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Prostitution in Canada

- Canada is a nation renown as a liberal-leaning, forward nation; promoting the advancement of women in all parts of the world. However, it is a nation guilty of punishing women for the circumstances in which they find themselves with laws showing an antiquated view on the issue of prostitution—one that prosecutes sex workers instead of those who take advantage of women’s situations and buy sexual services. BY examining the origins of current-day laws concerning prostitution in Canada and looking at European legislation as well as its successes and failures made it is possible to find a middle ground that will suit Canada should it ever decide to change its laws concerning pr...   [tags: Prostitution]

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Prostitution in Thailand

- Prostitution has always been a worldwide problem for hundred years, especially in Thailand. Thai prostitution is now one of the industries that make millions of money to Thailand in a year. The attention to most of the tourists has been given directly to the nightlife here or prostitution rather than the quality of our own natural attractions such as beaches, mountains, or even a shopping facility in Thailand which is being considered as one of the great shopping paradises in South East Asia. Prostitution is an act of violence and should be banned....   [tags: Prostitution]

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The Global Problem of Prostitution

- The exploitation of prostitution is considered to be one of a serious global issue in most of the countries around the world. Also, the number of prostitution is increasing tremendously each year and seems to be more serious than the past centuries. However, yet very few to none of the countries have completely solved this problem. Saudi Arabia and Netherlands are two examples of the countries that prostitution is still considered to be a problem that the government of both countries cannot ignore....   [tags: Prostitution]

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Outlaw Poverty, Not Prostitution

- Prostitution is famously known as “the world’s oldest profession.” Lots of scholars like to nitpick this and say that hunting or gathering actually deserves that title, but the fact remains that it is currently and historically ubiquitous: all ancient and modern cultures have had their own form of prostitution, from ancient Greece and the Aztecs to modern-day America. For example, the ancient Greek historian Herodotus in his Histories talks about ancient Mesopotamians practicing sacred or “temple prostitution,” a worship practice that enacts symbolic marriage between a god and a goddess with humans representing the deities....   [tags: Prostitution]

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Legalizing Prostitution: The Pros and Cons

- Prostitution is one of the most controversial subjects in the United States. There are many pros and cons to this subject. First, Prostitution shouldn’t be a crime because it is a victimless crime. In no way is the prostitute committing a crime on society, of course you could argue that the spreading of diseases could be a crime. But the fact that it could happen during regular intercourse should completely nullify that argument in favor of legalizing. Criminalizing prostitution is a way for slowing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases; it is not a way to confront the problem of STD’s....   [tags: Prostitution, USA, ]

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The Harmful Effects of Juvenile Prostitution

- Juvenile prostitution is a great problem and not many people are aware of it. In some cases juvenile prostitution start as a voluntary act but in other cases there are grills ho are being kidnap just with the purpose of selling them for sex. I personally pick to inform you about juvenile prostitution because I am interested in making a difference in our teenager’s world I want them to walk freely on the street. I am tired of seeing how people take advantage of inoffensive and inexperience teenagers....   [tags: Juvenile Prostitution, Prostitution, Criminal Just]

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Why Prostitution Should Be Legal

- Why should prostitution be legal. Can anybody tell me what is considered to be the world's most ancient profession. (doesn't require education, mostly involves women) Some researchers confirm that prostitution is indeed the most ancient profession, while others argue with it; however, everybody agrees that trading sex for money has existed for quite a while. According to Wikipedia, prostitution began in the 21st century BC in Near East, most likely as a religious custom, and was practiced by Greeks, Romans, China and other ancient civilizations....   [tags: Prostitution, Argument]

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Legalization of Prostitution

- Though illegal in the United States, prostitution is still a strongly prevalent crime happening all across the nation. Currently, a person participating in the crime of prostitution will be charged with a misdemeanor (Liberator 2). People every single day are being charged with a misdemeanor for this specific crime. Statistically, it may even seem like this crime is being caught more often than other, more extreme crimes. Prostitution is a strongly enforced crime that costs America large sums of money (Chittom 1)....   [tags: Prostitution, Health, Safety, Rights]

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Legalization of Prostitution

- Prostitution, considered one of the oldest professions in the world, was legal until 1915 when most states passed laws making it illegal. One of the main reasons for the prohibition of prostitution was to keep soldiers out of the brothels so they would stay focused on the war. After WWII, lawmakers left the prohibition laws in place instead of repealing them. Prostitution should be legal, regulated, and taxed. This would increase the quality of police protection, reduce waste in the judicial system, decrease the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, and increase federal tax revenue....   [tags: Prostitution Should Be Legal]

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Prostitution in Hong Kong

- Table of Contents Page Introduction------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3 Overall situation around the world------------------------------------------------------------------3 Situation in Hong Kong----------------------------------------------------------------------------------4 Main issue addressed-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6 Situation in particular countries; and How if Hong Kong adopt policies from them---------------------------------------------------------7 Conclusion------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------10 R...   [tags: Prostitution Essays]

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Legalization of Prostitution

- Prostitution can be defined as the performance of sexual acts for payment (Sheldin 2014). It is the oldest profession in the history of the world. It has been present in most civilizations that have ever existed. In the U.S.A prostitution is illegal except in certain counties in Nevada. Prostitutes are convicted if caught for exercising their profession. However, why are they being punished. Most prostitutes do not choose that life but are enrolled in it by pimps who take advantage of the unfortunate circumstances of young women’s lives....   [tags: Prostitution, STD, brothels]

