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The Past and the Present of my Family and Me

- ... My Aunts names and ages are Qaneea, 56, Faiza, 51, Haleea, 51, 44, Hafsa, 38, and the youngest of all named Fanoon 31, (means the beauty of art). My uncles as well as my aunts are married and they have children. My father’s mother was adapted, therefore, to know her trace her family is somehow impossible. However, after her marriage to my grandfather, she became a member of Alzokari family. My mother’s family were farmers and their way of living was much alike From turn of the 20th century to the late1960s, north Yemen suffered from poverty, oppression, ignorance and residents of towns and villages were more exposed to the danger of those elements than those people who are practicin...   [tags: Yemeni ancestry]

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The Past, Present and Future of PKMZ in Memory

- The past, present and future of PKMZ in memory Francis Crick once posed an important question- “How then is memory stored in the brain so that its trace is relatively immune to molecular turnover?” (Glanzman, 2012). Ever since, neuroscientists have been struggling to answer Crick’s question. Long- Term Potentiation (LTP) of synaptic strength is the underlying mechanism for formation of memory. In brief, LTP involves the increase in number of AMPA receptor and its permeability when neurotransmitters bind to NMDA receptor, which allows calcium influx and subsequent activation of Calcium/Calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II (CAMKII)....   [tags: Memory, Crick, PKMZ]

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The Greatest Leaders of the Past, Present, and Future

- ... My father has all of these skills/characteristics. There are many things that make my father such an amazing leader and I believe he becomes a stronger leader everyday. Kent is the COO and CFO of Clemson Eye & Lasik Surgery. He is also the CEO of this own business that he is currently starting up. My father is a hardworking man but he never neglects his wife, this is where honesty comes into play. My mother and Father have been married for twenty-nine years. First off, in the twenty-first century about fifty percent of marriages turn into divorces but my parents are on the good side of that fifty percent....   [tags: father, inspire, passion]

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The Past, Present, and Future of Asian Rap

- Hip-hop is a massive cultural movement originating in New York City in the 1970’s. According to Oxford English Dictionary, the four components of hip-hop are rapping, DJing, breakdancing, and graffiti writing. This culture is commonly associated with African-Americans and Latinos because they were the ones who pioneered this movement in the 70’s. If one were look back at some of the early hip-hop innovators, such as The Sugarhill Gang, Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five, and the much-loved Run DMC, one similarity that they all shared was their African ancestry....   [tags: Music]

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Past and Present Struggles of Asian Americans

- One theme that I found to be very interesting is the struggles that Asian Americans have faced in the past and the present. I never knew about the struggles that have been happening in places like China and Laos. I never realized how many families come from poverty and violence. I have only learned very little about historical events such as Vietnam. I am only now becoming more aware about the human rights problem in China. I am so used to seeing places like Tokyo, Japan in movies and television....   [tags: Literature Analysis]

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Labyrinth: Bringing Past and Present Together

- Two lives, so different, yet intertwined within each other. Past and present come together and mix. Something thought to have been holy and within Christian beliefs, turns out to have a completely different origin in this piece of literature. The novel, Labyrinth, written by Kate Moss, brings two stories, both past and present together, and makes it seem easy. Love and loyalty are tested, and the characters fates are carried on through the ages. Taking place in both the 1200’s and the 2000’s, the novel carries out two different stories that eventually cross paths with each other....   [tags: Literature Review]

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Does the Past Have Useful Economics?

- The article written by Donald N. McCloskey has dramatically changed my attitude to the usefulness of knowledge from the field of economic history. The phrase from the article: “History is a stimulus to the economic imagination, defining and stretching the limits of economic craft...” took my thoughts away from everyday casual duties and made me to spend several hours thinking about it. I have reminded myself several historical events, the details of which I know from the course of economic history, I tried to apply micro and macro based theories to these events, interestingly, history supports economic ideas...or, should I state the other way round....   [tags: Donald McCloskey, Economy]

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Examination of Leadership Theories Past and Present

- What happens to a person who is thrusted into a leadership position or a person who decides he/she wants to lead others. Would this person have to or need to take leadership classes in order to become a “good” leader or is this something that needs to be learned and nurtured by a mentor. According to Clawson (2006), “leadership is about managing energy, first in yourself and then in those around you” (p. 3). Clawson (2006) further adds that people have good ideas and believe in them but their energy is very low, therefore, they cannot effectively generate enough energy to lead others....   [tags: Leadership]

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Japanese Internment: A Lesson from the Past

- Japanese Internment: A Lesson from the Past America is one word that brings the hope of freedom to many people around the world. Since the United States’ humble beginnings freedom has remained at the core of its ideologies and philosophies. People of all races, nations, and tongues have found refuge in America. The National Anthem proclaims, “…land of the free, and home of the brave” (Key, 1814). But has America been consistently a land of the free. Unfortunately freedom has not always reigned....   [tags: U.S. History]

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This Generation is Smarter than Past Generations

- I strongly believe that people of my generation are smarter and more intelligent than our ancestors, while my grandparents disagree with this idea. I see that the present-day discovery of scientific facts and modern technology help shaping our idea of the world and lead us to the better understanding of the world, by giving us skill of swiftness, convenient access to information and fact of nature, and correcting the false myths. Also, brand-new style of teaching allows kids these days to be more creative and confident than those in the old days, as students are allowed to use ask their teacher when in doubt, and join an open discussion in class....   [tags: My Generation]

