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Use of Symbols in Paul's Case

- Symbols are one of those most important things to a story. They share the meaning of themselves, as well as the meaning for something else. Symbols usually make the important ideas stick out as well as make the reader have different ideas of what is actually being said. One of the many symbols in “Paul’s Case” is flower’s. From violets to carnations, the flowers Paul talks about are ones of many meanings. The flowers represent a continual motif, expressing Paul’s character. The narrator expresses the teacher’s views towards Paul’s flowers, “…his whole attitude was symbolized by his shrug and his flippantly red carnation…” (Cather)....   [tags: Paul's Case]

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The Setting of Paul's Case

- The setting of the short story “Paul’s Case” is clear and appropriate for the story. This is because Paul's feelings in the story happen to have a direct connection to the setting of the story. The East Coast of the United States is where the story takes place. From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to Newark, New Jersey, and then on to New York, New York, the exact setting differs throughout the story. “…the dull dawn was beginning to show grey when the engine whistled a mile out of Newark” (Cather)....   [tags: Paul's Case]

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Willa Cather's Paul‟s Case: A Study in Temperament

- Willa Cather‟s “Paul‟s Case: A Study in Temperament” (1905) invites the reader to wonder, “What really is Paul‟s case?” Cather provides us with ample clues and descriptions of Paul‟s temperament with remarkable detail and insight into the human psyche considering that she had no formal background in psychology and that she was writing when Sigmund Freud was just beginning to publish his theories and was therefore writing by intuitive observation rather than by using a scientific approach. Because “Paul‟s Case” is written much like a descriptive analysis or case study in a patient‟s temperament, the reader is left with several details about Paul that are mysterious and psychiatrically and med...   [tags: Paul's Case 2014]

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Importance of Point of View in The Story Paul’s Case

- In the story “Paul’s Case”, point of view plays a huge role in the telling of this short story written by Willa Cather in 1905. This is a story of a young boy who has to perform on a daily basis for society and hide his true self. In Paul's case Cather uses the point of view to show pauls emotion towards other character and his daily routine this helps better understand what the character is going through and the choices he makes. It also shows the reader how the world sees him and what he thinks of himself....   [tags: willa cather, pov, paul's case]

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Paul 's Unhealthy Desire in Paul's Case

- Paul 's Unhealthy Desire in Paul's Case In her short story "Paul's Case," Willa Cather tells the tale of a young boy's struggle to separate himself from his common, everyday life and the people he shared it with. Paul admired the opulence of the theater, the wardrobe, the perfumes, the lights, the colors, the flowers, and the champagne. When he realized it wasn't possible to have these things, he threw his life away. Cather's purpose was to show that, by focusing on what he didn't have, Paul could not live at all....   [tags: Paul's Case Essays]

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Analysis of Paul’s Case by Willa Cather

- According to many readers of Paul’s Case, this is a short story that shows affection, passion, and most of all enthusiasm. Willa Cather seems to base her stories off of daily life and events that she thought progressed in many lives. Her passion for writing showed in her literature giving a visualization on what people think doesn’t occur in the regular life of a person. Also throughout Willa Cather’s short stories she gave examples upon her childhood and her time spent in a small town she grew up in....   [tags: Analysis of Paul’s Case]

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Irony and Symbolism in Willa Cather's Paul's Case

- Irony and Symbolism in Willa Cather's Paul's Case  "Paul's Case," by Willa Cather, is a story that deals with a young boy who does not feel that he lives a life befitting of him. Upon a close reading, it is evident that "Paul's Case" is ruled by irony and symbolism, which are apparent in the story through the words of the narrator. The irony woven throughout the text builds up to an epiphonic moment, a main paradox in the story, which reveals to the reader Paul's true nature. Paul believes that everyone around him is beneath him....   [tags: Cather Paul's Case Essays]

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Analysis of Paul's Case by Willa Cather

- Analysis of Paul's Case by Willa Cather Willa Cather’s “Paul’s Case” is a story about a young 16 year-old man, Paul, who is motherless and alienated. Paul’s lack of maternal care has led to his alienation. He searches for the aesthetics in life that that he doesn’t get from his yellow wallpaper in his house and his detached, overpowering father figure in his life. Paul doesn’t have any interests in school and his only happiness is in working at Carnegie Hall and dreams of one-day living the luxurious life in New York City....   [tags: Paul's Case Willa Cather Literature Essays]

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Paul's Case by Willa Cather - Socrates’ Perspective of the Courageous Paul

- Paul's Case by Willa Cather - Socrates’ Perspective of the Courageous Paul In "Paul's Case" by Willa Cather, Paul becomes aware of the fact that his life is not exactly what could be called "liveable." His physical home leaves something to be desired, his teachers clearly dislike him, and his father is not the "model" father. Paul feels that these things are unjust and detrimental to his life. Due to the unjust things in his life, he decides to rid himself of them by running away....   [tags: Cather Paul's Case Essays]

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Willa Cather's Paul's Case and Maupassant's The Necklace

- Willa Cather's Paul's Case and Maupassant's The Necklace When comparing two fictional characters from two different writers one must first and foremost analyze their dreams, ambitions, or goals in the story. Whether the character is setting out to accomplish something physically, or they are on a personal or spiritual quest to find themselves....   [tags: Necklace Maupassant Cather Paul's Case]

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Willa Cather's Short Story Paul's Case

