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Analysis Of The Movie ' Dark Shadows '

- DARK SHADOWS It would not be hard to argue that Tim Burton has lost some of his magic in the last few years. Granted his bank account has grown considerable in this period especially since Alice in Wonderland. It seemed that financial wealth had paved the way to creative bankruptcy. Films like Charlie and the Chocolate factory and Planet of the Apes had shown that the director was less willing to take a chance instead trying to adapt his "quirkiness"" to already established properties. Trailers for Dark Shadows provided hope of the director 's return to form showing hints of both Beatle juice and Edward scissor hands....   [tags: Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, Dark Shadows]

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Lines and Shadows by Joseph Wambaugh

- Lines and Shadows by Joseph Wambaugh Abstract Lines and Shadows, by Joseph Wambaugh, tells the story of a group of regular San Diego street cops assigned to a task force designated to stop the victimization of illegal aliens by bandits in a hellish no-man's land near the Mexico-United States border. The officers soon realize the issue may be too big for regular street cops such as themselves, and many must deal with the psychological, emotional, and social conflicts caused and manifested by the events that occur during their mission....   [tags: Lines Shadows Wambough Analysis]

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Claude McKay's Harlem Shadows

- Claude McKay's "Harlem Shadows" During the Harlem Renaissance, the black body was considered exotic and the "flavor" of the week. Society had an obsession towards black women, in general, blackness. However, the white race wanted to listen to their music, mingle with the women, and enjoy the other finer luxuries that the black society could afford. Even the art was captured by this idea of the exotic and contentment in being "black." The masquerade began as members of the white race tried to pass as black and during that experience gain some satisfaction from their own lost and confused existence....   [tags: Harlem Shadows Claude McKay Essays]

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Shadows On The Wall by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

- Shadows On The Wall by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor Dan Roberts: Dan is the main character in Shadows On The Wall . He is constantly seeing and feeling some very strange things on his vacation . Every morning he takes a jog very early around Micklegate Bar . He also makes a new friend on his journey to York , England . Dan is 15 years old . Joe Stanton: Joe is a cab driver . He and Dan become really good friends . Joe is an old but wise man in many ways . He also takes Dan to see all the sites in York and drives all the people around , but mostly the people staying at the Hotel ....   [tags: Shadows Phyllis Reynold Naylor Essays]

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The Master Of Shadows By Cody Blunt

- None Escape Their Shadow: Cody Blunt’s The Master of Shadows Cody Blunt’s piece titled The Master of Shadows represents the assassin, Zed. This art piece was created in 2013 for the company Riot Games as the digital concept art for the character Zed. This piece can be found displayed as a representation of the character in their popular multiplayer online battle arena, League of Legends. In The Master of Shadows, Cody Blunt uses complementary colors, value, saturation, tenebrism, shape, and a small variety of different lines to capture the resting energy of Zed and provides a serene and mysterious interpretation of a lifeless city....   [tags: Color, Light, Color theory, The Shadow]

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The People Of The Shadows

- The People of the Shadows Why care for the workers. Why would someone such as you or I care for those who make our shoes or our cell phones. Many choose not to care for these people. Simply think they are but shadows that require not food to eat or bed to sleep. Others choose to no ignore these workers. People such as Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels have contemplated this question much and have tried to bring the lives of these shadows into the light. Yet these great minds of the 19th century failed to totally answer the question of why one should care about the workers....   [tags: Karl Marx, Marxism, Working class, Socialism]

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The Shadows of Reality

- The Shadows of Reality We are like the people in Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave.” The people chained to the cave were forced to look at projections and shadows that were cast upon the wall. Because the shadows were the only thing they had seen, they perceived them to be the “truth”. Today our “shadows” have become the media, death, and pain which influence what we believe to be “truth.” The media, death, and pain are fairly common in today’s world and we encounter them often enough. Very few have reached the real “reality” ruled by thought and reason....   [tags: Psychology]

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`` The Colors Of Leonardo 's Shadows ``

- What was the motivation that led to the discovery. The discovery of perspective, light, shadows, and color in painting is one of natural progression and observation. In the pursuit of mimicking life and what we observe around us the idea of perspective, light, shadows, and color was tested. In the essay “The Colors of Leonardo 's Shadows” Francesca Fiorani stated “According to a story reported by Pliny and repeated by countless authors, the first painting resulted from tracing the outline of a shadow cast by a human figure on a wall....   [tags: Color, Red, Light, Sun]

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Reality of the Shadows: The Allegory of the Cave

- Philosophers are often tempted to find out the hidden meanings behind the apparent reality. A lot of valuable contributions to that particular philosophical topic were made by Plato. Much of contemporary philosophy is still being based upon what he had left behind. Also, many other themes developed by philosophers can be related to Plato`s vision of reality and form. William Goulding in his essay, ‘Thinking as a Hobby’ assigns three grades to thinkers based on their understanding of the world and their perceptions of truth....   [tags: philosophy, Plato, Goulding]

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Kingdom Of Shadows By Alan Furst

- Kingdom of Shadows Kingdom of Shadows by Alan Furst can be perceived as a tale of decadence, rather than a tale of revival. Kingdom of Shadows is a tale of decadence because there is moral and cultural decline in society as a consequence of World War II. The corruption of Europe under Hitler 's power is exhibited throughout the novel and also shows through Nicholas Moraths’ treacherous encounters. Nicholas Morath was a Hungarian veteran who believed that his youth was taken away by the conflict in Europe....   [tags: World War II, Nazi Germany, Germany, Hungary]

