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- Textual Analysis The Hounds of Tindalos The Hounds of Tindalos is a short science fiction story containing many and varied elements that have been long associated with the genre of science fiction. This essay will identify these elements, examining their placement within this short text and also the interchange of these elements with the characteristics of other genres, more specifically, horror. Belknap Long, the author, was clearly intent of incorporating the elements of horror within the genre of science fiction and this amalgamation of these two genres was a popular combination employed by future horror and SF writers....   [tags: Hounds]

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Crime Fiction in Arthur Doyles’s "The Hounds of Baskerville" and Alfred Hitchcock´s "Rear Window"

- Popular crime fiction has tended to maintain and challenge the traditional conventions of the established genre for its own contextual purpose. The generations holds Arthur Doyles’s “ The Hounds of Baskerville“ as one of the most endearing classics, revolving around the brilliant deductions of the enigmatic Sherlock Holmes, establishing a series of conventions that were to serve as a catalyst for future writers. In this sense, Alfred Hitchcock’s own “Rear Window” exhibits a more liberal, postmodern approach that embeds itself in the contemporary consciousness due to the manipulations of its key conventional concerns, particularly the sleuth hero and the clue puzzle....   [tags: Detective, Sleuth, Clue]

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Hounds Of The Baskerville

- The Hound of the Baskervilles Sir Aurthur Conan Doyle One night Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson came back to there office and found a walking cane. After finding this walking cane Holmes and Watson examined and made hypothesis of who could have left this walking canes here. After making a conclusion Dr. Mortimer came in the office with a case of homicide on Sir Charles Baskerville who had died that week. Dr. Mortimer explains what had happened to his friend. Dr. Mortimer thought that even though it was a clean death he thinks there is some foul play....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Hound Of The Baskervilles By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

- ... This modernized aspect of weapon research and the unethical use of chemical weapons makes the cautionary aspect of the story more effective and relatable by offering modern examples of human immorality. Furthermore, in The Hounds of Baskerville, the irony of Holmes’s willingness to participate in immoral activities, due to his determination to solve the mystery, substantiates the claim that the story functions as a cautionary tale against the loss of ethics. In the televised adaptation, Holmes breaks through Baskerville, a top-secret research facility, which involves genetic testing with animals, another example of scientific immorality (The Hounds)....   [tags: Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes]

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Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls

- Where the Red Fern grows A novel by Wilson Rawls named Where the Red Fern Grows is the story of a boy, his two hounds (which he named Old Dan and Little Ann), and all of the adventures they shared together. A loving threesome, they ranged the dark hills and river bottoms of the Cherokee country. Old Dan had the brawn, Little Ann had the brains, and Billy had the will to train them to be the finest hunting team in the valley. Glory and victory awaited them, but sadness waited too....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Methapor in Oedipus by Sophocles

- Oedipus Media Assignment The pack of sure-foot Fates will track him down. The metaphor is presented by “the pack of sure-foot Fates” which refers to a pack of hounds that will catch their target no matter what and track them down. Significantly proving that it is impossible to escape your fate, yet alone outrunning a pack hounds. This is an image of a pack of hounds tracking the killer in a Forest. The symbol on the collar is to portray them as Fate. The dark figure of the Laius’ murderer is not known to the chorus....   [tags: apollo, prophecies]

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Fox Hunting Should Be Banned

- Fox hunting is one form of hunting. It is a pursuit of a wild fox with a pack of hounds, which are specially bred and trained for the sole purpose of fox hunting, and are followed by hunters who usually ride on horses. When the hounds pick up the scent of a fox, they will follow it until the fox evades them, goes to ground, or is overtaken and killed by the hounds. This form of hunting is exercised in several countries around the world, but this essay will concentrate on fox hunting in the United Kingdom....   [tags: Anit Fox Hunting]

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A Dangerous Game

- The general made one of his deepest bows. “I see,” he said. “Splendid. One of us is to furnish a repast for the hounds. The other will sleep in this very excellent bed. On guard, Rainsford…” …for we shall duel in a sword battle. The weaker man will be fed to the eager hounds.” General Zaroff, with an aura of ease and tranquility, handed Rainsford a perfectly constructed steel blade sword. Rainsford gave General Zaroff a glance mixed with anger and apprehension. Rainsford still remembered about General Zaroff’s uncanny abilities to hunt in pitch blackness....   [tags: Creative Writing Essays]

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Detection Dogs' Training

- Detection dogs have become an integral part of the criminal justice system over the past centuries. Military personnel and law enforcement officers alike utilize canines as companions and partners in the field due to their strength and attributes of loyalty and courage, which complement that of his handler. It was not until the late 1800s that canines would be utilized to their full potential as detection dogs by using their heightened sense of smell to further their contribution to civil services....   [tags: Roles, Evolution, Breeds]

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Fox Hunting Should Be Banned

- Fox hunting is an 18th century traditional country sport. In which a fox is release and hunted by specially breed fox hounds accompanied by people not foot and mounted on horse's who charge around the countryside in chase of the fox until it is lost or caught and subsequently killed by the hounds. We in leicestershire have a strong connection with fox hunting being regarded highly as a fox hunting area not least due to the Quorn hunt in the county. Having been a hunting county for so long the sport has integrated with the heritage, key signs are the football team has a fox mascot, certain pubs have titles that are connect to the sport as do roads and lots of oth...   [tags: Essays on Fox Hunting]

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Fox Hunting Should Be Banned

