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Finance Personal Statement

- Finance is a field that had always fascinated me right from my undergraduate college days. What make me interested in this particular field of study are the art of finance and the complexity of investment market which would allow me to employ my personal skills, such as analytical and communication skills, along with my personal characteristics such as dedication and compassion for what I do. As one of the most important sector in the world, I believe it would provide me with a broad range of career options....   [tags: Personal Statement Examples]

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Personal Statement : A Mission Statement

- Financial Analysis A mission statement is a written statement that tells others what the company does. The mission statement in a very short form explains to readers how they operate in a general sense. Mission statements are not super specific or detailed just general. “A mission statement is a concise statement of a company 's reason for being, what it actually does, and for whom. It should contain what products and services the company produces for which target market, as well as how it considers itself different or unique....   [tags: Strategic planning, Statements, Mission statement]

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Personal Statement

- Personal Statement Please discuss the following items in the order given. Briefly respond to all areas listed. 1. How was your interest in Pharmacy as a career developed. Since my early schooling days, science and mathematics have always fascinated me given that all components of the world are explained on the basis of these disciplines. In this regard, Pharmacy which is based on Chemistry and Mathematics has interested me a great deal as it has direct impacts on our daily lives. The more I have become familiar with the chemistry and mathematics knowledge involved in pharmacy, the more I have appreciated its significance in improving the lives of people in the community....   [tags: Admissions Statement]

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Personal Statement : Personal Career Statement

- Personal Career Statement I developed a love for public health very early in my career, after a brief life changing experience in rural Nigeria. My medical school had closed for six months in my fifth year, because of a strike. I decided to go back to my village in rural eastern Nigeria, to stay with my elderly grandmother. She had diabetes and was showing signs of Alzheimer’s disease. I loved her dearly and wanted to help with her care. My village had no electricity and no health care facility....   [tags: Health care, Healthcare, Health care provider]

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Personal Statement : Personal Finance

- Personal Finance Personal Finance is a class I’ve wanted to take for a while now. My major is Finance not because I want a career in finance but more to learn about finance for my own personal situation. This class taught me so much. During this class I was able to evaluate my financial situation and set financial goals for myself. The four topics that helped me the most were emergency savings, buying a car, purchasing a home, retirement, and estate planning. After completing this class I have a better understanding of these topics and how to achieve my financial goals....   [tags: Investment, Pension, Personal finance, Automobile]

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Personal Statement : Personal Wellness

- The abilities God gave us are truly remarkable. God gave us these wonderful gifts to spread the grace of the lord. People often forget that we are borrowing our bodies from God. Our body is a temple that we need to treat with respect to glorify God. There are many ways that we can glorify god with are personal wellness. When thinking about personal wellness it is important to consider, mental, physical and spiritual health. There are a couple pieces within each of those three main points. It is crucial to maintain a healthy personal wellness in order to serve the lord....   [tags: Nutrition, Health, Health care, Personal life]

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Personal Statement On Computer Science

- STATEMENT OF PURPOSE I am very thankful for providing me this opportunity and it is with sincere sense of gratification that I pen my brief statement of purpose. The course of Information Technology which I pursued at GURU NANAK college of Engineering further advanced the deep curiosity I had in computer science and mathematics since childhood .It is only natural that after completing my course I had a penchant to learn more, which guided me to take up the decision to pursue graduate study in research oriented and technological areas like Computer Science and Information Technology, that touch the lives of many in this modern age....   [tags: Graduate school, College, Statement of purpose]

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Personal Statement : A Statement

- Personal Statement A personal statement is a document required in education programs as well as when one is applying for a job. It is a document that is written to describe a person’s strength or weakness. It is therefore an important document that one must always have ready any time anywhere. Personal statements do not have to look the same. They may be written focusing on one’s interest for example a personal statement written specifically to apply for a specific job. What appears inside is what gives that person credibility on whether to get the job or not....   [tags: Writing, Essay, Statements, Want]

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Personal Statement

- Personal Statement: My transition from high school to college was not flawless; the first two semesters were academically frustrating. In high school, I was successful with minimal foresight. I quickly found that this was not the case in college. While my first semester grades were not terrible, I knew it was not my personal best. Despite increased efforts, I completed the second semester with a GPA lower than my first. Although my course load was heavy, the classes challenging, and my schedule full of outside rehearsals, I wanted to improve....   [tags: Personal Experience]

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Personal Statement

- Law is a magnificent puppeteer which aims to control civilisations. The great philosopher Aristotle stated: 'Law should govern'. In view of that, the regulation of a society should be based on these set of rules established by an authority, which are designed to create economic, social and political stability. It is what maintains our societies and prevents an eruption of chaos and destruction. Law has an impact on everything we do, from creating a personal statement where copyright infringement laws take prevalence, deterring individuals from engaging in plagiarism, to criminal law which protects society from harmful individuals....   [tags: Personal Ambition]

