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Research Methods : Research And Research

- ... Experimental research is typically either experiments that focus on groups or comprises of the quasi-experimental method. When experimental researchers use groups they employ the method of random assignment. This reduces the possibility of groups differing from each other in substantial ways because each participant has equal chance of being part of a particular group. Generally it creates more even distribution (Craig & Dunn, 2013). In order to comprehend the overall strengths and challenges of descriptive research, I will investigate the advantages and disadvantages of the specific descriptive research methods, which include case studies, naturalistic observations, laboratory observat...   [tags: Scientific method, Research, Science, Experiment]

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A Research Study On Research

- ... It will give me an understanding from not only the medical health care side but also from the users. I think it is important to have an understanding of both sides to carry out this investigative project. It will also help me to conclude my findings. There will be plenty of various skills to learn and develop to complete this investigative project, such as being able to research effectively. Learning how to conduct and to be able to collect information from primary and secondary research, but also to know how to analyse findings, especially with qualitative and quantitative research....   [tags: Qualitative research, Research, Psychology]

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Qualitative Research On Quantitative Research

- AC 1.1, 2.1, 2.2 The qualitative research method involves analysing data, such as words, pictures or objects. It is more subjective, and requires the researcher to interpret data in order to form thematic ideas. Quantitative research can gather a large amount of data that can be easily organised and manipulated into reports for analysis. It often includes one to one interview. It utilises open- ended questions. This means that the researcher has to interpret their findings. Moreover, in qualitative research is used to generate hypotheses and develop an understanding about a particular group that uses words and images rather that numbers....   [tags: Quantitative research, Qualitative research]

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Research Methods And Techniques Of Research

- Assignment 1 – Research Methods and Techniques There are multiple options when it comes to research methods. Some are better than others and some get the information quicker than others will. The first type of research is called primary research. Primary research in basic terms is any type of research that you have collected by going out and gathering the information yourself. The second type of research is called secondary research. This is information that you have taken from the internet or other sources that other people have gone out and found....   [tags: Research, Quantitative research, Scientific method]

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Quantitative And Qualitative Research On Research

- ... Furthermore this research demonstrates a deductive tactic to the association between theory and research. In deductive approach, a hypothesis/ hypotheses would be generated based on the association between a particular domain and the constituted theory which would then be subjected to factual analysis. The findings derived from this scrutiny would either validate or invalidate the existing theory. In addition the Quantitative research favours epistemological orientation supporting natural science methods especially to positivism which highlights the utilization of objective scientific procedures used in natural sciences to study social world....   [tags: Scientific method, Quantitative research]

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A Research Study On Scientific Research

- ... Research Design The first article by Driediger et al (2006) is a research journal which explores imagery used by injured athletes through a qualitative approach and focuses on detailed descriptive words. When reviewing both qualitative and quantitative sources, they used different types of research designs to back up their evidence. Driediger et al used interviews to prod the athletes to provide extensive information about the use of imagery during their injury rehabilitation. The journal used qualitative research such as an interview to gather information from the athletes....   [tags: Scientific method, Qualitative research]

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A Research Study On Quantitative Research

- ... 1). According to this this research, the researcher has identified twelve variables that are commonly associated with social isolation in the literature which are gender, increasing age, being never married divorced or widowed, childlessness, living alone, poor health, low income, having no pets, transport problems being on a waiting list for HACC service, being of non- English speaking background and caring for someone (Tant, 2011, p. 58) The researcher proposed that there is a significant association between social isolation measured pre-intervention by HACC funded projects and twelve variables as his hypothesis....   [tags: Scientific method, Qualitative research]

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Qualitative Research : Quantitative Research

- ... Many fields like the idea of qualitative research because it tends to access the questions about peoples ways of life with regards to how they organize and interact to the world around them. Researchers in fields as strongly diverse as that of education, nursing, psychology, sociology, anthropology and marketing research, are common fields in which qualitative research can found to be used. These fields tend to look for the answers in which quantitative research might not be useful, allowing the fields to access thought and opinions, over that or numbers and statics....   [tags: Qualitative research, Scientific method]

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Qualitative Research : Quantitative Research

- Methods In order to answer the research question, data will be collected and analyzed using the qualitative research method. This method consists of a set of interpretive practices (Denzin & Lincoln, 2011) that focus on the way people interpret and make sense of their experiences (Bailey, 2014). Qualitative research provides descriptive data in oppose to statistical numbers; this method allows the researcher to understand the participants from their own frames of reference (Taylor, Bogdan & DeVault, 2015)....   [tags: Qualitative research, Scientific method]

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Quantitative Research And Qualitative Research

- In chapter one quantitative research and qualitative research is discussed. Quantitative research is collecting data that is in forms of numbers or is converted into numbers. This type of research would be conducted through tests rating scores, etc. There are four different types of studies that could result in quantitative research. Descriptive studies is when it enables researchers to draw conclusions about the current state of affairs regarding issues, but not about correlation or cause –and- effect relationship....   [tags: Qualitative research, Scientific method]