- I feel foxhunting is wrong, it should be banned and made totally illegal, and in this essay I will hope to persuade of my view. Foxhunters and supporters of the hunt claim that when fox hunting is performed, it is engaging in 'pest control'. But it has been known in major fashionable hunts such as the Duke of Beaufort's that fox cubs are reared regularly and killed on site. Film shot by anti-hunt campaigners recently showed Thomas Burton, the hunt's terrier man, leaving food for fox cubs outside man-made chambers (15 discovered on Beaufort land in total)....   [tags: Essays on Fox Hunting]

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Detection Dogs and their Training

- Graham Vest stated, “the one absolutely unselfish friend a man may have in this selfish world….is the dog” at a Missouri trial in 1870, over 500 years after the first instalment of dogs in civil services (Orbaan, 15). Unlike man, canines possess a courageous attribute that does not fail even in the moment of an emergency and will not back down to daily challenges that may arise on the job each day. Law enforcement agencies around the world, both big and small, employ canines to assist officers in the field....   [tags: Dogs, Civil Protection, Patrolling]

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Essay on the Moon in the Works of William Shakespeare

- The Motif of the Moon in the Works of Shakespeare       In the paper, "The Hounds of Love: A Midsummer Nights' Dream, it is suggested that Shakespeare borrowed heavily from Chaucer's "Knight's Tale" to the extent that Shakespeare dramatized the image drawn in Chaucer of Diana, the moon goddess, with the hounds of love about her feet--Lysander and Demetrius behaving like the hounds of love in A Midsummer Night's Dream. While Shakespeare "creates unity of atmosphere [in Midsummer Night's Dream] chiefly by flooding the play with moonlight" (Schanzer 29), he also--by frequency of allusions to similar cyclical motifs (Moon, Diana, Wheel of Fortune)--creates an overall atmosphere, or structure...   [tags: Biography Biographies Essays]

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Analysis of The Most Dangerous Game

- Analysis of The Most Dangerous Game   Many people look at themselves in the mirror and say, " I know who I am."  But how many of them have done so after analyzing themselves through a story?  And if they have done that, how many of them were being honest with themselves. A Lacanian analysis can bring out sides of us that we didn't know existed. I found this to be true after reading "The Most Dangerous Game." By looking at the events in the story and the characters that play them out, I found that there is a part of me that has an insatiable curiosity and a love of danger....   [tags: Most Dangerous Game Essays]

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Where the Red Fern Grows

- Where the Red Fern Grows Billy is coming home from work one day when suddenly he hears some dogs up the street fighting. He goes to check it out and finds them picking on a redbone hound. He saves the dog and cares for it through the night. It reminds him of his childhood. When Billy was ten years old he lived on a farm in the Ozark Mountains of northeastern Oklahoma. He wanted two good coonhounds very badly, he called it “puppy love”, but his papa could not afford to buy him the dogs. For many months, Billy tries to content himself with some rodent traps his papa gives him, but he still wants a dog....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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The Most Dangerous Game

- General Zaroff In the story The Most Dangerous Game a character named General Zaroff has a passion for hunting. He has been hunting since he was born. He has hunted every animal known to man, but, then he gets tried of hunting the same animal over and over. So he discovers a new animal human flesh. General Zaroff is person of bad character because he is cruel, cowardly, and untrustworthy. G. Zaroff is a cruel person because instead of hunting animals, he hunts humans and does not care for the value of life....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Magic in Medieval Fantasy: An Ordinary Event Turning into Something Magical

- Magic is the word that stirs many exciting visions in the imagination; a girl in rags being transformed into a beautiful princess, the magic kiss that changes a frog into a prince or perhaps a destined king pulling a sword out of a stone. It becomes the supernatural force steering the characters through their obstacles beyond natural human power and capabilities with the aid of some other supernatural being or force leading to a point where good overcomes evil. Magic plays an important role in the lives of characters in medieval fantasy as the heroes are confronted with magic in their everyday world and relationships are tested by these elements causing various effects....   [tags: medieval fantasy, genres, heroes, ]

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Contrasting Ideas in Cormac McCarthy 's Child of God

- Can someone be two contrasting ideas at once. It seems possible for Cormac McCarthy as through his novella Child of God, he considers this question with the use of the protagonist, Lester Ballard. (). (). Ballard’s animalistic descriptions and amazing feats juxtapose his non-humanness against his super-human capabilities. Immediately, Ballard is illustrated as hostile towards others in the Sevier community as the “half crazy” looking man does not “give a fuck who’s present” even when “ladies [are] present” (7, 15)....   [tags: gun, animals, stuffed toys]

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Symbols in Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury

- Since no one can definitely “know” what the future offers, the future represents the beauty of hope. Several writers explore the future through science fiction. One of the most distinguished and prolific writers of science fiction is Ray Bradbury. Although the setting of his famous novel, Fahrenheit 451, is in some future time, the society shown in this setting seems sadly stark, almost hopeless. In a world pervaded with mindless, hedonistic, and destructive individuals, intellect, morality, and creativity have all but vanished....   [tags: the sieve, the hound, fire]

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12 Years a Slave by Solomon Northup

- The book 12 Years a Slave is an autobiography that chronicles the life of Solomon Northup. Northup was born free in the New York State but at the age of 33 is drugged, kidnapped and forced into slavery for 12 years. Northup was kidnapped during a time when the nation was split over slavery. In the North many African Americans were born free while in the South, African Americans were sold, kidnapped, or born into slavery. Northup was raised free but forced into slavery for 12 years were he suffered brutal beatings and torture at the hands of a cruel slave owner....   [tags: autobiography, slave owners]

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The Art And Science Of Triggering Emotions

