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The Art of Drawing and Architecture

- Architects do not simply draw, by inscribing a line on paper they create an idea that transforms a flat surface into a virtual space to be consumed, studied and shaped. To develop this level of phenomenon the architect produces different types of drawings: design, presentation and construction, just to name a select few, which have developed historically over many centuries. Although the architect uses basically the same type of tools and drawing materials that have been standard for hundreds of years, the art of drawing is far from the same....   [tags: design, building, construction]

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Row Houses in Boston's South End

- In the early nineteenth century, Boston increased in size by filling in the marshy area around where Washington Street is today. The city, concerned about crowding in the already established neighborhoods downtown and on Beacon Hill, decided to develop this area into new residential neighborhoods. The population of Boston had increased dramatically in the first half of the nineteenth century from the large number of immigrants and the steady rise of industry in a port city. Between 1850 and 1875, the area south and east of Washington Street (the ocean side) became the South End, which was intended to attract the growing middle class and to persuade them not to move to the suburbs....   [tags: neighborhood, architecture, building]

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What Happens When Relationship Building Strategies Do Not Work

- Relationship Building When in a leadership position, building relationships is an important aspect. These relationships create a network that can be used in times of need, creating change, and increase overall confidence between yourself and your peers, clients, leaders, and subordinates. Throughout this week’s reading we learned about the many relationship building strategies. This journal will outline my relationship building strategies, both within and outside work situations, and what happens when my strategies do not work....   [tags: leadership strategies, politicians]

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Article Review of John Bersin's article, 5 Keys to Building a Learning Organization

- ... Bersin begins by stating that businesses should not revert back to 1980s in building corporate universities, given that this could be expensive, with the cost of the corporate training industry is approximately $135 billion, indicating how expensive the training is. So, how do organizations minimize these costs. (Bersin, 2012). To assist in avoiding the training costs and still incorporate a learning organization Bersin developed five key points, the five key points are: 1. Corporate learning is “informal” and HR does not own it – most business leaders know that learning is “on the job.” Organizations with “formalized informal learning” create environments supporting on-the-job learning...   [tags: employees, training, management]

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The Synergy Family Foster Care Agency

- ... Make another right and you will see a cream hallway walk back a little bit and to the right is a water cooler, and bathroom facilities. Going back into the hallway and again turning to the right you next encounter two offices across from one another the one on the left is painted orange, and the one two the right is painted blue. The hallway dead ends as you proceed into the office right ahead of you cream in color used for licensing foster parents, meeting room, and parent training classes....   [tags: children goals, building, right]

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Go to Church Within Yourself

- ... Am I sounding a little smart-alecky. (Yes). But, I had to do more studying before I presumed anything, so this is what I found. First Century Believer’s Meeting Places God doesn’t tell us in Scripture that believers met in one particular kind of place. In fact, many different places are mentioned, but, like I said before, are not expounded on. This list won’t be time consuming and I put the references there for you to look them up for yourself. I broke them up into three categories: 1. In people’s homes, 2....   [tags: God, worhsip, building]

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Building Trust In Your Leadership Among Your Subordinates: A Personal Approach

- “The glue that holds all relationships together - including the relationship between; the leader and the led is trust, and trust is based on integrity.” This wise statement from Brian Tracey embodies the synergistic relationship between leaders and followers that this paper will focus on. According to the course textbook, leadership can be defined as “the process of influencing an organized group toward accomplishing its goals.” (Hughes, Ginnett & Curphy, 2009, p.4) Although this statement is valid, it is my firm belief that it is a leader’s responsibility to do make a positive impact in a subordinate’s life....   [tags: Human Resources]

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British Politics: Same Building, Same Politics, New World

- 16th October 1834, London: UK. The banks of the river Thames are lined amass with crowds gloating, cheering and relishing the astonishing view that prevails before their eyes. One of the most significant events in the history of British political architecture and my opening statement portrays a celebration. However, It was on this evening that the Palace of Westminster was victim to a great fire, causing the huge gathering to look on and revel in the physical downfall of the political establishment....   [tags: government, cameron, uk parliament]

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- INTRODUCTION Singapore Officially known as the Republic of Singapore, is the world's only sovereign city-state that is also an island country. It lies in Southeast Asia off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula and 137 kilometres north of the equator. Made up of the lozenge-shaped main island (widely known as Singapore Island, but also as Pulau Ujong, its native Malay name) and over 60 much smaller islets, it is separated from Peninsular Malaysia by the Straits of Johor to its north and from Indonesia's Riau Islands by the Singapore Strait to its south....   [tags: Bungalow Building, British Influence]

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The Benefits of Building a Green House on Western's La Crosse Campus

- Presenting the benefits of building a green house facility on Western’s La Crosse campus. First student benefits will be explored ,second the campus’s benefits, and third the environmental benefits will be discussed. Images of the recommended design and a map outlining the proposed location are presented, and the estimated costs of the proposed kit are included as well. This project will have a positive impact including supporting Western’s efforts toward meeting the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations or in other words being sustainable (Western, Web)....   [tags: Environmental Issues]

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Rena’s Concept of Nation Building Based on Chavez and Morales