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Power and Social class in Past Centuries

- Within the modern day and age, the concept of power is determined by how much money one person has. However during the past centuries, power is determined by which social class one was born into. Some were born into a class that has more power to satisfy their needs and have more than enough to do whatever they want. Others had not so fortunate births and therefore could either have just enough power or insufficient power to fulfill their needs in life. However, power is not determined by a person’s birthright, each gender had an obligation to fulfill depending on their social class....   [tags: Social Status, Wealth]

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Past, Present and Future: Stoker's Impact

- Bram Stoker wrote many novels in his life time; he was a brilliant author and could have in fact possibly imagined how significant an impact his novels could have effected literature throughout the ages and more importantly today. Considering Stoker focused on how the past could affect the present and incorporated that ideology into many of his novels including Dracula. Dracula has come to be one of the most well-known pieces of literature in the world. Vampires are everywhere, in many fiction novels and all over TV, which garnered their inspiration from Stoker’s novel Dracula....   [tags: brilliant authors, Dracula]

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Identity Transformations from Past to Present

- Every individual has a distinct past that shapes his or her identity. The situations people face may cause them to have distorted perceptions of themselves. These distorted perceptions allow people to lose sight of the important things in life. In order to discover their true selves they will need to create a path for self transformation. Scott Momaday, Victor Joseph and Macklemore have different pasts but all share a common thread of reconnecting with the important things in life. Many variables affect each person’s destiny, but it is their physical and psychological factors that predisposition their vulnerability....   [tags: preceptions, valnerable, destiny]

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Past Events Influence on Decision Making

-   PAST EVENTS INFLUENCE ON DECISION MAKING THESIS STATEMENT Various studies [ (Gilovich, 1981) (Elder, 1974) (Robert S. Wyer, 2000)] have shown that past experiences in an individual’s life have a great influence on their personality and cognitive preferences. Taking the MBTI scale as a standard for comparison, within my team I have observed that each one has qualities reflecting their dichotomies that stand out in their decision making in the team. I believe these qualities are influenced by some life incidents, possibly an incident that occurred while they were in school or situations that they were brought up in has led to them having these qualities....   [tags: Personality, Cognitive Preferences]

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Creative Writing: Pain From the Past

- ... I guess it was because he was a writer, he would always put all of his thoughts on a paper, rather than spilling them out into someone's face. As nice as they were, living with them was a nightmare, at least to me. So I decided to move away, even though illegal, it was a step I thought was necessary for me to take, and so I did. The night of April 24, 2005, I left the house. The only evidence of my existence that I've left behind was a letter to them. "Dear Suzanne and Andrew, your messed up lives gave me hell....   [tags: Suzanne and Andrew]

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Modern Ireland: Past, Present, and Future

- Modern Ireland: Past, Present, and Future Hunger is a film written by Edna Walk and Steve McQueen and also directed by Steve McQueen. McQueen, an Englishman, is known in the art industry for having a very creative and detailed eye for identifying, capturing, and magnifying the slightest detail and assigning it a multitudinous of different contextual meanings. Hunger, McQueen’s first feature film, does not disappoint or deviate from his artistic fashion and as a result, Hunger brings to life the political, social, and disturbingly graphic conflicts that occurred in the Maze prison complex during the hunger strike of 1981....   [tags: Movie Analysis]

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Affirmative Action is past its prime

- Affirmative Action is past its Prime It’s been nearly a quarter of a century since Executive Order 11246 was signed, putting affirmative action into effect. And most would agree, that the program’s time is running out. Signed by President Johnson in 1965, Affirmative Action demands that minorities have an equal opportunity and advantages in the hiring process. Given that the program was created to combat years of minority discrimination and repression during the onset of the United States, many of these attitudes have changed with the times....   [tags: Minorities, Equality, Advantages]

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Rocky Mountain Arsenal: Past and Present

- The Rocky Mountain Arsenal once home to chemical manufacturing facilities in support of the World War II and some parts of the land was used for the Prisoner of War camp. The Arsenal’s location was selected due to its relative distance from the coast. The weather that conducive or suitable to outdoor work, and the appropriate type of soil needed for the project. The location was also close to Stapleton Airfield, a major transportation hub. The land was also used by some private industries to manufacture pesticides....   [tags: weapon manufactur, wildlife refuge, stapleton ]

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Past Campaign and How Its Evolved

- Past campaign and how it’s evolved In the early days of GoPro, the original ‘campaign’ for the product was virtually inexistent. When the original Chinese built waterproof camera was developed, Woodman began by taking it to an action sports convention in San Diego in 2003, where he sold to surf retailers. As far as marketing was concerned, he conducted presentations and sales pitches to different retailers, however he had no real advertising or branding. The company began to grow, and by 2005, $350,000 worth of GoPro’s had been sold (Mac, 2013)....   [tags: cameras, surf, campaign, gopro]

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Delta Airlines: Past, Present, and Future

