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Comparing the Use of Setting in The Shawl and The Portable Phonograph

- Use of Setting in "The Shawl" and "The Portable Phonograph"              In literature, setting is often used to enhance or develop characters, provide realism, and create a mood or atmosphere for a story (Roberts 256). Two short stories, "The Shawl" by Cynthia Ozick and Walter Van Tillburg Clark’s "The Portable Phonograph" explore victims of war in the vivid settings that the authors have created. Although both works are vague as to geographic setting and place in time, the authors’ detailed descriptions of the character’s surroundings envelop the reader and lend an air of authenticity to the tales (Kauvar 180)....   [tags: comparison compare contrast essays]

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Walter Van Tilburg Clark’s The Portable Phonograph

- Walter Van Tilburg Clark’s “The Portable Phonograph,” In Walter Van Tilburg Clark’s “The Portable Phonograph,” the author makes setting play a major role in understanding the action of the characters within the story. Clark, a writer and an English Professor, lived from 1909 to 1971. During that time, he lived through both World Wars at a relatively young age, which may have influenced this story. Clark has excellent use of setting to make the atmosphere needed and set the proper mood, so this story is credible....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Perserving the Classics in the Portable Phonography by Walter Van Tilburg Clark

- “When it comes to life, the critical thing is whether you take things for granted, or take them with gratitude.” This quote by G. K. Chesterson, representing people’s struggle to show future generations what life was like by preserving classics. This is shown by the phonograph in “The Portable Phonograph” by Walter Van Tilburg Clark. “The Portable Phonograph” has many examples of symbolism including the portable phonograph, the needle, the records, the lead pipe, the books, and elements of setting including the prairie, the cell and the cell block, and the black cloud strips....   [tags: objects, symobolic, setting]

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Portable Capilary Electrophoresis Insturment

- Portable instrumentations for field analysis is growing rapidly due to its availability of results, elimination of complications with sample storage and transport, and better cost effectiveness than conventional benchtop analytical systems. Portable analytical instruments need to have compact size, lightweight, robustness, and low power consumption along with automation of operation.1 Capillary electrophoresis (CE) is the separation of a mixture into its components by a strong electric field imposed between the two ends of a narrow capillary tube filled with electrolyte solution, which separated solutions by differences in mobility without the presence of stationary phase.2 With advantageous p...   [tags: portable instrumentation for field analysis]

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The Potential Harm of Today's Portable Electronics

- Cell phones and other portable electronics are here to stay, becoming more advanced and impressive each day. The way people live and interact with others on a day to day basis is changing thanks to portable electronics, such as cell phones. Portable electronics, however, should be used responsibly, for portable electronics may be just as dangerous as helpful; for instance, one’s behavioral development may become prolonged or poor; one’s mental and physical health may suffer or deteriorate; one’s social skills may become ineffective or weak; and one’s field and sense of surroundings may become impaired....   [tags: Cell Phons, Portable Electronics]

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What Led to The Invention of the Phonograph?

- During the second industrial revolution in the late 1800's, mass production and manufacturing of goods began to rapidly expand. With these changes also came a change in fuel sources, which began moving towards more modern forms such as petroleum and electricity. With theses changes in production and power came new possibilities and ideas. Many great thinkers became invested technological advancement by leveraging the changes that came with the second industrial revolution. Thomas Edison came to be one of America's greatest inventors during this time....   [tags: industrial revolution, Thomas Edison]

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Invention of the Phonograph

- Invention of the Phonograph The idea of the phonograph came from the man who invented the light bulb. Thomas Alva Edison is one of the greatest inventors of all time decided to create this invention. In 1877, Edison was working on a machine that would decipher telegraphic messages to paper tape. He used a diaphragm with an embossing point. This would be held onto a moving paraffin paper. Thus when spoken into it, the vibrations made indentations on it. Edison decided to change the idea by using a tin foil wrapped metal cylinder instead of the paper....   [tags: Exploratory Essays Research Papers]

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Use of Photographs in This Is a Photograph of Me and Photograph, 1958

- Use of Photographs in This Is a Photograph of Me and Photograph, 1958          At first glance, "This Is a Photograph of Me" by Margaret Atwood and "Photograph, 1958" by Patricia Young are strikingly similar works in that both poems utilize the imagery of a photograph as a communication device however, upon closer examination  they differ markedly in the approach each poet takes in utilizing this same device.  The similarities between these two poems are immediately obvious to the reader; both poems are written by female poets,  both poems have the poet as the speaker,  both poems describe how the poet feels about herself, and both poems utilize the photograph as a device to convey their...   [tags: Photograph]

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Portable Digitial Devices for Adolescents

- ... This trend flourished with the expansion of online gaming, which allowed companies to essentially disguise product advisements in online games. These subliminal advertisements attract children to their products, utilizing a child’s purchasing power (Mazzarella 25). According to Sandra Calvert, the use of transmedia allows advertising firms to apply innovative marketing techniques through online advertising and stealth marketing techniques (Calvert 205). Stealth advertising is when marketers want to disguise the objective for the advertisement....   [tags: investigations, ability, environment, eating]

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Evaluating Portable Hand Controls

