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Teachers and Their Students

- I remember signing up for sociology, not having the slightest idea what it was. I figured it would be interesting since I had been told one learns interesting things in college. However, besides that broad piece of advice, I entered a class not knowing even facts as simple as the definition of sociology. Little did I know, I did not have to worry. On the first morning of class I was seated towards the front with my notebook and pencil at the ready. Maggie Hunter entered the room and it was evident that she was excited to teach and also open to learning from us....   [tags: teachers, philosophy of education]

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Technology Plan for Teachers and Students

- The responsibilities of administrators are to support their staff in integrating new technology in order to achieve new levels of productivity and achievement. A new technology plan is needed to decide if integrating technology into the system will be beneficial for the curriculum. The administrators must share this vision with other educators, parents, member of the community, and especially business leaders. Technology will enhance the learning ability of the student and boost the teacher’s morale (November, 1998)....   [tags: Technology, IT, teachers, ]

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Teaching Styles and Effectiveness of Teachers

- Becoming a teacher can be an exciting and challenging experience for anyone. It can be quite difficult to put four years of knowledge into their teaching and into a classroom environment. And while it may seem challenging at first it does become easier over time. A teacher is not only someone who teaches, but they are a symbol of learning. A teacher is a person who plays the most important role in the development of any student. The future of those students depends on the qualities and the dedication of that teacher....   [tags: extrinsic and intrinsic, permissive teachers]

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Teachers as the Foundation of Society

- As a young student I believe that an education is the most valuable thing that a person can have. Therefore, I believe that teachers are the soul foundation of our society. The job of the teacher is to educate as well as nurture the students to the best of their ability. Our society as a whole is constantly growing and changing; and this has a strong influence on our education system. Thus forth my philosophy is continuously evolving and growing; and as I continue to learn more about school districts, different children, and the psychology of learning I will continue to adjust my educational philosophy as well....   [tags: Teachers, philosophy of education, narrative]

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Overview of the TPCK for Teachers

- Introduction With the influx of technologies like mobile computing and other smart devices into K-12 classrooms, technology integration is becoming an important addition to teaching expertise. Koehler and Mishra (2009) developed the Technological Pedagogical and Content Knowledge (TPACK) framework for understanding several complex interacting dimensions of how teachers can wisely integrate technology into innovative instruction. In this paper we present how a specially designed card game, using the card-tamentm approach (see, can be adapted to help focus players attention on the issues of TPCK while assessing their higher level abilities to...   [tags: tpack for teachers, education]

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Motivating Teachers to Use Tecnology

- The students in today’s classrooms cannot fathom a world without computers, video games, and smart phones. These students are tech-savvy as they play, learn, and communicate in a connected, digital world. School administrators and curriculum planners have come to the realization that they must meet students in their world by using technology to present meaningful and engaging lessons for all students. No longer can schools continue using the standardized teaching model, which became popular during the industrial based economy of the 1900’s (Jacob, 2013)....   [tags: technology, lessons, educated, teachers]

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A Teachers' Rights and Responsibilities

- Children and youth are critical steps in the formation of a human being. Parents and teachers are the pillars of the educational process in this age group and therefore their work is critical to the wellbeing of society. Regardless of the type of school, all teachers are required to teach and promote fundamental human rights, such as to practice them in their daily work. The Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Child and Human Rights require preservation in all fields, with particular emphasis on the school that is the natural space to learn, both in theory and in practice....   [tags: education, teachers' rights]

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Teacher Evaluations : Teachers And Teachers

- Principals have a lot on their job descriptions. One of those tasks principals must do is evaluate teachers. Some principals are good at doing this, while others are not so great because they lack the experience or put it off towards the end of their ever-growing list of tasks they must complete. In order for principals to make this a priority, they must do trainings related to teacher evaluations. I think school district need to do a better job at training school leaders get the proper training and use teacher evaluations to benefit both the teachers and students....   [tags: Teacher, Education, Want, School]

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Teachers And Teachers : Teacher Bullying

- Teacher bullying Teacher bullying is defined as a pattern of conduct, rooted in a power differential that threatens, harms, humiliates, induces fear in or causes students substantial emotional stress (McEvoy, 2014). Teachers who bully students have usually been bullied by former teachers. Teachers who bully their students do so because the building they are in does not have any protocols in place to discourage it. It is important for administrators to offer professional development to make sure teachers know how to deal with children from all types of backgrounds....   [tags: Teacher, Education, School, Bullying]

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Facilitators vs. Teachers

- Facilitator is often proposed as an alternative to teachers standing in front of the classroom. However, the teacher talk has been linked to the use of international pattern for facilitator talk has proved to be more elusive. The central and most important role in the class is that of the facilitator tying together the other actors in the learning process. Student role in the classroom are changing because society as a whole is changing. Student’s home environment has changed radically different from what was the norm thirty years ago....   [tags: Facilitators, education, teachers, ]

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How to Retain Highly Qualified Teachers

