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The Phoenicians

- The Phoenicians originated in modern day Lebanon. Their cities were located near the coast of the Mediterranean Sea; the Lebanon Mountains towered behind them. When the Phoenicians began expanding, instead of going over the mountains they expanded out into the sea. As the Phoenicians expanded they formed new colonies and established trade routes (see appendix A). However the Phoenicians exploration and trade did not stop in the Mediterranean, it extended into Brittany, pushed deep into Africa, and reached the Americas....   [tags: The Phoenicians]

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The Phoenician Empire

- The Phoenician Empire The Mediterranean Sea has spawned many civilizations through history. The Phoenicians, which originated around 1200 BCE, is one example. Despite the rather small size of this civilization, its impact on our world has been considerable. Being a seafaring nation, the Phoenicians established colonies all over the Mediterranean area, including the present-day cities of Carthage and Tripoli. As notable traders, they shared cultures with many nations, which allowed their invention of the alphabet to spread throughout Eurasia....   [tags: World History]

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The World of Phoenicia

- The World of Phoenicia Around the 12th century BC, the Greeks gave the coastal region of the eastern Mediterranean the name Phoenicia. This name was so widely accepted that even the Romans adopted it at a later date. Phoenicia was the land between the Orontes River and Mount Carmel. The land was characterized early as the homeland or origination of the surviving Syro-Canaanite civilization. This unique civilization survived the many threats from other cultures of the 12th century BC. The Syro-Canaan civilization produced many interesting objects....   [tags: World History]

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The Great Sea By David Abulafia

- In the book “The Great Sea”, author David Abulafia goes thru the history of the Mediterranean. Trade starts in one place and will link to other civilizations in the Mediterranean. When the Capsian culture began to travel by sea, it did not start out with the concept of trade, but as a necessity to collect raw materials required for tools. At that time, no one claimed ownership of the materials, so trade was not an issue. It was not until the Neolithic period when evidence of trade could be seen where Neolithic cultures eventually had obsidian brought in from Anatolian area....   [tags: Greece, Mediterranean Sea, Sicily, Cyprus]

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The Late Bronze Age

- Trade and Phoenician Development in the Late Bronze Age Little is known about the Phoenician way of life other than the fact that they were a society founded on trade with other, larger nations. These people made use of their natural resources to establish trade with such nations as Egypt and Assyria. The geographical locations of the Phoenician city-states were also advantageous to their role as a trading state. Located on the east coast of the Mediterranean, where Israel lies today, the Phoenicians were able to trade with virtually all of the Mediterranean nations....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The African Athena Controversy

- With the absence of certainty, competitive plausibility is a realistic approach to trying to determine the influences that the Egyptians and Phoenicians had on the Ancient Greeks. Since the publication of the Bernal’s Black Athena volumes I and II, a great debate has surfaced. There is no question that the Egyptians and Phoenicians had an influence on the Greek culture, the questions that are being disputed is the exact nature of the relationship and what period of time this relationship existed....   [tags: Ancient History ]

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The African Athena Controversy

- The “African Athena Controversy” is a topic that has been under attack by numerous authorities as to who is the best authority and has the best interpretation on the origin of ancient Greece. The author’s in this reading set have some form of experience or expertise and offer their different perspectives on Greece’s origins. All three authors admit that the Greek language is an Indo-European language and words that do not directly correlate were probably loaned, borrowed, but not stolen (Bernal, p....   [tags: Ancient Civilizations ]

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How Did the Greek Alphabet Impact the Greeks' Culture?

- The Greek language was not original. It was originally from a different group of people that the Greeks traded with. A lot of people don’t know that much about the Greek language. You might have questions like, what was the Greek alphabet. Who made it and when. What did Greeks write about. Who still uses this ancient language. How did their alphabet influence the actual word “alphabet”. Greece was an ancient civilization that influenced many other languages. Their alphabet is known world wide. But what is the history behind it....   [tags: write, ancient, civilization]

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The Origin of Rome

- The people of Rome developed the last great civilization of the ancient world in the West. They based their culture in the land now known as Italy, but expanded to cover North Africa, much of Western Europe and much of Western Asia. They were to have a significant impact upon Palestine in the two testament eras (Old and New). Around 3000 B.C. tribes from different areas of Europe and Asia formed small towns and farming communities in mountain pockets of the Italian peninsula. The rough shape of the Apennine Mountains allowed many of these small tribes to exist separately....   [tags: Roman History]

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Greek Alphabet

- Many scholars have yet to prove the origin of Greek alphabet. However, one fact is for certain: the origin of Greek alphabet does not mean the origin of the writing system to the Greek language. Not a completely new “invention,” the Greek alphabet is undoubtedly from a script that the Semitic peoples of Levantine coast used. Originally fashioned by ethnic Phoenician groups, the source alphabet is connected to the Ugaritic groups of writing systems that developed around the city of Ugarit (Powell 2009: 230)....   [tags: origin, writing system, inscriptions]

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Can A Cardboard Boat Float

- As surprising as it may seem, one of the most common household items, cardboard, can be used to construct a boat. Building a cardboard boat has become a fun activity that anyone can take part in. Towns and schools hold annual cardboard boat regattas, judging the entrants on speed, design, and creativity. In New Richmond, Ohio there is even a cardboard boat museum. These special boats are more than just a box thrown into water; they are designed using elements of engineering and physics to make them not only water ready, but fast and durable....   [tags: history, stone age, log boats]

