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Sleeping Beauty: Feminist Critics

- The biological differences that set apart the male and female gender throughout any culture remain eminent. Men are perceived as the stronger and dominant gender; women play the role of the weaker. In each culture the expectation of the manner in which men and women behave are influenced by the ideals and customs of that culture. In most predominant cultures, the man undertakes the role as a leader, and the woman devotes her life to the husband. Throughout history, traditions and literature provide a template to the identities of various cultures....   [tags: Literature, Gender Studies]

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What is Pure Beauty?

- Everyone has their own idea of what pure beauty is. According to Webster's Dictionary, the definition of beauty is “the quality or aggregate of qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit” (“Beauty”). However, the definition of pure beauty has become warped and manipulated into a standard that only a select few can achieve. Nonetheless, beauty is more than what is behind the counter and computer. With these high criteria society sets, many women have false ideals of what is truly beautiful because of the increased use of Photoshop programs, the willingness to put themselves at risk under a surgeon's scalpel, and many a...   [tags: society, high criteria, warped defenition]

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American Beauty and Thirteen

- ... In both films, Evie and Angela are portrayed as sexually experienced. The type of lighting and camera effect used to show body features and movements is key to let the viewer experience the sexual vibe they let off in the present atmosphere. In American Beauty, Lester’s daughter Jane shows unusual sexual desires with her neighbor Ricky who is identified as a mysterious and creepy character. Sound plays a big role in the scenes that they are both present in because of Ricky’s unusual behavior....   [tags: identity, sexuality, cinematography, costume]

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Homophobia in American Beauty

- I watched the movie American Beauty a couple of days ago and saw how homophobia might be a sign that the homophobic might be a homosexual. So I though I’d write about it. American Beauty centers on the last year of Lester Burnham’s life. Lester Burnham, played by Kevin Spacey, is married to Carolyn Burnham, played by Annette Betting, and their marriage is picture perfect on the outside, but the perfection is only superficially. Their marriage is based on projecting one image- a picture perfect suburbia lifestyle when it is in fact quite the opposite....   [tags: Character Analysis]

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Media´s Influence on Beauty

- ... “The intention of the Barbie doll was to be a respectable fantasy for young girls, not the image of glamour and beauty that women need to attain and men continue to desire” says Weissman, but unfortunately that is exactly what happened (59). After a headline appeared in the Wall Street Journal reading “Top-Heavy Barbie Is Getting Body Work”, Weissman questions the media asking “What is wrong with the values and respectability of society that they find global affairs of lesser importance than the physical construction of a plastic doll....   [tags: unique, mold, fashion, trend, individualism]

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Gender, Beauty and Appearance

- Let’s face it. Apperance is relevant. No matter how many times society tells us that it does not matter, people only care for good-looking people. Most of us do not comprehend that beauty is only skin-deep; there are only a select few who care about what is truly on the inside. However looking good makes you feel better about yourself. Men and women have different takes on beauty. Men are attracted to physical beauty, as women are more attracted to solidity. Men are seen as the back bone in most societies....   [tags: Media, Society]

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Beauty & The Matrix

- Beauty & The Matrix Do you remember the story of Sleeping Beauty. A beautiful girl who had a curse put upon her at her Christening. She was to die by the prick of a spinning needle on her 16th Birthday. Her fairy aunts hid her from the curse and she was raised not knowing her real fate. Then of course she fell under the curse and could only be awakened by her true love. Who could forget this enchanting story. Beauty, by Sheri S. Tepper is just like that Sleeping Beauty story but with a twist around every corner....   [tags: Movie Film Compare Contrast Essays]

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Determining Beauty

- Over the years, America has become a society that judges beauty based mainly on appearance. Throughout the course of a day, men and women are bombarded with grotesque images of malnourished supermodels selling their own bodies; claiming that they are somehow beautiful. What does it mean to be beautiful. Can self-worth be measured by body weight, clothing size, or shade of lipstick?. “Sometime ago I came across an article in a beauty magazine in which a man said that there were no more ugly women in the world because make-up, weaves, false eyelashes among other beauty treatments have evened out the playing field and has resulted in all women looking the same” ( Gale 1)....   [tags: America, Misconception, Appearance]

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Radical Beauty

- Beauty is a reality that is always beyond our reach, defying all our attempts to immobilize it (Eco, 2004: 304p) Human history has been evolved with the process of chasing ultimate beauty. From the statue of Venus, pass the Mona Lisa to Niki de Saint Phalle’s Nana, human, especially art has been shown how they hail beauty; even sometimes it looks radically The beauty of art is higher than the beauty of nature. (Danto, 1998:28p) Because Art and Design is the process of chasing beauty itself, but also re-interpretation of nature by artist themselves, like Hegel said, the beauty born in nature and re-born with Art....   [tags: art, desing, nature]

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Beauty Pageants

- Throughout history, mankind has promoted excellence through primitive rituals, community events, and collectively instilled ideals. Beauty pageants represent one of these efforts in their endeavor to define femininity and grace as well as ever-changing gender roles in society. While some believe beauty pageants to be harmless social events that provide educational and national advancement, spawn awareness for charitable causes, and encourage confidence, others suggest that such competitions confuse societal morals, exploit women, and instill insecurity in young girls worldwide....   [tags: American Culture]

