was done a few years after the United Nations unanimously adopted the Resolution 1325 recognizing the important role of women in the prevention of and resolution of conflicts and peace-building....   [tags: Democracy, Afganistan, Afgan Girls]

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Silence Throughout "Under the Net"

- According to Wittgenstein, “Only in silence can one remain in truth.” Constant events and running around hinder an individual from finding the truth or the individual is somehow ignoring the facts that surround them. This idea can be related to Jake Donaghue in Iris Murdoch’s first published novel. Jake, a character who wanders with no aspirations to the homes of friends looking for the easy way, in time comes to realize what life is about. He struggles with the idea of silence and truth merging together hand in hand....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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Freedom and Opportunity: Under Attack

- Thomas Jefferson stated, “If a nation expects to be ignorant - and free - in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be” (Hochschild par. 4). In 1787, delegates from the original colonies of the United States (U.S.) debated how to form a government for the fledgling territories (“The Constitution” par. 4). When the delegates finally emerged, they revealed a document that became known as the new country’s constitution. Over 200 years later, the future government of the nation would stray from the original intent of its founders due to the lack of its citizens’ constitutional literacy....   [tags: Constitution, United States, government]

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Abuse Under the Big Top

- ... Kenny, a three year-old Asian elephant owned by the Ringling Bros. circus, became lethargic and listless, and as the day progressed, began to bleed. Though the circus veterinarian prescribed antibiotics and recommended he skip the shows until signs of definite improvement occurred, it was show day, and an eager audience was waiting for Kenny to entertain them. The young elephant performed his third show for the day, under threat of physical punishment by his trainer, and was returned to his shackles afterward....   [tags: circus animal neglect and exploitation]

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20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

- ... Therefore, the novel was considered a flashback(“20,000...Summary”). Verne concluded the novel open-ended, it resolves with the trio’s successful escape, but the fate of Captain Nemo and the Nautilus in the maelstrom was left unknown. (Verne 1-448) Characterization was one of the prominent and key techniques that made the novel compelling. In this particular novel, the characterization had define society. Nemo was the antagonist and most complex character with major information about him withheld to the reader....   [tags: Jules Verne novels, science fiction genre]

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Psychology Under The Se Psychology

- Psychology Under the Sea Psychology is a term that humans usually associate with the mental state of other humans and or themselves, well what if Psychology could be used to determine the mental state of a fish. In 2003, the world was exposed to a new form of underwater species in bright animation and vivid picture. The scene opens and the sea life is calm and happy, Marlin and Coral go and look at all 100 of their babies, they name half Marlin Jr. and half Coral Jr., but Coral decides to name one Nemo....   [tags: Anxiety, Fear, Psychology, Ellen DeGeneres]

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Under Pressure And Standardized Testing

- Under Pressure; Standardized Testing Edition Many educators across America are under scrutiny due to the scores of their students on standardized tests. Tests such as the State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness, better known as the STAAR test, have been created in line with current education legislation to attempt to complete with other countries all over the world. The trend of attempting to improve education is not a new concept, but using test scores currently trending; however many educators are starting to look for alternative solutions due to the negative impact seen over the past decade....   [tags: Standardized test, SAT]

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Number Of Children Under 16

- 1) Number of children under 16 in household Frequency Percent 0 33819 73.5 1 5828 12.7 2 4601 10.0 3 1348 2.9 4 344 0.7 5 66 0.1 6 22 0 7 3 0 Total 46031 100 a) The mode and the median of this data are 0. Showing that the most common number of children aged under 16, in a household is 0 with 73.5% of the responses. The remaining 26.5% was largely made up of households with one or children, with the combined percent of those with 3-7 children being only 3.7% of the households. The Mean of 0.45 and a standard deviation of 0.871 show also that there is only a small amount of houses in the data set that have actually got children living in them....   [tags: Arithmetic mean, Mean, Victim, Standard deviation]

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Equal Protection Under The Law

- Equal Protection Under the Law According to the 14th amendment, “ All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” This specific amendment in such an important document is supposed to protect all of the specific humans rights but as of recent years, there have been many forms of...   [tags: Police, United States, African American]

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A Business Operates Under Conditions

