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The Holocaust: Genocide of Jews During World War II

- The Holocaust, what is the true depth of the word. As sad as it may seem, it had the most damaging effects on the human mind in history. Many horrific events consisting of genocide of Jews during World War II came to play during the Holocaust. Accounts of life during the genocide of the Jewish culture emerged among of which are Elie Wiesel’s memoir Night, Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Letters to George C. Marshall, Mein Kampf and The Jewish Peril books by Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. Moreover, the victims of the Holocaust were deeply affected by the trauma they encountered by such atrocity and brutality as described by its survivors....   [tags: horrific events, victims, atrocity]

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Silence and Stereotype in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

- ... The readers are introduced to Boo as someone who spends all of his time in his home and a man of a harsh past but he does not put it out on people or show his anger in a way people would start to actually think he is harmful. Instead, he chooses to keep himself secluded because of all the gossip going on in town. It also evident that Boo was not harmful since scout claims that “Boo’s children needed him.” (370). This quote directly lets the readers know that even though Boo was not Scout and Jem’s father, he was almost like a father to them....   [tags: victims, unusual, tom and boo]

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The Silent Killer of African Americans: The Epidemic of HIV/AIDS

- The epidemic of HIV/AIDS has been a repeat offender in the deaths of many people worldwide, African Americans, specifically, have been disproportionately impacted by this virus since it was first discovered in the early 1980s. Despite African Americans only being accountable for a small portion of the total U.S. population, they are the ethnic group most greatly affected by this virus. The HIV and AIDS epidemic does not simply target African American males, but over the years has grown to greatly affect black women, gay and bisexual men and the youth as well....   [tags: victims, poor, virus]

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Common Themes in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

- The death of a black man, the attack of two children, and a man locked up for so long he cannot remember what life was like before all seem unrelated, however they are not. They are all examples of a common theme throughout the book To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, victims of what a main character implores his kids not to do. In To Kill a Mockingbird, two plotlines coincide; two children, Scout and Jem Finch are growing up with a fascination of their recluse neighbor, Arthur “Boo” Radley, and a black man named Tom Robinson is put on trial for the rape of a white woman....   [tags: victims, two, characters, event]

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Sexism in The Taming of the Shrew by Shakespeare

- Sexism is an ever changing concept in today’s world. Every day the concept morphs a little bit, changing the entire definition of what is sexist and what is not. In The Taming of the Shrew by Shakespeare, the male characters lie to and abuse their women in order to have the women marry them. Lucentio come to Padua to study, but when he sees a beautiful girl, he pretends to be a teacher in order to marry Bianca. Petruchio on the other hand forces a woman to marry him and then trains her to follow his every command....   [tags: women's rights, victims, educate]

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America and The World War II

- Before America broke it’s neutrality by joining World War 2, we never fully knew the severity of what was happening in Europe. Someone horrible was going on, but no one really knew about it, not even the towns and cities it was happening near. The Holocaust, was the mass murder of about 6 million Jewish people, homosexuals, anybody with different skin, the disabled, mentally ill, etc. When the U.S. found out about this event we helped out as much as possible…. OR DID WE??. The U.S. didn't help the victims of the Holocaust, because we didn’t fully know what was going at the time, we were not concerned about it because we only focused on staying neutral, and we thought it was Europe's p...   [tags: holocaust victims, hitler]

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The Epidemic of Bullying in U.S. Schools

- The act of bullying in schools has risen to alarming numbers across the nation. It is infiltrating itself into the educational environment all over the United States. Bullying has become such an epidemic and the consequences are staggering. Children are afraid in the halls of what supposed to be a safe haven. It affects they confidence and self-esteem which then results in poor work and lack of focus in school. Some of the dire circumstances that have become popular as late with heavy consequences such as suicide....   [tags: suicide, victims, consequences]

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Domestic Violence, A Federal Crime

- An Unseen Crime A crime that affects between one and four million women in the U.S yearly is domestic violence. This crime, which many do not know is a federal crime, responsible for about thirty percent of female murders (Asher, Elba, Sugg 1). According to the American Bar Association (ABA), 90-95% of domestic violence victims are women (2) and “ 70% of intimate homicides are female” (2) intimate murder, as opposed to murder by a stranger. Women today need to understand what domestic violence is and need to educate themselves that domestic violence is a serious crime....   [tags: Domestic Violence Victims, Crime]

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The Red Convertible by Louise Erdrich

- PTSD, also known as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, can cause change and bring about pain and stress in many different forms to the families of the victims of PTSD. These changes can be immense and sometimes unbearable. PTSD relates to the characters relationship as a whole after Henry returns from the army and it caused Henry and Lyman’s relationship to crumble. The Red Convertible that was bought in the story is a symbol of their brotherhood. The color red has many different meanings within the story that relates to their relationship....   [tags: PTSD, symbol, victims]

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Anti Bullying Laws are not Working

- It seems as if everyday there is someone new getting bullied ,even though there are laws that prevent this from happening . The U.S. needs to enforce all anti-bullying laws, to insure there are no more victims . Having bullying laws in place for everyone is so beneficial because they serve to protect the rights to the victims “Bullying is the use of force threat or coercion to abuse ,intimidate or, aggressively impose domination over others”(The Effects...1). Bullying may be caused because of race , religion , gender ,sexuallity ,and even apperance....   [tags: victims, abusers, school districts]

