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The At Le Mans 24 Hour Offspring

- This magnificent car came another in the Le Mans 24 Hour offspring in 1930 when piloted by Clement and Watney, and was also conqueror of the ‘Double Twelve’, the convertible British Endurance race. That 's it crossing the impregnate at Le Mans in 1-2 construction below. In 1998, with a entire of 106 of all variants built-up and its work run whole, the McLaren F1 went on to fulfill its greatest nice outside competitive motorsport. McLaren development and race mallet Andy Wallace took XP5, the fifth and extreme exemplar F1 with some 45,000 hard test miles on the timepiece, to the Ehra-Lessien establish feces in Germany and on 31st March 1998 plant a world record for a produce car of 240.1mph....   [tags: Mercedes-Benz, Karl Benz, Daimler-Benz]

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Maternal Obesity Induce Offspring with Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

- Maternal obesity induce offspring with risk of cardiovascular disease Introduction: The rate of obesity for the human population has shown to be increased expeditiously in the past decades. It has continuously raised health concerns among the world, and is likely to remain in times to come. This phenomenon is primarily due to the lifestyle changes resulting in high-energy intake coupling with decreased physical activity (Cameron et al. 2003). Obesity is identified by the high adipose tissue, resulting in the body mass index (BMI) equal to or greater than 30kg/m....   [tags: body mass index, arterial blood vessels]

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Human Female Orgasm Rate And Number Of Offspring

- Based on the theories of human evolution, there has been beliefs that our species must have developed overtime to perform acts that satisfy orgasmic pleasures via natural and sexual selection. Nevertheless, researchers continue to question why such trait has been selected over evolutionary time. Many have hypothesized that such orgasmic pleasure must have evolved generically to enhance reproductive success, especially in females since they are the limiting resources (fertilizers) that exclusively take part in the process of pregnancy....   [tags: Human sexuality, Sexual intercourse, Orgasm]

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Choices for Couples: Having None or Only One Offspring

- A child is a pleasure of a house because he or she creates untold joy to his or her parents. Unfortunately, Child-rearing is very pricey in these days. According to the U.S. survey, middle-income parent spend $234,900 for a child until he or she turns to 17, and that does not include for college tuition cost. That huge amount of money is a very big dilemma for the couples whether they should become parents or not. The parents not only have that financial responsibility, but also require sacrificing their time and freedom for the offspring with love, care and attention....   [tags: child rearing, childfree, parenthood]

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Is Breastfeeding A Best For The Best Possible Future For Their Offspring?

- There has been an universal question among humanity since the beginning of time “What is the best way to raise our children in order to ensure the best possible future for them?” This question has been the basis for parenting for countless generations because biologically speaking, the purpose of the human race is to create the best possible environment for our offspring in order for them to survive, procreate and pass on our precious genetic material. While there are many differing opinions pertaining the methods that people should use in order to create the best possible future for their offspring, many agree that early intervention is the best way to ensure an excellent future....   [tags: Breastfeeding, Breast milk, Infant formula]

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Diversity on Long Island

- Long Island also known as a diverse community to many people helps many of us come more aware of other cultures and religions. Having a combination of different religions and life living together makes us more known to the world. We as an island surrounded of millions of people don’t appreciate the unique and wonderful things that are being given to us. Others like tourists or people from all around the world might not feel the same way though. In many nations around the world people don’t get to experience the social interactions and bandings one might get to feel and understand....   [tags: Diversity, Long Island, ]

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Summary : ' Got Obnoxious Offspring '

- In “Today, Courtesy Isn’t Common, But Hatred is” by T. T. Nhu, claimed that mothers are responsible to teach children good manners. In order for the mothers to do this they create rules in house; such as, forbidding unprofessional language, respecting others and many more. According to T. T. Nhu, civility leads to good and strong relationships. However, nowadays people tend to lack politeness in them and show hate towards everyone by being selfish. Moreover, T. T. Nhu believed that if the politicians had learned good manners, then there would be no hatred around the world....   [tags: Etiquette, Manners, Mother, Gang]

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Long Day's Journey into Night Eugene by O'Neill

- 	In the play Long Day’s Journey Into Night by Eugene O’Neill, the Tyrone family is haunted not by what is present in flesh facing them, but by memories and constant reminders of what has been the downfall of the family for years. " No it can never be now. But it was once, before you-" (72) [James Tyrone referring to the Morphine addiction of his wife, Mary, which attributed to the undoing of the family]. Their trials and tribulations are well documented by O’Neill through the proficient utilization of theme, characterization, plot, setting, and style....   [tags: Long Day's Journey into Night]

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Parental Investment in Offspring

- The answer to the question of whether parents invest more resources in their male or female offspring is a topic that is likely to vary from one culture to another. It is very common for adults (parent or caregivers) to have a favorite child in the family. Often, the favorite child may be less effective at school and have no extraordinary skills to be proud of for parents. Good parenting requires all children to be loved to the same extent (Lee & Lee, 2011). However, parents tend to love and favor certain children because of their school performances, their social activities, or even their gender....   [tags: favoritism, expenditure, rivalry, parenting, child]

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The Survival Instinct in A Long Way Gone and Blood Brothers

- Since the beginning of time, every species has been faced with their greatest trial in life: survival. Humans as a species have become masters of defying death. Even faced with overpopulation, itself the result of successfully defying death and sure catalyst to the downfall of a population, we as a species have nevertheless learned to cope and continue to reproduce and thrive. As individuals, each human being possesses one of the greatest wills for survival in our natural world. Our societal views of the value of life and the fear of death, our intellectual dominance, and our physical adaptability allow us to cling to life under the harshest conditions....   [tags: A Long Way Gone]

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What´s Selective Breeding?

