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Student Behavior And Student Behaviour

- ... Hence, the author’s aim to reform disciplinary approaches becomes more attractive given how current tactics seem to hinder the learning experience. By beginning their article with a calm and logical tone that recognises the great nuance and controversy surrounding “the issue of disciplining children”, found in phrases such as “all parents have their own views”, the author originates from an area of empathy that respects the differing opinions the readership holds. This allows the author to ease the reader into their piece, influencing them towards viewing their side as rational and not merely a passionate protester who has not fully understood all sides of the argument....   [tags: Education, Psychology, Student, Logic]

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Being An International Student Is Exciting

- ... A compromise on at least one criterion of the above is required to sustain in the new country. 1.2. Social issues Any person 's successful foray into a new country involves their camaraderie with the locals. International students would benefit by joining Student Clubs and concentrating more on the orientation procedures than the domestic students. Since most international students arrive with no friends, they must face the huge challenge of getting to know their way around the place. This is where joining student clubs inside the college environment is beneficial because they get to learn about both the local students and other international students....   [tags: Student, International student]

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Graduation Speech : An International Student

- ... When someone came to talk to me, I did not totally understand what they meant. When my teacher assigned me to write a paragraph, I did not know how to write a complete paragraph. That was me and my terrible failure, which made me spend the rest of my semester one in level one before I had opportunity to retake a test and went on a higher level. I spent a long time to think about myself and my failure. I decided to start studying English again. My goal was to able to be a part of a regular program one year later at that moment....   [tags: Student, Education, International student]

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The Day Most International Student Board

- The day most international student board the plane to come study in America is probably one of the best days in life. Thereby getting very nervous, overwhelmed and excited for the challenging yet interesting journey ahead. Despite the jet lag that is very bothersome upon arrival, the excitement to sightsee and get to know the new home is uncontrollable. After settling in and meeting other students from all over the world, the idea of being in a completely different place settles in and you start wondering how to take the next step in life....   [tags: Student, International student]

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Problems Faced By Student Students

- Today, it is quite common to encounter a student who conflicts on deciding a major. In fact, according to academic-advisor Dr.Fritz, eighty-percent of college students begin their undergraduate uncertain of what career they want to pursue but choose a major anyways. Fifty-percent of those students decide to change their major once or much often more than once during their college career. Even worse, due to their indecisiveness, students often decide to change their major which also leads to a list of other dilemmas....   [tags: University, Student, Education]

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Classroom Layout for Facilitate Student-to-Student Directed Learning

- On the previous page is a diagram of a 3rd grade classroom at Fair Oaks Ranch Community School in the Sulphur Springs School District of Santa Clarita, CA. The classroom, as a whole, felt a bit small, cluttered, messy, and cramped. There was an overload of student artwork and information, like the alphabet and numbers, hanging on the walls with little to no actual empty wall space. The student desks were in 2 long rows with 4 rows of chairs, each student facing another student. The actual desk area seemed more spacious than the rest of the room, with plenty of room between the rows, ample space on each individual desktop for supplies, books and papers needed for the current activity, and bin...   [tags: student information processing]

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Should Students Be An Disabled Student?

- ... Rodriguez then goes on to question the use of the term “underprivileged” by colleges and why another word should be adopted to identify students in need. She argues that colleges should adopt a phrase similar to “students in need,” so that students aren’t made to feel like outcasts because of their financial situations. She attempts to persuade the audience through the use of logic, emotional appeal, and her own character and is able to succeed in not only capturing the audience’s attention, but also get them thinking of taking action to change the way colleges recognize students in need....   [tags: University, Student, Appeal to emotion, Emotion]

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A Coordinator Of Retention And Student Success Services

- A coordinator of Retention and Student Success Services. She has been into several colleges for several degrees her name is Mrs. Jacqueline Strapp. Mrs. Strapp, who was one of my former teachers in a class called College Experience, which she teaches new college students on how to be successful in college. Mrs. Strapp has attended many colleges and has obtained several degrees, such as North Park University for Business Advertising, DePaul University for Masters in counseling lastly at Elmhurst College for her degree in Student Success....   [tags: University, Student]

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The Effects of Athletics on Student Performance

- Across the United States of America, approximately 55% of students participate in extracurricular sports activities. (Koebler, Jason. "High School Sports Participation Increases for 22nd Straight Year." US News. U.S.News & World Report, 02 Sept. 2011. Web. 03 Dec. 2013.) Academic performance, popularity, and physical fitness are all directly affected by involvement in athletics. Overall, and contrary to popular belief, those students who participate in athletic activities often have higher physical, mental and emotional abilities than their non-participating peers....   [tags: Student Athletes, Academic Performance]

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Being A College Student As An Educator

- Schools in the United States today are increasingly diverse and are continually seeking new ways to adapt to the broad range of students within them. America as a society has in fact changed from that of a “melting pot” to more of a “salad bowl”, and educators are expected to meet the needs of each individual that walks into a classroom. It is not necessarily an effortless task, and it is not for the masses, but it is for me. I am interested in not just having a job, but having a vocation. Bringing home a paycheck is not the reason I yearn to be an educator, truly enriching students with knowledge and providing real purpose is why I want to be a teacher....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, Student]