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The Importance of Having Internet Regulation

- Internet Regulation I am in favor of reasonable internet regulation. Unmonitored and unregulated web sites contribute to threats on American security, the promotion of anti-American views, and deaths due to published instructions on how to build weapons of mass destruction. In addition, the lack of oversight of internet activity allows bullying, the promotion of pornography, and sexual abuse of women and children. Internet fraud is becoming common; identity theft, phishing, spamming, spyware, and malware result in financial and security losses for innocent victims....   [tags: sercuity, bullying, porngraphy, victims]

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The Destructive Effects of Cult Conversions

- ... Still to this day Charles Manson has many followers that continue to praise him and his beliefs. The Ku Klux Klan have brained washed many people into believing that their race is superior to anybody else’s. The Ku Klux Klan along with Hitler were responsible for murdering millions of Jews. “The intent of such a group is to control and keep its members for life or until the victims cease to be of value to the leader.” (According to the Cult information Centre) To the Ku Klux Klan, the more warriors they recruit, the more powerful they become....   [tags: victims, cult leaders]

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An Increase in Violent Crimes in America

- A recent article in USA Today cited a 2012 National Crime Victimization Survey by the Bureau of Justice Statistics which found that 26 of every 1,000 people experienced violent crime. This report follows a 2012 Uniform Crime Report released by the Federal Bureau of Investigations in September of 2013, which documented more than 1.2 million violent crimes nationwide — about 1% more than in 2011. For 2011, data from the Victims survey also showed an increase in violent crime: up 17% from 2010, the sharpest rise in two decades....   [tags: sociology, violence victims]

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The Announcement: Magic Johnson and HIV

- The documentary The Announcement was mostly about the era in which Magic Johnson lived and explained how HIV victims were perceived at the time (2012). America had a "plague" scare about AIDS in the 1980s when all this broke out which really a great deal to make people reflect on their "free-wheeling" sexual ways and social interactions and relationships. Today in 2014, people are still advised to talk openly with potential sexual partners and even get tested before having sex because AIDS is still very much alive and well in the world and in America....   [tags: aids, hiv patients, victims]

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Nobility from Hungary, Countess Elizabeth Bathory

- Countess Elizabeth Bathory of Hungary, was born in 1560. That was a long time ago. Where you could do almost anything if you were a noble and you could get away with it. This was especially true in Elizabeth Bathory’s time. This was the reason she was able to kill over 600 virgin women to bathe in their blood. Only to make her complexion even better. She was later referred to as Count Dracula, because of her horrible treatment to her victims. She was an only child. Her parents were very powerful people....   [tags: count dracula, victims, blood]

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Bullying the Freaks and Geeks

- ... Allen, their bully, finds any opportunity he can to tease, make fun, or physically hurt his victims. Bill and his friends create plans to avoid Allen at all costs throughout the series. This is common in most high schools today. Students who tend to not fit the overall social expectation of their peers end up being considered geeks. These students do whatever they can to avoid being bullied and to fit somewhere in the social hierarchy of high school. Chokin’ and Tokin’, an episode of Freaks and Geeks, outlines the various effects bullies have on their victims....   [tags: victims, pain, physical, emotional]

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The Difference Between Drama and Bullying

- Being The “Bystander” Would you say there is bullying in your school, or would you just say there is “Drama”. As teenagers, we our self experience more effects in a bystander effect of any situation than all around ages and stages of life. More kids than adults make more efforts to prevent these actions when the adults have a more powerful voice making a change in society. Why is it that important to make a stop at such a young age. Being able to prevent or making any form of damage in people near future....   [tags: drama, teenagers, victims]

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Criminal Justice and Forensic Science

- Many factors determine why a criminal does what they do and victims have been left helplessly with no answer for many years. Many criminals will start with small petty crimes with as little as a slap on the wrist, but then they believe that they can get away with something a little more once again with no punishment until they have gotten so good at lying that it is second nature. Crimes happen right under our noses as a house wife has everyone excited about her 4th pregnancy, while she is planning when, why, the excuse, the lies, and how she is going to get rid of the child....   [tags: criminals, victims, families, computer]

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Serial Killer: Sean Vicent Gills

- Sean Vincent Gills was born June 24, 1962, in Baton Rouge, LA to Norman and Yvonne Gillis. His father died of acholism when Gills was just a young boy. His mom working a full time job at a local television station struggled to take care of Gills. Her parents often looked at after him. As a child Gills was thought to be normal. His mother was quoted saying that “I used to call him my little blue-eyed angel. This is the person I loved most in this world.” It wasn’t until his teenage years when others began to see a different side of him....   [tags: victims, sentence, life in prison]

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The Global Human Rights System

- The human rights system has been created by both top-down and bottom-up dynamics, by the relationship between the global and the local. Discuss. The global human rights system has undoubtably been produced and sustained by both top-down and bottom-up dynamics which operate on global and local scales. It is because of these polar hierarchic systems that human rights violations against individuals and groups at a local level can be recognised and understood globally and acted on consequently using the appropriate channels....   [tags: laws, victims, protection]

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Pompeii, the Best Preserved Tragedy

