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Honor in Thorstein The Staff-Struck

- Honor in Thorstein The Staff-Struck   Honor is something that is earned, but it must also be defended in order to be upheld in the eyes of all.  In “Thorstein The Staff-Struck” one’s respect is based on their honor alone. Honor is the essence of a life worth living. In this story, a life without honor means that the life is worthless. Death is better than having no honor. Men will easily give their lives without second thought to earn, and protect it. Honor’s role in “Thorstein the Staff-Struck” takes on several roles, but all of them are to achieve one common goal....   [tags: Thorstein Staff-Struck]

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Induction of Staff

- Induction of staff is a vital step undertaken by the administration to ensure that their staffs remain effective in provision of services to consumers. The aim of this research is to analyse how effective induction of nurses is in retaining the nurse bank staff. From the population sample of the nurses and other staff members, the research will seek to address the views of the sample population to understand how effective induction is. Pre test designs The participants that have been selected to serve as a sample are placed in several groups from where they can now be researched on....   [tags: Health Care, Nurse Bank Staff]

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Baptist Health Medical Staff: A Look at Its Administration and Hiring Practices

- Background Baptist Health is a non-profit health system located in Northeast Florida which is comprised of five Magnet accredited hospitals, home health agencies, behavioral health practices, pharmacies, and numerous primary care and specialty physician practices. As one of the largest healthcare providers in the region, physicians have the opportunity to practice in state of the art facilities, as well as, become affiliated with a community based hospital. As of February 2014, Baptist Health has more than 1400 physicians practicing in more than 70 specialties and close to 300 allied health professionals....   [tags: doctors, nurses, administrative staff]

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How to Retain Talented Staff?

- Talent retention refers to the ability and the efforts of a company to keep with top performance employees in their workforce, in other words, avoid turnover. Over the last decades talent retention has become a main concern for companies, as a shortage cause by different factors struck the market. While companies struggle not to suffer the setbacks of turnovers, employees benefit from the new practices applied for talent retention. Further, this pursuit to improve talent retention on the 21st century is improving employees’ quality of life....   [tags: human capital, workforce, employees]

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Staff Recruitment Process

- Table of Contents Task 1 3 1.1 Write the Recruitment Procedures for the above case and document it, show the actual selection pathway followed 3 1.2 Assess the impact of legal, regulatory and ethical considerations to the recruitment and selection process for above case 4 1.3 Make a group and play out the various roles involved in the selection Process 4 1.4 Evaluate your contribution in the above Role-play selection process 5 Task 2 6 2.1 Explain the skills and attributes needed for leadership 6 2.2 Explain the difference between leadership and management 6 2.3 Compare the leadership styles of Nelson and Thompson 7 2.4 How do you think the 10 People under Thompson be motivated 7 Task 3 9 3....   [tags: Staff Recruitment]

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When Terror Struck

- When Terror Struck Imagine living in country where people who do not even know you already despise you. Imagine people not seeing you as a human being, but as a creature. Imagine being treated or thought of as dirt, and always having people tell you are worthless. During World War II the Jewish community was isolated from the rest of the world, because Hitler had represented the Jews as a threat to the collective health of the German nation. Even though the German army targeted other groups, such as the disabled, gypsies, and slaves, they placed Jews in a special category....   [tags: History, Jewish Community]

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When the Irish Potato Famine Struck

- The word ‘vulnerable’ is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as; ‘open to harm’. The defenceless position Ireland found itself in at the time of the great hunger will be explained by examining the political and economic system of the time, and the way in which the peasant class lived because of the social structures that were set in place. From the 1790s through to 1815, Ireland experience economic growth due to the demand for grain during the Napoleonic war and the export of textiles. This growth came to a halt when the war ended....   [tags: History]

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Analyzing Thorstein Veblen's The Theory of the Leisure Class

- In 1899 Thorstein Veblen wrote The Theory of the Leisure Class: An Economic Study of Institutions. In this work, Veblen presented critical thinking that pertains to people’s habits and their related social norms. He explores the way certain people disregard the divisions that exist within the social system, while subsequently emulating certain aspects of the leisure class in an effort to present an image of higher social status. He also presented the theory of conspicuous consumption, which refers to an instance when a person can fulfill their needs by purchasing a product at a lower cost that is equal in quality and function to its more expensive counterpart; however, said person chooses...   [tags: conspicuous consuption]

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The Scepter or Staff

- I would argue the scepter and staff are metaphors for defined authority, a representation of the rule of law and Guardianship of public weal. Furthermore, I would argue that not all sectors are made equal, nor do all bearers process and equal position of ascendancy, ability to compel obedience, or Dominion. For instance Agamemnon’s royal scepter represents an authority that has come down to him from Zeus through several generations of Argive kings, meaning divine right, and heritage. They are tools of distinction, imparting a special honor, and denoting superiority of character on the individual who wields it....   [tags: Analysis, Odysseus]

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Staff IT Training

- 1. Identify the specific groups of people who need training on the new system. For each group describe the type of training you would recommend and list the topics you would cover. Susan, a consultant for Personal Trainer Inc., has been asked to develop a new system for Personal Trainer Inc., and their new Supercenter in Toronto, Canada. Susan will need to prepare a training agenda for Personal trainer, Inc. Susan’s must include all the system users, with training geared for the different company positions and job levels....   [tags: Information Technology]

