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The Pedestrian by Ray Bradbury

- The short story The Pedestrian is an intriguing story that takes place in the future. This story suggests that if the world continues the progress that it is now then we will become no more than humans who are doing nothing with our lives. It shows how people would seclude themselves from others and begin to stop caring for others. Is this actually a possibility in the future. In this short story there is a man by the name of Mr. Mead who doesn’t necessarily do the same as everyone else. In this future based story, there is a curfew for everyone at which they should begin to watch TV....   [tags: Ray Bradbury, The Pedestrian]

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Technology and Society Illustrated in Ray Bradbury's Pedestrian

- As technology continues to grow, the question is no longer how will technology take over . It is now that if technology should take over, citizens will be left with nothing. In “The Pedestrian”, Ray Bradbury uses the setting to dominantly portray the desolate and barren setting to show how lonely and deserted cities will be when technology controls the human population. Setting is the surroundings or environment of anything. The setting of a story can develop the tone, the truth, the atmosphere, the theme, and the foundation....   [tags: Ray Bradbury, The Pedestrian]

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The Individual in The Pedestrian by Ray Bradbury

- It is fairly simple for people to be regarded as a person who is suspicious, or subversive. Another thing which is very easily done to people is to dismiss them. Many ways in which this can happen are shown in the short story, "The Pedestrian." It shows examples of this in the way which the man is treated and how the whole world has become such a cold place. As the man was taking a walk, it seemed like a very cold place from the start of the story. As he gets stopped by the police car it begins to talk to him....   [tags: Ray Bradbury, The Pedestrian]

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Decay of Humanity in The Pedestrian by Ray Bradbury

- Mankind has made great progression with inventions such as the television. However, as people dedicate less time to study or participate in sport, and dedicate more time to tune into their television, one might wonder if this is growth or decay. In "The Pedestrian", Ray Bradbury has decided to make a statement on the possible outcome of these advances. Through clever characterisation, themes and imagery, he shows that if society advances too greatly, then mankind may as well terminate itself....   [tags: Ray Bradbury, The Pedestrian]

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Use of Insect Images Thesis in The Pedestrian by Ray Bradbury

- Technology is becoming increasingly popular; we are forced to confront it everyday. Ray Bradbury has noticed this trend of people becoming more and more dependent on technology; after all we use the television, computers, and even automobiles everyday. In the pedestrian Ray Bradbury has used insect images in The Pedestrian that suggests that with the increasing number of people using technology it will trap and destroy us. Bradbury writes "During the day it was a thunderous surge of cars, the gas stations open, a great insect rustling and a ceaseless jockeying for position as the scarab-beetles, a faint incense puttering from their exhausts, skimmed homeward to the far directions." In th...   [tags: Ray Bradbury, The Pedestrian]

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Death of the Literate World in Ray Bradbury's The Pedestrian

- Ray Bradbury's short story, "The Pedestrian," shows the not-too-distant future in a very unfavorable light. The thinking world has been eaten away by the convenience that is high technology. This decay is represented by the fate that befalls Leonard Mead. Though only an isolated incident, it foreshadows the end of thinking, literate society. The world in the year 2053 is populated by people who are more dead than alive. Their technology has made them very lazy. Walking has become obsolete, as the title of the story indicates....   [tags: Ray Bradbury, The Pedestrian]

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Characterization, Theme, and Imagery of Ray Bradbury's The Pedestrian

- Two Works Cited Mankind has made great leaps toward progress with inventions like the television. However, as children give up reading and playing outdoors to plug into the television set, one might wonder whether it is progress or regression. In "The Pedestrian," Ray Bradbury has chosen to make a statement on the effects of these improvements. Through characterization and imagery, he shows that if mankind advances to the point where society loses its humanity, then mankind may as well cease to exist....   [tags: Ray Bradbury, The Pedestrian]

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Outsiders in The Flying Machine, The Pedestrian, and I See You Never

- Outsiders in The Flying Machine, The Pedestrian, and I See You Never The Flying Machine, in this the ousider is the Inventor. He is classed as an outsider because he is seen to be a threat.(outisde accepted behaviour). The Pedestrian, in this the outsider is Mr Leonard Mead he is classed as an outsider because he walks the street on a night, which is seen to be outside the norm of society. I See You Never, in this the outside is Mr Ramirez he is an outsider because he is an immigrant and his visa ran out long ago....   [tags: Ray Bradbury, The Pedestrian]

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The Pedestrian by Ray Bradbury

- This story is set in the future and relates to people acting in an abnormal and obscured way. It challenges your mind to why these people act and are so different during the night. When during the day it seems so normal and a busy day. It is as though you can predict these people's day-to-day routines. What seems to posse them to act so different towards the night. Leonard is walking in a deserted place. It is awfully quiet he can only hear his own footsteps. It is a misty evening....   [tags: Ray Bradbury, The Pedestrian]

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The Benefits of Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Open Space Facilities

- The Benefits of Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Open Space Facilities Economic benefits for local and national economy as well as some less tangible benefits play a major role when investments are made on bicycle, pedestrian, and open space facilities. Some of the economic benefits from such infrastructures come from increased retail sales, conservation and creation of jobs, reduced health care costs, and real estate appreciation. The facilities discussed also ease road traffic and lead to a better preservation of roads....   [tags: economic benefits for local & national economy]

