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Response to A God Of Small Things

- Response to A God Of Small Things One of the main themes in Arundhati Roy's A God Of Small Things is discrimination in the caste system. Roy tells the story of the hardships faced by the Untouchables, the lowest caste in the caste system. Technically, the Untouchables are not even in the caste system because to put them in the same system as the other four castes would be offensive to the rest of them. Another theme in this novel is forbidden love. These two themes, discrimination in the caste system and forbidden love, come together when Mammachi sneaks across the river "to love by night the man her children love by day", to meet Velutha....   [tags: Literature Response]

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Reader Response Criticism

- Fish’s Reader Response Criticism is composed of two interdependent ideas: first, that the meaning of texts is shaped by the reading experience itself, and second, that these meanings cannot be judged to be correct or incorrect, but merely belonging to one “interpretive community” or another. The first idea may be identified as the executive aspect of Reader Response Criticism because it analyzes the act of reading, while the second idea is the epistemological aspect of the theory because it circumscribes the knowledge we can acquire about a text to the merely relative....   [tags: Literary Response]

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Why Animals Change Their Colors in Response to Environment

- Some scholars assert that animals change its color in response to their environment because changing color is easiest way to cause optical illusion and do not need much time for hiding themselves from predators. Although this thesis is embroiled in controversy,new idea came up which rebut previous theory.It contains the idea that protection could not be just one clear explanation of animals changing theircolors because some researchers have found out that most animals are color blind. Their color works as a visual signal of mood or the process of evolution....   [tags: protective coloring, response to feelings]

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The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act

- The superfund program, which was better known as just the superfund, is also known as the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability act (CERLA) of 1980 was developed by the federal government as a way to preserve the ecosystem and to clean up toxic, uncontrolled, abandoned hazardous waste sites. The Superfund program cleans up any hazardous waste, be it abandoned, accidentally spilled, or illegally dumped; any of which may pose a threat to future or current health or the environment....   [tags: Comprehensive Environmental Response]

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Amabile and Kramer Reading Response

- Inner Work Life, written by Teresa M. Amabile and Steven J. Kramer, explains how employees’ reactions and feelings towards events affect their job performance. The authors define inner work life as the way that perceptions, emotions and motivation combine in an employee’s life. When an event occurs, all employees will feel a certain way (positively or negatively) about what has transpired, and this will influence how they react and what they expect. Inner work life is not easily detected by managers, and often times not examined by the actual employee....   [tags: Reading Response]

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Reader Response Essay - On The Strong Breed

- Reader Response Essay - On The Strong Breed Reading Wole Soyinka’s Strong Breed, I get to wondering about disclosure and ritual, disclosure between characters and to audiences, rituals of drama and religion. As I read the play, I see ample signs that both Sunma and Eman know about the curse-binding ritual that is to take place before midnight. I see signs of Sunma’s more specific knowledge in her shunning of Ifada from the start of the play. She declares, “Get away, idiot” (853). From the start Sunma is agitated and hopes that she and Eman might get away for “only two days” (857), as long as the two of them might “watch the new year together--in some other place” (856)....   [tags: Reader Response Essays]

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Response To A Modest Proposal By Jonathan Swift

- Desperate times often call for desperate measures, and proposals of desperate measures are often met with swift criticism if they are found to be without rational thought and merit. It is unlikely that anyone in their right mind would consider, for any amount of time, the proposal of rearing children, or properly raising them, as food to help alleviate poverty-stricken Ireland in 1729. Yet, Jonathan Swift’s suggestion was satirical brilliance, and it was a modest proposal for illuminating the cause of Ireland’s woes....   [tags: Literary Response]

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Response To Smiley's Critique of "Huckleberry Finn"

- Smiley has missed the point of Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and has depressed the book to a fractions of its ideas. She sees the book as a failed social commentary on racism and enabling the reader to avoid responsibility. A Short sighted sentiment from Mrs. Smiley, but Mark Twain has a light directed elsewhere. He lights out the territory of social improvements by vexing the reader to view from different vantage points. Huckleberry Finn deals with the issue of racism. Racism, however, is only a single scourge of society....   [tags: Literary Response]

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Reader Response to Sydney's Sonnets, Astrophil and Stella

- Reader Response to Sydney's Sonnets, Astrophil and Stella As we discussed Astrophil and Stella in class, I felt a familiar knot in my stomach. At first I could not pin-point the reasons for my aversion to these sonnets. However, as we discussed it in class, it became clear to me. I could identify with Penelope Devereux Rich. Although Astrophil and Stella could be interpreted as an innocent set of love sonnets to an ideal woman and not a particular woman, they reminded me of the letters I received last year from a guy, Lee Burt, I had not seen in seven years....   [tags: Reader Response Essays]

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Response to Self-Reliance by Ralph Waldo Emerson

- Response to Self-Reliance by Ralph Waldo Emerson I believe that, essentially, life consists of a series of choices. A grouping of these choices in one direction or another makes us who we are, and ultimately we have control over our lives. What makes one person different from another is his own set of choices. When going through life’s motions, we develop certain worldviews and ideas and values to live by. We develop an opinion of what makes a person “great.” In the well-known essay “Self-Reliance”, Ralph Waldo Emerson provides a beautiful way of approaching these choices, and he reveals a very inspiring set of values centralized around going through life answering only to yourself....   [tags: English Literature, Literary Response]