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Armed Teachers and Staff in Schools

- Schools were once traditionally viewed as a safe place for children, teenagers, and adults. The educational setting coupled with community involvement gave no reason for violence to occur in schools. As years progressed, the occurrence of violence in school shocked communities across the nation, calling for state lawmakers and school districts to produce a solution to prevent these acts from occurring. Events such as the 1999 school shooting at Columbine High School in Colorado urged schools throughout the U.S....   [tags: Schools, Education, Safety, Security]

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Motivation by Internal Staff Events

- Motivation is the way to let a person to be moved to do something (Ryan & Deci, 2000, p54). Nowadays, most companies all around the world start to reduce their budget for motivating their staff (Quarterly, 2009, p2). However, some other companies try to use other ways to motivate their staff in order to develop their talent and make profits (Quarterly, 2009, p2). It is interesting that why different companies and organizations try to use two totally opposite way to manage their financial problems....   [tags: finances, management, incentives, profit]

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Horizontal Violence and Staff Morale

- When one goes into the profession of nursing it is usually not for the money, job security or the glamour of the job. Those of us who chose nursing as our profession generally care for others and want to make a difference in the world. New nurses are excited to become licensed and to start working in the profession of nursing. When new nurses enter the field of nursing, they are often met with more experienced nurses who have practiced longer and subsequently has more experience. This maybe an opportunity for the new graduate to learn and grow or it can lead to horizontal violence in the work place....   [tags: nursing, coping mechanisms, behavior]

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Benefits of a Motivated Staff

- What is motivation. Motivation is defined as “an individual’s willingness to respond to the organization’s requirements in short run.” (P.71 Dixon, 1998) For the purposes of this research paper, I find the most fitting definition of motivation is to define it as “the force that Energizes, Directs, and Sustains behavior.” (, 2014) Motivation is imperative to productivity. A highly motivated staff often leads to high productivity from the workforce. But why is motivating staff the most difficult task for managers in so many businesses....   [tags: productivity, needs, incentive]

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Thorstein Veblen: Short Bio & Economic Theories & Ideas

- Thorstein Bunde Veblen (1857-1929) was born in Cato, Wisconsin. He attended Carleton College, as well as the universities of John Hopkins, Yale, and Cornell. He taught political economy and economics from 1892 to 1918 at the University of Chicago, Stanford University, and the University of Misssouri. He retired in 1926 after working for seven years at New York City’s New School for Social Research. He was noted for his significant analysis of our economic system and, by Mark Blaug, for his mastery of the art of satire.# Veblen went against the modern economic beliefs of his day....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Effect of Staff Morale

- A literature search was performed to determine what has already been determined within the areas of staff turnover and use of sick time. The phrase “effect of staff morale on sick leave and turnover” was inputted into CINAHL with limits to the last ten years, and English only. Other narrowing key terms used were job satisfaction or morale and sick leave, absenteeism, and turnover. This search returned hundreds of results, indicating that staff turnover and absenteeism is an identified issue in many areas....   [tags: turnover, sick leave, CINAHL]

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Educating Information Technology Staff

- The development of a training program that educates organizational employees on information security related items can assist an organization in reducing information security risks. However, organizations typically rely on and expend financial resources on technological means to protect organizational information (Spears & Barki, 2010). In an article written by Chen, Shaw, and Yang (2006), employees are the most important factor in reducing risks due to employees being the weakest link in information security (Hu, Dinev, Hart, & Cooke, 2012)....   [tags: deployment methods, security risks]

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Vertical Staff Gauges

- VERTICAL STAFF GAUGES A staff gauge normally consists of a measuring plate fixed to a post set in concrete. The measuring plate is typically made up of coated steel or stable FRP with increasing increments of 0.01 m. The staff gauge is fastened to a concrete or steel pole that has slots to adjust the level of the plate. Staff gauges may also be painted on a well-established and stable structure, like a bridge pier or retaining wall. At all hydrometric stations a staff gauge is required to measure the water level....   [tags: visual indicators of water level and flow]

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Role of Top Management in Staff Development

- 1.1 Introduction of the project: This project will be focused on the role of the top management in staff development, for this purpose a comparative analysis between NBP and Soneri bank Ltd will be made. Completion of this project will be based on survey questionnaires and interviews from Top level, Middle level managers and Operational level staff. In this project Training and Development program of both organizations will be analyzed comparatively, the key Role and Performance of top Mangers in staff development will be examined and deficiencies in Training and Development program of both organizations will be investigated and uncovered as well....   [tags: Business Management ]

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Leadership Behaviors and Their Impact on Staff Morale

- Introduction The purpose of this study was to determine if certain leadership behaviors have a significant impact on staff morale in a Mid-western school district. This chapter describes in detail the purpose, research design, population, data collection instruments, instruments for data analysis, delimitations of the study, methods and procedures used to conduct the study. Specific care was used to identify the validity and reliability of instruments used in data collection, as well as, the generalizability of the study....   [tags: Leadership]

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Ethical Dilemmas for Lawyers, Staff, and Management

