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Analysis Of ' What We Need And Its ' Focus On Sin And The Consequences Of Sin

- Summary Throughout this book it makes very valid and interesting points. We learn about what sin can do to one’s spirit or daily living, and also what we need to do to become closer to Christ. It is noted that through Christianity we can repent against our sinful ways and seek salvation. This is a way to help further us in God’s plan and fight our inner sickness, which is brought on by our sinful ways. Throughout this book we also see that Jesus’ work came in the form of several different claims....   [tags: Christianity, Jesus, Sin, Salvation]

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The Christian Worldview Of Sin

- Society may not see sin as sin today, but it is still a reality, evil is rampant and progressing. An explanation is needed for the evil that is everywhere in the world and that explanation is sin. The modern view that we will progress because of our knowledge and reason and move away from evil into a utopian era is no longer valid and has been discarded. Therefore, in the new era of postmodernism a Christian worldview of sin has to be proclaimed boldly everywhere, to the world of intolerant tolerance, especially because of the fact that without sin there is no reason for the Christ the Savior....   [tags: New Testament, Christianity, Jesus, Sin]

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Doctrine Of Sin : Sin

- Doctrine of Sin Sin is elusive. It hides behind our motives and intentions. Sin will parade in a garment that looks stunningly beautiful but when uncovered there is nothing but ugliness and wickedness hiding underneath. "Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites. You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of the bones of the dead and everything unclean.” ( Mt....   [tags: Adam and Eve, Original sin, Serpent, Jesus]

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Falling Away : A Life Of Sin

- If a person has rejected being “enlightened,” then they have “fallen away” (6:6) into a life of sin. In context, it appears the hypothetical person has departed from the whole “enlightened” experience, only nominally attached through the “basic teachings” (6:1). Attridge sees “fallen away” not referring “to sin in general, but to the specific sin of apostasy.” Falling away is certainly a rejection of blessings brought about through being a believer, which Alan Mulgridge designates as the “renunciation of the covenant relationship with God.” Yet the term appears to suggest willful sinful tendencies on the part of the Believer....   [tags: Sin, Repentance, Jesus, Christian terms]

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God Is Not The Stain Of Sin

- If there was not a literal first pair of human beings, and thus not a literally first sin and fall, are people still born with a need for redemption. Or are people born essentially good, and then choose evil. Could someone other than Jesus choose to live a sinless life, or do all humans still carry the stain of sin. This question is crucially related to both the image of God in humanity and also the work of Christ. Calvin held that it was impossible for anyone to choose the good as a result of the fall of Adam and Eve....   [tags: Adam and Eve, Original sin, Human, Jesus]

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Jesus 's Parable Of The Prodigal Son

- Introduction Jesus’s Parable of the Prodigal Son, found in the book of Luke, Jesus extols the power of repentance and forgiveness, as the lost son is welcomed back by his father after he repents. Synopsis In The Parable of the Prodigal Son, there was a father with two sons. When the younger son matured, he asked for half of his father’s wealth, and he father complied. However, he went and squandered that wealth in a foreign land. After the man had depleted all his savings in irresponsible living, a famine struck his country, and he needed to find work....   [tags: Sin, Repentance, Jesus, Christianity]

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Jesus, God, And God

- In the beginning of humanities’ short existence, the almighty, loving God had purposefully created two people and a perfect world for them to conquer. Not understanding the gift bestowed on them, Adam and Eve had betrayed God and caved into their sinful nature by eating the forbidden fruit found in the Garden of Eden. After a period of time, the Father had made the ultimate sacrifice to show humanity that he sincerely loved them and to guide them back to him: he sent his son, Jesus, to earth. As Jesus preached to his unique and special creation, he was punished and sent to die on a cross as punishment for pretending to be a part of God; however, this was in Jesus’ plan as once he was resurre...   [tags: Jesus, Christianity, Original sin, Heaven]

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The Death Of Jesus And Eve

- Introduction “No man knows how bad he is till he has tried very hard to be good” (Lewis, C.S., 2001). We see the futile attempts of men and women in the Old Testament who eagerly intended to be good. They aimed to abide by the law of God, but as soon as something shiny, pleasurable, and of earthly value flashed before their eyes, their obedience to God’s commands went out the window. Some did not even try. God’s people compromised their beliefs and committed spiritual adultery against Him by esteeming handmade idols....   [tags: Jesus, New Testament, Christianity, Original sin]

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The Sin Of A Christian Will Again Open A Door For The Devil And Give Access For Oppression

- Does it mean that the sin of a Christian will immediately open a door for the devil and give access for oppression. God hates sin, no matter how small the sin might be, it is still unacceptable to God. Human beings, whether they are believers in Christ or not are never completely free from sin. The difference is that believers in Christ have been forgiven of the original sin that came through Adam and Eve. The good news is that once a person receives salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ, the incorruptible seed of Christ abides in them hence the power of blood of Christ cleanses them from sin....   [tags: Jesus, New Testament, Christianity, Original sin]

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Salvation And The Christian Faith

- Salvation, in Christianity, is defined as the state of being saved from sin or evil (Merriam-Webster). The word salvation is mentioned in one hundred and fifty-eight different verses in the Bible (The Holy Bible: KJV). It is written in John 3:16 that “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” According to that verse, God loves us so much that he gave the life of his only Son so that we could obtain salvation from the sin and evil within the world....   [tags: Christianity, Christian terms, Jesus, Sin]

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Perspective on Jesus Christ´s Death and Human Nature to Sin

