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Deception and Disguise in Homer’s Odyssey

- Homer’s Odyssey challenges the common view on deception as employed only maliciously. Both a mortal, Odysseus, and one of the most revered goddesses, Athena, have the common noble goal of bringing Odysseus back home to his family after nearly two decades of absence. To achieve that goal, they mainly use deception and disguise in various forms that their physical and mental powers allow. Odysseus is famous for wittily deceiving others through verbal means, fact noted by Menelaus and Helen of Troy (Book 4)....   [tags: literary analysis, homer, odyssey]

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The Odyssey Disguise To Find True Identity

- The Odyssey Disguise To Find True Identity Disguise To Find True Identity The Odyssey is an epic that shapes and defines the roles of many great leaders. These leaders are made up of mortals, alive and dead, and immortals. The trip taken by Odysseus is not only a journey of a war hero back to his homeland, but is a journey in all of the characters lives, which develop a better sense of personal identity and selfhood as the epic goes on. It is the many disguises that each character uses that uncover their true identities from their experiences....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Use of Disguise in Homer's Odyssey

- The Use of Disguise in Odyssey     In Homer's Odyssey, the use of disguise to help convey a false identity assists the characters in accomplishing their plans.  Without the use of disguise it would thwart Odyssey’s attempts at arriving back to his homeland. Each disguise has its own individual purpose, for example Athene's image as Mentor to advise Telemachos.  The main intention being to assist and encourage Telemachos into searching for news of his long lost father without revealing her true identity of divinity.  Being old and wise, and more specifically male, enables Athene to place more power behind the words spoken by Mentor.  This is since men were received with greater influence...   [tags: Homer, Odyssey Essays]

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Deception and Disguise in "The Odyssey"

- Deception is defined as a crafty procedure or practice meant to deceive or defraud. People tend to view this as a sinister action. No matter how sinister it can be, it can also be utilized to gain information and knowledge. How a person uses deception varies among different people. Generally, the more clever people tend to utilize deception very efficiently. Odysseus masters deception in the Odyssey by disguising himself. Odysseus isn't alone for Athena also uses disguises. With that being said, disguises allow Odysseus to succeed in killing the suitors....   [tags: Literary Themes]

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Use of Disguise in Homer’s Odyssey

- Use of Disguise in Homer’s Odyssey     The difference between a wise and a foolish decision is often found in discerning when to conceal and when to reveal. This discretion in concealing and revealing is a major theme within The Odyssey. There is a proper time to deceive and a proper time to tell the truth; thus, it is crucial that one act accordingly. This importance is exemplified in Odysseus' life. When he is discreet in his timing, he achieves his goal. One example of this is the Trojan War....   [tags: Homer Odyssey disgody]

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Use of Disguises in Homer's Odyssey

- Use of Disguises in Odyssey        The characters' use of disguises in Homer's Odyssey is a crucial element that helps to catalyze the victory of good over evil.  Each disguise is unique, created for a specific purpose.  Before she talks to Telemachos, Athena disguises herself as a wise old man in order to ensure that her words carry weight and are taken seriously.  She knows that she must assist and encourage Telemachos into searching for his long lost father without revealing her divine nature, so she assumes the guise of Mentor because men were generally given more credibility in those days.  In a similar vein, Odysseus disguises himself as a homeless man in order to exude anonymity s...   [tags: Homer, Odyssey Essays]

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Disguises in Homer's Odyssey

- Disguises in Homer's Odyssey      In Homer's Odyssey, disguises help convey a false identity that assist the characters in accomplishing their plans.  Each disguise has its own purpose, such as Athene's image as Mentor to advise Telemachos.  Her purpose was to assist and encourage Telemachos into searching news of his long lost father without revealing her true identity of divinity.  Being old and wise, and especially male, helps put more power behind the words spoken by Mentor because men were received with greater influence than women were.  Similar, Odysseus, through his clever use of false storytelling and disguises as "nobody" and a vagabond, is able to safely return to Ithaka and s...   [tags: Homer Odyssey disgody]

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The Character Odysseus in Homer's Odyssey

- The Character Odysseus in Odyssey "Odyssey" is an epic story that has been a significant piece of literature since it was first composed and will remain so for ages to come. One of the reasons it has been so is because of the hero, Odysseus. Odysseus is one of the first Greek mythic heroes renowned for his brain as well as his muscle. Indeed he is a man with an inquiring mind, and he is also a man with outstanding prowess and bravery" ( "We also must not forget that he is a top-notch athlete which only adds more to this seemingly insuperable character....   [tags: Odyssey essays]