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Story and Truth in Edwin Blashfield's The Evolution of Civilization

- In 1894, construction neared completion on The Thomas Jefferson Building, the oldest of the three buildings which comprise the Library of Congress in Washington D.C.. With the exterior well in hand, the architects turned their attention to the interior, commissioning extensive murals by well-known artists. The commissioners of these murals deliberately set out to “personify the ideals of the [American] people” through the medium of government-sponsored art, and provide a relatively young nation with a story about themselves -- a visual “literature” which would connect them to the distant past.1 Among the most famous of these murals is Edwin Blashfield’s The Evolution of Civilization which oc...   [tags: cuneiform, hieroglyphics]

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The Mysterious Homer, Author of The Odyssey and The Iliad

- The Mysterious Homer, Author of The Odyssey and The Iliad  A sketchy figure by the name of Homer is given credit for the two great epic poems of ancient Greece. The Odyssey and The Iliad influenced Greek culture, education, and morality. Little is known about Homer and many scholars question whether he existed at all. (Encarta) Some say two different unknown authors wrote the two poems. (Britannica) Others say that many oral poets were responsible for the finished products. (Britannica) In this report I will discuss the theories that support the existence of an author named Homer....   [tags: Homer]

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The Evolution of Writing

- Have you ever wondered how writing began. The words, alphabets, numbers. Most epigraphers and paleographers agree that the historical evolution of writing occurred in basically four stages 1. Ideographic 2. Logographic 3. Syllabic 4. Alphabetic. The development of writing is unidirectional. Meaning that it will pass through the above four stages in that order and no other. No system of writing can begin naturally with the syllabic stage or alphabet stage. No writing system ever studied has skipped through a stage....   [tags: Writing systems, literacy, ]

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Civilization is Connected from the Mesopotamians to the Powerful Roman Empire

- Time persistently progresses forward unimpeded. With each elapsing second the present moment changes into the past and creates history. History is filled with a plethora of events, people, and concepts that have left an enduring influence. Society has developed many components which became foundational to Western culture from the Mesopotamian civilizations to the emergence of the Romans. The contributions of a variety of cultures shaped the course of Western history. The Mesopotamians and Egyptians are among the first civilizations to make a valuable contribution to Western Civilization....   [tags: ancient history]

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Discovering Libya: From Imperialism to the Present

- Libya has been formed by parts of various empires that have remodeled its entire society. As a result, Libyans were unable to achieve a common national identity. Many of the foreigners who dominated Libya include the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Ottomans, Italians, British and French. All of these external powers were able to rule over Libya’s provinces by conducting unfair policies that forced people to avoid looking inward for support in political, social, and economic matters. For instance, Tripoli Tania depended on its neighbors to the north, in Europe when it came to dilemmas dealing with salvation, trade, or culture....   [tags: Geopolitics, History]

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Soil Erosion and The Erosion of Civilizations

- Soil erosion began with the dawn of agriculture, when people abandoned their hunter-gatherer lifestyles and began using the land for intensive agriculture, thus removing the protective vegetation cover and growing food crops on disturbed soil surfaces. For many civilizations, it is believed that surface wash erosion, that can occur unnoticed until it is too late, was a main contributing factor for their demise. Soil erosion and other degradative processes have destroyed, over the millennia, as much arable land as is now cultivated....   [tags: Soil Erosion]

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Lebanon and the Hellas

- Why is it that many Greek artifacts were found in the soils of Lebanon . Why were there Lebanese citizens who were buried in tombs that had Greek carvings . Was Lebanon a Greek occupation or was it a Hellenic vacation spot ?. When Darius perceived the fierce attack of Alexander, he turned his chariot around and was the first to flee, abandoning all of his soldiers and his property to be taken by Alexander. After Darius' loss to Alexander at Gaugamela, the Persian Empire, which included Lebanon, Iran, Armenia, Syria, Israel, Turkey ......   [tags: ancient Greek artifacts]

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The Importance of Language Acquisition

- It is known, even to a person to whom the entire study of language isn't familiar, that the language is the greatest factor on which most of the human activities depend. Without any form of language, any cooperation and communication would be almost, if not totally impossible (World Book Encyclopedia 62). This significance of language is what draws scientists to study origin, differences and connections between languages. Constant change of today's languages is what amazes linguists even more. With the emergings of the new nations there was quite a number of new languages....   [tags: Papers]

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Three Ancient Civilizations of Latin America

- Three Ancient Civilizations of Latin America Essay: Discuss three civilizations of the ancient world. Civilizations began to show their face around the area now known as Egypt and some parts of Europe around the Mediterranean. These were said to be some of the earliest and most advanced civilizations of their time. These civilizations were known as Ancient Egypt, Ancient Sumer and the Babylonians. The oldest and certainly one of the most advanced was ancient Egypt. The people of ancient Egypt were polytheistic and believed that their Pharaoh (King) was god as well and held divine right....   [tags: Pre-Columbian History Culture]

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Possible Parallels Between Africans and Native Americans as Explained in Ivan Van Sertima's They Came Before Columbus

