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The Shawl, by Cynthia Ozick

- The short story, “The Shawl,” written by Cynthia Ozick, recounts World War II by providing a very vivid image of a Concentration Camp in Nazi Germany. As one reads, he or she can see that Ozick does a wonderful job in portraying the hard times of Jews during the Holocaust. In the first paragraph, we meet the central characters, Rosa, Stella, and Magda as they attempt to endure the fears of life in the Nazi Concentration Camp. Rosa and Stella, her niece, are marching in a line to the camp with Rosa’s daughter, Magda, wrapped and hidden in a shawl from the German soldiers....   [tags: The Shawl Essays]

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Cynthia Ozick's The Shawl

- Cynthia Ozick's The Shawl The plot of this story does not adhere to the conventional plot line. I feel that the Shawl’s plot came to early. Magda dies to early in the novel. I would have wanted her to be living just a little while longer so that we can build some sort of relationship with her. In my opinion, all we know of this fifteen-month-old baby is what Rosa tells of her daughter. Magda never lives long enough to see life through the eye of the reader. This takes away from a conventional plot line....   [tags: Cynthia Ozick The Shawl Essays]

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Use of Symbolism in Cynthia Ozick's The Shawl

- In The Shawl, Cynthia Ozick uses descriptive details to engage the reader. The story describes the horror of Nazism. The setting of the story is a concentration camp. The three main characters are Rosa, who was a mother of two daughters, Stella who was fourteen and Magda who was fifteen months. The plot of the story surrounds a magic shawl. The shawl is a major part of the complication, climax and resolution of the story. The magic shawl is the only thing the three starving women have keeping them alive and eventually leads to their demise....   [tags: Symbol Analysis The Shawl]

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The Shawl

- Born and raised in a family of storytellers, it’s no wonder that this author, Louise Erdrich became a prolific writer. Louise was born in Little Falls, Minnesota. She grew up in Wahpeton, North Dakota, near the Chippewa Reservation with her mom, who had Native American roots and her dad who was of German descent. Her parents encouraged and challenged her at an early age to read, also to write stories and even paid her a nickel for each one that she wrote. Lorena Stookey states that Louise Erdrich’s style of writing is “like William Faulkner, she creates a fictional world and peoples it with multiple narrators whose voices commingle to shape her readers’ experience of that world” (Stookey 14)...   [tags: Louise Erdrich]

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The Story Of The Shawl

- ... She watches her niece show the guards her daughter and then she watches them throw her infant daughter into an electric fence. She then has to keep on trying to survive after watching her daughter get murdered. When I was young my biological mother was young and struggled to provide basic needs for me and my sister. We were bounced between foster homes, for years. She tried her hardest to provide for us. The life a young mother is always hard, but even worse when there are two lives depending on you to not screw up....   [tags: Family, Death, Foster care, Parent]

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The Shawl

- Many times in stories, authors will use the setting to set the stage for the story. The setting is like the foundation of the story, and without one the story seems merely lost. Quite often the setting will build up the story and affect the characters, and the characters behaviors. Against the backdrop of a Holocaust concentration camp, Ozick produces two static characters whose lack of development throughout the story emphasizes the theme of overwhelming hopelessness. In The Shawl Rosa, her infant daughter Magda, and her fourteen year old companion Stella are Jews interned in a concentration camp during World War II....   [tags: Holocaust Concentration Camp Ozick]

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The Function of the Shawl in Ozick's The Shawl

- The Function of the Shawl in Ozick’s “The Shawl” Suffering becomes a way of life for Magda, Stella and Rosa, as they struggle to survive during the Holocaust. During these trying times, some cling to ideals and dreams, while others find unusual vessels of hope – like the shawl – to perdure in their austere living conditions. Although the shawl becomes a source of conflict between Magda, Stella and Rosa in this narrative, it also serves as a pivotal force and a motivational factor. In Ozick’s “The Shawl”, a small wrap allows its owners to triumph over the adversities of a concentration camp, the “magic shawl” comforts, nourishes, protects and prolongs life....   [tags: Cynthia Ozick]

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Themes of Loss in "The Shawl" and "Bone Black"

- The loss of a family member is always hard to deal with and it affects everyone differently. Some people are open about their feelings and others bottle them up. In terms of relationships within a family, usually the closest is between the parent and child. When this relationship is cut short or is nonexistent because of a loss it can be especially devastating. The loss of a family member does not always refer to an actual physical loss, but can also refer to an emotional distance put between two people....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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Comparing the Use of Setting in The Shawl and The Portable Phonograph

- Use of Setting in "The Shawl" and "The Portable Phonograph"              In literature, setting is often used to enhance or develop characters, provide realism, and create a mood or atmosphere for a story (Roberts 256). Two short stories, "The Shawl" by Cynthia Ozick and Walter Van Tillburg Clark’s "The Portable Phonograph" explore victims of war in the vivid settings that the authors have created. Although both works are vague as to geographic setting and place in time, the authors’ detailed descriptions of the character’s surroundings envelop the reader and lend an air of authenticity to the tales (Kauvar 180)....   [tags: comparison compare contrast essays]

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Surviving Life and One’s Conscience

- Survival of the fittest has been used in biology to explain the evolution of creatures on earth. However, this term relates to humans at a greater level because their survival is based on their emotional and physical conditions. No matter how noble a person is, his or her natural instinct in case of an emergency is to save his or herself. However, the choice, which the person makes at that time, follows the person subconsciously throughout his or her life. Therefore, a person’s action at the time of crisis is what defines the person’s true nature, and the development of that person through time....   [tags: survival instinct, the shawl, the curse]

