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The Character of Norma Jean in Shilo

- The Character of Norma Jean in Shilo       Norma Jean Moffit is a major character in Bobbie Ann Mason's "Shilo" who undergoes a profound, yet subtle change. She had to marry at the age of eighteen to the man who got her pregnant, and in a cruel twist of fate, the child dies suddenly of crib death. Now at the age of 34, she is ready to have the life she feels she always should have had, however she is stuck in a loveless marriage to a man whose interests are the opposite of hers. Her decision to leave her husband, Leroy, at the end of the story seemed a long time in coming, and various aspects of her character revealed that desire....   [tags: Shilo Essays]

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Shilo: Norma Jean and Leroy

- In Bobbie Ann Mason’s “Shiloh”, after Leroy’s accident in his truck, the pleasant illusion that he is in a perfectly functioning marriage is shattered leaving the reality that he and Norma Jean have ongoing issues that have been hidden and ignored for the majority of their marriage. The log cabin he never builds, the couple’s new hobbies, the baby they lost, the dust ruffle Mabel makes for them, and the trip they take to Shiloh ultimately cause Norma Jean to decide to leave Leroy. “Shiloh” is laden with symbols for the state of Norma Jean and Leroy’s marriage, and each situation introduced since Leroy’s accident forces them to look at how little they know about each other....   [tags: Bobbie Ann Mason]

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From Construction to Counseling

- Questions about my career choices sprang to light one hot day in August as I began to ponder the potential contents of a fourteen hundred word essay that I was assigned -- another baby step toward a bachelor’s degree. My focus was upon the stalled assignment; it’s due date, and painful eye strain. Thus, it was at this moment that my old career as a tilesetter sprang to mind, and I instantly felt a twinge of fondness for those crazy and adventurous days. It’s likely that at that moment, I had simply forgotten the cuts, bruises, frustration, and exhaustion that were my reward for a long day’s work....   [tags: Personal Experience ]

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Dunbarton by Robert Lowell

- "Dunbarton" by Robert Lowell is one of the poems from his "Life Studies" book. It's a short poem of only two pages but it has very deep meaning. The poem alludes to the poet's relationship with his grandfather. In this essay I will analyze this piece in detail and talk about the author's connection with his grandfather. Robert Lowell prefers the use of free verse for his poems. He doesn't use a specific style for this piece; it is more free styled. He uses poetic language but there is no metered rhythm in the poem....   [tags: Poetry Life Studies Robert Lowell]

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