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Decriminalization of Prostitution

- Patty Kelly’s article, “Enough already, it’s time we decriminalize prostitution”, takes the reader into a fascinating behind the scene look into one of Mexico’s legalized brothels. Although it is apparent that her research and investigation into this social experiment are well defined, it is too narrow a focus to gather all the required information to support her argument. Kelly begins with a half hazard analysis of Elliot Spitzer infidelity, then continues down the path that is far too laser like to see the overall effect on these women; failing to see these prostitutes as real people with hearts and souls....   [tags: Prostitution, Crime, Effects]

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The Debate Over the Legalization of Prostitution

- Prostitution is an age old profession that has dominated several civilizations throughout the centuries, such as ancient Rome and Ephesus. In modern European cultures, several countries have come to the conclusion that legalized prostitution is the best option for those specific countries. In the United States, the debate over prostitution has questioned the dangers of prostitution, the legal rights of the prostitutes, what could be gained through the legalization of prostitution, and whether or not the United States’ government should regulate this controversial field to improve the standards of health and conditions in the industry....   [tags: prostitution, prostitutes, sex]

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The Effects of Decriminalizing Prostitution in Canada

- The Effects of Decriminalizing Prostitution in Canada In 2007, three prostitutes, Terri-Jean Bedford, Amy Lebovitch, and Valerie Scott came to the Canadian government to challenge the current prostitution laws after pending charges were laid against them for illegal acts prostitution (Chez Stella, 2013). The Bedford Case has opened up a debate on whether prostitution should be decriminalized in Canada. Through my research, I offer a comparative analysis of four approaches to prostitution, which aid in illustrating the effects that decriminalization would have on prostitutes, and women as a whole....   [tags: Canadian Government, Prostitution Laws]

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Prostitution Should Be Legal For Society

- ... Robert Pickton murder over 60 missing women .If only the law would take these cases seriously many lives would have been spared. It took them many years to find Pickton and even after this case was closed a lot of families didn’t get a chance to find their missing loved ones. In the CBC news article it states that “Oppal blamed years of inadequate and failed police investigations for allowing Pickton to prey undetected for years on women in the sex trade on Vancouver 's troubled Downtown Eastside”....   [tags: Prostitution, Sexual intercourse, Rape]

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Prostitution: Should It Be Legal?

- The oldest occupation in history, prostitution is one of the only occupations in which those who practice it are not protected by law in many first world countries. That however, sets the stage for disaster; women can get beaten and raped but will not report it out of fear of getting arrested themselves. To protect prostitutes and their patrons, voluntary prostitution of those over the age of eighteen in inevitable and must be legalized. Prostitution is highly controversial, many claiming that the legalization would lead to more prostitution, which would therefore be a larger disgrace to society....   [tags: prostitution, prostitutes, sex trade]

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The Benefits of Legalizing Prostitution

- Prostitution is one of the most controversial subjects in the United States. There are many pros and cons to this subject. Should prostitution be legalized. Or should it stay illegal with no chance of becoming decriminalized. Some researchers confirm that prostitution is indeed the most ancient profession, while others argue with it; however, everybody agrees that trading sex for money has existed for quite a while. Prostitution is still a part of modern society. The fact speaks for itself, as there will always be a demand for the services that it provides, prostitution will exist in some form no matter what....   [tags: prostitution, argumentative, persuasive]

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The Sex Trade: Slavery and Prostitution

- Individuals around the world are faced with inhumane treatments and conditions daily. “Traffickers use force, fraud or coercion, including techniques such as containment, beatings, rape, confiscation of documents, debt bondage, false owners of employment, and threats of harm” in order to maintain control over their slaves (Potocky, 2010). Sex trade is a global problem presently and will increase throughout the world if nothing is done to prevent and eliminate it. Sex slavery is a type of prostitution in which the trafficker’s make an increased profit through the solicitation of slaves....   [tags: legal issues, slavery, prostitution]

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The Various Viewpoints on Prostitution

- Is prostitution wrong. Is it possible to stop prostitution entirely. The debate on whether prostitution should be legalized in the United Sates is not a new one. On the topic of prostitution different ideas such as morality and freedom of choice come to play. The differing of opinions on whether prostitution should be legalized in the United States vary greatly, but generally they fall into three categories: anti-prostitution, decriminalization, and pro-legalization.   The viewpoints that are the most vehemently opposed to legalizing prostitution in the United States stem from religious ideals....   [tags: Social Issues, Legal Issues, Prostitution]

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Should Prostitution Be Legal?

- Tommy Zheng Eng 112 Amolsch 7/22/14 Legalizing Prostitution The phrase “sex sells” has been circulating in the media for a long time. The origin behind this phrase dates back to ancient times to the oldest profession: prostitution. Prostitution is defined as the act of providing sexual services to a person in exchange for money, goods or other services (Trifiolis 1). For as long back as we have records, evidence can be found of people “selling sex” for some sort of gain (History, par. 1). Prostitution has been around for centuries....   [tags: Prostitution, Human trafficking, Law]

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Prostitution: Should A Change Be Made?