- ... However, the humans back in those times realized the diversity of each banana tree and how each banana was different. They also knew (even without the knowledge of the concept of genetics and selective breeding) that when two parent banana trees that produced fruit with desirable traits were cross bred (bred to produce offspring); there was a likely chance that the offspring would also have these desirable traits. Softer skin, smaller seeds, sweeter fruit, shorter width and longer length may have been favorable traits in the banana that the humans back then desired....   [tags: organism, offspring]

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Long Beach, California Neighborhood Guide

- Long Beach, California Neighborhood Guide Image:,_California Long Beach is a large coastal city in Los Angeles County situated on the Pacific Coast and home to the second busiest cargo port in the United States. It is the center of international trading for oil, electronic equipment, auto parts, and furniture in California and shares a border with Los Angeles County and Orange County with about 500,000 people across 11 neighborhoods. Since there are many racial and ethnic groups in Long Beach, the city promotes cultural diversity with Hispanics accounting for almost 50% of the population....   [tags: High school, Middle school, Long Beach]

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Technology, Social Media, And Their Affect On Long-distance Relationships

- With recent advancements in technology (e-mail, phone, text, social media, and video conference), couples can manage and maintain their relationship with a simple touch of a button. Foremost, communication through technology is important to couples involved in long-distance relationships (LDRs), as the demand for relational development requires constant attention. The term “long-distance relationship” can often carry a negative association for those seeking love. There is a perception that geographical distance will prevent a strong and happy relationship from developing; however, it does not deter all couples from staying together....   [tags: Facebook's Affect on Long-Distance Relationships]

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Social Media And Near Instant Communication

- In the era of social media and near-instant communication, it has become increasingly easy, even effortless, for one to immerse oneself in the wonder known as modern technology. The new possibilities unlocked by such recently discovered knowledge have led the world to a state in which information is conveniently and readily accessible. No group, perhaps, is quite as fervent about the potential of technology as the household parent is. Karen Klein, a parent of a teenager, is just one of many parents who use the full extent of technology....   [tags: Parent, Mother, Offspring, The Child]

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Impact of War and Violence on Children in A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah

- Children exposed to violence within their communities are left with emotions of hopelessness, insecurity, and doubt. Historical events such as the war on terrorism, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the tragic events of September 11th have had a detrimental effect on the entire nation, including the children. Although every child is not directly affected by the aspects of war, it somehow has an emotional effect on all. The involvement of a nation with war affects every individual differently, whether it is out of fear, anger, doubt, hope, or love....   [tags: A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah]

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The Glory Of War Analyzed in Homer’s The Iliad and Ishmael Beah’s Autobiography, A Long Way Gone

- Taking into consideration the many historic events of our time, there is no claim to be made that humanity has kicked its addiction to warfare. The contention, however, lies in whether this addiction may be described as glorious. Those keen to label it so need only look to “the world’s greatest war novel” Homer’s The Iliad in which war creates heroes out of men on both sides of the battlefield. It is fought nobly and bravely, and immortalizes, through song and story as Homer himself had done, the champions of either army....   [tags: The Iliad, A Long Way Gone]

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Reclaiming the Voice in So Long a Letter

- Reclaiming the Voice in Bâ's So Long a Letter            Peter Barry identifies as one of the major aims of Postcolonial criticism the rejection of "the claims to universalism made on behalf of canonical Western literature" and more specifically "to show its limitations of outlook, especially its general inability to empathize across boundaries of cultural and ethnic difference" (198). Although Bâ's intentions are not primarily anti-colonial, her novel So Long a Letter exemplifies how African literature provides a different perspective of their culture, and despite not fitting the model of the English canon, is valuable and significant on its own terms....   [tags: So Long a Letter Essays]

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Huey Long by T. Harry Williams

- Huey Long by T. Harry Williams In the Pulitzer Prize-winning book entitled Huey Long by T. Harry Williams, the reader is given an interesting perspective into perhaps the most controversial American politician of the 20th century. The book is lengthy and wordy, but still a very easy read and very informative. For a larger than life kind of guy like Huey Long, a man that cannot be confined to just pages in a book, the questions arises if Williams strips away the myth surrounding Huey, or does he further add to the mythical quality of a politician whom many people still chose sides over to this day....   [tags: Williams Huey Long]

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Short Term And Long Term Effects Of A Study Done By Hetherington And Kelly

- Short term and long term effects A study done by Hetherington and Kelly (2002) showed that 25% of people whose parents divorced had serious long term effects on them, these included: social, emotional and psychological issues. The other 75% whose parents divorced did not suffer any long-term issues into adult hood (Lansford, 2009). However divorce can be related to behaviour problems even at a very young age, but it is usually a small amount of children or adults that suffer with long term effects (Lansford, 2009)....   [tags: Term, Time, Long-term effects of alcohol, Divorce]

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Experimental Evidence that Paternal Environment Affects Offspring Environments

- This research was tested to see if the offspring survived relatively better when their environment matched their father´s, assuming the possibility that fathers can adaptively influence the phenotype of their offspring according to local conditions. Adaptive paternal effects refer to the change in a phenotype that a male´s sperm can have in response to their own environment in order to increase their offspring robustness according to local conditions. Normally, paternal effects have been assumed to be absent or slight, but this assumption has been challenged by recent studies showing that transgenerational epigenetic effects transferred down the male line, and transmission of compounds in th...   [tags: Sperm, Embryo]