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Importance of Family in Anishinaabeg Culture

- ... The father pictures the girl’s death as her own mother, Aanakwad, throwing the girl over the edge of the wagon. This is what he tells his own son who is left behind to stay with him. When Aanakwad decides to leave, there is a disagreement with what is going to happen to the children. Aanakwad leaves with both the baby and their nine year old daughter. This means that the five year old son, named Gego, gets left behind with the father who has tuberculosis. While the mother and two girls are leaving, Gego realizes that he is being left behind....   [tags: Louise Erdrich's The Shawl]

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Versatile Uses for Scarves

- For centuries, scarf has been the foremost versatile accent for ladies. This text talks concerning some basic scarf attachment directions or steps on the way to tie a shawl for many common and common forms of scarves. Due to varied scarf styles, materials and shapes out there of late, scarf has become a perfect accent for all seasons and occasions. If worn well, it adds barely of magnificence and charm to any formal or informal apparel. Commonly, fashionable or modern scarf is created of silk, material or acetate that give a lightweight weight, fluid movement, strength, and a shiny end....   [tags: shawl, bandana, designer]

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Can you live without it?

- Have you ever had a possession that was so essential to your existence that you felt you couldn’t live without it. For instance, I have known many people who have said. I will die without that. They may be speaking of things such as their cell phone, or their Blackberry. In these cases being without these items probably wouldn’t cause them to die. Similarly, there are also people who hold onto items that belonged to a loved one, no longer in their life, who believe that without this item, they will die....   [tags: Literary Review]

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War I Am Against Wars

- ... In the Shawl, Stella loses her morals under the brutal concentration camp environmental conditions. She wanted her baby sister to die, so she can take the shawl in order to survive. “Sometimes Stella carried Magda. But she was jealous of Magda...Stella wanted to be wrapped in a shawl, hidden away, asleep, rocked by the march, a baby, a round infant in arms” (Ozick 1). Stella was jealous of her baby sister because she was wrapped in a shawl. The shawl was what kept Magda alive, she relied on it for everything, it even protected her and kept her alive....   [tags: Stanford prison experiment, Milgram experiment]

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Loss of a Family Member, and Its Effects on the Family

- Kenji Miyazawa once said, “we must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey”. This quote applies to loss in the fact that when we face a loss we must continue our lives and use the loss to make us stronger. The loss of a family member is always hard to deal with and it affects everyone differently. Some people are open about their feelings and others bottle them up. The loss of a family member does not always refer to a death, but can also refer to an emotional or physical distance put between two people....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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Plight of Women in Literature

- It has been said that the inner workings of a woman’s mind is truly an enigma, and I tend to agree. At any point, women’s hopes, dreams, silent sufferings, internal battles, and undisclosed desires may play a role in how they live their lives and do the things they do. In addition to those aspects of the complicated state of being a woman, becoming a mother can completely change a woman’s viewpoint on many things, as it has for me. Through the author’s use of setting, symbolism, and dynamic characters, the allegorical nature of certain stories in literature give insight on the plight of women - which may be interpreted differently by different people....   [tags: Setting, Symbolism, Character Development]

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The Presence of Different Elements of Power in the Synagogue as Read in Malory Nye’s Religion: The Basics

- ... Even after they had completed the touch and kiss action, they continued to watch the Torah circulate throughout the synagogue. One concept of power that Michel Foucault suggests is the panopticon, which says that the perceived existence of any form of constant surveillance has the ability to greatly influence the observed actions (Nye 2008, 72). Foucault mentions the diversity of relationships and contexts in which this panopticon can be observed (Nye 2008, 73). In my observations, I found that the synagogue was a place that resembled Foucault’s panopticon, particularly the time when the Torah was present in the service....   [tags: Religion, Surveillance]

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Symbolism Of A Doll 's House By Henrik Ibsen

- ... Rank declares his love to her, she walks over the stove. Here, too the stove symbolizes her mental disturbance caused by Rank unexpected declaration of love to her, which she would not like. The well-maintained room and the occasion of Christmas symbolize happiness and merriment as well as a harmonious married life of Nora. The fire in the room symbolizes warmth and life. The Christmas tree, which Nora brings in, is also a symbol of life and energy as well as a symbol of spiritual strength. But the setting changes along with the change in Nora 's mentality and life....   [tags: A Doll's House, Henrik Ibsen, Christmas tree]

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Cynthia Ozick

- Cynthia Ozick Cynthia Ozick was an American short story writer, novelist, essayist, poet, and translator. She considers herself an American Jewish writer. Cynthia Ozick was a writer of fiction and non-fiction, but did not bloom her career until she was 32 years old. Her literary hero was Henry James. After Cynthia Ozick finished graduate school, she would read for hours. She tried to read all the books that she never read before. She tried to learn everything she could from the books that she read....   [tags: essays papers]

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To Change in Louise Erdrich's Red Convertible and The Shaw

- Exploring Change To change is to become different, to progress, and to grow. In Louise Erdrich’s stories “Red Convertible” and “The Shawl” the idea of change is used as a catalyst to advance the stories in a new and interesting direction. Both stories explain or imply some sort of change within their first sentences. The first sentence of “Red Convertible” reads, “I was the first one to drive a convertible on my reservation.” This is a change for the reservation, as it is the first time someone has driven a convertible on the reservation....   [tags: life, narrator, alter]