- ... “Roughly half of the street prostitutes in Washington, D.C., and New York City are HIV-positive. In Newark, New Jersey, the estimate is that close to 60% of all prostitutes carry the AIDS virus (Cite2).” But on the other side of the country, in the state of Nevada, where prostitution is legal and regulated, there has never been a single state-licensed prostitute who has tested positive for HIV or AIDS since 1989. This only can suggest that the legalization of prostitution can and will improve the cleanliness of the entire industry by reducing the amount of diseases carried by sex workers drastically....   [tags: immoral, sexual activity, legal prostitution]

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Should Prostitution Be Legalized?

- ... “Rent from a brothel was a legitimate source of income....” (,1) This dating back from Rome in 180B.C. to showing of how it could be legalized. Firstly, if prostitution were to be legalized their life should drastically improve for themselves or their families. Refuge from abusive families and limited economic options(Prostitute Alliances Can Combat Human Trafficking,1) Refuge from these families will not only help the workers but their emotional state as well. Their limited economic options will hopefully open up to be able to support themselves....   [tags: Prostitution, Sexual intercourse, Rape]

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Prostitution Is A Blessing Or A Curse

- ... While we were visiting the Netherlands, we also learned that such a trade is highly controlled and monitored by the government. Amsterdam in this sense seems like a very opportunistic location for female prostitution, but there is a much darker side of prostitution elsewhere. All too often, we hear of sexual trafficking in the Global South and other under-developed countries. Yet, such an issue of forced servitude is not isolated in the Global South, but is a global issue that has been perpetuated by globalization....   [tags: Human trafficking, Prostitution, Rape, Slavery]

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Should Prostitution Be Legalized?

- ... As a result, there were “824 fewer reported rape offenses (31 percent decrease), and 1,035 fewer cases of female gonorrhea and gonorrhea cases decline” (Cunningham 54). In other countries that allow prostitution, low-end prostitutes are affordable to low class citizens, which, as a result, decreased rape cases. In addition, Legalizing prostitution could defeat Human Trafficking. Human trafficking is a $32 billion industry, second only to illicit drugs (International labor organization). In 2011, statistics in the Human Rights Review concluded that sex slaves typically cost just about two thousand dollars each while generating $29,000 every year....   [tags: Prostitution, Human trafficking, Rape]

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Prostitution And The United States

- ... Therefore, the spread of STDs and unwanted pregnancies are reduced tremendously through the legalization of prostitution. Better access to doctors and medicines are also acquired for the prostitutes so frequent STD screenings are regular and contraceptives are easily accessible. The health and safety of prostitutes are easily kept in tact when prostitution is regulated as a business. If the government turns prostitution into a business, it can be regulated, monitored and taxed. Millions of taxpayers’ dollars are put into stopping the sex trade, but all of that money can be easily redeemed through taxing it....   [tags: Prostitution, Human sexuality, Sexual intercourse]

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The United States Should Legalize Prostitution

- Imagine a world where your basic human needs and desires are not being met. Each day you sink further into a vacuity of spiraling self-deprecation and hatred. You lose all sight of your self-esteem, both physical and sexual. In 1970, Abraham Maslow published his completed hierarchy of needs, providing undeniable evidence that sexual stimulation is necessary for proper human functioning and self-esteem (McLeod). Sex, a basic physiological and psychological need, which is essential to the proper development of the psyche, has been reviled as base and ‘impure’ for hundreds of years....   [tags: Pro Prostitution Essay]

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The Difference Between Legalizing and Decimalizing Prostitution

- When looking at legalized prostitution you see safer and healthier women, and shouldn’t that always be the point of everything we do. To answer this question it is important that you understand what prostitution is. As defined by the Merriam –Webster dictionary prostitution is “the act of having sex in exchange for money”. In most of the United States prostitutes or sex workers work on the streets, shady alleys or what some would refer to as “crack houses”. Prostitution is sometimes referred to as the longest standing profession, and what is very clear is that it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon....   [tags: legalizing prostitution, sex workers]

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Should Prostitution Be Legal?

- ... Using them is mandatory. For example, sex workers in Nevada have to get monthly tests for syphilis and HIV and weekly tests for gonorrhea and chlamydia. Nevada also requires condoms for all sex in brothels.( This law is posted on the outside of the state 's brothels Since it is consensual and not forced, drugs will not be abused or used. There will be no reason to abuse drugs because she is a willing participant. The man paying for sex will also be screened by security outside the building before entering the facility....   [tags: Prostitution, Sexual intercourse, Human sexuality]

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Should Prostitution Be Legalized?

- ... In addition, “not a single brothel prositutte has tested positive for HIV since 1986 (Carrasquillo, 2014, p. 717). This further supports the claim that legalization will alleviate public health concerns regarding prostitution. In addition, prostitutes will be able to obtain health insurance, which can help them receive “medical and rehabilitative treatment” concerning drug use, additionally promoting health (Hayes-Smith & Shekarkhar). There are several hazards that prostitutes are exposed to as consequence of their chosen profession....   [tags: Prostitution, Sex industry, Human trafficking]

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Prostitution And Its Effects On Society

- ... (Cossman, 2013). Basically this bill criminalizes everything around prostitution except the actual act of selling sex. There is plenty of controversy surrounding Bill C-36, many experts state that it further pushes sex work underground and makes it far more dangerous for the prostitutes. Dr. Brenda Cossman, a Law professor at the University of Toronto stated that this bill increases the risk faced by sex workers (Cossman, 2013). The law prohibits sex worker from working in a selected environment rendering them to work on the unsafe streets in risky settings....   [tags: Prostitution, Sex trade, Sex industry, Law]

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Sodomy and Prostitution in Eighteenth-Century London

- Sodomy and prostitution had similar public status in eighteenth-century London, and are vices that have likely existed since the humans began living in collective societies. Social and legal perceptions of these two acts, or lifestyles, have varied greatly through time and culture. The legal and social perceptions of sodomy and prostitution in eighteenth-century London were studied extensively by Randolph Trumbach of Baruch College, City University of New York and written about in his article “Sex, Gender, and Sexual Identity in Modern Culture: Male Sodomy and Female Prostitution in Enlightenment London.” Enlightenment London was a crucial time in social development because the ideas of mar...   [tags: sodomy, prostitution, randolph trumbach]

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Attitudes Towards Prostitution : Is It An Ideological Issue?