- Introduction Throughout this course, several topics have been dissected and given new meanings and perspectives. Having accepted Christ into one’s heart doesn’t mean that the knowledge of Christianity will all of a sudden appear or come pouring into one’s mind. It takes time and studying to grasp the concepts especially two topics in general. The first topic is the death of Christ, the purpose behind and outcomes of his sacrifice. The second topic is the sin nature, which has its roots in the fall of man....   [tags: Christinity, Beliefs]

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Analysis Of The Book ' The Garden '

- In Chapters 4 and 5 of Engaging God’s World you have Chapters: Redemption and Vocation in the Kingdom of God, respectively. They share a commonality in that Redemption had to occur before we could accept our vocation in the Kingdom of God. As Plantinga says “Human misery is nearly as old as the human race but equally old is the story of God’s grace, that is, God’s mercy to the undeserving.” What is Man that we live such reckless sinful lives. In the beginning of Genesis in the Garden we observe Adam and eve make the first mistake in Chapter 3-- disobeying and instead of surely dying as God had once said-- he redeemed them from shameful nakedness to briar clothing instead....   [tags: Jesus, Christianity, Sin, Heaven]

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A Comparison Between Judah And Our Nation

- In this paper, there will be an attempt to investigate two factors first, there will be a comparison between Judah and our nation to see how Jeremiah’s betrayal of God as the divine potter is applicable in today’s world. Finally, How does Paul’s concept of “When the fullness of time had come, God sent forth his Son” (Galatians 4:4, English Standard Version). How does this concept relate to our modern world. Judah’s greatest shortcoming was their denial of God and the resulting action of them walking away from Him....   [tags: Sin, Christianity, SIN, Jesus]

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A Famous Bishop Of Hippo, St. Augustine

- A famous bishop of Hippo, St. Augustine, contributes significantly to the foundational establishment and growth of Western Christianity. While Christianity is becoming central to people’s lives, it is also known to be one major cause of the Romans’ downfall. The Romans argue that the God the Christians believe in has failed to uphold the city from falling apart. These background conditions, set up chaotic circumstances that significantly impact his early life. He begins to question everything and recklessly lives a sinful life until one day he encounters Christ....   [tags: Augustine of Hippo, God, Jesus, Sin]

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Analysis Of The Book ' Romans ' The Basis Of The Christian Faith

- Introduction / Thesis The book of Romans establishes the basis of the Christian faith. It is a blueprint of what we are to believe and how we are to behave. By studying this book one can grow in their knowledge and faith. Romans 1-8 talks about how we should view the natural world, human identity, human relationships, culture, and much more. The Natural World The first chapter of Romans opens with Paul stating that he is a servant of Jesus Christ. We all should humble ourselves and proudly proclaim the same....   [tags: Jesus, Bible, Sin, Salvation]

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Is Sin Or Sin?

- Sin can be defined in many ways, but it creates a separation from God. There is a war that occurs inside people. That war is between one’s flesh and the Holy Spirit. Satan was the originator of sin because pride caused him to sin against God. Adam and Eve were the doors that allowed sin to enter the world. Sin causes death and without a savior, it is impossible to cleanse oneself. Once sin is conceived, it takes an atonement to wipe away one’s sin. Jesus became the atonement for all believers and He gives everyone a chance to have a relationship with God....   [tags: Christianity, Jesus, Holy Spirit]

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Augustine 's Homily 5 On The First Epistle Of John He Faces A Conundrum

- Augustine’s Conundrum In Augustine’s Homily 5 on the First Epistle of John he faces a conundrum. The conundrum is concerning the scripture 1 John 3:9-18 where in the scripture begins, “Whosoever is born of God does not commit sin.” He discusses this scripture at length debating the fact that if one has been baptized into the family of God, they are therefore born of God. However, in looking to the scriptural passage from 1 John 1:8, which says, “If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us”, this passage creates the conundrum of whether one is sinless or sinful....   [tags: Jesus, Christianity, Original sin, Salvation]

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The Bible As A Book Of Wisdom

- During my journey as a Christian, the Bible has been used as a book of wisdom. Many elders in my church will use scriptures to define the world we live in today. From homosexuality to controlling addiction, the Bible became the answer to my problems. However, it does have me wonder why Christians are compelled to the Bible when it has been created by man. I do believe that Bible is a wisdom book, but there is a difference between how God’s Word operates in other resources and the Bible itself. The Bible, or God’s Word, operates within the hearts of common people who did not know the Lord; it also operates in Christians today....   [tags: Jesus, Christianity, Bible, Original sin]

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The Meaning Of Lust Of The Eyes And Crown Of Life

- Introduction The purpose of this reflection paper is to discover the meaning of lust of the eyes and crown of life. It will be clear lust of the eyes came not from the God but is a product of the world. Furthermore, lust of the eyes will not prevent the faithful Christian from earning a crown of life as the Lord promised. Theological Definition The New Oxford American Dictionary describes lust as a strong sexual desire or a strong desire for something. In the Bible, we find the phrase lust of the eyes, which can refer to sin committed by the eyes towards desiring something or someone....   [tags: Christianity, Jesus, God, Original sin]

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Dr. Wayne Grudem Uses A Biblical World View

- Dr. Wayne Grudem uses a Biblical World View to explain that a Christian can still be successful in the business world. Gruden looks at eleven aspects of business, breaking them into individual chapters: 1. Ownership 2. Productivity 3. Employment 4. Commercial transactions (buying and selling) 5. Profit 6. Money 7. Inequality of possessions 8. Competition 9. Borrowing and lending 10. Attitudes of hearing 11. Effect on world poverty Dr. Grudem wisely says “Many aspects of business activity are morally good in themselves, and that in themselves they bring glory to God - though they also have great potential for misuse and wrongdoing.” It is sinful man that makes the morally good aspects of b...   [tags: Christianity, Jesus, Good and evil, Sin]

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Why Did God Give Us Free Will?