- ... Another Ethical Issue that tremendously affects the decisions lawyers make is Conflict of interest which is defined as “a clash between professional obligations and personal interests which, arises if the individual tries to perform that duty while at the same time trying to achieve personal gain.” The appearance of a conflict of interest is present if there is a potential for the personal interests of an individual to clash with fiduciary duties. Lawyers can't represent clients when they have a conflict of interest....   [tags: defend, law, conduct]

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Implementing a Staff Hand Washing Program

- Implementing a Staff Hand Washing Program within an Acute Medical Unit Research Details There has been growing concerns among health workers on how to maintain a healthy environment at the work place. Hospital-acquired infections are among the most dangerous complications and they have been reported to claim the lives of many health workers. The major cause of hospital-acquired infection is failure by healthcare workers to observe hand hygiene. Hand hygiene involves washing one’s hands with soap and water or disinfecting them after making contact with sick persons or infected surfaces....   [tags: Acute Medical Unit]

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The Value of the University Maintenance Staff

- Beep, beep, beep, smack. You wish you could hit the snooze button on your alarm because it’s 5 o’clock on a Monday morning. Part of you wants to sleep a few more hours, but the other part tells you it’s time to go to work. You eat breakfast, kiss your family goodbye, and arrive at the University campus in time to start your shift at 7 a.m. After seeing the friendly faces of your co-workers and friends on staff, you think to yourself, “Maybe today won’t be so bad after all.” Your mood changes when you see the mess that has been accumulating in the bathrooms over the weekend....   [tags: Informative Essays]

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Staff Training and Motivation at McDonalds

- Staff Training and Motivation at McDonalds McDonald trains almost 55,000 employees each year. Each year, it also dedicates over £10 million to ongoing employee training, providing people with valuable skills. Work experience at McDonald's is a foundation for future employability, particularly as the UK labour market continues to evolve. With the increased demand for skilled workers, a job which offers ongoing training with a leading organisation - is a solid career investment....   [tags: Papers]

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Patient and Family Centered Care Project

- Along with what is offered educationally, McGregor PACE scores very high in the domain of Care Support, on the Patient-and Family-Centered Organizational Self-Assessment Tool (Self-Assessment Tool, 2013). Family members are an integral part of the McGregor PACE program. Without them, most of the participants would be placed in a long-term care facility. They are undeniably active members of the team. Family members have full access to loved ones while they are at the site. If the participant is hospitalized or temporarily placed in a long-term care facility, McGregor PACE is still responsible for oversight of the care provided to the participant (McGregor PACE website, n.d.)....   [tags: nursing staff, medical emergency]

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Assessing Library Staff’s Attitude in An Academic Library

- CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK The purpose of this study was to investigate ‘users’ perception on the performance of library staff’s attitude in an academic library, which is the Perpustakaan Tun Abdul Razak (PTAR), Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Shah Alam. The library staff in PTAR 1 and PTAR 2 were assessed based on their attitudes in terms of reliability, responsiveness and assurance. The conceptual framework was divided into two parts, which were independent variables and dependent variable. The independent variables or also known as causes variables had three (3) dimensions to be measured or evaluated by the researcher in this study....   [tags: Business Analysis ]

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How to Motivate Your Staff

- How to Motivate Your Staff My problem definition states; "How to maintain a motivating work environment?" The aim of my research is to analyze the methods used in maintaining a motivating work environment. The reason why I choose motivation as my research topic is because I find it very challenging for managers to retain their employees and to keep a low employee turnover. To retain your employees is not easy and knowing that employees are all different persons with different ideas, perceptions and characteristics makes it easy to understand that employees quit for different reasons ,so different methods of motivation are necessary....   [tags: Papers]

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Factors that Affects Health Staff, Hospital and Equipment

- 1. Natural Environment 2. Chemical and Drugs 3. Microorganisms and Vermin 4.. Waste 5. Sounds and Radiation 6. Electricity 7. Natural and Unnatural Disasters 8. Surrounding 9. Gravity and Mechanical Stress 10. People 1. Natural Environment Natural environment factors such as air can threaten the safety of the hospital’s staff, patients, and guests. Some diseases can be transmitted through the air over long distances and be passed on to other people in the hospital if the air is not properly filtered....   [tags: natural disasters, gravity, people]

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Assessing Library Staff’s Attitude in An Academic Library

- LITERATURE REVIEW Reliability According to Kiran (2010), reliability refers to the ability to perform the promised services dependably and accurately. Ghobadian, Speller and Jores (1994) stated the reliability is the ability to provide the pledged service on time, accurately and dependably. It involves consistency of performance and dependability. It means that the firm performs the service right the first time and also the degree to which a service is fault-free. It also means that the firm honors its promises (Edwards & Browne, 1995)....   [tags: Business Management ]

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Benefits of Providing Incentives to Telephone Technical Support Staff

- Improving telephone technical support staff’s performance in responding to customer queries via the use of incentive rewards Table of Contents Executive summary 3 1. Context and Industry Information 4 1.1 Context 4 1.2 Industry Information 4 2. Nature of the problem 5 2.1. The problem 5 2.2 Design of the research 5 2.3 Research approach 5 3. Review of the evidence 5 3.1. Source 6 3.2. Conceptual approach 6 3.3 Methodological approach 6 4. Findings and Implications 7 Intrinsic rewards 7 Extrinsic rewards 7 Social rewards 7 Organisational rewards 8 5....   [tags: Evidence-based Practice in HRM]

