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Analysis of Shakespeare’s and Frost’s Poetry of Sonnets

- Whenever you hear the name William Shakespeare, your mind automatically think of his dramatic plays, like Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet. William Shakespeare is also a poet, which he has won recognition for in his time. Robert Frost is also one of the most recognized poets or authors of any literary period. Shakespeare is an important literary figure of the Western world, who, during the Elizabethan period; composed numerous plays that still dominate the theaters to this day (Wikipedia). Frost was an American poet....   [tags: Robert Frost, William Shakespeare, Helium, mistres]

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William Faulkner 's A Rose For Emily, And Andrew Marvel

- “I don 't know the question, but sex is definitely the answer.” This unambiguous quote, stated by actor and comedian, Woody Allen, can open a world full of questions, especially after reading two particular pieces of literature. William Faulkner, the author of “A Rose for Emily,” and Andrew Marvel, the author of “To His Coy Mistress,” have both composed works of seduction, and although the similarities between these two storylines are striking, their dialogues and approaches completely differ. They both illustrate a similar situation where both characters, Miss Emily and the unnamed narrator, crave for sexual intimacy....   [tags: Human sexuality, Sexual intercourse]

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I Saw Guinevere There as Well

- I Saw Guinevere There as Well Numerous sources, such as Layamon's "Arthur's Dream", Marie de France's "Lanval" and Sir Thomas Malory's Morte Darthur, portray Guinevere as a unfaithful wife and the primary cause of the fall of King Arthur and The Round Table. In all of the three works, Guinevere is seen approaching various men such as Lanval and Sir Lancelot, knights of her husband. And, yet, she remains virtuous and appealing in the eyes of King Arthur, who loves her dearly. Such blindness or possibly Arthur's unconditional love of Guinevere and Lancelot, Arthur's best knight, lead to the fall of Arthur's Britain and of the Round Table....   [tags: Arthurian Legends Essays]

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Exploring the Complexities of Love in Poetry: Shakespeare, W. H. Auden and Theodore Roethke

- Love is the universal principle, or motivation for an individual’s activity. It generates the passions and desires which animate human life. It is a recurrent theme in William Shakespeare’s “My Mistress’ Eyes Are Nothing Like the Sun,” W. H. Auden’s “Funeral Blues,” and Theodore Roethke’s “My Papa’s Waltz.” These three poems present love under three different circumstances. Integrated by the two dimensions, specifically in terms of eros and agape, and using the elements of poetry such as similes, hyperbolic language, personification, and symbolism, “My Mistress’ Eyes Are Nothing Like the Sun” highlights love despite social norms, “Funeral Blues” shows love despite death, whereas “My Papa’s W...   [tags: passion, desire, personification, death]

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Five Burning Lights in a Dark Universe

- Five Burning Lights in a Dark Universe The present just as the past did holds innumerable obstacles for women in search of a professional career. However, as a woman of the 20th century, I am glad to say that the obstacles have decreased through time thanks to the voices of courageous women who dare to talk when everyone else held silent. Many changes occur from the 17th century on, economically, politically and socially; the scientific revolution, the end of monarchy and absolute power, the emergence of democracy, and capitalism are only a few of those changes....   [tags: Women Feminism Rights Essays]

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Analysis Of Sonnets By William Shakespeare

- Consider this scenario; An individual is set up on a blind date with an attractive woman. This individual is told the woman “looks like a Barbie doll” with hair as yellow as the sun, cheeks as red as a rose, and eyes as blue as sapphire. It is unlikely your blind date will have these features. In the real world women cannot have the same physical assets as a Barbie doll—with sun yellow hair, and sapphire eyes because dolls are manufactured, and women are human—Imperfect and aging. In sonnet # 130 Shakespeare reveals the complexities of his writings as he expresses his love for his mistress....   [tags: Poetry, Sonnet, Iambic pentameter, Poetic form]

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Literary Analysis of The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

- The novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby, takes place in Long Island around the roaring twenties during the prohibition era. The fictional character and narrator Nick Carraway talks about his experiences with the people of Long Island, which is divided into two parts, East and West Egg. After living in West egg, Nick soon realizes how selfish and negligent the people of Long Island are. The only character that is genuinely a good person is Jay Gatsby, who is Nick’s neighbor, an extremely rich man....   [tags: wealth, alcohol, selfish]

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Romance and Tragedy in F. Scott Fitzgerald´s The Great Gatsby

- Is love simply a feeling or is it something more. If everyone has there own unique interpretation of love, then how are we supposed to know what someone is saying when they say 'I love you'.... In The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald we watch a romance tragedy between the graceful Daisy Buchanan and mysterious Jay Gatsby through the eyes of the narrator Nick, a friend to everyone and growing businessman. Their love story could make anyone question what love really means. Fitzgerald wrote this novel to show that when in relationships, compassion or love doesn't certainly imply a sense of commitment to someone, and vice verse....   [tags: Marriage, Affair, Commitment]

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Breakfast of Champions: Life With Others

- Breakfast of Champions: Life With Others       For anyone who has ever wondered what the meaning of life is, it is to be the eyes and ears of the Creator of the Universe, if one believes Kurt Vonnegut's Breakfast of Champions (1973). In Breakfast of Champions the protagonist, Kilgore Trout, is a lonely science fiction writer who lives in a hole in the dredges of New York City. His only work published was "to give bulk to books and magazines of salacious pictures" ( 21). Finally catching his break, Trout is invited to the Midland City Arts Festival, home of Dwayne Hoover....   [tags: Breakfast of Champions Essays]