- ... The study should that the women with the higher education would take the high-end illegal practice while the women with less education would take the legal low-end practice. The model showed that the low-end illegal practice would not be chosen by anyone. This study is based on the economic choices and not on the society aspects of prostitution. This is on a world where the women have a choice and are not trafficked or bullied into prostitution. The article is a broad overview of the actual study done so it does not have a lot of specifics but it does open the conversation to a different side of this occupation....   [tags: Prostitution, Sex industry, Human trafficking]

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Should the United States Legalize Prostitution?

- Prostitution in its legal sense is defined as sexual intercourse of some kind in exchange for some kind of payment, usually money (Adriaenssens and Hendrickx 665; Perer 826).As of 2013, there are an estimated 1 million to 2 million prostitutes active in the world wide sex work industry today (Adriaenssens and Hendrickx 666). Prostitution is illegal in the United States; however, many experts think that should change. Most European and Asian countries have legalized prostitution (Agustín 74). Some believe that the legalization of prostitution could increase economic stature, decrease sexual violence, and decrease the amount of sexually transmitted diseases spread (Agustin 76; Bruckert and Han...   [tags: prostitution, human trafficking, sex industry]

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Analysis of Child Prostitution over the World

- Forced child prostitution is all over the world. However, I am talking specifically about human trafficking overseas. This is one of the most known places for Child Prostitution. Children are being snatched and forced to do drugs and sell their bodies to make money for the pimp’s. This is an issue to our country because our children are being kidnapped. We really can’t do much here because they are extremely hard to find. When you’re running a business like this you have to make sure you never get caught because if they find you, there will be hell to pay....   [tags: human trafficking, prostitution, sex traffick]

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Legalizing Prostitution

- Catherine Smith is a single 42 year old woman with two children. Her job as a secretary is no longer sufficient enough to cover her bills. She does not have a college degree and her job will not cover any part of tuition if she does decide to attend college. One night, while coming home late from work, she noticed women walking around on the street counting their earnings for the night. That is when she acquired the idea to become a prostitute. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines prostitution as the act or practice of engaging in promiscuous sexual relations in exchange for money....   [tags: Prostitution, Sex, Security]

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Juvenile Prostitution Crimes

- Juvenile prostitution could be define as the time in which a teenage under the age of 18 engage in sexual activities in exchange of money, property, or for mainly other reason than satisfy one emotional or sexual needs. When we think of juvenile prostitution we usually think that these grills sell their self for pleasure or because they want to but, the reality is that this crime is escalating to a level that our teenagers are becoming like slave in the 2009 this crime is getting worst and our community is not concern that this people are usually tacking our teenagers to prostitute them....   [tags: Juvenile Prostitution, criminal justice, crimes, ]

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An Encounter with Prostitution

- An Encounter with Prostitution It was a busy Saturday afternoon at the Sea-tec Mall, many different people walking in and out of the large department stores and inside the interior of the mall. However, the vast majority of people walking among the mall were groups of young teenage girls. The mall has become the major hangout for teenagers, where both males and females roam to show themselves off to people of the opposite sex. I noticed two girls at the food court, where they were in line waiting to buy coffee from Starbucks....   [tags: Prostitutes Prostitution Descriptive Essays]

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Should The Demand For Prostitution During The 2014 World Cup?

- ... As a matter of fact, Nikki Adams from the English Collective of Prostitutes confronted a former member of the British Parliament, Denis McShane, on the BBC program Newsnight because he had cited estimates that 25,000 women were trafficked into the U.K. every year. As a result, the British Parliament expanded their trafficking laws in a way like Sweden and thus those law deter independent prostitutes from working with their peers for safety reasons. “I thought that you were coming on the program to apologize because the claim is so clearly ludicrous and this Guardian article does begin to uncover the truth to what is actually going on,” said Nikki Adams....   [tags: Human trafficking, Prostitution, Slavery]

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Prostitution in the 19th and 20th Centuries

- During the late 19th- and early 20th century, the nature of society forced the working class women of America to take advantage of any means to support themselves, including prostitution. Each woman had to decide herself which work option best supported her financially. During this time, women had limited options as far as work was concerned. As time went on, more and more women were forced to work, because they had no husband and no other means of building up a dowry for a husband. By 1910 the wage labor force was made up of about 20% of women as young as fourteen....   [tags: Prostitute Prostitution]

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Illegal Drug Use, Illegal Prostitution, and Money Laundering

- The discussion of legalizing certain illegal drug like marijuana for personal use or prostitution to help stimulate the economy is one of the worst ideas ever. It was also said that it will eliminate money laundering problem. By keeping illegal drugs, prostitution, and money laundering illegal will prevent criminals from exploiting the poor and unfortunate people. This will also prevent the “paid” rape of all genders, it will also detour people from becoming an addict, thus eliminating the increase of money laundering....   [tags: marijuana, prostitution, crime]