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Black Beauty

- This beautifully illustrated book of black icons that have dazzled us throughout history, carefully examines how African Americans gradually conformed their ideas of black beauty to the standards set forth by the early European settlers. The question that the author, Ben Argogundade poses is “What is black beauty?” (8) His book was written as a guide that presents a better understanding concerning the history of black aesthetics altogether. Argogundade boldly examines the controversies that people of color experience regarding aspects of light skin being viewed as better than darker skin and Afro hair being viewed as “bad hair”....   [tags: African Americans, Celebration, History]

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Beauty and the Brain

- Each year, billions of dollars are spent on cosmetics, facial firming, bacterial injections, double eyelid surgery, and the list goes on. All in the name of beauty. But, what is beauty. What defines it. Is there a universal beauty. Can it be obtained. According to BBC, our perception of beauty begins in the womb. Studies show that babies have a tendency to look the longest at faces with smooth skin, round eyes, plump lips, and symmetry. In fact, BBC reports that our DNA is written to produce symmetry, yet factors such as environment produces asymmetry....   [tags: Biology Essays Research Papers]

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Beauty And The Beast

- Have you ever heard something go thump in the night. Do you believe in monsters. In the movies "Beauty and the Beast" and "E.T.", the monster like characters the captured the hearts of viewers of all ages. They both involve two characters that are thrusted into lifestyles that they are not used to. The beast and E.T were both unique creatures, had close relationships with humans, and were great works of fiction. In both stories, "Beauty and the Beast" and "E.T.", the main characters are unique creatures are forced into a human society, which does not always accept them for who they are....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Beauty and The Beast

- From Cupid & Psyche to Cocteau’s film and finally to Disney’s portrayal of this classic theme, not much has changed in the idea of Beauty and the Beast. All versions of this story have stressed the importance of being good and have even dwelled on the importance of looking behind appearance to see a person’s true nature. In order to convey his ideas and themes, Cocteau uses the beast as a lurking figure whose lack of appearance on the screen ultimately has a great effect on the viewer. The Beast that Cocteau portrays is a model for modern storytellers and has been vital in stressing the theme of genuine nature versus appearance throughout society....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Beauty and the Beast

- Beauty and the Beast Disney is an excellent example of a Media corporation as it is known worldwide, go any where in the world and ask someone about Mickey Mouse or Daffy Duck and they will know that you are talking about Disney....   [tags: Papers]

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The Beauty of Color

- As the car stopped, he caressed me immediately; in synch with the stopping of the engine was the start of us. I say us because I feel like that’s what it is to become intimate with someone, you merge, mesh, mix into some form of a united being. I enjoyed him. Intimacy was an act of passion. It didn’t take love to feel passion, and it didn’t take an appropriate union to become a part of another person. We were one as he kissed me, touched me. I felt him and he felt me. One. “You like that,” he said, panting like some needy animal....   [tags: Creative Writing Essays]

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Digital Beauty

- Digital Beauty Communication has always been a vital part of our lives, important as it is, it keeps us up to date with what is going on around us and is the base to mostly everything we do. Throughout the world there exists many ways of communicating with one another but one of the most popular and successful today is the multimedia and entertainment industry, with this photojournalism. With the rapid advances in technology, a TV, computer, or a magazine are more accessible than ever before. News and entertainment are available at the touch of a finger and sometimes that isn’t as healthy as it sounds....   [tags: Photography, Photoshop]

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The Beauty of Numbers

- The Beauty of Numbers "There are three kinds of lies-lies, damned lies, and statistics."-Mark Twain Well, perhaps Mr. Twain didn't see the beauty of numbers the way that I do. Because ever since grade school, mathematics has been my favorite subject. And once I was in college and could focus on many areas of math, I realized that I had a genuine interest to applying mathematical and statistical theories to real-world concerns. Hey, even Twain the skeptic realized the importance of balancing the cargo on shallow, difficult-to-navigate riverboats so that the port and starboardsides were equally laden-he even advised the captains to part their hair down the middle so that the we...   [tags: Graduate Admissions Essays]

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The Beauty of Poetryr

- The Beauty of Poetryr The Beauty of Poetry I chose to analyze two poems in this essay. These are the "Ending Poem" and "this is not the place where I was born". Both were chosen from the book Currents from the Dancing River Book. I found these two books to contain similar themes and both seem to be of a modern genre. These poems deal with family and the roots that connect them to the past. Both recognize that they themselves are disassociated with their past although they still acknowledge where they come from....   [tags: Papers]

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The Beauty of Nature

- The Beauty of Nature The sunset was not spectacular that day. The vivid ruby and tangerine streaks that so often caressed the blue brow of the sky were sleeping, hidden behind the heavy mists. There are some days when the sunlight seems to dance, to weave and frolic with tongues of fire between the blades of grass. Not on that day. That evening, the yellow light was sickly. It diffused softly through the gray curtains with a shrouded light that just failed to illuminate. High up in the treetops, the leaves swayed, but on the ground, the grass was silent, limp and unmoving....   [tags: Descriptive Essay Example]

