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The Signficance of Violence in Graham Greene's The Destructors

- The Signficance of Violence in Graham Greene's The Destructors In serious fiction, no act of violence exists for its own sake. Graham Green, in his short story “The Destructors,” reveals certain intangible needs met through one central act of violence. One need we all have as humans is the need to be creative, to express ourselves, to use our imagination. All little boys use their imaginations, which is based on what they see in their environment, whether that be television or their own neighborhood....   [tags: Graham Greene The Destructors]

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Comparison and Contrast of The Destructors and The Rocking Horse Winner

- Comparison and Contrast of “The Destructors”, by Graham Greene and “The Rocking Horse Winner”, by D.H. Lawrence This comparison and contrast of “The Destructors”, by Graham Greene and “The Rocking Horse Winner”, by D.H. Lawrence will center on selected parts of stories from the opening through the conclusion. I will seek to compare and contrast both authors’ choices of characters, themes, techniques of suspense, moral statements, and conclusions. “The Destructors” and “The Rocking Horse Winner” were both written in the third person by British authors and set in post war Great Britain....   [tags: The Destructors The Rocking Horse Winner]

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The Destructors

- The gang members in Graham Greene’s “The Destructors” are catastrophic young children and teenagers who are unfortunately being greatly affected by their surroundings. Placed in wartime London, their town is in rubble from bombings. Peer pressure is no help when a destructive surrounding and vulnerable ages are strongly influencing the instinctive human behavior of the members, which causes many of their horrific actions. The characters of Greene’s short story are different in their own way. Mike is a childish young boy “at the age of nine [who] was surprised by everything” (50)....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Graham Greene]

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Analysis on "The Destructors" by Graham Greene

- "The Destructors" written by Graham Greene as a third person view. The story set in London nine years after the end of World War II. People survived from "The Blitz". The Blitz "was Nazi Germany's sustained aerial bombing campaign against Britain in World War Two."(The Blitz) Everything was in chaos, people lost their home, slept in the underground station and lost their hope for the future. The story is about a group of teenage boys who formed a gang and call themselves as the "Wormsley Common Gang"....   [tags: Teenagers, Morals]

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Analysis Of The Book ' The Destructors ' By Graham Greene

- Readers often come across two major types of fictions, commercial and literary. Commercial fiction entertains the audience meanwhile literary fiction focuses more on social conflicts. “The Destructors” by Graham Greene, is a short story that imparts that destruction can be a form of creation. It is an adventurous reading full of action that ends in the a destruction of a man’s home. In which a group of boys whom are apart of the Wormsley Common Gang are responsible. After a bombing in London people from different classes unite like Trevor and his family....   [tags: Fiction, Short story, Genre fiction, Novel]

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A Comparison of The Destructors and Lord of the Flies

- A Comparison of The Destructors and Lord of the Flies        In Graham Greene's "The Destructors," the author presents the Wormsley Common car-park gang, a group of adolescent delinquents who commit petty crimes for fun. William Golding, in his novel Lord of the Flies, presents a slightly younger group of boys who are wrecked on an uninhabited island and develop a primitive society that eventually collapses and gives way to despotic savagery. Although these two cases seem rather different, the boys in both situations show common characteristics....   [tags: comparison compare contrast essays]

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Rocking Horse Winner and The Destructors

- Rocking Horse Winner and The Destructors There are many differences and similarities between Graham Greene’s “The Destructors” and D.H. Lawrence’s “Rocking Horse Winner.” One general difference is that in “The Destructors” the setting is in Great Britain, after the bombing had happened during World War 1, when the buildings were destroyed. The setting of “Rocking Horse Winner” is a suburban community located on the outskirts of Baltimore, Maryland. This one distinct difference affects the entire background of each story....   [tags: Graham Greene D.H. Lawrence]

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The Theme of Materialism in "The Rocking Horse Winner" and "The Destructors"

- In D. H. Lawrence's "The Rocking Horse Winner" and Graham Greene's "The Destructors" the reader can immediately see both the differences as well as the similarities in both stories from the authors' choices of setting, tone, and characterization. The author's use of imagery and the plot in both stories makes it clear that materialism can play a great part in how people's attitudes and behavior are affected and altered towards others because of a lifestyle filled with misfortune. In "The Destructors" and "The Rocking Horse Winner", the authors' background and writing dispositions are very similar....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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A Critical Analysis of "The Rocking-Horse Winner" and "The Destructors"

- A Critical Analysis of "The Rocking-Horse Winner" by D.H. Lawrence and "The Destructors" by Graham Greene In both stories, "The Rocking-Horse Winner" by D.H. Lawrence and "The Destructors" by Graham Greene we see the common theme of wanting to be envied by others because of what we have or can do. The need to do better, have prestige and more power than anyone else is a very common human conflict that is dealt with on all levels of humanity. The emotional environment that man grows and develops in plays a factor in how he approaches everyday life....   [tags: Literary Themes]

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Theme of Creativity in The Destructors

- Conditions within various regions often restrict freedoms and creativity of the individual, as a result of human experiences, an individual may commit an act of violence, intended with a different goal, not just that of destruction. In "The Destructors," the author uses diction, setting, and syntax to unveil a general truth of an aspect of human nature: creativity. The poignant use of diction throughout the short story, mostly in the action segment, subliminally demonstrated the positive aspects of destruction....   [tags: Graham Greene]

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D.H. Lawrence’s The Rocking-Horse Winner, and Graham Green’s The Destructors

