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The Effect of Respect on Morality Depicted in The Guest and Shooting an Elephant

- The prevailing theme in The Guest and Shooting an Elephant is the effect of respect on morality. In the former, the main character Daru exhibits a great deal of respect and hospitality to the Arab, especially considering the circumstances. In the latter, the Burmans exhibit no respect to the police officer in the event of the elephant display, or in his day to day life. These opposite scenarios have a distinct effect on the morality of the main characters. Respect has a distinct effect on morality which differs depending on if respect is being strived for or shown....   [tags: The Guest and Shooting an Elephant]

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The Hero of Albert Camus' The Guest

- The Hero of Albert Camus' The Guest Although some have called Albert Camus an existentialist, he never consented to the label. Still, he saw many things the way an existentialist sees them. Camus talks of humanity’s aloneness in the universe and their complete freedom and responsibility for their own lives, themes he pulls together with his idea of the absurd. Camus’ story The Guest powerfully expresses his thought on these prevailing ideas by his story and descriptions of an open landscape and solitary schoolhouse....   [tags: Albert Camus The Guest]

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The Schoolmaster in Albert Camus's The Guest

- In Albert Camus's "The Guest," an idealistic schoolmaster, Daru, is forced to make many unsettling decisions when ordered to deliver an Arab prisoner to higher authorities in Tinguit. From the beginning, after the prisoner is transferred into his custody, Daru chooses to treat him as a guest rather than a prisoner. Also, Daru decides not to cast judgment on the Arab for the crime of killing his cousin. Lastly, Daru chooses not to play God and assume the awesome responsibility of deciding another man's fate....   [tags: The Guest by Albert Camus]

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Edgar Albert Guest Autobiogrpahy

- I was born in Birmingham, England, on the night of August 20, 1881. The American people refer to me as the 'poet of the people'. Who am I. I am Edgar Albert Guest, one of the mosst popular, inspirational poets of the twentieth century. Many people may remember me not only by my 'poet of the people' title, but also by my 4th volume of poetry, A Heap O'Livin, which sold over a million copies in 1916. I never could of done it without my family, hard work, and a creative mind. I was born to Edwin and Julia Wayne Guest in England....   [tags: Edgar Albert Guest]

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Exploring Free Will and Decision Making in Albert Camus' The Guest

- Exploring Free Will and Decision Making in Albert Camus' short story "The Guest," In Albert Camus' short story "The Guest," Camus raises numerous philosophical questions. These are: does man have free will?, are an individual's decisions affected by what society demands, expects, neither, or both?, and finally, how does moral and social obligation affect decision making. Balducci brings the Arab to Daru's door, informing Daru that "I have an order to deliver the prisoner and I'm doing so," (90) thus freeing Balducci of the responsibility over wherever the Arab ultimately ended up....   [tags: The Guest Essays]

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Healing in Judith Guest's Ordinary People

- The Question of Healing in Ordinary People How do you define healing. In the dictionary it says that to be healed you are cured, resolved, free from worry. But is that what everyone else thinks of healed as. In the novel Ordinary People, written by Judith Guest, Conrad Jarret goes from being a young boy to an adult within a year. He did not know what he was like himself, in the beginning of the story, then there were things that made him grow, and lastly did he heal. At first Conrad did not know who he was or what his purpose was, when he came home form the hospital....   [tags: Judith Guest Ordinary People Essays]

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Anarchism in Albert Camus' Short Story, The Guest

- Anarchism in Albert Camus' Short Story, "The Guest" [[ "The Guest" is a small story which can usually be found in a compilation of Camus' works or in a World Literature anthology. Here, I have used the translation of "The Guest" found in the Norton Anthology of World Literature, 5th Edition. Since this is a critical essay on a particular story, it assumes that the reader has read the story. I do not believe that it will be nonsensical if you have not read "The Guest" yet, but I do encourage you to read the story so the ideas I put forth can be understood better in their context....   [tags: Albert Camus The Guest]

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Power of the Mind Revealed in Albert Camus' The Guest

- Power of the Mind Revealed in Albert Camus' “The Guest” In “The Guest”, a short story written by Albert Camus, Camus uses his views on existentialism to define the characters’ values. Camus’ effective use of descriptive words and individual thoughts and actions allows the reader to understand and sympathize with the characters’ judgments of one another, predominantly pertaining to the characters Daru and the Arab. Daru’s responses to the Arab and his decisions, Camus’ description of the Arab, and the Arab’s respect for Daru, prove that there is a basic goodness in humans, allowing them to accept responsibility and consequences for their acts of free will....   [tags: Albert Camus The Guest]

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Futility of Human Existence Exposed in The Guest by Albert Camus

- “He who despairs of the human condition is a coward, but he who has hope for it is a fool” (Wyatt). As this quote by Albert Camus suggests, he was not a very optimistic writer. His gloomy look on life itself can be seen all too clearly in “The Guest”. The story itself deals with Camus’s idea of the futility of human existence: the only rational thing anyone can expect is death. Camus’s underlying philosophy is revealed from the very beginning of the story. The French title, “L’hote”, translates to mean both “guest” and “host” simultaneously, which implies that the mutually respectful relationship between the main characters in the story should be applied to mankind everywhere....   [tags: The Guest Albert Camus]

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The Extraordinary Family in Judith Guest's novel, Ordinary People