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Reader Response Essay - Slave Purchases and Breeding: Unruly Slave

- Reader Response Essay - Slave Purchases and Breeding: Unruly Slave My initial response to G. B. Wallace’s letter was one of confusion. As I reread the piece given the title “Slave Purchases and Breeding: Unruly Slave, Wallace, G.B” I realized that it was nothing more than a business letter between a slave owner and an associate of his that could presumably help him out of his situation. The language of the letter created a small barrier, since it was out of date in comparison to contemporary American language, but with a little effort, I could see the author’s intentions....   [tags: Reader Response Essays]

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Reader Response Essay - Slave Purchases and Breeding: Unruly Slave

- Reader Response Essay - Slave Purchases and Breeding: Unruly Slave While reading the letter written to Andrew from G.B. Wallace many things ran through my head. There were three main thoughts though, a difference in society and acceptance and a different language and form of writing, and the way some of the words and terms were used. I found all three of the topics very interesting when I further looked into them. The thing that really hit me was how common and normal slavery and slave trade was in 1855....   [tags: Reader Response Essays]

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Original Writing in Response to Shakesepare

- “And Robin shall restore amends” the play ended with an applause like no other. The audience cheered the actors as they came on stage, and one of them, Oliver, the main actor was saluted in honor by Will Shakespeare for such wonderment. Oliver was a boy of seventeen, born an aristocrat in a French family. The young boy had begun acting ever since he turned into his teens, while acting was a hobby he worked at the London Bank, earning a good deal of money each day. He lived in a home fit for him, although he had no house companion....   [tags: Response to Shakesepare]

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Original Writing in Response to Wuthering Heights

- I am perplexed. Here I lie on this thin, wispy bed-cloth, the humidity making my insides boil whilst the howling wind surrounds the Grange. Oh it's searing, so hot. It matters none, though; my Cathy has returned. How could this ensue. How could that wretched Heathcliff seize my darling Cathy. How does that infinitely evil mind operate. The smarting of my temple does not allow me to ponder in peace. Yet, I must, I must find answers. There is no time for my own complications, however, both my Catherine's await....   [tags: Response to Wuthering Heights]

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Response to the Atheist

- The article “On Being an Atheist” by H.J. McCloskey provides much insight into the atheistic viewpoint. It provides comparison to the opposing theistic perspective pertaining to the existence of God. It argues for the reasons and virtues behind the belief of atheism to prove its superiority over theism as a source of strength. In the essay, McCloskey refers to arguments like the cosmological argument, teleological argument, and arguments from design as proofs. He argues that since there is no evidence to prove these arguments to be true, therefore they aren’t and for that reason the idea of the mere existence of God should be removed from our thinking....   [tags: On Being an Athiest, H.J. McCloskey]

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Response To Intervention

- RTI, is an acronym that has become commonly used in education after No Child Left Behind was implemented, but what does that acronym mean. Brown-Chidsey and Steege quoted Dave Tilly, a school psychologist, as saying that RTI actually means “really terrific instruction!” RTI is defined differently in different states. Some would argue it is Response to Intervention, while others say that it means Response to Instruction. Brown-Chidsey and Steege state that whether you say intervention or instruction, it does not matter; the importance is that teachers use scientific based teaching that responds to students’ learning....   [tags: Educational Issues, NCLB, teaching]

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Response to Change

- Response to Change Change should be seen as a challenge and embraced with enthusiasm (Marquis & Huston, 2012). In my professional and personal life, I view and respond to change as a way to make improvements to existing regulations and circumstances. I embark upon the quest with determination to succeed at whatever task is presented to me. Life without change can become unchallenging and stagnant (Marquis & Huston, 2012). As society and technology advance, you must incorporate the necessary transformations that arise with it....   [tags: leadership roles, improvements]

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The Raven Response

- The Raven is a poem that tells of the emotional turmoil in the mind of a man. First of all, Poe’s use of Greek, Roman God’s and terminology in this poem was overwhelming compared to his other stories. There are many Gods and phrases that he references to that help the reader understand the story. Also, there is evidence that Poe has portrayed bits of his life through the narrator. Poe lost a loved one, and he is reflecting it through the narrator. Next, when the raven arrives the narrator is extremely curious....   [tags: Literature Analysis]

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The American Response

- America’s two most recent wars are the Iraq War and the War on Terror. Both of these wars have accomplished their goals, but come at a great cost. There were quite a few factors in both of these wars that affected international security. First, I will analyze both of the wars and then intertwine them together to show the overall effect they have created on America. Let us look first at the War on Terror. The War on Terror started after the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda attacked America on September 11th 2001....   [tags: Iraq War, War on Terror, America]

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Response to Spirituality

- Response to Emotionally Healthy Spirituality I have lived among Christians my whole life. Over half of the people I know are Christians. God has taught me through my experience, before and after conversion, that there is work to being a Christ follower. Peter Scazzero, in his book Emotionally Healthy Christianity, tells us that we as Christians are often struggling more than we think. Emotions touch every part of our lives and can control different aspects of us if we are not trusting the God we say we love....   [tags: Christians, Religion, God, Beliefs, Experiences]

