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Diagnosed With A Case Of The Blues

- Lopez 1 Adrianna Lopez Mrs. Wallace English 12- 5th 09 February 2015 Diagnosed with a case of the Blues Although many people do not classify depression as a major mental disorder it is actually one of the most frequently diagnosed mental illnesses. Depression is defined as a feeling of prolonged hopelessness or sadness. Depression is often very highly ranked and it is said that 1 in every 10 Americans are diagnosed (Yawea). Depression has been compared to having the same amount of impact on one’s life as multiple sclerosis, severe asthma, and hepatitis C....   [tags: Major depressive disorder]

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The, Jazz And Blues, By Langston Hughes

- Langston Hughes is known for his contribution to the Harlem Renaissance and poetry. His poetry revealed the dignity and beauty in ordinary black life. His poetry made him one of the innovators of Jazz poetry. He is the very first African American writer in America to earn a living from writing. He writes about speaking out against the racial oppression he witnessed around him and how he was proud to be an African American. The Harlem Renaissance was a period in the 1920s when African American population had reached over one-hundred fifty thousand people....   [tags: African American, Langston Hughes]

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Relocation Blues and Deliberate Indifference

- Gender conflict is an issue that still exists within our society, long after the days of the Women’s Rights Movements and the division of career opportunities amongst men and women. While many times women are the ones facing obstacles, there are several instances in which the U.S. Prison System has made it harder for men to deal with their convictions. In Joanne Mariner’s article, “Deliberate Indifference,” she thoroughly describes the horrendous acts of rape and assault that occur within prison cells across the country....   [tags: Gender Studies]

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Defining the Blues with Symbolism

- ... If the object being described is “blue” in color, “blue” will usually be included in its name. Even though the name will give you an idea of what it may look like, the underlying significance is not as obvious. A “blue” jay often symbolizes intelligence and faithfulness. While a “blue” whale can symbolize well-being and emotional depth. A “blue” sapphire, which is also found in nature, contributes to mental clarity. Even though each of these examples have a blue coloring, each has a different shade and symbolism, giving the word “blue” a different meaning each time it is used....   [tags: meaning, emotion, color]

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Rhythm and Blues- R&B

- Rhythm and blues, also known as R&B, is something that I really enjoy. I am a singer and along with country music, R&B is my favorite thing to sing. With rhythm and blues, there is a song for every emotion, so most of the time the songs can be very relatable. The songs have a variety of subjects like sex, work, and even drinking. In this paper I will briefly discuss how rhythm and blues started, how it evolved into today’s music and why I like it so much. “Rhythm and blues is a combination of soulful singing and a strong backbeat” (Cahoon, 2004)....   [tags: Misuc Industry, Genre, Atlanta, Georgia, Music]

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The Changes In The Narrators View Of Sonny

- The Changes in the Narrator's View of Sonny Can one know another's thoughts. Through dialogue, actions, and events, the thoughts and views of a man of whom we know not even a name are shown. The man is the narrator of "Sonny's Blues" and his thoughts we are shown are those directed towards his brother. Over the course of the story, there are three major stages or phases that the narrator goes through, in which his thoughts about his brother change. We see that those stages of thought vary greatly over the narrator's life, from confusion about his brother to understanding....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Blues for Mister Charlie

- The play Blues for Mister Charlie, of James Baldwin was a successful theatrical play. It has been famous because of the plot’s capturing scheme and because of its playwrights clever ways of stating everyday issues in sharp and clever manner. According to Mark Blankenships, “some plays grapple with history; however some feel like history themselves.” Blues for Mister Charlie, a 1964 drama by James Baldwin, is a part of history replayed as clearly and vividly as possible. The play was inspired by the execution of Emmett Till, an African-American boy whose white attackers went free without prosecution; the powerful subject has been motivated by the documentary "The Untold Story of Emmett Louis...   [tags: Theater Review ]

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Blues for Mister Charlie

- James Baldwin did not want to write this play…at first. He thought American Theatre to be, “…a series, merely, of commercial speculations, stale, repetitious, and timid” (Baldwin 4). In other words, he thought it to be much like today’s Hollywood: the same money making melodramatic plots that are hashed-out over and over again so no one has to gamble on projects that push the envelope. It was not until his friend, Medgar Evers, took him through the back-woods of Mississippi to investigate the 1955 murder of a young Black teen named Emmett Till, and the later death of Evers, that Baldwin decided to write his first play....   [tags: Theatre]

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History of the Blues

- In one way shape or form Blues music has influenced almost every music artist and their work. Jazz and Blues gave way to such artists as Elvis Presley and Chuck Barry. The history and origins of Blues traces back many generations. Many articles have been written over the years helping readers better understand the history and importance of Blues music. All the articles have a similar attitude toward The Blues. Each article makes Blues Music's social and musical importance and impact blaringly obvious....   [tags: Music]

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Moral and Ethical Issues, A Comparative Study

- Control. Power. Decisions, who has the right to make them. Does the Government or a group have that right or does the individual have the right. Throughout history from our first book, the Bible, to our modern novels, literature has impacted our society in a great many ways; it reveals of our faults, and our triumphs, assist society in defining our moral values and ethical views. This paper will explore some moral and ethical issues about choice through several short stories: "Sonny Blue's," "Cathedral," and "The Lottery," and there will be two novels explored primarily; Fahrenheit 451 and George Orwell's 1984....   [tags: Comparative Literature]

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Difficulties And Limitations Of African Americans