- There are many differences and similarities between Graham Green’s “The destructors” and D.H. Lawrence’s “Rocking-Horse Winner.” “The Destructors” has flat characters, which strive to be the first gang to destroy a home, in efforts to prove themselves to other gangs in the area. In this story, they set out to demolish Old Misery’s gorgeous home. While in “The Rocking-Horse Winner,” Paul’s goal is to help his family become wealthy. Another difference is that the setting of "The Destructors" is in Great Britain....   [tags: compare, contrast]

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Compare & Contrast The Rocking Horse Winner and The Destructors

- Compare & Contrast The Rocking Horse Winner and The Destructors In D.H. Lawerence's short story, “The Rocking Horse Winner”, and Grahm Greene's “The Destructors, there are many truths to consider.  Although these two stories are considerably different, the message is the same.  Whether in a life-like story, such as “The Destructors”, or a fantacy, like “The Rocking Horse Winner”, the seeds of materialism are planted and nourished in lives of the characters.  The aspects of materialism in these two stories develop desired conclusions by its characters.  In order to understand the similar message of Greene short story “The Destructors” and Lawerence's “The Rocking Horse Winner”, one must sc...   [tags: comparison compare contrast essays]

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The Destructors

- Characters Trevor (T) : A silent, decided, and seemingly frustrated teenager . He speaks nothing more than needed and " yes" or " no" forms most of his answers. He becomes a member of the gang because he wants to take revenge of a society in which his parents have come down. His father, formerly an architect, is working as a clerk ; and his mother considers herself better than the neighbors. This leaves T with nothing better to do than join the local gang. In the destruction of Old Misery's house, he is given the ability to lash out at the world in response to the misfortune it beset onto him....   [tags: European Literature]

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Suspense Used as a Ploy to Keep the Reader Engaged in The Destructors” by Graham Greene and “The Most Dangerous” Game by Richard Connell

- ... Since Blackee ultimately decided to stay and adhere to T.’s malevolent plan to literally destroy Old Misery, The Wormsley Common Carpark Gang succeeded in doing just that. His crew wasn’t abandoned; ironically, they rendered a middle-of-the-road interest in whether or not Blackee took part in their endeavors. It seemed to be a shame that he made a decision somewhat based off the welfare of the crew and they disregarded him but even more pity to the man who lost his home and everything he owned....   [tags: hunt, survive, conflict]

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Nuclear Weapons: Destructors Or Saviors?

- When one thinks of complete and total annihilation, the plumage of an infamous mushroom cloud is undoubtedly an image which comes to mind. This ominous image is ". . . a tiger which must be looked in the eye," (Looking the Tiger in the Eye, 1982). The reason for which we must examine the issue of nuclear weapons, is best stated in the words of J. Robert Oppenheimer, ". . . until we have looked this tiger in the eye, we shall ever be in the worst of all possible dangers, of which we may back into him." In an attempt to prevent ourselves from backing into this proverbial tiger, we will discuss the following subheadings of nuclear arms: should countries dismantle their...   [tags: Nuclear Weapons Essays]

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Causes And Effect Of Bee Decline Since The United States

- Introduction to Causes of Bee Decline in the United States: In the U.S.A., there are an estimated 2.74 million colonies of honey bees. While this may seem like good news, it’s not. Bees have been rapidly declining and disappearing since 2006. The winter of 2006-2007 was a harsh year for beekeepers. Many lost a large majority, or all of their bees due to a strange new disorder known as “Colony Collapse Disorder”. Since then, many studies and surveys have gone out to gauge just how deep the losses from CCD are....   [tags: Beekeeping, Pollination, Varroa destructor]

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Comparision and Contrast between the Rocking Horse Winner and the Road not Taken

- Comparision and Contrast between the Rocking Horse Winner and the Road not Taken Life's stories shared through the view of two writers. Both stories have many similarities, however, contrast with just as many differences. "The Destructors", written by Graham Green, and "The Rocking Horse Winner" written by D.H. Lawrence. When contrasting these two stories, consider the plot, characters, story line, and each authors approach. Also consider the intent and mood each author sets forth. In the story " The Destructors" the setting is in a London car park called Northwood Terrace, nine years concluding World War II....   [tags: essays papers]

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The, The Rocking Horse Winner And The Cask Of Amontillado, By Edgar Allan Poe

- To be jealous is to be overwhelmed and furious at the thought of lacking achievements, advantages, and possessions they desire, specifically (not limited to) of another person. Gary Allan wisely stated, “You can be the moon and still be jealous of the stars.” In other words, jealousy can overtake somebody in various ways, no matter how preposterous. It can range from an inane, eye twitching feeling a student may have for receiving a dreadful grade to a more momentous, overbearing, gut-wrenching feeling like a man losing his wife to another man....   [tags: Edgar Allan Poe, The Cask of Amontillado, Mind]

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World War I Was A Time Of Tension And Death

- World War I was a time of tension and death for Europe. This war sparked the build of two opposing political forces called the Allies and the Central Powers. The war was weakened due to the use of trench warfare. Trenches were dug out on each opposing side in order to shelter the soldiers from their enemies. The living conditions in these trenches caused at least two million deaths by the closing of the war. Towards the end of the war, a group made up mostly young persons arose, called the “Lost Generation”....   [tags: World War I, World War II, F. Scott Fitzgerald]

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The Short Happy Life Of Francis Macomber

- Would you rather have something or be something. Or have you ever stopped to think what the difference was between having and being. In actuality having and being are two totally different things and the purpose of this paper will be to provide evidence of the differences. Throughout this paper many different short stories and poems will be referenced in order to adequately describe the meaning of having or being. Some of these include My Last Duchess, The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber, Everyday Use, and The Destructors, The remaining portion of this paper will describe the differences between having or being set by examples from short stories and poems that have been analyzed....   [tags: Short story, Fiction, Happiness, Bolesław Prus]