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Sexual and Class Exploitation In “The Wife’s Resentment”

- An Analytical Essay on Sexual and Class Exploitation In “The Wife’s Resentment” This essay will analyze the themes of sexual and class exploitations in the story “The Wife’s Resentment” by Delariviere Manley. By exploring these themes we are able to get an idea of why Manley wrote this story. That is, she hoped to make young women, whether rich or poor, aware of the value of their virtue as well as their rights as married or single women to protect that virtue or honor. By revealing the themes that are presented in the story, we can see what Manley stood for and why she wrote this story in the period she lived in....   [tags: Analytical Essay]

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Equiano 's Narrative Of The Life Of Olaudah Equiano

- Equiano’s Reflection Slavery is a milestone of history that inflicts emotions and various opinions about what may or may not have occurred. There are many accounts of what took place during slavery, but very few primary sources exist that provide the exact events of what took place. In The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano, Equiano gives his testimony including his emotions and everything he endured as he overcame slavery. Equiano introduces his childhood and life in chapter one very fluently to make the reader want to continue reading....   [tags: Slavery in the United States, Slavery]

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Analysis Of `` Jewelry `` By Maupassant

- Guy De Maupassant, who is generally considered the greatest French short story writer, in his short story “ Jewelry”, describes how the protagonist gradually becomes a greedy and vanity man from a pure man after he goes through hard life, unsuccessful marriage and sudden wealth. The author is good at choosing significant and typical fragments from common trivial things, reflecting the truth of real life. We can also feel the strong effect of irony appeared in the “ Jewelry”. Maupassant uses the problems in M....   [tags: Short story, Guy de Maupassant, France]

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Coping With the Civil War in Gone With the Wind by Scarlett O'Hara

- Gone with the Wind is a historical novel by Margaret Mitchell that tells the story of Scarlett O'Hara, a young southern woman, during the Civil War. It describes how people coped with the war during this time period. As illustrated by Gone with the Wind, the civilians had to cope with the death of family members and the soldiers' transformation when they returned from war. Moreover, the civilians had to deal with drastic changes in their way of life and the restrictions that came with those changes....   [tags: southern, women, transformation]

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Harriet Jacob : A Slave, And Had Been Since The Day She

- Harriet Jacobs was a slave, and had been since the day she was born in 1813. However, she realized her enslavement when her mother died when Jacob was only six years old. She went through many hardships during her time as a slave. One being owned by Dr. Flint. This situation then led her to have kids with Mr. Sands, in which changed everything. She became determined to fight and do whatever possible for her and her children’s freedom. Harriet Jacob talks about her family as being an important element in her life....   [tags: Slavery in the United States, Slavery]

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The Presentation of Love in Pre-Twentieth Century Poetry

- The Presentation of Love in Pre-Twentieth Century Poetry Introduction In this piece of coursework I am going to compare the presentation of love in three pre-twentieth centaury poems. The three poems I am going to look at are 'A Woman to Her Lover', 'Porphyrias Lover' and 'To His Coy Mistress'. I chose these three poems because they where the ones I have the most knowledge of. Main body The poem 'A Woman to Her Lover' is a poem by "Christina Walsh" who is presenting her views on a relationship....   [tags: Papers]

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The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

- The Great Gatsby is a story by the American novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald set in the era of wealth and extravagant parties. It centers around a group of individuals as they struggle through turbulent relationships within as the wealthy communities of Long Island and attempt, and fail horrendously, to tread that which they themselves created. Fitzgerald explored the complicated nature of love through the perspective of one Nick Carraway. The point Fitzgerald makes on the nature of love is that love affairs will ultimately end with a final feeling of disillusionment....   [tags: F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby]

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Power of Two and a Half Women in Nathaniel Hawthrone´s The Scarlet Letter

- In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s book, The Scarlet Letter, women are portrayed as strong-minded people who are fearless when it comes to transcending limits set by the Puritan community. Neither of the three main women featured in the book seem to conform to the social norms. They each have their own unique abnormalities such as adultery, devilish attributes, and witchcraft. To begin with, there is Hester Prynne, the adulterer, whose strong-minded nature causes her to take initiative of covering up for her child’s father, Dimmesdale....   [tags: fearless, adultery, attrubutes, witchcraft]

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The Moods and Faces of Love in pre-1914 Poetry

- The Moods and Faces of Love in pre-1914 Poetry There are many facets of love. Illustrate this by discussing the way love is treated in different poems in this selection. There are many facets of love such as lust, jealously and equality. Love is a popular topic for poetry. Margaret Duchess of Newcastle said "O Love thou art tired out with rhyme!" She believes love is a clichéd, worn out with rhyme and poetry but love still has many facets of love to be explored. "To His Coy Mistress" is about superficial love....   [tags: Papers]

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Social Power in The Artificial Silk Girl by Irmgard Keun

- Examples of Social Power in The Artificial Silk Girl Throughout The Artificial Silk Girl, one can see examples of how social power is exercised and responded too. The Artificial Silk Girl takes place during the last leg of the Weimar Republic. The Weimar Republic was a time era when women were trying to emancipate themselves. This involved them trying to prove that women can be more than just either a mother/Madonna or a street walker/prostitute. They were able to blur these lines by taking up jobs, participating in sexual encounters that did not tarnish their reputation and doing other acts that were previously only viewed as acceptable for men to do....   [tags: Feminism, Women, Society]

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The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