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American Beauty

- The movie “American Beauty” is a drama film that depicts the inter-persona family relationships of repressed middle-class people, describes the process of rediscovering true values in life, and how personal changes affect inter-personal relationships (Cohen, Jinks, & Mendes, 1999). The Burnham family are the main characters of the movie, and the family consists of Lester Burhnam, Carolyn Burnham, and their daughter Jane Burnham. Lester is a desperate and frustrated man who hates his job, cannot confront his wife, does not have any respect from his daughter, and has no control over the events that occur in his life....   [tags: Film Review, Psychology]

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American Beauty

- American Beauty (1999, Sam Mendes) is the gruesome but realistic story of a family living in a seemingly perfect suburbia. Lester Burnham, a father who is falling out of love with his wife, Carolyn Burnham, struggles to maintain a relationship with his family and despises his work. However, Lester remains unhappily in his life until he meets his daughter’s friend Angela, a young girl who he develops a strong sexual desire for. This encounter with Angela causes Lester to recognize the failed reality of his life, and he sets out to change it....   [tags: film, review, reality]

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Beauty Pagents

- To most beauty pageants may seems like a waste of time and it may seem to be another way to make women feel inferior to one another. I, however, have come to find that this is one of the many myths which surround such an advantageous opportunity. Young women learn many valuable lessons which help them throughout their entire life. These lessons could range from such a variety of things, from being able to overcome shyness to raising awareness on a certain issue through a platform to also even possibly winning scholarships....   [tags: Pagents]

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Child Beauty Peageants

- ... Beauty pageant competitions have negative impacts on children whereby it is not suitable for children’s lifestyle, beauty pageant is physically painful and definitely kills the innocence of a child. 1.5 Scope of Research Hence, based on the thesis statement above, this report will concentrate on the ways that child beauty pageant leads to child abuse. This report will also interpret facts and examples of the harmful effects of child beauty pageant as well as arguments that support child beauty pageant put forward by those who claims that such pageants does not amount to child abuse....   [tags: child abuse? killing the innocence]

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Child Beauty Pageants

- The lights are intensely bright as they reflect off the stage, leaving numerous loud, edgy mothers in dim luminosity behind them. Six year old Cindy pounces into the rays of the spotlight with a sham smile, flaunting her rehearsed dance, facial expressions, and postures. She finishes with a brilliant beam and pose, thinking of how much she has gone through to be on that stage: the eye waxing, hair dying, extreme dieting, fake teeth, layers of make-up, clouds of hairspray, extensions that give her headaches throughout the day, and the hours of practice she is forced to execute....   [tags: American Society]

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Young Beauty Pageants

- Young Beauty Contests For years beauty contests have been around for people of all ages. These classy, beauty contests are known to be wonderful and exciting for children. Many assume that these contests result in nothing but positive aspects. Walking up and down a stage, almost like modeling, can make someone feel confident, beautiful, and also bring great opportunities in his/her future. Feeling special under that bright light would make anyone smile. It is interesting how a lot of parents involved in these pageants think their child needs beauty pageants to help the child’s self-esteem and the way he or she feels inside....   [tags: Child Development, Bad Parenting]

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Child Beauty Pageants

- Many children are involved in pageants, and many varieties of people have different opinions. Some people feel that they are good, others not so much. Opinions vary from person to person, and reasoning also varies. But, the real question for this topic is "are these pageants good for them in the long run?" What comes to mind when the words "child beauty pageants" are spoken. What some people think about is, crazy moms pushing their daughters to win, and little girls dressing and to look like Barbie’s....   [tags: girl's childhood, spray tans, makeup]

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Dove Beauty Sketches

- ... He worked as a police artist from 1995 to 2011. As the commercial begins, a woman with long blonde hair, named Florence, begins to speak to the camera. She tells us what the group was told to do prior to the interview. She says, “ I showed up to a place I had never been and there was a guy with a drafting board. I didn’t know what he was doing but then I could tell after several questions he was drawing me.” The artist doesn’t see the people nor do the people see the artist. Once the person sits down, Gil begins to ask simple questions about how the people view themselves; just simple questions about their face....   [tags: healthy, internal, happiness, self-confidence]

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Racial Beauty: African-Americans

- African-Americans are represented as people who suffer from white people othering, internalizing the white beauty ideal and scapegoating, which convinces them they are inferior to white people. African-Americans feel unworthy to white people, as a result of white people trying to distance themselves as far as possible from African-Americans. White people want to have clear boundaries between me and not-me, in order to retain their identity. In The Bluest Eye, African-Americans function as the ‘Other’, thereby representing everything that white people do not want to be....   [tags: african americans, standards, self-esteem]

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Nature, Beauty, Gratitude

- ... The principle of preserving the nature can be applied to my life. When I was in 5th grade, I started recycling cans, papers, and bottles. When I was walking in the park, I saw a boy who littered. I told him to pick the chip bag and throw it into the garbage can. I explained to him how dangerous littering is to the nature, I told him that animals may have their head stuck in the bag and die of lack of oxygens. After that day, the boy start recycling too in order to protect the nature from harm....   [tags: Louie Schwartzberg's TED talk]