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Rhetorical Analysis of Game of Shadows

- Referred to by many as an American past time, the game of baseball has evolved from just a game that was once played by soldiers in between tours overseas to a nationally televised sport that attracts billions of viewers a year. Created in 1860 by a New York man named Alexander Cartwright, “town ball”, or as we call it baseball, was first played in a local park on the outskirts of Hoboken, New Jersey. In his book, Game of shadows, Mark Fainaru–Wada explains how the stresses of being the best forced players to cheat and use anabolic steroids and performance enhancing drugs (PED’s) to match and outcompete their competitors....   [tags: Barry Bonds, doping]

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Review of Army of Shadows

- In Army of Shadows (2008), Hillel Cohen reexamines the typical historical narratives about Palestinian perspectives prior to the Nakba. Much of the discussion pertains to the changes that took place within the mindsets of numerous groups of Palestinians during the British Mandate. It could be beneficial to compare the approach and methodologies of Hillel Cohen's book to Ilan Pappe's The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine (2006) and his reassessment of Israel's historical memory. Pappe focuses on the planning and actions that were taken to ensure an ethnically cleansed Israel and places this in direct contrast with current perspectives of historical rhetoric....   [tags: Palestine, Hillel Cohen, Palestinian nationalism]

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The Candle Light Cast Shadows

- The candle light cast shadows that danced around the walls in her room. Niall sat across from Maribelle handing her pieces of bread. “Niall, how am I expected to marry a man that I don’t love?” “I don’t know, I’ve never thought about you being moved to another house. I look forward to seeing you.” His voice shook with fear. How could he go to work without seeing Maribelle. She could brighten his day with one look into her beautiful blue eyes. “Tell me about work.” She whispers softly to Liam....   [tags: Love, Marriage, Eye color, 2007 singles]

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My : My Hidden Shadows

- My hidden shadows Ever since I came to college and been separated from my family I’ve seen drastic changes in my life and those I held close to. To be honest LC is an alright college I just have to make the best out of my student career while I’m here. LC has been easy to adjust to school and book wise but being around strangers I’m finally opening up around my friends and feeling good. I’ve been sick twice since I been here at Livingstone and its crazy how I barley ever got symptoms of sickness in high school....   [tags: College, High school, Feeling]

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Overview: The Way of Shadows by Brent Weeks

- The thirst for power requires a considerable understanding of control, otherwise power would consume an individual and destroy everything in their path. Brent Weeks’s The Way of Shadows criticizes the oppressive nature of a society fueled by power. The story is told through the eyes of a young child named Azoth who grew up in Cenaria city’s Warrens, the poorest portion of land. Years of constant torment from guild masters lead Azoth to look for a way out of his life. The opportunity arises with Durzo Blint, the best assassin in Cenaria....   [tags: power, control, darkness]

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Documentary Analysis: Depression: Out of the Shadows

- ... The most salient aspect of depression is that it is an unbiased disorder that is found in people of all races, gender, and ages. Depression is largely a product of a person’s environment, with only one-third of the risk of developing depression coming from genetics (PBS). Anxiety Disorders The video, Anxiety Disorders (2011) by Matt Mclean, addresses the different types of anxiety disorders, and the causes, symptoms, and treatment options for them. Several types of anxiety disorders are discussed in this film....   [tags: bipolar disorder, human psyche]

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Morality Of Choice : The Dead Leave Their Shadows

- Morality of Choice “The dead leave their shadows, an echo of the space within which once they lived. They haunt us, never fading or growing older as we do. The loss we grieve is not just their futures but our own,” (Mosse). It is often hard to picture ourselves, without our loved one. It requires lots of valor and courage to know the expected and still be willing to let them go. People tend to cling to the ones they hold dear, waiting for a miracle to strike and for their pain to vanish. But not ever case of a terminally ill patient is bound to receive a magic swish of a wand and be cured within a blink of an eye....   [tags: Death, Patient, Decision making, Meaning of life]

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Shadows of War

- Shadows of War Something had gone wrong. Terribly wrong. “How could this have happened?!” the leader demanded. “You told me it was safe. You said I wouldn’t become involved!” “You’re not involved--there’s nothing that connects you to the operation,” Mitchell said. “As far as everyone else is concerned, I’m in charge.” The leader was not pleased. The operation had been planned for months, every detail accounted for, every contingency considered--save one. A simple thing like a speeding ticket had screwed everything up....   [tags: Articles Short Stories Papers]

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Dark Shades of Colour: The Investigation of Shadows in Graphic Novels

- Shadows exist everywhere in our day to day lives, whether on a sunny day or sometime during the evening. However, with that being said, people don’t often notice these shadows that they pass by. Nevertheless, we see shadows integrated into movies, story books or graphic novels as a way of intensifying a certain scene or adding a bit of suspense. In the graphic novel Red by Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner, shadows play an important role as evidenced by the significant amount of times they are present in the panels....   [tags: Literary Elements]

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An Analysis Of Tariq Ali 's Shadows Of The Pomegranate Tree

- Tariq Ali uniquely puts into perspective the horrific tragedies behind the Spanish reconquest in his work, Shadows of the Pomegranate Tree, by capturing the history in the perspective of a Muslim family who lived in a village just outside of recently conquered Granada. He does this in order to expose the cruelty and intolerance of the Archbishop Xemenes de Cineros. Ali also uncovers the faults in not only Christianity, but also in Islamic ideology by having many character’s from the family Banu Hudayl debating and questioning Islamic beliefs which may parallel with the author’s own beliefs, or lack thereof....   [tags: Islam, Qur'an, Christianity, Muhammad]