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Researching the Effect of Cultural Diversity on Group Work Outcomes

- ABSTRACT This paper analyses the relationship between cultural diversity and workgroup outcomes (satisfaction with workgroup, and workgroup performance) in multicultural organizations, in the presence of moderating variables of intragroup conflicts (task, relationship and process conflicts). Literature review suggests that cultural diversity negatively affects workgroup outcomes and triggers conflicts. Analysis of empirical data collected from employees of multicultural organizations produces results in line with the literature and suggests that there is negative relationship between cultural diversity and workgroup outcomes, while intragroup conflicts have a strong moderating effect on th...   [tags: Racial Diversity, Ethnic Diversity]

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Eyewitness Testimony And False Imprisonment Based On Eyewitness

- Eyewitness testimony and false imprisonment based on eyewitness First off I would like to say eyewitness testimony is very questionable the human mind is very complexed and there are many issues with eyewitness testimony. One factor of eyewitness testimony was poor encoding in the brain or memory at the time of the event. Which means our mind did not process the memory correctly or has changed it in any way. When most people are endangering them only see the danger, not the person that is causing the danger or harm to them....   [tags: Psychology, Brain, Eyewitness identification]

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Analysis Of The Book ' The Kindertransport '

- The Destructors takes place in what was left of London after the German bombings during WWII. Much of the city had been destroyed, yet somewhere between the ruins remained a relic of London’s former glory. Dubbed “Old Misery” by the “Wormsley Common Gang” this enchanting house becomes the victim of demented destruction. Some might see some sort of irony or deeper meaning in the destruction of this grand estate, however all I see is a bunch of juvenile delinquents with no adult supervision running around a dilapidated London doing whatever they please....   [tags: Gang, Criminology, Crime, English-language films]

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The World War II ( 1939-1945 )

- The Destructors After the World War II (1939-1945), London is rebuilding its city after it suffered from continues bombings. Many well know architectural structures build by famous architect was destroyed and only a few were barely standing. Mr. Thomas referred as “Old Misery” lives and owned this old house that survived the blitz in which he was stingy with his money to remodel the beautiful house. However, Wormsley Common Gang an adolescent male gang named after the place where they reside planned to destroy this beautiful, old architectural house and leaves nothing but memories....   [tags: Adolescence, Peer group, Mind, Thought]

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The 012 By Graham Greene

- In the story “The Destructors” by Graham Greene, there is a gang of adolescents who call themselves the Wormsley Common Gang who are living in London surrounded by the aftermath of World War II. They all spend their time in a car parking lot that is next to a two hundred year old house belonging to an old man named Mr. Thomas or as they call him Old Misery. Trevor, one of the new recruits, is infatuated with Old Misery’s house and doesn’t say no when invited inside. Later on he goes back to his gang and suggest the idea of destroying the house while Old Misery is gone for a couple days....   [tags: World War II, Sociology, World War I]

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Use of Brucellosis in Bioterrorism

- Bioterrorism Brucellosis is a very threatening biological weapon in the sense that it does not cause fatality, but incapacitates its victims. Not only this, but it is hard to diagnose since the symptoms it induces are extremely nonspecific. Bioterrorism has existed for countless years, and there is no doubt that it will be used in the future. The only thing we have to worry about now is how it will be put to use. Despite going through the trouble of setting up pacts to prevent the use of biological weapons, its presence continues to cause problems on a worldwide scale....   [tags: Biological Terrorism Terrorist]

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The Force of Evil

- The Force of Evil "And something had come to life…It was a kind of shadow, a poisonous blackness filled with bewildered loathing. …something hateful and unspeakable in the souls of men." An apparent introduction is made in the three works, The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell, The Child by Tiger by Thomas Wolfe, and The Destructors by Graham Greene; the unwelcome but necessary introduction to the sinful nature of mankind, to evil without limits, and without cause. When confronted with the presence of evil around them, the characters react in very different ways....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Colony Collapse Disorder ( Ccd )

- It was erroneously believed for decades that the bee is a creature without enemies or threats to its survival, but this myth was proven incorrect when a number of factors seriously afflicted bee populations and their numbers began to drop off. Many of the threats to the honeybee originate from humans, having created toxic environments and dangerous elements that impact the honeybee in ways that were never before imagined. Some threats have causes that remain a mystery, so preventing them is difficult at this point....   [tags: Beekeeping, Honey bee, Honey]

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Honey Bee Field Trip

- During honey bee field trip, I had a first chance to go near to beehives and observe honey bee. Cluster of honey bees were everywhere. They are at the entrance of beehive, each comb of the beehive, even outside of the beehive. I was also surprised that each section of the beehives was too complicated. There were plenty of bees, hexagonal combs blocked or filled with larvae or honey, and a queen. When I used beehive tool and pull out beehive combs, cluster of bees crawl on to my hand. I was afraid about getting stung even though I was wearing gloves and bee suit, but fortunately, I was not get stung....   [tags: Beekeeping, Insect, Pollinator decline, Honey bee]

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Free Essays On Shakespeare's Sonnet 14

- Analysis of Sonnet 14 Not from the stars do i my judgement pluck, And yet methinks I have astronomy- But not to tell of good or evil luck, Of plagues, of dearths, or season's quality: Nor can I fortune to Brief minutes tell, Pointing to each his thunder, rain, and wind, Or say with princes if it shall go well By oft predict that I in heaven find: But from thine eyes my knowledge I derive, And, constant stars, in them I read suck art As truth and beauty shall together thrive If from thy self to store thou wouldst convert: Or else of thee this I prognosticate:- Thy end is truth's and beauty's doom and date....   [tags: Sonnet essays]