- Is the age old memory of the life long teacher becoming extinct. Are we just to accept that long ago were the days where educators entering the teaching profession with aspirations to remain in the classroom until retirement. Why do teachers leave. Can we devise a solution to promote prestige and allure people once again to the teaching profession. While many areas in education are experiencing teacher shortages the retention of teachers in particular is a critical concern in many schools and districts across the nation....   [tags: First Year Teachers, Education, Schools]

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Teaching Teachers to Teach Physical Education

- Having performed the role of physical education teacher for a great part of one’s life and having taught PE in the secondary school system for more than seventeen years, the researcher has been exposed to children entering the secondary system in Form One unable to go through basic movement experiences required at this level. The researcher has spent more than six months in a new role as principal at the school St Thomas (Mayaro) RC School where the researcher now work. The age range of pupils at this institution is between five years and thirteen years with pupils who have come from diverse racial backgrounds....   [tags: teachers, physical Education, PE, exericse, ]

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Preparing Elementary Teachers to Teach Mathematics and Science

- Summary of Research Study The article that is being critiqued is Construction of Teacher Knowledge in Context: Preparing Elementary Teachers to Teach Mathematics and Science. Pre-service teachers were placed in an elementary school in a Texas school district. The qualitative research took place as pre-service teachers went into the classroom and experience hands-on teaching math and science. Teachers need to knowledgeable in all subject areas. During this study pre-service teachers concentrated on mathematics and science as the focus....   [tags: education, pre-service-teachers, ]

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The Influence of Simple Remarks From Teachers in Developing Children

- Starting from when we are just babies we learn habits from those around us, we continue do this we grow and start to form our own habits. We learn to walk and talk from our parents, to compete with others from our friends or siblings. But some of our more serious habits can be learned from those we are trying to help us succeed such as our teachers. Starting from preschool and never ending our teachers tell us that we should finish all of our homework and do it right, to make a perfect score on all of our tests but what is the result of this....   [tags: Habits, Parents, Teachers]

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Evaluation Of Teachers And Ineffective Teachers

- Educational organizations are continually looking for new strategies to improve their teacher evaluation models in hopes of providing a better quality education for students. Currently, a new education reform is being tested — student surveys being used for teacher evaluations. Student surveys are an inexpensive method of obtaining quality information regarding teachers and their classroom performances. These surveys will allow school systems to differentiate effective teachers and ineffective teachers....   [tags: Education, School, Teacher, High school]

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Teachers And Teachers With Special Education

- Introduction Research Question: For the particular research being conducted for the current placement. I the researcher Evin Khalil have collected information as to why teachers and teacher aids have chosen to work with special needs children and or work in special education. The research that has been collected has been endeavored upon the retrieval of why they want to work with special needs students and special education. Describe your participants: The chosen participants are the teachers in the school/classroom setting....   [tags: Special education, Education, School, Teacher]

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Educational Requirements For Teachers And Teachers

- There are many educational requirements needed to become a principal. Typically a principal must first serve as a teacher (Principal). Most school districts look for an administrator with five or more years of work experience in a related occupation (Occupational Outlook Handbook). After serving as a teacher for a period of time, many schools would find an administrator candidate more desirable for hire (Principal). To become certified as a teacher one can usually enter a program at a four-year university (Principal)....   [tags: Teacher, Education, School, High school]

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Education Requirements For Teachers And Teachers

- There are many education requirements needed to become a principal. Typically a principal must first serve as a teacher (Principal). Most school districts look for an administrator with five or more years of work experience in a related occupation (Occupational Outlook Handbook). After serving as a teacher for a period of time many schools would find an administrator candidate more desirable for hire (Principal). To become certified as a teacher one can usually enter a program at a four-year university (Principal)....   [tags: Teacher, Education, School, High school]

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Teachers vs. Software, Jobs in Language Education

- A teacher is a person that demonstrates how to perform particular tasks, directs you on the path of endless possibilities, instills morals along with integrity, and reveals a wondrous world of learning. Methods of comprehension are changing with every increasing minute. In the 21st century education has a higher demand and one of these demands are a second language. In the Ridgewood School District, in Ridgewood, New Jersey, school officials are electing to substitute educators that administer foreign languages with a learning software Rosetta Stone....   [tags: Teachers, language Software, Jobs, Education, ]

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Challenges Identified By Head Teachers And Teachers

- Challenges identified by head teachers and teachers  Teachers are receiving regular help from SMS story’s online education advisers, however, this support might have been too late to ensure teachers deliver lessons to the standards the project requires to achieve the anticipated outcome. The idea of teaching phonetic sounds to the students supported by a variety of different learning activities is a completely new concept to the teachers and students.  30 to 40 minutes is allocated for each class to follow both the national curriculum and SMS story’s lesson plans in the class....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, Learning]

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Graduation Grading Teachers : Students And Teachers

- Students Grading Teachers Assessment scores were the deciding factor whether or not teachers were doing well, but that was five years ago, today it’s based on the student opinion (Manjoo). There has been a disconnection between students and teachers, which is causing disruption in class, and poor results on standardized tests (Gonchar). This gap between students and teachers has become all too obvious. It has led to many problems, but there is a solution with many benefits, students getting the option to grade their teachers....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, Standardized test]

