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The Partner by John Grisham

- The Partner by John Grisham The Partner is one of John Grisham's best books by far. There was a little more description in The Partner, then in The Firm, but this one had a very slow intro. The book opened with an anonymous man living in Brazil under an unknown name. Patrick Lanigan, now known as Danilo Silva, was living a normal life, not making a big deal about the ninety million dollars he had stolen from his ex-law firm two years ago. Danilo is wanted by his ex-law firm buddies, his client from whom he stole the money, and from the FBI....   [tags: The Partner by John Grisham]

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The Silent Partner: A Canadianization Dilemma

- The Silent Partner: A Canadianization Dilemma Works Cited Missing As a student of Canadian film, I find great appreciation in films that work to culturally enrich Canada's movie screens. I feel that an honest portrayal of Canadian values and culture is beneficial not only by enhancing the credibility of Canada's film industry, but also by maintaining a voice for the customs held by the Canadian people. For these reasons, among others, it had become very easy for me to dislike Daryl Duke's 1978 film The Silent Partner....   [tags: Film Movie Movies Canada Silent Partner Essays]

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Commitment to a Partner

- Commitment to a Partner Abstract This paper provides extreme and basic advice and information on techniques on finding the person meant for you. It focuses on commitment and devotion to your partner. There is a great amount of responsibility that comes with commitment. Self control, personal stability, sacrifices, etc. is all a part of commitment. Communication and trust is the foundation of a happy healthy relationship. It compares what it means to truly love a person and to be deeply infatuated....   [tags: Interpersonal Relationships]

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Role Of The Coach Or Labor Partner?

- Lamaze is a way to prepare for labor and birth that uses specific breathing and relaxation techniques. Of course, all Lamaze classes are a little bit different in one way or another. However, information that will be covered during a Lamaze class may include information about how the baby is developing; healthy developments in pregnancy; warning signs that something is wrong; how to make pregnancy, labor, and delivery more comfortable; positions for labor and delivery; breathing and relaxation techniques; how to write a birth plan; ways to tell when you go into labor; different options of pain relief during labor; what to expect during labor and delivery; and the role of the coach or labor p...   [tags: Childbirth, Pregnancy, Uterus, Woman]

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The Privilege Of Interviewing My Partner

- ... He added that giving physical labor is not the only way to be a good parent. In summary, he grew up in a family of moderately conservative Muslims who paradoxically lived with (gender-wise) unorthodox lifestyle; due to the family influence, he is socialized to show both egalitarian actions and conservative psyche. Despite the fact that he is remotely Americanized due to his Native Indonesian pride, his view on marriage is “favorable” (Popquiz). He said that the reasons why he want to get married are to have children of his own (earlier the better), and have a stability in life with the person he loves the most....   [tags: Family, Want, WANT, Gender]

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Discussion On Intimate Partner Violence

- ... Intimate partner violence can affect almost anyone regardless of their ethnic, race, religion and status in the economy. However men or women can be either an abuser or victim, there is significantly more female victims of intimate partner violence compared to men, wherein social constructs dictate that women should be more submissive (WHO, 2012; Wendt, 2014). IPV is the most common, by far, a form of violence experienced by women all over the world. Estimated 30% of physical and sexual IPV among women over 15 years old are prevalent in several countries across the globe (WHO, 2012)....   [tags: Abuse, Child abuse, Domestic violence, Violence]

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Domestic Homicide Or Intimate Partner?

- ... In each violent intimate relationship the nature of the violence may be limited or the victim may experience various types of violence (Davis 2008). As there are many differing opinions as to what is actually considered to be violent it can be difficult to describe (Ximena & Stuart 1999). According to the Australian Institute of Criminology (2016) there are four main, most commonly acknowledged types of domestic violence. Psychological, emotional or verbal abuse may involve threats of physical violence and rude degrading remarks of harassment, while not visible abuse it can and often does leave serious emotional damages....   [tags: Domestic violence, Violence, Abuse, Child abuse]

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My Feedback On My Partner

- ... For example, you could explain why you think that you noticed those writing issues, or what you gained from the experience of giving feedback. • I noticed some issues my partner made during the peer review process because when I read other’s work, I concentrate better on the reading knowing that I have to be responsible. In addition, I think I noticed those issues in my partner’s writing because it seems that I do better peer review on other’s essay than I do on my essay. Lastly, after giving feedbacks I learned that I must read other’s essay extremely carefully in order to find any errors....   [tags: Writing, Thought, Peer review, Essay]

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Preventing Intimate Partner Violence

- Intimate partner violence is still a common issue that affects women from all walks of life. It is an issue that is too often ignored until the violence has become deadly. In the book “Women: Images and Realities a Multicultural Anthology,” chapter seven entitled “Violence Against Women” includes pieces that cover the issue of intimate partner violence. In Michele McKeon’s piece “Understanding Intimate Partner Violence” she states that “In 1994 the Violence Against Women Act was passed, revolutionizing programs, services, and funding for individuals affected by intimate partner violence and their families” (McKeon 497)....   [tags: anthropological analysis]

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What Makes Your Partner?