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Physical Characteristics Of The Average Student

- What are the physical characteristics of the average student (size, weight, height, etc.). Describe the outliers (children who don’t fit the average). Describe the differences (if any) between boys and girls at this age. This classroom was standard to 4th graders. The 4th graders height varies with the smallest student being around 50 inches and the tallest at 57 inches. No one stood out as a heavier set, if anything some girls looked under weight at around 50 pounds, but no one stood out at the 75-80lbs range....   [tags: Education, Learning, Student, Pin]

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Observing The Teacher / Student Interaction

- 2. Observing the teacher/student interaction, the students are highly eager to get involved in discussion. This shows that they understand and appreciate the material that is given to them. This caused me to reflect back on my sophmore year in English we didn 't have much to read that was actually enjoyable. Sure we talked about ethnicity but we didn 't get to embrace the meaning of diversity as much as he does in this class. He has two groups, the class as a whole, and the four students whom make up the honors group....   [tags: Teacher, Education, Student]

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The Factors That Make a Student Intelligent

- I was sitting in my biology class barely about to fall asleep, when I glanced to my right and found that half my class had already beat me to it. This was actually surprising for me, being in an advanced class and seeing all these bright students with amazing grades burrowing their heads into their folded arms, avoiding eye contact with the teacher, hoping that they can get some shut eye for at least thirty seconds maybe a minute if they are lucky. This spectacle of seeing students who were considered intelligent, sleeping in class begged the question, how....   [tags: tests, smart, student, categories]

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Greek Culture And The Student Body

- Greek Culture and the Student Body College students can hurt themselves early on by lacking some qualities necessary to be successful in school. They can fall behind in academics, fail to socialize with their peers, or miss out on networking opportunities. Every year around eight percent of college students drop out of their respective campuses. That’s almost one in every twelve students that no longer strive towards an education. Those same students drop out because of these reasons. One way students can solve these problems and be more involved is by joining the Greek community....   [tags: University, Student, Academia]

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Navigator Of The First Year Student

- ... After one year on the job, many kept the same metaphors, but added metaphors such as cop, role model, signpost and hall collaborator. Out of the six RAs that were considered successful, three of them did not change their metaphor at the end of their first year. However, all of the RAs who were unsuccessful or had mixed evaluations did end up changing their metaphors. The authors explained this by saying that those who did not change their metaphor had an accurate idea of what the job involved and were more equipped to be successful....   [tags: Student, University, Education]

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The Student Movement and German Terrorism

- Introduction The post-Second World War period was a tumultuous time for Germany, as it entailed the division of the nation into two distinct governmental entities – West Germany and East Germany. As West Germany emerged as a bulwark against the Communist-led East Germany – backed by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), it effectively allowed itself to be modeled by the United States (US) as the promoter of democracy in Western Europe. The Marshall Plan, which enabled West Germany to resurrect its status as an industrialized economy, became the cornerstone of US involvement in the nation and eventually throughout the rest of Europe....   [tags: German Student Movement]

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Factors of Student Drop Outs

- Throughout the years, America has been facing one of educations most major problem: Student Drop outs. “With more than 26% of students failing to graduate on time each year in the United States, we face a growing national crisis” (Choices 1). The percentage of student dropouts has decreased over time, but still seems to become a dilemma in the country. “The status dropout rate declined from 12 percent in 1990 to 7 percent in 2011” (U.S. Department of Education), but still seems to remain the same and is even increasing....   [tags: races, school, social, student]

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The Issue Of Student Cheating

- Student cheating has become a large problem in our education system and is thriving in today’s technologically advancing society. In fact, a study conducted by the Center for Academic Integrity (CAI) found that, “more than 75 percent of students on most campuses admit to some cheating,” (Hutton). While this study was limited to students on college campuses, it is a relevant problem in all levels of education. The issue of student cheating is such a strong issue because it limits the amount of learning that a student can reach....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Student, School]

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Student Debt Is A Problem

- Smoking is a problem. Student debt is a problem. Students’ picking an unhealthy lifestyle is a problem. The problems of college students are mostly spending their money on cigarettes and they don’t realize that students can be in debt. According to Tyler Kinhade a student in Temple University about 42% students who purchases cigarettes are most likely in debt cause of cigarettes. One pack of cigarettes can most about 5-7 dollars in one pack has about 20 cigarettes. Lets say a college student smoked about a half a pack a day that is about $3.50 and half a pack is 10 cigarettes 1 is around 0.25 that means in a year it can cost around $2,520 and that’s a lot of money students are spending....   [tags: University, Student, Education, Debt]

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Student Loans Are A Cancer

- ... In his article “Ripping Off Young America: The College-Loan Scandal” he expresses his hatred and disgust with modern America and how it “Sucks the blood out of its young” (Taibbi 3). He finds that Colleges and Universities take advantage of the low- and middle- income students. They have a tendency to depend on federally backed loans, funding a “massive and ongoing government subsidy” (Taibbi 3). The unfortunate truth is that at the head of it all is Obama. Having revamped the student-loan industry, the government began to lend money directly to the students....   [tags: Debt, University, Student, College]