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Dystopias Displayed in The Lottery by Jackson and The Pedestrian by Bradbury and Never Let Me Go

- A dystopian text is a fictional society which must have reverberations of today’s world and society and has many elements and rules that authors use to convey their message or concern. Dystopian texts are systematically written as warnings use to convey a message about a future time that authors are concerned will come about if our ways as humans continue, such as in the short stories called The Lottery by Shirley Jackson and The Pedestrian by Ray Bradbury. Dystopias are also written to put a satiric view on prevailing trends of society that are extrapolated in a ghoulish denouement, as in the case of the dystopian film Never Let Me Go directed by Mark Romanek....   [tags: society, dehumanised, moral]

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Why Higways are Impoved and Constructed

- ... When a new highway or the improvement of an existing highway is planned, the planning must be based on a land use plan meeting the requirements of the Land Use and Building Act. 1.Feasibility study Planning a transport system combines interactive planning of land use and traffic. Thus, a frame work is made for the arrangement of different traffic modes and land use. Planning generates traffic policy objectives and goals, network plans for various traffic statuses, implementation strategies for the system and assessments of the impacts....   [tags: pedestrian, road planning, development]

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Behavior Of Pedestrians At Unsignalized Crosswalks When Alone Versus When

- BEHAVIOR OF PEDESTRIANS AT UNSIGNALIZED CROSSWALKS WHEN ALONE VERSUS WHEN IN A GROUP: AN OBSERVATION STUDY IE 6910 Human Factors in Transportation Systems Anand Ramachandran Dhiraj Kumar Reddy Bokka Nimish Yadav Ronica Shekar Introduction Pedestrian safety is a major cause for concern throughout the world as they represent the largest group of road-users and are more susceptible to physical injuries when involved in a crash. In the United States, pedestrian fatality has increased over the years, in 2012, 4743 pedestrians were killed in traffic crashes,which was a 6% increase as compared to 2011 (Traffic Safety Facts 2014)....   [tags: Scientific method, Observation]

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Distracted Driving and Safety

- When a driver takes his eyes off the road, hands off the wheel, or mind away from focusing on the road the driver has become distracted and may not even realize it causing danger to any passengers, pedestrians, and other drivers. The reaction time of a distracted driver decreases along with the driver’s awareness of the surrounding cars, signs, and traffic signals. Also when a driver’s focus is not 100 percent on the road, the risk of losing control of the vehicle increases. Although television commercials, articles, and events make us believe that teenagers are always the drivers that are distracted while operating a motored vehicle when actually recent studies have shown all ages can becom...   [tags: Distractions, Danger, Pedestrians, Passengers]

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Concrete Bridge Project

- In the past, it is not much pedestrian traffic along the street because of the lower population. However, due to the population increasing in 1960-70s.The government considerate that the number of pedestrian traffic such as footbridge is so important, so the government have to increase the total number of all pedestrian traffic like footbridge. With the time changed, the safety and technical of bridge structure form has also changed and improved. Nowadays, almost footbridge in Hong Kong is made by concrete including prestressed concrete bridge....   [tags: Pedestrians, Tension, Architecture]

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The Horrific Traffic Jams of Egypt

- Egyptians have a lot of important issues in their life. The traffic jam in Egypt has come to be lately unbelievable; nearly everyone above 18 years of period owns a car. There is one subject that every single resident of Cairo can concur on: something needs to be completed concerning the traffic. The Egyptian capital is notorious for its congestion, a universal basis of frustration that affects everyone across the whole communal spectrum. Yet the traffic jams are far extra than an annoyance. They have extremely real commercial, environmental and area condition consequences....   [tags: cars, roads, signals, pedestrians, traffic]

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Increasing the Safety of Pedestrains

- Objectives · To increase the safety of the pedestrian. · To increase the drivers awareness of pedestrians on the road · To increase pedestrian safety if the car hits the pedestrian. · To increase drivers safety on accident with pedestrian. Concept Using a scan and process independent computer, this system is designed increase pedestrian safety, by indicating to the driver the presence of a pedestrian by an outlined transparent image projected unto the screen. It detects pedestrian, position, distance from car, light conditions and stopping distance -taking speed and weather condition from the already present car systems....   [tags: Papers]

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The Negligence Of Distracted Driving

- Automobile accidents many times involve children in some form such as when an accident occurs in an area where children play or around a school. Russia 's road accident mortality rate is currently the highest in Europe. The Advertising Agency: Red Pepper of Ekaterinburg, Russia (Ekaterinburg City Administration) is known for advertisements in more than 100 cities in Russia for new-media and non-traditional advertising tools. Along with Photographer: Kate Baonby (EKBURG.AU) were among the many that participated in a creation that became one of the world’s most successful advertisements for good causes and building a better world....   [tags: Tram accident, Traffic collision, Road accidents]

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How Does Change Blindness Occur From Passive Viewing Of 2 D Displays?