- Delta Airlines: Past Present and Future Delta Airlines have transformed over the decades. They started out as a crop dusting company, blossomed into an airline company, fought litigations, went bankrupt, then resurrected it and merged with Northwest Airlines to become one of the biggest airline companies in the world. Their aircraft, operations, and cities and countries that they service have transformed and blossomed as well. In 1924, Huff Daland Dusters, Incorporated as a crop dusting company based in Macon, Georgia....   [tags: Business Management ]

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Digital Electronics, Past, Present and Future

- Background Information The age of digital electronics has come to be one of the most significant developments in the history of society. What were once manual time-consuming tasks and processes have now become programmed to the point where multi-tasking is an expected part of our lifestyles. So what is considered to be a digital electronic. They are sophisticated devices capable of sending information through electronic signals from point A to point B. The information is transmitted from one circuit to another by using electronic currents....   [tags: electronic circuits and devices]

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A Career in Archaeology

- Throughout the years, man has searched the earth looking for answers pertaining to the workings of past civilizations from the fragments left from inhabitants before. Jobs and work fields have been created to benefit the search for such answers. For instance, Archaeology; Archaeology is a vast field of studies that add up to two things: finding and explaining the unknown. When archaeology is mentioned the mind possibly drifts towards the idea of the well known Indiana Jones, though that is not the case....   [tags: civilization, the past]

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Déjà vu: The Past in the Present

- Déjà vu: The Past in the Present "...parapsychologists think déjà vu is a glimpse into a past-life. The event did happen similarly before, you just happened to die between the occurrences." (2) The mysterious nature of déjà vu does not only lie in the experience itself, but in its definition. The sole unity of truth is the direct French translation - 'already seen.' In general, the phenomena can be summed up as experiencing the past in the present. It is "an uncanny feeling or illusion of having already seen or experienced something that is being experienced for the first time." (3) The déjà vu experience is puzzling because it often leaves people disoriented and searching for explana...   [tags: Psychology Psychic Essays]

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The Impact of the Past on British Columbia

- The Impact of the Past on British Columbia Beautiful British Columbia, one hears this phrase constantly mentioned, but does anyone know why it is so beautiful. Though BC houses many people, very few know how BC got to where it is today. Not many people know that the Cariboo Wagon Road was built entirely by hand, pick and shovel. Some people may not realize that getting to the California Gold Rush was either an agonizing 2000 mile walk or a 6 month boating trip, and more than half the ‘gold rushers’ never even struck gold....   [tags: Papers]

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A People's Past in the Novel Kindred

- Kindred In Octavia Butler’s novel "Kindred," A young African-American woman writer named Dana who is married to a white man named Kevin whom is also a writer. Dana is pulled back into time during the 19th century. Dana comes face to face with many obstacles and is forced to deal with her "people’s past" (Harris) until she returns to her present day life in California. Throughout the book; Dana continues to save Rufus, her ancestor, and slowly begins to accept slavery in order to survive. Dana is pulled back into the past whenever Rufus is faced with a life or death situation....   [tags: Octavia Butler]

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Discipline In The Classroom: Past And Present

- Discipline in the Classroom: Past and Present Throughout the history of classroom education, many different types of disciplinary systems have been applied by teachers and other authority figures in schools for the sole purpose of controlling student behavior. These systems include corporal punishment, psychological abuse or neglect, and assertive discipline. Although two of these three topics are illegal at this time, they were all widely used in schools across the country a short time ago. Corporal punishment in general can be defined as the infliction of pain or confinement as a penalty for an offense committed by a student....   [tags: corporal punishment psychological abuse neglect]

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Siddhartha: Overcoming Misfortunes Of The Past

- Siddhartha: Overcoming Misfortunes of the Past On page 132 we read "Everything that was not suffered to the end and finally concluded, recurred, and the same sorrows were undergone." What does this mean in regards to Siddhartha and any other of the characters in Hesse's story. Do you agree with this statement. Explain. This quote is taken from the context of when Siddhartha is crossing the river and he sees his reflection and it looks like his father. This quote refers to a repeating of events....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Television Censorship in the Past and Present

- Television Censorship in the Past and Present Typing in the web address "", I begin my search for information regarding the controversial subject. After a few seconds of waiting for the site to load, a black background comes up, with black font displaying the message: "This site is not accessible because it is categorized as: Sex, Violence, Language." I immediately highlight the web address and annoyingly thrash at the delete button on my keyboard and watch it disappear....   [tags: Exploratory Essays Research Papers]

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Digital Media in the Past and Present

- Digital Media in the Past and Present In today’s world digital media are everywhere, TV, newspapers, advertisements, and magazines. Almost everywhere you look you will find some sort of digital technology. Digital technology has come along way since the beginning of its time in. Although computers were invented long before; digital technology didn’t start to shine its light until the early 80’s. Originally, NASA developed digital imaging for the US space program in the 1960s (History of the digital camera, 2001)....   [tags: Technology Electronics Essays]

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Summary of Getting Past You and No

- Summary of Getting Past You and No (0) Introduction Each of us has to face tough negotiation with an irritable spouse, an ornery boss, a rigid salesperson, or a tricky customer. Under stress, even kind, reasonable people turn into angry, intractable opponents. In order to reach a mutually satisfactory agreement in an efficient and amicable fashion, this book introduces us the strategy of breakthrough negotiation. The breakthrough strategy is counterintuitive: it requires us to do the opposite of what we might naturally do in difficult situations....   [tags: Employment Workforce Hiring Essays]