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Criteria for a Student-Centered Exam

- PLAN: Criteria for a Student-Centered Exam For PDSA cycle I chose to use data notebooks during the Fitnessgram testing. I chose these because they are engaging, interactive, and they promote sharing, trusting, teambuilding, reflection, and coaching. (Pitas, 2000) In physical education I am always looking for ways for students to reflect on their exercise habits in and set goals for their future. I want to educate students to be healthy for a lifetime and what better way than for them to tract their own exercise and reflect on how it’s working....   [tags: enhancing student learning]

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Plato: A student of Socrates

- A student of Socrates, a major western civilization influence, and an amazing philosopher, Plato was his name and he was one of the most influential persons in history. Plato was born in Greece in 427 BC and grew up in a wealthy and noble family. He became a philosopher when his teacher, and another great philosopher of Greece, Socrates, was tried and executed in 399 BC. Plato wrote a lot about Socrates in his works of ancient Greece. Plato helped form classical education, and we would not have a good basis for education in America and western civilization....   [tags: philosopher, student, Greece]

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The Student Needs to Become the Teacher

- Albert Einstein once said, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” Traditional learning techniques in the U.S. are “one size fits all” and cater to a very limited number of students and it leaves many students in the dust, which is outlined by Einstein’s quote. A more intelligent and student-oriented approach to teaching classrooms is flipped learning; which “in this model of instruction, students watch recorded lectures for homework and complete their assignments, labs, and tests in class” (Bergmann 5)....   [tags: flipped, learning, techniques, student, learn]

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Overview of Student Learning

- Every student has their own preference for learning, whether it is visual instruction, auditory instruction, or kinesthetic instruction. Whichever their learning style is, teachers’ core responsibility is to instruct their students in the subject matter in a way for them to understand. At the same time, teachers must make sure that students are genuinely learning the content. There are teachers who assume these types of instructions are sufficient enough to ensure that students are learning. However, student learning goes beyond direct instruction....   [tags: education, student learning]

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Student Life At The University Of Cincinnati

- Along with offering many scholarships for athletes, colleges spend millions of dollars on stadiums, fields, courts, etc. for those said athletes. For example, the University of Cincinnati spent $86 million on the renovation of their football stadium in 2015 (Monk). Colleges today also spend a lot of money on amenities for students in order to attract students to their colleges as well. Most colleges in the United States offer many luxury amenities for students, including luxury housing and apartments, new fitness centers, student life centers, and pools for recreation....   [tags: High school, University, Education, Student]

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The Plight of the Student Athlete

- Are colleges doing enough to prepare student-athletes to be successful in life. Are students benefitting or are universities exploiting. Colleges are monetarily thriving from the talents of athletes. A numerous amount of these athletes are only recruited for their physical talents and many of them are not academically up to par. Although academic institutions claim to procure means to aid athletes in the classroom, there are still vast conundrums plaguing society concerning the miseducation of these individuals....   [tags: Success, Student Athlete, College, Benefit]

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The Success Of A College Student

- How do most people define success. People who aim for material life may think that success is having a huge amount of money or getting a high position. Others who do not care about material may think that success is to have a peaceful and happy life. There is no right or wrong because people define success based on their own background and experience. And for many students, success in college only equals to their academic achievements such as getting good grades and graduate with a high degree. However, success in college should be defined with the achievement in four different areas, including academic achievement, academic engagement, time management, and social life....   [tags: University, High school, College, Student]

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Should Student Athletes Be Allowed?

- ... the university has seen a greater spike in student athletes grades.A recent study at Harvard University found 60 percent of students on average attended any given lecture, showing even at this prestigious institution many students are not asking for their money 's worth when it comes to class attendance. When Montgomery and the team at Core Principle began designing Class120, a smartphone-based system to monitor and improve college class attendance, they had to do more than develop patent-pending technology....   [tags: University, High school, Education, Student]

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The Profession Of Student Affairs

- The profession of student affairs is boasts a specific focus on other people, particularly students in the college environment. In this field, professionals cannot be selfish. More than any other functional area of higher education, our students are given the opportunity and ability to grow I many different areas of their lives, not just academically. In light of this field’s overarching goal of positive, whole student development and facilitation, I am dedicated to positive, beneficial, meaningful interactions with other students and faculty and staff I may encounter professionally....   [tags: University, Education, Higher education, Student]

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The Correlation Between Student 's Growth And Involvement Interest

- ... I believe this will be very beneficial, especially if any mentees are too timid to personally approach me first. Another approach I will execute is giving them miniature gift bags with motivational, yet personal statements during move-in week to let them know that someone will always be there for them. Finally, I will thoroughly answer any questions they may have about resources and involvement opportunities around campus. Of the Ten Transitional Stages of First Year Students, I had the most difficulties with the end of the honeymoon and a fear of failure....   [tags: Student, University]

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Should There Be any Changes to Student Visa Regulations?

