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Mala Prohibita Crimes

- Prostitution is considered the oldest profession in the world. In any major city around the world, prostitution is a way of life and a thriving business. Many argue prostitution is a victimless crime and should be legalized. In America, prostitution is against the law and enforced by law enforcement agencies across the country. “Cities throughout the United States spent an average of $7.5 to $16 million per year enforcing prostitution laws and addressing negative outcomes associated with prostitution” Murphy, L....   [tags: pornography and prostitution]

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Restricting the Production, Distribution, and Sale of Pornography in Canada

- Many women have been mistreated at one point or another in their lives.  This form of abuse assumes many forms and is not always visible to the naked eye.  One of these such hardships that women of the 20th century have had to face is the struggle for equality.  In Canada, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms affords women full equality before and under law and equal protection and benefit of the law.1  But yet, this society openly contributions to the production, sale, and distribution of pornography which implies that women are second class citizens.    Destroying these stereotypes which portray women as slaves, objects, toys, and mindless, sex-driven beings must be accomplished in order for...   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Topics]

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Cyberporn and Pornography - Sex Should Not be a Spectator Sport

- Pornography - Sex Should Not be a Spectator Sport   Some adults recall the days in the early Sixties with a certain nostalgia, as a time when people were still aware of the distinction between pornography and erotic art, and when erotic books and films could pass the censor only if a case could be made for their artistic value. Everything changed very suddenly, according to the poet Philip Larkin:   Sexual intercourse began In nineteen sixty-three. Between the end of the Chatterley ban And the Beatles' first LP....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Essays]

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Contrasting Romance Novels and Pornography: Male and Female Preferences

- Contrasting Romance Novels and Pornography: Male and Female Preferences I don’t think I’ve ever read a romance novel, not for school, and certainly not for my own enjoyment. Although I’m not much into pornography either, I get much more excited looking at visual images of attractive women than if I were simply reading about them. Growing up, I remember the opposite to be true for my older sister, who often had romance novels lying around in her room. The contrasts between romance novels and pornography underscore how different female and male erotic fantasies are....   [tags: Comparison Compare Contrast Essays]

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Pornography and Feminist Fight for Women’s Rights

- Pornography and Feminist Fight for Women’s Rights There was a complaint in 1992 about having The Nude Maja in a classroom. The complaint came from a feminist English professor who stated that the painting made her students, as well as herself, uncomfortable. Another incident occurred at the University of Arizona when a female student’s photographic artwork consisting of self portraits in her underwear was physically attacked by feminists. There was also an occurrence at University of Michigan when some of their law school feminists organized a conference “Prostitution: From Academia to Activism”....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Papers]

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Pornography – Government Censorship Will Never Promote Equality

- Pornography – Government Censorship Will Never Promote Equality Catharine Mackinnon seeks to be the Galileo of sexual inequality: the philosopher free of preconceptions who reveals a new structure, incorporating all known facts, radically different from anything previously understood. The structure Galileo overthrew was the Earth-centered universe. The structure Mackinnon must overthrow, in order to make the law do what she thinks it must, is the First Amendment- centered universe (though Mackinnon would probably say it was the pimp-centered universe; pimp is a favorite term of hers)....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Argument Essays]

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Public Libraries Should Not Block Internet Pornography

- Since the internet has been available in schools and libraries in this country, there has been a debate about what should be accessible to users, especially minors. The amount of information disseminated on the world wide web is vast, with some sources valuable for scholarly and personal research and entertainment, and some sources that contain material that is objectionable to some (ie. pornography, gambling, hate groups sites, violent materials). Some information potentially accessible on the internet such as child pornography and obscenity is strictly illegal and is not protected under the First Amendment....   [tags: Argumentative Essay, Internet Censorship 2014]

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Censorship Essay - Don't Censor Child Pornography

- Don't Censor Child Pornography         In November of 1997 a Williamson County, Tenn. grand jury indicted Barnes & Noble booksellers for violating state obscenity laws prohibiting the display of "material harmful to minors". The materials in question were two books that featured photographs of nude children: Jock Sturges' Radiant Identities and David Hamilton's The Age of Innocence. Since then, Radical Right activist Randall Terry has launched a crusade aimed at forcing bookstores to remove the "criminal garbage" of Sturges, Hamilton and (recently added to his list of demons) Sally Mann from their bookshelves (bookweb)....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Topics]

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Public Libraries Must Censor Internet Pornography

- Imagine yourself to be a typical parent in this century. With very little time on your hands, your schedule is jammed tight: meals to fix, kids to get ready to school, getting yourself ready, a job to go to, pick up the kids, bills to pay, food to buy, etc. On one particular day, one of your children notifies you that once again they are going to the library to finish a school paper. No harm in that right. However, perhaps you would think differently if you knew your child wasn’t going to the library to merely finish his report, but to also look at pornography he had been introduced to on the internet....   [tags: Library Censorship, Censoring]

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Sexual Addiction Is Growing Rapidly Over The Internet

- Sexual addiction is growing rapidly over the internet. Individuals who use the internet for sexual encounters, becomes very compulsive. Their internet usage can consist of 11 plus hours in a days’ time. This sort of behavior is to be addressed as a disorder. The etiology can be linked to a chemical imbalance. Sexual addiction and other disorders can be correlated and put into many other categories and looked at as compulsive disorders. For example, anxiety disorder, hormonal abnormalities and other familiar disorders are just a combination of what triggers an individual to turn to pornography....   [tags: Addiction, Pornography, Human sexuality]