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Bipolar Disorder And Its Effects On The Development Of Offspring

- Offspring of parents who have bipolar disorder are cognitively affected whether it be biological effects, genetic heritability, or an imbalance of neurotransmitters. Argumentatively, offspring are at high risks for developing bipolar disorder and various mental disorders rather than offspring of regular functioning adults. Through cross-sectional analysis, researchers have sampled various groups collecting data. Many of their hypotheses conclude that offspring of parents with bipolar disorder have been placed into an environment prone to the development of various psychiatric disorders....   [tags: Bipolar disorder, Mania, Hypomania, Schizophrenia]

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How Cancer Effects the Cells, the Body, and their Offspring

- Have you ever wondered how cancer forms. Well, cancer starts when a cell's DNA becomes altered. When the DNA is altered, the cells reproduce without restriction and do not die like a normal cell. These extra cells form a mass of tissue that is a tumor. Cancer forms in the genes of our cells, and is able to be carried in the offspring of the person with cancer. The cells are the basic units of life. Cells contain DNA that make up genes. Genes are instructions for the cells to make certain proteins....   [tags: Cancer Essays]

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Symbols and Symbolism in Long Day's Journey into Night

-   Symbolism is used throughout O¹Neill¹s Long Day¹s Journey into Night, a portrayal of the  author¹s life.  The three prominent symbols, the fog, the foghorn, and Mary¹s glasses, represent the characters¹ isolation from reality.  The symbols in ³Long Day¹s Journey into  Night² are used to substitute illusion for reality.  Although Mary is the character directly associated with living in illusion, all characters in the play try to hide from the truth in their own ways. At the beginning of the second act, O'Neill notes a change in setting which has taken place since the play opened.  No sunlight comes into the room now  and there is a faint haziness in the air.  This haziness or fog o...   [tags: Long Day's Journey into Night]

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American Religion in Long Days Journey into Night

- American Religion in Long Days Journey into Night The modernist sentiments throughout Long Days Journey into Night, by Eugene O'Neill, are apparent in many different ways. Among the methods he used was the portrayal of America's withdrawal from traditional religion and modes of behavior. He used his immigrant Irish family, the Tyrones, as a pedestal for this idea by highlighting their departure from traditional Irish beliefs and their struggle to form new, uniquely American, ones....   [tags: Long Day's Journey into Night]

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Eugene O'Neill's Long Day's Journey into Night

- Eugene O'Neill's "Long Day's Journey into Night" As the fog descends around the Tyrone’s summer home, another fog falls on the family within. This fog is that of substance abuse, in which each of the four main characters of Eugene O’Neill’s play, Long Day’s Journey into Night face by the end of Act IV. Long Day's Journey into Night is a metaphoric representation of the path from normalcy to demise by showing the general effects of substance abuse on human psychology and family dysfunctions through the characters Mary, Jamie, Edmund and Tyrone....   [tags: Long Day's Journey into Night]

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The Effects of Global Warimgin on Polar Bears

- The effects of Global Warming on Polar Bears For years, we have heard of the devastating effects of global warming and how the melting of the polar ice caps will cause severe climate changes. One animal that has suffered most from global warming is the polar bear. Global warming has caused the polar bear population to decrease due to the results of having to swim longer distances, loss of habitat, and lack of mates to reproduce offspring. Global warming has caused this species to become endangered and has some attention with social media....   [tags: popluation, wim, habitat, mates, offspring]

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The Long and the Short and the Tall by Willas Hall

- "The Long and the Short and the Tall" by Willas Hall The play is set in the Malayan Jungle during the Japanese advance on Singapore in 1942. Seven British soldiers have different power due to the ranking hierarchy and they have different attitudes to one another. Sergeant Mitchem is the leader of the soldiers. He is a responsible and good leader which is evident due to him stopping many quarrels among his men and making decisions. For example, when Corporal Johnston and Private Bamforth are having an argument, Mitchem stops the argument by saying ‘Right....   [tags: Long Short Tall Willas Hall Essays]

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Nelson Mandela's Long Walk To Freedom

- Nelson Mandela in his book, Long Walk to Freedom argues through the first five parts that a black individual must deal, coop, and grow through a society that is hindering their lives' with apartheid and suppression of their rightful land. Rolihlanla Mphakanyiswa or clan name, Madiba was born on July 18, 1918 in a simple village of Mvezo, which was not accustomed to the happenings of South Africa as a whole. His father was an respected man who led a good life, but lost it because of a dispute with the magistrate....   [tags: Nelson Mandela Long Walk Freedom Essays]

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Plato and the Nuclear Family in his Work:The Republic

- The nuclear family, consisting of a mother, father, and children, is something very familiar to our society. We hold these relations as ideal and form our lives around their bonds. In the Republic, Plato suggests to abolish families and replace them with the Guardians. This is easily one of Plato’s most controversial ideas; it contains positive elements, but is seen as impractical to undesirable by many. The rationale behind Plato’s idea consists of many different parts, which are focused on a main goal of unity....   [tags: Society, Offspring]

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Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl by Harriet A. Jacobs

- Motherhood is a compassionate kinship between the mother and her offspring. Becoming a mother can be planned or unplanned depending on the person. Families tend to cherish the new beginning to a little human life. When someone decides to have a new life, it isn’t easy, and not only can some women not get pregnant, but the variation your body endures is amazing. The body goes through many life changing experiences. Some women can gain weight, or have a rollercoaster of emotions due to their hormones....   [tags: offspring, motherhood]