- ... By doing this, he is satisfying the part where Renan said that people need to work together to unify the nation. Moreover, the book mentioned about the accumulation of wealth through the oil companies and this was used to create jobs, health care, and education for the poor. As well, we see how Chavez uses the past to bring consciousness to the people about the sacrifices that its ancestors have made as Renan noted like is the case of Simon Bolivar. Chavez made Simon Bolivar his icon for his effort of freeing South America and for challenging the United State influence....   [tags: language, race, collaboration, unify]

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Ritualistic Elements of the Frank Auerbach London Building Sites Exhibition

- In this essay i will be discussing my experience of the Frank Auerbach London building sites exhibition at somerset house in reference to carol duncans essay the art museum as a ritual, focusing on the idea that the experience of the art museum even though seemingly secular and so adjunct from religion, has ritualistic elements that are comparable to those of much older ceremonial practices and buildings. I begin by addressing this initial assessment based on the facade of the museum, and its surroundings which are key to this sense of escapism from the mundanity of the everyday world, and entry into a realm of enlightenment i.e....   [tags: Frank Auerbach, London, architecture, ]

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Participative Management Using Self-Managed Teams

- This paper clarifies the way of Participative Management using Self-Managed teams and the striking aspects of it. A working definition for Self-Managed team was given to lay the basis to comprehension the idea of society. Keeping in mind the end goal to further create this comprehension, the part of mental projects and qualities were talked about. Personal inclination, society and identity all make up a singular's mental program, yet it is the social piece that is an independently a scholarly characteristic structured by aggregate modifying....   [tags: delegation, team building]

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System Approaches to Solving Problems

- The increasing complexity of problems has necessitated new approaches to problem solving. As such, industries that have been using traditional problem-solving structures such as those in the engineering, building, and construction have had no choice but to review their working practices. Elliman and Orange (2000, p.345-360) suggested that systems methodology is the viable approach to facilitation of effective changes and improvement of work practices given that soft systems methodology can be used to stimulate debate and factor in the input of future participants....   [tags: building a common purpose]

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Building the World Fair in The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson

- ... They start small construction in 1891 but it stops shortly after. The problem is that of unions might rally against the fair. Burnham is beginning to be frustrated by needing everything approved by the committee. In the spring of 1891, Burnham is encountering many problems and one including the weight limit of soil in Jackson Park. Burnham is also getting frustrated as the architects are not getting their prints in so they can start construction. A new character is introduced here, Sol Bloom, and he is supposed to create the Midway for the fair....   [tags: chicago, architects, structures]

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More than just a graphic: The role of a logo in brand building

- Symbols mark their existence from the early man’s era. Used as a mode of expression and communication, symbols have educated the modern man a lot, which has eventually led to evolution with time. With those symbols causing evolutions, the concept of symbols itself has evolved with time. Symbols are now brought into play by organizations, to express the idea of a business and to communicate about it with the market. These evolved symbols are known as logos. Today every organization needs a logo and with time the importance of this need has risen and still continues to rise....   [tags: Business]

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The Importance of Community Service

- A Nobel Peace Prize-winning philosopher by the name of Albert Schweitzer once stated that even though we might not have control over our fate, we can be certain that happiness can be attained specifically through service. Community service is a voluntary work done by individuals or organizations without being paid. It is done with the objective of giving back to the society and building the community. As a youth, I think it is very important for my generation to participate in community service especially here in Malaysia....   [tags: youths, character building, malaysia]

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The Great Fire of London

- As once posted on Funky, a blog about the latest news, "Fire from the heart of London spreads through the blood of it's veins, making history from ashes" (“Metaphor…” quote #6). In 1666, the Great Fire of London destroyed and turned everything in its path to ashes and is remembered as one of the most historical devastations of Great Britain. The September fire lasted approximately four days. There are a number of different reasons why this fire was so destructive including a lack of response, building material, and of how close the buildings were together....   [tags: lack of response, building materials]

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Constructing The Burj Khalifa Skyscraper

- ... Moreover, each zone is treated as an “offshore jurisdiction” under UAE law and they are virtually autonomous with their own administration, legal system and favorable tax incentives with the intended aim of luring top financial institutions and other companies from around the world to set up shop there. The federal government of the UAE has also made, Abu Dhabi, the capital of the Emirates, a free zone last year. The name of the new free zone, “Global Marketplace Abu Dhabi” (“GMAD”), underscores Abu Dhabi’s ambition for this new free zone to act as a hub for financial services....   [tags: tallest building, dubai]

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The Unity 3D Engine: Building Interactive Scenes Using GameObjects

- ... Projection transformation – The 3D world coordinates are transformed into the cameras 2d view, in order to calculate the perspective sizes of objects at different distances to the camera the X and Y coordinates of every vertex must be divided by the Z coordinate of its own primitive. Clipping – all primitives that are not within the view are discarded. Rasterization – The pixel values of the scene are calculated by converting the 2D representation of the scene to a raster format. Texturing and shading – Fragments of the scene are assigned colour values from a saved texture, a shader or the vertices during Rasterization....   [tags: graphics, transformation, scenes]