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B’nai Aviv Synagogue: Shabbat Service

- Established in 1988, the B’nai Aviv Synagogue is one of South Florida’s most prestigious Conservative Jewish structures of worship. According to the article, “Conservative Judaism – Religious Facts,” these synagogues seek to escape the immoderations of Reform and Orthodox Judaism while preserving traditional elements through practical modernization. For example, “Conservative Judaism holds that the laws of the Torah and Talmud are of divine origin, and thus mandates the following of Halacha (Jewish law)....   [tags: conservative structures, jewish worship, florida]

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Belies, Customs and Religion of Different Regions

- In an attempt to satisfy my curiosity about the practices, beliefs, and customs of different religions, I registered for a religion analysis and interpretation course. It was expected that this course would encourage individuals to use critical thinking, while highlighting religious key points, and recognizing different traditions and belief systems. The initial assignment presented in this course was a site visit report. This assignment required each individual student to be a guest of a religious site that did not belong to their religion....   [tags: church, orthodox judaism]

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A Taste of a Dance and History

- A Taste of Dance and History What is dance. There are many different definitions of it; one read “a set of lively movement resembling a dance. That once again brings us back to what is dance. To me dance could be as simple as pointing your fingers to a course of intricate rhythms laid down for another to follow. Dance has many steps and turns and could be as complicated as you make it. Dance to me is a expression of one body to a beat. Four different forms thought out the ages will be covered, such forms are Native American dance, dance in politics, ballet and dance and technology....   [tags: dance appreciation, artitistic expression]

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Living in Sin by Adrienne Rich

- In the poem “Living in Sin” written by Adrienne Rich, Adrienne begins the poem with the perception of having a perfect relationship in which everything great will majestically fall into place for her. She has the fantasy that there is no work and/or effort to be put forth into a perfect relationship when she soon realizes is false. “Living in Sin” tells the story of a young woman who is unhappy with her life as well as her husband because of the fact that she feels she is nothing but a maid rather than a beloved woman with the love and affection of a great husband....   [tags: perfect relationship, marriage]

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Being Proper at an Iranian Wedding

- Iranian Wedding Iran is a plateau located in Southwestern Asia between the Caspian Sea and the Persian Gulf. Persian not only refers to the primary language spoken, but also the cultural sphere of civilization populations such as Iraq and central Asia (Countries and Their Cultures 1). The ritual that will be discussed in this paper is Iranian (Persian) wedding which is part of the Twelver Shi’ism, the official religion of the state which began in the 17th century by Safavid Dynasty (Countries and Their Cultures 1)....   [tags: culture, decore, religion]

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Gandhi 's Independence Movement Of India

- ... The impact of his inspiring movements has led to an international non-violence day on his birthday October 2nd by United Nations. In India, the birth anniversary is declared as nationwide holiday which include events like prayer services, memorial ceremonies and tributes at locations all over India through art exhibitions, essay competitions, showing films and book reading on Mahatma Gandhi’s life and achievements. He is still remembered today for his contributions towards the Indian freedom struggle and is still alive in the heart of people....   [tags: Indian independence movement]

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Mohandas Ghandi: The Peaceful Warrior

- Most people have at least heard his name. Mohandas Gandhi is one of the most notable characters in our fairly recent history. Born and raised a Hindu, he was the preeminent leader of Indian nationalism in the British-ruled India. He led India to independence and inspired many movements for civil rights across the world. Gandhi also assumed the leadership of the Indian National Congress in 1921; effectively becoming the leading figure in India’s struggle for independence. He is known for many accomplishments....   [tags: India's modern history, independence]

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On The Rez

- [<<Names>> In the essay “On the Rez” which is written by Ian Frazier, the author tells us about life near the Indian Reservations. Life there can be very though, especially when some of your neighbors treat you with no dignity all because of your color and ethic group. The author then tells us various types of racial discrimination that the Indians felt around the Indian reservations, but the main story is about how a fourteen year old high school student was able change the hatred that was around her reservation, all from a single action that happened in a basketball game....   [tags: Native American, Indian Reservation, Race Relation]

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On the Rez

- In the essay “On the Rez” written by Ian Frazier, the author tells us about life near the Indian Reservations and how one girl was able to change the views of her neighbors. Life there can be very tough for Native Americans, especially when some of their neighbors treat them with no dignity all because of their color and ethic group. Frazier then tells us various types of racial discrimination that the Indians felt around the Indian reservations. But the main story is about how a fourteen year old high school student was able to eliminate the hatred that was around her reservation, all because of a single action which happened in a basketball game....   [tags: Racial Relations, Indian Reservations]

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Gods and Guidance

- In times of strife and hopelessness, humanity looks to the sky for guidance, whether it is a god or specific entity a direction is important to finding a purpose or guidance. For centuries humanity has followed different religions, religious icons, and or moral principles dictated by a higher power, of which gives mankind a set of values and morals that give one direction and purpose. Without said guidance humanity struggles and conflicts with one another. In the drama Oedipus Rex, by Sophocles, many characters are faced with such inner conflicts of beliefs, as they trudge on a misguided path as they refuse to believe the entirety of their situation, which subsequently leaves the tragedy and...   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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To The Lighthouse

- To the Lighthouse, published in 1927 is one of Virginia Woolf's most successful novels written in a stream of consciousness style. The novel is divided into three parts, which revolve around the members of the Ramsey family and their guests during visits to their summer vacationing residence on the Isle of Skye. The central preoccupation within the novel however is not to be found within the lives of the characters, instead they are seen as being secondary to the overall grounding of the novel in the house itself....   [tags: essays research papers]