- Willa Cather's Short Story "Paul's Case"      In Willa Cather’s short story Paul’s Case we learn of a young man who is fighting what he fears most: to be as common and plain as his world around him. How others perceive Paul only encourages him to fulfill his dream of escaping his monotonous lifestyle. Paul feels he is drowning in his everyday environment and his only breath of air is his savior: the theater.      Paul has very little interest in his class studies. This leaves him open to distraction and eventually criticism....   [tags: Willa Cather Paul's Case Essays]

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Paul’s Case

- Taking a deeper look into a story can help a reader see and understand a story better. By looking into a story, the little details stand out about the characters. The reader can understand so much better when reading between the lines. By reading between lines the reader can learn more about the characters in the story and understand them better. Also the setting in the story is more clear and easier to see. When taking a farther look into the story, the conflicts the character face make more sense....   [tags: Paul’s Case]

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The Conflict Between Conformity and Individuality in Willa Cather's Paul's Case

- The Conflict Between Conformity and Individuality in Willa Cather's Paul's Case Willa Cather’s “Paul’s Case,” displays the conflict between conformity and individuality through the main character, Paul. On a number of occasions, Paul is forced to lie and steal to escape the conformists who wish to control him and stifle his unique imagination. However, his lying, stealing, and attempts to escape the conformists, only force Paul into isolation, depression, and feeling a sense of shame for his individuality....   [tags: Willa Cather Paul's Case Society Essays]

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Paul’s Case: A Study in Temperament by Willa Cather

- A Symbolic Perception Imagine being entrapped in a life that you did not feel you belonged in. That is the story of Paul in “Paul’s Case,” written by Willa Cather. He lived in a suburban home where everyone seemed the same and there was a feeling of despair. Paul, who was a young man, felt that his father, teachers and classmates misunderstood him and therefore were unworthy of his company. In the story there are many symbolic elements. Flowers, for instance, symbolize Paul’s personality and life....   [tags: Paul’s Case, Willa Cather]

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Paul's Character in Paul's Case

- Paul's Character in Paul's Case Pauls's Case is the story of a young man who struggles with his identity. Paul feels that he knows where he belongs, but his family and teachers refuse to support his choices. In the middle of Paul's Case, there is a switch in narration. At this point, the reader can associate with Paul and his problems. Paul struggles with both internal and external conflicts, causing him to be quite a puzzling character. From tha perspective of his family and teachers, Paul seems abnormal....   [tags: Paul]

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The Tragic Tale of Paul's Case

- The Tragic Tale of Paul's Case Love could have saved Paul in Willa Cather's "Paul's Case," but love does not find Paul. It is withheld within the hearts of all the people that could have shown affection toward Paul. Although Paul's life ends in suicide, Paul's English teacher, Charley Edwards, or Paul's father could have prevented his premature death.   First, Paul's English teacher could have prevented Paul's suicide. After her confrontation with Paul at the chalkboard, she becomes Paul's greatest school adversary....   [tags: Paul]

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A Feminist Reading of Paul's Case

- A Feminist Reading of Paul's Case   At first glance, it may be considered difficult to give a feminist interpretation of "Paul's Case" by Willa Cather, because there is not much mention of women in the text. However, this fact alone gives good reason for a feminist reading of the story. The lack of the presence of females in this story supports the idea that women were not considered an important part of society during Willa Cather's lifetime. In "Paul's Case," the story revolves around a young male....   [tags: Feminism Feminist Women Criticism]

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Paul's Case by Willa Cather

- Paul's Case by Willa Cather Willa Cather was born near Winchester, Virginia in 1873. At age ten, she moved with her family to Nebraska where most of her stories were set. In 1913, she began an extensive writing career which included many short stories and several novels. In her stories, she depicted the lives of prairie farmers on the great plains. She glorified them over the city dwellers. In 1922, she won the Pulitzer Prize for her novel One of Ours. She left behind a heritage for the people she represented, and a living history of a period and place in time....   [tags: Papers]

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Struggles of a Peculiar Boy in Paul's Case by Willa Cather

- In “Paul’s Case” by Willa Cather, we are invited into the world of a peculiar boy named Paul who struggles with himself and society in search of his place. Paul seeks both power and security yet is provided with neither. Paul is described as sly, intellectual, conniving, artistic, secretive, imaginative and depressed. Nothing about Paul seems right. His clothes are too big, his family is too distant, his school is too strict, absolutely everything around Paul contrasts with him. He seems to be in clear opposition of the world around him, especially in Pittsburgh, PA....   [tags: depressed, self-rightous, suicide]

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Paul's Case

- Paul's Case Paul was a self-oriented boy, concerned with money, wealth, and glamour, raised in a Calvinist household that supported these ideals. Through my research I have decided that Paul's eventual fate was not any one person's fault. Paul was just as much to blame as his father and teachers for Paul's suicide. Paul was never content with his house on Cordelia Street and was always dreaming about "movin' on up" while he worked at Carnegie Hall and watched the actors and actresses move about in their stately attire and live in the most luxurious of hotel suites....   [tags: Papers]

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Paul’s Case by Willa Cather

- Paul’s Case A teenaged boy who is in trouble at school, steals money from his employer, and finally commits suicide, is the subject of Willa Cather’s “Paul’s Case.” At his high school, Paul is accused of being “defiant” (Cather, par. 3), showing “contempt” (Cather, par. 3) for his teachers, and having no remorse. Paul works as an usher at Carnegie Hall, and spends some of his leisure time at a local theater with his actor friend, Charley Edwards. When Paul expresses his disdain for his teachers and classmates by lying about his friendship with actors at the theater company, he is expelled from school and banned from his job and from further visits to the theater and to Charley....   [tags: alienation, suicide, brilliancy]

