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The Organizational Culture And Organizational Trust

- ... H., 2006; Lee and Yu, 2004; Kessapidou and Varsakelis, 2002). Alizdeh proclaims, the attempts to define organizational culture adopts a number of different approaches focuses on manifestations - the heroes and villains, rites, rituals, myths and legends that populate organizations. He continues, a culture is socially constructed. It reflects meanings that are constituted in interaction that form common acceptance of definitions of the situation (Rahimi and Vazifeh Damirchi, 2012). Alizdeh states, the argument that certain organizational cultures lead to superior organizational financial performance (Ogbonna and Harris, 2000) is the major reason for the increased interest in organizationa...   [tags: Organizational culture, Sociology]

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Organizational Structure Of The Organization

- ... Power is derived from membership in teams that have the expertise to execute a task. Due to the importance of given tasks, and the number of small teams in play, a matrix structure is common; Person culture: In this type of culture, horizontal structures are most applicable. Each individual is seen as valuable as and more important than the organization itself. This can be difficult to sustain, as the organization may suffer due to competing people and priorities. Source: Boundless. “Types of Organizational Culture.” Boundless Management....   [tags: Organizational structure, Organizational culture]

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The Heart Of Change And Organizational Behavior

- ... Ivancevich, Konopaske, and Matteson talks about effective team building as well. Having a group of people with one common goal together can help make an organization successful. "Effective team building activities can help develop stronger relationships among employees, which can prevent (or at least decrease) interpersonal conflict at the office"(Ivancevich, Konopaske and Matteson pp 323). Both of the authors discuss the importance of team building and how effective it is within an organization....   [tags: Organizational culture, Organizational studies]

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Siemens And Hitachi : Organizational Behavior

- Siemens and Hitachi Introduction Organizational behavior is about developing our understanding and working skill, and a multidisciplinary area dedicated to understanding both group and individual behavior, and interpersonal processes. OB is directly concerned with the understanding, predicting and controlling of human behavior in organization. (According to Luthans) organizational behaviors is involved a large number of employees, human resources, huge investment and complex technology, ordination, chain of command, rule and procedures....   [tags: Organizational structure, Organizational culture]

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Organizational Structure And Corporate Culture

- ... The employees who were allowed to work on all stages of the pin were more satisfied on the job compared to the employees who only completed one process of the pin. When workers are satisfied on the job, in the long run, productivity is higher. Due to the nature of strategy and the long term outlook of a company, developing an organizational structure where workers are satisfied on the job is the most strategic implementation of a good strategy. It is important to create a structure that exploits job satisfaction as it is a key success factor because job satisfaction will influence a company’s overall performance....   [tags: Organizational structure, Organizational culture]

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Chipotle 's Levels Of Organizational Culture

- Chipotle’s Levels of Organizational Culture Zihao Gu University of Nevada Las Vegas Abstract The purpose of this paper is to examine the concept of organizational culture in terms of the levels of culture organizations while examining the overt nature and its performance role in an organization. The paper analysis the organizational culture of Chipotle as a well-established fast-food company with over twenty years of operation. The evaluation of the company’s culture in relation to the levels of organizational culture as researched and detailed by scholars and researchers....   [tags: Organizational culture, Organizational studies]

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Healthcare Institutions and Organizational Dynamics

- Main Discussion Post: The purpose of this week’s discussion is to reflect on our own organizations and describe it organizational structure including location, size, degree of integration, type of care provided, health needs in communities served, availability of providers, and managed care penetration. Next I will identify an element of organizational development from which my organization would benefit. Finally I will describe what actions I would take to implement the organizational element and anticipated results....   [tags: Organizational Issues]

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Organizational Behavior Terminology and Concept

- Organizational Behavior Terminology and Concept When small business owners start the concept of what type of business one would like to own, an array of critical thinking starts and a business owner has to consider questions that will make or break his or her success. Owners, who pay attention to the current rise and fall of stock for his or her chosen business, will have the upper hand against competitors. An owner who knows his or her competitors is a small part in the grand scheme of owning an organization....   [tags: Organizational Behavior ]

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Organizational Structure At Wl Gore & Associates

- ... Bill gore was always committed to finding innovative solutions to the problems with persistence an example for this is making of ribbon cable coated with PTFE which was discovered in the basement lab at 4AM and also the number of patents the company held .W.L Gore valued importance of confidentiality. The financial information as well as product and processes information was closely guarded proprietary information. The instrumental values can be seen in the organization structure at W.L Gore as it didn’t have any formal layers of management, the belief was around promoting individual creativity and responsibility....   [tags: Organizational culture, Organizational structure]

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Organizational Identity Threats : Exploring The Role Of Organizational Culture

- ... The researchers were able to access analyze the transcripts of those seminars to retrieve needed information. Furthemore, they collected information from in-house magazines and other internal communication tools, annual reports, and others. Results: The basic findings of the study are employees’ personal identity formation and its correlation with organization is strongly influenced by organizational practices. Furthermore, employees’ perception of how their organization, including B&O, is perceived externally serves as a gauge based on which they evaluate their identity and actions....   [tags: Organization, Management, Organizational studies]

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Organizational Structure And Culture Of An Organization

