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The American Romantic Comedy By The Graduate

- The Graduate rewrote the history of the romantic comedy by combining it with social satire. The Graduate was released during the New Hollywood era. In 1967, America was dealing with many tumults such as the Vietnam War, sexual revolution, free love phase and other similar things. The Graduate “problematizes the political naivety and human immaturity of the youth rebellion and the impregnability of the system” (50). However, I think the ambiguous ending and other stylistic qualities reflect modernism....   [tags: The Graduate, Dustin Hoffman, Mrs. Robinson]

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Movie Review : The Graduate

- The generation-defining, classic movie The Graduate was released in 1967 and directed by Mike Nichols. The movie stars Dustin Hoffman, as Benjamin Braddock, in his first and markedly most iconic role in a motion picture. The picture also stars Ann Bancroft as the unforgettable Mrs. Robinson and Katharine Ross as the charming daughter of Mrs. Robinson, Elaine Robinson. In this movie, it stars a recent college graduate who is struggling with the uncertainty of his future as he finds himself in a string of complicated romantic relationships....   [tags: The Graduate, Dustin Hoffman, Protagonist, Love]

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Graduate Program For English Literature At Vanderbilt

- ... As I come to a close in my undergraduate career I’ve found myself continually revaluating my decisions and drives; I’m reflecting back on what I’ve found important during this last four years to guide me as I transition to the next step. What I’ve found, is that I undoubtedly and irrevocably value learning. My parents harped on me from such a young age that me being able to go to school was a privilege and not a right. My father was in school before schools in North Carolina integrated, and thus he was directly affected by the changes made in the education system within our country....   [tags: School, Education, College, Graduate school]

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The Graduate and Plastics

- The Graduate and Plastics The Graduate is a 1967 film directed by Mike Nichols who won an Oscar for his direction. This hit of the 60's focuses on the development and the maturing of the ultra-naïve college graduate Benjamin Braddock. This movie is about "just one word...Plastics." Mr. McQuire sums up this entire movie when he tells Ben that there is "a great future in plastics." In this film the relationships, except the one between Ben and Elaine, are like plastic because they are not real, they are molded, and they are artificial....   [tags: Graduate Admissions Essays]

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Graduate School Admissions Essay for Human Resources Management

- I am interested in pursuing a second master’s degree because I found a career path that I am very passionate about. I have strategically aligned myself with the right combination of education and experience to develop and grow my career as a Human Resources (HR) professional and this strategy has been the key to my current success. Applying to the Masters of Professional Studies (MPS) Human Resources Management (HRM) program is the next step in becoming even more successful within my field because I plan to work as a Vice President of International Development and Workforce Planning....   [tags: Graduate School Application Essay]

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A Brief Note On Information Sources For A Graduate Level Course

- ... Not intended for a general audience, the language that is used within the articles are technical or scholarly, and requires the readers to have some sort of knowledge of the topic be able to fully comprehend. Not only is the language technical, the passages are much longer, since full citations from the sources used, discussion of methodology, results obtained and or conclusions, as well as footnotes& endnotes, and abstract in many cases. Many experts use scholarly publications to share original research and or analyzing other expert’s findings....   [tags: Scientific method, Research, Graduate school]

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The Long Road to Graduate School

- The Long Road to Graduate School In his poem, The Road Not Taken, Robert Frost wrote, "Two roads diverge in the woods, and I took the one least traveled by/ And that has made all the difference." In this poem, the narrator had a choice of two roads. However, I've discovered that life is a little more complicated. Sometimes the path we embark on is not always the one we choose. Sometimes we are pushed or pulled in certain directions and we have to react to our environment. My path to a college education has been filled with bumps, potholes, detours and roadblocks....   [tags: Graduate Admissions Essays]

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Graduate Study of Clinical Psychology

- Graduate Study of Clinical Psychology My dedication to the field of psychology is evident in the various activities in which I am involved. I am a student affiliate of the American Psychological Association, as well as a student member of the Iowa Psychological Association. I have been actively involved in the community as a volunteer working with patients, families, and staff in the emergency room of a local hospital. I have been a devoted member of the psychology club for two years and am currently serving my first year as an officer (Vice-president of Special Events)....   [tags: Graduate Admissions Essays]

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Pool Scenes in The Graduate

- Pool Scenes in The Graduate At first glance it may seem that the swimming pool in Ben?s backyard is no more than an insignificant setting-choice for the movie. After close examination, however, the pool fills a critical role as the symbol of the recent college-graduate?s internal struggle with decisions regarding his future. Key scenes involving the swimming pool and the related aquarium in Ben?s room chronicle the evolution of his transition from adolescents into adulthood. The opening scene of the movie in which Ben?s face is visible through the glass of his aquarium tank demonstrates his role as an adolescent upon arriving home from college....   [tags: Film Movie The Graduate]

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Analysis of The Graduate

- Through the analysis of characteristics present within The Graduate this paper will express how it encompasses not only attributes from classical Hollywood cinema but also those of the Art film. These types of cinema have distinct and obvious styles and patterns that evoke different purposeful reactions independently, for instance the classical film tends to allow its viewer to understand completely what is happening throughout the film; this is archived by forming a logical plot, and applying repetition....   [tags: Art FIlm, Analysis]