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Nursing Home Staff Turnover and Better Practices

- Absenteeism Absenteeism occurs due to employee sickness, and low rates of absenteeism correlates with employees who have been in long-term care for a longer period (Singh, 2010, p. 426). The longer the employee has been working at the facility or residence, the less likely it is that they will be absent from work. It is important to manage absenteeism so that employees will take their absent days more seriously and prevent them from taking sick or personal days. According to Singh (2010, p. 426), management regulates absenteeism with written policies for an excused and unexcused absence; in addition, procedural consequences are listed for each additional absence....   [tags: Employment, Nursing Home Care]

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Unified Command, In Need of Training Staff Officer?

- Rear Admiral Cornelio A. de la Cruz Jr. AFP said,"to develop its human resources to become professional citizen-soldiers imbued with proper values and relevant expertise through purposive and progressive education and training.The AFP does this by ensuring a number of highly qualified and competent personnel at all levels, in support of the shift of its mission from internal security operations to territorial defense, within the framework of modernized Armed Forces.” (J8, 2013) Generally the mission of the unified commands is to conduct joint operations against threats in their respected areas in order to established a secured environment, and assist local government in their development ac...   [tags: human resource management]

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The Need for Proper Equipment and Skilled Staff in Hospitals

- ... This view is reinforced by observing the patients in the ward and those in the emergency room. Therefore, there is a great need to expand our knowledge in this area. This will go a long way in opening the possibility of helping both physicians and patients to reach a new level in being healthy or saving lives. With this knowledge of the importance of fighting diseases at the right place, I discovered Molecular Medicine as branch of clinical biochemistry. My choice of studying molecular medicine master degree at your University is in order for me to deeply understand intracellular mechanisms....   [tags: health care, medicine, commitment]

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Making Offshore Staff Augmentation Work Well

- The continuing economic slump affecting many major democracies has put increasing pressure on firms to cut costs and maximize returns on their investments. Businesses across the globe are searching for feasible avenues to minimizing heavy labor overhead for skilled personnel, especially highly paid programmers and other IT experts. In addition to suffering from local shortages of qualified employees, these businesses often seek greater flexibility in meeting variable needs for special skills. Cutting-edge Internet firms in particular have long required quick access to a wide range of expertise....   [tags: Business]

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The Process of Recruiting, Hiring, and Maintaining Staff in the Hospitality Industry

- When considering the potential and success of any organization, consideration and thought must be applied to the employees. The process of recruiting, hiring, and maintaining staff is critical in the hospitality industry. The employees serve as direct branding and marketing for the company, supplying the customers, or guests, with an experience that meets, exceeds, or fails expectations. The experience given by the employees ultimately determines the satisfaction of new and repeat guests, therefore guiding the company toward its level of success....   [tags: Human Resource Management ]

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Uniformity Among Administrative Staff & the Levels of Productivity

- An article in Executive Update stated “Policies, procedures, protocols and job descriptions create efficiency and eliminate some of the administrative stress” (Curd & Young, 2012). One of the ways efficiency reduces stress is by encouraging uniformity. Mustang currently lacks uniformity among the administrative assistants in field services. There are three separate groups that each have a small group of assistants assigned to them. All three groups have the same daily tasks; however, each group has different methods of completing the tasks and they all have different levels of output....   [tags: mustang, right of way, uniform procedures]

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Organization Socialization Tactics for a Newcomer Staff Member

- Introduction Socialization is a process in which a newcomer adapts the behaviour pattern of the organizations surrounding culture and acquires knowledge and attitudes needed to become an effective insider to an organization (Van Maanen and Schein, 1979) Organization Socialization for a newcomer staff member is very essential as adjustment during initial entry is generally believed the most intense and problematic phase and by the process of socialization a newcomer get in speed with the organization and adapt its environment, it becomes easier for the newcomer to learn organizational values ,norms and resources....   [tags: values, norms, resources, commitment, attitude]

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Increased Political Activism Among Nursing Staff

- Increased Political Activism among the Nursing staff Nurses are usually the most powerful people on earth, given the fact that they have a remarkable potential to exercise tremendous power both in the societal and political arenas. This power emanates from the great body of healthcare knowledge that they possess and in their large numbers. Contrary to this absolute fact, most nurses do not maximize this policy changing potential that they own. Regrettably, they view political activism not as power tool but as a barrier to the furtherance of their nursing profession....   [tags: Political Science]

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Money and Staff Retention

- Doward (Guardian 2001) states “Sotheby’s having registered $178m of losses this year are spending $40m in a bid to retain key Heads of staff”. It might pay Sotheby’s to understand McGregor’s Theories X, Y and Schein`s Social theory as essential when looking for ways to motivate and retain staff. Theory X used financial rewards and punishments for untrustworthy employees involving company policy. Theory Y sees staff needing “care, independence, self-development and creative work, for company success.”(Cooper`1998)....   [tags: GCSE Business Marketing Coursework Essays]

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Staff Welfare Knowledge Assessment