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The Odyssey By Homer 's Odyssey

- Some people are very hospitable while others are not. In Homer’s “The Odyssey” Odysseus is returning home from a war as he is swept off course by Poseidon. Odysseus spends ten years drifting from island to island until he was able to return home. While away from home, Odysseus encounters some places were hospitability was key while some places hospitability was not as important. Therefore, Hospitality is a central motif of the Odyssey that focuses on the behavior of both hosts and their guests. Homer’s depicts several scenes of positive hospitality throughout the story of “The Odyssey “....   [tags: Odyssey, Odysseus, Trojan War, Iliad]

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The Iliad And The Odyssey

- The Iliad and The Odyssey are epic poems written by Homer, telling the stories of the heroes: Akhilleus, the strongest man in the Akhaian army, fighting in the Trojan War, and Odysseus, the cleverest man in the army, who is trying to get home after that war. The gods often intervene, shaping the lives of the characters. Divine intervention in The Iliad and The Odyssey exists to characterize the statuses of the mortals and the gods. The gods remind the mortals of their power over them through divine intervention, elevating the statuses of the gods and reinforcing their superiority....   [tags: Trojan War, Iliad, Odyssey, Poseidon]

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Concealment and Disguises in Homer's Odyssey

- Concealment and Disguises in Homer's Odyssey     Did you know, that although caves, and disguises play a small literal role in The Odyssey, are major symbols, and sometimes even considered archetypes. Sometimes when quickly reading through a book, one does not pick up on the symbolic interpretation of many images created throughout the book. A man named Homer wrote The Odyssey around 800 B.C. The story was a Greek epic poem, illustrating the struggle of Odysseys, the hero, to return home....   [tags: Homer Odyssey disgody]

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The Odyssey : A Story Of The Struggles

- ... Eventually this is discovered and these men begin to demand that Penelopeia picks a husband. Odysseus’s teenage son, Telemachus, is prudent but yet still tries to defend his mother or himself and is constantly overpowered and taunted by these men. Athena then comes to Telemachus in disguise as Mentes, to give him advice to go searching for his missing father. She tells him that he is not dead, but a prisoner somewhere in the sea. If given the word he has died, Telemachus must come home to plan a funeral and find a suitor to marry his mother....   [tags: Odyssey, Odysseus, Athena, Marriage]

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Odysseus By Homer 's The Odyssey

- ... Odysseus succeeds in charming her and is taken to the castle. During his journey to the castle, Athena informs him that “a foreign man will get no welcome here” (7.35). However, once there at the castle, Odysseus is able to use the story of his travels to gain sympathy and respect from the Phaiakians. He tells them both his successes and especially his mistakes (9.570). He gains their sympathy by talking about all of the awful things that have happen to him. He throws himself entirely to their mercy (7.160) and it works....   [tags: Odysseus, Odyssey, Athena, Iliad]

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The Realtionship of a Father and Son in Homer’s Odyssey

- The Odyssey tells the story of Odysseus and his both literal and figurative journey home to Ithaka. When the great king, Odysseus travels to Troy on the account of war, many obstructions hinder him from returning home. During his absence, his deprivation of being a father to his son, Telemachus, causes great disappointment. Without a father, his son strives to grow and mature yet he has not the slightest idea of where to. However, as Telemachus struggles to reach manhood and his father struggles to return to Ithaka, their seemingly separate journeys are connected....   [tags: Homer, Odyssey]

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The Odyssey

- Socrates, a Greek philosopher stated, "Look death in the face with joyful hope, and consider this a lasting truth: the righteous man has nothing to fear, neither in life, nor in death, and the Gods will not forsake him” (Socrates). This explains the basis for Greek beliefs that can be carried over to values and qualities of them. As in this, Homer, the author of The Odyssey, portrays many Greek values that make up a righteous man or as, Homer’s character Odysseus, an epic hero. The Odyssey is the story of King Odysseus' return from the Trojan War to his kingdom of Ithaca....   [tags: Socrates Odyssey Epic Poem]

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Characteristics Of Odysseus From The Book ' Odyssey '