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The Graduate

- The Graduate This paper will be both a critique as well as an analysis of the relationships between both my generation and the time period in which the movie took place. In the critique, I which to look at the movie score and the dependency that I felt Ben and Katherine had for each other. There were several issues that I felt my generation had in common with Ben's generation. These issues were the need to rebel and the detachment we feel from our parents. There were several aspects of the movie, which I think should have been removed....   [tags: essays papers]

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The Graduate

- Shot by Shot Assignment Ben enters his room and is at ease finally. The music stops and the focus is on him. The room is well lit and his head is leaned against the white door, which gives the audience a sense of escape. As he makes his way toward the window, we see a dartboard next to his bedroom door that has not one of the darts on the correct target. One has even found itself on the wall. Over his bed we see pictures of planes and toy planes pointed in every direction as maybe parallel to his life....   [tags: essays research papers]

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What Is A Graduate Earnings Premium?

- ... These benefits also include better choices of employers, shortened times for seeking new jobs and greater career mobility. Students who worry about incurring large amounts of college-associated debt can rest easier knowing that their earnings premium will usually cover the debt payments with more left over to fund a better, more fulfilling lifestyle. Statistics that support university educations A wealth of statistics and anecdotal evidence shows that, despite occasional upswings and retrenchments, the graduate earnings premium is real, substantial and applicable throughout many countries in Europe, Asia, North America and the West....   [tags: Higher education, Academic degree, University]

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Sample Resume : Graduate School

- ... The last reason is with a graduate degree you have a better chance getting an excellent job and a higher pay. I personal want a job with an excellent pay so that I will not have to struggle to pay my bills and so that my family will be financially taken care of also. Yes. I know that there is some pros and cons to going to graduate school. Some pros of attending a graduate school would be an advance in a career. Like I previously stated, a grad degree can open up a wider array of career opportunities especially in psychology, social work, and healthcare....   [tags: Academic degree, Bachelor's degree, Doctorate]

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The Uk Graduate Labour Market

- Throughout the years government policies have expanded and encouraged access for education for the wider community and population. The change from free education and the introduction of university fees of the labour market in September 1998(Blake, 2010) was a major factor whereby over educating started. As more students were attending university and the demand increased the price of tuition fees fluctuated as a result of graduates being produced. The Browne report also encouraged the rate to increase, as of December 2010 parliament voted in favour to cap university fees to £9000 (Blake, 2010)....   [tags: Education, Employment, Labour economics, Labor]

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The Competency Of New Graduate Nurses

- ... Increasing demands on new nurses to be proficient in their field can lead to faster burnouts. The problem arises with the limited experience that new nurses have to call upon when entering the workforce. “Many studies have acknowledged that nursing graduates who are the product of nursing education system have not had enough competencies to provide high quality services at the beginning of work (Bratt, 2009; Newton & McKenna, 2007). “This problem can be due to the gap between education and clinical practice” (Hesaveh, Rafii, & Seyedfatemi, 2013, p....   [tags: Nurse, Nursing, Skill, Nurse education]

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The Competencies Of New Graduate Nurses

- ... 215). Increasing demands on new nurses to be proficient in their field can lead to faster burnouts. The problem arises with the limited experience that new nurses have to call upon when entering the workforce. “Many studies have acknowledged that nursing graduates who are the product of nursing education system have not had enough competencies to provide high quality services at the beginning of work (Bratt, 2009; Newton & McKenna, 2007). “This problem can be due to the gap between education and clinical practice” (Hesaveh, Rafii, & Seyedfatemi, 2013, p....   [tags: Nurse, Nursing, Skill, Nurse education]

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Pursuing Graduate Studies in the USA

- One can always rely on studies of matter at the atomic scale to discover unique and unusual things. Given the way materials act under certain conditions, many times it seems one of these characteristics brings about the other, without explanation. It is this volatility and excitement that has solidified my continuous passion within this field and in my life’s endeavors. It is the curiosity of the unexpected, the search for a greater understanding of our world at the atomic scale, and in a dynamic environment, that brings me to pursue graduate studies in the USA....   [tags: Statment of Purpose]

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Evaluation Of A New Graduate Student

- ... From reading Blachowicz (2016), I understood that he was explaining that there is no perfect approach to a scientific method, and that there are multiple ways of increasing human knowledge. While he discussed the poem and definition requirements, I began thinking about how careful researchers are with their word choices. I really began to think about my future research question- and about how I must be cautious, and make it meaningful and explanatory. I believe Seigler (2016)’s article helped me understand Blachowicz (2016)’s article better....   [tags: Science, Scientific method, Research]

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Graduation Speech : Graduate College

- I have three specific goals that I intend to reach, which are to graduate high school, graduate college, and be successful in my career after college. To start, I plan to graduate high school. Although I am very near to attaining this goal, as I am in my last year of high school, it is an extremely important goal to me. In order to achieve this goal, I, as I have done throughout my time as a student, plan to study hard and strive to succeed in the classroom. Secondly, my intention is to attend and graduate from college....   [tags: High school, College, Middle school, Leadership]

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Graduate Studies in Aerospace Engineer

