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Private Prisons or For -Profit Prisons

- Private Prisons A private prison or for-profit prison, jail, or detention center is a place in which individuals are physically confined or interned by a third party that is contracted by a government agency. Private prison companies typically have contractual agreements with the governments that commit prisoners and then pay a per diem or monthly rate for each prisoner confined in that private facility. Private prisons have been part of the system for quite some years now, specifically for involvement in corrections....   [tags: company, pay, private, cost ]

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The Effectiveness of Private School Vouchers

- Today, a solid education is what any parent should desire for their child. Without that education there is really no successful future ahead of them. Many parents and teachers have been very supportive of the Common Core Standards, but many are against it and feel that it puts an unnecessary strain on students, parents, and teachers. Several states now offer vouchers that give students the opportunity to attend private schools if the student or parents feel that their education goals are not being met through the public school system....   [tags: public schools, private schools]

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Private Military Fighting For the US

- When asked why private security contractors are important for the U.S. military a former specialist for the United States Army replied, “It’s the extra sense of security. Strength in numbers. The United States Government won’t deploy more troops overseas but they will hire these private companies to help us out” (Ruohenen). Habib Moody, a student at Yale University, is the author of “Soldiers for Rent”. In this article written for The New Atlantis, Moody argues that the government should not be hiring companies to fight the war for our soldiers....   [tags: private security contractors]

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Private Vs. Public Schooling

- ... She believes that everyone should have the same opportunity to a decent education or access to the same one. However, Benedikt’s justification and evaluation is not derived from a sociological point of view, but of personal one. Benedikt suggests that parents should place their students in public schools whether the school is deemed excellent or not, because as long as the student does well in the school, the student will turn out fine: “If every single parent sent every single child to public school, public schools would improve....   [tags: Private school, Teacher, Education]

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The Public-Private Prison Debate

- California is suffering from a crisis in the prison system. Its facilities are operating at double capacity and " grossly deficient medical care" is the cause of at least one inmate death per week (Wood, 2008, para. 2). Because of this need for reform, the federal government is stepping in to direct the state prison’s operating procedure. Although the financial choices of each state should be free from federal control, the federal government is still known to put pressure on states to make decisions, especially when lawsuits arise....   [tags: Private vs. Public Prisons]

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Private Military and Security Companies

- Private Military and Security Companies The modern Private Military and Security Company (PMSC) came to be after the end of the Cold War. An increase in government interest in privatization and outsourcing combined with an age of warfare where civilians and combatants were increasing difficult to differentiate created the perfect environment for PMSCs to expand (Singer). Although PMSCs play an integral role in providing basic services for the United States military, the extent of their role must be reevaluated because they have been criticized for unscrupulous financial practices and lack of accountability and transparency....   [tags: cold war, outsourcing, private contracts]

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Private Or Public : Making The Right Choice

- Private or Public: Making the Right Choice Parents have to make many hard decisions considering their children’s future. One of those being where they go to school. There are many forms of education available today. From home schooling to charter schools, the form of education is practically limitless. However, two of the most common and accessible forms of education are public schools and private schools. Parents struggle to choose between public and private schools considering the many differences; the price, what is being taught, admission, ect....   [tags: Teacher, Private school, School]

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The Federal Government's Relationship with the Private Sector

- The United States has been known for its constitution based republic. We elect officials to represent and vote for us, as a whole. Over the years, Congress has been doing their job with little oversight from the citizens they represent. More citizens are becoming upset with the way the United States of America is being governed; citizens are now standing up and fighting for what they believe in. The federal government is slowly intruding in the private sector. They have bailed out Chrysler and General Motors, which are two large car companies....   [tags: Government, Private Sector, USA, ]

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Private Education in Comparison to Public Education

- A. Many of us in this room attended a private high school or some form of private schooling, what if I were to tell you that the number of private schools in America are decreasing as well as their enrollment. B. Thesis: Environment plays a role in our learning, and the environment found in private schools are much better when compared with public schools. C. Reason to listen: We are all students. And education past, present, and future has an impact on us all. In our future when it comes time to choosing schools for our kids we’ll want to have the option to send them a private school since there environment is better suited for academic success....   [tags: public schools, private education, scholarships]

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The Advantages to Studying at a Private School in the Philippines

- In our place here in Tonsuya, only few can afford to study in the private school. I came from a private school that’s why some of the kid’s here who were at my age or a few years younger than me are feeling awkward when I approached them, they were like “ bakit ako nilalapitan nito?” or “ nako taga private school yan” and I feel sad about it because I want to make friends with them but they don’t want because maybe they feel small whenever I approach them, that’s why when I was a kid I used to play alone by myself....   [tags: Private Schools vs. Public Schools]

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Private James Francis Ryan and PTSD

- The character that will be examined is named Private James Francis Ryan from the movie Saving Private Ryan. The movie takes place during June 6th 1944 also known as D-Day and the following days after that. The United States army receives information that all his brothers were killed in action, therefore they found it necessary to go get him back home to his mother. The army sends in an eight man squad led by Captain John H. Miller in order to recuse and bring James Francis Ryan home. James Francis Ryan is a World War II veteran and everyday he thinks about what happened during the war....   [tags: Saving Private Ryan, mental health]