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Toys and Games for Tweens

- The “Tween” Years The tween years are a fun time for children to engage in creative learning. They are fascinated by projects and enjoy spending time creating. They have a wonderful sense of humor and their fantasy life has evolved, probably sparked by books like Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson series (all hail Olympians!) and Veronica Roth's Divergent Series (where choices become true). Children at this age are often voracious readers and you should do all you can to encourage them in this activity....   [tags: building unobtrusive guidance to life]

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Social Construct of Codes

- Social Construct of Codes Green building advancement dates back to the late nineteenth century when it started with the concepts of environmental conservation and preservation, and public health protection. The idea at that time was opposed because the public felt that it contradicted social norms that defined how a private home should be constructed for the good of the public. It was later accepted as a measure of environmental conservation and at the present, green building programmes are fully established departments in various counties in the United States....   [tags: Green Building Program]

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Sustainability Environment and Construction

- Introduction Nowadays, research on green building design and using building materials to minimise environmental is already develop and construction has been blame on causing environmental problems in global resources in the aspects of construction and building operation to the hazardous and contamination of the surrounding environment (Ding 2008). However depending on the design or the project itself to achieve the aim of sustainable development and construction or to lower the impacts through appropriate management on site it is not satisfactory enough to handle the problem arise (Ding 2008)....   [tags: green building and design]

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The History of Concrete

- It is common knowledge that steel structures revolutionized building design during the early 20th century. It is less well known, however, the impact concrete has had on building design - particularly in skyscrapers. Concrete is an old building material, dating well back into prehistoric times. Yet its application for building tall structures was only truly begun to realized in the early 20th century. Concrete systems in skyscrapers are a unique brand of structure. They incorporate many different elements, and have a variety of different requirements....   [tags: ancient romans, building design]

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The Rise of Architecture

- The rise of architecture Over the past few years, countless architects have been famous because of their awe inspiring works. Most of their works inspires architects to improve their creations aesthetically. Thus creating new and more modern styles. High rise buildings, homes and structures are built, they are aesthetically enticing to the eyes and pleasing to the clients and clientele. Architects today prove that things are possible with the aid of a great mind, logic and creativity because everything is limitless in the minds of those who thinks endlessly about the future and about improving....   [tags: structures, building, design]

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Child's Development: Outdoor Play

- Outdoor play is a very important factor in every child’s development. “Outdoor environments are both comfortable, supportive and encourage skill building” (Sachs 4). (Hillman 67). “Positive outdoor experiences can foster a happier, healthier, smarter and better adjusted children and can create future stewards of the earth” (Hillman 67). Many children with disabilities are mostly structured to indoor environments and outside play can provide them with great benefits (Christensen 1). An example of this is how children with autism benefit greatly from nature....   [tags: skill building, safety, needs]

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Hydrogen: A Utile Element

- ... Hydrogen gas is extremely flammable and because of this chemical property, it is used as fuel for the main engine of space shuttles. Hydrogen is an important element and has received a lot of recognition throughout history for its usefulness. Hydrogen was first recognized in 1766 by an English chemist ad physicist named Henry Cavendish (who also discovered nitrogen) in London, England. Written records state that Robert Boyle produced hydrogen gas when experimenting with irons and acids in 1671, however, Henry Cavendish is known for first recognizing hydrogen as a distinct element....   [tags: basic building blocks of matter]

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Manufactures Building at the Chicago World's Columbian Exposition of 1893

- missing image Manufactures Building This 11 by 7 inch color lithograph seen here depicts the Manufactures and Liberal Arts Building at the Chicago World's Columbian Exposition of 1893. As the main exhibit space of the fair, it was the largest building ever constructed at the time and the most visited site at the exposition. The general scheme for the building was laid out during the early planning stages of the Chicago fair. It was to be located facing Lake Michigan on its long axis and the east end of the Court of Honor, where the other main buildings were grouped, on its short axis....   [tags: Architecture History]

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Richard Morris Hunt : Administration Building Chicago 1893

- missing image Richard Morris Hunt: Administration Building, Chicago, 1893 This 11 by 14 inch photogravure of the great Administration Building at the Chicago World's Columbian Exposition of 1893 was taken from a set of 25 drawings of the exposition buildings. It was the main focus of the fair, and one of the masterpieces of its architect, Richard Morris Hunt (1827-1895). With its fine classical detailing and sweeping scale, this large building was integral to the "White City" concept of the fair....   [tags: Architecture History]

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The Cost and Benefits of a Building Society Converting to a PLC

- REPORT ON THE COSTS & BENEFITS OF A BUILDING SOCIETY CONVERTING TO A PLC Introduction At the beginning of this century there were more than 2000 building societies, fiercely independent mutual organisations, formed in the spirit of Victorian self help. There are now just 71. Some of these that have disappeared were terminating societies with a fixed wind up date. The last &#8220;terminating'; society was the Fist Salisbury which wound up in 1980. Other societies have been swallowed up in take-overs or converted into banks in the great 1997 demutualisation....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Empire State Building - The World’s Greatest Skyscraper

- The Empire State Building - The World’s Greatest Skyscraper The granddaddy of all skyscrapers and now a National Historic Landmark, the Empire State Building (ESB), with its central Manhattan location, offers the best views of New York City. It is still one of the world's tallest buildings. This New York icon was completed in 1931. Its famous Art Deco spire, visible throughout much of New York, is immortalized in countless movies, including King Kong and Sleepless in Seattle. The Empire State Building is located in Manhattan at 350 Fifth Avenue, between Thirty-third and Thirty-fourth Street....   [tags: Architectural Architects]