- Answering the big questions of life isn 't easy. It requires much time and effort to properly explain the concepts of how we came to be and for what purpose we exist. In Mere Christianity, C. S. Lewis expertly does just that, detailing the intricate Christian beliefs, as well as many other faiths. He talks about the ideas free will, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the Christian faith compared to other religions, to name a few. And, these concepts are always ready to be further expounded on....   [tags: Jesus, Christianity, Original sin, God]

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How Technology Affects Us?

- Movies are made popular by the idea that humans can be more than human. From ancient Greek and Norse Gods to Ant-Man®, humans have always admired abilities that would take us beyond what we are into what we could be. With genetic technology, scientists can identify DNA markers for everything from physical attributes, to gene mutations that cause disease. Soon enough, the ability to select human physical characteristics and cognitive abilities will be as easy as flipping a switch. And, if all things were possible, what would stop society from splicing DNA from animals into human DNA to select non-human characteristics....   [tags: Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve, Jesus, Original sin]

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Christian Media 's Influence On The Media

- There are many institutions of technology that have influenced Christians to support or oppose the media as a whole. Even to this day, there are differing opinions of how Christians should approach media. Some say that we should avoid it all together, and some say that we need to be fully involved with the media. It ultimately comes down to one’s world view and their approach to being the light of the world that Christians are supposed to be. One of the most negative views of media in Christian society is the view of the Separatists....   [tags: Jesus, Christianity, Christ, Original sin]

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The Bible As A Sin

- Why is homosexuality mentioned so many times in the Bible as a sin. In the book Torn, Lee tries to find an answer in the Bible for why he is gay. Although Lee grapples with scriptures in Chapter 12 and tries to discern the meaning of the verses in light of the context, he is disappointed that the answers he was looking for were not there. Through these scriptures we can discern that the act of gay sex is a sin, homosexuality is no different from any other sin, and because every person on earth is a sinner, we should unconditionally love these people....   [tags: Jesus, Christianity, New Testament, Bible]

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Was Jesus the Reincarnation of Adam?

- ... God told Adam and Eve that they were allowed to eat from every tree that was in the garden, but they were not to eat from the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Satan appeared to Eve, Adams wife, and told her that if she ate from the forbidden tree then she would be just like God. The devil told her that she would gain the wisdom to decide between what is right and what is wrong. Eve took a bite from a fruit of the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and then gave it to Adam, who also ate from the tree resulting in the disobedience of Gods orders....   [tags: genesis, temptation, sin]

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The Important Aspects of Jesus' Life

- Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem to a virgin named Mary (Luke 1-2 New International Version). Throughout the Old Testament of the Bible, there are many prophecies explaining what Jesus was meant and going to do on this Earth. Jesus had to fulfill each one to become the Savior of the Earth. When Jesus was in his 30s, He started to preach, create miracles, and explain the new ways and rules of how to live (Luke New International Translation). The four gospels in the Bible teach us that Jesus never sinned, He was tempted countless or time, showed the people miracles, was tortured for everyone who walks on this Earth, died and conquered death for the people to Live with God eternally....   [tags: resurection, sin, teachings]

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Human Nature From Biblical And Psychological Perspectives

- IV. Human Nature from Biblical and Psychological Perspectives Working with children who have been abandoned or psychically abused from that time their were infants is normally a very challenging quest, and one of the reasons for it its because of their feelings of hurt, of being unwanted and being abused. These children do not know who they are, who God created them to be, they often feel guilty form their parents problems, they often think that if they were never born, their parents would have been happy or at least happier....   [tags: Jesus, Christianity, Holy Spirit, Original sin]

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The Philosophy Of Sin And Law

- Research Paper
on What is Sin? Lately, when reading Romans, I stumbled across this verse, “sin is not imputed where there is no law” (Romans 5:13 King James Version). This idea—that sin is no longer imputed (charged to one’s account) when there is no law—sparked within me a desire to learn more about the concept of sin and law. From my understanding Jesus had done away with the law and the consequences of the law (Galatians 3:13-14). But as I found out, the concept of sin and law goes much deeper than that....   [tags: New Testament, Paul of Tarsus, Jesus, Salvation]

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The Sin Against The Holy Spirit

- The Sin Against The Holy Spirit On the occasion of Jesus healing a man who was blind, dumb and possessed by a devil, the Scribes and Pharisees accused Him of using power from Beelzebub to work the miracle. (Matt. 12:22-24) The Lord said, “Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men. And whosoever speaketh a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him: but whosoever speaketh against the Holy Ghost, it shall not be forgiven him, neither in this world, neither in the world to come” (Matt....   [tags: Jesus, God in Christianity, God, Holy Spirit]

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The Sin God Won 't Forgive

- The Sin God Won’t Forgive John wrote, “If any man see his brother sin a sin which is not unto death, he shall ask, and he shall give him life for them that sin not unto death. There is a sin unto death; I do not say that he shall pray for it.”(I John 5: 16) Now, you know, that verse used to bother me when I thought John was writing about a sin that one could commit and for which there was no forgiveness; that a person who committed that specific sin, whatever it was, could never have forgiveness; that they were doomed forever....   [tags: Jesus, Christian terms, Noah's Ark]