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An Analysis of Paul's Case by Willa Cather

- An Analysis of Paul's Case In "Paul's Case" by Willa Cather, a young man named Paul is unhappy with his home and school life. He is happiest when he is at Carnegie Hall, where he works as an usher. When he is not physically at Carnegie Hall, his thoughts remain there causing his school work to suffer. When his father finds out about his problems in school he has Paul banned from Carnegie Hall, taken out of school, and put to work. One day, while on his way to make the company's deposit, Paul decides to take some of the money and go to New York to experience the life he feels he was destined for....   [tags: Willa Cather]

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Materialism in Paul's Case by Willa Cather

- In "Paul's Case," Willa Cather manages to apply the emotions, feelings, troubles, and thoughts of modern society, allowing the reader to relate to the story. By incorporating the same heavy burdens that bother and aggravate people in their daily lives, Willa explores the pain and treatment unwanted people experience. Obviously, nobody wants to feel rejection or alienation from the world, but instead they desire to encounter acceptance and agreement with the world's standards. In the story, the main character, Paul goes through excruciating transformations and lengths to try and impress the people around him....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Paul's Case - Conflict of Social Class

- It is a widely known idea that times change and people change. After major world events, there are often changes in the world's popular culture. After the Great War, writers began a new style of literature that came to be known as modernism. Modernism deals with conflicts between social classes, eclecticism for the past and the finer things in life, and the further advancement of society. All of these aspects of modernism are present in the short story "Paul's Case," by Willa Cather, and they all affect the evolution of the plot....   [tags: American Literature Modernism Willa Cather]

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Comparing Barn Burning and Paul's Case

- Barn Burning and Paul's Case The stories "Barn Burning" written by William Faulkner and "Paul's Case" written by Willa Cather both have two separate characters with very similar troubles. Each has a uniquely sad narrative. "Barn Burning" is a sad story because it not only shows the classical struggle between the underprivileged and the privileged classes, but also the struggle between a father and his son, Sarty. Together, these two boys share comparable lifestyles. Each has conflicts with his father, fantasize of a wealthier existence, and flee from the tribulations in his life....   [tags: comparison compare contrast essays]

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Self-imposed Estrangement in Paul's Case

- Self-imposed Estrangement in "Paul's Case," by Willa Cather Many times, we try to separate ourselves from the world around us; we distance ourselves from society that gives us life. What is worse, we are voluntarily subjected to the lonesomeness which precedes wallowing in our own self pity. "Paul's Case," in which the theme of the fatal progression of deliberate seclusion presents the major conflict, centers around a young man, in his alienation, suppressing his need for attention and satisfying himself through his own world established through his seclusion....   [tags: Willa Cather]

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Taking Away Paul's Meaning of Life in Paul's Case

- Taking Away Paul's Meaning of Life in Paul's Case When Paul's father took him out of school and demanded he not work or see anyone at the Theatre, I believe it was at this point of the story that he took away apart of Paul's life, his fantasy life. He took away Paul's meaning of life and put him back into the reality, the world Paul did not like because for him it was the instruments, the music and the lights, as well as, his job responsibilities which made him feel like someone special. Once Paul lost all of this, he followed his dream about going to New York and while there, fell into more of a fantasy world....   [tags: Papers]

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Analysis of the Paul Cronan Case

- Analysis of the Paul Cronan Case I. Legal Analysis, Issue 1 Issue: Does party bringing suit (Plaintiff – Paul Cronan) qualify under the ADA for disability. Rule: In Review of ADA and the principles set forth at that time, there are several relevancies to consider here. A disability is described as follows: “For purposes of nondiscrimination laws (e.g. the Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Section 188 of the Workforce Investment Act), a person with a disability is generally defined as someone who (1) has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more "major life activities," (2) has a record of such an impairment, or...   [tags: Legal Analysis Discrimination Equality Essays]

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Analysis Of Willa Cather 's ' Paul 's Case '

- The short story, “Paul’s Case,” by Willa Cather, portrays a clinically depressed young man, Paul, who misunderstands money. Paul was born into the middle class, but he desires a lavish upper class life. Paul’s desires cause him to despise his own community and turn him into an outcast. Due to monetary constraints, Paul cannot fulfill his desire to be a member of the upper class community either. Therefore, Paul believes money is the answer to his problems. Unfortunately, Paul does not understand the correlation between money and hard work, so he sees himself as trapped where he is in society....   [tags: Drug addiction, Addiction, Middle class]

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Analysis of The Case of Guy Paul Morin

- Among the many differing cases of wrongfully convicted Canadians, the case of Guy Paul Morin is very interesting. There were many issues that caused an innocent man from Queensville, Ontario to be convicted of the murder of Christine Jessop. We’re going to look at how the police failed to conduct a thorough investigation, how the court system failed, and how cases like this can be preventing in the future. Christine Jessop was a nine year old girl who after bring dropped off by the school bus at her home in Queensville, decided to ride her bike to the park nearby to meet with her friends....   [tags: christine jessop,court system failure,convinction]

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Maternal Stability in Paul's Case by Willa Cather

- Maternal Stability in Paul's Case by Willa Cather Paul suffered setbacks and dilemmas because he never knew his mother as she died around the time of his birth. Therefore he is lacking the maternal guidance of emotional stability that every child needs to grow mentally. Paul is withdrawn from society, and he resorts to the arts and music to feel comfortable and free from his disassociation and sense of loneliness. One should not be confused and believe that his father was not loving or caring of Paul because his father did what he could to support Paul and to do all he could to get Paul out of problem situations....   [tags: Papers]