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Building a Shopping Center on Private or Public Land in Saida

- Building a Shopping Center on Private or Public Land in Saida This project is about investing $5,000,000.00 in building a shopping center on a private or public land in Saida. The construction of the building is about two years. Our company will operate this project for ten years starting the day when the mall is entirely finished. After ten years of operating the mall, the entire building will be transferred to the owners of the land and our company is expected to make a certain profit (as estimated in the income statement on page 4) To do so, it is very essential to follow the marketing plan of this study and consider all the relevant analysis....   [tags: Papers]

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Impact of Warfare, Religion, and Social Stratification on City-Building

- Impact of Warfare, Religion, and Social Stratification on City-Building In both ancient and contemporary human societies, one can witness the cultural creations of warfare, religion, and social stratification interacting to help form and perpetuate the existence of each other. In addition, these cultural factors have lent themselves to help produce, regulate, and justify specific technologies. These technologies may be either destructive or beneficial to human societies economically and/or environmentally, and can have a very wide range of function....   [tags: Environment Environmental Pollution Preservation]

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The Impact of Building Harlow New Town on Canon's Brook

- The Impact of Building Harlow New Town on Canon's Brook There are likely to be many effects of building a town on a brook. We can see that the most probable responses would be that more water flows into the river and the flood risk increases. However, there are likely to be many other contributing factors and other responses to these rainfall events. In this essay, I am going to examine how the changes to the response of the river occur and what these changes actually are....   [tags: Papers]

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Evaluating the Economic, Social and Environmental Impacts of Building the AswanDam

- Evaluating the Economic, Social and Environmental Impacts of Building the AswanDam Introduction At 4,132 miles, the Nile River is the largest river in the world. It has its origins in Burundi, south of the equator, and flows northward through Uganda and into Sudan eventually flowing through Egypt and finally draining into the Mediterranean Sea. From Lake Victoria (its major source) to the Mediterranean Sea the Nile's river basin has an area of more than 1,293,049 square miles as shown on map on page 2....   [tags: Papers]

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Positive Effects Due to the Building of a Smelter in Delphi

- Positive Effects Due to the Building of a Smelter in Delphi I think that the building of a smelter in Delphi is a positive addition to this area because it will create many new jobs but also, it will make up a great percentage of the income in that area. This smelter will make the cooperation between Greece, Poland and Russia stronger. This is important for our international ties and our economy. We also hope that further cooperation will result from these countries or even other countries and that we will therefore, earn even more money....   [tags: Papers]

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Building of the Iron Bridge and Its Impact on the Surrounding Area

- Building of the Iron Bridge and Its Impact on the Surrounding Area The Iron Bridge first constructed in 1779 and completed in 1781 was built for many reasons. The most important reasons being the terrible weather conditions and the frequent flooding of the river Severn, sometime the water levels reaching extreme heights, also an increase in industry in that area. Before the bridge was built ferries were used to ship goods across the river but during winter months and spring the river was inaccessible....   [tags: Free Example Essays]

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LEGO and the Market for Children’s Building Blocks

- • Background There exists in some human beings an insatiable draw towards the unique and the unusual, as much a statement of individuality as the clothes a person wears. This attraction sometimes leads towards the hobby of collecting a set of objects. Each person has their own niche of memorabilia, often a set that reminds them of childhood fantasies or other happy times. Because these consumers have specialized needs, wanting with varying fierceness to obtain specific, rare items to complete their sets, the collectibles market makes for intriguing study, especially that dominated by LEGO—the market for a collectible children’s toy distinguished by its interlocking bricks....   [tags: Children Toy Collectible Business Marketing]

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Problems Pierre LEnfant Encountered in Building Washington D.C.

- Problems Pierre LEnfant Encountered in Building Washington D.C. Washington D.C., the capital of the United States of America, stands today as a monument to our country's unity and independence. "Its scheme of broad radiating avenues connecting significant focal points, its open spaces, and its grid pattern of streets" is credited to the genius of the French architect and engineer Pierre Charles L'Enfant. However, the process of designing and building Washington was far from easy a task for L'Enfant and he was not given due credit for his design until years after his death....   [tags: Papers]

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Project Management, The Building Of The Three Gorges Dam

- 1. Introduction The Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River will probably be finished by 2009 and will be the largest hydroelectric dam in the world. Being the present manager and being appointed by the government at the feasibility stage I am asked to write a report in order to outline the activities required to successfully manage this major project and to ensure that it is completed on time and within budget. This report will be divided into six parts beginning with an introduction and ending with a conclusion....   [tags: Project Management]

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Energy Self-Sufficiency in Building through Photovoltaic Cells

- Energy Self-Sufficiency in Building through Photovoltaic Cells ABSTRACT Solar energy is a way to acquire self-sufficiency of many residential buildings. The different forms of solar cells made from different materials and in different ways are able to increase the efficiency of the solar cells and allow solar energy to become more widespread. Due to the possibility of a shortage of fossil fuels in the near future, solar power can serve as an integral component in solving the energy crisis through developing energy self-sufficient buildings....   [tags: Solar Energy Power Global Warming]