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Quantitative Research : Qualitative Research

- ... Also, lower level concerns are detected through description and verification. Case study. Baxter & Jack (2011), purports that the case study is an intensive description and analysis of a phenomenon or social unit such as an individual, institution, group, or community. However, a case study is categorized by the unit of analysis, or the case, instead of by the topic of the study. This method is, at times, combined with other types of qualitative methods due to the fact that the unit of analysis defines the case study....   [tags: Qualitative research, Scientific method]

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Types Of Study Research On Research

- ... In the event supervisor was stressed they are able to not meet objectives which can be reached performing perfectly in close proximity to suppliers. They shall undeniably would you like to conduct a type of deep analysis/research it is really designed to fulfill the ambitions associating with questions. It 's actually a best-fitting example associated with commercial analysis. As you can imagine when you understand practical question you truly want an answered, as well as following it in a step-by-step sequence, it can be in a less complicated method for acquiring the essential feasible procedure for research to be able to obtain the result you prefer....   [tags: Scientific method, Research, Science, Hypothesis]

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Research Studies Questionnaire On Research

- Research Studies Questionnaire PART I What is the purpose of each of the sections in a typical research article. The purpose of each section of a typical research article includes the general topic, a problem or question, hypothesis, an approach, findings, analysis, and an outcome. The examiner uses a topic, the problem, and usually asks questions to apply an entrance to a research study, which would allow the audience a greater understanding, as to why a research study is taken place....   [tags: Scientific method, Research, Psychology, Science]

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Research Plan: Fuel Research

- Research plan: Fuel research ____________________________________________________________________________ Title: Bio-inspired fuel (H2) research using bioinorganic and organometallic catalysis Specific aim The goals of this research plan is to (1) synthesize electrocatalysts based on active sites of enzymes (Hydrogenase) for hydrogen recycling; (2) do catalytic studies to understand the suitability of the catalysts; (3) focus on the rational design of fuel cell using newly made electrocatalysts; (4) develop a strategy to attach the catalysts to the electrode surface; (4) setup collaboration with engineering and other departments to meet fuel cell development goal; (5) bring financial sup...   [tags: Research Plan]

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Sociological Research Methods And Research

- ... Nevertheless, the first step when using the scientific method is to identify the problem or area of interest. The research topic must not be too narrow nor too broad, on the other hand “sociologists do not rule out any topic” (Little 2014) when formulating the research subject. This is then followed by a literature review which is done in both the scientific method and sociological approach which will aid the researcher with the hypothesis. Nonetheless, the next step is choosing the research methodologies this is where differences occur within the two methods....   [tags: Scientific method, Research, Sociology, Science]

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A Research Study On Research

- ... Participation failure could be the result death, physical relocation or withdrawal from the study. Another weakness is that with repeated test taking participants may begin to give what they think are the right answers instead of the true answers (Berk, 2010). In the physical fitness study, suppose Tommy started to feel guilty about not exercising and during his survey lied to the testers improve his activity level. Cohort effects are another problem with longitudinal design study (Berk, 2010)....   [tags: Research methods, Scientific method, Cohort study]

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Mixed Methods Research : A Research Paradigm

- ... data" (Sieber, 1973, p. 1335). ….both quantitative and qualitative research are important and useful. The goal of mixed methods research is not to replace either of these approaches but rather to draw from the strengths and minimize the weaknesses of both in single research studies and across studies. Mixed methods research should, instead (at this time), use a method and philosophy that attempt to fit together the in-sights provided by qualitative and quantitative research into a workable solution....   [tags: Quantitative research, Qualitative research]

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Action Research Vs. Traditional Research

- Action Research vs. Traditional/Basic Research Paper Research can be defined as collecting data, information, and facts to gain knowledge. Research can be used as a tool to engage an efficient approach to one’s practice and provide them with effective data to make changes based on what he or she may have learned from the research. By conducting research, school administrators gain knowledge about not only their practice but their staff members, students, and district. Thus providing the administrator the abil-ity to make more effective decisions that can bring more success to the school or school district....   [tags: Scientific method, Research, Quantitative research]

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The Impact Of Quantitative Research On The Research Process

- ... Quantitative research results in a collection of numbers, which can then be subject to statistical analysis in order to come to results. A key aspect of this type of research is for the researcher to remain separate from the research emotionally and to remove researcher bias. Major Points for MBA 5652 Unit IV Research Methods A process for assigning a numeric value to the probability of loss based on known risks and available, objective data. Used to determine potential direct and indirect costs to the company based on values assigned to company assets and their exposure to risk....   [tags: Scientific method, Research]

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Marketing Research : Business Research Process

- ... They must also create an overall research design of how primary data will be gathered and analyzed. By doing this then a company can decide which way to gather the research that would be most beneficial to the firm. By having a specific plan for a research design, marketers are able to figure out what the best kind of sampling process would work best for the company. Secondary data is data that could have been collected for a different reason than the one the marketers are needing the data for....   [tags: Sampling, Marketing, Marketing research]