- There are many international students in Australia from many countries who learn various academic fields. Some of them are doing part-time work for many reasons such as, to cover living expenses, get experiences, and socialize with the other. Australian government has a strict policy about this issue; international students are allowed to work a maximum 20 hours per week during the semester. For this reason, some overseas students believe that the regulation should not change because work can interfere with their study time....   [tags: student visas,]

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Student Success Is A Priority For Colleges And Universities

- ... Astin defined student involvement as “the quantity and quality of the physical and psychological energy that students invest in the college experience” (Astin, 1999). Being involved in educational activities in and outside of the classroom is a significant indicator for student success. This is due to the fact that when a student holds a leadership position, that individual is aware that their peers rely on them for service, guidance, and follow-through. These students also are more likely to feel connected to an organization and the institution....   [tags: University, Student, Education, Leadership]

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Evaluation Of An Effective Tool For Student Performance

- ... The portfolios developed by these students can be evaluated by the multidisciplinary team, which may include the classroom teacher, nominator, principal, counselor, or local expert. (25 CFR 39.116, 2011) Portfolio assessments will provide concrete evidence for evaluation and continuation of student in the program. The portfolio will also provide evidence that the measureable goals and objectives are met year to year. Each year the multidisciplinary team can assess the portfolio and determined continued placement, student growth and progress....   [tags: Assessment, Evaluation, Education, Student]

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The Challenges Of Being a University Student and a Mom

- Within the growing number of women in higher education, there is a growing population of students who are also mothers. Mothers attempting to obtain a degree contend with home and family demands that affect their degree completion rates (Carney-Crompton & Tan, 2002; Home, 1998). These postsecondary education students, unlike their traditional peers, are not developing into adult identities that are supported by a traditional college setting (Arnett, Ramos & Jensen, 2001; Arnett, 2000) but instead already have an adult identity as a mother (Wilsey, 2013) with a different set of needs and because of the familial responsibility motherhood brings with it these women are no longer “traditional”...   [tags: Student Motherhood Essays]

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Student Loan Debt Should be Forgiven

- Does the amount of student loan debt have an effect on the economy. If so would forgiving student loan debt help lower the national debt or would it just increase it. According to Mary Claire Fischer, a writer for Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine, “two-thirds of students who receive bachelor’s degrees leave college with an average debt of twenty-six thousand dollars” (Fischer). This means that the average student debt has doubled since 2007 (Ross 24). The total student loan debt is $1.2 trillion with $1 trillion being from federal student loans (Denhart)....   [tags: Student Loan Debt Essays]

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Student Organizations: Legal Rights & Responsibilities

- Background According to Kaplin and Lee (2006), collegiate student organizations give students an opportunity to obtain and develop leadership skills and to pursue assorted non-academic interests. It also supplements their formal education with secondary academic programming (Kaplin & Lee, 2006). Because of these reasons, students often are encouraged to join a student organization. In addition to joining such a group and because of the First Amendment, students have a right to organize and join these groups and college administrators are obliged by law to allow them that right....   [tags: collegiate student organizations]

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The Role Of Student Resume As A Teaching Tool?

- 1. How have other educators used the student resume as a teaching tool. - Kenyon Tillotson and Debra Osborn, Effect of a Résumé-Writing Workshop on Résumé-Writing Skills, Journal of Employment Counseling, Sept. 2012, at 110. In this article, an empirical study was done on using a workshop format to teach college students how to write a résumé. This article includes a rubric score sheet that was used during the study. The study showed that student’s post-workshop scores were higher than pre-workshop scores....   [tags: Writing, Education, Student, Teacher]

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The Importance Of A Student 's Education

- ... Now if I were you and I had the choice between just reading the text in class out of a book or performing the piece I would definitely choose performing. Not only is would it be more fun, but it 'd be easier to have a grasp of the text more than just reading it in class. Another example of house theater makes an impact on a student 's education is the self-empowerment that comes with drama. performance affect every aspect of our everyday lives power relationships are constructed through performances understanding how performances unfold around us can help us recognize and take control of the power dynamics that for that affect us....   [tags: Learning, Education, Student, A Great Way to Care]

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The Problem Of Student Loan Debt

- Student loan debt makes up a large portion of the debt in this country today. Many defaulted loans are the demise of high interest rates, poor resources to students in educating them on other avenues and corruption in the governmental departments that oversee education and financing. There are many contributing factors that lead to the inability to pay off student loans which need government reform to protect the borrower’s best interests. Before World War II student loans did not exist. After the war people started chasing the American dream....   [tags: Debt, Loan, Default, Student loan default]

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Teacher-Student Sexual Relationships

- Student and teacher relationships have many benefits for both teacher and student in the classroom. There are many different types of these relationships, from being friends to being mentors to even being something of a mentor or parental figure. However, in recent years, a new type of relationship has come into existence, one that is neither healthy nor legal. When student and teacher relationships blossom into something that is more than just a friendship, people can get hurt, families can be torn apart, communities baffled, and fellow students put at a disadvantage....   [tags: Teacher-Student Sex]

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The Issue Of First Year Student Retention