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Teachers : Teachers Emotionally And Personally Invested

- Teachers Emotionally and Personally Invested It is imperative that teachers demonstrate a positive relationship with students to contribute to student success in large class sizes, Shane R. Jimerson and Aaron D. Haddock, both from the department of counseling, clinical, and school psychology at California University note, “individually and collectively, teachers represent the single most powerful force in facilitating student success at school” (Jimerson and Haddock 488). Every student relies on the efforts and skills of their teacher....   [tags: High school, Education, Psychology, Teacher]

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Why Teachers Should Be Successful Teachers

- I do not think that all successful teachers will necessarily become successful administrators. Teachers spend the majority of their time working directly with students that are either young children or teenagers and hopefully teaching a subject that they are passionate about. Whereas, administrators may not have as much direct contact with students and spend quite a bit of their time working with adults and dealing with managerial duties, which involves working with district personnel and community members....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, Difference]

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Underpaid Teachers in Ohio

- Underpaid Teachers in Ohio      High school teachers’ average salary varies across the world. The United States is said to be one of the richest countries in the world, yet our teachers are being paid one of the lowest amounts. The Education Intelligence Agency, author of the article “Ohio Teacher Overcomes Union’s Tolerance” published an International Teacher Salary Report ranking the fifty states by “how much the average salary exceeded per capita personal income.” According to the Education Intelligence Agency Ohio’s percentage rate is only fifty- five point one percent....   [tags: High School Teachers Employment Salary Essays]

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Teachers and KPLI programme

- Teacher is a professional who is liked by the people of Malaysia. People already know that the teaching profession is a very noble profession and in our own country, teachers are seen as such a precious and invaluable. But, today there are many issues related to the teacher or education system in our country. Recently, there was debate about KPLI teachers where there are few community disputes especially towards quality of them. Kursus Perguruan Lepasan Ijazah (KPLI) is one of the programmes that offered education programme to students who already had a degree in certain area such as business, engineering, management and so on....   [tags: KPLI teaches]

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Quality Of The Teacher : An Assessment For Teachers

- From 1988 California has established an assessment for teachers as indicated by Lynn Larsen. Many teachers are assessed so the California districts know the quality of the teaching of the teachers. Without assessment, teachers are given tenure after two years of teaching at schools. This protects them from being fired over misleading comments by students, parents, and staff. Though, at many times this tenure is taken advantage of when a teacher has poor teaching skills or the lack of effort. For the reason of certain teachers not trying to teach their classes with the right effort and dedication, teachers should be given their tenure according to their evaluation....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, Assessment]

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Why Teachers Should Not Be A Teacher

- Decisions Although for the past couple years I have wanted to be a teacher, there has been multiple times that I have considered this field is not right for me. Even though it is early in my first semester I am already overwhelmed with all the information that is thrown at me and the expectations that the professors have. The more I think about it at times, the less I feel like I could make a good teacher and that scares me because I do not want to do something that I am not going to be good at....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, Lesson plan]

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Effective Teachers And Effective Teacher

- No two teachers are alike, each of us has to work to find our own style, but it seems that there are some characteristics that all effective teachers share while ineffective teachers tend to repeatedly make the same mistakes. This is not a black or white situation, you are not labeled as effective or ineffective and then written off until you make a big change; there is a spectrum of effectiveness. Each day is a new chance to have an impact, an opportunity to put together the puzzle that is our students’ education, and some days might be easier than others....   [tags: Learning, Education, Teacher, Lesson plan]

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Teachers' Education

- Teachers' Education Not only do the rapid growth of technology changed the way we live, from the way business is conducted to the way we communicate with each other, technology advancements are also affecting the way we teach and learn. According to the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), new skills needed in the workplace are catalysts that spur technology use in the classroom. It is clear that the business world demand schools to prepare educated workers who are skilled at working in teams, can effectively solve problems, are able to process and apply information, and who can use technology effectively in the global market place in order to maximize productiv...   [tags: Educating Teachers Teaching Technology Essays]

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Teachers Should Teachers Complain Too Much

- One last misconception about teachers is the broadest that will be discussed, that is the misconception that teachers complain too much. Often society hears of teachers complaining about pay, rather that be pay in general, or having to do with merit pay; teachers also often complain about the hours they are work, hours most people don’t even see. Teacher evaluations is another hot topic, along with teacher accountability, and a punishment reward system they may face. Lastly, there are complaints having to do with the school curriculum and governmental standards....   [tags: Teacher, Education, School, Complaint]

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The Importance Of Teachers For Retaining Highly Effective Teachers

- Educators should be concerned not simply with retaining teachers but retaining highly effective teachers because they have staying power (Boyd, Lankford, Loeb, Ronfeldt, & Wyckoff, 2015; others). The National Center for Analysis of Longitudinal Data in Education Research (2015) asserted that higher quality teachers, based on effectiveness rations, are more likely to remain in the classroom than are less effective teachers. Goldhaber, Gross, and Player (2007) found in their quantitative study of North Carolina elementary teachers between 1996-2002 that the most effective teachers remain the longest in teaching and that more effective teachers tend to stay in “the most challenging contexts” (p...   [tags: Teacher, Education, School, High school]

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Teachers Should Teachers Have A Higher Salary?