- Difficulties and Limitations of African Americans portrayed in Literature Life for African Americans in the “Land of the Free” has always been a struggle. Although our country prides itself with our many ideals and beliefs of this being the Land of Opportunity, where all men are created equal, that has not been the case for African Americans. This is especially true for those living in the first 50 years of the 1900’s (from which these stories have been set in). This harsh reality is portrayed in “Battle Royal” by Ralph Ellison (written in 1952) and in “Sonny’s Blues” by James Baldwin (written in 1957)....   [tags: African American, Protagonist, Character]

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Genre History: Blues

- ... Towards the end of the 19th century, music brought over to the states by African slaves began to develop. Work songs, chants and shouts were the beginnings of the earliest form of blues: Delta blues. Delta blues was so called after the Mississippi Delta, where the towns and plantations that the original blues men and women worked were located. “The guitar and the harmonica were the primary tool of the Delta bluesman, mostly due to the ease of carrying them around, and many of the musicians of the Early Blues era (1910-1950) were sharecroppers, or worked on one of the many plantations that were located across the Mississippi Delta.” (Gordon, 2014) As well as guitar and harmonica, homemade...   [tags: african slaves, work songs, chants]

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Understanding Deep Blues

- The Mississippi Delta was known for its fertile environment, perfect for growing the abundance of the nation’s cotton crop. Not only was the Delta known for its flourishing cotton supply, but for its budding music scene as well. Derivative from native African music, the blues blends together the use of old African language, tonal singing methods and the personal trials and tribulations of life in the south. Blues musicians of the Delta used their talents in order for to escape the tumultuous life of a sharecropper and make their way north....   [tags: Causes, Criticism, Changes]

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A Wall Of Fire Rising

- As many characters in different stories go through their life, they encounter the tough times, which they sometimes they cannot avoid. As seen in “Sonny’s Blues” by James Baldwin, Sonny becomes addicted to drugs and other harmful substances. This inevitably leads to Sonny becoming unstable. This is similar to the main character, Guy, in “A Wall of Fire Rising” by Edwidge Danticat. Guy realizes how he cannot help his family any more than he can. He has to live through the harsh living conditions of Haiti....   [tags: English-language films, American films]

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Hugh Laurie, Acting the Blues Genre

- Many people may know Hugh Laurie from the popular American TV show "House M.D.." In the show "House M.D.", Laurie plays a sarcastic doctor that treats patients who have difficult health problems which have not been able to be treated by other doctors. The TV show "House M.D." was at one time the most popular TV show in the world (Green 2). Despite Laurie’s enormous fame in the area of his acting career, there is another area in which Laurie has made a great contribution to that is not as widely known....   [tags: house m.d., music, singer ]

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The Rhythm and Blues (R&B) Is a Type of Music

- Objectives This research paper aims at exposing and making awareness of the meaning of rhythm and blues as a type of music. It also aims at creating a clear and deeper understanding of this type of music, the nature, the style and the vocals involved. It may be very relevant to those who aims at soaring in this art but lacks understanding of what it entails. It will also be informative to those who like this kind of music, but lacks deeper understanding of the music. The research will be through research from books, journals and websites....   [tags: music, style, vocals, art]

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Relationship Between Blues and the Working Class in Ishmael Reed's Blues City

- Ishmael Reed, in ‘Blues City’ gives an account of the realms of ethnic diversity, cultural rivalries, the capitalism philosophy, and the interrelationship between blues and the working class. Oakland, often viewed as a sister to San Francisco across the Bay, is one of the most unique cities in the America. It is the home to dozens of artists, blue-collar workers, the Black Panther community, and a vibrant rustic and yet industrial town. Due to Oakland's bad reputation, Reeds in 1979 expressed his reservations when his shallow pockets forced him and his wife to find a house in Oakland....   [tags: cultural diversity, black panthers, oakland]

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Sita Sings The Blues, By Nina Paley

- The film “Sita Sings the Blues” and “Ramayana the Epic” are two versions of the Ramayana but were portrayed in different ways. “Sita Sings the Blues” was presented by Nina Paley based on Valmiki 's version of the Ramayana and she showed the side that many people don 't know and fail to accept about the Ramayana, Sitas side of the story. She doesn 't portray Rama to be the ideal husband although he goes through the trouble of saving Sita. In the film “Sita Sings the Blues” Nina Paley did not show Lakshmana throughout the whole journey of Rama leaving Ayodhya and trying to finding Sita....   [tags: Ramayana, Rama, Sita, Valmiki]

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Refugee Blues’ by Auden and ‘The Last Night’

- ... The simplicity of the poems structure helps create an easy method to portray the political image. At the end of every stanza, there is repetition of a key phrase that relates back to the rhyming couplet previously for example, ‘A thousand windows and a thousand doors,’ ‘Not one of them was ours, my dear, not one of them was ours.’ This really emphasises the feeling of devastation and travesty consequently keeping it linger in your mind to really feel the betrayal they felt. On the other hand, ‘The Last Night’s’ structure starts slowly, and explains the setting and position the Jews are in....   [tags: despair, imagery, jews, france]

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White Collar Blues By Benedict Jonas

- The essay “White-Collar Blues” by Benedict Jonas explains that many blue collar workers aspire to careers that do not suit their talents. Because of this, many Americans are unsatisfied with their jobs and are unhappy. In order to be happy people get plastic surgery or exercise, not for themselves, but so that others can see it. In fact, we are so caught up in the lives of public figures that when something good happens to them we also feel happy. Things have gotten so bad that we look towards other things and people to make ourselves happy, instead of looking for it from within ourselves....   [tags: White-collar worker, Blue-collar worker]