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Evidence of the Resurrection of Jesus

- What the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Accomplished. In order to understand the meaning of the death and resurrection of Jesus it is imperative to comprehend the meaning of the Old Testament and the covenants that God made to Noah, Abraham, Moses, and David. When God created the world and humans it was for God to inhabit the world with humans. However, Adam and Eve the first humans that God created, sin against Him by eating from the tree that God had forbidden. From that moment on, the world fell into sin....   [tags: sin, covenant, God]

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The Christian Doctrine Of Sin

- In chapter ten, Timothy Keller says that proper understanding of the Christian doctrine of sin can be a great source for human hope. He defines sin as “seeking to become oneself, to get an identity, apart from God” (Timothy Keller 168). In other words, we attempt to find our sense of worth outside of God. He also says, “sin is not simply doing evil things, but the making of good things into ultimate things” (Keller 168). Keller says that there are personal consequences for the rebellion against God....   [tags: Jesus, Christianity, Disability, Good and evil]

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Jesus : The Humanity Of Jesus

- The humanity of Jesus is evident throughout Scripture. He was born of a woman (Galatians 4:4), and later he would die a human death. Though his conception was spiritual his birth was fully human. Jesus had human emotion. He became weary after long travels, and as depicted in John 11:35 “He wept”. His outpouring of emotion over the loss of a friend shows that he cared deeply for the people he was connected with. Jesus was fully human. He was born human, felt human emotions, and live on Earth as a human....   [tags: New Testament, Jesus, Christianity, Christology]

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Using Caffeine is a Sin Against God

- Using Caffeine is a Sin Against God One of the most widely misunderstood commandments in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the Word of Wisdom.  The question that seems to trouble many members of the church is whether or not caffeine is part of the Word of Wisdom.  In this paper, we will find that as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, we cannot drink caffeinated beverages and say that we keep the Word of Wisdom.      President Hinckley asked and answered a question in General Conference on October 4th of 1997....   [tags: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints]

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Sin And Its Effect On Society

- Certain words, like people, get old and tired, having lost their vitality. When they do, maybe they, like people, should be retired from active service. A prime candidate for this verbal retirement might be the word “sin”. As long as humans exist, the concept of sin will never retire because it definitely exists. None of us are perfect; we all sin whenever the opportunity presents itself. Sin affects all of us, both when we sin and when others sin. But what is sin. How does one go about defining it....   [tags: God, New Testament, Jesus, Adam and Eve]

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The Brutality Of Jesus Death

- “THE BRUTALITY OF JESUS DEATH” Many experts from several different fields (archaeology, medicine and historical researchers) have undoubtedly agreed that Jesus Christ “willingly” suffered one of the most taxing and excruciating forms of punishment and death. Prior to the crucifixion, Jesus was in anguish and terrible stress on the Mount of Olives, because of the burden of the sins of the whole world which was laid upon His shoulders (Luke 22:42; John 1:29). The scripture told us that Jesus prayed throughout the night without sleep, because as God in the flesh, He had seen what will befall him during his trial, which caused his great stress, and the agonizing situation that made sweat to dro...   [tags: Jesus, Crucifixion, Crucifixion of Jesus]

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Christians Believe That Jesus Was God

- , He had no qualms about telling His opponents that He was the son of God (John 10:36 TLB [The Living Bible]), the way, the truth and the life (John 14:6), and that anyone who had seen Him, had seen the father (John 14:9). Due to the nature of these statements, it is understandable that some assumed that He was a raving lunatic and a liar; however, none of these assumptions could be supported by His day-to-day activities. Additionally, in spite of all threats of intimidation, and even though He was given every chance, He never denied His claim to be God....   [tags: Jesus, Christianity, New Testament]

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The Crucifixion Of Jesus And Man

- Isaiah 53:1-12 is discussing the crucifixion of Jesus and man’s response to it. It states that there was no characteristic of Jesus that would draw man unto him, but rather he was hated and outcast among the people. Then the passage gives man hope. Jesus died to open a pathway for forgiveness and took on our sin, so that even men who despised him would have an opportunity to enter into a relationship with Him. The passage also declares that Jesus died the perfect death since He was blameless at the time of the crucifixion and no unholy word was uttered from His mouth....   [tags: Jesus, Bible, Gospel of John]

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Jesus Foretells His Future : Jesus 's Future

- Jesus foretells his Future Jesus mentions to the disciples, in John 8:21-30, “he is going away, and you will search for me, but you will die in your sin.” The disciples continually would need to overcome their sinful nature, but there were situations the disciples needed to understand Jesus was sent by God. This is one of the many parables Jesus used to teach those who desired to seek the understanding of the Kingdom, but for some of the peoples ' understanding or recognition of Christ would not come at the moment for some individuals....   [tags: Christianity, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Christian terms]

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The Parables of Jesus and the End Times

- A parable is defined as an earthly story with a heavenly message. Jesus frequently used parables as a means of exemplifying insightful, divine truths. The insightful stories are easily remembered, the characters are usually bold, and the representation rich in significance. “A parable is meant to arrest the hearer or reader in such a way that he or she must think of things in a new and unaccustomed manner” (Cunningham & Kelsay, 2013). Jesus used these parables as a harbinger of the apocalypse and incorporated many common situations to induce a thought provoking response to the truths He was trying to teach....   [tags: the prodigal son, jesus, god]