- And that 's the point. We all do things differently, so keep score is solely based on your habits and schedule. Some people are fine with leaving their laundry until they absolutely run out of clothes, but someone who likes to keep things clean would do much more laundry. It 's all about perspective and rituals. Some common traits that can cause you to keep score include: - Jealousy: When you feel like your partner is getting more than you. - Insecurity: When you feel like you need to receive more in order to feel valued or loved....   [tags: 2006 singles, 2007 singles, If You Have to Ask]

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Partner's Influence on Abortion

- ... But the main focus of this paper will be the women who proceed to mention their “partner” as a main source of committing abortion. Woman’s reproductive decisions are hers alone. But men can often resort to violence. Men- boyfriends, husbands, often hold a huge role as to whether or not their partner will commit an abortion. Men many times realize what they have done thus then try to persuade the partner to get rid of his “mistake”. Many times not ready to face such changes in life, men commit violent actions....   [tags: boyfriends, husbands say]

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Franchisor: A Good Partner

- Franchisor: A Good Partner. Introduction Buying into a franchise business is a very serious decision for any business person. When you buy into a franchise you can pretty much be guaranteed that the goods and services you are selling will have almost instant recognition. The buyers of a franchise also receive training and support from a proven business model designed to help the franchise owner succeed. Even though there is a proven business model at work, buying a franchise is still risky and there aren’t any guarantees of success....   [tags: Business Management ]

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Intimate Partner Violence

- Intimate partner violence (IPV) is a type of abuse that occurs between people who are involved in a close relationship. “Intimate partner” is a term that is used to include both current and former spouses as well as dating partners. IPV exists along a continuum that ranges from a single episode of violence through ongoing battering. Incidents of IPV are known to include four basic types of behavior, including: Physical abuse, which is when a person either hurts or attempts to hurt their partner by physical force....   [tags: Relationship Issues]

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Intimate Partner Stalking

- Stalking is a very dangerous form of violence and is more common than people think. As a society we have many different ideas of what the definition of stalking is. There are many different forms of stalking, sure some of them may seem harmless but it is difficult to differentiate harmful situations and acts from harmless situations and acts. The main thing that makes it stalking is it is a form of abuse is that it is unwanted by the victim. Before the paper starts it is going to define stalking, a little history, and some of its forms....   [tags: criminal justice, legal reform, stalker]

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Intimate Relationship Of Intimate Partner Violence

- ... Yet, as McFarlane et al. (2004) study concluded justice agencies and system, health care providers, shelter workers, and other service providers are all needed to combat intimate partner violence. Therefore, how a court order is enforced within the court system (i.e. by judges and jurors) may determine court orders’ ability to be effective and provide protection for victims of intimate partner violence. The effects of intimate partner violence have been considerably well noted in academic literature....   [tags: Domestic violence, Violence, Child abuse, Gender]

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Should You Move In With Your Partner?

- Should You Move In With Your Partner. Are you on the brink of moving in with your partner. Are you having any doubts. Having more than a few doubts is just natural. You are about to take a huge step in your life and if you feel no anxiety, then you cannot call yourself human. It is certainly fun and extremely exciting to move in together. For many, it is a convenient and cheaper option, especially nowadays, compared to living separately. Prior to taking this big step, you need to consider some specific issues and implications carefully....   [tags: bills, living togheter]

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Intimate Partner Violence

- Cook: "I don't want him to know I even called. You know what I'm saying. That's the thing. That triggers him when he knows I called. He tears the stuff up in my house.” Operator: “We'll tell them, but they're still going to contact you." Cook: "He's already tried to kill me three times. I'm really just fed up with this. I can't keep moving and changing my life because of this [expletive].” Cook: “I’ve been going through this for five years with him. It’s still the same thing. I have complaints. If you look up my name, you’ll see there are a hundred thousand complaints, but ain’t nobody doing nothing.” Operator: “When was the last time you called police?” Cook: “Umm, two weeks ago, and they j...   [tags: Crime, Police, Abuse, Domestic, Partenr]

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Watching Pornography with a Partner is Good for the Relationship

- Pornography is a one of the largest topics that are shunned in today’s culture. How pornography in committed relationships is handled is a problem you do not hear about all the time. In Logan Hill’s (2013) article helps understand the reasoning behind why partners watch porn and at the end explains how to deal with this issue. Hill (2013) identifies that watching pornography with your partner will make the other feel less anxious by knowing the unknown (Hill, 2013). Hill (2013) also implies that another reason why the feeling of inadequacy approaches one is by self-esteem reasons (Hill, 2013)....   [tags: body, sex drive, communicate]

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A Study on Partner Preferences in Relation to Height

- This is an independent measures design, aiming to determine the preferred partner height between two groups of participants: male and female. The independent variables were the gender of the participants and their respective heights. The dependent variable was the preferred partner height, acceptable height range for a partner as well as satisfaction with partner height and partner height differences. The study involved the participants voluntarily being recruited to answer a short survey and provide basic socio-demographic information....   [tags: male, female, research]

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Intimate Partner Violence And Domestic Abuse

- Intimate partner violence is abuse or “harm by a current or former partner or spouse. This type of violence can occur among heterosexual or same-sex couples and does not require sexual intimacy” (“Intimate Partner Violence”, 2014). The main difference between intimate partner violence and domestic abuse is that domestic abuse is usually referred to as violence between a married couple or immediate family members, but they are usually used interchangeably. The views of intimate partner violence may vary from person to person....   [tags: Abuse, Domestic violence, Child abuse]

