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Dealing with Transformation in The Metamorphosis

- Dealing with Transformation in The Metamorphosis In The Metamorphosis Gregor Samsa is forced to deal with his transformation from a human being into an insect. After his transformation Gregor is no longer able to do everyday ordinary things. He now has to depend on someone to do these things for him. His younger sister, Grete, makes herself responsible for Gregor. She takes it upon herself to make sure that Gregor is fed and his room is cleaned. This leads to the question; why does she place such a huge responsibility on herself....   [tags: Papers]

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My Family: My Father

- As I long I will be alive, my father would stay in my heart and thoughts. Every time I see my face, I can see some of his physical features through the mirror. He not only is my biologic father, but also my inspiration in my life. He constantly inspires me to put efforts in my impossible dreams. In return, I want to prove him myself and how capable I can be. With his personality, his role, and his unquestionable generosity, my father is a man who influences me the most. My father’s personality is not extraordinary or amazing, on the other hand, one of the simplest one I ever know....   [tags: essay about family]

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Responsibility for Death in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

- Responsibility for Death in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet Romeo and Juliet is possibly the most famous play in the world. It was written and set in the 16th century. It was a time when practically all marriages amongst the rich were arranged. Shakespeare's play would have been very controversial. Juliet put her love Romeo above Paris who she was arranged to marry to. Than the engineer is written in a poetic form often in prose and all his in a very confusing language....   [tags: Free Essay Writer]

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The Gothic Elements in Chain of Fools

- The Gothic Elements in Chain of Fools The use of gothic properties in popular forms of entertainment has not yet departed. From movies such as Dark City, produced by Alex Proyas, to music stars like Marilyn Manson, the use of gothic tendencies simply appeals to large audiences. In Chain of Fools by Steven Womak, some of these gothic properties also exist. What purpose do these gothic elements serve for the story line and setting. Furthermore what is the relationship with the popular fascination of these gothic characteristics....   [tags: Papers]

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Candide Religion

- “Ecrasons l’infame,” which is interpreted, “We must crush the vile thing.” This is the expression Voltaire used to articulate his feelings for organized religion. With many natural theists soon to follow his path, Voltaire expressed his hatred for cultural religions, opting for a universal God of nature. Given a few more centuries, Darwin would have given Voltaire the scientific theory to support his desire for atheism. But alas, with no other theory in place, intelligent individuals of 18th century France were forced to use creationism to explain the world in its beauty and organization....   [tags: Voltaire, Organized Religion]

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Voltaire's Candide

- Voltaire's Candide Candide is a reflection of the philosophical values of the Enlightenment. Voltaire’s novel is a satire of the Old Regime ideologies in which he critiques the political, social, and religious ideals of his time. A common intellectual characteristic of the Enlightenment was anti-feudalism. Philosophers were against the separations in the Old Regime and pushed for equality among human beings. Voltaire parodies the pompousness of the nobility several times throughout his novel....   [tags: Enlightenment Voltaire Essays]

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American Landscapes

- Through suffering, comes a new consciousness in man. America has been a haven for unity and freedom for decades. To achieve this requires much loss and pain. The strive of the American culture for the attainment of such social luxuries is of great courage, will-power, faith and pride. During a time when the first World War had ended and the country was in a state of isolation, there were people within its borders that had an undying belief in what this country stood for. Though often overlooked and underappreciated in their time, artists had an advantage of using the suffering of the country and its industrial growth as a concentration for their bodies of work....   [tags: US History Literature]

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- Candide is the illegitimate nephew of a German baron. He grows up in the baron’s castle under the tutelage of the scholar Pangloss, who teaches him that this world is “the best of all possible worlds.” Candide falls in love with the baron’s young daughter, Cunégonde. The baron catches the two kissing and expels Candide from his home. On his own for the first time, Candide is soon conscripted into the army of the Bulgars. He wanders away from camp for a brief walk, and is brutally flogged as a deserter....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Effect of an Optimistic Attitude on a Person’s Health

- We all live in the world, which is full of sadness and disappointing. We see people dying, poverty, unemployment, etc. However, there are a lot of positive things in the world: children, who are born every day, people, who get new life opportunities, happy marriages, etc. The greatest gift is to see the positive sides of life, without concentrating our attention on negative. According to Winston Churchill, a pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty....   [tags: Positive Psychology]

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Freed from Innoncence in Salvation" by Hughes, The Lord of the Flies by Golding, and To Kill a Mocking Bird by Lee

- “Salvation" by Langston Hughes is the story of a young boy who has an experience of revelation or realization. While attending a church revival, he comes to the sudden realization that Jesus can not physically come save him and isn’t truly there for him . In the first few sentences of the essay, Langston adopts a very childlike style of writing. He uses simple words and keeps the sentences short, similar to the style of an early aged teenager. But since the text is written in the past tense and the narrator mentions that he was "going on thirteen" (P#1), we know the speaker is now older....   [tags: jesus, corruption, injustice]

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Essay on Voltaire’s Candide: Use of Language

- Use of Language in Candide       A great philosopher Liebnitz once said that this is the best possible of all worlds. Voltaire disagrees. In Voltaire's Candide, the impartial narrator travels to distant lands and experiences a range of extremes. After having spent a great deal of time away from his homeland, and having seen more than most people see in a lifetime, the narrator is forced to conclude that this may not be the best possible world because of the reality of evil. Voltaire relates this point very effectively through his mastery of language and the choices he makes, both gramatically and content-related....   [tags: Candide essays]