- ... Try to do it by the numbers and you will fail because there is a certain form of artistry and creative skill behind connecting with your “target” readers. Do not try to connect and/or trigger emotions with all readers because it cannot be done. You cannot write a heartwarming tale about a fox and have it trigger emotions in everybody. You may generate a warm feeling with Americans, but Lords in English smear fox blood over their morning toast when they are out of preserve, so they are hardly likely to find it an emotional rollercoaster (unless it involves the giddy thrill of seeing hounds rip the steamy-warm guts of fox apart)....   [tags: Emotion, Feeling, Paul Ekman, Sex and emotion]

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Book Report: Return of the Pharaoh

- ‘Return of the Pharaoh’ is the English version of the prison memoir of Zainab al-Ghazali. The book aims to expose to the world the cruelties and savagery she had to suffer at the hands of the Nasir regime. Zainab al-Ghazali was one of the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood and the founder of the Muslim Ladies Group. While the Brotherhood held a pan-Islamic view and worked towards incorporating Islam as a way of life rather than a religion, the Muslim Ladies Group trained women for the same purpose and also participated in welfare and relief activities....   [tags: memoirs, literature, Egypt, feminism, Islam]

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The Decrease in Puma Population

- The decrease in Puma population causes great changes in our ecosystems. Pumas are close to extinct in South Carolina. There are only a few if the come here from the west which “holds most of the puma population in North America” (Panthera). There are many causes that band together to cause their extinction in South Carolina. This can affect our community by hurting our ecosystems. An ecosystem will go out of balance if a major predator is taken out of it, such as the puma. The decrease in puma population can greatly harm our communities....   [tags: cougars, puma extinction, ecosystem]

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African Americans During Civil War

- ... When they earned money they would obtain passes to go see their family to visit and take care of them. They weren 't scared to travel back and forth, but most importantly the colored people would help each other along the way During the time you would have some slaves who had actually escaped slavery to help fight for their freedom. And in return some were sent back by their masters who had come in Suffolk to take them back. With the help of soldiers who would get paid $20 or $50. The next testimony was from Corporal Octave Johnson who was a union soldier....   [tags: Black people, African American, American Civil War]

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Fox Hunting

- I have chosen this topic on fox hunting because there is a lot of discussion about it and there are also many different opinions and views from both sides. The arguments are about whether fox hunting should be banned or not. The whole debate on foxhunting is for many people, the issue of cruelty. Hunt supporters say hunting is kinder than the alternatives. Opponents say hunting is cruel and unnecessary. Is being chased for several hours to be killed by a pack of hounds cruel....   [tags: Essays on Fox Hunting]

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Akc Dog Breeds

- We humans classify everything that we have come to know in this world, from elements to all God’s creatures. Man likes to know he has control and the classification and selective processes man takes are all for control. Even mans’ best friend has been narrowed down into groups which man created. In each group are dogs that have been breed for a specific use to help man do a job faster, easier, and more efficiently. “Every breed is assigned to one of seven groups, based on the uses for which the breeds were originally developed” (   [tags: essays research papers]

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Women as Instigators of Tragedy in the Works of William Shakespeare

- Women as Instigators of Tragedy in the Works of Shakespeare   It is the very error of the moon; She comes more nearer earth than she was wont, And makes men mad. (Othello 5.2.112-14)             The moon is often seen in literature as an allegory for love, virtue, and chastity. In Shakespeare's comedies, especially, the moon is personified as Diana, the Roman goddess of chastity. In these comedies, the foolish antics of lovers (literally, "lunatics") usually occur under the auspices of the chaste goddess, the lovers behaving like hounds about her feet that snap at each other in competition for her bounty....   [tags: Biography Biographies Essays]

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Presentation on a Short Poem Written by T. S. Eliot-Cousin Nancy

- Presentation on a Short Poem Written by T. S. Eliot-Cousin Nancy First, let me talk something about T. S. Eliot T. S. Eliot is considered to be one of the most prominent poets, critics and playwrights of his time and his works are said to have promoted to "reshape modern literature". He was born in 1888 in St. Louis Missouri and studied at Harvard and Oxford. It was at Harvard where he met his guide Ezra Pound, and under the encouragement of Pound, Eliot expands his writing abilities and publish his first poem: the love song of J....   [tags: Papers]

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In The Stag Hughes seems to comment on man’s relationships with nature

- In The Stag Hughes seems to comment on man’s relationships with nature With reference to The Stag and one other poem in the section discuss the poet’s treatment of conflict between man and nature. “In ‘The Stag’ Hughes seems to comment on man’s relationships with nature” With reference to ‘The Stag’ and one other poem in the section discuss the poet’s treatment of conflict between man and nature. The Stag was written by a poet named Ted Hughes and is similar to the poem Roe-Deer in many respects because they feature many similar ideas....   [tags: English Literature]

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Fox Hunting Should Be Banned

- I have studied Fox hunting, and I agree wholeheartedly with this statement. I have heard interviews with hunt supporters in which they say that fox hunting does a huge job for farmers in keeping fox numbers down. I cannot believe that this is true, and having researched it on the internet I have found that at least 2 scientific studies have concluded that statistically the numbers of foxes killed by hunts is insignificant. I appreciate that killing the fox and keeping numbers down is not the only reason that hunts take place, but it is often used as an excuse for the purpose of fox hunting; hence hunt supporters appear to contradict themselves in their response...   [tags: Essays on Fox Hunting]

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William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night

- William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night William Shakespeare was baptised on the 26th April 1564, and as it was the tradition for children to be taken to the church for this only a few days after birth, April 23rd has been traditionally held as his actual birthday. It also fits relatively nicely for English person to be born on St. George's Day as this represents England. He was born in Stratford upon Avon. In 1601, near the middle of Shakespeare's career, it is assumed he wrote the play Twelfth Night....   [tags: Papers]