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Intimate Partner Violence

- Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) is historically referred to as domestic violence. It describes a pattern of coercive and assaultive behavior that may include psychological abuse, progressive isolation, sexual assault, physical injury, stalking, intimidation, deprivation, and reproductive coercion among partners (The Family Violence Prevention Fund (FVPF), 1999). IPV leads to lifelong consequences such as lasting physical impairment, emotional trauma, chronic health problems, and even death. It is an issue effecting individuals in every community, regardless of age, economic status, race, religion, nationality or educational background....   [tags: psychological/physical/emotional,/sexual abuse]

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Analysis Of Hr As A Strategic Business Partner

- Analysis of HR as a Strategic Business Partner What is Strategic Business Partner. According to the Cambridge Business English Dictionary, a strategic business partner can be defined as: “An arrangement between two companies or organizations to help each other or work together, to make it easier for each of them to achieve the things they want to achieve: A way of breaking into the market would be to form a strategic partnership with a large player that is already successful in the sector” ("strategic partnership - definition in the Business English Dictionary - Cambridge Dictionaries Online (US)," n.d.)....   [tags: Strategic management, Management]

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Domestic Violence And Intimate Partner Violence

- ... They also suggested that men are likely to experience violent acts by strangers or acquaintances than by someone close to them. This tends to deflect the reality of intimate partner abuse from being interpreted as a violent behavior but a gender-oriented phenomenon which reaffirms the patriarchal structure in the society, according to feminist ideologies. The assumption that the average man is physiologically stronger than the average women has created the impression that women are not capable of being perpetrators of domestic abuse....   [tags: Domestic violence, Violence, Child abuse]

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Children Exposed to Intimate Partner Violence

- After many studies researchers have confirmed that when children are exposed to intimate partner violence (IPV) it significantly effects their social emotional development (Hughes & Chau, 2013; Herman-Smith, 2013). This raises a concern; if IPV was to be measured emotional abuse should children be removed from their families. If we consider that the majority of children that witness IPV are under six and would not be able to fully understand what is happening we can conclude that they would not be able to report their maltreatment (Hughes & Chau, 2013)....   [tags: psychological and physical violence]

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Richard Jun, A Partner Of Jump Investors

- ... Most of the time, they choose good leaders who do not need too much director. Also, a large amount of the advice consists of growth based questions, and how to fill key positions. By having both of the partners being involved in startups and directly learning about growth, they can advise others on their mistakes and how to make the best of a situation with a high churn of executives, or other common growth issues. When talking to Richard and seeing the most common mistakes that people make when starting in the field, all connect back to his main strategy to pick successful ventures, the people founding them....   [tags: Venture capital, Startup company, Dot-com bubble]

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The Effects Of Intimate Partner Violence On America

- Intimate partner violence has been present in our history for decades now and making the issue aware to the public is the beginning to a long journey of ending it. The series of videos presented on the website “Power and Control –Domestic Violence in America” are an example of way to begin to make IPV aware to the public and help decrease its numbers. These videos are helpful because they provide insight from advocates of IPV, survivors of IPV, people who have academic knowledge of IPV, law enforcement, professionals who come in contact with IPV victims, founders of programs that handle batters or victims of IPV and even batters who have completed batterer intervention programs successfully...   [tags: Domestic violence, Violence]

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Self Reporting And Partner Reporting Outcomes

- There has been a general concern with the results of some studies. This is especially true with self-reporting and partner-reporting outcomes (Sanford, 2010). Researchers analyzed Observational techniques and determined they are not cost effective. They also, are not popular with the volunteers, because of repeated visits (Sanford, 2010). However, they are more accurate with the results. Self-reporting has a percentage of about 50% of couples agreeing with each other on the questionnaire (Sanford, 2010)....   [tags: Marriage, Same-sex marriage, Alimony, Wife]

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Intimate Partner Violence against Women

- Intimate partner violence (IPV) is a serious, preventable public health problem that affects millions of Americans . The term "intimate partner violence" describes physical aggression, sexual coercion, and psychological harm to gain or maintain control by a current or former partner or spouse. It affects all cultures, religions, socioeconomic statuses and ethnic backgrounds; it can take place in a public or private setting. Women are the most targeted victims of Intimate partner violence; one in four women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime ....   [tags: public health problems]

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Intimate Partner Violence Against Women

- Intimate partner violence against women in Urban and Rural area in US Intimate partner violence (IPV) is a serious, preventable public health problem that affects millions of Americans. Intimate partner violence describes physical violence, sexual assault, stalking and psychological aggression (including coercive acts) by intimate partners. Examples of intimate partners include current or former spouses, boyfriends or girlfriends, dating partners, or sexual partners. Basile and Black said over 40 years of empirical evidences support the claim that violence against women is prevalent throughout America(as cited in Rennison, DeKeseredy & Dragiewicz, 2011, p....   [tags: Domestic violence, Violence, Child abuse]

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Canada 's Biggest Economic Partner

- During the early 1900’s, Canada’s biggest economic partner was Britain. Soon, United States took their place and created a long-lasting relationship with Canada. Canada and the United States have strengthened their relationship as economic partners throughout the 20th century in terms of American investment, the Auto Pact, as well as both North American Trade Agreements. To start off, Canada began to strengthen their relationship with United States as economic partners in the 20th century by allowing American investment in the country from the early 1920s....   [tags: International trade]

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Intimate Partner Violence and Substance Abuse in Women