- ... Though it was built for fun, I also used to compete among my friends. The planes flying for more distance or staying longer in air were declared as the winners in those competitions. To win in the competition, we used to build planes of various designs and tweak them to fly for longer distance or to stay more time in air. Though it was done unknowingly, today I can relate them with respect to endurance, fuel efficiency and design of a modern aircraft, which plays a crucial role in designing the aircraft....   [tags: aircraft, design, data, strees, analysis]

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Graduate Studies in Atmospheric Science

- ... And the School of Atmospheric Science at Nanjing University, the top school for this major in China has provided me with a rich environment to excel beyond the curriculum, debating and discussing questions with my professors. My curious and analytical attitude has made me a top student among my peers. Apart from the background training, the excitement of overcoming challenges independently has also fueled the enthusiasm in my studies. In my second year, I was keen to implement my studies from Synoptic Meteorology, a module I was studying at the time, and enhance my understanding of its content....   [tags: work, creativity, studies]

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Leadership As A Graduate Student

- Leadership has never been something on the forefront of my mind when thinking about social work. For me, it’s been an interesting concept to think about in a meaningful way, and how to connect leadership and social work in my current role as an employee and as a graduate student. While I am not inclined to think of myself as a leader, nor do I necessarily strive to be one, looking at social work from this new perspective gives me the chance to grow as a student and as a practitioner in my current position and beyond....   [tags: Leadership, Sociology, Management, Social work]

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Graduate Studies for Welding Engineering

- Statement of Purpose "Arcs and Sparks!" was my understanding of welding at the beginning. Surprisingly, now I am applying the graduate studies for welding engineering which is the most fascinating area in engineering in my heart. What happened in the past three years. I have been on my own way to explore the world of materials science and engineering since the childhood. I grew up besides the SJ Petroleum Machinery Co., influenced by many engineers, I had a natural interest in such activities as hands-on practice, solving problems and making small objects gradually....   [tags: science, engineers, activities, practice]

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Application Essay for Graduate Studies

- Statement of Purpose In this era of information technology I feel a sense of pride in being so closely associated with the field of computer science. The desire to forge ahead in this field by doing cutting-edge research has motivated me to pursue graduate studies. In my childhood, I was very inquisitive and used to wonder how different machines and instruments work. Right from the age of 13, I was given the opportunity to gain acquaintance with Computers. I had learned BASICS, MS-DOS along with the subjects in my school curriculum....   [tags: research, technology, company, school]

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Graduate Program Admissions Essay

- My interest in information science first emerged while working on household survey and clinical research projects at RTI International and Duke University Medical Center. While working in different roles in project management, operations, and training, I became involved in a variety information technology activities including, managing a field test of new project hardware and software; identifying functional requirements and creating specifications for project websites and data collection tools; testing systems; providing troubleshooting support & software training; and working as a liaison between management and IT staff for system changes and new developments....   [tags: Admissions Essay]

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Graduate School Admissions Essay: Technology Research

- Technology Research No greater contribution can be made to a specific field than research that leads to the development of a new and superior technology. Universities and businesses constantly attempt to remain on the cutting edge of new design, manufacturing, and application systems through research and development. If I were given the opportunity to conduct my own research, I would dedicate my efforts to the design of computer processing chips with the goal of increasing their speed and computational ability....   [tags: Graduate College Admissions Essays]

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The Bittersweet Experience of Completing Graduate School

- Successful completion of graduate school is a momentous and joyous occasion. It is the moment a graduate student has been working towards throughout graduate school. What is important to remember is not all individuals who start graduate school will successfully complete their degree program. Individuals that are successful know how much work and effort was needed to graduate. Graduate students make personal sacrifices to continue their education. Attending graduate school comes with a high price....   [tags: Education]

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New Graduate Nurses

- Transitioning from nursing school to working in a hospital setting can be a challenging time for a new graduate. Due to the nursing shortage, new graduate nurses are being hired with little to no experience. This is overwhelming for new nurses, especially when they are not getting adequate support or training from the hospital. The amount of stress, pressure, and lack of training is leading to a high turnover rate for new graduate nurses. With patient acuity on the rise, new graduate nurses that are filling these vacancies in the hospitals, need to be competent nurses to provide proper and safe care to the patients....   [tags: nursing schools, shortage, ]

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Professional Development Plan for Nursing Graduate

- The professional development plan for nursing graduates is a program that was started by the government with the aims of creating a smooth transition from the student experience to workplace experience. Despite having learnt several ethical and professional contents, the professional development plan ensures that, all the graduate nurses have a smooth transition that ensures they deliver quality and standard services as expected of them (Gordon & Franklin, 2003). Under the nursing professional plan, the nurses are supposed to bring together personal and professional skills in order to improve the quality of the nursing practice in the country....   [tags: Health Care]

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Why I Want For A Graduate Degree

- ... I did not take my education seriously. Working long hours, socializing, and skipping class caused me to fail certain subjects and graduate with a low GPA. My GPA does not reflect the type of person that I am, therefore; I deserve a second chance and the time is now. 2016 is my time to work on achieving my goals. I am ready to apply myself and study very hard to obtain excellent grades. Through hard work and determination, I know that I will succeed. I started working at the age of 16. My first job was at Holliday’s Fashions in 1993 where I was a Key/Assistant Manager....   [tags: Bachelor's degree, Academic degree]