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Research Methods For Cross Sectional Research

- ... However there are certain factors, which can interfere with and disrupt the link between the DV and the IV. These factors include age, level of intelligence, willingness and sex. Ecological validity can have a profound effect and is seen as a weakness of this method of research, an example of this is (Loftus and Palmer Study 1974) They wanted to test their hypothesis that the language used in eyewitness testimony can alter memory, the test consisted of participants watching a video of a car crash to simulate the feelings and emotions linked with it....   [tags: Scientific method, Qualitative research]

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The Tools for Research

- Research can be very difficult to do if there is no blueprint to follow. However thanks to Leedy and Ormond (2010) we now have 8 characteristics that are the basis for our research but we have no tools. Tools are necessary for any task because they make the job easier to complete. The same applies to conducting research. We have the blueprint now we just need the right tools. Leedy and Ormrod (2010) list the general tools which include the human mind, the computer and its software, the library and its resources, statistics, measurement techniques and language....   [tags: Research Analysis]

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Research and Design

- ……….RESEARCH DESIGN As it has been already indicated, this study has examined each of our six research questions via the interviews of colleagues in the health field and through my experiences with my clients. The Research Method Our research method is concerned with inferential procedures. That is to say, information that we obtained can be used to make inference about a much larger set of measurements called population (OTT 1988). Three health practitioners with a minimum of ten years of experience formed our sample....   [tags: Research Analysis ]

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Worldview of Research

- Worldview of Research According to Creswell (2007) in Quality Inquiry & Research Design, everybody sees the world of research from different perspectives. Therefore, the assumption of researchers who choose the qualitative methods approach reflects their own views on the subject matter at hand. Creswell suggest, “When researchers do this, their research becomes shaped by bringing it into the inquiry paradigms, views of the world. Creswell suggest when qualitative researcher views vary according to the beliefs they bring into their research, which represent paradigms” (pg....   [tags: Research Analysis ]

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Fundamentals of Research

- It has always been human nature to seek answers, find solutions to problems, observe, and bring awareness of discoveries. This process of inquiry has become more sophisticated and daunting throughout time. Nevertheless, curiosity and the need to progress remains the same. Many regard research as gathering information and using facts to support findings (Leedy & Ormrod, 2010, pg. 1-2). Nevertheless, Leedy and Ormrod (2010), define research as "a systematic process of collecting, analyzing, and interpreting information (data) in order to increase our understanding of a phenomenon about which we are interested or concerned" (Leedy & Ormond, 2010, pg....   [tags: Research Analysis ]

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Difference Between Research Methods And Research Methodology

- Difference Between Research Methods & Research Methodology Research Methodology and research methods both these terms are being used essentially in any research procedure but makeup of both these is different. In this journal we would talk about their difference but first of all it is necessary to know deeply about research methodology and research methods individually. Let’s have a look over research methodology first. Research methodology can be defined as, giving a clear cut idea about the methods or process used by a researcher in his/her research in order to gain research objectives....   [tags: Research, Scientific method, Quantitative research]

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Marketing Research: Primary vs. Secondary Research

- Marketing Research: Primary vs. Secondary Research “Primary data are gathered specifically for the research project at hand. Secondary data is data that have been previously gathered for some other purpose.” (Burns & Bush, 2006). This paper will explore the differences in primary and secondary research when using qualitative and quantitative approaches. The paper will further discuss the tools that are used for each approach. Quantitative & Qualitative Approaches “Quantitative research is defined as research involving the use of structured questions in which the response options have been predetermined and a large number of respondents are involved.” (Burns & Bush, 2006)....   [tags: Market Research ]

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Importance of Collaborative Research

- Due to its many benefits, collaborative research has been greatly encouraged in the last decade. It helps researches from different disciplines share knowledge and resources. Furthermore, the government has specifically created grants for collaborate research as an incentive to collaborate research (Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative). Besides the many benefits, there are also countless problems that may rise from collaborative research that must be dealt with at a very diplomatic level....   [tags: Research]

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The Purpose of Action Research in Schools

- Action research is a research process that is reflective in nature and typically conducted in school settings. These types of research enables professionals in school settings to collaborate on the components of a study, and allows them to search for solutions to the common everyday challenges that educators experience in schools (Ferrance, 2000). Educators can use the process of reflection through action research to better understand their work and build professional knowledge as they strive for continuous improvement (Brown, 2002)....   [tags: educational research, education research]

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A Research Study On College Mentors

- ... This experience helped me find confidence in my education, that these tools and strategies could indeed be used for something more than a term paper or multiple-choice test. It created relevance for me to have a teacher who knew the value of research and could provide me with opportunities to make a difference in the world. Julie assigned me to do a qualitative research project at a homeless shelter, she gave me opportunities to work with her on a project involving NAFTA and it’s environmental impact across the U.S....   [tags: Qualitative research, Research]

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Domestic And Foreign Market Research