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Maui's Precious Beauty

- Paradise plays a great role in describing the state of Hawaii; in addition, many are captured by its promising beauty and various attractions. In 2007, the state received a total of 7,627,819 visitors and the number increased as time went by; whereas, the island of Maui welcomes an outstanding amount of 2,580,361 million visitors annually (2007 Annual Visitor Research Report).In addition, the chain of islands came to be known as the most remote landmass in the world and was the last destination to be impacted by humans (Turning the Canoe Trailer)....   [tags: Tourism]

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Beauty Pageant Problems

- ... At this point of the show is when the bikinis, sexy cowgirls and cops, and all kinds of outlandish outfits appear. Four year old, Maddy Jackson was publicly humiliated and was referred to by harsh names by the media, due to the fake breasts and buttocks her mother forced her wear. Isabella Barnnett was also publicly chastened by the media when they referred that the little girl was dressed like a “hooker”. It is absolutely unacceptable for the media to characterize these little girls as they do, but the question remains as to why parents find it necessary to portray these precious little girls as they do, considering she is going to remember these actions for the remainder of her life....   [tags: social media, internet, reality television]

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What is Beauty?

- The common cliché goes “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Is there any real meaning to that. The expression simply means that beauty has no set meaning, definition, or even value for that matter. It is a collectively undecided notion, since its definition lies solely in observation. It also implies that each individual may interpret the idea of beauty (of people, objects, thoughts, etc.) according to his/her own biased, genetic, emotional, cultural, social, and spiritual needs. Having said that, most people feel they "intuitively" know and "understand" what is meant by beauty in their mind's eye....   [tags: Personal Narrative ]

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The Beauty Shop

- Beauty shops are located all over major cities and in small towns. In the small town of Bellow, Oklahoma, there is a beauty shop located in a house; my house. My mother is a beautician and owns her own beauty shop in our house. I like having a beauty shop in my house because I enjoy watching customers change their appearance by cutting, coloring, and perming their hair. There are many different ways to cut and style hair. Most customers already know how they want their haircut before they even make their appointment....   [tags: Descriptive Essay, Descriptive Writing]

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Youth and Beauty

- Youth and Beauty America is a prosperous country. In fact, sociologists have discovered a uniquely American disease that they call “affluenza.” This term refers to the stress and related disorders that develop from Americans’ need to constantly spend money on material possessions and supposed self-improvement. It is not enough to just be comfortable, we must have it all and look perfect. We work ourselves ragged and neglect our families and relationships just so we can buy the latest television, even though the three we already have work just fine....   [tags: Media Plastic Surgery Self Image Essays]

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Pain into Beauty

- Pain into Beauty People look back on their childhoods in different ways. Some see it as a time of joy and laughter, love and learning. Many feel a bittersweet mixture of happy nostalgia, and painful moments. Some prefer not to look back at all, seeking only to move forward. Then there are people like me, who look back in anger, bitterness, and sorrow. It seems that few people enjoy a pain-free upbringing. In fact, the very idea of childhood is a fairly new concept. In the early part of the last century, children were considered miniature adults, and were expected to act that way....   [tags: Personal Narrative Emotional Verbal Abuse Essays]

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The Beauty Myth

- The Beauty Myth Rosa MacCauley began her phenomenal life on February 4, 1913 in Tuskegee, Alabama. Her mother was a schoolteacher and taught Rosa at home until age 11. Her father, who was a carpenter and a builder, left the family because he wanted to travel, but his wife wanted a permanent home. (Guest History Month 1) As a little girl, Rosa McCauley was afraid to go to sleep at night. She has several memories of white people who rode horses burning crosses and scaring black people. These people that Rosa described in her memories were members of the group known as the Ku Klux Klan (KKK)....   [tags: Papers]

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Plastic Surgery

- According to, beauty is defined as “the quality or aggregate of qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit” (1). True beauty has been forgotten. All around the world people are paying thousands of dollars to have plastic surgery done to enhance this unreal beauty. Sadly, reality is that beauty is now seen as having the bigger breast, the perfect smile, zero body fat, and the perfectly chiseled nose. More and more people are turning to plastic surgery as a way to make them happy about their appearances and boost their self-esteem in a quick and easy process....   [tags: Beauty ]

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Comparing the Beauty of Poe and Emerson

- The Beauty of Poe and Emerson        They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. As stated in Edgar Allan Poe's "The Poetic Principle," a concept of beauty can only be achieved through the use of emotion, an "excitement of the soul," a necessary element to any worthwhile poem (Poe 8). Poe's fascination with the mystery of death and the afterlife are often clearly rooted in his poems and provide a basis for himself and the reader to truly experience his concept of beauty. Although also a believer in portraying beauty through poetry, Ralph Waldo Emerson found beauty to be eminent in nature and all things created by the Oversoul....   [tags: comparison compare contrast essays]

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Beauty of God and the Holy Cross

