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Parenting Styles And Their Influence On Parenting

- ... They measured the participant’s thoughts on the appropriateness of the amount of food they ate in comparison to the confederate. The participant felt they had eaten an appropriate amount when the confederate ate more than them and felt they had not eaten an appropriate amount when the confederate ate less (Akert, 139). The social comparison theory can also explain why I compare myself to other parents when I am feeling insecure about my abilities as a parent. I am a young mother to a two year old daughter and I have found that being a parent creates a sense of uncertainty when performing even the simplest tasks....   [tags: Parenting, Childhood, Parenting styles]

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Parental Parenting And Parenting Styles

- Diana Baurmind and Alfred Adler have similar categories of parenting styles. Authoritative parenting can be compared to democratic and encouraging. Both of these styles offer love and security of the child. They express the parent is in control, but the parent also respect their child with explaining parental actions in a positive way. Permissive parenting can be compared to over-submissive parenting style. The child is rude, and demanding. The parent usually accepts the child’s behavior. In my opinion, the parent does not want to upset the child, or bother with correcting the behavior, so they will give in by rewarding the child in order to correct the child’s behavior....   [tags: Parenting styles, Childhood, Parenting, Parent]

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The Parenting Styles Of Parenting

- I decided to write on this subject since I was taught this topic in earlier classes and learned from that textbook some of the information that I pulled from my reference materials. I was familiar with this topic and had some earlier notions and wanted to see if my views and understanding changed with a broader knowledge base. At the time I studied this previously I found it to be an interesting and complex subject. The four styles of parenting or child-rearing are authoritative parenting, permissive parenting, authoritarian parenting, and uninvolved,sometimes referred to as neglectful, parenting....   [tags: Parenting styles, Parenting, Childhood, Parent]

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Parenting and culture

- The universality versus cultural specificity debate both have aspects that make sense and can be applied to childhood development. On one side, supporters of the argument for the universality of parenting suggest that certain types of parenting styles will produce the same child development outcomes in different cultures. On the other hand, the argument for cultural specificity states that different parenting practices vary from culture to culture, and that culture ultimately determines the outcomes of child development....   [tags: Parenting]

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Pastoring and Parenting

- The problem with being both a pastor and a parent at the same time is finding and adhering to the distinction between shepherding the church members and being a father to one’s children. A distinction must be made between pastoring a church and parenting one’s children because of the nature of each responsibility which when combined with the other produces a difficult situation. While being a pastor requires a caring heart for one’s congregation, being a good parent requires a love for one’s children that is so deep that caring for anyone else pales in comparison....   [tags: Parenting]

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In Defense of Permissive Parenting

- In Defense of Permissive Parenting In the article “In Defense of Permissive Parenting” Tony Decouple addresses how parenting skills can be a great effect to children. According to a pair of new studies, they state how minor communication style can have an impact to children. A Mexican-American woman by the name of Xenia was in a store with her four years old son named Paulson; she had to battle his son over buying a soft drink. There are several studies that can help parents to raise their children....   [tags: Parenting]

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The Art of Democratic Parenting

- When children are growing up, they often wonder why their friend’s parents act differently than theirs. Some might even complain to their parents by saying “But my friend’s parents let her do that” or “My friend’s parents bought him/her this toy”. Although, it may be hard to explain to your child why it is important for you to say no to something’s, it will be better for them in the long run. Some parents may not realize but everyday things such as food choices, toy or games they play with and the responsibilities they have at home can affect their lives forever and they will pass on the things you taught them to their children one day....   [tags: Parenting]

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An Effective Parenting Style

- Parents have a major role in their children lives because of how they decided to raise their children. Parents tell their children what is right and what is wrong. According to the Wikipedia, “Parenting style is a psychological construct representing standard strategies that parents use in their child rearing.” As parents use the technique to raise their children, they also shaped their value and personality. “Parenting style considers the balance between two aspects of parenting, namely, control, and warmth” (Ginsburg, Durbin, Garcias-Espana, Kalicka, and Winston, p....   [tags: Parenting]

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Mandatory Parenting Classes : The Impacts Of The Parenting

- Mandatory Parenting Classes: The Impacts of the Parenting America 's future is at risk. The FBI estimated that 1,163,146 violent crimes were committed in the US in 2013. (FBI Database) The Kim Foundation estimated that there is twenty-six percent of people in the US are suffering from mental illnesses. (Kim Foundation 2004) And another 21.6 million young adults are still living with their parents. (Wall Street Journal 2013) Alfred Adlerian has developed a method to identify what parenting style a parent is and then help that parent become an authoritative parent....   [tags: Parenting styles, Parenting, Mental disorder]

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Parenting Styles: The Effect on Your Child

- In my recent psychology class we studied parenting styles. They are grouped into three different categories; authoritarian, authoritative, and overly permissive. This gave me insight into a couple of different programs I’ve watched on television.Authoritarian parents are parents that set strict rules to keep order and they usually do this without much expression of warmth and affection. “They demand obedience to authority.” (Coon & Mitterer, 2010, p. 91) When the child questions the parent, "Because I said so," is often the response....   [tags: Parenting]