- The Extraordinary Family in Judith Guest's novel, Ordinary People   Judith Guest's novel Ordinary People evinces some main principles of the modernist literary movement, such as the philosophy that modern man is beset by existential angst and alienation. According to Carl Marx, a renowned existentialist, alienation, as a result of the industrial revolution, has made modern man alienated from the product of his own labor, and has made him into a mechanical component in the system. Being a "cog in the wheel" prevents modern man from gaining a sense of internal satisfaction of intellectual and emotional pleasure....   [tags: Judith Guest Ordinary People Essays]

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Ordinary Control Freaks in Judith Guest's Ordinary People

- Ordinary Control Freaks in Ordinary People The Most interesting form of Literature is American Literature. Usually dealing with a struggle that must be overcome, American literature deals with real-life situations which one can empathize with. One of the most interesting novels written by an American author is Ordinary People, by Judith Guest. Ordinary People tells the story of an ordinary family struggling to cope with the loss of a family member following a boating accident. Brilliantly written, the novel consists of two narrators- Conrad, the Jarrett family's only son left after the boating accident, and Calvin, Conrad's father....   [tags: Judith Guest Ordinary People Essays]

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Search for Identity in Judith Guest's Ordinary People

- Search for Identity in Ordinary People When we are young, we live life by the day. In our preteen and teenage years, the process of self discovery begins. For some people, this could take years. For others, it could happen within a week. No matter how people discover themselves, who they really are, and what they stand behind, everybody goes through it. Especially the characters in the book Ordinary People by Judith Guest. As they struggle through death, guilt, and a lack of understanding; Calvin, Beth and Conrad eventually discover their true identities....   [tags: Judith Guest Ordinary People Essays]

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The Ironic Title of Judith Guest's Ordinary People

- The Ironic Title of Ordinary People The significance of the title "Ordinary People" is that it is ironic because there are not ordinary people in the book. It does not correspond with the novel itself. As defined in Webster's Dictionary, ordinary means usual, common, or normal. To most people, this is what they think they are. However, in the book being unordinary is common for most of the characters. The author of this book, Judith Guest, probably titled this book "Ordinary People" to make readers ask themselves, "What is ordinary....   [tags: Judith Guest Ordinary People Essays]

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Foolish Pride in Judith Guest's Ordinary People

- Foolish Pride in Ordinary People In the book Ordinary People, the author Judith Guest portrays a "normal" family, living in Lake Forest, struggling with many problems on the inside, but trying their best to hide their feelings. This book explores the need for everyone to act normal, and ordinary, and even though everyone in the book had a huge problem eating them from the inside, they didn't want anyone to know something was wrong. Many characters in the book hid from their problems....   [tags: Judith Guest Ordinary People Essays]

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The Stranger and The Guest

- French playwright Albert Camus once said, “Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal.” In The Stranger and The Guest the overarching theme that those who do not conform to typical societal values and do not adequately relate to others are appraised as a threat to society as a whole. In both works the protagonists isolate themselves, and society isolates them because of their non-conforming beliefs. Both Daru and Meursault are not able to accept the abstract ideals of society, and prefer isolation....   [tags: Character Analysis, Daru, Meursault ]

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The Stranger and The Guest

- French author and playwright Albert Camus once said, “He who despairs over an event is a coward, but he who holds hope for the human condition is a fool.” In the The Stranger and The Guest this philosophy is expanded on by demonstrating how those who do not conform to society are isolated, and portrayed as a threat to society because of their unique beliefs. The most prominent similarity among Daru and Meursault is that they are not able to accept the abstract morals of society, and prefer isolation....   [tags: Character Analysis, Daru, Meursault ]

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The Guest Of The House

- You 're sitting down on a couch with your boyfriend and its time to eat dinner at his house. His brother is in his room playing video games and the both of you are sitting down watching TV while dinner is being made by your boyfriend 's father. Where 's mom. She 's working a twelve-hour graveyard shift at the hospital. You have offered to help with preparing dinner, but you may not help, you 're the guest of the house. This is the norm of the family to have visitors not move a pinky to help and so is not eating dinner all together as a family....   [tags: Family, Mother, Nuclear family, Grandparent]

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The Outsider And The Guest By Albert Camus

- Humans have the freedom to think, feel, say and act however they want. However, this freedom is constrained by societal norms. In other words, the power to condone (or not) our thoughts, feelings, words and actions lies within the hands of society. Although humans are constrained by the rules society have set, there are a select few who choose to defy it. In both The Outsider and The Guest, Albert Camus portrays the paradoxical struggle against the inescapability of human judgement, and ultimately the condemnation of the individuals who chooses to differ from the norm....   [tags: Sociology, Individualism, Albert Camus, Mores]

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Analysis of The Guest by Albert Camus

- Sometimes reading fiction not only makes us pleasure but also brings many knowledge about history and philosophy of life. ‘The Guest’ by the French writer Albert Camus is a short story and reflects the political situation in French North Africa in 1950s. According to this story, we know the issues between the France and the Arab in Algeria, and the protagonist, Daru, refuses to take sides in the colonial conflict in Algeria. This is not a boring story, because Camus uses a suspenseful way to show the character, conflicts and symbol and irony....   [tags: North Africa, Politics, Algeria]

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The Happy Guest Relationship Management

- ... Threat of Substitution Hotels, often of a similar star rating, are generally limited in their variety of service offerings. Complimentary aspects of hotel operations such as amenities are generally easily replicated amongst competitors as they are readily available at a particular price. Hoteliers however have the capability to utilise available resources to differentiate themselves from competitors. Features such as location convenience and attractiveness plus development of technological innovations can be hard to replicate with potential law protection....   [tags: Hotel, Customer service, Hotels, Star]