- A business operates under conditions that is suitable for ownership, with these conditions business can operate under the guidelines. These forms are designed for business to be responsible any actions that occur in the business, agreements between partnerships and laws. It’s the most important decision entrepreneurs make when they start a new business this effects their establishment and operations To understand the four type of business forms I compared and contrast the four business formats which are a sole proprietorship, general partnership, corporation, and limited liablilty company (LLC), also why he or she should select one form over another....   [tags: Corporation, Business law]

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The Marketing Is Under Development

- 1. The marketing is under development because they have tried double bus, new car sales, tourism, house sales, accommodation, bars/cars/restaurants and food retailing. Based on all of the local indicators they monitor, they are still seeing positive signs for most of these in Whanganui. 2. The attraction that attract the most tourists to Wanganui is that tourists can do everything in the river e.g. boats, sailing and charters. The other attraction such as adventure, family fun & activities, gardens, mountain biking & cycling, museum, nature and Eco Tourism, sightseeing, tramping, hiking, guided walks, like I mention earlier the most attraction people can do in the lake....   [tags: Tourism, World Tourism Organization, Whanganui]

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An Under Recognized Art Form

- An Under-Recognized Art Form: Video Games Art, while subjective is commonly “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination” ("Oxford Dictionaries”). Whether the medium be visually, auditory, literally, even theatrically or cinematically are art to the public. There has always been outlier that the public saw as unorthodox. With time, they grew to become recognized for their genius and accepted into society. Though their rise and gradual acceptance in more popular culture they would fall under the category of "geeky" or "nerdy"....   [tags: Video game, Game, Art, Metal Gear]

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Something New Under the Sun

- John McNeill, in his informative book, Something New Under the Sun, he discusses how the twentieth century brought the world into a steady decline. Although the world has improved technology-wise, it has also had a decline that overshadows the improvement we have seen. McNeil goes on to prove that it is humans, with our new technology are the reason behind this fateful decline. The world’s population has positively and negatively affected the twentieth century world by bringing “ecological changes” that will forever change the world(4)....   [tags: Literary Analysis, McNeill, The Twentieth Century]

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Ghetto Life Under the Nazis

- The term “ghettos” was first used in relation to Jews in the year 1516 when the Venetian government designated a specified living area for its Jewish population. During World War II, they were established by the Nazis to isolate and control the Jews as a first step in their eventual annihilation ("Ghettos"). Throughout the War, the Nazis established over 400 ghettos in Eastern Europe and Russia for this purpose. The Nazi ghetto overseers appointed Jewish councils, called the Judenrat, to maintain order in the ghettos, distribute food rations and to assist the Nazis with deportations to the concentration and death camps (Glazer)....   [tags: Ghetto During Holocaust]

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Torture under the Bush Adminstration

- After the terrorist attack of 9/11, the United States declared a war against terrorist. The President of the U.S. wanted to retaliate against Al-Queada organization, which was the responsible for the attack. In consequence, soldiers were sent to Iraq and Afghanistan to try to find them. People who they suspected were a danger to the nation were held under the custody of the U.S. army to be interrogated in order to find out if there were more terrorist attacks planned against the United States. Some of the suspects were sent to some of the tougher prisons to be interrogated, these prisons were Guantanamo Bay, and Abu Ghraib....   [tags: justice, crimes, rights, moral, humanity]

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The Government Under American Federalism

- It seems to be the predominant, yet mistaken perspective in America that the national government is to deal with everything; leaving scraps for the states, which in turn leaves pieces for local governments. There are some who see that the central government under American federalism should have less power and obligation than state governments, while others see that state governments are to have even less power than local city governments. In any case, it appears most Americans hold a mixed up mindset that it is the job of government, when all is said and done, to deal with everything Americans desire....   [tags: Government, State, Sovereign state]

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The Two Texts Under Examination

- The two texts under examination are I Clement and an excerpt of Irenaeus’ series Against Heresies. The subjects, which are going to be examined, are: the culture of unity within the church during both time periods in reference and the changes to Christology, which correspond with the changing stance on church unity. Though both bodies of believers claim to be unified and have like faith, the slight changes within the structure had an impact on the Christology of that age. The date of the writing of I Clement resides in the second generation of Christians, with a date between AD 96-97....   [tags: Jesus, Trinity, God in Christianity, Christianity]

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Growing Up Under The Myth

- Growing up under the myth that “If you do not go to school you will not learn anything,” was the logic behind getting an education when I was a child. However, what should have been our focus perspective, was the quote by Ingersoll, n.d.), “It is a thousand times better to have common sense without education than to have education without common sense.” That is to say, that there are many people who have an elite education, but have not applied that education to their life. Moreover, they have failed to employ common sense in understanding the necessities of learning the fundamentals of their education....   [tags: School, Education, Teacher, Learning]