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An Analysis of The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

-   The editors of anthologies containing T. S. Eliot's "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" invariably footnote the reference to Lazarus as John 11:1-44; rarely is the reference footnoted as Luke 16:19-31. Also, the reference to John the Baptist is invariably footnoted as Matthew 14:3-11; never have I seen the reference footnoted as an allusion to Oscar Wilde's Salome. The sources that one cites can profoundly affect interpretations of the poem. I believe that a correct reading of Eliot's "Prufrock" requires that one cite Wilde, in addition to Matthew, and Luke, in addition to John, as the sources for the John the Baptist and Lazarus being referenced....   [tags: Love Song J. Alfred Prufrock]

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Missing Scene in An Inspector Calls by J.B. Priestley

- Missing Scene in An Inspector Calls by J.B. Priestley This is set in a fairly large shop, clearly at the turn of the century (early 20th century); this is shown by the décor. At one end of the shop (downstage) is a wooden shop-counter with a stall next to it. Sat on the stall is a grey haired man, in about his early 50's dressed in appropriate clothing for the period in time. He is reading a newspaper and has a monocle. There are lots of shelves with folded clothing and racks of dresses....   [tags: Papers]

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Expectations versus Reality in Rich's Living in Sin

- Expectations versus Reality in Rich's Living in Sin Relationships end for a variety of reasons, the most common being that people enter relationships with certain expectations which, when unmet, start and fuel the domino effect which eventually leads to the end of the relationship. How one perceives a relationship is altered by various conditions such as age, experience, and personal background. Differentiating between what is real and what is imagined in a relationship is also tailored by these experiences in life....   [tags: Rich Living in Sin]

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The Masquerade in Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House

-    In A Doll House, Ibsen presents us with Torvald and Nora Helmer, a husband and wife who have lived together for eight years and still don't know each other. This rift in their relationship, caused in part by Torvald's and Nora's societally-induced gender roles and also by the naivete of both parties to the fact that they don't truly love one another, expands to a chasm by the end of the play, ultimately causing Nora to leave Helmer. Throughout most of the play, Ibsen continually has his characters prepare for a masquerade ball that takes place at their friends' house....   [tags: A Doll’s House Essays]

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Review of the Short Story, The Necklace

- Reality verses Daydreams Mathilde and Loisel were married at a time when individuals were joined together more by financial status then love. Mathilde was from a poor household and daydreamed that she was destined for more in life, including marriage. Guy De Maupassant, the author of " The Necklace" describes a relationship between two people with different dreams and how desires can alter your life. Distinguishing between reality and dreams can bring relationships closer together with respect for one another....   [tags: American Literature]

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Biddy's Diary from Dickens' Great Expectations

- Biddy's Diary from Dickens' Great Expectations Winter 1813 23rd December The dark and dull nights are ever present in the midst of winter, rain and snow seems to flow constantly. The soggy marshes are becoming almost invisible due to the mist glooming over the barren landscape. My vision is obscured and it is no longer possible to see the hulks prison ships. I write this in the warmth and luxury of the inside. I have just finished getting lessons prepared for the children I teach at the local dame school, well the front room of Mrs Wopsles house and also a small shop....   [tags: Great Expectations Essays]

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A Trip to the Roman Theatre

- A Trip to the Roman Theatre Morning at last. I have been waiting for this day for so long. Today is March the 15th. Today is the day when the whole of Italy will celebrate the festival of Anna Perenna -the goddess of the year. I love festivals, because everyone is on holiday and all the citizens are forbidden to work or do business. I am thrilled because I am going to the theatre to see a play. I am very fortunate that my father has paid for the actors and producers to perform the play and he has also paid for the scenery and costumes....   [tags: Papers]

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The Evil of the Age

- The Evil of the Age August 26th, 1871, was a humid, busy Saturday at the Hudson River Depot in New York City. Sweat and fatigue had crept in by mid-afternoon, when a porter suddenly smelled the stench of decaying flesh. Along the wooden platform lay hundreds of trunks and bags, piled haphazardly, ready for loading onto a Chicago-bound train. During rough handling in the baggage room, the lid of an ordinary, 2'8" by 18" packing trunk had cracked open, releasing the foul stench. The porter immediately called Robert Vandeward, the baggage-master....   [tags: Short Stories Papers]

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August Strindberg's A Dream Play

- August Strindberg's A Dream Play August Strindberg wrote A Dream Play in 1901, a time in which women had few rights and a long road yet to travel in the fight to acquire equal rights with men. Given that Strindberg himself was a notorious misogynist, it is interesting to analyze the presentation and evolution of A Dream Play’s principle character: Indra’s Daughter. She travels from “the second world [and into] the third” (147, 17) by accident, but enters with optimism and faith in finding happiness in the human world....   [tags: August Strindberg Dream Play Essays]

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Water in the Baptismal Ceremony

- Water in the Baptismal Ceremony In the baptismal ceremony water is used during the baptism part of the ceremony. At this point the priest pours blessed water over the forehead of the baby three times whilst saying, "(Name), I baptize you in the name of the father, and of the son and of the Holy Spirit." Water is a powerful symbol. It is also a rich symbol it makes things clean. It is also a symbol of life and death. Without water plants, animals and humans would not be able to survive (life)....   [tags: Theology Essays]