- Evaluating Portable Hand Controls At the beginning of January, Mrs. Jones broke her right ankle, had surgery on it, and she was left with a cast that stretched up to her knee. For the next several weeks, she was at the mercy of family and friends to take her back and forth, for there is no such thing as public transportation in this little town. Feeling desperate and trapped led her to seek out another avenue to get around without having to rely on others for transportation. Having knowledge of the fact that they do have devices for the disabled led her to investigate whether or not this would be a viable choice for someone such as herself....   [tags: driving, safe, transportation]

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Top Five Latest Portable Computers

- When it comes to a portable computer, the last thing you want is a junk heap that can't do what you need it to do. The latest portable computers shown here will help you to stay on the cutting edge of technology. Then you will be able to keep that ever-important competitive edge that makes you the best at what you do. To show you the best portable computers currently on the market we'll look at the top five portable computers. We'll look at each one and the features that they come with and then discuss approximate cost....   [tags: Core Processor, Memory, Graphics]

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Photograph From The Dockweiler 's Personal Family Photo

- Besides the story that the photo is telling, a closer observation of the photo is also crucial in deciphering what the photographer was trying to create. One minute before the photograph was captured, I can envision Gay measuring out the camera to make sure that the horizon would be level to create an illusion that the photo was a single entity and not poorly stitched as six different photos. To conclude on this photo, although it is not a direct story of a person, the images itself allows me to vision my own interpretation on what Gay was trying to accomplish....   [tags: Photography, Photograph, Camera, Subject]

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The Evolution of Portable Music Devices and How They Impact Society

- Between 1877 and 1925, there was an acoustic era. Acoustics is a branch of science introduced by Joseph Sauveur in the early eighteenth century (Chanan 22). Music was acoustically made using pure instruments and raw recordings. In 1925, headphones were introduced, which brought about the electrical era (Taylor 12). By the 1920s, more than 150 companies were making records and record players, which played discs. The discs were typically seven inches in diameter and played at a speed of 78 revolutions per minute....   [tags: music industry and listening technology]

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Portable Personal Water Filter is an Essential in Today's Home

- ... The Survival Straw removes things such as: bacteria, protozoa, cysts, algae, spores, sediment, and viruses. It also reduces heavy metal ingestion. This product meets the United States purification standards and includes a two year manufacturer’s guarantee. The life of this product is approximately 400 gallons and it comes with a back flush plunger to ensure the maximum life of the straw. The manufacturer advertises this product for use in emergency outdoor conditions, while traveling, and during disaster circumstances....   [tags: technology, bacteria, purifier]

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Portable Heating Project While At Applied Thermal Systems

- ... I explained to him that I would be there for him and that DA stocked and assembled their ABS systems in a suburb of Cincinnati. He liked the closeness of the facility. The application he was using the ABS systems in was a harsh duty & dusty environment. This and was an unusual application for the ABS. DA had never applied this ABS in this type application or environment. I got the DA area sales manager (ASM) to go to the plant and help collect the application information and the right model for this application....   [tags: Application software, Computer software]

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Childhood Purity vs. Knowledge of Maturity: Review of Photograph Virginia at 6 by Sally Mann

- Sally Mann has a gift of pushing buttons—critics and random people alike. Whether those buttons ignite a flame of hate or generate a spark of fascination, a strong reaction is guaranteed. Mann, once again, delivers a thought-provoking piece with Virginia at 6, where she effectively manages lines, value and contrast to illustrate a stimulating battle between childhood purity and the vanity and knowledge that comes with maturity. In Virginia at 6, Virginia, the child, poses nude with her arms comfortably shaped in a triangle over her head, body determinedly arched....   [tags: photograph, lines, youth]

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Portable MRIs Provider Based Delivery

- A provider-based-delivery using portable MRIs can be an invaluable tool towards the diagnosis and management of patients and should be readily available as an important diagnostic modality. Experts say 15 percent of this country’s health-care dollar is spent on diagnostic imaging (B. Moe, 2004). Doctors can get highly refined images of the body’s interior without surgery using MRI. By using strong magnets and pulses of radio waves to manipulate the natural magnetic properties in the body, this technique makes better images of organs and soft tissues than those of other brain scanning technologies....   [tags: Healthcare Technology MRI]

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The Impact of Web 2.0 on Portable Media and the Development of Future Technologies

- The argument presented in this research paper is to discuss the importance of the history of portable media and comparing it between present and future technologies. By laying the foundation for portable media the cellphone created possibilities and room for innovation. Studying past patterns to reflect on past historical milestones which have created a foundation for technologies to evolve from and adapt to by doing so this will predict how much sooner new technology will be available. With the integration of Web 2.0 in today’s world it proves to be the greatest factor in the advancement of all technology, It has become the single most important factor in determining where technology is and...   [tags: Technology ]

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Efficacy of Portable Head CT Scan in the Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit

- Introduction: Portable Computed Tomography (CT) studies are an important component used to manage, assess and diagnose CNS diseases, and acute brain injuries, in the Neuroscience ICU (NICU). The portable device is designed specifically for head and neck scans for critically ill patients that are at risk for complications and increased morbidity during intrahospital transportation. Research has found evidence which substantiates that intrahospital transport of patients with brain injuries can impact their outcomes....   [tags: Medical Research]

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Five Things Innovators Can Learn From Thomas Edison

- 6 Things Innovators can learn from Thomas Edison "I find out what the world needs. Then I go ahead and try to invent it." When Thomas Edison first invented the tin foil phonograph, it is unlikely that he truly understood the way that he had impacted the world. But impact it he had and many of today 's inventions would not have been possible without this creation. Imagine a world where no one had discovered the possibility and the means to record something and play it back. But, without this invention, this is exactly the kind of world that would exist....   [tags: Innovation, Invention, Phonograph, Thomas Edison]