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The Home By Edgar Guest

- ... C. Penny’s. Then, he would break out his “Sunday Shoes.” Back then, nearly everybody had two sets of shoes. One set was for everyday wear and the other set was reserved for Sundays and funerals. Anyhow, he’d put on his Sunday shoes and off he would go. In those days, boys carried Sen-Sen in their pockets and just before he reached her house, he’d put some “Sen-Sen” in his mouth. That was before Clorets and Certs. Now, Sen-Sen didn’t make your breath smell better, but it made it smell different....   [tags: Father, Mother, Parable of the Prodigal Son]

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Ordinary People by Judith Guest

- The book I chose for my report is titled “Ordinary People” and was written by author, Judith Guest. Viking Penguin Incorporated first published the book in the United States in the year 1976. Also in the year 1976, the Macmillan Company of Canada Limited published it for the first time in Canada. The book has 259 pages and 31 chapters and is placed under the juvenile fiction genre. “Ordinary People” is a book about a seventeen-year-old boy named Conrad Jarrett coming home from a mental institution for the first time in eight months....   [tags: Literature Review]

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Erik Was The Guest Speaker

- Several years ago, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Erik Wahl through a work event. Erik was the guest speaker. He was not the typical, three piece suit, freshly coiffed professional that I had expected to have to listen to. He broke the mold of what I envisioned as the motivational speaker. Within moments of him commandeering the stage, he had me mesmerized and hanging on to each and every word delivered. There was music blaring. There was a slideshow simultaneously being shown behind him....   [tags: Leadership, Communication, Message]

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Presentation Of The Guest Lectures

- Reaction Paper 4 As the Guest Lectures come to an end, I really enjoyed this portion of the career planning class, as I got to learn about so many careers in the STEM fields and how each of the speakers got into their respective position. Overall, the speakers today did a good job talking about their careers, but I felt like sometimes, I lost track of what they were talking about. The presentation that began with Dr. Cherie Yestrebsky started the class off really well, but then as it progressed to the other speakers, I felt that it was harder to follow along during the presentation....   [tags: Engineering, Mechanical engineering, Field]

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The Guest Speaker, Kirby Lammers

- Throughout the whole presentation, the guest speaker, Kirby Lammers, emphasized and connected with self-awareness, leadership, and stress and how each apply in everyday life-style. Lammers retold his story of how he utilized his own leadership to not only put himself first but to also by being positive and a believer in any situation. Leadership is one of the most important characteristic anyone can have, whether it is for a group, a department or just yourself. Lammers’ own definition of leadership is “serving people that deem inspirational, trusting, respectful, caring that people want to follow.” There are so many leaders in the world that influence people in a good and bad way....   [tags: Leadership, Management, Fiedler contingency model]

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The Guest Worker Program

- The Guest Worker Program The paper that I am writing will be on the topic of immigration, more specifically the immigration bill. In the bill I will focus more so on the section that will establish the guest worker program. The guest worker program is a great starting initiative to fighting illegal immigration, but it would do more damage than reparation. In this paper I will discuss in detail what the guest worker program is and its implements, and why it should be revised. I will present numerous arguments as to why the guest worker program portion of the bill should be revised and changed, and will then present a revision....   [tags: Immigration]

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Guest Workers in Germany

- Majority & Minority Relationships in “Turkish” Germany The guest workers arrived from the eastern bloc, Vietnam, North Korea, Angola, Mozambique and Cuba. Their opportunities were limited by the Stasi, the Government of Eastern Germany. Guest workers were limited to their dormitories or an area that the Germans were prohibited to enter. They were faced with deportation, premature discontinuation of residence and were to obtain specialized work permits along with other sources of open discrimination in their workplaces....   [tags: Relationships, Immigration]

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Ordinary Feelings in Judith Guest's Ordinary People

- Ordinary Feelings in Ordinary People Ordinary People is a book that examines the life of a typical American family that seems to have it all together. It exposes the major conflicts among them; pain, misunderstanding, hurt, forgiveness, and ultimately if possible healing. Conrad - with the story told mostly through his perspective, he being the one furthering the resulting course of events and at the same time the protagonist and antagonist . is the main character of the story. While boating on a lake with his older brother, a fierce gale picks up capsizing their boat and eventually leading to the death of his brother when he drowns....   [tags: Judith Guest Ordinary People Essays]

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Overview of The Guest

- Overview of The Guest The story takes place in the North African desert as revolutionary violence is about to erupt. The Guest has three characters: Daru the schoolmaster, Balducci the policeman, and the Arab. The plot of The Guest has the policeman handing over his Arab prisoner to Daru and instructing Daru to take the prisoner to to a jail in a neighboring village. Disgusted with the task, Daru brings the Arab to a crossroads and virtually sets him free, giving him money, food and shows him the two paths in front of him....   [tags: Papers]

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`` It Couldn 't Be Done By Edgar Guest

- ... Rich connotative language is used sparingly in this poem, which allows its’ message of strength and courage to be grasped by all ages. The poem is straight forward, but it still contains effective word choices that contribute to the reader’s personal connection. The word “chuckle” truly depicts how foolish it is to discourage someone from something they wish to achieve. An individual’s determination and willingness to take the necessary time to achieve their goal is described through the word “buckled”....   [tags: Poetry, Rhyme, Rhyme scheme, Poetic form]

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Marketing Analysis : Be Our Guest, Inc.