- Organizational Structure and Culture Introduction/Discussion Organization Structure and Culture are two important pieces in any business. Structure and culture are intertwined. In my present and former organizations I had the pleasure of participating in reorganization which allowed a distinct observation point, and came to realize that my opening statement is very much true. Looking at both these areas in comparison to what our text might offer, rightly so, Fischer (2012) has linked both structure and culture to covenantal obligations....   [tags: Organization, Organizational structure]

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The Organizational Culture Of An Organization

- The organization which will be discussed within this essay is John St. To give some background on this organization, John St headquarters are in Toronto, Ontario. The company was founded in 2001 and has around 100 employees. They provide numerous services such as advertising, social media, design services, strategic planning, account management, digital services, integrated production and studio services. On their website they follow the fact that they strive to make their clients brands “unignorable” .Throughout their website they list various different clients who are well known worldwide for example President’s choice, Tetley, Heinz, Winners, Shoppers Drug Mart, Mitsubishi Motors, Nutella...   [tags: Organization, Organizational studies]

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Organizational Culture : An Organization

- In the following paper, I will establish the way culture shapes an organization, how organizational culture is transmitted to employees, what the functions of an organizational culture, and what is done to an organizations culture to increase its economic performance. Organizational culture is a system of shared assumptions, values, and beliefs, which governs how people behave in organizations. These shared values have a strong influence on the people in the organization and dictate how they dress, act and perform their jobs....   [tags: Organization, Organizational studies]

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Organizational Structure Of An Organization

- ... So in order for an organization to have value and show some effectiveness it needs to fall up under a certain organizational structure. Different Types of Structure There are approximately four different types of organizational structures that pertain to healthcare which are Entrepreneurial (is more evident in large venues where there is a small amount of people that have a clear understanding of who wholes the role of management), Functional (is divided into two managerial areas that have a combination of hierarchical and centralized structures that unction individually when executing projects), Divisional ( set up in many different types of division when focusing on a product or geog...   [tags: Organization, Structure, Organizational structure]

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Organizational Structure Of An Organization

- ... According to Morgan (1997) when we talk about culture we are try to define the word cultivation which the word culture originate from. Which we referring something pattern which we want to develop in a society and will reflected a system of knowledge ,ideology ,values, and day to day ritual of our society. When we talk about society we are referring to our society as cultural how we manage ourselves in a society Ethics is the use of right principles and values to change the behavior of people and organizations with respect to choices between what is right and wrong in the organization....   [tags: Organization, Organizational studies, Ethics]

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Organizational Changes in Wal-Mart

- 1. Introduction Since it has been proven that an otherwise high performing company can experience a sudden overturn in fortunes, managers should be vigilant so as to prevent, or reverse, any unfavorable trend through adopting necessary organizational changes. According to Oslon, Van Bever & Verry (2008) study, notable companies underwent such an experience due to very specific reasons. Particularly, they identified premature abandonment of organizational core business as one of those reasons. This is precisely the case in Wal-Mart....   [tags: Organizational Issues]

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Organizational Culture At The Organization

- ... It is an arrangement of different attributes that express an organization and differentiate the firm from the other one (Forehand, and Von Gilmer, 1964). Hofstede’s (1980), culture is the collective thinking of minds which create a difference between the members of the group from another. Schein (1990) defined culture as different values and behaviors that may be considered as guide to success. According to Kotter and Heskett (1992), culture means fairly established set of beliefs, behaviors, and values of society generally....   [tags: Culture, Organizational culture, Sociology]

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Organization Culture : Organizational Culture

- ... For example, if a company is in the high-tech industry, having a culture that encourages innovativeness and adaptability will support its performance. However, if a company in the same industry has a culture characterized by stability, a high respect for tradition, and a strong preference for upholding rules and procedures, the company may suffer as a result of its culture. In other words, just as having the “right” culture may be a competitive advantage for an organization, having the “wrong” culture may lead to performance difficulties, may be responsible for organizational failure, and may act as a barrier preventing the company from changing and taking risks....   [tags: Culture, Organizational culture]

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Effects Of Organizational Structures On Employees

- An organization’s structure is crucial in deciding how tasks are managed or organized by employees and led by the top management. An organization’s structure provides a chance of untangling how the firm’s business is performing internally to ensure timely production of goods and services. When designing an organization’s structure, it is important to build it upon the vision and mission of the firm’s core objectives (Puffer, 2004). This kind of a structure will allow the set goals and initiatives to be met by the project scope....   [tags: Organization, Organizational structure, Management]

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Organizational Behavior Is The Study Of The Behavior

- Organizational Behavior Organizational behavior is the study of the behavior in the organization, as well as the study of the behavior of the organization; however, to better understand it, it could be defined as the study of the behavior and affecting factors of three main components: the individual, the group, and the organization itself (George & Jones, 2012, pp. 6-7). An organization is constituted of different groups, and each group of many individuals, and understanding their individual characteristics is important to manage their behavior at management levels....   [tags: Management, Organization, Organizational studies]

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Miller and Friesen: A Model of Organizational Adaptation