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Graduate Education : Meeting Society Needs

- Graduate Education: Meeting Society Needs Health care and the needs of society are ever-changing. Many of these recent changes, such as the Affordable Care Act, population growth, and a continuing nursing shortage have placed a strain on the health care system. This has driven the nursing arena to be prepared to meet the increased demands of society by educating nurses at the graduate level and integrating critical thinking, quality improvement and safety, through use of electronic healthcare record (EHR), leadership, research, and technology....   [tags: Nursing, Health care, Health economics, Healthcare]

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Application for a Graduate Program in Electrical Engineering

- ... Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is a wireless technology that utilizes radio communication to identify objects with a unique electrical identity. The widespread deployment of RFID technologies may generate new threats to security and user privacy. A hardware implementation of the mutual authentication protocol for the RFID system was simulated using Modelsim XE II and synthesized using Xilinx synthesis technology. The project experience unearthed the skills hidden in me. The projects being group work taught me the virtues of group co-ordination, continuous interaction and team work which are essential qualities needed to build one’s career....   [tags: education, experience, technology]

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Employability and the Graduate Market - Interim Assessment

- Throughout Term 1 I had to conduct research about the graduate market on employers from the Times Top 100 Graduate Employers. Conducting this researching showed me the traits of a highly successful employer. Whilst looking at the graduate market on specific companies such as Freshfields and Allen & Ovary, and completing work experience in an immigration law firm called Fragomen, I have discovered the significant rise and falls of employment and salaries that a career in a specific chosen field can go through....   [tags: Preparation, Lawyer]

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Fellowships, Training and Graduate Link Programs

- The Government has been following a balanced strategy toward educational development. It has expanded access to primary and secondary education and the enrolment ratio now stands at 117 percent for primary education and 45 percent for secondary. The Government has just begun implementing a nine-year basic education program, which extends basic education to junior secondary education (grades 7-9), as well as its programs to improve the quality of basic education. The Government recognizes the importance of extended 9-year basic education as the critical foundation for human resource development....   [tags: Education, higher education]

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I Graduate From The University Of Florida

- My educational goals are to graduate from the University of Florida with honors with a degree in neuroscience and a minor in business administration. I want to graduate from college because I know that knowledge is the key to success. There are endless possibilities and no limitations when one is knowledgeable about the world around him or her. If I graduate with honors, I will know that I pushed myself to my greatest reaching point and surpassed my limitations. There are great things awaiting me, and the only way to get there is go above and beyond what is expected of me with a solid education....   [tags: Academic degree, Doctor of Medicine]

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Graduate Study Challenges and Strategies for Success

- Graduate Study Challenges and Strategies for Success In my current role as a nurse educator I feel the desire to pursue my dream of obtaining a master’s degree, specializing in nursing education. It has been 27 years since I have sat in the student chair in a classroom; therefore, I anticipate a number of challenges and barriers to overcome. In this paper I will present and describe three challenges that I expect to be faced with over the next two years. I will also discuss the strategies I plan to use to address these challenges....   [tags: Personal Goals]

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My Goals And Vision Of Graduate School

- ... I have wanted to be certified Behavioral Analyst for the past five years. This was my motivation to begin working in the Mental Health field. Just wasn’t sure at first the route to go primarily. Being able to understand an individual behavior and help manage and decrease negative behavior is what track I need to be on. After researching Saint Joseph’s program think it would be excellent program of study for me to be enrolled in and pursing my career goals. Behavioral Analyst will always keep be intrigued and fascinate me, by being able to study an individual 's characteristics of human behavior....   [tags: Psychology, Behavior, Applied behavior analysis]

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Personal Statement On Attending Graduate School

- ... There continues to exist a large degree of stigma around psychopathologies, and more so in the Chinese community. Conversations about one’s mental well-being are typically avoided, and when an individual exhibits symptoms of a mental disorder, they are often ostracized, and expected to overcome their problems. This insensitive response to individuals with mental disorders is generally due to a lack of understanding amongst the Chinese about the nature, and implications of mental disorders. However, this is not only true for the Chinese, but for society as a whole....   [tags: Psychology, Mental disorder, Bachelor's degree]

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Desire To Graduate From University of Connecticut

- I have always wanted to go to a large university with over 20,000 students and a huge campus. As a high school junior, I looked into applying to both University of Massachusetts Amherst and University of Connecticut Storrs. However in the end I only applied to University of Massachusetts Amherst due to various reasons. And I came here knowing I would change myself to be a better person. I am the youngest daughter of three daughters of my parents. As a child and even today I am more pampered and protected than my elder sisters are....   [tags: Education Goals]

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I Want to Graduate from Harvard

- “Do you want to know who you are. Don't ask. Act. Action will delineate and define you,” affirms our American Founding Father and our 3rd United States President, Thomas Jefferson. Ms. Harris and in company of Ms. Blaize, I was able to learn how to shape my future on my passageway to success. On our trip to Harvard, perchance benefited every individual that attended the trip because we are able to learn what type of college we would prefer and one of the elite colleges in America....   [tags: a personal reflection]