- ... Some of the literature that is core for this paper is a claim that memory for scenes is often distorted, quiet sparse, subject to suggestion and influenced by expectations and goals (Barlett, 1977/1932; Brewer & Treyens, 1981; Loftus E, 1979; Nickerson & Adams, 1979) this is change blindness and studies of this change blindness, as it will be known as in this analysis, suggest that such details may not be retained even from one instant to the next, a claim that is consistent with earlier studies of the intergration of information from successive fixations (Bridgeman & Maymer, 1983; Dennet, 1991; Hochberg, 1986; Irwin, 1991; McConkie & Currie, 1996; Pashler, 1988; Rayner & A., 1992) The p...   [tags: Experiment, Stanford prison experiment]

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Cause and Effect Essay - The Right Of Way

- Cause and Effect Essay - The Right Of Way         In the state of Washington, pedestrians have always had the right of way. However, the recent enforcement of this law is causing traffic problems citywide. Traffic tends to come to a screeching halt without any warning. I was driving North on Nevada Street in Spokane, three of four lanes of traffic had stopped to allow a man and a young child to cross the street, the fourth lane of traffic had not stopped. Finally a car in that fourth lane of traffic stopped, causing the car behind it to slam on the brakes, literally coming to a screeching halt....   [tags: Expository Cause Effect Essays]

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Investigating the Land Use of Stanmore

- Investigating the Land Use of Stanmore Introduction This is my coursework on the Land use of Stanmore. I decided to do this topic because it enabled me to practice more on the subject of settlement which is one of my weak areas in Geography. Although I do not live in Stanmore, most of my time is spent there, at my school (Bentley Wood High School). Stanmore is located in the South East of London, in the London Borough of Harrow. It is north east from Harrow-on-the-Hill....   [tags: Papers]

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Physical Activity in the US

- The level of the population’s level of physical activity is becoming a major public health concern in the United States (Wahlgren, 2011). As a result of urban sprawl, Americans rely heavily on personal vehicles to travel to work or other destinations. This is leading to a sedentary life style for the public as they take to their cars to travel to their destination. The public’s perception of the environments in which they live in are likely influencing their behaviors resulting in their dependance on personal vehicles....   [tags: Social Issues, Transportation]

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Roading Project Listed on the Auckland Transport Website

- Introduction This report was requested by Winston Hiliau, to discuss a roading project listed on the Auckland Transport website. Of all the given current and completed projects, I have chosen “Tiverton Road and Wolverton Street Upgrade” as my report topic. The New Zealand government has a $30 million budget to upgrade and widen Tiverton Road and Wolverton Street located between Clark Street and the intersection of New Windsor Road and Maioro Street. The project’s aim is to increase road safety and to provide an efficient road environment for all users....   [tags: civil engineering projects]

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The Redoubt Road-Mill Coridor

- The Redoubt Road-Mill Road Corridor Table of Contents page Background Information 3 Project Objective 3 Project History 4 Consultation Process 4 Project detail 5 Pedestrian Improvement i Cycling Improvement ii Public Transport Improvement iii Affected Parties 6 Environmental Concern 7 Benefits 8 References 9 Information The transport system in the Auckland especially to the southern part is overburdened and more so inefficient. For the past years, there has been underinvestment in the public transport, the existing settlement pattern and the narrow neck of land which has been accumulated over the past decisions made over the past years....   [tags: project benefits]

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An Interview With Norman Foster

- ... However, the presumed result was that connecting these facilities will benefit each shopping centres socially and economically. More precisely, by creating indoor connections and sharing clienteles amongst centres, each centres would have an increase in consumers, thus led to an increase in their properties’ values. Also, providing a more comfortable pedestrian network which will help people to avoid poor weather. The Tokyo Station City project is a shopping, movement and services network that built around a major railway station (Tokyo Station)....   [tags: Retailing, Shopping mall, Power centre]

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Differences and Inequalities That Can be Seen on the Streets of the UK

- By comparing two UK streets in differing localities, one can assess differences and inequalities in the social, economic and cultural spheres. This essay will focus on the differences and inequalities that exist between Renshaw St, Liverpool, and City Rd, Wales, by examining road traffic, homelessness and street-level economic activity Renshaw street is perpendicular to the side of Liverpool City Centre, and Liverpool Lime street is one street away as is the Adelphi Hotel. The road has a collection of pubs, bars, taxi ranks, clothes shops, music shops, restaurants and also take away....   [tags: City Analysis]

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Technology and Its Influence in Stories and Movies

- Technology is used by many people in our society today. Technology is very helpful but it can also take over our lives. In these five short stories and film they talked a lot about technology. These short stories and film include Technology Can Push Our Buttons, There Will Come Soft Rains, Harrison Bergeron, The Pedestrian and Wall-e. In these short stories and film the message between all of them are similar. For example in The Pedestrian and Wall-e the message in both of them is that society can be taken over by technology....   [tags: society, depend, equal]

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The Evolution of The United Kingdom's Road Network

- The United Kingdom has an extensive road network that has evolved over time. What started out as footpaths and horse tracks between settlements, led to pavement and motorway. Horse travel gave way to carriage which in turn yielded to motor vehicle (Silva, 2009, p. 325). Regulations and laws were implemented to improve public safety, with the aim of preventing injury and death. For example the Highway Code first published in 1931 (Department for Transport, 2005). Social order can be defined as the rules and expectations that produce the way we as society live together (Silva, 2009, p....   [tags: Urban Development ]

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The Features of CBD

- The Features of CBD The CBD is located in the centre of the town as shown in figures 11 and 23. It has many features all contributing to the overall feature of the CBD. The CBD is very different to the surrounding areas. The majority of CBDs have a pedestrian zone. This is demonstrated by figures 16 and 17 which show that in the CBD there is a large amount of pedestrians and no cars. This is a feature of the CBD as it would be dangerous for cars to be in an area with such high numbers pedestrians....   [tags: Papers]