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Slavery, Colonialism And Under Development

- Slavery, Colonialism and “Under-Development” The current political and economic morass of underdeveloped nations cannot be analyzed in a vacuum. As we discussed last week, some countries and regions have greatly benefited from their geographical advantages, which essentially served as a propeller for rapid development. Underdeveloped countries however have long struggled to catch up and their progress have been greatly hindered by the heavy historical baggage left by exogenous groups. Though many, have touted the positive effects of colonialism, this week’s readings explore the role played by both colonialism and slavery in the former colonies’ underdevelopment....   [tags: Slavery, Africa, Colonialism]

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The Is Fallen Under Attack

- The quaint estate has fallen under attack. I finally escaped the dreaded room, away from all those horrible creatures in the wall. Creeping and creeping, my body finally grew tired of the constant motion. Jennie was nowhere in sight, so I crept through the hall way, and down the stairs, into the kitchen. Satisfied, I finally allowed the woman to be free. I couldn’t go outside, because she could possibly be waiting for me. Of course, that couldn’t be much of a bad thing, but she could be out to get me....   [tags: English-language films, Want, WANT, Prison]

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Russia Under Stalin And Communism

- Russia under Stalin was a country that had just undergone extensive social and political change in an abrupt and intense manner, going from one extreme of governance – absolute monarchy - to another, communism. This violent shift in Russia’s societal infrastructure had created a major lack of movement and evolution in Russian industry, and Russia was lagging behind the rest of Europe in manners of trading, production and technology. Lenin had fostered a dream of having the entirety of Russia lit up by electricity and modern means of communication in ten years....   [tags: Industrial Revolution, Industry, Communism]

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Theu.s. Government Under The Constitution

- From the beginning of the U.S. Government under the constitution to the present, the roles of the three branches have greatly changed and expanded with the changing times. What do these changes mean for the democracy of the nation. In the case of the executive branch, it’s expanded powers have reduced the democratic ability of the citizens by blatantly neglecting their rights and ability to participate or confront the government. The changes that have occurred to this branch have raised the immunity of its officials and at the same time lowered the accountability the branch has towards the other branches and the American people, adopting a mentality of being “the law” causing neglect for the...   [tags: President of the United States]

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Under Armour Marketing Analysis

- Since its creation in 1996, Kevin Plank's Under Armour has under gone rapid expansion. It has taken over the performance apparel market in the United States, outselling sporting giants such as Nike and Addidas. The company has even expanded beyond the performance apparel line and introduced products including footwear and casual wear. Although it has an immense following in the United States, Under Armour has been facing many difficult barriers to their entry into foreign markets, specifically Europe....   [tags: Marketing]

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Under Armour Company Analysis

- ... They are projected to have a 21% growth rate, which can be sustained. “To put the potential in perspective, at this current growth rate Under Armour would hit about $12 billion in annual sales in 10 years, which is about half of where Nike is now.” (Under Armour potential, 2013) There foresight is a clear indication of corporate sustainability. They may not be able to overtake Nike in revenue gains, but coming from where they started, it’s a pretty good future in sight. Recently, Under Armour announced their purchasing of “Map My Fitness”, which is a fitness technology company powering one of the world’s largest digital fitness communities based out of Texas....   [tags: company, negatives, corporate, investment]

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Unbanked and Under-banked Communities

- ... According to the FDIC survey mentioned above, 20.1 percent of US households are under-banked, that represents 24 million households or 51 million adults. Unbanked and under-banked individuals typically share certain common characteristics such as: low-income individuals and families, not possessing a formal education (or having less education than other groups), young adults and households that are headed by women. The unbanked and under-banked also have disproportional representation in non-Asian minorities, such as: 21.7 percent blacks, 19.3 percent Hispanics and Native Americans at 15.5 percent ( Beard, Martha)....   [tags: financial transactions, accounts]

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Under Armour Case Study

- In order to beat its competitors, Under Armour Company can engage in market sensitive fresh product invention. New products are more likely to draw curiosity amongst the populations especially if they commensurate well with the prevailing trends (Hill & Jones 2009, p. 308). UA concentrated on the outside-in (market responsive) approach to carry out its strategies. It is reported that it sourced unique synthetic materials and employed on field product development. This enabled it to create the performance apparel segment in the athletic apparel market....   [tags: Case Study]