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Essay on Satire in Voltaire's Candide

- Use of Satire in Voltaire’s Candide            Voltaire successfully uses satire as a means of conveying his opinions about life.  In his novel, Candide, Voltaire satirizes the philosopher Liebnitz's philosophy that this is the best of all possible worlds.  In the novel, the perpetually optimistic and naive character, Candide, travels around the world, having various experiences that prove, at least to the reader, that evil does exist.    In one particular passage, Voltaire uses explicit diction, exaggerated details and manipulated syntax in order to contrast the optimist's romantic view of battle with the horrible reality that is war....   [tags: Candide essays]

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Candide: A Satire On The Enlightenment

- Candide: A Satire On The Enlightenment Works Cited Missing Candide is an outlandishly humorous, far-fetched tale by Voltaire satirizing the optimism espoused by the philosophers of the Age of Enlightenment. It is the story of a young man’s adventures throughout the world, where he witnesses much evil and disaster. Throughout his travels, he adheres to the teachings of his tutor, Pangloss, believing that "all is for the best in the best of all possible worlds." Candide is Voltaire’s answer to what he saw as an absurd belief proposed by the Optimists - an easy way to rationalize evil and suffering....   [tags: Voltaire Candide Essays]

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David Foster Wallace’s essay Consider the Lobster

- Consider the Audience The gluttonous lords of the land capture those who are unable to defend themselves, boil the captives alive, and then feast on their flesh. Could this be the plot of some new summer blockbuster. It could be, in fact, but for now we will focus on how this depiction of events compares to David Foster Wallace’s essay, “Consider the Lobster,” which starts as a review of the Maine Lobster Festival, but soon morphs into an indictment of not only the conventions of lobster preparation, but also the entire idea of having an animal killed for one’s own consumption....   [tags: Wallace Animal Rights]

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The Joy Luck Club

- The Joy Luck Club The Joy Luck Club is a story about four Chinese friends and their daughters. It tells the story of the mother’s struggles in China and their acceptance in America, and the daughter’s struggles of finding themselves as Chinese-Americans. The movie starts off with a story about a swan feather, and how it was brought over with only good intentions. Then the movie goes on, the setting is at a party for June the daughter of Suyuan. Suyuan has just past away about four months ago, and her mother’s friends have found her long lost daughters....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Optimistic, Pessimistic, and Emotional Thinking Styles

- Optimistic, Pessimistic, and Emotional Thinking Styles In critical thinking, one of the most important aspects to recognize is the influence of human factors in how thought processing occurs. Factors like enculturation, emotion, stress, ego, and bias all play a pivotal role in how human beings think. Critical thinking requires that a person identify possible factors involved in his or her information gathering and decision making processes to better understand how these factors might alter or affect the critical thinking process and results....   [tags: Human Nature Social Study Emotion Analysis]

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Candide by Voltaire

- Candide Voltaire’s most classic work, Candide, is a satiric assault on most everything that was prevalent in society during the author’s lifetime. The entire novel can be regarded as a bleak story where every character compares life stories to see whose life is worse. Just when the novel cannot get anymore morbid or depressing, it does, to a much greater degree. While Candide is generally considered a universal denunciation, it is optimism that Voltaire is attacking to the greatest degree....   [tags: essays papers]

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The Duchess As a Very Remarkable Woman in a Man's World

- The Duchess As a Very Remarkable Woman in a Man's World The Duchess is clearly the central figure in the play and manages to dominate proceedings, despite the untouchable power of her brothers and the firmly established patriarchal system in early-16th century Italy. She displays many admirably qualities, although her courageous strength and passion could be perceived as threatening in a male-dominated society. The Duchess is the sole female figure with any sort of power and respect in Webster's play....   [tags: Papers]

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The Bennets: Experts in the Field of Inter-Family Conflict Avoidance

- The Bennets: Experts in the Field of Inter-Family Conflict Avoidance Father looks across the dinner table and kindly asks his darling wife to pass the dinner rolls while Suzie is lovingly telling about her second grade teacher’s neat handwriting. The linen tablecloth is firmly pressed and the home-cooked meal is thankfully devoured. The yellow-checkered dinner plates are freshly washed, and the smell of lilacs from the garden drifts through the sunlit dining room. Billy smiles at his mother as he asks her if he could please have some more of her “deliciously home grown asparagus.” Mother nods to Billy and passes him the serving dish....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Understanding the Mothers in Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club

- Understanding the Mothers in The Joy Luck Club       In America, it is common to take mothers for granted and reject the advice they try to give. Generally, their attempt to give advice is considered as an intrusion into our lives and our privacy. In The Joy Luck Club, Amy Tan tries to get the reader to take a step back and see the good intentions behind our mother's actions.   In the stories told by Jing-Mei, Tan weaves in flashbacks and memories of Jing-Mei's own childhood experiences, including stories she has heard of her mother Suyuan's early life in China....   [tags: Joy Luck Club Essays]

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Themes Illustrated in Tillie Olsen's I Stand Here Ironing