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Railway Level Crossing

- A level crossing is the point at which the railway crosses over either a public or private road on the same level. There are many different types of level crossings including road level crossings for vehicles, and pedestrian level crossings for people. All crossings have a form of protection, and the users has a responsibility to contribute to the safety of a level crossing. The users should aware the dangerous may occurs at level crossing area. Users are respondsible to keep themselve or others safe during use a level crossing area....   [tags: protection, safety, dangers]

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Creating Community: Implementation of a Bycicle Friendly Business District

- Downtown Denton is an area that combines history, entertainment, and community. Within a mile you can find unique places to eat, find treasures both old and new, and then finish off your trip with a concert on the lawn at the courthouse. Yet, even with these wonderful attributes of the downtown area, a stronger sense of community as well as a larger and more stable economic base could be achieved if the area were bike friendly. Currently there are not even the basic provisions afforded to those individuals who choose bicycling as their mode of transportation....   [tags: Denton, sense of community, cyclists]

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Cell Phone Use While Driving should be Banned in all States

- ... If one is caught using their phone while driving, drivers may be faced with a ticket and a fine. Georgia only bans drivers from texting while operating a vehicle or bus, but if one is a novice driver then all use is banned. A novice driver in Georgia is considered a person under the age of eighteen. Some states only ban the use of texting; others ban texting and talking. One thing that is starting to become law is banning the use of social media while driving. I feel this is going in the right direction for a ban on all use while driving....   [tags: a ticket and a fine, traffic signals]

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Transportation in the Mill Creek Watershed

- Transportation plays a large role in the character of the Mill Creek Watershed, affecting the region’s land use, commerce and public health. From an infrastructure standpoint, the watershed contains (NEED NUMBER AND SOURCE) linear miles of roads, (NUMBERS) of railway tracks, as well as sidewalks, bikeways, and greenways. These highways include Interstates I-75, I-71, I-74, and I-275, which all pass through the watershed. Respectively located to the north and south of the Watershed, the Dayton International Airport and the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport provide another transportation option....   [tags: Urban Development ]

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Outsiders in a Futuristic Society: The Works of Ray Bradbury

- ‘The Pedestrian’ was written by Ray Bradbury and was published in 1951. ‘The Murderer’ was also written by Bradbury in 1953. The 1950’s was a decade of the Korean war between North Korea and the Republic of South Korea. This then led to the Cold War, which created a politically conservative climate. It latest all decade, conformity and conservatism was the social issues at the time in the United States. Both texts are science fiction and show a deep concern with the effects of a technological revolution on human society....   [tags: Ray Bradbury, science fiction, persuasive]

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Relationship Between the Materiality of a City and Its Security

- To answer the question posed above, I will first consider what constitutes the materiality of the city, then I will consider security in the context of the city. Finally, I will then the relationship between the materiality of the city and its security. What constitutes the materiality of a city. The materiality of a city is the personification of that city, or urban environment through the physical objects that serve to make up the component parts of the city. These may be the physical buildings, the roads and pavements through to the street furniture and the open spaces, plants and landscaping....   [tags: urban environment, community, safety]

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Sustainable Urban Area

- The model of our sustainable urban area is one that is comprised of several interacting parts, each relying on one another in order to successfully transport the population to whatever destination they have in mind. The first is a system of trains located outside of the city itself that will provide long-distance travel for both goods and people. The inner city area will have very little cars because our electric autonomous automobiles will be utilized mainly in order to connect these stations and other residences with the center of the urban area....   [tags: Trains, Transportation, Cars, Walking]

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Traffic Lights

- Traffic lights are signaling devices located at road intersections and pedestrian crossings, they are now part of our everyday life. Before traffic lights were invented, policeman would control traffic, but accidents would still occur frequently. This is when J.P Knight took action in 1868 and made the first traffic light. It was installed outside the British Houses Of Parliament but didn’t last long since it exploded in 1869 due to a gas leak. It was only in 1912 that a man named Lester Wire created an electrical traffic light that is still used today....   [tags: Vehicle Detector, Magnetic Field]

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Implementing a GPS Based Autonomus Car

- Future Enhancements Despite the fact that this paper discusses various issues to be covered while implementing a GPS based autonomous car, I have discovered several issues if this solution is to be practical. The first part of the solution is based on retrieving a GPS based location. Here is the glitch. This is entirely dependent on the visible GPS value retrieval, so what if the GPS is not available in the first place. Here are few problems and proposed enhancements 1. Unavailability of a reliable GPS signal and solution This is a problem, which occurs many times when the car is in the middle of nowhere....   [tags: signal, solution, computing distance]

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Effective Physical Security

- In order to have an effective physical security program you need to know what you are protecting and why you are protecting it. Physical Security encompasses the protection of people, places, things, and data. Protecting each of these elements requires different pieces of equipment or different avenues but the philosophy of the protection is the same. In this I mean that you are protecting from unauthorized access to the places, people, things, and data. As stated by Fennelly, “no business is without security problems and assets protection risks....   [tags: Corporate Security]

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A Push for Safer Crosswalks for RACC Students and Faculty