- Ivan Van Sertima was a professor of Africana Studies at Rutgers University when he published the book They Came Before Columbus in 1976. The premise of this book stemmed from Van Sertima’s belief that there was an African presence in the New World, before Christopher Columbus in 1492. He hypothesized that Africans travelled to South America centuries prior to European explorers. Van Sertima alleged that pre-Columbian civilizations were strongly influenced by African travelers. He thoroughly examined possible cultural parallels between Africans and Native Americans; the first-hand accounts of the European explorers; and the intercontinental transportation of goods....   [tags: travelers, trade, influence]

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The Olympic Games : A Important Part Of Greek History

- Most at times do not really realize how important history and its events greatly influence the way we live and what we do today. Every four years we celebrate the beginning of something that was brought up long ago, the Olympics. This great event in which, now the whole world participates in started way back in the year 776 BC. It started from people playing for the God Zeus to people playing for their country and a medal, the Olympic Games sure did evolve as the time and beliefs changed. How the Olympic Games arose was a very important part of Greek history....   [tags: Olympic Games, Summer Olympic Games, Athens]

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The Cross: A Symbol of Faith, Hope and Love

- Whether dangling around one’s neck or inked onto a person’s body, put up on a wall or made into a statuette, the cross is an abundant symbol in today’s world. Its representation goes from consoling and comforting, to captivating and inspiring a great mass of people. From its earliest forms, to its adoption by Christianity, the cross has a long and powerful history, carrying with it a great amount of significance. It is amazing how two perpendicular lines can entice so much spirituality throughout human history....   [tags: Christianity ]

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Somali Pirates and the Response of The United States

- To begin, pirates have been prowling the seas as far back as ancient times, such as the “Phoenicians and Greeks in the Mediterranean.” As well Muslim piracy as Jihad has existed since the 17th Century along the Barbary Coast of North Africa.2 These pirates were known as Barbary corsairs, and they would attack ships from Christian countries, seizing their ships and, and selling the sailors into slavery. Today, Somali pirates are seizing ships and taking hostages for ransom along the waters off the coast of Somali and the Gulf of Aden....   [tags: Piracy]

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The Punic Wars : A View from the Carthaginians

- The ancient city of Carthage was one of great splendor and magnificence. Carthage thrived on trade throughout the Mediterranean basin. Trade was how their empire had been built. Carthage dominated the Mediterranean basin for centuries until another empire began to rise. Rome began to build their empire upon trade as well. With the building of an empire, Rome built an extraordinary military, as did Carthage. Since trade was vital to the expansion of both empires, the island of Sicily fell under watchful eyes....   [tags: Carthage, trade, Mediterranean, Rome]

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The Asian Indian, Chinese, Greek, Mayan And Persian Societies

- Human societies are prone to self-destruction without a means of social order. In order to preserve their own prosperity all cultures tried their own means of order through political, Philosophical, and religious ideals in order to preserve their culture from falling apart. The cultures I will observe and compare among each other will be the Asian Indian, Chinese, Chinese, Greek, Mayan and Persian Societies and from these Civilizations determine which one of these would be optimal to live in during the height of their empire....   [tags: Religion, Sociology, Culture, Civilization]

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The Vast Cultural Changes of the Country Morocco

- Morocco is a Muslim and Arab North-African Kingdom which lies on the Mediterranean coasts. The country knew significant historical events which had a strong impact on the construction of modern Morocco. Since its independence, Morocco has witnessed deep Socio-Cultural mutations. It is within these changes that culture has been organized for the last five decades. Indeed, at the outset, Morocco is an ethnically assorted country with a rich culture and civilization. As I met with some old friends in a café, they said, “Morocco hosted many people coming from East(Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Jews and Arabs), and South(Romans, and Andalusians)....   [tags: Moroccon Culture]

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The Mediterranean Society of the Greeks and Romans

- If Europe is mentioned today, most minds think of the beautiful countryside, tourist attractions and the artwork displays. While Europe is well-known for these traits, it is also known for the rich history and political backgrounds, two of which are Greece and Rome. These two influential societies have made impacts that can be seen throughout the world today. The Greeks, with their golden age and the Romans, with their great Empire and Republic have instilled cultural benefits both in the ancient times as well as in today’s Western civilization....   [tags: World Civilization ]

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The Greeks' Fears in The Odyssey by Homer

- In The Odyssey the ancient Greeks had a sense of explorations, independence and love life. They were skillful and wise men and women. They are depicted as courageous and adventurous heroes and warriors. Under all those beautiful characteristic illustrated in The Odyssey, under that shell that it portrayed, the ancient Greeks had many fears. They feared the sea, Cyclops, scared of scandals, death and people with different cultures. Ancient Greeks had all these fear because it turns out that they fear everything that could take their life....   [tags: ocean, death, gods]

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Ancient Rome : An Empire Of High Status

- According to roman mythology, Rome was founded thanks to two brothers, Romulus and Remus. Both found a city near the Tiber river and chose a hill to begin their own settlement. However, taunting and teasing from Remus brought upon his death at the hands of his very own brother, Romulus. Romulus then of course named is city after himself, Rome. An ancient civilization full of wars, peace, greed, a disciplined navy, an efficient bureaucracy and rebellion, Ancient Rome was an empire of high status....   [tags: Ancient Rome, Roman Empire, Roman Republic, Rome]

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The Deserts of Africa: The Sahara Desert