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CASE: Paul Cronan and New England Telephone Company (A)

- CASE: Paul Cronan and New England Telephone Company (A) I.     LEGAL CASE ANALYSIS A.     Facts Paul Cronan was hired by New England Telephone (NET) in 1973 as a file clerk. In 1983 he was promoted to service technician. He worked in Needham, Massachusetts for 18 months before transferring to South Boston, Massachusetts. In 1985, Cronan suffered from medical symptoms due to AIDS-related complex (ARC), and missed work sporadically for 6 months. In June, 1985 Cronan requested a third leave of absence from work for a doctor’s appointment....   [tags: Legal Legality Case England Essays]

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Pauls Case The Movie Vs. Pauls Case The Short Story by Willa Cather

- Pauls Case The Movie Vs. Pauls Case The Short Story by Willa Cather Sometimes in movie production a film is developed from a piece of literature. Directors will use the plot of a book either to create a unique movie, or to give the audience a chance to see what their favorite book is like when acted out on the screen. Willa Cather's "Paul's Case" is a good example of a work adapted to video. The movie has slight differences from the book, but the director Lamont Johnson follows the original closely....   [tags: Compare Contrast Paul's Case Willa Cather Essays]

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Searching For Something, By James Baldwin, Paul 's Case By Willa Cather

- The theme of characters “searching for something” is a common aspect in many short stories, and typically is the major driving force behind the plot. This very theme is evident in Sonny’s Blues by James Baldwin, Paul’s Case by Willa Cather, and finally An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge by Ambrose Bierce. The protagonists in these stories: Sonny, Paul, and Peyton Farquhar are all on the hunt for an escape from a certain aspect of their lives. For Sonny it is a desire to defy the stereotypes of the typical Harlem hoodlum, Paul’s search entails him shedding all of his ties to the narrow minded middle class around him by fully emerging himself in the art world, and Farquhar 's is to ditch his bo...   [tags: An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, Ambrose Bierce]

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Comparing Father-Son Relationships in The Chosen, The Gift, and Paul's Case

- Father-Son Relationships in The Chosen, The Gift, and Paul's Case         The bond between a parent and a child is one of the strongest things on this earth. The relationships between father and son in the novel The Chosen by Chaim Potok, the poem "The Gift" by Li-Young Lee, and the short story "Paul's Case" by Willa Cather all show this strong bond. In all three genres father and son are the most prominent characters. All have the absence or near absence of mother figures. They also all show how important a father is to his son....   [tags: comparison compare contrast essays]

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Comparing Loss of Self in Soldiers Home, Paul's Case, and Bartleby

- Loss of Self in Hemingway's Soldiers Home, Cather's Paul's Case, and Melville's Bartleby the Scrivener       Hemingway's "Soldiers Home," Cather's "Paul's Case," and Melville's "Bartleby the Scrivener" all present a loss of self. These stories prove that there is a fine line between finding one's self and losing one's self. I believe this loss can occur at any age or station of life. This idea is seen in each story's main character. Hemingway's "Soldier's Home" depicts a young man in his early twenties after his return from World War I....   [tags: Comparison Compare Contrast Essays]

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Paul Cronan and New England Telephone Company Case Analysis

- Paul Cronan and New England Telephone Company Case Analysis Legal Case Analysis Facts: ?     Paul Cronan was a long-term New England Telephone Company (NET) employee (1973 - 1986), assigned at South Boston. ?     Paul was diagnosed with AIDS Related Complex (ARC) in 1985. ?     Paul informed his supervisor about ARC when asked about his third request to leave work for a medical appointment (1985). ?     Paul had a poor attendance history. His tardiness and medical appointments concerned his supervision....   [tags: Business Case Analysis Essays]

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Unable to Permanently Escape Reality in Paul´s Case by Willa Carter and Araby by James Joyce

- ... Instead of depositing all the money, Paul only deposited the checks and kept the cash for himself. The cash that Paul stole amounted to a thousand dollars. Fed up with his common daily life, Paul jumps on the midnight train to New York City. In the city Paul finds the glamorized life he was hoping for. He was quick to spend the money on an expensive hotel room, fancy clothes, five-star meals and other unnecessary wants. Paul finally escaped the hostile world he lived in, but his money-bought romance did not last long....   [tags: protagonists, pleasure, romance]

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The Awakening by Kate Chopin, Paul’s Case by Willa Cather, and Daisy Miller by Henry James

- Death is the fate of all creatures. From humans to the smallest organisms, such as an amoeba, death is inevitable and cannot be escaped. When pondering upon this, one can find great despair within this truth. Nevertheless, death can be premature. A premature death can be viewed as a death that comes before a being’s average age of death, or in shorter words “expiry date”. To bring this into light, premature death is seen in works of literature, specifically American narratives. Concisely, the narratives that will be brought into analysis include: The Awakening by Kate Chopin, “Paul’s Case” by Willa Cather, and Daisy Miller by Henry James....   [tags: compare, contrast, comparison]

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Willa Cather 's ' Paul 's Case ' And F. Scott Fitzgerald 's The Great Gatsby

- First Draft: Willa Cather’s “Paul’s Case” and F. Scott Fitzgerald The Great Gatsby In Willa Cather’s "Paul’s Case" and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, money, fame and lust is the persona of the American Dream because that is what the protagonists try to achieve in their lives, they try to attain the American Dream. People seem to strive and attain materialistic items or the attention of their past lover or to attain a fake lifestyle where they don’t realize that the money is going to run out....   [tags: F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby]