- In this modern day and age many drivers and pedestrians alike become easily distracted by: cell phones, I-Pods, navigation systems, as well as many other distractions. These distractions can make it quite dangerous to even cross the street. It is quite shocking how worn and faded some of the crosswalks at RACC have become. Even without the distractions the crosswalks are rather difficult to see and be able to stop if a pedestrian steps into it. The crosswalks at RACC connect the main campus with the parking lots, as well as other buildings, and classes just off campus....   [tags: Driving Safety ]

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The Consequences of Using Electronic Devices While Driving

- To Ban or Not to Ban. In the past twenty years, our society has experienced a tremendous boom in the advancement of technology. From smartphones, to portable GPS units, to advanced radio systems, there is no doubt our society’s technological discoveries have grown rapidly. Often than not, when a nations technology advancements grow, there is usually a price that comes with it. Will it be safe for the consumer. Or more specifically, is it safe to use while the consumer is behind the wheel of a moving vehicle....   [tags: Cellphones, GPS, Radio, Danger, Accidents]

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Ray Bradbury 's Use Of Dark Descriptive Language

- ... Bradbury’s imagery built the setting with similes on death recurring constantly. “The people sat like the dead.”, “A tomb-like building”, and “walking through a graveyard”, (Bradbury 1). Bradbury gives impressions of decaying, damaged life style which destroyed the formerly bright society. Bradbury’s simplistic word choice, allowed the reader to picture strong, obscure imagery; creating an impacting scene in their mind. The hollowness in the world of 2052 found prominent with its dark, unenthusiastic atmosphere....   [tags: Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury, Dystopia]

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Urban Planning: The History of Cycling Infrastructure

- ... 3 is the type of road in the green area which are unpaved roads full of gravel, stone, and no defined edges which are not the perfect conditions for daily commuters and these roads have no possibility of becoming paved. Fig. 4 shows another issue which we face because of the terrain which is two very powerful slopes which are dangerous for bikers as they go down these slopes, and they create another problem when people try to go back up these slopes as they might prove demanding for some cyclists....   [tags: bike boom, bike paths]

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Social Space And Its Impact On Campus

- “Join us people or you all will go to hell!” a religious man is shouting, standing in front of the administrator’s office, carrying a cardboard sign, and thus fierce looking eyes are targeted at people ready to manipulate them. He looks young, twenty six, strong, and muscular with facial hair. I assume he is a Christian for the word he portrays of Jesus. He is smart for the space he picked to persuade students on the existence of God. It seems to me that everyone already knows him (Brother Dean) for his actions and activities he created on campus....   [tags: Christianity, Religion, The Road]

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Different Types of Technologies Within Town Centres

- Different Types of Technologies Within Town Centres In this piece of coursework I will be writing about three different types of technologies within town centres. I will be explaining to you how they affect the public, the advantages and disadvantages of the piece of technology and what I personally think of it. TECHNOLOGY 1 – TRAFFIC LIGHTS Garrett A. Morgan invented the traffic signal during the 1920's. The very first traffic lights did not even have lights at all. They had signs that said stop and go....   [tags: Papers]

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indias safest cars

- How often do you wake up to the news of a road accident that killed a few people in some part of the country. Almost everyday, right. Then you quickly browse through the other news and life goes on. Every year, over 80,000 people die on Indian roads; every five road accidents leave one dead. Yet, it's just a statistic, which hardly changes our apathy towards road safety. Yes, road safety is an unpleasant, boring subject, but remember, it affects us all. How safe is the car you are driving or about to buy....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Towards Mobile Augmented Reality for the Elderly

- We conducted a user study to evaluate the usability of handheld AR applications for the elderly (a). Since the results show that elderly users have difficulties holding up a tablet computer over a long period of time, we tested whether using head-mounted displays is an alternative for them (b). We further propose improved AR user interfaces for tablet computers that do not require continuously holding up the device (c). Mobility and independence are key aspects for self-determined living in today's world and demographic change presents the challenge to retain these aspects for the aging population....   [tags: mobility, independence, virtual 3D arrorws]

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How the Impact on Architecture Modernised Newcastle

- Introduction In the 1950s Newcastle was known as a sleep city, Dan described it as “moribund” (1) decades had past and very little economic development had taken place between that time frame and families were left to suffer. In 1959, T. Dan Smith became Leader of Newcastle City Council, he set up his own independent planning department in the council and appointed Wilfred Burns as chief officer in 1960. They both wanted to re-modernise Newcastle for the better by undertaking new road plans to resolve the traffic congestion that plagued the city and breath new life into the city by clearing out the slum areas and rebuilding new homes to help improve peoples living conditions....   [tags: history, infrastructure]

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Alexandria, Virginia Enviromental Policy

- Like most cities, Alexandria, Virginia faces a series of environmental challenges ranging from climate change and rising energy costs to problems of air quality and traffic congestion (Eco-City Alexandria, 2007). City officials recognize the need for a comprehensive and coordinated strategy to effectively address environmental issues, but Alexandria’s real challenge is pulling together all of their respective plans, programs, and policies and then coordinating them across existing city departments (Eco-City Alexandria, 2007)....   [tags: ecology, climate change]

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Cell Phones : A Dangerous Distraction

- ... People need to hear about how many injuries are being created in the world today. By them hearing they just may keep their cell phones in their pocket while walking. “ One 14-year-old boy walking down a road while talking on a cell phone fell 6 to 8 feet off a bridge into a rock-strewn ditch, suffering chest and shoulder injuries” (Grabmeier). There are serious injuries happening today involving cell phones while walking.These injuries are happening at any development stage. By letting people hear about how dangerous phone are this awareness might cause them to put their phones away when walking....   [tags: Mobile phone, Cellular network]