- ... Additionally, Odysseus outsmarts the suitors with a disguise. “A public tramp who begged around the town of Ithika, a by-word for his insatiable swag-belly.” (18.1-3). This is important because since Odysseus was in the disguise of an old beggar, the other men did not think it was possible to shoot the arrow perfectly. Although Odysseus shows intelligence in many different ways, he is actually fairly foolish. First off, when Odysseus is granted a bag of storms and winds as a gift from Zeus, he does not tell his shipmates what it holds, they open it for quite the surprise....   [tags: Odyssey, Odysseus, Poseidon, Trojan War]

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Homer’s Odyssey and the Odyssey of Our Lives

- Homer’s Odyssey and the Odyssey of Our Lives        Homer’s Odyssey is a magnificent mythological tale. This work was presumably created after his encounter with goddess Athena. Although Odysseus’ journey is filled with unrealistic adventures and mythical powers, some principles behind this story can relate to our everyday lives. Odysseus’ adventures in Odyssey relate to the heroism, intellect, and ruthlessness that are in our lives.     Odysseus’ determination of returning home will help him prevail....   [tags: Odyssey essays]

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Comparing The Aeneid And Homer 's The Odyssey

- We have read two myths of great heroes this semester, Virgil’s The Aeneid and Homer’s The Odyssey. In both of these tales we get to go along with two great heroes on their journey home and all of the troubles that they face. Although these stories tell us about two great heroes and their journey there are a lot of differences. In this paper I will compare and contrast scenes from both myths and suggest a reason that this borrowing was appropriate for what Vergil was trying to do with his version of the myth....   [tags: Odyssey, Odysseus, Trojan War, Poseidon]

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A Call For Help By Homer 's Odyssey

- ... This allows for the men to prepare for the other reasons that they should assist him in searching for his father. At this time their house is full of suitors ready to take Penelope’s hand, so Telemachus continues, “They squander everything./ We have no strong Odysseus to defend us,/ and as to putting up a fight ourselves- / we’d only show our incompetence in arms” (II, 62-65). The suitors are pillaging through the home of Odysseus without any consideration to either his wife or son, and they have no defense against them....   [tags: Odyssey, Trojan War, Odysseus, Homer]

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Similes From Homer 's Odyssey

- ... The second simile describes the unmasked reunion between father and son, when Odysseus unveils his identity to Telemachus: Like the cries of birds- Sea-eagles or taloned vultures- Whose young chicks rough farmers have stolen Out of there nests before they were fledged. (Lombardo 246) It shows the reader the piteous cries the pair shed after being apart for so long– Telemachus was separated from his father because of the Trojan War, and the simile is used to express the deep sense of longing that has been stored up after so many years....   [tags: Odyssey, Trojan War, Odysseus, Homer]

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Telemachus in The Odyssey

- Telemachus in The Odyssey The first four books of the Odyssey are sometimes known as 'Telemachy'. It is a self-contained section that could in fact be easily removed, allowing the story to begin with Odysseus without damaging the plot. They deal with Telemachus' struggle and coming of age through his travels and quest. Telemachus is sent on his travels because although he has grown to adulthood, when Athene first visits him in book one, he is somewhat pathetic, lonely and very much a young boy and is not strong enough to remove the suitors from his father's palace: "Sitting disconsolate among the Suitors, imagining how his noble father might come back out of...   [tags: Papers Odyssey Essays Papers]

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The Portrayal of Women in Homer's Odyssey

- Does Homer exhibit gender bias in the Odyssey?  Is the nature of woman as depicted in the Odyssey in any way revealing. Upon examining the text of the Odyssey for differential treatment on men and women, it becomes necessary to distinguish between three possible conclusions.  One, differences in treatment reflect the underlying Homeric thesis that  women are "different but equal in nature,"  Two, different treatment  of men and women in the text reflect a thesis that women are "different and unequal in nature" -- arguments about misogyny fall in here but a host of other interpretive possibilities are possible too....   [tags: The Odyssey by Homer]

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Homer's Odyssey as a Moral Epic

-                A large number of the works of ancient poetry and literature have been said to carry a moral undertone. Homer's 'Odyssey' is no exception. This essay explores the moral positions that the poem seems to adopt. Subsequently, it will show that while the 'Odyssey' is indeed a moral epic, the moral position of the main characters themselves, namely Odysseus and the Gods, can, at times, be questionable.             Loyalty is one moral value that is evident throughout the poem. No character embodies loyalty more than Penelope who remains loyal and true to Odysseus throughout his absence, refusing to give in to the suitors' proposal of marriage and not engaging in any extramarital...   [tags: Odyssey Essays]

