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The Dutchman - Oppression of the Black Man

- The Dutchman - Oppression of the Black Man The Dutchman is not a play that you would take a child to. There is no optimism, no hope of a better future, and certainly no hero. It did, however, point out several flaws in society, namely the white man's oppression black men. The entire conversation between Lula and Clay demonstrates that, even as society had become more aware of the social inequalities imposed on minorities, much of society still regarded minorities with utter contempt. It did not come as a surprise that the stereotypes that both white and black individuals were present in the play despite heightened public awareness at the time....   [tags: Amiri Baraka Dutchman Essays]

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Language in Amiri Baraka's The Dutchman

- Language in Amiri Baraka's The Dutchman The popular saying "actions speak louder than words" is upended in Amiri Baraka's play, The Dutchman, where words, or in this case language, speaks louder than the actions of the characters, Lula and Clay. Language governs the characters and their actions, and is therefore a prominent feature in shaping the identities of Lula and Clay. In the play, Baraka conveys the significance of Lula and Clay being enabled to change their identities by a simple change in the type of language they employ....   [tags: Amiri Baraka Dutchman Essays]

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The Character of Clay in Amiri Baraka's The Dutchman

- The Character of Clay in Amiri Baraka's The Dutchman Clay is not naive. He may be misguided, misled, and mistaken, but he is anything but naive. Clay is an individual who has shed the roots of his race, disregarding many of the cultural implications that such a decision could have on him. He is a misguided individual who, because he is human, does the wrong things at the wrong times for the wrong reasons. He continually struggles with his own identity and the power struggle between him and Lula....   [tags: Amiri Baraka Dutchman Essays]

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A Dutchman Driving

- FOR a Dutchman driving his caravan to the Costa del Sol, the only thing to remind him that he had crossed borders used to be the successive text messages welcoming him to Belgium, France and Spain. That was before this summer’s migrant crisis—and last weekend’s terrorist attacks in Paris. Now the liberty to roam the 26 countries in the border-free Schengen zone, which Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the European Commission, calls a “unique symbol of European integration”, is under greater threat than at any point since its inception....   [tags: European Union, Europe, Turkey, Spain]

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Analysis Of The Movie ' Dutchman '

- Dutchman takes place in a train car in the subway beneath a city. It is specified that it is summer at the time of the play, in 1964. Obviously, this was during a period in American history where segregation was still rampant, particularly in the South, though of course racism was still prevalent throughout the United States of America. At this time as well, discourse about the civil rights movement was gaining momentum. Other societal influences included the Vietnam war, the Cold War, and the anti war movement which promoted a sort of counter culture....   [tags: Black people, Racism, African American culture]

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Binaries and Identities in Amiri Baraka's Dutchman

- In Amiri Baraka’s Dutchman, the binary between black and white people embeds itself into the characters on the subway. Lula, who incorporates her image with control and deception through her white skin, represents one significant driving force. Clay, who faces manipulation from the oppressive white presence of Lula and the others on the train, has to step up and become an opposing force. Throughout these characters transformations from individuals to powers, they express a combination of double consciousness and self-consciousness to reveal their true identities....   [tags: Play Analysis, Binary, Black and White people]

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Analysis Of The Book ' Dutchman And The Slave ' By Leroi Jones

- Race shouldn’t be the way how people are seen and treated. In the book “Dutchman and The slave” by LeRoi Jones (Amiri Baraka) demonstrates the racial problems of how people with different color see each other. The Dutchman and The slave misjudgement of race that all race with same color are the same. This judgement shows how the world see other people with different ethnicity, culture, and race different from them. This misunderstanding cause big wars and fights between people of different race....   [tags: Black people, Race, White people]

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The Representation of Racial Tension in Baraka’s Dutchman

- In the 1964 play Dutchman by Amiri Baraka, formally known as Le Roi Jones, an enigma of themes and racial conflicts are blatantly exemplified within the short duration of the play. Baraka attacks the issue of racial stereotype symbolically through the relationship of the play’s only subjects, Lula and Clay. Baraka uses theatricality and dynamic characters as a metaphor to portray an honest representation of racist stereotypes in America through both physical and psychological acts of discrimination....   [tags: Literacy Analysis ]

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The Dutchman: A Dramatic Expression of the Relationship Between Whites and Blacks

- Amiri Baraka’s The Dutchman would be considered a historical allegory that could be understood as this poetic and dramatic expression of the relationship between whites and blacks throughout the existence of the United States. These patterns of history are symbolically acted out by the two characters Lula and Clay; Lula represents white America and Clay seems to stand for the modern day Uncle Tom, who has over time been shaped by white America and this slave mentality. The beginning Stage directions seem to form this poem in it of itself....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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Bertolt Brecht, LeRoi Jones and Antonin Artaud

- Bertolt Brecht, LeRoi Jones and Antonin Artaud In LeRoi Jones's play, "Dutchman," elements of realism, naturalism and non-realism abound. The play features characters such as Clay, a twenty-year-old Negro, Lula, a thirty-year-old white woman, both white and black passengers on a subway coach, a young Negro and a conductor. All of these characters take a ride that, for each, ends with different destinations and leaves the audience to sort through the details and find conclusions themselves. In this play, Jones uses realistic, naturalistic and non-realistic elements to convey social issues such as racism in the author's own disillusioned style....   [tags: LeRoi Jones Dutchman]