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Improving A Response Guidelines And Rapid Response Teams

- Introduction In the best of days, we see minimal action, but in the craziest of times many things seem to compound and defeat our efforts. This paper is being presented to review the needs of updating our rapid response guidelines and rapid response teams. Being a front line nurse places ourselves in the most peculiar situations. We, as nurses, are the ones who notice and document changes in patient conditions. It is our keen sense of subtle changes that can enact and illicit responses from areas of higher levels of care....   [tags: Nurse, Nursing, Florence Nightingale, Patient]

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The Approach to Climate Change: Hamiltonian Response or Jeffersonian Response

- The approach to climate change has been a topic of debate for as long as the concept of climate change has been around. Some believe that the Hamiltonian response, a focused national response from the government, is necessary in order to get the country to correctly react to the problems the world is currently and will be facing. Others believe that the Jeffersonian response is more appropriate since it means that citizens would be in control of the changes and therefore more willing to make the changes and more likely to accept, follow, and tell others about these changes....   [tags: environment, pollution, global warming]

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The Effect of Gender on Response Time

- ... Thus I decide to test the rate of men’s vs. women’s reaction time. The recording time will tell me which the faster group of people is. My hypothesis is that there is a significant difference between men and women on response times to a particular question, or men will react faster than women for the same question. I. Method There were twenty-five men and twenty-five women at the age of twenty to thirty from Mt SAC students. The statistic test was used to test for the significant difference between the means of two particular groups....   [tags: differences between men and women]

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An Overview of Direct Response Marketing

- ... It becomes easier to drop the marketing effort that does not give the expected response. • There is a compelling message; There is a strong message that is passed to the prospective clients to elicit interest and action. There is always attention grabbing headlines. However, an ad of this type looks more editorial than a marketing advertisement. This makes it more likely to be read by the target group. • There is call for action. There are specific steps that the prospective client is told to take regarding the advertisement....   [tags: marketing efforts, clients]

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Quick Response Manufacturing ( Qrm )

- In today’s competitive business world, ‘customer requirements or customer need’ is the main focus area for any organization. Customer is like a family member of a firm or organization. Industries are trying to capture customer’s view about quality regarding the products or services which they are going to provide. The user or buyer wants high quality products in optimum cost and quick response to changing environment from the firm. This will totally depends on overall effective performance of an organization....   [tags: Manufacturing, Lean manufacturing, Business terms]

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Question And Initial Response : ' Think '

- Initial response: My initial answer to the question of whether or not we have free will is yes, we do indeed have free will. Philosophical context: I shall use Blackburn’s “Think” along with online articles on the subject to discuss my question and initial answer. In Think, Blackburn has a chapter dedicated to discussing the presence of free will and both arguments for and against its presence. Objection 1: In the beginning of chapter 4 of Think, Blackburn brings up the idea of determinism, or the idea that “every event is the upshot of previous antecedent causes.” His argument goes “The past controls the present and the future....   [tags: Free will, Determinism, Quantum mechanics]

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The Response Paper For The Passenger

- After rereading all of the response papers for this semester, I was surprised by how much my writing has changed. I consider Response Paper #3, which was about the interaction of sight and sound in Immortal Beloved, to be my best writing because I was able to describe my observations in an interesting way, examine the larger implications of the details in the film, and tie the ideas together to support my claims and ideas about the work. Compared to the response papers I wrote before it, Response Paper #3 was the first time I was able to think critically about the choices that artists made in the presentation of a performance and attempt to answer the question of why these details were sele...   [tags: Writing, Critical thinking, Paper, Opera]

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Evaluation Of Action Or Response Inhibition

- In the present study, we investigated whether the congruency sequence effect is driven by selection for action or response inhibition. Our main finding was a negative congruency effect in trials following a previously incongruent trial, which supports the hypothesis that response inhibition drives the CSE. These findings have important implications for the behavioral and neuroscience literatures investigating the CSE and attentional control processes. As stated, the results supported the hypothesis that the CSE is driven by response inhibition....   [tags: Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder]

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The Development Of Rapids Response Teams

- Introduction “Code Blue”, that the last thing anyone wants to here at the beginning or end of a shift, or for that matter at any time during their shift. With the development of rapids response teams (RRTs), acute care nurses and ancillary departments have a resource available to their disposal when need in uncertain situations. Many times nurses struggle to maintain a patient deteriorating in front of them all the while make a multitude of calls to the physician for orders or concerns. Having a set of “expert” eyes assisting you in these times helps alleviate stress and encourages collaboration amongst staff....   [tags: Patient, Health care, Health care provider]

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Response to Intervention in Your Classroom

- Response to Intervention (RtI) 4) How do you (or will you) implement RtI into your classroom. Response to Intervention application “includes a combination of high quality, culturally and linguistically responsive instruction; assessment; and evidence-based intervention” (Shapiro, 2008, p.1) Implementation of RtI will play a part to the meaningful recognition of learning and behavioral problems, enhance instructional characteristics, provide all students with equitable opportunities to thrive in school, and help with the identification of learning disabilities and other at-risk behaviors (2008)....   [tags: responsive instruction and assessment]

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Response to a Tragic and Difficult Issue