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Amino Acid Supplements for Body-building and Exercise

- Amino Acid Supplements for Body-building and Exercise Contents: This paper is divided into two sections. The first section contains information about research of amino acid supplements found on the Internet. The second section contains published research studies addressing questions of effectiveness and safety of the supplements. Section 1: Internet-based Research Involving Amino Acids General Overview of Section 1 The sports of bodybuilding and fitness are undergoing changes as supplemental products enhance the performance of athletes....   [tags: Science Chemistry Health Essays]

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Graduation Speech: Building County High School

- When I first began school in this district at County Junior High in seventh grade, I had no idea that I, along with my classmates, would have the privilege of building the New High School. Of course I don't mean the physical, brick-by-brick building; I mean the building of High School's spirit, the tradition of pride and achievement that permeates every brick, every part of our school. I had no idea what impact we would have in both the academic and athletic realms. Our group activities have fought for and won honors that can be envied by every other school....   [tags: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address]

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Understanding Indigenism: Building A Different Future for Us All

- Understanding Indigenism: Building A Different Future for Us All “Defining one’s ‘culture’ is a life long process,” according to Indian rights activist Norman DesCampe of the Grand Portage Chippewa Tribe. “You have to live it.” Today, the life long process of understanding indigenous cultures is limited by terms of “cultural survival.” The ability of future generations to define themselves as Inuit or Kayapo is threatened as their natural environments and social integrity is hurt by government negligence: indigenous cultures must be protected under a political structure that allows the people to live as they choose to live, outside of the transformative power of established nation-states, a...   [tags: Essays Papers]

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The Issue of Building Wind Turbines on the Edge of Sheffield

- The Issue of Building Wind Turbines on the Edge of Sheffield In November 2003 it was announced that Sheffield city council were looking for sites on the edge of Sheffield for a wind farm. The site would be on the high moorland next to the Peak District where it is very windy. There would be 15 wind turbines. It is hoped that eventually Sheffield would produce all its own electricity and even have a surplus to sell. So should be a wind farm on the edge of Sheffield. What is wind power....   [tags: Papers]

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The Building of Pressure Throughout J.B. Priestley's An Inspector Calls

- The Building of Pressure Throughout J.B. Priestley's An Inspector Calls The scene is opened: a middle class family are sat around a dining room table on what is a typical evening. The mood is relaxed and the characters appear content with the life they lead. They are undisturbed and seem oblivious to what is happening outside their four walls. A maid is present which indicates to the audience that this family is of upper class status in other words successful and wealthy....   [tags: Papers]

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Reducing Logistic Costs for Ladner Building Products

- Reducing Logistic Costs for Ladner Building Products Introduction: Ladner is a National building materials distributor with 15-distribution centres nation wide. Recently, the company had been experiencing a loss due to high costs. This issue has become a dangerous problem at Ladner, and top management is now looking to understand the causes of this problem. Recommendations: Ladner can take one or a combination of the following options to improve its situation: - Reducing transportation costs by re-organizing the deliveries and encouraging pick-ups....   [tags: Business Management Studies Marketing Essays]

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Building Our Future, One Student At a Time

- Building Our Future, One Student At a Time There have been many influences on my life. Some have been positive and some have been negative. But, the biggest influence on my life was luckily a very positive one in the form of numerous caring, motivated, intelligent people. You may ask who these people were. They were simply my teachers, and they are the main reason for my career decision. I am in full agreement with Rousseau in his belief that we are all born innocent. That we are neither good nor evil, but rather the environment in which we are influences this....   [tags: Education Teaching Teachers Essays]

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Building Bridges: Overcoming Obstacles in Christian-Muslim Relations

- dsfsCitain this January to take part in a seminar entitled "Building Bridges: Overcoming Obstacles in Christian-Muslim Relations". Tony Blair also praised these Christians and Muslims for coming together at the conference being hosted by the Archbishop of Canterbury, George Carey, to promote post-September 11 dialogue. The is same George Carey who in November 2000 said he believed the use of military force, which has resulted in the murder of tens of thousands of Muslim lives in Afghanistan, was necessary”....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Pueblo Community Against Building Cement Plant

- Pueblo Community Against Building Cement Plant Pueblo citizens are facing a battle. It's a battle between common citizens and those who are in favor of economic development to decide on whether a cement plant will call Pueblo its new home. It¡¦s a battle to join together in order to educate those individuals in charge about how building a cement plant would cause more harm than create jobs. It¡¦s a battle between the average citizen, concerned about their health and the environment, and the elected official, confident that their influence will bring in a new business for the better of the community....   [tags: Papers]

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Analyzing How Buildings Affect Physical and Mental Health

- According to Bokalders and Block (2009) some people spend more than 90 percent of their live indoors. This represents that those who live or work in buildings may be significantly influenced by them. Materials which are utilized in the erection of buildings, also interior design of buildings, providing clean air and intensive light are important issues to be taken into account, because their quality has considerable impact on residents. Rostron (2008) claims that adverse effect of a building can cause a considerable implication for society: many of those who suffered from ‘sick buildings’ have complained that their productivity had reduced by 20 percent....   [tags: Construction, Buildings, Interior Design]

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What´s Deconstruvist Architecture?