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Why I Believe in Attachment Parenting

- Abstract The essay provides an introduction to Attachment Parenting. It covers why I believe it is a valid and important way to parent. It believes that children need to have firm foundation of attachment in order to have proper brain development. I cover why I believe so much in this parenting style. It is a very connected way to raise and respond to children. It covers the elements that make-up this parenting style including: co-sleeping and baby wearing. Also, cover some of the objections to this parenting style and address them with counter claims....   [tags: Parenting ]

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Awareness of Parenting Style/Practices and the Effect on Adolescent Identity

- Adolescents are involved in the difficult task of identifying themselves and making important life decisions. (Smits, Soenens, Vansteenkiste, Luyckx, & Goossens, 2010). The support from parents seems to greatly assist adolescents in their identity formation process. Two theories that have been used in research to examine adolescent identity are the psychosocial development of adolescents and Bandura’s social learning theory. Psychosocial development as theorized by Erikson has eight stages through which a healthily developing human should pass from infancy to late adulthood (Kail & Cavanaugh, 2010)....   [tags: Parenting]

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Parenting Styles And The Parent

- ... The quality of this home environment may also be beneficial if the child is not receiving proper education influences at school , considering their middle-class location, which provides public schooling. The environment this particular baby is in, is a good prediction for developing cognitive behavior healthily. The child becoming securely attached to the mother, can be a good predictor of how the child will get along with other peers, and doing exceptionally well in school. The parent explains how they did well in school, receiving a college degree, etc....   [tags: Parenting styles, Parenting]

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Parenting Styles

- Parenting styles have been grouped into three different categories: authoritarian, permissive, and authoritative. The authoritarian approach to parenting provides children with a clear set of rules which have to be followed without question or reason, while permissive parents constantly are giving into their child’s every wish. The authoritative parenting style gives children rules along with explanations for those rules, and reinforces good behavior. Therefore parents should make sure the way they parent their children will be positive, and not negatively affect their children now or in their children’s future....   [tags: Parenting]

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Parenting Styles

- Parenting is defined as rearing of a child by giving special care, love, and guidance by a parent. (Merriam-Webster) Parenting usually starts when a couple has a beautiful by-product of their mutual love and respect with each other. When a child comes into someone's life, parenting is usually a necessity when it comes to nurturing a beautiful, and a healthy child. A lot of responsibilities, sacrifices, and hard work are attached to parenting. There are four parenting styles that couples practices....   [tags: Parenting]

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Permissive Parenting

- A Public Service Announcement, PSA, is a great way to get a serious message across to an audience that would not go looking for a serious topic in life. Public Service Announcements are usually broadcast on television and can reach a lot of people at one time. There can be a PSA about any important subject. Most Public Service Announcements are used to inform people about a serious problem or issue that is going on in the world. There are Public Service Announcements about animal abuse, AIDs in Africa and even the Flu....   [tags: Parenting]

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Parenting Styles

- Webster’s dictionary defines parenting as the process of raising and education a child from birth until adulthood. Everyone has or had a caregiver, whether it be pests, animals or human beings. However, the thing that differs is the method of parenting. There are many methods of parenting, but there are only three main parts. They include authoritarian parenting style, permissive parenting style, and democratic parenting style. The next few paragraphs will give the reader a detailed description of these three parenting methods and what my parents have used in parenting me....   [tags: Parenting]

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Parenting Styles

- Parenting Paper Diane Baumrind’s typology has two major dimensions. The first dimension is responsiveness. In the text it mentions that responsiveness “refers to the extent in which parents respond to and meet the needs of their children.” (Knox 364). This is when parents support, encourage, and foster their children’s needs. The second dimension is demandingness which is “the matter in which parents place demands on children in regard to expectations and discipline.” (Knox 364). This is about how strict a parent is and how much control these use on their children....   [tags: Parenting]

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The Challenge and Responsibility of Parenting

- Children are the future of the world and need to be nurtured and educated in the best conditions. Thus, parenting is one of the most challenging and admirable responsibilities that people can experience. Parenting plays important roles in the development of children’s characteristics. Some people nurture children depending on their own ways. Others get advice from friends or books. Parenting can be divided into three groups: authoritative, permissive, and democratic parenting. The first group is authoritative parenting....   [tags: Parenting, children, family, parenting styles,]

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Parenting Education

- In a perfect world, every child would be wanted and loved, and all parents would have the capacity and the desire to raise children who are healthy, mentally and physically strong, and displaying high moral integrity. Sadly, this is not the case. Some parents are, unfortunately, not interested in what happens with their children. Other parents are not pleased with what is happening in the home with their children but do not know what to do to create effective change. Still other parents are unaware that there is another way, a better way, of parenting....   [tags: Parenting ]

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Successful Parenting

- Raising children has always been a challenge to parents. In spite of extensive effort that some parent make, it still presents many unanswered problems. Children learn how to become adults from the parents. Successful parenting requires the parents to have some very important qualities and characteristics. There are so many characteristics and qualities of parenting, but only three of them stand out: a high sense morality, support and good leadership. Having a good perspective of life comes from having good morals....   [tags: Parenting]