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My Statement of Purpose

- Statement of Purpose for Tony Harper “Never stop pursuing knowledge and education. These are things that no one can take from you regardless of what life throws at you.” This insightful piece of wisdom was offered to me by my grandfather, a professor at Northern Arizona University. He continually stressed to me that the attainment of knowledge and education are always worthwhile undertakings. For this reason I find myself unfulfilled unless some part of my days are spent actively seeking to further my current understanding of a given subject or endeavoring to learn a new one....   [tags: Personal Statement]

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Personal Statement On Personal Strategic Planning

- Personal Life Personal strategic planning is the best method of getting the best out of myself. I do this by discovering the inborn and personal skills, develop the skills to the highest order which in return helps me to achieve satisfaction in whatsoever I do. The first thing I do here is to increase my return on energy and I consider and develop most of my ability to think well, and later my earning ability. Clarification of values helps me to know what are the most important values and virtues I needed to have in order to function well....   [tags: Management, Organization, Strategic planning]

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Personal Statement : Personal Branding Module

- Introduction to report This personal branding module has helped me develop my brand and progress from coming up with a sweet spot to finally attaining a brand. This report will help show my progress and how I developed through the weeks. This report will summarize the various discussions about different topics such as the brand model and also the homework assignments. Various visuals such as the moodboard, the brand Model, the website, logo and Brand profile. The layout of the report will in the form of my brand to symbolize the importance of utilizing waste materials....   [tags: Brand, Logo, Personality psychology]

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Personal Statement : Travel And Tourism

- When we first started talking about travel and tourism I had a very broad understanding of it. Thinking about it then, it was just defined to me as ‘getting away from home for a few days’. Understanding it now there are so many different definitions to tourism and they all have their pros and cons. I never really considered the three elements that I have heard belong in tourism and somehow those elements still fail to grasp the small meaning that travel can have on a person. To me travel can really open up parts of your personality that you may have forgotten, it gives you the feeling of being small, and can even restore your soul to find purpose....   [tags: Personal life, Leisure, Psychology]

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Personal Statement : Personal Management Plan

- Personal Strategic Management Plan: Vision Statement: My vision is to have a plan for where my life is heading, to be able to adapt to the inevitable changes that arise, and keep my values in tact that help me to live a meaningful and valued life. Mission: The core values that will help maintain my vision are: • Ambition • Responsibility • Commitment • Innovation • Dependability • A balance of flexibility and stability Stakeholder Identification: My stakeholders include family, the company I work for, coworkers, friends, and the local community....   [tags: Strategic management, Management, Strategy map]

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Personal Statement : Personal Attributes

- Personal Analysis Personal attributes help define the key characteristics about a person. I recently took five self-assessments to see what my character and personality traits were. Sometimes you think you know who you are and then you take these surveys and it really pulls out your strong points and shows your true values and personalities. Here I will analyze and discuss the five assessments that I have recently done. One assessment I did was a value survey. Here we had a list of 18 values for each terminal values which are the desired end result and instrumental values which are the means to achieving the end result....   [tags: Personality psychology, Trait theory]

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Personal Statement on a School of Choice

- A personal statement to a school of choice has shown to be hard to write. You want to be able to give the school a glimpse of who you are, how you came to be this person who is applying to their program, and who you want to eventually be. You want to be able to show the passion and drive you have for learning, for mastering your aspired career. You want to show the school why they shouldn’t just accept you, they should want you. The task is intimidating, to say the least. But I am most willing to give it my best shot....   [tags: Adler School of Professional Psychology]

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Personal Statement : Life Is Not Life

- Personal Statement “Without health life is not life; it is only a state of languor and suffering- an image of death,” -Buddha. This image of death is a common scene on the streets of India, where the value of life is measured by the thickness of the wallet. Class system, has deeply rooted itself in this country and is prominent from a rural part to a metropolitan city. It has become a deciding factor in determining the worth of life. Class status is assigned on the amount of money one has, the amount of money regretfully determines the access to the quality of healthcare....   [tags: Health care, Patient, Health care provider, Life]

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Personal Statement : The Application Of Mathematics

- Personal statement Through out my life, nothing has ever fascinated me like the application of mathematics in real life situations. In real life, the application of mathematics acts as a foundation from which economics progresses as it offers a person with different knowledge on how they are supposed to carry out different life applications. Mathematics offers an individual with the right differentiation skills that are highly required in making different calculations of elasticity coefficients that are applied in different sectors of the world....   [tags: Mathematics, Applied mathematics, Learning]

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Personal Statement : Accounting And Finance

- Personal Statement ZHAO FENG As an undergraduate who studies accounting and finance. I started to learn about accounting and finance since 2013 when I was in A-level. At that time, we have been asking to present business news in each economic class. It has motives me to gathering finical information from The Economist and BBC The world business News report. The experiences of working as an intern at the Bank of HEBEI in 2013 and PWC in 2016 have encouraged me to become a professional accountant....   [tags: Finance, Economics, Bank, Model Audit]

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Personal Statement: A Career in Business

- Probably, most people start their personal statement with “ever since I was little…”, but that’s not the case for me. My story is a little different; I always wanted to be an architect or an engineer, studying anything business-related simply never even crossed my mind, until recently, when a great-uncle of mine recommended I read The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham. After reading it, I was fascinated. I dove deeper into business and finance, and found it amazing. The relationship between nature, mathematics and business astonishes me....   [tags: small business, finance]