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The Past, Present, and Future of India

- Advent of the Europeans Vasco da Gama landed at Calicut, sailing via the Cape of Good Hope in 1498. This marked the beginning of the European era in Indian history. The lucrative trade in spices of Malabar - in modern Kerala - had tempted the Portuguese and inspired the search for a sea route to the Indies. The Portuguese had already established their colony in Goa by the first decade of the 16th Century but their territorial and commercial hold in India remained rather limited. In the next century, India was visited by a large number of European travellers - Italians, Englishmen, Frenchmen and Dutchmen....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Confilcting Ideas of the Past in Canada

- Confilcting Ideas of the Past in Canada He has been called a prophet, a traitor, a martyr, a visionary and a madman, but whatever one thinks of him, Louis Riel, remains one of the most controversial figures in Canadian history. Does this man who has continued to haunt Canadian history for more than a century after his execution, deserve all of those descriptions. After reading three different interpretations of the rebellions, it is still difficult to decide which is closer to the truth. All three authors retold the Metis history and although they differ on crucial issues, there was agreement on the basic facts....   [tags: Papers]

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The Houlocaust: Linking Past to Present

- The Houlocaust Linking Past to Present The Holocaust was an extremely awful thing that should have never happened. But what were the causes of it. You’re probably wondering why I ask. Well, after I noticed the tremendous amount of innocent children involved, these questions presented themselves. People, have been stereotyping and assuming too much of people. This is why a lot of social problems come to be. Some people (namely the Nazis) can be harsh and they arrogantly need a scapegoat for some of their actions....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Beloved: The Haunting Past of America

-      Some people cannot remember anything for weeks, months, or even years.  This condition is called amnesia, "the loss of memory as a result of brain injury or deterioration, shock, fatigue, senility, drug use, alcoholism, anesthesia, illness, or psychoneurotic reaction."1[1]  Especially, when amnesia is a psychoneurotic reaction, it can cover even the patient's entire life.  Toni Morrison, in an interview, said that not only an individual but also an entire nation could be diagnosed as (psychoneurotic) amnesia.  Discussing Beloved, she explained what she calls a "national amnesia." I thought this [Beloved] has got to be the least read of all the books I'd written because it is about...   [tags: Toni Morrison, Beloved Essays]

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Marijuana in the Past and Present

- Marijuana in the Past and Present Marijuana is a mixture of leaves, stems, and flowering tops of the Indian hemp plant Cannabis, it may be smoked or eaten for its hallucinogenic and pleasure-giving effects. Marijuana has not been proven to be physically addicting but, psychological dependence can develop. Many users describe two phases of marijuana intoxication. During the first level the user will experience lightheadedness; next the user will experience peacefulness in the mind. Mood changes are often accompanied by altered perceptions of time....   [tags: Free Essays Online]

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Past and Present Views on Gossip

- Past and Present Views on Gossip Culture is constantly changing: the prevailing beliefs and trends of one period can vary substantially from those of another. A significant consequence of this cultural flux is gradual evolution in the meanings of some words. Since language is naturally tied to culture, it is not surprising that these changes occur. Words have meaning only in the context of the current social climate; therefore their definitions change synchronously with cultural progression. The meaning of the word gossip, for example, changed several times over, from its original definition of kindred relation to its present definition of empty talk....   [tags: Exploratory Essays Research Papers]

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Chraibi, Driss. Heirs to the Past

- Chraibi, Driss. Heirs to the Past Reactions to Hearing Haj Ferdi’s Voice during the Reading of the Will In Heirs to the Past, Haj Ferdi, or the Seigneur, was the central figure in his community. Not only the patriarch to his family, but is in a position where most of the people in the surrounding town look up to him not only as a role model, but also out of necessity for life. “My mother emptied the food into a bowl and told one of my nephews to go and distribute it to the poor. He had not far to go; he had only to open the front door and there the poor were.” (Chraibi, 50) The poor depended upon the Seigneur for food and distant family members depended upon his charity to avoid becoming i...   [tags: English Literature]

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The Past and Present of Terrorism

- The Past and Present of Terrorism This essay will discuss the past and present of Terrorism. From the Jewish Zealots of the 1st Century committing incidents of terrorism against the Romans to Hitler's Germany's committing atrocities against the people to the acts of terrorism that Ireland's IRA commit(ed) against the British Government to the ultimate act of Terrorism on the World Trade Centre, Terrorism has always existed. This essay will start with a brief summary of terrorism from the 1st century the early 20th century....   [tags: Papers]

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The Present Builds Upon the Past

- The Present Builds Upon the Past The world is far from perfect. However, through the years, it has improved in many ways. If I went back in time and changed the tiniest thing in history, it is possible for my life to be completely different today. If you don't believe me, read on because I've got hard proof. It's depressing to know there was a time when "blacks" and "whites" were seperated simply because of the color of their skin. We have moved forward, then stumbed backwards, but slowly we started building and here we are year 2001, where everyone, despite your race, have equal rights....   [tags: history]

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Return to the Past: William Faulkner

- Return to the Past: William Faulkner One Friday afternoon, I was sitting in my Calculus II class, taught by the one and only Dr. Larry Zettel. I was confused about the topic and wasn’t paying very close attention. My thoughts were drifting off between his explanation of anti-derivatives and thoughts of the other things going on in my world. I was remembering what a great time I had when I traveled back in time to interview A. E. Housman. It then occurred to me, I should do this again. The tough part was deciding whom I would interview....   [tags: Creative Writing Dialogue Essays]

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Oracles: A Way Of The Past?