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Extreme Parenting : A Difficult Job

- Extreme Parenting In the contemporary world, parenting is a difficult job. Different parenting styles will result in different outcomes. Amy Chua, an author who published a controversial article about parenting her children in an “authoritarian” way. Authoritarian parenting is a way to restrict your children away from participating in any activities besides academic-related. She believes academics are more important than everything else so she does not let her children choose their own extracurricular activities and get any grade less than A....   [tags: Parenting styles, Parenting, Parent, Childhood]

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Parenting Essay

- Being a parent comes with a lot of responsibility and difficult decision making. You always have your child's best interest at heart, but sometimes your child may disagree with the rules you have set down. That is why, I believe, the perfect parenting style is democratic. You can compromise with your child, but still have basic rules you want them to follow, without them feeling targeted or that you are being unfair. When i become a parent, I want to make sure my children have guidelines. I want them to be able to make their own mistakes and learn from them....   [tags: Parenting]

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Responsiveness And Demand Of Parenting Styles

- Responsiveness and Demand in Parenting When it comes to parenting styles, I think it is impossible to decisively say whether responsiveness or demandingness holds more importance in successful parenting. It takes a combination of both to properly raise a child. According to Annie Burch, “Psychology professionals, pioneered by Diana Baumrind, generally recognize four parenting styles. They are: permissive, authoritative, neglecting, and authoritarian.” (Burch, 2014). Each of these four parenting styles shows varying degrees of both responsiveness and demandingness....   [tags: Parenting styles, Childhood, Parenting, Parent]

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Comparing The Three Styles Of Parenting

- When becoming parents, adults take their childhood experiences, with their prior knowledge, and mix it together and hope for the best. When comparing the three styles of parenting, (Authoritarian, Authoritative, and Permissive) you can explain how these styles of parenting can negatively or positively affect children and how they affect the parenting styles the child might choose when they themselves become parents. For example, if a child had parents who were disconnected and failed to set boundaries or expectations, the child would then grow up and become the “Authoritarian parent”, who typically uses the infamous line “Because I said so” or uses techniques such as fear, threatening emot...   [tags: Parenting styles, Sociology, Childhood, Parenting]

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The Psychological Study Of Parenting

- The psychological study of parenting has resulted in categorizing different parenting styles, and dimensions of parenting. The four parenting styles are: authoritarian parenting, democratic or authoritative parenting, permissive parenting, and uninvolved parenting. The different dimensions of parenting are: disciplinary strategies, warmth and nurturing, communication styles, and expectations of maturity and control. Each parenting style has a different effect on children, and can determine what kind of adult that child will turn into....   [tags: Parenting styles, Parenting, Childhood, Family]

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Evaluation Of A Good Parenting Style

- ... Progressively through the movie, Riley exhibits talking back, attitude problems, and at one point, she even tries to run away. This stress may also be shown to the child through the parent’s authoritative parenting style and the fact that she is an only child. Being an authoritative parent, they are being honest with Riley and discussing everything that is going on; being an only child, Riley is more likely to be exposed to adult conversations (Avidan Milevsky), like the fact that her parents....   [tags: Family, Parenting, Parenting styles, Parent]

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A Study on Gay Parenting

- Homosexuality has been a sensitive subject in society for a long time, and in recent years, it has sparked both support and controversy in areas such as legalizing gay and lesbian marriage and various other matters that have arisen surrounding the movement towards equality of treatment and integration into society. One of these matters that has garnered attention is gay parenting. With some states now allowing same-sex marriage or unions, the next step being taken is starting a family. There has been wide speculation into sexual orientation and whether it has an impact on homosexuals and their abilities to be good parents....   [tags: Homosexuality, Parenting]

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The Debate over Gay Parenting

- Over the last several decades, gay rights have been a growing topic in the public and in the court rooms. Recently, the debate about gays having the right or ability to parent has become a hot topic, due to the expanding gay community. There are typically two stances taken on the topic of gay parenting: it’s wrong and should be illegal or it’s normal and should be legal. While the norms, stereotypes and debates about gay parenting have varied over the years, today there seems to be a positive consensus when it comes to the beliefs about children being raised by homosexuals....   [tags: Homosexuality, Parenting]

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My Parents ' Parenting Style

- My parents ' parenting style is Authoritarian because they use control and fear to expect their children to follow their set of strict rules without reasoning or effective communication and if not done so, would be yelled and beaten. The parenting style did not consists of listening to child 's point of view, expressing any affection, or empathy towards the child. We were just expected to respect, not talk back, not look into elder 's eyes, and to do exactly what were told. Problems that a child face due to Authoritarian parenting, accurately impacted me throughout childhood just as the research predicted....   [tags: Childhood, Parenting styles, Parenting, Parent]

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Authoritative Parenting Is Both A Demanding And Responsive Way Of Parenting