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The Death Of Jesus Christ

- As read he history in discussion- 4, I see that book was written after the death of Jesus Christ and even the time of Jesus there not a religious belong to him. Those religious was create by the group of the people around the communities for the need of human being and to protect life of people in my view. So after the death of Jesus people start to recognize him as massager of the god. They start to faith in him. The faith turn into the ground of people in the society and the society give make it the culture and tradition which is known as the religious and celebrate it....   [tags: Jesus, Christianity, Christ, Assyria]

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Jesus ' Life, Death, And Resurrection

- On another note, worshipping Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection can help someone better understand their own life and self. Speaking about Jesus’ messages on the kingdom of God, Dallas Willard, author of the Divine Conspiracy, wrote, “When we submit what and where we are to God, our rule or dominion then increases” (Willard, 1998). So much can be gained from submitting to God and worshipping Jesus. This is both in the worldly and the spiritual way; as God blesses those that follow Him, as well as provide those with a kingdom to be with Him after this life....   [tags: Jesus, Christianity, Bible, Gospel of Matthew]

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The Significance Of The Holy Of Jesus Christ

- Throughout the world, people universally recognize the cross as the central symbol of Christianity. Within the church, the cross represents God’s eternal love, justice and Jesus Christ. Although this is a widely accepted understanding amongst most Christians, others question its propriety. To explain this reasoning, one must understand the history of Israel prior to the birth of Jesus Christ. At this time, Jerusalem was best known for its involvement in trade, which inspired the Romans to conquer them....   [tags: Jesus, Crucifixion, Christianity, Christian cross]

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Learning Journal Item 13 : We See Sin

- Learning Journal Item 13 We see sin in relation to grace Adam - The first sin is answered immediately with the hope of salvation through the promise of redemption (CCC 55). Noah -Though the unity of humanity was shattered by sin, the Father strives to restore the unity of humanity piece by piece(56). Throughout history the gentiles are offered models of sanctity from amongst their ranks, by means of fidelity to the Noahic Covenant (58). Abraham - The prodigal children of Adam will be gathered through Abraham, the Father of Nations (59), from whose seed the flower of the Church will blossom (60)....   [tags: Jesus, Christian terms, Baptism, God]

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John 9 : The Catalyst For Jesus

- John 9: John 9 contains a story of yet another healing from the hand of Jesus, in what becomes an incredibly similar story to the healed paralytic from John 5. Both stories share a similar setting, and a similar reaction from the Pharisees. We will see the Pharisees be confronted with Jesus ' authority to heal. This chapter contains a discussion regarding blindness, both in the actual, physical sense, as well as the condition on the part of those who are supposed to be directing society in God’s word....   [tags: Jesus, Gospel of John, Resurrection of the dead]

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The Salvation Story Of Jesus

- Salvation Story What does it mean to be saved. To be saved is the conscious acceptance of Christ as the propitiation for your sins. Because Jesus, who was holy and without sin took the punishment of death for our sins, we can ask him to take away and forgive our sins. “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive our sins” (KJV, 1 John 1:9). Jesus died for everyone’s sins; however, not everyone chooses to accept His gift of “eternal life” (KJV, John 3:16). I have accepted this amazing and gracious gift....   [tags: Christianity, God, Bible, Jesus]

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Jesus ' Teachings On My Life

- Introduction The Son of God, the Messiah, the Lamb of God, whatever name you prefer to call Him, His name is Jesus Christ. His teachings were full of information that followers used to get closer to God and to be able to understand the words of the Father. From His death to His resurrection, Jesus always showed courage and hopefulness because He knew that He was going home. There are many books in the Bible that speak of the second coming Jesus Christ, in just the New Testament alone, 23 out of the 27 books speak of His return....   [tags: Jesus, Christianity, New Testament, Messiah]

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Who Is The Lord Jesus Christ?

- Romans 3:23 For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. We all have many things in common and one of them is we all fall short of the glory of God because of our sins, which leads to eternal punishment. But God is rich in His mercy and grace sent His Son to die in the place of those that repent and place their faith in Him. John 3:15 states whoever believes in Him, that 's the Lord Jesus Christ shall not perish but have eternal life. Whoever places a saving faith, which is nothing less than a commitment of your life to the Lord Jesus shall not be eternally punished but receive eternal life....   [tags: Jesus, New Testament, Christianity, Repentance]

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Who Is The Man Called Jesus?

- Who is this Man called Jesus. First, I will explain who he is and how and where did he get his name from both historically and biblically. Second is he GOD himself or does he stands along like us as humans what makes him any different to the average human being. In conclusion why was he created what does he really mean to us is it important to know him and develop a personal relationship if so why. In the beginning God provided us with one his amazing creations and that was Jesus who got his name when a wonderful holy messenger told Joseph that Mary was pregnant with a kid by the Holy Spirit....   [tags: Jesus, God, Holy Spirit, Christianity]

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The Gospel Message Of Jesus Christ

- Introduction When studying the Gospel message of Jesus Christ, many scholars regard the book of Romans as the most important of the apostle Paul’s letters. (Knight & Ray, 2005) This is perhaps because it contains the most in-depth exploration of Christian theology, namely justification through faith in Jesus Christ. (Hinson & Towns, 2013)The letter, especially chapters one through eight, contains a summary of what embodies a Christian worldview. Since Paul wrote to both the Jewish and Gentile believers in Rome, he provided for them, as well as readers today, a biblical perspective that answers questions about the natural world, human identity, human relationships, and culture....   [tags: Christianity, New Testament, Jesus, Bible]