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A Civilization Of Expansion, Knowledge And War

- A civilization of expansion, knowledge and war Ever since time began, Humans have circled the Earth searching for riches, land and to unravel the mysteries of the universe. When Humans see something they desire, they do whatever it takes, by sword, persuasion, or negotiation to achieve it. Moreover every moment of mankind 's existence is spent trying to become stronger than their neighbor and even nature itself. Since its dawning, mankind has always been a war ragging race. Moreover, the smarter this race thinks they get, the more they take for granted of what the beautiful creator has given them....   [tags: World War II, World War I, Global conflicts, War]

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The Truth Is in the Photograph

- Can you imagine the horrible living conditions The Drought caused in rural America during the Great Depression. "[Agriculture] produced the very stuff of life on which... the nation's industry, society, and culture fed, physically and even psychologically" The Drought first evoked on the eastern area of our country in 1930, by 1934 it reached southern and Midwestern America. The Drought was caused by poor farming techniques, farmers would over harvest, plant and plow and allow their cattle and sheep overgraze which caused the land to become weak....   [tags: drought, dust, bowl, farming, poverty]

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Technology and entertainment is Always On

- Technology has completely changed the culture of this world. We live in a world where our lives are constantly in motion because of portable devices. Different forms of technology have changed the way and the places that information is accessed. Fast entertainment is now the center of everyone's day. Mostly everything in our lives has something to do with entertainment. We are all seeking and craving entertainment all throughout the day just like fast food. Reading the article “Fast Entertainment and Multitasking in an Always-on World” by S....   [tags: portable devices, technological advancements]

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Observation of a Photograph

- Observation of a Photograph Observation is a valuable and rich source for gathering data for a qualitative study. It offers the researcher firsthand insight into a phenomenon by personally experiencing the same through his/her five senses (Creswell, 2013). It not only provides an inquirer with the opportunity to document participants, activities, settings, behaviors, and other aspects by directly observing them, but also permits him/her “to better understand and capture the context within which people interact” (Patton, 2002, p....   [tags: researcher, details, setting]

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Technology in the Classroom

- ... The internet system strictly forces students to only use technology in educational settings and prohibits them to turn educational experiences into games. The integration of technology in classrooms, will allow students to develop skills crucial for the 21st century. Especially, students will learn workplace skills that they will need in order to be successful in their futures. If students are introduced to technology at a young age, by the time they are in a career, technology will not be a barrier to pursue their dreams....   [tags: portable digital assistants in education]

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Raymond Carver's poem Photograph of My Father In His 22nd Year

- The Theme of Raymond Carver's poem "Photograph of My Father In His 22nd Year" Growing up we all had expectations of who we should be imposed upon us by our parents. Whether or not we achieved those expectations upon reaching adulthood isn't really the final outcome. There is a greater lesson learned regardless of how we benefited from the imposition. And that realization is what truly shapes our final character. Raymond Carver entertains this topic in his poem, "Photograph of My Father in His Twenty-second Year." In this poem Carver provides us with a beautifully touching slice of life that is not only flawless in writing and technique, but that connects and emotionally evokes...   [tags: Photograph of My Father In His 22nd Year]

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Wisdom of Parents in the Poem, Photograph of My Father In His Twenty-Second Year

- Wisdom of Parents in the Poem, Photograph of My Father In His Twenty-Second Year We have all grown up hearing our parent's advice "Do as I say, not as I do". When your parents give this advice you do not always listen at first, but later on in life you may catch yourself using it. I believe it is very important value, respect and listen to what your parent's say; their experience with life is their major tool in shaping their children into adults. Parents have lived life longer than their children that is a fact....   [tags: Photograph of My Father In His Twenty-Second Year]

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Portable Head CT Scan and its Effect on Intracranial Pressure (ICP), Cerebral Perfusion Pressure (CPP), and Brain Oxygen

- A portable Computed Tomography (CT) is used to manage and diagnose CNS diseases, and acute brain injuries, in the Neuroscience ICU (NICU), for example, Traumatic Brain Injuries(TBI), acute strokes, (transient ischemic attack) TIA’s, and subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH). CT studies are an important component in the assessment and management of patients with brain injuries. The portable device is designed specifically for head and neck scans for critically ill patients that are at risk for complications and increased morbidity during intrahospital transportation....   [tags: Medical Research]

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Documentation and Fabrication in Phonography

- Documentation and Fabrication in Phonography ABSTRACT: In most general terms, my paper is about the mixture of agendas in the recording industry, where documentation, with its apparently educational implications, becomes difficult to distinguish from a range of distinct, even opposed, goals—which I group under the heading "fabrication." After a few historical remarks, I develop the concept of what I call works of phonography (WPs)—that is, sound-constructs created by the use of recording machinery....   [tags: Music Essays]

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Types Of File Formats Used For High Resolution Printing

- Today’s printing industry uses many different types of file formats in everyday work. Some of these are recognized by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) , and others are only recognized as an industry standard. TIFF, XMP, JDF, and PDF/X are examples of these file formats. They are useful when storing information in a file, viewing it, simply exchanging information through various program, or giving the user an idea of what the production of a product will be like. Each of the formats has its befits and some even have draws backs to them....   [tags: Portable Document Format, File format]

