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Sexual Abuse in Children

- I know they will judge him, but I want someone out there to realize that my brother was scared and did the only thing he knew how to. My brother was just as badly raped and tortured as the other girls he had raped. My father sexually and physically abused my brother. I shared a room with my brother and I know for a fact what my brother had endured growing up. I know my father tied my brother up, beat him with belts, burned him and anything else you can think of that qualifies as torture I'm pretty sure covers it....   [tags: Sexual Abuse, argumentative, persuasive]

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The Trauma of Childhood Sexual Abuse

- An estimated 39 million survivors of childhood sexual abuse exist in America today (Darness2Light, 2009a ). This figure continues to grow daily as perpetrators of this crime continue in this destructive path. The definition of child sexual abuse is the force, coercion, or cajoling of children into sexual activities by a dominant adult or adolescent. Sexual abuse of children includes touching (physical) sexually including: fondling; penetration (vaginal or anal using fingers, foreign objects or offenders organs; oral sex, or non-physical contact including: sexual comments; indecent exposures; masturbating in a child’s presence; child prostitution or child pornography (Child Welfare, 2009a)....   [tags: children, sexual abuse, family, argumentative, per]

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The impact of Sexual Abuse on Children

- It was not until recent that studies would present the impact sexual abuse has had on children. Little is known about adults who have been sexually abused. A sexually abused child has been an unspoken phrase dating as far back as the early 1970s (Finkelhor, 1984). Studies on those children who have been sexually abused are rare, although they are presented at a disproportionate rate to their counterparts. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is based on official statistics which concurs with the preceding statement (Briere & Runtz 1986)....   [tags: Child Abuse, Physical Abuse]

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The Severity of Child Sexual Abuse

- Child abuse, while having many different forms and levels of severity, can be basically defined as the maltreatment of a child by a parent or other adult. When one thinks of child abuse, usually the first thing that comes to mind is physical harm, but the issue is actually much more complex. The abuse of a child can also be manifested in verbal and emotional forms, as well as in sexual molestation. All forms of child abuse generally result in similar emotional disorders and behavioral issues, but the major consequences of sexual abuse, such as mental or emotional scarring, promiscuity, and the tendency of former victims to become sexual abusers, cause it to be the most severely damaging for...   [tags: maltreatment, sexual molestation]

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The Effects of Childhood Sexual Abuse

- Child sexual abuse has been reported up to 80,000 times a year, but the number of unreported instances is far greater, because the children are afraid to tell anyone what has happened (American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry). Childhood sexual abuse is a traumatic experience affecting the lives of not only the victim, but those close to the victim as well. Many think there is only one person truly traumatized, but in fact, everyone involved is affected. The victim has to deal with their experience the rest of their lives....   [tags: child abuse, argumentative, persuasive]

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Sexual Abuse Agains the Elderly

- Overview: As of 2010, 13% of the United States population was 65 years of age or older (National Center on Elder Abuse, 2014). Men and women today are living longer and want to remain in their own homes as long as they possibly can, rather than reside in a nursing home or an assisted living facility. In order for these men and women to remain at home, they need support and resources, as there are a number of different types of abuse against elderly men and women. These types of abuse including physical abuse, verbal/emotional abuse, financial exploitation, and even the rare occasion of sexual abuse that occurs at home....   [tags: Offenders, Vulnerability, Abuse]

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Sexual Abuse on Children

- Sexual abuse on children is becoming more known in the United States as the years go on. The number of reports and children involved in these reports are shocking and disturbing. According to National Child Abuse Statistics (2013), three million reports a year are being reported with six million children involved in these child abuse cases in the United States, with 9.1 percent of those cases being sexual abuse. Children are being sexually abused in one or more ways and the warning signs can help save these children to prevent the after effects of the sexual abuse brought on by their offenders....   [tags: child abuse, United States, behavior, effect]

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Child Sexual Abuse: The Detrimental Effects

- Sexual violence is the most common violent crime in many countries, where acquaintance violence is dramatically becoming more prevalent than stranger violence. Acquaintance violence is defined as assaults in which “the victim knew one or more of the offenders at least by sight, but not involving partners, ex-partners, household members, and other relatives” (Mattinson, 2001). Child sexual abuse is largely becoming a problem that affects children of all ages, genders, and cultural backgrounds, furthermore most cases are committed by men who were at some point involved in the child’s life....   [tags: sexual violence, posttraumatic symptoms]

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Childhood Sexual Abuse

- Childhood sexual abuse, as defined by the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA, 1996), includes using persuasion, enticement, and other inducements to coerce a child to engage in sexually explicit conduct or simulation of sexual acts. Survivors of sexual abuse frequently have a legacy of both psychological and physical problem throughout life. There has been considerable literature published in the past 20 years focusing on the long-term consequences of childhood sexual abuse. Survivors cannot be stereotyped....   [tags: Ethical Issues, Sexual Trauma, Depression]

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Sexual Coercion: Abuse and Perceptions

- History of Abuse Predicting Current Experiences and Perceptions of Sexual Coercion  Sexual aggression among college students has been a popular topic of examination for the past three decades. One of the reasons for the repeated analysis is the fact that sexual aggression remains a common and enduring experience among college students. An early survey on this topic found that 54% of college women reported experiencing some sort of sexual victimization (Koss, Gidycz, & Wisniewski, 1987). That same year, Muehlenhard and Linton reported that 78% of female college students experienced some sort of sexual coercion and 15% reported experiencing a rape....   [tags: Sexual Issues, argumentative, persuasive]