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Analysis Of Joe Turner 's Come And Gone

- Two plays, twenty years apart helped to depict two very important periods in African American history. Joe Turner’s Come and Gone, premiered in 1984, and Dutchman premiered in 1964 help to show the development of the black mind set in certain periods of history. Dutchman, written during the black arts period (1960-1975); helped to show how African Americans constantly fought to escape the classic stereotypes that they were associated with. Joe Turner’s Come and Gone, written for the Contemporary Period, told the story of how first generation black people after the signing of the emancipation proclamation, fought to find their identity, not only as black people but also religiously....   [tags: Racism, Race, African American, Black people]

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Analysis Of ' I Have A Dream '

- In Martin Luther King, Jr.’s speech, “I have a Dream,” he inspires the crowd to take a stand with the following words, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Clay felt like he had been quite for far too long, listening to Lula the Hyena harass him with her belittling words. Lula tells lies, is deceitful, and manipulative; these characteristics represent the oppressive white community. I will describe to you how Clay’s reactions, Dutchman, were solely based on Lula preying upon his weaknesses, like the troubles that the black race felt while battling Civil Rights....   [tags: Black people, White people, Race, White American]

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Low Countries in The Simpsons

- The perception of a culture from outside is important for it influences the culture itself as well as economic and political decisions: money is spent on the representation of countries abroad. For example, China is present everywhere through the Confucius Institutes, so is Germany with the Goethe Institutes and Spain with the Institutos Cervantes. However, in everyday life, the perception of a country from abroad is closer to a bundle of stereotypes usually corroborated in popular culture references: Americans eat burgers and drink coke, Brazilians dance on the beach, Japaneses work round the clock, Australians surf all the time, Spaniards are lazy, and so on....   [tags: public opinion, confucius, Kirk Van Houten]

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Temperate Deciduous Forest and Missouri

- Warsaw, Missouri holds the record for both the coldest and the hottest temperatures ever recorded in Missouri ("Missouri Facts and Trivia"). The temperate deciduous forest is home to unique ecosystems and plentiful wildlife and vegetation. The temperature and precipitation in this biome is not too high or too low, hence the word temperate in the name. The terrain in the temperate deciduous biome has a great effect on the adaptations of the living organisms in the area. Missouri belongs in the temperate deciduous forest biome because both regions have similar climate, locations, terrain, flora, and fauna....   [tags: temperature, biome, precipitation, ecosystem]

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Life of Wilhem Richard Wagner

- Wilhem Richard Wagner, known by Richard, was born in Leipzig, Germany on May 22, 1813. Richard Wagner led a contentious life and is known as one of the world’s most influential composers. He is also famous for his operas such as the four-part, 18-hour Ring Cycle and Tristan Isolde. Wagner led an influential life never losing confidence in himself from financial debt due to his operas not meeting success to being too sick to even compose his music. Richard Wagner is the perfect to example as to why a person should never give up....   [tags: composer, opera]

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Do the Right Thing by Spike Lee

- The African-American inner city is a place where family can come in the form of gangs or collective areas, such as the pizzeria in the movie, Do the Right Thing, and yet these places and the people that find surrogate family in the inner city often only lead lives of violence. There is a common gathering place, in this case the pizza shop. Social networking happens in the streets and in the urban setting. There are many ethnic mixes, and in this case the Italian pizza shop is owned by Italian immigrants, and this is significant....   [tags: african american, civil rights movement]

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A Brief History of Yellow Fever

- You woke up a week ago feeling odd. You were not sure what was wrong, but your body was full of aches, you felt hot to the touch, and you kept vomiting. Your mother told you to lay down and rest, hoping it was just a cold. After a few days, you began to feel better, well enough that you wanted to return to the river to watch the trade ships come in. Now, unfortunately, your symptoms have come back with a vengeance – your fever is back along with intense abdominal pain, your mouth is bleeding without being wounded, and every time you vomit, it appears black in color....   [tags: Diseases, Disorders]

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The Story of IN-N-OUT Burger

- In-N-Out Burger, Quality You Can Taste Today what is known as In-N-Out Burger was first founded by Harry Snyder and his wife Esther Snyder in 1948. The first location was in Baldwin Park California ( Now with over 200 locations in California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and Texas it has been ranked number one in many polls ( Today its headquarters are in Irvine California. As you may know In-N-Out’s menu consists of the double-double (two patties with two slices of cheese), the classic cheeseburger and the basic hamburger....   [tags: Fast food, Hamburgers]

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Brecht vs Baraka

- According to the Aristotelian model, the characters within a play must experience a turning point and change. Plays followed this model for centuries, until eventually playwrights began to break out of this cycle and embrace alternative structures. Neither Amiri Baraka’s The Dutchman nor Bertolt Brecht’s Mother Courage and Her Children seek change within the show itself. Rather, they both seek to stir the audience into changing their societies and lives; and although they share this similar goal, they approach it in very different manners....   [tags: Literary Review]

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Jacob Lawrence Artist

- Race in America comes with a lot of struggle. It has been over fifty years since segregation ended, and race is still the cause of debate over police brutality, discrimination, and hate crimes. In the public eye, race relations are a more muted topic. Most people, white and black say that the time of racial cynicism is over. Race relations now are less defined by politics and more by experiences in schools, sports, popular culture and religion. In the arts, race is becoming more defined as the celebration of culture....   [tags: African American Artist, Art Analysis, Biography]