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The Social/Economic Upper-Class in England in Mrs. Dalloway, Sense and Sensibility, and The Picture of Dorian Gray

- The social/economic upper-class in England in Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway, Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility, and Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray are depicted through the characters’ lifestyles, wealth, and behaviors. Woolf, Austen, and Wilde give insightful portrayals of the characters by emphasizing their social roles in the England society. Their portrayals of the characters suggest that they are critical of the upper-class’ factitious lifestyles. Members of England’s social/economic upper-class in Woolf’s, Austen’s, and Wilde’s literary works are distinguished by their lifestyles....   [tags: Comparative, Austen, Wilde]

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The Hero Image Into A Heroine Through Daisy 's Hero 's Journey And Discovery Of The Self

- Carl Jung was a notable Swiss psychiatrist who proposed many ideas, one of which included the concept of individuation. Individuation is the process by which an individual becomes whole by integrating the disparate parts of the psychological being into the Self. Or as von Franz describes it, “the conscious coming-to-terms with one’s own inner center (psychic nucleus) or Self” (Jung 169). This means that a person should learn to overcome and yet, at the same time, accept all parts of their inner selves from the Shadow to the Anima/Animus....   [tags: Hero, Monomyth, Joseph Campbell]

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Language Allows for the True Portrayal Identity of Others in Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë

- ... Heathcliff was so dependent on their relationship that he saw himself and everything he did in her. Now that Catherine is gone Heathcliff has nothing to resemble and nothing to base his identity off of. “The shawl had dropped from the frame. ‘Why, what is the matter?’ cried I. ‘Who is coward now. Wake up. That is the glass- the mirror, Mrs Linton; and you see yourself in it, and there am I, too, by your side.’ Trembling and bewildered, she held me fast, but the horror gradually passed from her countenance; its paleness gave place to a glow of shame.” (124) these lines come from Nelly Dean who is taking care of Catherine at Thrushcross Grange....   [tags: identity, sex, resemble]

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The Pearl Is A Socio Economic Critique Of The Mini Society Of La Paz

- ... This goes on to prove what’s said in Steinbeck’s The Pearl as Marxist Critique of Capitalism, “ Kino, his wife Juana, Juan Tomas, Apolonia and their neighbors living in the brush houses are the characters who represent one class of the society: the oppressed, the exploited, the victims” (Whittaker and Msiska, 276). In other words, such as in Marxist theory, they are known as the workers or proletariat. The whole Marxist theory strictly resents the domination of the local native population. The novel demonstrates that it deals with the capitalist activities as cities and towns are usually associated with economic competition of the capitalists and exploitation of the poor and marginalized...   [tags: Marxism, Socialism, Karl Marx, Communism]

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Is Love as Easy as They Say?: William Shakespeare´s A Midsummer Nights Dream

- Shakespeare’s plays present many messages. They all have similarities. One is the theme of love. Shakespeare talks of young couples falling in love in many of his plays. Love is portrayed as an incredible thing. Everyone wants to fall in love. It is thought up to be truly wonderful and flawless. Many think that this certain connection between two people is perfect. True love is what kids hear about throughout their whole life. Many movies kids watch display this. Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and even The Little Mermaid are about true love....   [tags: love, juice, flower, fued, performance]

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An Evaluation of Hesse’s Portrayal of India’s Caste System in Enlightenment, Siddhartha

- In his novel Siddhartha, Hermann Hesse used the story of a young Indian Brahmin searching for insight to explore different means of achieving inner peace. Siddhartha attempted to use both asceticism and the life of the wealthy to experience illumination. He fluctuated from rich to poor multiple times before he reached enlightenment. However, Hesse did not always accurately portray the most essential piece of Indian culture—the Caste System—perhaps because he wanted to appeal to a western audience that had little knowledge of the system....   [tags: Siddhartha Essays]

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Symbolism of Money in Woman at Point Zero by Nawal El Saadawi

- Woman At Point Zero: Symbolism of Money The novel “Woman at Point Zero” by Nawal El Saadawi tells the tale of a woman, named Firdaus being interviewed by a journalist before her execution. She is in prison on the charge of murdering a man, in an extremely sexist culture, which has a lot of disparity between men and women. One of the recurring symbols in the novel was that of money. Money was a very negative symbol in the novel, and it was highlighted by Firdaus that one could not possess both money and integrity....   [tags: freedom, power]

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Loneliness in Metamorphosis and The Love Song of J. Arthur Prufrock

- Franz Kafka’s character Gregor Samsa and T.S. Eliot’s speaker J. Alfred Prufrock are perhaps two of the loneliest characters in literature. Both men lead lives of isolation, loneliness, and lost chances, and both die knowing that they have let their lives slip through their fingers, as sand slips through the neck of an hourglass. As F. Scott Fitzgerald so eloquently put it, “the loneliest moment in someone’s life is when they are watching their whole world fall apart, and all they can do is stare blankly”....   [tags: self-image, insects, isolation]

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How The Jewish Culture Helps Facilitate A Specific Plan Of Care

- ... Sex in the Jewish culture is not viewed as nasty or evil, as long as it is preformed at the proper time and under the proper circumstances. Judaism regards sex as being similar to eating and drinking, in regards that eating and drinking are natural and potentially beneficial bodily functions. (Katz, 2015). Jewish people believe marriage should feel like a championship, and be held in the highest regards. Intimacy between a man and woman is believed to be a time of joy, not selfish satisfaction....   [tags: Judaism, Halakha, Jews, Israel]