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The Effects of Sexual Abuse of Children

- Sexual Abuse of Children Sexual abuse is a very common and prevalent problems in the United States. Approxmately 80,0000 cases of child abuse are reported every year. ("Child sexual abuse," 2011) However, these numbers may not be accurate. Several cases of sexual abuse go unreported. “It is estimated that one in four women are sexually abused during the childhood” ("Definitions, scope, and,"). The actual number of sexually abused males is vastly underreported, but it estimated that possibly “one in six males are sexually abused as children”("Definitions, scope, and," ) ....   [tags: children, incestuous, pornography]

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Sexual Abuse in Childhood and Adolescence

- Sexual Abuse in Childhood and Adolescence Reason for Choosing Topic When this assignment was given at the beginning of the quarter, I had no idea what I was going to write about. The realm of family violence and child abuse is so broad that I had to take a step back and look at the various topics and ways I could take this paper. I eventually chose sexual abuse in childhood and adolescence because I have never been able to grasp why the perpetrators think what they are doing is right, and if they realize what they are doing is wrong why they do not stop their actions....   [tags: effects on self-steem, assumptions]

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The Consequences of Childhood Sexual Abuse

- Introduction Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) constitutes a very small amount of cases, but nonetheless it is extremely detrimental for children. Studies evaluated the consequences of childhood sexual abuse and revealed that such traumatic experiences can harm the child physically, psychologically, and emotionally. The disturbing experiences can also negatively impact the child during their adolescence and adulthood. The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes child maltreatment as physical and emotional abuse, negligence, and commercial or other exploitation of children (Smallbone, Marshall, & Wortley, 2011)....   [tags: traumatic experience, maltreatment]

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The Treatment of Child Sexual Abuse

- Child sexual abuse is a social crisis of significant magnitude (Lipovsky & Hanson, 2007). This type of abuse has been found to be correlated with the advancement of an extensive range of mental health and social problems in children and adults (Kemp, Signal, Botros, Taylor, & Prentice, 2014). Child sexual abuse is the term used when an adult uses a child or adolescent for his own sexual gratification or pleasure (Ratican, 1992). Furthermore, a frequent expression of childhood sexual abuse is control over the abused child (Lipovsky & Hanson, 2007)....   [tags: social crisis, offender, perpetrator]

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Child Sexual Abuse and Resiliency

- Research Paper Childhood Sexual Abuse and Resiliency The lasting effects of childhood sexual assault into adulthood can be debilitating is resiliency possible. I chose this topic because it is of great interest to me I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. Upon starting the research, I had preconceived notions of what would be found. Lasting effects can be, low self-esteem, sexual promiscuity, sexual issues, attachment issues, suppression of the abuse, PTSD, grieving a lost childhood, and a feeling of always wanting to be in control of situations....   [tags: Psychology, argumentative, persuasive]

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Suffering in Silence: Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

- ... This is why many cases aren’t discovered or reported till years later. Some are not reported at all. (Child Sexual Abuse Facts) Many consider the abuse of a child worse than murder. puts it at number four in the top ten crimes humans can commit, outranking robbery at number eight and even terrorism, number five. (Top Ten Worst Crimes) But even though all upstanding citizens would protest these heinous crimes against America’s youth, they are much more common in the states than one might think....   [tags: sexual gratification, psychological damages]

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Sexual Abuse of Slave Women

- A slave woman's body was not of her own, but for property, for control, and for pleasure of the one who owned her. In Gayl Jones's Corregidora, Four generations endure the brutal and harshness of sexual and emotional abuse from slavery to marriage. This trickling factor of abuse must be continuously retold and soon manages to uncover a secret that has been kept silence from the very beginning. Gayl Jones illustrates that future generations of men and women are affected by the sexual exploitations that women in slavery experienced....   [tags: Slavery, argumentative, persuasive]

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Does Sexual Abuse in Adolescents Lead to Homosexuality?

- This study is about whether there is a correlation between physical and sexual abuse in adolescents becoming homosexual. Throughout past research there has been no direct correlation in stating is does cause adolescents to become homosexual. The event of someone changing their sexual identity is when they gone through some traumatic situation in their life. The tests we ran for this study are The Life Experience Questionnaire, The Lesbian Internalized Homophobic Scale, and The Acceptance and Action Questionnaire....   [tags: Physical Abuse and Gays]

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Catholic Sexual Abuse Scandals

- If you are a Christian who is deeply rooted in your faith, when something negative happens to you, one of the first thing that you do is turn to your spiritual adviser for guidance and counseling. The guidance offered by your spiritual advisor will help you get through the difficult time of physiological, physical and spiritual damage. Priests and parishioners are both damaged in the Catholic sexual abuse scandals. Often the media will focus on what happens to the priests at the end of their trials....   [tags: Ethics, argumentative, persuasive]

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Sexual Abuse on Women

- Sexual abuse, also known as sexual assault, is any sort of sexual activity that one doesn’t agree to which includes, inappropriate touching, vaginal, anal, or oral penetration, sexual intercourse that one says no to, rape, attempted rape, as well as child molestation. Sexual abuse is usually verbal or visual. It can also be anything that forces a person to be in unwanted sexual contact. There are many examples of sexual abuse like voyeurism, exhibitionism, incest, and sexual harassment. Voyeurism means when a person has sexual interest in people that are engaged in private intimate behaviors....   [tags: Sex Crimes]