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The Internet And Its Effects On The World

- Approximately twenty-five years ago, most of one’s entertainment came from spending time together, playing outside, and watching television with loved ones or friends. Computers were something that the rich people had in their homes and the internet was not on very many peoples list as a must have. However, the internet has become a necessity in homes all around the world. Most interactions take place online on websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more. Yet technology did not stop with the introduction of the internet on one’s home computer it went a step further with the introduction of smart phones that have put the power of the internet into the hands of almost everyone...   [tags: Pornography, Internet, Addiction]

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The First Amendment Guarantees The Freedom Of Speech

- The First Amendment guarantees the Freedom of Speech, which means Americans have the right to say anything on their minds. A perfect example is Donald Trump exercises his rights by preaching that Arabs should be sent back to their “homes”. Even though, many people are against what Trump is preaching, one simply cannot tell him to “shut up,” and lock him away in prison because of disgust with his suggestions. Americans can, however, rally, protest, tweet, etcetera about disapproval. The first amendment gives the right to publish, petition, and peacefully assemble....   [tags: Censorship, Obscenity, Pornography]

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Everybody Knows Big Porn Is Destroying Relationships

- ... A study completed among US college students who were consistent users of adult media sources, tested this theory by asking them to abstain from viewing explicit materials, and record feelings of commitment to their partners. The results showed those who refrained from viewing paid more attention to their relationship obligations. Thus the study concluded that, “Pornography consumption is not only related to weakened commitment in relationships but to the consequences of that decreased commitment, like infidelity,” (Lambert, N....   [tags: pornography, magazines, sexual behavior]

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Analyzing The General Public 's Use Of The Internet

- Determining if the Internet can be addictive, different studies have been conducted to evaluate the general public’s use of the Internet. There is a number of addictions that can develop using the Internet such as gaming, pornography, shopping, gambling and social networking. To determine what addiction is worse is depending on the person’s living situations including house hold income, marital status, job status, and social status. Many different research methods have been used to determine if there is such an addiction to the Internet....   [tags: Addiction, Pornography, Internet]

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Internet Censorship of Child Porngraphy

- ... For instance, Facebook does not allow attacks and truly offensive speeches, however it does consent humor or satire (Facebook Guidelines). Analogously, YouTube clearly states that it is “not a shock site” (YouTube Community Guidelines); the company staff reviews flagged videos all day long and censors those who violate their Community Guidelines. When it comes to legal videos that may be inappropriate, the team instantly resorts to age-restriction. Both of these internet giants encourage free speech while supervising it and immediately removing content that is clearly offensive to the general public....   [tags: blocked, information, anamosity, criticism]

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A Glaring Societal Problem Exposed in America’s War on Sex” by Dr. Martin Klein

- ... There are plenty of way on doing this such as, filtering the internet, limiting the usage time for children, and having the website where they could get information for their homework already preprogrammed in their computer. This type of control I agree on because parents have that right if they do not want their children accidently viewing explicit information online, which is a growing problem on the internet. We are not able to manage what information goes on the internet. This is why wrong type of information gets past around, which in turn we blame the good sources for failing to stop the problem....   [tags: religion, expression, pornography]

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The Mask You Live By Jennifer Siebel Newsom

- George Orwell quote, “He wears a mask, and his face grows to fit it.” The documentary, “The Mask You Live In”, directed by Jennifer Siebel Newsom shows different ages of males who struggle to be themselves while battling America’s limited meaning of manliness. George Orwell quote, “He wears a mask, and his face grows to fit it.” Influenced by the media, among their age group, and the grown-ups in their lives, adolescents dissociate their emotions, disrespect women, and is aggressive. Society gender stereotypes affect young males to change to fit into the societal norm as they characterize “real” men....   [tags: Man, Male, Pornography, Suicide]

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A Brief Overview of Porn and the 20th Century

- Porn and technology: Pornography has, more than any other type of media, been on the bleeding edge of technology. Pushing new mediums to their limit, usually in the last way they were ever intended to be used (Gross, 2010). We start off the 20th Century with the Half-tone printing process being only two decades old. This was the first process that allowed images to be inexpensively reproduced. Magazines were the leading pornographic medium, and they were only available by mail. Then, with the advent of film, the Stag films were first produced in Germany and Latin America....   [tags: pornography, technology, sex]

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Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children

- Technological advances have made it possible for commercial sexual exploitation of children to be exposed worldwide. Anyone can now use the internet to promote and arrange sexual encounters with children. This puts children at risk because the internet makes it possible for pimps to traffic children. Due to the advancement of technologies of the internet, children become easy victims of child prostitution and pornography. As a result, it increases the chance of children being physically, psychologically, and sexually harmed....   [tags: child pornography and prostitution]

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The Effects of Sexual Abuse of Children

- Sexual Abuse of Children Sexual abuse is a very common and prevalent problems in the United States. Approxmately 80,0000 cases of child abuse are reported every year. ("Child sexual abuse," 2011) However, these numbers may not be accurate. Several cases of sexual abuse go unreported. “It is estimated that one in four women are sexually abused during the childhood” ("Definitions, scope, and,"). The actual number of sexually abused males is vastly underreported, but it estimated that possibly “one in six males are sexually abused as children”("Definitions, scope, and," ) ....   [tags: children, incestuous, pornography]