- Oracles: A Way Of The Past. Oracles, especially chief oracle-priests, have always had major roles in the Tibetan government. In fact, as Avedon notes in In Exile from the Land of the Snows, for the last 1300 years the chief oracle-priest or state-oracle oracle has had the final say on “virtually every key decision of the state.”[1] This disproportionate degree of influence that the chief oracle-priests exercised on the internal as well as the external affairs of Tibet, had often led to situations where “the chief medium became the playball of political intrigues.”[2] The present Tibetan government in exile continues to heavily rely on the state-oracle oracle and others including a rainmaker...   [tags: Government Persuasive Tibet Essays]

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The Internet Past Present and Future

- The Internet Past Present and Future Introduction This report describes the history of the Internet. The report shows how the Internet was started and outlines the progress the Internet has made over the years. The World Just Got Smaller The Internet is not as new as you may think; today’s “information super highway” began as a bunch of converging footpaths in the 1960s. Many people credit the ARPAnet (the first computer network designed by the Advances Research Projects Agency) as the starting point of the Internet we all have come to know and love today, however this is not entirely true....   [tags: Internet History Web Cyberspace Essays]

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Past, Present, And Future Of Computers

- Past, Present, and Future of Computers Imagine being able to do almost anything right from your own living room. You could order a pizza, watch cartoons, or play video games with people from around the entire world. All are possible today with your computer. The beginnings of the computer started off in a rather unique way. It was first used to produce intricate designs with silk, a task far to long a tedious for a human to do constantly. It's really unbelievable how the computers changed from that to what they are now....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Runes: Clues to Uncovering the Past

- Runes: Clues to Uncovering the Past The runic alphabet is an ancient Germanic alphabet that was used throughout Northern Europe, Scandinavia, the British Isles, and Iceland from the first century C.E. well into the Middle Ages. This alphabet, used by the Anglo-Saxons and shared with other Germanic peoples, was brought to England at the time of the Anglo-Saxon invasions . While runes enjoyed widespread usage among the peoples of the area, there is no concrete agreement as to the origin of this writing system....   [tags: Linguistics]

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The Past and Future of Communism

- Communism is an ideal society that is unrealistic for humans to maintain. In this system major resources and means of production are owned by the community rather than by individuals. The society is without money, without a state, without property and without social classes. All people would contribute to the society according to their ability and take from the society according to their needs. Fredrick Engel's believed that a proletarian could only be liberated by abolishing competition, private property, and all class differences, and replacing it with association....   [tags: Communism Essays]

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Living in the Past in Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman

- ... Willy is offered help by his friend Charley, a successful Business man, Willies all time friend and only friends he has left, when Charley offers Willy a job, yet willy full of pride and envious of Charley rejects it yet does not rejects it but continues to borrow money from him. This is due to Willies flaw in his desire of being higher in society than anyone else.Willy cannot let go of the past and continuously refers to 1928, when his career was at its peak. His withdrawal into the past is a defense mechanism as he refuses to come to terms with his failure as a salesman....   [tags: funeral, memory, future]

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William Wordsworth Reflecting On Past

- William Wordsworth Reflecting On Past Envision five years from now. Driving through the streets, where you drove your old friends to places you remember listening to the radio, looking at the stores that once were your favorite hangouts, cruising through your common shortcuts. Clearly you will have remembered great memories and sad ones, and when you come back, both memories will come again at the places where they had happened....   [tags: Wordsworth Poem Poetry]

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Junot Diaz's Otravida, Otravez: The Ever Present Past

- Junot Diaz’s “Otravida, Otravez” postulates a perspective of life where one’s present and future always reflects their past in some way. Diaz incorporates symbolic figures to convey how a person’s past can be carried into the future. Diaz’s use of symbolic figures includes the dirty sheets washed by Yasmin, the letters sent by Virta to Ramon, and the young girl who begins working with Yasmin at the hospital. These symbolic figures and situations remind the readers that the past will always play a major role in one’s present....   [tags: experiences, immigration, relationships]

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The Relationship Between The Past and Future in Faulkner´s Literature

- “The past is not dead. It’s not even past” (Faulkner 1). Within in the pages of what is arguable his best-known book, acclaimed author William Faulkner penned this profound statement. Requiem for a Nun is, at its core an experiment with narrative technique. And much like Faulkner, writers and poets from ancient times used narrative technique in their stories to express the relationship between the past and future and the fluidity between the two. Three shining examples where writers expressed/showcased the relationship between the past and future are The Illiad by Homer, Pythian 4 by Pindar, and Plato’s Symposium....   [tags: homer, plato, narratological technique]

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Personal Narrative: A Past Relationship

- My preffered companions are books or music or pen and paper.I have only a small circle of close friends,few of whom i get along together.They could easily be counted "misfits." To be plain,I found it quite easily to doubt my ability to have any sort of "close bond."After the closing festivities of "The Lead America conference,"this past summer,on the night before we were scheduled to leave,a girl i had met by the name of Jade,during the program's course approached me.She came to my room and sat down on my bed and announced that she was debating with herself whether she wanted me to become her boyfriend....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Multimedia: Past, Present, and Potential