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Evaluating Fox Hunting

- Evaluating Fox Hunting Introduction I am going to do my piece of original writing coursework on something I feel strongly about. It is an issue that many other people also feel strongly and which provokes a lot of feelings and emotions from both sides. The thing I am going to be doing my piece of original writing coursework on is Fox Hunting. [IMAGE] Fox Hunting is when mounted huntsmen and women chase a fox with dogs or hounds (as they are called by hunters) which are trained to catch the fox and then rip it to pieces....   [tags: Essays on Fox Hunting]

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Sharks Do Not Deserve Their Reputation

- ... In earlier times, the ocean was a source of mystery and adventure, and many seafarers dreamed up legends about all of the strange and wonderful creatures they encountered. Sharks did not do anything to deserve their reputation; their appearance just frightened sailors. Since the beginning of our race, humans have been fascinated by the ocean: deep and mysterious, far and different from the familiar land that we know. Among the likes of other animals, sharks have been the subject of mythology by nearly every civilization that had contact with the ocean and the creatures it harbors....   [tags: fishermen, ocean, devour]

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Coleman Hawkins

- Coleman Hawkins “I think he was the most interesting jazz musician I’ve ever seen in my life. He just looked so authoritative . . . I said, ‘Well, that’s what I want to do when I grow up.’”(DeVeaux, 35) Cannonball Adderley said these words when he first saw Coleman Hawkins with the Fletcher Henderson band at the City Auditorium in Tampa, Florida. Just as Hawkins influenced one of the greatest alto players in history, he has influenced many people to become phenomenal saxophone players. Lester Young and Sonny Rollins both give tribute to Coleman Hawkins as being the “‘proliferator’ of the tenor saxophone as a jazz instrument.”(Kernfeld, 506) Hawkins, unfortunately, is labeled as a swing...   [tags: Papers]

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Viola, Orsino and Olivia in First Two Scenes of The Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare

- Viola, Orsino and Olivia in First Two Scenes of The Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare Viola, Orsino and Olivia are involved in a love triangle by the end of scene 5, as a result of the themes of love and time. Orsino is an apparently impatient man over the prospect of love; when Valentine returns from Olivia's house, he questions him about the meeting, "How now. What news from her?", are the first words he says to him, asking for information about the situation with Olivia. His pursuit of Olivia, which he turns around and claims that he is the "hart, / And my desires, like fell and cruel hounds, / E'er since pursue me", where he compares himself to the hunter Acha...   [tags: Papers]

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Motherhood and Sin Explored in John Milton's Paradise Lost

- Motherhood and Sin Explored in John Milton's Paradise Lost There are very few representations of active motherhood in Paradise Lost, and of these, only one has a speaking role: Sin, the daughter of Satan and the mother of shapeless Death. While Milton portrays Nature and Earth as mother figures, and Eve¹s most common epithet is First Mother¹ or Mother of Mankind¹, none of these characters (or, failing that, images) is indicative of active motherhood. Eve has no children at any point in the poem, and as one of the primary conditions of motherhood is most likely that one will have had to have borne a child, she is not a viable choice for finding any representation of true motherhood....   [tags: Milton Paradise Lost Essays]

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Where The Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls

- Where The Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls There was this boy named Billy who lives on a farm. He wants two good hunting dogs, very badly, but his Pap cannot afford any for him. Billy decides that he has to work hard, selling fruit and bait to fishermen, so eventually he has enough money for the dogs. He gives the money to his grandfather, who orders the dogs for him. Billy sneaks off in the middle of the night to go to town and pick them up. While in town, other children pick on him, but he stands up for himself and is helped by the local sheriff....   [tags: Rawls Red Fern Book Review]

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Fox Hunting: Time to Stop the Slaughter

- Fox hunting and fox hunting for sport is currently being argued widely. In my opinion I feel that “living in a free country” does not mean having the right to be cruel or spiteful to anyone or anything. Although many throughout the world may disagree with my opinion, I think that fox hunting should only be done in good deed such as helping farmers who can’t afford to pay for a knacker. Another example that suggests fox hunting is a bad sport as they are doing it for their own pleasure and is not at all helping others, as the majority of people when asked said that they are totally against fox hunting and that huntsmen are mostly: “These huntsmen are always Snooty...   [tags: Essays on Fox Hunting]

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Coleman Hawkins Reign during the Harelm Renaissance

- Coleman Hawkins' Reign During the Harlem Renaissance A very big part of the 1920's was the Harlem Renaissance also known as the "New Negro Movement." It brought out the art, music, and literature side of most African American people. This took place in New York and during the 1920's and ended around the early 1940's. Coleman Hawkins was an African American figure during the Harlem Renaissance that sparked jazz music. A modern figure that resembles Coleman Hawkins is BB King, who continues to promote black culture....   [tags: Art History]

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Debating the Banning of Fox Hunting

- Fox Hunting has become a big issue in recent years. With the imminent ban of fox hunting the nation has seen many demonstrations including The Countryside March and the more recent Liberty and Livelihood March. In this assignment I am not aiming to persuade you to change your personal view on fox hunting; the majority of people have already formed strong personal views on the subject. After the bitter argument over fox hunting, a new question has emerged: could a ban on hunting be made to work....   [tags: Essays on Fox Hunting]

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The Rejection of Svidrigailov in Crime and Punishment