- Imagine living in a land thriving with life with all sorts of trees and vegetation, along with different types of animals that called this land home. Throughout the world, we have deserts of also sorts. Life as we know it is always different in different in places. However for the sake of learning we will be taking a look at some of the world most secluded places on this earth which will lead us across one of the world's largest ocean, the Atlantic, making our way to the continent of Africa....   [tags: largest hot desert, egypcians, greek]

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Scribal Education and Literacy in Ancient Israel

- ... This is where her research conflicts with other evidence of literacy. “Although she mentions complex interplays between orality and literacy that produced the Bible, she emphasizes the oral dimension and downplays the fact that the Bible is, in the end, a written text.” (Schniedewind 328) Schniedewind also discusses that while Niditch did recognize archaeological evidence like Judean seals as proof of literacy she claims that because they are often made by professionals, this is proof that orality was essentially the mainstream in Israel and that very few people wrote....   [tags: development of linear alphabet]

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How the Stucture of Skyscrapers Was Started

- Supertall buildings are a relatively recent addition to the history of the cities around the world. Technology of the nineteenth century made their development possible. Steel, concrete and masonry materials have existed for a long time in the history of civilization but not in such a configuration. Masonry is the oldest material. Concrete in its present form is the youngest of these three basic structural materials of construction. Research shows that early societies used lime as a binding element in mortar....   [tags: framework, skill, materials, build, steel]

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The Intellectual Technology Of Reading And Writing

- The intellectual technology of reading and writing has been in existence for thousands of years. The Phoenicians, Sumerians, Greeks and Romans contrived some of the world’s first alphabets enabling universal writing systems that could be taught and understood through reading. Culture started changing from oral traditions into a literary culture as more people started to learn to read text and have access to printed words. A major technological breakthrough that enabled mass accessibility to the printed word was the invention of the Gutenberg Press....   [tags: Mind, Psychology, Cognition, Thought]

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The Paradigm : Can Challenge, Or Not?

- The Paradigm: To challenge, or not to challenge. In modern days, scientific discourse between ‘normal’ and ‘revolutionary’ scientists has raised questions about what they should or shouldn 't give proper attention and further study. One example of this, is the orthodox narrative of modern human history shared by geologists and archaeologists around the world, which tells us that the first technologically advanced human civilizations started in Mesopotamia around 3,000-5,000 BC. However, a series of evidence brought forth by two science skeptics and scientists suggest that the current narrative of our history could be inaccurate....   [tags: Scientific method, Science]

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The History of Mathematics in Africa

- The history of mathematics has its roots on the African continent. The oldest mathematical object was found in Swaziland Africa. The oldest example of arithmetic was found in Zaire. The 4000 year old, Moscow papyrus, contains geometry, from the Middle Kingdom of Egypt, Egypt was the cradle of mathematics. The great Greek mathematicians, including Pythagoras, Thales, and Exodus all acquired much of their mathematics from Egypt, including the notion of zero. This paper will discuss a brief history of mathematics in Africa....   [tags: Math ]

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Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

- While the ancient world left little written record, the evidence that we do have depicts it as far more advanced and culturally rich than many would expect. From the Phoenicians in Mesopotamia to the Mayans in Central America, technological advancements and complex theories drove the ancient civilizations ahead. Great thinkers from that period like Socrates (other great thinkers) left huge marks on the literary world. Great scientists like Copernicus (other great scientists) developed theories that provided the foundations for more modern thought....   [tags: History, Herodotus, List of Wonders]

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Educational Literature, Financial Scam, or Both?

- Pirates are the subject of vast western romanticism, scalawags famous for committing foul misdeeds, yet who unite in brotherhood and revel in the frivolity that is pure freedom. Unsurprisingly, with such social intrigue come media representations that further draw individual interests as has been seen through movies like The Pirates of the Caribbean film series as well as young students who seek basic knowledge through the written word. As a child, there are many novelettes created by a variety of authors and companies to provide basic scholarly background information concerning a variety of subjects....   [tags: plagiarism, education, pirate code]

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Analysis Of Homer 's The Odyssey

- No man ever survived to tell the tale of his adventure through the monster plagued Mediterranean Sea, the exception to this was Odysseus. In Homer’s The Odyssey, Odysseus a Trojan War hero is sent on a perilous journey throughout ancient Greece. Odysseus is the king of the kingdom of Ithaca who had to embark on a 20 year ocean voyage back to his home. “He seems very powerfully built; his thighs, calves, hands, and neck are of prodigious strength....” (Homer 98). Odysseus’ journey starts on an island that he has been trapped by Calypso for 10 years after the war....   [tags: Odyssey, Odysseus, Trojan War, Greek mythology]

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The Roman Empire And Its Civilization

- For those who are interested in learning about history, the Roman Empire and its civilization were one of the most interesting spotlights in the human history. The Roman Empire existed throughout a hundreds-years timeline, officially since 27 BC under the reign of Emperor Augustus. However, to learn how this great empire rose up, they have to back to the “the early Rome and the Republic” period. In this period, these events happened orderly, from the rise of Rome in the Italian peninsula that led to creating the Roman republic, the conflicts with the Carthage Empire, the conquest of the Mediterranean and it ended with the fall of the Roman Republic....   [tags: Ancient Rome, Roman Republic, Roman Empire]