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The Male and Female Reproductive Systems

- The reproductive systems are based off of the goal to create offspring. Both the male and the female reproductive systems, although fueled by a similar goal, have different components and structures. Both systems are very complex in their own way, making it important for one to understand how each of the systems and their various processes work. Knowing the processes and components of the male and female reproductive systems will aid all people in their life, sometime or another. It’s important to understand how our individual bodies work and how life is produced....   [tags: Organs, Offspring]

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Long Day's Journey into Night Eugene by O'Neill - Character Analysis of Mary

- Long Day's Journey into Night Eugene by O'Neill - Character Analysis of Mary In the play ¡°Long Day¡¯s Journey into Night,¡± by Eugene O¡¯Neill, the writer depicts a typical day of the Tyrone family, whose once-close family has deteriorated over the years for a number of reasons: Mary¡¯s drug addiction, Tyrone Jamie and Edmund¡¯s alcoholism, Tyrone¡¯s stinginess, and the sons` pessimistic attitude toward future. In the play, all of the four characters are miserable about life, and they all remember the past and try to escape from reality by drinking alcohol or taking drugs....   [tags: Long Day's Journey into Night]

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The Concept of Time in Eugene O'Neill's Long Day's Journey into Night

- The Concept of Time in Eugene O'Neill's Long Day's Journey into Night The pre-Socratic Greek philosopher Heraclitus said in his theory of the Universal Flux that "everything flows and nothing abides; everything gives way and nothing stays fixed. You cannot step twice into the same river, for other waters and yet others go ever flowing on... Time is a child moving counters in a game." (Allen 103) And so it is with the characters in Eugene O'Neill's Long Day's Journey into Night. Time is little more than a game in which they move as checkers, if not pawns....   [tags: Long Day's Journey into Night]

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Significance of Fog in Long Day's Journey into Night Eugene by O'Neill

- Long Days Journey: The Significance of Fog (8) A Long Day’s Journey Into Night, by Eugene O’Neill, is a deeply autobiographical play. His life was rampant with confusion and addictions in his family. Each character in this play has a profound resemblance, and draws parallels and connections with a member of his own family. The long journey that the title of the play refers to is a journey into his past. Fog is a recurring metaphor in the play; it is a physical presence even before it becomes a crucial symbol of the family’s impenetrable confusion....   [tags: Long Day's Journey into Night]

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Natalie Goldberg’s Long Quiet Highway: Waking Up in America

- Natalie Goldberg’s Long Quiet Highway: Waking Up in America “I don’t think fate is a creature, or a lady, like some people say. It’s a tide of events sweeping us along. But I’m not a Fatalist, because I believe you can swim against it, and sometimes grasp the hands of the clock face and steal a few precious minutes. If you don’t you’re just cartwheeled along. Before you know it, the magic opportunity is lost, and for the rest of your life it lingers on in that part of your mind which dreams the very best dreams—taunting and tantalizing you with what might have been.” (from the film Flirting, 1990) “Every moment is enormous, and it is all we have” (Goldberg xii)....   [tags: Long Quiet Highway]

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Caregivers' Behavior Contributes to Offspring Behavior

- Caregivers' Behavior Contributes to Offspring Behavior The field of violence prediction research has advanced to the point where predictions about serious criminal violence by men who have already committed one violent offense can be made with a considerable degree of accuracy (Rice, 414). This group, although a small proportion of the population, is a group whose violence is the focus of much societal concern. Research on the nature of psychotherapy is yielding new insights into a group of offenders who are highly prone to violence....   [tags: Biology Biological Research Papers]

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Tradition and Customs in So Long A Letter by Mariama Ba

- Tradition and Customs in So Long A Letter by Mariama Ba Tradition and customs very often hold an important position in ones life and culture. The novel So Long A Letter, by Mariama Ba, is based on the Senegalese culture and shows how important tradition is in Africa. The novel is a series of letters written by a recently widowed woman, Ramatoulaye, to her best friend Aissatou. The transition through the many grieving stages and traditional mourning events are explained, as well as a woman?s place in a Senegalese society and family....   [tags: Papers Long Letter Mariama Ba Essays]

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A Woman's Place in Fantasia and So Long a Letter

- A Woman's Place in Fantasia and So Long a Letter Throughout history women have always had to stand behind their men (whether it be rules, tradition, etc.). In almost every history context, whether it about wars or people, they have almost been written by men for men. It is not even until this century that women in this country have gained new grounds for the equality that we hope will be as substantial with men’s equality. Despite women’s hopes for equality, there is always old traditions that are so hard to be break that they sometimes keep women in inferior positions....   [tags: Fantasia So Long a Letter Women Literature Essays]

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A Long Way From Chicago by Richard Peck

- “A Long Way From Chicago” by Richard Peck The book “A Long Way From Chicago” is an adventurous and funny story. The story takes place at Joey Dowdel’s Grandmothers farm house in the country. Joey and his sister Mary Alice were sent to their Grandma’s house during the summer because their parents had to go to Canada for their work. At first, Joey felt uncomfortable with his Grandmother because he had never met her before but eventually he got to know her and they became close friends. On the first week at Grandma’s, a man named Shotgun Cheatman died....   [tags: A Long Way From Chicago Richard Peck]

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Mariama Bâ’s So Long a Letter

- Mariama Bâ’s So Long a Letter When a person hears words like feminist or feminism, notions of what it means to be feminine, or consequently unfeminine, begin to dimly form in our mind’s eye. Although we cannot definitively answer the question of what is feminine, we are able to recognize it when we see it or its absence. This conception, however, is arbitrary at best. What is it about an evening gown that seems to define and dress the feminine aura while a woman spitting would be denounced as inherently unfeminine....   [tags: Mariama Ba Long Letter Feminism Essays]

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Does Major Depressive Disorder in Parents Predict Specific Fears and Phobias in Offspring?