- The Rejection of Svidrigailov in Crime and Punishment Crime and Punishment Raskolnikov would reject Svidrigailov because he knows that this man has designs against his sister. Dounia has been his main concern for the past couple chapters-he hounds Svidrigailov not because he enjoys his company, but he worries endlessly about his intentions. Svidrigailov and Raskolnikov at the bar engage in a conversation about Dounia and the interactions of her and he at the house of Marfa Petrovna....   [tags: Dostoevsky Crime and Punishment]

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The Concept of Love in Ovid's Metamorphoses

- The Concept of Love in Ovid's Metamorphoses In Ovid's Metamorphoses, the concept of love seems to vary from character to character. In one case, a god in the form of a man desperately seeks a particular woman and refuses to relent until he has her. In another instance, a female goddess cares deeply for a man and goes to great lengths to protect him from danger. In yet another case, both who are arranged to be married seem indifferent about the matter. This anti-epic certainly does not follow the adventurous theme of the epic....   [tags: Ovid Metamorphoses Essays]

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Where The Red Fern Grows

- Billy was walking home one day when there was a dog fight in the ally and he went to investigate to see what was going on and there was a bunch of dog’s beating up on one dog so he decided to get involved and break it up. They all scattered away when they saw him coming. The dog that was getting beat up on was lying on the ground in what looked like a lot of pain. He rushed over and noticed he was a beautiful hound dog. He also noticed that he wasn’t hurt that bad, just scared. This hound dog reminded him of his hounds that he had had when he was just a boy....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Drama of Ancient Greece

- Drama of Ancient Greece The Greek dramatists have bequeathed immensely to the current mode of modern Western literature. Shakespeare and his contemporaries revered them for their distinct and explicit language, their dramatic scenes, and their extravagant processions. The language of their stories has connoted itself into both, the Western dialect and Western literature in general. The establishment of Ancient Greek culture that has left the most immutable impression on our current world is the myth....   [tags: Ancient Greece Essays]

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Rowlandson’s Narrative

- Mary White’s family was among the original settlers of Lancaster, Massachusetts, arriving in 1653. In 1656 Mary White married Joseph Rowlandson, Lancaster's first minister. In 1675, the King Philip’s War began subjecting settlements to attack by Indians. On February 20, 1676, Indians abducted Mary Rowlandson during an attack on Lancaster. She was held captive for eleven weeks finally being ransomed for twenty pounds. After Rowlandson’s return, she recorded the account of her captivity as a narrative....   [tags: American Literature]

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Animal Testing

- Imagine being a rabbit; a vertebrate and warm blooded species. Hopping around an open field and eating all greens. All of sudden, you were captured by an unknown human. You start to rattle around your cage figuring out how to escape. About “twenty-five million and 30 million” animals are exploited in experiments; “half are only used through education” (Donna 7). “A 40% is applied in basic research, the 26% for drug development, a 20% are examined for products, and the 14% that is left is applied on education and miscellaneous” (Donna 5)....   [tags: Animal Rights ]

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Stirring up the North to See the Horrors of Slavery: Harriet Jacobs’s Narrative "Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl"

- Educating the North of the horrors of slavery through the use of literature was one strategy that led to the questioning, and ultimately, the abolition of slavery. Therefore, Harriet Jacobs’s narrative Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl is very effective in using various tactics in order to get women in the North to pay attention and question the horrifying conditions in the South. By acknowledging that not all slaveholders were inhumane, explaining the horrific abuse and punishments slaves endured, and comparing the manner in which whites and slaves spent their holidays, Jacobs’s narrative serves its purpose of arousing Northern women to take notice of the appalling conditions two millio...   [tags: Harriet Jacobs, Incidents in the Life of a Slave G]

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Saint Dominic Guzman of the Dominican Order, Saint Francis of Assisi and Saint Thomas Aquinas

- The importance of new religious orders that spread new ideas and customs of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries are as significant today as it was in the early history of Christianity. For Christians to look beyond the realm of what is great and informative of the early teachings there were three philosophers and theologians of that time. To discuss those three men of God, their ideas and knowledge were a great insight to a new and fresh tradition among their followers and congregations. These new orders instituted by Saint Francis and Saint Dominic and their emulators maintained and propagated the faith among the souls of men and the social intuitions throughout the empire....   [tags: Catholic Theology]

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The Devil in Popular Music through the Life and Works of Robert Johnson

- The devil has been seen through many forms in popular music throughout history from the voodoo drums of the African slaves to modern artists marketing ploys. The term popular music is particularly ambiguous, so to define, in this piece it shall refer to dominant pieces or performers within the last 100 years. Many composers and artists have been branded by religious organisations as being in league with the devil, from the banning of songs, performers and even chords and movements by the church to the present day right wing Christian ‘preachers’ of YouTube....   [tags: the Mississippi masters, history of music]

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William Shakespeare 's ' Twelfth Night ' And ' Romeo And Juliet '

- ... The following quote shows Juliet’s love for Romeo. “O. Romeo, Romeo. Wherefore art thou Romeo. Deny thy father and refuse thy name" ~ Juliet is standing on her balcony speaking to herself, but what she doesn’t know is that romeo is listening in. This quote shows that she is willing to give up her name for romeo, the first sentence means why are you romeo, meaning why are you a capulet. “Yet I should kill thee” ~ She is saying that she will kill her self for him. This shows that she is willing to give her very young life for this man, this shows devotion to their relationship....   [tags: Love, Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare]

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The Different Perspectives of Being Caught in Ovid’s Myth: Diana and Actaeon