- Unless you are thinking along the lines of a Steve Jobs or a Mark Zuckerburg, the phrase “college drop-out” will naturally bring about notions of failure. The question then becomes, who is failing here, the students or the universities. In this essay I will examine the issue of first-year student retention in American colleges and universities. I will then describe the main reasons for why this issue is taking place, and suggest ways in which this issue should be addressed. Finally I will explain why I feel passionately about this topic and how my career goal align with my interest in addressing this issue....   [tags: University, College, Student, Higher education]

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Benefits Of Repaying Your Student Loan

- ... Be meticulous with your planning. Consider your housing needs, food spending, school fees and study equipment (books, stationary), and leave some room for entertainment spending. When you are thinking of spending something, think carefully whether you actually need it or if you could find it cheaper elsewhere. Learning to budget properly while at university will prepare you well for the future. Update your repayment/saving/budget plan regularly Don’t just create the plan once and then forget about it....   [tags: Debt, Money, Loan, Student loan]

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Policy Proposal: Student Loan Default

- Along with scholarships, fellowships, and grants, student loans are an important method of financing post-secondary education. With tuition costs rising, more students are borrowing to pay for college education today. However, not all students realize the burden of paying back their student loans. Many are defaulting. Moreover, individual borrowers are not the only ones who face the consequences of the loan default. The federal government recovers around 80% of the total defaulted amount of student loans, losing billions of dollars each year....   [tags: student debt, education reform, finance]

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College Student 's Academic Achievement

- Statistics show that an average of 27% of full-time college students who attend a 4-year university actually graduate on time. This information was derived from a study completed on the website, Complete College, where an aggregate of states joined together to make visible the declining rate of on-time graduations for different levels of post-high school education. Students not taking charge of their educational life can derail their progress and cause this delay in graduation. Some college students also stay away from school clubs and other organizations to reduce the workload on their hands and make their educational journey easier....   [tags: Education, High school, University, Student]

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Determination Generates Success : A Student 's Success

- Determination Generates Success Many people believe that students that encounter hard lives will commit academic sins. However, many professionals that successfully graduated college while having struggles in their lives, proved otherwise. In fact, Culpepper mentioned in his composition, “The Myth of Inferiority”, students might succeed in any academic institution, even if they experience hard lives (330). Also, he states that students with light loaded routines have the same chances to fail in college (330)....   [tags: Education, University, Student, Commitment]

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The Government Should NOT Forgive Student Loan Debt

- An education is one of the most important tools a person can acquire. It gives them the skills and abilities to obtain a job, earn a wage, and then use that wage to better their lives and the lives of their loved ones. However, due to the seemingly exponential increase in the costs of obtaining a college degree, students are either being driven away entirely from earning a degree or taking out student loans which cripple their financial prospects well after graduation. Without question, the increasing national student loan debt is one of the most pressing economic issues the United States is dealing with, as students who are debt ridden are not able to consume and invest in the economy....   [tags: Student Loan Debt Essays]

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Academic Factors That Affect Student 's Education

- Introduction Throughout an undergraduate student’s education there are many factors that can determine how successful a student is in meeting his or her academic and future career goals. One important aspect of this education includes academic advising. This aspect is a critical part in a student’s education, because it plays an important role in supporting student’s achievement, in particular with helping students reach their potential (Drake, Jordan, Miller, 2013, pg. 44). Academic advising also impacts over half of the students so much that these students stated that their primary source of academic and career guidance comes from their advisor (Gordon, Habley, Grites, 2008, pg....   [tags: University, Education, Academia, Student]

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A Brief Note On Speeding Up Student Productivity

- ... For instance, I will be assigned to gather research for a future paper, and we were given a large amount of class-time to gather as much research as possible, but it took around ten minutes for each individual website to load. This experience made me think poorly of ACC due to the waste of precious class time and how much money was lost due to the poorly allocated investment in the Wi-Fi at ACC. In the article “Bandwidth Demand in Student Housing” author Andrew Marshall tells the reader that high speed Wi-Fi increases the productivity of students in their dorm rooms....   [tags: University, College, Student, Campus]

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Should Student Athletes Be Paid For Their Athletic Duties?

- In recent years, the debate on whether or not student athletes should be paid for their athletic duties has been a rising issue. The reason that this issue is arising is because athletes feel as if everyone benefits for their playing except for them. There have been many different arguments on each side of this debate which bring up many different points. Student athletes should not get paid because they are already getting a great deal with the scholarship they receive from the NCAA. Advocates who support the payment of student athletes such as former professional athlete, Tyson Hartnett believe that student athletes’ scholarships are not enough to cover their personal finances....   [tags: University, Student, Scholarship, Education]

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Student Assesment

- Strengths: Rob Geis is a respectful and polite student. When he interacts with others his verbal abilities are excellent, he looks like a clever student. Rob seems very responsible because his attendance is consistent and his homework is stable. Needs: He may need to increase his social skills and interact more with others. He needs to ask for help when he does not understand the math concepts. In addition, it is imperative that he builds his self-esteem, experiments success, and feels that he is a valuable member of the class....   [tags: Assessing Student Learning]

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Importance Of The Problem Of A Student 's Success After School