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Developing A Child Sexual Abuse Treatment Program

- The purpose of this study is to develop a child sexual abuse treatment program is to create awareness among overall community members towards child rights protection and child safety. It plans to implement this program in the schools of the county of Florida; Okeechobee. Introduction Child abuse is the biggest curse for any society. It has become a major issue for discussion due to its seriousness and brutality. Through research it has been found that one out of ten children has the probability to get abused before the age of 18 years....   [tags: depression, substance abuse]

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Childhood Sexual Abuse Victims at Risk for Becoming Adult Sexual Offenders

- Resiliency Some studies have been done to examine the resiliency of victims of CSA. Resiliency can be defined as the ability of a person to adjust to adverse life events or circumstances, or possibly both (Lambie, Seymour, Lee, & Adams, 2002). In terms of CSA, resiliency refers to the ability of a victim to “snap back” into normal life and to successfully cope with the sexual trauma they have been through. When this resiliency is absent, individuals have a hard time adjusting back to normal life and often act out as a result....   [tags: resiliency, sexual deviancy]

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Sexual Abuse and Young Children

- As reported in Child Maltreatment 2013, out of the estimated 905,000 victims of child abuse and neglect reported in the United States in 2013, 8.8% were victims of sexual abuse. 1 This means that in that year over 79,600 children were sexually abused in the United States. “There is general agreement among mental health and child protection professionals that child sexual abuse is not uncommon and is a serious problem in the United States.” 2 Sexual abuse has a very broad definition. According to the American Psychological Association, “a central characteristic…is the dominant position of an adult that allows him or her to force or coerce a child into sexual activity.” 3 The Child Abuse Pre...   [tags: Child Abuse Essays]

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Child Sexual Abuse

- Child Sexual Abuse Sexual abuse to a child at times is confusing to the family. Families who are affected by sexual abuse to a child tend to have a difficult time talking about the abuse. About one out of every four girls and one out of every five boys are sexually abused by the time they are 18 years old. Sexual abuse to children happens across every socioeconomic status, ethnic, cultural, religion and education. Getting treatment for a victim of child sexual abuse is a difficult process because of the lack of trust by the child....   [tags: pedophile, adolescent therapy, molestation]

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Child Sexual Abuse

- From the beginning of a child’s life, he/she holds the key to their own destiny. However, this is no longer the case when child sexual abuse is brought in as a factor. In surveys conducted, it was indicated that six percent to sixty-two percent of women and two percent to fifteen percent of men have been victims of sexual abuse as a child (Finkelhor 79). That was not their choice. Abuse is the result of force - not from a person’s willingness to fulfill an act. Victims also have to cope with the aftereffects brought onto them by their attackers....   [tags: Victims, Attackers, Force, Children, Women]

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Childhood Sexual Abuse

- ... Later on that same year, George forced himself on her again, under the guise of an anatomy lesson. When Catherine tried to fight back, he pulled a knife out and threatened to slit her throat. At the age of fourteen, she was raped by her father…in front of her drunk and unsympathetic mother. By seventeen, her father had impregnated her twice and performed two at-home procedures to abort the pregnancies. Perhaps the most grotesque incident, however, occurred when Catherine was thirteen-years-old....   [tags: crimes, children, rapist, society]

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Childhood Sexual Abuse

- Introduction Studying how sexual abuse in childhood effects a person socioemotionally develops through their young adult years is especially important. This is so because young adulthood is already difficult because it is a hard transition period in which they are no longer a child and need to function in the adult world. It is known that childhood sexual abuse has a huge impact on most of the child victims to the point where when they are adults they have developed differently in at least the socioemotional aspect (Schilling, Aseltine, & Gore, 2007)....   [tags: self-steem, anxiety, trauma, academic success]

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The Causes of Low Conviction Rate for Sexual Offenders

- ... One such effect may be a heightened sense of attention directed to the local sex offender, while a deprivation of attention given to a known person that regularly interacts with children (Craun & Theriot, 2009). There is a surfeit of data stating that the typical sex offender is someone known by the victim to some degree. Despite 30% of participants believing a stranger was more likely to commit a sexual offense when compared to a known person, over 50% of participants expressed equal concern that both a stranger and known person can be potential sex offenders (Craun & Theriot, 2009)....   [tags: sexual abuse, sexual violations]

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Effective Treatments for Child Sexual Abuse

- Child sexual abuse (CSA) is a concept we, as a society, have a difficult time defining. There is a great deal of variation in the definitions of sexual abuse from agency to agency and state to state as well as in research and literature. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, 2010) explains sexual abuse consists of but is not limited to touching, exposing children to sexual activity or content, and rape (p.1). This is only one of many definitions for sexual abuse. Sexual abuse can also consist of showing children sexual content, committing sexual acts in front of the child, photographing or videotaping children in an indecent manner, encouraging children to commit sexual acts,...   [tags: individual or group therapy approach]

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Child Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church

- In over a period of years, an increasing amount of attention has been shed to the problem of child sexual abuse in the church. While churches, and other facilities which care for children, have had their experience of this problem, most attention has been brought to the abuse in the Catholic Church. Around the world, case after case has been seen in the press of clergy and members of religious orders being charged with sex offenses against children. Some of these cases go back decades....   [tags: Pervert Priests]

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The Heinous Act of Child Sexual Abuse