- In Ovid’s Metamorphoses the myth of “Diana and Actaeon” is written using descriptive diction and symbolism. The symbolism creates ambiguity leading to many possible interpretations of the myth. One symbolic line is that shows the fear expressed by Actaeon and Diana is: “so deeply blushed Diana, caught unclothed” (Ovid, III, 188). Both Diana and Actaeon become caught figuratively and literally in the myth. Caught prey reacts instinctively and both Actaeon and Diana react likewise. By viewing the myth from Diana and Actaeon’s individual perspective they both experience mental anguish for being caught....   [tags: Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Diana and Actaeon, ]

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The Value of Life in The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell

- Imagine if you went on a vacation with a friend and somehow ended up on a jungle island fighting for your life. That’s what happened to Rainsford, the main character in Richard Connell’s thriller, The Most Dangerous Game. During this “vacation” Rainsford learned just how valuable a human life is . The value of life is the main theme in this story, but it is also important in the world around us and in my own personal life. In the story, The Most Dangerous Game, the value of life is shown multiple times....   [tags: vacation, yacht, murder]

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First Friend : A History Of Dogs And Humans By Katherine Rogers

- ... The parents view the dog as one of their children, one who remains dependent and will never leave or criticize them (Rogers 1), and in the same manner, the dog views the human parents as if they were his actual parents and as a result, loves and trusts them with his life gladly following them, not once questioning their decisions or actions. For these reasons, humans have found release in the company of dogs because dogs do not judge. By way of example, Sigmund Freud was notably a bad singer and as a result, never sang in public, however he often hummed an aria while petting his dog (Rogers 2)....   [tags: Dog, Predation, Gray Wolf, Hunting]

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Rhetorical Analysis of Martin Luther King's I Have A Dream Speech

- Dr. King is an emotional, inspiring and strong speaker. His " I Have A Dream" speech tugs a deep root war of emotions in every American’s heart; therefore, this speech is the perfect display of pathos. Even though pathos overwhelm logo and ethos, they also very much present in his speech. On August 28, 1963 Dr. King made his way to Washington Mall from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial to commit his speech to his fellow Americans. Dr. King commands his speech during an ironic period time of America history....   [tags: Rhetoric of I Have a Dream Speech]

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The Value of Life in Richard Connell’s, The Most Dangerous Game

- Imagine if you went on a vacation with a friend and somehow ended up on a jungle island fighting for your life. That is what happened to Rainsford, the main character in Richard Connell’s thriller, “The Most Dangerous Game.” During this “vacation” Rainsford learned just how valuable a human life is. The value of life is the main theme in this story, but it is also important in the world around us and in my own personal life. In the story, “The Most Dangerous Game,” the value of life is shown multiple times....   [tags: the most dangerous game, connell]

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Shirts and What They Say about the Man Who Wears Them

- A man’s dress shirt can speak volumes about his personality. The colors, the collar and cuff styles and even the fabric and fit of the shirt all combine to create an impression. By selecting each carefully a man can control first impressions and second glances. A man needs between six to ten shirts per week to have a fresh look for everyday. With a little help, a man can cultivate just the right look for himself. The first choice to consider is the preferred fit of the shirt. Today shirts come in three basic fit styles....   [tags: telling personality through clothing]

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The Appropriateness of the Victorian Renaming of the Play “Malvolio”

- When compared to Shakespeare’s other comedies, ‘Twelfth Night’ can be said to be the darkest. As the last of his comedies, it fits that ‘Twelfth Night’ would be progressively darker, ending not on a note of true happiness but rather one of melancholy that strives to emphasize that “that’s all one” and therefore insignificant. Though it fits comic tradition with slapstick humour, unrequited courtly love, confusion, potential for tragedy but ultimately a happy ending, ‘Twelfth Night’ is prevailingly dark, showing the flaws in a society living for pleasure and determined to indulge in ‘cakes and ale’....   [tags: Victorian, renaming, plays, malvolio, twelfth nigh]

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Analysis of Marcus Brutus in Julius Caesar, by William Shakespeare

- In William Shakespeare’s tragic play Julius Caesar, the protagonist, Brutus, conspires against and successfully kills Caesar; to only find the city he loves in chaos and mutiny from his actions. Brutus in the eyes of many people was a noble and honorable man who loved and adored the city of Rome, and no person thought more of this than Caesar. To Caesar, Brutus was the son he never had, and his love of Brutus was known, therefore the thought of Brutus betraying him was absurd. However, imagine if not only Brutus did not love Caesar, but he hated him....   [tags: Julius Caesar Essays]

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I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou

- The Prevalence Of Inequality I openly admit that I really couldn’t care less when it comes to the topic that seems to be incredibly influential to our culture. I am, of course, referring to sports. Sports has always been a part of my life in some form, because of my family ties to the Dallas Cowboys. The Jimenez family are huge Dallas Cowboys fans. I really have never understood the meaning of sports, looking with an innate sense of bewilderment whenever people ask me, “Why don’t you like sports?” It’s just never had any sort of profound impact on me....   [tags: inequality, my race groaned]

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Death and its Personofication in Greek Mythology and Other Cultures

- Death “The fear of death is deeply embedded in us” (Cave 1). Death is something that everyone fears. As humans we like to believe that we are inhuman and that death will never affect us. It’s the ugly side of life that no one likes to think about. It doesn’t matter what race, culture, or region we are, we’ll all die. Many believe that when we die we go to heaven or hell, but what happens to our body after we are dead. Do we float on to parallel universe, or does our body just appear wherever we are destined to be....   [tags: Cultures, Religion]

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The Most Dangerous Game By Sanger Rainsford And General Zimbardo