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Music, Rhythm, And Blues, Soul And Calypso

- Early 1960s, a mix Caribbean musical style of jazz, rhythm-and-blues, soul and calypso surfaced from the cultural setting of the urban underclass of Kingston, Jamaica, then later gained ground in Africa in the 80s. Public opinion about African reggae artists is that, they are either illiterate or abuse illegal substances. While such stereotypes hold true for some, here is a man whose career has broken the barriers of such stereotypes with a career of pre–and post–‘born again.’ I am waiting in a music studio at Martin Luther’s Street in Lansing, Michigan....   [tags: Reggae, Bob Marley, Rastafari movement, Peter Tosh]

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Young Man Blues in Ender's Game

- Young Man Blues In the words of Valentine Wiggin, Ender Wiggin’s sister, "We may be young, but we're not powerless. We play by their rules long enough and it becomes our game." [Card 237] From the beginning, Ender Wiggin was destined to defeat the human race’s enemy, the Buggers. This is because he was different and better than everybody else, including his own brother, Peter, and his sister, Valentine, who were also candidates for his position; being the commander of the military, the International Fleet....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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Langston Hughes 's The Weary Blues

- The 20th century was an important time for poets, especially Langston Hughes. The outlook of writings were being looked at more closely. While others were writing, for their own pleasure, Hughes composed his writings based off of his audience ( James Mercer Langston Hughes, this famous poet was born in Joplin, Missouri, on February 1st, 1902, as a child Hughes did not have a stable home. The poetry of Langston Hughes began once he settled in Lincoln with his mother and stepfather. Hughes traveled to Mexico and Columbia after graduating....   [tags: Harlem Renaissance, Langston Hughes]

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Analysis Of The Story ' The Naturae ' By Margaret Atwood

- The dialogue a narrator uses with characters in a short story reflects on how the story is being understood by the reader. A character’s dialogue is assumed to be controlled by the author, and then the reader comprehends the dialogue through different points of view in which is told by a narrator. Which point of view the author uses can change how the reader may understand the story. Understanding a story is not just based off the ability to comprehend the plot, setting, characters, and theme. But importantly, understanding what point of view the narrator is in and whether the narrator has dialogue with characters within the story is important....   [tags: First-person narrative, Fiction, Narrative]

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The Main Ways Free Will

- The main ways free will is limited in these stories are immediate surroundings, one’s emotions, and authority by either a government or even something divine. The main proponents of free will not existing also tie into their stories irrationality and the inclination to follow emotion. Free will can be limited in many ways. Natural human inclinations can lead on to actions not streamlined with logical thinking. One’s place of birth largely define the life on will lead. Those who support free will, however, only give their characters the option of struggling against these outside forces....   [tags: Free will, Choice, Predestination, Mind]

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The Effects of Socio-Cultural Factors on Individuals

- Martin Luther King Jr. once described racism during the mid-twentieth century as a time, “[W]hen your first name becomes [negro], your middle name becomes "boy" (however old you are), […] when you are forever fighting a degenerating sense of "nobodiness.” Martin Luther King Jr. went through extensive efforts to end African-Americans’ social burdens, which ultimately resulted in his death; however, discrimination, although more concealed than it was in previous centuries, still occurs. In two short stories set during the mid-twentieth century, “Sonny’s Blues,” by James Baldwin and “The Man Who Was Almost a Man,” by Richard Wright, two African-American characters are faced with separate hardsh...   [tags: Racial Relations, Discrimination, Luther King Jr.]

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The Blues and the African American Culture

- Women of the blues brought the black culture to a new chapter of recognition. They made blues as a popular music, and gave an opportunity to black culture to be accepted and also gave the people a chance to do something (a job) beyond the scope of plantation. They brought the blues to a performance stage and make it more universal so they can fit in not just to black listeners but also the white. Although on their first performance their blues were not considered as the real blues, because blues was considered to be man culture and in order to be able to sing the blues, a man should experience a journey mostly a bitter journey....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Jazz: Still Got the Blues?

- The interaction between Blues and Jazz can be discerned when the origins of both music are scrutinized. The development of one is hidden in the roots of one another and both use similar sound patterns for instance. In this paper the readers will be presented a brief history of Blues & Jazz within the similarities of the two. If we trace back to the history of Blues music, the impact of African-American tradition is seen quite apparently. Blues music evolved from the songs sung by West African griots, the southern Black American songs of sadness and despair, and more hopeful Christian spirituals....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Impact of Rhythm and Blues on African-American Culture

- Rhythm and blues, also known today as “R & B”, has been one of the most influential genres of music within the African American Culture, and has evolved over many decades in style and sound. Emerging in the late 1940's rhythm and blues, sometimes called jump blues, became dominant black popular music during and after WWII. Rhythm and blues artists often sung about love, relationships, life troubles, and sometimes focused on segregation and race struggles. Rhythm and blues helped embody what was unique about black American culture and validate it as something distinctive and valuable....   [tags: Music, Genres Jerry Wexler]

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Similarities of hip-hop and the blues

- Rapping the Blues: The Similarities of hip-hop and the blues Hip-hop is one of the major music genres of today like the blues were in the 1950's. Stanley Crouch views hip-hop as being vulgar and obscene while he sees the blues as being one of the classic music genres. In actuality, these two genres are similar in many ways. A very important part of Stanley Crouch's life is his love for the blues. Many of his essays are related to or have aspects of the blues contained within them. Crouch relates topics that he writes about to the blues, because this is a subject he believes he is very familiar with....   [tags: rap music]