- The story begins with a sentence “I stand here ironing, and what you asked me moves tormented back and forth with the iron” (Olsen 73). It is unusual that the story starts with a description of the mother ironing. This strategy easily draws readers’ attention and introduces the narrator character to the readers. “I stand here ironing” is a very straightforward and simple description, but yet it conveys a deeper meaning and draws the readers into the narrative. The mother’s ironing provides the metaphor for the whole story....   [tags: I Stand Here Ironing]

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How to Achieve Happiness

- "Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be." -- Abraham Lincoln According to Cambridge's Online Dictionary, happiness is a state of mind or feeling characterized by contentment, satisfaction, pleasure, or joy. There are a number of attributes that correlate with happiness: relationships and social interaction, extroversion, marital status, employment, health, democratic freedom, optimism, religious involvement, income, and proximity to other happy people. Because the concept of happiness is complex and hard to measure, many people believe that happiness is mysterious, elusive, and totally out of their control....   [tags: Happiness Essays]

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August Strindberg's A Dream Play

- August Strindberg's A Dream Play August Strindberg wrote A Dream Play in 1901, a time in which women had few rights and a long road yet to travel in the fight to acquire equal rights with men. Given that Strindberg himself was a notorious misogynist, it is interesting to analyze the presentation and evolution of A Dream Play’s principle character: Indra’s Daughter. She travels from “the second world [and into] the third” (147, 17) by accident, but enters with optimism and faith in finding happiness in the human world....   [tags: August Strindberg Dream Play Essays]

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Candide by Nate Ziefert

- Book Critique of Candide Candide is a French satire novella first published in 1759 by Gabriel Cramer in Paris, France, and written by François-Marie Arouet, or Voltaire, his pen name, a philosopher of the Age of Enlightenment. This book was chosen to show what life was like in France prior to the French Revolution and to provide an overview of the political issues of that period. Reading the book provided context for discussing various themes, including the importance of reason, the corruption of the church, money and power, inequality, which were all-pressing issues in the time period we studied....   [tags: book critique, French satire novella]

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Literaray Device: Author's Voice

- The literary device, author’s voice, is the individual writing style of an author. It is a combination of diction, punctuation, character development, dialogue, etc., within a given body of text. There are many examples of how author’s voice affects the meaning of a text in the classic book, Night, a book about the life and thoughts of a young Jewish boy going through the Holocaust, as well as in “A Spring Morning”, a short story about the results of having a kid while Germany is in control of Poland....   [tags: foreshadowing, writing style]

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Nihilistic Drones of Another Disappointed American

- I was a general optimist at one point. I remember having hopes, and a passion for fellow man. At a young age, I tried to see the good in everyone. That was ever dwindling with every year, but by 2007, I lost all interest in trying to maintain a positive attitude about, well, maybe not the world, but definitely this god-forsaken society we live in. Due to a series of events, my aspect on the "good 'ol U.S.A." changed drastically. I began to realize that on a social level, individuals were alienated and conformity was preferred by most, making me feel like a total loser....   [tags: socialism, capitalism, media]

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Global Warming and Christian Stewardship

- There is, perhaps, no more pressing an issue that impacts the future of the human race than the debate over global warming. Whether global warming is occurring as part of a natural cycle of the earth or through CO2 emissions introduced into the atmosphere by mankind, has yet to be empirically proven. However, there is sufficient evidence to suggest that mankind’s contribution may be considerable enough to warrant a change in human habits. According to an article written by Rich Deem, atmospheric CO2 levels indicate a spike of 70 ppm—the quickest rise in CO2 levels over the last 650,000 years (2005)....   [tags: Religion]

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Transformation of Lear in Shakespeare's King Lear

- King Lear is a Shakespearian tragedy revolving largely around one central theme, personal transformation. Shakespeare shows in King Lear that the main characters of the play experience a transformative phase, where they are greatly changed through their suffering. Through the course of the play Lear is the most transformed of all the characters. He goes through seven major stages of transformation on his way to becoming an omniscient character: resentment, regret, recognition, acceptance and admittance, guilt, redemption, and optimism....   [tags: literary analysis, literary criticism]

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The Development of the Artist in Woolf’s To the Lighthouse

- Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse has been described as a Künstlerroman or artist novel. It traces the development of an artist, much like the Bildungsroman traced the development of a child into adulthood (Daughtery 148). The main artist of the novel is Lily Briscoe. As the novel progresses, Lily comes to terms with art and with life. To the Lighthouse is, in many ways, a quest novel (Daughter 148). This is evidenced by the title, which includes the preposition “to”. Nearly all the characters in the novels have a goal which they are aiming for....   [tags: Literature]

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The Power of Relationships

- Relationships between two people can have a strong bond and through poetry can have an everlasting life. The relationship can be between a mother and a child, a man and a woman, or of one person reaching out to their love. No matter what kind of relationship there is, the bond between the two people is shown through literary devices to enhance the romantic impression upon the reader. Through Dudley Randall’s “Ballad of Birmingham,” Ben Jonson’s “To Celia,” and William Shakespeare’s “Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day?” relationships are viewed as a powerful bond, an everlasting love, and even a romantic hymn....   [tags: Poetry Analysis ]

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Hope in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