- ... (Lewis, et al., 2012) For instance, lesbian woman report more intimate partner violence than do heterosexual women. Also, the prevalence of a substance use disorder is reportedly higher for lesbian women than heterosexual women. These researchers stress the importance of examining the specific drug being used when relating it to intimate partner violence. (Lewis, et al., 2012) They believe specific drugs have a higher correlation with intimate partner violence than others. In a study of 104 lesbians, thirty-seven percent admitted to currently being in an abusive relationship....   [tags: physical abuse]

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Selecting a Partner for NGO in Nigeria

- Selecting a Partner for NGO in Nigeria 1. INTRODUCTION: This piece is an executive summary of the processes and steps required for selecting a winning Implementing Partner for development work. It is the first in a series meant to enrich the body of knowledge available on the topic and provide guidance to local Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) desiring to manage donor funds. Local NGOs provide the vehicle for effective intervention in their areas because of their closeness to the local communities....   [tags: Business Management Strategy]

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The Loss of a Life Partner

- The Loss of a Life Partner Introduction Feelings of loss are very personal because only the person involved in the loss knows what is significant to them. People commonly associate certain losses with strong feelings of grief. The solitude is always agonizing, especially for someone who has never lived alone. Many people lose their spouses each year. Because the modern society has few mourning rituals other than the memorial service, they may find themselves alone and disconsolate just when they are most in need of comfort....   [tags: Relationships Grief Death Love Essays]

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The Prevalence of Opposite-Sex Partner Violence in The U.S.

- The prevalence of opposite-sex intimate partner violence in the U.S. is of no surprise. An overwhelming amount of research is dedicated to studying the rates of intimate partner violence in heterosexual relationships, contributing factors as well as possible solutions to decrease this type of violence. The same cannot be said for that of same-sex intimate partner violence. The current critical research will examine the intersections of same-sex intimate partner violence, review national statistics on such violence as well as compare and contrast same-sex intimate partner violence with that of opposite-sex intimate partner violence....   [tags: hetorosexuals, LGBTQ]

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The Domestic Violence ( Dv ) Or Intimate Partner Violence?

- ... In addition, the fact that the average man is physiologically stronger than the average woman (Janssen, et. al., 2000; Leyk, et. al. 2007; Miller, et. al. 1993) has created the notion that women are not capable of being perpetrators of IPV. Thus, the victimized male may not feel free to admit being a victim nor does he report to the appropriate authorities for assistance (Barber, 2008; Dutton & White; 2013; Nagesh, 2016). These issues draws the researcher’s attention to heteronormative relationships (i.e....   [tags: Domestic violence, Violence]

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Rape and Intimate Partner Abuse In The Lesbian Community

- In every 45 seconds, someone is sexually violated in the United States. Out of every 6 women, one has experienced an attempted rape or complete rape. Lesbians and bisexual women remain at increased risk of sexual victimization compared to heterosexual women. In order for a woman to determine the direction of her life, she must first determine her sexuality. Sexuality is a deep, integral part of any human’s life. This should not be a subject of coercion or debate. The society must recognize that a woman has the right to freely pre-determine her sexuality without oppression and discrimination (Burn, 2004)....   [tags: Relationship Issues]

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I Chose My Partner For The Following Reasons

- I chose my partner for the following reasons... A. I first met this person on a “double-date” with one of my girl friends and another boy in which she was interested. We all played tennis together, and he barely talked to me at all. I took this initially as disinterest, however found out later that he was generally quiet, especially in front of new people. Also, he was probably stunned by my beauty (please don’t make me lose points for my joke ). As I got to know this person, I came to realize how respectful he was, how goofy we could be together, and how much I just enjoyed his company....   [tags: Need, Want, Marriage, WANT]

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Shutter Island : Edward ( Teddy ) Daniels And His Partner

- ... Solando warns Teddy of the mind control experiments and procedures being done. Still not finding his partner, Daniels goes back to the hospital. Upon asking where Chuck is, Dr. Cawley claims that Teddy never had a partner, he came alone to the island. At this point, Teddy is convinced they have captured Chuck and taken his to the lighthouse. Daniels commits a series of diversions and eventually breaks into the light house. Here he finds nothing except for Dr. Cawley patiently waiting on him....   [tags: Psychosis, Schizophrenia, Delusion]

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Group Work with Women Who Experience Partner Abuse

- Summary of Chapter: Women/Abuse Group work practice with women who have experienced partner abuse is based on recognition of the women’s strengths and competence. This will help the women identify what they want and need. Indicated in this chapter is one type of mutual aid group that focuses on female co-leaders. This is the Family Services Association of Toronto. This is a multiservice agency that focuses on the broad context of the group and members needs. Co-leadership is very beneficial to the women in a group....   [tags: Psychology]

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Intimate Partner Violence And Health Related Quality Of Life

- Without proper information about relationships, quickly things could turn bad. New relationships offer a new, warm experience. Relationships offer a distraction from the everyday hum of normal life. Intimate partner violence, also known as IVP, can be described as any mental, physical, or emotional harm that is inflicted by a partner. IVP is also connected directly to a person’s health-related quality of life. Health-related quality of life is how someone’s health relates to how they view their life....   [tags: Abuse, Child abuse, Domestic violence]

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Intimate Partner Violence and its Effect on Children

- There exists a vast amount of literature that suggests that there is a connection between intimate partner violence and maladaptive outcomes for children. Studies have shown that children who witness violence undermines the children’s sense of security. Intimate partner violence (IPV) proves to be distressing and deregulating for the children victims of intimate partner violence. Not only is witnessing violence distressing for children but is also been shown that it can interfere with the deal with stressors and learn age-appropriate skills....   [tags: Children's Memory, Negative Effects]