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Critical Issues On The Internet

- I write this proposal to regard critical issues on the Internet. What is Internet. It is often described as a network of networks (Graham, p.1). Internet links millions, billions of people together regardless people’s race, nationality. It’s a brand new virtual world. Therefore, do we need to legislate laws of online behaviors. Is it necessary. I would say it is obliged to establish rules for the sake of us and our country. The existing laws have limitations when applied to cyberspace. The current law cannot tackle the situation of rising illegal or immoral behavior on the Internet....   [tags: Internet, Pornography, Freedom of speech]

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Pedophilia and Technology: Advances in Technology Enables Pedophiles Greater Access to Children

- Psychological disorders can exceed more than to just a person with a disorder that needs medication to regulate. Specific disorders not only can hurt the person who suffers from it but it may hurt others around as well. There are many psychological disorders that may be harmful and dangerous to society or a community but the most common one is pedophilia. “Pedophilia is defined as a persistent sexual interest in prepubescent children, manifested in thoughts, fantasies, urges, sexual arousal or sexual behavior” (Seto 164-165)....   [tags: technology, internet pornography]

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Troubling Issues of Child Labor in Between Shades of Grey by Ruta Sepetys

- ... Throughout the beginnings of history, a child working was not uncommon; they took jobs as messengers, apprentices, and worked on farms. However, during the Industrial Revolution, child labor reached new extremes. Children often worked long hours, some as young as 4 years old working for only for 40 cent salaries. Their size allowed them to move in small spaces in factories or mines where adults couldn't fit and were easier to manage and control. Boys in a glass factory working 18-hour shifts were beaten to sustain from falling asleep on the job....   [tags: trafficking, poverty, pornography]

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The Undercover Parent: Coben’s Spyware Logic

- Internet is advancing every day, parents have no idea what their kids are doing in cyberspace and are contemplating the idea of spyware. In the article, “The Undercover Parent” by Harlan Coben, he argues the idea of parents putting spyware on kids’ computer is a good idea to keep the child safe. Many American parents have no idea what happens in cyberspace; sex, bullying, and drugs. Parents are torn between protecting their child with spyware and allowing the child to have privacy. Coben uses his friends’ personal experiences to support his argument without leaving room for counterarguments....   [tags: Persuasion, Internet Safety, Pornography]

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How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

- It is hard to believe a time ever existed when terms like smartphone, texting, touch screen, internet and sexting were not part of our everyday lives. We live in an era of the information superhighway, where through the use of large scale communication resources like the internet exchange and retrieval of data happens at lightening speeds. In order to keep up with the demand for an efficient transfer of data and improve mass communication our technology has had to evolve dramatically over the years, gadgets had to be developed, upgraded and distributed to meet the growing demand....   [tags: Mobile phone, Adolescence, Pornography]

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Harsher Laws for Sex Offenders

-   Introduction When a dog viciously attacks a small child and scars the child for life, dog is euthanized because of the trauma it causes. If we are putting down dogs for attacking children, why are we not doing the same thing for sex offenders. Child sexual abuse is defined as “the activity between adults and minors or between two minors when one forces the act on the other. This includes sexual touching, exposure to pornography, photography of a child for sexual gratification, solicitation of a child for prostitution, and communication in a sexual way by phone, internet or face-to-face”....   [tags: child molestation and pornography]

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America Needs Internet Censorship

- Tears begin to fall down a child’s face. Her body goes into shock out of fear. Her mother warned her about watching inappropriate content, and there it was, right on her computer screen. This could not have happened though. All she was doing was casually browsing the internet before a pop-up appeared. Although it may seem hard to believe, the major cause of events such as this is the lack of censorship on the internet. Internet censorship relates to the removal of offensive, inappropriate, or controversial content published online....   [tags: Internet Pornography Essays]

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Porn: A Controversial Issue

- Porn according to the dictionary is defined as a printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity intended to stimulate erotic rather than an emotional feeling. A word described as so is what has lead porn to becoming a money making business, that has come to grow over the years quite a bit. An empire that many were afraid to even talk about ,but now want to be apart of. Now porn or as they would call it now as the Adult Film business is seen every where, from DVD’s to magazines and late night television shows to the internet....   [tags: adult-film business, pornography]

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The Porn Wars And Sex Wars

- The feminist porn wars and sex wars throughout the 1980s and 1990s ignited the debate of whether pornography was a form of empowerment for women in the form of sexual liberation or a form of oppression spearheaded by men. Throughout the era, there were different types of feminists: those who critiqued pornography and advocated for its censorship and those who advocated for production that was sex positive, or consensual for all parties (Bakehorn, 11/17/16). Individuals who were in favor of pornography but wanted to withdrawal from the damaging representations of men and women portrayed in the mainstream industry sought to create a new genre, feminist pornography....   [tags: Feminism, Gender, Pornography, Feminist theory]

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Feminists vs. Playboy Playmates

- Feminists vs. Playboy Playmates Naked women have been in the front of feminist's minds for several decades. Especially when they are pictured in soft-pornography magazine Playboy. Feminists for years have been yelling that Playboy is harmful to both men and women. Males around the country have countered that there is nothing wrong with their Playboy, it is merely a harmless vice. The problem I see with Playboy is not that it demeans women or subjugates them, and its not that it leads to violence....   [tags: Pornography Papers]