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Child Prostitution in America

- Introduction Child prostitution in America is increasingly popular. It is necessary to change this situation, because it is immoral. Child prostitution is one of the most serious social problems in America. History Of Prostitution Beginning about 1910, religious and civic organizations in the U.S. developed a nationwide campaign against both the immorality of prostitution and its relationship to sexually transmitted disease. On the federal level, Congress passed the White Slave Traffic Act forbidding the interstate transport of women and girls for immoral purposes....   [tags: prostitution in USA]

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Sex Work and the Law: A Critical Analysis of Four Policy Approaches to Adult Prostitution

- Throughout Sex Work and the Law: A Critical Analysis of Four Policy Approaches to Adult Prostitution Frances Shaver discusses the need for change for women working as prostitutes. Shaver explains the ongoing problem surrounding prostitution in Canada and provides four possible ways to resolve the issue in her work. Three well thought out points Shaver writes about are the health benefits as well as personal safety for the women in the sex industry. She also touches base on the decriminalization of prostitution and the impacts it will have on nearby neighborhoods and the residents as well as a few other topics....   [tags: social issues, prostitution]

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Analysis Of The Article ' Collateral Consequences : The Effect Of Decriminalizing Prostitution On Women 's Equality

- ... Considering that men fill most of the corporate seats, Lewchuk explains “decriminalizing prostitution not only threatens to normalize the sex industry, but also to facilitate networking in new environments that even more exclusive to businesswomen, such as brothels” (p. 6). Lewchuk argues, that in order to decriminalize prostitution, laws should be passed that would limit the amount that can be deducted in regards of entertainment expenses. This way businesses will be less likely to spend money in entertainment that does not maximize their savings (Lewchuk, 2013, p....   [tags: Prostitution, Sex industry, Sex worker]

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Legalize Prostitution

- One of the oldest legal debates comes from one of the world's oldest profession, prostitution, there is no denying that the sex industry has taken international dimensions and is recognized as an economic motor for many countries. As countries around the world debate the merits of legalizing or at least decriminalizing prostitution. The following questions should be addressed. Would legalization reduce some of the inequalities and abuse suffered by the women involved. On the other hand, by legitimizing prostitution, would society reverse decades of work to promote human rights and improve the status of women....   [tags: It's Time for Legalized Prostitution]

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Prostitution in Japan: A Young Body Worth a Profit

- Prostitution in Japan: A Young Body Worth a Profit At a street corner, a young girl around the age of seventeen, dressed in a navy blue school uniform and white socks, stands looking vacantly into the street. After a few minutes a middle-aged man approaches the girl and offers to take her out to an expensive dinner; in addition, he offers her a satisfying amount of pocket money. With a shy, quivering glance and a sweet smile the girl graciously takes the man’s arm. On the corner of areas like Shibuya, a central Tokyo entertainment district, popular with Tokyo’s younger generation the scenario described has become a common and casual rendezvous (Moffett, "Little Women" 48)....   [tags: Social Sex Prostitution Essays]

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Prostitution : A Controversial Issue Of Prostitution

- ... If a female chooses to say no to intercourse before marriage for example she is considered a prude and society today does not justify that. In the documentary Prostitution: What 's the Harm, New York Films Media group shows the pressing issue of prostitution, but the thing is, the United Kingdom is on a whole other level than America. Their queen, or prime head figure is a woman so they as a society have been embracing solutions to prostitution for years. Women should be allowed to express and relieve themselves as many times and with as many men or women as they want without it being considered illegal....   [tags: AIDS, Sexual intercourse, HIV]

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Is Prostitution a Sin?

- How do you define the word “prostitution”. Is this only a business of selling or buying of sex. Researcher said that it is beyond the physical act between a men and women for money. Abolitionist came up with many ideas to prohibit the prostitution business but they could not make it happen. In ancient era, there were women who were treated like prostitutes called concubines and now they are called sex workers. Prostitution started centuries ago and still it is going on. Although prostitution is illegal in most part of the world, the number of sex workers is increasing gradually....   [tags: Selling, Buying Sex, Sin, Crime, Legality]

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The Conflict of Prostitution

- You’re skimming through the “for sale” ads online, just wasting time in hopes to find something that will fulfill your every need. You skim across an ad that offers whatever you want, all you have to do is pay the right price. Would you do it. Would you pay. Do you think twice. Because that’s exactly what happens every day when men and women seek sexual favors. It starts with a want, and ends with a dollar sign. It’s prostitution. In today’s society, the debatable conflict of prostitution definitely affects individuals in a negative way; however, there are positive aspects to such an issue as well....   [tags: History, Pros, Cons]

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The Legalization of Prostitution

- Prostitution, as defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is the act or practice of engaging in promiscuous sexual relations especially for money. This line of work has been argued over for many years in order to decide whether or not it should become legalized. These arguments about prostitution have led it to become a widely spread controversial topic. Prostitution is considered to be religiously unethical, against moral integrity, and it encourages human trafficking. However, it should be legalized because it is a human’s right to control their own body, it gives the government more control over the sex industry, and it provides a service that has the ability to bring in a large tax rev...   [tags: Unethical, Immoral, Stereotypes]