- Pompeii Pompeii is without a doubt the best preserved tragedy in Ancient times. With the help of it, we have knowledge on how the citizens of Pompeii once thrived because they left behind an abundance of art, important monuments, painting and structures. Pompeii once on a plateau of the earliest lava near the Bay of Naples in Western Italy in the region Campania, almost 1.6 kilometers from the bottom of Mount Vesuvius. With the shore to the west and the Apennine Mountains in the East, Campania was a fertile plain, crossed by two major rivers and rich soil....   [tags: trade, volcano, victims]

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To Stop the Rape Culture

- ... Another terrifying point that Williams brings up is that college campus rape rates have hardly changed at all in the past 20 years, which also comes back to people not reporting it when it happens. He suggests that this could be because we have been brought up to believe that people who claim to have been raped are simply making it up for attention, when its only 2-8% that truly are. College students, according to Williams, believe that up to 50% of reported rape cases are false. Christina Hoff Sommers’ research article, “Researching the ‘Rape Culture’ of America” focuses on reasons why this has continued as well, citing reasons such as rape being “Normal Male Behavior” (Sommers) and us...   [tags: feminism, crimes, change, victims]

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History of Chemistry: Chemical Weapons

- ... Next is Nerve Agents, which are considered to be organophosphates. Nerve agents work by stopping flow of ACh, which is responsible of muscle contraction. When effected it leaves you with no control of your body, leading you to a slow painful death. Then, there is Blood Agents. Blood Agents are fast acting, cyanide or arsenic type of positions. They work quickly and go into your bloodstream. At short term exposures it can just cause dizziness and nausea. But long term can cause brain damage and muscle paralysis....   [tags: chemistry, technology, victims, types]

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Gang Rehabilitation: Effective or Not?

- Criminal gangs are a crucial part of the criminal pyramid; they can be paid as hit-men, distribute narcotics, assault innocent victims, and commit larceny, among other crimes. These are more serious crimes that require harsher punishment, though, but are these harsher punishments effective. While the U.S. had a rise in gangs, the state of Nevada has seen an increase in Hispanic criminal gangs, mainly Nortenos, or north-siders, and with that, Nevada has established a special law pertaining to criminal gangs known as a “gang enhancement” law which states: A person who is convicted of a felony committed knowingly for the benefit of, at the direction of, or in affiliation with a criminal gang, w...   [tags: criminals, innocent victims]

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In-group and Out-group Bias

- One of the most robust phenomena in psychology is ingroup/outgroup bias. Past research has shown that while people empathize with almost anyone in distress they empathize more with their in-group - family, friends, or their own ethnic group (Society Of Neuroscience, 2009). Previous studies have shown that stereotypes, that are believed to contain the summary of our cultural beliefs about a group, are often automatically activated these when group members are encountered or even thought about (Scott, 2005)....   [tags: psychology, stereotypes, victims]

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Zero Tolerance on Bullying

- ... Although bulling is known to cause physical and emotional pain to their victims and many tragedies have taken place because of it, there are many, that argue, that bullying is just a part of growing up, and it is something that children just have to experience or learn to deal with on their own, or they will never learn to deal with future problems without having someone come to their aid. Many students that witness the bulling do not intervene out of fear that they will be bullied themselves....   [tags: society, emotion, cyber, victims]

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A Will to Live

- “We need to learn how to help ourselves and help the doctor help us.” This quote is from the American Trauma Society’s website where they make sure the physical aspect after a traumatic event is tended to. Unfortunately being a victim of a traumatic event scars the injured party deeper than people sometimes are able to realize. Heather Abbott, a bomb victim from the Boston bombing on April 15th was seriously injured including about 120 others (Baltimore News Journal). The effects from not only the bombing but other destructive happenings leave many with emotional turmoil....   [tags: Boston Bombing, Bombing Victims]

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Slavery and Human Trafficking

- Slavery and Human Trafficking Imagine being kidnapped and locked away in a stranger’s basement for months, even years with no way to escape. Imagine being forced to do hard labor day-in and day-out for absolutely no pay. These kind of inhuman acts happen all over the world today. There are many men, women, and children everyday that are victims of slavery and human trafficking. Slavery and human trafficking is a worldwide issue that affects many lives. It profits around $32 billion a year (Kiener 1)....   [tags: kidnapped, trade, victims]

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The Modern Day Slavery

- Every year millions of innocent kids, adults, males and females are forced to do things against their will. Whether its forced labor or prostitution, human trafficking happens everyday, everywhere, and all the time. It happens in the most unlikely places with the most unlikely people. Your neighbor, pastor, teacher, or even a family friend could be apart of the trafficking system. Human trafficking is problem that affects millions of lives and needs to be stopped by educating people about it. Human trafficking is the 2nd biggest illegal industry behind the drug trade....   [tags: trafficking, trade, victims]

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Domesic Violence Among Partners

- Domestic Violence is a serious crime in which one person in a household beats/abuses another. Domestic violence is usually seen in Partners or lovers. Many people are abuse today- 57% of girls have said they’ve been a victim of this abuse, and 38% of boys have reported they’ve been victims (Watson, Cascardi, Avery-Leaf, & O'Leary, 2001). As you can see, Domestic Violence is actually rather common, and dangerous. Women between the ages of 16-24 have had the largest amount of reports of domestic violence (Bennett & Fineran, 1998; Greenfield et al., 1998)....   [tags: abuse, victims, injury]

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Overview of Human Trafficking