- Be our guest Marketing analysis: Be Our Guest, Inc. is a Boston based company that rents out party equipment for events within the Boston metropolitan area. Founder, Steve Lizio , initially started the company in 1983 with a sole purpose of providing wait staff to catering companies. However, as time proceeded it became apparent to expand the company by evolving it into a rental equipment company that provided rental services of tables, chairs and other miscellaneous items pertaining to hosted events....   [tags: Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, Revenue]

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Motivational Potential For Guest Service Staff

- Motivational Potential As in service industry, customer service weighs a lot in management considerations of expansion. From the previous report, we learned that people can be motivated by different things, and managers use various methods to evaluate employees. By analyzing with the JCM, we gained the explanation of motivational potentials for guest service staff. Degree Reason Skill Variety High Various skills are needed for accomplished different kinds of tasks Task Identity Low An employee serves part of the whole guest experience Task Significance Medium Small task weighs little in the whole hotel services, but it can have huge impact on guest experiences and the impression of hotel A...   [tags: Motivation, Incentive, Customer, Management]

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Guest Lecture Reflection

- The guest lecture by Peter Johnson, last Thursday, was highly informative for many reasons. Peter Johnson brought in a vast amount of Maine political knowledge. Mills spent time in both the Maine Senate and Maine House of Representatives and recently ran for Governor of Maine. Today Mills is the executive director of the Maine Turnpike Authority and was chosen for this position by Governor Paul. The most important insight that Peter Johnson left us was his opinion and rationale for paying teachers more....   [tags: political, legeslature, taxes]

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Impact of Guest Opinions on the Hotel Industry

- Introduction As we have entered the second decade of the 21st century, our habits are changing significantly. The Internet is still on the rise and now is more than ever impacting virtually all the industries worldwide. The case is not different for the hospitality industry, where sites like, or lead the way of new-age hotel reviewing. According to ReviewPro “The influence of online reviews and social media has now reached an unprecedented level within the hotel industry.” and therefore hoteliers must recognise the importance of these on their sales and reputation....   [tags: Online Reviews, Negative Feedback]

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The Guest by Albert Camus

- Daru, the schoolteacher in a remote area of Algeria, is torn between duty and what he believes is the right thing to do when he is suddenly forced in the middle of a situation he does not expect. He must escort an Arabic prisoner to the nearest town. It is not that Daru has much sympathy for the man; in fact, he does not, and actually finds himself disliking the Arab for disrupting so many lives. "Daru felt a sudden wrath against the man, against all men with their rotten spite, their tireless hates, their blood lust." Unfortunately, Daru loves his homeland, and cannot bear to think of leaving, despite the chaos that is raging around him between France and the Algerian natives....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Struggles of Life in Literature: Shakespeare, Guest, Chbosky

- Losing one’s life is clearly a terrible thing, but there is something worse than that; losing faith, happiness, and optimism while still living. When tragedies come into people’s lives it tests their strength and ability to cope with pain. When this occurs, life can change in many ways for the better or for the worse. In some cases it leads to self-destruction, which accompanied by misery that can lead to consequent death. Many popular writers like William Shakespeare, Judith Guest, and Stephen Chbosky created characters who lost their happiness due to disasters that take place....   [tags: tragedies, loosing faith, happiness]

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Consequences of Decisions Made by Characters in Camus' The Guest

- Undoubtedly, there is always a consequence to every action one makes. “The Guest,” by Albert Camus illustrates that no matter what choice someone chooses to make, or not to make, someone at some point will indisputably be affected. Throughout the story, each character is forced to make a decision at one point or another that affects someone else. This is best shown through the conflicts of the three characters, the setting, and the irony in all. “The Guest,” by Albert Camus is set at a school house that is in a secluded desert area....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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Guest Speakers Can Be The Highest Quality Of Expertise

- Guest speakers can form a valuable real-world adjunct to classroom education in therapy or social services, but students’ perceptions of specific speakers can vary widely. From my perspective, our guest speaker, Malcolm Thomas, lecture was educational, motivational and positive. Thomas’s lecture highlighted a few personal characteristics of an effective therapist and shared his personal theories of group therapy. Specifically, Thomas addressed the characteristics of an effective therapist during his introduction....   [tags: Social work]

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Guest House

- Guest House The first chapter introduces Mr. and Mrs. Bennett. We don’t know their first names because the wife calls her husband Mr. Bennett and he calls her “my dear”. They have five grown up daughters and one is named Lizzy or Elizabeth who is the father’s favorite. The mother thinks Jane is handsome (or good-looking) and Lydia humored. The other two daughters have not been introduced yet. Mr. Bennett thinks they are all silly and ignorant, except Lizzy. Mrs. Bennett wants the father to go with her to visit an eligible, “well to do” bachelor who will move into a neighboring estate at Michealmas the 29th of September, so she can aquaint him with her 5 available daughters....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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The Wedding Guest in The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

- The Wedding Guest in The Rime of the Ancient Mariner             What does it mean to be wise. Webster's Dictionary defines the word "wise" as being "marked by deep understanding, keen discerment". Through the telling of the ancient Mariner's tale, the Wedding-Guest became sadder and wiser. He became sad in that he identified himself with the shallow and self-absorbed mariner. However, the mariner changed his ways. The Wedding-Guest became wise through realizing that he himself needed to alter his ways....   [tags: Rime Ancient Mariner Essays]