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Prostitution in Canada

- Prostitution in Canada has had a long history. Prostitution is the exchange of money in return for sexual favors. The most commonly thought of form of prostitution is street-based but this makes up a portion of the trade. Other forms include escort services and brothels, to name a few. Prostitution has been legal in Canada for hundreds of years, as Canada inherited their laws from England, but there have been several laws aimed at preventing it. These laws include prohibitions on brothels, communication in public for the purpose of prostitution, and making a living off of prostitution....   [tags: sex workers, solicitation]

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History of Prostitution

- Prostitution Prostitution dates back to as early as 2400 BC and has formed an interesting chapter in the history of civilization. Prostitution is known to be one of the oldest professions and roughly started all the way back to the 18th century in Mesopotamia. In Ancient Babylon and Sumer, one of the first ever forms of prostitution was sacred prostitution. This was where every woman, rich or poor, had to reach once in their lives the sanctuary of Mylitta (Aphrodite) and there submit themselves into the embraces of a foreigner as a symbolic sign of hospitality and respect towards the goddess....   [tags: porne, oldest profession, devada]

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Pros and Cons of the Legalization of Prostitution

- Is prostitution wrong. Is it possible to stop prostitution entirely. The debate on whether prostitution should be legalized in the United Sates is not a new one. On the topic of prostitution different ideas such as morality and freedom of choice come to play. The differing of opinions on whether prostitution should be legalized in the United States vary greatly, but generally they fall into three categories: anti-prostitution, decriminalization, and pro-legalization. The viewpoints that are the most vehemently opposed to legalizing prostitution in the United States stem from religious ideals....   [tags: the oldest profession in the world]

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A Red Light District on Every Corner

- Throughout human history, most civilizations have considered prostitution as an illegal trade, but that does not necessarily mean that making prostitution illegal is the best choice. Many countries including the United States have begun to debate the merit of legalizing prostitution. Before making such an important decision, we must address certain questions. Would legalizing prostitution reduce some of the inequalities and abuse suffered by the men and women involved. Would society lose decades of progress in human rights and improving the status of women by legalizing prostitution....   [tags: prostitution, ]

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The Benefits for the Legalization of Prostitution

- Prostitution, the act of providing sexual services to a person in exchange for money, goods, or other services, is referred to as one of the oldest professions. Currently, out of the United States, it is only legal in one state, Nevada. Laws prohibiting prostitution may be the oldest example of government regulation. In a free society, however, these laws are inappropriate because they violate the basic rights and liberties, stated in the Constitution, of the individuals involved. While some individuals are morally opposed to the legalization of prostitution, it would have many benefits if legalized including: protection for both parties involved, less violent crimes, and it would benefit t...   [tags: sexual services STD's, government regulation]

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Should Prostitution Be Legal in the USA?

- Should prostitution be legal in the United States. Nevada is currently the only state in the nation to legalize prostitution. They exercise this right in the form of regulated brothels. The power to legalize prostitution is a state power; however, most states have chosen not to legalize this service. Some view prostitution as a business, selling goods and services to make a profit, but others view it as morally wrong. Most people think selling one’s body for money should not be promoted, but others simply see prostitution as business....   [tags: Regulated Brothels, Eroticism]

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The Sweet Life of Prostitution...or Not!

- The Sweet Life of Prostitution….or Not. According to Frey, prostitution is defined as “acting against one’s convictions in order to get a reward” (Frey, 2003). Prostitution at one point of time and still may be a controversial issue within society, some may think it’s illegal for a woman to go out on a corner and sell her body and others may it’s an easy way to make a living. Prostitution is seen by many women as easy making money for their family, drug habits, paying off drug debts, etc. but could lead to many complications such as diseases, death, arrest, etc....   [tags: Women's Rights ]

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Legal Prostitution in the United States

- It is rather odd to think that prostitution, which is considered to be the world’s oldest profession, would be illegal and harmful in nature. The issue of legalizing prostitution has entered public conversation around the world, which is severely divided. Many, like myself, consider prostitution to be a victimless crime. Despite such opposition to legalizing prostitution, many argue that legalizing it would result in decreased morality issues, increase the economic activity in the United States, and help decrease the number of sexually transmitted diseases among both prostitutes and those who patronize them, The most common argument against the legalization of prostitution is that it esta...   [tags: Sex Crimes]

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Prostitution in the United States and the World

- Prostitution has been as issue in many societies around the world for almost all of recorded history. There has been evidence of brothels and prostitution dating far back into human history. Many different societies have different views, ideals, and reservation about the matter. Some cultures around the world view it as a necessary evil for people who need to support themselves and their families. Others view it as morally evil and socially destructive; helping to rot our society from the inside out....   [tags: society, histroy, views, ideas, reservations]

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Prostitution in the United States

- Prostitution is illegal in the United States, except for some counties in Nevada. However, prostitution is in most part of the United States, despite the fact that it has been legalized. Prostitution is an act whereby, one sells his/her body for sex. In the United States, Prostitution is divided into three broad categories; street, escort, and brothel prostitution. Brothel prostitution takes place in brothel houses, which are houses where prostitutes can sell sexual services. This kind of prostitution is illegal in all parts of America, except in some counties in Nevada for example; Douglas County, Clark County, Carson City, Washoe County, and Lincoln County....   [tags: legal issues, serial killers]

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The Violation of Rights in the Banning of Prostitution

- The Unites States of America prides itself in the freedom and liberty it allows its citizens; one of these freedoms testifying that individuals have the right to do what they want with their bodies – as such, if one wishes to participate in prostitution, an individual has that right. In fact, the 9th Amendment specifically states “the enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people” (cite). The constitution attests that simply because a right is not listed within it, doesn’t mean that it can therefore be violated; so, why aren’t citizens legally able to participate in prostitution....   [tags: constitution, risk, economic]

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Should Prostitution Be Legalized in Pakistan?