- ... Utlizing both research methods will allow us the opportunity to analyze a wide scope of data, Quantitative research involves the analysis of numerial data. We will use quantitative research methods in order to gather information about financial statisitics and performance." With the use of quantitative research methods, personal bias can be avoided in studying research problems in the social sciences. It 's easier with these tools to generalize the results, as well as to study broadly. These research methods produce hard numbers that can be turned into statistics."(Zappia) Quantitative research will help us when looking into the general features of the populations....   [tags: Research, Quantitative research]

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There is No Hope of Doing Perfect Research

- There are two ways of looking at research and perfect research. Conceptually, these two are oxymoron. Research is done to understand the unknown or clear doubts about the known. Perfect research is possible only when you have the full knowledge of the subject of investigation so have no room for mistakes or bias in planning, formulating, and executing the research and drawing conclusions from it. If you know everything about the subject and have no doubt about it, then there is no need for perfect research....   [tags: Research Analysis ]

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Research Project On High School

- ... I waited while they completed the exercise. Once they were done I told them it was time for a break. I told them they could use this time to go to the washroom or check their cellphone. At this time, I provided them with a snack of cookies, juice and fruits. I encouraged them to take a snack which they obliged. Once the break was over I began the semi-structured interview. I asked the participants questions and listened to what they were saying. Once the interview was over we began the final method which was drawing....   [tags: Qualitative research, Quantitative research]

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Qualitative And Qualitative Research Methods

- To collect valid and reliable data for the investigation, the researcher combined qualitative and quantitative methods to conduct “mix methods research” (Creswell, Plano, Gutmann & Hanson, 2003, p.42) because Dörnyei (2007) claimed that qualitative and quantitative methods had equal contribution in theorising as they can support each other. Furthermore, the two methods were adopted to attain an entire understanding of a target phenomenon or to justify one series of results against the other (Sandelowski, 2003)....   [tags: Quantitative research, Qualitative research]

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There is No Hope of Doing Perfect Research

- To answer the question of whether there can be such a thing as perfect research we would have to consider the research methodologies employed and how the research question is formulated and presented. The human mind is complex and in its complexity dwells room for misunderstanding and the propensity to err, so as long as the human mind is engaged in research, there can be no such thing as flawless research. To make research as near to perfection as possible it is important to look at the design of the methodology and eliminate areas that might introduce "problems" the methodology that does not leave any room for error....   [tags: Research Analysis ]

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An Assessment of My Research Skills

- No doubt scientific research is being performed at a phenomenal rate worldwide. Drastic steps must be taken to keep all collected data “pure”. All findings should be collected via ethical means as mandated by standardized precepts in specific academic disciplines. How do I conduct scholarly research worth merit. What research skills have I utilized in the past. What new research skills do I need to master. In this manuscript, my quest is to address the questions cited above. As a scholar-practitioner, I am learning the sequence of properly researching a particular topic will add substance and creditability to any project I undertake....   [tags: Research, academics,]

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Analysis of The Doctoral Research Process

- The doctoral research process will challenge the most learned student, inspire true seekers of truth, and culminate in a dissertation which adds essential information to the existing relevant body of literature (Leedy & Omrod, 2010) Some would say that finding truth is the object of the doctoral research process, while others insist that any information that expands the current understanding of a subject suffices as the end result for the doctoral research process. The purpose of this paper will be to: address the complexities of the doctoral research process, outline the stages of the research process, examine research goals, explore reliability and validity, and summarize doctoral research...   [tags: research process, doctoral research, analysis]

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Embryonic Research: A Battle of Fallacies

- Many women are eager to become a mother, but infertility prevents some women from satisfying this need. To counter this widespread problem, we develop reproductive choices. One of the most important choices is in vitro fertilization. Even though this method significantly increases pregnancy rate in infertile women, it comes with the problem. Underlying in vitro fertilization is research on living human embryos. We need to research on countless living embryos in order to develop clinical in vitro fertilization....   [tags: Medical Research]

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What Are the Dangers of Paranormal Research?

- What are the dangers of paranormal research. John, being bored, turned to his good friend Charlie and asked if he might be interested in a little ghost hunt. They both agreed to travel to the nearby cemetery later that night. John had been watching a ghost hunting television series for weeks and became interested in re-searching the paranormal. John had watched ghost hunting expeditions so many times on tele-vision he thought he knew enough to go out and do it himself. So later that night John and Charlie had gone into the cemetery with their voice recorders, digital cameras, video cameras equipped with night vision, and a Ouija board....   [tags: Paranormal Research]

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Business Research for Decision Making

- Business Research for Decision Making The work of decision making involves choosing between issues that require attention, setting goals, designing suitable courses of action and choosing among several alternatives through the evaluation of each one of the alternatives. Of great importance in decision making is the choosing between the several alternatives. The effectiveness of this work of decision making is of great importance for the well being of every business activity and determines the success of every business (Kay Miranda)....   [tags: Research Management ]

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The Importance of Stem Cell Research