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Behind Closed Doors

- ... “According to research by the London School of Economics, 52% of 11 to 16 year olds have internet access in their own bedroom” (Behr 30). Therefore, 52% of children can enter the digital portal of pornography. What may start as simple experimentation, could lead to a life of pain and sorrow. Behind closed doors, unsupervised kids can see an endless amount of pornographic content. Pornography is an uncomfortable subject to talk about, so it is hard for parents to intervene. The majority of parents are ignorant, or pretend to be ignorant, in order to avoid such discussions....   [tags: pornography and children, porn addiction]

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Internet Censorship And Its Effect On Society

- Internet is a powerful tool that allows users to collaborate and interact with others all over the world conveniently and relatively safely. It has allowed education and trade to be accessed easily and quickly, but all these benefits do not come without very taxing costs. This is especially true when dealing with the likes of the Internet. Countries in the European Union and Asia have realized this and have taken action against the threat of net neutrality to protect their citizens, even at the cost of online privacy....   [tags: Internet, Pornography, Privacy, Identity theft]

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Adolescence Sexual Development

- ... We can say that sexuality is, in some way, atavistic because is rooted in the society since our first ancestors. An important part of the social conventions is having a mate or “falling in love”, because with that, you can confirm your sexual or gender identity to people and to yourself: “Adolescence is also characterized by falling in love. Few scientists study falling in love, but those who do find that it typically happens first in adolescence, can happen over and over again, and lasts anywhere from a few hours to two years, when it can be replaced by the more mellow state of being in love.” (Bjorklund & Hernández Blasi, 2012) Falling in love is an adolescence natural process that is...   [tags: sex, pornography, biological, love]

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Dangers of the Internet

- Surfing the Internet can truly be fun sometimes. Many times you don’t realize how long you been in there until you sign out and your server tell you that you have spent many hours surfing the net, either that or the sunshine begins to bug you. Yet there’s something that has began to bother me every time I surf the net. I feel that I just can’t trust anyone. People are using this way of communication to be free about anything .It scares me how it is so easy to create identities through the digital world of computers to surf the life of the Internet....   [tags: Internet Pornography]

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Addiction Of All Forms Will Affect Relationships

- Addiction of all forms will affect relationships. Addictions varying from social media addiction, pornography addiction, or drug addiction will affect relationships no matter what the user does. The individuals surrounding a person who is addicted to anything will feel some impact from the person who is addicted. Other people might believe otherwise. They might believe that addictions can be harmless if properly controlled, but there is no way that could possibly be true. Addiction of all forms will have a heavy negative impact on the people around the person who is addicted....   [tags: Addiction, Drug addiction, Pornography addiction]

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Female Genital Mutilation Within The Media

- I am very glad to have been part of my group. To start we had many interesting topics from Female Genital Mutilation to gender differences in the media. After several topics, we decided to narrow our topic down to the portrayal of women in mainstream pornography. We knew this would be a great topic to explore because we are all affected by pornography even if we are not viewers. After this decision, the goal than became to divide the topic in four different subtopics. We each agree to research out topics and share them on a google documents....   [tags: Gender, Feminism, Gender role, Pornography]

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Jacobson v. US: Child Protection Act of 1984

- Keith Jacobson ordered and received a bunch of pornographic magazines containing nude pictures of underage children. After the Child Protection Act of 1984, it became illegal to receive pictures like that in the mail. After finding him in the mailing list, a couple of government agencies decided to send him some fake catalogs to see if he would take the bait for the now illegal activities he had committed before. He ended up ordering from these catalogs thinking that the males in the magazine were older than 18....   [tags: child pornography, child protection, porn]

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The Internet : A Global Community Standard A Fallacy Or The Only Way Out?

- The Internet: The Road to Regulation The Internet has grown exponentially, in such a short period of time, that speculation or reflection upon its lifespan of 20-odd years may present a feeling of substantial progression in contemporary civilization. The complete freedom of expression, a stepping-stone in the structure of the Internet, has separated the Internet from other more conventional forms of media, such as newspapers and television. Nearly instantaneous access to information and global news has paved the way for the future of humanity, thus further enhancing our thirst for societal advancement....   [tags: Addiction, Internet, Pornography, Internet access]

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The Impact of the Sexual Revolution on Choices Related to Sex

- In the study and discovery of human life and development, the inquiry of sexual development and behavior has greatly changed and impacted the course of human history. Human sexuality refers to “sex, gender identities and roles, sexual orientation, eroticism, pleasure, intimacy and reproduction. It is experienced and expressed in thoughts, fantasies, desires, beliefs, attitudes, values, behaviors, practices, roles and relationships.” (WHO, 2006a) The major shift towards human sexuality in America began in the 1960’s, and continued strongly throughout till the 1980’s; this specific period of time has been referred to as the American Sexual Revolution....   [tags: sexual revolution, human sexuality, pornography]

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The Effects Of Internet On Children 's Life