- Although the heinous act of child sex abuse (CSA) carries no universal definition, the features that usually constitute such abuse is the presence of a dominant adult who may force or coerce a child into any form of physical or non-physical sexual exploitation. Attempts have been made to catergorise the various levels of abuse that can occur which include; non-contact, genital touching, attempted penetration and the act of penetration (Martin & Silverstone, 2013). Despite accurate attempts in the catergorisation of abuse, these same attempts were produced alongside the argument that the majority of CSA occurs “below the surface” and echoes a widely held misconception that, child sex abuse re...   [tags: hidden and invisible crime, exploitation]

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Protecting Children from Sexual Abuse

- Introduction The purpose of this paper is to provide counselors with an accurate analysis of the prevention programs that have been implemented to protect elementary age children from sexual abuse. This paper will discuss the benefits and limitations of various prevention programs and provide guidance to counselors to help them sort through the research. It is important for counselors to understand what programs work and what aspects of those programs are most effective. This paper will also discuss ways that counselors can educate communities that are at risk for child sexual abuse....   [tags: Child Development ]

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Children Sexual Exploitation in Thailand

- ... Many children are trafficked through criminal network into or within the country often involving border police and immigration officials who transport them to brothels across Thailand. Many children are persuaded to come into the country with promises of jobs but since they don't speak the Thai language they are exposed to physical abuse, violence and exploitation. According to the Thai tradition the first duty of a girl is to support her family by any means. Therefore in order to pay off family debts many girls have been obliged to work as prostitutes or sometimes even to marry their abusers....   [tags: sexual abuse of minors]

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Sexual Assault of Children

- Introduction Sexual assault of children by adults is an epidemic that has reached significant proportion. According to Raymond Webster PhD, child sexual abuse “is typically defined as involving either actual physical or nonphysical contact experiences between a child and an adult in which the child is subjected to sexually based exploitation, humiliation, or degradation (Webster, 2004). “The sexual abuse and exploitation of children is one of the most vicious crimes conceivable, a violation of mankind’s most basic duty to protect the innocent, James T....   [tags: Sociology, Sexual Abuse]

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Sexal Abuse in America

- Throughout the United States, sexual abuse is more common that one may think and is not always understood to it’s full definition. In fact, in her book, Why Me. Help for Victims of Child Sexual Abuse (Even If They Are Adults Now), Lynn B. Daugherty, Ph.D., states that one in every four children are subject to some type of sexual abuse by the time they are eighteen years old. That means twenty-five percent of children some form of sexual abuse before they are adults. Although it is often thought of as physical harm during sexual intercourse, there is much more to sexual abuse than that....   [tags: Child Sexual Abuse, Victims of Sexual Abuse]

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Overview and Effects of Child Abuse

- Child abuse in American today is amongst the most saddened topics of mankind. Many children are subjected to neglect and abuse on a daily basis. The sex and age of child makes no difference when it comes to child abuse.. Boys and girls are equally likely to suffer maltreatment. The problem is how often child abuse goes unreported. Millions of children across the world are abused in some way, whether it is verbal, emotional, physical or sexual. Child abuse has been happening all over the world to young children, however many children keep this a secret because of fear of what could happen....   [tags: Family Violence, Sexual Abuse]

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Suffering of the Innocent: Child Abuse

- "One in four females and one in six males will be sexually abused before his or her 18th birthday" (Nojadera 21). These staggering statistics illuminate the issue of child abuse as one of the most profound problems in society. The astonishingly high rate of maltreatment occurrences at an early age makes one wonder why the topic is not addressed more often. Often going unnoticed by everyone around them, children are enduring unimaginable suffering every day . Many victims feel completely alone because there is no one with whom they feel safe....   [tags: sexual abuse, domestic violence]

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Effects of Sexual Abuse on Children

- A Brief Study of Sexual Abuse of Children and it's Causes and Effects Sexual abuse of children and infants is sadly as universal and old as the human race itself. But it is only in recent years that much more attention has been paid to the pervasive instance of sexual abuse among children, the majority of which occurs in the family setting. Pedophiles usually manifest signs that are readily identified. Common signs are: repetitive conversations about the sexual activities of children or teens, and excessive masturbation to include breaking from normal daily activities to masturbate....   [tags: Psychology]

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Sexual Abuse In the Catholic Church

- The Catholic Church is right now struggling with a very serious and grave scandal, Sexual Abuse of catholic priests and Paedophilia. Within the last year the Catholic Church has had to dispense over 100 million dollars in sexual abuse settlements*** (find source). However, the crisis became mainstream when two Catholic priests in Boston were accused of abusing over 100 boys and young men. The church worldwide has felt repercussions from this scandal. In fact, it even resulted in the call of all American cardinals who are healthy enough to travel to a summit in the Vatican with Pope John Paul the second....   [tags: Paedophilia Catholic Church]

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Sexual Abuse and Eating Disorders

- Sexual Abuse and Eating Disorders The possible relationship between sexual abuse and the development of an eating disorder has gained attention over the last few years. Researchers have attempted to clarify this potential link using a variety of population samples and research methodologies. As will be shown, the results of these investigations are rather diverse and sometimes inconclusive. In the following review of the literature, the complex relationship between sexual abuse and eating disorders will be examined while also discussing the methodological limitations of the various designs....   [tags: Health Violence Papers]

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Child Sexual Abuse in America