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Attending A Private School Growing Up

- ... The children read a chapter book and picked out a quote from one of the characters. After, they wrote how that one particular quote had a deeper meaning to the character. For example, one student read The Tiger Rising and picked out the quote, “give me the keys.” Then, he described how the new girl in the book wanted freedom. He claimed that when she asked for the keys to the tiger’s cage it symbolized the keys she wanted for her own entrapment. I was impressed with the student’s ability to recognize the use of symbolism....   [tags: Teacher, Education, School, Private school]

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Private Schools vs. Public Schools

- Choosing between a public or a private school for one’s education is as important as deciding where to invest one’s hard-earned money—the consequences influence one’s life forever. In the United States, it is the law for every child to be educated. However, the decision as to where to go for one’s education is up to each individual. There is a great deal of debate as to which is the better option: for-profit private schools or one’s local public school. Ultimately, the decision is made regarding the individual student’s needs and capabilities; but if the opportunity is available, attending a private school is more beneficial....   [tags: Private Schools vs. Public Schools]

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Private Schools Vs. Public Schools

- With growing competition in the job market, parents are assuring their child receives the best possible education. Private schools are continuing to grow in popularity throughout the 21st century. Private schools better prepare students to succeed in the college. Private schools have a different setting that makes students feel more accepted and comfortable. Private schools have small classroom sizes compared to public schools. Small class room sizes are extremely important in education. Small classes force the students to actively participate in class....   [tags: Private school, Teacher, Independent school]

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Public Vs. Private Sector Jobs

- ... Furthermore, this discrepancy may negatively affect the students, teachers or country as a whole. Parents typically choose to send their children to private schools despite the higher costs in hopes of achieving a better education. A huge reason for this is that private school teachers’ salaries come directly from tuition, not tax-payer dollars. This fact is further illustrated in the following text: . . . the average independent school without significant endowments and/or a wealthy parent constituency is nearly 100-percent tuition-driven, which means that faculty salary and compensation funds are squeezed by other priorities such as capital improvements, expansion of the school facilit...   [tags: Private school, Independent school, Teacher]

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Public Schools Vs Private Schools

- ... Also, public schools have to follow state guidelines on what they can teach, and how children need to be evaluated. Most private schools depend on their own funding, which may come from parents through tuition, grants, and donations. Private schools also seek money help from alumni, businesses, and community organizations from around the country to help them survive. If the school is partnered with a religious organization; with Catholic schools, the religious organization like the Catholic Church may be an important source of funding for them....   [tags: Teacher, Private school, Education, School]

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Public Schools Vs. Private Schools

- ... Academic reputation and class size are very large factors to be considered in choosing a public or a private school. Overcrowded schools and schools that are falling below the bar are good enough reasons to be watchful for other options of education. For a lot of people wonderful public school options exist making this an easier decision to decide. However, these great or even decent public school options are not accessible to many. Public schools are required to use standardized tests to demonstrate student competence in core subjects....   [tags: Teacher, Private school, Independent school]

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Water Privatization: Private vs. Public

- Water has become a very controversial issue in the United States and around the world. As populations increase and resources decrease, the way we use our resources and keep populations safe become more and more important. Throughout the world there are nearly 1.1 billion people who do not have access the clean drinking water. 5 Most of these 1.1 billion people are located in poor areas and do not have the financial means to build the infrastructures needed to provide water to the citizens of their country....   [tags: Private vs. Public Ownership of Water]

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The Department of Defense’s Use of Private Security Contractors

- Definition of Terms Before we begin we must first understand the different definitions of proprietary and contract security operations. There are many definitions and explanations that are used to distinguish between the two but I will use the definitions provided by Fischer, in his book titled Introduction to Security. “Proprietary security operations are those that are “in-house,” or controlled entirely by the company establishing security for its operations” Fischer, Robert; Halibozek, Edward; Walters, David (2012-11-23)....   [tags: Private Security Contractors]

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My Opinion On Private Self Governance

- ... Unlike coercive and contractual power where there is a strong relationship with the state, the consensual power exists with passive state support. They building their policy based on mutual consent which is best for them. Therefore, the state has no legitimacy on floating house because if we follow on Beetham argument, legitimate power consists of rules, justifications grounded on beliefs, and actions, and all of these three contribute to legitimacy. 2. Type of Goods and Services Goods and services are categorized into public, toll, common pool, and private goods and services....   [tags: Goods, Public good, Private good, Public transport]

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Private Schools vs. Public Schools Sports Teams

- The imbalance between public and private school sports teams does not need to be adjusted. Private schools are offering an extra service that public schools cannot offer. That service is better teachers all the way to better coaches. There are no rules on how they can raise money for their athletic programs unlike public schools. Because of the athletic success more student athletes want to go to the private schools. Which in turn gives the student athletic a better opportunity to be recruited. No the private schools do not need to be adjusted public schools need to improve their outlook on athletics....   [tags: Private Schools vs. Public Schools]