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Dorothy Parker's Bold and Controversial Legacy and Writing Style

- Dorothy Parker’s poems in The Portable Dorothy Parker vary from humorous commentary on romance to social critique, but her format holds on to the rigidity of older styles. While several writers choose this time period to step outside of the normal confines of writing norms, Parker retains a vintage format of strict end-rhymes and polished line lengths. Her use of comedic devices lines up with the typical craft choices that emerged in the twentieth century; however, her approach is much different than anything else of her time....   [tags: The Portable Dorothy Parker, Poetic Analysis]

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Different Styles Of Taking A Photograph

- INTRODUCTION This essay will discuss and compare two different styles of taking a photograph. The first part of this essay will in depth look into and explore more about spontaneous photography and how Bressons view on the decisive moment is relevant in this matter. In the second part this essay will go deeper in to the narrative world of staged photography. The opposite of a candid and spontaneous photograph. The two genre of photography are far from each other, but where goes the line between the one or the other, and can they ever overlap each other....   [tags: Photography, Henri Cartier-Bresson]

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Visual Analysis of Davis's Photograph

- Memories can be as short-lived as the moments that created them. The recollection of events and the deterioration of memories over time is a constant process that cannot be stopped. This inevitable passing of memory is fused to the inevitable passing of human life. Emily Davis’s still life photograph of wineglasses is reflective and fragmented, allowing the image to act as a metaphor for this fleeting aspect of memory through its own memory-like qualities. The photograph is also symbolic of the transience of human life through the use of the traditional symbol of the wineglass, ultimately serving as memento mori....   [tags: Art Analysis]

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Shaping Perception through a Photograph

- Against a bleak backdrop, U.S troops stand thrusting an American flag into the grey skies. The shards of wreckage at their feet speak of the arduous journey these soldiers had taken to reach the summit of the mountain. Despite the grim setting on the ground, the American flag waves on in a perfect manner swaying along with the wind gusts. As a photograph taken by Joe Rosenthal in 1945, this image of U.S troops raising a flag in Iwo Jima during World War II served as a symbol of hope and victory for the American public during the gruesome end to war....   [tags: Susan Sontag's essay]

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War Photograph and War Photographer

- “Feeling sorry for her”. Kate Daniels uses the iconic photo of the child, hurt in a napalm attack on a Vietnam village who is screaming in pain and fear, to show the extent of the suffering that innocent civilians have to go through in war time. She wants people to be aware of the pain and to show what the reality is like for them in the war, focusing on the horrors in particular. The poem uses this to instil emotions such as sympathy and compassion but also to make people feel appalled by the war....   [tags: Horrors of War]

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Thomas Edison

- What do you use to see at night. You probably said some form of light containing a light bulb of some kind. Well, before Thomas Edison came along people used gas lamps, and fire to see. Thomas Edison was person who revolutionized the world with his amazing invention of the incandescent light bulb, and he also had other revolutionary inventions. Thomas Alva Edison was born on February 11, 1847 in Milan, Ohio (Edison’s Light bulb). His parents were Samuel and Nancy Edison, and he was the last of seven children....   [tags: lightbulb, invention, phonograph, motion picture]

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Modern Photograph and Realism

- ... There is contrast between textures of liquid water, grainy dirt, smooth plants, and the hard rough mountains. In 1930, Walker Evans beautiful yet haunting photograph, "Factory Street in Amsterdam, New York,” documents the effects of the great depression. This image almost looks like an alley. Due to the wet glossy floors you can tell it was previously raining. The first thing to catch your attention is the long road receding infinitely, leading your eyes from the foreground to the background creating maximum depth of field like in Shore's photo....   [tags: change, happiness, love, freedom, social]

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- Multiband loaded inverted-F antennas suitable to be applied in a portable device as an internal antenna having high gain property for mobile WiMAX , Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and WLAN operations are presented. Numerical simulation is carried out using method of moments in Numerical Electromagnetic Code (NEC-2). The proposed dual inverted-F antenna is suitable for 3.5/5 GHz and compact triple band inverted-F antenna is for 2.4/3.5/5.2 GHz operations. Total areas occupied by the antennas are 24mm×37mm and 29mm×37mm in case of dual IFA and triple IFA respectively....   [tags: Technology]

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The Power of the Photograph

- The Power of the Photograph On the wall of my dorm room hangs a photograph that was taken at my paternal grandmother’s house. I’m on Grandma’s lap, and my sister is on the floor. I appear to be about two or three years old. It is after supper, and Grandma is reading to me.      This photograph is interesting to me because it reflects two points that Michelle Citron makes in her book, Home Movies. First, the person taking the picture is asserting control over the interpretation of the memory. Second, there are clues within the frame that signify what has actually been left out of the frame....   [tags: Personal Narrative]

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A Portrait Of A Photograph Taken By Cary Wolinsky

- ... The electric chair looks old and what one would imagine when thinking when one imagine the first use of the chair in 1890. This piece to me based on not only what the title is pointing to for a subject but also from the way the picture is set up with a pregnant woman sitting in the electric chair points towards the issues on abortion as well as the death penalty. Both subjects are very controversial as people hold strong opinions for and against on either side of the issues. However, the thing that is interesting and that I believe this artist is trying to point out is in part the hypocrisy of the people who agree with pro-life but are also for the death penalty....   [tags: Human rights, Abortion, Capital punishment]