- ... Johnny is now twenty years old, with a family of his own and works a very good job. Authoritarian parenting is very similar to authoritative parenting but lacks responsiveness to the child. Both authoritarian and authoritative have children who show signs of secure attachment. Authoritative parents are very demanding but are not response to their child and do not answer their children 's question of “Why.” Authoritarian parents have very high expectations for their kids but don’t provide much feedback or nurturance....   [tags: Parenting styles, Childhood]

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Different Types Of Reinforcement And Parenting Styles

- There are countless factors, each significant, that play a part in molding and developing a child’s mind. The education system, the economic standing, the number of siblings, and the type of environment the child grows up in all play a role in the development of his or her personality traits. However, the most important aspect of raising a child comes into play at home, with the parenting style employed by the child’s mother and/or father. The four most recognized parenting styles – Baumrind’s authoritarian, permissive, authoritative, and uninvolved styles – all impact a child’s habits, strengths, weaknesses, and personality traits....   [tags: Parenting styles, Parenting, Childhood]

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Parenting Styles : Authoritative, Authoritarian, And Permissive

- Developmental Psychologist believe that parenting styles have a great amount of influence on the development. There are three major parenting styles: authoritative, authoritarian, and permissive. Parenting styles affect how a child responses, self-esteem, behavior, academic success, and happiness. The styles have different characteristics and ways of raising and teaching of children, this will show you which type of parent you are. Authoritative parenting is known as the most “effective and beneficial” parenting style (Bianca Mgbemere and Rachel Telles, 12/10/2013)....   [tags: Parenting styles, Parenting, Childhood]

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Dealing with Poor Parenting

- As a teacher in a high-need school, I expect to encounter many various challenges ranging from lack of supplies to administration blunders and difficult coworkers. Of all the trying situations a teacher is faced with in his or her career, most challenging would be poor parenting. Parents have the greatest influence in a child’s development. They have the greatest impact on their children in most if not all aspects of the child’s personality and outlook on life. Parents, as caregivers and guides, have a responsibility to push their children into the world and to encourage their children to work hard towards their goals....   [tags: Parenting, schools, ]

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The Four Parenting Styles and Children's Outcomes

- As a parent, I’ve made it one of my life’s goals to influence my children’s social and instrumental development and influence their outcome into adulthood. Many theories of parenting style have been developed over the years. Diana Baumrind has formed four styles of parenting authoritative, permissive, authoritarian, and uninvolved. Although all categories of parenting are associated with the defined styles of parenting, the outcome of the child is as diverse as the parenting types. Authoritative parenting is an affectionate type of parenting....   [tags: Parenting, parenting Styles, Children, family, ]

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Pros and Cons of Parenting Styles

- Have you ever felt trapped by your parents. Maybe there was even a time that you really wanted to go out with a friend and your parents kept telling you one thing, “No.” Why is it that they always say that. Are they afraid themselves of what may or may not happen. Well let me tell you something, the way that i was brought up, is a lot like the article “The Allegory of The Cave” by Plato. The main idea of this article is about how a few prisoners were trapped inside a cave. The prisoners were only aloud to face one direction and they were not aloud to move from left or right....   [tags: What's Your Parenting Style?]

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Parenting Is Not An Easy Task

- PARENTAL ETHICS Zachary Montenieri ENG122: English Composition II (PTF1505G) Professor Katie Surber March 3rd 2015 PARENTAL ETHICS Introduction Parenting is not an easy task as many would agree. It involves providing a secure, safe and nurturing environment to one’s children, as well us shaping them into responsible and successful adults in the future. It requires flexibility to meet the unique needs of individual children, the firmness to set needed limits and the maturity to sometimes set aside your needs and desires for the benefit of your children (   [tags: Parenting styles, Childhood, Parent]

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The Negative Impact of Helicopter Parenting

- A recent study was conducted to observe the parental and behavioral connection of helicopter parenting and establish measure of helicopter parenting that was noticeable from other types of parental control. The participants of this study included 438 undergraduate students from four universities in the United States. Three hundred twenty of which were women and 118 were men, and at least one of their parents. The results shown revealed that helicopter parenting carried a separate aspect from both behavioral and psychological control, and that it was positively associated with behavioral and psychological control....   [tags: Helicopter Parenting Essays]

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The Benefits of Helicopter Parenting

- As termed from an encyclopedia article on parenting, helicopter parenting is an expression used in the media to express contempt or disapproval of parents. Helicopter parents simply watch over, or hover over their children and lead them from a better view to give advice. Helicopter parenting is not what it is depicted as; it is a style of parenting that creates a bond between parent and child that in most cases is beneficial in economic, social, and academic aspects of the child’s life. In this day and age, the media labels overbearing parents as helicopter parents, and the label itself has taken on a negative light due to the guilt by association....   [tags: social issues, over parenting]

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The Argument Of Parenting And Its ' Results

- ... “If you don 't want to sink, you better figure out how to swim”(page 66 Walls), this quote really applies to me. Some nights my mom had to go to her second job so she could provide for us, I was needing a lot of help in my personal problems but sometimes you just gotta figure it out on yourself. You can’t always depend on someone to help you because life is rough. My dad wasn’t there to help me and my sister being 4 years younger at the time wasn’t someone I could depend on for help. As I grew up and as well as Jeanette Walls, we both faced adversity, obviously, in many different ways, but also alike....   [tags: Parent, Mother, Father, Parenting]