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Dancing to Dissonance: The Philippino Culture and Natural Disasters

- Greg Bankoff, in his article entitled “In the eye of the storm: The social construction of the forces of nature and the climatic and seismic construction of God in the Philippines”, has comprehensively analyzed how the cultural patterns are shaped by the Filipinos’ collective sense of psychology towards frequent natural calamities. These cultural patterns involve not just theology but also the way of living and the general outlook permeated among the multitude. Also articulated are the political factors in moulding these cultural patterns and the coping measures taken by people in order to endure the recurring debacles of nature....   [tags: spiritual beliefs, recurring debacles of nature]

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Evolutionary Dynamic of Parasites Associated with Social Insect Colonies

- Sociality has been one of the most common strategies and specialized form of life. Social insects, in particular those that live in large nest environments, have evolved complex interaction systems when millions of individuals cooperate for the benefit of the whole colony. However, large insect colonies confront public health problems similar to large human societies. For example, food storage and limitation, waste management and disease transmission. Disease transmission has received little attention in large colonies of insects....   [tags: disease, proximity, transmission ]

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Human Population And Its Effects On The Environment

- Habitat/Range: It can be found on every region of the world except in Antarctica. Normally it preferred location is where there is human population. At most of the place it can be can be found into garbage, sewages, open field, woodlands etc. The habitat region is temperate, tropical as well as terrestrial. Energy Source: Norway rats are excellent scavengers. It uses the sense of smell and know if the place has steady supply of any type of food. In place where is dense population of people, they survive in human food where as some rats lives near the sea....   [tags: Heart, Blood, Oxygen, Circulatory System]

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Analysis Of Mary Shelley 's Frankenstein

- Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein is a thought provoking story to read because the subject matter speaks to me. Dark, supernatural and gothic is exactly the style of reading I would choose in my own reading choices. It was only one step from my Victorian Vampire reading to Frankenstein therefore my choice to read the novel was almost a given to me. Several areas that I as a human can relate to are the human nature of each character, the unrelenting revenge the monster feels, and betrayal in the pursuit of self-preservation Victor bestows on his monster, his family, and mankind....   [tags: Romanticism, Mary Shelley, Percy Bysshe Shelley]

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The Extinction Of The Disappearing Bees

- The first reports of a massive number of bees dying off were reported in the 1990’s, but the disappearances did not gain much attention until the late 2000’s. Scientists were baffled as a large number of seemingly healthy bees would abandon their hives and never return. The issue of the disappearing bees became so severe that one third of all the honeybee colonies in the United States were lost, and scientists still could not pinpoint an exact cause for the deaths of so many bees, however they were able to come up with a few possible theories....   [tags: Beekeeping, Insect, Honey bee, Bumblebee]

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The Israeli Acute Paralysis Virus

- Apples, peaches, squash, melons, and almonds are just a few of the major crops that require specialized pollinators. Most people associate our friend the honey bee as a major pollinator, and unfortunately, 7 bee species were recently added to the list of endangered species (Hrala, 2016). Currently, no researchers have been able to exactly pinpoint a cause for the loss of so many honey bees over the past decade. The overall problem has been described as colony collapse disorder, or CCD, due to the main, overall problem being the rapid loss of adult worker bees (Evans, 2009)....   [tags: Beekeeping, Honey bee, Insect, Queen bee]

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The Persecuted Church

- “Christians are the most persecuted religious group in the contemporary world,” according to Pope Benedict XVI. Though Christianity has nearly two billion adherents, an estimated two hundred million of its people are being denied basic human rights because of their beliefs; in some cases, it is comparable to the Holocaust (“200 Million”). Since the start of Christianity in Roman times, its followers have been the scapegoats of many other cultures. After the Berlin Wall and communism collapsed in Europe, people have largely ignored the fact that Christians everywhere are still being treated as second-class citizens....   [tags: Religion]

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Ghostbusters Movie Review

- Ghostbusters Movie Review I Ain’t Afraid of no Ghost. The true test of a film’s greatness is time. The 1984 science-fiction/comedy classic, Ghostbusters, has stood the test of time, producing both a sequel (in 1989) and a hit cartoon series. Ghostbusters is the story of three offbeat scientists interested in paranormal matters: Peter Venkman (played by Bill Murray), Raymond Stanz (played by Dan Aykroyd), and Egon Spengler (played by Harold Ramis), who have just lost their university grant, and are suddenly forced out onto the streets of New York....   [tags: essays papers]

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Vonnegut social commentary in cats cradle

- Social Commentary in Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle Kurt Vonnegut’s science fiction novel, Cat’s Cradle, is chocked full of social commentary, satirical humor, and an overall pessimistic view on American Society. Through the fictional religion Bokononism Vonnegut introduces us to John, a young man who is writing a book about the day the atomic bomb was dropped. His research led him to the late Dr. Felix Hoenikker, a brilliant scientist who was deemed the “father of the atomic bomb.” Anxious to learn more about Hoenikker from his surviving children, John followed them to the impecunious island of San Lorenzo....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Technology's Effect on the Future

- I don't know what the future holds but I know who holds the future. Days go by and how time flies, seasons always changing. When we contemplate the future we envision mind-warping technology and global warming destroying the Earth. Change is inevitable but it's up to our supremacy what we and our planet Earth change into. Will we help or hinder our future survival. One sentence from America's Declaration of Independence has some relevance to this matter. 'But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for...   [tags: essays research papers]