- Backpack Literature defines theme as “the general point or truth about human beings that may be drawn from” a story. Most novels do not have one single theme, but instead have many themes spread throughout. Some of the themes may be related but others can come from opposite ends of the spectrum. The Great Gatsby has several themes that are related such as greed, lust, and selfishness. One of the themes that stood out to me was that some people will never be fully satisfied. This is demonstrated by Jay Gatsby’s continuous us of illegal activities to make more money to impress Daisy, by Tom Buchanan’s affair with a mechanic’s wife even though he was already married, and by Jay Gatsby constant...   [tags: F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby]

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Women in Voltaire’s Candide

- In Candide Voltaire discusses the exploitation of the female race in the eighteenth century through the women in the novel. Cunegonde, Paquette, and the Old Woman suffer through rape and sexual exploitation regardless of wealth or political connections. These characters possess very little complexity or importance in Candide. With his characterization of Cunegonde, Paquette, and the Old Woman Voltaire satirizes gender roles and highlights the impotence of women in the 1800s. Cunegonde is the daughter of a wealthy German lord....   [tags: Exploitation of women in Candide]

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The Maturation of Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre

- The overriding theme of Jane Eyre, is Jane's continual quest for love. Jane searches for love and acceptance through the five settings in which she lives: Gateshead, Lowood, Thornfield, Moor House, and Ferndean. Through these viewpoints, the maturation and self-recognition of Jane becomes evident, as well as traceable. It is not until Jane flees from Rochester and Thornfield, and spends time at Moor House, that her maturation to womanhood is complete. At this point, Jane is able to finally return to Rochester as an independent woman, fully aware of her desire to love, as well as to be loved....   [tags: Jane Eyre Essays Bronte]

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Name: Abraham Yeh

- Title of Presentation: How Marvell has used language to show his concerns in the poem, “To His Coy Mistress” and how it makes it a makes it a memorable one. “To His Coy Mistress” is a love poem written by Andrew Marvell to his mistress to accept his love proposal. Throughout the poem, he shows his concern about how time is running out between the two of them by the use of convincing and persuasive words. I the first two line of the poem, “Had we but world enough and time, This coyness, Lady were no crime” ,He says this to explain to the mistress that if they did have time, he wouldn’t care about her shyness and by the use of words like “had” and “enough” show clearly that they do not have...   [tags: English Literature]

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The Great Gatsby: Differences and Corruption of Classes

- The Great Gatsby: Differences and Corruption of Classes Money is essential for survival; it can bring happiness, despair, or corruption. It rules our daily lives, is preferred in large amounts, and separates us into different social classes. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, The Great Gatsby, is a perfect example of this since the class structure within the novel, portrays how money or the need for it can cause corruption in all the different social classes. This is shown through the three distinct classes: old money represented by the Buchanan’s and their self-centered, racist nature, new money represented by Gatsby and his mysterious, illegal ways, and a class that can be called no money repr...   [tags: Classic American Literature]

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The Good Women Of China

- Gubar’s piece on female creativity allows the book The Good Women of China to be read through a more critical lens. Women in the piece are consistently taking a back seat to their stories until they are given the opportunity to share and be told that their experience is important. What Xin Ran offers to these women is a change to be heard. It allows them to be the painter and their tormentors the subject. One woman in particular, Jin Shuai, talks critically of the world she lives in and offers a modern insight into the tragic backbone of the other women’s stories....   [tags: Woman, Female, Gender, Women's suffrage]

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Learning to Read and Write: The Story of Frederick Douglass

- ... His mistress gave him an inch by teaching Douglas the alphabet now he was about to take the mile. He began to make friends with the white boys he would meet in the streets while running errands in town. Frederick always took a book and bread when he left for town. The boys who were willing to teach him would be paid in bread which he was allowed to have plenty of. The white boys who were teaching him where considerable poor in comparison to the family that referred to Frederick “chattel”. Young Frederick spoke powerful words to two his teachers who lived on Philpot Street that left them both troubled, “You will be free as soon as you are twenty-one, but I am a slave for live....   [tags: slave, plantation, education, teach]

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Race And Freedom On Virginia 's Eastern Shore

- Breen, T. H., and Stephen Innes. Myne Owne Ground: Race and Freedom on Virginia 's Eastern Shore, 1640-1676. 25th anniversary ed. New York: Oxford University Press, 2005. 142 pages (kindle edition). “Slavery is an American embarrassment” (Breen/Innes 3). The history of slavery can be very complex. While most people believe that slaves did not have the chance to advance, Breen and Innes prove that theory wrong. At least slaves had the opportunity to purchase their freedom on the Eastern Shore of Virginia....   [tags: Slavery, Black people, Indentured servant]

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Raymond and Meursault

- Do friends exist. The answer to that would be yes, and the fact is, true friends do exist. There are people out there who become so close their lives and goals are intertwined, and forever together. Yet the majority of friends last only a few years, and some are those who use others for their benefit. For example through the character of Raymond, Albert Camus displays the negative influence “friends” play on one’s actions and future. Raymond plays a large role in the conviction of Meursault during the trial, as he influences many of the decisions made earlier in Meursault’s life....   [tags: Character Analysis]

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A Slave By Solomon Northup

- In 12 Years a Slave, Solomon Northup went through many obstacles of slavery. He was born a free man who was kidnaped and converted into a slave. Going through this processes he thought of ways to alter the thinking of a slave owner especially to avoid getting punished. Northup also meets along the way free colored people who were also kidnaped and turned into slaves. As well, as others who were separated from their families. The social relations in this time era was that the white slave owners’ and holders want to look more powerful on the control of their slaves....   [tags: Slavery, Slavery in the United States, Punishment]

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Samuel Richardson's Novel Pamela