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Importance of Character in Homer's Odyssey

- Importance of Character in Homer's Odyssey Odyssey, by Homer, is about Odysseus, the king of Ithaca. Odysseus fights in the Trojan War and wins. He travels towards Ithaca but does not reach it because he is not in favor of Poseidon, god of the sea, who prevents his return. For many years, Odysseus wanders the seas and has many adventures. Meanwhile, suitors attempt to marry Penelope, Odysseus' wife, but she remains faithful to her husband. The gods pity Odysseus and assist in his safe return to Ithaca....   [tags: Odyssey essays]

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Free Essays on Homer's Odyssey: Gaining Power from Others in The Odyssey

- Gaining Power from Others in The Odyssey Throughout The Odyssey, Odysseus’ power was gained through the power of others resulting in three phases of understanding: self-determination, courage, and having a greater vision in life. In order to understand these three phases, one must be able to conquer predominance from those less useful than others. Although Odysseus was physically strong, he was not who he was mentally, without the help and guidance through the gods. Odysseus was like one who has no friends, but when he meets up with more people, he becomes popular....   [tags: Odyssey essays]

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Homer's Odyssey: Themes of Homecoming and Reunion

- Theme of Homecoming and Reunion in Homer's Odyssey The theme of The Odyssey is one of homecoming and reunion with loved ones. Though the proem of the epic states that Odysseus' own purpose is simply the fight to save his own life and return his shipmates home safely, the gods of Olympus are the unknown captains of this journey. It is an epic story of the making of men, mainly Odysseus and Telemakhos. Homer methodically details the struggles set forth by the gods. The contests of Odysseus' wisdom, honor, piety and prudence....   [tags: Odyssey essays]

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The Character of Athena in Homer's Odyssey

- Character of Athena in Homer's Odyssey Imagine living in another world and time, one where you were not only a god but could also take the form of any object or person that you chose. Athena, the daughter of Zeus, has this ability. Of all the characters in the Odyssey, the most interesting to me is Athena. In my opinion, she guides the main characters of the Odyssey in the right direction. She kind of looks over their shoulders and serves as a guardian angel. Athena makes Telemachos go to Pylos and Sparta....   [tags: Homer Odyssey womody]

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The Importance of Identity in Homer's Odyssey

- The Importance of Identity in Homer's Odyssey Within the epic poem "The Odyssey", Homer presents the story of Odysseus's quest to find his home and his identity. According to Homer's account, with its origin in oral tradition, the two quests are interchangeable, as a mortal defines himself with his home, his geographic origin, his ancestors, his offspring, etc. But in addition to this Homer illustrates the other aspect of human identity, shaped by the individual and his actions so that he may be recognized in the outside world....   [tags: Homer Odyssey Essays]

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Epic Hero in Homer's The Odyssey

- Epic Hero in Homer's The Odyssey With its larger-than-life plot twists, The Odyssey is a classic representation of an epic in literature. With that understood, it is no surprise that the main character of the story helps to define an epic hero. A character must express certain virtues to be considered such. Strength, courage, and nobility are almost prerequisites. Cleverness is an added bonus. Odysseus possesses many characteristics and virtues that make him a true representation of an epic hero....   [tags: Homer Odyssey Hero]

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The Odyssey

- Ten years after the fall of Troy, the victorious Greek hero Odysseus has still not returned to his native Ithaka. A band of rowdy suitors, believing Odysseus to be dead, has overrun his palace, courting his faithful‹though weakening‹wife, Penelope, and going through his stock of food. With permission from Zeus, the goddess Athena, Odysseus' greatest immortal ally, appears in disguise and urges Odysseus' son Telemakhos to seek news of his father at Pylos and Sparta. However, the suitors, led by Antinoos, plan to ambush him upon his return....   [tags: essays research papers]

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herody Odysseus as Epic Hero of Homer's Odyssey

- Odysseus as Epic Hero of Homer's Odyssey        Homer's epic poem The Odyssey is about Odysseus' ten-year journey home from the Trojan War and what Odysseus has to do when he returns.  The journey itself is quite a story.  Odysseus and his men come in contact with many obstacles that they must overcome and there are more hurdles to jump when Odysseus reaches his destination.  Odysseus is an epic hero who, besides showing superhuman characteristics in strength, bravery and cleverness, also proves himself through his emotions, leadership, and the corrections in his faults....   [tags: Odyssey essays]