- Multimedia: Past, Present, and Potential Upon being asked for an example of what "interactive multimedia" is, what would a common response be. Video games might come to mind. Though this is a valid response and a ready example of multimedia, it is important not to limit it to solely entertainment. I have come to believe that most people pigeonhole multimedia because it encompasses such a broad spectrum that it is hard to understand otherwise. The first step in understanding multimedia, and hence dispelling such misconceptions, is defining what exactly multimedia is....   [tags: Entertainment Electronics Essays]

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History is the Bridge that Connects the Past with the Present and Future

- What is history. History is the analysis and interpretation of the past. History allows us to study both continuity and change over time. It helps to explain how we have changed throughout time. Part of history is using pieces of evidence to interpret and revisit the past. Examples of evidence include written documents, photographs, buildings, paintings, and artifacts. Is history important. When looking at what the definition of history entails, it is clear to see history is in fact, important. History is the bridge that connects the past with the present....   [tags: success, failure, blueprint]

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Kurdish Geopolitics Past and Present

- Analysis of Kurdish Geopolitics Past and Present Who are the Kurds. Most of us have heard about them but don’t know who they are. Are they a race, a religion, a country. As we see from the following example, even Europeans who are much closer to the Kurds still do not have a complete understanding of the Kurds or the middle east in general: In the West, the left and liberal minded people in general, especially in the Scandinavian and Anglo-Saxon countries, have usually supported or at least expressed some sympathy with the struggles against both European colonialism and U.S....   [tags: history]

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John Brown: Past and Present

- John Brown: Past and Present Host: “Looking into the crystal ball, I wonder who our guest will be. As the fog lifts from the orb, a picture of a man that has had an enormous impact on our socially accepted views begins to appear. Who is this man. Well, he is known as both a martyr and a psychopathic killer. He has been called a blatant liar as well as a man of strong convictions, all in the same breath. But his most notable contribution to our country is undoubtedly his involvement in the antislavery movement....   [tags: essays research papers]

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OPEC Power: Past And Present

- In this paper, I am going to discuss how the oil cartel known as OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) impacted the United States economy in the 1970’s, how the effects of this are still felt today, and how their power should continue to influence our thinking where foreign policy and energy policy are concerned. First I will explain what OPEC is, its history and how this concerns every citizen in the United States. Then I will discuss how leaders of the past dealt with the pressures concerning the further effects on the economy at the time, which brought to light the need for energy policy as well as pressing foreign policy issues that need to be addressed, as bot...   [tags: essays research papers]

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Social Welfare Past and Present

- Social Welfare Past and Present Social welfare is an expansive system proposed to maintain the well being of individuals within a society. This paper will explain the progression from the feudal system and church provisions for the poor before the Elizabethan Poor Law to the gradual assumption of the responsibility for the poor by the government. A responsibility assumed not out of humanity and concern for the poor, but as a process of standardizing the ways in which the poor were to be managed....   [tags: Papers History Aid Welfare Essays]

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Reflections of a Culture Past

- Reflections of a Culture Past The poem, Beowulf was supposedly written in the tenth century, but it was most likely told before then, orally, for centuries. There is little information about the author, on when Beowulf was first created or about the original version of the story before it was written. However the poem does, however, give us great insight into the cultural views and ideals of the Anglo-Saxon people who would have composed and told this tale. This includes their political, social and moral views....   [tags: English Literature Essays]

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Nietzsche's Critique of Past Philosophers

- Nietzsche's Critique of Past Philosophers The desire of most philosophers, Nietzsche says, is to find truth. Nietzsche doesn't see why this is. In the second aphorism, he asks why don't we look for untruth. He believes that beliefs are more important than finding truth because, for him, there is no real truth. Philosophers state a truth or known fact as if it were the ultimate knowledge, but Nietzsche says that really they are giving their opinions about things. Philosophers don't have knowledge - just beliefs....   [tags: Papers]

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Dangerous Liaisons: Present and Past

- Dangerous Liaisons: Present and Past       Halfway through viewing Dangerous Liaisons, a remarkable contrast as well as a huge parallel came to mind.  The film's principal characters' treatment of their promiscuity was quite different from what we see today.  They were quite covert about their sexual relations, and often concocted cunning plans to assure the secrecy of their activities.  Today we find quite the opposite taking place on our news programs and talk shows.  It seems to me that the cause of this whole difference in treatment of sexuality is due to the advent of mass media.  That pre-Revolutionary French society was not completely different from today, however.  Like o...   [tags: Dangerous Liaisons Essays]

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The Radio: Past and Present

- The Radio: Past and Present “He shoots!!. He scores!!!” these are famous words that Foster Hewitt made famous broadcasting a hockey game on the radio (“The Early Years”). It was words like these that the public became used to because there was no television. The radio served as the first medium to hear things live as they happened. This gave sport fans the opportunity to sit down and tune into a game anytime they like. The radio started off big and then took a dramatic fall due to the introduction of the television....   [tags: Expository Essays Research Papers]

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Computers: Past, Present and Future