- Samuel Richardson's Novel "Pamela" In his novel, Pamela, Samuel Richardson suggests something that would have been considered ludicrous at the time in which his novel was published – he proposes that men should choose their wives not for their money or social standing, but for their virtue. He then makes yet another shocking suggestion by implying that the only way in which members of the upper class can learn to be virtuous is via the lower class. That is, he suggests that the lower class must teach the upper class how to be virtuous....   [tags: Samuel Richardson Pamela Essays]

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Marriage in Pamela and Roxana

- Marriage in Pamela and Roxana Eighteenth century England's social values irrevocably intertwined woman's virtue and marriage, particularly for the upper class. This intertwining arose from the fact that wealth was land, and in order to make certain that the land passed down to a legitimate heir the mother's virtue must be beyond doubt, ensuring that family honor remain unblemished and wealth followed the proper line of succession. As a result virtue, followed by pedigree, became the single most important asset any girl could possess since its loss marked a girl as ruined and precluded any chance of a successful marriage, the only acceptable career open to a woman...   [tags: Papers]

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Analysis Of The Movie ' Twelve Years ' A Slave '

- Twelve Years a slave tells the story a free African America man who was kidnaped and sold as a slave. Throughout the twelve years that Solomon we got a first look of what being a slave might have looked like and the horrors that came with that station in society. Through the film there is a structure of a hierarchy and the white man is the leader and the rest are left to his mercy. The film shows there are consequence that there are for being an African and being a woman, especially a woman that was a slave....   [tags: Slavery in the United States, American Civil War]

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Great Gatsby’s Commentary on the American Dream

- There are times when reality falls short of expectations, and when individuals fail to live up to their ideals. This struggle can come in the form of one specific event, or an overall life philosophy. The quest to attain what we really want can be an all encompassing one, requiring all of our devotion and effort. It is especially painful to see others possess what we cannot have. For the characters in Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby these problems are all too real. Gatsby works for a lifetime to gain back what he feels is rightfully his, while all the while facing the crushing realization that he may be too late....   [tags: The Great Gatsby]

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The 's Love For Cunegonde

- François-Marie Arouet, also known as Voltaire, was born on November 21, 1694, near Paris, France. He was born to a middle-class family and by the age of ten he had acquired a passionate opposition to organized religion and an eagerness for literature. Voltaire’s inclination for satire brought him enemies, powerful friends, and got him locked up in the Bastille prison for almost one year. Candide was a response to a destructive earthquake that hit Lisbon, in Portugal, on November 1, 1755. Candide is a satire on love because no real romantic love seems to exist in the novel....   [tags: Candide, Voltaire, Love, El Dorado]

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Analysis Of ' Scarlett Doesn 't Live Here Anymore Addressing Women Of The Antebellum South Before

- Edwards addresses many different themes within her book Scarlett Doesn’t Live Here Anymore addressing women of the antebellum south before, during, and after the Civil War. Breaking down Edwards’ book there are four major themes that can be pulled out and examined further. When reading this book it has to be looked at in the time period pertaining to the war and the social class of the women have to be looked at and also looking at where women belong within this era of change. Before the war there was a very defined difference between social classes and it could truly be told within the view of the women in these classes....   [tags: Slavery, Slavery in the United States]

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Shakespeare 's Twelfth Night : What Extent Does Laughter Rely On The Misery Of Others?

- Twelfth Night: To what extent does laughter rely on the misery of others. - Edward Braddock Twelfth Night has been one of Shakespeare 's more noteworthy plays for various reasons, containing timeless comedy, "down-to-earth characters" and "complexities of plot" which satisfy all social classes of all time periods, even the "aristocrats among the audience" . Many aspects of his work come into questions, such as the purpose of specific characters such as Malvolio who 's misery appears to be just cannon fodder for the other characters to create laughter from, and how the misery of others is the chief method of creating laughter in the play....   [tags: Love, Comedy, Feste, Romance]

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Man vs. Himself: Betrayal and Abandonment Shown in Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman

- Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman tells the story of a man trying and failing to obtain success for him and his family. Willy Loman, a traveling salesman, has been trying to ‘make it big’ for the majority of his life. Miller’s play explores the themes of abandonment and betrayal and their effects on life’s success. Willy sees himself as being abandoned by his older brother, Ben, and constantly views his sibling’s betrayal as one that changed his prospects forever. Willy, in turn, is guilty of a different type of abandonment and betrayal of his sons, especially Biff....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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Trickery in Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass by Frederick Douglass

- Humans are natural tricksters, beguiling others for benefits and survival; however, deceiving others is a skill possessed by few African-Americans and thus they do not survive. In Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass by Frederick Douglass, Douglass harnesses the ability to conform to the world of trickery and conveys his journey to freedom. Through his appeal to pathos, use of dramatic asides, and application of anecdotes, Douglass expresses the necessity of slaves to play the game of trickery to survive in the world of tricksters....   [tags: African American Literature]

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A Deeper Look at Picasso's The Dream and Man Ray's Observatory Time

- Picasso - The Dream is a rather unique piece of work at first glance, but the deeper you look into it the more there is to be revealed. Being a painting of one of Picasso's mistresses, you can get a broader look on the whole ideal. A mistress by definition is one who is not only having a sexual relationship with a usually married man for profit, love, lust, a sick game, whatever it may be, but also one who usually has to hide it for the sake of the man and other times for herself as well. I believe that's rather brilliantly portrayed in this painting, right down to the split two halves of this woman....   [tags: paintings, lover, sexual]

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Harriet Beacher Stowe, A White, And The Daughter Of A Priest