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The Black Woman In America

- The black woman, she is as diverse and as beautiful as the billions of humans she gave birth to. The first homo sapiens to appear in the fertile land of East Africa were nurtured from her bosom; the wisdom and strength that is characteristic of the black woman today is not a recent acquisition but qualities that were honed over thousand of years. Every woman on this earth has mitochondrial DNA (mitochondrial DNA is the DNA transferred from mother to child and the only genetic material that stands the test of time)from Lucy, the small black woman found in the Awash Valley in Ethiopia....   [tags: Race]

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The history of Caesarea Maritima

- “The king triumphed over nature and constructed a harbour…notwithstanding the totally recalcitrant nature of the site, he grappled with the difficulties so successfully, that the solidity of his masonry defiled the sea, while its beauty was such as if no obstacle had existed” (Little 106). In his remarkably detailed account, Josephus describes the exquisiteness and majesty of the harbor of Sebastos in the city of Caesarea Maritima. The harbor was built with such genius and beauty that, despite the complexity of the landscape, the structure seemed effortless....   [tags: mediterranean sea, archeology]

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A Brief History of France

- France is a country located in Western Europe. It borders Andorra, Germany, Luxembourg, Monaco, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy. The country of France originally known by the name of Gaul or Gallia is a country with a rich history and culture. The Celts originally occupied and dominated that lands of Gaul. In the year of 121, Julius Caesar led the Roman Army into the country of Gaul. He won a decisive victory over the Celtic tribes that once dominated the area. This area became the first province of the Roman Empire....   [tags: world history and geography]

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Reasons to Visit Lisbon, Portugal

- Introduction Lisbon, Portugal is an amazing vacation spot. Whether it’s the sandy white beaches, or the bright blue skies, Lisbon is one of the best vacation spots in Portugal. Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal, has a rich Portuguese culture and history, so there is almost always somewhere to visit or something to eat to fill your senses and the food will top your experience and making Lisbon truly great. If you are bored, museums, clubs, historic sites and many more are at your fingertips to enjoy and visit....   [tags: places to go, things to do]

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Can a Cardboard Boat Float?

- ... in their boats, known as longships. These ships were the main naval vessel of the Scandinavians. Their boats were built for speed due to their shallow draft hull design. During that time these boats were very intimidating. Today, however, we have boats that have reached over 300 miles per hour and ships that are 1,600 ft. long. After hearing that you can make a boat out of cardboard you may be wondering why boats even float. The reason a boat can float, is based on the gravitational force and the buoyancy force....   [tags: incorporating topics learned in class ]

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Marine Study Of Marine Biology

- Marine Biology When you think of a marine biologist, what do you see. You might picture a dolphin trainer, or maybe you see a man swimming with whales and sharks deep in the middle of the ocean. The field of marine biology is the study of aquatic organisms, their behaviors, and their interactions with the environment. It is considered the most unknown and exciting fields of oceanography. The Phoenicians and the Greeks are responsible for the earliest known studies of marine biology. However, specific references to marine life were never recorded until the writings of Aristotle (384-322 BC)....   [tags: Ocean, Oceanography, Marine biology, Life]

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Good Bye Money Welcome Bitcoin

- GOOD BYE MONEY WELCOME BITCOIN. Introduction & Overview Time demands improvement in technology, every other sector needs updates and upgrades in existing systems and applications. All operational sectors look forward to attain efficiency and effectiveness in day to day operations. Business world give emphasis on a belief i.e., Time is money, hence it is crucial to make sure we use our time in a best way to squeeze out all the possible benefits. From early civilizations, i.e., Mesopotamia and Indus, traces have been found that people were using good to get other kind of good, say a ton of Wheat to get a ton of Rice, later scholars gave a name to that system i.e., Barter System....   [tags: Money, Currency, Credit card, 21st century]

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The Pirate Charles Review

- The Pirate Charles Review January 23rd, 2010 Black Bart King of the Caribbean Pirates would be proud of his piracy progeny. Sea fairing bandits in the form of a folk band would have entertained the ruthless brigand with Celtic songs drinking the night away with a cup a tea. The prolific pioneer who clutched onto vessel after vessel affirmed his campaign against the world and anyone who sailed in his way; The Pirate Charles [TPC] takes another approach. One can fly their freak flag or a pirate flag and be accepted nonetheless....   [tags: Music Review]

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The History of Candles

- In the beginning of man-kind the only source of light was sunlight or firelight. Candles delivered an entirely new perspective, allowing us to travel and complete tasks in the night. Up until the 1900’s candles were the only source of light other than sunlight (“The history of candles and candle making from candlewic” 1). Over history there have been many changes and advancements in the candle making process and its uses. At the very start of civilization cavemen were discovering the brand new idea of transporting fire....   [tags: Wax, Middle Ages, Human Progression]

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Falls of Major Civilizations

- There were several major civilizations in history, but they all fell in the end. Mesopotamia, Greece, Rome, and the Middle Ages were all major powers in their day, but they all eventually fell from power. Mesopotamia or “the land between rivers,” as it was called by the Greeks, was a cross road of 3 continents. It was a major port, they specialized in trading a hard to make purple dye. They had one king who would communicate through the gods, unlike the Egyptian king, who was seen as a god. In Sumer, they figured out how to use wheels for a purpose, and to use animals for farming....   [tags: World History, Civilization Aspects]

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Exploring the Syrian Conflict