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The, And Shadows Of Your Black Memory By Donato Ndongo

- European poignant affairs in Africa as covered through the novels, Between Tides by Valentin-Yves Mudimbe, and Shadows of Your Black Memory by Donato Ndongo. Two impactful novels which highlight some of the many tactics by Europeans in Africa for economic gain, political clout to control the most territory by Europeans, and religion are all paramount topics which led to the dismantlement of Africa, and it’s many traditions. Both novels to the dismay of the reader show the negative effect of forced assimilation onto a new religion, show how religion can be used for general acceptance by the colonizers locals, lost of lengthy local traditions for the colonized....   [tags: Colonialism, Africa, Religion, Protagonist]

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Hamlet by Williams Shakespeare: The Women Hidden in the Shadows

- ... 33-34). In act two, Hamlet begins to believe that Gertrude was an accomplice to Claudius because of her hasty marriage and lack of mourning, but that is not the case, rather she understands that she is the reason for his anger. “I doubt it is no other but the main, His father's death and our o'erhasty marriage.” (II.ii.56-57). Hamlet, a male character once again, places her in the position of little importance, that of Claudius’ sidekick. In Act II, scene ii, the King and Queen are welcoming their guests, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern....   [tags: ophelia and gertrude, romance, misfortune]

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In the Shadows: Examining Light and Dark Imagery in "Romeo and Juliet"

- John Steinbeck once said “It's so much darker when a light goes out than it would have been if it had never shone”. In order to appreciate something for all that it truly is, one must learn to compare it to its opposite. These opposites both complement each other and bring out the worst in one another. Moreover, they also produce energy through the tension they create. This is true of opposition everywhere, literature included. Authors often make use of it, thus making their works more interesting and relatable....   [tags: energy, light, dark, setting, love]

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Immigrant Rights in the Shadows of Citizenship by Racheal Ida Buff

- ... Much like the term nigger developed for the black slaves, Native Americans have had to deal with the made up conception of themselves. The Indian is described in relation to the white Americans, a sort of counter image. Thus allowing for the Indian image to be swayed and not seen truly. Tribes were lumped together as designated observers tried to discover the Native American culture. “Whether describing physical appearance or character, manners, or morality, economy or dress, housing or sexual habits, government or religion, Whites overwhelmingly measured the Indian as a general category against those beliefs, values, or institutions they most cherished in themselves at the time”....   [tags: xenophobia in america, strangers, fear]

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From Out of the Shadows: Americanization of Mexican American Women

- The Progressive Era is generally applied to a variety of responses to the economic and social problems to rapid industrialization introduced in America. Although the era can be narrowed down to focus on the history of Mexican American women living in the Southwest and Midwest of the United States between 1890 and 1919. Some of the events involved within in the Mexican community during the time were a variety of processes including restriction, deportation or Americanizing immigrants from Mexico....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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Shadows in Fifth Business

- Shadows in Fifth Business Incidences that occur in one's childhood tend to affect them possibly for the rest of the rest of their life. This applies to the novel Fifth Business and the characters Dunstan Ramsey and Boy Staunton. Throughout the lives of these characters Dunstan lives in the shadow of Boy due to feelings of guilt and responsibility as a result of one winter evening in the town of Deptford. As Boy and Dunny grew up together they were each others best friends and also worst enemies, but they were on basically equal terms in their childish trials of life....   [tags: Fifth Business]

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The Awakening: Casting Shadows

- The Awakening: Casting Shadows Happiness; is it essential or is it a mere unimportant simplistic virtue in life's plans. Does everyone have the right to happiness. It is stated in the Constitution that we as Americans have the right to life, liberty, and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. In the novel The Awakening by Kate Chopin the main Character Edna has the “perfect life”. The sweet loving husband, the cute children, enormous amounts of money and an extremely large house. Yet with all of this Edna is partially happy, but is not fulfilled....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Shadows In The Rain

- It was was very late, shadow cast and misty as the rain was coming down in alight steady drizzle. It was the type of drizzle which makes the city relinquish the steamy warmth so overly humid. The rain comes down and pools on top of the valleys of sweat. All from the drizzle and the hue cast humidity that relinquishes ones soul. The first realization that I was not alone was the stench of a smell. It came from far away. Enough so, that it could have been said to be steadily creeping up on me between the rain drops....   [tags: Creative Writing Examples]

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The Classic Fairy Tales by Maria Tator and Mad Shadows by Mari-Claire Blais

- In “The Classic Fairy Tales” by Maria Tator and “Mad Shadows” by Marie-Claire Blais, both texts deal with the idea that suffering and understanding are deeply connected. The authors aim to prove that suffering and understanding go hand in hand in order for change to occur. In “The Classic Fairy Tales”, Beauty and the beast, Snow White and Cinderella, will explore the relation between understanding suffering via transformation, desire, and physical injuries, when compared and contrasted with Mad Shadows....   [tags: suffering and understanding are deeply connected]

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The Connection Between Plato’s Cave Theory and Three Films

- Plato’s Cave Theory justifies prisoners being held in a cave since childhood. While the prisoners are confined in the cave, the only thing that they can see is the wall that they are in front of. Behind the prisoners is a giant fire; between the fire and prisoners is a walkway where puppeteers can walk. The puppeteers, who are behind the prisoners, hold up puppets that cast shadows on the wall of the cave. The prisoners are unable to see these puppets, the real objects that pass behind them. What the prisoners see and hear are shadows and echoes cast by objects that they do not see....   [tags: prisoners, puppets, shadows]