- Human trafficking is the transportation of victims by other people for sexual exploitation to gain revenue (Aronowitz, 2013). Government officials have spent many hours putting legislation into action fighting against the modern slavery, human trafficking. However, studies and research have proven that the legislation has in no way stopped trafficking, but forced it to be a more secretive crime. The lack of knowledge of the modern day slavery has also been a factor in the human trafficking process because no one recognizes when the crime is occurring....   [tags: traffickers, government, victims]

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Identity Theft Throughout History

- Identity Theft I’ve decided to write my research paper on the issue of identity theft. Identity theft has occurred all throughout history in various ways and forms. Today, it is one of the fastest growing crimes occurring all over the world. Data suggests that identity theft accounts for roughly $50 billion stolen each year from citizens and businesses in the U.S. I believe that more attention should be targeted towards identity theft because of the detrimental effects it can have on a single victim and on our nation’s economy....   [tags: victims, attacks, electronic world]

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Child Abuse and Maltreatment

- Child maltreatment is described as any form of physical harm towards an individual, neglect, emotional, physical, and or sexual abuse which may result in injuries or could emotionally harm a child (Echlin, 1995). Children who have been victims of abused normally display patterns of maladaptive behaviors (Echlin, 1995). Even though some behaviors are frequently seen in most children at one point , when they are prevalent and long-lasting, rather than isolated and temporary they may designate child abuse (Echlin, 1995)....   [tags: behaviors, abuse, victims, relationships]

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The Internet and Cyberbullying

- ... Cyber bullying makes it easy for the bullies to get away with their behavior without any consequences. Also, the factor of invisibility makes them not thinking of themselves as harmful. They view their actions as humorous, or merely as a form of happiness. Another factor that increases cyber bullying is how accessible forms of electronic communications are to teenagers. A recent study showed that “Over 80 percent of teens use a cell phone regularly, making it the most popular form of technology and a common medium for cyber bullying.” The rise in the use of cell phones contributed largely to this problem....   [tags: suicide, victims, parents]

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Domestic Violence in America

- The biggest victims of domestic violence are the littlest. The home is supposed to be a safe and secure environment for children with loving parents and free from violence. Children need a secure environment where they can come home to when the outside world is unsafe. However, every year there are millions of children whose homes are not a safe haven. Millions of children are exposed to a parent being violently assaulted. Domestic violence is a prevalent social issue in America today. First, who is affected by domestic violence is addressed....   [tags: child victims, social issues]

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The Effects of Cybercrime

- Today in present, with the improvements in technology and science new concepts are integrated in our lives. Cyber crime is among those concepts that did not exist 15 to 20 years ago. In the old days only conventional crime was discussed, which refers to those traditional, illegal behaviors that most people think of as crime. In today one has to be careful not only against conventional crime but also cybercrime also known as “faceless crime” it’s the latest and the most complicated problem in the new century....   [tags: computer, crimes, victims, prevent]

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Standing Up for Abortion

-               For years it has been a controversy that an abortion should not be legal. Many people feel aborting an unwanted child, or killing an unwanted child should be against the law. A woman's body is her own to do with what ever she wants. With this being said, on the topic of abortions, I agree with it. Furthermore in countries such as Dominican Republic, Colombia, and Egypt abortion is illegal. Therefore it does not include one who has been raped to receive an abortion.  Raped victims should be able to undergo abortions....   [tags: victims, women, rape, child]

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Stop Elderly Abuse Now!

- Imagine your loved one being the victim of abuse. Greta’s family is experiencing firsthand what it’s like for their loved one be a victim of abuse. Greta is a 70 year old resident of Blue Meadows Care. John, a CNA, has complications at home, he comes to work on edge, every day. Greta begins to lose her memory and experience behavior problems. Therefore, John becomes irritated with her, taking his frustrations at home out on her, physically. Betty, a CNA, witnesses John smacking Greta. Betty then goes to her Director of Nursing, to report this behavior....   [tags: social issues, victims of abuse]

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Opposing the Death Penalty

- Opposing the Death Penalty According to death the total number of death row victims in the united states who were wrongfully convicted since the 1970’s is 144. Even though most people feel that the death penalty is the right approach to someone who has committed or been accused of murder, there are those who are wrongfully convicted of crimes they did not commit and the process of pursuing the death penalty is far more expensive than locking someone up. Death row is the part of a prison where those sentenced to death are confined (dictionary)....   [tags: death raw, prisons, victims]

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The Issue of Bullying

- Not only is it already hard to be a teenager, but having to deal with constant teasing and harassment is just something no one needs. There is a point in life where bullying can become so terrifying that students will rather stay at home than have to face their bully. Darnell “Dynasty” Young is a 17 year old gay teen who has gone through every possible way to stop his bullies from harassing him. His mother has tried everything but hasn’t been able to put a stop to it. Until one day, Young’s mother bought Darnell a stun gun....   [tags: Reactive Victims, Consequences]

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Rights of Juvenile Delinquency

- ... treatment,and prarole.All together it emphasized training and performance as the chief mechanisms of reformation. Another Penal reformer named Thomas Eddy he advocated moral uplift of blacks, the poor, and other unfortunates. In 1873 this characteristics Impulse him to have interest in penal reform which he wanted to put an end to branding, solitary, confinement, whipping posts, and pillories, Eddy had served on the prison reform commission and helped Senators like Philip Schulyer and Ambrose Spence to draft the penitentiary reform bill that became a law in 1796.His penal legislation authorized two state penitentiaries in Canada and New York City, John Augustus known as the “Father of P...   [tags: punishment, tratment, victims, reformers]