- ... So,it is important that they should ask their customers to use condoms . Condoms (rubbers, prophylactics) help reduce the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). These diseases include the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, or HIV (the virus that causes AIDS), chlamydia, genital herpes, genital warts, gonorrhea, hepatitis B, and syphilis. You can get them through having sex -- vaginal, anal, or oral. owners of the massage parlors ask their girls not to use the condoms because in case of the police raid it will become a proof of paid sex.....   [tags: regulated practices]

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The Effects Of Prostitution On The Philippines

- ... Women were emotionally and physically exhausted of their power. Men’ amoral actions indirectly initiated the practice of prostitution and set off a domino effect of running illegal “entertainment” businesses. Spanish colonists established prostitution centers in San Jose de Trozo Street, Binondo as their most prominent center. With its close proximity to Manila’s ports, the prostitution center became a very accessible site for arriving colonists. The number of prostitutes grew as more men failed to provide for their families and more foreigners arrived upon the shores of the Philippines....   [tags: Sexually transmitted disease, Syphilis]

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Argument for Global Anti-Sex Trafficking Effort

- When it comes to human trafficking the one thing we know is that trafficking for sexual exploitation is a huge issue all around the world. What we are not fully aware of is how big of a problem it actually is. Due to the illegality of human trafficking for the purpose of sex it is extremely difficult to truly appreciate the scope of the matter. Many differing estimates have been made to suggest the number of people that could be involved in this terrible trade, but these numbers do not explain the concealed activity of sex trafficking....   [tags: Prostitution]

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Prostitution Should Be Illegal in Canada

- ... Pimps can be charged with an applicable offence that includes sexual assault, uttering threats, intimidation, and forcible confinement. A ‘missing people’ article dated back in April of 2000 reported a pimp named Barry Thomas Niedermier, 43, had something to do with 27 prostitutes that were missing in Vancouver, British Columbia. He has a bad history with the law, once involving himself pimping a 14 year-old girl in the streets. According to the Canadian law, child prostitution is illegal under the Bill C-27....   [tags: sexual services, women, desperate for money]

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Prostitution Should Not be Legalized

- Prostitution should not be ‘Legalized’ Sexual objectification of women is viewing them solely as de-personalized objects of desire instead of as individuals of complex personalities, which is done by speaking or thinking of women solely by their physical attributes. Sexuality has been a controversial topic for a long time, and there have been many thinkers pondering on its effects on societies and cultures all over the world. The physical expression of sexuality is fundamental and universal. What differs is how cultures, religions and societies construe and influence both the setting in which sexual intercourse between men and women occurs and the type of relationships in which pregnancy is...   [tags: Sex Crimes]

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The Consequences of Prostitution in China

- Brothels have become close to what is a way of life for many Chinese women. From past to current day China, human trafficking takes place in various regions of this country. What is the reason and what are the consequences for women to be involved in prostitution. Women are becoming prostitutes voluntarily; they give sexual favors or even sell their own daughters into the sex trade in order to make money just to survive. Now, women in China are well aware of the consequences of becoming a prostitute, which can cause, HIV/AIDS, other sexual transmitted diseases, sentence to prison, poverty, and even death....   [tags: Sex Trade, Chinese Women]

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Sex Trafficking and Child Prostitution

- Kayley Whalen wrote, “Sex trafficking is a modern form of slavery in which commercial sex act is induced by force, fraud, or coercion” (10). Child prostitution and sex trafficking have increased highly over the years, in the U.S. and internationally. Children, victims of sex trafficking and prostitution, leave home because of abusive home lives, then are harmed in prostitution, and are traumatized by their experience. Children of prostitution and sex trafficking are often seen as the culprit....   [tags: hiv, aids, pimps, modern slavery]

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The Debate on the Legalization of Prostitution

- The Debate on the Legalization of Prostitution: “Prostitute” vs. “Sex Worker” CCJS 330: Contemporary Issues in Criminology What is sex, or rather what should sex be. Is it a physical and emotional intimacy and private expression of love between two people. Should it only be allowed in marriage. Is it something casual that happens in every romantic relationship. Should it be private or publicly exposed in liberal societies. Should businesses and advertising companies such as clothing lines, the alcohol industry, fragrances and others use sex in order to help sell their product....   [tags: contemporary issues in criminology, sex workers]

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Human Trafficking and Prostitution in Russia

- Human Traficking In Russia: Prostitution human trafficking in Russia.-prostitution. Russia is considered the largest country in the whole world. It is massively known for the origin and final destination of trafficked men, women, and children who are forced to labour. Human trafficking is one of the major problems that is facing Russia. Trafficking is carried out mainly for the purpose of exploitation, which includes prostitution, forced labour, slavery, removal of organs and many others (human trafficking in and out of Russia)....   [tags: unemployed women, inefficient legal system]

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Legalisation of Prostitution in Queensland