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The Laptop Computer

- "Alan Kay has remarked that had Vannevar Bush enjoyed working in all-night coffee shops, he would have invented the portable computer." (Press, 1993, p.31) The laptop computer has had a tremendous impact in the areas of business, education, government, and personal use. The emergence of portable computing and the laptop computer can be traced to the introduction of the personal computer itself. In 1975, the MITS Altair 8800 was introduced. The Altair is recognized as being the first commercially successful personal computer and the launching point for the personal computer revolution (Sysop, n.d.)....   [tags: Mobile Computing Portable]

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Behavioral Influences of a Materialistic Attitude in Literature

- ... The young girl “wished for dresses like those [her] friend Lonnie had”. She is very jealous of small things that others possess and she does not. The teenage girl blames all her popularity problems on her mother, simply because her dress for the dance is not stylish. In her mind, she lashes out at her mother, even wishing that she didn’t have a one, like her friend Lonnie. In the girl’s house, even with company present, “her mother wore no corset or stockings, … her legs were marked with lumps of blue-green veins.” Everything that the young girl dislikes about her mother is derived from materialistic and cosmetic desires and expectations....   [tags: greed, violence, misunderstanding]

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College Admissions Essays - A Photograph

- College Admissions Essays - A Photograph Attach a small photograph (3.5 x 5 inches or smaller) of something important to you and explain its significance. At an age when my friends’ floors were strewn with toys, dirty clothes, or video-game cartridges, mine was smothered in paper of all sorts — books, magazines, reams of white and college-ruled, paper bags, paper airplanes. This pattern has survived, and it is representative of the way I live. The house of my life is built on a foundation of paper....   [tags: College Admissions Essays]

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Analysis Of Bill Biggart 's Final Photograph

- On September 11th, 2001 in New York City, The World Trade Center collapsed due to an act of terrorism. It was one of three locations targeted that day. Bill Biggart’s final photograph is an emotionally and visually captivating representation of what occurred on 9/11. (Thesis statement) A photograph is a still frame from our lives, unmoving, frozen in time. It’s an art form of a memory to ensure we never forget moments, and what they were made up of. As the tragic event unfolded in front of us all, we ourselves, were frozen in time, motionless, ensuring that we never forgot what those moments were made up of....   [tags: World Trade Center, September 11 attacks]

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Soiling of Old Glory: Photograph by Stanley J. Forman

- ... It shows that Americans were still deliberately committing violent acts in public because of racial tension, despite laws that had been established to abolish segregation prior to the event that took place. This became apparent in the eyes of many that any progress made in the Civil Rights movement during the 50’s and 60’s did not achieve what it was set out to achieve – remove racism and segregation. The fact that they brutalized an innocent black man, reveals that the protestors were frustrated by more than just the desegregation of schools....   [tags: racial tension between black and white]

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Critical Analysis on a Tina Modotti Photograph

- Critical Analysis on a Tina Modotti Photograph Tina Modotti was from a very poor working class society. She was brought up in the northeast part of Italy, in Udine, Friuli. She was born at the tail end of the industrial revolution, in 1896. However, you could say, by all means, that her village hadn't changed the slightest since the seventh century. She lived vigorously throughout her childhood, working endless hours in a silk-textile factory to earn a cash flow and to support the family through starvation....   [tags: Papers]

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Critical Analysis of a Photograph of Rachel Whitear

- Critical Analysis of a Photograph of Rachel Whitear The photograph of Rachel on the floor in her room is indeed very powerful. It is a very graphic photograph and is meant to be this way, the people who took it used it for their crime scene investigation. But people who saw the photo realised that it could be used too send a blunt message to make people think twice before stepping into the world of drugs. The room that she lived in for the last few days of her life was bare, no pictures, no posters, no fancy paint, no wallpaper, no personality, no feeling....   [tags: Papers]

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Photograph of the Demolition of the Crystal Palace, 1936

- Photograph of the Demolition of the Crystal Palace, 1936 The Crystal Palace designed by Joseph Paxton stood for eighty-five years. It succumbed to fire "at six o'clock on the evening of 30th November 1936" (Beaver, 141). A fire was discovered in the staff lavatory, and within minutes the whole structure was ablaze. The spectacular building was engulfed in fire as it dissolved into just a skeleton of its former structure. Paxton used innovative methods of construction on the Crystal Palace, greatly influenced by the bridge and train shed construction of the day....   [tags: Architecture History]

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Dionne Brand's Blues Spiritual for Mammy Prater and Margaret Atwood's This Is a Photograph of Me

- ... Another significant concept recorded in the poem is the representation of Mammy’s body. Her body is a captivating symbol in the debate of slavery, as a majority of slaves in this time period were ruled and owned by the rich white people. In time, she was set free from her ties to the life of slavery and from that day forward she was not willing to let anything or anyone control her or her body, not even photography. It was going to be done her way or not at all. In the 115 years that Mammy Prater waited, she practiced her body positions and facial expressions in preparation for the day that she would finally get her self-portrait done....   [tags: poetry analysis]

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P. H. Delamotte Photograph of the Interior of the Crystal Palace

- P. H. Delamotte Photograph of the Interior of the Crystal Palace After a successful year of housing the Great Exposition, the Crystal Palace by Joseph Paxton was disassembled and moved to Sydenham, where it stood for the next 85 years (Hobhouse, 32). The Palace, built for the 1851 World's Fair in London, was an architectural and engineering wonder modeled after the bridge and train shed construction of the mid-nineteenth century. The structure had been designed to be quickly assembled out of prefabricated members and easily rebuilt elsewhere....   [tags: Architecture History]