- Syria's population is mostly divided into two dominations: Alawites and Sunnis. Both are a part of the Islam religion but they have their differences which separates their beliefs and traditions completely. The Alawi make up about 12 percent of the population and its' teachings were brought by Al Khasibi to Syria in the second part of the tenth century. They are mostly found in the mountainous part on the Mediterranean coast in the country's west. Also, they are known to be in the central province of Homs and in the capital Damascus mixed with the Sunni's population (Manfreda, Primoz)....   [tags: War in Syrian]

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Retail vs Outlet Shopping

- "The average outlet shopper spend over two hours at the outlet mall (60 percent longer than at regional miles malls), and the average expenditure per outlet visit per shopper is 79 percent higher than at regional malls” (Couglan and Soberman, 6-7). Retailing dates back all the way back to 6,000 BC, when it was known as the bartering system. It was introduced by Guzman 2 Mesopotamia tribes, and then adopted by Phoenicians. During this time, money was not yet invented so people would trade goods....   [tags: Purchasing, Merchandise]

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The Art of Typography

- The literature relevant to typography is diverse and often describes the evolution of typography. This chapter provides a summary of those topics considered to be the most relevant to the research. It begins with a discussion of exploring typography and the consumer perceptions of the art. This is followed by the clarification of brand identity and the importance of it in today’s business environment. The merging of how typography plays a role in brand identity is next. Finally, there is an explanation of Generation-Y and how the former concepts of typography and brand identity are relevant....   [tags: arraging of type, printing techniques]

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Justice According to Plato

- In Republic, Plato presents his view of justice and why it is better to be just rather than unjust. In doing so, Plato tries to develop a parallel between justice in the city and justice in the individual. Justice in the city can be characterized by every citizen performing one’s own social service in the state in which his nature is best adapted. Justice in the soul is each of the three parts of the soul—rational, spirited and appetitive— performing its proper functions and being in harmony with each other....   [tags: philosophical analysis]

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France: The Eiffel Tower

- ... One of these major contributions includes agriculture. After the United States, France is the world’s largest agricultural producer. As a matter of fact, France accounts for about one-third of all agricultural land within the European Union, making it the largest agricultural producer in the Union. France is also the second-largest trading nation in Western Europe, falling second to Germany (“Background Note: France”). Some of the country’s major trading partners include Germany, Spain, the Unites Kingdom, Italy, Belgium, the United States, and the Netherlands (“France”, 1)....   [tags: paris, french, romance, german occupation]

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Portugal´s Polulation and Economy

- Portugal would be agreed to be one of the most beautiful countries in the world. From it natural wonders to its amazing architecture, Portugal would be a great place for anyone to visit. Portugal’s official name is Portuguese Republic or Republica Portuguesa. It is located on the west coast of the Iberian Peninsula, and is bordered by Spain and the Atlantic Ocean. Portugal is mainly popular for its food, history, and sports, all of which they have se important records for. Portugal’s political past has had a variety of types Government....   [tags: political past, government, food]

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Carthage And The Punic Wars

- Carthage was first founded as a trading post in the year of 814 BC. Carthage was founded by the Phoenician Princess Elyssa-Dido on a peninsula from Africa which extends into the Mediterranean Sea. According to legend Elyssa_Dido fled from her brother Pygmalion, the king of Tyre, after he killed her husband. The post benefited from the vast market for the goods that it traded and grew in importance quickly. It first had warehouses in which raw metals and finished metal products which the Phoenicians used and had made were stored....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Christopher Columbus: Villain or Hero?

- In 1492, Christopher Columbus unintentionally discovered America, when he landed in the Caribbean Islands, while looking for a direct sea route to Asia. Despite the fact that Columbus believed he had found a direct sea route to India, he has been called the discoverer of America and hailed as a hero. More recently, however, he has been called a villain, with accusations saying that not only did he not discover America, but also that he was the cause of slavery and oppression in the Americas. These allegations are absurd and lack logical evidence....   [tags: Christopher Columbus Essays]

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Recessions and Depressions

- America has experienced several recessions and depressions in the past. Most recently, the housing crisis sparked a recession which has led to rising unemployment. The largest recession so far has been the Great Depression of the 1930s. A stock market crash in 1929 caused loss of savings which led to unemployment, lower wages, and a distrust of the banking system. The affects of it lasted into the 1940s. Franklin Roosevelt was elected president during this period; legislation he passed tried to alleviate the suffering of the public....   [tags: Economy, The Great Depression]

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The Kelsey Ossuary

- From about 20 BCE to 70 CE, the Jews in and around Jerusalem practiced a unique set of burial customs, which blended older Jewish customs with traditions from neighboring cultures and from the Greeks, whose earlier conquest had led to the Hellenization of the entire region (Fine p.2). Ossuaries were an integral part of these burial practices, which involved burying the person two separate times. These ossuaries were usually made from the same materials and decorated according to certain motifs. The ossuary stored in the Kelsey Museum is indicative of the form which most of these artifacts took and the style in which they were fashioned....   [tags: jews, jerusalem, burial customs]

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The Favorability of the Social and Religious Situation in Arabia around 600 AD Toward the Rise of Islam

- The Favorability of the Social and Religious Situation in Arabia around 600 AD Toward the Rise of Islam At first glance, the chances of unifying Pre-Islamic Arabia under one religion looked so remote, it could almost be declared impossible, in the opinion of Patricia Crone, a studier of Pre-Islamic Arabia and the rise of Islam. The people of Arabia had such weak inter-tribal relations that the region was not even unified under one governing body, and its people were divided up into tribes which consisted of only a few families....   [tags: Papers]