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The Land Can Affect The Way We Feel And Act

- ... It fortified her to reflect upon the great operations of nature, and when she thought of the law that lay behind them, she felt a sense of personal security” (Cather 40). While Alexandra gazes out into the expanse of the night she is in amazement. The way the stars always keep shining, the way they keep on marching through each night, never giving up. The stars are showing that humans are not alone in this world, there is always going to be a bright light showing and guiding them. The sky represents security, knowing there will always be a star in the sky someone can count on....   [tags: Sky, The Starry Night, The Land is Ours]

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Breastfeeding For Children With Milk From A Lady 's Breast

- ... So why is it an issue to breastfeed outside. Breastmilk provides many medical advantages and is the main nourishment for your child. For the initial six months of life, the school of Medical look after kids suggests just breastfeeding your baby,unless there are particular medicinal motivations to give different nourishments or fluids. Breast milk is soaked up like a towel quickly and causes less stomach upset, inability to have a bowel movement and diarrhea than formula. There are such a variety of profound issues with Breastfeeding openly....   [tags: Breastfeeding, Milk, Breast, Breast milk]

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Ethnıc Identity and Its Relation with Stigma and Stereotypes

- Until the beginning of Geographical Discoveries, colonization have become an unstoppable condition. Many European countries invaded other continents and enslaved people by using their lack of technology and cultural accumulation. To justify their invasions and massacres, the Europeans created an idea that black people and other ethnic groups, who live in America and Africa continent, are ‘inferior’ to their ‘superior’ nations. This era have lasted nearly 4 centuries and effects of this long time did not disappear suddenly....   [tags: second class citizen, ethnic identity, stereotypes]

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Their Eyes Are Watching God by Zora Neal Hurston

- “Now, women forget all those things they don’t want to remember, and remember everything they don’t want to forget. The dream is the truth. Then they act and do things accordingly”. This quoted from Zora Neal Hurston’s novel Their Eyes Are Watching God, explains that women let the non-important things go easily, but if it is important, then women will make sure to obtain it. This can be seen in the novel with Janie. At first, her grandmother pressures her to marry Logan, then she runs from her marriage to marry Jody, but ultimately finds true love with Tea Cake....   [tags: story and character analysis]

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Bertha Mason´s Appearance in Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

- Charlotte Brontes use if writing is very unique. The way she describes the characters makes you think. She has depicted Bertha mason the first wife if Mr. Rochester. Bertha Mason was a woman who was struck with a mental illness who is then hidden and locked away in the attic of Thornfield. Bertha mason is the wife of Mr. Rochester. She stands in between of Jane and Mr. Rochester's marriage. We first hear of Bertha Mason in chapter 11 when Jane hears a strange laugh. Jane had confused Bertha Mason and Grace Poole....   [tags: Mental health, Marriage, Attic]

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Analysis Of The Evansville Museum, Is Madonna And Child

- ... The organic lines can be observed from the clothing of the mother and the cloth partially covering the child. The women’s clothes are wrinkled and there appears to be no pattern on where the rippling of the clothes is. The cloth covering the child appears equally as creased with no pattern to indicate where the next part in the line will occur. The use of color in this image is diverse even though not many colors appear to be used. There appears to be no solid shade of any color in the image....   [tags: Color, Primary color, Work of art, Secondary color]

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An Explication of Sharon Olds’ Poem, Feared Drowned

- An Explication of Sharon Olds’ Poem “Feared Drowned.” Fear is an amazing emotion, in that it has both psychological as well as physiological effects on the human body. In instances of extreme fear, the mind is able to function in a way that is detached and connected to the event simultaneously. In “Feared Drowned,” Sharon Olds presents, in six brief stanzas, this type of instance. Her sparse use of language, rich with metaphors, similes and dark imagery, belies the horror experienced by the speaker....   [tags: poem analysis, poetry, critical analysis]

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The Effect of Economic Progress on the Environment

- The environmental situation of the world is degrading day by day and it is an “open secret” now- “open” because almost every human being knows it and “secret” because most of the people, who are somehow responsible for this, are indifferent to this fact and after knowing the aftermath of this change. Warmth of the earth has been increasing; the characteristics of the main aspects of our environment-water, earth, air etc have greatly changed. Ecological system also has been disturbed in some ways....   [tags: pollution, deforestation, animals]

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United States of Mexico: The Day of Death

- I have learned some interesting things on the country of Mexico. Everything about their culture to how and where they have lived and died. Mexico is a interesting and different country known for ita heritage and beloved the world over. I am about to show you why, In the Mexican way of life, family is very imprtant. Traditional values, mexican culture and customs and family are the main focus of many homes throughout Mexico. Most Mexican women do not have jobs outside of the home because it is considered non traditional....   [tags: customs, traditions]

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Analysis Of The Poem ' Vachel Lindsay '

- Meghan Pfeiffer Mrs. Beal Poetry Foundations 13 March 2015 Vachel Lindsay: A Poetry Analysis Vachel Lindsay once said, “life is a loom weaving illusion” (Lindsay, The Chinese Nightingale, 12). Lindsay wrote hundreds of poems, describing and analyzing the fabric of life and its threads. Through the questions of “what?”, “how?”, and “why?” Lindsay’s work itself can be analyzed. Vachel Lindsay uses content, poetic language, and performance to forge a more intimate connection with his audience. Lindsay’s motifs and themes range far and wide, though there are a few emphasized ones....   [tags: Poetry, Love, Rhyme, Alliteration]