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The Long Term Effects of Child Sexual Abuse by Female Perpetrators: A Qualitative Study of Male and Female Victims

- Denov, Myriam S. 2004. "The Long-Term Effects of Child Sexual Abuse by Female Perpetrators: A Qualitative Study of Male and Female Victims." Journal of Interpersonal Violence 19(10):1137-1156 The research that is done in this article is exploratory. The researchers are exploring the long term effect of child sexual abuse by female perpetrators. “This qualitative study explores the experience and long-term impact of sexual abuse by women.” (Denov 1137) This is an exploratory study, because the study is fairly new and there is not a lot of information on the topic....   [tags: methods final, Myriam Denov article]

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Bullying Has Made A Negative Impact On Children Who Have Found Themselves Victims

- Bullying has made a negative impact on children who have found themselves victims. One of every 4 kids will be bullied throughout their adolescence. Most students have had an experience with bullying, and since this subject is getting worldwide attention, this is a topic that needs to be talked about and researched. Introduction A bully is someone who continuously picks on, intimidates and taunts smaller people. Many negative environments are created because bullying effects those that are victims....   [tags: Abuse, Bullying, Verbal abuse, Psychological abuse]

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How Has Guilt And Anger Affected Avenues Of Reconciliation Between The Subsequent Generations Of Perpetrators And Victims?

- How has guilt and anger affected avenues of reconciliation between the subsequent generations of perpetrators and victims. The film Hitler’s Children was a documentary about the subsequent generations of the Nazi high command officials and how they deal with the legacy left behind by their ancestors, who were involved with the deaths of millions of people. In one scene Rainer Hoess the grandson of Rudolf Hoess is taking a tour of Auschwitz the concentration camp that his grandfather ran. During that time, he is does a Q&A with Jewish children and adults....   [tags: Nazi Germany, Germany]

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Jake and Brett in "The Sun Also Rises": Victims of there Own Environment or Tragically Bringing upon There Own Demise?

- Ernest Hemingway in The Sun Also Rises tried to convey that his characters were not truly “lost” as everyone had come to believe, though only worn down by life’s hardships (Wagner, 1). Mental and physical destruction were side affects that resulted from World War I (Bloom, 1). The title of the book, The Sun Also Rises, even submitted hope to the character’s futures (Wagner, 1). In fact, the characters had enough courage to fight against society and try to uncover the truth or hope within them (Wagner, 1)....   [tags: Sun Also Rises, Ernest Hemingway, sexuality, ]

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Struggles of the Victims in The Ignorant School Master by Jacques Ranciere and The Prison Notebooks by Antonio Gramsci

- Cultural Resistance The “Ignorant School Master” and the “Prison Notebooks” present a common theme advocating for cultural resistance. The two pieces of literature attribute the struggles experienced by the victims in the books as a result of conformity to an existing culture. In the “Ignorant School Master”, the protagonist, Jacob Jacotot, argues against the current system of education that fails in its role to emancipate students. Rather, it clings onto an old system that serves to cage students in a battle of superiority among themselves without necessarily emancipating them....   [tags: culture, homogeny, resistance]

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Impact of Child Abuse and Neglect on Victims

- Parents who take out anger on their kids not only place them in a dangerous position physically, but they harm them emotionally and mentally as well. Child abuse can be described as many different things. One of the more common forms of abuse is neglect. As stated by James W. Vander, in the book Human Development, "neglect is defined as the absence of adequate social, emotional, or physical care." (Vander, 1997). This could include undernourishment, a mother not paying attention to a sick or hurt child, or even a guardian not sharing happiness with his or her child....   [tags: Effects of Child Abuse on Behavior]

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The Mischlinge: The Forgotten Victims of The Holocaust

- Those of half and quarter Jewish descent remain largely forgotten in the history of the Third Reich and genocide of the Holocaust. Known as Mischlinge, persons of deemed “mixed blood” or “hybrid” status faced extensive persecution and alienation within German society and found themselves in the crosshairs of a rampant National Socialist racial ideology. Controversially, these people proved somewhat difficult to define under Nazi law that sought to cleave the Volk from the primarily Jewish “other”, and as the mechanization toward Hitler’s “Final Solution” the Mischlinge faced probable annihilation....   [tags: The Holocaust]

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Rome and Juliet: Victims of Fate

- The phenomenon of fate is exemplified on a daily bases in society. Fate can be best described as many acts ironically going in the opposite direction that one expects. From the beginning of the Shakespearean play Romeo and Juliet the two characters are called, “star cross’d lovers,” fate produces the destiny of their death. Events like Friar Laurence’s well deceived planes gone wrong, the timing of Romeo and Juliet’s suicide and finally the issue of their families feuding in the first place are examples of how wrongly fate spoke to Romeo and Juliet....   [tags: shakespeare, literary essays]

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Holocaust : Victims Of The Holocaust

- Holocaust Denial The Holocaust is one of the worst events that has occurred in history where over 6 million jewish people were brutally murdered. There are many facts and first hand accounts of what took place during those times. Many diaries were kept and pictures taken that capture the horrific events that took place. There are others accounts though that claim the Holocaust never happened and that no one died. There are people that call themselves deniers. These individuals claim to see no evidence that the Holocaust took place....   [tags: Nazi Germany, The Holocaust, World War II]

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Victims and Villains in The Speckled Band, The Cardboard Box, and The Red Headed League

- Having read a range of detective stories by Conan Doyle, compare the presentations of victims and villains in The Speckled Band and two other stories. In this essay, I am going to look at how Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, has written the Sherlock Holmes stories, looking at the victims, villains, Holmes and his dear friend Watson. The Sherlock Holmes, stories are written in the detective genre, all of the stories that I have looked at to compile this essay, have a crime, victims, and villains. It also shows this as there is always a crime that Sherlock Holmes solves, by his intelligence....   [tags: English Literature]

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What´s Human Trafficking?