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Intimate Partner Violence: Psychoanalytic Theory Application

- This paper will discuss a thirty-two year old pregnant woman named Regina, who was brought into the emergency room with many superficial injuries. She is accompanied by her five year-old son. Later in the conversation, Regina discloses that she is a victim in intimate partner violence. Violence is a very common occurrence in partner relationships. According to McHugh and Frieze (2006), it is estimated that more than a quarter of relationships involve at least one violent incident. Partner violence can include anything from a heated argument or yelling, to physical attacks or threats such as hitting, slapping, or pushing (McHugh & Frieze, 2006)....   [tags: Psychoanalytic Therapy]

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How Socioeconomic Status Affects Partner Violence

- After reading chapter seven on the topic of violence in romantic partnerships, I was left with a variety of thoughts and questions on the topic and was mostly just trying to sift through my own personal beliefs, the information that we have been presented in this chapter, and the many different research studies that have been done on the topic. The question I decided to pursue for my paper was: “Why does income and education have to play such an effect in the experience of physical violence?” Before beginning to answer this question, I took a step back and thought more about how socioeconomic status affects partner violence, with socioeconomic status being a combination of income, educatio...   [tags: Child abuse, Domestic violence, Social status]

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The Importance Of A Relationship Between My Partner And I

- ... I do think there is room in any relationship to improve communication including mine, but I do think that it has to come from both sides and not be one sided, because if it is one sided problems will emerge again at some point and there will be no other solution to the relationship but to end it, because of lack of hope and the lack of communication reoccurring. It depends on what type of relationship it is and what the beliefs of both people are for example there are codependent relationships where one or both partners cannot function without one another....   [tags: Interpersonal relationship, Love, Term]

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Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) in Muslim communities

- Violence is prevalent throughout the world, and millions of people die every year because of this. There are many forms of violence, such as violence in war, domestic violence, violence against women (VAW), children and intimate partner violence (Krug et al., 2002:3). This paper will investigate aspects of domestic violence. Many scholars use domestic violence and violence against women interchangeably, but VAW is one form of domestic violence. The United Nations (UN) defines VAW as "any act of gender-based violence that results in, or is likely to result in, physical, sexual or mental harm or suffering to women, including threats of such acts, coercion or arbitrary deprivation of liberty,...   [tags: global issues, religion]

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Why I Choose A Career Or A Partner Or Have A Child?

- But waiting to choose a career or a partner or have a child – it can make you a better parent; more knowledgeable and patient and able to maintain healthier relationships…. Just overall, people make better decisions after 30…. Who really knows themselves at 20 anyway?" (Arnett). In this quote, Arnett declares that the path for adulthood has become longer, but waiting and experimenting first can make people gain experience and take better decisions in life. Throughout the years, I have seen families with different living environments....   [tags: Adult, Adulthood, Term, Time]

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Business Acquisition Specialist Ted Leverette Of Partner

- ... Your landlord or your vendor. Anxious landlords may be generous with lease terms or even pay for needed store buildouts to make a deal happen. At Siegel Financial Group in Conshohocken, Pa., president Nate Greenberg says he recently worked with a quick-serve restaurant franchisee whose landlord offered nine months ' free rent and paid $250,000 toward building the franchisee 's facility. "In retail," he says, "landlords are hurting and need to do things to make sure their space gets a tenant." By the same token, vendors may be desperate to sign up new accounts....   [tags: Credit, Debt, Loan, Franchising]

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Domestic Violence Is A Pattern Of Controlling Behaviors That One Partner

- “Domestic violence is a pattern of controlling behaviors that one partner uses to get power over the other” (Burger, 201,3 p.64). One in every four women in the United States are are assaulted in their life time,” (Penn State Public Broadcasting, 2011). I will be going into the McGee home as a caseworker for a case study on the family. As a caseworker assigned to the McGee family I was sent to the home because of reports of domestic violence and a report of child neglect. As the caseworker I’m there in the home to assistance the clients in” meeting goals expectations through a variety of intervention strategies specific to the actual problem” (Martin, 2013, p....   [tags: Abuse, Child abuse, Domestic violence, Marriage]

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Partner in Crime by Kim Harrington

- SUMMARY: In this book there’s two girls named Noah and Darcy. Noah and Darcy are best friends since Darcy moved to Danville Massachusetts, in Noah’s home town. Darcy and Noah are total opposites. Darcy is like a Goth person who loves black and purple, can’t live without internet and in love with crimes and mystery cases. In the other hand Noah is a goody-goody who loves to help others loves astronomy and an “A+” student. Noah and Darcy had this Social Studies project that’s due in one week, it’s about creating a small business not a real one because they were only seven graders....   [tags: detectives, case, crush]

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Partner Abuse

- Partner Abuse Table of Contents Introduction 1 Literary review 1 Sampling 4 Data Collection 4 Data Analysis 4 Conclusion 6 Work Cited 7 Hypothesis: Do students believe that partner abuse is a problem on college campus. Domestic violence spans the range of violent encounters and includes physical assaults, sexual assaults, verbal assaults, intimidation, threats, extreme emotional or psychological neglect and even death. The hypothesis of this paper is do students believe that partner abuse is a problem on college campus....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Britain as an Awkward Partner in the European Community