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The Significance of the Host/Guest Relationship in The Odyssey

- The Odyssey is an epic poem attributed to the now-famous Greek poet, Homer, written approximately in the early sixth century B.C.E. The poem shares the tale of the wily adventuring solider, Odysseus', return from the Trojan war to his wife and home in Ithaca. The poem details his misadventures, the efforts of his son, Telemachus, to find him, and revenge on his wife's suitors. While many themes run through this poem, the most prevalent is that of hospitality. The Host-Guest relationship is significant in the Odyssey as it acts as one of the main thematic devices used by Homer and examples of good hospitality versus bad hospitality and their results serve as the main plot elements throughou...   [tags: World Literature]

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Daru is Admirable in The Guest by Albert Camus

- 'The Guest' by Albert Camus, is a story about the emotions, feelings and actions of the protagonist Daru towards the guest Arab. The Arab is a prisoner brought by an old gendarme named Balducci who had known by Daru for lone time. Balducci wants Dura to deliver the prisoner to the police headquarter. Throughout the story, Daru is a person who does not like violent, he likes everything to be peaceful. He is also a careful person as well. As a reader, I admire the protagonist Daru because of his anti-violent....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Themes of Ordinary People by Judith Guest

- There are many themes that occur and can be interpreted differently throughout the novel. The three main themes that stand out most are healing, communication, and relationships. Ordinary People starts off already in a broken world. Buck has died, and Conrad has already attempted suicide, therefore, healing is a main focus throughout the book. Beth and Calvin’s marriage is also very rocky and they together are trying to see if things will work out by healing and saving their relationship. Judith Guest shows the journey through Conrad’s life and his progress to becoming completely healed....   [tags: essays research papers]

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With the Guest by Andrew Camus: The Character of Daru

- With the Guest by Andrew Camus: The Character of Daru We have had the opportunity in the last month to read many short story selections, giving us examples of many different things. When asked to pick a character to analyze it was a tough decision but I would have to go with the story that most interested me to choose my character. This story would be "With the Guest", written by Albert Camus. With the main character of this story is Daru. In the following paragraphs I will analyze the type of character he is....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Social and Historical Context of Judith Guest‘s Ordinary People

- Part 1) Context: Describe the social and historical context of the story (see chapter 1 of "Learning in Adulthood"). If you are working with a historical movie you will want to address both the social and historical context of the story and the social and historical context of the time in which the film was made. For example, if you are working with a movie made in the 1980s about the Civil War you will need to talk about the social and cultural influences of the time of the Civil War and any influences that you see from the 1980s....   [tags: psychoanalysis, characters, depression ]

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Ordinary people by Judith Guest Advocaes for Therapist Dr. Berger

- In the book Ordinary people by Judith Guest it shows how the book advocates for the therapist by Dr. Berger helping Conrad and his dad, Dr. Berger is there for him at all times, and Dr. Berger stays calm at all times. Dr. Berger helped Conrad and Calvin in many ways, Conrad and Calvin were going through a hard time and Dr. Berger really helped there problems. Dr. Berger was one of the main reasons why Conrad got better and without Dr. Berger helping him he maybe wouldn’t have gotten better. The first way Dr....   [tags: grieving, suicide, calm]

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A Report On The Hotel Industry

- ... We ended up going to a local seafood restaurant in the area and I thanked the young lady working at the concierge the next day before we left for such a great recommendation and she was thrilled to know she made a difference in our stay. The lobby was very high class and I was generally impressed by the hotel and it’s luxurious accommodations. The lobby had a nice, relaxing bar by the name of “Bleau Bar”, which was filled with quite a few businessman chatting having drinks. The furniture in the lobby was very antique, to convey the hotel’s French period theme and had beautiful chandeliers that were absolutely breathtaking to look at....   [tags: Hotel, Resort, The Guest, Concierge]

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Prejudice in Telephone Conversation and Dinner Guest-Me

- Prejudice in Telephone Conversation and Dinner Guest-Me In the two poems, ‘Telephone Conversation’ and ‘Dinner Guest-Me,’ each poet uses their poetry as a means of confronting and challenging prejudice. In ‘Telephone Conversation’ by Wole Soyinka, a phone conversation takes place between an African man and a very artificial lady about renting out a room. When the lady finds out he is African she becomes very prejudiced and racist towards him. ‘Dinner Guest-Me’ by Langston Hughes is about a black man going to a dinner party where he is the only coloured person there, like he is the ‘token black.’ Anger and a sense of humour are shown in both of the poems....   [tags: Wole Soyinka Langston Hughes Poetry Essays]

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Shirley Jackson's The Lottery and Albert Camus' The Guest

- Two great works known for irony, in one a great author, Albert Camus, creates a masterpiece and in the other, a masterpiece creates a great author, Shirley Jackson. Camus had been known to the world and his works had been studied even without the presence of “l’hote” or known as The Guest, but Shirley Jackson was a nobody till she wrote The Lottery and stunned the world. Both works are studied as pieces of irony but I believe both to be great works in other, with a twist of irony in the conclusion, although, worth mentioning, the ironies both serve to the other purpose rather than the plane simple sake of irony....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Hospitality Gives Diligent Care to Visitors in the Odyssey by Homer