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Personal Statement Draft On The Pain

- Personal Statement Draft-3(2) An 11 years old kid lying on the ground in a dark room crying, shaking, and trembling with intense pain in both of his ears. The pain was similar to as if someone was hitting with some sharp object inside his ears and every time he would feel the shock of pain, he would pull both of his ears while enduring the pain. The pain would raise every couple of second and with each shock of pain, the kid would lose part of the hope that he had of surviving. He would experience so intense pain that he had never anticipated and all he could think of that “he is about to die.” This was the experience that I felt when I had a severe ear infection in both of my ears....   [tags: Medicine, Physician, Medical school, Residency]

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Personal Statement Of Purpose And Objectives

- Personal Statement of Purpose and Objectives On that fateful day as I stood in my black and pink salmon graduation gown, I pondered on the skills I was equipped with, in just 11 months of master 's study and I yearned for more. While these skills have enabled me to function as a research fellow at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) post-graduation, I find myself seeking to enhance them and gain more knowledge. My attendance at professional conferences, registration in short courses, and seeking mentorship can attest to this fact....   [tags: Epidemiology, Public health, Statistics]

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Personal Statement : College And School

- Personal Statement: College Throughout life, there are different interests that you discover and become passionate about. Many commit themselves to some sort of club or activity, especially through middle school and high school. Some of these activities or clubs, you may be participate in for the rest of your life or it could be a temporary thing. It shapes you as a person you are though without even realizing it, because it plays a huge factor in the people you hang out with and the things you enjoy doing....   [tags: High school, College, Extracurricular activity]

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Personal Statement : Leadership And Leadership

- These essays are your opportunity to share more about your leadership roles, activities, and experiences. Ideal applicants will coherently tie their activities and leadership roles into their essay responses. Please take a moment to think about your answers before beginning and check the spelling and grammar of your essays before submitting them. The selections committee will not have access to your UC Application, so please feel free to use portions of your personal statement as you see fit. Your answers must be submitted in a plain-text format with no style or formatting....   [tags: Leadership, Situational leadership theory]

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Personal Statement : The Medical Field

- Personal Statement Growing up, I had no interest in Biology, let alone working within the medical field. My father was a repair man and I wanted to continue that legacy and become an engineer. I was the kid that everyone hid screwdrivers from when I came around, because they knew I would disassemble any and every single thing I could get my hands on. Mechanical components and their interactions between one another intrigued me to the point of obsession. It wasn’t until the summer of tenth grade that I had my initial contact with the medical field....   [tags: Physician, Patient, Medicine]

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Personal Statement On The Admissions Committee

- Personal Statement To the Admissions committee: One day I invented a magic potion that worked, it saved my mother 's life after six months of agony, that 4-year-old girl decided to be a scientist and the rest will be history. When I was a bachelor 's student, I worked for some time in a researching in the Laboratory of Functional Alterations, in the Universidad Veracruzana (UV) in Veracruz, México, the line of research was “Adaptation of animals to the Mexican tropic”, was carried out in collaboration with the University of Cornell....   [tags: Academic degree, Bachelor's degree, Research]

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Personal Statement : Pursuing A Psyd

- Pursuing a PsyD: A Personal Statement I sit across from a once vibrantly alive woman. When she smiles, the corners of her eyes crinkle, giving a glimpse of the times she has weathered. The many breathtaking adventures and crucial moments of life that she can not seem to grasp. It’s okay, I tell myself, I’ll remember them for her. I hold her hand and tell her about my day even though she does not quite know who I am. This woman is my mother. What a tragedy it would be if someone like her, or even I, were to feel alone in this world....   [tags: Psychology, Clinical psychology, Psychotherapy]

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Personal Statement : My Personal Goals

- My Purpose Paper My personal purpose statement is to pursue success through customer satisfaction using my restorative, intellection and futuristic strength themes. My top personal goal is to be able to be successful. Along with that, I want to be able to form relationships and bonds that last a lifetime with genuine people who have my best interest at heart. I want to be able to be content with every aspect of my life and not constantly doubt myself or my abilities. My top career goal is to be a lodging manager at a well-known hotel or resort who is constantly validated for their work and efforts to keep the hotel/resort running smoothly....   [tags: Hotel, Lodging, Hospitality industry, Management]

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Personal Statement : Physical Health

- I have learned a lot about my health and wellness thorough out this semester it is truly amazing. The impact these seven different dimensions have on our health they are, physical, intellectual, psychological, spiritual, social, environmental, and occupational all play a role in our health. All in so many different ways working together to make a brighter and happier healthier us. These seven dimensions make up whom we are and how we live our life is all based upon how we balance these dimensions....   [tags: Health, Personal life, Meaning of life]

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Personal Statement On Social Work