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Thomas Herzog’s Private House in Regensburg

- The Private House in Regensburg was built in 1979, which is Thomas Herzog’s own home; one can declare that he is the client and designer himself thus fulfilling his own needs or desires for the site. The house demonstrates particular principles of energy efficiency, making it an early eco-home. This can be shown by the use of local materials, or taking advantage of the site for characteristics like protection and aesthetics. Thomas Herzog was born in during World War 2 (1941), in Munich, Germany....   [tags: Private House, Regensburg, Thomas Herzog, architec]

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Questions To Ask Before Hiring A North Carolina Private Investigator

- There are many reasons why an individual may have to hire a North Carolina private investigator. There are a vast majority of investigators that have previously been police officers or some that served in the military. They wanted to continue working in this type of field so they chose to become investigators. Most states require an investigator be licensed. When it comes to doing an investigation it is a lot of hard detailed work and most individuals would not be able to begin doing the detailed search involved in finding out the information needed....   [tags: North Carolina, Private Investigator, hiring,]

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Opening Battle Scenes in "Saving Private Ryan," Directed by Steven Spielberg

- Saving Private Ryan was directed by Steven Spielberg in 1998. It was written by Robert Rodat, who was inspired to write a script based on a monument he had visited which was dedicated to four brothers from the American Civil War. Some famous actors star in the film including Tom Hanks, Matt Damon, Vin Diesel and Tom Sizemore. I think Saving Private Ryan is very emotional and has a great effect on the audience. This is because of all the action and emotions that the soldiers are going through in the battle, and it also shows what really happened in the ....   [tags: Saving Private Ryan, Steven Spielberg, ]

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The Commanalities of Plan and Form in Thomas Herzog's Private House in Regensburg

- The Private House in Regensburg was built in 1979, is Thomas Herzog’s own home; one can declare that he is the client and designer himself thus fulfilling his own needs or desires for the site itself, is referred to as ‘his Wohnhaus in Regensberg (1979), with its steep, ground-sweeping pitched roof, is content to get its summer shading from the tree canopy above’. (Rattenbury, et al., 2004) Throughout this essay I will analyse Thomas Herzog’s House at Regensburg explaining the commonalities of plan and form, also looking at different themes and principles behind different aspects of the house....   [tags: architecture, Private House in Regensburg, Thomas ]

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A Realistically Chaotic War Film: Steven Spielberg's ‘Saving Private Ryan’

- ‘Saving Private Ryan’ a joint production from Paramount and DreamWorks pictures, directed by the superb Steven Spielberg, was awarded four academy awards for this film alone, in addition to winning an Oscar for best director of the year 1999. The star studded cast including Tom Hanks, as Captain Miller and Matt Damon, as Private Ryan turned out to be one of the best war films ever made. Spielberg’s idea of the movie was to create a chaotic war film that actually made the audience feel they were involved with all the confusion going on during WWII....   [tags: Saving Private Ryan, Steven Spielberg, films, mili]

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Private Schools vs. Public Schools

- The first position of chapter three is supportive of private schools. This position feels that private schools prevent the public schools from having a total monopoly over education by offering the community an alternative choice. This choice also produces competition with public schools for student enrollment. This position views public schools as something a student must accept as the only option if his or her parents can not afford a private school education. This is an obvious short coming to private schools, since they do not operate on the taxpayers' funds....   [tags: Private Schools vs. Public Schools]

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Private Schools vs. Public Schools

-      As time has gone by, Americans have increasingly paid more attention to the schooling process, trying harder all the time to get the best education possible for their children. As a result, more parents are turning from the public school systems to the private schools. This happens for several reasons. First, students that graduate from private schools tend to be better prepared for college. Second, private schools open up many opportunities to succeed in the business world. Last, the private schools allow the parents and the student to decide which school they feel will give the student the best education possible....   [tags: Private Schools vs. Public Schools]

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Private Schools vs. Public Schools

- Plato said, "You must train the children to their studies in a playful manner, and without any air of constraint, with the further object of discerning more readily the natural bent of their respective characters" (Plato). Education has increased as a topic of conversation among parents in America today. The importance of a good education has increased in value, and parents are searching for the best possible school for their child in preparation for college. Many believe the most opportune way for their child to succeed in studies is by attending a private school....   [tags: Public Education vs Private Education]

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Private Schools vs. Public Schools

-      Many people in today’s society believe it’s wise to send their children to private schools. In making the decision on whether to put children in public or private schools, they look to four main factors: curriculum, class size, the graduation rate, and cost. When people have to pay for something, their first thought is, “Will I be getting what I’m paying for?” With a private school education, the amount you have to pay is usually well worth it. Public schools offer diversity. Here students can find people who are just like them and can associate better....   [tags: Private Schools vs. Public Schools]

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Public Schools Are the Problem, Private Schools are the Solution