- Britain as an Awkward Partner in the European Community Britain emerged from the war in a relatively favourable position, compared to its European neighbours. In 1946 industrial production was as high as at any time pre-war, and increasing quite fast. By the end of the year exports had regained their pre-war level along with this there was little unemployment and retail prices remained fairly stable. All this contrasted strongly with the situation in France, Germany and Italy....   [tags: Papers]

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Local-Color Regionalism in Tennessees Partner

- The literary movement of local-color regionalism in American literature is a very distinctive and interesting form of fiction writing that effectively combines regional characteristics, dialect, customs and humor. In Bret Harte’s Tennessee’s Partner, these characteristics helped the story jump off the page, allowing the reader to understand the “times” rather than just the characters. And, for that reason, I feel that this is an outstanding piece of work. One of the most distinguishable characteristics of local-color regionalism writing is the usage of authentic dialect based on the story’s setting....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Where Open Line Of Communication Between You And Your Partner?

- ... It is normal behavior to reject another person’s perceptions. We tend to defend ourselves, challenge something that we do not agree with. This is a feeling we get that interferes with effective communication in a marriage. This is why respect for each other plays such an important part in the relationship. It allows you to accept and listen to your partner feelings and concerns. Doing this will let your partner know that their values are important also. This is great step towards building a trusting relationship....   [tags: Marriage, Love, Adultery, Affair]

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Five Tips to Make A Relationship Last

- ... There is respect, and it is this key factor that can help keep the flames burning and the bind between partners strong. You might not share your partner's political or religious views or pursue the same interests, but there is no reason and room for any disrespect or prejudice. Remember you love this person who who they are, how they impact your life... and what they are to you. And yes, they do not even allow their difference to hook up with you. Respect, that is. Accept your partner for who they are Acceptance is another key factor that make a relationship rock solid, and it should be alongside respect....   [tags: partner, respect, communication]

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Relationship Between Self Personalities And Preferred Personalities Of A Potential Partner

- ... et al., 1997) However not as much is known about how personalities correlate with one another. With this in mind mate selection could just be a completely random bias of similar and contrasting partner personalities. This seems to not be the case as “research supports some kind of assortative mating, defined as character-specific mate selection beyond that which we would expect to occur by chance (Eckland, 1982).I beleive people tend to mark their ideal mate higher than themselves, this is due to the idea of wanting your partner to make you a better person....   [tags: Big Five personality traits, Trait theory]

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A Cross-Cultural Research on Intimate Partner Murders in Russia, Canada, and the United States

- The people who hurt us the most are often our loved ones. That is why spousal murder is not a new phenomenon. Since the beginning of time, humans have had a nature of violence and have acted that violence out against another, especially the ones we love the most, like family. This is not surprising. Everyone has had some personal experiences with family violence or has witnessed it at the expense of others. In U.S. society, when a husband or wife is killed, the first person that law enforcement turns to is the spouse....   [tags: Love, marriage, Domestic Violence, Crime]

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Intimate Partner Violence : A Severe Social Problem That Affects Today 's Society

- ... What the unit does is provide services to victims of family violence. They stay involved with the victims every step of the way from the time of the call to the prosecution of the offender. They can be very committed to breaking the repetition of domestic violence if the victim wants the help. In the interview I asked Officer Moss, whether or not the cases he’s involved in deals with opposite sex relationships or same sex relationships. He mentioned that he sees a good number of both, but as far as the state law, the law hasn’t caught up to what the nation says about gay relationships....   [tags: Domestic violence, Abuse, Child abuse]

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The Effects Of Intimate Partner Violence On Society 's Perception Of The Subject Matter

- How the media portray events and incidents of intimate partner violence shapes society’s perception of the subject matter. According to Carlyle, et. al. (2008), the manner through which the media portray issues and incidents concerning IPV has implications for society’s beliefs and perceptions regarding the norms of acceptable behavior within intimate relationship and also the public policy governing responses to IPV. The media in reporting cases of abuse can reaffirm the gender stereotypic nature of domestic abuse which primarily conceptualizes women as the victims and men as the perpetrators and several studies have investigate the subject matter in alignment with this perception (Antastas...   [tags: Domestic violence, Child abuse, Violence]

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Summary Of ' Federal Marshal Teddy Daniels And His New Partner '

- ... The relationship between him and his wife is difficult to describe since we only see her in his nightmares. But in his nightmares he is sad and he misses her, I learned that teddy’s nightmares are manifestations of his past in which he is in denial of his wife’s insanity that lead to the drowning of their three children and his succeeding murder of her- the reason why his in the mental hospital. In his dreams he sees his wife come to him begging him to give up on his quest for Andrew because he will not like what he finds out and she doesn’t want him to get hurt....   [tags: Schizophrenia, Psychosis]

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The Influence of Domestic Violence Among Latino Couples

- The Influence of Domestic Violence Introduction Domestic violence is a problem which affects women of all ages, and there is a high prevalence of young adult college women who are experiencing Intimate Partner Violence. Many of the domestic violence cases are reported, but many incidents are not known to anyone but the victim. It is a silent problem, but there are many women who seek help to overcome the indignities of being abused. Domestic violence can be examined on different levels of the Ecological Model (Bronfenbrenner 1979)....   [tags: partner violence, patriarch culture]

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Components Regarding Casual Attributions to Infidelity