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Case Study - Microsoft

- The Microsoft Corporation was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, two MIT students. According to (2011) Microsoft is known for its “Microsoft Windows operating system and the Microsoft Office suite of productivity software”, as well as other products like Xbox, Zune and the Bing Search engine (para.1). What started out as a garage company has over the years blossomed into a software conglomerate of 89,000 employees. Aside from their internationally recognized products, I attribute Microsoft’s success and longevity of market reign to the fact they are a combination of an organic and mechanic organization....   [tags: Bill Gates, Paul Allen]

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Paul's Ministry in Corinth

- Paul's Ministry in Corinth Apostle Paul of Tarsus has been described as a one who "gave his heart and strength as he ministered to each flock" (Moore 115). This description is definitely applicable to Paul?s ministry in Corinth.. Though Paul?s ministry began with a visit to Corinth that is chronicled in Acts 18:1-18, the majority of knowledge about the nature of his relationship with the Corinthians comes from the letters that he wrote to them after his departure.. By examining the account of his initial visit and the letters, it is possible to determine a few of Paul?s main themes.....   [tags: Paul Ministry Religion Essays]

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Existentialism, By Jean Paul Sartre

- In life humans have to make several different choices based on different circumstances, some decisions you make you regret and some you do not. Many kids parent encourage their kids to go to college for a better life but sometimes a child does not always listen to what their parents want, in the end hurting their parent’s feelings. In the Continental Ethics Reader Sartre describes four ways in which the student is forsaken. Focusing on the four different ways hoping to explain how one is forsaken, what does this mean for humanity and whether I agree or disagree with the four different ways....   [tags: Existentialism, Jean-Paul Sartre]

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Existentialism, By Jean Paul Sartre

- “Existentialism in Humanism” is a speech given by Jean-Paul Sartre given in 1946. Existentialism is a philosophy that states the existence of the individual person determines their own development through the acts of free will. Basically, this means that a person is free to decide and manipulate the course their life will take. They can control their reactions to situations, and cause other actions to occur. The argument made by Sartre is essentially nature vs nurture. The point Sartre argues is that existence precedes essence....   [tags: Jean-Paul Sartre, Existentialism, Human, Religion]

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The Life And Ministry Of The Apostle Paul

- The Life And Ministry Of The Apostle Paul The beginnings of my life are an interesting jumble, and they highlight the cosmopolitan world that was the Roman Empire. I was born in an Asian city now located on the southern coast of Turkey called Tarsus in about the year 10. My parents were Jewish, presumably strict Pharisees. They were also Roman citizens. It is important to note that even though Judea was within the Roman Empire most Jews were not Roman citizens. Citizenship outside of Italy was an honor reserved for people who made great contributions to the Empire....   [tags: Religious Creative Writing Paul Christianity]

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Paul Farmer As A Servant Leader

- Yes, I would definitely characterize Paul Farmer as a servant leader. A servant leader is defined as a person beginning with the natural feeling that one wants to serve, and to serve first. Then conscious choice brings one to aspire to lead. . . The difference manifest itself in the care taken by the servant—first to make sure that other people’s highest priority needs are being served. I believe this definition describes Paul exactly, when he graduated and first visited Haiti he began to serve the needs of others....   [tags: Medicine, Health care, Public health, Leadership]

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Analyzing The Interviewing Of Paul Bernardo

- Analyzing the Interviewing of Paul Bernardo Interviewing can occur in a formal format, such as in a police station, but can also be as simple as a conversation between two, or more, individuals (Holmgren, 2017, p. 12). The purpose of interviewing can vary depending on the situation, but a variety of factors, such as verbal cues, non-verbal cues, and the environment, are all influential parts of the interview (p. 2-5). Interviewing is a crucial part to part of the justice system because it builds a relationship between the participants in a case and can have a impact on the information available in a case (p....   [tags: Interview, Semi-structured interview]

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Discipleship: James and Paul

- We see throughout the letters that Paul wrote to the early churches that there have been issues that have led to disagreements. As time has moved on and the church canonized the bible these disagreements have been formed and fortified through hand picking scripture that best defends ones point of view. Often times regardless of the context of passage. One of the most common arguments stems from the Book of James and the idea that it somehow disagrees with idea of salvation through faith that is expressed through the letters of Paul....   [tags: church leaders, christianity]

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Apostle Paul

- Introduction The disciples of Jesus Christ were faithful to record the words and actions of the Lord. Through His actions and character, Jesus Christ influenced history. Jesus Christ was crucified, died, and resurrected, which changed world history as we know it. He told his disciples He would die and on the third day he would be resurrected. Jesus died to pay the sin debt of the world. The Lord led a sinless life, but was the one who took on the sins of the world. There is no other person who has had as much of an impact in history as Jesus Christ....   [tags: Religion, Jesus, Bible]

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The Misunderstanding of Paul

- The Misunderstanding of Paul A young man, misunderstood, confused, and unhappy with his life is not too uncommon. Most individuals in this situation would evolve or conform to his or her surroundings. In Willa Cather’s, “Paul’s Case,â€. this is far from the truth. Paul despises living his life on Cordelia Street in Pittsburgh, PA so much that he lies and steals to get away. Sherry Crabtree, a critic of this story, emphasizes the use of symbolism in this story; she notes that flowers are used to show how Paul is isolated for his existing world....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Jean Paul Sartre's No Exit And Its Existentialist Themes