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Negligence Case Study

- Review the scenario below. Consider the legal principles influencing the likelihood of any successful action against Steve in negligence. Daria and her lover, Tom, were crossing the road on a pedestrian crossing when Tom was hit and killed by a car being negligently driven by Steve. The car missed Daria by inches. Since the incident Daria has had frequent nightmares and has been unable to return to work. Harry, a policeman patrolling the area, witnessed the incident and went to try to help Tom, but quickly realised that Tom was already dead....   [tags: Law of Tort, Tort Law]

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The Distance Between Morality and Luck

- The Distance Between Morality and Luck In the moral realm, I tend to align my intuitions with Kantian morality, forming a very strict interpretation of those actions which carry moral worth. As one who believes that the world is not governed by determinism, I place a great deal of emphasis on moral evaluation. This is why I find Nagel’s Moral Luck article so troubling. Nagel describes a concept which, if accurate, completely undercuts our conception of morality, disabling the ability to apply moral worth to decisions....   [tags: Philosophy Morals Papers]

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School Crossing Guard Safety

- Introduction Within the public safety field, adult school crossing guards are among the least acknowledged and recognized of all. They are constantly battling harsh weather conditions and the all-too-common road rage from daily commuters while tending for our children’s safety. Unfortunately, these school zone guardians are at constant risk from the many inherent hazards of their job. Among those are the harsh weather conditions they encounter without shelter, the oncoming traffic they signal to stop, and the ever-increasing violence of daily commuters....   [tags: Public Safet Field, Crossing guards, Schools]

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Old Time Walk and Run

- Old Time Walk and Run As I sit here at the first annual Bethlehem Six Day Extravaganza, I am amazed at the desire and energy these men and women have after five days of constant running. I would consider myself a good athlete, yet I would never be able to run such a long distance for six days straight. The amount of stamina needed to finish this race, to conquer the temperatures, distance, time, highs, and lows is incredible. These athletes have the support and admiration from so many people here to cheer them through this last day of running....   [tags: Personal Narrative History Athletics Papers]

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Settlement Study of Tervuren

- Settlement Study of Tervuren For my GCSE coursework I did a settlement study of the town of Tervuren, in Brussels. Six kilometers southeast of Brussels, the small town of Tervuren is one of the prettiest (and greenest) places in the region. Tervuren is situated in the center of the Brabant region, midway between Brussels and Leuven (as can be seen in the location map figure 1). Bordered in the south by the beautiful Forêt de Soignes, dotted with grand old houses, and surrounded by lush woodland, it is no surprise the area is a popular place to live, particularly with British and Irish Eurocrats, although strangely enough it remains firmly off the tourist track...   [tags: Papers]

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The Use of Cell Phones While Driving is Dangerous

- Although cell phones have not been around for a very long time, they have become a key part of our lives. People use their cell phones for just about everything such as: texting, talking, schedule planning, internet surfing, etc. Sometimes we can even do two or more of these things at the same time. Unfortunately, people are also choosing the wrong time to be using their cell phones: while they are driving. As a society, we have become so focused on how much we can do at one time that we are willing to risk our personal safety as well as the safety of others because we can’t put down our cell phones....   [tags: cell phone, technology, argument]

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Los Angeles is a Sustainable City

- To establish the degree to which the city of Los Angeles can be considered sustainable, I selected the Egan Wheel, shown below, as the basis for analysis. Sustainability is defined as “the ability to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” (United Nations). In contrast to solely environmental sustainability, I chose to focus on a more comprehensive sustainability that includes all aspects of society. To be truly sustainable, a community must “efficiently use natural resources, enhance the environment, strengthen economic prosperity, as well as promote social cohesion” (United Nations)....   [tags: Government, Economy, The Egan Wheel]

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Modern Urban Planning in The Life and Death of Great American Cities by Jane Jacobs

- ... This sort of familiarity develops a trust and respect which is important for the development of a social capital which could be used during the times of need. This rarely occurs in neighbourhood based on single use conventional planning practices as private realm is much more focused than public and social interaction does not happen spontaneously but happens very formally and infrequently. SEASIDE The first new urbanist community called Seaside in Florida is an 80 acre resort community. It was intended to be Mixed used with town hall, school, open air market, post office and retail....   [tags: architecture, communities, pakistan]

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An Aggressive or Angry Behavior in People while Driving in a Vehicle

- Road rage occurs in many drivers. The term road rage is an aggressive or angry behavior in people while driving in a vehicle. Furthermore, rage while driving can be dangerous if the drivers do not know how to control their anger. Such behavior leads to collisions, assaults, and injuries or even deaths among other drivers. Road rage is defined as an incident in which an angry or impatient motorist or passenger intentionally injures or kills another motorist passenger or pedestrian, or attempts or threatens to injure another motorist passenger or pedestrian, explains Gary Ronald, Public Affairs Manager, AA....   [tags: road rage, drivers, car accidents]

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How the microhistories work against and within the apparatus of society