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Driving Under the Influence

- Drunk driving is an issue that effects many people across our nation. People do not realize the affects alcohol can have on the body and mind that slow decision making while driving. This issue begins in the home. Children see their parents, or other adults figures, have a beer or a cocktail and get in the car. Thus, making it seem like it is acceptable to drink and drive. “One in three people will be involved in an alcohol-related crash in their lifetime” (MADD). Driving under the influence is measured by a person’s blood alcohol level (BAC)....   [tags: Driving Safety, Drinking and Driving]

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One Nation Under Walmart

- Since the early ages of man there has always been dominating individuals, people that that are either physically stronger, smarter and/or both, compared to others. It is because of these individuals that the human race has survived. The stronger, smarter individuals became leaders and were the guides for the lesser individuals. As is in the case of Walmart, the world's largest corporation, a dominating leader, in the business of offering consumer goods at low prices. Any leader will come under scrutiny at some point during their rule, so it seems natural that Walmart would....   [tags: Business Analysis]

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Under the Black Hood

- Your head is covered in a black hood. You can’t breath, you try to gasp for air, but the air is thin, like a piece of paper. You feel a scratch in your left ear, you try to reach, but you got handcuffs on your hands and legs, with a chain running from your front and back, like an animal. You try to move, but everything hurts. The itch remains, unbearable, like a bad dream. You arrive, but where. It’s hot and dry. They take the hood off. The bright light surprises your eyes, and everything goes white....   [tags: the road to Guantanamo Bay]

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Analytical Thinking Under Distrust

- In our social environment we run into the danger that someone is lying to us, distorts a fact when reproducing it, or perhaps entirely omits an important detail. It is widely known that people from time to time say an untruth. The high prevalence of deception and lie telling is well documented in research (e.g. DePaulo & Kashy, 1998; DePaulo, Kashy, Kirkendol, Wyer, & Epstein, 1996). Our ability to notice or recognise deception and lies and in a next step to respond appropriately is not very far-reaching....   [tags: unconscious distrust, falsehood, truth]

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Canada Under American Dominion

- The dawn of the 1970s brought forth a great change in the Canadian attitude towards economic relations with the United States. The oscillation of the Canadian economy, due to the Nixon Shock of 1971, greatly contributed to the rise of Canadian awareness regarding foreign investment; particularly increased trade dependence with the United States. As this awareness gradually began to present itself as paranoia, pressures fell on the government to pursue more nationalistic policies and mandates, which would eventually allow the nation to break free of American domination....   [tags: Canadian Attitude, Relations, America]

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Gun Control Under Control

- Gun Control Under Control Whenever a shooting happens, such Columbine, the Aurora Theater Shooting, or the Navy Yard shooting, the question of gun control comes up in politics again. Then after a month or two, the topic is dropped, until yet another shooting happens. When is this nation going to finally make a change. America needs to put more emphasis on making certain potential criminals and the clinically insane do not have access to such dangerous weapons. What about the little boy who found his parent’s gun in his parent’s bedside drawer and accidentally shot himself....   [tags: legal issues, Navy yard shooting]

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National Parks Under threat

- ... The National Parks show just how amazing our country is. They are some of the most beautiful places in the world. Pollution has taken a toll on the parks. Air pollution from nearby cities has affected views of famous attractions and litter from park congestion has affected the overall park atmosphere and animals. In the Smoky Mountains National Park in the Appalachians air pollution has become a huge issue. The National Parks Service has put out a statement about how severe the issue of air pollution has gotten they state that “Since 1948, based on regional airport records, average visibility in the southern Appalachians has decreased 40% in winter and 80% in summer....   [tags: revenue, government, local communities]

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Schemes Under Project Management

- Project management is a term coined to describe the process of developing, organizing, motivating, and allocating resources in order to achieve specific goals. Using this method, each project that an organization gears undergoes a life cycle that is managed by a team of people and their head supervisor. Schemes under project management require intricate planning via its leaders and sponsors, hard work from its staff, and strong leadership from the project manager, but the benefits derived from project management are tremendous....   [tags: project management, business world, goals]

