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Asperger Syndrome : Asperger 's Syndrome

- ... Even though diagnoses for Asperger’s Syndrome can be given, there is no cure for it; however, there are professionals and therapists that can help an individual with AS with coping skills, managing daily life, and social interactions. Some high schools have special education programs that give students with AS assistance under the guidance of trained professionals and paraeducators. These AS programs typically have one classroom for all the diagnosed students. This room can be used as a place of refuge, where a student can retreat whenever they feel stressed; this room can also serve as a quiet place to study or take tests....   [tags: Asperger syndrome, Autism]

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History of Down's Syndrome

- Down’s Syndrome is named after John Langdon Down, a British doctor who first studied and described the mental disorder. He discovered the disorder in Surrey, England while working at an asylum for children with mental retardation. He called people with this disorder Mongoloids because of the physical similarities of citizens from Mongolia compared to those affected by Down’s Syndrome. Later, the term “Mongoloid” was dropped and named after John Down when Jerome Lejeune, a French geneticist who tested children with these similar physical characteristics of Mongolians, found that 97% of those tested had an extra chromosome-21, with a total of 47 chromosomes....   [tags: Down's Syndrome]

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Patient with Nephrotic Syndrome

- From the results of the numerous tests carried out according to the patient history of frothy urine with a significant oedema over a maximum period of 5 days, the patient was diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome. This is condition that occurs due to leakage in the kidney filtration part leading to a large amount of protein leaking from the blood into the urine. This is mainly due to fluid retention known as oedema which is as a result of low protein level in the blood. It occurs due to abnormal functioning or a part of the kidney is affected (glomeruli)....   [tags: Nephrotic Syndrome]

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The Prevalence And The Epidemiology Of Down Syndrome

- ... This type of Down syndrome, which accounts for 95% of all cases is called trisomy 21(Ghosh, Hong, Feingold, Ghosh, Ghosh, Bhaumik & Dey, 2011). In translocation, the number of chromosomes stays the same (46), but an additional full or partial copy of chromosome 21 attaches to another chromosome, usually chromosome 14. This type of Down syndrome accounts for 4% of all cases (Ghosh, Hong, Feingold, Ghosh, Ghosh, Bhaumik & Dey, 2011). Mosaicism (mosaic Down syndrome) occurs when there is a mixture of two types of cells, some containing 46 chromosomes and some containing 47....   [tags: Down syndrome, Chromosomal translocation]

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Different Types Of Down Syndrome

- ... Mosaicism accounts for about 1% of Down syndrome cases. This paper will talk about the causes, symptoms, statistics, and treatment of Down syndrome. Down syndrome occurs during cell division. All three types of Down syndrome have an extra chromosome or part of chromosome 21 in one or all the cells. The extra chromosome changes the way an embryo develops and changes the physical and mental characteristics of the child. It is unknown what exactly causes nondisjunction. Although it is unknown, research has shown that the chances of having a child with Down syndrome go up as the woman’s age goes up....   [tags: Down syndrome, Chromosome, Cancer]

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Down Syndrome : A Chromosomal Disorder

- Down syndrome is a chromosomal disorder that occurs when a baby is born with an extra chromosome in each of their cells. It is the most common of the chromosomal disorders. One in every 691 babies is born with DS (Down syndrome) and there are approximately over 400,000 people living with DS in the United States today. Although it is not genetic, it has been proven that mothers older than thirty-five are more likely to have a baby with Down syndrome. Individuals with Down syndrome have varied cognitive delays, meaning that they learn and develop slower than the average person, but they are still able to live normal lives....   [tags: Down syndrome, Chromosomal translocation]

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The Problem Of Down Syndrome

- Down Syndrome Although many theories have been developed, it is not known what actually causes Down syndrome. Some professionals believe that hormonal abnormalities, X-rays, viral infections, immunologic problems, or genetic predisposition may be the cause of the improper cell division resulting in Down syndrome. It has been known for some time that the risk of having a child with Down syndrome increases with advancing age of the mother; i.e., the older the mother, the greater the possibility that she may have a child with Down syndrome....   [tags: Down syndrome, Chromosomal translocation]

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The Genetic Disorder : Down Syndrome

- Down syndrome is a variance in chromosome 21 that manifests with cognitive delay, muscle hypotonia, characteristic facies, and short stature. (Glanzman, 2015 & Powell-Hamilton, 2012) The genetic disorder was named after the Physician John Langdon Down, who had originally in 1866 labeled those with the genetic abnormality as “Mongoloids”; Down indicated his choice of term for the children because of their appearance was allegedly similar to those from Mongolia and at the time it was believed that those who were of Mongolian decent were to have halted development....   [tags: Down syndrome, Chromosome]

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Asperger 's Syndrome Is Not A Disease

- ... The ability for children to learn and develop the basic life skills needed to survive, is essential in a child’s upbringing and is a vital part of their psychological growth. Without these skills the individual may never be able to bath himself, cook himself dinner or even act as a productive member of society. Individuals who fail to learn these skills are completely dependent on someone to take care of them. “Keep in mind that children with Asperger’s do gain the skills, including skills in independent living that allow them to function at home, school and other settings at a successful level.”(Roberson, Kenneth), however, it is a much slower rate and must be taught utilizing patients....   [tags: Asperger syndrome, Autism]

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Symptoms and Treatment of Tourette Syndrome

- Today we live in a society were appearance is everything. From what you’re wearing to the brands you buy, and even how you carry yourself. In today’s society people are always ready to judge you based on your appearance; this ultimately means bad news for those diagnosed with TS, (tourette syndrome). It is the objective of this paper to teach and make aware of what TS is how it affects the person’s life and what we can do it about. After all TS affects 1 in 1000 to 2000 people. It is a syndrome that is found among all races that affects males, more than females....   [tags: tourette syndrome, tourettes,]