- ... Every academic area needs to focus on writing skills, even math. A study in 2004 found that seven of the top 10 skills garnered as important skills for newly hired accounting graduate had something to do with writing. The study went on to discover that short essays written by potential new hires reflected more skills than multi-page reports (Christensen, Barnes, & Rees, 2004). Studies have shown that there is a need for writing skills in the business world, which is why there needs to be more focus placed on improving these skills....   [tags: Education, Writing, Curriculum, Student]

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Student Debt And Its Effects On The Economy

- ... As more students graduate from college with debt, the government is losing even more money with students renting houses or apartments. Although renting out a house or an apartment is easier with the monthly payments, in the long run it’s really just causing you pay more. In some cases it’d be easier to buy a house and get it over with, than to slowly pay off your school debt and be rewarded with even more when you buy a house. Studies have shown that with an increasing financial weight most twenty-somes are waiting longer to start families, causing delays in the generation and giving couples less time to create bigger families....   [tags: Debt, Education finance, Student loan, Loan]

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Credit Scoring Models For Student Loans

- The discussion of student loan defaults started in 1986 and since then became a priority for education ministries to look over in order to adjust and broaden eligibility for subsidized loan and increase loan limits (Shen and Ziderman, 2009). It was found that the factors that contributed to student loans default were much more complicated than a typical retail credit product as the factors are much more specific (Gross et al, 2009). Credit scoring models for student loans – Important considerations In order to create a good credit scoring model for student loans, one needs to understand what has been done in the past and in this case, the best way to understand who to grant a loan to, one n...   [tags: Debt, Loan, Student loan default, Credit]

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The Diversity Of A Student 's Journey Of Higher Education

- ... Not only does she experience an inside look into a student 's life, but becomes more connected to her teaching. While noticing that there is a lot of work that can be done to transform and make an educational system work all around. It 's that she wants a different attitude towards education not only from her students but as well as the main educators our professors. For instance, our education has evolved it 's a new type of "culture" students seem to be more involved in technology and above and beyond isn 't there focus anymore when it comes to their grades....   [tags: Education, University, Student, Higher education]

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Legal Ethical and Social values of Student loans

- Introduction The current student loan issue is a complex crisis with multiple culprits as well as victims. For one, academic institutions in and of itself cannot deny their responsibility for instigating the crisis. For example, when was the last time, at least in recent years, that anyone heard of a university actually lowering their tuition fees. In reality, year after year the trend has been for universities to increase rates. In fact, according to Larry Abramson of NPR, “tuition and other costs have been going up faster than inflation, and family incomes can’t keep up" (2012)....   [tags: Student Loan Issues, College, Education]

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Training For The Training Of A College Student 's Life

- ... The time commitment to a dog will give you more than enough time to become attached. The studies done by Kiesler reaffirms Blythe’s work that went further into detail and exclaimed that “people universally perceive causality and animism in animals and objects that move and change their trajectories nonlinearly, especially when they seem to interact with their environment as by avoiding obstacles or seeking goals” (336). Blythe’s conclusion gives insight to the natural behavior of every human....   [tags: Psychology, Behavior, Human behavior, Student]

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A Student Guide For Making Smart Educational Choices

- Why Do I have to Take This Course. Abdullah Almuayli Park University 9/4/2015 A Student Guide to Making Smart Educational Choices ‘Why do I take I take this course’ is an educational book guide written by Robert Schoenberg. In today’s society, different practices and quick returns exist. These practices do not add additional requirements to coursework as students start their university careers....   [tags: Education, University, Student, Critical thinking]

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Standardized Testing Is Necessary For A Student 's Academic Success

- Along with the effects that grades can place on to students, comes the topic of whether or not testing students on their academic abilities through the use of grades given by standardized testing is necessary for a student’s academic success. Some people argue that standardized testing is a valuable asset to the overall education system in the United States, however others speak differently on the subject. In an article written by a college student named Joshua Palackal, he states in his submission, "In case you did not know, standardized tests are exams created by testing companies....   [tags: Education, School, Student, Standardized test]

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World Student Of South Kore An Interview With Seuigi Lee

- ... It 's been pretty tough to start my life over in America, but I think it 's finally starting to pay off. I 'm really looking forward to more good things to come in my life!” Seuigi Lee is an example of the main reasons for South Korea’s success as a country. That is because of the education system. When evaluating South Korea’s economic success, its development has evolved in parallel with its improvements in education. The education system is shaped by the needs of the market. South Korea’s education system was created based on industry needs and expectation along with keeping a supply demand balance....   [tags: Education, High school, Student, College]

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How College Has Impacted Myself As A College Student

- ... In my case, I am attempting to transfer to the University of Wisconsin Madison next year, and by participating in class and having meetings with Dr. John, I felt comfortable enough to ask her for a letter of recommendation. Something that I highly recommend, is using the website, By entering your school, you can search for professors and review their profiles critiqued by students. Rate my professor, gives you an overview on the average grade achieved in the classes that this particular professor teaches, as well as course easiness, the professors helpfulness, and clarity....   [tags: University, High school, Student, Education]

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Being A First Generation Low Income Student