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Difference Between Greek and Roman Warfare

- THE SPANISH AND DUTCH INFLUENCE ON WARFARE AT THE BATTLE OF BRIETENFELD The Spanish way of waging war with the new gunpowder weapons involved the use of pikemen. The pikemen were formed in with the harquebus as a means of protecting the shooters in between reloads. The Spaniards used a tactical unit of 3,000 men called a tercio, which was a combination of pikemen and harquebus. The Dutchman, Marice of Nassau, developed a training method that enabled the shooters to maintain a barrage of fire on the battlefield....   [tags: essays research papers]

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'The Legend of Sleepy Hollow' Film Comparison

- The title of this movie is called The Legend of the Sleepy Hollow; it was published in 1949 and produced by Walt Disney. The narrating voice was Bing Crosby and the directors were Clyde Geronimi and Jack Kinney. The genre was a family/horror animation; the rating for this movie would be ⅘, it had you laughing and some of the scenes surprised you. It was comical when the lady who didn't have a dancing partner danced with Brom Bones. It was also surprising because even though Ichabod’s face wasn’t that glamorous, he still proved to the viewers that he can be the ladies man....   [tags: Disney version vs Washington Irving]

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Difficult Dialects: Pennsylvania Dutch

- ... Frey wrote what is considered one of the best books on Pennsylvania Dutch, and in his book he covered history, phonology, morphology, syntax, word formation, and vocabulary (4,5). One of the biggest influences of the language has been religion, causing many “Bible-words”. An example of this would be found in the word for flesh being the opposite of spirit (14). Another big influence was the economic level in which most of the Pennsylvania Dutch speakers grew up in. Most were agricultural workers and were peasants, who had few to no elegances of life or of speech....   [tags: linguistics, Amish, Mennonites]

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Photosynthesis and its Discovery

- Photosynthesis The Prentice Gallery Chemistry book defines photosynthesis as, “The procedure by which green plants and algae use radiant power from the sun to fuse glucose from carbon dioxide and water.” The glory of discovering photosynthesis does not belong to any one scientist, but rather numerous scientists contributed to refining the concept we now know as photosynthesis. Before describing the process of photosynthesis, I will provide a brief description of several of the important events that led to its discovery....   [tags: Scientists, Plants, Carbon Dioxide]

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How Language Is Important For Influencing The Manner Of Association With Others

- Globally, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of different, individual cultures, each with their own sets of rules, ideals, and traditions. These cultural guidelines teach an individual how to think, respond, and act towards certain things. This in mind, an individual’s culture has a profound effect on the way they view other cultures, individuals, and the world as a whole; primarily this influence is seen through language, family life, and public life. Language is crucial to everyday life, yet so seldom is it recognized for influencing the manner in which one thinks....   [tags: Family, Culture, The Culture, Marriage]

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Sojourner Truth Was A Major Activist Of The Abolitionist Movement

- Sojourner Truth was a major activist of the abolitionist movement. She was born into slavery in Ulser County New York to James and Betsey as Isabella Baumfree. It is estimated that she was born in between 1790 and 1800. Her life story helps illustrate why her passion and steed ruminated throughout the abolitionist movement. For once, the African American slave woman could share her thoughts, ideas, experiences and hurts about slavery. Her upbringing and experiences as a slave contributed to many of her great speeches and writings, which helped bring awareness to the monster known as slavery....   [tags: Slavery, Slavery in the United States]

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Ronald Wilson Reagan And The President Of The United States

- Ronald Wilson Reagan, the 40th President of The United States, was born on February 6, 1911, to parents Jack and Nelle Reagan in Tampico, Illinois. Reagan had one older brother, Neil. Growing up, Reagan was nicknamed “Dutch” in consequence to his father’s claim; of him resembling a miniature Dutchman. In fact, Reagan’s parents were not wealth. They scattered the Middle West in search of work. Furthermore, it was not till Dutch was roughly twelve years old, in which his parents finally settled down in Dixon, Illinois; where Reagan would graduate high school with athletic and extracurricular distinctions....   [tags: Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush]

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The History of Chemistry Up to the XIX Century

- ... Early civilizations, such as the Egyptians and Babylonians amassed practical knowledge concerning the arts of metallurgy, pottery and dyes, but didn't develop a systematic theory.A basic chemical hypothesis first emerged in Classical Greece with the theory of four elements as propounded definitively by Aristotle stating that that fire, air, earth and water were the fundamental elements from which everything is formed as a combination. Greek atomism dates back to 440 BC, arising in works by philosophers such as Democritis and Epicurus....   [tags: chymistry, a scientific art]

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Ronald Wilson Reag An American Politician, Commentator, And Actor

-  Ronald Wilson Reagan was an American politician, commentator, and actor, who served as the 40th President of the United States from 1981 to 1989. Prior to his presidency, he served as the 33rd Governor of California from 1967 to 1975, following a career as an actor and union leader in Hollywood. Raised in a poor family in small towns of Northern Illinois, Ronald Reagan graduated from Eureka College in 1932 and worked as a sports announcer on several regional radio stations. Moving to Hollywood in 1937, he became an actor, starring in a few major productions....   [tags: Ronald Reagan, Mikhail Gorbachev, Cold War]

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The Renaissance And Its Influence On The Visual Arts