- Human trafficking is the recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, or obtaining of a person for the purpose of commercial sex induced by force, fraud, or coercion. It is a problem that women, children, and men all around the world face each day. It is the second largest and fastest growing criminal industry in the world with annual earnings of 35 billion dollars in the United States alone. In order to help human trafficking victims with nowhere to live after they have either escaped or have been rescued from their trafficker, shelter must be provided to ensure safety from past traffickers or other threats....   [tags: victims, commericial sex]

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AIDS/HIV Victims Should be Treated With More Respect and Dignity

- Aids Victims Should be Treated With More Respect and Dignity What would you do if someone you love gets infected with HIV. Would you still treat them the same way as before. This kind of question might not come into your mind but in fact, it can happen to anyone. The rate of people who gets infected with HIV is increasing rapidly in our society (Cite). People who are HIV positive have to struggle with their life, living by the day. They are faced with many problems such as scarcity of expensive medicine, dealing with emotional conflict and especially, discrimination....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Echoing Footsteps: Rape, Victims, Survivors, and What We Can Do

- Echoing Footsteps: Rape, Victims, Survivors, and What We Can Do Rape is devastating to its victims. I feel as if this statement should stand alone, underlined and in bold typeface. It is crucial that we, as a society, come to a deep understanding and awareness of this message. For that reason, I will state it again: Rape is devastating to its victims. Thirty percent of rape victims will contemplate suicide. Slightly more will seek therapy. Slightly less will invest in some form of self-defense....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Insufficient Treatment of PTSD Victims

- Within our society, the primary role of a guardian is to ensure proper protection of their children, so that one day they may become our future CEO’s, presidents, influentialists, and the like. However, children may encounter traumatic events that occur outside of the guardian’s control. Such traumatic events can lead to the development of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Children with PTSD can potentially develop further psychological disorders such as depression, functional impairment, and social withdrawal, which deeply affect adolescent mental health....   [tags: mental disorder, children, recovery, health]

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The Victims Of Native Americans

- Native Americans have endured the lengthiest form of genocide in modern history. While it is not this paper’s purpose to explore the traumas experienced by Native Americans via colonization and more modern policies which perpetuate Native American trauma, it is important to understand that those experiences have direct impact on these communities. Yellow Horse-Brave Heart (1999) reports that the Historical Trauma Response, which is a collection of symptoms that result in members of a group that have experienced trauma, reveals negative health outcomes that include: Increased suicide rates, mental health disorders, somatic complaints without medical merit, and obsession on trauma, guilt, and...   [tags: United States]

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The Victims Of Dr. Shabazz

- Betty Shabazz, who saw her husband, Malcolm X, assassinated 32 years ago and sought to preserve his memory and teachings in a life that became a symbol of perseverance to black America, died yesterday at a Bronx hospital, three weeks after suffering extensive burns in a fire apparently set by her troubled 12-year-old grandson. She was 61. Dr. Shabazz had suffered third-degree burns over 80 percent of her body in the fire at her Yonkers apartment on June 1 and had undergone five operations at Jacobi Medical Center to replace burned tissue....   [tags: Malcolm X, Nation of Islam, Elijah Muhammad]

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The Death Of Suicide Victims

- In 2014, there were 42,773 deaths by suicide in the United States, making suicide the 10th leading cause of death according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Grief and pain come with any death natural or otherwise. There are always things to clean up after someone dies, but there are many nuisances unique to dealing with the loss of someone to suicide. Suicide survivors often face unique challenges that differ from those who have been bereaved by other types of death. In addition to the inevitable grief, sadness, and disbelief typical of all grief, overwhelming guilt, confusion, rejection, shame, and anger are also often prominent....   [tags: Suicide, Mental disorder, Death, Shame]

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Rape: A Crime

- The definition of rape is: The unlawful compelling of a person through physical force or duress to have sexual intercourse. Basically, rape is a forceful act in trying any way possible to make someone have sex with them. This crime is still being committed to this day and is not viewed as big of an issue as it truly is. In order to prove rape is a disgusting and unnecessary crime, the following essay will consist of the history, laws, the costs involved, health effects, and the opposing side’s beliefs....   [tags: Harrassment, Physical, Victims]

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Elder Financial Exploitation

- ... Financial ruin is a devastating effect on the elderly because replacing these lost assets is not a generally viable option for persons living on a fixed income. If this occurs, it may mean that the elderly victim could lose their independence and security, may be forced to rely on family members or government welfare, all of these result in a decline in the victim’s quality of life and to the point of depression and/or suicide (Jackson & Hafemeister, 2012). In the report by Choi & Mayer (2000), they determined that 34% of APS investigation reports involved HFE while 38% involved only PFE....   [tags: maltreatment, abuse, victims]