- Fatal diseases have been the cause of death for a large percent of the human race. About 5.8 million Americans have heart failure, 670,000 people are diagnosed with it each year, 23.6 million have diabetes, and one million live with Parkinson’s disease (Watson, Stephanie, and Craig Freudenrich, Ph.D). Diseases such as above kill off important cells that reproduce rapidly to help the body function normally. Well, what alternatives does one have to turn to when the time clock runs out for all cells, resulting in death....   [tags: Medical Research]

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Experimental Methods Used in Applied Research

- According to Shaughnessy, Zechmeister, and Zechmeister, 2009, “in applied behavioral analysis the methods developed within the experimental analysis of behavior are applied to socially relevant problems (Shaughnessy, Zechmeister & Zechmeister, 2009, p. 317).” In this paper I will discuss some of these experimental methods used in applied research. First, I will discuss the similarities and differences between descriptive and inferential statistics, and when they should be used. In addition, I will explain the similarities and differences between single-case and small N-research designs....   [tags: Research]

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The Importance of Stem Cell Research

- In a society where faster means better and technology has rapidly taken over the lives of people, the means of human health have changed. The advance in medical research has led to the development of using existing cells within the body and placentas of humans to heal critical injuries that usually take years to fully return to normal (Boniello). The cells are commonly referred to as stem cells which can turn into different types of cells depending on the injury, location, and what the body requires....   [tags: Medical Research]

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Using And Understanding Research Methodology

- Using and understanding research Task 2- research methodology: Research methodology is a systematic way to solve a problem, it is a science of studying how research should be carried out. The way in which researchers go about their work of describing, explaining and predicting phenomena are called research methodology. This is also defined as the study of methods where knowledge is gained (, 2015). Researchers need to understand methodology before a study is conducted in order to have a clear understanding of the research methods and for the researcher to become familiar with the research method used(, 2015)....   [tags: Research, Scientific method, Primary research]

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Evaluation Of A Research Design

- Students will write an essay on any two of the research designs you studied during the year in this module. You will receive guidance for this assessment in lectures during the term. (1500 words) Research allows for the undertaking of information-finding activities; establishing facts and reaching new conclusions. (Smith, M. 2010) It is important when conducting research to ensure to use the correct research design that will prove to be the most effective for the desired study being investigated....   [tags: Scientific method, Qualitative research, Research]

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Animal Research: A Necessary Evil

- It has long been debated as to whether it is ethical to use animals for experimentation. When considering whether animal research is ethically acceptable or not two main concerns must be raised. The first issue is whether it is absolutely necessary to use animals in order to acquire information that may contribute to the improvement of people’s health and well-being. The second issue is whether the use of animals is defendable on a moral ground. Supporters of animal research believe that animal experimentation and research is ethically acceptable as long as the treatment of the animals is humane and well-regulated....   [tags: Animal Research ]

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The Importance of Marketing Research

- The Importance of Marketing Research This paper will outline the importance of marketing research and apply that importance to a communication to the management team at Johnson & Johnson’s Consumer Products group. The discussion with management will include the use of current marketing research tools by the company today and the application of each. The premise behind marketing research helps provide a company’s decision makers the information intelligence needed to make daily decisions (McDaniel & Gates, 2006)....   [tags: Market Research ]

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Research Topic On The University

- ... Quantitative research is an approach for testing objective theories by examining the relationship between variables (Creswell, 2014). Using the collected variables, it can be turned into data which is analyzed using statistical procedures. When collecting data for this approach, the university must use closed-ended questions. The final report for this approach includes an introduction, literature and theory, methods, and discussion. Just like qualitative approach, the researchers will have postulations about testing theories logically, building in protections against bias, controlling for other clarifications, and being able to generalize and report the findings (Creswell, 2014)....   [tags: Qualitative research, Research, Scientific method]

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Role of Research in Management

- Role of Research in Management Research can be viewed from the perspective of a continuum from studies that expand knowledge about business and management in general on one end to studies that solve specific problems and add new knowledge in a limited context on the other end (Saunders, et al., 2009). Regardless of where a research project falls on the continuum, the findings can be a helpful aid to management. Generalized findings from university studies on management and human behavior theory can provide a manager with insight into handling a situation or dealing with employees, while specific studies enacted within the firm or the industry can provide management with a proper perspective...   [tags: Research Management ]

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Qualitative Analysis : Qualitative Research

- Qualitative Analysis Qualitative research presents academic information I manner that does not utilize numerical analysis of the findings. Research is depicted with non-statistical descriptors and according to (Wood, 2010, p. 56); “one important sense in which the term ‘qualitative’ is used is simply to refer to the use of data which yields a deep and detailed picture of the subject matter”. Analysis of qualitative research requires the reader to examine several aspects in order for the research to deemed high quality....   [tags: Focus group, Qualitative research, Research]

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Evaluation Of A Research Approach