- ... The General stated, “It is a very great pleasure and honor to welcome Mr. Sanger Rainsford, the celebrated hunter, to my home” (Connell 52). Also during the hunt when Rainsford set up the Burmese tiger pit and claiming one of Zaroff’s dogs, Zaroff tells him, “You’ve done well, Rainsford” (Connell 194). If his enemy believes that he is a great hunter, then he must be. Especially because Zaroff thinks so highly of himself. Going back to when Rainsford was in the yacht, Whitney praised him saying, “and I’ve seen you pick off a moose moving in the brown fall brush at four hundred yards” (Connell 5)....   [tags: The Most Dangerous Game, Hunting, Game]

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Narrative Of The Captivity And Restoration Of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson

- ... The Americans were close behind yet didn’t catch up Rowland writes: ‘God did not give them courage of activity to go over after us. We were not ready for so great a mercy as victory and deliverance’ (Fitzpatrick). Even in the harsh conditions of capture Rowlandson depict the good will of God. Rowlandson writes of her fatigue, starvation and the bullet wound, her dying daughter lay in her hands. She then says she feels the Lord’s renewing strength to an extent she has never felt before. Rowlandson during this period also gives God the credit for curing her wounds: ‘Then I took oaken leaves and laid to my side, and with the blessing of God it cured me’ (Rowlandson)....   [tags: Slavery, Slavery in the United States]

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Practical vs. Supernatural in The Hound of the Baskervilles

- The novel The Hound of the Baskervilles is written by a British author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Doyle was born in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1859. Following “nine years in Jesuit schools, he went to Edinburgh University, where he received a degree in medicine in 1881. He then became an eye specialist in Southsea, with a distressing lack of success” (Doyle 1). Doyle’s financial letdown in Southsea created a need for an alternative way for him to generate profit, so he became an author. In the first of his many stories A Study in Scarlet, Doyle brings Sherlock Holmes to life; he is a detective and the protagonist of the story....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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Justification of Brutus’ Betrayal of William Shakespeare´s Julius Caesar

- ... 10-12); he admits Caesar has shown no sign of his emotions over- powering his reason (II. i. i1-2i); he says he fears what the crown might do to Caesar's character. (Smith, 373) Brutus’ rationalization that, while he bears no ill feelings towards Caesar, the potential for Caesar to become a tyrant is too pronounced to risk is complemented by Brutus’ desire to not spill any unnecessary blood: Our course will seem too bloody, Caius Cassius, To cut the head off and then hack the limbs, Like wrath in death and envy afterwards; For Antony is but a limb of Caesar...   [tags: friends, corrput, murder, power]

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The Two Great Cities of Greece: Sparta and Athens

- The two great cities of Greece - Sparta and Athens, have adapted similar, yet different laws that shaped them differently. Although Lycurgus was the first lawgiver of Sparta, little is known about his history today as he is overlooked because of the other great known heroes from Sparta. Lycurgus took the first step towards law making that dealt with inequality and injustice, and brought relief among the Leconian citizens. He was seen as a natural leader, and that was one of the major reasons for the citizens to follow his laws as they were applied....   [tags: history, lycurgus]

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A Wretch but for Love: Shakespeare’s Sonnet 91

- A Wretch but for Love: Shakespeare’s Sonnet 91 Shakespeare’s ninety-first sonnet continues to address the young man to whom he has been writing the procreation sonnets. The theme of this sonnet is the incomparable value of the young man’s love. For Shakespeare, the pleasure of the young man’s love is greater than any other pleasure. His rejection of worldly pleasures for the greater joy of love also appears to highlight a distinction Shakespeare wants to make between true wealth and poverty. In doing so, he insinuates a social criticism about the notion of what is truly valuable in this world....   [tags: Shakespearean Literature]

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Good and Evil in To Kill a Mockingbird

- ... Once, we see Atticus use his keen intellect, employing what Scout calls “the oldest lawyer’s trick on record” (50) so that Jem admits to “putting [Mr. Radley’s] life’s history on display for the edification of the neighborhood” (49), as Atticus describes it. Scout’s father teaches by example countless times when he reminds her that “it ain’t time to worry yet” (70), even when a fire threatens to sweep away all of their belongings. In addition to his honest discussions with Scout and Jem, Atticus gives them many profound lessons through his intentional interactions with others....   [tags: Harper Lee's novel analysis]

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E.E. Cummings and his Life as a Poet

- ... Cummings” pg.15). (In his poetry he often ignored the rules of capitalization and has sometimes been referred to as e.e. Cummings) expanded the boundaries of poetry through typographic and linguistic experimentation (Frazee, “E.E. Cummings). An avoidance of capital letters and creative placement of punctuation soon became his trademarks. His experimental poetry took many forms, some amusing, some satirical, some beautiful, some profound, and some which did not make much sense (Frazee “E.E. Cummings”)....   [tags: three poem analysis]

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World War I and II: The Knight Legacy

- When one recalls the history of the first and second world wars, that person’s first thoughts probably revolve around all of the blood shed and death that came as a result. It is most likely very rare to find a person whose first thoughts are of the ways in which those fighting in the war acted merciful, or for a better word, chivalrous. This is in fact just how many fighter pilots acted during this time. There are many stories of mercy being shown by the fighter pilots of the sky, like a knight, these pilots acted on a code of honor and many people are not aware of this happening....   [tags: code of chivalry, german fighters]

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How Does Humans Help Animals Understand Their Environment?