- To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee is extensively a story of hope. Hope is to wish for something with expectation of its fulfilment and to have confidence; trust. This is shown through the themes, issues and the characters in the novel. Atticus represents hope, he is optimist. He is from the higher class and defends the lower class and still has the anticipation to win. The Finch family has hope as Atticus has taught his children to be accepting and have open-minds. Racism and prejudice, give people the hope for change....   [tags: To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee]

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Globalization and the Decline of the Welfare State

- The idea that globalization and the welfare states can conflict comes from the fact that: while globalization is based on profit maximization, the welfare states main goal is to reduce, if not eliminate inequality, insecurity and poverty through proper redistribution of wealth mechanisms. The welfare state has to enhance “people’s adaptability, so that they, whatever their skills, can turn themselves from losers into winners through their own efforts” (Dennis J. Snower. Et al.137). The point of departure is that these two concepts are related to the allocation of resources and any conflict will have to occur on that level....   [tags: International Free Trade, Global Commerce]

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Voltaire’s "Candide"

- Voltaire’s Candide portrays an exaggerated image of human cruelty and suffering in the world. Specifically, Voltaire criticizes people’s lack of willingness to prevent suffering, and their tendency to accept the idea that there is nothing anyone can do about human outcomes. He upholds his belief that practical ways of solving problems generate improvement. He believes that human indifference and inaction cause suffering to carry on. Voltaire’s believes that naïve optimism, absolute pessimism, cruel indifference, and lack of reason hinder positive and constructive change....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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Coming of Age in Mississippi vs. The Jungle Paper

- Coming of Age in Mississippi vs. The Jungle Paper There is an argument that states that Anne Moody's tale in Coming of Age in Mississippi is a more optimistic tale then that of Jurgis Rutkis in The Jungle and vice versa. This is not the case. When you take the time to analyze both story, you come to find that both have the same pessimistic core. The only difference is the character Jurgis was optimist throughout most of the beginning despite his circumstances yet in the end he loses all hope while Anne throughout was a realist who was determined to succeed....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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London After the Fire

- Depending on how you view life will influence how you feel about the city you live in. People who live an honest life and see the glass half full will be more hopeful about tragedies. People who do not live an honest life and see the glass half empty will be more disparaging during tragedies. An optimist will also look at tragedy as a time of rebuilding where a pessimist will look at the same tragedy as life as we know it over. In this essay I will describe the view of London from Dyden's Annus Mirabilis and Pepys' Diary, I will discuss what each excerpt have in common and what differs with regards to the representation of the Great Fire of 1666, I will display each author's attitude to...   [tags: British History, Annus Mirabilis ]

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A Mother Filled With Worries: Oppression of Women

- The oppression of women in society plays a huge role in how mothers raise their young daughters for the cruel world that waits. In Jamaica Kincaid’s short story “Girl”, Kincaid lists multiple stereotypical roles of the “typical” women in her short text. Without question, Kincaid defines roles of women in a way that may seem sexist and put a strong limit on what women can and cannot do. Moreover, Kincaid’s piece does come to empower women and evokes various degrees of power, freedom and the control of women....   [tags: jamaica kincaid, typical women, mother]

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The Old Man and the Sea

- The book “The Old Man and the Sea” was written by Hemingway in 1951. Just as Hemingway himself said, the work is the best one he ever wrote in his life. The book was so successful that it enabled Hemingway to win the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1954. The story of is quite simple: an Cuban fisherman finally fished a very big marlin after eighty four days’ taking no fish, but the fish was too big, the old man spent three days conquering the marlin. However, on his way home, he and the big fish were attacked by a lot of sharks....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Film Review: Frank Capra’s Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

- In Frank Capra’s Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, a naïve Jefferson Smith sets off for Washington D.C. as a United States Senator, where he learns that politics is not as transparent as it may seem. Released in 1939, one of the most successful years for film, Mr. Smith became a smash hit, easily becoming the second largest blockbuster of that year. However, 1939 was also the year World War II had started, and coupled with the war’s association with the Great Depression, the hit film was bound to cause conflict and controversy among the viewing public, which included global audiences....   [tags: Film Studies, Cinematography]

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William Shakespeare's King Lear

- Although referred to as a distinct philosophy, it seems nearly impossible to find an exact definition for the term “existentialism.” This is primarily true because existentialist thinkers, such as Friedrich Nietzchse, Søren Kierkegaard, and Fjodor Dostoyevsky, never agree on what the definition of existentialism is or its terms. However, according to a definition provided by St. Aslem College, existentialist thought can be defined as being “thrown into existence first without a predetermined nature and only later do we construct our nature or essence through our actions (Banach).” This means several things....   [tags: existencialism, character analysis]

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Henry James' ‘Washington Square

- Henry James' ‘Washington Square In ‘Washington Square', Henry James used a refined technique of narration, language, symbolism and irony as he explored the psychological dimensions of his characters' actions, motivations and interpersonal relationships. He did so as he confronted the tragedy of the immorality of human beings, personified in the characters of Dr. Sloper and Morris Townsend, in dominating the spirit of Sloper's daughter, Catherine, for their own ends. In other works of fiction where the oppressive circumstances of protagonists usually arise from failures of society and within the specific individual there is often an optimism to the extent that it is suggested that progress m...   [tags: Henry James Washington Square Analysis]

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Satire in Candide by Voltaire