- Throughout the years of slavery, slaves were subjected to various forms of physical and emotional tortures being forced upon them by their slave masters. For a slave woman, one of these hardships included that of being separated from her children, never to see them again, through the selling of slaves. If a slave master were to decide that they wanted to buy or sell only one slave from a family no questions were asked. Harriet Beacher Stowe, a white, and the daughter of a priest with a strong religious background, found herself able to relate to a slave woman in terms of the feeling brought from losing a child....   [tags: Slavery in the United States, American Civil War]

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Analysis Of Jack Kerouac 's ' On The Road '

- The way women are viewed in today’s society is miles ahead of the women in Jack Kerouac’s novel On the Road. Not many people would consider Kerouac a feminist. His semi-autobiographical novel paints a picture of men who treat women as drinking mates that they can later sleep with. The main character, Sal, is recently divorced and looks for alcohol and women in every city he visits. His counterpart, Dean, moves through women as if they are tissues all while being married. Kerouac 's views of women are typical of the time, but he does nothing but reinforce women as vain stereotypes with little to no actual use for them as anything else than entertainment....   [tags: Stereotype, Woman, On the Road, Gender]

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The Role of the Female Characters in Shakespeare’s Othello

- In Shakespeare’s Othello, we the audience are introduced to several characters throughout the course of the play, three of which are female. These characters are Desdemona, wife to Othello, Emilia, wife to Iago and Bianca, Casio’s lover. Shakespeare has chosen to present the reader with only three female characters for specific reasons, as we are able to compare and contrast and see the differences in females in a male dominated society. It also helps us the audience to see how different woman, in different social classes would behave in 16th century Venetian time....   [tags: Shakespeare, Othello]

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Woman's Life of Slavery in Toni Morrison’s book Beloved

- Toni Morrison’s book “Beloved” is a true story based on a woman in the slave life. This book demonstrates the destructive potential of a mother's love and the impossibility of the former slaves ever forgetting their experiences in segregation. In SIRS Renaissance, Toni Morrison’s novel is based on a fugitive slave, Margaret Garner, who had run away with her four small children sometime in 1856 from a plantation in Kentucky, used the Underground Railroad. When her Kentucky owner arrived in Ohio to take Margaret and the four children back, she tried to murder her children and herself....   [tags: segregation, daughter, murder]

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Loyalty in Love in The Time of Cholera

- When one thinks of loyalty, they usually conjure up an image of a dog and his master; the dog, following and doting on its master, willing to give up its life to protect him. In the book, “Love in the Time of Cholera” written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, many examples of Loyalty are shown. The book starts out with the character Dr. Juvenal Urbino finds out that his friend, Jeremiah de Saint- Amour has committed suicide and left Dr. Urbino a letter with his final instructions. Dr. Urbino dutifully skips out on Mass to make sure his friend’s final wishes are fulfilled....   [tags: Gabriel Garcia Marquez]

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The Importance Of Reading And Writing On Society

- Reading and writing is important: it helps us function in society, helps a skill which helps us find jobs, and helps develop our imagination. Many people overcome many obstacle is their life in order to learn to read and write; other’s have the privilege of learning without anything stopping them. We all are determined to learn to better ourselves and our future. Douglass and I come from different eras, cultures, and backgrounds; however we both focused on trying to read and write in order to better ourselves, our futures , and so we are able to fit into society better....   [tags: Learning, Education, Skill, Dyslexia]

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Great Gatsby’s Commentary on the American Dream

- There are times when reality falls short of expectations, and when individuals fail to live up to their ideals. The quest to attain what we really want can be an all-encompassing one, requiring all of our devotion and effort. It is especially painful to see others possess what we cannot have. For the characters in Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby these problems are all too real. Gatsby works for a lifetime to gain back what he feels is rightfully his, while facing the crushing realization that he may be too late....   [tags: Literary Analysis, F. Scott Fitzgerald]

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Reflecting Upon Oppression in The Great Gatsby

- Mirrors never lie. They reveal each and every intricate feature of a person, which otherwise would not be visible to him/her. Mirrors reflect how one looks on the outside. However, what sheds light on one’s innermost appearance. For centuries, literature has served as rearview mirror for our society reflecting the culture, morals, and beliefs of our past. Literature shows us who we were, who we are, and who we could be. This feature is reflected through the use of both themes and literary devices....   [tags: F. Scott Fitzgerald, Literary Analysis]

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The Eyes Of A Man 's Woman

- Through The Eyes of a Man’s Woman The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is a masterpiece set in America during the 1920’s. This was a prosperous time for many Americans and Fitzgerald’s women are supposed to reflect that. The three primary female characters, are each seen by the male narrator as they are reflected in their relationships with other men—wives, mistresses or sexual conquests. The male narrator, Nick Caraway, serves as the eyes for Fitzgerald to develop the roles of his three primary female characters: Daisy Buchanan, who is Tom’s wife and happens to be Nick’s cousin and still loves Jay Gatsby, Jordan Baker, a golf pro and Nick’s girlfriend, and finally, Myrtle Wilson who i...   [tags: F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby]

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Love in A Midsummer Night’s Dream

- Love in A Midsummer Night’s Dream Throughout the events which unfold in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Shakespeare delivers several messages on love. Through this play, one of the significant ideas he suggests is that love is blind, often defying logic and overriding other emotions and priorities. Helena loves Demetrius unconditionally and pursues him despite knowing that he loathes her; conflict arises between Helena and Hermia, childhood best friends, over Demetrius and Lysander; and because she is in love, Queen Titania is able to see beauty and virtue in the ass-headed Nick Bottom....   [tags: William Shakespeare, Literary Analysis]