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Educating a Child With Down Syndrome

- It’s Wednesday and a mother just kissed her son goodbye as he walked into the classroom. The mother walks back to her car and proceeds to work. Her son has Down Syndrome, but attends a private school where special needs children have their own classroom. Her son Alex loves going to school to see his friends, like any child would. With having Down Syndrome, Alex has some rough days in the classroom. It’s 10:30am and Janice, Alex’s mother, receives a phone call. “Hi Janice, this is Mrs....   [tags: Inclusion Down Syndrome]

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Asperger 's Syndrome And Autism

- Nora, nine years old, was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome when she was four. However in 2013, Asperger’s was not considered a syndrome separately from autism anymore, according to the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders ("Asperger 's Syndrome | Autism Society”). Now at school, Nora isn’t included with the autistic children that get extra aid during learning periods. She is very smart, but cannot get her thoughts on paper or out of her mouth....   [tags: Autism, Asperger syndrome]

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All About The Hoarding Syndrome

- The Hoarding Syndrome is characterized as the "excessive collecting and saving behaviors that result in a cluttered living space and significant distress or impairment" (Frost and Hart, 1996).  Hoarding symptoms often begin between the ages of 10-13 (Mackin, Arean, Delucchi, & Matthews, 2011) but does not "discriminate in terms of age, gender, educational levels, or socioeconomic status" (Singh & Jones, 2013). However, researchers have found a very strong association between having a family member who has a compulsive hoarder and coming a hoarder yourself (Mayo Clinic, 2014)....   [tags: Hoarding Syndrome, Excessive Collecting]

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Living With Down Syndrome

- There are many different types of children with a myriad of needs in our school system. Included within this group of students are those who are diagnosed with Down syndrome. There are more than 250,000 people living in the United States with a Down syndrome diagnosis (Genetics). Down syndrome is not a hidden disability rather it has physical attributes that can make the diagnosis obvious. Furthermore, individuals with Down syndrome and their families have to cope with multiple health issues, cognitive limitations, and the stigma of having a disability....   [tags: syndrome diagnosis, mongolism, chromosomes]

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Description of Metabolic Syndrome

- Metabolic Syndrome (syndrome X, insulin resistance syndrome) is the name for a group of risk factors that raises your risk for diabetes mellitus (DM), cardiovascular disease (CVD), and other health problems, such as diabetes and stroke.2 It is characterized by abdominal obesity, insulin resistance, hypertension, low HDL, and elevated triglycerides. Some hallmarks of metabolic syndromes are dyslipidemia, central adiposity, and a predisposition to atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, certain cancers, hypertension, and type 2 diabetes mellitus....   [tags: insulin, diabetes, metabolic syndrome]

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The On Down Syndrome ( Ds )

- Down syndrome (DS), also called Trisomy 21, is a condition in which extra genetic material causes delays in the way a child develops, both mentally and physically. Normally, at the time of conception a baby inherits genetic information from its parents in the form of 46 chromosomes: 23 from the mother and 23 from the father. In most cases of Down syndrome, a child gets an extra chromosome 21 — for a total of 47 chromosomes instead of 46. It is this extra genetic material that causes the physical features and developmental delays associated with DS (   [tags: Down syndrome, Chromosome, Cell, Aneuploidy]

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The Death Of The Infant Death Syndrome

- ... Fetal alcohol syndrome causes brain damage and growth problems. The problems caused by fetal alcohol syndrome vary from child to child, but defects caused by fetal alcohol syndrome are irreversible. When you are pregnant, it is important that you watch what you put into your body. Consumption of illegal drugs is not safe for the unborn baby or for the mother. Using illegal drugs may cause underweight babies, birth defects or withdrawal symptoms after birth. While earlier predictions that many cocaine-exposed babies would be severely brain damaged have not come true, these babies still face many health problems, ranging from subtle to life-threatening....   [tags: Pregnancy, Childbirth, Fetal alcohol syndrome]

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Down Syndrome : Congenital Condition

- Down syndrome is congenital condition in which there is presence of an extra 21st chromosome. In every human being there is an small yet intricate hub that holds genetic material called the nucleus. This genetic material is carried by genes and each and every one of our main characteristics or traits is grouped together next to an imperative structure called a chromosome. When an individual has an extra 21st chromosome, they experience a disorder in which the person experiences “intellectual disability, a characteristic facial appearance, and weak muscle tone (or hypotonia) in infancy....   [tags: Down syndrome, Chromosomal translocation, Gene]

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Fetal Alcohol Syndrome ( Fas )

- ... Do not drink alcohol when you are pregnant. When you drink alcohol, such as beer, wine, or mixed drinks, so does your baby. Alcohol is a substance known to be harmful to human development. When it reaches the blood supply of the baby, it can cause permanent defects to the major organs and central nervous system. Is there any kind of alcohol that is safe to drink during pregnancy. No. Drinking any kind of alcohol can hurt your baby. Alcoholic drinks can include beer, wine, liquor, wine coolers, or mixed drinks....   [tags: Fetal alcohol syndrome, Pregnancy, Alcohol]

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Fetal Alcohol Syndrome ( Fas )

- The Institute of Medicine Report to Congress (1996) described Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) as the following: “Of all the substances of abuse, including heroin, cocaine, and marijuana, alcohol produces by far the most serious neurobehavioral effects in the fetus”. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) was first introduced in the United States in 1973 by Drs. Kenneth Jones and David Smith, two pediatric dysmorphologists (Jones & Smith, 1973). Even with these ancient references, it wasn’t until relatively modern times that the medical profession took notice of the connection between prenatal maternal alcohol consumption and developmental difficulties in children....   [tags: Fetal alcohol syndrome, Pregnancy, Alcohol]