- Miller and Friesen (1980)The change in 24 structural and strategy making variables overtime is analysed by a study of 26 companies.Organizations were found to resist reversals in the direction of change in strategy and structure.Two extremes were demonstrated: periods of momentum in which little or no trend is reversed and dramatic periods of revolution in which huge trends are reversed. Organizations are resistant to change for reasons such as : due to pursuit of stability , avoidance of uncertainity , reluctance to deviate from programmed activities, inability to innovate, for economies of stability etc, Yet this resistance is advantageous to certain firms that are loosely structured, orga...   [tags: Organizational Engineering]

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Organizational Behavior and Building a Winning Environment

- Corporations create strategies for their teams to deliver outcomes on daily basis, so they can achieve profit and market share within their respective industry.  They have turned to successful sports coaches to motivate and teach their management leaders how to build great teams and create a winning environment.   Katz, & Koenig (2001) states, "Managers often look to sports for inspirational examples and useful models of teamwork."  Over the last decades, coaches like Phil Jackson, Pat Summit, Joe Torre, and Pat Riley have given speeches regarding teamwork and winning culture.  According to Katz & Koenig (2001), "the lessons managers can learn from sports team fall into two categories: how t...   [tags: Organizational Issues]

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Combating Resistance to Organizational Change

- Combating Resistance to Organizational Change By any objective measure, the amount of important, frequently distressing, change in organizations has grown enormously over the last two decades (Kotter, 1996). Jeffrey M. Hiatt, CEO of Prosci Inc., (as cited by Gibson, Ivancevich, Donnelly & Konopaske, 2009, p. 481) explained, “thirty years ago, a foturne 100 probably had one or two enterprisewide change intitiatives goiong on; today that number is proably between 20 and 25.” The speed of global, economic, and techological development makes change an ineveitable element of organiztional life....   [tags: Organizational Change, Change Agents]

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Human Resources and Organizational Strategy

- Human Resources and Organizational Strategy Introduction Organizational success or failure is dependent on a myriad of variables that can be challenging to measure and interpret. Success or failure can simply be luck and timing or an orchestrated and deliberate effort. As new technologies allow organizations the ability to rapidly measure and assess its internal and external environmental factors, more efficient strategies can be quickly implemented. The focus of this literature review is specifically on one of these mentioned variables....   [tags: Business, Organizational Development]

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Organizational Culture Of Organization And Its Employees

- ... In these organizations, results speak louder than anything else and leaders must be able to effectively manage internal competitiveness and drive productivity to be successful. • The third culture type, collaborate, moves further away from control and more towards emphasizing integration, flexibility, and discretion. These organizations operate like families and value cohesion, the working environment, commitment, and loyalty. Leaders in these organizations must be comfortable serving as mentors, focused more on directing self-managed teams over dictating what needs to happen for those teams to be successful....   [tags: Organizational studies, Organization]

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The Importance of Organizational Behavior

- What is organizational behavior. Prior to this course, I had never known that much of what is organizational behavior and in which ways it can impact the organization. Initially, over the course my knowledge about OB was expanded. People who want to have a successful organization in business world; first they should be able to define OB which helps the organizations to be more effectively. “Organizational behavior is a study and an application of knowledge about how people, individuals and groups act in organizations” (Clark, 2000)....   [tags: organizational behavior, business, ]

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Notes On Positive Organizational Culture

- Mabhekiso B. Mdluli April 18th, 2014 Positive Organizational Culture Establishing a positive culture, in my opinion, is vital in every organization and should be the main focus for managers and executives. Society pushes us to find happiness in everything that we do, be it in relationships, school, careers etc. Since I 've been in college, all that has been preached to me is to find the job that I 'd love and be happy working in, than a high-paying job that I would not really be into but just attracted to because of the paycheck....   [tags: Management, Organizational culture]

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Organizational Excellence and Leadership

- Organizational culture is the key to organizational excellence and leadership is a function to create and manage culture (Chen 1992). Organizational researchers have become more aware of the importance of understanding and enhancing the cultural life of the institution. "This study is one of a group of companies with high-performance in North America, interest in organizational culture is an important element in organizational success. Tesluk et al (1997). Looking at the" soft "of the organization, the researchers claim that" the organizational culture may be suitable for a means to explore and understanding of life at work, and make them more humane and more pronounced (Tesluk et al, 1997),...   [tags: Business, Organizational Culture]

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Organizational Change: A Dissection

- Change is an inevitable part of life involving individuals and organizations. The purpose of this paper is to analyze a significant organizational change. The analysis will explore the change, the reason behind the change, key players, the timeframe, the outcomes, leadership strategies, mistakes made by key players and suggestions to alleviate the mistakes. Identification of Organizational Change The significant change being analyzed is the revamping of the academic portfolio within the University of Northern Colorado’s American Sign Language-English Interpretation (ASLEI) program....   [tags: business, organizational change]

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Organizational Change and Stress Management

- Organizational change and stress management are widely accepted as two major issues in organizational life today (Vakola & Nikolaou, 2005). If there is one constant in the business world, it is change (Washington & Hacker, 2005). But with change, stress will normally follow. Change is defined as making things different while stress is defined as a dynamic condition in which an individual is confronted with an opportunity, a demand, or a resource related to what the individual desires and for which the outcome is perceived to be both uncertain and important....   [tags: change, job stress, organizational life]