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New Signs Of Who Jesus

- The New Testament encapsulates what the title depicts, new signs of who Jesus is and evidence of what humankind’s future will bring, due to whether they chose life with Him or not. It is a blueprint designed by prominent biblical people as a way to share their testimonies and spiritual guidance for future Christians, while waiting for Jesus’ second coming. These books offer foundational building blocks to help form a durable faith in God, for no one knows when the Messiah will return…Therefore, it is beneficial to know the spectrum of identities that depict Jesus, particularly the declaration of Him as ‘God the Son’, as to appreciate His roles, in particular for me personally (to avoid false...   [tags: New Testament, Jesus, Christianity, God]

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The Journey Of Jesus Christ

- Jesus lived for about 33 years in the early years of the 1st century AD. For most of his life he worked as a carpenter in Nazareth, a busy town in northern Israel. Jesus Christ was born into this world as the son of Mary inheriting from her his mortality and as the Son of God inheriting from him the powers of immortality. Christ grew in knowledge from grace to grace until He gained the fullness of all things. All power in heaven and earth was given to Him. Jesus Christ suffered for all the sins of mankind on the cross, and yet he remained sinless....   [tags: Jesus, Christianity, Messiah, Son of God]

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Who Is Jesus Christ?

- Who is Jesus Christ. What has he done to enable salvation from sin. What is the meaning and significance of what he has done. To begin to answer the question “Who is Jesus Christ,” I feel that it is extremely important to understand how our current society sees Him and Christianity. To be blunt and completely honest, we live in a society that does not tolerate prejudice. We can no longer ridicule ethnic groups such as African American Leaders who spend more time spreading poison and hatred than helping alleviate the real problem at hand....   [tags: Christianity, Jesus, New Testament]

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Jesus As A For All Of Humanity

- Jesus served as example for all of humanity. His life work was to solve the fundamental problem of humanities sin and to provide eternal life with the Father. Jesus Christ demonstrated the way humans should live. He modeled behavior to the poor, the sick, the imprisoned, women, tax collector, to His friends. He came to set the example of the way to live for Christians. Basically, Jesus life was an outline of how to live your own life. Jesus confirmed that you should love your neighbor as yourself....   [tags: Christianity, Jesus, Christian terms, Holy Spirit]

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The Gospel Of Jesus And His Teachings

- God’s written law is something that is and should be continuously turned, to not only when Christians find themselves in need, but also throughout in one’s daily life. The four gospels tell to story of Jesus’ life and his teachings he gave while on the earth making it possible for there to be a true example of Christ-like faith. The proposition that there are differences in the story of Jesus and in his teachings seems to question the basis upon which the Christian faith is found upon. Rather than proclaiming the gospels as falsehoods because on the differences they possess, by analyzing the differences in the context of the particular gospel it can be understood that the differences are not...   [tags: Jesus, Gospel, New Testament, Gospel of Mark]

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The Death Of The King Jesus Christ

- We know that flesh and blood shall not inherit the kingdom of God, neither corruption shall inherit incorruption. For the word of God says in I Corinthians 15: 51; Behold I show you a mystery, not all of us shall sleep, but we shall be changed, in the twinkling of an eye, when the last blast of the trumpet sound, first the dead shall rise incorruptible and we will be changed. For this corruptible body must put on incorruption, and this mortal life must put on immortality. When that change takes place Death shall be swallowed up into victory....   [tags: Christianity, Jesus, New Testament, Old Testament]

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Who Is Jesus Christ?

- Who was Jesus Christ; and why did He willingly suffer, and ultimately die on the cross. Due to the diligent study of the Bible, and men of faith dedicating their entire lives to understanding the nature of Jesus, we have made the amazing hidden discover of the duel incarnate nature of Christ, and why He came to atone us. It was prophesied in the Old Testament of a Savior’s arrival, and we see it fulfilled in the New Testament in Jesus Christ when Jesus arrives incarnate and pays for the wrongdoing of His people....   [tags: Jesus, New Testament, Christian terms]

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Luke 's View Of Jesus

- Luke’s gospel was written in 80-85ce, after the destruction of Jerusalem occurred and the temple being destroyed. From this event the “gentiles questioned, if God was unfaithful to Israel, then what chances did the gentiles have?” Therefore the basis of Luke’s gospel “shows that’s God was never unfaithful, but instead fulfilled all promises through Jesus, who opened the way to salvation for all people”. Luke was able to send this message across through his portrayal of Jesus, which helped shape his communities’ new identity as Christians....   [tags: Jesus, Christianity, Gospel of John, New Testament]

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Life and Teachings of Jesus

- Introduction I believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross for my sins, so that I would be able to live with Him for eternity. Jesus, for me, is the most important and I couldn't go through life without Him by my side. Jesus is the answer to all the problems and issues of this world. A lot of the time Jesus is either disrespected or taken for granted. Most people don't realize how our past, present, and future are affected by Him. Jesus is monumental in history through His life, teachings, and character....   [tags: Jesus Christ, Bethlehem, Savior, Bible, Religion]

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Jesus, The Son Of God

- Introduction: Jesus, the son of God. It was He who sent his only son to die for the sins of all men and women. It was a sacrificial type love that tore the veil, allowing all to live in the presence of the Holy Spirit. In this New Covenant, those who accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior are forgiven for the sins they have yet to commit. Due to persecution, the second generation of Christians became tempted to go back to their Judaism, Jewish ways, going back to the old teaching of the Old Covenant....   [tags: Jesus, Christianity, Holy Spirit, Christian terms]

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Did Jesus Really Exist?