- Questions 1. What is the ‘National Strategy For A Healthy Police Service’ and how does it impact on the workplace. 2. Outline the possible causes of stress and the impacts these can have on an individual and the organisation. How can these impacts be reduced. 3. How can your organisations attendance management be most effectively utlised. The National Strategy for a Healthy Police Service was implemented on the 18th May 2007 with specific aims which are:- • Promoting the case for good health and safety management, highlighting the business benefits, legal obligations and benefits for officer and police staff well being....   [tags: Work place Health]

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Staff Recruitment and Selection

- Staff Recruitment and Selection In this section I will be explaining and discussing the organisations (Southgate college) procedures for recruiting and selecting staff and also identifying the Key factors that have to be considered at every stage of this process. Procedures 1. Job analysis: is there a need for a vacancy. Either because: (i) The nature of the job has changed, which could result in restructuring hence the availability of more jobs. (ii) A person has left or been promoted, leaving an available space in their former position 2....   [tags: Business Management Studies]

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Attracting And Retaining Staff

- Attracting and Retaining Staff A critical factor to the success of any company is its ability to attract top talent while retaining those already working within the company. Losing employees can have a significant impact on a company’s morale, productivity and overall profit. Whether it be evidenced through expenditures in agency or search firms, lowered productivity or morale, high turnover costs your company. In fact, each time one of your employees walks out your door for the last time, it can cost your company anywhere from $25,000 for entry level positions, up to $250,000 for a senior level positions....   [tags: Employee Recruiting]

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Managing Staff: Keys for Conflict Resolution

- Managing Staff: Keys for Conflict Resolution Collaboration is the key term this paper addresses. As the collaborative effort continues in class, the group is experiencing an impasse of sorts.Dr. Twining has performed the services of a facilitator and as a negotiator by informing the class of what parts of project need realizing, the time line of completion, where it is to occur, and how it is to occur.She has reiterated points that were not initially clear, and is available for questions and clarification when called upon....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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School Staff Development Must Focus on Meaningful Activities to Promote Loyalty

- ... Staff need ongoing staff development and organized in-service training opportunities to stay current regarding the constant ever changing aspects of today's educational and technological advances. Staff who regularly receive staff development and organized in-service training are more productive and confident in their abilities. Administration that encourages staff learning and fosters continuing education creates a positive, motivated, and committed environment, which is essential for a smoothly run school environment....   [tags: motivate, administration, in-service]

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How to Ensure the Call Center Staff Is Successful and That Customers Are Well Served

- How to Ensure the Call Center Staff Is Successful and That Customers Are Well Served There is several ways through which the management can ensure that distant call centers for their organizations are successful and that their customers are well served. Some of these include: Customer service staff training and development New employees should be thoroughly trained on communication skills over the phone and online. This should be done by experienced and successful trainers who are informed properly on the area....   [tags: Business Management ]

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Performance Management: Ways to Integrate Two Staff Teams Within an Organization

- Explore ways to implement change for a successful integration of two staff teams within an organisation. Introduction Performance management combines effective management skills, planning, communication, action, assessment and reporting in order to maintain a constant cycle of improvement. This is to ensure that organisations achieve their objectives and local communities are receiving the best possible outcomes. The management issue I have chosen to investigate is in relation to the integration of the youth service team and the youth offending team into the Folkestone Youth Hub....   [tags: performance development, outcomes]

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Can Staff Response Time Affect the Rate of Falls in Hospitals?

- Research Proposal: Can Staff Response Time Affect the Rate of Falls in Hospitals. Since healthcare organizations nationwide strive for positive patient outcomes and patient satisfaction, preventing falls among patients in healthcare settings remains a nursing priority. Unfortunately, fall prevention is not a new problem. Nurses face the challenges of recognizing patients who may be at high risk for falls and intervening to prevent falls on a daily basis. Yet, even with great effort from nursing to prevent falls, they appear to continue to occur....   [tags: patient outcomes and satisfaction]

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Questions and Answers: Is Outsourcing More Beneficial than Hiring Local Staff?

- ... This research will then provide the insight necessary to make a conclusion on whether or not outsourcing is more beneficial in this specific ISASA school. 3. How will I find the information. The required information will be obtained by making appointments with and speaking to the Operations Manager of a school, the head of this school as well as a business man who outsources within his business. The information obtained will then be analysed in order to make a conclusion about the main question being asked regarding whether outsourcing support is more beneficial to a school than permanent employment 4. What will I not be able to do....   [tags: business, school, operation manager]

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- Induction of staff is a vital step undertaken by the administration to ensure that their staffs remain effective in provision of services to consumers. The aim of this research is to analyse how effective induction of nurses is in retaining the nurse bank staff. From the population sample of the nurses and other staff members, the research will seek to address the views of the sample population to understand how effective induction is. Non-Experimental Research Design The specific non-experimental design to be used here is the longitudinal study in which there is repeated observation of the same variables for a given period of time (Yin, 2009)....   [tags: Business Management ]

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Research Study: Nurse Practitioners as Staff Leaders for Patient Care

- Watts et al. (2009) conducted a qualitative case -review, which evaluated the strengths of utilizing nursing-practitioner led, multidisciplinary teams in the treatment of chronic conditions. This study reviewed shared medical appointments (SMA’s) in patients with chronic care issues (diabetes, hypertension, heart failure) where the nurse practitioner acted as the team leader. The researchers compared their skills with the chronic care model (CCM), which includes self-management, decision support, delivery system design, clinical information systems, community resources, and organizational support....   [tags: Chronic, Illness, Healthcare]