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Children With Asperger 's Syndrome

- ... Asperger 's, being a high functioning form of autism means that ASPERGER THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS 7 one 's outward appearance, along with higher intellectual functioning, appears typical with no disability. Then, during conversation, prevalence of levels one and two self-descriptions reveals an immaturity that peers can detect. This might lead to teasing or bullying resulting in feelings of isolation, depression and anxiety ("Asperger 's Syndrome Fact Sheet" 2007)....   [tags: Asperger syndrome, Autism, Hans Asperger]

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Language Development in Individuals with Down Syndrome

- "Having Down syndrome is like being born normal. I am just like you and you are just like me. We are all born in different ways, that is the way I can describe it. I have a normal life"(Burke, C., n.d.). Where special education is concerned, one must always remember that exceptional learners are different, not less. In the following studies, the various strengths and weaknesses of the language and communication of individuals with Down syndrome (DS) is reviewed and discussed. Language is defined as the method of human communication either spoken or written, consisting of the use of words, in a structured or conventional way....   [tags: Down Syndrome Essays]

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Genetics Synthesis: Marfan Syndrome

- Marfan Syndrome Marfan Syndrome is an autosomal dominant disorder mainly caused by defects in the gene FBN1 that codes for the protein fibrillin. Approximately 1 in 5,000 people are affected. Cardinal features involve the ocular, musculoskeletal, and cardiovascular systems. There is a high degree of variability of this disorder, sometimes presenting itself at birth or later in childhood or adulthood. On one end of the spectrum is severe neonatal presentation with rapidly progressive disease, while on the other end isolated phenotypic features may be the only presenting signs....   [tags: gene deffects, attributes, Turner Syndrome]

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The Problem Of Down Syndrome

- It’s a typical eighty-degree beautiful summer’s day in Illinois. With that being said, nothing is better than cruising with the windows down and the music blasted. As one is cruising down the road, Iggy Azalea’s song Fancy (2014) happens to come on the radio. Without second thought, this person may catch them self rapping along, “…and my flow retarded, they speak it depart it.” There are no ways of escaping the word “retard” in our every day life. Some may not even realize that they’re rapping about a lifelong medical condition mental retardation, which is more commonly known as down syndrome....   [tags: Down syndrome, Chromosome, Medical test, Cancer]

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The Problem Of Computer Vision Syndrome

- From the late 1980 to modern day society with the development of technology, humans are more exposed than ever to screens. In fact, from our desktop monitors to laptops, though our iPods with a special thought for Smartphone’s, it is imperative to stress the importance of vision protection and recognize the effects of screens have on it. What are those consequences. What is computer vision syndrome. In the next pages answers to the following questions follow. A definition of computer vision syndrome (CVS) is proposed, the causes, the solutions are analyzed....   [tags: Eye, Retina, Computer vision syndrome, Optometry]

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Understanding Down Syndrome

- Understanding the Disease Down syndrome When an error occurs at chromosome 21 within in the genetic make of a human being, the person obtains distinct features such as slanted eyes, deeply creased hands, and a protruding tongue. At first glance this person may appear to be affected with some type of deformation, but they are often one out of the 4,000 people that are diagnosed with the disease Down syndrome. Down syndrome or DS is a chromosomal abnormality that frequently affects humans. Because the disease is genetic one can assume that it has been affecting the human body for years....   [tags: Down Syndrome, informative]

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Symptoms And Treatment Of Mosaicism Down Syndrome

- ... Alzheimer is most common among Down syndrome individuals than normal population. Almost 100 % of the patients with Down syndrome show neuropathology features of Alzheimer disease by 40 year (Kabra & Kabra, 2014, p. 562). According to emedicinehealth (2014), individual with Down syndrome often are in their mid to late 40s or early 50s when Alzheimer 's symptoms first appear whereas in normal individual alzheimer’s disease symptom do not appear until they are in their 60s. Alzheimer’s disease in Down syndrome individuals is caused by extra copy of chromosome 21....   [tags: Down syndrome, Chromosome, Prenatal diagnosis]

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Children With Tourette 's Syndrome

- ... While conditions like Sarah’s do exist, many tics are small and subtle. Examples of tics could be anything from the kneading of hands to small head movements that may not even be noticed by others. However, everyone with TS has different tics so another case like Sarah’s is possible, but in all likeliness most people with TS have tics like the ones listed above. Others may look at Danny the “Tourette’s Guy” and think that people with TS are more prone to outburst of anger. However, any person with TS could tell you immediately that Danny’s behavior is not an outcome of TS, but instead actions from something else (a separate anger issue, or his excessive drinking shown in his videos)....   [tags: Person, People, Personal life, Tourette syndrome]

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The Effects Of Asperger 's Syndrome On Children

- Recently, there has been an understated yet pronounced vogue for labelling certain historical figures as autistic. The most common designation of late has been that of Asperger 's Syndrome (or the more recent umbrella term, High Functioning Autism)1. Both acclaimed and obscure individuals as diverse as Stanley Kubrick2, Hugh Blair3, and Albert Einstein4 have been selected posthumously as autistic case studies. Although uncompromising clinical case studies (such as that of Blair5) do exist, the focus in historiography has often been overwhelmingly positive....   [tags: Autism, Asperger syndrome, Autism spectrum]

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Children With Down Syndrome May Be More Friendly