- Now more than ever parents in the United States have become very disgruntled with their children’s education. The main reason behind this massive dissatisfaction is that public schools are not living up to parent’s expectations. The standards which the public schools that today’s parents, and their parents, attended are quiet different from the ones their children are now attending. It is widely felt that public schools are not performing their basic civil duties. With this, parents are now taking their children’s education and future into their own hands, and doing so quite efficiently....   [tags: Private Schools vs. Public Schools]

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Impact of Absenteeism on Quality of Care in Private Care Home

- 1.0 INTRODUCTION This paper first discusses the issue of Absenteeism in a Private Care Home which cares for five people with Learning Disabilities. Secondly, it looks at SSM, Cognitive Mapping and SODA I as appropriate methodologies for analysing the problem of Absenteeism why SODA I using Cognitive Mapping is best recommended. Thirdly, a Model is built using Individual Cognitive maps which are then merged to form a strategic map which is action oriented. Fourthly, limitations of the Model are discussed....   [tags: Private Care Learning Disabilities Health]

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Saving Private Ryan: An Excellent Example of the War Film Genre

- Steven Speilberg's Saving Private Ryan The opening 30 minutes of “Saving Private Ryan” is significantly effective as an example to the war film genre. It begins brilliantly with battle between the American and German forces. As the American troops were approaching enemy lines, the representation of the soldiers is that they are just ordinary human beings, not gung-ho. The conscripts were full of anxiety and fear. In fact it’s the very first thing you see with Captain John Miller (played by Tom Hanks) as he is drinking his hand trembles....   [tags: Steven Speilberg, Saving Private Ryan]

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What Parents Look at When Choosing a Public/Private School

- What Parents Look at When Choosing a Public/Private School Education is an institution that parents want to control as a way to insure/provide their children with the best education possible. Parent control/choice has slowly regressed from the colonial era where they could choose not only the school their child attended but also the textbooks used and the curriculum taught (McDonald 2001). Parents still obtain the right to choose the school that best tailors their child’s special uniqueness and educational needs, but due to social diversities and expansions parents have many factors that they now must take into consideration before choosing the best kind of school for their child (Russell 2...   [tags: Private Schools vs. Public Schools]

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Strong Horse Tea, by Alice Walker and The Suicides of Private Greaves, by James Moffett

- Characterization in "Strong Horse Tea," by Alice Walker and "The Suicides of Private Greaves," by James Moffett Characterization is the change that occurs in a character throughout the story. The change can be either a physical one or an emotional one. In the stories "Strong Horse Tea," by Alice Walker and "The Suicides of Private Greaves," by James Moffett, the characters involved go through changes that effect both stories ending. Characterization also occurs in stories through the eyes of other characters and how they view the main person in a story....   [tags: Strong Horse Tea Suicides of Private Greaves]

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Robert Wrhinghim in James Hogg's Novel, The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner

- Robert Wrhinghim in James Hogg's Novel, The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner Works Cited Not Included      James Hogg's classic novel, The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner, portrays the fictional story of Robert Wringhim, a strong Calvinist who justifies murder by quickening the inevitable. Robert commits infamous acts of evil, believing that these murderous actions glorify God by annihilating sinners not chosen to be saved. I believe that a combination of factors involving both nurture and nature shape Wringhim into the suffering creature that he becomes....   [tags: Hogg Private memoirs Justified Sinner Essays]

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Analysis on the benefits of Private Accounting

- This study aims to know the different benefits that Private Accounting can give. The expected results for this study are the knowledge of the Accountancy students about the benefits of Private Accounting. Moreover, the factors affecting the career paths of these students are also expected. This study is not only useful for the researchers but also for the respondents for them to gain a better understanding of their course and Private Accounting. This study is intended to find the benefits of Private Accounting and its effects on the career paths of Accountancy students of De La Salle Lipa....   [tags: accountancy students, de la salle lipa, CPA]

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The Growth and Impact of Private Tutoring

- ... They will spend money on private tutoring. Because they spent money, so most of them give more effort on the work of the tutorial. They have to do many school homework in regular schooling, such as group project. If they go to private tutoring, children will be unable to complete their homework because of the tutoring which is money paid. They could switch off from school work because regular schooling is free. (The Independent, 2013). Secondly, private tutoring provides little help. In German-speaking Switzerland, a survey conducted of more than 10,000 pupils in classes 5 to 9 at schools, their mark and abilities compared in three months....   [tags: education, regular schooling]

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Private Tutoring : Helpful or not?