- Introduction I chose to analyze this research article which tries to answer if major depressive disorders in parents lead to specific fears and phobias in offspring, because I like psychology and I wanted an article that was related some way to this interest. Before this research two studies were conducted that reported an increased risk of phobias in offspring of parents with major depressive disorder (MDD) when compared to children of normal parents. These findings suggested a connection between phobias and depression....   [tags: Psychology ]

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I Learned Important Techniques When Caring For Orphaned Offspring

- A typical day interning at the Lehigh Valley Zoo quickly turned to pure excitement. As another intern and I entered the aoudad enclosure that morning for cleaning, a spunky new face trotted with the herd. Days passed as the new lamb eagerly tried to nurse to no avail. Having been rejected by its mother, the baby gained an entire staff as his guardians. Over time, his underlying genetic problems became apparent; we did everything in our power to have this lamb thrive. On several occasions I helped give the lamb a physical and fed him milk through his nasogastric tube as he enthusiastically wagged his tail....   [tags: Veterinary medicine, Veterinarian, Medicine]

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So Long A Letter by Mariama Ba and Blood Wedding by Frederico Garcia Lorca

- "So Long A Letter" by Mariama Ba and "Blood Wedding" by Frederico Garcia Lorca Thesis: Characters that cause immense pain to another, especially to their consorts, succumb to death in the texts So Long A Letter and Blood Wedding by Mariama Bâ and Federico García Lorca respectively. Death is one aspect of life that prevents a person from being invincible. It is one of the inevitable occurrences that a man has to yield to. In the texts So Long A Letter and Blood Wedding by Mariama Bâ and Federico García Lorca respectively, death is a poignant theme that has prevailed throughout the course of the text....   [tags: Long Letter Ba Blood Wedding Lorca Essays]

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Man’s Struggles of Fate by the Curse of Birth in Eugene O'Neill's A Long Day's Journey into Night

- Man’s Struggles of Fate by the Curse of Birth in Eugene O'Neill's A Long Day's Journey into Night Eugene O’Neill’s A Long Day’s Journey into Night deals with tragedy and its attendant focus on character rather than plot. Another emphasis on the play is on the past that ceases to haunt his characters. O’Neill’s characters of A Long Day’s Journey into Night struggle with the past. These characters all seem to agree with Mary Tyrone who claims that a person “can’t help being what the past made him” (Baym 1313)....   [tags: A Long Day's Journey into Night Essays]

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The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls and Mockingbird by Marshall Bruce Mather

- Jeanette Walls’ memoir The Glass Castle and Marshall Bruce Mathers’ “Mockingbird” both contextually illustrate the undying love and compassion between a father figure and his offspring. In the memoir The Glass Castle, Jeannette anxiously believes that there is a monster under her bed. This results in her father, Rex Walls, taking her with him to try and find the monster under her bed so that they could face such a frightening beast together. They then check all over the house and end up going outside and Rex is bravely yelling and calling out this monster and Jeannette ends up joining him too....   [tags: father figure, offspring]

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Bow and Arrow: The Long Distance Effect

- Since primeval times, people have been fascinated by bow and arrow. This combination was the first machine and the ‘extended arm’ of man – right after the throwing of stones or the spear – and is the epitome of the ‘long-distance effect’. Bow and arrow improved this long-distance effect, have mechanized it and made it more efficient. Now, the extended arm could reach farther and the distance to the target became larger and more secure. From the beginning, man has used this weapon not only for hunting, but also for armed conflict, murder and raids....   [tags: bow, arrow, missiles, mozart]

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Analysis Of The Poem ' Long Term Strategies '

- While rope is often used to barricade and create borders to keep items in a restricted area, Trask ironically uses the term to describe resistance and a means to protect the next generation from further corruption and exploitation. The poem also uses “reproductive” as a surprising conceit. While the term typically implies creating offspring and giving birth to children, Trask uses it to imply giving birth to enlightenment and social awareness. Both poems address grasping new information that will improve the chances of the next generation of natives to act upon injustices and social conformity....   [tags: Native Americans in the United States]

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Such A Long Journey

- Rohinton Mistry’s “Such A Long Journey” is the story of turbulent life of Gustad Noble and his family, who lives in Khodadad Building north of Bombay. The story portrays the series of events such as his son Sohrab’s refusal to attend Indian Institution of Technology, hardships faced by his friends and family, political turmoil and chaos caused by the war between India and Pakistan. Gustad transforms from a stubborn, materialistic and awful person to an open-minded and more adaptive to circumstantial changes in his life....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Mistry, Character Analysis]

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Parental Disagreements with Their Teenage Offspring

- Disagreements can happen in a countless variety of places, the home being one of the most common for altercations. Every day at home, parents and their children can clash in arguments and fights. The main reason for this conflict lies in human selfishness, a difference in personal ideas or goalsetting, individual preferences in parts of daily life, or even issues about personal space. Teenagers and their parents sometimes argue over aspects of life and what a child should be doing, at least according to the parents....   [tags: natural human trait of self interest]

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Golden Eagles and Gray Wolves Reproduction

- ... The female does most of the babysitting, which is for warmth, protection, or cover young with the wings or body and feeding of the offsprings, while the male supply the female and the young with all the food they need, especially in the early stages of life for the offsprings. She baby sits the chicks almost non-stop for the first two weeks. After this, she will regularly leave the nest and share the hunting with the male. The Offspring will fledge when they are about 65-70 days old, and will become independent after 90-100 days....   [tags: offsprings, monogamous, eggs]

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What are Chronic Diseases?