- o Personal statement. In contrast with the formal writing sample, we use the personal statement to get to know you a little better. The personal statement should be a maximum of 1700 words. Please use the personal statement address the following three questions: 1. What is your understanding of social work as a profession, and its role in creating a just society. Social work as a profession strives to help the welfare of those within the community whether its persons or families through advocacy....   [tags: Social work, Sociology, Master of Social Work]

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Personal Statement

- I have been working as a parent liaison for the past 12 years a parent liaison is someone who works in the school system assisting parents with education in the parental field trying to help with computer skills phone skills and simple thing professional phone skills. I do daily attendance as I work with the school truancy department to make sure that the parents understand the important of education. I also coach college cheerleaders and teach dance. Just to live comfortable and it is very hard....   [tags: Personal Experience]

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Personal Statement

- Growing up as the son of a rural Iowa veterinarian, I got my first experience in a medical field while riding along with my dad on calls, and from an early age my interest was piqued. It was the first of multiple experiences that pointed me toward a career in physical therapy. In my elementary and junior high years, a couple of elderly neighbor ladies often called on me to help them with chores around their homes and yards. This is where I first discovered my love of working to help others. It was rewarding beyond any payment to know that I was helping them live independently a little longer, even if I was only playing a small part by doing their odd jobs....   [tags: Personal Experience]

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Personal Statement: Picture and Drawings

- Personal Statement It is estimated that within the two hundred independent countries of the world there are photographs always be taken but not in a professional high quality standard. Creating a huge expanse of language barriers, hand signals and lost translations. However, within this mass of worldwide confusion, pictures and photography can still be understood universally. Personally I think this underlines the concept that a picture can (with no specified language) speak a thousand words to a thousand different people....   [tags: photography, experience, networking]

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Personal Statement : Public Health

- PERSONAL STATEMENT Ever since my undergraduate years in medical school, I have been fascinated with public health. Seeing the range of problems public health professionals (consultant community physicians) were contending with and their use of novel and simple measures to solve these, further intrigued me. Of particular interest was the community based postings that took us to a low income, minority, medically underserved community of Ilie, Osun state, Southwestern Nigeria, where I became impressed with the significant improvement in health indices: infant/maternal mortality, infectious diseases, and helminthiasis control etc....   [tags: Infectious disease, Epidemiology, Public health]

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Personal Statement For Study Medicine

- 1. Briefly describe the one clinical experience you have had that has most significantly influenced your decision to study medicine. Do not replicate your AMCAS personal statement. “No. Stop. That makes the pain worse. Have you found a doctor yet?” In the waiting room of a crowded and noisy hospital in China, the sound of English easily stood out. Shifting my eyes towards where the voices came from, I saw a young couple. She was clenching her stomach in pain and he was frantically looking around....   [tags: Medicine, Physician, Medical school]

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A Personal Statement Of Purpose

- Personal Statement of Purpose On that fateful day as I stood in my black and pink salmon graduation gown, I pondered on the skills I was equipped with in just 11 months of master 's study and I yearned for more. While these skills have enabled me to function as a research fellow at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) post-graduation, I find myself seeking to enhance them and gain more knowledge. My attendance at professional conferences, registration in short courses, and seeking mentorship can attest to this fact....   [tags: Epidemiology, Public health, Statistics]

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Personal Statement for Business Studies

- ... I believe that my key strengths are that I have the ability to critical judgments, people management. I also have the ability to making decisions and evaluating business circumstances. I have previously studied BTEC Business Studies at college, and I have noticed that the more that I have studied this course I have gained more knowledge in business and helped my interest to grow. As my studies have gone by I’ve learned that’s its more than just management, it’s also about making sure that the costumers experience is outstanding, while motivating a group of employees to effectively deliver exceptional customer service to the customers, keeping a loyal customer base, guiding customers on t...   [tags: education, management, communication]

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Personal Statement By Pu Liulin

- Personal Statement By Pu Liulin I am a cultivatable girl, whose affinity for finance burgeons under imperceptible influence of my mother, who has been engaged in finance. I have been interested in the subject of finance since my youth. I enjoy listening to my mother telling stories of the ups and downs of finance. Enchanted by the ever-changing financial world, I gradually from my dream of being a chartered financial analyst who is able to solve problems in my chosen program and in daily life. First and foremost, a major of economics can make me understand more about my specific career, and what I should be focused on, so I major in Economics at Miami University....   [tags: Economics, Bank, Financial services]

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Personal Statement : Family Medicine

- Personal Statement: Family Medicine It all began when I was eight years, my father and I were waiting patiently in our community health center to see the doctor because I had a fever. A few minutes later, a young man stepped out from a wooden door wearing a long white coat with a stethoscope gently resting around his neck. I turned to my father and asked “Dad, is that an Angel”. My father replied, “No son that is the doctor we came to see”. This experience opened up my dream to become a physician....   [tags: Physician, Medical school, Medicine]

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Personal Statement : Animal Science

- Personal Statement Growing up in rural Texas, you have to learn to care for the things that are important to you. There really is not much to entertain yourself with so many adolescents become vulnerable to trouble. Luckily for me, I grew up with the responsibilities that came with growing up on a farm. I had things to care for on a daily basis and for the longest time, the things I cared for most were animals. I exhibited livestock in my youth and this is where I spent the majority of my time....   [tags: Medicine, Health care, Physician]