- Infidelity research has shown that signification numbers of individuals are going beyond their first relationship and involved with other relational partner. This article focuses on components regarding casual attributions to infidelity. Components like, legitimacy, seduction, normalization, sexuality, social background and sensation seeking. Also the differences to infidelity experiences are used on this research article with either if they betrayed their partner or vice versa. Claiming differences on males and females significance on infidelity and those who have experienced infidelity and those who hasn’t....   [tags: relatioships, relational partner, monogamy]

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Suffering from Untreated HIV in Partner to the Poor, Paul Farmer

- In the book Partner to the Poor, Paul Farmer gives detailed cases of individuals suffering from untreated HIV. He reveals how societal influences such as poverty, unemployment, sexism, and violence are important aspects in the development and spread of diseases. These factors are all forms of structural violence and impact public health. Farmer describes structural violence as “…visited on all those whose social status denies them access to the fruits of scientific and social advances.” The lives of five disadvantaged individuals are detailed in the book....   [tags: poverty, health clinics, violence]

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A Lion in the CEO’s Chair

- The workforce place is an aggressive environment. It can be anywhere from five to hundreds of people applying for the same job, however only one gets the position. The jungle is also an aggressive place. There can only be one specie at the top of the food chain. Charles Darwin’s theory, Survival of the Fittest, can be applied to both the jungle and the workforce. While the workforce and the jungle are looked at as two completely, it is not absurd to say that they both share the same hierarchal food chain....   [tags: workplace, hierarchy, partner]

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Same-Sex Marriage: All for Love and Love for All

- The faint beep from a machine echoes in a hospital room, no one is in the room to react to the noise. The partner of the patient is not allowed to see him during his last moments alive because they are not legally married. Marriage equality is much more than just a piece of paper or a word; it gives rights to those who would not have them without marriage. Marriage equality should be allowed in all 50 states because without it the country can never be truly successful. Marriage is known as being united to someone legally, regardless of gender or age....   [tags: partner, traditional marriage]

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U.S. Policy Response to Japanese Claims over the Islands

- Japan is considered by the United States as an important foreign policy partner, especially in the security arena (Chanlett-Avery, 2013). As strong allies, both the U.S. and Japan work closely together in order to contain the rising China. That is also because of the fact that despite Washington’s take for a neutral position in the regarding the Islands, the U.S. is compelled to re-affirm its commitment under Article V of the Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security (Jiji Press English News Service, 2012)....   [tags: important foreing policy partner]

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The Non-Abusive Parent: The Mother

- There is some evidence that child sexual abuse has been decreasing over the past few years; however, this does not mean the effects are any less traumatic for the victim or his or her non-abusive parent (Martinez, 2009, p. 1). It is estimated that between 12% and 35% of females as well as 4% and 9% of males are child sexual abuse victims. That is roughly 1 in 6 females and 1 in 12 males are sexually abused in childhood (Martinez, 2009, p. 1). While much of the focused research is on the child victim, and rightfully so, there remains another much less talked about victim: the non-abusive parent....   [tags: guilt, society, crimes, partner]

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Women's Studies Term Paper

- Throughout the past few decades, the roles that women play have drastically changed in some aspects, but in other aspects, women’s roles are more similar than we think. My interviewee is my grandmother, Annie Caffee. She is an African American woman, who is 64 years of age. My interviewee grew up in the Washington, D.C. area, and currently resides in Upper Marlboro, MD. I interviewed her about the following topics: Violence against women, women bodies and health, women and sexuality, women and work, women spirituality and religion, and lastly women and politics....   [tags: Partner Violence, Government Roles]

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Muslim Women's Rights: Misunderstood

- “And they (women) have rights similar to those (of men) over them in a just manner… (Surah Al Baqarah 2-228) Islam is a religion of peace, equality, and tolerance. It discusses the issues of life regarding to politics, academics, social, economics, and spirits. In addition, there are also rights and obligations for men and women to act according to Islamic teachings for their prosperity in this world as well as in the eternal life. With respect to women’s rights in Islam, non-Muslims interpret the Islamic teaching in an erroneous manner due partly to lack of understanding; however, it is also partly due to bad conduct of some Muslims in Muslim countries....   [tags: freedom, education, career, partner]

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Is Love A Key Element When Choosing A Marriage Partner?

- A famous quote by John Lennon saying that “love is the answer and only you know that for sure” was not entirely truthful the fact not realised was that, for the many people in today’s contemporary “dating” grouping, truly knowing what the answer actually is in regards to dating is often easier said than done. Therefore, the answer certainly is not love. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary (1974), love is defined as a “strong affection, a warm attachment, attraction based on sexual desire, cherish, to feel passion, devotion or tenderness for ~, caress and to take pleasure in ~ “ (p.417)....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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The HR Professional as Thinking Performer and Business Partner

- The HR Professional as Thinking Performer and Business Partner A lot has been written about the need for HR professional to be a “thinking performer” and a “business partner”. How can I demonstrate these two attributes within my own organisation. Let us begin by defining exactly what it is to be a “thinking performer” and “business partner”. Business Partner The very idea of being a strategic business partner was the subject of a CIPD (2004)1 survey which showed that 56% of those questioned aspired towards being considered a strategic partner....   [tags: Business Management Studies Essays]

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Who is the Dominant Partner between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth?