- Hospitality can be presented by showing appreciation and diligent care of a visitor by a host. When a visitor is welcomed by a hospitable host all remembrance of that first impression will be pleasant and non-forgettable. The same will be as if the host is mean and non-hospitable, the visitor will never forget that impression as well. If one is to visit a home of a friend and ask for a drink of water, the guest may naturally assume the host will go and get them a glass of water from the kitchen....   [tags: host, guest, kindness]

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Stench of Kerosene, Country Lovers, and The Schoolteachers Guest

- Explore the ways in which the lives of individuals are affected by the expectations and traditions of the society in which they live in (Comparison of this in the novels Stench of Kerosene, Country Lovers and the Schoolteachers guest). Explore the ways in which the lives of individuals are affected by the expectations and traditions of the society in which they live in. The 3 stories we have read which are Stench of kerosene, Country Lovers and the Schoolteacher’ s Guest, are set in a variety of different cultures and each story reveals a lot about the traditions and expectations of the people who live there....   [tags: English Literature]

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The Impact Of Ordinary People

- ... This demonstrated that Karen was unwilling to receive help; since she had no one to lean on she decided to end her life. Conrad did not give up like Karen did because he got the social support he needed to cope with his grief. The decision Conrad made of continuing to see Dr. Berger was a very smart step because a lot of people like Karen give up, but he kept trying. This helped him avoid extreme measures and was a sign that he was starting to find his identity. Equally important, when Conrad went to Dr....   [tags: Judith Guest, novel analysis]

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Hilton Worldwide: A Global Hospitality Company

- ... Ans: Hilton HHonors Worldwide: Loyalty Wars” by John Deighton and Stowe Shoemaker details the importance of this program to their strategy and marketing efforts. The competitive advantage that Hilton derived from the “HHonors” is apparent. The use of Information Technology in loyalty programs provides access to information of consumers that can be analyzed for decision making purposes. Information collected from consumers can be stored in data warehouse and analytical tools applied to it can provide business intelligence that will give businesses a competitive advantage....   [tags: guest, program, members, anaylsis]

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The United States Immigration Policy

- The United States Immigration Policy has changed drastically and still continues to be reformed. The U.S. Immigration policy has majorly changed since the United States was named the nation of immigrants and this has created a major divide in our nation. The U.S has a strict immigration policy that can be very confusing but, very necessary. The United States first collected information on the U.S population in 1805. This revealed that out of the 4.7 million population of the United States about 2.2 million people were immigrants....   [tags: immigrants, oreign guest workers]

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Immigration Control : A Country 's Flawed Immigration Policy And Implement A New Guest Worker Program

- ... Tracy Miller, “The executive order issued by President Obama, grants undocumented immigrants the legal right to remain in the United States if they have been here five years and are parents, children, or related in anyway to citizens.” This order is taking away the work to become a citizen and just saying all an illegal immigrant needs to stay in America legally is to be related to someone who has been there five years or find a way to remain here undiscovered for five years. Unfortunately the only alternative to this executive order is to hunt down and deport the illegals....   [tags: Immigration to the United States, Immigration]

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Operating System And Internal Control

- ... The chef is in charge to see if the preps are following the precise recipe this will avoid overuse and keep to the restaurant teats standard. Any bunt or spoil foods should be writing out anonymously so that we can know the way things are being restored. We make this anonymously because; our goal is not really to know who bunt it but to know how many is being burnt. Furthermore, people won`t feel complied to write it down if they are to write their names however, if it secret, they will surely write it down....   [tags: Food, Cooking, Order fulfillment, The Guest]

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Firm Description and Situation Analysis: The History of Target Corporation

- Firm Description and Situation Analysis The history of Target Corporation began in 1902 with founder George Draper Dayton; a banker and real estate investor who decided to explore Midwest markets. A native New Yorker, Dayton decided that Minneapolis, Minnesota had the strongest opportunities for growth; and therefore opened the Dayton Dry Goods Company, known today as Target Corporation. Dayton’s personal principals quickly shaped the reputation of the Dayton Dry Goods Company, including his belief in the “higher ground of stewardship.” The store was known for dependable merchandise, fair business practices, and a generous spirit of giving....   [tags: unbeatable prices, great guest service]

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Judith Guest 's Ordinary People And Jo Goodwin Parker 's `` What Is Poverty ``

- “The real measure of your wealth is how much you’d be worth if you lost all your money.” (unknown). All families are not perfect, they all have problems that they struggle with daily, they all go through tough times that cause unhappiness, but the thought that these factors have no affect on rich people is completely untrue. In Judith Guest’s Ordinary People and Jo Goodwin Parker’s “What is Poverty” both address how two families relationships, happiness and daily struggles are affected by the amount of money they have, which shows that the more money a person has does not necessarily make that person happier....   [tags: Wealth, Happiness, Family, Poverty]

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The Food And Beverage Service

- Food and Beverage service is a pratical subject that I have learned in order to provide good service to guests. What makes a hotel or restaurant different from the others is that of the service it provides. Though my job is as a room attendant, which is completely different from food and beverage, its lesson can still be applied. Because no matter what job I do or which position I stand, I am in the hospitality industry. What I 've learned through out the class is how to serve and the spririt to serve....   [tags: Hotel, Hospitality industry, The Guest, Lodging]

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Improving The Flow Of Service