- Children with Down syndrome may be more friendly, kind, have strong abilities to get along with others and be very loving. This may led for children to have strong bonds with their parents and family. This can lead to the family feeling happy, have high self-esteem and have close strong relationships. Parents/ carers may be left confused and upset after birth if not previously diagnosed. Down syndrome may not be diagnosed until after birth. Parents may not have had the time they needed to process and accept what it means for their child to have Down syndrome....   [tags: Developmental psychology, Down syndrome]

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Down 's Syndrome : A Distinct Form Of Mental Disabilities

- ... The error is commonly known as non disjunction and is associated with this disease. When a cell divides up into two, the chromosome also splits with one chromosome going to one cell, each. Therefore, each cell will have one chromosome. However, in nondisjunction the body malfunctions somehow due to which one cell will have both the chromosomes that split initially and the other cell will have no chromosome at all. (NICHD, 2015). After the unification of both the eggs and the sperm, it is likely that cells will have three types of the same chromosome (21)....   [tags: Down syndrome, Chromosome, Cytogenetics]

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Down Syndrome : The Most Common Chromosomal Condition Diagnosed

- ... In Trisomy 21 almost all cases are caused by one cell having two 21st chromosomes instead of one resulting in the fertilized egg having three 21st chromosomes. Most of the time the abnormal cell is the egg but in some cases it will be the sperm. So, around 95% of cases of Trisomy 21 happen because of nondisjunction in the 21st chromosome; however, there is one other way that is responsible for the other cases of Trisomy 21, this is called Robertsonian Translocation. When this happens two breaks occur in separate chromosomes....   [tags: Down syndrome, Chromosome]

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Down Syndrome : The Common Forms Of Genetic Birth Defects

- Down Syndrome is one of the most common forms of genetic birth defects. Usually, children born with this condition have some degree of mental retardation, as well as characteristic physical features. Many of these children also have other health problems. Each year in the United States alone, approximately one in every 800 to 1,000 newborns has Down Syndrome. This equates to approximately 5,000 children born with Down Syndrome every year. In the United States today, Down Syndrome affects approximately 350,000 people....   [tags: Down syndrome, Chromosome]

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The Medical And Social History Of Down 's Syndrome

- ... His philosophy is that every human, normal or an idiot, has the ability to learn and become a part of society if given the proper environment for learning (23). This sparked an interest in society to educate the individuals known as idiots, showing a slight positive shift for those mentally disabled whose family could afford educational services. Wright explores both the social and medical aspects of this era but his analyzes fails to include those with Down’s Syndrome as unique individuals....   [tags: Disability, Down syndrome, Person]

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John Elder Robinson's Diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome

- Asperger syndrome belongs to a group of childhood disorders commonly known as pervasive developmental disorders or PDD's. The disorder is recognized as a less severe case of autism. Children who have the disorder have a difficult time in social settings but excel in other areas of inteligence. The disorder is usually a lifelong struggle but has few cases where the patent recovers in adulthood. The disorder is not widely understood by the population but it is becoming a more well known disorder. There is currently no cure for this disorder....   [tags: Asperger syndrome, Aspergers, ]

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Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

- Alcohol (wine, beer, or liquor) is the leading known preventable cause of developmental and physical birth defects in the United States. When a woman drinks alcohol during pregnancy, she risks giving birth to a child who will pay the price, in mental and physical deficiencies, for his or her entire life. One study (Phyllis Trujillo Lewis, MA, Philip A. May, PhD, and Virginia C. Shipman, PhD, 2007) asserted that “Numerous studies on alcohol-related birth defects have concluded that maternal drinking, compounded by other risk factors, leads to fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS)....   [tags: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Research paper]

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Managing Pain From Irritable Bowel Syndrome

- Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a large array of disorders described as abdominal discomfort and pain with changes in bowel. IBS is known for cramping, abdominal pain, bloating gas, diarrhea and constipation. The colon’s many nerves connect it to the brain and are partly controlled by the ANS, which reacts to stress similar to the heart. The ascending pathways dealing with pain consist of three different tracts: the neospinothalamic, the paleospinothalamic, and the archispinothalamic tracts....   [tags: Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)]

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Causes And Consequences Of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

- Why is it such a bad thing to consume alcohol before or during pregnancy. It is assumed to be common sense to not to drink while pregnant, but without education many people may not know the real dangers and consequences of this action. There are many different birth defects or diseases that a baby can contract because of his or her mother’s alcohol consumption while or right before pregnancy. A disorder known as fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) is a one risk for those who have mothers that were not careful during their pregnancy....   [tags: Pregnancy, Fetus, Embryo, Fetal alcohol syndrome]

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Cri Du Chat Syndrome Description

- In 1963, Lejeune et al. introduced Cri du Chat (CCS), a rare genetic syndrome that results from a partial or total deletion on the short extension of the 5p (5p15.1—5p15.3) chromosome. This chromosomal loss results from a “de novo” mutation (parents have a normal karyotype) and causes altered brain development, resulting in microencephaly and delayed psychomotor development (Mainardi, 2007). Though CCS is rare, it is one of the most prevalent chromosomal deletion syndromes (i.e. incidence is 1:15,000 to 1:50,000 live births) with slightly more females being affected, but with no significant differences pertaining to race or geographic area (Rodriguez-Cabalerro, 2010)....   [tags: genetic syndrome, 5p chromosomes, jerome lejeune]

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How Asperger Syndrome Is An Autism Spectrum Disorder