- Satire in Candide by Voltaire Voltaire who was a French writer, philosopher and one of the leaders of the Enlightenment is known as one of the greatest satirist ever. Voltaire wrote about important genres: tragedy, history, philosophy and fiction just as his English contemporary Samuel Johnson. American heritage dictionary defines satire as, "An artistic work in which human vice or folly is attacked through irony, derision, or wit. Irony or caustic wit used to expose or attack human folly." The satirist adopts a critical attitude and usually presents his material with wit and humor....   [tags: Papers]

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The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan

- In The Joy Luck Club, culture plays a crucial part in the conflict between mother and daughter. Tan takes advantage of her past family experiences to inspire her fictional novel based on maintaining Chinese heritage, along with the pertinent task of discovering ones true identity. Tan uses the mothers’ collections of stories and multiple points of views to display how the Chinese emigrant daughters’ immerse themselves in American culture while their mothers wish for them to maintain their Chinese heritage....   [tags: chinese immigrants, cultural barriers]

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Eulogy for My Father

- My father died a week ago today. He had a profound impact on the life I live today and on the person I became. The relationship between a son and a father can often be quite complicated. Not so, for me. I was blessed to have a rather simple, yet powerful and loving, relationship with my dad. And because I believe that at Fast Company we have created a community of friends, not mere readers with little connection to our magazine, I want to share the eulogy I delivered at his funeral on Saturday. My father was a hard man to dislike....   [tags: Eulogy]

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Leadership Philosophy: Nurse

- According to, a leader is a person who guides or directs a group, but I believe there is so much more meaning to that. It takes key qualities to be a true leader. A leader should be self-motivated, encouraging, ambitious and determined; they should carry as sense of critical thinking and optimism in all that they do. Most imprtantly, Leaders are strategic thinkers; they are constantly thinking about how their ideas, thoughts and actions can affect the world. People who are leaders are visionary people because they look for the "big picture"....   [tags: Self Motivation, Graduate School]

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Analysis of Voltaire´s Candide

- This epic satire zeroes in on Voltaire’s criticisms against the Catholic Church, related through a dry comedy and swift plot. This is the life of Candide, the main character, his journey around the world and adventures. Candide opens with blatant mockery of society, government, and religion, but he also mocked the philosophy of optimism by philosopher Leibniz. To make the novel more alive, he uses real events that have happened in the world. This mockery of society can lead one to read it as a less blatant commentary on gender roles and xenophobia....   [tags: Catholic Church, mockery, satire, xenophobia]

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Investigating Insolvent Trading

- This paper considers “how, when and why” a firm ought reasonably suspect insolvent trading via exploration of areas of law, management, psychology and economics. Factors given consideration include the difference between risk and uncertainty, the imperfection of market information, the risk appetite of entrepreneurs, the impact of corporate culture on self-awareness and finally criteria for assessing proximity to insolvency from both a case law and a common-sense perspective. An essential difference between risk and uncertainty is the ability to quantify and therefore manage risk, since risk is associated with measurable repeatable events and accessible to a probabilistic analysis....   [tags: Business Management ]

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A Life Of Spirituality Overcoming A Life of Materialistic Riches

- A Life Of Spirituality Overcoming A Life of Materialistic Riches In this world, there are two sorts of people, some who find fulfillment in their lives through spirituality, and those who find fulfillment in their lives through material possessions, such as money or power. It is reasonably shown in “Singing Silence” that spiritual wealth is far superior to material wealth because a life which is filled with spiritual means is much more enjoyable and successful than a life filled with material wealth....   [tags: Papers]

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A Midsummer Night's Dream

- A Midsummer Night's Dream Some optimists have compared love to a blissful dream, but Shakespeare's clever intrigue shows what a confusing nightmare love can be. As the audience ponders the revelry they have just seen as the play comes to an ending, Puck steps forth to conclude the confusion: If we shadows have offended Think but this, and all is mended That you have but slumb'red here While these visions did appear And this weak and idle theme No more yielding than a dream. The audience is left in as much ambiguity as felt throughout the performance, appropriately ending the play in a puzzling state of confusion....   [tags: William Shakespeare]

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Satire in Moliere’s Tartuffe, Voltaire’s Candide, and Swift’s A Modest Proposal

- The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines satire as: “literary work holding up human vices and follies to ridicule or scorn.” Besides this definition satire can also be seen as the particular literary way of making possible the improvement of humanity and its institutions. In the three works: Moliere’s “Tartuffe,” Voltaire’s “Candide,” and Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” the authors indirectly criticize and ridicule human behavior and characteristics but with the goal for improving these faults rather than just demolishing them.                          In Moliere’s “Tartuffe,” although many things and behaviors are satirized, the play focuses mainly on the issue of religious hypocrisy....   [tags: Swift Voltaire Moliere]

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World War One was the Deciding Factor in the Collapse of Tsarism in Russia

- World War One was the Deciding Factor in the Collapse of Tsarism in Russia Nicholas II’s abdication in February 1917 marked the end of Tsarism in Russia and the end of over 100 years of Romanov rule. By the time the war broke out in 1914 almost every section of Russian society felt betrayed by the autocracy, in particular the peasants and the growing number of urban workers. The peasants increasingly resented being exploited by the nobility and governing elite, and although Tsar Alexander II had started to make reforms beginning with the Emancipation act in 1861, most of these reforms had little or no effect on the everyday lives of the peasantry....   [tags: Papers]