- Child sexual abuse is forced, tricked, or coerced sexual behavior between a young person and an older person. Sexual abuse may consist of any one of the following acts: nudity, disrobing, genial exposer, observation of the child, kissing, fondling, masturbation, oral genital contact, child pornography, and vaginal or anal intercourse. There is no rule governing the age range between a victim and a perpetrator. However, when the perpetrator is under 18 years of age, often age discrepancy of five years has been required to verify cases of sexual abuse where there was no force involved....   [tags: Papers]

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Detecting and Treatng Childhood Emotional Abuse

- Despite the high volume of empirical research available on child abuse, the exact model of negative outcome development and the solution models are not yet clear, so researchers often propose longitudinal studies to discover the courses of psychological development after abuse and the exact age of onset for disorders that stem from childhood abuse. However, there is no doubt that the scope and severity of child abuse is a crucial factor in developing negative outcomes, so the issue should be addressed immediately....   [tags: sexual abuse prevention]

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A Critical Analysis Exploring Sexual Abuse and its Effects

- The sexually abused child: a critical analysis exploring sexual abuse and its effects. This essay will aim to explore and evaluate sexual abuse and its possible detrimental impacts on a child. Although there is no evidence by any one persons or any data to describe what may account for abuse and what sexual abuse is, there are four main types of child abuse; emotional abuse, sexual abuse , physical abuse and neglect. (NSPCC 2010). The type of abuse that will be closely analysed in this essay is sexual abuse....   [tags: children, psychological, depression]

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Couples Therapy for Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

- As many as one in three females have experienced sexual abuse by the age of 18 (Russell, 1986). Many survivors of childhood sexual abuse (CSA) experience negative psychological symptoms (Browne & Finkelhor, 1986; Kendall-Tackett, Williams, L. M., & Finkelhor, 1993). These women may later in life engage in relationships. The negative impact of sexual abuse could result in challenges faced by the relationship due to shame and difficulty with trust (Kochka & Carolan, 2002; MacIntosh & Johnson, 2008)....   [tags: Therapy]

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Preventing Child and Sexual Abuse

- Preventing Child and Sexual Abuse The manchild is the most helpless compared to the little ones of all other species. To begin with, it has to depend for all its needs, locomotion, food, protection, etc., on others. Later, its thinking mind further complicates affairs. Unlike animals, whose sole purpose in life is survival, the child learns the necessity of satisfying many people. First it is the mother than the father too, then the school-teacher and later, friends, boyfriend /girlfriend, wife/ husband and the society in general, if it is to have a successful life....   [tags: Papers]

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Different Types of Child Abuse

- Shivering and trembling, she lay in fear curled up in a ball on the cold, hard ground, wondering what she had done to experience this sort of torture. Crying out for help, screaming stop, nothing seemed to work. Bluish purple bruises covered her arms, her face completely swollen, her legs full of welts; she lay thinking death would be a better option than what she had just been through. What is wrong with me. What did I do. No one wants to help me. They are my parents why do they not love me. Those are all some of the few thoughts that cross the minds of child abuse victims....   [tags: physical abuse, sexual abuse, negglect]

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Long Term Effects of Childhood Sexual Abuse

- Children have resilience unlike any other group of people. They have the ability to heal quicker than someone does that has a better understanding of what it is to heal. Yet, when a child is sexual abused, something happens to that resilience. It isn’t as easy to pull through. That healing doesn’t come as easy and the damage that is caused by sexual abuse to a child is long-term. Effects of childhood sexual abuse are extensive. This extensive damage can lead to a number of different outlets. These outlets tend to be destructive....   [tags: STI, sexuality, resilience of minors]

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Therapy Focused on Children Affected by Sexual Abuse

- Sexual abuse is a complicated term due to the ambiguity and the lack of normativity; sometimes a definition would include specific conducts that not necessarily express the idea at its best. Different states in the United States have different normativity in regards to the topic as well. To Paris Goodyear-Brown sexual abuse in children “will be defined as any sexual activity involving a child in which the child is unable or unwilling to give consent” (2012 p. 4). This way the term is fixed in an abroad manner and can be easily accommodated to a situation in particular....   [tags: victim, treatment, survivor]

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Child Sexual Abuse: The Repressed Memories Recovered

- Within the last few decades there has been an increase in public awareness concerning child sexual abuse. Child abuse is defined as intentional acts that result in physical or emotional harming. However most people don’t understand that there are different forms a child abuse; they include physical, neglect, and sexual abuse. Child abuse is widespread, one that most topics people would rather not think about. For the longest time individuals have been in denial because it’s easier when everyone believes that they live in a perfect world....   [tags: psychological analysis]

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The Effect of Childhood Sexual Abuse during Adulthood

- The Effect of Childhood Sexual Abuse during Adulthood The effects of childhood sexual abuse carry on with the children forever. To what extent and to what effect does abuse have on children during adulthood. What are the main issues that adults have been abused suffer from in adulthood. Do they have more of a physical issue with preforming with their partner in the bedroom or do they have more of a mental block due to their trauma. The world had been asking these questions for far too long and we need answers on how helping the children of our world....   [tags: psychology, molestation, behavioral science]

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Poster Presentation on Child Sexual Abuse Prevention

- Procedure: Nowadays Society seems to have a problem dealing with child sexual abuse. It seems to appear almost daily and sorrowful is it often happens with incest. In order that children and adolescents, regardless of their race, culture, or economic status, appear to be at approximately equal risk for sexual victimization. Moreover child sexual abuse becomes an issue that makes people extremely uncomfortable, because it hurts to think about anyone harming children. However, unreported or untreated child sexual abuse not only scars children and destroys families, such as teen pregnancy is a long-term, expensive societal problem....   [tags: Prevention, Meeting]