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Toyo Miyatake Picture Analysis

- During World War II, after the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor, Japanese Americans in the western United States were forced into internment camps because the government felt as though the Japanese were dangerous if they were not relocated. These camps were usually in poor condition and in deserted areas of the nation. The Japanese were forced to make the best of their situation and thus the adults farmed the land and tried to maximize leisure while children attempted to enjoy childhood. The picture of the internee majorettes, taken by internee and photographer Toyo Miyatake, shows sixteen girls standing on bleachers while posing in front of the majestic Sierra Nevada mountain range and deso...   [tags: Photograph Analysis ]

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People Have Overly Dependent On Technology

- ... Without presence of technology, Galileo would not be able to draw the moon in detail and NASA would not able to have sent astronauts to land on the moon. Thanks to these technology, mankind had moved quickly in terms of knowledge and most of us are able tostudy these with just a few clicks away. Also, it is not surprised with such massive scientific knowledge introduced into our education, an average highschooler probably would be more knowledgeable than Albert Einstein. Technology does not only provide us as easier access into knowledge, it also provides us an easier way to commuinicate with other people....   [tags: computers, cell phones, portable devices]

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Michael Brown 's Photograph Is Focused On A Man Throwing A Tear Gas Cannister Away From A Group Of

- ... Of these poor children, african american children are twice as likely as white students. The inequality develops from education. High school for african-americans is the gateway to imprisonment, Edelman found that a black boy has a one in fifty-five chance of earning a master’s degree. On the other hand they have a one in five chance of going to prison before age 30. In context of the photograph by Cohen, Ferguson, Missouri is a very poor area. This lack of education and wealth could be the driving factor of the strife that occurred in this event....   [tags: Racism, Race, African American, Sociology]

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The Pros and Cons of Photograph Alteration

- The use of today’s photography technology invites many controversial arguments among the public. Some people have no problem with manipulated pictures, others believe that editing the picture of human being means not to appreciate human as God’s creature. It is commonly known that the majority of the pictures in magazines, billboards, and advertisements in public areas must have gone through the professional photo editing process to be maximized in effectiveness. The pictures are retouched so that it looks much more lively and delightful than the original ones....   [tags: photography]

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A View From the Bridge by Arthur Miller

- A View From the Bridge by Arthur Miller Miller intends to portray Marco as both innocent and guilty to the audience. For example, Miller displays his blamelessness by describing him as a family man, who has "three children" and "trusts his wife". He has responsibility for his family, so he has come to America as an illegal immigrant to provide food for them, because if he stays in Sicily "they will never grow up". He has immigrated to America because his offspring are suffering from illnesses and need medicine....   [tags: Papers]

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The Legendary American Kiss in Time Square

- An icon is an image that refers to something outside of its individual elements, something or someone that has great symbolic meaning for society. Icons are often perceived to represent universal concepts, emotions, and meanings. Iconic images are recognizable yet, known not for their origin, time of production or for the people who created them, but for their great symbolic and historical meaning. Iconic images have an important role in American history that has shaped our identity through controversy, cultural awareness and historical events....   [tags: photograph, symbolic meaning, mystery]

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Aesthetics Of The Everyday : A Collection Of All Things Small And Mundane

- Aesthetics of the Everyday: A Collection of All Things Small and Mundane “Why do I bother to capture these tiny moments?” I ask myself looking back at photos consisting of a small army compiled from cups of coffee. From the first time I had access to a camera I have captured endless meals, outfits, beach days, and messy workspaces. The cultural phenomena surrounding these seemingly unimportant photographs has inspired me to explore the significance of capturing them. Together, my collection of mundane photographs contributes to a meshwork of media reflecting moments throughout my life....   [tags: Photography, Photograph, Camera, Espresso]

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How Redbook Cross An Ethical Line

- Micro Issues 2. If they did, indeed, piece together a photograph from more than one source as Huvane claims, did Redbook cross an ethical line. An ethical line was crossed by Redbook in this case. Redbook changed the integrity of a Jennifer Aniston photograph without gaining her personal approval or her publicist team’s approval. Aniston is an actress that is seen as a fashion icon. Therefore, her hairstyle, whether she’s wearing her wedding ring, and her outfit are all important factors for her image....   [tags: Photography, Photograph, License, Royalties]

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Use Of Photography During The Death Of His Mother Henriette

- Term punctum in relation to photography was first coined by Barthes in the 1977 after the death of his mother Henriette. At this time he began writing Camera Lucida, which is a simultaneously an inquiry into the nature and essence of photography and a eulogy to Henriette. Barthes has lived most of his life with her and two had a very strong bond. Following her death, Barthes sets on a quest of finding his mother again in the old photographs and attempted to explain a unique significance a picture of her as a child carried for him....   [tags: Photography, Emotion, Image, Photograph]

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Personal Narrative : When They Are Immoral

- ... The pictures depicted a scenario which never happened and may not display the full truth. In this case the doctored photograph crossed the fine moral line. The article Is it Real, Or Is It Photoshoped. discusses the increasing concern of doctored before and after pictures presented to clients by physicians (Anthem Media Group). In this case the photograph is purposely trying to deceive a perspective client into believe that the procedure will be more effective than it actually is. The picture does not present the truth in a scenario where it is unethical not to present the truth....   [tags: Photography, Image, Photograph, Ethics]