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The Importance of Good Parenting

- ... It means that they should personally see, feel, hear, and smell their children’s presence, which is a positive parenting style that is more focused on children’s development. Physical parenting style can be related to ensuring their children’s health and wellness. This includes feeding their children with nutritious food so that they can grow up healthy. This is accompanied by providing children with essential food supplements containing vitamins and nutrients that would help to promote their physical integrity....   [tags: parenting styles, psychological analysis]

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The Social Norm For Parenting

- ... While western parents can only hope for the best for their children, Chinese parents can order the best from are children. . By pushing their children to become the best, there are certain things that Chinese mother do and say to there children, that a Western parents would never dream of doing and saying the same thing. Chua explains that there are “three big differences between the Chinese and western parental mind-sets” (Behrens and Rosen 263). The first is that Western parents care too much about their children self-esteem....   [tags: Mother, Parent, Childhood, Parenting]

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Parents With Different Parenting Styles

- ... It is very simple, as a kid if your parents are strict on you (authoritarian, authoritative, or mixture of both), then you are in the habit of knowing your culture and explain your culture to others. However, if your parents have conformed into the Western norms then you might not have learned much about the Indian culture, and would not have the urge of explaining the Indian culture. To go even further, once that youth goes to college and afterwards he will fade off into society, and forget about his culture....   [tags: Family, Childhood, Sociology, Parenting]

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Divorce, Step Parenting, And Immigration

- ... The reason this movement was even created was because the high rates of divorces. This movement was supposed to help families stay together by providing programs that can strengthen the marriages in the long run. Divorces now being accepted changes the way family is, because children are no longer living in one household, but now are having two homes, and the marriage vows can be broken since it is known that a divorce can be obtained. Social Class- When divorce takes places in a family the status of the couple involve can change dramatically....   [tags: Family, Marriage, Stepfamily, Parenting]

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Parenting Analysis in Romeo and Juliet

- Anna Freud, the founder of child psychoanalysis, once said, “It is only when parental feelings are ineffective or too ambivalent or when the mother's emotions are temporarily engaged elsewhere that children feel lost” (“Anna Freud”). In this case, the children, Romeo and Juliet, get lost and confused, leading to their ultimate deaths. While they cannot live without each other, they also cannot live with each other either, since they end up dying together from all the conflicts piling on top on each other....   [tags: Parenting, Psychoanalysis, Shakespeare, Analysis]

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Parenting Styles Across Cultures

- Introduction Parenting styles have been widely defined by Baumrind into three categories, authoritative, authoritarian and permissive. Parenting styles can be defined as a pattern of attitudes in how parents choose to express and communicate with their children. These styles are categorized based on the level of nurturance, parental control and level of responsiveness (Dwairy, 2004). Authoritative style exhibits high levels of demand, responsiveness and nurturance; authoritarian style exhibits high levels of demand but low levels of responsiveness, permissive style exhibits low levels of demand but high in responsiveness and nurturance (Dwairy, 2004)....   [tags: Cultural Differences in Parenting Practices]

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Diverse Parenting Approach By A Parent Child Observation

- This essay addresses seeks to evaluates diverse parenting approach by a parent-child observation. From observing developmentally appropriate and inappropriate interactions with the parent and child, I will learn how parents teach, guide, and influence their children. First, I will briefly describe basic Information of the child and parent that I have observed. Next I will discuss the parent experience with transitioning to Parenthood. Throughout the essay, I will be discussing the parenting goals and beliefs, parenting challenges and reflecting on parenting from the parent perspectives....   [tags: Parenting styles, Parenting, Family]

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Traditions of Child Parenting in China

- Have you ever thought about having kids and raising them in a way where your family, friends, and even your own kids judge you and see you as this monstrous savage of a being. Being raised by the Chinese style of parenting or better known as “Tiger Parenting” I understand what it was like being put through what Amy Chua put her kids through. Therefore, I understand completely what Amy Chua is trying to explain in her book Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. The advancements and traditions of child parenting have significantly impacted society by their many techniques of parenting....   [tags: chinese mothers, amy chua, tiger parenting]

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Parenting Styles : How They Affect Behavior

- ... Adolescents from authoritarian families perform moderately well in school and are less likely to be involved in problem behaviors than adolescents from permissive families. Authoritarian adolescents have worse social skills, lower self-esteem, and higher levels of depression than adolescents from authoritative families. Compared with other parenting styles, authoritarian parents tend to raise girls who are less independent, boys who are more aggressive, and children who are more extrinsically motivated (Buboltz et al., 2007)....   [tags: Parenting styles, Developmental psychology]

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Perspectives on Love in Reality Parenting Shows

- Many parenting programs have been made in recent years such as the Supernanny and Brat Camp which were first aired in 2004 and 2005 respectively. Both were originated from United Kingdom. So, this kind of show is no longer new to the viewers. All the mentioned parenting shows earlier including the World's Strictest Parents mainly focuses on the teenagers behavioral problems. (See The World's Strictest Parents was interesting because it was truly an account of the families' life....   [tags: parenting programs, brat camp]