- Response to a Tragic and Difficult Issue Introduction In view of this tragic circumstance, and the moral obligation here is an extremely difficult decision to compose. Having to rethink the entire two decades of written material incontestably was powerful and challenging. I struggle to imagine what Ms. Wolf must have been going thru, as it brings tears to my eyes. Having your father (although I never had one) relying on you for terminal decisions about his life says a lot about the closeness father and daughter experienced....   [tags: Moral Obligation]

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Response to Intervention in the Class Room

- Response to Intervention Response to Intervention (RtI) is a framework based off the problem solving method that integrates assessment, and targeted instruction, within a multi-tiered intervention system. Implementation of RtI in schools is crucial to identify which students need additional intervention that will help increase their literacy skills, and prevent them from falling behind. RtI is based off multi-leveled tiers that are each categorized by the intensity of the intervention that is being used....   [tags: improving behavior, assessment]

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What Is the Right Response to Terrorism?

- ... The trend to reaffirm past customs endangers high values, achieved with difficulty and perseverance. For example, accepting to reintroduce past habits simply to fulfill certain goals, (counterterrorism in this case) also the death penalty could be put in use again. As explained in the introduction, the effects of terrorism can be faced through severe punishments and deterrent means. Therefore, if a terrorist were publicly sentenced to die, others would be discouraged from committing attacks....   [tags: domestic politics and international affairs]

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Response Inhibition in Children with ADHD

- Gray (1982, as cited in Pliszka, S.R., Hatch, J.P, Borchederding, S.H., & Rogeness, G.A., 1993) proposed that human beings have a behavioral inhibition system (BIS) whose function is to analyze new stimuli or process old stimuli that have been associated with punishments in the past. According to Gray the BIS controls behavioral inhibition, which causes the organism to avoid the new stimuli or will stop the organism from performing behavior that has caused there to be past punishments. On the opposite end of the spectrum exists the behavioral activation system (BAS), which processes stimuli related to reward....   [tags: Child Development]

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Preparing Response On The Next Line

- Begin response on the next line (in bold): This five day period was fairly typical except for my tuning into various news radio sources. I usually get my news from news apps such as CNN or NPR. Also, I went back to Maryland to visit my mom over the weekend, so I spent much more time in the car than usual. In addition, I worked a seven hour shift all day Saturday, which exposed me to restaurant ads that I was not actively seeking. Everything else was relatively normal including my one day, Monday, on campus where Dr....   [tags: Conservatism, Liberalism, Social class]

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The Scarlet Letter: The Response to Sin

- We are all sinners. Although one may try hard not to sin, all humans eventually succumb at some time or another to sin. While people may not able to avoid the fate which awaits them, the power of free will allows people to decide how they will respond to sin. While some may respond with guilt and regret, others may react with a sense of redemption and a renewed sense of responsibility. Nathanial Hawthorne, an American author during the 19th century witnessed the power of sin to wreak havoc not only to an individual but a whole community....   [tags: Theme of Sin in The Scarlet Letter ]

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Europe's Response to the Black Death

- During Europe’s boom in trade more advanced ways of cargo shipping and sea travel were developed, but with this advancement also came the transport of disease. The most deadly of these new diseases was the well-known Black Death, which starting in 1347 took its toll on Western Europe. Throughout history, when faced with hard times, the true side of humanity can be seen; during these times humanity often reverts back to their roots whether those be the barbaric or the amiable. During the Black Death civilizations did just that; the chaos stricken communities of Europe responded in various ways some more righteous and beneficial, and others negative and barbaric....   [tags: European History ]

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A Person's Emotional Response to Food

- Since the beginning of time, food has been a necessity of life. Eventually, it became a pleasurable necessity of life as the Romans would throw private parties where they would entertain a small group of guests and serve a feast full of Roman delicacies. Since then food has become an emotional aspect of our lives. Certain foods, such as cakes and cookies, might create a pleasurable experience for an individual, while other foods, such as vegetables and seafood, might create an unpleasant experience for them....   [tags: behavioral science research]

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Risk Of A Risk Response Plan

- • What is the purpose of a risk response plan. As humans, there is always a possibility of experiencing risk one way or the other. That is to say, some risk can be anticipated and can be captured in the company’s budget, while some I assume may be come unannounced but the important thing is that, there’s always a way out to avoid, transfer or defer the identified risk. Mostly risk response plan is developed to give a strategic option and determine action to enhance opportunities and reduce threats to projects goals....   [tags: Project management, Risk, Management]

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A Possible Christian Response to eTolls

- Once again I tentatively approach this issue of eTolls. What should the Christian response to this be. In my previous post on this issue I made slight allusions to a response, but my heart was more focused on ‘why this issue’ is the one that makes everyone irate. Let me be clear from the outset that I am against the eTolling. I understand that it is corrupt. I am saddened by the economic consequences that it will incur. And when these economic consequences begin to take their toll (excuse the pun) the church needs to be there to minister to the province of Gauteng, and thus invariably the rest of South Africa....   [tags: South African toll collection system]

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The Poor Response Of Hurricane Katrina

- Hurricane Katrina was one of the most devastating tragedies to ever hit North America. It claimed the lives of over 900 people from Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Unfortunately, that is not why a majority of people in America remember. As many know, these three states in the heart of the Deep South represent some of the poorest in the country. After the storm, the government was disgracefully slow to respond to the cause. Health care was in an overwhelming shortage. Depending on where people lived, determined their chances for survival....   [tags: Poverty in the United States, Poverty]