- Chronic diseases are very common. There are many different chronic diseases, each with its own unique characteristics. Chronic diseases are defined as “a long-lasting condition that can be controlled but not cured” (What is a Chronic Disease?). Most people live their entire life with a chronic disease, yet they do not lose hope or faith in themselves. One well known chronic disease is Human Immunodeficiency Virus, or HIV. HIV is commonly caused through sexual intercourse, but it is not always caused in this way....   [tags: long-lasting conditions, HIV]

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The Long War

- In the fallout of World War II, decolonization around the world was taking place after their colonial rulers had been wasted off any feasible measure to retain them. At the same time, the communist superpower of the USSR began a campaign to set up a buffer zone, otherwise called satellite states, against their former allies and the North American Treaty Organization (NATO). A feeling of mutual antagonism between the two created a global stalemate, and the only measurable way to demonstrate their power was in small conflicts: such as in Afghanistan for the Communists and Vietnam for the Americans....   [tags: Military History]

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The Significance of the Night of Long Knives

- The Night of Long Knives, one of most noteworthy events during Hitler’s rule, was a purge that occurred on the 30th June 1934. Hitler ordered the murders of conspicuous Conservative anti-Nazis such as Kurt Von Schleicher and Gustav Ritter von Kahr, Left wing Nazis such as Gregor Strasser and many members of the SA including its leader Ernst Rohm. It could be claimed that the murders were significant as they ended a possible takeover by the SA, deterred and intimidated Conservative critics while gaining their support, saw the rise of the SS, introduced terror and dictatorship into mainstream life and reassured the elites and the army....   [tags: German History, Anti-Nazi]

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Canadians in Afghanistan for the Long Haul

- Canadians in Afghanistan for the Long Haul It's not as if the news out of Afghanistan has ever been reassuring. From the deaths of four Canadian soldiers by friendly fire in April 2002, to the suicide attacker who took the life of Cpl. Jamie Murphy, 26, of Conception Harbour, Nfld., in January 2004, to the axe assault early this month that wounded Capt. Trevor Greene - Canada's post-9/11 Afghan missions have provided one jolt of violent news after another. Can there really be a Canadian left who imagines this was ever an old-style PEACEKEEPING mission....   [tags: public opinions, polls]

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Such a Long Journey by Rohinton Mistry

- Religion is one of the reasons why Parsis are a minority in Bombay, India. They believe in Zoroastrianism while most Bombayites are Hindus. The other religions that are minorities are Christianity, and Islam. One of Gustard's friend, Malcom, said to Gustard, "we are the minorities in a nation of Hindus" (Such a Long Journey, pg. 23). Malcom was a Christian and they used to fight about their different religions and who's religion came first. Gustard told Malcom "Our prophet Zarathustra lived more then fifteen hundred years before your son of god was even born; a thousand years before Buddha; two hundred years before Moses....   [tags: story and character analysis]

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The Long Road For The Creation Of The Constitution

- The Long Road to the Creation of the Constitution The road to the creation of the Constitution of the United States was a long and arduous timeline. In the summer of 1776, amid growing sentiment for American independence Richard Henry Lee of Virginia introduced a resolution in the Second Continental Congress; ergo, these actions resulted in the Declaration of Independence of 1776, the Franco-American Alliance of 1778, and the Articles of Confederation, which were proposed in 1777 and ratified in 1781 (National Archives 1986)....   [tags: United States Declaration of Independence]

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Kate : A Relationship For A Long Time

- Kate wanted a relationship for a long time - and finally, she had met Aaron and they started dating. They went on a couple of dates and had a great time together. Aaron recently graduated from university, so he wanted to take a few months off, before applying for a steady job. This change also gave Aaron an opportunity to shake off some of his romantic dust and find new ways for Kate and him to spend time together. At first, Kate was delighted with Aaron’s sense of romance and creativity, but as time went by, she barely found time for herself anymore....   [tags: Psychology, Emotion, Elementary algebra, Equation]

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The Death Penalty Is A Long And Brutal

- The death penalty has many supporters and opposes and i would have to say i am one of the opposes because whether they did or didn 't comment the crime . I don 't think it gives us as the people of the united states the right to kill a Man or Woman that does the horrific Crime . I mean don 't get wrong i am a true believer that everyone person is responsible for their actions and that justice needs to be taken. I believe most people think that if they get justice for their loved ones it would solve everything it may for the few minutes....   [tags: Capital punishment, Crime, Murder, Prison]

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Analysis Of ' That Long Silence '

- Shashi Deshpande novel “That Long Silence” main protagonist Jaya decides to keep silence for seventeen long years. She is a middle-class woman who finds herself trap in by society by being a good mother and wife. In her search for identity Jaya lives with three identities as Jaya a struggling writer, Jaya the victor and Suhasini the name given by her husband which means happy wife that loves cleaning and undertaking wifely duties. In the Indian society, a man and woman lives with the motives of their elders that gender roles are assigned to a boy and girl....   [tags: Wife, Family, Marriage, Mother]

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The War For Independence Was Long And Tedious