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Disciplining Children: Parenting Styles

- Parenting can be described as the most rewarding aspect of a person’s life, or the worst. Parenting is not always about correcting a child’s behavior, it is about moral harmony. The way parents discipline their own children has a lot to do with the way their child matures throughout his or her own life. Ultimately, it is about a parent raising their children in the best way they see fit; creating a legacy. Some of the many factors that determine a child’s ultimate outcome include: the types of parenting styles used on children, parent involvement, and the many methods of discipline....   [tags: parenting, permissive style, authoritarian style]

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Parenting Styles : Children, And Every Child

- ... Complete authoritarian parents believe they always know best, and that they should place restrictions all aspects of their children’s lives [4]. Once again, “all aspects” is limited. Even a completely authoritarian parent is not able to control every aspect of their children’s lives. Going back to the park example above, the authoritarian parent would probably say no, and likely not give a reason for their answer. In extreme cases, children of authoritarian parents can feel that their opinions are not valuable....   [tags: Parenting styles, Developmental psychology]

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Differences Between Chinese And Western Parenting Styles

- Today’s parenting model was composed by diversity, through media and books that parents got to know different parenting styles. Since more and more people focused on how to cultivate the next generation, the difference between Chinese and Western parenting styles would arouse controversy. It seems like Chinese and Western parenting methods are totally different, which give both Chinese and Western parents a shock. However, what interesting is that both parenting methods can foster elitists. Amy Chua in “Why Chinese Mothers are Superior” discusses her typical Chinese parenting style, which is a coercion way to love her daughters....   [tags: Parenting, Childhood, Parenting styles, Family]

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A Critique Of Baumrind 's Three Styles Of Parenting

- “Your children need your presence more than your presents.” While Jesse Jackson’s words may ring true for many parents, these words have actual theoretical evidence, which support different parenting styles that one can adopt when raising children. Many parents want the best for their children, but sometimes can go too far when they respond to their children’s needs and demands. However, one has to ask which style is appropriate in order to have a well-balance child, and if that is contingent upon the situation....   [tags: Parenting styles, Parenting, Parent, Childhood]

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Parenting Or Child Rearing Is The Process Of Promoting And Supporting The Physical, Emotional, Social, And

- ... Parenting Styles Authoritative This style of parenting is the one with the strongest relationship between parent and child, being as they have high expectations for their child as well as being able to understand their feelings as well are helpful when it comes to the child needing help regulating their feelings. The high expectations they expect are not usually solely relying on the child 's ability, the parents often give the child the resources and support they require to reach their goals....   [tags: Parenting styles, Parenting, Morality]

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Parenting Styles: What They Are and Why They Matter

- A parent is not only the loving mother who holds you close to her for nine months and then many years, or the dad who plays baseball with you and intimidates his daughter’s dates. It is someone who is there for you from the start, guiding you to the right path of knowledge and teaching you how to stay on the right path independently. A parent does not need to have any biological associations to the child in order to be a parent to them. A parent must have certain characteristics to be rightfully called a parent....   [tags: Most Effective Parenting Styles with Children ]

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The Effects Of Birth Order, Perception Of Parenting Style And Family Size On Educational Performance

- ... Findings for the three hypotheses were proven to be non-significant, however there were slight indications that led research members to believe the statistics could be in the direction hypothesized if more participants would have been recruited, especially for hypothesis 3. Hypothesis 3 was the only hypothesis in which previous research supported the idea that first-borns do better academically than other birth orders. Identifying factors that dictate academic success is a topic that can be internationally supported....   [tags: Parenting, Childhood, Parenting styles]

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Single Parenting

- Parenting is the practice of supporting and encouraging the physical, emotional, social and academic development of a child from birth to adult. Society says children should be raised in a two-parent family. Although, in most cases raising a child or children in a two-parent family is best, there are situations where children are better off living and being raised by one parent. It has been said, children from two-parent families are better off. The setting is also a factor to take into consideration....   [tags: children, parents, family, parenting]

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Does Parenting Style Matter? It seems that way.

- Every year, thousands of families welcome a new baby into their home. New parents today only want what is best for their children. The upcoming years are spent watching Disney movies, going to parks, taking vacations, and taking countless photographs of the new infant. As the child grows older, parents begin to develop their own style of parenting. Almost all those children brought into the world get to experience what it is to have a loving family, but for a small percentage, life is not so easy....   [tags: parents, parenting, child's development]

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How Do Different Parenting Styles Affect Our Children?