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Shadows in the Yellow Wood: The Dark Side of Rober Frost's Poetry

- ... Similarly, the poem “Into My Own” contains a theme of striking out on one’s own to discover the truth for oneself. In it, Frost wishes that he could steal away into the dark forest and discover what lies within it. The forest here represents the unknown and the future. He will never come back, but to those who try to follow him he has a message. The final line reads: “They would not find me changed from him they knew—/Only more sure of all I thought was true” (“Into” 13-14). He would rather face the unknown darkness of the forest in order to know the truth once and for all than stay behind lost in his own confusion....   [tags: notorious American poets]

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Coming of Age Theme in To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee

- Patrick Rothfuss, author of award winning novel, The Name of the Wind, once noted, “When we are children we seldom think of the future. This innocence leaves us free to enjoy ourselves as few adults can. The day we fret about the future is the day we leave our childhood behind.” Such is the case for Scout Finch, Harper Lee’s protagonist in To Kill a Mockingbird. In the exposition of the novel, Scout is an immature and nonchalant six-year old who believes her neighbor, Boo Radley, is a malevolent phantom....   [tags: bob, innocence, shadows]

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Hardships of Life Portrayed in Medicine River by Thomas King

- During the course of life, shadows and dark times will come. It’s a fact of life. However, seeing the good, or light in those situations, is sometimes hard for us to do when the darkness is upon us. In “Medicine River” by Thomas King shows us that sometimes we need to take a retrospective look at past difficulties to fully grasp the positive aspects of them. One of the advantages of the dual-narrative style that Will writes in is that it allows the reader to draw parallels between the stories he tells in each chapter....   [tags: death, absuive relationship, shadows]

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Exposure Of The Shadows : An Analysis Of Joseph Conrad 's Manipulation Of Light And Dark

- Exposure of the Shadows: An Analysis of Joseph Conrad’s Manipulation of Light and Dark Beckoning readers closer, the gloomy foreboding of a mysterious darkness has typically been indicative of an antagonist or a horror that is to follow, and the glory of a shining light has signified a positive connotation. The pair is often utilized to express an author’s ideas and theme and Joseph Conrad uses the two paradigms liberally in his interpretation of European colonialism in Heart of Darkness. While Conrad employs the typical binary of light and darkness as positive and negative forces, respectively, he also challenges this notion by exposing the contradictions of misdeeds done in light and the...   [tags: Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness, Colonialism]

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The Big Sleep, The Postman Always Rings Twice, and Gilda's Adherence to the Noir Genre

- ... She is very mysterious as well as coy when it comes to withholding information from detective Marlowe. Vivian does show vulnerability over time as she develops feelings for Marlowe amidst the dangerous environment they are inhabited. However, the younger sister Carmen Sternwood played by Martha Vickers could have a femme fatale essence about her. The meeting between Marlowe and Carmen is both edgy and seductive as the shot pans from the ground then proceeds to her figure to present an overly flirty Carmen....   [tags: femme fatale, shadows, film]

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A Guide to Buying and Installing Bathroom Vanity Lights

- Bathroom vanity lights are one of the most important lighting fixtures installed in any bathroom because they illuminate one of the most frequently used spaces in the bathroom. Therefore, it is important to select lights that provide plenty of light to your bathroom vanity area. In addition to this, it is crucial that you also choose lights that are stylish and beautiful in order to enhance the overall ambiance of your home's bathroom space. Use Strip Lights Above the Mirror One place that needs significant lighting is the area right over a bathroom vanity mirror....   [tags: Placement, Shadows, Glare]

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Comparing and Contrasting Trends During the Baroque and Rococo Periods

- Historically, periodical inspired subjects, discoveries of new techniques and the intrapersonal desires and interests of the artists themselves have influenced artistic tendencies and dictated similar and diverse trends throughout artistic periods. The Baroque and Rococo periods are exemplarily periods to extensively compare and contrast trends in artists’ pieces and notice one’s influence in another’s paintings. Comparing the work of Baroque painters Michelangelo Caravaggio and Jan Vermeer to Romantic era painter Francisco de Goya, one can see trends that were developed and perfected, passed down from generation to generation over time; and also how each artist contributed personal attribu...   [tags: art, shadows, space]

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Plato's Use of Metaphor of Shadows in His Allegory of the Cave

- Plato's Use of Metaphor of Shadows in His Allegory of the Cave Plato uses his Allegory of the Cave to explain to people the awareness of his realm of forms. Plato uses the prisoners in the cave to symbolise the people without the knowledge of the Theory of Forms. Such prisoners would mistake appearance for reality. They would think the things they see on the wall (the shadows) were real; they would know nothing of the real causes of the shadows. The rare individual escapes the cave and, through a long journey-discovers a higher realm, a true reality, with an awareness of Goodness as the origin of everything that exists....   [tags: Papers]

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Dorian Gray And The Lady Of Shallot: Stepping Out Of The Shadows

- During one’s life, one must step out into the real world and experience all of what the world has to offer. In order to attain a well-balanced life both mentally and socially, one may seek any way possible to live life to the fullest. We were put on this earth to live- not just simply by breathing in and out everyday, and making life the best it can possibly be. It has been said that you have not really died if you have lived. This theory has been applied to several pieces of literature. In the book The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde and “The Lady of Shallot” by Alfred Lord Tennyson, two characters have not lived their life to the fullest extent....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Life of the Soul Revealed in Sailing to Byzantium and Shadows