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Response And Treatment Of Deteriorating Patients

- Recognition, response and treatment of deteriorating patients are essential elements of improving patient outcomes and reducing unanticipated inpatient hospital deaths (Fuhrmann et al 2009; Mitchell et al 2010) appropriate management of the deteriorating patient is often insufficient when not managed in a timely fashion (Fuhrmann et al 2009; Naeem et al 2005; Goldhill 2001). Detection of these clinical changes, coupled with early accurate intervention may avoid adverse outcomes, including cardiac arrest and deaths (Subbe et al....   [tags: Hospital, Patient, Blood pressure, Vital signs]

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Disaster Response and Evacuation Procedures

- Disaster Response and Evacuation Procedures 1. Introduction When surface transportation system is effective, possibilities of responding to natural disasters such as terrorist attacks or other catastrophic events becomes high. Disaster Response and Evacuation (DRE) implements the intelligent transportation systems (ITS) to improve the effectiveness of transportation systems so that response and recovery to disasters is enhanced. This involves eases of access to the scene of disaster by professionally trained personnel, provision of better information regarding the transportation system in the area of disaster, provides a more effective, safer means of evacuation for the general public if ne...   [tags: Natural Disasters, Terrorist Attacks, Catastrophy]

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The Human Response to Physical Structure

- The Human Response to Physical Structure Most of the world's inhabitants view space and structure through visual elements such as bricks, rock, vegetation and foliage, hallways, doors, windows, trims, and flooring. These elements combine to allow each individual's experience of a space. The German word gestalt means form or shape. Gestalt psychology attempts to investigate the human mind and how it conceives of or recognizes patterns. Scientists believe the human mind is wired to search for import and significance in sensory information input....   [tags: Psychology]

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The Australian Government's Response to Obesity

- In public health and health promotion, health issues have become apparent throughout the course of these disciplines. Responses to these issues have, over the years, increased awareness, gathered statistics, and formulated ways in which to adequately prevent or reduce the effects of these health concerns. Within Australia, major health issues include obesity and mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety. Internationally speaking, major health concerns include maternal health and mortality rates of mother and infant....   [tags: public health essays]

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Critical Response of Duff and Pugh

- Critical Response Carol Ann-Duffy & Sheenagh Pugh are both strongly opinionated politically – many of their poems are charged with a scornful, impassioned energy directed toward the Thatcherite days, resenting years of economic deprivation & ruin of many young lives in their generation – this sets the basis for a general distaste for politicians, illustrated in Duffy’s parody of parliament ‘Weasel Words’, mocking the meaningless socio-jargon that MPs use to wriggle and slither their way out of answering straight questions....   [tags: Duff]

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A Conservative Response to Restorative Justice

- How would a conservative reply to a proposal for restorative justice. How would a restorative justice advocate respond to a conservative proposal for more prisons. Restorative justice is defined as “using humanistic, no punitive strategies to right wrongs and restore social harmony” (Siegel, 2008, p. 189). Instead of imposing harsh penalties on offenders like long prison sentences or even the death penalty, restorative justice calls for a more rehabilitative approach, such as reconciliation and offender assistance....   [tags: Criminal Justice]

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Merck's Response to the Vioxx Debacle

- In 2004 Merck was met with serious accusations against the drug known as Vioxx. Vioxx was causing heart complications and increasing the odds of stokes within the patients using the painkiller, in which some cases were fatal. However, according to articles the foremost issue wasn’t Vioxx itself, but rather Merck knew since 2000 that Vioxx possessed these side effects and Merck decided to cover it up for four years, clearly leading to serious public relation issues. Merck was required to preserve the company’s reputation after numerous articles were released, reflecting negatively on Merck’s conduct due to the actions of the Vioxx case....   [tags: Vioxx Case Study]

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Gift of the Gorgon Response Paper

- Gift of the Gorgon Response Paper The Gift of the Gorgon is a two and a half hour play that I believe is worth seeing because it is exciting, and it kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the entire play. Although it was not just me, the rest of the audience seemed just as captivated as I did as the mesmerizing plot of Peter Shaffer's unfortunate tale unfolded. After the death of the playwright Edward Damson, his son Philip Damson travels to Greece trying to gain permission from his stepmother to first learn, and then write Edward's biography....   [tags: playwright, myth, transitions]

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Reading Response : Argument And Analysis

- Reading Response: Argument and Analysis 1. What are the multiple purposes for arguing. What are the goals/intentions/motivations for each. In this please also make the distinction between “argument,” “persuasion” and “propaganda.” • The multiple purposes for arguing include arguments to inform, to convince, arguments to persuade, to explore, and arguments to make decisions; in addition, arguments to meditate or pray. Moreover, the overall intention of the arguments is to bring the truth by the use of evidence, which it leads to convictions....   [tags: Rhetoric, Regulatory Focus Theory, Logic]

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Harley Davidson : Response And Globalization