- ... Deconstructivist Theory – in respect to architectural practice – aimed to create structures that characterised unpredictability and chaos in a controlled environment, distorting and dislocating typical architectural elements such as structure. This design principle focuses primarily on the externality of the building, by pushing and challenging the boundaries of traditional architectural conventions regarding structural practicality. The practitioners of deconstructivism - whilst influenced by Derrida’s philosophy and interests in radical formalism- took their physical influences from the geometrical anomalies of Russian Constructivism, following the mantra ‘form follows fantasy’....   [tags: architectural practice, norms, building]

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Legal Responsability of Civil Engineers in Hong Kong

- Building structure and bridge structure, though built with well-considered design, may still have structural problem or even collapse with time. In this regard, the designer of the structure, which is the civil engineer, may have to bear of responsibility of professional negligence. Nonetheless, most of the engineers should be professional and have followed good control of structure quality, code of practice and good on-site supervision, despite the structure built may fail after the construction....   [tags: codes of practice for building & bridge structures]

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Architecture: Critical Regionalism

- From my opinion off what I have gathered, I came to an understanding that Critical regionalism can be seen as an approach to architecture that tries to stand up for places culture and identifies the identity of a place where Modern Architecture has failed to, by using the building's geographical context and reference of vernacular architecture. The term critical regionalism was first used by Alexander Tzonis and Liane Lefaivre and, with a somewhat different meaning, by Kenneth Frampton. Critical regionalism could be considered as a particular kind of post-modern response....   [tags: le corbusier, building types]

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Structural Reliability for the Design of Exceptional Structures

- The moving wind towards the building turns aside making an overpressure on the exposed façade. The deviated flow separates at the corner from the building creating a turbulent boundary layer. Vortex shedding appear as oscillating flow from opposite sides of a structure and engender fluctuating load perpendicular to the wind direction. Structural vibrations may occur due to resonance effect when the frequency of vortex shedding matches the natural frequency of the structure. Therefore, the Eurocode 1991-1-4 should not be used for buildings taller than 200m and very slender or unusual structures because it does not provide regulation on the following aspects: wind actions on lattice towers w...   [tags: Eurocode building standards, civil engineering]

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Improving Leadership Skills

- Analytical Paper When seeking to improve leadership skills it is important to become immersed in concepts that foster an environment conducive to high performance teams. Two of these concepts have been discussed in length: Conflict Resolution and Team Building. This essay will discuss the importance of these ideas as they relate to leadership and what aspiring leaders can learn. Second, which of the topic readings create the “best” model for effective leadership within an organization. Lastly, what impact can be expected on the organization if these ideas are not implemented....   [tags: Organizational Development, Team Building]

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Customer Relationship Marketing

- Customer Relationship Marketing serves as an important aspect to businesses as a form of marketing in which it carefully focuses on the important aspects of consumer’s relationship. The understanding and development of relationship marketing throughout time has greatly embarked on how organisations manage and anticipate their customers. Marketing itself has evolved throughout time, in which it has changed considerably by the influence of the consumer. The revolutions of marketing orientation from production, product to selling and marketing orientation provides a foundation to the recent approaches of the evolving contemporary marketing approaches which is Customer Relationship marketing....   [tags: Orientation, Building, Maintaining]

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Our Lady of Angels: Tragedy in Chicago

- December 1st, 1958 tragedy comes to Chicago, the catholic school Our Lady of Angels is a blase a fire has started in the basement of the north wing of the school at the bottom of the stairwell and is roaring through the north wing in a matter of minuets despite the best efforts of the Chicago fire department the north wing is nearly a total loss resulting in the death of 90 people died in the blaze and 5 more were critically injured resulting in deaths. Through my research I have sought to find the role that the construction of the building has played in the precipitation of this tragedy....   [tags: tragic fires, building construction analysis]

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Analysis of the Branding Strategy of Nanda Home

- The essay intends to first analyze the branding strategy of Nanda Home. Focusing on the failure in sustaining the appeal of its flagship product Clocky, and later give branding recommendations to Nanda Home and one of its product, Tocky in a new market, United Arab Emirates (UAE). The analysis and the recommendations will be based on the application of two branding goals of image and function. Clocky’s deficiency in branding can be ascribed to the insufficient image building and the unfavorable function emphasis....   [tags: Clocky, foreign market, image building]

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Five Strategies to Help You Retain Critical Talent

- Retaining Critical Talent. Five strategies to help you retain critical talent are: 1. Providing Value Added Feedback 2. Adjusting Autonomy/Decision Making Authority 3. Building Relationships 4. Providing Opportunities for Growth 5. And Playing to Employee Strengths The first strategy is to provide value added feedback to employees. Critical Talent both expect and deserve feedback at other times that just at performance reviews. Feedback needs to be regular, specific, timely, and valuable to the employee....   [tags: value, adjust, building relationships, growth]

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The Functions of a Medieval Castle

- ... The wood could also be burned during attacks (16). Later they began to build castles using stone. These stone castles took many years to complete (13). In the beginning only the keeps were changed to stone and kept the same square layout (18). Eventually it was found that the square corners were a weak spot in the design and changed to a rounded profile (Jarrow 29). Later the wooden walls were changed to stone. The new curtain walls were much larger. They were often between fifteen and thirty-five feet tall, and six to nine feet thick....   [tags: building, design, fortress, defense, attack]