- Originally derived from the Latin word situere, meaning "to offer for sale," prostitution describes the offering and provision of sexual services for financial gain. Pickles, (n.d), further describes prostitution as the carrying on of a trade or business by a person who submits her/himself to another for gain or hire for the provision of sexual services. According to the Australian Institute of Family 2008, sex work is broadly defined as the exchange of sexual services (including oral sex, vaginal and anal sex, sexual touching, masturbation and massage) for payment or reward....   [tags: Sex Crimes]

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Prostitution Should NOT be Legal

- Prostitution is considered to be the oldest profession in the world. Many people support the idea of legalizing prostitution, while others do not. This controversial debate has been ongoing since the beginning of time. I desire to take a stand on the value of human worth, which is why I oppose the legalization of prostitution between consenting adults in our State. The structure of society is losing ground everyday by what some people view to be human rights. I understand the importance of having freedom to exercise our rights....   [tags: Argumentative Essays]

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Sex- Prostitution and The Value of Sex

- Elizabeth Anderson makes a claim that “The attempt to sell gift value on the market makes a mockery of those values.”(Anderson 188) Anderson uses this claim to object commoditized sex (prostitution). There are two premises that Anderson uses to support her claim. The first premise being the gift value of sex cannot be realized in commercial terms and the second premise being that the gift value of sex is more significant that the use value of sex itself. To support her first premise Anderson argues that the good which is sex in this case, is realized only when each partner mutually returns the other's gift in the spirit with which it was received by giving one’s own sexuality to the gift giv...   [tags: Gift, Significance, Value]

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My Case for the Legalization of Prostitution

- Throughout my entire childhood I have always been pro choice, and I have always preached the motto “ your body your choice”. But living in New York State I learned this is not always the case. Prostitution is defined as the “Practice or occupation of engaging in sexual activity with someone for payment”(Merriam-Webster). This is currently illegal in New York State and if found guilty of this you can be punished from 3 months in prison and $500 in fines to 8 Years of prison and $5,000. This to me is completely absurd and over the top....   [tags: the oldest profession in the world]

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The Prevelence of Child Prostitution

- About 600,000 children under 18 are estimated to be involved with prostitution and pornography, the average age entry to pornography and prostitution is 12. 1 out of 3 of 2.8 million of kids living in the streets will be lured into prostitution about 2 days after leaving home (“Statistics”). There are few social issues that trigger as much outrage as child prostitution or sex trafficking. Child prostitution is a serious world-wide dilemma, and there is so much more to this issue then just the traditional main-stream information....   [tags: trafficking, trade, poor]

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Disadvantages and Alternatives to Legalizing Prostitution

- Anthropology professor and author of “Lydia's Open Door” Patty Kelly presents several compelling arguments for the legalization of prostitution in her article “Enough Already, it's Time we Legalize Prostitution”. Kelly believes firmly that legalization of sex work, and the introduction of state regulated brothels would protect both the women who offer sexual services, as well as the clients who obtain these services. Mostly based on her time spent visiting a legal, state run brothel in Mexico, Kelly observed and spoke to many women involved in the legal sex trade taking place there....   [tags: Article Review]

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Taking a Look at Prostitution

- “I will in the back parts of my mind, to drag out the stuff that scares me, that blocks me, that still make wonder, if I am still nothing but an object finding how to please others. The role of prostitution is never is to please without thought, to please without emotions, to please without knowing a past, and please without having pain. A prostitute is never as real as a human, she can never have the right to feel, have dreams, to know a past or have a future” (Mott). I don’t feel like prostitution should be legalized because it encourages human trafficking....   [tags: the oldest profession in the world]

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Prostitution During the Eighteenth Century

- During the late eighteenth century, particularly 1770s through 1790s, the common woman of London, England had a primacy through life because of the growing center of prostitution. Women, specifically single women, were considered to be destined for prostitution because of the absence of a male role model. However, some women found great success in this lifestyle because of the beneficial assets garnered within their interactions with their clients. As to the courts, benefiting some of these assets were due to involuntary judgments which lead to women imprisonment....   [tags: london, prostitutes, sexual favors]

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International Laws of Prostitution

- Introduction Prostitution is the occupational service where sexual acts are exchanged for payment. Opinions of prostitution have changed drastically over the course of half a century, and are being debated worldwide. Prostitution is a very controversial topic, however there are claims that legalizing prostitution could create an overall safer environment, not only for the sex workers but the rest of society. There has been many alterations in prostitution laws and enforcement practices in several countries....   [tags: trafficking, crime, pimping, sex workers]

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The Depravity of Child Prostitution

- Child prostitution is a long-standing issue around the entire globe; the World Congress has gone so far as to label it a "contemporary form of slavery" (World Congress against the Sexual Exploitation of Children, 1996). While many felt that it was being contained in some manner, with today’s emerging platforms, the issue of child prostitution is growing at an unprecedented rate. Prostitution through webcams and child sex tourism are recent phenomena, whose evolution has brought the diffusion of child prostitution into an independent culture....   [tags: Social Issues, Sexual Exploitation]

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Criminalizing Prostitution and Buying Sex

- ... The reasoning is that by criminalising the sex-buyer demand would decrease which would lead to a decrease in trafficking. Trafficked prostitutes would be more likely to seek help and get out of prostitution as they will not be prosecuted for selling sexual services. It hoped that the fear of arrest and increased public stigma would lead men to change their sexual behaviour. The government also hoped that the law would force prostitutes in Sweden to find other work opportunities. Lastly, the government hoped that the law would eliminate trafficking and the presence of migrant sex workers....   [tags: human trafficking, female empowerment]

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