- Did Jesus really exist. There are many facts and data that show the truth that was Jesus. Many people do not believe he was real, these people have their arguments as to why they do not believe that Jesus existed, but it is clear from historical documents that Jesus was real. Not only is there the Gospels from the Bible as evidence, there are other historical documents, non-Biblical, that prove he existed. What is probably considered the most popular and also the most in depth documentation is from the Bible....   [tags: Jesus, New Testament, Titus, Gospel of John]

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Where Sin Abounded, Grace Did Much More Abound

- …”where sin abounded, grace did much more abound.” Romans 5:20 As a young Christian, I heard repeated many times the words of Paul the apostle, "For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— not by works, so that no one can boast." Eph. 2:8-9. I believed I understood well enough the meaning of grace; God 's willingness to forgive and forget. And the context I was hearing it in was typically referring to either the salvation of the unbeliever, or rest and comfort for the sin wearied soul of the believer....   [tags: Jesus, Holy Spirit, Christianity]

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Life, Death, And Resurrection Of Jesus Christ

- “I believe in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. I believe that he suffered, died, and was buried, and that on the third day he rose again in fulfillment of the scriptures. I believe he ascended into heaven and is seated at the right hand of the Father. I believe he will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead and his Kingdom shall have no end.” Those are a few of the lines from the Nicene Creed, which I learned as a small Catholic before ever realizing what they meant....   [tags: Jesus, Christianity, Trinity, God in Christianity]

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Jesus: The ONLY Way and Guide to Eternal Life with God

- Throughout the Bible the author(s) and, by default, Jesus try to reassert the importance of Jesus and his calling. They try to illustrate Jesus as the leader to human kind’s salvation and the only way to God. This depiction of his importance isn’t always subtle but hidden between the lines and in parables. Jesus found a way to stress his importance regardless of what his preaching topic is. Luke 6:39 is a good example of that. Luke wrote “He (Jesus) also told them a parable: “Can a blind person guide a blind person....   [tags: The Bible, religion, Jesus, beliefs]

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Jesus Christ Is The Most World Changing Figure

- Jesus Christ is arguably the most world-changing figure in the entirety of human history. Author Paul Little writes: Jesus has been the subject of more literature, art and music than any other person. I would like to acknowledge my friend and fellow science educator, Mark Ritter, for sharing his perspectives with me in this discussion. So why does Jesus seem to have a permanent place in contemporary culture. Why does he seem as relevant today as he was two thousand years ago. Why is he still the topic of so many on-going conversations....   [tags: New Testament, Jesus, Christianity, Gospel]

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How Do Christians View The Death Of Jesus

- How do Christians view the death of Jesus, and how does this affect the relationship of human beings to God "The death of Jesus was understood as a means of cancelling sin, provided by God himself, and displaying his love for sinners." (Partridge, Kindle Page 7823) The death of Jesus was to signify that God had given his only son for the sins of others. This is to remind Christians that Jesus died for the sins of all and God gave something precious to prove so. What are three consequences of the resurrection of Jesus According to the book, Partridge explains that the three consequences of the resurrection of Jesus, being that the first was that God would come once again "through the return o...   [tags: Christianity, Jesus, Christian terms, Trinity]

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The Romans Road And Jesus Christ As Their Personal Savior

- The Romans Road is a direct outline of how one is to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. It is a step by step method that guides a person from the time they realize their sin and their need for a Savior to the point where they accept Jesus and begin to live their life for Him. The Romans Road uses verses from the book of Romans to justify and explain each step of the process. There is a total of seven steps starting with recognizing the role of God as Creator and us as the creation and ending with the decision to follow Jesus and make Him Lord of your life....   [tags: New Testament, Christianity, Jesus, Gospel]

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In a State of Sin

- These aforementioned verses deal with three different conditions of an individual’s unregenerate state before receiving salvation; one, lying to oneself that they are without sin when they are yet sinners. The second is the acknowledgment of their sins unto repentance and the third one is denying the fact that they have sinned when they know they have sinned. These are a declaration in which one may perceive their state. Let me explain further in detail, verse 8 reveals, the mental disposition of one who is presently in a state of sin, while in a state of denial....   [tags: The Bible]

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The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ

- "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." This verse - John 3:16 - is perhaps the most important in the Bible. Jesus Christ was the son of God, but he was also the son of man. Jesus had a human mother, Mary (see Luke 1:30-31 for example), but his father was God (see John 3:18 for example). Jesus was human, not God. Consider 1 Timothy 2:5:"For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus;" There could not be a clearer statement that Christ was a man....   [tags: Essays about Jesus Christ]

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The Impeccability of Jesus Christ

- The Impeccability of Jesus Christ The New Testament authors had no qualms about declaring that Jesus was truly human and telling us that Jesus committed no sin. Bible passages such as 2 Corinthians 5:21, Hebrews 4:15, 1 Peter 2:22 and 1 John 3:5 “witness that He [Jesus] did not give in to temptation, nor violate the moral standards of God, nor was He inconsistent with the nature of his character.” That is, Jesus was sinless. It is vital to our theology that Jesus was sinless. For only if Jesus was sinless could His death have been a vicarious substitution and fulfil God’s redemptive plan for man....   [tags: Bible Christianity Religion Jesus Christ Essays]

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What Does Jesus Christ Say About God 's Word?