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Active Listening Skills between Staff and Human Resource Manager

- While there are many skills a human resource manager may need, the one that is most important is active listening skills. A person might ask how would a human resource manager learn these skills and why are they important. As a human resource manager it is essential that all communication between each party is clear. If for instance an employee comes into the office complaining that their insurance has not been taken out of their check. This employee is upset because of this situation. To apply good listening skills a human resource manager should say,” I will check on that right away for you.” This acknowledges to the speaker I am listening to your problems and I am willing to fix this issu...   [tags: personnel/organizational management]

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Snape At The Lightning Struck Tower

- Hamlet¡¦s ¡§to be or not to be¡¨ may have been discussed for years, but right now it is ¡§is he or is he not.¡¨ The most ambiguous character in HP, I think, and his greatest ambiguity is which side are his loyalties really on. Yes, I am referring to the Potions Master, the dreaded darkness of the dungeons, Severus Snape. Probably the most mysterious of the main characters, Snape has been a subject of heated debates ever since DD told Harry in PS/SS that Snape wanted to save Harry so that he could go back to hating James¡¦ memory....   [tags: Hamlet William Shakespeare Review Analysis]

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Global Business: Outsourcing

- Competitive advantage by using IS/IT outsourcing is needed in business operation nowadays to outperform the competitors. The main reason for companies to go for outsourcing is related to the skilled IT resources and ability to stay technically updated with the latest technologies that competitors have been using. In addition, one of the contributing factors on doing outsourcing is IT outsourcers or service providers are seen to have access to highly skilled people and their certain area of expertise that the companies is missing....   [tags: IT, companies, staff]

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Providing Quality Care for Patients with Dementia

- Jeon Y.H. et al.(2012) told that There is an increase demand for care and help services knowledgeable aged care workers due to the increased cases of dementia. Staff should have proper knowledge of dementia and should be properly trained before providing care to the residents suffering from dementia. Banner et al (2009 as cited in Lee al.2012) focussed that attitudes of care staff with the residents suffering from dementia matters because their attitudes shows in the way they react with residents in their routine work....   [tags: staff, care facilities, knowledge]

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Serova Small Business Enterprise is Facing a Crisis

- ... These cell phones also ensure the authentic ownership of the gadget and the confidentiality of the information stored. Snell, (2013) explains how one can control access to stored information and the installed applications. The modern small phones contain an application which, when installed uses fingerprints to lock and unlock the device. The strategic location of the application at the start menu ensures that the device is only used by the authorized staff. It further ensures the security of the stored information in case of theft....   [tags: smartphone, staff, motivation]

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Credential Progress in the Healthcare Organization

- Credentialing is used by healthcare organizations and health plans to verify education, training, and experience of medical staff. When a physician or licensed independent practitioner (LIP) is credentialed they become affiliated with that organization and are members of the medical staff or health care network. The organization’s owner or governing board is held legally accountable for the quality of care and staff conduct and the medical staff is accountable to the governing board for the quality of care they provide....   [tags: medical staff, patients, evaluations]

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Correspondence is Crucial to Building Connections

- ... Successful correspondence and authoritative viability are nearly related and influence one another. As per Harcourt, Krizan and Merrier (1996), supervisors use 95 percent of their work time to impart, while their subordinates to utilize 60 percent of their work time in different types of correspondence. An association must have a particular vision and mission to be conveyed and moved along. In the event that a correspondence issue happens in an association, then most likely smooth things work and heading of an association is impeded....   [tags: interpersonal communication, staff]

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Finding a Balance between Lowering Stress Levels of Staff and Increasing the Quality of Patient Care

- ... How we staff and schedule nurses can create an environment that’s potentially harmful to both the nurse and the patient. Ways to practice evidence-based staffing and scheduling for nurses suggests discussions about alternatives in scheduling that support a safe and positive outcome driven environment. It recommends investigating ways to ensure nurses leave on time at the end of a shift and reducing the use of overtime hours. (Reese, 2011) It is essential to monitor key performance indicator trends in staffing and scheduling and evaluating the adequacy of rest periods between shifts when approving schedule changes....   [tags: professional health care, nursing]

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Reflecting on an E-learning Staff Training Event that I Witnessed for Six Years as a Participant

- ... An important consideration is the professional development training that teachers receive and the method used to deliver the training. Of course, there is the traditional face-to-face method, but with organizations, seeking ways to reduce training cost and travel expenses technology is an effective alternative for training. Technology implementation increased to reach the needs of teacher professional development. Unfortunately, professional development of teachers is not a top priority for administrators, since they are qualified through state certifications (Zhao, 2010)....   [tags: professional development]

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Interview of Supervisor at School Age Care Center

- ... Answer: We resolve the conflict if we face with parents by constant feedback, conflict table with guidelines, open communication. 10. What is your policy to provide the child's knowledge about cultural diversity. Answer: Pot luck, cultural clothing’s, games, crafts. 11. Tell me about your homework helping program for students in your center. Answer: Children do their homework, if they have a hard time to complete their homework then we help them to make it easy to do their homework. 12. If you offer a reward program for the children, tell me how do you do that....   [tags: philosophy, children, staff, needs]