- The Renaissance was a time of adulation for Humanism, a movement that advocated the intensification of "personal independence," "individual expression," and a renewed élan devoted to the classics. Renaissance, a word meaning rebirth, refers to the cultural epoch wherein Ancient Greek and Roman styles were rediscovered and celebrated as a result of trade expansion and a need for knowledge of lexical works (thus, the popularization of Latin). This attitude concerning rebirth was especially reflected in the multitudes of masterpieces produced up to the sixteenth century: artists expelled certain features from preceding Medieval art and appended their oeuvres with techniques unseen in previous a...   [tags: Florence, Renaissance, Italy, Italian Renaissance]

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Analysis Of The Book ' Night Elie Wiesel '

- Night Essay Response A truism is an accepted truth about life in general. Something so simple that there is no reason to argue about it. Many of these truisms were written by great people. An example of this is Elie Wiesel. Elie Wiesel was a child during the holocaust, and in his book Night Elie Wiesel recounts the horrors that he experienced during his childhood. A truism that I believe that Elie Wiesel would agree with is that "to touch a sore renews the pain". Elie Wiesel lost his childhood when Adolf Hitler became chancellor of Germany....   [tags: Elie Wiesel, The Holocaust]

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Choosing the Best Dog Breed for Your Family

- For millions of years dogs have remained a constant companion of man. Bred from the aggressive and formidable Gray Wolf tens of thousands of years ago the domestic dog now lives in many homes across the world. Where in the far distant past the domestic dog was bred as a guard animal, a beast of burden, and even a food source the dogs of today are bred for a far more endearing purpose-companionship and love. Finding a pet dog that is more of a joy than a chore is necessary when asking: How much is that puppy in the window....   [tags: Animal Research ]

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Analysis of Olive Trees by Vincent Van Gogh

- The painting Olive Trees, now at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, is one of a series of ten or twelve paintings of olive orchards, which Van Gogh painted in 1889 while living at the asylum of Saint-Remy. This painting is a landscape accomplished in bright, complementary colors, with Van Gogh’s characteristically brisk brushwork. The image is divided roughly into thirds, with the middle zone, the trees, being highly capricious. The brushstrokes describe the lay of the land, the movement of the wind in the trees, and the rays of the sun....   [tags: painting, color, landscape]

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The Fokker Eindecker During World War One

- In today’s world, the use of airplanes in wars or in everyday life has become a part of how we live as human beings. Removing the air forces of the world is like taking a step back in time when wars were only fought on land or sea. WWI began only eleven short years after the Wright brothers achieved powered flight in 19031 and yet aircrafts were being used for surveillance and eventually combat purposes. It is understood that these aircrafts were primitive, but they laid down the foundation for what we know today as fighter jets....   [tags: Aircraft]

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Great Britain 's Stamp Act Of 1765

- Have you had a friendship change over time or because of distance. Over summer vacation New sport or activity Best friend at summer camp total different the next year Objective: Understand colonial reaction to Great Britain 's Stamp act of 1765 HOW: Analyze a primary document and practice the skills of observation, analysis, and interpretation Vocabulary: Parliament Representation Legislatures aristocrats Background/Review; Colonies and Enlightened Thinking In the mid 1700’s Ideas of the Enlightenment movement began to take hold in the American colonies....   [tags: United Kingdom, Colonialism, Tax, Colony]

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The Summer Of My Fifth Grade Year

- Growing up in a small town in Northwest Iowa it’s a little awkward when people figure out that your homeless. With the events that happened leading up to me becoming not in control, all I could do was enjoy the ride and see where it took my family. My opinion never really mattered but, the way things were looking was something that concerned me. Being homeless was an experience that I will never forget and will always look back at. The summer of my sixth grade year, my family decided we need to make a change....   [tags: Family, Mother, Father, Time]

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Comparing Star Trek and Homer's Odyssey

- James Tiberius Kirk is a name that reigns throughout the entities of space; a fearless leader traveling throughout the galaxies on a mission of peace and conquest. Kirk battles countless species of aliens and encounters numerous walks of life in the Milky Way. While Captain Kirk is a very pragmatic leader, he is, at times, very boisterous and boastful; one could say that he is a modern day Narcissus. After reading this description, it occurs to me that James Tiberius Kirk is not a modern day Narcissus; however, it occurs to me that the prominent theme of a former Greek Hero who, with a few finely- tuned words could easily fit this description....   [tags: compare contrast]

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The Scientific Revolution and Modern Era

- The scientific revolution contributed significantly to the development of the modern era. The scientific revolution established new ways of thinking. With these new ways of thinking it created new knowledge that helped explain the natural world. With this new knowledge philosophers questioned political institutions and society in unprecedented ways. Isaac Newton was a successful philosopher through mathematical breakthroughs, motion of force, and gravitation. Isaac Newton was born on Christmas day in 1642....   [tags: gravitation, newton, new thinking]

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Ronald Reagan´s Legacy: Influential or Not?