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Joseph Conrad 's Heart Of Darkness

- “The horror. The horror!” (3.12). These are the last words spoken by Kurtz in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness. Marlow is in the room to hear these words, but they are not intended for him. Kurtz says them in an almost trance-like state like he is describing something he is watching on a screen, but what exactly is he seeing. The true meaning about Kurtz’s last words lies in Marlow’s observations of Kurtz. Kurtz is a very corrupt man with a big ego who has done many questionable things during his time in the Congo....   [tags: Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad]

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17th Century Seduction Poems Are Relevant In The 21st Century

- During the 17th century, certain poets wrote poems with the specific purpose of persuading a woman to have sexual intercourse with them. Three of these seduction poems utilize several strategies to do this: Andrew Marvell’s “To His Coy Mistress,” and Donne’s “A Valediction: Forbidden Mourning” and “The Flea.” Some of the reasoning used by both poets is similar to the reasoning used today by men to convince women to have sexual intercourse with them. These gimmicks vary from poem to poem but coincide with modern day rationalization....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Who am I?

- Who am I. (1) Throughout the semester in English composition II, the class was asked to explore the question, “Who am I?” and try to seek an answer. The reading assignments that were given to us this semester permitted you to ask ourselves the question, “Who am I?. In the plays, poems, short stories, and novella that we read the characters in them faced some type of conflict. In the play A Doll’s House, by Henrik Ibsen, in the poem “ To His Coy Mistress”, by Andrew Marvell, in the short story “ A Devoted Friend“, by Oscar Wilde, and in the novella Metamorphosis , by Franz Kafka, the conflict that they all portrayed was appearance/reality....   [tags: Education Society Essays]

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The American Intelligence Tradition

- The United States had a birth unlike many other countries. Born of a revolution based on the values of a representative government, the United States would grow into a global superpower that is currently unrivaled. Because of its current position, the story of how the United States wrestled thirteen colonies away from Great Britain remains quite popular, both in our culture and on college campuses. The colonies defeated a better trained, better funded, professional army that was forging a global empire....   [tags: US History]

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Inconsistency To A Fault

- In Muriel Spark's The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, a teacher's individual interests oppose those of the society in which she lives, particularly the school in which she teaches. In the novel, she does not think about her actions, morally or ethically, nor the implications it has on the children she teaches, as well as herself. Miss Jean Brodie is a teacher at an all girls’ school that has a strict curriculum; however, she opposes this curriculum and decides to teach her girls, the "crème de la crème", what she thinks they need to know in order to be successful women (Sparks 5)....   [tags: Literary Characters]

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Among the Ash Heaps and Millionaires

- “Among the Ash Heaps and Millionaires” The actions, resulting events, reactions and interactions of the characters thought the novel The Great Gatsby help derive the works meaning. Over the 189 pages of The Great Gatsby all characters are surrounded by the wealth and opulence of the roaring twenties. They never overcame the stranglehold of martial wealth and fell short of the true American dream. All the main characters are from the west brought east in pursuit of great wealth. Nick Caraway was brought east to learn the ways of the bond business....   [tags: American Literature]

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Spenser's Amoretti and the Patterns of Domination and Recognition

- Spenser's Amoretti and the Patterns of Domination and Recognition Edward Spenser's sonnet sequence, Amoretti[1], traces a lover's difficult courtship of his lady. Though he is eventually successful and they wed, the lover and lady must compromise, each giving up some of their independence and power, before they are able to love each other freely. By using Jessica Benjamin's book, The Bonds of Love, one can see the struggle for dominance and independent identity between the lover and mistress slowly evolving and resolving into a relationship of mutual recognition....   [tags: Spenser Amoretti Essays]

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Gender Analysis of Anna and the King

- Gender Analysis of Anna and the King If you are not the lead elephant, the scenery never changes. (Moonshee, Anna’s servant) One of the main issues in “Anna and the King” is the differences between men and women. What is less obvious is that those differences are of two types: the existing inequality of the social status of men and women, and the ways in which men and women try to deal with (end or prolong) this inequality. First of all, let us observe the structure of the Thai society. Men occupy the dominant position in all aspects of life from top to bottom of the Thai social structure....   [tags: Movie Film Anna King essays]

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Van Gogh's Starry Night

- When I was taking art in high school the artist that stood out to me was not Monet or Michelangelo. I was at awe of an artist that chopped his ear off and put it in an envelope to give to his mistress at a brothel. How would you react to someone giving you his or her ear and want you to keep it. That would be like Evander Holyfield giving away his ear to a person saying, “Hold this is will be worth millions one day.” That artist was Vincent Van Gogh. I want to compare the oil painting of Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” to the lyrics of Don McLean and the lessons they tell....   [tags: Painting, Art]

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Prostitution in 18th Century England

- Prostitution in 18th Century England "Miss B____rn. No. l 8 Old Compton Street, Soho Close in the arms she languishingly lies With dying looks, short breath, and wishing eyes. This accomplished nymph has just attained her eighteenth year, and fraught with every perfection, enters a volunteer in the field of Venus. She plays on the pianofort, sings, dances, and is mistress of every Maneuver in the amorous contest that can enhance the coming pleasure; is of the middle stature, fine auburn hair, dark eyes and very inviting countenance, which ever seems to beam delight and love....   [tags: European History]