- ... It can also be helpful to have a teacher’s aide to be alongside the person with a disability in order to try to guide them effectively through more difficult teaching methods. Another thing that physical educators should be aware of is for some people with Asperger syndrome is that organizational and motor skills can be another difficulty that can hinder them in certain activities. One of the famous individuals that displayed traits of Asperger syndrome was Sir Isaac Newton. Sir Isaac Newton was not very good at keeping friends or making new friends, as he didn’t really know how to socialize with people....   [tags: Asperger syndrome, Autism, Isaac Newton]

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Asperger 's Syndrome Is A Mild Form Of Autism

- Asperger’s Syndrome is a mild form of autism. People with Asperger’s are characterized by having highly impaired social skills, difficultly relating to others, a lack of flexible imaginative play, and they often have a preoccupation with a specific topic. It was not until the 1940s that Asperger’s Syndrome was discovered and labeled as being an actual disorder. In the past decade there has been a large amount of documented cases of Asperger’s Syndrome, labeling it as being an epidemic. There are almost double the amount of children diagnosed with having Asperger’s Syndrome then just classic autism....   [tags: Asperger syndrome, Autism, Sociology, Person]

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The Effects Of Asperger Syndrome On Children With Special Needs

- As Early Childcare Professionals it is important to have the knowledge and understanding of how children develop in order to provide the best curriculum for all children, including children with special needs. The objective of this paper is to discuss Asperger Syndrome (AS). This paper will delve into the history of AS, the general characteristics and the causes; as well as the effects on development in each domain. It will also discuss the learning challenges and how an Early Childhood Educator could create an inclusive and responsive environment for both the child with AS and the other students in the class. GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS: Asperger Syndrome was named for Hans Asperger, an A...   [tags: Asperger syndrome, Autism, Autism spectrum]

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Autism Spectrum Disorder And Asperger 's Syndrome

- ... Autism spectrum disorder, as well as Asperger’s syndrome (a higher functioning branch of Autism spectrum disorder), is a developmental disorder that affects a person’s ability to comprehend information, handle social situations, and that person’s own behavioral personality. Autism spectrum disorder is not something that can be caught, it is speculated to be a genetic condition that passes down through heredity. Although a few people with autism can lead relatively normal lives, a relatively large fraction of adults with autism spectrum disorder cannot perform such a task....   [tags: Autism, Asperger syndrome, Autism spectrum]

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Analysis Of The Article ' Children With Down Syndrome And Her Advocacy Of Inclusion

- The two media articles that I have chosen, consider the effect that Down syndrome has upon everyday life, one article is from a parent 's perspective and the other from the perspective of an adult with Down syndrome. I chose the articles as the focus of attention is upon the daily effects of Down syndrome and each woman expresses what is of relevance to each of them and the impact it has on their everyday activities; however the discourse and models present within the articles are diametrically opposed....   [tags: Disability, Down syndrome]

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Children With Down Syndrome, By Katherine Horrocks, The Mother Of Two Boys

- The two media articles that I have chosen, discuss Down syndrome, one article is derived from a parent 's perspective and the other is from the perspective of an adult with Down syndrome. I chose the articles as the focus of attention is upon Down syndrome and each one discusses what is of relevance to each woman within their own lives; however the discourse and models present within the articles are diametrically opposed. I will examine the discourse and models present within each article with reference to the units I have studied thus far....   [tags: Disability, Down syndrome]

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Somatoform Disorder or Culture-Bound Syndrome: Manifestation & Symptom Expression of Han in Koreans

- One of the ongoing controversies about the relationship between culture and psychopathology has to do with the long-reported tendency of Asian psychiatric patients to primarily manifest and express psychological distress with somatic symptoms. Cultural differences in symptom expression have been the focus of studies on somatization. “Somatization is a term originally tied to a psychodynamic theory of illness causation in which psychological conflict was transformed or transduced into bodily distress” (Kirmayer & Young, 1998)....   [tags: Psychology, Anger Syndrome]

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Maintaining A Productive Life : The Learning Hurdles For Asperger 's Syndrome

- Maintaining a Productive Life: The Learning Hurdles for Asperger’s Syndrome Asperger’s Syndrome (ASD) is defined as a developmental disorder related to Autism and characterized by higher than average intellectual ability coupled with impaired social skills. People suffering from ASD can overcome this disease and live a normal, productive life by learning basic life skills, communication techniques, and developing meaningful relationships. These essential life skills are important to everyday life and need to be learned in order for these individuals to maintain a self-sustaining life....   [tags: Autism, Asperger syndrome]

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Down Syndrome Is An Inherent Issue Emerging From A Chromosome Deformity

- ... This achievement opened the way to awesome advances in Down Syndrome research. There are two classifications of tests for Down Syndrome that can be performed before an infant is conceived: screening tests and indicative tests. Pre-birth screens evaluate the shot of the hatchling having Down Syndrome. These tests don 't let you know without a doubt whether your baby has Down Syndrome; they just give a likelihood. Analytic tests, then again, can give a complete conclusion right around 100% exactness....   [tags: Down syndrome, Chromosome, Cell, Chromosomes]

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Asperger 's Syndrome : Is It More Than Just Being Socially Inept?