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- Blues Joseph Machlis says that the blues is a native American musical and verse form, with no direct European and African antecedents of which we know. (p. 578) In other words, it is a blending of both traditions. Something special and entirely different from either of its parent traditions. (Although Alan Lomax cites some examples of very similar songs having been found in Northwest Africa, particularly among the Wolof and Watusi. p. 233) The word 'blue' has been associated with the idea of melancholia or depression since the Elizabethan era....   [tags: Papers]

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- Blues music originated in the cotton fields of the southern United States where the majority of the slave hands were put to work. “The earliest folk-blues were sung by nameless African-Americans living and working in the South’s cotton belt in the early 1880’s and 1890’s- in particular, the region from the Mississippi Delta to East Texas”(Barlow 3). It was believed that this began as a call and response style, which matured into the work song. From that standpoint, after the release of the slaves, the work song then matured into their Spirituals, and later was introduced to the whites through black-faced Minstrel of Medicine shows (How the Blues Overview)....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Communication Breakdown: An Analysis of Regional Dialects in Blues Music

- In itself, music has intrinsic value. From Ludwig Van Beethoven to Miles Davis, instrumental music can stand on its own legs, and have meaning that transcends grammatical meaning. However, the implementation of words that are either spoken or sung creates a new genre, and a different aesthetic. In a sense, this is literature juxtaposed over rhythm and melody. This has the effect of giving a more concrete meaning to the music, and more emotion to the words or lyrics. It is a matter of taste, and a subject of intense debate to try and say one style of music does this the best....   [tags: Ebonics, Lyrics]

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Jazz and Blues Feedback to Jamaica

- Jazz and Blues Feedback to Jamaica Music seems to mimic time in a way. As the human race passes through history, the music and its language acts in essence as a speculum of human culture and its path, lavish with its longings, its grief, but always stirring (Santoro, 2). In this paper, I will walk down this path, and show the significance music has played on the Jamaican and American cultures. This paper will illustrate the profound influence that American music, primarily jazz and blues, had on Jamaican reggae, and by breaking down each type of music to a simple rhythm, I will show the relationships between them....   [tags: essays papers]

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Social Construction Of Race And The Development Of The Blues Era

- Social Construction of race and The Development of the Blues Era Even though Black music such as blues did not end oppression, it helped rehabilitate the oppressed by creating a new identity through music such as blues. The Social construction of racial formation categorized racial groups to construct their social identity. A form of this basis is determined from skin color or skin pigment. Black music such as blues were used as a form of arts to escape the oppression that was placed upon them based on their skin color....   [tags: Race, African American, Black people, Racism]

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Analysis Of Funeral Blues By W. H. Auden

- Funeral Blues by W. H. Auden is a short poem that illustrates the emotions that he is dealing with after the love of his life passes away. The tone of this piece evokes feelings that will differ depending on the reader; therefore, the meaning of this poem is not in any way one-dimensional, resulting in inevitable ambiguity . In order to evoke emotion from his audience, Auden uses a series of different poetic devices to express the sadness and despair of losing a loved one. This poem isn’t necessarily about finding meaning or coming to some overwhelming realization, but rather about feeling emotions and understanding the pain that the speaker is experiencing....   [tags: Poetry, Emotion, Rhyme, W. H. Auden]

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Analysis Of The Novel ' The Great Gatsby ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

- Essay 1: Maggie, although not the main focus of Recitatif, plays an extremely important role in the sense that she represents the idea that there is more to a person’s identity as well as oppression than just their race. The main aspect of this story is how race should not be someone’s entire identity, and that there are other parts of people that create who they are. Personality has nothing to do with whether someone is black or white, and throughout the story the reader catches themselves making these assumptions and feeding in to these stereotypes....   [tags: White people, Black people]

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Analysis Of The Poem ' Graveyard Blues ' By Natasha Trethewey

- Journeying ‘Home’ The interpretations of what comes after death may vary greatly across literature, but one component remains constant: there will always be movement. In her collection Native Guard, Natasha Trethewey discusses the significance, permanence and meaning of death often. The topic is intimate and personal in her life, and inescapable in the general human experience. Part I of Native Guard hosts many of the most personal poems in the collection, and those very closely related to the death of Trethewey’s mother, and the exit of her mother’s presence from her life....   [tags: Death, Life, Poetry, Afterlife]

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Disabled by Wilfred Owens and Refugee Blues by WH Auden

- The poems “Disabled” by Wilfred Owens and “Refugee Blues” by WH Auden both address events that happened during war in Europe, collectively exploring the theme of discrimination, particularly the sense of exclusion and isolation initiated by War. In “Disabled” Owens examines the intricacies of a more interior, personal and psychological torment felt by a veteran from WWI, whereas in “Refugee Blues” Auden stresses the plight and desperation of a group of people and their exteriorly imposed repression....   [tags: war in europe, exclusion, veterans]

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Analysis Of Langston Hughes 's ' The Weary Blues '

- Langston Hughes Langston Hughes expresses his poems with the connection of jazz blues music and African Americans expressing themselves by dancing and following the beat to the music rhythm describing flashbacks of the past and comparing them to present day using imagery, figurative language describing and punctuation, which makes the reader think about African Americans in the past and how they are treated different today. Langston Hughes was born in Joplin, Missouri on February 1,1902. When he was a young child his parents divorced, and his father moved to Mexico....   [tags: Langston Hughes, African American, Jazz]