- Introduction A research approach is a plan that details the processes and procedures the researcher intends to follow when preparing his or her dissertation. This plan includes the assumptions from a broad range to more detailed methods on how to identify participants, collect and analyze data, finally how they intend to interpret and communicate their findings. There are three approaches to research a) qualitative, b) quantitative and c) mixed methods. Once a method is selected the researcher has to determine how the research data will be collected....   [tags: Scientific method, Qualitative research, Research]

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Benefits of Stem Cell Research

- Take a minute to imagine a world where some of the diseases once thought to be life threatening or altering could be cured. Diseases including lupus, Lou Gehrig’s disease, arthritis and countless others could very well be treatable. Many would consider a treatment like this to be considered a miracle, but miracle treatment is this, which can help numerous people with their pain and help alter the dismal quality of life that countless others are facing but, yet is denounced as an act against God....   [tags: Scientific Research ]

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Research Ethics for Graduate Students

- Set 1: Question and Answers Question 1: How might one justify flipping the switch in the Trolley case but not pushing the large man off the bridge in the variation. Answer: Flipping the switch in the first case is justified because the switch operator is acting on the principle of Utilitarianism. By flipping the switch, the operator would save two people toed to the rail track and thus his actions would lead to Greatest Good for the Greatest Number (GHGN). However, in the second case where the switch-operator is faced with the situation of sacrificing the life of the fat man, then he may not be justified in doing so....   [tags: Research Ethics]

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Types Of Data And Research

- 5) There are four types of data in scholarly research. Please identify the type of data your proposed dissertation will collect and discuss the appropriateness of such (i.e., why is the data of the indicated type and why is such appropriate for your study). There are four types of data in scholarly research. The data types are (a) nominal, (b) ordinal, (c) interval, and (d) ratio (Zhang, 1996). Nominal data refers to data differentiated by a categorical naming system. Ordinal data is numerical data used to rank order a set of entities or data points by position on a scale....   [tags: Scientific method, Research, Qualitative research]

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Different Methods Of Quantitative Research

- For this week’s assignment, we were instructed to identify different methods of quantitative research and how the tools can be used to accurately answer problems. In order to evaluate the effectiveness within the respect of management, I had to identify some studies that related to my career field. With respect to the business world and human resource management in general, I decided to focus on the younger generation of managers. There is a constant evolving world of change that drives success in the business world, with that said how are younger managers adapting....   [tags: Research, Quantitative research, Generation Y]

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Ethics in Social Psychological Research

- Research which involves human participants who undergo uncomfortable circumstances can raise moral, social, and political concerns (Schwartz, 2001). This ensues a whole new field of research known simply as research ethics. Research ethics is generally interested in the analysis of ethical matters that arise when people are used as subjects in such studies. Research ethics requires the application of necessary ethical convention to a variety of topics involving any scientific study. There are quite a number of experiments brought to what is known as the Internal Review Board....   [tags: Research Ethics ]

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The Importance of Market Research

- The Importance of Market Research This paper will examine the steps of Marketing Research and the role that it plays in the marketing mix of product, place, price and promotion. The marketing mix is guided by marketing strategy made up of factors that are under company control and collected into four groups of variables known as the four P’s: product, place, price, and promotion (Kerin, R.A., Hartley, S.W., Berkowitz, E.N., & Rudelius, W., 2009). The organization selected for this examination will be the current company with which I am employed, Apartment Management Consultants (AMC)....   [tags: Market Research ]

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Focus Groups' Role in Research

- It has been decided to focus on to explain on a personal experience whereby focus groups produced positive or negative information hence anticipated as of other types of research. The importance of Focus groups providing better, or worse, information this is highlighted by Pitt-Catsouphes et al, 2006 (p.365) who states that focus groups “offers the advantage of creating inductive insight, and these insights can then be later used in the development of quantitatively instruments such as surveys”, Duarte et al, (2006, pg.202) adds that researchers may still disagree on the members emphasis....   [tags: Research Methods]

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Schizophrenia: Critique of Research Study

- Schizophrenia is the most common and complex mental disorder that has an impact on many people worldwide. Not only is the disorder complex but devastating. Schizophrenia starts in the early lives of an individual and can lead to lifelong disability (Moritz, 2010). In this paper schizophrenia will be introduced as well as why this topic and discipline were chosen. There will also be a research study that will not only be critiqued by the research that is given but also how the research was presented as well....   [tags: Research Paper]

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Recall Bias in Research Design

- It is most likely every major text on epidemiology involved in retrospective research is influenced by recall bias. Scientists have identified recall bias to occur when accuracy of recall regarding prior exposure is different for cases versus control (RAPHAEL, 1987). The possibility for recall bias exists whenever historical self-report information is elicited from respondents (RAPHAEL, 1987). Therefore, the potential for the occurrence is likely to be greatest in case-control studies or cross-sectional studies with retrospective elements, as well as some cohort prospective and control randomized trial designs (Hassan, 2006)....   [tags: Research Methodology]