- What does Jesus Christ say about God’s word. In John (10:35), Jesus says, “the Scripture cannot be broken.” When Jesus says this he is testifying to the authority of the Bible. Again, in Mathew (5:17), Jesus said, “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.” Jesus Christ believed in the Old Testament of the Bible as “Law” and trusted in those that taught the law, the “Prophets.” The cornerstone of Christian belief is the resurrection of Jesus Christ....   [tags: New Testament, Jesus, Christianity, Gospel]

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Christians Beliefs, God, Humanity, Jesus, Ways Of Salvation And The Cristian Worldview

- Despite of our different ways of living and daily routines; The majority of people come to the conclusion that without God they are just puppets living in a world filled of injustice and cruelty. Others might just don’t care about anything and only live to live. With out a God; Others have other religion bases but no matter where people come from, the reality of the world today is that we are a multicultural creation that needs God in their lives. No matter what country, color nationality people are the need of him is huge....   [tags: Jesus, Christianity, Holy Spirit, Trinity]

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Christians, God, Humanity, Jesus, Ways Of Salvation And The Cristian Worldview

- Despite our different ways of living and daily routines; The majority of people come to the conclusion that without God they are just puppets living in a world filled with injustice and cruelty. Others might just not care about anything and only live to live. With out a God; Others have another religion bases, but no matter where people come from, the reality of the world today is that we are a multicultural creation that needs God in their lives. No matter what country, color, or nationality people are the need of him is huge....   [tags: Jesus, Christianity, Holy Spirit, Trinity]

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The Church Of Jesus Christ

- The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the sixth largest church in the United States with approximately 15 million Mormons following the religion. The Mormonism was founded by Joseph Smith, Jr. in 1820 because he was overwhelmed by the different Christian denominations formed and he wondered which denomination was true. When he was 14 years old, he went into the woods to pray in order to figure out his concerns and supposedly God appeared to him and told Smith not to join any of the denominations in his town....   [tags: Jesus, Christianity]

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The Revelation Of Jesus Of Nazareth

- AN ATTEMPT TO DISCOVER JESUS OF NAZARETH The person of Jesus of Nazareth has been examined from different angles in order to understand his life and teachings. Theology wants to go further than simply knowing what his life or teachings say about him. Theology, specifically Christology, wants to go deeper, to the very core of his mission, to the reason of his coming into the world, and the aftermath of this magnificent event. One of the recent attempts to talk about Jesus was called the Jesus Seminar....   [tags: Jesus, Trinity, Gospel of John, Historical Jesus]

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The Book Of Acts Records The Beginning Of The Final Waiting Period Before The Completion Of Jesus

- The book of Acts records the beginning of the final waiting period before the completion of God’s plan of redemption. The Gospels’ detailed Christ’s redemptive work on earth, his death and resurrection, which fulfilled the requirement for the atonement of sin bring redemption to humanity. The Book of Acts begins with the end of Jesus’ earthly work and the start of his followers’ missionary journey, witnessing about Jesus until he returns. Jesus’ earthly ministry created the pathway for humanity to once again enter God’s presence in the present and throughout eternity....   [tags: New Testament, Jesus, Christianity, Holy Spirit]

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Jesus Christ, The Incarnation Of God

- Jesus Christ, the incarnation of God walked the earth trying to achieve peace for humanity. Jesus Christ suffered for humanity so that humans could live in peace with one another and with God. The evangelist Mark, who announced the gospel of Jesus, spoke of a victory. This victory was one of a kind in the sense that it was not won by an emperor or a king, but by a real God. But what does Christianity mean by resurrection. Christianity by resurrection means forgiving love. It means peace. It means a chance for a new life....   [tags: Jesus, Christianity, New Testament]

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The Birth Of Jesus Christ

- “THE BIRTH OF JESUS” Throughout Jesus genealogy, He was considered to be a descendant of Abraham through the tribe of Judah and the seed of David an offspring of Shem (Genesis 12:1-3; Rev. 5:5; Acts 13:22-24; 2 Timothy 2:8; Revelations 22:16). Looking at the history of Jesus genealogy, God had used several Gentiles to be the ancestors of Jesus Christ (Matthew 1:3, 5-6). Mary the earthly mother of Jesus Christ was a Semitic Aramaic Jewish woman and His earthly father “Joseph” was a Jew from the offspring’s of David (Genesis 49:10; 1 Chronicles 17:11-12; Jeremiah 33:17; Psalm 89:29-38)....   [tags: Jesus, New Testament, Christianity]

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Jesus Is The Light Of The World

- Kayla Waid Professor Dennis Crump RELI 1003-M09 29 September 2015 Jesus is the Light of the World In John chapter eight verse twelve it quotes, “I am the light of the world; he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.” In my opinion that has some of the strongest words just in one verse. John was written to prove that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. In John it gives us an up close and personal look at Christ’s identity. This verse has so many interpretations....   [tags: Jesus, Christianity, Trinity, God in Christianity]

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The Proclamation Of The Gospel Of Jesus Christ

- My call in regard to the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is to share my faith by living out my love of Christ and showing the love of Jesus Christ to the world around me. The Bible says in Matthew 28:16-20, “Now the eleven disciples went to Galilee, to the mountain to which Jesus had directed them. And when they saw him they worshiped him, but some doubted. And Jesus came and said to them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you....   [tags: Jesus, Christianity, Gospel, New Testament]

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