- Harley-Davidson: Response to Globalization Despite its image as a quintessential American company, Harley-Davidson (HD) has been an international company since shortly after its founding in 1903. In 1912, HD began exporting to Japan; eight years later in 1920, it was the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer with 2000 dealers in 67 countries (Gardiner, 2014). Beginning with their dealings in Japan HD has had to navigate the hurdles associated with international trade, including having a major export market (Japan) on the opposite side of a war....   [tags: Harley-Davidson, Motorcycle, Harley Owners Group]

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The Original Response Of The Television

- The original response to the television was less than stellar. When early inventors first came up with their different ideas of how TVs could work, nobody wanted to hear it. One example is John Logie Baird. When he presented his idea to a British Marconi, a company which was central to communications, assistant he stated, “It was as if I asked if he was interested in brothels,” (Kisseloff 10). Obviously, the representative wanted nothing to do with television and its development. This was the same scenario many early televisions were greeted with....   [tags: Television, John Logie Baird, Broadcasting]

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Response Essay : ' Orientation '

- Response Essay for the “Orientation” Daniel Orozco surprises his audience with his exceptional short story, the “Orientation.” The story is about a job orientation for a new employee leaded by the narrator, who is another worker. Although the new employee is the main character, he is not important to the story, not even the job he is starting. Orozco never states the identity of the narrator or the main character, but he includes a number of details regarding the other workers’ lives. The “Orientation” is unique since it seems more like a conversation: the narrator, the only one who speaks, is having a typical discussion with the main character, the new employee....   [tags: Fiction, Narrative, Character, Protagonist]

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The Spectral Response Of Solar Devices

- PV devices are rated under standard test conditions (STC) at temperature of 25℃, light intensity of 1 kW/m2, and light spectrum of air mass (AM) 1.5 global (G) spectrum. Even so, PV cells are subjected to different conditions thus they need to be characterised to make the ratings more comprehensive [11]. 3.2 Objectives The goals of this section are: Study the output current produced by the modules at varying input voltages. Correlate the current-voltage and power-voltage curves of three different samples under two different irradiances of 200 W/m2 and 600 W/m2....   [tags: Solar cell, Photovoltaics, Photovoltaic module]

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The Response On Posters And Fliers

- I was the most surprised about the response on posters and fliers. I never would have thought that guerilla marketing would appeal to 31.4% of my sample, in fact, I thought it would be last because I personally never learn about concerts or events for the first time from a physical source. WMC has their posters made by marketing assistants who are staffed under Student Unions & Activities (SUA) within the university, and are put up by members of the street team. Neither of these groups have direct affiliation with Whole Music Club, which is our first issue....   [tags: Facebook, Social network service, Twitter]

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Response Letter For Letter Of Direction

- Response to Letter of Direction: Failure to Compete IEPs in a timely manner. The two students who had IEP’s completed after due date are JL and DV. JL had a major amendment meeting at the end of the 14-15 school year discussing placement. I knew of this meeting and its importance early in the year 15-16 because placement was discussed and I was working out his correct schedule. I erroneously wrote this date down as his IEP date on my calendar. This has never happened in 20 years prior. It was a bad mistake but a rare and honest one....   [tags: Individualized Education Program, Education]

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Family Response And Strengths And Resources

- Family Response/Strengths/ Resources I was never so happy to see someone in a casket as I was to see my grandmother. I went with my mother to the funeral home to view her body before the funeral, and I smiled when the funeral home owners opened up the door to where her viewing was. I was just too excited and relieved to see my grandmother again, it had been days. I didn’t want to leave. During the actual funeral, I hugged her lifeless body and did not want to let go; my godmother came up to me at the casket, comforted me and escorted me outside to talk me through the pain that I was feeling....   [tags: Family, Sibling, Mother, Funeral]

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Tanglewood : Competitive Response And Strategy

- Tanglewood has a strong stand within the nondurable general retail industry, which is currently having annual sales of over 4 trillion dollars. With a growing return rate of 13.1% and over 7 million in operating revenues Tanglewood has great growth potential and is very competitive. Even while competing with the major online competition and global competition. Tanglewood has the opportunity to expand their store into the global market, this would be major expansion and would help Tanglewood exceed the competition....   [tags: Leadership, Management, Region, Competition]

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Anatomy Of A Murder Reading Response

- Anatomy of a Murder Reading Response Literature commonly depicts lawyers as justice-seeking protagonists, and though this is done in Anatomy of a Murder, when analyzed, Paul Biegler’s actions did more to subvert justice than to achieve it, and because of this justice is not achieved. Biegler does this in two ways. First, he coaches Manion into taking up an insanity plea, and continues to pursue this argument, despite knowing Manion was in control of his actions at the time of the murder. Secondly, he adopts the persona of a “small town country lawyer,” while in court in order to make the jury sympathize with him, and get in certain arguments he might not be able to present conventionally....   [tags: Law, Judge, Prosecutor, Lawyer]

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The Light Of Reverence Film Response

- In Light of Reverence Film Response Religion can be many things, as for most anthropologist religion is a belief or belief system and behaviors associated to supernatural beings and forces. Emile Durkheim believes “religion is a unified system of beliefs and practices related to sacred things, that is to say, things set apart and forbidden.” Religion is the separation of the sacred from the profane. Sacred is placed in the realm of spiritual, whereas profane is found in realm of everyday life. Examples of each, would be the Black Rock Mesa for the Hopi and their meadow with its long line of use giving it historic value especially in the sense of a sacred place....   [tags: Native Americans in the United States, Religion]