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Lack of Child Sexual Abuse prevention knowledge in China

- CSA in China Child maltreatment has been a common social phenomenon throughout Chinese for a long history. Traditionally, Filia piety (xiao) has been leading Chinese family ethical values for thousand years in China, that children are taught the importance of respect and obedience to their parents. With a heavy influence from Confucianism, the Chinese people believe that the family reputation is always more important than the individuals (Minli, Alvin, Amelia, Jun, & Kaishan, 2011). And derived from sexual conservatism, any types of sexual issues are considered as “family shame” and intend to kept secrets within the family (Chen, Dunne, & Han, 2007)....   [tags: chinese politics, social phenomenon]

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Long-Term Effects of Child Sexual Abuse

- Introduction This paper outlines the consequences of child sexual abuse (CSA) based on the examination of results from multiple researches previously fulfilled concerning the psychological and physical impact of this crime, information of statistics, warning signs detected, victims’ performances, and emotional state. Sexual abuse causes severe trauma on child victims that will last for the course of their lives, therefore it is critical to identify and improve the therapeutic methods utilized to treat CSA survivors....   [tags: Child Trauma, Theurapetic Treatment]

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Child Sexual Abuse Prevention

- Child Sexual Abuse Prevention The purpose of this literature review is to evaluate the information that has been collected in the area of child sexual abuse prevention. From the research studies critically examined, a decision will be made as to what areas improvements need to be made in, in order to adequately outfit children, teachers and child care workers with the skills and knowledge to help prevent child sexual abuse. An exploratory study entitled “Child Sexual Abuse Prevention” was conducted by Michele Elliott of Kidscape Charity for Children’s Safety, London England and also by Kevin Browne and Jennifer Kilcoyne of the School of Medicine, University of Birmingham, Birmingham England...   [tags: Papers]

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Ensuring a Safe Childhood: Sexual Education

- Educating oneself regarding sexual education, and sharing the knowledge gained with others can be very rewarding. But sharing the knowledge with young children can, in some cases, be both dreadful and beneficial. Especially, since this topic contains many issues relating to human sexuality, including human sexual anatomy, sexual reproduction, sexual activity, reproductive health, emotional relations, reproductive rights and responsibilities, abstinence, and birth control (Corngold 439-441). The topic of sexual education also includes the sexual abuse and prevention branch, which is important people are informed of....   [tags: child sexual abuse, body parts]

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Domestic Violence and Elder Abuse

- I. Issue – Defining of DV vs. Elder Abuse With respect to older women, the issue is that there is a serious lack in differentiating between elder abuse and domestic violence. The discrepancy causes confusion as to what agency to report either volunteered or mandated cases of abuse (Kilbane & Spira, 2010). Furthermore, it is because of reporting errors that victims of abuse may not receive the services that are congruent to the type of abuse (Kilbane & Spira, 2010) indicating, “…a lack of centralized reporting of cases….” (Kilbane & Spira, 2010, p....   [tags: older adult, sexual abuse, protection]

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Domestic Abuse in American Colleges

- After high school, many parents are excited to send their children to college. They send them to schools like Hampton, Harvard, and Yale to get the best college education possible. With this in mind, a loving father is also aware that his little girl is growing up and going to find love soon; but what he doesn’t expect is that his beautiful, precious daughter might be the next victim of domestic violence on a college campus. Over the last year, reports of domestic violence have dramatically grown on the college campuses of this country....   [tags: physical, mental, sexual abuse in universities]

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Sexual Assault and Child Abuse

- There are many different types of victims we have discussed over the course of this class, but we’re only going to talk about two types in the following paper. These two types of victims are common just as any another victim across America. These include sex assault victims and child abuse victims, which are both primary victims in cases. The two share a tie together, both are a victim of abuse and can cause lifelong consequences, but they also pose many differences as well. Many questions arise when talking about victims, for example why is a child or adult being abused and what are the life altering affects to these actions....   [tags: Compare Contrast]

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Sexual Offender Laws and the Labeling Theory

- Many people might think that sex offenders are repugnant to society and that people who commit sex crimes should be removed from our society. The reality is that many people do not know that most people who commit sex offenses are normal people. In most cases, they are hardworking people who got caught doing something our society ‘thinks’ is wrong and get labelled sex offenders. This is where Labeling Theory comes into places, because it focus on social and institutional responses to an individual....   [tags: sexual abuse legislation]

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Physical, Sexual, Emotional Abuse, and Poverty

- Introduction Poverty in America is not indicated by a specific income level, as most people think, but instead by a comparison of 48 possible poverty thresholds taking into account family size and composition without regard to geographic locations (Macartney, 2011). For example, the poverty threshold for a family of 5 with two children under the age of 18 would be $27,517 ( 2013); an amount that would be difficult to live off of in major cities where the cost of living is much higher. According to the Current Population Survey, 2013 Annual Social and Economic Supplement for the year 2012, there are 46.5 million people in America who are living in poverty, including 21.8 percent of...   [tags: neglect, unsafe living conditions]

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The Reasons For Child Abuse

- All throughout history there are numerous accounts of children being abused by their parents, guardian, or an adult. People often wonder why a man or woman would want to harm a child, and while there are many programs are out there that do their best to prevent child abuse. The best prevention however is finding the causes of child abuse. Child abuse is often the result of stress or anger issues, psychological disorders, or the cause of the person having been abused as a child themselves. Some people cannot handle the responsibilities and obligations a parent must fulfill....   [tags: psychological disorders, sexual abuse]