- ... Along with my motivation and perseverance, I decided to research any resources on campus that could help me succeed at UCI. I slowly but surely started to improve in my academics and my overall career at UC Irvine. Aside from being first generation, being a low-income student also has its challenges. I began working at the age of fourteen to contribute to my family’s financial needs such as rent, food, and other necessities. To this day, I still worry about my family’s financial struggle when I’m away at school....   [tags: Education, Higher education, University, Student]

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Reducing Class Size Improves Student Achievement

- What determines classroom size. Researchers have looked at records going all the way back to the first public schools to find a solution. Does classroom size have an impact on student performance. Are teachers able to handle large groups of students at one time. Does smaller class size help students learn. Is there another way to improve student achievement besides changing class size. A vast majority of adults believe that class size reductions are an excellent way to improve the quality of public schools....   [tags: Classroom Size vs Student Achievement]

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Child Observation: Case Study of an Elementary Student with Aggressive Behavior

- The student that I am observing for my case study is a very imaginative student in our classroom. I believe this because I can say one word to this student and he can come up with a whole story just from that word. When he works one on one with a teacher, he is very cooperative and polite. I recently noticed that if a fellow classmate were struggling with a particular concept, he would try to give them hints towards the answer. There are quite a few patterns of behavior that have been interfering with this student’s school success....   [tags: Student Observation Report]

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Technical College ( Ctc ) Should Benefit From Having A Returning Student Concierge

- ... Without this guidance students may face “speed bumps” in the road and decide not to continue with their educational plans. Why creating a position as a Returning Student Concierge would be beneficial to Chattahoochee Technical College The goal of creating this position is to increase the return rate and persistence of returning students at CTC by focusing on creating a clearly defined re-entry path and a one-stop-shop of resources aimed at helping them reintegrate and succeed through the utilization of website information, specifically targeted marketing pieces, and the development of a returning student concierge....   [tags: University, Education, Student]

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Student 's Curriculum Negatively Impacted The Academic Success Of Students

- Recently in the media, a convoluted debate has emerged over government spending. Concern arises over this topic due to the fact that the nation’s budget is meant to be distributed justly and economically across the board to benefit taxpayers and ensure that they are provided with fundamental services. Of the first to be cut from the budget has been cultural arts programs from the public education system. Arts classes have been a prime target for budget cuts because the majority of the population believes that creativity and art history is an unnecessary to a student’s curriculum....   [tags: Education, Education in the United States, Student]

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Dilemmas in Assessment of Student Writing

- Being a new teacher of English, I find the assessment of compositions to be a concept I question and struggle with on a regular basis. Having consulted several colleagues, mentors, administrators, and fellow graduate students, I have come to the conclusion that there is no easy answer to this tedious yet ever important question. While there are many inlets and outlets to this dilemma, for the sake of time I will touch on only three. While all three are very different in terms of concepts, rituals, and conducts, they all come together to one common goal - helping students express themselves in terms of writing....   [tags: English Writing Teacher Student]

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Parental Involvement Within A Child 's Educational Development Effects The Achievements Of The Student

- ... During this study information will be looked at from teachers, administration, as well as parents on the interaction that parents have with a child and how this affects the child within their education from their academic success, behavioral patterns, to the development of their social skills. Participants The participants in this study will be students, their parents, teachers, as well as other school personnel. The sample group will be taken from grades ranging from fifth through twelfth....   [tags: Education, Student, School, Parent]

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My Freshman Year : What A Professor Learned By Becoming A Student

- ... In addition to in class discussions being intellectually weak, conversations outside of class rarely involved academics, but when academics were mentioned, there was a limited set of a few questions like “‘Did you do the reading for today?’ and ‘Did we have anything due today?’” (96). She explains that no students ever asked question about how interesting assignments were because they “weren’t acceptable or normative topics to introduce” while outside the classroom (96). Based on the lack of intellectual discussions in and out of class, Nathan concluded that academics play a minor role in the life of an undergraduate....   [tags: University, Academia, Student, Education]

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Evaluating Alp Student Outcomes On Determining Whether Or Not A Program Is Effective

- ... The longer period gives the researchers the ability to follow the students over the course of years. In this time, they will be able to determine student outcomes from completion of the course to potentially completion of several courses. This will also increase the “sample size” and the ability “to conduct several sub-analyses” (Cho et al., 2012, p.1). Whether to push the use of interventions Many studies have shown that students in remedial courses struggle throughout their college career....   [tags: Education, University, Student, Intervention]

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Segregation in the College Student Center

- Segregation in the College Student Center As I walked into the University Student Center after my Issues in Public Policy class one August day, a disturbing sight immediately struck me. For a moment I thought I needed to pinch myself because I felt as though I was having a horrible nightmare. Then, I thought that maybe I needed to check my calendar to make sure that I had not traveled back in time to the sixties when segregation was still an accepted practice in the United States. Much to my dismay, I was not dreaming, and it was still in the year 2000....   [tags: University Student Segregation]

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Physician Pay And Student Retention At Texas A & M University