- ... Captain and back-servers both serve guests, but captains learn to communicate with guests and ensure they’re satisfaction of their service and the food. The second role that I worked was Hostess and Bartender. As a Hostess there is still a lot of handwork, but it is unlike what a server has to do. Since Harbourside has many bookings and limited space, it causes a high ratio of turnover. As a Hostess the planning involved in seating everyone in a fashionable manner without crowding the restaurant....   [tags: Learning, Problem solving, Management, The Guest]

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Introducing My Special Guest

- “Good morning. I’m happy to see everyone was able to attend what will not doubt become an event of immense scientific importance. Today I have the privilege to introduce Dr. Martin Euler, Head of Particle Physics at Plainfield University and committee member of the Quantum Research Consortium. As you are all aware, Dr. Euler has made incredible advances in the development of a new version of the quantum microscope which has come to be known as the Euler Quantum Scope. With this new device, we’ve been able to see extraordinarily detailed images of the quantum world which a short time ago, we wouldn’t have thought possible....   [tags: personal narrative]

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Simply Extraordinary

- In Ordinary People by Judith Guest, Guest takes an extraordinary family and makes them seem ordinary. By using the title, Ordinary People, Guest tricks the reader into questioning outrageous situations with a sense of normalcy. She makes the situations appear to be a typical part of life. But the irony of the title is that because of the obstacles the Jarrett family, has had to face, they are no longer ordinary people. They are extraordinary. Guest goes to great lengths to make everything in her novel appear to be ordinary....   [tags: Ordinary People , Judith Guest]

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Albert Camus' Short Story The Guest

- Daru struggles to find his place in the world and ends up settling on a distant plateau in Algeria. He does this because he belongs in Algeria just as much as any other French citizen does. Daru feels as though the situation Balducci puts him in is unfair and he struggles to make a decision. He has no clue whether or not he should deliver the Arab to prison to stay true to his country or allow the Arab to go free to stay true to his own morals. Daru’s struggle with himself shows how each character in the story struggles to find someone they can trust and a place where they belong....   [tags: the yearning to belong]

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A Report On The Oberoi Vanayvilas

- ... Though unfortunate, this incidence serves as an excellent learning opportunity for Vikram and OV team to use the customer feedback to analyze the root-cause of this service delivery failure to improve service quality at Vanayvilas. The OV’s quality management approach is operationalized through four fundamental blocks of execution: “a warm welcome, a zero-defect product, anticipatory services and a fond farewell.” We suggest Vikram to integrate the service failure lessons learned by employing a continuous improvement “Plan-Do-Check-Act” cycle into OV’s quality improvement plans to provide current and relevant operational guidelines for the Oberoi staff....   [tags: Quality management, Quality management system]

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Analysis Of Homer 's Iliad And Odyssey

- The concept of guest friendship is an essential tool that promises safety in everyday ancient Greek life and the significance it carries is reflected in Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey. It is enforced not only by the mortals in traditional domestic settings, but also on the battlefield and by the gods themselves. The warriors in the Iliad and the Odyssey respect xenia more than they desire kleos. It is not merely the mortals who respect xenia and the implications it creates, but the Gods provide and honor the sanctity of guest courtesy in Greek culture as well....   [tags: Odysseus, Odyssey, Zeus, Iliad]

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Xenia in the Odyssey

- In the times that The Odyssey was first composed, xenia seemed to be a very important concept and way of life for the ancient Greeks. Xenia was an ancient Greek tradition of hospitality which consisted of a host-guest ritual, which followed a series of steps and a permanent, unplanned agreement of friendship between strangers. In the first four books of the The Odyssey, or the Telemachy, xenia is seen to affect how people interact with one another in every situation where people greet one another....   [tags: hospitality, concept, laws, ritual]

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Modules in HANIS software system

- Technological developments are contributing a lot of benefit to the hotel industry. Most of hotels and resorts all over the globe establish new technology system in their facilities for more effective daily operation. With the awareness of increasing demand in tourism industry, the The Regency Jerai Hill Resort had install HANIS LITE systems to smooth the everyday operation. This software system consist of five main modules which are administration module, front office module, housekeeping module, food and beverage module and night audit module....   [tags: Hotel Industry]

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Gift Giving in The Odyssey

- Gift Giving in The Odyssey Everyone loves to receive gifts. For some it makes them feel special or important. In the Odyssey gift giving can be seen as sign of respect. Xenia, an important aspect to Homeric society, can be described as the guest-host relationship. It was of importance in Homeric society because it was something that could make or break the relationship you have with someone. Throughout the Odyssey xenia influences those who Odysseus comes into contact with impacting the plot of the story....   [tags: Homer's epic poem analysis]

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Restaurant Quality and Why Its a Never Ending Technique

- Quality area unit some things that is exhausting to stipulate as a results of if you raise ten people they will give you ten altogether completely different answers. this text area unit that specialize in why quality is so important among the edifice business. restaurants got to perceive that the quality of their product and repair unit of measurement being evaluated daily by every shopper. every shopper evaluates the quality of the merchandise service on each and every visit. thus you will be able to exclusively deliver the products the foremost effective quality accomplish able if you target it all the time....   [tags: Sports Bar promotions edifice business]

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Emotion over Reason in Religious Poetry

- John Donne and George Herbert are both known for being seventeenth century metaphysical poets. Metaphysical poetry is an intellectual poetry that uses a comparison that focuses on and science, religion, and mathematics. John Donne grew up into a religious family and was ordained an Angelican priest later in his life. George Herbert was also very religious; he was ordained a priest just as Donne had been. John Donne was acquainted with Herbert’s mother which caused him to become one of Herbert’s main influences....   [tags: love, sin, death]

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Strategies Hotels Use in Order to Achieve and Guarantee Customer Satisfaction.