- Life of the Soul Revealed in Sailing to Byzantium and Shadows         The view of death from an aged individual can be one of acceptance of his life’s end or one of mystified wonder over the immortality of the soul. Both William Butler Yeats and David Herbert Lawrence take the latter view in their respective poems, "Sailing to Byzantium" and "Shadows." By viewing death as a continuation of their soul’s life in a different realm of being, they provide a comforting solution to the fear that death may be the end of their existence....   [tags: Sailing Byzantium Essays]

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Free College Admissions Essays: Emerging from the Shadows

- Emerging from the Shadows She stands a staggering 5 feet 2 inches tall, weighs a massive 95 pounds, and has short, brown hair and brown eyes. I see my older sister Leslie. Others see a model of perfection. Don't get me wrong, my sister and I are close and have been inseparable since birth. My mother has kept pictures of us ranging from the time we shared a playpen as babies to just recently at Leslie's graduation. For seventeen years, we've shared every life experience imaginable, and we've dealt with the trials and tribulations that come with growing up....   [tags: College Admissions Essays]

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Comparing Barnabas And Dracula 's Dracula

- In the beginning of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Count Dracula buys properties in London, England to seduce Mina and impose mayhem in the exterior land. On the other hand, in Dark Shadows, Barnabas Collins is set free and returns to Collinwood, where his family are in of his protection. Therefore, to determine who the superior vampire is, one must make a comparison of Barnabas Collins and Count Dracula, and base it on their abilities, history, and motives. In addition, both Barnabas and Dracula share differences, as well as similarities when it comes to their vampiric abilities....   [tags: Vampire, Dracula, Dark Shadows, Dracula]

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I Would Have Never Discovered D. H. Lawrence 's Poem ' Shadows

- To be honest, I would have never discovered D. H. Lawrence’s poem, “Shadows,” had I not been moaning and groaning about a poetry assignment given to me by my professor. It was an accepted fact that poetry was not my forte. With great trepidation, I pulled out my behemoth of a poetry book, randomly flipped to an open page and immediately decided that this was the poem I would viciously dissect. Except, instead of painfully dragging my eyes from one word to another, I found myself pulled into Lawrence’s world of grief and of acceptance....   [tags: Poetry, Stanza, Death, Tercet]

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Creative Writing: The Shadows of the Past

- “Jacqui will stay overnight at my place. My mum looks very happy to meet her,” still lying in my bed, talking to Miss Rina, I tried to put aside the muddle Caroline has placed on my head. Her phone, I finally set on silent mode, to avoid disruption. She must be in panic now, searching for the missing gadget. Through my look over, the phone has only four numbers saved on it. Her number, which she gave me in the taxi, my number, one number indicated as house phone and the other one named mama’s handy....   [tags: Jacqui, rina, caroline]

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Depression: Out of the Shadows

- Everyone feels sad here and there, but for many people who experience depression those feelings can linger for years. Depression is a social disorder characterized by a depressed mood or a loss of interest or pleasure in daily activities, consistently for a 2 week period. “Depression is an under umbrella mood disorder that can cause people to feel hopeless, not have enough energy to get up and do things, it can affect people ability to live a day to day life , ranges from mild- severe or manic depression,” according to Valerie Labanca MFT....   [tags: health, social disorder]

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Divine Shadows

- There are two institutions which helped to define the Orthodox Christianity in the Middle Period of the Byzantine Empire (from the 7th to the 11th century AD). Monasticism was one of them. The development of ecclesiastical eunuchs is another. The place of religious eunuchs in this period is one of great interest. There is an increase in both the establishment of eunuchs in the overall ecclesiastical structure of the Byzantine Church and in the hagiographical stories (known as vitas, or lives) of this time period....   [tags: Religion]

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Mental Illnes in the Documentary Out of the Shadows, Questions and Answers

- ... She felt as though her mother drove her to it, and still resents her mother for that to this day. The younger daughter thought as though it was “normal.” She thought that was how all mothers made their daughters feel, so she never told anyone that anything was wrong at home – not even her own sister or father. After her suicide attempt, it became apparent that the household Millie had been providing for her family was unsafe. Millie’s mental illness tore her family apart. In the beginning, Millie’s daughters placed the blame on their mother, but it was really her mental illness that caused this – Millie had no control over this because she was undiagnosed for so long....   [tags: analysis, normal person]

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Strong Shadows

- 1. I believe that Dr. Zuger chose the people she did because she was trying to get a large amount of differences of infections the patients could contract and also show the patients' similarities in lifestyle and the similarities in the way in which they grew up to try and educate people on the lifestyle one must live to put oneself at higher risk for contracting this terrible disease. The characters all seemed to have come from a home without much love from their family members, or they had something major missing in their life that could have caused a great amount of stress not normally experienced in an average person's life....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Exploring William Butler Yeats' The Shadowy Water and Adam's Curse

- "What is madness but a translation out of essence but into the abysses of the exterior interior?" - Antonin Artaud In his 1901 essay entitled "Magic", the Irish poet William Butler Yeats formulated a conception of aesthetic work directly rooted in the ancient labors of the magician and the priest. His fundamental beliefs, beliefs which would shape the entirety of his life and literary career, can be summarized in the following points: (1) That the borders of our mind are ever shifting, and that many minds can flow into one another, as it were, and create or reveal a single mind, a single energy....   [tags: The Shadowy Water Essays]

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The Marginalized Tuareg of Mali