- Physician Pay and Student Retention at Texas A&M University Alyssa Barigian West Texas A&M University Student health plays a vital role in the success and retention of students at a university. In an effort to assist in improving student health, physicians are employed within many university health centers with the sole purpose of providing healthcare for students. An improvement in the overall health of students provides an increase in retention rates. In a study conducted to assess retention of students, “more than half of the students worried about their health…and about health care expenses; many respondents mentioned ailments plaguing them for more than half...   [tags: Medicine, Health care, Health insurance, Student]

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Improving Student Perception of Grammar

- Its time to come clean, face the facts and admit the truth - students are scared of grammar. From the days of crayons and nap time straight through high school they always hope and pray that a random fire drill, a.k.a. a gift from God, will disrupt the dreaded grammar lessons and exercises. As the semesters continue to pass by students become elated as grammar turns into nothing more than a minute beep on the radar screen that is the weekly lesson plan. However, nearly every student walks into English class dealing with the fear that he will be called on to explain even the simplest rules of possession or number....   [tags: English Writing Teacher Student]

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As Visible Security is Increased in Schools, Student Performance Slips

- “The public needs to be moved away fro the idea that the criminal justice system can provide the answer to crime. Indeed, our responses to crime often exacerbate the problem.” Matthew Campbell, Former Assistant State’s Attorney, Ellicott City, MD. Significance Despite the passing of Brown versus Board of Education in the 1954, inequality in education still persists and the long term implications have damaging economic impacts especially for minority populations. There is a large body of literature that addresses the long-term effect of education inequality that persist over one's life....   [tags: How School Safety vs Student Achievement ]

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The Student Loan Scam

-     Every member of this class, this university, this collegiate atmosphere, has most likely accumulated debt to achieve higher education. I certainly had the feeling that entering into the University of Massachusetts as a freshmen this year would involve relatively little debt which I would pay off upon graduation–a simple affair in which I received an education for a fair price. Yet, looking even at the comparatively “small” expenditures I have to deal with, examples of educators, students, and parents all paint a portrait of the devastating and deceiving nature of debt involved in the collegiate system in this country....   [tags: Student Debt Scam 2014]

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STudent Living Conditions Satisfaction

- The survey conducted shows Saint Paul’s College students feelings on their campus housing. Questions was ask about on-campus housing were six men and four women giving the survey were they answer the questions. do you have a roommate. Where do you stay. Do you have cable. Do you have an air condition unit. Where would you prefer to stay. Do you feel you should have your own dorm. Do you like having a roommate. Would you want to have an opposite sex for a roommate. Are you satisfied with your living conditions....   [tags: Survey Student Housing]

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Personal Development Student Athletes Experience Within University Sport

- ... (2011). Promoting academics: Student-athlete role models in the media. Black history bulletin, 74(1), 21-26. The purpose of the article is to promote student athlete as role models. Identifying the positive aspects of being a student-athlete, it is important that the media and society recognize individuals that embody both the academic and athletic aspects. Identify what qualities make a good role model. I believe the information provided in the article gave great example on understanding of student athletes overall academics, and shows how this information can be a leverage for positive road models....   [tags: University, Higher education, Education, Student]

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The Influence of the Student Protest Movement on United States' 1960's

- The 1960’s was a decade filled with controversies and the fight for equality. The Student Protest Movement was the fuel to the fire that feed many protests on several important matters. At the beginning the students stood for a positive change in America. It is certain that such beliefs gave theses activist the title of dreamers. They would start small but eventually make their way up against the government, also known as “the man”. The beginning of the movement held different beliefs from what eventually cause its end....   [tags: Student Protest Movement, USA, history, ]

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How Differentiated Instruction Can Impact Student Content Knowledge

- Introduction The purpose of this literature review is to examine how differentiated instruction can impact student content knowledge in an urban science classroom. Themes to be discussed are urban students and science education, differentiated instruction in the regular education classroom, differentiated instructional strategies, and benefits of differentiated instruction. Urban Students and Science Education Urban students are typically in traditional classrooms where they underachieve in academics, demonstrate low proficiency in all subjects, and perform below average in reading and math (Olivares-Cuhat, 2011, p.1)....   [tags: Education, Teacher, Student, Learning styles]

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I Am Humbled And Honored For The George E. Potter Outstanding Student Award

- ... The time had come to apply those principles to myself. Within a year I was able to secure housing and employment. Moving to Michigan many years later, I enrolled in Jackson College with the goal of finishing my associate’s degree. I received a 3.6 grade point average in my first semester and have maintained the same grade point average for graduation. After graduation in May, I will enter the workforce to gain experience in human development and family studies, particularly in family and parenting education....   [tags: University, High school, Education, Student]

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My Experience in the Student Leadership Program

- My experience in the student leadership program was interesting and informative. These are two descriptive words that stand out in my mind about the whole program. There were times in the student leadership program when I questioned myself about being part of the class, but I overcame this once I reflected on the many things that we have learned. From the guest speakers to the projects, the class has always kept me thinking. First, the program was very informative. I took in so much information over the course of the semester that I sometimes feel overwhelmed, but in a good way....   [tags: student leadership essays]

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