- Jean Paul Sartre's No Exit And Its Existentialist Themes I would like to take this opportunity to discuss Jean Paul Sartre's philosophy and it's integration into his play "No Exit". Embedded within the character interactions are many Sartrean philosophical themes. Personal attributes serve to demonstrate some of the more dominant ideas in Sartre's writings. Each of the three characters in the play show identifiable characteristics of sexual perversion, bad faith, and interactions of consciousness.This play takes an interesting setting, that of the afterlife....   [tags: No Exit Jean Paul Sartre Essays Existentialism]

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The Theme of Saints in Robertson Davies' Fifth Business

- The marvelous story of saints is one of the leading themes in Fifth Business. As the author Robertson Davies develops this theme through Dunstan’s journey into hagiology, he often uses certain saints such as Saint Dunstan, as allusions. Among the Saints that the novel refers to, Saint Paul is the perfect allusion that portrays the character of Paul Dempster since the two share strong similarities in their lives. Additionally, Saint Paul foreshadows Dunstan’s encounter with Paul Dempster. Saint Paul’s life is similar to Paul Dempster’s life in many ways....   [tags: Saint Paul]

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My Favorite Bible Character By Far Is Paul

- My favorite Bible character by far is Paul. His transformation from Saul to Paul is what makes his story even more appreciated by those who are followers of Christ. He went from killing Christians to writing most of the New Testament. God knew he had to intervene with Saul. He did so on his way to Damascus. Transformation is the complete change in someone’s character. Transformations are not always good, but in Paul’s case, his life would change forever for the better. His story would last for thousands of years convicting others to turn from their sinful ways and ultimately to Christ....   [tags: New Testament, Christianity, Acts of the Apostles]

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The Life and Art of Paul Gauguin

- The Life and Art of Paul Gauguin Art is said to be the expression of the soul; however, quite often, one is unable to truly know the artist by his or her works alone. So is the case of the postimpressionist painter Paul Gauguin. while the paintings of Paul Gauguin do not reveal all of his life, the paintings are very much so a reflection of Gauguin’s views on life. Eugene-Henri-Paul Gauguin was born on June 7, 1848 in Paris, France Compton’s Encyclopedia 1). When Napoleon destroyed France’s Second Republic, Gauguin’s father, Clovis, an anti-Bonaparte journalist, moved his family to Lima, Peru....   [tags: Postimpressionist Painters Biography]

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The Importance Of Morality And Ethics At A Few Days And Paul

- Introduction Morality and ethics are an important aspect every business must follow strictly but how each decision or punishment is taken will depend on the current situation (Van Oosterhout et al. 2006). By analysing the case study it is clear that the company is expecting to hold an important board meeting in a few days and Paul is expected to be making and important presentation during the meeting. Managing the Situations Fred has made an important and right choice by consulting the IT manager and informing his regarding the misuse of company equipment and resources....   [tags: Management, Corporation, Types of business entity]

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Paul Duncm's Life and Study on the Impact of Technological Stimuli

- Do you ever just sit back and wonder how many images run through your brain everyday and thinking back on that how many of those were images from our society’s pop culture. With our ever growing technology and media of our society, children are constantly being exposed to visual stimuli. Paul Duncum, a professor of art education, studies how these stimuli not only affect our students and children but also how we can incorporate them into the art classroom in an effective way. In this paper I will illustrate to you the life and work of Paul Duncum....   [tags: visual art, design, culture]

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Speech: Paul Of Tarsus

- Speech: Paul Of Tarsus Specific Purpose: Inform my audience why Paul of the Bible still makes an impression on today's preachers and teachers in all walks of life. Thesis Statement: He wrote his most important work in 57 A.D., his epistles are part of the best selling work in the world. Paul of Tarsus was one of the greatest orators that have ever lived, and his writings and speech mannerisms are still practiced to this day by preachers and lay people the world over. Introduction: I. Background information of Paul and what led him to become the ultimate witness of Christ to the Gentiles....   [tags: Free Essays]

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The, By Educating Minds And Hearts Of Children At St. Paul School

- living.” By educating minds and hearts of children at St. Paul School in Musoma is a good example of adding value to those I serve. I demonstrate that I care for them in words and actions. However, this path needs to put more efforts to make myself more valuable before I add value to others. The more I grow adding value in my life as a servant leader, the more I add value to those I serve. This is achieved through listening stories of their hopes and dreams. In case of St. Paul School, I learn from parents what is valuable for their children and then lead based on what I have learned....   [tags: Leadership, Skill, Learning, Sociology]

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Educating The Minds And Hearts Of Children At St. Paul School

- worth living.” Educating the minds and hearts of children at St. Paul School in Musoma is a good example of adding value to those I serve. I demonstrate that I care for them in words and actions. However, I need to put more efforts towards to making myself more valuable before I add value to others. The more I add value to my life, the more I will add value to others. This is achieved through listening to stories of their hopes and dreams. In the case of St. Paul School, I learn from parents what is valuable for their children and then lead based on what I have learned....   [tags: Leadership, Skill, Sociology, Learning]

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Case Summary : The Tax Court Case

- Case Summary The tax court case being analyzed is between three appellants - Groupe Honco Inc., 9069-4654 Quebec Inc., and Gestion Paul Lacasse Inc. - and the respondent who is Her Majesty The Queen. This case was judged by The Honourable Justice Patrick Boyle. The purpose of this case was to determine if New Supervac’s principle reason for acquiring Old Supervac was to receive their capital dividend account (CDA) so that they could pay out dividends from the CDA tax free. The case also wanted to determine whether the capital dividends received by the appellants are deemed not to be capital dividends and instead should be treated as taxable dividends....   [tags: Tax, Taxation in the United States, Dividend tax]