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Architecture Should be Technologically Rational

- In this essay, I will be exploring how some critics and argument that postmodernism has become a break in a modernist notion that architecture should be technologically rational, austere, and functional. Postmodernism, as general movement, will be the first topic I will explored, my aim is to find out what are the general definition of postmodernism. Looking into some of the postmodernism architecture and explore some facts and characteristic about it. Besides looking at postmodernism as a general movement, I’ll also investigate in several facts and the ideology in postmodern architecture....   [tags: portland building,postmodernism,michael graves]

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Economic and Societal Implications on Communities Surrounding Sports Franchises

- With the ever-increasing rate at which professional sport franchises change venues, the surrounding communities must deal with the social and economic burden. The Atlanta Braves announced in November that the 2017 season will open in a new $672 million-dollar stadium in Cobb County. Turner field will only be 21 years old when their team vacates it and has it demolished. The announcement stunned many fans due to the lack of warning received and the seemingly young age of the current stadium. City officials claim that a professional team will increase tax revenue, create economic growth, and even bring the city closer together....   [tags: social/economic burden of stadium building]

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There Is No I In Team

- “It may sound like a waste of time, but it unites our Wal-Mart branch as a family!” Bob preaches. “This is a waste of valuable work time and an embarrassment to the Wal-Mart name!” A nudnik employee shouts in return. “Sam Walton founded this company with his family, today he is still working with his family and always will be. We are a family because a family can complete tasks earlier and more efficiently than an individual could. Cooperating together on responsibilities reduces our workloads and allows us to share responsibilities and ideas.” Bob replied, “We are more than a work place, we are Wal-Mart!” Bob Learmont, a manager at Wal-Mart in Grand Rapids Michigan, unites his employees e...   [tags: team building, productivity, employee, workplace]

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Why to Do a Dead Lifting Rountine

- ... So even though you may not feel like it today or you may be sick you still must take some time out to train. You must push yourself to work a little bit harder each time and when you’re done the gratification of feeling better that you did and seeing results was worth the push. A dedication to your workout is crucial with strict guidelines on what muscles you work, how often and for how long with proper form for each routine. To perform a dead lift you do not need much equipment only a bar with free weights on the ends, this makes it a barbell....   [tags: training, building, body, muscles, bones]

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Vital Components of Human Resource Management

- Introduction It’s amazing how, as children, we practice concepts that allow businesses and organizations to flourish while playing, not realizing that it’s preparing us for the future. Remember the days on the school playground, during recess, when we would play team games like red rover, capture the flag, and dodge ball. Before the games started, we had to select two team captains and they would choose the teams. If you were ever lucky to be selected as one of the team captains, you would always choose the fastest, the strongest, or the biggest kid, or your best friend....   [tags: team building, human management, hhrr ]

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Overview of Social Bond Theory

- Social bonds are comprised under the occurrences of attachment, commitment, involvement, and belief. Travis Hirschi named these four elements to propose a theory based on the assumption that acts of delinquent behavior are less likely to arise, when there is strength in social bonds. Attachment corresponds to the social binding towards family, friends, and institutions. It is the most important bond because these affective ties will help prevent deviant behavior by learning what is socially acceptable, and what is not....   [tags: Group Discussions, Building Bridges Camp]

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A Brief History of Brickwork

- Introduction & Brief History of Brickwork. A brick is essentially a modular unit of fired or dried clay which has evolved as a building material throughout the centuries. The earliest bricks were simply cut from a thin slab of clay with straw reinforcement and then sun-dried. Subsequently, the Romans used wooden frames as moulds to make their bricks and fired them afterwards. Later again, circa the 1100’s bricks were produced using ‘pallet moulding’ and ‘slop moulding methods’. This was a method whereby timber moulds held the clay and any surplus clay was cut off....   [tags: building elements, modular units of clay]

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A Brief History of Lime

- Symbol: Ca From the Latin calx which means lime. It was used as a building material as far back as 7000 to 14000 BC. Determine when and how this metal was discovered (and, if possible, who discovered this metal). This metal was discovered in Khafajah Mesopotamia; around 2500 BC (first kiln date). The Ancient Romans prepared lime as calcium oxide. However this could not be the first scientific date of discovery; this is because it was not discovered, isolated and named. An English scientist named Humphry Davy was the first person to isolate calcium, this was done in 1808 by mixing mercuric oxide and lime; he then performed an electrolysis of the mixture....   [tags: Chemistry Metals, Building Material, History]

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Rumors of Aurora Masonic Lodge#156

- Cross View on Aurora Masonic Lodge#156 Charly Gnonlonfoun Community College of Aurora The birth of Freemasonry can be dated as far back as the 13th century when groups of unionized workers would help one another to build cathedrals, but officially the organization itself was born in 1717.This fraternal order is seen by a certain opinion as evil .So, they classified it as part of the illuminati and secret society which only goal is to lead the world. For them, Freemason has secret and satanic agenda....   [tags: The essay concerns a specific group/building.]