- Who is entrusted with teaching our future leaders morals, functional life skills, knowledge, manners and many other life teachings. Teachers. So why would teachers not have one of the highest pay rates of all jobs. Teaching is often a misunderstood profession. People don 't see all the behind-the-classroom work of being a teacher. Many people only see a person that stands in front of the class and lectures, grades tests and an enforcer of school rules. Teaching involves much more than that. Being a son of a high school math teacher, I know more about the effects involving teachers’ pay than many people....   [tags: Teacher, Education, School, High school]

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Tenure, A Significant Reward Of Teachers

- Tenure, A Significant Reward of Teachers According to data gathered by the National Center for Education Statistics in 2015, there are about 50.1 million public school students and 3.1 million teachers in the United States. When the number of teachers is not enough to meet the demand for teaching, the student/teacher ratio will raise. To the recruiting more effectively, we need to improve the training programs and the teachers ' rights. Moreover, we also have to enhance the quality of working environment together with the academic freedom for the teaching profession....   [tags: Teacher, Education, School, Tenure]

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The Importance Of Merit Pay For Teachers

- When it comes to performance-related pay or in other words, merit pay, I believe that most people are familiar with this concept. This method of payment means that with more labor, better performance, and results, people can get a higher salary in return. It is very common in many industries, such as in sales or on production lines. However, whether it should be applied to the teaching profession is always a controversial issue. Some people think that it would be unfair for teachers, but others think that this can help increase competition, thereby improving the quality of teaching....   [tags: Teacher, Education, School, Profession]

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Young Teachers Are Polar Opposites

- When compared, younger and old teachers are polar opposites. While experienced teacher, who have years under their belt, are not usually accustomed to the technological age, younger teachers have been educated with modern technology, and can use that to their advantage in the classroom. Younger teachers have grown up in a technological age and can adapt to the constant upgrade in technology. Experienced teachers, on the other hand, have a harder time learning how to operate all the new gadgets schools are getting....   [tags: Teacher, Education, Substitute teacher, School]

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Evaluation Of The Evaluation Process For Teachers

- Staff Evaluation Plan The evaluation process for teachers is one that should foster growth for the teacher which ultimately leads to growth by the students. Principals and other evaluators have the ability to help grow a teacher’s teaching ability through classroom concepts, behavior suggestions, classroom management, and personal interactions with students. Principals may not have the super wide content knowledge base to advise teachers specifically in content areas but their expertise with the education system itself should help teachers grow professionally....   [tags: Teacher, Education, Evaluation, School]

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Supervision Of Teachers And The Methods An Administrator

- Introduction The supervision of teachers and the methods an administrator uses to go about doing this work is possibly the most important aspect to the job of a principal. Obviously the most important part of a school day is the instruction given to the students by the teacher. Since the principal no longer has the daily instruction of the students as one of their roles, the supervision and guidance of the people hired to do that role becomes the principal’s most important job. As stated above, along with hiring good teachers, the methods used to supervise and guide the teachers and help them grow as educators is the most essential role a principal can play in the success of a school....   [tags: Teacher, Education, Reflections, Reflection]

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Why Teachers Deserve A Raise

- Why Teachers Deserve A Raise One thing that I noticed in today’s society is that most people don’t go out and say I want to be a teacher when I get older. Most people go out a look for jobs that can help them have a secure future with a high pay such as being a doctor or a lawyer. This makes teaching a very undesirable job with in turn makes teaching harder for those who actually want to do it because they have to do more work since there isn’t enough people. (Washington Post) After looking at this picture you can see just how different the pay is between the two professions....   [tags: Teacher, Education, School, Wage]

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Why Teachers Should Be An Effective Teacher

- To be an effective teacher and make a difference in a student’s life in the classroom, the teacher must always be positive with students. To have a negative attitude or discourage a student in anyway can cause them to regress in the class and in their lessons and will ultimately cause behavior problems for the teacher during class. The teacher must have good organizational skills. A classroom that is disorganized and does not have a cohesive flow with all materials and lessons organized in the right places will cause confusion in class and it will add to the inefficiency of the classroom....   [tags: Teacher, School, Education, Lesson plan]

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The Power Of Teachers ' Motivation

- The Power of Teachers’Motivation I remember the first day I stood in the bright dancing room with many beautiful girls. I was nervous but preoccupied because it was also the first time I met my dancing teacher, a slim and elegant woman with long dark hair and attractive eyes. “Do you know what you will learn in this class?” She stood in front of us and asked. “Dancing!” We gazed her and answered with one voice. “Not exactly, young girls.” She smiled demurely, “You will learn a new language which is the most special in the world, and I will teach you how to regard your arms and legs as pens to write your poetry with your own exceptional words....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, Student]

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Review Of ' Teachers As Learners '