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Photography Is A Wide Area With Multiple Different Sub Sections Involved

- ... As well as this because the shutter is going to be open for a lot longer than normal to capture all of the movement there is going to be more light being processed by the sensor. By having a smaller aperture it helps to control the amount of light being processed. Paying more attention to how the image has been structured, there are a lot of leading lines coming from the cross roads that are following off into the city. When first looking at the photograph your eyes start at the bottom by the cross roads, then lead on into the far city in the background....   [tags: Photography, Photograph, Rule of thirds]

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On Photography by Susan Sotag

- Between 1500 and 1900, paintings and drawings were the main medium of visual art. They represented the universe based on the author’s imagination and technical skill. However, the birth of photography presented new possibilities and a new means to depict and show an accurate, complete and ‘authentic’ reproduction of reality. Based and inspired by Susan Sontag’s book, On Photography, this essay will discuss and explore the notion of the authentic image as well as what makes for an authentic photograph....   [tags: photography, image, photograph]

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Gandhi at His Spinning Wheel

- “Some photographs are destined to be ruined or forgotten. Some photographs are destined to be remembered and cherished. Such as his infamous portrait which almost did not make it.” (1946) Life Magazine. I am going to be analysing the historical story behind the photograph Gandhi at his Spinning Wheel. This black and white portrait photograph was taken by Margaret Bourke- White in 1946. His real name is Mahatma Gandhi; he was one of the most important figures of the 20th century. Gandhi’s overall appearance made people question their views of him....   [tags: photograph, India, independence]

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Henry Peach Robinson, The King Of Photographic Picture Making

- Henry Peach Robinson Henry Peach Robinson is an English photographer in the 19th century. He was born on July 9th, 1830 in Ludlow, United Kingdom. He died on February 21st, 1901. He learned photography from Dr. Hugh Diamond’s instructions. He was in the bookselling trade before opening a photographic studio. In the photography studio he opened specialized in portraits. As apart of his creative craft he combined prints, joining multiple negatives to create a single image. He was a pioneer of pictorialist photography....   [tags: Photography, Image, Photograph, Painting]

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Eyes Can Not Lie By Nora Ephron

- ... The first plane crash into one of the twin tower was a fast-paced event and it was captured into a photo. A skyscraper is demolished by a plane and a giant cloud of smoke can be seen rising out of it. This was one of the most traumatizing event in history preserved vividly. Many lives were taken that day, but they would be remembered and taught to future generations of Americans for respect. The photos help to give clear information for educational purposes and memorials. Since September 11th was such a major event in history, some of the most iconic photographs were taken that day....   [tags: Photography, Photograph, Vietnam War]

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The Hawaii Red Cross And Its Challenge Of Effective Pr Material

- ... This way all volunteers will have the knowledge about how to take appropriate pictures and conducting interviews, and be aware that the Red Cross wants them to capture the moments when they are working in the field. When someone signs up as a volunteer for the Red Cross, they have to go through an online course to learn about the organization. To make the plan fit into the profile of the Red Cross and to make it as effortless as possible for the volunteers, the mentioned photo and interview tutorial will be an addition to this already established routine....   [tags: Photography, Image, Photograph]

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Film Analysis : The Digital Age

- discrete moments in time so as to create iconic moments. Those black and white photographs are more closely affiliated with memory than with immediate experience. Pedro simulates the metaphorical memory with the fusion of moments into a single representation. According to Pedro, people get unsure about an image produced digitally for the documentary. The digital age has opened a whole new world of alterations. He finds any such alteration no different than what ordinary film was editing. One can create a documentary story by creating a stronger image by organizing and adding pics of information to complete a picture....   [tags: Photography, Image, Camera, Photograph]

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How Photography Became An Accepted Form Of Art

- ... How he had presented the photographs also sent a fairly strong message. Although he photographed many actors, actress’, and people from up high, his pictures never truly represented any luxury they potentially could have. If Nadar’s work, published on the Museum of Modern Art, are examined, the audience has a very simple photograph with great detail. All of his portraits have a simple background. The subject may be dressed fine clothes, but has no props outside the chair that individual is seated on....   [tags: Photography, Portrait, Daguerreotype, Photograph]

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Social Media 's Influence On The Media

- The days of Friendster and Myspace are long gone – social media has come a long way from its roots as a center for connecting with friends and listing your favorite bands. Today the “social” in social media has less meaning – you are just as likely to use it for professional connections as you for posting photos. As employers and professional contacts increasingly use social media platforms to connect, the image you project with your profile photo matters more and more. What Profile Photos Say About You When was the last time you took a hard look at the head shots on all of your social media profiles....   [tags: Photography, Camera, Photograph, Portrait]

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Analysis Of The Film ' Death Brings New Life '

- ... Kim has positioned himself so that the top of a wall is shown along the bottom of the photo, almost as a boarder. The lines on each side of the walls also act like a barrier, giving a straight line from the crucifix to the center of the ceiling. The technique for this series is very distinct and precise. For instance, it looks like Kim used film for this photo, since there is a graininess to it. The lighting is very natural, which seems unplanned and in the moment. The color and tone of the series is black-and-white and in this photo it looks very pale....   [tags: Photography, Emotion, Light, Photograph]