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Effects of Childhood Sexual Abuse in Adulthood

- Effects of Childhood Sexual Abuse in Adulthood Child abuse is a serious issue in today's society. Many people have been victims of child abuse. There are three forms of child abuse: physical, emotional, and sexual. Many researchers believe that sexual abuse is the most detremental of the three. A middle-aged adult who is feeling depressed will probably not relate it back to his childhood, but maybe he should. The short-term effects of childhood sexual abuse have been proven valid, but now the question is, do the long-term effects of childhood sexual abuse affect middle-aged adults....   [tags: Free Essays Online]

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Elder Abuse: Six Types of Elder Abuse

- Elder Abuse Introduction Mr. White, an 81-year-old widower who suffers from a stroke, lives with the only family left for him, his stepsister and her daughter. The two have been taking care of him by driving Mr. White to his appointments and to the bank for money to help pay the bills. Due to his deteriorating health and gratitude to his stepsister, he trusted his stepsister with great soul to manage all of his finances. Mr. White is so blinded by their hypocrisy that he did not know that the two were gamblers....   [tags: sexual abuse, poor hygiene, untreated injuries]

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Childhood Sexual Abuse and Eating Disorders

- Childhood Sexual Abuse and Eating Disorders Recently, a great amount of psychological literature has focused on finding biological and genetic causes of mental illnesses and disorders, including eating disorders. However, according to recent twin studies, the heritability component of eating disorders may only account for 0% to 70% of the variance (Fairburn, Cowen, & Harrison, 1999). The leaves an ample amount of room for speculation of possible environmental risk factors for eating disorders....   [tags: Psychology Health Psychiatry Essays]

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Child Sexual Abuse: A Personal Battle

- A three-year-old child approaches the court bench and places her hand over the Holy Bible, swearing to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. She takes a seat at the witness stand while clenching her stuffed animal in her small innocent arms. She gently brushes the bouncy blonde curls from her face as she looks into the eyes of her rapist. For one so small, she is quite strong. I am proud to admit that I was this little girl, and I am a survivor.       There are sixty million survivors of sexual abuse in America today....   [tags: Personal Narrative, essay about myself]

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Female Genital Mutilation is Sexual Abuse

- Female circumcision, also known as Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), is a very dangerous surgery. It is done to girls of any age, from a few days old to right before their wedding. The most common age is three. In most countries where FGM is practiced the clitoris is considered dangerous to the man. At one point they thought that if a penis touched a clitoris, it would shrivel up and fall off. Girls in Africa and parts of Asia are genitally mutilated for family honor, cleanliness, protection against spells, insurance of virginity and faithfulness to the husband, or to terrorize women out of sex....   [tags: FGM, Female Genital Circumcision]

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What is Abuse and What are its Effects on People?

- Everyone has either seen, experienced or been a victim of abuse. An inability to directly determine what abuse is leads people to question what actions classifies abuse. Abuse is generally associated with adults, child, animals and the elderly can suffer from mistreatment. A multitude of ways can express the idea of what abuse is. Most recently, the term bullying has become the universal term for children, abusing other children, however that is also a vague explanation. What are the criteria for identifying abuse....   [tags: physical, verbal, emotional, sexual abuse]

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Child Abuse and Later Maladjustment in Adulthood

- In this paper, the researcher will address the adjustment issues often seen in individuals who were abused early in their childhood. Abuse can be traumatic for any individual but it is especially troubling when endured at one of the most vulnerable developmental stages of the person’s life. Although intervention has been known to help dramatically, children can be easily manipulated into keeping the abuse a secret. For this reason, an emphasis is placed on the importance of professionals constantly interacting with children, being able to recognize the signs and symptoms of abuse, so that any suspicions can be immediately reported....   [tags: sexual abuse, physical abuse, saint lucia]

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Rape and Sexual Assault

- Rape is a serious problem with increasing occurrences. It is defined as “forcible sexual intercourse with a person who does not give consent” (Santrock, 2012). However, the legal definition of rape differ from state to state (Santrock, 2012). According to Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network, RAINN, as of 2014 there are an average of 237,868 victims of rape and sexual assault each year (RAINN, 2014). With 525,600 minutes in a year, someone gets raped every 2 minutes. These numbers are astounding....   [tags: Men, Women, Cildren, Gay, Straight, Sexual Abuse]

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Sexual Assault, Abuse, and Rape by College Athletes

-   Sexual assault, abuse, and rape by athletes is a devastating crime.  These crimes by themselves are horrendous, but when committed by athletes there are many different factors involved.  Through extensive research this paper will show contributing factors that may result in assault, abuse, or rape by athletes.  Special treatment for athletes throughout their career, belief in sexual male dominance, and the role of alcohol are all important factors.  Other crucial factors are the attitudes and responses of: society, juries, victims, coaches, and athletes.  This paper will explore all these issues and show that changes need to be made in all the areas to combat the growing percentages of...   [tags: Athletes and Sexual Assault]

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Child Abuse in Society, a Prevalent Concern Today