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Stereotyping Is A Natural Human Response

- Stereotyping is a natural human response, as a way of categorizing the unknown. The Oxford Dictionary defines stereotyping as “A widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing. (Stereotype, n.d.)” By definition of the word, stereotyping is an over simplification of a group of people and it can be an uphill battle to convince people to change their views. Essentially birthed of ignorance, stereotyping can be a way of coping with the unknown or in this case, people whose customs may seem strange or different at first glance....   [tags: Buddhism, Islam, Gautama Buddha, United States]

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Personal Response On The Oedipus Complex

- Personal Response to "The Oedipus Complex"  Oedipus complex is a theory made by Sigmund Frued. It is defined as, a desire for sexual involvement with the parent of the opposite sex and a concomitant sense of rivalry with the parent of the same sex; a crucial stage in the normal developmental process ( This article talks about a son will see his father as a rival for his mother’s affection and he wishes to have her affection. Oedipus, in Oedipus Rex, unknowingly killed his father and married his mother....   [tags: Sigmund Freud, Family, Mother, Carl Jung]

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The Security Incident Response Plan

- In the first place, many companies are currently on the same shape as International Produce, because they did not have a plan which can deal with confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA) related incidents. Not only, International Produce has no regulatory requirements that would have made incident response planning a priority, but also this company needs to understand that Incident response is not a standalone item, but must rest on a foundation of policies and an ability to properly determine what an incident is and when one has occurred....   [tags: Security, Computer security, Information security]

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Crisis, Emergency Response and Plan

- Crisis and Emergency Response This section specifies procedures for various emergency situations, including accidents that occur between school and environmental emergencies, fires, natural disasters, medical emergencies, and school intruders. Emphasis is placed on the importance of creating scenarios and exercises for practicing responses to each of these situations. During an emergency the principal and staff must be prepared to follow procedures, yet make leadership decisions according to the situation to maintain the safety of students and themselves (Jefferson County, 2008)....   [tags: School, Accidents, Disaster]

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Pathophysiology of Sepsis Inflammatory Response

- Sepsis is defined as an exaggerated, overwhelming and uncontrolled systemic inflammatory response to an initially localised infection or tissue injury, which may lead to severe sepsis and septic shock if left untreated (Daniels, 2009; Robson & Daniels, 2013; Dellinger et al, 2013; Perman, Goyal & Gaieski, 2012; Vanzant & Schmelzer, 2011). Septic shock can be classified by acute circulatory failure as a result of massive vasodilation, increased capillary permeability and decreased vascular resistance in the body, causing refractory hypotension despite adequate fluid resuscitation....   [tags: infection, tissue injury, septic shock]

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The Amygdala Response to Fear

- The Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience examines an article on the amygdala response to fear faces and the way it is different between one’s own culture and other cultures. The amygdala is specialized in detecting threat and includes fearful facial expressions. The researchers of this study hypothesized that amygdala response is greater in individuals of their own culture. This study was conducted on both native Japanese participants and Caucasians in the United States. Functional brain imaging was acquired at two neuro-imaging facilities....   [tags: neuro-imaging studies, race]

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Social Media & Disaster Response

- Introduction Social media has become both popular and crucial in crisis and emergency communications. Responders are not only communicating to their public through social media outlets, the public is communicating with each other, and with responders. Individuals are able to provide important information on disaster impacts, including location and imagery, using nothing more than a smartphone equipped with a camera and GPS locator. One particular technology from Ushahidi offers an interesting way for responders and affected individuals to communicate with one another in the course of a disaster response....   [tags: Popular, Crucial, Crisis, Emergency Communication]

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Response to Bitzer's Rhetorical Situation

- In The Rhetorical Situation, Lloyd F. Bitzer argues that what makes a situation rhetorical is similar to that which constitutes a moral action as he writes that, “an act is moral because it is an act performed in a situation of a certain kind; similarly, a work is rhetorical because it is a response to a situation of a certain kind”.(3) By defining the rhetorical situation in this way, Bitzer further contends that rhetoric is a means to altering reality. (4) It is through the use of discourse that one is capable of changing reality through thought and action....   [tags: Analysis, Bitzer]

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Cats’ Response to Bird Calls

- For years cats have had some kind of predatory behavior inside of them. Bird calls can be heard every day by humans and animals, but how an organism reacts to the sound of a bird can vary. Humans are able to identify more varieties of birds than cats, but cats are still able to distinguish between a local bird and a non-local bird. Cats respond more often to local birds than non-local birds, due to cats hearing local birds more frequently than non-local birds. We first need to look at the predatory behaviors that occur in cats when local birds are apparent in their area....   [tags: predatory behavior, insticts, birds]

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Allergic Response For Food Allergy

- Allergy usually occur when adverse reaction were triggered by immune response when expose to harmless substances. Allergens are able to enter the body via air orally or ingested with food, when the allergen enter the body of a person who were previously expose to the allergen, the allergen will bind to the antibodies on the surface of the mast cell. Mast cells then undergo degranulation and release mediator to cause a chain of allergic response. Food allergy reaction is triggered when the immune system mistakenly integrate certain food protein as harmful and foreign substances....   [tags: Allergy, Immune system, Asthma, Food allergy]