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Managing Personal Finances

- Managing Personal Finances Managing personal finances is an important skill to acquire. However, no where in school is this subject taught. As a result of a lack of preparation, our society is subject to a high percentage of people who lack financial success. Those who are successful at managing their personal finances will find that they are successful in many other areas as well. To learn how to manage personal finances there are books and web sites that provide a step by step guide to successfully managing personal finances....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Essays Finance]

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Varying Attitudes Toward Death in the Masque of the Red Death

- Varying Attitudes Toward Death in the Masque of the Red Death       "Since the day of my birth, my death began its walk. It is walking toward me, without hurrying." Edgar Allen Poe provides us symbolically with the reaction of man to the pursuance of death that Jean Cocteau described before, in his gothic short story, "The Masque of the Red Death." Prince Prospero symbolizes the optimist who seeks to avoid death. The Masqueraders represent the pessimist-the carefree who seek to forget about death....   [tags: Mask Masque Red Death Essays]

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Memory in The Drowned And the Saved by Primo Levi

- Primo Levi, in The Drowned and the Saved, expresses theories of memory. My objective is to prove that Primo Levi’s theories of memory being transitive and selective are correct. I will do this by examining and critiquing not only Levi’s perspective on memory, but also those of other philosophers and psychoanalysts whose work explored the subject. Writer and chemist, survivor and witness, Primo Levi was born in Turin, Italy, in 1919. Like most Italian Jews of his generation, Levi was assimilated to the hilt: "Religion," he later recalled, "did not count for much in my family." In 1938, however, his religion of Judaism became a sudden and serious liability....   [tags: The Drowned And the Saved. ]

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A Mother Critical Analysis

- A Mother’ ‘A Mother’ is one of the short stories that is part of James Joyce’s literary masterpiece Dubliners. The themes that run through this short story, and indeed the book itself, are: Simony, Gnomon and Paralysis. ‘A Mother’ is written in third person omniscient narration and focuses mainly on the point of view of Mrs Kearney. Who is, as I will try to justify further on, a serial simoniac and a victim of social convention. The first example of Mrs Kearney’s simony is her marriage to Mr Kearney, a bootmaker, who is far older than her....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Essay on Voltaire’s Candide: Visualizing Perfection

- Visualizing Perfection in Candide  "All is for the the best of all possible worlds."  To picture greatness, perfection and brilliance all intertwined into one splendid world -- a utopia, infers visualizing absolute beauty, harmony, and a universal tolerance amongst mankind. Would not such "perfection" designate the "best of all possible worlds?" How could we possibly conceive the sinister world portrayed in Candide to be conveyed as "utopia?" Since the best of all possible worlds indicates that "all is for the best" is it not safe to derive at the conclusion that since our world is clearly not "perfect" it is the...   [tags: Candide essays]

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Characterization of Scully in Tim Winton’s The Riders

- The Characterization of Scully in Tim Winton’s The Riders       One of the most endearing aspects of The Riders is the clever characterization. This allows the reader to relate to the typical national stereotypes and yet very extravagant personalities portrayed in the novel. The characterization, together with Winton’s considerable skill at using the characters’ view to evoke a sense of place, are two of the strengths of The Riders. The character of Fred Scully, the ‘hero’ of The Riders, is one of the most wonderfully written characters to have come out of Winton’s writing so far....   [tags: Tim Winton The Riders Essays]

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Worlds Collide in A Midsummer Night’s Dream

- A Midsummer Night’s Dream: Worlds Collide Four worlds collide in a magical woods one night in midsummer in William Shakespeare's mystical comedy A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The mythological duke of Athens, on the eve of his wedding to the newly defeated Queen of the Amazons, is called upon by the mortal Egeus to settle a quarrel. Hermia, Egeus's vociferous daughter, refuses to marry the man her father has betrothed to her, the enamored Demetrius. Theseus sides with authoritarian Egeus and forces Hermia to marry Demetrius or face death....   [tags: Midsummer Night's Dream]

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Gender Movements

- Gender Movements Years ago women were known to be housewife’s. Women stayed at home, cooked, cleaned and took care of the children. Women did things at home while the husband went to work to make money to pay the bills. Things have changed a lot these years. Women work just as hard as men. Women are responsible for bills and making sure the family is taken care of. These changes happened because of women’s protests and feminist activist. Women now have the same rights as men. Women can work, vote and run for different positions....   [tags: Gender Studies ]

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The Importance of Humor

- Humor is the tendency to look at things from the mirthful or incongruous side. It is the quality that makes something laughable or amusing. Humor is the ability to perceive, enjoy, or express what is amusing or comical. It is the source of laughter and the catalyst of smiles. Humor is the spark that lights our eyes as well as the cause of tears that never grows old. Humor is a state of mind. Most of us have a tendency to regard a clever sense of humor as the distinction of a person who is good hearted and friendly, someone people feel at ease with....   [tags: Informative Essays]

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Use of Biblical Imagery in Margaret Laurence's The Stone Angel