- The Tuareg people are a historically nomadic ethnic group who have populations throughout Mali, Algeria, Libya, Niger, and Burkina Faso. In the past year the Tuareg’s strides for a state of their own has attracted the notice of the international community, particularly their strides in Mali. This conflict has involved many players from the international community and does not seem to have an end in sight. Unrest has plagued Mali for quite some time, this nation has had a series of coups and ousted leaders since freedom from the French in 1959....   [tags: Mali war of the Shadows]

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The Shadow Of The Moon

- In the Shadow of the Moon is a film about the most beautiful and incredible adventure in human history. It narrates the story of 12 fortunate American men who were able to walk upon the moon surface. They were the first human beings to stand on another world. The film reveals the astronauts experiences and memories for stepping on the moon. They share their stories, feelings, toughs and joy for stepping on the moon and travel through space. The film also portrays the beautiful scenes of the earth and the moon taken from space....   [tags: Apollo 11, Neil Armstrong, Moon, Apollo program]

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Shadowy Lines that Still Divide by Janny Scott

- Focusing your life solely on making a buck shows a certain poverty of ambition. It asks too little of yourself. Because it's only when you hitch your wagon to something larger than yourself that you realize your true potential. -Barack Obama Imagine if you could see a whole city from your home; it stretches as far as the eye can see and has just house after house. Some houses are white, some are red, some are blue, and so on. This seems fairly normal and you might think I’m describing a housing development or something like it....   [tags: class matters, David Leonhardt]

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The Shadow Unmanned Aerial System

- The Shadow Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) is composed of 8 systems, four RQ-7B or Shadow Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), two Ground Control Stations (GCS), one Portable Ground Control Station (PGCS), two Ground Data Terminals (GDT), two Tactical Automated Landing Systems (TALS), four One Sys Remote Viewing Terminals (OSRVT), an Air Vehicle Transport (AVT), and a Maintenance Support Multifunction (MSM) maintenance vehicle. The RQ-7B has a flight endurance of up to 9 hours, an operating range of 109 KM and a service ceiling of 15,000 ft....   [tags: Military Technology ]

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A Shadow of Doubt: A Short Story

- Brady stood at the foot of the old grimy window staring into the dusk sky waiting to for the familiar sound of tires over gravel. Soon the crunching noise broke through peaceful summer night as the family car backed out of the garage and started down the long drive. As the bright red taillights of the car disappeared into the distance he couldn’t help but feel excited. Finally with his parents gone and no one coming over to watch over him, he had, for the first time, the whole house to himself....   [tags: Intruder, House, Boy]

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Shadow and Light Investigation Reflection

- I really enjoyed this weeks science investigation about shadows and light. In my experience, this science work doesn’t look like the science courses I have taken in my K-14 education. Generally, my science courses were focused more on memorization rather than exploration. In my elementary science class, I remember memorizing science concepts, looking up words in the glossary, writing reports, and reading and answering questions from the book. Also, we had science magazines, where we had to read the articles and fill out the answers....   [tags: Experiment Reflection]

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The Shadow on the Stone by Hardy

- The Shadow on the Stone by Hardy A man stands in front of a druid stone just as a reader stares at a brooding poem of love lost and fonder days remembered. “The Shadow on the Stone” gives insight into the psyche of Hardy after his first wife’s death, yet how does someone come to such a conclusion. Through the understanding of the strategic usage of several literary and poetic devices his audience is able to discern their pertinence to the comprehension of Hardy’s message. This poem is not necessarily difficult for the average reader to grasp, its value as a work of poetic prowess is found in the power of impression....   [tags: Shadow Stone Hardy Essays]

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Examples of the Shadow Archetype in Famous Literature

- Anger, selfishness, violent tendencies, the quest for uncontrollable power, and sexual desires are all undesirable traits which are frowned upon by society, and are concealed to avoid scrutiny. These traits can be referred to as one's shadow. The shadow is the repressed unconscious side of a personality (The Shadow Archetype). The shadow is considered to be a dark force because it consists of all the negative emotions and behaviors of an individual that they choose to hide in order to avoid society’s pressing judgment....   [tags: Repressed Subconscious, Dark Side]

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Carl Phillips 's Double Shadow

- For this assignment I elected to read a collection of works by a poet I have grown to become more and more familiar with, the ever so syntactically brilliant Carl Phillips and his collection of poems titled Double Shadow. As a poet, I have been influenced a fair amount by Carl since attending his reading a month ago on October 21st. So when it came to reading a collection of works, I chose to read one the books of poetry I bought from that same reading. With regards to Carl and his literary style, Carl has mastered something that I am striving to reach, not just in poetry, but as an artist and human in general....   [tags: Poetry, Wind, Stanza, Translation]

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Rape : An Outsider Hopping Out Of A Shadowy Place And Assaulting Someone

- At the point when individuals consider rape, they may picture an outsider hopping out of a shadowy place and assaulting somebody. Surprisingly, study shows only about a portion who are assaulted know the individual who assaulted them. This notorious action is recognized as date rape. Date rape is involuntary sex that can occur on a date or at a party with a person the casualty knows. It appears that females are presumably to be raped; however, it can transpire to men. Men are not always the suspects....   [tags: Rape, Date rape drug, Sexual intercourse]

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The Original Thriller Was Shadow of a Doubt Directed by Alfred Hitchcock