- ... Authoritative parents encourage independence and nurture their children while also maintaining high expectations and consistent discipline. These children normally have control over their emotions and develop good social skills. A child being raised by an authoritative parent is more likely to be self-confident in their abilities to learn which helps ensure their academic success. A study conducted by Akiko Watabe showed that children parented by authoritative parents had higher academic achievement motivation....   [tags: Parenting styles, Parenting, Psychology, Childhood]

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Parenting Styles : Different Styles That Form And The Outcomes They Bring Us

- ... These parents do not show respect for the child’s view point and most researchers find them to be generally cold and rejecting. (Rathus pg. 315) Parents don’t reason with their child. It is easier for them to demand respect than showing respect to their child which is much younger than them. They are often cold and not found a loving parent. This parent finds love and comfort as a weakness and they don’t want it to be shown in them. This is why an authoritarian parent tends to be the “because I said so parent.” (Myers pg....   [tags: Parenting styles, Parenting, Pregnancy, Childhood]

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Parenting Roles And Effect On Children And The Development Of A Child

- Introduction These article are about parenting roles and the effect it has on raising our children and the development of a child. In fact, the author research has revealed that different parenting skills can influence a child’s social, cognitive, and psychological growth, which affects children both in the childhood years, and as an adult. The reason being is that children develop through a falling and the parent not rushing to make sure the child is okay this let the child know they will fall and it will hurt for a little while but it they are okay....   [tags: Parenting, Childhood, Developmental psychology]

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How Parenting Styles Are Specific Things That Parents Do With Their Children

- 1. Parenting practices are specific things that parents do with their children to raise them. Some practices are playing with the child, often with gender specific toys, reading to or with the child, taking them to church and teaching them how to cook. Parenting styles are how parents relate to their children through acceptance and involvement, control and autonomy granting. There are four parenting styles; authoritative, authoritarian, permissive and uninvolved. The first style is authoritative style....   [tags: Parenting styles, Parenting, Self-esteem]

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What Is The Best Style For Parenting Our Children?

- ... Play is a crucial developmental task for any young child. My goal is to find out how play and authoritarian parenting style effect children’s social emotional development. Development of social competence is extremely important during middle childhood and is a critical part of development. Research in the article that I have read shows the importance of social competence and how it is related to children’s early play. Authoritarian parenting style relates to children’s social skills in early childhood with relation to play....   [tags: Parenting styles, Childhood, Psychology, Sociology]

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Pros and Cons for Each of The Four Parenting Styles

- To be a parent is hard work. Although every parent has a different mindset towards raising a child, the types of parenting styles can be distinguished amongst a few different kinds. In this research paper, one will learn the pros and cons for each of the four parenting styles described by Baumrind and the effect each one has on a child. Baumrind based her studies towards the development of adolescents and how the specific parenting style has influenced the child. With her findings, she found that there are four different styles that most kids were classified under, with authoritative being one of the highest....   [tags: diana baumrind, child behavior, parenting]

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How Technology has Impacted Parenting

- Ever feel vanquished in the shifting, forever changing worlds of technology and mass media. Most parents today work hard trying to find a balance between trying to keep up, and staying ahead of what their children are doing. Between devices like cell phones, iPods, and other music players that have access to the Internet, game systems as great as yesterdays computers, and with all of this exposure to mass media, how can you be sure your child is being exposed to suitable content. As kids get older, too much screen time can intervene with activities such as being physically active, reading, doing homework, playing with others, and being with family....   [tags: Parenting]

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Parenting Plays A Big Part Of The Development Of Boomerang Kids

- ... An article by Linda Stern advises parents to “Cut a deal. Get all those expectations on the table before the duffel is stashed.” By setting up arrangements and deals parents show that the kids still have a lot of responsibility and that they need to learn to be independent. It is kind of a passive aggressive way to help young adults. But those deals do not have to be permanent, you should compromise as the situation changes. Stern states, “Agree to a rough deadline or goal (a year, say, or completion of grad school), after which the deal will be renegotiated.” Which helps them become more independent while also helping them realize some strengths and weaknesses....   [tags: Adult, Adulthood, 2006 albums, Parenting]

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Parenting Styles and Children's Development

- Parenting Styles and Children's Development There are several parenting styles which guide children throughout their life. These parenting styles can be either good or bad and this will have an effect on the child; either a positive or a negative one. This essay investigates the parenting styles from which emerge questions about the role of the mother and the father. It also focuses on the ways that either too much mothering or too much fathering might have an effect on the child’s identity later on in its life....   [tags: Parenting Child Children Essays]

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How Does Parenting Affect Children’s Educational Development?

- Are children with wealthy parents more successful. Are children with poverty stricken parents less likely to receive a proper education. Most people, due to status-quo and stereotypes, quickly answer yes to both questions. It is more common in this day and age for children brought up in poverty to fail academically, which leads to poor job opportunities and thus another generation of poorly educated children are bread. Although this is true, it is a common misconception that children must fail because their parents make a lousy pay check....   [tags: Poverty, Wealth, Parenting, Education]

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The Best Long-term Parenting Solution for Bella and Dante Martin

- This letter to will assist you in determining the best long-term parenting solution for Bella and Dante Martin. It is my understanding that Eric and Elizabeth Martinez are requesting permanent custody, specifically as adoptive parents. The ideal candidates are Eric and Elizabeth. They possess requisite attributes of character, family history, community service, and provide a family home that is healthy, safe, and loving. Furthermore, they are diligent in their pursuit to instill character and uncompromising values, and provide all essential resources to afford their children opportunities for life-long advancement and personal growth....   [tags: parenting solutions, adoption, ]