- The world we live in absolutely loves the convenience of the mighty powerful internet. We, as a society, have actually become addicted to this lovable convenience. Some say the internet has brought them close to certain people and others will say it has driven them away from certain people. The internet has consumed the lives of many children. From video games to facebook, our children have found the necessity to log into the addiction on a daily basis. The usage of internet has consumed the lives of children as early of ages of five....   [tags: Internet, Pornography, Addiction, Online chat]

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Sexual Deviancy and the Internet

- History defines us. History is what makes changes to both norms of society and what is socially acceptable for any lifestyle. That being said, how does the internet and sexual deviancy play a role in our history and how has it changed through time. What is acceptable in the terms of sexual variation now from our past as a world and as a society. Times changes and so do viewpoints on what is sexually acceptable, however, some forms of sexual deviancy such as pedophilia will never be acceptable by any standards of human decency....   [tags: Atypical Sexual Behavior, Internet Pornography]

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Gender Inequality in the Adult Industry

- ... The woman’s voice is overlooked for it’s not about what she wants and instead she has no choice but to give in. Although it may go against what contract states, at the end of the day it’s all about what the man feels comfortable in doing as far as performing goes professional or not. The second issue I mentioned that I would like to shed some light on is whether gay men or straight men earn more money in the adult industry. It is my understanding that this issue in particular is very controversial solely because it is rumored the reason why gay men make more is due pornography’s largest audience targeting men....   [tags: homosexualism, sexism, gross profit, pornography]

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Internet Addiction, The Challenges, And Solutions

- The article by Carlisle et al., (2016) highlights a survey on Internet addiction, the challenges, and possible solutions. The recent internet expansions and connectivity across the globe has resulted in a number of benefits as well as challenges. Reports indicate that over a third of the world’s population is currently connected to the internet, with the trend expanding significantly. The US is reported to have increased its high internet connections from 2.8 million to 206 million from 1999 to 2011....   [tags: Addiction, Pornography, Drug addiction, Diagnosis]

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Little Punishment for Cyber Crimes

- Most of the times cyber-crimes are never reported to law enforcement agencies; such offenses constitute a very significant and important component of criminal court cases. Sentences for these types of criminals are getting every day tougher and tougher. The most common prosecuted offenses by the court include card fraud, identity theft and transmission of child pornography. These are serious offenses that can get someone in jail for some period of time. Many people things they will get away with just a fine....   [tags: identity theft, child pornography, victims]

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Sexting, Texting, And Teens

- 13 Sexting, Texting, and Teens. Long time reader “Jill” wanted me to talk a little bit about how the world today can be a pretty amazing place when it comes to technology, but can also be a scary & permanent place when it comes to texting, sexting, and sending pictures. Hormones and impulsivity can have even the most level-headed teen make a mistake that they may end up regretting for the rest of their life. So, let’s look at the world of texting, sexting, and sending photos, and explore the consequences and ramifications it can have on your teens present & future....   [tags: Adolescence, Young adult, Child pornography]

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Impurity with Children

- Pornography is printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity, intended for erotic stimulation. Child pornography is the illegal use of children with in visual material. Children have been used as sexual objects since the beginning of time. It is in this time period children have been laws raised to protect children from abuse in a sexual manner. “Pornography in the modern sense began with the invention of the camera in the early nineteenth century.” (Pg1, Ln11-12) Pornography in the beginning was erotic literature and portraits of their bodies....   [tags: Pornography, Printed, Visual, Explicit, Sexual]

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The Church Must Church Stop the Pornograhy Epidemic in America

- Pornograhy consumption has increased markedly over the last few decades, primarily due to advent and popularity of regular, affordable, and high speed internet connections (Eberstadt & Layden 13; "The History of Modern Pornography."). While pornography has been around for thousands of years, never has porn been as used or abused (8). This increase in usage is causing more problems than it is solving. Healthy perceptions of sexuality are being skewed as people are now relying on porn’s vivid and explicit images to provide sexual education, causing true intimacy to be lost amidst a desensitized sexual libido (Struthers 1; “What’s Wrong With Pornography?” 1; Dubinsky 1; Zillmann 27)....   [tags: Anti Porn Essays]

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The Moral Decline

- Is our society in a state of moral decline. To answer this question we have to define the word “moral” first. In Merriam-Webster dictionary the definition of the word moral is “Concerning or relating to what is right and wrong in human behavior.” From this definition we can understand that a moral decline is a decline in knowing the different between right or wrong. In another word our moral is like a guide for every choice we make in our life. Therefore anything could affect our moral reasoning would affect our life....   [tags: pornography, morality, economy, family, divorce]

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The Effects Of Pornography On The Central Nervous System

- Speed, stove top, biker’s coffee or hot ice, there are many names for Methamphetamines. They are cheap and provide a fast-powerful high that makes it attractive to users. Meth is an intensely addictive stimulant and it perilously affects the central nervous system. Use of the drug can quickly lead to addiction and prolonged use creates a variety of serious health and social problems for individuals and their families. Methamphetamines are a close relative to amphetamines because they have the same chemical structure....   [tags: Methamphetamine, Amphetamine]

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The Effects Of Pornography On Women 's Bodies

- Almost all media in the 21 century is influenced and infatuated with what Gail Dines, a professor of sociology at Wheelock College in Boston, Massachusetts, calls the ‘sex industry.’ “While the fashion industry has always pushed clothes that sexualize women’s bodies, the difference today is that the ‘look’ is, in part, inspired by the sex industry. We [women] are now expected to wear this attire everywhere: in school, on the street, and at work” (253). Even though stars in the past wore scandalous clothing as well, the difference now is that porn is normalized and is seen in everyday routines....   [tags: Human sexuality, Sexual intercourse]