- Suppose that you were standing by a beach at sunset and you become deeply moved and utter the words, "This is beautiful, this is glorious." You are ultimately pleased by a feeling that we as a culture refer to this response as, beauty. A feeling that possesses an enormous power to touch us deeply while holding a tremendous potential to grip and transform us. For beauty stirs and satisfies our deepest longings as well as attracting us, provoking our adoration, and inviting us to adorn ourselves with its luster....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Conforming to Beauty in The Bluest Eye

- Black Hole Sun The characters within The Bluest Eye, by Toni Morrison, all attempt to conform to a standard of beauty in some way. This standard of beauty is established by the society in which they live, and then supported by members of the community. Beauty is also linked with respect and happiness. Both people who reach the standard of beauty, and those who try, are never really satisfied with who they are. This never-ending race to become beautiful has devastating effects on their relationships and their own self-esteem....   [tags: Toni Morrison]

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Different Perceptions of Beauty in Nature

- Different Perceptions of Beauty in Nature Ralph Waldo Emerson derived his philosophy of transcendentalism from ideas of Plato. According to Emerson, one has to have a very sensual relationship with beauty and nature in order to reach this transcendence. However, Emerson’s outlook on beauty as written in Nature is very different from what Plato wrote in The Republic. Interestingly, these differences will result in different methods for attaining the same state of transcendence. I believe, however, that Emerson’s method best describes how the soul transcends....   [tags: Transcendentalism Philosophy Plato Essays]

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Are Women Slaves to Fashion and Beauty?

- Are Women Slaves to Beauty.      What does it take to feel beautiful. Perhaps a little bit of time, make-up, and a breathtaking dress; or at least that's what we have been programmed to believe.  Without a doubt, all of the magazines, advertisements, and make-up beauty tips have influenced women’s beliefs about what it means to be beautiful. An artificial image of beauty has been imposed on each and every woman in our culture.   I would like to begin with the fact that women have always been known to dedicate their time to beauty....   [tags: Feminism Feminist Women Criticism]

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Depictions of Beauty in the Victorian Era

- Depictions of Beauty in the Victorian Era Missing Works Cited     "What is beauty anyway. There's no such thing." (Pablo Picasso) The Victorians' obsession with physical appearance has been well documented by scholars. This was a society in which one's clothing was an immediate indication of what one did for a living (and by extension, one's station in life). It was a world, as John Reed puts it, "where things were as they seemed" (312). So it is not surprising to find that the Victorians also placed great faith in bodily appearance....   [tags: British History Essays]

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Beauty in The House on Mango Street

- Beauty in The House on Mango Street “Someday, I will have a best friend all my own. One I can tell my secrets to. One who will understand my jokes without me having to explain them” (9). These are the longing words spoken by Esperanza. In the novel The House on Mango Street, Esperanza is young girl experiencing adolescence not only longing for a place to fit in but also wanting to be beautiful....   [tags: House Mango Street Analysis]

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Envy and Beauty in Snow White

- Envy, Beauty, and Snow White Few people can grow up within today's society without knowing the tale of Snow White. From the Grimm Brothers to Disney, it has been told and retold to children throughout the ages. However, what is often overlooked are the true meanings within the story. Fairytales typically have underlying messages that can be found written between the lines, generally in terms of the key themes. Snow White discusses the themes of envy and beauty, and shows how humans' obsessions can lead to their own downfall as well as the harm of others....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Emerson Defines Beauty in The Poet

- Emerson Defines Beauty in The Poet Just what is beauty. We all have our own definition of beauty because everyone has there own distinctive style and attractiveness. Therefore, we must respect why some people find beauty in things while others would not simply because beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder. Now we all are attracted to all sorts of things, but have you ever asked yourself why. Is it simply because it is beautiful or does the meaning go beyond that. I tend to believe the latter is true so lets take love for example....   [tags: Emerson Poet Essays]

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Love in The Beauty and the Beast and Shrek

- Love in The Beauty and the Beast and Shrek Love is a common theme not only in the entertainment industry, but as well as in life. Love sells, and people in the movie industries understand this and gain from the profit. Movies often portray love between two people who are both beautiful, and not always the best person they can be on the inside. In Disney’s The Beauty and the Beast and Dreamworks’ Shrek not only do they have two people fall in love, but also they show how love is blind....   [tags: Movies Fairytales Fantasy Fiction Essays]

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The Color Red in American Beauty

- The Color Red in American Beauty "The beauty that addresses itself to the eyes is only the spell of the moment; the eye of the body is not always that of the soul." George Sand hit the nail right on the head when he said this in 1872. Appearance versus reality has been a central theme in many American creative works including the film American Beauty. American Beauty is a film that delves into your typical, middle-class suburban American home and slowly uncovers all of the abnormalities that lie within....   [tags: essays papers]

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Animality and Beauty in Shakespeare's Othello

- Othello - Animality and Beauty  At the most superficial level, the view of Shakespeare’s Othello as ‘animality and darkness’ in opposition to ‘beauty and light’ seems justified if the audience considers the 'motiveless malignity' of Iago against the pure, seemingly perfect union of Othello and Desdemona. This assumes that the 'animality and darkness' is to be found in the villain and the beauty and light in the love of the tragic hero and heroine as well as in the latter's physical beauty. There is ample textual evidence for this most basic of views, most effectively demonstrated in an early conversation between Iago and Othello's lieutenant , Cassio, by all accounts an honourable gentle...   [tags: GCSE Coursework Shakespeare Othello]