- ... 3 years later Reagan made the decision to run for Governor of California. He won by a margin of a million votes. While Reagan was Governor, he was involved in high-profile conflict movements. On May 15, 1969, a protest at People’s Park at UC Berkely, would become known as “Bloody Thursday” after Reagan sent in California Highway Patrol and other officers. In 1967, the national debate about abortion began. He signed the "Therapeutic Abortion Act” to decrease back-room abortions in California....   [tags: career, acting, political, economy]

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The Journey Through The East Indies

- Oh How You 've Grown In 1596 a middle aged Dutchman sailed the seas with Portugal. The man was Jan Huyghen Van Linschoten. Van Linschoten was a Dutch merchant and historian. While traveling as a secretary for Portugal, it was Van Linschoten 's job to record information about the voyage. The evolution of European intelligence was blossoming with classification systems. Van Linschoten wrote extensive details of his findings on the journey through the East Indies. "The Hearbe called Dutros, is very common in India, and groweth in everie fielde: the leafe thereof is sharp at the ende, like the pointe of a Speare, and is indented on the edges like the leafe of Beares claw, and about that bignes...   [tags: Cannabis, Hashish, Jan Huyghen van Linschoten]

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Cars Of The Past Vs. Cars

- Cars of the Past vs. Cars of the Future Cars are amazing. All the different parts—the engine, the wheels, the gears, and all the fiddly bits like the windscreen wipers—came together, very gradually, over a period of about five and a half thousand years. People tended to stay put, living more locally than they do now. If they needed to move things about, they had to float them down rivers or drag them by sledge. All that started to change when humans realized the animals around them had raw power that they could use....   [tags: Automobile, Internal combustion engine]

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The History of the Anabaptists

- The story of the Anabaptists is a continuing confusion of what actually took place, during the 16th century Reformation. This transformation was the third movement during the Reformation. During this time, many religions of central Europe were evolving into a chaotic time. All the religions felt that they had the right way to make it to heaven, what it really took to call a person a child of God, and also who should live by the correct faith of the Bible. Some of the major things that are important about how the Anabaptists were formed are their history, beliefs, and they’re teachings explain why they are viewed as they are today....   [tags: Anabaptists, ]

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Everyman: Death’s Perception and Treatment

- “Then I heard a voice from heaven say, ‘Write: Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on.’ ‘Yes,’ says the Spirit, ‘they will rest from their labor, for their deeds will follow them’" (Rev 14:13 NIV). The well-known, late fiftieth century morality play, Everyman, depicts the essence of the correlation between performing good deeds and death. Morality plays were allegorical dramas used to instruct audiences in the morals and promises of the Christian faith by using personification. Although, the author of Everyman remains unknown; it is believed to have been the Dutchman, Elckerlijk....   [tags: god, mighty messenger]

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In-N-Out Burger Strategy is Working

- 1a. Rich Snyder in his youth was an unlikely business mogul, but from the outset he had a special knack for spotting major trends in society and positioning his business to thrive by meeting the needs of customers. He eventually grew into the job and pursued a much more aggressive expansion than his father would have preferred. However, putting a twenty-four year old in charge of a major enterprise was a risky move. An incredibly local group of managers and a culture embedded into the operating DNA of the business gave Rich Snyder the time required to mature on the job and eventually grow the chain to around 90 locations....   [tags: franchaise, diner, ingredients]

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The Great Gatsby

- The Great Gatsby The capacity to dream is a natural characteristic possessed by all mankind. Americans living in a country based on the philosophy of pursuing great American dreams go about pursuing their own goals in many ways. Ironically the American dream itself is the ultimate illusion that can never satisfy those who pursue it. The American dream was only possible when it was a potential. Nick in Fitzgerald’s, The Great Gatsby, realized this as he imagines a past when the Dutch first laid their eyes on the vast wilderness of the uninhabited United States....   [tags: English Literature]

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Richard Wagner

- Richard Wagner (1813-1883) Richard Wagner was born May 22, 1813 into the family of a municipal court clerk, he spent his childhood in Dresden. He regarded himself as "the most German of men", "the German spirit" and is not only known because of his 13 operas and numerous other compositions but also because of his influence on our understanding of German culture and history. As a youth Wagner was fascinated by literature, particularly the plays of William Shakespeare. Through his teens he was more and more attracted to composing....   [tags: German Opera Progressive Composer]

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The Difficulties of Immigrating to the USA

- “U.S. policy-makers and the general public believe causes of immigration are evident: poverty, unemployment, economic stagnation and overpopulation drive people to leave their countries” (Sassen, p.14). In many cases this can be a true statement, however, during the course of study it was found there are many other factors influencing migration to the United States. Either way, migration to America can only happen in two different forms, legally or illegally. The U.S. Border Patrol effortlessly tries to contain the flow of people across state lines, but the main reason this epidemic exists stems from the policies that deter people from taking the legal route....   [tags: Immigration Labor Jobs Migrating Essays Papers]

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Adolf Hitler Becoming the Chancellor of Germany

- Adolf Hitler Becoming the Chancellor of Germany In this essay I will explore the reasons why Hitler became the Fuhrer of Germany and shall study in detail the chain of events that helped him to do this. On February 27th 1933, just after Hitler became chancellor the Reichstag building mysteriously caught fire and burned down. A Dutch communist, Marinus Van der Lubbe, was found with matches in his pocket. There and then he was charged the crime of setting the Reichstag building alight, and later confessed....   [tags: Papers]

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Walter Johnson - A Pitcher

- In the beginning there were players like Ty Cobb who hit .300 for 23 consecutive years, and the 'flying dutchman' Honus Wagner. Pitchers like the 'christian gentleman' Christy Mathewson, and the winningest pitcher in history Cy Young. In the years when the only Yankees were the people in the north and there was an upstart franchise called the American League there was a pitcher, his name was Walter Johnson. Known as the 'big train' because of his high powered fastball which was unequaled in all of baseball Johnson was a poor Kansas farm-hand who became one of the best pitchers baseball has ever been lucky to have ever seen, and he was on one of the worst teams in the history of baseball....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Captain Jack Sparrow