- Shadow of a Doubt is a thriller directed by Alfred Hitchcock that was released in 1943. The film is about a normal family, named the Newton’s, who live in Santa Rosa, California. They receive an unexpected telegram that their Uncle Charlie is coming to visit. The family is excited, especially Charlie Newton who is the older daughter in the Newton family and even named after her Uncle. Coincidentally, when Charlie went down to the post office to make a telegram for her Uncle Charlie she found out he had already sent one himself that he was coming to town....   [tags: killer, violence, suspicious]

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Shadow And Custodial President

- Shadow and Custodial Presidents Grant (1868) – Cleveland (1892) Throughout the history of the world there have been many people remembered for their actions and a great deal more forgotten for no real reason. This does not exempt more recent history. After the American Civil War, six lesser-known Presidents, Grant, Hayes, Garfield, Arthur, Cleveland, and Harrison, have been given titles of either shadow or custodial presidents. A shadow, is a section of darkness, or a part that follows behind....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Shadow

- I felt myself being picked up from my cot. My eyes were swollen from the torrents of tears that I had cried. Strong muscular arms held me tight. I knew better than to feel safe, only harm came my way. I hiccuped into the person's chest. The way I was acting was not the way of a twenty year old, but of a toddler. The halls were long and narrow and bright lights only made them seem longer. Becoming bored with being held, I reached up to my head and much to my surprise I had hair. Searching the rest of my body I soon came to realize it must have been a dream....   [tags: Creative Writing Essays]

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In the Shadow of a Titan

- Discomfort and chaos are the handmaidens of change and whilst change ultimately brings about boundless opportunities for new beginnings, the end of the Cold War and the demise of the two block system did not herald the creation of a more stable and balanced world order as many political commentators speculated. This essay will critically analyses the extent to which the post Cold War world order did not become more stable and balanced by illustrating the in-stability and conflict that erupted with the fall of the Soviet empire, and how the end of the cold war removed the blanket of stability, not just across the Central European and Balkans regions, but also the wider world....   [tags: World Civilization ]

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The Shadow Of A Gunman

- THE SHADOW OF A GUNMAN - Sean O'Casey The Shadow of a Gunman is the first play in Sean O'Casey's Dublin trilogy, first performed at the Abbey Theatre in 1923 - James Joyce's Ulysses had been published the year before. It is set in 1920, as the War of Independence rages. The other two Dublin plays are Juno and the Paycock [Peacock], and The Plough and the Stars, the latter of which caused a riot when first performed at the Abbey because nationalists in the audience resented O'Casey's hostile portrayal of the revolutionaries of the 1916 Easter Rising....   [tags: Sean O'Casey]

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Shadow Lines by Amitav Ghosh

- Amitav Ghosh’s Shadow Lines challenges our understanding of points of reference by examining the shadowy borders between the self and other’s perceptions of the self. The narrator portrays Tridib’s internal struggle to become a heroic, active figure in contrast to the passive figure that May believes him to be. Ghosh explores Tridib’s attempts to create a coherent self-identity by considering what it means to be considered a success, what qualities constitute a hero, and how one can reconcile the conflict between one’s active and passive characteristics....   [tags: story and character analysis]

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The Shadow of the Galilean," by Gerd Theissen

- The book, "The Shadow of the Galilean," by Gerd Theissen is based on the story of Jesus through a historical and fictional perspective. Gerd assists the readers to imagine what life was like during the time of Jesus with historical facts and with his mythical creativity. The stories that are told throughout the narrative are events from the Bible and are experiences with people who were actually recorded in the Gospels, but with a twist of fictional characters and expeditions. The main character in Theissen’s narrative is a merchant named Andreas, who had never met Jesus personally, but later couldn’t help the fact that he was always running into Jesus' "shadow" throughout his travels throug...   [tags: jesus, andreas, pilate]

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The Shadow Lines by Amitav Ghosh

- OED defines diaspora as “the dispersion or spread of any people from their homeland”. This notion of 'homeland' and whether this helps to form your cultural identity is problematic, as we question who or what defines you. Is it really true that home helps fundamentally form your sense of self and your conception of identity and therefore your cultural identity. If you have a sense of self does that help form a strong cultural identity. Do we need to have 'real' territory to have cultural identity or can imaginative geography and history help intensify ones cultural identity and belongingness....   [tags: the name sake, jhumpa lahiri]

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The Shadow of the Galilean by Gerd Theissen

- • The Shadow of the Galilean by Gerd Theissen is a fictional narrative about a Jewish merchant, Andreas, searching for information about a group of people known as Essenes, John the Baptist, and Jesus of Nazareth. While traveling through Jerusalem Andreas was imprisoned by the Romans thinking he was a part of a demonstration against Polite when his mission was to find Jesus. Andreas writes, “I never met Jesus on my travels through Galilee. I just found traces of him everywhere: anecdotes and stories, traditions and rumors....   [tags: jews, jerusalem, john the baptist]

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Analysis Of ' The Shadow Of Illness '

- In the Shadow of Illness, the book describes different experiences of families who have or had children with cystic fibrosis (CF). CF is an inherited disease that is passed on from the mother or father who is a carrier, but doesn’t have the condition. Doctors have figured that in this scenario, the parents are likely to have a child with CF. Individuals with CF have to take Cotazymes to help the pancreas digest food. If the person does not take these enzymes, the food goes straight through them as diarrhea....   [tags: Family, Mother, Sibling, Doctor]

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The Shadow Of The Wind By Carlos Zafon

- The bible avers that children have to live with the iniquities of their parents ( ). The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Zafón is a window into how the sins of parents impact the lives of their children. In the novel, Penelope, Julián, and Fumero all suffer from the sins of their parents. Penelope and Julián both suffer from the fornication in which both their parents were involved in to create Julián. For Fumero it was the sins in which his mother inflicted on him that made him comparable to a psychopath....   [tags: Father, Mother, Parent, Family]