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Sepsis : A Systemic Response

- Sepsis: A Systemic Response Many great historical figures of the scientific community have written on the subject of the same perplexing disease over the centuries (Angus, van der Poll, Finfer, Vincent 2013). Sepsis has been given many names, origins, and etiologies. In the 4th century, Hippocrates declared the disease the cause of organic decomposition, wound festering, and swamp gas (Angus et al. 2013). During the 19th century, Louis Pasteur theorized the disease was the outcome of a pathogenic microorganism in the bloodstream, which resulted in a body-wide infection (Angus et al....   [tags: Immune system, Bacteria, Inflammation, Sepsis]

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Bullying And The Group Response

- 1. What strategies could Ms. Caldwell and other teachers use to ad- dress the group response to Russell’s behavior. What cautions would you have for them in trying these strategies. It can be difficult to control the groups response to a child. You have to be very careful with how you word things. You do not want it to seem like you are saying something is wrong with the child because that can lead to bullying. What has been observed so far is that he often gets into trouble because he is speaking to peers during instruction....   [tags: Reinforcement, Psychology, Thought, Idea]

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A Biblical Response to Society

- Sociology is an extremely valuable tool in understanding how society and individuals interact, function, develop, and change. The study of sociology seeks to make sense of what occurs in front and behind the scenes in a society. For the purpose of clarification, society is defined as a “comprehensive, territorially based social grouping that includes all the social institutions required to meet basic human needs” (Popenoe, 86). We live in a secular world and in a society permeated with sin. As Christians we need to have a proper, Biblical response to society and the world around us....   [tags: Sociology, Society, Culture]

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Taco Bell's Response to Lawsuit

- Unexpected Event In January 2011, a class action lawsuit was filed against Taco Bell, alleging the restaurant chain used more meat fillers than real ground beef. Specifically, the suit claimed Taco Bell’s products were made with “taco meat filling,” which consisted of extenders and other non-meat substances. The complaint further pointed out that Taco Bell not only misled consumers but also violated federal requirements by labeling “taco meat filling” as beef. This incident was unexpected as Taco Bell was not informed before the lawsuit was publicized....   [tags: Case Study]

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Analysing Berkley's Response to Skepticism

- ... Berkeley in the other hand argues that there are ways to know everything that you perceive. He claims that if you are able to observe something, how in the world can you deny what you perceive. These are the two main differences between skepticism and Berkeley who is an idealist (person who believes that ideas are the only thing that are true). This is the reason why Berkeley is determine to prove his argument by stating that everything is an idea. From beginning to end all Berkeley does is talk about ideas and their origin....   [tags: external world, God, philosphy]

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Act One : Personal Response

- Act One Personal Response Learning about the Bible in a set of Six Acts is not something that is new to me, but going into as much detail as the textbook does is something new to me. One quote from the first chapter is “God’s creation is, “good,” and this creaturely goodness merely highlights the Creator’s own incomparable goodness, wisdom, and justice.” I think that it can be extremely easy for us to look over the idea of God saying that all of creation is good. This ties in close with the focus that we are made in God’s image, and what this means....   [tags: Christianity, Jesus, Adam and Eve, Thought]

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Analysis of Domestic Abuse Response

- There are several individuals in our society who suffer from being neglected to being brutally beaten and even being financially deprived. In today’s society it is not uncommon to see the citizens of our country fall victim to domestic violence. While some people debate that this kind of behavior should not go on and is unacceptable, there are others who choose to stay out of it. Regardless of one’s point of view, it is obvious that there are people in our communities that are suffering from domestic violence and both our state and federal legislation have chosen to partake in this fight against domestic violence....   [tags: domestic violence, abuse, lautenberg amendment]

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Response to Rising Sea Levels

- The energy infrastructure located along the coast consists of primarily oil and gas production refinement and distribution. While these aspects of the American energy infrastructure are very important, they do not require an immediate response to address the risk from rising sea levels, or increases in flooding and storms. Global climate change is a slow moving process that must be addressed rather than pushing forward with increasing protections for the energy infrastructure that is in place along the coastline....   [tags: oil, gas, refinement, climate, disturbution]

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Literary Response : Fiesta 1980

- Literary Response 3: Fiesta 1980 In the second story of Drown by Junot Diaz, Yunior and Rafa have already been in the United States of America for about three years. In this story, their mother’s sister came to the United States. They travel to the Bronx in order to celebrate their aunts and uncles’ arrival. In Fiesta 1980, we meet their father and sister, and learn more about their mother. Through the way they all interact, we learn more about each family member’s characteristics and their family dynamic....   [tags: Mother, Family, Sibling]

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Speech On Public Voice Response

- Public Voice Response The public event that I decided to attend was a candidate reform event. That was presented by the League of Women Voters. Where the candidates that are running for sheriff’s office participated in a debate. To explain what they will do if they are elected into office and what they are planning to change for the better of Bexar County. All of the candidates that are running for sheriff’s office all came to the event and their names are James Dorsey, Sheriff Susan Parmerleau (who is running once again), Javier Salazar, and Larry Ricketts....   [tags: Police, Sheriff, Constable, Better]

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