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Various Aspects of Parenting

- Various Aspects of Parenting Introduction I. Transition to parenting A) Major influences on parenting The transition into parenthood isn’t an easy one there are major influences on parenthood and child rearing practices which can be put into four different factors, these are social, political, cultural and economic. Social influences are concerned with how people in society live and work together and the way people in groups behave and interact. Political factors are concerned with how changing legislation affects parenting and child rearing....   [tags: Parenting Parents Children]

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Gay and Lesbian Parenting

- The idea that lesbians and gay men may be parents is often perceived as impossible or immoral. Gay men and lesbians are often excluded from having children because sexual reproduction is related to men and women only. My approach to this controversial topic of gay parenting will be that of attempting to analyze the Pro side first. Gays and lesbians deserve equal rights in our society. Society has to realize that the modern family has transformed into many different forms in recent years in that the "nuclear family" is not necessarily the best....   [tags: Same Sex Parenting Essays]

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Developmental Views of Parenting Style and Effectiveness

- Developmental Views of Parenting Style and Effectiveness Parenting effectiveness and influence have been studied by developmental psychologists who have been interested in the role of parenting and how it may affect the success or failure of children. An important aspect to this area of research is parenting styles. There have been four styles noted and each may have differing outcomes for the children in later life: authoritarian, authoritative, permissive, and unengaged/uninvolved....   [tags: Papers Parents Parenting Raising Kids Essays]

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It Is the Quality of Parenting, Not Who Is Parenting

- “It’s The Quality of Parenting, Not Who’s Parenting” “Yes, single-parent families are different from two-parent families. And urban families are different from rural ones, and families with six kids and a dog are different from one-child, no-pet households. But even if there is only one adult presiding at the dinner table, yours is every bit as much a real family as are the Waltons.” Marge Kennedy Therefore, it is ironic that the two human heroes of each movie are so completely opposite in physical stature, backgrounds, and their actual gifts; and yet so alike in the amazing accomplishments they are able to achieve throughout both tales....   [tags: single-parent, nontraditional, families]

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The 5 Best Four Letter Words In Parenting

- The 5 Best Four Letter Words In Parenting    Parenting is one of the most challenging tasks in the world.    Unfortunately, more and more parents are opting for the  easy way out and not promoting healthy development in  their children. More and more parents are focusing on the  intellectual development of the children, ignoring the  psychological and sociological development.    What should parent do in developing their children. Are there  enough words to help develop a truly well rounded adult....   [tags: Parents Parenting Children]

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The Differences in Parenting

- Parenting styles are different across different cultures, religions, social economic status, political ideologies, and socially accepted constructs (Class, 10/11/11). The Macoby parenting paradigm of psychological constructs, describes four parenting styles based on parent’s demandingness and warmth (Class, 10/11/11). Parenting styles also reflects the disciplinary techniques used by parents. The parent-child relationship is a crucial factor in shaping the lives of a child. However, this causal association may be disproportionately unequal....   [tags: Family Studies]

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The Untitled Mommy vs. Daddy Project: Gender Roles in Parenting

- The bond between a parent and child is unlike any other; however, the relationship between the daughter and her mother and between the daughter and her father can differ greatly, but usually contain the same key points. There are certain circumstances in which a daughter will go to her mom in preference to her father for particular advice, permissions, or compensation, and to her father over her mother for other reasons. For example, the parents’ punishments, advice, rules, and willingness to grant permissions and favors may vary, prompting the child to go to different parents to accomplish different goals....   [tags: parenting, family, ]

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Unpredictability of Parenting

- Parenting. It’s the process of taking care of your own children until they are old enough to take care of themselves, and is arguably the most difficult job one could have. In the play, The Fantasticks, two fathers with a knack for gardening sing the song, “Plant a Radish,” in which they compare the unpredictability of raising kids to the certainty of planting vegetables. The Fathers had created an elaborate scheme to make their children fall in love, yet their children’s unpredictable behavior forced the plan to backfire, leaving the fathers to question the task of raising kids....   [tags: predictable, divorce, parents]

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My Parenting Philosophy: Sources of Parenting Information

- Previously, I had gained some of my knowledge of parenting strategies and styles from family and other classes I have taken in the family and child studies department. Over the course of this semester, I have been introduced to even more parenting strategies, theories, and discipline strategies that I believe would be effective in parenting. Reading the textbook, and the in class discussions have given me a deeper insight to what the ideas and the positive outcomes are using strategies that have been backed up by research....   [tags: Conflict Resolution, Behavior Contingencies]

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Same Sex Parenting is Just as Effective as Straight Parenting

- ... “Not a single study has found children of lesbian or gay parents to be disadvantaged in any significant respect relative to children of heterosexual parents.”(Jennifer Marshall) “The worlds largest study of same-sex parenting to date finds that some children are even more healthier than their peers.” (Jase Peeples) In fact, most children raised by gay parents tend to be more open-minded and accept full of others. Many people had many questions about gay parenting. For example if two males adopt a girl, how would they explain puberty to her....   [tags: gay parents, sexuality]

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