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Explanation of Rape

- Traditional or common knowledge views of rape portray the act as something a crazy stranger commits on another stranger. However, this is simply not the case. The vast majority of rapes, sometimes up to 70%, involve a victim who was previously known to the offender (Woods and Porter 2008). The data does not totally support this view, however. This is because only an estimated 18% of acquaintance rape is reported to the police (Woods and Porter 2008). For comparative purposes, an estimated 79% of stranger rape is reported....   [tags: Victims, Theoretical Causes]

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Women play victims in Thomas Hardy’s short stories, roles that were

- Women play victims in Thomas Hardy’s short stories, roles that were typical of Victorian women in general “Women play victims in Thomas Hardy’s short stories, roles that were typical of Victorian women in general” Discuss with references at least three of Hardy’s short stories Thomas Hardy in his short stories “The Withered Arm”, “Tony Kytes, the Arch Deceiver” and the Winters and the Palmleys” presents his readers with a series of unsettling visions of the relations between men and women, women mainly coming worse off....   [tags: English Literature]

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National Parks are Victims of Their Own Success as Locations for Leisure Pursuits

- National Parks are Victims of Their Own Success as Locations for Leisure Pursuits This subject has been a matter of much conjecture for many years as international tourism spreads to the most endangered and rare environments across the globe, it is evident that in terms of long term sustainability, National Park ecosystems are at serious threat from that posed by industrial tourism. Physical Degradation People come to national parks in order to experience the wildlife and the natural environment....   [tags: Papers]

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Comparing Villains and Victims from The Speckled Band, Twisted Lip and The Cardboard Box

- Comparing Villains and Victims from The Speckled Band, Twisted Lip and The Cardboard Box The three villains which I am going to compare / contrast are Dr Roylott from The Speckled Band, Mr Neville St Claire from The Man With The Twisted Lip and Sarah Cushing from The Cardboard Box. The three victims I am going to compare / contrast are Helen Stoner from The Speckled Band, Mrs St Claire from The Man With The Twisted Lip and Susan Cushing from The Cardboard box. Dr Roylott is a stereotype villain....   [tags: Speckled Twisted Cardboard Essays]

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Effectivess o fhte Criminal Trial and Sentencing Processes

- Assess the effectiveness of the criminal trial and sentencing processes in balancing the rights of the victims, offenders and society in the criminal justice system. The New South Wales Criminal trial and sentencing process is adequate in balancing the rights of the victims, offenders and society. The options are stipulated in the Criminal Procedure Act 1986, the Crimes (Sentencing Legislation) Amendment (Intensive Correction Orders) Act 2010 and the Crimes (sentencing procedure) Act 1999 which features the use of charge negotiation, rehabilitation, mitigating factors and intensive correct order....   [tags: balancing rights of victims, ofenders & society]

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End the Global Slave Trade

- Ask almost any Westerner about slavery, and the response is likely going to be, "Slavery ended in the mid-eighteenth century." The mention of sex trafficking or forced labor brings ponderous comments about the horrors endured by the populations of third-world countries, how people "over there" have it so badly. The truth is, human trafficking is a worldwide problem. Illegal trade of humans is not only happening "over there" in a few marginalized third-world countries. Trade in persons is one of the largest criminal rings on the planet....   [tags: sex trafficking, victims, slave trade]

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Explosive Devices and Their Effects on the Government

- ... The trauma caused is not only physical but also psychological with causalities having types of nervous disorders labeled “Shell-Shock”. Trauma Care Management not only deals with the treatment of causalities but starts from transporting the injured people from the site of attack to hospital, Pre-hospitalization analysis and determining the nature of injury to classify on the basis of priority and proceeding cases as per the analysis. Trauma Care also involves setting up communication centers to aid families about the information and details of their near and dear ones who were injured or were present in the area during the blasts....   [tags: political, injuries, victims, trama, care]

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Jason Voorhees and Jack the Ripper: An Innate Connection

- Throughout history, there has been numerous depictions of serial killers and records of slashers. Although most of these portrayals are fictional, they strike fear into the mind of people regardless because the victims of slashers are almost always shown to died a horrifying bloody death and at the same time, the murderer is illustrated as unstoppable demons that crave blood and violence. One of the fictional characters that people are most familiar with is Jason Voorhees. The name itself inspires nightmares that illustrate scenes of blood splashes and spine chilling screams from the film Friday the 13th ....   [tags: killers, slashers, culture, victims, fear]

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The Ongoing Trial of Human Trafficking

- ... However, both sides agree that prostitution is equal to slavery when children and young people are involved because of how hazardous the work is and the fact they cannot give legal consent for themselves. Children around the world are being taken at all ages, most are unaware they are even in danger until it’s too late. A report from the Inter-Departmental Ministerial Group on human trafficking in 2011 found that 234 out of 946 potential victims were children. Kids outside of Amsterdam, as young as ten years old, can be trafficked to work long hours on farms as house girls or in local bars....   [tags: profit, victims, education, sex, fear]

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The Holocaust Memories

- Adolf Hitler’s rise to power grew out of issues left unresolved by the earlier conflict during World War I. Resentment and harsh terms imposed by the Versailles Treaty only fueled Hitler’s revenge, which would result in the largest blood bath the world has ever come to see. World War II would be considered the deadliest war in history, murdering millions of civilians. In 1939, Adolf Hitler invaded Poland resulting in a deadly six-year battle until the final allied defeat of both Nazi Germany and Japan in 1945....   [tags: Hitler, WWII, Jewish victims]