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Sexting Law Reform

- In today’s American society, almost everyone, even children as young as six, owns a cell phone with a camera. Although convenient, camera phones also open the door to massive problems concerning child pornography that stem from sexting, or sending nude or lascivious photos. According to a 2010 Federal Bureau of Investigation survey1 of 4,400 middle and high school students, “approximately eight percent of students reported that they had sent a sext of themselves to others while thirteen percent said they had received a sext.” The main problem with sexting, aside from being child pornography if it is a picture of minor, is the ease of dissemination of the sext to other contacts or even the In...   [tags: American Society, Child Pornography, Technology]

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Internet Censorship: Necessary or Bad?

- This quote from Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google, sums up what the internet is, an experiment. One that, until very recently, governments thought they had control of. Much like Dr. Frankenstein and his monster humanity is both amazed and revolted by our creation. It is perhaps the single most beautiful and disgusting thing to ever spring from the mind of man. With the creation of the internet came a new generation of both people and language. Words such as social media, search engines, and web sites are words that don’t even make sense to a person living twenty years ago have permeated normal conversations....   [tags: Great firewall of China, pornography ban in the UK]

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The Social Consequences of Communication Technologies

- The Social Consequences of Communication Technologies How many hours have you spent on American Online Instant Messenger when you should have been studying for prelims. Communications shapes our modern society as well as brings many burdens and negative aspects along with it. It does not seem like it is even able to help most of the population of a developing country because most of the people in that country do not have access to modern communications technologies. Current telecommunications technology has enlarged our social lives decreasing our productive time, increased the rate of spreading of negative ideals, and amplified our dependence while diminishing our independence...   [tags: Internet Pornography Web]

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How The Internet Affects Our Way Of Living And Our Lives

- Surfing the Internet can truly be fun sometimes. Many times you don’t realize how long you been in there until you sign out and your server tell you that you have spent many hours surfing the net, either that or the sunshine begins to bug you. Yet there’s something that has began to bother me every time I surf the net. I feel that I just can’t trust anyone. People are using this way of communication to be free about anything .It scares me how it is so easy to create identities through the digital world of computers to surf the life of the Internet....   [tags: Internet, World Wide Web, Internet pornography]

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Internet Censorship

- All I wanted to do was shop for new shoes online, but instead I was staring at a webpage packed with lewd photographs. I was only 14. I certainly was not looking to be directed to such a vulgar website; however, much to my dismay, I had simply mistyped the URL to a popular sporting goods store and found myself face-to-face with something I was much too young to see. Unfortunately, this happens all too often. A staggering amount of young children are accessing pornographic material online, whether they want to or not....   [tags: Internet Pornography Essays]

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An Incarcerated Father and His Children

- At the age of fifty-four Joey was arrested for online solicitation of a minor. Joey has two children, Alex (age 23) and Amberlynn (age 18). Up until the day of Joey’s arrest, he had been actively involved in his children’s lives. Alex was a master’s student at the University of Oklahoma at the time of his father’s arrest and Amberlynn was a senior at China Spring High School at the time of the arrest. Joey spent a week in the McLennan County Jail before being released on bond for five days. After those five days, Joey was re-arrested with twenty-two counts of online solicitation of a minor and five accounts of child pornography....   [tags: Social Work Theories, Family Systems, Pornography]

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Parents Should Monitor Their Teenagers

- “Parents play an important role in the psychosocial development and well-being of their children” (van den Eijnden). Undeniably, the quote makes a bold declaration that all parents in today’s technologically advanced society should understand and follow. With 90% of teenagers between the ages of 12 and 15 using the internet (Sorbring), it is important for an adult to monitor their daily usage and behavior. “Only 39 percent of parents report using parental controls for blocking, filtering, or monitoring their teenager’s online activities” (Dell’anotnia)....   [tags: Internet, Pornography, Website]

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America Needs Censorship

- Being frustrated is disagreeable, but the real disasters in life begin when you get what you want. For almost a century now, a great many intelligent, well-meaning and articulate people have argued eloquently against any kind of censorship of art and entertainment. Within the past twenty years, courts and legislatures have found these arguments so persuasive that censorship is now a relative rarity in most states. Is there triumphant exhilaration in the land. Hardly. Somehow, things have not worked out as they were supposed to, and many civil-libertarians have said this was not what they meant....   [tags: Censorship Pornography Obscenity]

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Web Addicts : The Internet 's Dismantlement Of Social Awareness

- Web Addict: The Internet’s Dismantlement of Social Awareness By definition Addition is the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity. The idea that the average person spends nearly 20 hours a week on the internet per week is enough to make anyone question whether or not they’re “living up to their potential,” so to speak, pitting those numbers adjacent to the looming, smaller number of hours spent getting into a regular routine at the gym, or working your way down the New York Times bestseller’s list....   [tags: Addiction, Pornography, Pornography addiction]

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The Intervention of the Judicial System in Violence Against Women