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Personal Statement : My Life

- Personal Statement Success is the only word that comes to mind when I think about my future. All of my life I have dreamed of becoming a successful person who gives back to the community through counseling or social services. Growing up in the small town of Tulare has limited me to the amount of opportunities that I have. Many of my friends come from low-income families that have to use government services that provide financial support. Seeing the poverty around me is motivation for me to search for a better life....   [tags: College, High school, Higher education]

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Personal Statement : Health Care

- Personal Statement At a young age, I realized that health, in general, fascinated me. Every aspect of health made me want to learn more about it, including the health care delivery, the health care professionals, and lastly the diagnoses. After arriving in Canada and becoming accustomed to the free health care, I discovered that health care resources are difficult to find and to navigate. Initially, studying the science behind the state of health was my focus, but then I learned of the concept of social health....   [tags: Health care, Medicine, Health, Health economics]

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Personal Statement : My Priorities

- Five values that I consider my highest priorities are leadership, loyalty, friendship, merit and wisdom. These values represent who I am and what is mindset towards everything that I do. Leadership is one of the major values that I have within myself because it is a position which lets someone direct people to a certain destination. I enjoy being a leadership because with in leadership responsibility also tags along. When I am being a leader it does not mean that I will tell people what to do, it means that I will guide people to a certain purpose by being proactive with everyone of my followers, meaning that no one is left behind....   [tags: Sociology, Virtue, Friendship, Experience]

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My Personal Statement Of Purpose

- Statement of Purpose Background Personal Looking back on the experiences in my life, education weaves itself seamlessly into my journey. In my past, my childhood helped me realize that all students have the ability to succeed, and, my first job in education me realize that I am a really good teacher. In the present, my job has empowered me to feel passionate servicing our students better through public education. In the future I aspire to be a system-level leader that changes preK-12 education in America....   [tags: Education, Teacher, School, History of education]

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Personal Statement : Self Care

- Self-care is a necessary practice in everyone’s life. This practice allows people to relax and replenished themselves. The first time I heard of this term was in during one of my social work classes. As we began to discuss self-care it became clear, that without proper self-care people, not just social workers are doing themselves a disservice. Self-care encompasses more than general rest. Self-care deals with emotional wellbeing, good health and spiritual wellbeing. All of these areas are key to having good self-care....   [tags: Health, Personal life, Quality time, Life]

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Personal Statement For A Personal Change

- Choose a meaningful personal change that you want to make; A personal change I would like to make is my approach and the response I display to my teammates and the organization. I am a very independent person at work, I tend to be a controlling person in every aspect. However, I am trying to overcome this debilitating trait by learning new techniques and reflecting on the other person’s ideas, comments, efforts and suggestions without taking control. I do complete my task with little or no assistance, but it causes me to be detached, indifferent, and uninvolved from my teammates causing conflicting issues....   [tags: Personality psychology]

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Personal Statement for Master's Degree in Social Work

- As a student who began her college career without specific objectives, I never thought I would be writing a personal statement for an application to receive a Master’s Degree in the social work profession. However, I feel now that there is no other future for me than that of offering my education and personal commitment to vulnerable individuals in order to stabilize their lives. After careful consideration of all areas of social work, I have found that my main area of interest is in providing resources and encouragement for individuals with disabilities to gain the freedom to live independent lifestyles without discrimination....   [tags: Personal Ambition]

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Personal Statement On Personal Development

- Personal development itself involves self-awareness, self-esteem, self-direction and self-efficacy, which leads to a life of personal, family, work and social welfare, which aims to achieve a path of transformation and personal excellence to be leaders of the new century . Succeed or succeed has always been what man has in mind when starting any project or task, which is why the development of the individual has managed to obtain an important and momentous place in the last decades, appearing many authors regard....   [tags: Self-esteem, Psychology, Human, Motivation]

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Personal Statement : Personal Branding

- Who you are and what you offer others is your personal brand. When creating your internet marketing strategy you will develop your unique selling proposition. This is when you take what is you unique about you; your talents, story and strengths and use that in a way to offer value to those in your target market.. Why is personal brand marketing such a valuable way to capture the city. Personal branding allows you to establish yourself as a skilled specialist in your chosen field and develop a reliable reputation....   [tags: Brand, Marketing, Advertising, Brand management]

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Personal Statement On Personal Identity

- I found this project to be quite intimidating considering I have zero creativity. Also nor do I have any artist talent. Thu, this project was a learning experience for me. I decided that my project would take form in a video. I decided this partially because I’m incredibly self-conscious, shy and presenting is one of my biggest fears, but also because I thought it would look good. I wanted to focus on personal identity because it was the section of the course I most enjoyed. When discussing personal identity in class I couldn’t help but remember every show I’d ever watched the portrayal of each of the views on it....   [tags: Soul, Mind, Question, Scooby-Doo]

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Personal Statement On Personal Identity