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Choosing Between Graduate School and the Peace Corps

- The Peace Corps is an organization of people who are America’s international helpers. This is a federal government program that was designed to bring about peace and hospitality to developing countries. This organization has a virtuous history of people of all race backgrounds and genders who come together to help others. The volunteers have no obligation toward the people of the world but they serve by their own intent as Americans and individuals. Volunteers who finish their service are of great character because they offer their own time to help those in need....   [tags: Personal Ambition]

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What's at Stake in The Graduate

- What's at Stake in The Graduate   Every time somebody rents a video or watches a movie on television there is always that little blurb right before they begin viewing about the picture being formatted for the screen. Usually, it is ignored or merely taken as a cue that the film is about to start. That little forewarning actually holds a lot of significance, for when one views a movie in its original, wide screen version, a whole new world opens up. When a movie is altered from its initial state, and cropped in the editing room for home viewing, an overwhelming amount of the film is unsuspectingly missed....   [tags: Movie Film comparison compare contrast]

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Why I Want to Acheive a Graduate Level Degree

- Many reasons convinced me to pursue a graduate level degree in social work. First the standard of education has greatly increased in the field of social work, especially regarding social work in the healthcare field. The majority of jobs in healthcare require a graduate degree, especially in my town of Kamloops, British Columbia. I hope to do case management in healthcare and most of my colleagues stated I most likely wouldn’t be a candidate for this position if I do not have a graduate level education....   [tags: education, services, healthcare ]

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Should Students Have to Pass Standardized Test to Graduate?

- Should Students have to pass Standardized Tests to graduate. One time I heard a teacher at my old high school tell a new teacher that their job is to teach to the test and nothing else. I did not really know what she meant, but I knew something about what she said sounded very wrong. I thought why are they just teaching us how to pass the test instead of just teaching us what we need to know. Later I found out that whether or not I graduate depends on passing the test. The idea of standardized testing to say whether or not students graduate is a bad one....   [tags: high school knowledge asssessment]

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Plastics: A Comparison of The Film The Graduate Vs. The Novel

- Charles Webb’s timeless novel The Graduate tells a story of a naive college student who has an affair with his parent’s good friend. However, its success was not based on the story, the sensation was on how the story was told. In Mike Nichols’ 1967 classic The Graduate based on the novel, young Benjamin Braddock is a rising scholar with no direction. Unaware of his promising life he finds himself troubled and confused as to what he wants. The film brought the novel to life with authentic characters with sympathy and edge, the novel The Graduate was the foundation of one the most successful and iconic films in history....   [tags: Broadway Hit, Plot Summary]

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The Student Perspective : Perceptions Of Graduate Academic Research Success

- The Student Perspective: Perceptions of Graduate Academic Research Success Introduction: The Research Question The aim of this study was to understand, on a micro-level, perceptions of students within the sociology department of Georgia State University who are starting graduate research at the PhD level, but had already completed a major graduate research study (a master’s thesis). In this study, the research question is: how do post-master doctoral students enrolled in the Georgia State University doctoral sociology program describe their experience of completing their masters thesis....   [tags: Scientific method, Sampling, Research]

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Film Analysis of The Graduate Directed by Mike Nichols

- "Mrs. Robinson, you are trying to seduce me," says Benjamin Braddock (Dustin Hoffman). The Graduate, directed by Mike Nichols in 1967 is an influential satire/comedy film about a recent East Coast college graduated who finds himself alienated and aimless in the changing, social and sexual general public of the 1960s, and questioning the values of society. The theme of the film is of an innocent and confused youth who is exploited, mis-directed, seduced (literally and figuratively) and betrayed by a corrupt, self-indulgent, and discredited older generation (that finds stability in “plastics”) that I found to be quite clear and understanding, while also capturing the real spirit of the times...   [tags: film analysis, movie analysis]

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I Want to Pursue My Graduate Studies

- By performing research that creates new understanding, new technologies and the potential for action, my purpose for pursuing graduate school at this phase of my life is to propel my professional presence and career. I believe strongly in the potential of graduate study and research to ameliorate the challenges of society to accelerate growth into new life changing solutions and drive progress in technology, the economy and other areas. A significant proportion of our better health, wealth and general wellbeing whether environmental, cultural, social or spiritual was made possible by the research performed by universities and through the actions of people who were drawing on the benefits of...   [tags: statement of purpose]

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Viewer Response - The Graduate

- In The Graduate, the director, Mike Nichols’, emphasizes the mysterious tone of the film with his overuse of lighting, camera angles, and shadows. The uncertainty Benjamin Braddock feels can be seen right from the start as he stands on the moving sidewalk at the airport. He is positioned at the right hand side of the screen moving forward. You can see a large area to the left where the credits appear. I think the director chose this technique for the opening credits to symbolize how this graduate is arriving at a new destination & has much uncertainty in front of him....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Research Regarding Administrative Perceptions Of Graduate Preparation

- ... Connolly et al. (2011) added to the literature regarding what administrators consider when screening candidates by focusing on administrative perceptions of online master’s degrees. Connolly et al. (2011) surveyed mid-level administrators and found that, overwhelmingly, they would not likely hire a candidate who had earned their higher education master’s degree entirely online. Administrators explained that they believe the programs lacked experiential application of course content, and that due to the lack of face-to-face interaction, these candidates would not possess the skills necessary to interact with students (Connolly et al., 2011)....   [tags: Management, Skill, Education, College]