- Michel de Certeau, focuses on how practical means remain unconsumed by consumer society; Luce Giard delves into the tactics of resistance and private practices that turn living into a subversive art. Both two theorize the idea of “making do”, emphasizing on how the microhistories work against and within the apparatus of society. Influenced by Sigmund Freud and Jacques Lacan, Michel de Certeau tends to integrate the theories of conscious and unconscious with his notion of everyday practice, focusing on the interrelation, interaction, interreiteration between the force of strategy and the power of tactic....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Certeau]

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Reducing the Risk of Financial Loss: Paying for Insurance

- ... A large number of people pay a small amount of money into a ‘pool’. The analogy to explain what is insurance all about as if their property is damaged, stolen or destroyed or if someone suffers an injury, the ‘pool’ is there to help pay for repairs, replacement or compensation for injury. This means those who put money into the ‘pool’ may not have to pay some or all of the repair, replacement or in case of injury, the medical and associated costs. (2) Insurance is a device for the reduction of uncertainty of one party, called the insured, through the transfer of particular risks to another party, called the insurer, who offers a restoration, at least in part of economic losses suffered b...   [tags: world business maintanance, coverage]

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The End of Large Department Stores and Malls

- The biggest department stores in the mid-1960s were Macy's, Hudson's, and Marshall Field. Hudson's had 25 floors; two of its four below-ground floors were basement stores, where 60 departments did up to 25% of the store's business. At its peak in mid-century, Hudson's employed over 12,000 employees and welcomed 100,000 shoppers a day. Hudson’s even had its own telephone exchange (Capitol), and the nation's third largest switchboard, with only by the Pentagon and the Bell System larger. Across all major cities, the downtown department stores were enormous, with elevators and escalators....   [tags: Shopping, Internet]

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The First Amendment And Off Label Drug Promotion

- ... Thereafter, Amarin sought the agency’s approval to promote Vascepa for the treatment of persistently high but not severe triglyceride levels, which would constitute an off-label use. After the FDA denied the request and threatened to prosecute Amarin for misbranding, the pharmaceutical company filed suit. It alleged that the FDA’s threat to prosecute Amarin for misbranding unduly restricted the company’s free speech rights under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The Court’s Decision The U.S....   [tags: Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical industry]

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Fahrenheit 451: Foreshadowing American Government in 2015

- Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one.” Revolutionary Thomas Paine describes the government, which may seem evil at times, as a necessity for becoming a functioning society. A lot of responsibility is entrusted onto today’s government to create a safe, law based environment in which everyone can live and prosper. Although without the structure of a government to create laws and have the authority to enforce them, society itself would become chaotic....   [tags: Ray Bradbury]

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The Liability Issues Regarding Arthur 's Death

- ... As seen in the case of Grant , this element is extremely important as in the English law there is no general duty to care so one should be established before proceeding. The elements of the duty to care as held in the Caparo test are as follow: foreseeability, proximity and whether it is just and reasonable for the courts to find Bill owed a duty of care. The first thing to consider is foreseeability, first established in the case of Donoghue v Stevenson but further developed in The Wagon Mound No 1 ....   [tags: Tort, Duty of care, Donoghue v Stevenson]

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Traditional vs. Modern Architecture in China

- Question: Traditional culture in architecture is being eroded by modernity of the present architecture in China. Analyze the causes and effects of this problem and possible solutions. In China, urbanization is at dramatic pace but in static patterns. This leads to the Chinese cities losing their own styles, and being built in the static architecture modes which are introduced from developed countries. Moreover, the traditional architecture cultures are being eroded by the static modern architecture patterns....   [tags: Architecture]

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The Outcome of Outcome Based Luck

- The Outcome of Outcome Based Luck According to Thomas Nagel’s revolutionary, yet problematic theory, a person can never truly be responsible for anything. The philosopher theorizes that there is a force outside our own self-control that can influence our ethical standings. These forces are referred to as moral luck. In Nagel’s eyes, there are four different types of moral luck: constitutive luck, luck in one’s circumstances, luck in how one is determined by antecedent circumstances and luck in the way things turn out....   [tags: Thomas Nagel's theory]

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Creative Writing: A Touch of Sound

- A Touch of Sound We all remember these grey gloomy days filled with a feeling of despair that saddens the heart from top to bottom. Even though, there may be joy in one’s heart, the atmosphere turns the soul cold and inert. Autumn is the nest of this particular type of days despite its hidden beauty. The sun seems foreign, and the nights are darker than usual enveloped by a thrill that generates chills to travel through the spine leaving you with a feeling of insecurity. Nevertheless, the thinnest of light will always shine through the deepest darkness; in fact, darkness amplifies the beauty and intensity of a sparkle....   [tags: darkness, light]

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Effects Of Abuse On Indian Community

- ... Since they have everything, good cars, nice house, and higher education, they do not need things that are too much. While the poor people have nothing, they have to work hard to survive. But research suggests the opposite is true: as people climb the social ladder, their compassionate feelings towards other people decline. "Berkeley psychologists Paul Piff and Dacher Keltner found that luxury car drivers were also more likely to speed past a pedestrian trying to use a crosswalk, even after making eye contact with the pedestrian"....   [tags: Wealth, Poverty, Economic inequality, Equality]