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Analysis Of Langston Hughes 's ' The Weary Blues '

- Langston Hughes expresses his poems with the connection of jazz blues music and African Americans expressing themselves by dancing and following the beat to the music rhythm describing flashbacks of the past and comparing them to present day using imagery, figurative language describing and punctuation, which makes the reader think about African Americans in the past and how they are treated different today. Langston Hughes was born in Joplin, Missouri on February 1,1902. When he was a young child his parents divorced, and his father moved to Mexico....   [tags: Langston Hughes, African American, Jazz]

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More than a Bad Case of Blues: Clinical Depression

- ... Because little is known about this illness, Sahrish Ahmad goes into great detail about the true meaning of depression and states that “it is a debilitating disease that sucks pleasure out of the lives of its sufferers and shrinks their self-esteem to almost nothing.”(Ahmad). In other words, it is a constant and overwhelming feeling of helplessness. Some question if this disorder is capable of actually killing a victim who suffers from it. Indeed it can. Ahmad expresses his point of view by asserting that “high depression can go as far as a killer disease.”(Ahmad)....   [tags: hereditary, environmental]

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Injustices in Blues For Mister Charlie by James Baldwin

- A collective few people must surrender their power that has been given to them over others to achieve justice and equality, it is with that sacrifice James Baldwin believes we can all obtained justice. But, those who choose to use the power of their binary advantage such as race, gender, and economic status as the function of their identity—they will only support the injustice in society. In the play Blues For Mister Charlie written by James Baldwin, he demonstrates the injustices through characterization within the play....   [tags: equality, privilege, binaries ]

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The Night Time Slumber Blues

- The Night Time Slumber Blues "In the tiredness battle, sleep always wins" (Meyers 2004). There may not be a more important activity for the human body than sleep. A normal human being actually sleeps "roughly one-third of his or her lifetime, some 25 years" (Meyers 2004). Sleep is a peaceful time of beautiful dreams, rest, relaxation, growth, and much needed recuperation for our tired bodies. Sleep is critical yet "there has been a 20% decline in total average sleep time since the turn of the century, without any biological change in the body's need for sleep" (Meisler 1998)....   [tags: Psychology]

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Analysis Of The Poem ' Firmat 's Bilingual Blues '

- In Firmat’s Bilingual Blues, audiences were made to see a poet who was so charismatic, intelligent, a man whose life was a catalogue of diversity as a result of the combination of the multiple languages and cultures he came into contact with in his life time, and at the same time a very confused man who felt he’s just an example of a melting pot. A melting pot in the sense that he was not born in the united states, he was born in Cuba, then immigrated to a totally foreign land that according to his poetries a land where he doesn’t belong due to the fact that almost everything that is done in foreign culture was seen quite the opposite of what he had known....   [tags: English language, United States]

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Searching For Something, By James Baldwin, Paul 's Case By Willa Cather

- The theme of characters “searching for something” is a common aspect in many short stories, and typically is the major driving force behind the plot. This very theme is evident in Sonny’s Blues by James Baldwin, Paul’s Case by Willa Cather, and finally An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge by Ambrose Bierce. The protagonists in these stories: Sonny, Paul, and Peyton Farquhar are all on the hunt for an escape from a certain aspect of their lives. For Sonny it is a desire to defy the stereotypes of the typical Harlem hoodlum, Paul’s search entails him shedding all of his ties to the narrow minded middle class around him by fully emerging himself in the art world, and Farquhar 's is to ditch his bo...   [tags: An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, Ambrose Bierce]

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Blues Musician Robert Johnson

- The life and death of the blues musician, Robert Johnson, was shrouded in mystery and legacy. The "King of Delta Blues" not only left behind remnants of his heart and soul in his music but a legendary tale of his encounter with the Devil at a crossroads in Southern Mississippi. The circulation of this intricate rumor not only brought about the blossoming of the career of one of Blue's most memorable legends but aided Johnson in laying the foundation for today's music and culture. Music was always a long-time love for Johnson....   [tags: Biography]

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Comparison of A Doll's House and Antigone

- “The Empowered Woman, she moves through the world with a sense of confidence and grace. Her once reckless spirit now tempered by wisdom. Quietly, yet firmly, she speaks her truth without doubt or hesitation and the life she leads is of her own creation.” --Excerpt from ‘The Empowered Woman’ by Sonny Carroll In my mind, Sonny Carroll’s poem perfectly represents what an empowered woman should be; firm, determined and able to stand on her own feet. The characters of Nora and Antigone, from Henrik Ibsen’s ‘A Doll’s House’ and Sophocles’ ‘Antigone’ respectively, completely fit my description of ‘the empowered woman’....   [tags: The Empowered Woman, Sonny Carroll]

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Suffering and Assimilation

- One of the recurring themes that shows up in the literature written by African Americans and Mexican Americans seems to be the suffering of the past and present along with not much hope for the future. The pains expressed by these people are related to race, poverty, violence, and lack of opportunity. Another recurring theme is the minorities assimilation into the white society. Minorities have always been socially pressured to assimilate into the society in which they live. They are subtly encouraged in the United States to become a part, "The American Dream." These two themes can be seen in, The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros, "Sonny's Blues," by James Baldwin and even the real l...   [tags: Comparative Literature]

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The Weary Blues and Lenox Avenue: Midnight