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Studying Journalism And Literature : An Undergraduate And Journalism As A Graduate

- ... What I learnt as an undergraduate has prepared me for coming up with those research ideas and present them in a conversational and fascinating way. My responsibilities also included the maintenance the ViDS Effect Laboratory of the Scripps School of Journalism, designing (theoretically and methodologically) and conducting the experiments with various media source with different equipment (e.g., Super lab) in different formats (e.g., Computer-assisted, pencil-to-paper). As well, I helped to conducted discourse and context analysis studies in gender study and environmental study, by retrieving first-hand journals from the websites....   [tags: Communication, Sociology, Mass communication]

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Central Themes in The Graduate

- Central Themes in The Graduate The themes of loneliness, isolation and entrapment are central to the narrative of the 1967 film The Graduate. Throughout the film, many devices are used in order to communicate this to the audience. This list of devices includes the use of water and glass for example, which is seen in many scenes and emphasizes the isolation and entrapment of the not particularly remarkable but worthy kid who drowns amongst many objects and things throughout this film....   [tags: Papers Film Movie Essays]

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Application for Graduate School at Texas A&M University

- ... In the course Computer Architecture & Organization, I implemented the LC-3 architecture with all necessary components including registers, APU, datapaths of instructions, memory including instructions pipeline architecture using Verilog. In the course Operating System, I developed the custom command line interpreter using C and implemented several functionalities as changing directories, execution of command etc., I also implemented threading, resource sharing using semaphores and monitors using C....   [tags: systems, curriculum, development, technology]

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Seeking Admission to a Computer Science Graduate Program

- ... Right from the school days, reading and collecting international computer magazines to participating in technical seminars and workshops, I have constantly strived to be in tune with times. One of my undergraduate subjects of Information System and Security, which has made me to get a head start and I was very much interested in learning and grasping new technologies in this field of Information Systems. As a student, I not only intend to learning the fundamentals and vital aspects in Computer Science, but my interest also lies in the field of IT Auditing for solving real world problems that presently plague database systems and network capabilities....   [tags: information technology, computer security]

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My Computer Science Graduate Program at ASU

- Four years of my undergraduate study have exposed me to a plethora of sub disciplines in Computer Science because of which my knowledge is not limited to any particular topic. However, a graduate study in Computer Science will help me increase my knowledge in areas which are of particular interest to me. My primary interests lie in the fields of Data Mining and Machine Learning. I believe pursuing a graduate program at XYZ University will be the ideal step towards fulfilling my career aspirations....   [tags: AIESEC, Data Mining, machine learning]

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Statement of Purpose for Graduate Study in Regulatory Affairs

- With the current innovation and integration of medicine, technology and business, a need for increased regulatory compliance is imperative to ensure that reliable and safe products are available to the public so that we may continue to lead healthy lives. As a candidate for graduate study in Regulatory Affairs at Long Island University, I am eager to expand my academic skills in helping people lead healthier lives by using my knowledge in bioscience- health care and medicine. I feel Long Island University has reputation in academic leadership and I would bring to this graduate program my dedication and be disciplined at my studies....   [tags: pharmacy, education, degree]

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Conflict Resolution : New Graduate Nurse Orientation

- Conflict Resolution: New Graduate Nurse Orientation In the conflict presented in New Graduate Nurse Orientation, we see that there is a new hire to the floor. Recently graduating from nursing school Helen really wants to fit in with the fellow nurses on the unit. Helen wants to belong to the unit as a whole and is looking to her preceptor Ashley as they one to help facilitate not only her transition from nursing school to the unit, also the transition to being a part of the unit through the camaraderie of the fellow nurses on the unit....   [tags: Nursing, Nurse, Need, Florence Nightingale]

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Pursuing Graduate Study with the Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship Program

- My primary goal in pursuing graduate study is to build upon the foundation that was laid during my undergraduate studies in order to prepare for a career in policy analysis. I have decided to pursue an advanced degree in Economics due to my past coursework, internships, and research experiences. In particular, I want to conduct research in health economics and policy because I feel that it combines many of my interests, such as policy impact, health care, and the global experience. If provided the opportunity to participate in the Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship Program, I would gain perspective and skills that would prove invaluable when working to improve the well being of the global comm...   [tags: Personal Ambition]

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Teacher Pursuing Post Graduate Studies in Education

- As our city schools struggle to improve, it is critical that our school leaders be, innovative, supportive, open minded, strong, and passionate. These same school leaders must also have extensive experience as educators, and be committed to studying and incorporating current research into their practices. I have experience in leadership roles in the school setting, and I have learned a great deal from my participation in these roles. I am committed to the students of New York City; I want to improve our schools for them....   [tags: application essays, admissions essays, PhD]

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Becoming An Effective Leader : A Graduate Student At Kaplan University