- As most may only know from what they have seen in movies, pirates ran rather free in the late 1600s. Piracy was an easy means to accumulate wealth by stealing from merchant trading vessels. With the lack of technology during this time, there was no way of monitoring and controlling the free seas. Jack Sparrow, (made famous form the Pirates of the Caribbean series) is a fine example of a free roaming pirate. Jack can and wants to be considered by his company as an elite pirate due to the fact that he is a captain....   [tags: piracy, wealth]

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The Gutenberg Press

- ... The hand-casting tool is one of the most significant elements of the invention, as it allows the printer to quickly cast the required number of a varied range of characters. The most original part of the Gutenberg press is the letter molds, which are made from metal alloy. The metal most often used for casting was an alloy of lead, tin, and further admixtures, with attributes that ensured fast cooling and high durability, under the high mechanical stresses of the press. Overall the Gutenberg press was designed to achieve an effective and even transfer of the image to paper or even parchment, which was a leap in speed and efficiency compared to previous methods of printing....   [tags: invention, renaissance, book printing]

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Peter the Great

- Peter Alexeevich, also known as Peter the Great, is generally acknowledged to be the most outstanding of the Russian czars (Mano, 2010). For 29 years Peter ruled Russia. When Peter first came into unshared power, he felt that Russia was quite medieval compared to the rest of Europe. After his first year in power, he decided to leave Russia to discover what was going on in the western side of Europe. Upon his return, he began incorporating practices he had seen in the rest of Europe into Russia. After Peter’s trip to the west, he began changing Russia....   [tags: Biography, Accomplishments, Reign]

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Richard Wagner

- Richard Wilhelm Wagner Richard Wagner was born in Leipzig, Germany, on May 22, 1813. His work was done throughout the romantic period. His father died soon after his birth, and in 1814 the family moved to Dresden. In 1822 Wagner entered Dresden's Kreuzschule. In 1828 he enrolled at the Nicolaischule in Leipzig, where he began lessons in harmony with the conductor named Christian Gottlieb Müller. Over the next three years he composed several piano sonatas, overtures, and seven songs. Inspired by the works of Beethoven, Mozart, and Weber and Shakespeare, Goethe, and Schiller, he taught himself piano and composition....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Explain the way in which Duffy presents the strengths and limitations

- Explain the way in which Duffy presents the strengths and limitations of language in two poems. When drawing from both 'Warming Her Pearls' and 'Selling Manhattan' , it is evident that Carol Anne Duffy maintains a certain avant-garde approach to the vast array of possibilities that language presents. She acutely exposes the ambiguity that language holds in its meanings, presenting the reader with endless connotations to consider. Duffy also draws attention to its inability to fully express the extent of human emotions....   [tags: English Literature]

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The Nazis' Control of Everyday Life in Germany after 1933

- The Nazis' Control of Everyday Life in Germany after 1933 In this project I intend to explain how the Nazis controlled everyday life in Germany from 1933 onwards. I shall look at how Youths, Women, Workers, Control and Propaganda and the Jews, were all either part of the control or a victim of it. Adolf Hitler was born on the 20th of April 1889 at Braunau, on the Austro-Bavarian frontier. He was the son of a customs official, in the Austrian government. His family was middle class and in an extreme nationalist area, so he had learnt to distrust capitalists and the working class alike....   [tags: Papers]

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Submarines in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars

- Submarines in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars The Trident Submarine houses twenty-four nuclear warheads with each having a range of 4,600 miles over land. If a nuclear war were to break out between the Soviet Union and the United States, virtually every major city could be destroyed in a matter of hours. The origin of these major players in modern day warfare lies in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. A Dutchman named Cornelus Van Drebbel, made the very first submarine in 1652, to fight the mighty Spanish ship called the Rotterdam Boat....   [tags: American America History]

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Three Short Pedagogical Pieces by Sidney Fein

- Three Short Pedagogical Pieces by Sidney Fein I. Teaching Logic, or Barnabus' Ploy At the last minute Professor Hugo van der Weg decided to return to Holland. Perhaps he was homesick, missed pitched roofs and legalized narcotics, meatballs and rice table. No one told me. Maybe no one knew. Though I was deprived of the pleasure of meeting Professor v. d. w., his decamping was consequential for me. As Distinguished Visiting Professor (my pompous rating) I was obliged to teach only two courses per semester....   [tags: Sidney Fein Literature Writers Essays]

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The Life and Poetry of Amiri Baraka

- The Life and Poetry of Amiri Baraka "To understand that you are black in a society where black is an extreme liability is one thing, but to understand that it is the society that is lacking and impossibly deformed, and not yourself, isolates you even more" (About 3). This is a direct quote from Baraka, and it outlines his beliefs well. History and society have always influenced Amiri Baraka, and this made him feel as though society was isolating the Black community. Throughout his life, Baraka has tried to teach the idea of equality among races and classes by way of his poetry, plays, and speeches....   [tags: Papers]

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HIstory of Astronomy and Neptune