- “The Weary Blues” and “Lenox Avenue: Midnight” by Langston Hughes are two poems written as scenes of urban life. Although these poems were written more than seventy years ago, it is surprising to see some general similarities they share with modern day city life. Dilluted down with word play and irrelevant lines such as “And the gods are laughing at us.”, the underlying theme is evidently urban life. “The Weary Blues” and “Lenox Avenue: Midnight” approach the general topic of urban life from two different aspects also....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Literary Device and Their Uses

- Literary Device and Their Uses The use of literary devices has proven to be the key to a successful short story. An author's use of these devices makes or breaks the story for a reader. He must successfully define such things as the character, theme and setting to put the reader into their mind frame to fully understand and feel the story. In this week's readings, we are shown the authors' use of literary devices with serious ironies to show human condition and the nature of humanity. Such stories as "The Black Man and White Woman in Dark Green Rowboat," "The Rocking-Horse Winner," and "Gilded Six Bits" shine light on the essence of the human condition and the nature of humanity....   [tags: Literature Writing Author]

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Analysis Of ' My Papa 's Waltz ' By Theodore Roethke

- “My Papa 's Waltz”, by Theodore Roethke shows how important a young boys connection to his father really is. Every image in this poem shows overwhelming joy for the boy, whether it be spending time with the father or a late night wrestling session with each other. “Sonny’s blues”, by James Baldwin shows an untold brotherly love throughout each others lives. No matter how difficult the situation may be or how many fights they have, at the end of the day they both truly care about each other. The similarities with their love on both stories show that they always hang onto each other through thick and thin, both showing they cannot live in this world without each other....   [tags: Love, Family, Emotion, Interpersonal relationship]

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Famous American Women's Song for the Blues

- Song for the Blues The "blues" is a form of music that tells of human suffering. As the saying goes, "You gotta pay the dues if you wanna sing the blues." In no other way than persevering the suffering of abandonment, separation, divorce, infidelity, loss, alcoholism, and prejudice could Jackie Kennedy, Bessie Smith, and Mahalia Jackson have inspired the powerful empathy of a nation. "We rejoice in our suffering, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope." This biblical scripture personifies the lives of Jack8ie Kennedy, Bessie Smith, and Mahalia Jackson....   [tags: Jackie Kennedy Bessie Smith Mahalia Jackson]

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Reggae got Blues

- Reggae got Blues Introduction No food on my table, no shoes to go on my feet No food on my table and no shoes to go on my feet, My children cry for mercy, Lord they ain't got no place to call their own. The blues arose as both a social protest and a means for expression by the Afro-American slave. The institution of slavery had existed before the trans-Atlantic slave trade, but never before had a race suffered such discrimination; oppression and poverty as the West Africans have endured for the last four hundred years....   [tags: essays papers]

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Comparing the Blues and Jean Toomer's Cane

- Comparing the Blues and Jean Toomer's Cane "The difference between the possibility of Black life and the Reality of Black Life is the Blues" (McKeever 196) Debate centers around the structure of Jean Toomer's introspective work Cane. Whether viewed as a novel or a collection of short stories and poems, the impressions are poignant and compelling. They are full of passion and depict a writer casting a critical eye towards himself and his surroundings....   [tags: comparison compare contrast essays]

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The Mood in Funeral Blues by W.H. Auden

- The Mood in Funeral Blues by W.H. Auden The poem, "Funeral Blues", by W.H. Auden tells about a person's grief and is successful in creating a very sad and depressing mood. This is achieved by the poet's use of language, word choice and sentence structure. The way in which the author describes his feeling - along with the use of rhythm and rhyme - was created in a very effective way which made it clear to the reader. In the first stanza the depressing mood is created straight away by the poet's use of commands, which created the impression that he wanted the whole world to come to a stand still: "Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone, Prevent the dog fr...   [tags: Poetry Analysis]

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Country Club Blues

- Country Club Blues My first job is definitely the one I remember most, although I did not always enjoy what I did. Many times during the eight months I worked at Fauquier County Country Club I hated my job one day and loved it the next, thus resulting in a very memorable and exciting time of work. Working at a golf course may not have been the most enjoyable job I have had, but it gave me new experiences to interact with people and gain a sense of responsibility. I applied for a job at the Country Club on my 16th birthday not having the slightest idea what I wanted to do for myself....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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How My Writing Has Improved Throughout The Semester

- As a second language learner I have never expected myself to be a perfect writer throughout the semester. Even If English was my first language still, I would not be a perfect writer. It is not about first or second language, it is about how well I understand the learning objectives. Then organizing and writing with my own ideas and putting them in my paper. I am going to be honest, I am not good at English subject and English subject is my strongest weakness than the other subjects. In this paper I will discuss and analyze my own writing, reflecting on the ways that my writing has improved throughout the semester....   [tags: Better, Writing, Academia, Paper]

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Critical Appreciation of Auden's Funeral Blues

- Although it is not seen at first, Funeral blues can be portrayed and understood in many different ways. Auden could be writing about the death of a public figure, as he writes about 'white necks of the public doves' and the 'traffic policemen'. Another interpretation is that Auden wrote this poem about his loss of faith in God. This would explain the use of a capital H is ?He Is Dead?. A reference to God could also be found in the line 'my Sunday rest' (Sunday being the Sabbath day). Although these ideas could be equally argued, I still believe that Auden wrote this poem while mourning the loss of his lover....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Langston Hughes' Poem The Weary Blues