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`` The Necklace `` By Guy De Maupassant

- ... She tells her husband of her need for new clothing and jewels. He is able to give her the money that is needed for the dress but prompts her to borrow from a friend, when Mathilde turns up her nose at his idea of wearing a corsage of roses. After a night of dancing she returns home to find the necklace is missing. She lays down in a chair while her husband takes to the streets looking for it. When it was not found, they both came up with a lie and a scheme to replace it with an exact copy. But the diamond copy cost more than they had....   [tags: Short story, Guy de Maupassant, The Necklace]

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The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

- T.S. Eliot exposes the reflections and emotions of J. Alfred Prufrock in this poem about his Love Song. Eliot does this in such a manner that Prufrock himself would not be capable of expressing, due to his rationale of showing the reader Prufrock’s diffidence throughout the poem. The attention of the reader is drawn from the beginning by Eliot’s utilization of an epigraph, which is a short saying or quote placed at the beginning of a writing to imply a theme. Eliot’s method of an epigraph helps create an effective way for the readers to identify and notice Prufrock’s uncertainty and lack of confidence in the poem....   [tags: T.S. Eliot]

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Sandra Cisneros’ The House on Mango Street

- In Sandra Cisneros’ The House on Mango Street she captures the lives and difficulties of poor Hispanic women through the eyes of a young character named Esperanza. Though Esperanza’s age is not specified at any point in the story it is very clear that she is going through the motions of growing up. In this story Cisneros shows the many troubles these women face such as conflicts with themselves, their husbands (and men in general), and their culture. She also presents the limiting choices they make....   [tags: cisneros]

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Voyeurism and Surveillance: The Act of Performance

- ... In all works, the gaze is associated with the idea of performance. The gaze comes with a number of definitions and yet it often seems to relate to the fact that the gaze heavily influences the way that one perceives the other. The Gaze theory is often associated with the male gaze and is used to explain the power relationship between two or more groups (Manlove 84). Therefore it leads to the performance of the individual. Sybil is a clear example of this idea of the performance. In the novel she is under the guise of Sybil Jones but is the daughter of the Walter Gerard....   [tags: united kingdom, vallentine, sally]

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Infiltration and Withdrawal in A Doll’s House

- Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House, a play originally written in Norwegian during the nineteenth century, provides an excerpt of the life of Nora and Torvald Helmer. Throughout the play, the characters experience struggle with situations such as emotional conflicts, keeping secrets, conversational exploitation, and physical distractions. Ibsen manipulates clothing to signal infiltration and withdrawal with the characters. The expressions of infiltration and withdrawal illustrates a spectrum from internally to externally....   [tags: Henrik Ibsen, Literary Analysis, Norway]

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Dilemmas Facing the People of Norway Today

- ... They believe that they should take the time to weigh all aspects of a deal before they agree to it. These traits of punctuality, honesty, and humility have been put to good use in their business dealings. Seeing the business side of Norwegians makes them come across as cold and to the point; however they are quite the opposite. They are traditionally a very warm and welcoming people. The Norwegians consider themselves to be egalitarians, meaning they believe “... in human equality especially with respect to social, political, and economic affairs… (Merriam-Webster)” They are more interested in how you are as a person than how much money you make at your job....   [tags: values & traditions, changing times]

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Nora's Child-like Nature in A Doll's House

- ... Making use of the word “little” again revealing how he views his wife; “my” is also a frequent word in Torvald’s vocabulary. Torvald’s possessive nature prompts him to call Nora his no matter what pet-name he uses. The pattern of these possessive, diminutive pet-names such as “my little featherbrain” (3) reflect Torvald’s belief that Nora is another child of his, so much so that he actually refers to Nora specifically as a child on more than one occasion. Telling Nora that she talks like a child (3) and suggesting that “the child shall have her way” (2) further displays his feelings toward Nora....   [tags: Henrik Ibsen's novel analysis]

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Comparsion of Three Renaissance Paintings and Sculptures

- ... In 1401 there was a competition for a new set of bronze doors for the Baptistery of San Giovanni; many artists competed, but only two survived Filippo Brunelleschi and Lorenzo Ghiberti. “There were specific criteria for the competition panel to which all submissions had to conform. In addition to the Abraham and Isaac story, complete with all of its figures within a four-lobed frame” (pg 384). Andrea Pisano had already fashioned one of the doors in the 1330’s and the idea was to match the new with the old....   [tags: artists, calendars, pariel, david]

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Night Care Helps the Hair to Heal

- ... Because the scarf better protect stacking, storing it is called "hair to hair." A pillow case is designed to protect against friction. Water and curls It's a secret for those who have naturally curly hair. To maintain uniform curl curl enough to moisten them. Sprinkle the water curls before going to bed, and then cover with a shower Cap chiefs. The Top is wearing a satin or silk scarf scarves, and enjoy a good night's sleep. This little trick will help maintain natural curls and even overnight....   [tags: pillowcase, moisturizer, conditioner]

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Beth El Synagogue And The Jewish Congregation

- Beth El Congregation is a Jewish congregation located in Central Phoenix. They are affiliated with the Conservative Judaism movement. According to leader of the congregation, Rabbi Lavinsky, this locates their convictions and interpretation of the Torah somewhere in the middle between the orthodox and liberal groups. He stated this is reflected in the motto of the movement: “Tradition and Change.” I visited Beth El Synagogue for a Saturday morning Shabbat service. The set up of inside the sanctuary was similar to a Catholic church....   [tags: Torah, Judaism, Christianity, Jewish services]