- 1.0 INTRODUCTION Nowadays, education is a very important tool that will determine individual productivity and economic growth in a country. Most of people in the world are always being occupied with education as this will ensure a better future for themselves. That is why, there are a number of people tend to go to private tutoring classes or sessions in order to obtain additional knowledge. Thus, private tutoring is defined as a fee-based parallel education sector that provides additional instruction to students enrolled in the public school system....   [tags: Education]

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The Pros and Cons of Private Schools

- The new government in Norway has always had an eternal wish to strengthen the position of private schools in the Norwegian society. Independent schools are already common in England, and they achieve better results in general compared to the state schools in the country. Yet, many British parents still prefer the state schools, and numerous people in Norway are sceptical of private schools as well. Why are many people negative to these self-governed schools. In this article I’m going to look at the advantages and disadvantages of private schools....   [tags: Education, Norway]

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Private Schools

- The recently enforced government in Norway are determined to strengthen the position of private schools in the Norwegian society. Independent schools are already common in England and have statistically shown to achieve better results than state schools. Knowing these statistics, parents in England still prefer state schools to private schools; the same situation is seen in Norway, numerous parents are sceptical to the idea of private school. Why are many people negative to self-governed schools....   [tags: results, statistics, schooling, system]

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Public And Private Benefits Of Education

- ... In real terms, total revenue per FTE for K-12 education in Georgia has decreased considerably since 2008, the first year of the Great Recession. Total real revenue per FTE in FY (fiscal year) 2008, $9,952, was nearly 17 percent higher than the total real revenue per FTE in FY 2014, with declines in both state and local revenue per FTE, suggested by Davis, E. and Ruthotto, I. (n.d). With the growing cost of education not just in Georgia but the entire country, affording college is a constant concern for students who are interested in continuing their education....   [tags: High school, Higher education, Education, College]

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Public Transport and Private Car

- Public Transport and Private Car Most of cities that people live are sequentially growing, daily routine of many people are also adapted for surrounding in the present. A lot of people have to spend most of their time with travelling though long distances to get from one place to another for connecting their businesses or other purposes by transportation. Most people use public transportation such as BTS and MRT to go each places while many people are using their own cars to travel....   [tags: Transportation, Convenience, Travel, Cars]

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Security and Private Issues in Ecommerce

- SECURITY AND PRIVATE ISSUES IN ECOMMERCE INTRODUCTION: Privacy means that the control over data and security of one is the attempt to access the data by other unauthorized . These are two critical issues facing by both consumers and e-commerce sites alike. Since the invention of the World Wide Web , electronic commerce based on the Internet has grown from a simple idea into reality. Consumers browse through catalogs , finding the best deals, order goods and pay electronically ....   [tags: Privacy, Data Control, Security, Consumer Sites]

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The Education Of The Private School

- ... The scholarship BIDIKMISI was introduced in 2010 that aim to support students who graduated from senior secondary schools and having academic potential, but from disadvantaged families are eligible to obtain this scholarship. While, BBM and PPA are scholarships for college students who are from disadvantaged family but they have good achievements either in academic or non-academic to prevent students dropping out from universities. The other type of scholarship is OSI, which is devoted to students who made achievement in the International Science Olympics competition and targeted for students from senior secondary schools and the scholarship is up to the doctoral level (OECD/Asian Develo...   [tags: High school, Primary education]

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A Private Affair By Chinua Achebe

- ... Whereas in the story of “Everyday Use”, it shows the setting as a Southern rural area within a pasture and their home imperfect: “… the roof is tin... there are no real windows, just some holes cut in the sides… with rawhide holding the shutters up on the outside” (Walker 14). The Southern setting allows the reader to understand the importance of Southern Black/African-American traditions. They are a poor family, but they try to maintain their home to be as comfortable as possible. The timing of the story reflect the family went through hardship during the time of segregation of color: “who can even imagine me looking a strange white man in the eye....   [tags: Family, Marriage, Rural area, Chinua Achebe]

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Management Style Of The Private Sector

- This committee determined what strategies would be utilized for whole economy, performance targets were then distributed to management following a strict hierarchy. These working conditions made it very difficult for employees to exercise their own leadership and display any intuition. The leadership style could be described as paternalistic – that is, the autonomy of workers was limited for their ‘own good’. This resulted in an unmotivated and unproductive workforce. Curtin University of Technology conducted a survey of Vietnamese mangers a decade after the implementation of the Renovation Policy....   [tags: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Motivation]

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Living At The Private Boarding School

- ... His real name is Skip Richardson. But, those damned eyes always seem to be peering furtively at her. They are the color of a delicious gravy. And she loves it. He glances quickly at her and turns and her heart does a free fall. He looks again and she feels a hidden message exchanged. She has never felt anything like those looks before. She turns back to the note from Sister Carlotta O’ Donnell. The envelope is open. She slides the letter out and reads it. To the Parents of Marci Allassi, I am writing this letter about your daughter, Marci Allassi, out of concern....   [tags: Mother, Mother insult, The dozens, Girl]

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The Benefits of Private Enterprise

- Private enterprise is the ironclad foundation of the United States of America. Whenever this right is jeopardized, the stability of the country follows in a symmetric trend. However, the value of this system has not always been clear. Throughout time no country has embraced this system quite like the United States. Private enterprise entails the right to market and sell a product or service, as well as the right of purchase. Indeed the consumer, in his participation, is a private enterpriser (Lubell)....   [tags: Market, Product, Service, Economy]

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The Problems of Private Property