- Langston Hughes' Poem The Weary Blues I. Introduction Langston Hughes was deemed the "Poet Laureate of the Negro Race," a fitting title which the man who fueled the Harlem Renaissance deserved. But what if looking at Hughes within the narrow confines of the perspective that he was a "black poet" does not fully give him credit or fully explain his works. What if one actually stereotypes Hughes and his works by these over-general definitions that cause readers to look at his poetry expecting to see "blackness?" Any person's unique experiences in life and the sense of personal identity this forms most definitely affects the way he or she views the world....   [tags: Black History Harlem Renaissance Papers]

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Ma Rainey and Bessie Smith: Two Legendary Classical Blues Artists

- The blues emerged as a distinct African-American musical form in the early twentieth century. It typically employed a twelve-bar framework and three-lined stanzas; its roots are based in early African-American songs, such as field hollers and work songs, and generally have a melancholy mood. The blues can be divided into many sub-genres, including Classical, Country, and Urban. The purpose of this paper is to focus on the careers of two of Classical blues most influential and legendary singers: Ma Rainey and Bessie Smith....   [tags: music, musicians]

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The Civil Rights Period Marked The Beginning Of Fundamental Change For African Americans

- Assignment 3 – Sonny’s Blues The Civil Rights period marked the beginning of fundamental change for African Americans. African Americans were determined more than ever to take action/a stand to stop the injustice and inequalities that had been directed to them for over 300 years. As a result, black authors during that time used more radical techniques of writing in order to truly educate about the injustice concerning their community, and how the failure of government to secure the rights of black people was in great cause....   [tags: Black people, Race, Racism, African American]

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Disabled a Poem by Wilfred Owen and Refugee Blues by W.H. Auden

- ... we cannot go there now”. One theme that unites these two poems is the loss of human dignity and the pity of war. In ‘Disabled’ the soldier is incompetent of doing simple everyday tasks such as putting himself to bed and is dependent on others to do so whereas in ‘Refugee Blues though the speaker is physically capable, their identities have been snatched away from them ‘yet there’s no place for us’ linking with the theme of denied human rights as part of war. The young man in ‘Disabled’ represents the picture of millions and millions of soldiers who got wounded and decapitated during war....   [tags: loss of human dignity, pity]

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James Baldwin 's Not For Meet The Man

- From the late 30s to the 60s, America was slowly forging a name for itself by becoming the most powerful country in the world. From the outside, one could have said that things were going well for the Americans. However, if we dug a little deeper, we could see that things weren’t so good. As a matter of fact, the inequalities among fellow American citizen, the rate of violence in the country, the fear that each ethnical race had for each other and many more problems could prove that. Many authors, such as James Baldwin, would write about such inequalities....   [tags: White people, Black people, Race, Love]

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The Birth Mark By Nathaniel Hawthorn

- In fictional literature characterization is vital as it forms reader empathy enabling a story to seem realistic. In fiction authors use different types of characteristics to tell their stories such as round, flat, or dynamic which then mold into either a protagonist, antagonist, or secondary character. These characters have different roles they fulfill in the work of literature. For example, an antagonist is a character that represents a force or obstacle in which the protagonist, the main character, must overcome....   [tags: Fiction, Character, Short story, Novel]

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Belonging and Culture in Romulus My Father, Refugee Blues, and Splendid Home

- Through the study of texts various concept sand ideas can arrive which have an underlying sense of belonging. These ideas of belonging can be represented in varied and complex ways through a range of techniques. In the memoir ‘Romulus My Father’, the poem ‘migrant blues’ and the short story ‘splendid home’ by Samuel Walters this underlying notion of belonging is represented in a variety of ways. ‘Romulus My Father’ communicates both a notion of belonging and not belonging through the representation of the recurring theme to do with landscape and nature....   [tags: culture, immigration, Romulus my father, Refugee B]

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Analysis of Girl's Night Out, Persepolis, and Sita Sings the Blues

- The purpose of this essay is to analyze the following animated films: “Girl’s Night Out” by Joanna Quinn (1987), “Persepolis” by Satrapi and Paronnaud (2007), and “Sita Sings the Blues” by Nina Paley (2008). The main goal is to analyze the aesthetic, and the technique of the aforementioned animated films and also, to relate them to the second and third waves of feminist movement. In Quinn’s “Girl’s Night Out” we are introduced to the main character Beryl, a large lady working on an assembly line installing cherries on top of cupcakes....   [tags: animated films]

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Dionne Brand's Blues Spiritual for Mammy Prater and Margaret Atwood's This Is a Photograph of Me

- ... Another significant concept recorded in the poem is the representation of Mammy’s body. Her body is a captivating symbol in the debate of slavery, as a majority of slaves in this time period were ruled and owned by the rich white people. In time, she was set free from her ties to the life of slavery and from that day forward she was not willing to let anything or anyone control her or her body, not even photography. It was going to be done her way or not at all. In the 115 years that Mammy Prater waited, she practiced her body positions and facial expressions in preparation for the day that she would finally get her self-portrait done....   [tags: poetry analysis]

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The Evolution Of African American Music

- The Evolution of African American Music African American music came about from the Africans that were enslaved and brought over to America. They were separated from their language and history. The way they were able to preserve some of their culture is through music, which was limited to vocals and rhythm, and dance. The type of African music called “sorrow songs” which were sung due to the hard labor and cruelty the slaves had to encounter, were made into Blues which became popular in the Deep South....   [tags: Blues, Jazz, Rhythm and blues, Rock and roll]