- Personal identity is the sense of self that define specific patterns of thinking, feeling and acting of an individual. Personal identity is dynamic and it can be shaped by social organizations, symbols, and experiences. As I mentioned in my previous paper, the basic values of my identity were shaped by three social organizations; my family, my community and my religion. However, I realize that there are other areas of interaction, groups, and work experiences that also contribute to define my identity....   [tags: Geert Hofstede, Cross-cultural communication]

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Personal Statement On Personal Responsibility

- Personal responsibility to me has a simple definition. My definition is being accountable for all your actions and learning from your mistakes and successes. People think that if you make a mistake that means failure, but in my eyes it’s only failure if you want it to be. By learning from mistakes, you can create success, so how can that be a failure. First, l don’t believe anyone was born to fail but you do control your own success. I think everyone wants to improve their self, starting as early as childhood....   [tags: Learning, Management, Golf, Responsibility]

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Personal Statement : Personal Finance

- For a goal to be the most efficient it can be, it has to be S.M.A.R.T. as Siegel and Yacht (2009) explain in our textbook, Personal Finance. Personal finance is the way we conduct and work with our own household finances and how we make the best of what we have. Goals we make in doing that have to be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. Let me explain these five individually. We have to make our goals specific which means nothing general such as, "my goal is to succeed in life.” Those kinds of goals won 't work....   [tags: Finance, Investment, Debt, Economics]

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Personal Statement On Personal Growth

- Introduction I believe that most personal growth comes from surrounding yourself with people who are different, so for my interview, I consulted my Hispanic Male friend, Alberto. I choose him due to the fact that he belonged to a different gender and race than me. I had great anticipation to the responses I would receive from him due to his different identity. In retrospect, I was surprised by my findings and how they related to my teachings and my personal perception. Race When I sat down with Alberto, I questioned him on the awareness of the role his race played in his life....   [tags: Sociology, Social justice, Question]

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Personal Statement On Personal Values

- Understanding my personal values and those that are integral to my chosen professional, will assist me in transforming what I think into how I act. The values I will strive to turn into ethical behaviours are balance, calmness, tranquility, endurance, optimism, continuous education, never disparaging colleagues, confidentiality, respect and non-discrimination. Personal values regarding family, self, friends and acquaintances: 1. A state of consistent equilibrium is essential, so that I do not feel as though my life is spinning out of control....   [tags: Goal, Management, Regulatory Focus Theory]

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Personal Statement : Personal Leadership

- Personal Leadership Overview "You have to be burning with an idea, or a problem, or a wrong that you want to right. If you 're not passionate enough from the start, you 'll never stick it out” (Steve Jobs). Reading that quote there is one word that really sticks out and says something to me; passionate. To be or to become the greatest leader in whatever field you’re into, if there is no passion in the work or goal you’re trying to achieve, you’ll never be able to stick it out or grow/prosper in the end....   [tags: Leadership, Management, Basketball, Skill]

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Personal Statement On Personal Integrity

- Personal integrity or being true to myself is one of many indispensable characteristics that continues to be a driving force in my life. Upon completing my undergraduates at Texas A&M, there have been two factors that have played a role in why my GPA is below a 3.0: being a transfer/freshman student, and suffering from an illness. First, I went to college at the age of fourteen, while also attending one of Dallas’ best high schools- Dr. Wright L. Lassiter Early College. Although most people that I know have all claimed that that was a wonderful opportunity- which it was, for it did enable me to attain my Associate 's degree before my high school diploma....   [tags: High school, College, Secondary school]

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Personal Statement : Personal Assessment

- Personal Assessment My parents, my brother and I came from Guatemala in two thousand, fleeing violence and insecurity that live there. We suffered the kidnapping and murder of my nephew despite having paid their ransom. We had to leave our lives, our property, and I left my profession; because I had the opportunity to graduate from the University with a bachelor 's degree in psychology. When we come my English was very basic because it was only the requisite at the University; my advantage was that as I like to read I was self-taught in English, I read with a dictionary to translate what I did not understand; for this reason, my English is very bad pronunciation, and I 've learned by reading...   [tags: Family, English-language films, Domestic violence]

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Personal Statement On Health And Health

- Mahatma Gandhi said “It is health that is real wealth not pieces of gold and silver”. So many people today are focused on what we tangibly have, material things. When in reality what is most important is our physical, emotional, and social health. If we can optimize these things and achieve good health and balance across these 3 areas, we will feel like the richest people in the Universe. We will examine ways to grow in these avenues of life and look at how we can live better, fuller lives, physically, emotionally, and socially....   [tags: Health, Personal life, Nutrition, Emotion]

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Personal Statement : Happiest Jobs

- . Self-employed people are generally happier at work than people working for companies . Least happy professions are: social workers, civil servants, estate agents, secretaries, administrators . Happiest jobs: Clergy, Chief Executives, Managers in agriculture, Company secretaries, Quality assurance and regulatory professionals, Health care practise managers, Medical practitioners, Farmers and hotel managers Other factors which contribute to happiness and motivation . Having a variety of tasks to do....   [tags: Happiness, Personal life, Meaning of life]