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Impact of transformational leadership on organizational learning

- Organizational Learning (OL) Literature reveals that OL improves the development by introducing new expertise, output or commercialism. Nonaka & Takuchi (1995) argued that learning is vital for product innovation which means that it is not limited to only acquisition and retention of knowledge but it is used to get the required outcomes. Knowledge oriented view of the organizations argue that knowledge and learning capacity influence the organizational performance and also direct the firm to achieve sustainable and continuous competitive advantage (Zhang, 2008)....   [tags: Business, Organizational Learning]

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Applying for a Master's Degree in Organizational Leadership

- My purpose in applying for a Master's Degree in Organizational Leadership is to advance my academic career through the qualities and the values of Jesuit teachings and to expand my ability to become an effective leader. As part of my personal goal, I would like to be a bridge for different organizations and to build a strong community that consists of people working together for a cause that will affect community in a positive way such as volunteering, social well being, political, and spreading compassion for others....   [tags: candidates, Masters, Organizational Leadership, ]

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Discuss the Role Leadership Plays in Shaping Organisational Cultures

- Leadership defined has two fundamental difficulties, firstly, similar to notions such as ‘love’, ‘freedom’ and ‘happiness’, leadership is a complicated idea that has subjective interpretations (Bolden, 2004). Everyone has their own understanding of what leadership is, based on a mixture of personal experiences and learnings. Secondly, the way leadership is defined and understood through one’s influenced theoretical stance (Bolden, 2004). Those who view leadership as the outcome of individual characteristics possessed by a leader, whilst others perceive leadership as a social development that emerges from organisational relationships....   [tags: organizational ]

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What´s Organizational Psychology?

- ... Hence an interactive approach to organisational climate was brought forth arguing that as the result of the interaction of individuals in response to their situation results in the shared perception of the organisation (Moran & Volkwein, 1992) was noted while acknowledging that organisational culture plays a critical role in organisational climate. 2.3 Defining Organisational climate Defining of organisational climate is necessary to provide a point of departure in the quest for an understanding of the phenomenon....   [tags: organizational climate, environment]

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Organizational Development (OD)

- Organizational development (OD) is an application or process of building a greater level of efficiency within the organization. OD develops the ongoing effort geared for long-term effects. OD works to help management and employees on a variety of levels. Organizational development is perhaps unequaled in its ability to meet any type of organization needs. However, the solutions developed from the role of OD may not be necessarily interchangeable with different organizations (Grant, 2010). According to traditional theorists such as Fayol, Weber, and Taylor, a school of thought identifies a level of agreement in their view of organizational system implementation....   [tags: organizational development, fayol, weber]

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Amazon´s Organizational Structure

- Organizational culture is a reflective view of the inner workings of an organization. This culture reflects hierarchical arrangements as it pertains to the lines of authority, rights and obligations, duties, and communication processes. Organizational structure establishes the manner in which power and roles are coordinated and controlled amongst the varying levels of management. The structure of an organization is dependent upon their goals, objectives, and strategy. Determining organizational structure best suited for an organization is generally found within the six key elements of organizational structure and choosing those to implement those best suited for the organization....   [tags: e-commerce, organizational culture]

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Planned Organizational Change

- The ideal approach to creating change in any organization is to apply a realistic and deductive method of planned change. Within the realm of planned change, there is an eight-step process to implementing a program. However, there are four elements that are fundamental to any plan of action that will allow for an environment conducive to planned change. Planned change requires that those responsible for making decisions are not only rational, but must also have access to specific information pertaining to the plan, as well as the lack of constraints on time and resources (Stojkovic et al., 2008)....   [tags: Organizational Development, Change, Business]

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The Role Of Organizational Structure For U.s. Metropolitan Police Department

- ... According, the author chief Kimbell, was an advocate of the vertical organizational structure which characterized by is a traditional hierarchy. According, to reading all law enforcement agencies are centralized organization that are designed to structure around senior level managers to collect information broadly in order the make decisions on behalf of the entire company”( Textbook, Chapter). Chief Kimbell was sole the commander authority and his implicit and explicit power the was able to manage his policers officers to fulfill the organizational function and roles to successfully protect the community....   [tags: Organizational structure, Organization, Constable]

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Bureaucratic Management : Organizational Culture And Post Bureaucracy

- Changes in bureaucratic management to organizational culture and post-bureaucracy came to the rise of capitalism. With companies focusing on profit and any means on achieving that productivity lead to changing ownership that was increasingly fast and unstable or as Grey notes from Susan Strange, the idea of casino capitalism. (2009). According to Strange, “the Western financial system is rapidly coming to resemble nothing as much as a vast casino,” (Casino Capitalism. [2008]. Retrieved September 16, 2014.) Strange points out that between the 20 year span from 1965 to 1985, organizations took an increased risk in the market causing a unbalanced disruption in social and political aspects world...   [tags: Management, Organizational studies, Organization]

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Departmentalization, Organizational Authority and Job Design: Dakkota Integrated Systems