- Sharon Feiman-Nemser is currently the Jack, Joseph, and Morton Mandel Professor of Jewish Education at Brandeis University (Feiman-Nemser, 2014). In her book, Teachers as Learners, the author chronicles her research and career that has led to the completion of the book. Her focus and expertise lies in the evolution of teacher education and how institutions and governments can improve the abilities, skills, and performance of teachers who are entering an increasingly diverse classroom. This book views the historical and recent health of the teacher preparation system in the United States and serves as a guidebook for improved teacher preparation....   [tags: Education, School, Teacher, History of education]

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The Good, The Bad, And The Teachers

- The Good, The Bad, and the Teachers Teachers can make a difference in a student’s life and as an upcoming teacher I would like to make an impact on my student’s lives as well. In my opinion a teacher is one of the most valuable parts in a child’s life. Teachers share their knowledge about the world and content that a child must know to succeed in the world and as a teacher the ultimate goal is the belief in every child being successful. In my past I have had many teachers, some are wonderful and some awful but some teachers can be acceptable....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, History of education]

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The Burnout Rate Of Teachers

- I never realized how many teachers leave their profession within their first few years of teaching until recently. Teachers leave their job because they experience burnout. This is when teachers decide to leave their profession because they feel that they cannot do it anymore. There are several different reasons for this that I will get into later on in this paper. I want to research more about how bad the burnout rate of teachers is in America, but more specifically in Georgia. When I thought about teaching, I had no idea of the cons of teaching....   [tags: Teacher, Education, School, Profession]

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Hiring And Termination Practices Of Teachers

- Hiring and Termination practices Hiring and termination of teachers is one area that I am still a little afraid of facing. One message we keep hearing in class in that we will inherit a problem and so I know that this is something that I will need to face. I look at my current principal and see that he has hired over thirty teachers since he was hired, the total could be higher than that. Thus, I have seen the issues that come with new teachers and have seen what needs to be done with a teacher termination....   [tags: Teacher, Private school, Employment, School]

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Teachers, Leaders And The United States

- In the article “Teachers as Leaders in Finland,” by Pasi Sahlberg, it is clearly explained the major differences in the education system of not only Finland and the United States. In the article it is explained how in Finland there are many differences that students in the United States and would appreciate. In Finland there are also no standardized tests; the teachers are responsible for determining how well the students are doing themselves.   After reading the article about the comparison of education system, one can easily tell some of Sahlberg’s main points....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, History of education]

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Quality Of Teachers Improvement Plan

- “The most important part of any education is the person standing in front of the classroom,” words you yourself spoke, Mr. President. However, as the demand for students to meet higher qualifications increases, sadly, the demands for teachers do not. The biggest fault in our education system is the lack of emphasis on the importance of teachers when they are responsible for the success of doctors, engineers – even many of your presidential cabinet members here today. To improve the quality of our teachers, Q.T.I.P....   [tags: School, Teacher, Education, High school]

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Technology And Teachers : Technology

- Technology and Teachers For the past 20 years, technology has a revolutionary tool for education, by allowing the utilization of information found on the World Wide Web. Teachers have adopted the digital age, by the use of various computer programs, and by incorporating the internet. Michael Trucano, a Senior Education & Technology Policy Specialist, who is a global lead for innovation in education, admits that “technology will never replace the teachers, but teachers who don’t use technology will be replaced by those who do” (1)....   [tags: Education, Internet, Teacher, Instant messaging]

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The Career Choice Of Teachers

- Teachers arguably have one of the most important and influential job anyone can have. In their hands is the ability to shape the future. Mark Van Doren, an American poet and writer, once said that “the art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.” Teachers bestow upon youth the proper learning devices and tools they will continue to use throughout the entirety of their lives. Why is it then quotes such as “those who can, do; those who can’t, teach” come about. Though teachers are not held on the same pedestal as brain surgeons and rockets scientists, they are still deserving of appreciation for the many challenges that arise with their career....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, Texas]

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Will We Have Future Teachers?

- Will We have Future Teachers. “An underlying issue is that fewer people are opting to become teachers, and when they do, about half will quit within five years” (Richmond). With Governor Brownback making massive education cuts, teachers are moving out of Kansas to states that have a better public education system. The budget cuts have even required school districts to shorten their school year and reduce the number of teachers employed. This reduction in employment causes larger class sizes and results in teachers leaving Kansas....   [tags: Education, School, Teacher, History of education]

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Teachers Are Underpaid Or Overpaid?