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Sontag 's Photography On Power

- ... 4. Sontag says there are roles that cameras play in the nuclear family. Family life was thought to contain a camera for capturing moments of life the families, as they grow older and bigger. It was more likely for families with children to own a camera. It was a way to collect old family photographs as traces of the families past relatives and what may remain of them. Being thought of as ways that cameras were used to gather more understanding and knowledge of past relatives that allow the keeping of past memories within families....   [tags: Photography, Camera, Photograph, Image]

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Court Cases of Naomi Campbell

- Media, Law, Ethics and regulation Court ruling in one of the recent cases of Naomi Campbell Case with the Daily Mirror has all the more signified the issue concerning the laws of privacy. Naomi filed two cases, one against MGM Limited and the other against Vanessa Frisbee. The first case involved the periodical Daily Mirror’s two of the articles that relates to the Campbell’s drug addiction and a photograph of her parting a meeting of Narcotics Anonymous. The issue of the case revolves around the law of privacy in UK as Naomi argued that the Daily Mirror had violated the poise in printing her picture and making public some personal and confidential information....   [tags: drugs, photograph, daily mirror]

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The Importance of Photography

- Everywhere you look one thing is common, photographs. People not only use photography to document events and milestones, they use to enhance the beauty of their surroundings. From pictures of quiet country streams and cute animals to family photographs, almost every public space has some kind of photograph as decoration. Photography is much more than taking simple pictures, as a career a photographer must know technical information about lighting, posing, choosing subjects and framing shots. Equipment care is another facet of photography that requires technical knowledge beyond what the amateur needs....   [tags: George Eastman, camera, photograph]

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Finding the True Meaning

- A long, uneven line shuffled forward lethargically. Many lost their footing and slipped on what used to be grass. They held improvised masks over their grey faces to stop the choking dust smothering them. The sky was obscured by ash clouds that cast a shadow of despondency upon them. Rusty razor wire enclosed the compound and many of them refused to talk about what lay beyond. The weary rattle of a ration tin could be heard at all times; that and the constant hum of the diesel generator that the militia were perpetually fretting over....   [tags: numbers, photograph, protein, tooth]

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Modern Day Landscape Photographs By Carol Franc Buck

- ... She used unique colors to show a bold difference in objects in order to stand out more clearly. These bold objects make you focus on one particular image rather than the whole picture at once. Martin has a specific and original way about her landscapes. She creates images that are almost hilarious and highly interesting. Her piece called “Sharknado” is clearly based off of the movie and is unrealistic. The fact that she makes her photographs unrealistic, along with getting individuals to focus on one aspect of the image this takes away from other features in the photograph....   [tags: Photography, Image, John Pfahl, Photograph]

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The Invention Of Photography : An Accurate Depiction Of A Real Life Scene

- ... One especially notable example is the 1860 portrait of Abraham Lincoln.The image shows Lincoln standing tall and proud beside a desk. The reality was that Lincoln was a weak and frail man, and a picture of his face had been stitched onto a portrait of southern politician John Calhoun. While some may question this decision, the only way that most people in the United States would be able to see the President was through photographs distributed in newspapers. During a time of civil unrest, it would have been unwise for Lincoln to show himself as anything other than a strong man, as it would have cost him vital support in the war effort....   [tags: Photography, Photograph, American Civil War]

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Camera Lucida, By Roland Barthes

- ... Finally, when viewing an image you are confronted with the Noeme, the “that-has- been” (Barthes, 76). Displayed in The Father the idea that the individuals will never be there ever again; I will never be that young, my father will never appear that way. The idea that once that moment has passed it is dead, it will never occur again. Now that the rudimentary understanding of the photo is established, the dissection of the deeper meaning starts to become prevalent. In The Father an individual becomes confronted with the idea of what the photograph represents....   [tags: Photography, Photograph, Roland Barthes, Image]

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Potential Digital Evidence

- Potential Digital Evidence As you can see in the photograph provided, Mr. Didit’s workspace contained numerous digital evidence items. There were two (2) computer towers on the floor that contained emails between Mr. Didit and Kazuki Corporation discussing the smartphone design along with image files of classified coding for the smartphone operating system. These towers were sealed within large anti-static evidence bags, establishing the chain-of-custody, and transported to the off-site facility for investigation....   [tags: Mr Didit, workspace, photograph]

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The Impact Of Technology On The Music Industry

- ... Falling prices and an ever-growing selection of records allowed families to hear almost any kind of music.” Said Mark Katz in his book Capturing Sound. (62) The invention of the phonograph, a long with the invention on vinyl records, was the beginning of mass consumerism in the music industry. After the phonograph, came the cassette. In 1962 the Phillips company began developing the compact cassette. (Lingard, 33) They were lightweight and easy to use. This new technology began competing with the vinyl industry, and the cassette tapes did have some success....   [tags: Gramophone record, Compact Disc, Digital audio]

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Personal Narrative : My Dream Career

- Without a doubt, being a highly respected photographer would be my dream career. The type of job that wouldn 't feel like a job because it is one of my favorite hobbies. Growing up I always noticed how much longer I took to take a picture of someone than when they did the same for me. I soon realized that I actually had a passion for getting the right shot that I understood that not every pictures the same and that certain angles made others look better in places. The praise I received for taking a lot of these pictures motivated me....   [tags: Photography, Image, Nicéphore Niépce, Photograph]

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