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- “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” I agree that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder because beauty comes from within your soul. People have different ideas and tastes, so ideas on what is beautiful vary from person to person. This is proven when you look around in the world which we all share. There are countless ways in which beauty is shown to us all. It could be in nature, like the waterfalls or the sunset or even a hurricane; some people may think that it’s exotic to see the skies fierce and dark....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Beauty Industry in China

- Within 21 years, from 1983 to 2004, the sales volume of China's beauty businesses has increased 260 times, according to the country's first annual report on the beauty sector, recently released by Chinese economists. While the traditional beauty sector in China refers mainly to such services as hairdressing, massage and face-lifts by medical means, the modern beauty sector expands to cover the areas of beauty-related education and marketing, the production and research of cosmetics and related instruments, and even includes ornaments, packaging materials as well personal image consultation....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Standards of Beauty Depicted in Magazines

- Standards of Beauty Depicted in Magazines Body image is an important concept in many adolescent and young adult minds. To have a positive body image is to know that you are beautiful. To be beautiful is to reach the standards of beauty in society. However, society is constantly changing those standards as time goes by. Many young men and women strive to reach the positive, even if it means their health, money, and mind. They have the media, such as magazines to thank for these wonderful standards....   [tags: Media]

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- Beauty Summary of The Biology of Beauty Many articles are written by modern psychologists and psychoanalysts that stress the importance of beauty in human and animal breeding as well as survival. One such article The Biology of Beauty suggests this importance and backs it up with many facts and figures as well as surveys on normal people. The article states many theories and hypotheses and also tries to explain why beauty plays such an important role in sexuality and power....   [tags: essays research papers]

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An Analysis of Lilith (Body's Beauty)

- An Analysis of Lilith (Body's Beauty) First published in 1868 in Swinburne's pamphlet-review, "Notes on the Royal Academy Exhibition," the sonnet entitled "Lilith" was written to accompany the painting "Lady Lilith." The poem and picture appeared alongside Rossetti's painting "Sibylla Palmifera" and the sonnet "Soul's Beauty," which was written for it. In 1870, both of these poems were published among the "Sonnets for Pictures" section of Rossetti's Poems. In 1881, however, "it occurred to Rossetti to contrast the two as representatives of fleshly and spiritual beauty," and thus he transferred them to "The House of Life" (Baum 181)....   [tags: Lilith Essays]

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The Beauty of Sonnet 53

- The Beauty of Sonnet 53          Whether we realize it or not, we often give overlook the faults in the people who are dear to us. We focus on their good qualities and ignore the bad. This practice is not unique to our culture nor is it unique to our era. Shakespeare in his sonnet numbered 53, compares all beauty to his friend, and criticizes for trying to be as good as his friend. He does this by seemingly comparing his friend to things of beauty when in reality he is suggesting that his friend is the ideal and the beautiful things are merely copies or reflections of the friend....   [tags: Sonnet essays]

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Beauty and The Color Purple

- “Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not” -Ralph Waldo Emerson As stated by Emerson, beauty cannot be found unless carried within one’s self first. In the novel by Alice Walker, “The Color Purple”, Celie finds out that beauty is not real unless it is first found within, so that that beauty felt can reflect for others to see. [Celie went through traumatic struggles before she ever felt beautiful starting with the treatment of influential men in her life....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Comparing Ulysses and American Beauty

- Ulysses and American Beauty      In the "Nausicaa" chapter of James Joyce's Ulysses, a virginal exhibitionist, Gerty McDowell, flashes her "knickers. . .the wondrous revealment, half-offered like those skirt-dancers" at Leopold Bloom, igniting his sexual fireworks on a beach in Dublin (366). In a film set almost 100 years later in an American suburb, another virginal seductress flips her dance skirt, giving admirers a peek at her panties, and inspires Bloom's modern incarnation, Lester Burnham, into a similar burst of auto-eroticism....   [tags: comparison compare contrast essays]

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Ludwig Wittgenstein: Aesthetics and Beauty

- I disagree with Ludwig Wittgenstein when he states that aesthetics “draws one’s attention to certain features, to place things side by side so as to exhibit these features” because of the logic that gives birth to the thoughts that led to this statement. This logic questions the ability of a person to ascertain what “beauty” is, what contains the quality known as “beauty”, and the levels of beauty and how they can be measured and compared. Wittgenstein uses the metaphor of games to illustrate his points regarding aesthetics and beauty....   [tags: Ludwig Wittgenstein]

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American Beauty by Sam Mendes

- American Beauty by Sam Mendes This essay has problems with formating      In American Beauty, 1999, directed by Sam Mendes, we are confronted with the permeating images that have consumed mainstream American life. Mendes exploits these images as constructions that we created around ourselves as a means of hiding our true selves. Mendes is able to implicate us in the construction and make us active viewers by exploiting our voyeuristic nature. In American Beauty Mendes uses the voyeuristic tendencies of the spectator to acknowledge the permeating constructed images....   [tags: Film Movies]