- Organizational structure, along with the different elements it encompasses, is a significant factor in the overall design of any business. Establishing a clear picture of what a department’s responsibilities are, classifying job roles and functions, and defining where people fit into the chain of command, can make everyday tasks and decisions easier for both employees and managers alike. In addition, astute planning and organization can also have a large impact on a company’s bottom line, with an effectively organized company saving money by reducing redundancies and improving processes and work flow....   [tags: organizational structure]

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The Role and Responsibility of Company Leadership in Shaping Organizational Culture

- According to (Organic Workspaces, n. d) an organization’s culture refers to the observable, powerful forces in any organization, usually constituted by the employees’ shared values, beliefs, symbols, and behaviors. The organizational culture ideally influences its decisions and actions (Tharp, n. d). (Watkins, 2013) also defines organizational culture as a consistent and observable pattern of behavior in organizations. An organization’s culture channelizes individual decisions and actions at a subconscious level, and thus, can have a potent effect on an organization’s success....   [tags: company leadership, organizational culture]

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Theoretical Aspects of Organizational Culture in South African Context

- An organization is the means by which human and other resources are deployed so that work gets done (Price, 2011). Edward Taylor defined Culture as the ‘knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, custom and any other capabilities and habits’ acquired through membership of society’ (Price a. c., 2011). Bower simply defined organizational culture as ‘the way we do things around here’. (Price a. c., Human Resource Management Fourth edition, 2011). Researchers have determined that culture is one variable that adds to the organization as a whole....   [tags: organizational culture, collectivism, management]

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How Organizational Bureaucratization affects Work-Life Balance

- Work-life balance has been a widely studied topic within Organizational Communication. Many researches focus on how to achieve balance; this study is going to look at how higher or lower levels of organizational bureaucratization affects work-life balance and job satisfaction within theatre organizations. The balance between work and life has become a problem for employees to handle due to many factors like technology, and work overload that has created a blend of work and life. This topic is important to the field because research has shown that when work and life is not significantly balanced, it could cause work-family conflict, stress, and job dissatisfaction....   [tags: job satisfaction, organizational communication]

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Organizational Behavior Terminology And Concepts

- Understanding organizational behavior is important for everyone involved in an organization, not just the leadership and management teams. By gaining and understanding this knowledge each employee should be able to realize how their individual actions contribute to the big picture of the company. In order to understand this there are some key concepts and terminology that must be explained to make the learning process more manageable. Organizational Behavior What is organizational behavior. According to Schermerhorn, Hunt, & Osborn (2005, p....   [tags: Organizational Behavior]

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Organizational Behavior Concepts And Terms

- Introduction As an amateur linguist, I am fascinated by words. Their origins and meanings help me to better relate to my surroundings and specific concepts. Many would say that one can not begin to understand a word or concept until a meaning is agreed upon. John Locke wrote in An Essay Concerning Human Understanding (1977) that words signify ideas, and furthermore that if a person can not identify the idea behind the word then the words are lacking in meaning (Kemerling, 2001). This agreement in terminology regarding key concepts is a culmination of my research into word origins, and as defined by Schermerhorn, Hunt, and Osborn in the text Organizational Behavior (2005)....   [tags: Organizational Behavior]

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Organizational Behavior Terminology and Concepts

- Organizational Behavior Terminology and Concepts Businesses today often promote change to create a better more productive work environment. These changes occasionally produce unwanted results which were not expected or planned for. By monitoring organizational behavior unwanted or negative results can be minimized so change can be effective within an organization. Organizational behavior, organizational culture, diversity, communication, business ethics, and change management are all factors within an organization....   [tags: Organizational Behavior]

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The Importance of Organizational Communication

- Overview In a wide scope the true essence of any organisation survival and success depends on communication, as it is the fuel and the maintainer of an organisation. According to Miller (2003) “organisational communication involves an understanding of the influence of the context of an organisation on communication processes and of the manner in which the symbolic nature of communication distinguishes it from other forms of behaviour”. In addition the “communication in the organisation fulfils various functions, including information dissemination, control, persuasion and integration, in Baker and Angelopulo (2010:75)....   [tags: organizational survival and success]

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Organizational Structures

- Introduction McShane and Von Glinow state that “the best organizational structure depends on the organization’s external environment, size, technology, and strategy” (409). To identify the best organizational structure for Protegé Engineering, I will first determine what ‘Organizational Structure’ means. In a second step I will analyze its elements and carve out the important components for the considered organization. Finally I will provide a conclusion and recommendation. Organizational Structures In general, organizational structure is related to the way that an organization organizes employees and jobs, so that its work can be performed and its goals can be met....   [tags: Organizational Development, McShane, Von Glinow]

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Importance Of Organizational Theory On Strategic Decision Making

- Importance of Organizational Theory on Strategic decision Making Introduction Strategic decisions have great impact on healthcare decision making as it gives the benefits of synergy (Parayitam, Phelps & Olson, 2007). New demands and competitive forces require healthcare organization to think carefully about their strategic decisions. A good strategy means to meet the patient needs and patient access through appropriate quality of care (Young & Ballarin, 2006). Hence, it is important to make strategies with the collaboration of organizational theories....   [tags: Organizational studies,human resource management]

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Concepts In Organizational Behavior