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Research Methods and Design

- Abstract Using required reading, discussions, and quizzes for references, I have produced in this assignment a scholarly document that addresses three topic areas: (a) philosophy of research, (b) core concept for research design, and (c), other approaches to research. I assessed explicit knowledge-base description of key concepts and questions related to the topic area. The purpose of this assignment was to demonstrate necessary proficiency in identification, articulation, and application, of related components characteristic of the social sciences....   [tags: Research Methods, Research Design]

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The Big Five Research Project

- The purpose of this report is to provide answers to the questions presented in the research project in the Rasmussen general psychology class. The first question ask was what are the five personality traits according to the prominent five factor model. According to the psychology.suite101 website (Pawlik-Kienlen, 2007) the big five personality traits are as follows: • Conscientiousness - being disciplined, dedicated and organized. This also means being self disciplined and having goals in life and striving to achieve them....   [tags: Research Analysis]

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View into Tucson Research Proposal

- Introduction A research conducted pertaining to a city is always concerned with a number of areas that describe it. One of the areas of study could be the lifestyle of the habitants of the city. Another area of interest could be the avenues, lanes, recreational facilities that are in the city, as well as most of the welfare amenities used to make life better for its dwellers. This is a research proposal on a study into Tucson’s geographical location and the lifestyle of its dwellers. It is concerned about the town’s positioning, strategic placement of the streets and all the developments that make the town conspicuous....   [tags: Research Proposal ]

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Crafting a Research Study Outline

- The title of my research simulation is Early childhood caries and the effects on young children’s emotional well-being. This study will examine how parental perception of early childhood caries impacts young children’s emotional well- being. The overall goal of this study is to identify barriers to treatment of early childhood caries in preschoolers. In addition, the study will describe the 1) prevalence of ECC in a preschool population, 2) parent oral health knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors, and 3) the impact that early childhood caries have on young children’s quality of life....   [tags: Research Management ]

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The Meaning of Quantitative and Qualitative Research

- The Meaning of Quantitative and Qualitative Research Quantitative and Qualitative are two different forms of research that complement each other either from a numerical standpoint or a descriptive one. Quantitative research comes from a numerical perspective and qualitative research comes from more of a descriptive perspective, though they cannot be described with these specific terms, they need to be elaborated on to get more of an overall understanding. Quantitative research expresses data in a numerical fashion and its main focus is to supply information and to determine relationships between variables (Guts, 2014)....   [tags: Research, Numerical Standpoint]

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A Research Study On The Retention Of Teachers

- ... Mentors who are veteran teachers may use the experience of this study to improve the future relationships with beginning teachers. Other school district systems may use the outcome of the research to think about implementing a mentor program. Rationale for Methodology The purpose of this qualitative research is to get an understanding of important role mentors influencing novice teachers. Qualitative study is collecting data directly in a work setting. This study will be conducted on focus groups and individuals interview with the respondents gather data....   [tags: Qualitative research, Scientific method]

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The Values That Go Into Science And Research

- ... Science is not truth and truth is not science. Also, evidence is not truth. This why I enjoyed the in class reading based on this topic. The Values in Science: An Introduction by Allchin, has to be one of the best articles I have read in the class. This was an article that expressed how I have been feeling about science. In the article, it states that “The most dramatic social influence of scientific values, however, may be the image of science itself as a model for all problem-solving”, which I believe is true....   [tags: Scientific method, Epistemology, Research]

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Research Is Important For Sports Therapy

- ... Evidence based practice (EBP) is the use of up to date and most recent forms of evidence to help to make a decision on a client, patient or a certain individual’s care or health and wellbeing. Evidence based practice mainly involves combining the clinical expertise, research evidence, information from the practice context, patients values and circumstances and lastly the knowledge of either a group of people or from an individual person (Comfort, and Abrahanson 2010). (EBP) is very important within the field of sports therapy as it improves the patient or clients outcome because it provides the most effective and accurate up to date outcomes that a professional would want to use to help...   [tags: Scientific method, Research]

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Research Design For A Doctoral Program

- Research Designs To undertake a doctoral program, one first needs a clear understanding of the different methods of research. The three main types of research used in educational settings are: quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods. Quantitative is often considered the original method and is thought to be more exact. Qualitative appeared in the 1980’s and is often viewed as the exact opposite as quantitative, although I am not so sure that is a correct description. Mixed methods research has become more popular over the last 10 – 15 years and has been called the best of both worlds....   [tags: Quantitative research, Scientific method]

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Types Of Qualitative And Qualitative Research

- Types of Qualitative Methods When a qualitative approach seems to make the most sense, the task becomes one of selecting the qualitative method or methods to be used. A number of different ways of framing qualitative methods exist. Lee, Mitchell, and Sablynski (1999) use purposes (e.g., theory generation, theory elaboration, theory testing, or critical theory), research design (e.g., case study, ethnography, and in-depth interviews), and analytic data techniques (e.g., grounded theory approaches, pattern matching in case study research, and hermeneutic techniques as a way of categorizing types of qualitative research....   [tags: Qualitative research, Scientific method]

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Strengths And Weaknesses Of Qualitative Research