- Child abuse is a prevalent concern in today’s society that is often misunderstood or neglected. Children among all social classes and age suffer physical, emotional, and sexual abuse on a regular basis. Adolescents frequently suffer from physical and emotional effects as a consequence of their parents’ abuse. Kids suffer from anxiety towards their own homes and parents for the fear of abuse or neglect. This abuse is understood to primarily be in the homes of uneducated or unfortunate parents. However, child abuse surpasses all racial, cultural, religious, and economic boundaries....   [tags: physical, sexual and emotional abuse]

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Child Sexual Abuse and Its Impact on The Developing Brain, An Annotated Bibliography

- ... I don’t find the paper to be as helpful because it is basically discussing two other papers in the paper itself. Personally, I do find that this article will be too helpful. Yes, it does explain the relation between early childhood trauma and mental illness but it will only talk about mental illness. It will not discuss social or physical problems due to the childhood trauma. 3) “Determining Best Practice for Treating Sexually Victimized Children” Saunders, Benjamin E. (2012) “Determining Best Practice for Treating Sexually Victimized Children” Handbook of Child Sexual Abuse: Identification, Assessment, and Treatment....   [tags: traumatic experience, ]

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The Worse Types of Domestic Abuse

- Somewhere in the world at this very moment, people are being abused. They will be left with bruises, cuts, broken bones, and scars. There are many reasons why people need to speak out against domestic violence. One reason is that statistics show that most abusers will continue to abuse until they are arrested. Another reason is that domestic violence does not only physically harm a person; it also mentally harms the victim and any children involved. The third reason is that help is available. People of all races, education levels, and ages experience domestic abuse....   [tags: emotional abuse, physical, sexual]

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Comparison of Sexual Abuse Between Sex Workers and Sex Within Marriage

- “Pornography is the theory, and Rape the practice.” - Robin Morgan Despite the increased recognition that the topic of sexual abuse has generated in the past two decades, the literature in this area remains exiguous. This research paper provides a comprehensive review of the current state of the sexual abuse within marriage and with sex workers. Firstly, the descriptive definition of development and a lengthy description of freedom to all after development....   [tags: Marital Rape, Patriarchal Societies]

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Self Concept: Sexual Abuse and Being a Mother at an Early Age

- Introduction Being a mom is something you’re supposed to be when you have already lived, but I didn’t get that option. My self-concept changed when I became a “mom” to my little sister at age seven. I had to make all her meals, protect her from harm, and was an all-around mother for thought and affection. Description I was spending the weekend with my step aunt when my self-concept changed forever. My little sister was using the bathroom when I heard a cry and my step aunt and I went to see what was wrong....   [tags: sister, aunt, boyfriend, angry mother]

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Call to Action: Decreasing the Number of Sexual Assaults in the United States

- A Call to Action: Decreasing the Number of Sexual Assaults in the United States Sexual assault is a continued and rising problem in our society and women especially, should learn ways to reduce their risks of becoming an assault victim. The number of sexual assault cases is increasing at an alarming rate, making people think twice about what they’re doing and with whom. “Sexual assault is both a consequence and reinforcement of the power disparity between men and women. It is a violent act of power which, is carried out by men against women and children” (Sexual Assault)....   [tags: assault victim, rape, child sexual abuse]

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Childhood Sexual Abuse Impacting the Etiology of Eating Disorders

- Childhood Sexual Abuse Impacting the Etiology of Eating Disorders Today's literature estimates that as many as 1 in 3 females and 1 in 7 boys have been the victim of sexual abuse. There are about 2,000 to 3,000 new cases of incest each year in each major city in the United States. It is reported by the National Committee to Prevent Child Abuse that in 1993, 2.9 million children were reported to protective services because they were being abused, neglected, or both (Schwartz). 16% of these 2.9 million children had been sexually abused....   [tags: Nutrition Health Psychology Essays]

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The Horror of Child Sexual Abuse and the Catholic Church.

- The Horror of Child Sexual Abuse and the Catholic Church. Early Sunday morning, people shuffle in through the mahogany doors as the smell of Frankincense and Myrrh tickle the nose. Rays of sunlight beam through the stained glass windows, making rainbow images on the red velvet carpet. What sounds like the voices of angels singing praise to the lord harmoniously circulates in the air. A mighty voice roars from the altar, “Now, let us bow our heads in prayer.” This is a majestic place where one can find peace, confess sins and thank the lord for all of the blessings he has bestowed upon them....   [tags: Exploratory Essays Research Papers]

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Sexual Abuse

- Where did I Go wrong. “Stop Clifford,” Neaveh said. “No b***h. Lay there and don’t get up!” “What did I do,” as I lay there he began to take off my clothes. “Didn’t I tell you to stay still. I will kill you if you move again,” he pulled out a knife. “I’m sorry I’m scared please stop,” I continued to ask him. I cried and I cried and before I knew it he was pushing it inside of me and I was crying and he still continued. He pumped in and out of me more than five times. He pushed it completely in and he groaned and pulled it out....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Child Abuse and Revicitmization

- “Women with a childhood abuse history are around 1.4 to 3.7 times more likely to be sexually assaulted in adulthood, and a majority (around 59%) of women with either childhood sexual assaults (CSA) or adult assaults have experienced both” (Cloitre & Rosenberg, 2006). Revictimization for prior victims is an important topic in our society. Knowing and understanding the cycle of abuse can help prevent future victimization for such a vulnerable population. “This interest is grounded in evidence that persons who experience one victimization (an assault, a burglary, sexual abuse, etc.) are at greater risk for subsequent victimizations and the obvious merit of interrupting this pattern” (Weisel, 20...   [tags: Childhood Abuse History, Sexual Assault]

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