- The war for independence was long and tedious. Both Americans and British had different strategies that would prove to be successful. The British had a strong army with access to resources of an empire. In contrast the Americans seemed to have no upper hand on the British however they were on U.S. soil where as the British were far away from home and most of all far away from their resources. There were three phases in the American revolution, strategies from both the British and Americans differed greatly from one another having a profound affect on American history....   [tags: American Revolutionary War, Thirteen Colonies]

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Analysis Of ' A Long Poem '

- a long poem, typically one derived from ancient oral tradition, narrating the deeds and adventures of heroic or legendary figures or the history of a nation. 2) a rhyme scheme that follows "ABBA ABBA CDE CDE" or "ABBA ABBA CDC DCD" 3) the attribution of a personal nature or human characteristics to something nonhuman, or the representation of an abstract quality in human form. 4) in poetry, the repetition of the sound of a vowel or diphthong in nonrhyming stressed syllables near enough to each other for the echo to be discernible (e.g., penitence, reticence ) 5) the expression of one 's meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic eff...   [tags: Poetry, Iambic pentameter, Irony, Meaning of life]

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The Is A Long And Hard Road

- It was a long and hard road to find my spirituality. Long ago I was an atheist, but after many months, even years of searching and thinking I began to find my own sense of religion. The steps cannot be done in one night. Not even in one week. They need constant revision and repetition. Sooner or later you will find your own spirituality. I began with analyzing many different religions. The internet makes this task a lot less tedious. With so much information readily available to me on whatever I want the search was easy....   [tags: Religion, Spirituality, Aerosmith, Thought]

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The For A Long Time Of History

- Multiracialism For a long time in history, America has welcomed people of different races into their nation. In essence, they have been keen on diversifying their heritage by remarrying. This concept of racial division has also been seen to be growing at a fast rate bringing the people who were initially pure white or black to be multiracial. Multiracials have all the time been seen to be interested in building networks that bind. Since everyone who has the minimum qualities to white or black is inconsequential to the general society if there is not the belief of what it takes to foster good relationships with the rest of the people....   [tags: Race, White people, Black people, Race]

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The And Long Term Consequences Of Marijuana

- According to The National Institute of Drug Abuse scientific studies of the active chemicals in marijuana are called cannabinoids has led the FDA to develop two approved medicines and is leading to develop pharmaceutical that control the therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids while diminishing the harmful side effects which includes the high either eating or smoking the leaves. Currently, there are two main cannabinoids that are therapeutically of interest which are (THC) Tetrahydrocannabinol and (CBD) Cannabidiol which are found in various ratios within the marijuana plant....   [tags: Drug addiction, Addiction, Barack Obama, Cannabis]

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The Effects Of A Long Term Unemployment

- “ What are the effects of someone in long term Unemployment. ” Unemployment occurs when individuals that are essentially looking for services or jobs of any kind of work imaginable, but unfortunately is not able to find any type of work. Searching for a job seems very unsuccessful and difficult at times when you don’t know what direction to go. A lot of different experience workers would like to labor if they were giving the opportunity of a full time job but if your skills are outdated or even a part time job with great benefits it’s just the economy is lacking job chances....   [tags: Unemployment, Great Depression, Full-time]

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The Internet a Long Leap in Technology

- From the beginning of time when mankind inhabited the Earth for the first time, humanity has made a long leap in technology. It is because of mankind's continuous search for knowledge and making the world an easier place to live in, that humans have been able to invent and discover new things. Out of this continuous search for knowledge, the Internet was invented by a group of people, which is a key tool in today's society for information and entertainment. The Internet helps humans tremendously by becoming a very common and powerful tool that helps bring the world closer....   [tags: knowledge, communication]

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Marriage : A Long And Happy Marriage

- What It Takes to Live Happily Ever After Today, when many marriages end in divorce rather than death, a long and happy marriage is no easy feat. This is because nothing worth having is easy. Spouses must stay true to one another in good times and in bad. They must care for one another in sickness and in health. They must love each other for better and for worse. So, how do spouses persevere through the trials of marriage and live happily ever after. Spouses’ love for one another must be fostered with mutual respect for one another, similar shared values, and a genuine care for each other in order to maintain a successful and happy marriage....   [tags: Morality, Religion, Marriage, Spouse]

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Lincoln And Oprah : The Long Game

- Abraham Lincoln and Oprah Winfrey played the long game. Through their own self-transformations and witnessing the experiencing of others they constructed a foundation upon which they would build their life missions. As they searched for understanding of their own experiences and sought to understand the desires of those around them they gained conviction that they both had a higher purpose that they needed to fulfill. They knew that they could have a lasting impact on the world. Lincoln and Winfrey were flexible leaders willing to listen to those around them and change course if, and when, necessary....   [tags: American Civil War, Abraham Lincoln]

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The Importance Of The Long Dull Speech

- My mother has always told me, even when we were at the airport, she was constantly repeating herself, and I thought she was going crazy. She said 'Guenael. I love so much, and well do. Sometimes, in life. We go through many struggle that will make give up on our lives. And people will notice you 're weakness and use that against you to bring you down. So, don 't get intimidated by it. You 're smart. You can do it” Never ever get discourage. Pray harder when life hit you on the ground”. As she was given this speech, I was playing with my robot toy and thinking of what was the importance of the long dull speech while I thought that life couldn 't be as destructive as an earthquake....   [tags: High school, Middle school, Help me, Help]

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The Long Journey Of A Slave Trip