- Science is and has become a necessity to know just to keep up with the tremendous advancements of today and tomorrow. Basic things, such as how the universe was suspected to be started or who Ptolemy and Galileo were and what they did are just things that need to be known to fully understand what is happening in the world around you. These things are what you need to know, if you’re a scientists, to a grocery shop bagger. Ptolemy was a Greek man who became the man to set the future for astronomy....   [tags: essays research papers]

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A Window to the West

- A Window to the West History has it that the United States capital city of Washington D.C. was designed with the intention of intimidating visiting foreign heads of state. The creation of this city had purpose and reason; neither of which are very natural or human. St. Petersburg was viewed by the Russian people in this context. Typically a city grows from a small town to a massive metropolis with years and years of expansion outward. The Russian people already plagued with xenophobia, could not accept Peter the Great’s new city designed with Western ideals and made by Western minds....   [tags: Papers]

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Informative Speech: The Fokker Triplane

- Specific Purpose Statement: To inform my audience about the Fokker Triplane Introduction This speech is about a particular type of aircraft made famous for its use by the Red Baron of Germany in World War One. Many people know that the Red Baron was a real person from history. Others may only know him as an adversary of Snoopy from the comic strip Peanuts, or as a ghost-like magic man dreamed up by lonely housewives hungry for a particular brand of frozen pizza....   [tags: Example Informative Speech]

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Biography of Ronald Reagan

- Biography of Ronald Reagan Somewhere at sometime a philosopher once said, "The world is divided into two kinds of people: those who are skeptical of others until the others prove themselves, and those who assume that other people are good and decent unless proven otherwise." Ronald Reagan was one of those people who assumed that other people are good and decent until otherwise proven. However if a person was to ask another about Ronald Reagan they would give you another answer more than likely....   [tags: Ronald Reagan American Presidents Essays]

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Music Industry

- In a day and age where getting noticed or receiving recognition within the music industry is a struggle, upon releasing material musicians enter a battlefield. For established musicians, those with a loyal fan base, recognition isn’t necessarily a problem but for musicians attempting to “make it”, it is. There are a number of ways in which a budding musician can increase their chances of gaining recognition and one of the most common attempts comes in the form of the remix. Musicians, primarily working in dance, electronic or hip-hop genres remix tracks of already established musicians in a bid to target and get recognition from the audience of the already established musician....   [tags: Music, Remix, Recomposition]

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Lone Star

- Lone Star places particular emphasis on what happens when culture collide. Part of the agenda of this film is to draw attention to the contingency of these stories and find truth within them. It depicts the wars between culture and races and the inbred stereotypes that are perpetuated through community members. The film intends to illustrate the consequences of multiculturalism as a device to evoke change and acceptance amongst al human beings. Through a noir murder mystery piece, the viewer get to experience the complex dynamic between white, black and Hispanic people in a community from the past and present....   [tags: Film Analysis, Political Statements]

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Existentialism in Night

- Existentialism in Night In his essay “Existentialism”, Jean Paul Sartre discusses the main beliefs of existentialism. Perhaps the most important belief of existentialism is that there is no human nature, and there is no God. This means that each individual man has control of his own destiny. The definition of each individual man is the sum of his life and all he has accomplished in his life. He is also responsible for all the choices and actions he makes in his life. These types of choices and actions can be seen in the book “Night” by Elie Wiesel....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Creation vs. Evolution

- Origins Missing Links Many people in the world have claimed to find these missing links between animal and man. These finds are said to support evolution, but in turn all they do is put evolution down. Several examples of missing links are, Piltdown man, Neanderthal man, Australopithecus, and Homo Erectus. All of these missing links have been proven false, and as hoaxes. One point for creation. Shrinking Sun Scientist today have noticed something about our sun. The sun seems to be shrinking....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Nietzsche and Wagner

- Nietzsche and Wagner In terms of artists and their influences, the case of Nietzsche and Wagner has been the focal point of discussion between many great academic minds of the last century. The controversy surrounding the relationship has led many to postulate that the eventual break between the two men may have contributed to the untimely death of Wagner in 1882, and Nietzsche's eight-year writing spurt from 1883 - 1888. While investigating the details of this peculiar relationship, I was struck by the historical and philosophical depth of several discoveries, the fundamental question being this: Why was Nietzsche's perception of both Wagner's music and his character upset simply because...   [tags: Papers]

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Physics of Submarines

- Most people have some sort of familiarity with submarine crafts; most of which are most likely related to the navy. This is a very accurate depiction of submarines, as they are primarily used for this, however, they are used in areas of scientific research as well. The purpose of this web page is to go into the history of the submarine to see how it has developed over time. We will also look at how a submarine works, from a physics standpoint. The History of Submarines 332 BC Aristotle described a type of submersible chamber used by the sailors of Alexander the Great during the Blockade of Tiros....   [tags: physics sea ocean submarines]

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- Race and Racism Race and racism have been around since mankind made its first steps on the planet and it has brought upon violence, submissiveness, cruelty, and sexism into the world. A great representation of these themes and issues was brought by LeRoi Jones, who wrote “The Dutchman”. The play itself is a great representation of the relationships of races in America during the 60’s and can even been connected to today’s society. The Dutchman mainly focuses on the black-white relationship but can also be drawn to other cultures and races....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Euro

- The Euro To most people in the United States hearing the word Euro brings about blank stares. Ask this same question in England or another European country and it means bringing Europe together under one common currency. The Euro can be defined as the common monetary system by which the participating members of the European Community will trade. Eleven countries Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Finland and Italy will comprise the European Economic Monetary Union that will set a side their national currency and adopt the Euro in 2002....   [tags: essays papers]