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Impact of the Bourgeoisie on Exploration During the Age of Discovery

- Impact of the Bourgeoisie on Exploration During the Age of Discovery Thesis: Most people believe that The Age of Discovery was the product of a handful of adventurous explorers. They were an important part of this Age, but theirs was not the main motivation. I believe however, that the Bourgeoisie provided the impetus of this Age. The Bourgeoisie, a social class most distinct from the rest, remains one of the most influential economic leaders throughout Europe during the Age of Discovery. Exploration and newfound wealth drove this class into being so powerful that their presence threatened the Aristocracy and social strata....   [tags: World History Essays]

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We Must Take Action to Improve the Air Quality in Phoenix

- We Must Take Action to Improve the Air Quality in Phoenix "How You Can Clean the Filthy Air You Breathe in Phoenix"      Take a deep breath, Phoenicians.  How did it feel?  Most likely, it felt good. But did you know that you are breathing air that is unnecessarily polluted?   Did you know that by taking a few steps in the right direction, you could breathe worry-free?   While Phoenix and Maricopa County have done much in the past few years in controlling the air pollution, there needs to be more action in order to secure clean air in the long-term.  There are two things we can do: implement programs from another city with a pollution problem like ours, and take matters directly into ou...   [tags: Environment Environmental Pollution Preservation]

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The Influence of the FLN on De Gaulle and Algeria's Independence

- The Influence of the FLN on De Gaulle and Algeria's Independence In 1957, French Forces were able to militarily defeat and temporarily subdue FLN. However, to the surprise of the whole world, French President Charles De Gaulle opted for a political solution and announced independence for the Algerians in 1962. To what extent did the activities of FLN influence De Gaulle and what other factors can be identified which led to his surprising decision to grant independence to Algeria. Introduction 1....   [tags: Algeria War Independence History Essays France]

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The Role of the Gods and Fate in Virgil's The Aeneid

- The Role of the Gods and Fate in Virgil's The Aeneid Are the deeds of mortal characters in the Aeneid controlled by the gods or by fate. Aeneas must fulfill the will of the gods, while enduring the wrath of other gods, all the while being a worthy predecessor of Augustus and founder of the Roman people. Of course, the Trojan is successful because he gives himself up to these other obligations, while those who resist the will of the gods, Dido and Turnus, die sad deaths. Juno, the queen of gods, attempts to destroy Aeneas and his men in Book I of the Aeneid....   [tags: Aeneid Virgil Gods Essays]

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Greek Culture and History: A Comparison of Sparta and Athens

- The age of Greece was a wonderful time for immense accomplishments and discoveries in science, literature, art, language, philosophy, and many other fields of knowledge. Even the alphabet that we use today is derived from the ancient Greek alphabet that was developed from the Phoenicians, who emerged in history around 1150 BC. The Greek culture was developed through periods of time such as Minoan, Mycenaean, Archaic, Hellenic, and Hellenistic ages. "By the beginning of the Archaic Age, the Greeks emerged from their long years of stagnation and moved into an era of political innovation and cultural experimentation."(Matthews and Platt 38) Really, the isolated farming community had developed i...   [tags: Ancient Greece, compare and contrast]

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The Characters of Emily and Walter Possess Sentiment and Reason

- Walter Shandy and Emily St Aubert both use the power of reason to keep their emotions in check, but that is where the similarities end. Emily cares greatly about the sufferings of those around her, while Walter only thinks about why sufferings are brought upon him. Walter and Emily share the attributes of reason and sentimentality, but let these traits govern their actions in very different ways. Walter Shandy is a highly reasonable man. He knows much of the great old philosophers, ancient texts, and scientific breakthroughs....   [tags: Comparative Literature]

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The Merging of Cultures During the New World Discovery

- The Merging of Cultures During the New World Discovery The voyages of the Iberians marked history. The discovery of the new world meant the unification of two old worlds. These old worlds had different beliefs, attitudes, language, and values. The culture of these two worlds would never be the same. The native peoples of America at the end of the fifteenth century ranged from the simplest hunting-fishing-gathering societies to highly developed civilizations with urban and peasant components. In spite of these notable differences, they were alike in that they had all developed from the level of pre-bow-arrow hunters without significant contact with other regions....   [tags: American America History]

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Buy Essay Online: Dishonest Odysseus of Homer's Odyssey

- The Dishonest Odysseus of Odyssey    Once he returns to Ithaca, Odysseus displays dishonest behavior and does not once tell a person who he actually is when first meeting him. Odysseus hides his identity at first, whether by actively lying or passively not correcting their erroneous beliefs.  He tells Pallas Athena, first, that he is from Crete, had killed a man there, and had gotten a ride with some Phoenicians to Ithaca. He tells Eumaios that he grew up in Crete, went to Troy for the Trojan War, returned to Crete afterward and traveled to raid Egypt, where he was captured by Egyptians....   [tags: Odyssey essays]

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Progress and the Total Destruction of the Earth

- Progress and the Total Destruction of the Earth Throughout all of history, humans have been evolving not only genetically, but also culturally. Of the two evolutionary processes, cultural evolution happens more quickly, and has had a more noticeable effect on the environment compared to genetic evolution. Early hunter/gatherer societies evolved to agrarian society, which then had technological changes that affected the culture of the society. Unfortunately, while humans have been culturally evolving towards what is perceived to be progress, the environment has been compromised, marginalized, and degraded as it is continually exploited for human benefit and consumption....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Argument Essays]