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Neutering Saves Lives

- An estimated eight million homeless animals in the United States are victims of euthanization as a means to keep the population under control ( Not just sick or old animals are subject to these humane deaths, but healthy, young ones that deserved a good home. Many veterinarians tell their clients to get their furry companions neutered, due to this over population. However, people use inadequate excuses such as breeding to leave their comrade intact. Thus, dogs and other animals should be neutered or spayed due to the fact that there are too many pets in the USA and neutering and spaying reduces many health risks known in animals....   [tags: avoiding innocent victims of euthanization]

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The Defintion of Rape Redefined

- The definition of rape, established in 1927 was "the carnal knowledge of a female, forcibly and against her will"(Basu, 2012). It remained this way for eight-five years. On January 6, 2012, the definition of rape was broadened to include men as victims. Rape is now defined as "penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of the victim"(Basu, 2012). Often when people hear the word rape they automatically think male perpetrator and female victim, but men are victims too....   [tags: male, victims, society, gender, effects]

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Should Students Who Cyberbully Be Suspended?

- ... When you suspend the bullies the kids might feel safer and they won't be getting tormented all day. So they might not end up killing themselves. According to During 2009 schools in Florida, Georgia, and Hawaii have gained more money since their suicide rate went down by 2o%. Another example is when kids commit suicide, the schools lose the money they need for pencils, electronics and other supplies. Another reason students should be suspended is because other bullies might stop....   [tags: suicides, school, money, victims, safe]

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Victimhood and Identity in Black America

- The topic of the book is how black America is on the wrong path and how it needs to be fixed. One of the problems that are stated in the book is the cultural of blackness treats victimhood not as a problem to be solved but an identity to be nurtured. Separatism is also a problem that encourages black Americans to see black people as superior, which the rules other Americans are expected to follow are suspended out of a belief that victimhood lets them be exempt from them. The author sought to accomplish getting black America back on track....   [tags: USA, African Americans, blacks, victims,]

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Child Pornography: The Fuel for Pedophiles

- According to the American Heritage Dictionary the word pornography means: Sexually explicit pictures, writing, or other material whose primary purpose is to cause sexual arousal. The term child pornography applies for the sexual explicit material who involves minors of eighteen years of age. The human being as part of a civilized society it is meant to evolve and eradicate some kind of behaviors that make us go back as society and degrade our human nature. No matter the harshness of the punishments against the people who posses, make, distribute and so on child pornography this is something that is growing day by day and can be proved by the statistics....   [tags: minor, victims, power, objects, law]

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Causes and Solution of Juvenile Delinquency in America

- “Nearly every year the FBI arrests more than 3300 young adults under the age of 18” (Khan).Juvenile delinquency can be caused by the influence gangs,bullying, and bad parenting. This topic caught my attention because there a lot of kids getting arrested each year for crimes committed and kids getting involved in gangs, also kids getting access to weapons,drugs, or getting bully by other people. However juvenile delinquency can be prevented by offering bullying prevention, violence prevention curriculums and mentoring programs....   [tags: gang members, bullied victims, parenting]

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Medicare Fraud and Its Effects on the Government

- Medicare fraud is a problem of high importance when it comes to healthcare and as the years go by, it is seeming to become more and more rampant. I chose this topic because my parents own a home health care business in Houston and they mentioned Medicare fraud as one of the main things they look out for and try to prevent. Generally, Medicare fraud is a person or company that aims to collect healthcare reimbursement illegally. The most common form of Medicare fraud is billing a patient for services he or she never received....   [tags: healthcare, victims, money, prevent, patient]

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Human Trafficking Across the Globe

- ... in Lloyd 7). Sexual slavery is commonly known as sex trafficking, a type of human trafficking which involves the conscription, transportation, relocation, harbor or receipt of people, by coercive or abusive means for the purpose of sexual abuse. As Ceaser stated, there are times when young men search for girls from underprivileged and troubled families and pretend to fall in love with them; they then ‘sell’ the girls to brothel owners. (qtd. in Muller 150) Furthermore, the high demand of healthy organs and tissues on the black market is also a cause of human trafficking among female teenagers....   [tags: young women, victims, forced labor]

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Little Punishment for Cyber Crimes

- Most of the times cyber-crimes are never reported to law enforcement agencies; such offenses constitute a very significant and important component of criminal court cases. Sentences for these types of criminals are getting every day tougher and tougher. The most common prosecuted offenses by the court include card fraud, identity theft and transmission of child pornography. These are serious offenses that can get someone in jail for some period of time. Many people things they will get away with just a fine....   [tags: identity theft, child pornography, victims]

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Heal the World by Michael Jackson

- ... In this scene, the video shows us a little lovely girl, and she looks very lovely, this scene will make audiences who watch this video want to protect the little girl. In the meantime, the song starts. With the sweet voice of Michael Jackson, we saw three important frames, in the first scene, we saw soldiers stand in behind dust, and this means they are in a war. In the second scene, a little boy stand beside a tank, he wears a black jacket, on his face, we cannot see any expression, he looks very helpless, he cannot do anything to stop the war....   [tags: victims of war, hunger, children, soldiers]

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