- When one thinks of private property, one often takes up the assumption that the word “private”, is equitable with “personal” property. Due to this fact, we tend give a type of personification to the term which leads people to believe that the two terms, are in fact one and the same. The term private, denotes a sense of ownership dictated by a singular entity, as does the term personal, however, there is a nuanced difference between the two – private property is that which can be capitalized upon; ensuring the continued growth of wealth by its owners, often at the hands of those who work within it (Marx and Struik 103-112)....   [tags: ownership, labor capital, capitalist]

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Private Investment in Public Equity

- Private investment in public equities (PIPE) market is one of the most attractive markets for qualified individual investors and accredited institutional funds. Since the late 1990s, PIPE transactions have been increasing dramatically, raising $105 billion of equity capital over the past two years. In 2010 alone, there were a total of 1,203 PIPE deals. Top Wall Street executives are increasingly becoming involved in PIPE transactions as placement agents. For investors, PIPEs have become attractive due to regulatory challenges in executing control investments like private equity or venture capital....   [tags: Finance Essays]

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The Field Of Private Security

- ... Perry Brink was onto something and his horse drawn wagon started a company that known to almost every person in today’s time. Throughout the years though, Brinks went through good times and bad times and as the world evolved Perry’s business had to adapt. It wasn’t really until the company started shipping currency when their company started to boom. “In 1893, Brink 's was the sole authorized delivery company for packages and money at the World 's Columbian Exposition, better known as the Chicago World 's Fair.” When the 1900s rolled around Chicago started to grow and the industries within the city also grew....   [tags: Security, Security guard, The Brink's Company]

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Energy Storage for Private Use

- India had been in the media very often because of its energy problem. The usable amount of energy what India possesses was far from sufficient for all its inhabitants. Besides that, the energy network was extremely unreliable, which meant that the people who have access to electricity regularly do not have power either. This was very unfortunate for a developing country like India. The lack of a dependable energy system made it hard to develop as a country and made it highly unattractive for foreign companies to settle in India and set up a new business....   [tags: India, energy system, solar power, battery]

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Private Interests and Social Welfare

- The human civilisation is composed of innumerable individuals, countless interest groups and social strata, with each of them following the fundamental instinct – striving to maximise their own well-being by obtaining as many benefits as they can and averting as much cost as possible. Unfortunately for humankind, for one to improve one’s life, competing with others is unavoidable. Competitions, by definition, means the winners get something at the expense of others. The good news is that competition among people is not a constant-sum game, that is to say, theoretically, if we can reallocate resources, rights and duties in a certain way, the humankind may benefit maximally....   [tags: Huang, Rousseau, Smith]

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Employee's Satisfaction on Private Organizations

- Introduction The main objective of this chapter is to present the past research on the effect of employee’s job satisfaction of private organizations. This chapter also will give more information about the literature review and theoretical framework related to this research. My concern is to explain the employee job satisfaction in their work. The purpose is to examine the reason or factor of the professional’s qualification employee in job satisfaction. A successful organization or high productivity has an employee that has positive job satisfaction experience in working or workplace....   [tags: past research]

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Mass Imprisonment And Private Fortification

- ... That is a government that routinely sustains the social order by means of mass exclusion begins to look like an apartheid state.” (p.204) Garland suggested that “there is an emerging distinction between the punishment of criminals, which remains the business of the state and becomes once again a significant symbol of state power, and the control of the crime which is increasingly deemed to be beyond the state in significant aspects. The question from Garland, is about the new problem of crime and social order to which the new system of crime control is a response....   [tags: Sociology, Criminology, Criminal justice, Crime]

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Korean And Private Facebook Group

- ... Does your 23andMe DNA results say you are JAPANESE or CHINESE. If this is CONFUSING to you then PLEASE READ (It’s LONG, but IMPORTANT!). To fully understand your DNA results, you need to understand KOREAN HISTORY. I am sharing a posting from my Facebook page, which is a supplement to my website which uses Korean Dramas as a way to learn about ancient Korean history (Just a fun hobby/project of mine). Having a layperson’s knowledge of BOTH Korean history AND knowledge of my family (I am not adopted), I was shocked to find that nearly 1/3 of my East Asian regional composition was JAPANESE....   [tags: Korean language, South Korea, Korea, Japan]

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The Execution of Private Slovik

- In the narrator’s quest for information about the bombing of Dresden, he wrote to the Air Force, hoping to gain more knowledge about what went into the decision. His only official response at the time was “that the information was top secret still” (11). How bombing of Dresden could ever be considered classified when it had such a devastating effect on so many people is just one of the many absurdities pointed out by the narrator in his quest to provide a balanced view of the war. One novel, The Execution of Private Slovik by William Bradford Huie, details the only execution of an American soldier for desertion during World War II....   [tags: Literary Analysis, William Bradford Huie]

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Interview At A Private School

- ... Interview Summary/Attitudes and Issues It was not surprising that the community members surveyed were genuinely interested in the quality of education within this district. There were firm opinions regarding the funding of educational and extracurricular programs and overall the amount of money that seems unequally dispersed to districts across the state. Another interesting piece of information gathered from these interviews is the knowledge of the millage rate for the Tahlequah Public School District....   [tags: High school, School types, School district]