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Exploration at the End of the Middle Ages

- By the early 1400’s Europe reached a unique point in there Economy they had developed there economy to the highest Point possible for there time. The 1400’s ended the middle Ages and developed the age of exploration and discovery. The years of 500ad-1100ad is known as the early/ Low middle ages, during this period there economic heath Decreased 80%, from 1100ad-1400ad were the late/high Middle ages. The economic health increased due to the central Monarchy this was due to feudal states taking over other feudal States....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Aneid Character Analysis of Aeneas First Three Books

- In the first three books of The Aeneid, Virgil portrays Aeneas as a brave, relentless man destined for greatness in a time of sheer dismay. He is empowered by the gods with the task of leading his Trojan refugees from their destroyed city to Italy, where he will find an empire that will out last the ages. Divine intervention aids Aeneas throughout his journeys and Virgil emphasizes his qualities in leadership, strength, courage, perseverance, and kindness. Facing many obstacles such as the storm that washed his fleet upon the shores of Carthage, or landing on the isle of the Cyclops, Aeneas is driven forward by the will of the Gods, forced from one place to the next in order to fulfill his u...   [tags: European Literature]

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Exploring Greeks' Contact with Eastern Peoples and Goods

- Exploring Greeks' Contact with Eastern Peoples and Goods In the past, historians have had a tendency to separate Greek Society from the rest of the world, however contemporary scholars now recognise the need to not only place Greece within a global context but to also consider the interactions between neighbouring civilisations and their consequences. Evidence suggests that after the fall of the Myceneaens, the Ionians were driven out of Greece by the returning Dorians and forced to set up colonies in the surrounding areas[1]....   [tags: Papers]

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The Role of Phaeacia in the Odyssey

- The Role of Phaeacia in the Odyssey The episode with Phaeacia begins where Odysseus has been away from his home for twenty years, and is longing to return to Ithaca and Penelope. This book is very important and involves certain tests for Odysseus to come across. At the beginning of this book, we are told that the princess, Nausicaa, is described as “tall and beautiful as a goddess.” Alcinous as good as offers Odysseus his daughter for marriage to him by saying he would be lucky to have Odysseus n his family....   [tags: Papers]

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Heroification and Its Damaging Effects

- Heroification and Its Damaging Effects In the Disney movie Life-Size, actress Tyra Banks plays the role of Eve, a Barbie-like doll, who is "perfect in every way," come to life. Later in the movie, the once-very popular Eve doll's sales decrease dramatically, and the company stops the production of the Eve doll not realizing what they are doing wrong. Distressed, Banks, the "life-size" Eve doll, turns to her owner Casey and learns two valuable lessons—that perfection is boring and unrealistic, and it is okay to make mistakes....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Essays]

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My City on the Mountain

- My City on the Mountain Flagstaff, Arizona to me has been “The City on the Hill” with its seemingly beautiful light shining down on to me in the Valley of the Sun. I have planned my get away up the mountain (as Phoenicians refer to going to Flagstaff) as long as I can remember. Ever since I was old enough to know what a college really was I have known I was going to be attending Northern Arizona University in the fall of 2004. The thought of cool mountain air blowing against my face each morning, sure made the wall of heat that actually surrounded my body each time I stepped out side seem unbearable....   [tags: Personal Narrative College Flagstaff Essays]

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Curry Chicken and Yellow Rice

- Curry Chicken and Yellow Rice When I was in high school, I= had many friends whose parents cooked meals containing the ingredient, curry…curry goat, curry desserts, curry stew, curry chicken. One of my friends would invite me = to her home and, almost every time I was there, I could bet on curry being part of= the meal that would be served for the night.&n= bsp; Though I am Hispanic, I decided to make curry chicken for this proje= ct due to the simple fact that I always wanted to know what it was exactly, but had never asked…was it a sauce, a powder, or just spices mixed togeth= er....   [tags: Recipe Food India Indian]

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Infrastructure and Economic Prosperity

- Infrastructure and Economic Prosperity A famous Canadian geographer was once quoted saying, “ …any region which has a well developed transportation and communication network also enjoys a high degree of economic prosperity…”. This statement has sparked much controversy between geographers, as well as economists. The argument is, is there a direct link between a developed infrastructure and economic prosperity. Without a doubt, there is a direct link between economic prosperity and a well-developed system of transportation and communication....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The History Of Bowling

- The sport of bowling has a lengthy history packed with an evolution that has comprehensive rules; and is an indoor activity that has become one of the most popular sports in the world. It can easily be said that over 50% of Americans have bowled once in their lifetime, whether it was for a birthday party or on a date. However, many people bowl routinely without knowing anything about the interesting history of the game. Oddly, one of the newest of professional sports, bowling is one of the most ancient....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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The Reproduction of Rabbits

- Rabbits are one of the oldest known animals to exist. Rabbits appear in so many places in our history. In fact, these animals are so old that geologists have proved them to date back 30 or 40 million years. Perhaps, the most well known on appearance in history is the legend of the Easter Bunny. This legend is so well known and so well loved by children everywhere, that it is safe to say that the rabbit is a considerably important part of our history. This fact alone proves that the rabbit deserves our attention....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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