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Creation of The Butterflies

- "We cannot allow our children to grow up in this corrupt and tyrannical regime, we have to fight against it, and I am willing to give up everything, including my life if necessary." (Patria Mercedes Mirabal) Discuss this quote in relation to the situation that the Mirabal sisters and their families found themselves in their fight for survival against the Dominican dictator Rafael Trujillo’s horrendous regime. You need to refer to the events and situations that lead the sister’s to create the counter revolutionary group The Butterflies....   [tags: Revolution, Rafael Trujillo]

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Love Is Defined As The Act Of Caring For Others Unconditionally And Ensuring Their Integrity

- Love is defined as the act of caring for others unconditionally and ensuring their integrity. This definition of love can be conveyed in serval different ways and forms and is dependent on the person that is being shown love. Such as family and friends, the love they receive is a kindred kind that cares about their whole being and focuses on their state of well- being and the happiness you bring to them and vice versa. Aside from kindred love is romantic love. Romantic love is problematic because it is the desire to please your significant other, in an immature way that sacrifices your individuality while preserving your partner’s individuality and life outside the relationship....   [tags: Love, Romance, Interpersonal relationship]

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The Tragedy of George Wilson in The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

- The idea of tragedy has been around ever since the Greeks. It has always been a major part of literature, from Shakespeare’s plays to modern works. Thousands of authors have written amazing tragedies including the famous American writer F. Scott Fitzgerald in his novel The Great Gatsby. The Great Gatsby contains many tragic heroes, but the novel is truly the tragedy of George Wilson. The story of George Wilson is truly a tragic because he is a good person, he loses everything and his only part in his downfall is his trust....   [tags: tragedy, heros, downfall, trust]

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Paragoning Janie Crawford from Their Eyes Were Watching God with Eva Perón

- The character, Janie Crawford, of the novel Their Eyes Were Watching God strikes a similar pose to Argentine political figure, Eva Peron. The National Endowment for the Arts proclaims the novel, Their Eyes Were Watching God, as a narration of the main character, Janie Crawford, a girl, “ripening from a vibrant, but voiceless teenage girl into a woman with a finger on the trigger of her own destiny” (Koss). To any citizen of Argentina or anyone who has seen the musical and film adaptation “Evita,” this quote is accurate....   [tags: historic and character analysis]

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Education Is The Foundation Of Advancements

- Education is the foundation of advancements both personal and societal in nature that allow people and ideas to grow. Without the basis of knowledge ideas cannot grow properly and it becomes extremely difficult to develop world views and find a sense of self. In order to become truly educated one must put aside preconceived notions and possess a willingness to challenge internal ideas and beliefs. Accepting that no one individual can be highly educated regarding every topic and that it is okay to be ignorant on certain topics as long as that ignorance is acknowledged is a characteristic common amongst educated people....   [tags: Education, Learning, Higher education, Knowledge]

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Slavery : Slavery And Slavery

- Slavery as we already know is the act that enslaved and servitude Africans as the property of others. Now that we know what slavery is, let talk about the history of slavery and how this era of history came to be such an impact on the lives of these individuals. Slavery was something occurring worldwide throughout history, but America wasn 't hit with this era until the early Colonial when the country was going thorough economical change. The early 17th century is when signs of slavery started to be notable in America....   [tags: Slavery, Atlantic slave trade, History of slavery]

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Women 's Rights Of Women

- Women like Medea had no freedom or rights in the patriarchal society they lived in, especially in terms of their marriages. Medea even said, “For separations bring disgrace on the woman and it is not possible to renounce one 's husband” (Euripides 42). Evidently, while separation was an easy and swift procedure for men, it was extremely difficult for women to accomplish separation successfully from their husband due to the disgrace and stigma associated with it. Essentially, women were powerless and did not have a say in their well being and their marriages; they were completely controlled by their husbands....   [tags: Marriage, Gender, Sociology, Ancient Greece]

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Discuss the treatment of women in society with reference to Charlotte

- Discuss the treatment of women in society with reference to Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre and Margaret Atwood's A Handmaids Tale. In this essay, I will compare a pre-twentieth century novel with a modern novel, and examine the discussion of the treatment of women in society. 'Jane Eyre' was first published in 1847, and was written by Charlotte Bronte. It is the story of a young woman, Jane Eyre, ill treated through childhood, but determined and intelligent. Through the novel, the reader watches her grow and develop as a person, and overcome many problems, to become a respectable, independent woman....   [tags: English Literature]

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Essay on Sonnet 130 and Passionate Shepherd To His Love

- Sonnet 130 and Passionate Shepherd To His Love In William Shakespeare's Sonnet 130 and Christopher Marlowe's The Passionate Shepherd To His Love, the themes of unconditional love, opulent treasures, and vivid imagery are all conveyed throughout the poems but through different point of views. The theme of unconditional love is expressed through the two poems. The poet proclaims his affection for her by telling his "love" that he will give her anything in the world if she would just be with him....   [tags: Sonnet essays]

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The Themes of Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre

- The Themes of Jane Eyre In the beginning of Jane Eyre, Jane struggles against Bessie, the nurse at Gateshead Hall, and says, I resisted all the way: a new thing for me…"(Chapter 2).  This sentence foreshadows what will be an important theme of the rest of the book, that of female independence or rebelliousness. Jane is here resisting her unfair punishment, but throughout the novel she expresses her opinions on the state of women.  Tied to this theme is another of class and the resistance of the terms of one's class.  Spiritual and supernatural themes can also be traced throughout the novel....   [tags: Jane Eyre Essays]

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Regaining Control in Anna Karenina