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Connecting Time, Beauty, and Language

- Connecting Time, Beauty, and Language Our class has been pondering language. People have asked each other, 'do you think in words?' Some have suggested that when we are involved in activities such as chess or tennis, we do not think in words, but rather act from an intuitive space that needs no language. Our class has also been pondering time. We have reminded each other of a paradox that exists in our everyday lives: we cannot be truly in the moment, for as soon as we consciously start trying to be in the moment, we have removed ourselves from the moment....   [tags: Borger The Secret Miracle Literature Essays]

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Internal And External Beauty

- Internal and external beauty are both very important in our society. To be beautiful internally means to have a kind heart and be understanding. To be beautiful externally means to be beautiful on the outside such as having a nice figure and an attractive smile. Internal beauty is important because beyond looks, it is your personality that is noticed. External beauty is important because it is your attractive figure that brings notice to someone’s great personality or external beauty. To me, internal and external beauty are represented and influenced by family members, friends, and society as a whole....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Beauty, Biology, and Society

- Beauty, Biology, and Society What is beauty. How do human beings decide who is attractive and who is not. Society is full of messages telling us what is beautiful, but what are those definitions based on. Do we consciously decide whom we are attracted to, or is biology somehow involved. The issue of beauty and how we define it has been studied for centuries. Scholars from all fields of study have searched for the "formula" for beauty. Darwin in his book The Descent of Man wrote, "It is certainly not true that there is in the mind of man any universal standard of beauty with respect to the human body....   [tags: Biology Essays Research Papers]

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Women, Beauty and Self-Esteem

- Ambrose Bierce (1958) once wrote, “To men a man is but a mind. Who cares what face he carries or what he wears. But woman’s body is the woman.” Despite the societal changes achieved since Bierce’s time, his statement remains true. Since the height of the feminist movement in the early 1970s, women have spent more money than ever before on products and treatments designed to make them beautiful. Cosmetic sales have increased annually to reach $18 billion in 1987 (“Ignoring the economy. . . ,” 1989), sales of women’s clothing averaged $103 billion per month in 1990 (personal communication, U.S....   [tags: Body Image & Self Esteem]

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Beauty by Robin McKinley

- In the novel, Beauty by Robin Mc Kinley, the family of a wealthy merchant looses their wealth when the shipment boats get lost at sea. There are three daughters named Hope, Grace, and Honour, whom is nicknamed Beauty, and a father. The family is forced to move to the country and start a life more modest than accustomed. After the family adapts to country life, one of the older sisters gets married to an iron worker who used to work at the shipyard owned by the father. They have babies. Life goes on in the country....   [tags: Book Reviews]

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God's Power and Beauty

- Personal Narrative- God's Power and Beauty This past summer I was on a mission trip to Mexico with my youth group. This event changed my life in at least two astronomical ways. The first being, how I perceive God’s power and his creation. The second is how I look at daily struggles. Both of these areas in my life were changed to be more inline with how God views them. Both areas before the mission were in a state of complacency. Before I went to Mexico, God’s awesome power was known in my head, but not in my heart....   [tags: Personal Narrative]

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Disney's Medievalesque Sleeping Beauty

- Disney's Medievalesque Sleeping Beauty "It was not once upon a time, but in a certain time in history, before anyone knew what was happening, Walt Disney cast a spell on the fairy tale. He did not use a magic wand or demonic powers. On the contrary, Disney employed the most up-to-date technological means and used his own American "grit" and ingenuity to appropriate European fairy tales. His technical skills and ideological proclivities were so consummate that his signature obfuscated the names of Charles Perrault, the Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen, and Collodi....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Psychology in American Beauty

- Psychology in American Beauty Have you ever seen a movie that just simply amazed you and almost disgusted you in a way. Well over this weekend my family and I decided to rent the movie American Beauty. This movie recently has won many awards for performances in acting and best role play. But that is not the reason we choose to watch American Beauty. We choose to rent this movie pending on the fact for me to write my final psychology paper on it. American Beauty struck me in very different ways some including feelings of disgust, truth and reality, but mainly it was filled with many social psychology terms....   [tags: Film Movies Papers]

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Fairies: Beauty or Contentment?

- Fairies: Beauty or Contentment. Fairies- like witches- were widely accepted as real in the Elizabethan era. The witches in Macbeth still stir debate over whether they initiated Macbeth’s crimes or simply anticipated then. What role do you think the fairies have in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Are they simply a theatrical device to create wonder and beauty on stage or do the fairies have a greater significance. How does Shakespeare use them. In correlation to Shakespeare’s Macbeth, the role of the witches produces a direct connotation with the role of the fairies in A Midsummer Night’s Dream....   [tags: English Literature]

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Female Beauty in America

- Sophistication and Flair: The True Meaning of Beauty Three words come to mind when one sees the epitome of Hollywood’s A-List – sophistication, style, and confidence. Although the media will always pose celebrities as sex symbols, tasteful images have now become a norm for today’s society. A woman’s beauty is now being portrayed in other ways – fully clothed and self-assured. It is evident now even as I look around campus. The girls who are poised and classy do not prance around in belly shirts and mini skirts....   [tags: Women Woman Appearance]