- As a graduate student at Kaplan University, I am pursing my Master’s in Management. I am learning how to become an effective leader. I believe an effective leader may possess specific skills and abilities to reach an organizations and personal success. Today’s workforce is challenged with many barriers that may affect leadership roles. How do you address this as a leader; without offending employee culture. By attending this leadership course I expect to learn why leadership is essential in any organization....   [tags: Leadership, Management, Skill]

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Application for Graduate Program in Mechanical Enginnering for Standard University

- ... I defined a custom tire model in MSC Adams platform to carry out tire-runway interaction simulations and optimized it to achieve an accuracy of 85-90% in dynamic properties compared to data recorded from an aircraft by Dassault-Aviation. This internship helped me to gain insight into the modeling and simulations of real world mechanisms. I also learnt that a great deal of persistence is required in obtaining substantial results in research. I am keen on complementing my undergraduate research experience by gaining a more in-depth understanding of these aspects of _________ in my future studies....   [tags: fuels, combustion, design, research]

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A Genre Analysis of Graduate-Level Reading Response Blogs

- Introduction As a community, academics are increasingly accepting the use of public, online, journal style writings known as weblogs (blogs) as a valid pedagogy for the classroom. The attraction of using blogs within a classroom setting stems mainly from the discursive possibilities that the new technology offers: namely, that blogs allow for a discussion of nearly any topic in a socially moderated medium that encourages participants to compare, expand upon, and modify their understanding of that topic in relation to the ideas of their peers....   [tags: Analysis]

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New Graduate Nurse Practitioners and the Preceptor/Mentor Model

- Preceptor recruitment, preparation, and compensation; preparation and evaluation of the students; as well as the setting and overall experience for both student and preceptor have long since been starting points for literature reviews when addressing new graduate nurse practitioner (NP) clinical competency upon entry to practice. Preceptor models and student/mentor relationships address, in part, the following benefits: opportunities for critical thinking, operationalizing theoretical concepts, enhancing professional behaviors, interaction with peers and ancillary personnel, all while doing so in a real world environment (Ivey, 2006)....   [tags: preceptor recruitment, preparation, compensation]

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Mary Mahoney: The First African-American Nurse Graduate

- Life in Boston Massachusetts in the 1900’s was extremely hard and strenuous. Automobiles were beginning to appear on the dirt roads, telephone service was starting to make its way into the homes of the fortunate few, while most of the of the population was still living without running water and electricity. Education was generally meant for the white children as African Americans schools had fewer books, poorly paid teachers and school buildings that were run down. Although the African Americans were no longer slaves, they were still treated as sub- citizens and fighting for equality....   [tags: Nursing]

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Electrical Engineering Graduate School Application Letter

- I am an ambitious young Saudi with a Bachelor’s degree in Power Systems and Electric from the College of Technology in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Through my academic and professional experiences, I have come to believe that only with hard work and determination can one realize his ambitions and dreams, and that failure to do so is only due to a loss of stamina or motivation. For me, my dream is to join (name of university) to attend the Electrical Engineering program, for it is my belief that by attending your program, I will be better equipped to conduct detailed theoretical and practical research in the science, and upon commencing my studies, I will possess the necessary skills and knowledge t...   [tags: School Admission Request]

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Why Do Children Graduate High School?

- ... “Even when poor children are fortunate enough to attend the same school as rich children, they encounter teachers who expect only children of affluent families to know the right answers” (Loewen 203). Children are expected to live up to the standards and perceptions authorities create around them. Loewen asserts that textbooks try to make it seem that classicism was in the past and we no longer have to deal with this problem. In terms of classicism, history textbooks rarely mention anything about classicism after the Taft-Hartley Act, which happened more than fifty years ago....   [tags: Sociology, Social class, Education, Working class]

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An MBA Graduate Defined

- An MBA Graduate Defined An MBA is a degree awarded to individuals who complete required coursework in the field of Management Science. The MBA title stands for Master of Business Administration and implies that the person holding the degree is qualified to hold a position in senior management within a firm. An MBA manager is similar to the captain of a ship. He is responsible for making decisions and plans about the firm and for controlling the firm’s employees. The goal of an MBA manager is to maximise the firm’s value through the use of the firm’s tangible and intangible assets....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Graduate School Admissions Essay

- ‘Slow and steady wins the race’, they say. Nothing best describes my passage through life as does this adage: mine has been flanked by academic challenges and high family standards. Yet, I have not only always pulled through but have done so most gallantly, even finishing best at some levels. Primary and Secondary Schools education were for me, not quite fulfilling, that is at first. I was quite poor in Mathematics. Having older siblings who excelled in all subjects did not make it any easier. Everyone compared me with them....   [tags: Admissions Essays]

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Online Graduate Programs

- Online Graduate Programs Over the past few years there has been a significant increase in the number of students enrolled in online graduate programs. Before online graduate programs existed, an undergraduate student could only receive a graduate degree if they physically attended a university. However, with the improvements in technology, students can now receive a graduate degree from their home by simply attending lectures online, and submitting their work through email to the professor. Although there are conflicting ideas about whether or not a student can retain the same amount of information from an online program as opposed to attending a graduate school, research shows that online...   [tags: essays papers]

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Five Careers for a Graduate of Agricultural Studies