- Computers: Past, Present and Future Since the time when man first learned to express how they felt in written form, by drawing or writing, we have tried to communicate with other people. First, it was the prehistoric man with their conceptual cave drawings showing what animals to hunt, how to hunt them, and how to cook them. Soon that form took to hieroglyphics, in which the Egyptians would tell stories about battles they had won and about new pharaohs that had been born. This picture form soon turned in to words in which the Romans would communicate with one another....   [tags: Technology]

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Technology: Past, Present, and Future

- Technology: Past, Present, and Future Remember the days of the Old West. The women walked around with their parasols or rode in a horse drawn carriage and the men rode fast and furious on their horses. Everything you needed was right there in town: the saloon, the general store, and the barber. When one needed to get somewhere, they would walk. If they needed to travel far, there were steam-powered locomotives. As towns and cities grew larger, it was not so convenient to walk everywhere. There was a need for a machine that could get us around to where we had to go....   [tags: Automobiles Cars Transportation Essays]

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Sugar Cane: Past and Present

- Sugar Cane: Past and Present Sugar cane is composed of six species of perennial grasses of the genus Saccharum L., in tribe Andropogoneae of the Gramineae. There are two wild species, S. spontaneum L. and S. robustum Brandes & Jeswiet ex Grassl, and 4 cultivated species, S. officinarum L., S. barberi Jeswiet, S. sinense Roxb., and S. edule Hassk. (Purseglove 1979). The four cultivated species are complicated hybrids, and all intercross readily. All commercial canes grown today are inter-specific hybrids (Wrigley 1982)....   [tags: Botany]

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Latvian Education: Past and Present

- Latvian Education: Past and Present I. Introduction Imagine a seven year old boy sitting in class. He is anxious for the day to begin and anticipates its end. Finally, his teacher starts to speak about what will be happening in class that day. The boy looks up in wonderment and confusion. His teacher is speaking in a completely different language than the boy is accustomed to. This little boy is growing up in Latvia, but the language he has grown up learning, in his home, is Russian....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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British Literature: Past and Present

- British literature continues to be read and analyzed because the themes, motifs and controversies that people struggled with in the past are still being debated today. The strongest themes that were presented in this course related to changing governments, the debate about equity between blacks and whites, men and women and rich and poor, and the concern about maintaining one’s cultural identity. The evolution of governments was a constant theme throughout the course, beginning with the lesson on the Introduction to Romanticism, where Edmund Burke, Thomas Paine, Mary Wollstonecraft and William Godwin debated the equity between rich and poor that was tearing France apart....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Computers: Past, Present And Future

- I have been using computers for as long as I can remember, whether it is for entertainment use or work use, computers are part of our everyday lives. They have an effect on almost everything you do. When you buy groceries at a supermarket, a computer is uesed with laser and barcode technology to scan the price of each item and present a total. Barcoding items (clothes, food and books ) requires a computer to generate the barcode labels and maintain the inventory. Most televison advertisiments and many films use graphics produced by a computer....   [tags: Information Technology]

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Historians Study the Past to Learn the Mistakes of the Future

- ... The military perception allowed their leaders to analyze the previous wars from the past and reflect on it. For example, the chancellor of Germany, Otto Von Bismarck, successfully created war plans for future conflicts with the neighboring country of France and the peripheral countries of Europe. His sense of reasoning was significant in the war plans because he objectively reviewed mistakes of the past wars and interpreted a new methodical way to achieve the same success of the future. The ability to reason allow Bismarck to look past the subjective view of arbitrarily developing a war plan based on the conditions of the future....   [tags: scientists, diseases, perceptions]

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How The Past Affects the Present in Toni Morrison's Beloved

- Toni Morrison is one of the most prominent writers within the Post-Aesthetic movement (Napierkowski). Mirroring their increased presence in politics, African Americans also became highly visible as writers during the 1960s. Harlem Renaissance writers such as Langston Hughes and Zora Neale Hurston had been prominent in the 1920s, while Richard Wright and Ralph Ellison achieved both literary and popular acclaim in the 1940s and 1950s. Many of these works were popular because of the way they were able to interpret the black experience for a white audience....   [tags: Literature, Race]

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The Relationship Between Past Lynchings and Modern Executions

- Franklin Zimring (2003) examines the relationship between the history of lynching and current capital punishment in the United States argueing that the link between them is a vigilante tradition. He adequately shows an association between historical lynchings and modern executions, though this paper will show additional evidence that would help strengthen this argument, but other areas of Zimring’s argument are not as well supported. His attitudinal and behavioral measures of modern vigilantism are insufficient and could easily be interpreted as measuring other concepts....   [tags: Capital Punishment]

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The Past and the Future in The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

- In the hit album Pink Floyd’s The Wall, Roger Waters shows his longing for the past in the song “Vera.” In order to fully understand this, you will need some background knowledge on Roger Waters. Waters’ father fought and died in World War II, leaving this two-year-old boy without a father. Not having a father would later prove to have negative impacts on the life and happiness of Waters. The lyrics of “Vera,” while they are confusing, are very meaningful. “Does anybody here remember Vera Lynn....   [tags: Wealth, Relationships, Twenties]

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Forgiveness Does Not Change the Past, But it Does Enlarge the Future