- The relationship between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth is very strange. In the relationship, throughout the play, both take turns to assume the role of being the dominant partner. What is unusual about this is the fact that at this period in time, the man typically was the one controlling the relationship, but in this case, for a lot of the time it is in fact Lady Macbeth that is the dominant force in their relationship. In Act 1, Scene 5 we can see that Lady Macbeth is very ambitious for Macbeth....   [tags: Relationship between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth]

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University Students Attitude Towards Selecting Partner

- Aims of the study <ol> <li value="1"> To study university students' attitudes towards selecting mates <li value="2"> To compare and contrast men and women's attitudes in selecting mates </ol> There are reasons we choose to date someone rather than the other, and there are reasons, similar or different, we choose to marry someone over the other. Here are some of the main reasons that have influences on selecting your partner. <ol> <li value="1"> Economic status. According to Hutter's study, Significant, others and marriage student role attitude, economic status is the most important factor in the marriage....   [tags: Sociology]

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How to Be Independent in a Relationship?

- Often, if you look around, you will find that most people give utmost importance to their partners. Surely, it is a good sign, until you reach the state wherein you constantly think about ways to keep him//her happy. So what does it take to be independent in a relationship, without jeopardizing your own happiness. Well, for most, the idea of an independent relationship relates to be able to go out with pals, relaxing on a Sunday morning and having some sort of command over the remote when watching television with the partner....   [tags: partner, happy, space, friends, hobbies]

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Aspects of Danger Affecting Hispanic Domestic Violence

- Acculturation and intimate partner are risk factors.). According to Garcia, Hurwitz and Kraus (2005), the majority of Latinas who were classified at the lowest acculturation level were at risk. Intimate partner violence female targets are more prone to self soothe themselves by medicating themselves with alcohol in answer to the IPV; furthermore, a model mentioned both Mexicans American men and women recounted comparable rates of IPV abuse and battering (Cunradi 2009). At any rate, Latinas who had the smallest acculturation were not expected to notify authorities or seek help (Garcia, Hurwitz and Kraus, 2005)....   [tags: Acculturation, Intimate Partner, Risk Factors]

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The Virtual Child Online Program My Partner And I Became Parents Of A Boy Named Desmond Segura

- Through the Virtual Child online program my partner and I became parents of a boy named Desmond Segura. This paper will focus on his development from 8 – 18 years of age. I have used development theories such as, Erikson’s theory of psychological. When Desmond was 8 years old a psychologist performed a psychological test. The test reported his scores were average. According to Erikson’s theory of psychosocial development the age 6-11 is the Industry vs. Inferiority stage. This stage typically occurs during middle childhood....   [tags: Developmental psychology]

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Beware of Your Washing Machine and its Shiftless Partner, the Dryer

- Beware of Your Washing Machine and its Shiftless Partner, the Dryer Professor’s comment: This student’s writing embodies a peculiar configuration of literary polish, linguistic facility, playful authorial self-awareness, and unadulterated goofiness. It is proudly, but not without trepidation, that I submit this essay to 123HelpMe and unleash the elegant lunacy of Rob Geis upon an unsuspecting world. Around the world, across America, even here in town, there is a crime occurring—a robbery of unguessed proportions and most of us aren’t even aware of it.It happens every week, yet we blithely aid and abet the criminals, willingly, if unconsciously, destroying the evidence of their heinous of...   [tags: Exploratory Essays Research Papers]

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How to Stop Being Jealous in a relationship?

- ... Be positive Jealousy often comes as a package deal with some of the painful experiences of the past that person , making him / her is hard to trust anyone . If you have gone through a horrible experience in the past concerning fraud or dishonest ex-partner , then jealousy is very clear for you . Warranted a little bit of fear and jealousy directed but again a lot of it , it is always harmful . You trust your partner , and not all the fingers in the hand are the same. Remember that the fear of losing what you have , and will prevent you from having it in the first place....   [tags: self-esteem, fraud or dishonest ex-partner]

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Risk Factors Affecting Hispanic Domestic Violence

- Risk Factors Affecting Hispanic Domestic Violence I. Introduction to Hispanic Intimate Partner Violence as a Social Issue Domestic violence among Hispanics is a dysfunctional conduct which touches all age groups. The Bureau of Justice (Catalano 2012), reported during the period of 1994 to 2010, the prevalence rate of intimate partner violence in the US declined by 60% percent for all races and ethnicities. In the same time frame, four out of five victims were women who experienced domestic abuse; furthermore, women in the 18 to 24 and 25 to 34 age bracket have experienced the highest frequency of intimate partner violence (Catalano, 2012)....   [tags: Hispanic INtimate Partner Violence, Social Issue]

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Is Just Women Education is Women Empowerment?

- A womens education has become the key development objectives,“The establishment of Women University is an administrative task requiring human power planning and rethinking of the entire issue of the function of higher education for both men and women many questions have to be carefully considered before implementing the proposal. What do women do with higher education. How many of them actually pursue careers. General observations suggests that university education does not necessarily prepare women for any definite roles....   [tags: marriage partner, women's role]

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A Big Issue for Home Appliance Manufacturers in China

- A Big Issue for Home Appliance Manufacturers in China Home Appliance manufacturers in china have made great progress accompany the fast development of the consumption of home appliance in the whole nation. There are many native home appliances manufacturers and foreign manufacturers especially those who come from Japan and South Korea, contest for this huge market. The competition among them is extremely scorching. To occupy the market, techniques, finance and management are undoubt tools for competing....   [tags: Outsourcing Retail Partner Manufacturing Essays]

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