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Platypus Envenomation

- Platypus Envenomation Abstract The duck-billed platypus (Ornithorhynchus anatinus), order Monotrema, can be found throughout river systems in eastern Australia. The males have a retractable spur located on each of their hind legs. The spurs are attached to venom glands that produce a toxic cocktail of at least four different classes of peptides. These four compounds (Hyaluronidase, OvCNP-39, OvNGF, and defensin-like peptides) are highly selective enzymes and polypeptides that work together to inflict excruciating pain and edema that can last for months....   [tags: Australian Animals Wildlife Essays]

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- Stacks Data Structures and Algorithms 3.3 Stacks Another way of storing data is in a stack. A stack is generally implemented with only two principle operations (apart from a constructor and destructor methods): push adds an item to a stack pop extracts the most recently pushed item from the stack Other methods such as top returns the item at the top without removing it [9] isempty determines whether the stack has anything in it are sometimes added. A common model of a stack is a plate or coin stacker....   [tags: Free Essay Writer]

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White Nose Syndrome in Bats

- The population of bats in the United States is facing a serious threat of extinction due to the outbreak of a deadly fungus called Deomyces destructans. The fungus is nicknamed White-Nose Syndrome, after the white fungus that typically appears on the infected bats noses and wings. Other signs and symptoms of White Nose Syndrome are white fungus on the ears and tail as well, bats flying during the day in the middle of winter, bats clustered near the entrance to a hibernacle or cave, and general abnormal behavior for a hibernating bat....   [tags: Ancient Greece]

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The Ethics Of Electronic Games

- Sports; friendly competitions that date even before the Olympics. Traditionally, these sports are activities like boxing, discus, wrestling, soccer and basketball. However, there might be a few new activities joining that list; League of Legends, Dota 2, StarCraft II, and Call of Duty. A few popular videogames that currently have described as Electronic sports these names. Electronic sports, or more commonly known as eSports, is a term used to describe to describe organized electronic game competitions....   [tags: Coca-Cola, The Coca-Cola Company, Sport]

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Permafrost Melting and its Potential Impact in the North

- One of the main challenges facing the Northern Canada is the melting of the Permafrost and the destructions that it is causing to both living and non-living organisms. The word permafrost refers to a ground that remains “at or below the freezing point for at least two consecutive years” (Bone Page 52). In Canada, almost 76% of the land is occupied by the Arctic and Subarctic regions, which has a combination of continuous, discontinuous and sporadic permafrost. Continuous permafrost is mostly seen in the Arctic and almost 80% of the ground remains frozen....   [tags: canada, vegetation, animals]

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Analysis Of Voltaire 's ' The Candide ' And ' Gulliver 's Travels '

- Voltaire’s and Swift’s writings, although differ in their approach, contain sturdy aversion to humankind’s engagements in acts of violence and war. The issues of war take up significant amount of both writers’ criticisms of human societies. Voltaire and Swift are deeply clear about their stance against the irrational nature of justifying the horrors of wars. Both writers satirize the destructions of humankind’s obsession with war using their own literary devices and word choices, in uniquely different tones....   [tags: War, Violence, Religion, Acts of the Apostles]

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The Effects Which a Natural Disaster can have on a Country

- A natural disaster is an event caused by natural destructive factors, which can be further divided into either climatic disasters such as floods and tornados, or geological disasters such as earthquakes, which consequently lead to great physical damage or life loss (Bankoff, 2004, 56). When defining ‘natural’ literally, it may seem that natural disasters are independent from human activities, however, with the process of civilization, man-made factors are having an increasingly greater influence on nature (Sandler, 1996, 124)....   [tags: Natural Disaster]

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Permafrost Melting and its Potential Impact on Northern Canada

- Northern Canada, usually experiencing very low temperatures, are now receiving much warmer temperatures which has started to give rise to many issues. One of the main challenges facing Northern Canada due to the warmer weather is the melting of the Permafrost and the destruction that it is causing to both living and non-living organisms. The word ‘Permafrost’ refers to a ground that remains “at or below the freezing point for at least two consecutive years” (Bone, 52). In Canada, almost 76% of the land is occupied by the Arctic and Subarctic regions, which has a combination of continuous, discontinuous and sporadic permafrost (Bone, 52)....   [tags: environment, climate changes, temperature]

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Should Gun Control Laws Be Stricter?

- Should Gun Control Laws Be Stricter. Stricter gun laws are required to reduce casualties caused by gun violence. People have right to own guns base on the 2nd amendment of the U.S constitution. According to “Background on Gun Control” 91% percent of Americans say that there should be least minor restrictions on gun ownership. However, research shown that children who died after being accidentally shot has increased from 140 in 1996 up to 259 in 2012 every year. In my opinion, the U.S government should increase stricter gun regulations on background check; mental examination and safety trainings to prevent misfiring that cause death and injuries among our friends and family....   [tags: Firearm, Gun politics in the United States]

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What Makes A Bad President?