- The Intervention of the Judicial System in Violence Against Women Women in this country have been a part of violence for an enormous amount of time. This violence includes pornography, rape, and even domestic violence. The United States judicial system has intervened into the so-called private sphere and eradicated women in society, providing precedent and even updating statutes as well as other types of legislation. Without intervention women may still have no rights as human beings and the victims of much worse violence....   [tags: Papers Domestic Abuse Pornography Essays]

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Marriage, Love, Rape and Pornography from the Female Perspective

- ... Even in Movies/ TV shows, they show women is in charge of house and that male brings in the income and takes care of outside of the house. In my own family i take care of upstairs and my own bathroom since i get so paranoid when someone else tries cleaning it and moves all my stuff away where i have it set and simple for me. I even vacuum and make sure its clean and take nearly a whole day just to make sure its all nice and neat and not dirty. Where everyone sees an image of a woman cleaning and taking care of the kids at home....   [tags: women studies]

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Irving Kristol's Pornograpy, Obscenity, and hte Case for Censorship

- Irving Kristol's Pornograpy, Obscenity, and hte Case for Censorship After reading Irving Kristol’s essay called Pornography, Obscenity, and the Case for Censorship, we found positive and negative examples concluding his research. Kristol makes major claims throughout the course of his essay. A few examples of these major claims are in paragraphs [7-9] when he uses a story about an old man in a hospital ward, dying an agonizing death. The old man loses control of his bowels, and they empty themselves on him....   [tags: Critique Kristol Essays]

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The Risks Of The Internet

- Internet is the main source which connects all the computers around the world. It seems like it has became one of the part in our life. People often use it to exchange files and e-mails, to surf the websites, to download movies, songs, working on application programs etc, to send messages and what not. These internet services can be used from a small kid to old people and they often use it a source to communicate with the people around them. This makes huge difference in one 's life by using these internet services in different purpose .Internet do have many advantages, but there are also many disadvantages which affecting children and it should not be used by them without parent...   [tags: Internet, Pornography, Child sexual abuse]

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The Importance of Having Internet Regulation

- Internet Regulation I am in favor of reasonable internet regulation. Unmonitored and unregulated web sites contribute to threats on American security, the promotion of anti-American views, and deaths due to published instructions on how to build weapons of mass destruction. In addition, the lack of oversight of internet activity allows bullying, the promotion of pornography, and sexual abuse of women and children. Internet fraud is becoming common; identity theft, phishing, spamming, spyware, and malware result in financial and security losses for innocent victims....   [tags: sercuity, bullying, porngraphy, victims]

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Harmless Entertainment? The Idea of Love In Hollywood

- Are you a hopeless romantic, waiting around for the right girl or guy to come around and make sense of your world. Well, maybe you’ve been watching too many romance movies. Hollywood presents love as a feeling, one that most teenagers confuse with infatuation and lust. Movies like The Notebook create a false view of what love looks like and many teenagers lose the opportunity to find love because they are waiting for someone to sweep them off their feet and kiss them in the rain while the background music slowly plays; but there are movies out there that do give us a pretty realistic view of what love looks like without having to showcase any nudity or sexual scenes....   [tags: Marriage Struggles, Pornography]

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Visual Analysis : Advertisement Towards Men And Women

- Saranna Morley September 29, 2014 ENC1101 Visual Analysis These days it seems as though advertisements aimed towards men purposely exploit women. The more male oriented the product, the more skin the woman advertising it must show. The advertisement industry has one motto in mind when advertising products and that is to bring in revenue by any means necessary. There must be a woman involved and she has to keep her clothes to a minimal. In today’s society the imagery of an advertisement speaks louder than the words or products being displayed....   [tags: Woman, Gender, Pornography, Advertising]

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Is Internet Censorship Really a Good Idea?

- After the internet became available to the new generation, there came a great concern regarding its substantial and beneficial usage. As soon as internet became popular among the people, so is its being controversial. There had been lots of issues fought concerning the internet usage, especially the measure of what things are appropriate and inappropriate, what are those that can be accessed and what are those that cannot. As questions piled from one another, and issues are getting more and more pervasive, the government, alarmed by the threat internet and its technicalities, has made a protocol which was definitely good and particularly bad too....   [tags: child pornography, vulgar materials]

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The Internet Is More Popular Than Ever

- To date, 1.7 billion people worldwide use the internet. The internet, good and bad, and yet it is entwined in almost every humans life. It has grown over the years and now basically keeps out world connected and unified. Around the globe people depend on the internet for everyday task such as communication, file sharing, and storing data. It is beneficial to the youth of learners by allowing access to information not easily obtainable by searching through books. In today’s generation the internet is more popular than ever....   [tags: Internet, Pornography, Sexual intercourse]

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The Internet : Coming Of Age Online

- In recent times, the internet as a medium of communication has revolutionized various aspects of the human life. According to Harris in the book, I Found It on the Internet : Coming of Age Online, notes that since the internet presents with dire speed, power and sophistication, a majority of the American youth have taken the internet to be their preferred medium of communication (7). Indeed, communication is a significant part of the human life since from time immemorial; man has been described as a social being....   [tags: Internet, MySpace, Pornography]

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`` Internet Addiction `` By Greg Beato

- In his article “internet addiction”, published in 2010 by Reason Magazine, Greg Beato tries to show how internet addiction, an excessive behavior brought up by the psychiatrist Ivan Gilbert, is an important issue for the society and why it should be considered as a behavior disorder. He supports his thesis by using a lot of evidence such as graphics, statistics, and researches. Although, Beato’s arguments about the causes of internet addiction and the reasons why it should add to the DSM are mostly true, some of his observations on the future are pessimistic....   [tags: Addiction, Pornography, Internet]

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Is Censorship A Good Or Bad Idea?