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Response to Paul

- I got so wrapped up in your site and the accompanying spreadsheet that I think I forgot to thank you for the refund on the 'scope arm. I apologise. I'm sorry for that. I'm very grateful. I've made this arm something of a crusade now. The word is out to all my potential suppliers to come up with the gears necessary for its repair. One day it will be restored. I won't quit until it is. Once installed on the 'scope, it will carry with it the story of my chance meeting with Paul Golding and how he came to "gift" this arm to me....   [tags: Letter]

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The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde

- Discuss the significance of a biblical text or theme in Robert Louis Stevenson, The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. In this essay, I will explore the ways in which The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is a presentation of the drama of sin on the human condition. This inter-textual relationship has long been acknowledged by scholars including McAfee in his study bible, who wrote that 'Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is only [Stevenson 's] way of putting into modern speech Paul 's old distinction between the two men who abide in each of us ' (McAfee 1912, 178)....   [tags: Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde]

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Paul Cronan

- Paul Cronan Paul Cronan Case This case involves a corporate response to AIDS in the workplace. The return to work of Paul Cronan, a person with AIDS, after a much publicized law suit, led to a walkout of his coworkers. This case documents the circumstances which preceded the work stoppage. Analyzing this case from Paul Cronan’s supervisors point of view there are three main ethical issues to be considered: duty to protect the interests of the company, New England Telephone (NET); obligation to maintain the rights of the other employees; and duty to provide for the safety and privacy of Paul Cronan....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Young Goodman Brown VS. Paul

- Young Goodman Brown vs. Paul After studying the short stories of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “Young Goodman Brown” and Willa Cather’s “Paul’s Case”, I began to see many similarities within the two stories. Both of the main characters in each story have characteristics that could be looked at as being alike, but after analyzing each character I started to find that although alike in some aspects, these two characters are very different from one another. At first I noticed that both Goodman Brown and Paul are starved for attention, but in different ways....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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The Good Life: Plato and Paul

- The Good Life: Plato and Paul For the span of all philosophical theory, the quest for the “good life” or permanent and final happiness has time and again been at the forefront of human motivation and thought. In surmising on how to make our lives good, it is not uncommon to believe that existing in the customary ways, given the lifestyles humans naturally form in becoming adults, is not automatically the preeminent way to exist. If we were to dedicate deliberate and conscious thought to the problem, a superior method may appear....   [tags: philosophical theory]

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The War Escalates By Paul Boyer

- War can be defined as conflict and battle. Wars are waged intentionally to destroy bonds between relationships, however, there are also wars that occur within oneself. These wars negatively affect the mentality of humans as it is able to manifest conflicts within the mind. Through the use of literary devices such as: tone, mood, imagery and pathos, writers Paul Boyer, Tim O’Brien, and Kenneth W. Bagby are able to convey the idea that war has a substantial impact on the self. In the texts written by these authors, the notion that war is affects the self the most is apparent....   [tags: Vietnam War, Army, Affect, Vietnam]

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The And Authority, By Paul J. Achtemeier

- Christians throughout history have always recognized the Scriptures as the inspired word of God, even though they have never agreed to what extent they are inspired. Paul J. Achtemeier, in his book Inspiration and Authority, seeks to define what he believes to be what Christians call inspiration as it relates to the Bible and the authority that it commands in the Christian faith. Achtemeier dives into these topics, exploring what he believes to be the nature and role of Scripture by combining critical study and research with traditional belief, and attempts to define inspiration and authority in a truthful and objective manner....   [tags: Bible, Christianity, Faith, Religious text]

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A Tragic Demise in Short Story, Paul's Caseby Willa Cather

- ... and a red carnation in his buttonhole. This latter adornment the faculty somehow felt was not properly significant of the contrite spirit befitting a boy under the ban of suspension” (536). This symbolism also foreshadows that something to do with this yearning is going to appear later in the story. Like the colorful and alive flower, Paul’s hope for change is very much alive. Throughout the story, the glass symbolizes the barrier between Paul’s reality and his dream. Towards the beginning, Paul leaves the Carnegie Hall and sees this singer/actress getting out of her carriage, she enters this grand hotel....   [tags: symbols, flower, dream]

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The Film Crash, By Paul Haggis

- Everyone has the right to protect their lives and be able to defend it. In the film Crash, which was written and directed by Paul Haggis, gave the impression that having a gun is a necessity in life. Citizens sometimes own guns for power when they’re feeling oppressed because it gains respect with control over the situation and as protection, but other’s believe that there should be more gun control. Everyone has their own option and perception of guns. They have their downfalls, but also have beneficial use in the world today....   [tags: Firearm, Gun, Gun politics, Handgun]

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Existentialism, By Jean Paul Sartre

- Existentialism is one of the most argued subject of Philosophy. Existentialism is the belief that having awareness, free will, and personal responsibility of the world that individual may obtain a view unique to the average person. This meaning within a world that intrinsically has none of its own. Existentialism started to appear in early Buddhist and Christian writing. In Jean-Paul Sartre’s eyes Existentialism means in the beginning of the human life humans are nothing. It is everyone 's individual choice to make something of themselves....   [tags: Meaning of life, Human, Existentialism, Jews]

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Crash, Directed By Paul Haggis

- Is it possible for someone to heal and forgive when something catastrophic has happened to them. We would like to think that we can overcome any negative moments and not let it impact our day to day lives. Crash, a film directed by Paul Haggis in 2004, is a film that follows a range of characters whose lives intertwine. The movie also exposes us to race and its effects on various people in Los Angeles. In the movie, Christine and her husband Cameron are pulled over by officer John Ryan in a traffic stop and Officer Ryan uses his power of authority and anger about the insurance company, to get away with molesting Christine in front of her husband....   [tags: English-language films, Emotion, Crash, Anger]