- Teachers have affected many over the years. Without teachers many wouldn’t know how to count, tie their shoes, or even read. Teachers are a huge part of our community and should be paid the same as doctors. Doctors heal the body and mind, while teachers create and inspire those very minds. Teaching is a lower salary career, compared to other careers like computer programming,registered nurse and even accounting. Now of course there is many different wages and routes can be attained while teaching....   [tags: Education, School, Teacher, High school]

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White Teachers And Colored Students

- White teachers and colored students. This was my reality for the majority of my schooling, especially in high school. I attended Columbia Heights High school, a diverse public school in the urban ring of Minneapolis. The student body demographics were a unique aspect of the school; a set of students very different than the surrounding school. At CHHS, white students only made up 24% of the student population, with the two other major races, Blacks and Latinos, making up 34% and 30% of the student body, respectively (cite)....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, Culture]

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Communication Between Parents And Teachers

- When it comes to parent-teacher communication have you ever thought about the different types of parents. The journal article I found talks all about the different types of parents and what they think about communication with teachers. There are five different communication patterns that were discovered when parents that were asked to take part in a survey were put into six focus groups then asked questions about what they think parent-teacher communication should be like. In the next few paragraphs I will be summarizing the article and then talking about how this fits in with teaching and then lastly talking about my own personal experience with the topic....   [tags: School, Teacher, Education, Mother]

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Teachers ' Students ' Knowledge

- Teachers have one of the most stressful jobs across the world because they are responsible for their students’ knowledge. Teaching can be challenging but when the students pass the class it can be very rewarding. Teachers play a big role in their students’ lives because they are the ones who help develop the skills that they will carry throughout their lives. In my experience, teachers fall under one of the categories: the strict teachers, the best friend teachers, and the “in the middle” teachers....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, Data type]

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Teachers ' Beliefs About Teaching

- Teachers’ belief about teaching relates to the idea of teacher typology. Meighan and Blatchford (2007, p.215) proposed that an ideology of education is the set of values and initiatives that support a group of people about the official arrangements for education, particularly implicated in schools. Willower, Eidell and Hoy (1967, cited in Davis, Summers and Miller, 2012, p.4) developed a study to explore teachers’ beliefs about discipline. Teachers who were categorised as custodial management orientation were frequently feeling negative about teaching and so are more likely to control students’ behaviour....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, Student]

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The Idea Of Professional Teachers

- The idea of professional teacher has a different perspective. Nevertheless, holistic requirement remains the same. “ 'Professionalism ' describes the qualities, skills, competence and behaviours expected of individuals belonging to any given profession” (, 2014, Online) Teachers’ are advised to follow standards, a statutory framework set by the government to assess professional practice (DfE, 2013 Online). I feel, an important document providing an opportunity for a new teacher to reflect on their performance and progress with emphasis on personal professional conduct, (part two) (DfE, 2013 Online)....   [tags: Teacher, Education, Lesson plan]

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My First Memory Of Teachers

- To begin, my first memory of teachers or teaching was arriving to the kindergarten classroom and dreading second. My teachers were exceptionally strict and did not make my experience any further enjoyable. In fact, looking back, they were the reason I dreaded school. I was never able to express myself nor was I recognized for my talents. My time in school continued to be dismal until my third grade year. I remained stuck with the teacher that no one else wanted. It appeared as if this year was shaping up to be just as painful as the others....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, Want]

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Solutions For Teachers And Curriculum

- Solutions Every child deserves the right to a fair and equal education no matter their race, gender, language, social class. However, often time’s people do not provide that for children, including the child’s own parents. With that being said the changes have to start somewhere. Research has been done in finding solutions for teachers and curriculum, schools, and for parents to help increase the learning of all children, but even more so for those children in poverty. Teachers and Curriculum Solutions Between home and school is where majority of children spend their time....   [tags: School, Education, Teacher, Social class]

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Salaries For High School Teachers

- Salaries for high School teachers with 15 years of experience and the minimum level of education and training required to be certified exceeded $40,000 in Denmark, Germany, Japan, and the Netherlands and exceeded $60,000 in Switzerland. The comparable salary for the United States was $35,000. With statistics like this, people wonder why anyone would want to be a teacher. Teaching isn’t for everyone. I personally tell people “you don’t understand why people would want to teach, unless you want to teach”....   [tags: Teacher, Education, School, High school]

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Technology For Teachers And Students

- Technology for Teachers and Students Educational technology continues to advance making learning a different experience for students. “Educational technology includes all real, analog, and digital technologies and media that can be used to support teaching and learning (Lever-Duffy, McDonald, & Mizell, 2003, p. 2)”. When the writer was attending grade school in the 90’s educational technology was nothing compared to how it is now. The technology then was minimal; it was not until the writer got to fifth/sixth grade when students would take AR (Accelerated Reader) quizzes on the computer to move up a reading level....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Educational psychology]

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Characteristics Of Effective Literacy Teachers

- According to Richard Allington, a professor of education at the University of Tennessee and one of the country’s most recognized experts on early literacy, highly effective teachers use six practices which make a difference in elementary reading instruction. They engage students in reading and writing authentic passages instead of wasting time on filling out many worksheets. Effective teachers provide students with texts they find interesting and they are able to read successfully. Also, teachers are involved in active instruction; they demonstrate, model and teach strategies explicitly....   [tags: Writing, Teacher, Reading, Reading]

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Why Teachers Should Be Taught

- “Why teach?” is a question every potential teacher should ask. When I read Chapter 1 of Those Who Can Teach, I developed new answers to the question. I also read other reasons some potential teachers might have. I learned there are certain motives and sources to check against my reasons for wanting to teach, as well. As the chapter ended I once again asked myself “Why teach?” The first reason that comes to mind would be summers. Even though I really will not have summers off, I will not be on the set schedule I will have throughout the school year....   [tags: Education, High school, Teacher, School]