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Cleopatra's Beauty

- Cleopatra's Beauty Was Cleopatra beautiful. This is a seemingly straightforward question but there are many characteristics of beauty and all must be considered when applied to Cleopatra. Firstly, what is beauty. Beauty is different for every person and every time period. The old saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder remains truthful today. It is not only the person that dictates what is beautiful; the time period during which beauty is portrayed must be taken into account as well. The aesthetic ideal of the Renaissance is quite different from that of today's typical "beauty." When applying these questions to Cleopatra, the only way to judge her beauty is by the works in which s...   [tags: Egypt History Papers]

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Beauty Revisited

- "When a man has gone deep enough in the lore of love and turned his attention to things of beauty in their due order,... there shall dawn upon his eyes a vision of surpassing beauty, for whose sake he endured all his former toils; a beauty which, in the first place, is eternal, without beginning and without end, unbegotten and without decay; and secondly, is not beautiful at one time or one place or from one point of view and then ugly, as if its beauty depended upon the beholders. Nor again will that beauty to his eyes take on the likeness of a face or hands or any fleshy part, nor of speech or learning, nor will it have its being in any other creature but will have its simple and essential...   [tags: Japan Culture Greece Essays]

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Feminine Beauty

- Feminine Beauty When defining Feminine beauty one must decide in which time to define it. At certain times women have felt repressed by the term, usually due to the beauty business' influence; while at other times Women have found it liberatory: finding it their bonus as females but not their only power. One will also find that a correlation exists between the women's movement, or lack there of, and society's feelings about woman and their aesthetic appearance. A woman's beauty during the 1910s and early 1920's was not an aspect of one's life to be contemplated heavily....   [tags: Papers]

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Black Beauty

- This book is for those who love animals. Everybody can enjoy reading this, but this book will especially move people who love animals. This is the story about a horse named Black Beauty. He was a wise, brave, fine horse. He had a lot of hard experiences. He could understand men's words and feelings. He was sold several times, and had various kinds of masters. Some people treated him very well, others did cruelly. Although he had a hard time because of men' selfishness, he served them very well through his almost all life....   [tags: essays research papers]

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American Beauty

- American Beauty Spacey and Bening play the unhappily married Burnhams. They have a daughter Jane (Thora Birch) and a nice house in the suburbs, replete with expensive tasteful furniture and a Mercedes SUV. Spacey's character is Lester, a sarcastic but weak-willed advertising writer who inwardly loathes his job and regards his wife with disdain--though he obeys her. Bening is Carolyn: a high-strung career-minded woman with an elaborately coiffured hair, garden, and lifestyle....   [tags: Fim, Movie]

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American Beauty

- American Beauty There continues to be an everyday struggle for us American’s to find out true identities. There are so many people in our society who feel the necessity to be someone they are not, in order to fit in. Only if they had a mirror; then they could look and see the fear and insecurity in their eyes. There are some situations where putting on a act twenty-four hours a day is a bit too much. For many, the suburban life is the America dream. For others, however, it can turn into a twisted nightmare of unfulfilled desires....   [tags: Film, Movie]

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Human Beauty

- Human Beauty Charles Darwin wrote in 1872 in his book "The Descent of Man": "It is certainly not true that there is in the mind of man any universal standard of beauty with respect to the human body. Although we "are all legally equal", everyone knows that people are often treated differently according to their physical appearance. Even when we apply for jobs, appearance may dominate qualification. We even believe that attractive people are better - "what is beautiful is good" is a common standard in our thinking....   [tags: Papers]

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Pied Beauty

- The poem &quot;Pied Beauty&quot; begins by praising God for all the colorful and diverse things in nature. The speaker is thankful for everything with dots, circles, different colors, etc. He seems to be fond of nature and &quot;the great outdoors.&quot; Many of the images in the poem made me think of camping out, or a picnic. For example, fresh fire-coal, chestnut falls, finches, skies of two colors, cows, etc. But the poem does not only speak of natures’ diversity. It also makes reference to manmade things....   [tags: Poetry]

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Symmetry Defines Beauty

- What attracts one person to another. The question is crucial as we consider the values of our society, the emphasis we put on physical beauty and beauty products, the new resurgence of weight loss wonder drugs and popular fad diets, not to mention a new reality TV show devoted to placing a new person under the knife for plastic surgery every week. All of these carry the same message: beauty is nearly synonymous with happiness. So then is the nature of "beauty" a philosophical conundrum, a biological issue, a psychological mind set, or a cultural problem....   [tags: Biology Essays Research Papers]

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Childrens Beauty Pageants

- It’s 7:OO A.M. on a Saturday, kids everywhere are just waking up ready to watch their favorite line up of Saturday morning cartoons. Marie, a four year old child, is preparing for her long weekend of make-up, hairspray, and gowns. Marie is one of many children who are forced by over-demanding parents who pressure their young and innocent children into many beauty pageants each year, and its wrong. Beauty pageants first originated in Atlantic City. It was a marketing tool to make tourists stay in town longer (Banet-Weiser)....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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