- Introduction Senses are used to help animals understand their environment. There are several sensory organs that contain receptor cells which respond to certain stimuli. The stimuli for the receptor cells come in the form of energy. The different cells respond to specific energy forms whilst being able to ignore others (OCR, 2002). Mammals are very similar to each other in terms of the senses they use to understand the environment, although different species use the senses in different ways. For many animals, sight is the main sense to be used....   [tags: Olfaction, Sense, Sensory system, Auditory system]

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Theme Analysis : Troy Maxon 's Last Name

- Themes & Connections 1. Troy Maxon’s last name is a subtle combination of Mason and Dixon, referencing to the Mason-Dixon Line. The allusion to history helps to prepare a reader for the predominant themes in the play. The combination prepares one to understand about the divide between opposing sides, just as the line divided slave states from free states. Troy’s life is based off of having a sort of half and half life. He is conflicted between hope and disappointment in his life. The allusion prepares one to read about the difficulties and effects slavery has had and continues on for generations afterwards....   [tags: Character, Protagonist, The Play, Waste collection]

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Illegal Immigration : The United States Of America

- ... If they move here they are less likely to cause trouble because that could get them deported. They came here to escape their troubles, not create more of them. Agriculturally, the United States alone cannot afford a much higher population, especially the lack of taxes being paid by illegal immigrants. Paying taxes are a big part of being an American citizen. Without taxes there would be no back bone to the economy. Illegal immigrants skip this whole factor all together and are free from paying taxes, also causing the national debt to increase....   [tags: Immigration to the United States, United States]

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My Favorite Of The Three That We Read

- ... I think that these issues combined left Thomas destined to feel drained and weary in his adult life, including his marriage. Thomas was a hard worker his whole life, the poems talk about him at work and he reminisces about how he has spent his life working and providing for his family. In the poem titled, “The Zeppelin Factory” we see and understand just how hard he worked. “Thomas wanted to sit/down and cry”(pg. 24, 7-8), and again later in the poem, “ Thomas at night/in the vacant lot:/Here I am, intact/and faint hearted./Thomas hiding/ his heart with his hat” (pg....   [tags: Marriage, Woman, Love, Girl]

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The Transition Of Russia And A New Regime

- ... Furthermore, Anna did not pity Alyona for the difficulty experiences she had. According to The Almanac ‘Woman and Russia’ and the Soviet Feminist Movement at the End of the 1970s, the first feminist publications were only viewed within underground publications (Milewska-Pindor 8). Women received resistance as they began to freely write about “important social and spiritual questions determining the lives of women and children in the USSR” (Milewska-Pindor 8). Therefore, as Alyona desired to write about her social life and question how she was going to deal with the situation, her mother criticized her for those actions....   [tags: Gender role, Gender, Soviet Union, Woman]

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Beauty in The Picture of Dorian Gray

- In Oscar Wilde's novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray, beauty is depicted as the driving force in the lives of the three main characters, Dorian, Basil and Lord Henry. Dorian, the main character, believes in seizing the day. "Dorian is described as an addict, having mad hungers that grew more ravenous as he fed them." Basil, the artist, admires all that is beautiful in life. Lord Henry, accredited one's physical appearance to the ability of achieving accomplishments in life. "Lord Henry's moral position in Dorian Gray is akin to that of the devil; he is the initial serpent in the Garden, and continues to coax Dorian to evil throughout the novel." Beauty ordains the fate of Dorian, Basil, and Lo...   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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The History of Gambling in Ancient Civilizations

- The History of Ancient Gambling Gambling was present in almost every major, ancient civilization. From the Mesolithic rolling of hucklebones, to the Mesopotamian invention of the six-sided die, and finally to the Chinese invention of the card, not only did gambling survive through countless civilizations of ancient history, it evolved into a global phenomenon. Stakes on these games could range from Quadrans, the Roman equivalent of pennies, to betting an entire estate on a simple throw of the die....   [tags: research paper, term paper, sports]

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Brutus's Reasoning in Julius Caesar by Shakespeare

- In William Shakespeare’s tragic play Julius Caesar, the protagonist, Brutus, conspires against and successfully kills Caesar; to only find the city he loves in chaos and mutiny from his actions. Brutus in the eyes of many people was a noble and honorable man who loved and adored the city of Rome, and no person thought more of this than Caesar. To Caesar, Brutus was the son he never had, and his love of Brutus was known, therefore the thought of Brutus betraying him was absurd. However, imagine if not only Brutus did not love Caesar, but he hated him....   [tags: Julius Caesar Essays]

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Use of Ghost Stories in Literary Works

- A ghost story is a story that usually involves events based on supernatural happenings. The content of these stories mainly include evil spirits, that are normally associated with the deceased. The causation of the uses of supernatural ideas, such as ghosts, is the sense of unease of the mind and the instant impulse of fear. The reason to why a ghost story is thought to be interesting and frightful is the fact that, the existence of supernatural beings cannot be explained scientifically. It is thought to be natural to fear anything that is unknown....   [tags: compare, contrast, comparison]

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The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell

- One of the greatest qualities of humanity is the ability to respond to the circumstances and surroundings one might find themselves in at any given time. Authors convey this quality into literature constantly with their novels and articles. “The Most Dangerous Game” is a realistic fiction short story written by Richard Connell. “The Most Dangerous Game” is a stunning short story on the human condition, the dangers of blood-thirsty hunters, and defining the true meaning of a civilized person. Connell’s wrote his novel during the time period wealthy individuals enjoyed hunting animals....   [tags: short story, the necklace]

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The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connel

- As the sweltering, hot sun signified the start of a scorching afternoon, a young boy lay in the fields harvesting vegetables for another family. He had been enslaved to perform chores around the house for the family, and was only given very few privileges. While his stomach throbbed with pangs of hunger, he continued cooking meals for them. After the family indulged in the cozy heat from the fireplace, he was the one to clean the ashes. Despite his whole body feeling sore from all the rigorous work he completed, the young boy had been left alone to suffer....   [tags: struggle for independence, love, oppressor]

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