- Regaining Control in Anna Karenina Anna Karenina features significant clusters of scenes, all of which describe notable moments in the development of the novel's major figures. One of the most important clusters is when Anna travels to see Vronsky. On her way her perceptions change; she throws her "searchlight" upon herself. Arriving at the next station she sees the rails and knows what must be done. Anna has had control over her own life taken away from her, due to the societal limitations on her choices as a woman....   [tags: Tolstoy Anna Karenina Essays]

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- When a Jewish girl living in Krakow under false papers visits Schindler, she asks that he hire her parents to work in his factory. He is infuriated with the girl and she runs from him, fearing her life and liberty. Schindler expresses his rage at Stern, whom he accuses of harboring Jews in the "haven" of a factory. Schindler is not angry at the idea of his factory as a haven, but the fact that such activities are illegal. However, as the atrocities of the Nazis become more apparent, Schindler begins to see the great opportunity he is presented with....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Inferiorety of Women in Madam Bovary, The Stranger, and The Unbearable Lightness of Being

- Throughout history and literature women have been second to men. In many of the books we have looked at in the duration of high school years even the most powerful and influential women are often seen under men. The women’s actions and thoughts are often looked down on by others despite the men having often performed worse actions than the they have. This drives across the idea of imbalance among the sexes and pushes the idea of women being inferior to men into the reader’s mind whether or not it is picked up....   [tags: judgement, imbalance, power]

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Themes And Motifs Of ' Memorial And The Sound Of The Mountain '

- In the novels Counselor Ayres’ Memorial by Machado de Assis and The Sound of the Mountain by Yasunari Kawabata, there are common themes and motifs that are present in both books. There is a strong element of love (both romantic and familial) and of separation. These themes have significant effects on the characters and the plot. Both novels also present a similar message about life and the world. Although the novels have similar themes, they are expressed differently in each. One major theme in the novels Counselor Ayres’ Memorial and The Sound of the Mountain is love....   [tags: Marriage, Love, Interpersonal relationship]

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The Life Of Abraham Lincoln And The Timely Death Of President Harding

- The essays, “Death of Abraham Lincoln” and “The Timely Death of President Harding”, critique society’s tendency to respect the dead and glorify the presidents’ former lives regardless of their characteristics while living. In February 1861, the people of New York greeted Abraham Lincoln with hostility because they judged him on his presidential platform, but after his death society respected him for his feats. Initially, Lincoln was not well respected by the United States and was scrutinized under the public eye unlike the beloved President Harding....   [tags: United States, Abraham Lincoln]

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Should Professional Athletes Be Allowed To Play After Committing a Crime?

- Crime is any act that violates the law. Many times professional athletes become involved in crime and it seems that they are above the law. The athlete’s notoriety makes it seem that professional athletes are committing crimes more than average people, whether they are felonies or misdemeanors. Should athletes be allowed back into their respective leagues after they commit such crimes. Many people believe that professional athletes are “above the law”. In reality, they are human beings like you and me who, no matter what the circumstances, can and will be charged like an average person....   [tags: Sports Ethics]

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Causes of the Great Depression as Depicted in the Great Gatsby

- The decade of the nineteen-twenties has been marked as a period of social change. People in post-war America wanted to forget about the horrors of Europe and just enjoy themselves. They wanted good paying jobs and some started their own businesses and companies during this period that are still present today (Stewart 5). President Calvin Coolidge once said that “the business of America is business,” which sums up the mindset of the average American: to make money (O’Neal 58). Once people were able to make quick money through a job, business, illegal alcohol trafficking, or buying and selling stocks, many wanted to be pretentious with their newfound wealth....   [tags: American Literature ]

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Moral Issues in Shakespeare’s Othello, Bronte’s Jane Eyre and Shelley’s Frankenstein

- The presentation of moral issues in Othello establishes that during the Renaissance period some writers challenged the traditional Elizabethan society. For instance, in Cinthio’s story Iago was a minor villain; however, Shakespeare transformed him into the Machiavellian that Is most memorable for his deception and downfall. Whereas, the presentation of moral issues in Frankenstein presents moral theory’s such as Unitarianism and the Theory of Natural Rights as inherent to which the characters face moral issues of their time....   [tags: Othello, Jane Eyre, Frankenstein]

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The Love Triangle in The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

- The Great Gatsby contains a love triangle between Tom Buchanan, Daisy Buchanan, and Jay Gatsby. Initially, Daisy was in love with Gatsby, but she married Tom while he was away at war. Gatsby was left brokenhearted with a strong determination to win her back and prove that he was worthy of her. Tom Buchanan and Jay Gatsby are vastly different people with two things in common; their money and, most importantly, their desire to have Daisy. Tom Buchanan is described as having a strong and repugnant presence....   [tags: money, desire, privilage]

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Analysis Of The Book ' Banana Bottom ' By Claude Mckay

- “For the island colony was divided into three main groups in a political and social way. The descendants of the slaves were three-fourths of the population and classified as black or dark brown. The descendants of Europeans and slaves were about one-fifth of the population and classified as coloured or light brown. The rest were a few thousand East Indians and Chinese and perhaps the same number of pure European decent.” (Pg. 4) Claude Mckay blatantly describes the historical reality here in his novel, Banana Bottom....   [tags: Black people, Race, White people, Racism]

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Analysis Of The Book ' The Last Of The Mohicans '

- After the American Revolution in 1765-1783, there are many literary works that truly are a window into the development of Americans free of British influence. There is a lot of romanticism in the natural world of America and elevating the men who lived freely in the wilderness, the “mountain man,” was something distinctly American. The emergence of American slave narratives was also around this time, so the pride in the liberty and freedom of America was shadowed by the shame of enslaving millions of African people over the course of the country’s history....   [tags: Native Americans in the United States]

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