- What makes a bad president. One president stands out from the rest, George Walker Bush. Bush is an American politician and businessman who served as the 43rd President of the United States from 2001 to 2009, and the 46th Governor of Texas from 1995 to 2000. The eldest son of Barbara and George H. W. Bush, he was born in New Haven, Connecticut. After graduating from Yale University in 1968 and Harvard Business School in 1975, Bush worked in oil businesses. Eight months into Bush 's first term as president, the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks occurred....   [tags: George W. Bush, Iraq War]

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The Second Direct Effect On Social Change

- The second direct effect that has the most influence on social change is the monetary value awarded to litigants through the expansion of tort law. One of the strongest factors in determining the power of any particular social movement is the ability to create a secure support structure. Epp explains that this is mainly comprised of money, lawyers, and organizations such as the NAACP or the ACLU. One of the key laws that helped activists create a strong support structure was the passage of the Civil Rights Attorneys’ Fees Awards Act....   [tags: Law, Tort, Damages]

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Ethical Implications of Chemical, Biological and Nuclear Warfare

- Ethical Implications of Chemical, Biological and Nuclear Warfare Thesis As current problems of terrorism and the war on Iraq, chemical, biological and nuclear warfare (CBW) issues are important and relevant. CBW agents are dangerous, uncontrollable and undifferentiating weapons of mass destructions. Chemical, biological and nuclear weapons are capable of mass destruction aimed at killing masses of people. Using CBW agents comes with many ethical dilemmas and consequential side-effects. Chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons are designed to yield a great number of deaths....   [tags: War Weapons Chemistry Ethics Essays]

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Wendy Lower Is A Professor Of History At Claremont Mckenna College And A Research Associate

- Wendy Lower is a Professor of History at Claremont McKenna College and a research associate at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich. Lower is also a historical consultant for the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. She has published numerous articles and books on the Holocaust and conducted archival research and fieldwork in central and eastern Europe since 1992. Some of her published works include The Diary of Samuel Golfard and the Holocaust in Galicia and Nazi Empire-Building and the Holocaust in Ukraine....   [tags: Nazi Germany, Jews, The Holocaust, Antisemitism]

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The Destruction from the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami and Responses from the Maldives' Government

- The 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami was one of the deadliest and most destructive in recent history. It was even catastrophic for a country like Maldives that never experienced disasters of such scale. While some of the islands in Maldives were completely destroyed and a significant number of lives lost; the damages to economy, infrastructure, environment and human psyche was immeasurable (Pardasani, 2006, p. 80). Having only dealt with storm surges and localized flooding, “there were no operational plans or capacity to deal with a disaster of this magnitude” in Maldives (Government of Maldives, et al., 2005, p....   [tags: earthquake, damages, recovery]

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Analysis Of The Book ' From Bauhaus On House ' By Tom Wolfe

- In his opinionated book, From Bauhaus to Our House, Tom Wolfe describes his views on the way architecture has framed our modern world. He frames his book long essay with an excerpt from America the Beautiful, "O Beautiful, for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain, has there ever been another place on earth where so many people of wealth and power have paid for and put up with so much architecture they detested as within thy blessed borders today. . . . Every child goes to school in a building that looks like a duplicating-machine replacement-parts wholesale distribution warehouse ....   [tags: World War II, United States, Modernism]

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How is the extinguishing of the Jewish and Native American races similar?

- I will be researching extinguishing of the Jewish and Native American races; the reasoning behind the atrocities, the suffering, and the aftermath. Both groups of people were stripped of their rights. The Native Americans were simply denied their rights and in Germany, during World War II, the Jewish population’s rights were taken away. The plight of the Native American expanded over a longer time period, but there race was practically eradicated. The systematic state-sponsored murder of six million Jews by Nazis and their collaborators took place during World War II, which was spanned a shorter timeframe....   [tags: Race ]

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A Plan For a Complete Intelligence Collection Operation against North Korea

- The Korean peninsula has been a volatile area since the end of World War II. Today it is the last example of a single nation divided between two states, represents the longest division of ideologies, and is the archetype of enduring Cold War symptoms. Although small in size, The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) has been the biggest obstacle to regional stability in Asia, its militant and hostile policies posing a threat not only to western aligned nations, but also to its former and present benefactors, Russia and China....   [tags: Foreign Policy]

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Indigenous Speeches: Exploration of the Mabo Case, Stolen Generation and Reconciliation

- Exploration of the Mabo Case, Stolen Generation and Reconciliation Both Keating’s and Rudd’s speeches are firmly based on the ideas of recognition and reconciliation for the wrongs that European settlers, and their decedents, have inflicted on Indigenous Australians. To explore this idea I believe that it is necessary to take a closer look at both the plight of Eddie Mabo and the stories of the Stolen Generation. The Mabo Case Eddie Mabo is widely known for his plight to regain land rights for both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people....   [tags: european settlers, stolen generation ]

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Mercury Drugstore Has Withstood the Test of Time in the Phillipines

- ... One of those is Mariano Que, he had immediately noticed the demand for sulfa drugs in the country, because during that period, most of the pharmacies in the Philippines hardly had enough resources to go by and provide for the demand of the people. Using his pre-war experience working in a drugstore, Mariano Que started investing 100 pesos worth of sulfathiazole tablets. Having in mind that the customers can only afford as much, he peddled them in single doses so they would be affordable to the poverty-stricken sectors....   [tags: medical, customers, health]

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Canadian Government’s Compensations for Japanese Canadians Interments in World War Two

- ... Even though the money from the sales was kept by Custodian of Enemy Alien Property and held in account under the owner’s name, there was no interest and only limited amount of money, hundred dollars per month, was allowed to be taken out by the owner. Moreover, the law did not allow the Japanese Canadians to work if they had money in their account (Hickman & Fukawa, 2011). This prevented Japanese Canadians from building their financial status and getting involved in Canadian economic for many years....   [tags: anti-japanese policies, financial damages]

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The Statue Of Khasekhemwy : Ancient Egyptian Logographic And Alphabetic Elements