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Why Consumers Purchase Fair-Trade Products

- ... Whereas retailers in the mainstream market may sell fair trade products for purposes of making profit that that does not imply that they endorse the message the products stand for. In other instances, supporters of fair trade may organise themselves into networks of fair trade towns and engage in activities that extend beyond individual consumption. Consequently, more people who are not necessarily committed to fair trade end up consuming their products without being aware. Ordinarily, that means that their day-to-day purchase of fair trade products has nothing to do with conscious choice....   [tags: fostering inclusion, capacity building, equality]

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One World Trade Center

- ... Political 'It was meant to be all things to all people,' said Christopher Ward, who acted as executive director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. 'It was going to answer every question that it raised. Was it an answer to the terrorists. Was the market back. Was New York going to be strong. That’s what was really holding up progress.' (Stanburn, 2014) The tower has an 18-piece spire, making it stand at 1776 feet; it is a direct reference to the year the declaration of independence was signed....   [tags: tallest building, western hemisphere, prestige]

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Designer Baby: Tomorrow’s Future

- Designer Baby: Tomorrow’s Future Imagine a world where diseases, such as cancer, are obsolete and choosing babies physical appearance is the new fad—imagine the designer baby. A “designer baby” is an informal name used to describe a baby whose genetic makeup is altered through pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) (see figure 1 for more information on the process). The term designer baby implies that a baby’s genetic makeup can be pieced together, as many do with clothes. Hence, a designer baby is essentially like designer clothes....   [tags: ethics, freedom, building master race]

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Social marketing: building brand value and influence in the UK tourism industry to sustain brand consumption in the current economic recession

- Social marketing: building brand value and influence in the UK tourism industry to sustain brand consumption in the current economic recession 1.0 Chapter one: introduction 1.1 Background The current economic recession that began in June 2008 and intensified in 2009 had an effect of decreasing international tourism which was also augmented by outbreak of AH1N1 flu virus in 2009 which resulted into restriction of international travel. The tourism sector suffered economic downturn due to decrease in international tourism receipts hence decreased opportunities for sustained employment....   [tags: Marketing]

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Comparing Ben Bertram’s Response and Kogawa’s Road Building by Pick Axe

- Comparing Ben Bertram’s [Response] and Kogawa’s Road Building by Pick Axe is an interesting exercise. There are two primary points of comparison : First, why did each author choose to use the form of poetry that they did, haiku for Bertram and blank verse for Kogawa; Secondly, what using that form of poetry accomplished for their poem. The reason that these poems should be read together is because Bertram raises several important questions about Kogawa’s writing that will help you to better understand Kogawa’s message....   [tags: Poetry, Haiku]

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From Junk Food to Good Food: Building Advocates to Change the Perception of Frito-Lay Snacks

- Overview and Research: In 2007, Frito-Lay enlisted the help of Zocalo Group/Ketchum, to help reinforce their motto “good food for the fun of it.” Frito-Lay is the company behind many popular chip brands such as; Lay’s, Fritos, Cheetos, Tostitos, Doritos and SunChips. In 2008, the company was 63-years-old and its products had a reputation of being junk food. (Public Relations Society of America) According to A Tradition of Health and Wellness, Frito-Lay had made many efforts to make their products healthier....   [tags: healthy, opinions, consumers]

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Building A Home For Children In Need

- One of the greatest problems facing our nation today is the American “need” to turn a quick profit. These fiascos have resulted in millions of dollars in foreclosures and many thousands of lives essentially “ruined” in the process. Perhaps there is a greater gain to be considered than money. There is no greater reward, financial or otherwise, than that of helping a child in need. In the low-income neighborhoods of this country, children often find themselves with too much time on their hands to be productive, and no idea of how to do so if they wished....   [tags: Charity Work, Society Issues, Good Investments]

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Building A Metalwork Shop on a Budget

- Improving workshop efficiency through layout “Once you have decided that setting up a metalworking workshop will provide you with the facilities for an interesting pastime, you will naturally be keen to make progress with the idea quickly. However, there is no point in purchasing a lathe if you do not have a suitable place to house it” (Hall 5). First you need to decide what the main purpose for the workshop and what is your budget. Do you want to make model engines or restore a full-size locomotive....   [tags: business plan, financial analysis]

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Analysis of The New Santa Clara’s NFL Stadium

- The new Santa Clara’s NFL Stadium deserves the attention it has been getting from the media. The Santa Clara’s Stadium is being built as a Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design Certified Stadium. The 49er stadium will have bike parking, wireless Internet capability, and environmentally friendly, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Certified design (KTVU-New 49ers Stadium). The Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design stands for LEED. LEED began in 1993. LEED was created for various reasons....   [tags: 49ers stadium, nfl, leed green building]

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The Baha'i International Archives Building and Its Classical Style of Greek Architecture

- The Baha'i International Archives Building and Its Classical Style of Greek Architecture The Baha'i International Archives Building, erected in 1957 on Mount Carmel in Haifa Israel, echoes the immortal classical style of Greek architecture. An admirer of Greek architecture, Shogi Effendi who was the Guardian of the Baha'i faith, chose this style to carry out the construction of the Archives building. This building replicates the general proportions of the famous Parthenon in Athens, Greece....   [tags: International Arachives Art Essays]

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