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Understanding Of Students And Teachers

- Understanding of Students and Teachers in a Special Education Classroom setting When doing my practicum hours this semester I had the chance to Observe Ms. Shadana Moses at Westview Primary. The type of class that Ms. Moses teaches is a moderate to severe disabilities class. The type of class that she teaches is also a medically fragile classroom. This means that some of the students in the classroom have medical needs that can be addressed in the school setting. Some examples of these are G-Tube feeding, severe seizures, etc....   [tags: Disability, Education, Special education, Teacher]

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The Appalachian Green Teachers Project

- The Appalachian Green Teachers Project (AGTP) is one of the projects of Rural Action, which is a non-profit organization that operates within the Appalachian regions of Ohio. AGTP is a project that happens during the school time and it is an outdoor class activity. In this project, Rural Action will sent some professional instructors to the school and take students to outside to get first- hand experience and teach them some knowledge about the environment. The following information is the SWOT of the AGTP, it analyzes the AGTP situation and determines where exactly the project is standing....   [tags: High school, Education, Teacher, Secondary school]

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Why Do Teachers Teach?

- Why do teachers teach. Throughout the years of my middle school and high school career, I have developed a love for teaching. Specifically, I love teaching music just as much as I enjoy playing and learning about it. My whole world for the past eight years has revolved around music and how I could develop myself as a musician and further my education to one day teach music. I never truly understood why I wanted to teach until my senior year of high school, and since then I have established a good sense of why teachers teach, and what drives them to go above and beyond for their students....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, Music]

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How Teachers Inspire Students?

- How Teachers Inspire Students I remember the first day I stood in the bright dancing room with many beautiful girls. I was nervous but preoccupied because it was also the first time I met my dancing teacher, a slim and elegant woman with long dark hair and attractive eyes. “Do you know what you will learn in this class?” She stood in front of us and asked. “Dancing!” We gazed her and answered with one voice. “Not exactly, young girls.” She smiled demurely, “You will learn a new language which is the most special in the world, and I will teach you how to regard your arms and legs as pens to write your poetry with your own exceptional words....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Learning, School]

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The Impact of Teachers

- Throughout the ages, teaching has been a crucial part of our civilization. In ancient times, the elders were the teachers; people who had seen more of life than most other people. A teacher doesn’t always have to be human, either. The Indians believed that Nature itself taught them in ways that we, as people who have grown up differently, cannot understand. I believe that teachers come in forms that match the world they’re teaching in, to better lead us through life. Today teachers come in the form of trained professionals who can guide us through the mazes of technological, medical and psychological advances that exist in the 21st century....   [tags: narrative, informative, philosophy of education]

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Teachers and the Law

- Issues of duty of care, including its non-delegable form that is closely associated with teaching, and issues of negligence are critical for a safe and inclusive learning environment for students. Accordingly, teachers who are aware of their legal responsibilities as outlined in their duty of care can save themselves both claims of negligence and incidents where students are harmed physically and mentally. Policy for educators tasked with preserving student safety are outlined in law, and key of these include mandatory reporting of child abuse, supervision for the prevention of injury, and protection from concerns such as bullying, particularly involving the internet....   [tags: teaching, inclusive learning]

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Effects Of Extracurricular Activity Engagement By Teachers

- The literature reviews aims to investigate the effects that extracurricular activity engagement by teachers has on the teacher-student educational relationship. The review concludes that the positives outweigh the negatives for the teacher-student educational relationship when teachers and students engage in extracurricular activity. It cautions about some of the commitments required from teachers to engage in extracurricular work. Key words: Teacher, Educational Relationships, Teacher-Student Relationship, Engagement....   [tags: Education, Curriculum, Teacher]

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The Importance Of Student For Teachers And Classroom Practice

- The analysis of student written work is a common activity that teachers engage in regularly. Research has noted the benefits of analyzing student for teachers and classroom practice (Little, 2003). The foci for analysis of student work could include making sense of children’s mathematical thinking (Kazemi & Franke, 2004; Little, 2003), understanding misconceptions (cite), or checking for correct answers (cite). In the context of schools, teachers’ engagement with their own student’s work occurs mainly on an individual basis due to the fast-pace nature of teaching and the need to make in-the-moment instructional decisions that happen during the lesson or in preparation for the next day....   [tags: Education, Profession, Student, Teacher]

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The Professional Development Profile For Music Teachers

- Teachers are required to participate in activities outside of the classroom that contribute to their skill set and ability to instruct students. These can include opportunities to advance certifications through coursework, seminars and workshops, in class practices, and observation sessions. The professional development arena aims to create a platform for educators and those in the field to explore components and processes that will positively affect student learning through teacher experiences....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Pedagogy, Profession]

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The Benefits of Communication Between Parents and Teachers