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Reponsibilities of a Recreational Sports Manager

- Recreational sports management is a highly disciplined profession and competition for jobs can be tough, therefore relevant academic qualifications and practical working experience by volunteering in sports organizations is a definite advantage. During the course of my Master’s Degree in Recreational and Tourism program, I would like to gain some experience in this field by working at California State University sports & recreation center. After graduating, my choice of career in recreational sports is the management of a Professional Tennis Club and Training center....   [tags: safety, lawsuit, staff]

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Leadership and Diviersity in the Nature of Work

- LEADERSHIP Leadership is the process in which one person support others to attain a desirable common goal, in other words a leader is the one who directs others. According to Northouse “Leadership is a process whereby an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal.”Northouse(2004). In this task I am appointed as a business manager of Venture health care centre which faces lots of complaints for its poor performance regarding medical services from past 2 years....   [tags: staff dissatisfaction, absenteeism and turnover ]

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Challenges Facing UAE Health Care System

- Challenges Facing UAE Health Care System UAE Health Care System Strategy Achievement is not coming easily. Achievements require energy as well as a good plan and strategy to can achieve it successfully that is what United Arab Emirates (UAE) health care system did. The ambition of the UAE health care system to become one of the favorite destinations for local patients and a center for international medical tourists need high quality and cost-effective procedure and treatment, that is what makes UAE put long-term strategy to achieve this aspiration (WHO, 2009)....   [tags: strategy, staff, standardization, achievement]

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Correctional Officer Stress: Cause, Implications, and Interventions

- Correctional institutions are unique work settings because of the unpredictable nature of their physical environment and clientele. Correctional officers are responsible for supervising individuals whom are held against their will. The correctional officer’s main focus is that of security within the institution and for the community. However, they are typically faced with a limited amount of resources and thus must assume these responsibilities without adequate support. The relationship between work resources and job stress indicates that correctional work settings that emphasize involvement, coworker cohesion and managerial support can decrease stress levels (Waters, 1999)....   [tags: Prison Staff Burnout]

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Southeast Texas: Thank You- NOw I Have Work to Do

- ... Southeast Texas, thank you for this opportunity and I hear this charge loud and clear: "I've got work to do." In 2009, when I asked you to begin this journey with me, the critics and the cynics did not give us a chance. They dismissed our candidacy as just a school teacher and an old coach. These cynics discounted a candidate that lived in a town so small that it was not even incorporated. The critics talked about the challenge of partisanship. And, unfortunately, they tried to exacerbate deep cultural wounds of the past....   [tags: elections, journey, staff]

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Research: Cost Reduction or Cost Containment in Health Care

- Introduction Healthcare is under scrutiny to find cost reductions or cost containment. Available healthcare dollars are diminishing with an increased aging population and costs continually on the rise there is a need for healthcare institutions to become more accountable in how the dollars are spent. Canadian healthcare is 11.2% of gross domestic product in 2013 (Information, 2013)Pressure exists to maintain current service levels with decreasing budget dollars year after year. Healthcare institutions (administration and sometimes physicians) spend a substantial amount of time and energy yearly cutting dollars from existing budgets in order to provide a balanced budget....   [tags: surgical procedures, clinal staff]

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Benefits of a Good Work Climate

- 1. A good work climate is main factor for company to attract and retain the talents. There is no doubt that everyone, especially the talents, wants to work in a good work climate. A good work climate means convenience, creativity, belongingness and harmony. The Great Place to Work Institute in American published a survey about the 100 Best Places to Work in American, and companies on the list all have a gorgeous work climate. Take Google as an example. Firstly, the salary of the employees in Google is much higher than the salary in other companies....   [tags: management, performance, staff, talents]

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Nursing Research: Work Related Stress Among Nurses

- Hans Selye said, “It is not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it.” Stress can cause it’s victims to suffer from emotional and physical anguish. If stress occurs for prolonged periods of time with little to no reprieve it can result in serious and sometimes fatal health problems. It is ironic that stress can lead to major health concerns, yet some of the most stressed people are those in the healthcare profession. According to an article from the Nursing Standard, stress is a leading cause of illness and depression among nurses (Jones-Berry, 2013)....   [tags: stress on nursing staff]

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Increase Employee´s Salary in Hotel Prag Continental

- ... More employees are seeking appropriate reward systems that reflect individual contribution and individual performance. If rewards are not in direct proportion to achievement, employees often will find jobs at organizations where they will be rewarded accordingly. Increased salary schedules have probably been most visible and discussed internal change in organizations. Employees want more money, with more disposable income. They also view their income level as an indication of their worth to the organization and their field....   [tags: factor, activities, manager, staff]

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Comparative Early Childhood Studies Ireland and Sweden part 1

- All over the world there are many different approaches and perspectives when looking at the Early Years sector. Many different countries have different ways in which they run things; much of this is due to their cultural viewpoint. This essay will take a look at and compare the Irish early childhood sector to that of Sweden’s and then it will compare and evaluate which of the two is better and why. The essay will view the history of provision; types of services; staff; curriculum; pedagogy; quality and inclusion in the two countries....   [tags: provision, pedagogy, staff, services]