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Personal Statement : Professional Health

- Friendships/Community In part 1 of the professional health paper, I mentioned during that time I did not have any friends that support me nor share the same similarities as I. In addition, I shared that I did not have people in my life that gave their time to listen to my frustrations. In September, I was not succeeding in this area of my life. There were multiple times that I felt alone. Now, I recently met two girls that live on campus that I connect with and one that lives off campus. We sometimes do homework together and we also spent time together outside of Olivet....   [tags: Personal life, Happiness, God, Prayer]

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Personal Statement : Mike Marambio

- Mike Marambio is a complex individual, he enjoys to take on the challenges that life provides him. Mike Marambio has flaws, he may not be the greatest at everything but tries his best. Mike Marambio is unique, by motivating others to proceed even in their hardest times. Mike Marambio is competitive, he competes in multiple sports and motivates while leading the group. Physical health deals with life choices that can either harm or help the user’s body. My physical health relays around sports such as basket-ball, Soccer, Discus throwing, Shot-put throwing, and weight lifting....   [tags: Health, Personal life, Human, Weight loss]

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Personal Statement

- I learned from the high school class I taught that two people can be looking at the same thing but each see something very different. The teacher (me) was white, privileged, and coddled throughout my suburban childhood and adolescence. Most students in my class were black or brown, poor, and grew up mostly on their own, living on the unforgiving urban street. They opened my eyes (often against my will and certainly against my “druthers”) to their alternative society. I learned that this hidden society exists unseen and mostly ignored within the larger normal American society of laws, schools, careers, and families; it comes to the attention of general society’s gatekeepers only at points of...   [tags: Personal Experience, Autobiography]

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Personal Leadership Statement

- Leaders will no matter what have an influence on our world. They have missions, dreams and ambition, and with these things they are bound to go far. For leaders, what makes these dreams come true is having strong qualities such as leadership practices, values and strengths. If developed and learned how to use correctly, these are what take leaders to the next level and accomplish great things. In the following paper I will talk about leadership in our ever-changing world, explore my leadership practices, values and strengths as well as elaborate on the goals I have made to challenge myself as a leader....   [tags: Statement of Leadership]

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Philosophy/Personal Statement

- Philosophy/Personal Statement I was a bad student in high school. I didn’t study, I got bad grades, I had an attitude, and I disrespected my teachers. I’d like to believe that this was because I was brilliant and existentially bored with the pedestrian intellect of my peers. I’d like to believe that it was because my school was so retrograde and repressive that I was placed into a hopeless situation. But that wasn’t it. I wasn’t especially brilliant; my peers were actually pretty smart; and my school was, all things considered, a reasonably decent place....   [tags: Personal Experience]

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Personal Statement : ' The World Of My Mother '

- ROLE – Daughter Key Person – Nancy (my mother) STATEMENT – Jenny meant the world to me. She was a loving and caring daughter and a hardworking and diligent student. Our family was poor and we lived in a tiny, tattered apartment for the majority of her life. Her biggest goal in life was to have a successful career and earn enough money to purchase a house for us to live in. While her friends were out partying, she locked herself in her room and studied viscously. The sacrifices she made and the countless hours she spent studying paid off....   [tags: Love, Friendship, 2006 albums, 2007 singles]

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Personal Statement On The Field Of Economics

- It must be a consistent push, a push that may imperceptible at first. This push must be consistent and it must have the proper motives. Once the goal is clear, the pursuer must be in for the long run. The flywheel doesn’t move easily. It’s not easy to move from Good to Great. I want to move from Good to Great during my college experience in a few different ways. First of all, by the end of college I want to be highly educated in my field. I desire to have applicable skills in my field, relative knowledge and understanding, and real life work experience in my field by the time my four or five years are up....   [tags: Happiness, Need, Economics, Want]

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Personal Statement : The African Nation Of The Gambia

- To begin my personal statement, I grew up in the West African nation of The Gambia. I am the youngest of thirteen children and I was adopted by my uncle and his wife at age 2. My adoption was very different than the American way where all sorts of contractual documents had to be signed. Although the end results are the same, mine was done without signing any documents because my parents were just giving me up to my uncle and his wife to raise me. At age 5, my uncle enrolled me at Primary School without the consent of my biological parents for fearing that they would object because most parents in the Gambia do not think girls have the same rights to education as boys....   [tags: High school, School, Education, Marriage]

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Personal Statement: A Career in Finance and Economics

- PERSONAL STATEMENT I always remember the moment that I was excited. The moment was that I awarded the 1st place and got the gold medal in the mathematics competition when I was a little girl in the 3rd grade. Since that time, I hadbegun to be attracted to the mathematics. I could not imagine my future without mathematics. It directed me to become a financial officer. My interest in financial management developed as a student at the Institute of Finance and Economics, where accounting was my major....   [tags: mongolia, consultancy, stock market]

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A Personal Statement By Milton And Rose Friedman