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Under Armour

- History: 1996 Kevin Plank develops his first microfiber t-shirts to keep athletes dry during workouts and games he found Under Armour Athletic Apparel. Mission: “Under Armour was developed by athletes for athletes. We understand their needs and the demands of competition, What begin nearly a decade ago with superior under shirt for equipment sports has evolved into six diverse gear lines to cover all seasons. Climate and conditions by employing the finest microfiber fabric Under Armour has engineered the ultimate moisture transport System in garments that slide over your body like a second skin to keep cool, dry and light throughout the course of a game or a workout.” (Universe) Target...   [tags: Kevin Plank, athletes, apparel, sports]

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The Company That I Picked Was Under Armour

- Under Amour The company that I picked was Under Armour. According to, a website that evaluates individual companies, “Under Armour is in the development, marketing, and distribution of apparel, footwear and accessories” (Reuters). The Under Armour headquarters is located in Baltimore, Maryland. Under Armour is a national corporation which sells their products mainly in North America. Under Armour also sells its products international in countries like Europe and Japan. The target customers for Under Armour are men, women, and children....   [tags: Marketing, Strategic management, Market research]

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Christmas Under Fire

- Christmas Under fire is a World War II propaganda film created by the G.P.O film unit under the instruction of the Ministry of Information. It was released in 1941 in an attempt to get the isolated United States to engage Germany and the Axis powers in World War II. The purpose of the film according to the director Harry Watt was to make Americans feel “Uncomfortable while they celebrated Christmas.”(Sarah Street, 79). The film showed the Christmas of 1940 which occurred at the height of the Blitz of London....   [tags: War World II propaganda film]

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School Performance: Under-Achievement

- One definition of under-achievement could be the following: "school performance, usually measured by grades that is substantially below what would be predicted on the basis of the student’s mental ability, typically measured by intelligence or standardised academic tests" (McCall 1992, pag. 54). There must be noted that there is a difference between under-achievement and low achievement, the latter refers to a situation where the pupil is achieveing to the extent of their abilities, but is well below average compared to their peers, whilst under-achievement occurs when students achievements are below what is expected according to their abilities....   [tags: education, grades, mental ability]

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Under Age Smoking

- Under Age Smoking Cigarettes a hazard to life have become very common. It is just a burning a piece of paper and tobacco, but smokers ignore and take the carbon dioxide into the lungs. People are killing themselves and harming others by smoking. The awareness among the people has been rising but many of the young people ignore the dangers, and still many diseases are happening; consequence would be more deaths. The dangers of smoking are many, but still cigarettes have become common; every third person smokes these days....   [tags: Teen Smoking, Study Review]

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Under Armour And Its Effect On The World

- Despite Nike playing on the large stage of sport apparel and shoes, another company is rising to the occasion, Under Armour. With growing interest and production, Under Armour is taking the fast track to becoming a big rival to the other sports companies. Since Under Armour is gaining ground so quickly it would be best to invest before they rise anymore. Under Armour was chosen as this group’s investment because it had a high PE ratio compared to the other companies researched. Research began on October 5th, 2015 with a closing price of $101.86....   [tags: Federal Reserve System, Monetary policy]

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Egypt under Mubarak

- Egypt plays an extremely significant role as one of the major powers in the Middle East. Egyptian force in the Arab world stems from the strength of its cultural life which makes it extremely difficult to be ignored. The book, “Egypt under Mubarak” features essays from seven different authors, which examine the causes and consequences of the many crises Egypt has faced. Mubarak comes into power taking upon himself the previous Egyptian political, sociological, and economic problems left by Sadat and Nasser....   [tags: Egypt]

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Under One Roof

- I remember being a kid, and on vacations spending time with my grandma. With such an age difference between her and I there wasn’t a lot we both came to terms on doing for the day. Walmart was always the most common day trips we would take. It was so convenient for me to find the latest trends of kids apparel, while my grandma was fortunate enough to find the cheapest cotton underwear, in her opinion. With gas prices raising from when my grandma first got her license she was very sparing with the gas in her 1998 Chevy Malibu....   [tags: Business Management]

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Under Prairie Skies

- We met at our usual place, under an ancient soft maple ringed by the deadwood of a particularly violent spring. It stood alone on the shore of a clover field precisely halfway between Chicago and St. Louis. We often used the fallen branches for our campfires, and as I prepared to land I decided to gather some before Susie showed up. I touched down among the drowsy purple clover heads, absorbing the shock in my calves and thighs. I was hunting firewood when I saw her streaking in from the north. I almost waved, but then on a mischievous whim I crouched down among the gently swaying plants....   [tags: reunion, fire, weapons]