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The Jamaica, By Paul Bogle

- On October 11, 1865, Paul Bogle led a group of free blacks to Morant Bay with the intention of protesting a local trail. Things quickly turned violent and a full-scale uprising occurred that ravaged the local town. In the late nineteenth century, free blacks faced economic hardships during Jamaica’s strenuous financial crisis, while whites prospered and continued to rule the colony. The people became very discontent with Governor Edward John Eyre because he mismanaged the economic conditions of the colony....   [tags: British Empire, Colonialism, Edward John Eyre]

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Peter And The Christian Woman By Brendan Byrne Sj

- To some magnitude some of the academics studying Pauline literature may argue that Paul was the most prominent in founding Christianity as well as spreading Jesus Christs gospel beyond the Jews from the cities of Asia Minor, Greece, and eventually to Rome. Just as in the first and second century, the Pauline legacy still holds great significance and relevance throughout history and in today’s cutting edge society. For instance as stated in the book ‘Paul and the Christian woman’ by Brendan Byrne SJ, ‘The debate concerning Paul’s attitude towards women intensified in the early 1970s as the feminist movement began to make an impact upon New Testament studies’....   [tags: New Testament, Paul of Tarsus]

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Pope John Paul II

- Pope John Paul II begins his message by recalling the work of Pope Pius XII in his attempt to rectify the conflict between the doctrine of faith and the development of scientific research. Pope John Paul II follows the footsteps of his predecessor in by engaging in a dialogue with the Academy of Sciences concerning the origin of life and evolution. Pope John Paul II recognizes that the conclusion of evolution seems to be a direct contradiction to Revelation. In order to come about a solution, Pope John Paul goes on to clarify the different functions of the scientific and religious views....   [tags: Evolution Theory, Dawkins, Catholisism]

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Paul-Michel Foucault: A Philosophist

- Michel Foucault his full name was Paul-Michel Foucault, was born October 15, 1926, Poitiers France—died June 25, 1984, Paris. He the grandson of a physician.You could say that he was born into a solidly bourgeois family, Also his father was a doctor so you can see that being intelligent runs in the family, his mother was just any ordinary housewife Foucault’s mother, Anne, was likewise the daughter of a surgeon, and had longed to follow a medical career, but her wish had to wait until Foucault’s younger brother as such a career was not available for women at the time....   [tags: Humanities, Literature, Society]

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Wal-Mart Case Study

- WAL-MART CASE STUDY WAL-MART CASE ANALYSIS Impressions Wal-Mart is a company that leads its industry in numerous areas. The areas which impress are the accomplishments the company has made. “About 140 million people in 11 countries shopped at Wal-Mart …every week. More than half of American shoppers visited Wal-Mart at least once a month…an estimated 82 percent at American households have made at least one purchase at Wal-Mart” (Bianco, Zellner, 2003). Less impressive is the company being involved in over 6000 active lawsuits and what seems to be a proven track record of forcing out smaller business in the areas it locates to, putting many people out of work....   [tags: Business Case Study]

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A Case Review: Pennsylvania State Police Vs. Suders

- Nancy Drew Suders was hired March 1998 by the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) as a police communications operator for the McConnellsburg barracks, where her three male supervisors subjected her to a "continuous barrage of sexual harassment." Suders said one of the supervisors Sergeant Eric D. Easton, talked to her repeatedly about sex with animals. The second, Corporal Eric B. Prendergast sat on her desk and made gestures simulating oral sex. The third, Patrol Corporal William D. Baker made obscene gestures as many as five or ten times a night....   [tags: Law Case Studies]

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The Case House V. Bell

- The case, House v. Bell created quite the whirlwind in the criminal justice system for several reasons. This was not a typical case that would be heard in the Supreme Court. The case began with the disappearance of Carolyn Muncey on July 14, 1985. Her body was discovered the next day. The Union County medical examiner report stated that the “cause of death was from a severe blow to the left forehead, causing a hemorrhage to the right side of the brain”(Neubauer & Fradella, 2009, p. 4). Subsequently, a neighbor of Carolyn Muncey placed the alleged perpetrator, Paul House near the scene of when the crime took place....   [tags: Jury, Supreme Court of the United States, Appeal]

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Paul Cronan and New England Telephone Company

- 1. Identification of the “critical or relevant facts” from the case” Paul Cronan was working for New England Telephone Company while diagnosed with ARC – Aids Related Complex and started showing symptoms of AIDS. His supervisors started to get concern with his job performance and health due to his very poor attendance, and the increased amount of absences. During spring 1985, Paul had requested permission on two different days to leave work due to a doctor’s appointment. Paul’s supervisor Charles O’Brian refused to grant him permission a third time, unless he informs him on the reason for the appointment....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Benefits Of Using X Ray On Paul

- Patient Report: Name: Paul Age: 52 Analysis: We have been told that Paul has been involved in a fall whilst climbing a ladder at work. Diagnostic Techniques: Physical Techniques- X-RAY -we can do an x-ray on Paul do to him falling over at work doing this will give us an understanding if Paul has suffered any broken bones. Soft tissue, such as skin and organs, cannot absorb the high-energy rays, and the beam passes through them. Dense materials inside our bodies, like bones, absorb the radiation....   [tags: Magnetic resonance imaging, Medical imaging]

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