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`` Shadow Of Doubt `` By Alfred Hitchcock

- What truly is happiness. When will one become completely and utterly satisfied with the life he or she presently lives. Alfred Hitchcock’s definition of happiness is, a clear horizon. By this, he meant that to truly obtain happiness one must live with no worries or not allowing negativity surrounding them to gain control of them. He explains that one cruel word said by someone can affect his mood and optimism immensely after it is said. Hitchcock doesn’t stand alone regarding his theory of happiness either....   [tags: Anxiety, Worry, Happiness, Time]

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Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo

- Shadow and bone” without a single doubt is probably one of the best book as myself have read for in a long while, back than as a teenage, myself was not use to reading suck big book as often as I should as a teenager , but once you get into the book, there is no going back. The book was made by Leigh Bardugo who was born on Jerusalem, and she was pretty must raise in Los Angeles, believe or not it was actually her first novel she wrote after finishing college at Yale university. It all starts with our main protagonist Alina Starkov, who later discover the only thing she never know about herself, so choosing her own power Alina was giving a choice to save the world and save her love one from...   [tags: love, teenager, yale university]

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The Shadow of Greatness of Jimmy Collins

- There have been countless books, lectures, and and trainings, and retreats constructed around the idea of cultivating leadership in an individual. However, cultivating individuals’ ability to follow great leadership has received far less attention. Who are these people leading if each person within an organization is being trained to be a leader. The word follower has negative connotations, evoking the images of a weak, uncreative, milquetoast personality. However, Jimmy Collins, in his book, “Creative Followership: In the Shadow of Greatness”, suggests that the ability to be led brings as much creativity, consciousness, and indeed leadership to an organization or team as the leader himself...   [tags: creative followership, bible]

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The Girl And The Shadow Of Another

- To the Girl In the Shadow of Another Confident is something everyone tells us to be, some even say it is the key to success. On the contrary, I have always felt like confidence was something that was situational, one could be shining with confidence during a test but shaking with anxiety in social situations. In the first ten years of my life I was just like any other kid; I was absolutely positive that I was pretty much the best at everything in the world, and could achieve anything i wanted....   [tags: High school, Friendship, Confidence, Dance]

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Living in the Shadow of Terrorism

- “For most of [American] history, residents of the United States have never had to seriously consider the possibility of conventional interstate war on [American] soil or the possibility that nonstate terrorists could easily reach us on [American] soil” (Aber). On September 11th, 2001, a series of coordinated attacks by a group of terrorists known as al-Qaeda devastated the United States in a multitude of ways that define my generation. After “9/11,” members of Generation Y, including myself, were brought together under the shadow of terrorism – united in fear....   [tags: Terrorism Essays]

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Out of Mao's Shadow

- For several decades, since the death of Mao Zedong, dissidence among the public has increased against the single-party system of Mao’s Chinese Communist Party, or CCP. The CCP, which Mao co-founded, has ruled China since 1949 with little or no opposition party. The ruling party has long crushed dissent since its founding. Three authors have looked into the dissidence. The first is Merle Goldman in her analytical essay of the intellectual class in China entitled “China’s Beleaguered Intellectuals” (2009)....   [tags: Chinese Communist Party, Politics]

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Shadow Of A Doubt

- Shadow of a Doubt Shadow of a Doubt is an Alfred Hitchcock film that was shot on location in the 1940's town of Santa Rosa, California. The town itself is representative of the ideal of American society. However, hidden within this picturesque community dark corruption threatens to engulf a family. The tale revolves around Uncle Charlie, a psychotic killer whose namesake niece, a teenager girl named Charlie, is emotionally thrilled by her Uncles arrival. However her opinion slowly changes as she probes into her mysterious uncle....   [tags: essays research papers]

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shadow of a doubt

- Charlie-Horse In Shadow of a Doubt, Hitchcock utilizes and stretches the ambiguous line between comedy and suspense by utilizing smaller characters in the film to keep the story line moving, and to help break sequence or rhythm of what the audience had been perceiving at the time. Many of the minor characters were used as “fillers”, such as the waitress in the bar when Uncle Charlie and Charlie are sitting in the bar, and makes the comment “I would die for a ring like this”; or the quiet, gentle neighbor Herb who is fascinated with the process of homicide and murder....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Introduction of Greatness: Killzone, Shadow Zone

- It is the dawning of a new generation with the release of the PlayStation 4 and what better way to grab the attention of the gaming populace than with astonishing visuals. When it comes to releasing a new home console, having exciting software plays a vital role, but the best way to attract customers is through a more simple practice: visual attraction. Sony’s PS4 flagship title, Killzone: Shadow Fall, is a beauty when it comes to looks, but is there any substance to be found in this launch title....   [tags: video games]

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The Shadow of a Rainbow and Never Cry Wolf

- It has been said that the wolf is one of the most voracious and horrifying animals that exist in nature today. But, in all reality, is that actually true. One is unable to make an assumption such as this without a firsthand experience, or so that is expressed in In The Shadow of a Rainbow and Never Cry Wolf. Authors Robert Franklin Leslie and Farley Mowat make every attempt to convey the true nature of the wolf throughout their journeys, as they prove claims falsely accusing wolves, with documented evidence of complete vigilance....   [tags: Robert Franklin Leslie, Farley Mowat, Literature]

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