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People need People

- utation came to her house for her taxes, Faulkner describes how the house and Ms. Emily looks. "only Miss Emily's house was left, lifting its stubborn and coquettish decay above the cotton wagons and the gasoline pumps-an eyesore among eyesores", this statement explains how the house gives off such a depressing mood. "Her skeleton was small and spare;", this line shows us how her appearance showcases death also. When Ms. Emily was younger, her deceased father used to force away all the young men that was in love with her....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Hills Like White Elephant, By Ernest Hemingway And The Story Of An Hour

- This fall semester of 2014 has been an interesting and learning experience for myself. I haven’t attend school in nearly a decade and was unsure of what to expect from my teachers and myself. I would have to say being in Professor Dybala’s English 1302 to start my school day is interesting. She is an energetic professor and I’m able to feel her passion for teaching and that motivate me to try my best in her class as the rest of my classes. I was driven to do the best of my ability and whatever the outcome might be, I know I did my best....   [tags: English-language films, Short story, Emotion]

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How To Write an Enjoyable Story

- There are a couple of key elements that contribute to an enjoyable story. To establish enjoyment the events, descriptions, and characters within a story should successfully mesh to immerse readers into the story detaching them from reality. The use of vivid descriptions for setting, mood and feelings of characters is one of the effective tools, which writers use in a good story. Giving readers a true sense of the atmosphere or settings, enhances the chance that they may become submerged into what they are reading....   [tags: Process Essays]

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King of the Delta Blues Singers: Robert Johnson

- King of the Delta Blues Singers: Robert Johnson The life of Robert Johnson, one of the most influential early blues artists, in shrouded by vague details and encompassed in mystery. His emotion filled playing and singing blends to form some of the most moving, original blues music ever produced. Ironically, despite being one of the top influences to blues music, little is known about the shy, mild mannered bluesman. "Almost nothing, is known about his life… he is only a name on a few recordings." Where did he come from....   [tags: essays papers]

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Music of the South

- As you are driving down the road of the countryside of the American South, you see the dry fields of grass spread for miles. You turn on the radio and all you hear is country music or the blues. This is the culture and music of the South. The South has two types of music, country music of the whites and the blues of the blacks. Due to the isolation and conservatism of the South, the South had their own forms of rural music. First, we look at the blues and how grief can become a form of popular music....   [tags: Country, Blues, Icons]

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The Trans Atlantic Slave Trade Into America

- Music evolves through time due to different cultural influences. Since their unfortunate immigration through the trans-Atlantic slave trade into America, Africans brought their musical backgrounds with them to separate the western musical identity compared to European music. Once freed from oppression, African American culture and music diversified the sound of the Christian church. As the acceptance of African Americans increased, their music also was also accepted into white society and directed where music evolved....   [tags: Blues, Jazz, African American]

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Exaggeration of Despair in Sherman Alexie's Reservation Blues

- Exaggeration of Despair in Sherman Alexie's Reservation Blues Gloria Bird realizes that for generations Native Americans have had drinking problems, and she also realizes that it is difficult for “native writers to accurately represent our communities without exploiting them.”(G. Bird) However, Bird criticizes Alexie of embellishing or exaggerating the Native Americans’ despair. Alexie cannot ignore the alcohol situation when describing Native American culture, but Alexie does not need to make alcoholism a common trait amongst almost every ‘Indian’ on the reservation and other reservations....   [tags: Gloria Bird]

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The Meanings of Popular Music

- Bob Seger once soulfully sang, “Today’s music ain’t got the same soul/ I like that old time rock ‘n’ roll,” and he could not have been more accurate. Lyrics such as these were commonplace in decades past, with songwriters such as Art Garfunkel, John Lennon, Bob Marley and many more. Much like grandchildren modernize their grandparents’ ideas, music has slowly diverged from the path its ancestors blazed a long time before, and as years have gone by, music has lost its depth and meaning as newer genres evolve and others fade into the background....   [tags: blues, jazz, lyrics]

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The Music of the 1950s: Elvis Presley

- The music of the 1950s showed an incredible mixing of the cultures represented in the United States. The music of the 1950’s was led and created by a number of people like B.B. King, Elvis Presley, and Little Richard. The “50’s music” was influenced greatly by the African American culture of the South. Blues and Jazz played a tremendous role in bringing out new music genres during that time. One of those was the big rock craze. Elvis Presley was one of the biggest recording artists of that time period (PBS 1)....   [tags: little richard, blues, jazz]

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Got Those OPEC Blues Again And Rational Exuberance

- “Got those OPEC Blues Again” and “Rational Exuberance” SUMMARY Since March of 1999, when the price of West Texas Intermediate crude oil was at $13 a barrel, we have seen a steady increase in prices in all phases of the economy. OPEC, the organization that is largely responsible for setting production goals in the Middle East, was under fire to find ways to increase prices. OPEC members at this time “pledged to cut back the supply of crude and push oil prices higher.” (Business Week, 48) The results were better than most expected: crude oil prices were almost $27 a barrel on November 23, 1999, the highest price since the 1991 Gulf War....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Music Has Been A Large Part Of The Shoals Communities For Many Years

- 10 page paper Music has been a large part of the Shoals communities for many years. W.C. Handy, a Florence native and trumpeter, was one of the first people to write down the blues, establishing it as a written form. Florence also hosts the Shoals Symphony, one of the very few orchestras in the state, so the arts are fairly healthy here. Muscle Shoals has historically celebrated recording studios like the the Fame recording studio and Muscle Shoals Sound recording studio. An incredible amount of very famous popular music has been recorded in those studios with names from Aretha Franklin to the Rolling Stones recording in the city....   [tags: Blues, Jazz, Slavery, Music]

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