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Galileos Life

- Galileo was born on the 15th of February, 1564 in Pisa. His parents were Vincenzo Galilei and Guilia Ammannati. Vincenzo, who was born in Florence in 1520, was a teacher of music and a fine lute player. Guilia, who was born in Pescia, married Vincenzo in 1563 and they made their home in the countryside near Pisa. Galileo was their first child and spent his early years with his family in Pisa. In 1572, when Galileo was eight years old, his family returned to Florence, his father's home town. However, Galileo remained in Pisa and lived for two years with Muzio Tided who was related to Galileo's mother by marriage....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Nibelungenlied

- The Nibelungenlied The original aim of this paper was to encompass the bulk of Mythology's impact on the arts. Before very long I realized that to cover such a vast area, I would be treading dangerously close to a book's length project. I then decided to limit the topic to Mythology and its impact on music, specifically classical. Again, this was an enormous field to limit to a short research paper. After considerable deliberation I decided to focus primarily on the music of Richard Wagner (1813 - 1883), principally his "Der Ring des Nibelungen", or, The Ring of the Nibelung....   [tags: Papers]

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Ronald Reagan

- President Ronald Reagan Ronald Reagan was born on February 6, 1911 in Tampico, Illinois (Huckshorn 1). He was born in a small apartment above the Pitney General Store (Life Before 1). John Edward Reagan (his father) was a shoe salesman that was an alcoholic. The first time he saw his son he said, "For such a little bit of a fat Dutchman, he makes a hell of a lot of noise, doesn't he" (Life Before 1)....   [tags: Biography President Reagan]

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- JOHANN GUTENBURG AND THE PRINTING PRESS Long ago there was a man named Johann Gutenberg. He was a very intelligent man. He created one of the greatest inventions in history. He created the printing press. You may ask yourself, what is the printing press. I will soon explain. Johann Gutenberg was born in 1399 named Genefliesch zur Laden. He changed his name to Gutenburg after the name of his wealthy father’s house. Gutenberg died in 1468 in Mainz, Germany where he was born. In the footsteps of his father, he first trained as a goldsmith in Strasburg, Germany and joined the goldsmith’s guild in 1434....   [tags: essays research papers]

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- Utopia In the year 1515, a book in Latin text was published which became the most significant and controversial text ever written in the field of political science. Entitled, ‘DE OPTIMO REIPUBLICATE STATU DEQUE NOVA INSULA UTOPIA, clarissimi disertissimique viri THOMAE MORI inclutae civitatis Londinensis civis et Vicecomitis’, translated into English would read, ‘ON THE BEST STATE OF A COMMONWEALTH AND ON THE NEW ISLAND OF UTOPIA, by the Most Distinguished and Eloquent Author THOMAS MORE Citizen and Undersheriff of the Famous City of London.’....   [tags: Utopic Society Social Issues Essays]

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- Holocaust Introduction      What, when, where, and why was the Holocaust. The Holocaust was first called a religious rite in which an offer that gave to some one was burned in a fire. The current definition of holocaust is any widespread human massacre. When it is written Holocaust, it means when Nazi Germany completely destroyed the Jewish. The Holocaust was during the period of January 30, 1933 to May 8, 1945. Hitler became Germany’s chancellor when it first started and the war ended on the last day of the Holocaust, or known as V-E Day....   [tags: History Genocide Nazi Germany Jews Essays]

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- Wagnerian I have a friend, Matthew, who is a Wagnerian. For those of you who don't know what that exotic species is, "Wagnerian" denotes someone who listens to the operas of Richard Wagner and loves them to a degree bordering on the unreasonable. And he's continually amazed by the fact that I don't get off on Wagner to the degree that he does. He also hit me once when I referred to Wagner as a proto-Nazi. Granted we were both a bit drunk at the time, but even so, you may get a bit of an idea how much respect and love Matthew has for the various works of Richard W....   [tags: Papers]

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The Death Of The Sun

- After Julie and the brothers Petrasch 's Return to the Valley of the Sun, Julia went strait to work on making copy after hand copy of her map the old prospector had left her. She wanted each one to seem authentic so she made sure to ruff them up a bit and applied patches of dirt, her and there. When she was finished, she was quite proud of her work and immediately set out to sell them to anyone who would lend her thier ear long enough to stir up visions of wealth beyond their wildest imagination upon which, at that point, she could go in for the kill and sell them one of her worthless maps for much, much more than they would ever be worth....   [tags: Luck, Superstition, Great Depression]

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Irving Washington, The History of New York

- Irving Washington was born in 1783 in New York into a large family where he was the youngest of eleven children. He started his career from a law office feeling that it was a job not to his heart content. Being light-hearted and sardonic in his nature he attempted to write for the journal of his brother Peter called “The Morning Chronicle”. Later Irving and Peter thought of creating a high-quality literary mockery. Originally the text intended nothing else but a satire upon the “Picture of New York” by Dr....   [tags: Literary Review ]

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The Story of Anne Frank

- The Story of Anne Frank Anne Frank was born on June 12, 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany. Her father, Otto Frank, was a respected businessman and a solid member of the city's Jewish community--he could trace his family in the city's archives all the way back to the seventeenth century....   [tags: Papers]

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