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- Taronga by Victor Kelleher Discuss how the representations of groups in the novel Taronga reinforce or challenges your attitudes about these groups.    Taronga is a novel written by Victor Kelleher, which is set in Australia in 1987, two years after Last Days, a tragedy caused by Chernobyl.  Australia had been pushed into anarchy, and it had become a fight for survival.  The weak were killed, and the strong became stronger.  In the novel Taronga, by Victor Kelleher, there are many groups which are represented, and these representations either reinforce or challenge my attitudes on these groups.  The groups represented that will be discussed are heroes, males, females, leader...   [tags: Kelleher Taronga Essays]

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Review of the Adopt an Animal Program at the Australia Zoo

- Executive Summary The purpose of this report is to review the appropriateness of ‘Adopt an Animal’, a special offer of Australia Zoo, for a target segment. Zoological and Botanical Garden Industry is supposed to generate $975.8 million in 2013-2014. The major players of this industry are:  Merlin Entertainments (Australia) Pty Ltd,  Zoological Parks Board of New South Wales, and  Zoological Parks and Gardens Board Australia Zoo is a private company held by Steve Irwin which has more than 100 species on display....   [tags: zoological, cost, resources]

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Positive and Negative Impacts of Migration in Sydney

- INTRODUCTION The major theme of my essay is positive and negative impacts of migration in Sydney, one of the biggest Australian cities. Many people, who are going to migrate in Sydney, can take a good look at grave consequences of migration from different sides. The STRUCTURE OF INTRODUCTION  Topic: where it is/ who live there/ why people move there (push and pull)  Thesis: This essay seeks to evaluate the positive and negative impacts of migration in (city)  Structure: This research will begin by evaluating the economic factors of Migration it will then proceed to investigate the social factors....   [tags: economic and social factors of migration]

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Decline of the Great White Shark

- Off the coast of Western Australia lives a species of animal scientists don't know much about, a species vital in maintaining a balanced ecosystem, a species who's numbers are rapidly declining, and this species is the great white shark. The western Australian government has passed a new law, that any shark that comes within 1 kilometre of the shore line at popular swimming destinations and over 3m long can be captured and killed and have its body dumped out at sea. This new act of beach safety is a completely inhumane and illogical way of dealing with our current shark attack problem....   [tags: austrailia, marine, culled]

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The Treaty of Waitangi

- The Treaty of Waitangi is a very important document to New Zealand. It is an agreement that was drawn up by representatives of the British Crown and Maori Hapu and Iwi. It was first signed at the Bay of Islands on February 6th, 1840. There has been a lot of debate over the years about the translation of words between the English and Te Reo Maori versions of the text and the differences in the word meaning over the who languages. In this assignment I am going to cover the rights and responsibilities that the treaty contains and an explanation of the differences in wordings and I am also going to contextualise my understanding of the differences of wording against the Maori Worldview and the D...   [tags: New Zealand, British Crown, Mauri Hapu, Iwy]

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The Maori Language

- The Maori language of New Zealand is considered to be special language within Malayo-Polynesian language group. Malayo-Polynesian family of languages is actually divided into four categories or sub-families – Polynesian, Melanesian, Micronesian and Indonesian. The Maori Language belongs to eastern Polynesian languages sub-family and is relatively close to its neighboring languages. Spectacular and worrisome part at the same time is that there are less than 10,000 fluent Maori speakers left. The Polynesian group can be divided into east and west Polynesian subgroups (McLintok, 2009)....   [tags: Language ]

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Teaching Practices

- In this essay Te Ao Maori, Te Reo Maori, Tikanga Maori and Treaty of Waitangi will be examined. The relevance of these to the teaching practices will be reflected upon. Few appropriate strategies will be discussed to support the implementation of a bicultural curriculum in early childhood education. According to Irwin (1984) for Maori, the creating myths form an important part of their world view, “conveying myth messages that people practice as ideals and norms in their lives “(p.1). The Maori creation myths begin with three stages te kore, te po and tea ao Marama....   [tags: Education, Early Childhood Education]

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The Maori Culture

- The Maori Culture Introduction The following paper examines the history and religion of the ancient Maori people. It is my belief that exploration of traditional belief systems and ritualistic practices will lead to a greater understanding of the Maori culture in present-day New Zealand. The objective of the paper is to illustrate the Maoris’ unique perception and spiritual connection with their natural environment. Brief Maori History The Maori, “Children of Heaven”, are the indigenous people of New Zealand....   [tags: Zealand Religion Spiritual Essays Papers Nature]

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