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Distracted Disaster

- A person suddenly feels a vibration in their pocket and instantly pulls out their cell phone to respond to the text. While looking down, they accidentally run into a pedestrian. After a simple apology, they continue on their way. Sometimes in life, “sorry” acts as a magic word that can mend everything, and then there are other times, “sorry” undoes nothing. Will “sorry” help when they crash their parent’s car because they needed to respond to a text message. What about when a driver kills someone’s child because they were having a conversation on the phone while driving and ran a stop sign....   [tags: legal issues, distracted driving]

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Artificial Intelligence in the Arts

- Throughout the semester, we have intensively studied how computer science relates to the world around us, through video games, database systems, and artificial intelligence. But what we have not discussed is how all of these subjects in computer science, like pep8, pseudo code, gates and circuits, relate to our artistic world; dance, music, and live theatre. Listening to a piece of music, or as an audience member watching a dance or theatre performance, one assumes that the entire production, stemmed solely from the creativity of those involved....   [tags: software programs for digital music]

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Comparing Smartphones with The Matrix

- There is an ever-increasing amount of computer users today. However, even the age-old desktop is being, superseded with smartphones. These smartphones have the ability to gather user information: such as location and are selling it to marketers. Yet with the increasing information and technology available to us, the notion that we are losing our individualism increases. The increasing information is beginning to leave our subconscious susceptible to being controlled by the powerful. Some large retail outlets are starting to gather people’s personal information, by tricking their customers to sign up for cards that offer customers small incentives for swiping them every time they purchase ite...   [tags: information, technology, individualism]

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Communication Among Residents at Addison

- Communication Among Residents The residents of Addison are able to communicate with each other and stay updated on what is happening in the town by a monthly eNewsletter, social Media (Twitter and Facebook), and the local newspaper. Community Strengths and Citizens Perceptions of the Town Through talking with residents in various locations, Addison has proven to have many strengths. There is a variety of housing affordable for all families; balance of housing types, with 58 percent single-family homes, 9 percent townhomes, and 34 percent multi-family homes....   [tags: newsletter, senior, scam]

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The Four Functions Of Management

- Introduction In 1916, a Frenchman named Henri Fayol wrote a book entitled Administration Industrielle et General. As a former coal mine director, Fayol had discovered four distinct functions of management he stated were applicable in any industry. Today, these functions are still found in any industry or business in the world. The four functions of management are Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling. Planning sets the direction a company is going, and how it will accomplish those goals....   [tags: Management, Strategic management, Leadership]

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Racial Profiling By Kenneth Jost

- ... Are Minorities unfairly targeted by police. Is racial and ethnic profiling prevalent in the U.S today. More than 240 years of slavery and 90 years of legalized racial segregation have led to profiling of blacks in Department stores, traffic and pedestrian stops and since September 11, 2001, members of Muslim, Arab, and South Asian communities have been profiled by airline workers, federal law enforcement, and local police. After 150 years after slavery and 51 years after segregation, shopping industries racially profile minorities by categorizing them as shop lifters; police pull over minority groups more frequently than others, and police officers also use the stop, question and frisk p...   [tags: Police, United States, African American, Race]

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Strategic Plan

- Partnerships Because public and private interests in downtown are so inextricably entwined, it is essential that all interested parties work cooperatively to identify and achieve shared objectives. Both public and private investments shape the character of the downtown environment – in terms of how it looks and how it functions. Only if these investments are coordinated can maximum benefits be obtained. When the Center City Commission initiated a strategic plan in 1999, it was responding to the recognized need for a collaborative planning process that both articulated long-range directions for Downtown Memphis and identified short-range action steps to help reach those goals....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Moments Of Action

- There never seems to be an answer to that one moment of action. There are numerous factors that keep the world in a balance every second. If one of these is slightly altered, the stability is broken, the harmony shattered, the world changed. However, the answer one should give to these moments is unclear. Whether those moments are for the better or the worse, only time can tell. As the fourth quarter clock winds down to the final seconds of a crucial game, the quarterback completes a long range pass for the game winning touchdown....   [tags: Expository Essays]

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Llandudno Urban Study

- Llandudno Urban Study Introduction Aim: 1. To study the land use pattern of Llandudno 2. To establish Llandudno's sphere of influence 3. To see the size of the CBD in Llandudno 4. To study Llandudno as a retail and tourism centre Hypotheses The hypotheses that I am going to use in this project are the following: 1. Llandudno has sphere of influence and this serves the hole of Conwy County; 2. The CBD can be found by the number of pedestrians; 3....   [tags: Papers]

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Police Enforcement And The Police Department

- During a patrol in the city the local police department was called to a disturbance involving a female walking in the middle of the busy street. The dispatcher notified the officer that the caller noticed the woman ranting and yelling at vehicles while tearing at her clothing. Once on the scene the officer noticed the woman yelling that the “devil” is in her shirt. Her behavior is gaining a lot of attention while she attempts to remove her shirt; this behavior is causing traffic jam and pedestrians are stopping and staring on the sidewalk....   [tags: Mental disorder, Psychiatry, Mental illness]

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A Shopping Hierachy within Swansea

- A Shopping Hierachy within Swansea Plan I am going to find out if there is a shopping hierarchy within Swansea. If there is a shopping hierarchy, then it means that there is one shopping centre, which is bigger, with a wide range of shops. There will also be shopping centres that are smaller, with a smaller range of shops. I will visit three shopping districts, Morriston, Killay and Swansea City Centre (CBD). We are going to these places, as they aren't that far away from each other, and we they are all contrasting in size....   [tags: Papers]

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