- A well renowned man once said: "A customer is the most important visitor to our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption to our work; He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider to our business; He is part of it. We are not doing him a favour by serving him; He is doing us a favour by giving us the opportunity to do so." There is much truth to the above statement; therefore achieving customer satisfaction is an important basis to any business organisation, especially hotels....   [tags: Sociology]

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Property Management Systems

- In the hotel industry, property management systems also known as PMS are programs used on a computer which help the hotel staff manage guest reservations, registrations, charges, and other amenities. The PMS system may interface with multiple departments which may include the central reservation system, housekeeping, engineering, food and beverage, the front office, the back office and point of sale systems. In this regard, the PMS acts as the central hub of information. Property management systems are also used to manage and account for personal property and assets....   [tags: The Hospitality Industry]

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Illegal Immigration in the U.S.

- The actual problem behind illegal immigration is that there are too many incoming undocumented aliens from other countries which weakens the security of the United States. The existence of so many aliens in the United States is a symbol of how weak and insecure our borders are. This doesn't only harms our security but it also distorts our law. More than 10 million undocumented aliens currently reside in the U.S, and that population is growing by 700,000 per year (4 Kane). This has to be taken into account that it's not only a certain amount of illegal incoming aliens but 700,000 a year, which is an estimate....   [tags: Aliens, Security, Population, Economy]

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Duties of a Banquet Server

- One of the duties for a banquet server is setting all the table linens, silverware, plates, glass ware, and napkins on the table before the event or function. The banquet server have to prepare and set up all the table linens, silverware, plates, glass ware, and napkins before the event and they have to ensure that all the things that they use for setting is clean. Before that, all the banquet servers have to confirm with their captain or head waitress exactly what place settings are required for each event, because different event had different kind of setting....   [tags: silverware, plates, glass, table]

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Recaptcha Is A Free Service

- ... Scenario 2 : Username/ Password match fails Invalid username/password error message will be propagated to the user to try again. Note: Username/ Password match will Only happen if the Username/ Application Instance id match was successful. Use Case 2: No Application instance id in local storage If not present then the user will be prompted to solve the reCaptcha puzzle along with option to save the browser. Scenario 1 - User solved reCaptcha Only The user will be prompted to solve the reCaptcha puzzle, once solved the client referral is appended with the login request ( username,password)....   [tags: Login, User, Access code, Password]

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Powerless to Evade the Grip of Death in Poe's "The Mask of the Red Death"

- Is it possible to evade death during a massive plague that is killing millions. Edgar Allan Poe uses setting, theme and plot in the “Mask of the Red Death” to illustrate that no one can escape death. Death is everywhere either someone dies or experiences a loss in there lifetime. The mask of the red death is an allegory, which means that is a short story with two meanings. The short story uses literal elements such as plot and the colors of the room. It also has a large philosophical meaning like the concept of life and death and the powerlessness of people to evade the grip of death....   [tags: Edgar Allan Poe, mask of the red death,]

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Hotel Rooms And Suites And Amenities Rooms

- ... Lounge in the plush armchair or paper yourself with premium bath products and combed cotton terry towels. 1 King Bed Nonsmoking Sink into a king Sweet Dreams bed with jumbo hypoallergenic pillows in this traditional room. Each room includes courtesy high-speed Internet access, a 36-inch HDTV, coffeemaker, roomy work desk and ergonomic chair. Lounge in the plush armchair or paper yourself with premium bath products and combed cotton terry towels. 1 King Deluxe With Sofa bed Nonsmoking Furnished with one a king Sweet Dreams bed with oversized hypoallergenic pillows and a sleeper sofa, lounge in our spacious, deluxe guest room....   [tags: Rooms, Bedroom, Room, Bathtub]

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Video Reservation At Restaurants With The Past Year

- "I used Disney Dining Buddy; I paid $20 for this reservation, what do you mean you can 't find it?!” this has become a common thing being heard at restaurants all over the Walt Disney properties over the past year reports many Disney leaders. Although at the end of 2012 this was heard very rarely, it has grown into an almost daily heard phrase in 2015. Over the years many websites have begun to pop up, offering guest’s reservation at popular restaurants such as; Be Our Guest, and Cinderella 's Royal Table for a fee....   [tags: Walt Disney, The Walt Disney Company]

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The Importance of Hospitality in the Odyssey

- Xenia in The Odyssey Hospitality today is nothing like it was in Ancient Greece. Today, good hospitality is being friendly and respectful to a guest. In Ancient Greece, hospitality was something people had to do, or face the wrath of Zeus. Zeus’s law of hospitality is that any stranger that comes to your home, the host must be willing to feed, entertain, and maybe offer them a bath and anything else they might be in need of without question until those things had been given, and also give them a parting gift....   [tags: xenia, literary criticism, analytical]

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The Power Of A Name

- ... It is the recognition as a hero that will extend beyond civilizations. This is another reason to exchange names in battle. If a warrior defeats someone with greater recognition as a mighty warrior, then he achieves greater honor. If this same warrior later dies in battle, this past victory will grant him glory. Examples of how glory extends beyond the person are found in Hector’s interactions with his mother and with his wife. Although the two encounters contrast in comparison to each other, they both indicate that glory can be inherited within a name....   [tags: Trojan War, Iliad, Hector, Achilles]

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