- The benefits of communication between parents and teachers has become a very important debate when we think about ways to better help our children/students. Teachers- parents relationship assume may roles. Communication plays a very significant part when building a parents-teachers relationship. It is my belief that in order to ensure students academic success teachers and parents need to have a relationship build on effective communication. “school teachers have to communicate with parents about their students’activities and achievements, families also need to inform school about students’ progress” (Raccah &Elyashiv, 2008)....   [tags: Parent Teacher Communication]

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How Sociology Affects Our Lives As Teachers And Pre Service Teachers

- When considering the sociology class, one can observe the impact that it has had on the students in the class, within privileged people and non-privileged people, and just how we can address this and aid in changing the system for the better. We must also consider our own perspective as a person and a learner in personal experience of schooling and how the schooling experience may have reflection on privilege and/or less privileged people. One can also detect who the disadvantaged and advantaged people are considering what are in the sociological context of schooling when considering the privilege and/or less privileged....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, Sociology]

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Should Teachers Be Able For Conceal Carry?

- Should teachers be able to conceal Carry “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun”. Said Vice President of NRA Wayne LA Pierre. Mass shootings particularly in gun free schools zones are becoming more prevalent in today’s society. This epidemic is raising the uncomfortable question if teachers should be able to conceal carry on schools grounds K-12. Teachers shouldn’t be able to conceal carry on schools grounds because teachers are meant to teach. Guns in a schools could still be accessible to children....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Firearm, Handgun]

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The Role Of Teachers ' Attitudes And Student Success

- It is every families’ main goal to send their child to a school where the teachers’ are positive and happy to be teaching their children. Every family wants their child to be successful academically and socially. It is our job as teachers to give our all to teaching these kids, keeping them safe, as well as being a positive role model. We are studying the correlation between teachers’ attitudes and student success because we want to find out if the teachers’ attitude effects student success in the classroom....   [tags: Education, School, History of education, Teacher]

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Graduation Speech : Elementary Mathematics Teachers

- At Neal Elementary mathematics teachers do not have an understanding of fact fluency and do not provide opportunities for students to develop fact fluency in their classroom learning experiences. After speaking with several stakeholders, there appears to be a lack of understanding of what fluency means and how to build fluency within students. During conversations it is evident that students on my campus often practice their multiplication facts by taking timed tests. The majority of the stakeholders I spoke with suggested that they place a strong emphasis on students memorizing facts and use timed tests....   [tags: Education, Mathematics, Teacher, School]

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The Importance Of High School English Teachers

- Although it is obvious that high school English teachers are required to do quite a bit of writing in the classroom, people often forget that there is quite a bit of writing that must be done in preparation for a teacher’s career. All professionals looking to teach in the state of California are required to pass the CBEST (California Basic Educational Skills Test) as well as the CSET (California Subject Examinations for Teachers)in order to teach at public schools. These tests feature writing sections similar to that on the SAT’s and are “designed to measure an examinee’s knowledge and skills in relation to an established standard” (“CTC Exams”) which match up with California Curriculum st...   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, Teaching]

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The Role Of Educational Achievement And Teachers ' Diversity

- Introduction As the nation’s population and its students have grown more diverse, the teaching force has done the opposite – grown whiter and less diverse. This fact is discouraging, as the roles that ethnicity and cultural competence plays is significant in student achievement. The National Collaborative on Diversity in the Teaching Force examined the relationship between educational achievement and teachers’ diversity. They found that by increasing the percentage of teachers of color in classrooms directly relates to closing the student achievement gap (Tedlock, 2004)....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, African American]

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Effective Teachers View Classroom Management

- Introduction “The number one problem in the classroom is not discipline; it is the lack of procedures and routines” (Wong, n.d.). “Classroom management is often noted as one of the most influential factors in determining success for first-year teachers and as the most influential factor in students’ academic success (Marzano & Marzano, 2003, p. 6). Of the countless terms and jargon used in the field of education, classroom management is too often confused or used interchangeably with discipline....   [tags: Education, School, Teacher, Certified teacher]

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Should Teachers Be Sensitive At The United States?

- It has been said that many people come to the United States of America for many opportunities such as economic opportunities, freedom of worship, advancement for families, and to gain a better education. Education has been the driving force in many countries as well as the United States. With our schools, private and public, becoming more diverse one must learn to be culturally knowledgeable and acceptable to the students and families values, beliefs, and morals. According to Dray & Wisneski (2011), “In special education, scholars and educators have recognized the need for teachers to be sensitive to diversity in the classroom; this sensitivity requires that teachers look inward and reflect...   [tags: Education, Knowledge, Learning, Teacher]

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The Role Of Teachers Leaders Perform Schools

- Collaborative Communities The context in which teacher leaders perform their roles in schools is influenced greatly by the support structures, both external to the school and within the school that they have available to them (Berry, 2014). One of the primary support structures can be derived from the opportunity to work together with other teachers with similar goals (Patterson & Patterson, 2004). Teachers in RUMLI participated in collaborative communities in two levels—at the school level with the other teachers in their department and within the grant program itself (Sack & Kamau, 2009)....   [tags: High school, School, Education, Teacher]

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