- Organizational behavior is the study of the many factors that have an impact on how people and groups act, think, feel, and respond to work and organizations and how organizations respond to their environments. (George & Jones, 2005) Organizational behavior is particularly important to managers, who are responsible for supervising the activities of one of more employees. A manager has four principal functions or duties of management. These include; the process of planning, organizing and leading an organizations human, financial, material, and others resources to increase its effectiveness....   [tags: Organizational Behavior]

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Organizational Culture Is The Intangible Quality Keeping The Workforce

- Organizational culture is the intangible quality keeping the workforce, leadership, customers and stakeholders bounded together. It is the system with which an organization functions and produces. “Organizational culture refers to a system of shared assumptions, values, and beliefs that show people what is appropriate and inappropriate behavior” (Flat World Knowledge, n.d.). Lincoln Electric Company opened its doors as a small and unassuming business in 1895 when John C. Lincoln began manufacturing a new motor he patented (Sharplin, 1989)....   [tags: Organizational studies, human resource management]

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Organizational Change at NASA

- NASA - Organizational Change A review of the external and internal threats will help determine the weakness of the problem analysis related to the launching of space shuttle Challenger. At the time of the accident, the country was experiencing an economic slowdown. Considering the economic climate, Congress wanted to know if the American people still support the huge requirements of the program. The government ruled out increase in taxes being an election year. Simultaneous to the congressional investigation was a launch of space shuttle Challenger....   [tags: Organizational Behavior]

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How Organizational Behaviour Can Be Viewed By Companies ( Schbeuder 1987 )

- In response to this view it is important to distinguish what exactly organisational behaviour is. It includes the combined study of group and individual performance and activity within an organisation and the extent to which this has an impact on the organisation. On an individual level this includes features such as personalities and perception whereas on a group level aspects such as structure, leadership and power within the organisation and on a collective level it refers to characteristics of rewards and culture....   [tags: Organization, Organizational studies, Person]

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Does An Organizational Change Have The Proficiency Of An Effective Conflict Resolution?

- Does an organizational change have the proficiency to an effective conflict resolution. In an organization, change is essential for growth, prosperity and to have a competitive advantage amongst other organization. However, to be proficient an organization it must have impact with effective conflict resolution. Choose a change that you believe is necessary for your organization/department/team; A change that is necessary on my team should be focused on leadership and accountability. It must have the ability to identify when to negotiate and when to avoid negotiating....   [tags: Management, Organization, Organizational studies]

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How can the role of leadership be best understood in organizational change

- The role of leadership can best be understood in organizational change as a multi-dimensional phenomenon. Depending on the conceptualisation of organizational change you adopt, the leader’s role could be perceived to be a variety of things, from that of an initiator/visionary, the influencer of culture, a trigger for follower organizational identification, someone who redefines resistance, or a sense maker who introduces new discourses. The most useful approach can be to consider an issue from a number of different theoretical points of view before determining the most effective intervention....   [tags: Organizational Development, Change]

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Organizational Culture Is Challenging, Very Difficult And Time Consuming Task

- Changing organizational culture is challenging, very difficult and time consuming task. According to Torbin Rick (2011) There are four major steps that involved in changing an organizational culture: (1) Understand how the company is doing things right now (current culture; (2) Define the direction you want your organization want to pursue, how you will achieve this for the new culture to make it happen ; (3) Create plans to make sure that the desired new culture will become a reality; (4) Leaders in the organization need to change their behavior to have the new culture to be in place....   [tags: Organizational culture, Culture, Patient]

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The Importance of Matching Strategy, Design and Structure for Organizational Effectiveness in a Turbulent Global Environment

- Many companies today face the challenge of global expansion while trying to maintain organizational effectiveness. There are several reasons why companies would want to expand their operations into other countries. If a company has achieved market saturation with its existing customer base, it may want to expand globally to reach a new group of customers. In order for the firm to be considered organizationally effective, it must maintain control over its new global environment (Jones, 2013, p. 16)....   [tags: global expansion, organizational effectiveness]

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Organizational Behavior Terminology and Concepts

- Organizational Behavior Terminology and Concepts      Organizational behavior is defined as the study of human behavior in organizations. Organizational behavior is an interdisciplinary body of knowledge with strong ties to the behavioral sciences such as psychology, sociology and anthropology as well as to allied sciences. However, the goal of organizational behavior is to integrate the diverse insights of these other disciplines and apply them to real-world problems and opportunities. The ultimate goal of organizational behavior is to improve the performance of people, groups and organizations (Schermerhorn, Hunt, Osborn, 2005)....   [tags: Organizational Culture Shared Beliefs]

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Basic Concept of Organizational Behavior

- Perhaps the single most important technique for motivating the people you supervise is to treat them the same way you wish to be treated: as responsible professionals. It sounds simple; just strike the right balance of respect, dignity, fairness, incentive, and guidance, and you will create a motivated, productive, satisfying, and secure work environment. Unfortunately, as soon as the complexities of our evolving workforce mix with human relationships, even the best-intentioned supervisors can find the management side of their jobs deteriorating into chaos....   [tags: Fundamentals of Organizational Behavior]

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Managing Organizational Behavior