- ... Even though there is no known cause, Asperger’s Syndrome is four times as likely to happen in males compared to females. If a family member has the condition, it is likely that any offspring of that person or of that person’s siblings may develop Asperger’s Syndrome as well. (“Asperger Syndrome Fact Sheet”). Since Asperger’s Syndrome is not obvious from outward appearances, signs and symptoms manifest in behaviors and social interactions. Keep in mind that one person with Asperger’s is just one person with Asperger’s; individuals with AS are not like the stereotypes portrayed in the media....   [tags: Asperger syndrome, Autism, Person, Individual]

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Alzheimer's Disease and Down's Syndrome

- Alzheimer and Down's Syndrome Down?s Syndrome, Trisomy 21, or Mongolism is one of the most common causes of mental retardation. The majority of Down?s Syndrome patients have a moderate retardation although it can range from mild to severe. Trisomy 21 occurs in about 1 in 800 live births. This incidence increases markedly as the age of the mother increases over 35. The prevalence in children born to young mothers is 1 in 1000, while it increases to almost 1 in 40 in children born to mothers over 40....   [tags: Down's Syndrome Trisomy 21 Mongolism]

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Understanding Autism Syndrome Disorders

- ... This can be done on an individual basis or in a group. By having therapy in a group they are giving the children to develop a positive relationship and a non-threating relationship with others, also they make the students feel comfortable in a safe environment. By having art and music as a therapy you are providing the children with visual and auditory stimulation. Music therapy is good for speech development and also helps with language comprehension. Songs can be used to teach the children how to speak and increase their ability to put words together....   [tags: behavioral syndromes, psychiatric analysis]

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Nervous System Involvement

- Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Nervous System Involvement Upon concluding my neurobiology course, I spent some time reflecting on what I've learned about the nervous system and its functions. I thought about how much progress has been made in the last couple of decades alone in defining and understanding certain aspects of neuronal functions, and must admit that I am very impressed. However, there is still so much we don't know about this area, and nowhere has this notion proved more true than in my exploration of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome....   [tags: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Medical Essays]

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Metabolic Syndrome : Syndrome X And Insulin Resistance Syndrome

- Metabolic Syndrome, also known as Syndrome X and insulin resistance syndrome, is becoming increasingly prevalent in our country. To be diagnosed with Metabolic Syndrome, an individual must have three of the five conditions that constitute this syndrome. The conditions are hyperlipidemia, hypertension, high fasting blood glucose levels, as well as a large waistline, or obesity. These five conditions are interrelated and play significant roles in the formation of Metabolic Syndrome, which increases risk of developing cardiovascular disease, stroke, and diabetes....   [tags: Obesity, Diabetes mellitus, Immune system]

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Angelman Syndrome and Prader-Willi Syndrome

- ... Prader-Willi Prader-Willi is caused by either deletions, failure in imprinting, or monosomy/disomy 15 from the father’s side. The genes involved are known to include, but are not known to be limited to SNRPN and NDN. NDN odes for the protein Necdin, which, in rodents, interacts with neurotrophin receptors in a way that is not completely understood to promote normal cognitive development. SNRPN codes for several products, including small nucleolar RNAs, a splicing factor involved in RNA processing, and a polypeptide known as SNURF....   [tags: genetic disorders]

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Asperger’s Syndrome

- Asperger’s Syndrome Laura Mann wrote an interesting essay about how words can hurt people who go against the social norms. It was in response to a man who had written a memoir about how his lack of masculinity led people to call him names like “faggot” and “queer.” Every time he was called one of those names, he tried to debunk it. The people who used those words were often uneducated. My life has been filled with similar experiences. My lack of social interaction has led me to go against the masculine norms....   [tags: Laura Mann Asperger's Syndrome Health Essays]

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Dementia is a Syndrome

- The functions of the human brain are extremely fascinating. Each brain structure is responsible for different functions. When these structures are damaged or tampered with, the ability of those functions decline. For example, the cerebellum is responsible for a person’s balance. This is how people are able to walk correctly and maintain proper balance. When a person drinks alcohol, the cerebellum is affected and is not able to function properly. This why people have horrible balance when they are intoxicated....   [tags: brain disease, Alzheimer’s disease]

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Hereditary Colorectal Cancer Syndromes and Genetic Testing

- The adenomatous polyposis syndromes The genetically defined adenomatous polyposis syndromes comprise familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP), MYH-associated polyposis (MAP) and the recently described condition polymerase proofreading-associated polyposis (PPAP). Clinically, theses syndromes have significant phenotypic overlap and can be challenging to distinguish. Familial Adenomatous Polyposis (FAP) Over 1000 different germline mutations in the tumor suppressor gene Adenomatous Polyposis Coli (APC) located on chromosome 5q21-q22 have been shown to cause FAP....   [tags: adenomatous polyposis syndrome, genetic, mutations]

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The Zellweger Syndrome

- Zellweger Syndrome Zellweger syndrome is one of four related diseases grouped under:” peroxisome biogenesis disorders” (PBD), and is the most severe form in the spectrum. These disorders are inherited conditions that damage the white matter in an affected person’s brain, and affect the metabolism of certain substances present in blood and organ tissues. Zellweger disorder is characterized by the failure of the body to produce properly functioning organelles called peroxisomes. Peroxisomes are small cytoplasmic organelles that play an important role in organ development....   [tags: peroxisome biogenesis disorders]

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Acivity on Postpartum Depression Syndrome, Rape Trauma Syndrome and Premenstrual Syndrome

- Postpartum depression syndrome is said to be a type of depression that typically is connected to pregnancy and childbirth and can be temporarily. Postpartum depression ranges from being moderate, like not that serious to severe depression after giving birth to a child. According to the National Institutes of Health. Postpartum depression syndrome tends to occur after the baby is delivered, may occur up to about a year later and many time occurs within the first 3 months after the delivery process....   [tags: depression, pregnancy, childbirth]

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The China Syndrome

- If everyone the planet lived my lifestyle, we would need 10.52 earths. When, I saw my result at first I thought it was an exaggeration, so I went back and redo the questionnaire two times because I couldn’t believe I was being extremely inconsiderate and super wasteful. What I was extremely shocked about was my percentage of carbon footprint, which is 91.4. Carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gasses produced to directly and indirectly support human activity, i.e... Petrol, gasoline, diesel, oil, etc…....   [tags: ecological footprint, ecological distaster]