- Use of Biblical Imagery in Margaret Laurence's The Stone Angel In the novel The Stone Angel, Margaret Laurence introduces a character who seems to evolve her life around biblical imagery. Hagar Shipley, a ninety year-old woman, does not accept things easily, like life. Hagar is recognized as a biblical imagery because of her name. "Hagar" is introduced and recognized in the Old Testament as the Egyptian hand-maiden of Sarah, the wife of Abraham. By reason Sarah was unable to provide offsprings for Abraham....   [tags: Stone Angel Essays]

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Contrast of Antagonists in "Goodbye, My Brother" and "Powder"

- One of the main aspects of a story that truly keeps our attention is character. A person is more likely to enjoy, maintain interest in, or be more intimately engaged with a story if they can relate to or are intrigued by a character or characters. In order for this to happen an author must demonstrate good characterization, the art and technique of representing fictional personages. Characterization relies heavily on narration and point of view. In John Cheever's "Goodbye, My Brother" and Tobias Wolff's "Powder," the point of view of the narration is limited to one person....   [tags: Comparative Literature]

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About Mike Leigh

- About Mike Leigh Like many of the films watched in class there seems to be an ongoing theme in Mike Leigh’s films of the tragedy that is the life of those living in Britain. Fortunately, Leigh chooses to instead use these tragedies to instead promote the optimism or “high hopes” if you will of the people stuck in such unfortunate circumstances that are displayed onscreen. His films seek to bring light where there is darkness and truth where there are lies. In the film Secrets and Lies, we are introduce into a family that seems to have quite a few problems that are on the surface and far more that are well hidden to the world as well as those they call family....   [tags: essays papers]

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Candide: a Heroic Diatribe of French Institutions

- Francois-Marie d'Arouet, the author known as Voltaire, was perhaps the most influential philosopher of the eighteenth century; he was the most widely read philosopher of the Enlightenment and his criticisms of powerful French institutions seeded the resistance to orthodoxy imbued in the French Revolution that occurred eleven years after his death in seventeen seventy-eight. The Renaissance instilled in Voltaire the virtues of science and a respect for the natural world that forced him to examine the institutions of France from an objective eye....   [tags: European History]

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Voltaire's Candide

- Candide, written by Voltaire and published in 1759, is based in the Age of the Enlightenment. Candide is a satiric tale of a virtuous man's search for the truest form of happiness and his ultimate acceptance of life's disappointments. The illegitimate son of the Baron's sister; Candide is raised in the Castle of Westphalia and taught by his friend and philosopher of metaphysico-theologo-cosmolo-nigology, Dr.Pangloss. Candide is abruptly cast out from the castle when he and Lady Cunegonde are found indiscreetly kissing behind a screen....   [tags: Voltaire essays research papers]

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Harvest of Joy

- Harvest of Joy It seemed pretty simple at the beginning. My father showed me how to prepare the soil, to plant the seeds and to water them, and to harvest the vegetables. If I sustained the garden, the garden would sustain me. But my relationship with our garden has grown much more complicated than that. Over time, the garden has sustained me more than I have sustained it. In December, my father suffered a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm. His heart stopped twice during the operation, and he was not expected to survive....   [tags: Personal Narrative Essay Example]

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Questioning the Meaning of Life

- `Where did we come from?', `Why are we here?', `Where are we going?'. These are questions which surface, centre stage, at some point in most people's lives. For philosophers, and others, they constitute the core problem known traditionally as the Meaning of Life. It might be thought that the first task in considering the question of the `Meaning of Life' is to define the key terms: `Life' and `Meaning'. However, the meanings of `Meaning' are many; and `Life' itself could be seen as not so much a separate entity, but rather, the totality of those meanings to which I have alluded....   [tags: Religion]

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Stress Management

- Stress Management Stress management is something we as people should take a lot more seriously than we really do. Whenever I tell someone that they need to learn how to control their stress they always tell me they need their stress. They are right, they do need their stress, we all need a certain amount of stress in our lives. No stress is almost just as unhealthy as too much stress. Just the right amount of stress is called Eustress. Eustress is a healthy stressor because it helps to keep us motivated....   [tags: Papers]

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Relationships Between Parents and Children in Pride and Prejudice

- How do the writers present the relationship between parents and children. What issues do they deal with and what do they seem to expose. Introduction ============ 'Pride and Prejudice' was written by the English author Jane Austen and was published in 1913. In this novel Jane Austen portrays the quiet, day-to-day life of members of the upper middle class. Her works combine romantic comedy with social satire and psychological insight. 'Your Shoes' is set in a modern day society and is written by the Author Michele Roberts....   [tags: English Literature]

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Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club

- Joy Luck Club Anaylsis In the movie "Joy Luck Club," four women are introduced. Their lives are described, their mother's lives are described, and their grandmother's. This movie shows three generations of Chinese women and how each of their lives have progressed and changed. Through every generation, there is a constant underlying tension between mother and daughter. The pressure that a mother applies to her daughter is described. In one incident the mom forced her daughter to play the piano....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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The Feminist Perspective of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

- The Feminist Perspective of Buffy the Vampire Slayer In her feminist critique of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Anne Millard Daughtey described Buffy as a show which "obviously promotes female strength and power" (159). Buffy herself is a "symbol of female empowerment" (149); as feminists we can all take comfort in the fact that Buffy "kicks butt and so can we all" (164). Sherryl Vint agrees that Buffy is a "positive role model for young women, one which feminism should celebrate" (para. 3). I find this understanding of Buffy, both the character and the series, to be very problematic, and with this paper I aim to undertake a revised feminist critique of the show, and expose the Buffyverse as the...   [tags: Buffy Vampire Slayer Essays]