- Five Careers for a Graduate of Agricultural Studies I. Introduction Agriculture is a vast and expanding world for many people here in the mid-west. This is not a career to be taken lightly, since it has it's ever-changing highs and lows; which attract people and also discourage them too. Deciding what a graduate wants to do in agriculture is a difficult process, I know since I am in the process right now. Some of the following careers are ones that I am more familiar with since I have been around most of them....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Graduation Speech: A Great Time to Be a Graduate

- Ladies and Gentlemen we are assembled here this evening to celebrate the graduation of the Community College Class of 2012. With this celebration comes many distinctions, honors and legacies. This is a great time to be a graduate of Community College, because we are a group of students who are graduating with high grade point averages, leadership skills, overall talent, plus we are leaving behind much to be admired by future classes. Our class is also a very diverse and dedicated one. As if being a student alone was not a difficult task, many of our classmates hold jobs outside of school, are active in their communities as coaches, volunteers, athletes and leaders, and many have families to...   [tags: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address]

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High School Graduate in the Real World

- High School Graduate in the Real World With surprisingly minimal reluctance I face my new life. My heart is filled with excitement, while my mind teems with anxiety. Everything has changed. I suppose it really hasn’t, but it seems as if one little difference can make you feel like the whole world is turning inside out. I go about what will soon become routine for me without any second thoughts. Perhaps none of this has sunk in yet. I sit alone in a tiny cubicle only about five feet square and examine my new surroundings....   [tags: Personal Narrative Essays]

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Graduate School Versus Work: A Post College Decision in America

- Education stimulates and develops human thoughts and wisdom. In many developed countries, people are responsible to receive fundamental education to secondary school by law. Students attending university after high school became a social trend in North America for decades. Universities develop and train student with advance professional skills and knowledge. Graduate school and work are ultimate options university graduated students consider after achieving their bachelor diploma. Although comparable high expectations are anticipated from work and graduate study, graduate school is a more advantage option for university students after graduation....   [tags: jobs, students, America, higher education]

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Post-graduate Traveling Fellowship Recipient

- Post-graduate Traveling Fellowship Recipient "With every step, you are met by the most bizarre and wonderful forms," she told me. I have never heard someone talk about nature in the way that my host mother in France did. She has not been able to return to what she calls "the jungles of Madagascar"-her birthplace-but images of wild and beautiful greenness have never left her mind. In Madagascar, there are two hundred thousand different species of living things; ninety-three percent of them are endemic to this island....   [tags: Environmental Ecology Teaching Essays]

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Comparing My Behavior and Experiences to Those Required by Graduate Employers

- Ques1. A reflected account waist on comparing and contrasting your own experiences skills and behaviors with those required by graduate employers. Ans. In the current scenario the graduate employers are supposed to be effective and efficient the graduate employer should be obedient enough to follow the norms and rules of an organization they should be open minded attitude. In an individuals life the purpose of accomplishing the ambition of life is different according to person to person. There are different hurdles that an individual has to face and manage them in best possible way....   [tags: skill, communication, career]

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Transitioning from Nursing Student to New Graduate Nurse (NGN)

- Transitioning from academic nursing student to Registered Nurse/New Graduate Nurse (NGN) within the healthcare environment is a challenging task for many NGNs. They may encounter a number of challenges, such as the following: transition shock, professional isolation, lack of clinical experience, stress, lack of a support network and cultural incompetence. At the end, this essay will discuss the rationale for developing my two most important goals for the next twelve months. I presume the role transition from academic nursing student to Graduate Nurse will be challenging and rewarding....   [tags: Registered Nurse Essay]

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The New Graduate Nurse Residency Program At Children 's Hospital Colorado

- ... I value the trust patients/families instill in their nurses, and the ability of nurses to provide culturally and ethically appropriate care to their patients. I believe there is so much more to being a great nurse then just knowing what the book says about an illness. I want to provide the best care for children at all times by adopting the best practices of other nurses. 3. Describe your passion for wanting to work with the pediatric population. I have always been drawn to help children; maybe it is their sense of innocence or their faith in you to keep them safe....   [tags: Nursing, Nurse, Florence Nightingale]

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The Reason For My Interest On The Recreation, Parks And Tourism Administration Graduate Study Program

- This letter is to express my interest in obtaining acceptance into the Recreation, Parks and Tourism Administration graduate study program. The reason for my interest is because I would like further my education in the field of RPTA. Another reason why I would like to further my education in RPTA is because it could potentially put me ahead of other applicants for a job position. The reason biggest reason why I would like to continue my education at Western Illinois University is because of the professors that I have had during the time that I have attended Western Illinois University so far....   [tags: Management, Goal, School, College]

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My Interest in the Applied Economics Graduate Program at the University of Minnesota

- As per our Tibetan Buddhist tradition, I was named Kunchok Sangpo, when I was still in the womb of my mother. Born and raised in a Buddhist family, I received my high school education from a Tibetan School, graduated from a Hindu University and completed my postgraduate education from a Christian University. Immersing in different cultures/tradition/religion has helped me look at life from different perspectives. I was awarded a special distinction for securing the highest grade on the national high school standard board exam, amidst all Tibetan School in India and was able to secure admission into India’s top college for commerce, Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University, to complete...   [tags: statement of purpose]

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