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The Debate with "Under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance

- There is a two word phrase in a thirty-one word sentence that has caused one of the largest debates in the U.S. history. The wording of the Pledge of Allegiance has been debated since the phrase “under God” was added in 1954. It was on Flag Day in 1954 that President Eisenhower and congress changed the phrase “one nation indivisible” to “one nation, under God, indivisible" (Haynes, Chaltain, and Glisson 154). The Knights of Columbus had urged the change to make it different than similar pledges that were recited by “godless communists” (O’Connor 1)....   [tags: congress, religious, flag, country]

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Driving Under The Influence On The Lives Of Others

- Drive or Survive People form decisions every day that affect the lives of others. Driving under the influence is a major decision people undertake that can lead to serious repercussions. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people are involved in driving under the influence accidents (MADD). Each of these accidents could have been prevented had those involved not been under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Granted, the problem with preventing these accidents is that people do not want to change their habits....   [tags: Driver's license, Driver's education, Time]

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The Federal Government Under The Articles Of Confederation

- History of the United States I Name Institution The Federal Government under the Articles of Confederation Based on the arguments provided I the American history literature, one would say that the term ‘Articles of Confederation’ referred to the first operational written constitution which the federal government used to regulate and disseminate its judicial, legislative and executive services to all the states (Sonneborn, 2013). In spite of the fear for extensive land claims and emergence of a central authority which slowed the progress of this particular Constitution, all the states were able to come to an agreement and ratify it by 1st March....   [tags: United States, President of the United States]

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The Importance Of Suspending Performance Under The Contract

- We are extremely disappointed to learn that you do not intend to continue payments to Century Engineering, Inc. (“Century”) as required under the Subconsultant Agreement Between HDR Engineering, Inc. and Century Engineering, Inc., dated September 25, 2015 (the “Contract”). We recognize that Walsh Granite Joint Venture (“WGJV”) has made two claim against you, and is withholding payments to set off damages resulting from those claims. We further understand that our Contract provides that payment from WGJV is a condition precedent to your obligation to pay us....   [tags: Contract, Contract law, Money, Payment]

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Afghanistan Under the Rule of the Musahiban Family

- ... This tunnel is vital for the economic growth of Afghanistan. Another important success in the history of Afghanistan was the emergence of an intellectual class and their efforts for political reforms. The university student become active politically and demonstrated in the streets. For mobilizing rural area a lot of energy needed. The university students were living in mass and had shared common identity. In the past the politics were played by the royal family and now we have intelligentsia and Islamic scholars claim in politics....   [tags: economy, education, success, failure]

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Under The Feet Of Jesus By Gloria Anzaldua

- In the United States, the hierarchical system that dominates the social landscape has created a pool of power for those who sit at the top of the social ladder. This system has power trickling down from the top to those at the bottom: those who work hard and get recognized the least. This creates a conflict between the oppressed and the oppressor, and eventually those who are oppressed use those drops of power to fight for their basic human rights. In an excerpt from Gloria Anzaldúa’s book Borderlands/La Frontera: The New Mestiza, Anzaldúa explains the complications of oppressed people developing counterstances with their oppressors....   [tags: Sociology, Oppression, Social class]

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Review Of ' Under The Lion 's Paw '

- Master of the Short Story In Under the Lion’s Paw, Hamlin Garland used lots of the elements necessary to develop the perfect short story as described by Kurt Vonnegut. First, the author gave the reader at least one person to root for; then, every character wants something; and finally, Hamlin Garland is not afraid to be sadistic so his reader can see what his characters are made of. Kurt Vonnegut believes that the author of a good short story needs to give his reader at least one person he or she can cheer for....   [tags: Short story, Short stories, Kurt Vonnegut]

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The Philippine Executive Under the 1987 Constitution

- Introduction In the analysis of the Philippine Executive, it is best to study the Office of the President. Throughout history, different personalities have occupied the Office of the President who may have institutionalized or de-institutionalized it. Since the creation of the 1987 Constitution, there have been four presidents that have been under the Constitution. The 1987 Constitution The 1935 Constitution provided for a Head of State and Head of Government which is co-equal and co-ordinate with the legislative and judiciary....   [tags: office of the president, control power]

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