- Censorship ‘ Is censorship a good or bad idea?’ Censorship is all about deciding on what people can see and deciding on what people can view. Censorship is the suppression of speech or other public communication, which may be considered objectionable, harmful, sensitive or inconvenient as determined by the government, media outlet or controlling body. It clocks out content which mainly is harmful to people and it aims to protect children and vulnerable people by block and removing content from media to limit and restrict what they can see....   [tags: Pornography, Internet, Internet censorship]

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Social Media And The Internet Addiction Disorder

- Introduction Social media and the internet is becoming a debate in the media and is thought to be as addictive as drugs and alcohol triggering the same brain functions in addiction by jeopardizing relationships with others, causing poor mental health, and interfere with employees’ productivity in the workplace. Many debate that there is no such thing as internet addiction disorder. Researchers are testing correlations between the causes of internet addiction. Possibly in the future, Internet addiction disorder may become an illness in the DSM-5....   [tags: Addiction, Pornography, Sexual addiction]

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Censorship Of The Internet : Censorship

- Internet Censorship- Research Paper By Lyle Tamlyn (43669182) Throughout the world there has been an increase in discussions regarding “Censorship of the Internet”, explain how Censorship can work in some instances but in others it can be a detriment to society. According to Amnesty International (2014), internet censorship is the control and suppression of online information or services by government or other stakeholder institutions. It is enforced by monitoring chat rooms and forums, deleting blogs, blocking websites and re-routing search results....   [tags: Pornography, Internet, Freedom of speech]

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The Internet And Its Effects

- The Internet has become a fetter, preventing the continuation and growth of Christians and their spiritual lives. Technology has made many advances throughout the years, yet it seems that it could be holding us back more than it is moving us forward. The Internet, in particular, has aided in connecting a variety of people and communities by bringing them together. Social media and networking have allowed us to in a sense, “keep taps” on people and the entire world almost constantly. The Internet has enabled us to search for anything whenever and wherever....   [tags: Religion, Christianity, Internet, Pornography]

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Internet Addiction And The Internet

- For the past decade or two, Internet is a channel that promotes an access to information and communication in the global world. It is one of the most powerful tool. Now-a-days, an access to the internet has become easier than ever, whether we are using a computer, phone or tablets. There is no doubt that people are spending more and more time online. Because many people use the internet for their career and education, it is hard to differentiate between the normal usage and excessive usage of the internet....   [tags: Internet, Addiction, Pornography, Internet access]

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Internet Censorship

- The Internet is like many great inventions, it has some flaws, but the pros definitely outweigh the cons. The Internet has become an educational tool for students, increased communication, and allowed for knowledge of all subjects to be shared. These are but a few benefits of the Internet. Censorship is generally an evil and should be avoided where ever possible (Butt, 2000). The regulation or censorship of the Internet will make it difficult for people to express their mind openly, block even more useful sites for students, and deny American citizens their first amendment right to free speech....   [tags: Internet Pornography Essays]

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Performing In Pornographic Films And the Risks Involved

- Pornography has been a controversial topic throughout history. With the advent of the V.C.R. Pornographic film industry blew up in the 1980's then again with the Internet in the late 1990's. With the knowledge that wealth could be attained by anybody beautiful enough and willing to have sex on camera, the industry exploded with tons of new talent. Unfortunately, there are severe risks involved in the pornographic film industry: STD'S, mental health disorders, drug addiction, and other harmful affects that should have potential performers thinking twice....   [tags: Health ]

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The Role Of Women 's Body On The Music And Pornographic Industry

- Today, the body plays a significant role in the lives of both male and female. Similarly, Foucault treats the body as if it were one. That is, “the disciplinary practices Foucault describes are tied to peculiarly modern forms of the army, the school, the hospital, the prison, and the manufactory: the aim of these disciplines is to increase the utility of the body, to augment its forces” (Bartky 2014, 93). Considering this, one can draw a conclusion from the importance of gender roles in today’s society....   [tags: Gender, Gender role, Barbie, Sociology]

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It’s Time to Eliminate Online Pornographic Magazines

- It’s Time to Eliminate Online Pornographic Magazines Dating back to the 1700's, magazines have taken on many forms in which we know and read today. Magazines started to develop in the early 1700's at the same time as newspapers. Few magazines of that time were popular or long-lived. They covered weekly events, politics, and art. During that time magazines were read by the educated elite, and in the 1800's magazines were published for the general public and general interest. Over the years, magazines have evolved to what they are today....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Argument Essays]

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FCC Rules Are Effective Against Pornographic Programming

- What makes sex so scandalous. Why is the American culture so ‘hush, hush’ about the friction in the sheets while the rest of the world exploits it. Regardless of what the world does, in general, this country desires to protect the youth from sex in television and radio. Some Americans feel furious when seeing or hearing sexual material and send complaints to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). While others either support the questionable material or feel indifferent towards it. The FCC has created guidelines of indecency and obscenity for broadcasters to use and to judge what content is aired....   [tags: Censorship]

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