- The Statue of Khasekhemwy is a carved in-the-round sculpture made from painted limestone. It stands smaller than life size at about two feet in height. The sculpture represents Pharaoh Khasekhemwy in a straight, upright and frontal pose on the throne. Khasekhemwy places his right arm on his lap, while his left arm embraces his body. Unfortunately, both of his hands are destroyed. Covered by a tight-fitting robe, the subject wears a tall and conical hat above his head. Pharaoh Khasekhemwy sits on a low-backed throne with incised figures on the either sides of his seat....   [tags: Ancient Egypt, Egypt, Egyptian language]

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Terrorism, I Am A Muslim And I Am Against It

- “Surely, those who believe, those who are Jewish, the Christians, and the converts; anyone who (1) believes in GOD, and (2) believes in the Last Day, and (3) leads a righteous life, will receive their recompense from their Lord. They have nothing to fear, nor will they grieve” This is how Islam inculcates Muslims not to judge others, because obviously it’s the Lord who does that. Despite this verse and many other verses in Quran which promote for peace and love among humans, still people combine Islam with terror....   [tags: informative essay]

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Analysis Of The Book ' 1984 ' By George Orwell

- The narrator of a story often plays a crucial role in literature; it is important to note their ability to alter the truth with memory, or emotion. In the novel 1984 by George Orwell, the story of Winston is revealed by a third- person limited narrator. Imagery is superlative within the narrative, particularly on the physical contrast between Winston and the Big Brother, the urban destructions, and the torture at the ministry of love. The narrator selectively reveals Winston’s tone of voice as hesitant; whether it is upon meeting new people, going into a store, or talking about the future....   [tags: Nineteen Eighty-Four, George Orwell, Big Brother]

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Smokers’ Social Responsibility: Supporting Cigarette Ban in Outdoor Areas

- Smokers’ Social Responsibility: Supporting Cigarette Ban in Outdoor Areas Audience: Smokers in the city Genre: An article in local newspaper Results of many researches have proven that concentrations of tobacco smoke in outdoor areas possess the risk to individuals, kids and environment. Even cigarette butts are equally hazardous for environment and many creatures, especially in sea. Therefore, the recently laid ban on smoking in outdoor area in our city is a good move. However, the support of smokers is very much needed to make it successful....   [tags: Social Responsibility Essays]

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September 11th and the End of Osama bin Laden

- I awoke the morning of September 11th in the usual manner. Around 9 a.m. I turned on the television, which happened to be on a news channel. There was something unusual taking place, and this time it was not the usual LA car chase. This particular morning the news anchors were not talking about the usual trivialities; instead there was live coverage of something big taking place in downtown Manhattan. Though I still felt half asleep, I was trying to focus on the television, whereas I saw smoke billowing from the World Trade Center Towers....   [tags: September 11 Terrorism Essays]

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The Astonishing X-Men by Joss Whedon and John Cassaday

- ... Scott Summers, nicknamed Cyclops was a leader of the group. He will never see the world as normal person’s vision because his vision was all red. Emma ‘White Queen’ Frost was a speaker of the group, she always appear to be in a dejected state. In my perspective, her costume makes her look very special and attractive. she was in a relationship with the Cyclops and also with Wolverine, sort of. Her abilities are able to control and manipulates mind and she can transforms her body into a diamond....   [tags: common, extraordinary, mutations, humans]

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Analysis of the Book of Jeremiah in the Bible

- JEREMIAH CONDEMNS JERUSALEM FOR ITS SINS Jeremiah condemned Jerusalem for trying to obtain happiness through worthless and unstable things instead of the unchangeable God. At this point, Jeremiah is angry with the people of Jerusalem for their shameless sin. False Worship will have consequences. As this section started, God ordered Jeremiah to speak at the temple. He told Jeremiah to prove the people of Jerusalem wrong for thinking God would not bring damage to the temple or to those who lived nearby it....   [tags: Sin, Jerusalem, Destruction]

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Terrorism Is An Epidemic Of The Nation 's Government

- Terrorism has been around for as long as people can remember. It is an act of violence used against state or people of state to procure personal benefit or goals that favors a religious, political, or ideological platform. Terrorist activities include murders, kidnappings, hijackings and bombings etc. Terrorism is carried out all over the world in different ways, forms and shapes. This includes coercion of unprecedented rules, intimidating civilians, and assassination of eminent personalities. One of the primary reasons behind terrorism is to usurp the nation’s government and to legalize a specific political agenda....   [tags: Terrorism, Pakistan, Soviet war in Afghanistan]

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What Was Meant By The Malaise Of The 1960s?

- Final Exam Essay Questions 1. In detail describe what is meant by the “malaise of the 1970s”. In the 1970s during Nixon’s years of presidency, the America endured economic and social hardships from the Vietnam War. Tensions were growing because of the United States’ involvement. “Malaise of the 1970s” was cause by a series of events occurring such as the oil embargo, competition from the international market, stagflation, and Watergate scandal which led to President Nixon’s resignation. Due to the United States supporting Israel during the Yom Kipper War, the Arab government from the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) issued an oil embargo to the U.S and western countries...   [tags: Cold War, United States, George W. Bush]

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Andrew Jackson 's Implementation Of The Indian Removal Act

- During 1829 to 1838, otherwise known as the Jacksonian Era, Andrew Jackson leaded the country with his revolutionary presidency. Jackson gained the support of many Americans by his way of persuading others, while also occasionally attempting to please the people. He was capable of establishing the Indian Removal Act by leading Americans to believe his words, while taking their concerns. Based on the support provided, we can conclude Andrew Jackson’s implementation of the Indian Removal Act in 1830 demonstrates a teleological, utilitarianism ethic....   [tags: Native Americans in the United States]