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The Lakota Way : Stories And Lessons

- ... Because of love, No Moccasins chose to remain silent about how she saved her husband Three Horns from his captives for most of her life until her husband proudly tells the story on his deathbed with the entire village gathered around him. (7-8). No Moccasin’s humility came as an act of love for her husband in her quest to uphold his honor. When a person loves another, he attains respect for the one he loves. For this reason, in “the Story of the Deer Woman”, The man manifests his love and respect for his grandmother and his family by staying away from the Deer Woman in his encounter with her in the woods (37-43)....   [tags: Virtue, Ethics, Prudence, Positive psychology]

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Human Trafficking Is A Transnational Epidemic Crime

- ... People can be vulnerable which causes them to be trafficked. The main reason is ignorance of the issue. Many people won’t hear/learn about human trafficking so they will end up falling into the trap. Adding onto vulnerability there are five more reasons. There are poverty, runaways and at-risk youth, sex industries, lack of law and legalization, and people. Poverty is where is someone is financially insecure and wants a steady job but then realizes that they aren’t actually going to work for that job....   [tags: Slavery, Human trafficking, Smuggling]

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Women Should Be Legal For Public Places

- ... How can breastfeeding be an obscenity. Exposed breasts are everywhere, all over the media: in movies, magazines even in television. But put a nursing baby anywhere near those people breasts and suddenly persons are offended. Do folks ask women to cover up during breastfeeding or to move some location far more personalized because the person is maybe sexualizing the act of breastfeeding rather than view it as being a natural, nurturing act. For to lengthy now women had been created to feel embarrassed for feeding their child....   [tags: Breastfeeding, Infant, Breast milk, Lactation]

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Homosocial Friendships in Bram Stoker’s Dracula

- Bram Stoker was born into a lower-class Irish family in late 1847. He grew up with six siblings, at least four of which were brothers. Throughout his childhood, Stoker was an invalid, sickened with an unknown disease. Many days were spent listening to his mother tell stories of Ireland. It is thought that her stories played a large role in his writing (Stoker 5). Perhaps due to Stoker’s childhood illness and relationship with his brothers, his writing in Dracula exhibited a great deal of homosociality, the idea of same-sex relationships on a social level, rather than romantically....   [tags: Bram Stoker, Dracula]

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Harriet Tubman and the Abolitionist Movement

- When we think of African American history we often forget about the people before the civil rights movement. The people who paved the way for future leaders. Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, and Rosa parks are often who we think of. We forget about individuals that made a significant impact that led us to the present place we are today. Harriet Tubman's contribute to history was that she was the conductor of the Underground Railroad, which helped bring slaves to freedom. Harriet Tubman was an abolitionist and was part of the woman's suffrage move....   [tags: Biography]

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The Correct Seasonal Colors for You

- Color trends change each year. Luckily with a few basic skills and techniques anyone can navigate this ever changing kaleidoscope. Your Seasonal Color type will Tell you what you are and what flatters. Next, you can use this knowledge to select colors and tones to best flatter you with bright shades. Seasonal color analysis is based on your skin tone, eye color and hair shade. Simply put, your hair is either light or dark. Your skin is either warm or cool. To check your skin hold a piece of paper next to your face in natural light....   [tags: color,seasonal, shade, tone]

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The Perfect Woman in Our Society

- Society and people on a whole demonstrates what a perfect woman should be like. The picture of a perfect woman in our society is demonstrated in advertisements, on different magazine covers, and for just about anything that a woman is featured in. Now my question is why the pressure is so heavily placed on females to be so perfect. Women are pressured in many aspects of their lives, like how they look, their emotions, and their role as a woman. Women in society have a certain appearance to look up to....   [tags: advertisements, stereotypical, beauty]

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Susan Glaspell 's ' Trifles '

- Everyone Has A Role The focal point for the feminist theory is centered on the perceived oppression of the female in a male-controlled society. Feminist theory is concerned with how literature enforces or ignores the socio-political, economic and psychological subjugation of the female (Tyson). The feminist school of thought focuses on how various cultures inherently glorify the male gender. It endeavors to expose the various male biases found in the literature. Susan Glaspell, as a writer in the early twentieth century, lived in a time when women were rising to fight the bias that patriarchal societies used when giving roles to its members....   [tags: Gender role, Gender, Woman, Role]

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Comparing Paintings by Arthur Keller

- The historical painting I chose for my final, is an illustration of Bret Harte’s novel, Her Letter, His Response, and Her Last Letter, creatively illustrated by Arthur Ignatius Keller in 1905. The historical painting I chose for the comparison of Arthur Keller’s painting is another painting done by Arthur I Keller; illustrated for 54-40 or Fight by Emerson Hough, in 1909. Arthur I Keller is a very natural, elegant style painter, with an eye for natural beauty. Keller’s many paintings express intricate detail, and genuine quality....   [tags: Painting, art, Painters]

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The Fashion Revolution in France

- Fashion plays an important role in the lives of billions all over the world; people, as part of a status craving society, turn to “fashion capitals” of the world for ways in which to dress and carry themselves. New York, Milan, and Paris are leaders among this fierce industry that the world lusts after. Fashion can speak volumes about ones personality, or also about the condition the world is in at the time. In France, fashion changed rapidly and feverously as the times changed. In the early 1800s, France was the sole fashion capital of the world; everyone who was anyone looked towards Paris for inspiration (DeJean, 35)....   [tags: Fashion, France, ]

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