- Managing Organizational Behavior In all organizations, regardless of size, it is important for management to create a safe and nurturing environment for all employees. To create this type of environment management needs to understand: employee behavior; organizational culture; the need for diversity; a formal code of ethics; strong communication; and how to promote and manage change. The first step is to understand employee behavior and to manage that behavior. The behavior of employees within and organization is called "organizational behavior." To manage organizational behavior, an organization needs to focus on hiring, maintaining, developing and utilizing the skills of their human capi...   [tags: Organizational Behavior]

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Organizational Behavior And Concepts

- In business to succeed, the people behind the scenes have many issues and problems that may arise. Sometimes an organization can go down before it even begins. Proper structure, education, and change are always needed for a business to succeed. When going into or beginning an organization, one must learn about the culture. Organization culture “is the set of shared values, beliefs, and norms that influences the way employees think, feel, and behave toward each other, and toward people outside the organization” (George, & Jones, 2005, p.33)....   [tags: Organizational Behavior Culture]

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Organizational Behavior And Concepts

- Organizational Behavior and Concepts Every successful company realizes that one of the most valued assets within the business is the people. "To attract and retain the best qualified people available without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, or disability" (Boeing, 2006, p. 2) . Companies of today focus on continuous personnel development that is necessary to increase the value of an organization's human capital....   [tags: Organizational Behavior Business]

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Organizational Behavior

- Organizational Behavior Shermerhorn, Hunt, Osborn, 2005, Section 1, defines Organizational Behavior (OB) is "the study of individuals and groups in an organization. Developers of this principle have substantiated it using a variety of methods such as Field studies, Laboratory studies, Meta analyses, Survey studies, and Case studies. Extended in the formulation of organizational behavior are other academic disciplines-psychology, sociology, economics, anthropology and political science. However, why should an organization, group, or individual make any effort understanding this study....   [tags: Organizational Culture]

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Organizational Trends

- Organizational Trends Organizational Trends According to Organizational Behavior (OB, 2005), decision making is defined as the process of choosing a course of action for dealing with a problem or opportunity. There are several steps that occur in the decision making process. First, one must recognize and define the problem or opportunity. Second, one must identify and analyze alternative courses of action and estimate their effects. Third, choose a preferred course of action. Fourth, implement the preferred course of action....   [tags: Organizational Behavior]

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Organizational Change

- Change Management Introduction A need for growth in any organization to stay a viable entity must occur. Organizational change is inevitable. Just like anything in life, markets and cultures change which require constant attention and preparation. In order to be successful in any market, an organization has to be able transform itself to the needs for the market. CrysTel is no stranger to change. CrysTel is a telecommunication company with over 2500 employees and a gross income of approximately $200 million a year....   [tags: Organizational Behavior]

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Organizational Behavior and Its Importance to a Company

- Organizational Behavior and Its Importance to a Company What is organizational behavior and why is it important for a company to understand it. There are several crucial reasons why companies should utilize the concepts of organizational behavior, as well as understand the key terms that are associated with organizational behavior. To understand and utilize organizational behavior there are several key terms that must also be understood, for example organizational culture, diversity, communication, organizational effectiveness and efficiency, organizational learning....   [tags: Organizational Behavior Culture Intracorp Essays]

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Organizational Communication : The Organizational Culture Theory

- Josiah Blandin COMM-144F January 15, 2016 Organizational Communication Overview of Course: The main idea of the course is to understand organizations by looking and thinking about them metaphorically. Through the examination of organizations, we understand the role of communication throughout the process of creating and maintaining organizations. Furthermore, we understand how culture dominates organization and shapes the way organizations communicate and handle various circumstances within an organization....   [tags: Organization, Communication]

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Organizational Development Competencies

- How to Decide OD Consultants Competencies The process of choosing the correct Organizational Development consultant for a particular company can be very stressful and time consuming. Many factors may come into play such as are they detailed, how is the consultant known (good or bad), and how do their specific skills fit your companies needs. All of these are questions a company should ask and research when looking for the proper Organizational Development Consultant. Research has shown several methods on how to get the right fit for your company and I’ve narrowed down eleven of the best ways for a firm to choose their consultant and this is what was found....   [tags: Organizational Strategy Business Decision Analysis]

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How Biographical Traits of Individuals Affect Organizational Performance

- How Biographical Traits of Individuals Affect Organizational Performance To study the organization behavior, that is to study the people who form the organization. The success of an organization rests on the characteristics of its people. Successful managers can observe the employees’ behavior to understand their individual characteristics, which helps to improve the employees’ performance. Therefore, the performance of employees is directly related to their biographical characteristics and abilities....   [tags: Organizational Behavior Work Performance Essays]

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Personal Philosophy, Mission and Organizational Ethics

- Personal, cultural, and professional values and morals make up the ethics that drive the decision making process for most individuals and businesses in our society. Ethics reflect our conscience, morality and how we apply these concepts in deciding right from wrong (Covey, 1994, p. 66). Ethical awareness is critical for how we conduct our lives and make choices in the workplace; by defining moral values through a religious faith based following, ethical principles can be developed that guide us in identifying and fulfilling our personal goals and social responsibilities, allowing individuals and businesses alike to become more productive members of society....   [tags: organizational ethics, hinduism, christianity]