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Essay on Clash of Cultures Portrayed in Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club

- Clash of Cultures Portrayed in The Joy Luck Club   The environment in which one grows up molds their character and behavior. The four daughters portrayed in The Joy Luck Club are of Chinese descent, yet they are not Chinese. The daughters speak in English, not the language of their mothers, Mandarin. The daughters are addressed by their English names, or they do not have a Chinese name at all. They think as Americans and have little memory of their Chinese thinking, customs or traditions.   " In me, they see their own daughters, just as ignorant, just as unmindful of all the truths and hopes they have bought to America....   [tags: Joy Luck Club Essays]

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All Is Not For The Best

- "All is Not for the Best" 10-K Candide Voltaire's Candide is the story of an innocent man's experiences in a mad and evil world, his struggle to survive in that world, and his need to ultimately come to terms with it. All people experience the turmoil of life and must overcome obstacles, both natural and man-made, in order to eventually achieve happiness. In life, "man must find a medium between what Martin (scholar and companion to Candide) calls the "convulsions of anxiety" and the "lethargy of boredom"" (Richter 137)....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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The Leadership Lessons of Jesus Christ

- The Leadership Lessons of Jesus Christ When we talk about Jesus as a leader, we may imply two different forms: Jesus as the only Son of God, God of the universe, or the risen Christ as being one with God; or Jesus as the 1 st century flesh and blood human being, the historical figure. Since the purpose of studying leadership is to improve one's own leadership skills, it makes sense to analyze Jesus' applicable traits, actions, and accomplishments as a good leader—in his historical role—so his leadership skills can be feasibly related to ourselves as human beings....   [tags: Business Management]

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Franklin D. Roosevelt: An Influential Leader

- Franklin D. Roosevelt: An Influential Leader Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) was a man of unusual charm and great optimism, which he was able to communicate to others. He had a broad smile and was a charismatic optimist whose confidence helped sustain the nation through its darkest moments during crisis like the Great Depression and World War II. He became one of the most beloved of U.S. presidents for four terms in office. But beneath his outward friendliness was an inner reserve and an iron will....   [tags: History Roosevelt President Essays FDR]

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Joy Luck Club

- Growing Up In A New World “`Then I wish I wasn’t your daughter. I wish you weren’t my mother,’ I shouted.” “`Too late change this,’ said my mother shrilly.” “`Then I wish I’d never been born!’ I shouted. `I wish I were dead!’” (p. 153) In the novel, The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan, many conflicts arise between the mothers and their daughters. Problems arise from the high expectations from Chinese mothers, the mothers’ pride in their daughters, and the daughters’ disrespect towards their mothers....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Bill Belichick

- Coaching any sport is much harder than it seems. There are some jobs that almost anyone with the right education can do. Coaching is definitely not one of those jobs. One can get educated on drawing X's and O's on a paper for decades and still might be far from being a successful coach. Of course knowledge of the sport is very important too but to be successful in a job like coaching, one has to dedicate himself to his job; his job has to be his life. This is the major reason even those who hate Patriots still respect Bill Belichick and agree that he had unique abilities that make him so successful....   [tags: Biography]

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Disseminating Democratic Education Now

- Disseminating Democratic Education Now The subject of disseminating democratic education is important and urgent, chiefly because the topic of the transfer of democracy is vital. and even urgently so. And yet no transfer of democracy is possible without some large-scale democratic education. Of course, to that end we must stick to basics, as time and efficiency may make the difference between success and failure. For, there are few occasions given for democratization, and they are always all to brief, as the bitter experience of the current United States administration of Iraq has learned the hard way....   [tags: Democracy Politics Education Essays]

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the cathedral

- At a glance Carver’s writing style of the “Cathedral” seems simple but after further interpretation of the story one realizes that the “Cathedral” is about the interactions and epiphanies that regular people have that changes their entire life. This idea is perfectly represented at the end of the “Cathedral”, throughout the story the husband knew nothing about blind people and wondered how can they live their life without being able to see. He continually made references to the effect of how can he be married and not be able to see his wife, if she had makeup purple slacks and so on he would never know....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Candide 3

- I am not too familiar with the events that occurred in this book. It is set back in the times of kings and queens, barons, lords and other titles. The author, Voltaire, who was born Francios-Marie Arouet, was very critical and suspicious of government and officials. He used his writing talens to make fun of them or criticize abuses of the time. In the middle of the 18th century, Voltaire turned against the popular philosophy of &#8220;optimism'; because of a tragic earthquake in Lisbon, Portugal, which killed 30,000 people and did millions of dollars in damage....   [tags: essays research papers]

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- Recession Despite all the recession talk recently, the economy apparently isn't doing so badly. The Commerce department today (4.27) announced that GDP grew at a 2.0% annual rate in the first quarter. This was up from 1% in the final quarter of 2000. The 2% rate is still slower than this time last year, but it seems as though a recession has been avoided for another quarter. (A recession is often defined by 2 or more quarters of negative growth, click here for more on the definition of a recession)....   [tags: essays papers]

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