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Private versus Public Education

- Education is a major factor in a young person’s life. It can determine how successful you are, the way your peers think of you, and the way you will live the rest of your life. There are two types of education you can receive growing up, one being more beneficial than the other. Private education is more beneficial, but Public education seems to be the more practical one. A lot of times, only the most eminent option is considered, that being public education. People do not take the time to actually consider which would be better for their children in the present and the future....   [tags: Education ]

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America Needs Private Prisons

- Reminisce back into the elementary school days, where hundreds of kids start to line up for food at the cafeteria. Now picture that cafeteria stuffed with multitudes of bunk beds side by side in which the whole school has to sleep in. Any parent would disapprove of a living situation that is similar to that, but all over the nation, prisoners are facing those exact problems. With the rise of the prison population in America, prisons all over the nation fear what could lead to huge detrimental consequences, one of which is overcrowding....   [tags: Prison Reform, Prison Privatization]

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Public Versus Private Accounting

- Lucas Pacioli was the first to describe a system of debts and credits in accord with journals and ledgers in 1494. These basics came together to be the concoction for what is known as accounting. Since the formal establishment of accounting in 1494, the field has expanded as the demands of the ever-changing economy became greater. The industrial revolution created the first jump in the field forcing the creation of sectors within. Since this first creation of sectors, accounting as a field has been creating more specific sects to accommodate a large variety of areas....   [tags: transactions, training, stigmas]

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Growth of Private Security

- History and growth ‘It is clear that the private security industry has experienced substantial growth, particularly if one compares the size of the industry in 1950 with that in 1995. In 1950 there were a dozen or so companies involved in the provision of security services and products; now there are thousands, in what could be described as a multi-billion industry (George and Button : 30).’ Policing is now being widely offered by institutions other than the state, most importantly by private companies on a commercial basis and by communities on a volunteer basis (Bayley and Shearing, 1996).’ According to South, Jones and Newburn, private security industry in Britain has grown from the post...   [tags: Social Issues, Policing, Terrorism]

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Parents and Private Tutoring

- Parents view private tuition as a worthy investment for primary school students, as they recognize the importance of academic excellence, which is required to gain acceptance into top education institutions. Private tutoring is considered a daily routine for majority of the students in Singapore, as studies have shown that 67% of Singaporeans have had enrolled their children for private tuition.(Blackbox, 2012) As such, Singapore has become well known for their kids who are always spending most of their time studying....   [tags: education, tuition, fees]

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Public and Private Management

- Unlike many of the other writing assignments done thus far, this paper will be providing brief synopses for several essays on issues involved with the study of public management. Although it might be possible to state that the ideas and theories presented in these texts are either true or false, it will be the goal of this writing to take the simple approach and focus on the thoughts that are presented are still relevant in modern practice of public management. However, it is first important to point out that even today there is no aggregated view for weighing or measuring the success of public managers....   [tags: Business, Performance Review, Quality Management]

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A Private Soldiers Life

- The American Civil War was the wars of all the great wars. The casualties of the war included men, women and children, whites and African-Americans. Men and boys of the southern states either volunteered or were conscripted into the army. Many of the soldiers thought that they would be fighting for the southern Nation and its rights. Soldiers from both sides and civilians in the vicinity of battles and the war suffered from hardships. Sam Watkins was high private in the war, and approximately twenty years later he wrote his memoirs....   [tags: Military History]

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Public and Private Schools

- Every school is great in their own ways. Some schools have great athletics, while others are good with academics. Many schools have great technology programs and some are better in the arts section. All schools have their flaws as well, and these flaws are where the students can come in and help build the school. When I think of the quote “ask not what your school can do for you, but what you can do for your school” I think of three things in particular. I think of academics, school spirit, and most importantly faith....   [tags: scholarships, support]

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A Private Investment Firm

- ... One particular Sunday I overheard this member make mention of how she experienced church hurt at her last church and the same things that happened at her last church were beginning to occur at my parent’s church. Every complaint she had my father or mother would tell her the same thing week after week; they would tell her that maybe perception of what’s going on is off and that maybe because of all the past hurt she had been through, her mind is used to seeing the things which were occurring in my parent’s ministry....   [tags: Person, Individual, Traveler]

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The Definition of Private

- The Definition of Private Anyone who has ever received one of those pesky telemarketer phone calls during dinner most likely understands the idea of a private phone number. No one likes to have their phone line invaded by paid phone operators who just want your money. Working long and hard on a group presentation regarding technology threatening/improving privacy, one can realize that the word private has several different connotations and meanings. Yet, when generally facing the word, it usually means the opposite of public....   [tags: Definition Essays]

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Private Property

- The ideology behind what private property represents and conveys through the theories of both Locke and Marx's results in contrasting views. Locke heavily stresses the blending of labor and common land to create private property to increase one’s wealth. Liberty and livelihood under Locke’s theory is tied to the ability of an individual to control the use of their private property. Marx’s theory strongly contends that the bourgeoisie has gained control of the profit making private properties leaving the working class in a stage of exploitation....   [tags: Marx, Locke, liberty, exploitation, livelihood]