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The Cause and Effects of Down Syndrome

- The Cause and Effects of Down Syndrome Some people wonder what Down syndrome is. How it is caused, and how it is treated. The causes and effects of Down syndrome is when there is an extra 21St chromosome. The effects include some birth defects and health problems. The physical features are different from someone without Down syndrome. What is Down syndrome. It is a chromosomal disorder caused by an error in cell division that results in an extra 21st chromosome (Crosta). Down syndrome causes problems with a person’s physical growth that vary by how bad it is....   [tags: extra 21st chromosome, birth defects]

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The Genetic Conditions of the Waardenburg Syndrome

- ... Symptoms and effects of Waardenburg Syndrome appear to be different to each individual person who has the disorder. Some symptoms of Waardenburg Syndrome include pale skin, hair, and eyes, patches of white/gray hair, finger contractures, hearing loss, and different colored eyes (heterochromia). Other symptoms include numerous minor abnormalities and abnormal facial features (MedlinePlus 2013). Some symptoms, such as widely spaced eyes in type I, depend on which type of Waardenburg Syndrome a person is diagnosed with....   [tags: diagnosis, symptoms, patterns, treatment]

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The Causes and Effects of Down Syndrome

- Down syndrome, also known as trisomy 21, occurs when a child is born with three copies chromosome 21, as you can see in Figure 1. This can be caused by three different processes; nondisjunction, mosaicism, or translocation. Nondisjunction occurs during the reduction of chromosomes, from 46 to 23, after the egg and sperm have combined, causing one parent to pass on 24 instead of 23. In the case of Down syndrome, the extra chromosome is chromosome 21. Mosaicism is a rare occurrence, happening “in approximately one to two percent of Down syndrome cases” (Johnson, 2013)....   [tags: health, disease]

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Discovering and Living with Blooms Syndrome

- Discovering and living with Blooms Syndrome Blooms Syndrome Bloom’s Syndrome (BS) is also known as congenital telangiectatic erythema and Bloom-Torre-Mackacek syndrome. The syndrome was named after its founder Dr. David Bloom. Bloom, a dermatologist from New York was the first to describe the Syndrome In 1954. The syndrome is the result of an autosomal recessive disorder which is caused by mutated genes and unstable and irreparable DNA that has been re-arranged, damaged and created cell division....   [tags: genetics, disease, treatment]

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Causes and Effects of Down Syndrome

- Humans are more like the X-Men then they have ever dreamed possible. Studies show that each and every single human in our species have more than two hundred mutations weaved in and out of our DNA. A genetic mutation is a perpetual change in the DNA sequence that makes up a gene. These mutations can occur in two different ways; they can be acquired during one’s lifetime or they can be inherited from one’s biological parents. Some mutations are absolutely harmless; these are the mutations that take up most of the typical human’s body....   [tags: mutation, chromosomes, health]

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Causes and Symptoms of Metabolic Syndrome

- Metabolic syndrome is described to be a cluster of metabolic risk factors that combines together to create a single individual health issue. The individual factors that combined to create this issue are insulin resistance, hypertension which is a form of high blood pressure, cholesterol abnormalities, impaired glucose tolerance, the tendency to develop fat around the abdomen and an increased risk for clotting. The metabolic disorders and cardiovascular disease are very close related. This syndrome is considered to be a risk factor for several cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes that arises due to insulin resistance and an abnormal function and pattern of body fat....   [tags: glucose, obesity, lifestyle]

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Genetic Disorders and Down Syndrome

- A genetic disorder is a disease that is caused by an abnormality in an individual's DNA. Abnormalities can range from a small mutation in a single gene to the addition or subtraction of an entire chromosome or set of chromosomes” (Letsou). Most individuals are either related to or know someone who is effected by some type of disability. Many of these disabilities are caused by genetic disorders. Genetic disorders may alter physical appearance and cause mild to severe mental retardation. Fragile X syndrome, Down syndrome, Turners syndrome and many other syndromes result from a mutation of a chromosome, an extra chromosome, or too few chromosomes....   [tags: Disease, Abnormalities, DNA, Mutation]

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Maternal Age and Down Syndrome

- The Influence of Maternal Age on Down syndrome Children born to older parents are at greater risk for genetic abnormalities, such as Down syndrome. No one knows what causes the chromosomal abnormality that results in Down syndrome, a condition according to the National Association for Down syndrome, affects one in 800 to 1,000 babies in the United States. Any woman regardless of her culture, race and socio-economic status can have a baby with Down syndrome. However, a mother’ age seems to be a unifying factor among children with Down syndrome....   [tags: Medical Research]

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Down Syndrome and its Effects

- Down Syndrome today is much different than it used to be, it has advanced in many ways. It has enabled children who are diagnosed with it to keep working hard because they can achieve anything if they set their mind to it. Down Syndrome can be a devastating diagnosis; however, parents and those diagnosed can still go on to live happy contented lives. There has been big changes for people diagnosed with Down Syndrome over the past years, but what is Down Syndrome. According to Bret Bowerman, Down Syndrome is a chromosomal condition caused by the presence of a third copy of the 21st chromosome....   [tags: chromosomal condition, trisomy 21]

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Down syndrome: A Genetic disorder

- Down syndrome: A Genetic disorder Each year in the United States, about 13 out of every 10,000 babies are born with Down syndrome, also called trisomy 21 (Johnson). Being the “most common chromosome disorder and genetic cause of intellectual disability”, Down syndrome equally affects males and females as well as all different races (Johnson). In other words, Down syndrome does not show any preference for a specific gender or race. Unfortunately, those who are affected by Down syndrome experience a number of problems throughout their lives which limit their quality of life and health....   [tags: trisomy 21, chromosome disorder]