- Free to Choose: A Personal Statement by Milton and Rose Friedman is a book about the analysis of economics, which has an emphasis on the strong belief in free markets and capitalism. The focus of this belief is observed with three economic concepts: human freedom, economic freedom and equity. The power of the market is controlled by a system called the command principle which signifies that there is a large enough number of people to make the system work. In this type of system everyone receives commands from someone higher up than them and can work with anything from large corporations and small companies, to even families....   [tags: Capitalism, Economics, Market economy]

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Personal Statement : Children Deserve The Best

- Some of the values expressed in different statements and artifacts. Our Vision statement “All Children Deserve the Best” acknowledges social responsibility and excellence. The Mission statement states, "Partnering with parents and community, we provide a strong educational foundation to prepare children for future success" expresses collaboration and social responsibility. Agency’s Parent Handbook has all the relevant information for parents to get familiar with the rules, procedures, expectations, and recourses thus articulating accountability as the main value....   [tags: Virtue, Ethics, Value, Sentence]

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Personal Statement: Pusuing a Career in Dentistry

- Personal Statement It is 8:40 p.m. of Tuesday night and I'm leaving the King Fahd General hospital driving home with John Mayer melodies bringing peaceful and relaxing vibes into the car compartments. After 12 hours of surgery, assisting in a large operation for a young guy with "Treacher Collins syndrome". It was aw-inspiring how the team of OMS approached the patient, constructing his orbits, grafting and correcting his dentofacial deformity. Although I was exhausted, but I enjoyed every second of the operation and felt really proud and I knew that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life....   [tags: surgery, dental school]

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Personal Statement : A Family Nurse Practitioner

- Personal Statement I choose to be a Family Nurse Practitioner. In many ways, it has also chosen me. I was twelve years old when I first thought of becoming a nurse. I was spending time with my elderly neighbor who was like a grandmother to me, and she had an accident. She was mortified. I ran over and got something to clean it up and started to wipe up the mess without thinking about it. “We all have accidents,” I said. After she got changed she said, “You were meant to be a nurse. Some day you will be, I just know it.” She passed away later that year and I have never forgotten that moment....   [tags: Health care, Patient, Medicine, Health]

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Personal Statement For Civil And Structural Engineering

- Personal Statement for Civil and Structural Engineering I am a resourceful and well-rounded team player who delivers results to enable organizational success. I have proven ability to work with management to integrate the health safety, security, and environment function within the overall business strategy. After completing my Master 's degree, I have become deeply aware of the urgency of environmental issues, especially for a country like Cameroon. Among all the issues, medical waste problem might be the outstanding....   [tags: Waste management, Waste, Health care]

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Personal Statement : Becoming A Registered Nurse

- Personal Statement When I was a senior in high school, applying for colleges was something I was trying to put off. I had such a wide range of interests that I had no inclination what career path would be the right fit for me. I envied my classmates who could concisely answer the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” By April of my senior year, I found myself accepted to 10 different Universities in many different majors and still no clear direction. It wasn’t until meeting with faculty from different nursing schools that I became very interested in the thought of becoming a registered nurse....   [tags: Nursing, Advanced practice nurse]

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Personal Statement For Residency At Your Institution

- As I sit down to write this personal statement to apply for residency at your institution, I am overwhelmed by the fact that it plays such an important part in what could be a life-altering decision for my career. I have so much to share, so many events that have transpired in my life to define who I am as a person and my goals and aspirations. Thus I am penning down my thoughts, with the utmost hope that I am able to highlight the best of what I have to offer as an individual, demonstrate my love and passion for medicine and outshine amongst the many other candidates trying to send out a similar message on why I should be selected for this position....   [tags: Physician, Medicine, Health care, Health]

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Personal Statement : The Avila Institute Program

- Personal Statement I am a diocesan priest with 12 years experience providing spiritual direction and spiritual advice. Participating in the Avila Institute Program will be very beneficial in supporting my spiritual advice and direction practice. While I have studied with other spiritual direction certificate programs, I believe that the Avila Institute Program is a better fit for fulfilling my counseling needs. Other programs gave good advice on interpersonal communication, but not their theology was suspect....   [tags: Christianity, Christian terms, Jesus, Soul]

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Personal Statement : High School And College

- Kusala Gunatilaka Personal Statement Growing up in a country where girls are constantly advised to be doctors, nurses, educators, and any other profession except law enforcement motivated me even further in accomplishing just that. Even as a little girl I simply could not ignore the violence, corruption, and inequality that affected my country; I wanted to fight the violence that brought misery to many, and bring justice to those who desperately deserved it. My goals of pursuing a career in criminal justice were constantly struck down and criticized throughout the years....   [tags: Drug addiction, Homelessness, Drug]

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Personal Statement : Health And Fitness

- Fat and Crippled to Lean and Strong Health and Fitness was always the number one priority for myself until it wasn’t. All through childhood and throughout my time in the service I was always conscious about my health. I wanted to be better, stronger, and faster than everyone. After suffering from numerous injuries during my last several years in the service I found myself making excuses for not working out or eating unhealthy. I was unable to work out to the level that I once could which snowballed into me jumping to over 30% body fat after I got out of the service....   [tags: Nutrition, Obesity, Adipose tissue, Muscle]

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