- ... The closeness of the researcher to the research loads qualitative data with narrative data that includes a great deal of detail. The researcher becomes an observer of the natural settings in which the participants are acting in and experiencing. When research is being conducted in the field like this, the research becomes free from controls and constraints, such as that in a lab setting, that may change the natural outcome of actions and thought processes (McMillan & Schumacher, 2010). However, this same closeness means that the researcher must contain an extensive skill set in order to seamlessly blend into the natural setting and be able to effectively analyze and document what they ar...   [tags: Scientific method, Research]

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Selecting An Appropriate Research Methodology

- As aforementioned, to response to my research question I need to select an appropriate research methodology. Before selecting a research method, I will explain about data sources of the research that I will collect them for analysis. There are twofold of data sources of this research study. One fold of data source relates to legal frameworks, regulations, policies, guidelines and procedures of the community forestry. Data from this source will be collected through Internet searching and obtained documents in hard copies if they are available....   [tags: Scientific method, Qualitative research]

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A Research Study On School Bullying

- ... 2007, p.172) Frequently referred as the philosophy of morality, (Frankena, 1963 as cited by Kitchener, Karen Strohm; Anderson, Sharon, 2011, p.2) ethical matters has always been a key dilemma in research as it entails the judgement of right and wrong; advocates what values are worth pursuing; endorses justice for respondents (Hospers, 1961, p.6). Researchers are well aware that their published papers are open to deep scrutiny (BERA, 2011, p.10) henceforth if it has been investigated that they violated the ethical code, the researcher may receive serious chastisement....   [tags: Ethics, Research, Morality, Bullying]

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Importance Of Quantitative And Qualitative Research

- While acting as a teacher, coach, and personal trainer, I have utilized various strategies to enhance the performance of others. In each of those roles, I have especially enjoyed identifying the factor(s) which would aid in individuals’ improvement. I have carried this interest with me, and intend on pursuing a dissertation focused on the topic motivation. As my understanding and passion of the concept has evolved, I have become increasingly invested in identifying strategies administrators can utilize to motivate educators....   [tags: Qualitative research, Scientific method]

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Qualitative And Quantitative And Qualitative Research

- ... On the other hand, the answers from the qualitative researchers may provide new relationships or surprising explanation that the theory or previous literature fails to identify due to their openness towards what causes the dependent variable. This type of surprise is somewhat rare in quantitative analysis but may only emerge when the researchers try to fix the model if errors occur or the proposed model does not satisfactorily explain the phenomenon as the previous theory suggests. It is because the researchers have to review the impact of independent variables, add or replace them when necessary, and introduce dummies to stop what confound the relationship between independent and depend...   [tags: Qualitative research, Scientific method]

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Step to Developing a Research Project

- This article’s main focus was prevention of falls through safety interventions. The intervention could be utilized in combination or as one, but in the end the cost was low and the patient fall rate was decreased. The falls was reduced because the problem was identified and they addressed the problem by implementing a safety strategy that would address and correct the problem. The falls rate was reduced within a time frame that was cost effective for the organization. Rognstad, M., Fredheim, O. S., Johannessen, T....   [tags: Reading, Research Question, Hypothesis]

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Research Methods For A Radio Station

- ... For instance the people that come for different occasions to the radio stations – winners coming to collect prises, people from The Bay or simply people coming to give a very recent update on traffic that was missed during the program. When using qualitative methods like the two I am focusing on – observation and interviews, I do realise that it gives me a great and personal (for me and for other participants) perspective on the matter, especially when the question I am researching is what the role of local radio is....   [tags: Scientific method, Qualitative research]

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Qualitative vs. Quantitative Research

- In this paper, the author will delineate the characteristics between qualitative and quantitative research, as well as their methodologies. The purpose of this paper is to give the reader a brief glimpse behind each research approach, by determining the strengths and weaknesses of both. The terms “subjective” and “objective” will be viewed in accordance with each research paradigm by considering the role of the observer and addressing how the researcher conducts his or her analysis using these approaches....   [tags: Research Analysis ]

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Approach to Research Studies

- Approach to Research Studies The field of social science typically applies the research methods of either qualitative or quantitative concept ( ). The quantitative research strategy incorporates approaches which emphasize on quantities. The quantitative method collects data, usually by numbers, and is evaluated by numerical and automated methods. The quantitative approach to research is primarily used in research in the field of physical science (book). However, the qualitative method customarily makes use of words to clarify extensive theories that cannot be apprehended statistically, for instance in such things as: an individual’s principles, state of mind, or objectives....   [tags: Research Management ]

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Ethical Standards in Research

- Concern for risks involved in the research and the participants involved in the study is a duty of the researcher (Lindorff, 2010). Topics that an ethical researcher should consider are “justice, beneficence and respect for persons” (Lindorff, 2010, p. 53). Justice refers to fairness in selection of participants and the time required by participants. Justice relates to protecting participants but also benefiting the public, not just certain entities. There are concerns regarding non-medical research and the benefactors from the results obtained....   [tags: Ethical Research]

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