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Identifying Issues Of Ethics And Employee Fear / Uncertainty

- Assignment 2: LASA—Identifying Issues of Ethics and Employee Fear/Uncertainty As the organizational change consultant identifies, three problems that were addressed, leadership demand that the children be placed in home without taking the time to match foster parent who are trained to manage children with severe behavior disorder, employees believe leaders apply a dictator work environment and Foster Family believe they do not have the freedom to accept the children to match their needs. After the consultant analyze the problem, it established that the most effective organizational behavior hypothesis was the decision theory, the climate and types of cultures encountered was traditional, an...   [tags: Ethics, Normative ethics, Employment, Management]

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The Laws Governing Provision Reward Falls Under Contractual Laws

- The laws governing provision reward falls under contractual laws. Ryan (2005) notes that a contract is a “legally binding agreement” between two or more people to perform or refrain from doing an obligation, and from where the law can be applied in case of violation of the contract (p. 3). Morris’s case, however, the contract is unilateral whereby “there is no mutuality of obligation” to do or to withdraw from peforming a certain action (Patrick Cihon, 2008, p. 10). This means that the obligation to perform an action as intended is squarely on the offerer....   [tags: Contract, Law, Reasonable person, Tort]

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Tourism is of major economic and social significance

- Tourism is of major economic and social significance. More than 720 million tourists spend $480 billion annually in places outside their own country (WTO, 2004). This is one of the largest items in the world’s foreign trade. The significance of tourism has been recognized in both developing and developed countries. This can be seen in the establishment of sophisticated and well resourced government departments of tourism , widespread encouragement and sponsorship of tourism developments, and the proliferation of small business and multinational corporations contributing to and deriving benefits from the tourism industry....   [tags: Person–environment relationships ]

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The Influence of Air Pollution on Human Health

- Introduction The main authors’ purpose for writing the articles is to inform people about the influence of air pollution on the human health and determine all chemical pollutants into the atmosphere. Dr, Schrank’s, the author one of the articles, has been doing environmental investigation over the course of his life. Obviously, he drew attention to such important issue as air pollution and health. I did focus on these articles because air pollution is actually a global problem around the world, and this problem will probable never be solved completely....   [tags: plants, factories, mental disorders, scientists]

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Should Nuclear be Used as Main Power Source?

- Electricity is a type of energy which is necessary to operate every electronic appliance. Since first electronic light bulb was invented by the great inventor, Thomas Edison, the needs for electricity uproars to the point which had became one of the survival requirements for the current modern people. Electricity is only obtainable by converting other energy sources into electrical energy, or using natural lightning as a direct source. Thus, various power generators are responsible in producing electricity in human’s life....   [tags: electricity, uranium, dynamo]

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Climate Change And Its Effect On The Environment

- Climate change is the change in average weather conditions of a region over an extended period of time which includes average change in annual rainfall and temperature patterns in a region. These leads to the overall change in global climate. Climate change can be identified through statistical tests by analyzing the mean and variability of the properties causing it. Change in global climate is real and continues to take place every day. Climate change is not easily noticeable but since the era of human civilization; industrial age, climate change is widely noticeable....   [tags: Carbon dioxide, Global warming, Climate change]

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Dreaming Various Amount Of People Experiences Different Effects

- In the article dreaming various amount of people experiences different effects when its come to sleeping in this journal I chose a research which was conducted based on sleeping. Everyone sleeps but the main point would be what happen when sleeping occurs will there be a nightmare. How many of us sleep with a nightmare ready to emerge from are brain stem to cortex. Nightmare can be due to stress or depression. When I dream and have a nightmare it is always about failure what if or how it would be like if I failed in everything in life....   [tags: Sleep, Sleep disorder, Sleep deprivation]

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Homosexuals : A Life Long Commitment Under God

- According to the Christian belief, in the beginning, god made Adam who is a man and then God made Eve who is a woman. He gave Adam Eve, who is a woman and not a man, so that the human race can maintain and multiply by procreating. For many many years homosexuality has been a sin or wrongfulness in many, if not all, religions. Not only are we continually bombarded with this controversial topic we have also reached a point where homosexuality is more open and widely received than it has ever been before....   [tags: Homosexuality, Same-sex marriage, LGBT]

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The Effects Of Drug Usage On The Society

- The effects of drug usage in this society as a whole cannot be overestimated. It has become a canker worm eating deep into the foundation of society. Many theories and solutions have been propounded to tackle drug usage. Drugs come in various forms. You have your gateway substances such as marijuana and alcohol, which are common among the majority, are considered “harmless” then you have your “harmful” frowned upon substances like cocaine and “meth” that are notoriously known for damages on the brain functionality....   [tags: Drug addiction, Addiction, Brain, Neuron]

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Chou Wen Chung And Ode Of Eternal Pine

- Yihan Chen Chou Wen-Chung and Ode to Eternal Pine Being the first Chinese-born composer to be established professionally in a prestigious institution (Columbia University) in the West, Chou Wen-Chung was highly influential to the later generations of Chinese composers by writing music in a highly original style, being a prolific writer on issues of Chinese identity and musicology, having taught highly successful Chinese-American composers such as Tan Dun, Zhou Long, Chen Yi, Bright Sheng, etc., as well as establishing the exchange programs between American and Chinese institutions that opened Chinese composition students to the world after the Cultural Revolution....   [tags: China, Chinese language, Han Chinese]

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