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Angelman Syndrome: A Genetic Disease

- A genetic disease is a disease that can be heritable or inheritable, and one of them is known as Angelman Syndrome. Also referred to as AS, it can change a person, both physically and mentally. Angelman Syndrome, just like any other genetic disease, has symptoms, or characteristics of the carrier. It has effects on the daily life of the carrier, and can be treated, but not cured. AS also has a certain prognosis, or outcome. Angelman Syndrome, similar to other genetic diseases, has many symptoms....   [tags: mental disability, tendency toward jerky movement]

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The Threat of Guillain Barre Syndrome

- Guillain Barre Syndrome A rare and severe disease, Guillain Barre Syndrome, often occurs after an acute infectious procedure. Guillain Barre Syndrome affects the peripheral nervous system. Normally, it is an acute form of paralysis in the lower body area that moves to the upper limbs and face. Over time, the patient will lose all his reflexes and goes through a complete body paralysis, unless maintained in a prompt manner. Guillain Barre Syndrome is a life threatening disorder and needs timely treatment and therapy with intravenous immunoglobulin’s....   [tags: paralysis, immune, infection]

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DiGeorge Syndrome- A Genetic Disorder

- ... Someone with DGS also have high levels of memory loss. Memory loss would include short term activities, such as the past week. Amnesia occurs mostly in children from the age’s three to eleven, and with maturity, people’s memory will strengthen. Since DGS affects major body functions, someone with the syndrome have slowed motor abilities. As a result of slowed motor abilities, people also have low muscle tone with causes them to be inactive. Because of the low muscle tone, DGS makes it difficult for someone to perform normal athletic abilities, such as running....   [tags: illnesses, genetics, parents, DNA, mutations]

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Taking a Look at Rett Syndrome

- In 1966, an Austrian physician by the name of Andreas Rett, published a report that informed people about this disorder. According to the International Rett Syndrome Association (IRSA), Dr. Rett had become interested when he noticed that two young girls in his office were suffering from the same symptoms. After further investigation, he found that there were six other girls in his office that had the same symptoms. He figured that these eight girls shared the same disorder. He began to research further by filming these girls and traveling around Europe to find others that were suffering from the same symptoms....   [tags: autism spectrum disorders]

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The Heart Of Broken Heart Syndrome

- ... With these emotions, it causes insufficient blood flow in the blood vessels that are going to and supplying the heart with blood to function normally (Can You Die 2). Just being depressed and/or having depression can cause levels of stress hormones in the body to sky rocket. There are many different ways that people deal with sorrow and depression. Some people find it easier to have the solitude to be able to mend their “broken heart.” There are some people who find it easier to talk their feelings out and having someone to be able to talk to in order to help with their sorrow and depression....   [tags: Heart, Cardiac muscle, Hypertension]

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An Insigth to Down Syndrome

- Down syndrome; what is it and how does it affect the people who have it. Roughly 1 in 800 infants born in Canada are affected by Down syndrome. Down syndrome, also called Trisomy 21, is a chromosomal disorder that is caused by an extra genetic material in the individual. It delays the way an individual develops both mentally and physically. Down syndrome cannot be prevented but it can be detected before birth. At the time of conception an infant inherits genes from its parents in the form of 46 chromosomes....   [tags: Trisomy 21, Chromosomal Disorder, Genetic Material]

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The Effects of Down Syndrome

- Down Syndrome: Critically analyze the effects of Down syndrome on people and the support that is available Introduction: An individual who has Down syndrome can be recognized as different from others since he or she have different physical features, but the question is, what causes individuals to have deformed face, little different features than someone who does not have Down syndrome. The reason some individuals are born with Down syndrome is because of an extra chromosome, this chromosome, which carries number 21....   [tags: extra chromosome, awareness]

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Symptoms and Treatments of Marfan Syndrome

- When assigned to study a disease, it was easy to choose because of having a family who is suffering with heart problems. Marfan syndrome hit home since my father was diagnosed, as well as, my first cousin. The causes of this disease are not specific with the exception of it being a genetic disease. However, the symptoms are quite easy to detect when the physician is made aware of family history. Since the causes are unclear, it is important that families know about these symptoms. This disease has no cure (Ho 1978), but when the symptoms are known to a person carrying the disease, a lifestyle can be developed which can allow the carrier to lead a fairly normal life....   [tags: health, genetic disease]

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Symptoms And Treatment Of Alport Syndrome

- Alport syndrome, also known as hereditary nephritis is a relatively rare inherited renal disease caused by mutations in the type IV collagen chains within the basement membranes of the glomerulus, cochlea, and eyes. If diagnosed with alport syndrome, you will always have kidney problems and sometimes hearing loss. You will most likely have to undergo dialysis and eventually have a kidney transplant. A progressive decline in renal function leads to end-stage renal disease. Hypertension may be detected by early adolescence, but you will most likely experience hematuria in your first decade of life and proteinuria by your second stage of life....   [tags: Nephrology, Renal failure, Kidney]

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Cause and Symptoms of Stockholm Syndrome

- Stockholm syndrome or what some people call “capture bonding” is a psychological phenomenon where victims show positive feelings or emotional bonding with their captors. Sympathy and empathy are the common feelings expressed by these hostages. These feelings may last even after they are free from their captors. It is important to note that stockholm syndrome is not a disorder but a “survival mechanism” victims unconsciously use as an act of self-preservation. Stockholm syndrome is in some ways similar to the battered person syndrome....   [tags: captor, bonding, victims]

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