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Private Investigator

- Did you know that the first private investigation agency was started by a criminal. While conducting research over this particular topic I learned a lot of interesting information regarding the type of work done by private investigators, as well as the potential employment opportunities. This world is a crazy and deceptive place and it is up to us to get to the truth of everything. Becoming a private investigator will be a time consuming, potentially dangerous, yet extremely rewarding career path....   [tags: Surveillance, Communication, Public Relations]

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Private Pensions

- For most Americans, retirement has become a lifelong goal. To retire comfortably, you need income, and this income can come from one of three sources: savings, Social Security, or a company pension plan. The unfortunate fact is that Americans save very little money nowadays, and for anyone under forty, Social Security is a very hollow promise. For most, private pensions are the key to a comfortable retirement. When it comes to private pensions, however, most companies and employees themselves don’t contribute enough money, meaning that future retirees will have to work longer if they want to maintain their pre-retirement standard of liv¬ing into retirement....   [tags: Finance]

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Private Pilot!

- After 6 months of flying, I was ready for the check-ride. I've been ready since before Christmas, having completed my training on the 23rd. I scheduled my check-ride on the 28th. That day was quite interesting. I went to the flight school to check everything over with Josh and make sure I was ready. Then we called the examiner to schedule the check-ride. It was about 5pm, and Josh made the call, which was very fortunate for me as it interrupted the examiner's dinner. He said to have me to call him later and we would get things squared away....   [tags: Personal Experience, Autobiography]

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Is Higher Education a Public or Private Good?

- Is Higher Education a Public or Private Good. Higher education was first developed to educate the elite largely including those individuals training in key professions like the ministry (Altbach, 2005). Religious institutions established private universities and access to higher education was not an issue of concern. Today, a university education is not reserved for only the elite individuals training in a few select professions (Lingenfelter, 2004). Conversations regarding access for all instead of access for few are prevalent....   [tags: Higher Education, college]

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Rapid Growth of the Private Health Sector

- As per NFHS 3, 70 percent of households in urban area and 63 percent households in rural area took treatment from the private health sector. Standard for any setting can be minimum standards or optimal standards , minimum standards are those which every facility should follow and optimum standards which are desirable .Aim of hospital or clinic should be to meet the desirable standards once it meets the minimum standards. Uplekar and cash (1991) study on knowledge of leprosy in private doctors was lacking ....   [tags: practitioners, hospitals, income]

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Private Sector Unions

- Throughout the past half century, private sector unions have been greatly diminished by market forces and political instability, but they still hold an important place in society for the rank and file. In the work, Do Workers Still Want Unions, Richard Freeman proves that private sector unions still hold a place in society, through a highly analytical understanding of the wants and needs of workers. He shows this by comparing surveys done in 2005 from the 1990s. He goes on to say how 90% of union workers said that they would re-choose to be in a union if they had a chance....   [tags: Freeman's Do Workers Still Want Unions]

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The Growing Number of Private Intelligence Corporations

- Throughout the course of history, wars have been fought with Nation-state’s armies. Along with traditional armies came along traditional intelligence gathering by the armies themselves. Throughout history much of the intelligence gathered was by both the army and private citizens. This is only the beginning. In the Post 9/11 world the need for intelligence gathering is far from being satisfied. This leaves a wide open gap in the system and to fill that gap many private agencies such as Stratfor, Global Strategies Group and iJET have moved in and started to fill....   [tags: the law inforcement world]

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A Comparison of Private and Public Criminal Investigation

- Criminal investigators are professionals in the law enforcement team who try to solve crimes, prevent the occurrence of future crimes, and searching and detaining suspects. The two categories of criminal investigators are private and public criminal investigators. The level of training that these professionals go through is different which leads us to the differences between public and private criminal investigations. Differences and Similarities One major difference between public and private investigator is the training that they have to go through before they qualify to do criminal investigations....   [tags: Law Enforcement, criminal justice system]

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Saving Private Ryan

- Saving Private Ryan Saving Private Ryan portrays the experiences of the mysterious captain John Miller and his army ranger Squad. The story accurately depicts what could have happened to a comparable unit mission shown had actually existed. No Saving Private Ryan character ever existed. Furthermore, it is unlikely that Saving Private Ryan’s mission ever would have been ordered. The mission shown is improbable because United States army sole survivor policy “is applicable only in peacetime.” (Sergeant Rod Powers, ret.)....   [tags: Film Review]

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The Representation and Function of Public and Private Spaces

- In this essay we will analyse what techniques Agnès Varda used in both Les Glaneurs et la Glaneuse and Les Plages d’Agnès to underline the key theme of public and private spaces. This has been done through four key areas: setting, sound, camera style and the use of interviews to focus on individuals. Furthermore, to fully engage with this question we first must have an understanding of what public and private space is. Public space is a social space that is generally open and accessible to all²....   [tags: Agnes Varda, Les Glaneurs et la Glaneuse]

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