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Impact Of Culture And Power On An Organisational Behaviour

- ... The principle used in the work place is to target preventable health issues, promote healthy lifestyles and to ensure that new work-force initiatives support health care needs. Consumer/patient and population needs are key potential of AP. AP has reduced waiting time in a haematology clinic for patients who require a full blood count to be performed to under 20 minutes for 95% of patients within six months. AP has enthusiastic courier service for the collection of specimens and delivery of reports throughout Canberra (ACT Health, 2011-2014)....   [tags: Organizational studies, Organization, Management]

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Drivers of Organizational Change and the Keys to Successful Organizational Change

- Organizations are dynamic entities. They consist of tangible resources (people, methods, equipment, information, finance and materials) and intangible resources (brands, trademarks, patents, reputation, motivation, goodwill, copyright, copy-left and other forms of intellectual property). Businesses do not exist in a vacuum. They affect and are affected by their environment (micro, macro, physical and intellectual). The four cases presented in the next section covers three broad industrial sectors – public sector, non-profit and private tertiary education provider....   [tags: contribution, public sector, organization]

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Organizational Leadership And Organizational Elements

- Today’s global marketplace is constantly changing, thus organizations need to adapt and evolve not only their operations but their culture in order to remain competitive, as well as, ensure the business is sustainable. In order to achieve this challenging feat, organizational leadership and organizational elements such as intent, vision, and performance are necessary. The following essay will discuss the aforementioned elements. Organizational leadership is noted when senior staff members spotlight objectives for the employees, in addition to, escort them towards achieving these goals ("Organizational Leadership," 2015)....   [tags: Management, Leadership, Leader]

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Motivation, Organizational Behavior and Performance

- Motivation is an important concept which is critical for understanding of and improvement in organizational behaviour and performance. It is therefore important for the managers to understand motivation. It is an important tool which they can use to get more out of their employees and increase organizational performance. Motivation can be defined as the factors, both internal as well as external which arouse in individuals the desire and commitment for a job (Mele, 2005, p. 15). Organizational performance on the other hand refers to the degree to which the organizational objectives have been achieved....   [tags: organizations, business, motivation,]

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Organizational Approaches to Job Design

- The idea of job arrangement is nothing new. It has roots to the horizontal the origination of the unskilled era when Babbage wrote on simulated, sequent, and rationalized jobs. Perhaps the best-known intellect on job program is Frederick President, who wrote The Principles of Technological Direction. He proposed analyzing and breaking jobs into simplified tasks through move studies. Job system defines and delineates the tasks, duties, and responsibilities of a job. This collection of data becomes the basis for the developed into corresponding job descriptions....   [tags: Job Arrangements, Organizations]

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A Mechanistic Model Of Organizational Structure

- ... 2. Compare functional and product departmentalization in terms of relative efficiency, production, satisfaction, flexibility, quality, competitiveness, and development. Consider particularly the possibility that one basis may be superior in achieving one aspect of effectiveness, yet inferior in achieving another. Functional departmentalization creates departments of experts in a specialty such as marketing and would be better suited for companies that have a small product or service offering that may have similar features....   [tags: Management, Organization]

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Organizational Teams And Goal Setting

- Over the past three weeks, the course has focused on organizational teams and goal setting. The modern day company is made of multiple departments that are all interconnected. Within these departments, there are subject matter experts that serve as a part of a larger departmental team that is assigned to a specific function within the organization. A team is a group of individuals with complementary skills that depend upon one another to accomplish a common purpose or set of performance goals for which they hold themselves mutually accountable (Brown, 2011)....   [tags: Goal, Organization, Pharmacy, Management]

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The Concepts Of Organizational Behavior

- ... This same lack of communication was occurring within departments as well. Employees within the same departments were saving files differently and this generated more confusion and hindered the employees’ ability to complete their duties and negatively impacted the organization. Problems in the work organization such as employees’ opposition to change, insufficient leadership, lack of training, and inadequate communication between individuals and departments can be greatly improved by utilizing the concepts of organizational behavior....   [tags: Leadership, Management, Goal, Organization]

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The Organizational Culture Of The Beauty Industry

- ... New Hires On average, one retail location holds 100-150 employees, with this number increasing significantly during holiday seasons. Consequently, managers are dedicated to recruiting newer employees and transitioning them into the organization properly. Considering this, older employees are constantly expected to be accommodative of new hires prone to making mistakes and requiring assistance from senior staff, although their efforts are overlooked. Essentially, senior managers (ten exist) prioritize recognizing new hires who perform well in order to help them feel secure in their new jobs, while paying no attention to older employees who continue to excel in their duties....   [tags: Management, Organization, Feedback, Appreciation]

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Organizational Dissent And How It Impacts The Organization

- Focusing on the definition of organizational dissent and how it impacts the organization, there first has to be a comprehension of the word dissent. According to Morris (1996) the history of the word dissent comes from the combination of two words from the Latin language, dissentlre and sentire. Kassing (2011) simplified the word dissent to an individual feeling apart. When observing dissent throughout organizations, dissent deals with a member feeling excluded from the organization. Kassing (1998, pg....   [tags: Management, Organization]

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