- Its 1683, on a hot summer day in Charleston, South Carolina, as the long journey of a slave trip is finally coming to an end. A boat packed with human cargo has arrived at Charleston Harbor. The next day, several potential buyers showed up for the slave auction, where Jubari Okafor, a freed slave, met Samuel Breckenridge, an owner of twelve tobacco plantations as they were both inspecting and evaluating a young girl named Claudia. Okafor and Breckenridge got to talking, and realized their very different views on slavery....   [tags: Slavery, Caribbean, Cuba]

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The War Was A Long Time Coming

- To pick and chose only a few causes for something as massive as World War I is difficult because as discovered while preparing for the Socratic seminar there isn’t really one clear answer. It really is dependent on perspective when deciding which country, or even which individual within that country is to blame. That being said there are a few answers that are fairly clear. The first thing that is very important to recognize is that the Great War was inevitable. Quite a claim to make but according to the Palmer’s textbook, which is arguably is the most objective of the four original sources used for this topic, the war was a long time coming....   [tags: World War I, World War II, Croatia]

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The Long Term Effects Of Concussions

- An anonymous person once said, "He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything." Ever since I was a young girl, I always knew I wanted to do something with helping people. But as I grew up, I also took an interest in sports, which leads me to where I am today. I would like to be able to help people in the sports ' world. In this essay, I plan to research concussions and how the long-term effects can impact people for the rest of their lives. Through research, I have learned exactly what a concussion is, the long-term effects and severity, and finally the treatments for a concussion....   [tags: Traumatic brain injury, Concussion]

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The Long View of Nonotechnology Development

- Prior to this assignment, there was only vague understanding (on behalf of this writer) of Nanotechnology, and because it sounded technical the interest were limited to non-existence. However, as this research progressed for this job there was more fascination with the topic matter and the information available regarding the subject. Using numerous sources we have been able to provide understanding of many Nanostructures, the economic consideration as well as how they apply to our society today....   [tags: radical technology, carbon nanotube]

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The Long Loneliness Of Dorothy Day

- The Long Loneliness is the autobiography of Dorothy Day and ultimately the story of a woman whose loneliness drove her to the conversion of Catholicism. Dorothy Day was born and raised in a family who were strangers to religion. Her first exposure to God came when she was still young, as she attended church with some of her neighbors. It was here she found that she liked the feeling of worship in the collective body of the congregation. However, she also became disillusioned by those people who only attended church on Sundays, assuming their profession of the faith to others did not extend to outside the church itself....   [tags: Christianity, Roman Catholic Church, Peter Maurin]

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The Long Term Effects Of Gmos

- The luxury of being able to feed the world is overwhelming, more so that it blinds one 's judgment. The long term effect of GMOs are unpredictable; they impose serious threats to health and people should have the right to determine whether they want to consume them or not. Putting one’s health into the hands of production companies does little to assure safety. The public is not aware of the dangers they are exposed to or the fact that they are potentially putting their life at risk. GMOs have been around since the early ‘80s, between then and today no one is certain of the long term consequences that follow the consumption of genetically modified food....   [tags: Genetically modified organism]

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The Sixties : A Long March

- The Sixties: A Long March to Freedom is a documentary depicting the cruelty against African American in the 1960’s. It sheds light on the diverse campaigns carried out by civil rights organizations in cities such as Selma, Birmingham, Montgomery, but “the incubator of it all was Nashville, Tennessee.” (Douglas Brinkley) The documentary tries to give the viewer a glimpse into the life of those who went through the hard times during The Civil Rights Movement. Many tend to intertwine race and racism and think of it as being the same thing, but they aren’t....   [tags: African American, Racism, Race, White people]

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My Day At A Long Pause

- My World Came To a Long Pause It is quite amazing how many things we take for granted each and every day. We take people, things and time for granted more than we actually think we do. We wake up in the morning, we do our daily routines from going to take that morning pee, drinking coffee and getting ready for work, but what happens if you didn’t get to wake up the next morning to do that. What if your loved ones didn’t wake up like we are used to. No one truly thinks about how such a tragedy could affect them by a simple change in a daily routine....   [tags: Family, Love, 2006 singles, Mother]

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My Experience At The Long Haul

- Well, I hope everybody 's ready for the long haul because I 'm making this a long post. Now, for this post, I wanted to say how my feelings change throughout the year. Since I 'm going in chronological order, I 'm starting at the beginning of the year and going in one month intervals. You 'll understand once I get going. Now, without further adue, I give you my little snapshot in life from back then, to present day. P.S. Mr. Skonecki, this post is 1,804 words long, so enjoy. At the beginning of this year, I had no idea how it would go....   [tags: English-language films, 2005 singles]

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The Long Term Effects Of Bullying

- resilient, whether the participants were suffering from the long-term effects of bullying, or if the participants who were resilient were able to overcome the long term effects of bullying. Design Limitation Due to the study being quantitative the study does not allow much exploration. The survey was a self-reported survey, meaning that it asked questions about parenting, attachment, and resiliency, and the responses derived only from the participants’ perceptions and willingness to share. Therefore, the study did not give detailed accounts of the experiences of the participants, but only ask the participants to give their emotions a rating, so that a correlation can be determined....   [tags: Attachment theory, Psychology, John Bowlby]

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A Long History Of Gender Roles

- There is a long history of gender roles in society. The expectations of gender roles continually shift; however, there is not a time when women and men share the same equalities simultaneously. The idea of how men and women should act is instilled in us at a young age. I think it starts really young with girls and boys being told what they can be and when they see what they are expected to be, they abandon parts of them which society deems as undesirable. We don’t acknowledge how much pressure we put on men and women to conform to the ideas of gender roles but it is apparent in our media and in the history of our art....   [tags: Gender, Gender role, Woman, Gender studies]

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