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The Inherent Problem of an Outdated Certificate Revocation System

- ... As the research will show, even with strict settings users can be affected, by the certificate checking processing timing out and not allowing them to connect with a valid certificate. The theoretical framework that this research project will focus on will start with how certificate revocation system works from servers to browsers. This will lead to discussing how each major browser handle certificate revocation. With all the news about heartbleed, this research project will discuss the problem heartbleed create in relation to certificate revocation....   [tags: level of knowledge IT staff have]

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The Objectives and Roles of the World Health Organization

- ... Still our life expectancy is one at the highest level in Europe. Maternal and childhood mortality is at a low level compared to global (maternal 4.9/210) Causes of young children deaths are mainly congenital anomalies. Finland is at high civilization-level. We have proper education, health care systems, good financing, clean environment and environmental principles, high management and leading levels, quite good employment etc. (WHO 2012.) 2 GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE Globally the global health agenda, the 11th General Programme of Work, 2006-2015, has outlined seven priority areas in health promotion....   [tags: life, standards, staff]

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Banner Health: Healthcare for the Future

- ... Another program Banner Health is involved in is Banner Research which provides clinical trials that assess a new drug or treatment (Banner Health). They look for the safest and fastest way to find treatments that will improve the individual’s health. This benefits the future generation because the more patients participate in the clinical trials it is more likely that new and better treatments for different diseases will be discovered. Technology is a big part of Banner Health which gives convenience and efficiency to the patients....   [tags: growth, staff, employs, resource]

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The Nonconstructive Nature of Standardized Testing

- ... Do to the vast number of students who are opting out it has created an United Opt Out administration. Students who have not opted out are starting to revolt because they feel its unfair. Kansas, Alaska, Florida, Utah, Georgia, Oklahoma, Alabama, and Pennsylvania. All theis states withdrew the state standardized testing from their schools. Their reason is that the states have expressed concerns about the cost of the tests. “Smarter Balanced has estimated its test will cost $22.50 per student for the end-of-year exam and $27.30 per student including mid-year exam (Adrienne,n.p.).” Standardized testing evaluates a student’s performance on one particular day and does not take into account ex...   [tags: assessments, students, staff]

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Answer and Question for Final Examination

- ... Thus by knowing strengths and weakness of each team member and allowing them to change and learn from their mistakes will increase team effectiveness. As a leader I will try be a mentor and allow them to take path to become a leader in future and provide a work friendly environment. 3. Which of the following statements does not reflect the reasons for an independent audit process. • To provide an independent view of internal controls and accounting treatment of significant transactions....   [tags: manage, irganize, staff, effectiveness]

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Exciting Career of Hotel Managment

- ... A hotel manager is accountable for the day-to-day functioning of a hotel and its staff. They have trade responsibilities for financial and budgeting management, organizing, planning and directing all hotel services, including front-of-house (concierge, reservations, reception), housekeeping and food and beverage operations. While planning ahead to maximise profits and taking a strategic overview, the manager has to set a benchmark for the staff to deliver a standard of presentation and service that meets their esteemed guests expectations and needs....   [tags: customers, staff, hospitality]

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How Should Teachers Address Students?

- ... It was found that in this study that 94.5% of all the questions asked by early childhood staff were closed questions and that only 5.5% where open ended questions, which encouraged personal knowledge to answer the question. These results were carried out over 12 pre-schools over a random sample. This shows that there is a large sample size over a large area, which takes into consideration the many subtle difference in each area. Due to this the results can be very much generalised and transferred to pre-schools all over England, to which similar results would be found if the experiment was conducted on them....   [tags: study, credibility, childhood, staff]

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Functions and Advantages of Outsourcing

- 1) Introduction Definition What is outsourcing. Outsourcing is one of the business strategies in getting the items such as service or goods from foreign suppliers or outsider to replace the internal resources. But, outsourcing also can be defined as a strategy used by different companies to save the production and manufacturing costs by transferring the parts of their work to outside suppliers rather than completing the goods by internally. Besides, outsourcing also known as a third-party, where the company asks the others party to solve their problems....   [tags: cost, staff, risk management]

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Staff Selection for a Multinational Enterprise

- 1. Multinational Enterprise. 1.1.1 Definition of Multinational Enterprise. The multinational enterprise (MNE) can be measured as the most powerful organisation in the world today. Globalization is the development that has a significant impact on how the world operates today and is mostly driven by the expansion of MNE’s. Internationalisation has lined the technique for the eradication of boundaries between countries and now multinational enterprises (MNE’s) can be distributed across the world in exploration of new markets, opportunities and wherewithal....   [tags: Multinational Corporations (MNCs)]

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Analysis of Hillandale Golf Course

- The agency I chose to do is the Hillandale golf course, which is located in Durham North Carolina. The reason why I chose to do my project on Hillandale golf course because since the beginning of the semester I have been traveling over to the golf course twice a week for a class learning the rules and the way the game of golf is played. Hillandale golf course is named the “Granddaddy golf course of Durham/ Research Triangle golf”. Hillandale was donated to the Durham area back in 1911 through the philanthropic interests of long-time Durham resident John Sprunt Hill....   [tags: rules, game, staff, director]

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