- ... The act of forgiving isn’t always saying sorry to someone, but showing them actions of forgiveness. It can also be something that hurt someone majorly and a simple sorry and moving on can do. This type of forgiveness to me is used when someone intentionally did something to you or an unbearable act. Having forgiveness apart of your life and practicing it in your life only enhances and makes life more appealing and enjoyable. Forgiveness can be a process that takes years to fully accomplish and truly trust that person again....   [tags: catholic school, bible, christianity]

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Past vs Present in Thousand Cranes by Yasunari Kawabata

- The novel Thousand Cranes by Yasunari Kawabata takes place in post-war Japan, an era of change, where there is a struggle between keeping Japanese traditions and becoming Westernized, or “modernized”. In this way, the setting reflects a major conflict in the novel: past versus present. This struggle is subtly, yet clearly, expressed in the characters throughout the story as they face the cultural shift as well as deaths, and must decide whether or not to move on and accept change or to remain stuck in the past....   [tags: post-war era, Japan, cultural shift, tradition]

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Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s Atonement with the Nazi Past

- ... Eventually Emmi’s acquaintances who insist on calling her by her old name accept the marriage for their own selfish reasons, since the son needs the mother to babysit the grandkids, the neighbor needs Ali’s help in moving, and the grocery owner is worried about the competition that the supermarkets poses. Emmi, being happy to belong once more, shows off her strong man from Morocco and begins to adopt the same demeaning attitude that the other Germans have, such as making sure that her fellow cleaning woman know that he showers sometimes even twice a day....   [tags: germany, world war II, films]

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Should Society Stop Looking to The Past And Focus In The Future?

- “Tradition is a guide and not a jailer.” Said W. Somerset Maugham French Writer. His quote explains how society uses tradition as a guide to build the future. In fact, this is how society uses tradition and culture now days, focusing on what past cultures did to use it as a reference in the present. The problem with this theory is that society does not realize tradition is a way to control and maintain power. Tradition and culture is bad because people are being blinded on what happened in the past....   [tags: tradition, cultures, christians]

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Redefining Animation Methods: From the Past to the Future

- Most of these sources of information focus on past animation styles that lead up to the animation styles of today. The articles pertaining to that are “Dissecting Bambi: Multiplanar Photography, the Cel Technique, and the Flowering of Full Animation”; “Animating Quadrupeds: Methods and Applications”; and “An Interview with Geoff Marslett of Swerve Pictures”. These articles mostly describe the process of animation techniques, such as cel techniques, 3-D software, computer graphics, and stop motion, and how animators create the beautiful and complexly made films that are available today....   [tags: 3D and 2D technologies, visual quality]

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South Korea Past Vs. South Korea Present

- Over half million years ago, in the first century B.C. Korea once was a great nation. Three kingdoms ruled. They were the Guguryeo, Baekje, and Silla. The entire peninsula and some of Manchuria were at their beck and call, but since time has changed throughout history, it is now said that Korea was once a great nation as a whole, but now it has become two separate countries with many changes that were highly valued. Those changes that were highly valued are the foundations that lead the two countries, but the one that has changed the most is South Korea....   [tags: World History, Korean History, North South Korea]

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Open Mindedness: The Past, Present and Potential Future

- In this essay about open mindedness I highlighted the problems related to it within our society and its effect on design in the past, present and potential future. Having collated all my research from various sources I have found many solutions that have improved a service or a product greatly. I picked this topic because I feel that in our society we have very set views related to gender, race, age and class and I feel that if these were explored more and had more positive connotations we would benefit as a society....   [tags: social benefit, gender, race, class, age]

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Heathcliff - A Character Defined By His Past, in Wuthering Heights

- Wuthering Heights is a novel whose main character is said to have a double significance. He is said to be both the dispossessed and the dispossessor, victim of class hatred and arch – exploiter, he simultaneously occupies the roles of working class outsider and brutal capitalist. Heathcliff has all these characteristics because of his experiences. He is a character moulded by his past. Heathcliff is a character defined by his sympathetic past. Growing up as an orphan from a tender age, deprived of a structured family and family support system, exposed to the negative influences life offered, it is almost a certainty that his behaviour will not be that of an ideal gentleman....   [tags: Character Analysis]

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Man Doesn't Seem to Be Able to Learn from the Past

- “History isn’t just something that’s behind us; it’s also something that follows us.” - Detective Kurt Wallander, in Henning Mankell’s The Troubled Men I came across a quote from a book called “The Black Swan” which my friend had. It was written by a writer called Nassim Taleb. It said that “History is Unpredictable.” Just a very simple three words, but it means something. One can argue with this statement because of the definition. To me, it is clearly understood that we cannot define that history is dead, predictive or, even being safe....   [tags: analytical essay]

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Embracing the Past: A Difficult Ideal in African American Heritage

- ... Ryder’s actions, was when he said "’Perhaps he's outgrown you, and climbed up in the world where he wouldn't care to have you find him’" (Chesnutt 926). This is truly the struggle for not only Mr. Ryder as the protagonist, but also for many other members of the African American community. As Mr. Ryder has built himself up so high, he would not want to embrace his slavery roots, which includes his slave wife. During the Blue Vein Society event, which he was going to host in order to propose to a young, very prominent lighter colored woman, Mr....   [tags: The Wife of His Youth, The Invisible Man]

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