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Important Role of Prayer in Homer's Odyssey

- The Important Role of Prayer in the Odyssey What is the importance of prayer or lack of prayer in the Odyssey. I think prayer and the lack thereof is very important in understanding this literary piece. In the beginning of the Odyssey prayer seems to be a pretty common thing, especially during the times of trouble. Telemakhos prayed numerous times that the gods would help him get rid of the suitors. While is prayer was not answered immediately, he was told what he had to do to find his father and get rid of the suitors....   [tags: Homer Odyssey Essays]

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The Importance of the Cloak in Homer’s Odyssey

- The Importance of the Cloak in Homer’s Odyssey      Near the end of the fourteenth chapter of Homer's Odyssey, the main character, Odysseus, announces that he is about to tell a story to his swineherd, Eumaeus, and several other workers inside the swineherd's hut. Odysseus warns the men that his story is the result of his drinking with them, but the story is actually a test of his swineherd's character. Disguised as Castor's son, a rag-wearing beggar with no possessions, he tells the men a story about fighting alongside the man who, secretly, he really is....   [tags: Homer, Odyssey Essays]

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Homer's Odyssey and Dr. Seuss’ You're Only Old Once

- Homer's Odyssey and Dr. Seuss’ You're Only Old Once        "What animal walks on all fours in the morning, on two legs at noon, and on three legs at night?" The famous riddle of the sphinx that has been pondered for many years; it is a universal issue that affects all people of every nationality, ethnicity, religion, or geographic area. We, ourselves, are the answer to this puzzle and yet we fight this explanation with every tool possible. We avoid it, refuse to admit it, read about it, joke about it, and deep down we often dread growing old....   [tags: Odyssey essays]

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The Odyssey

- “The Odyssey” is an epic poem that is about the story of Odysseus and the story of his many travels and adventures. The Odyssey tells the main character’s tale of his journey home to the island of Ithaca after spending ten years fighting in the Trojan War, and his adventures when he returns home and he is reunited with his family and close friends. To find the theme and central meaning of the story, the reader will need to examine the story and its characters, relationships, major events, symbols and motifs, literary devices, and tone....   [tags: poem, greek mythology, journey]

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The Odyssey

- Epic heroes shape the history of Greek mythology. They resonate through history for their ability to survive, their prowess in battle, and the favor with the gods. But when one delves deeper, most of the “heroes” appear as egotistic, ostentatious men. However, one man stands out from the rest. One man is more than a hero. Odysseus, king of Ithaca, echoes through Greek myths as a man above all others. Homer’s The Odyssey, an epic of one man’s journey home from the Trojan war, describes Odysseus as a man who loves his family and country, a man with patience and compassion, and one who also possesses frailties that one can recognize as human....   [tags: Greek Mythology]

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A Space Odyssey and The Odyssey

- Metis in 2001: A Space Odyssey and The Odyssey The movie 2001: A Space Odyssey by Steven Kubrick and The Odyssey by Homer have underlying themes that have relationships to each respectively. However, Greek mythology often attributes strength as the ultimate virtue, and even current day movies do too. The attribute of being clever or cunning is seen during 2001: A Space Odyssey and The Odyssey seen by Odysseus and David Bowman as the dominate theme throughout both titles. Metis, the Greek word meaning clever or being cunning, is prevalent throughout Bowman’s and Odysseus epic trials with their ability to reason to gain the outcomes they desire....   [tags: trials, gods, metis]

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The Women from The Odyssey, The Wife of Bath, and Sir Gawain

- The Women from The Odyssey, The Wife of Bath, and Sir Gawain      Until recently, the role of women in literature has seemed to reflect the way they were treated in society. Women were seen as secondary to men, and their sole purpose in life was to please a man’s every desire. This is not the case in three specific literary works. The Odyssey, The Wife of Bath, and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight use the actions of its women characters to greatly enhance important thematic elements. The women in each of these works use feminine psyche to persuade men to do things that men of the time would not usually do....   [tags: Odyssey Wife Bath Sir Gawain Essays]

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The Aeneid and The Odyssey

- Are there similarities between Homer's The Odyssey and Virgil's The Aeneid. There are many similarities that could be examined indepth. The lovers encountered in both plays can lead to the idea of ancient plagarism. The games held by the greeks and trojans are similar to the Olympic Games. The downfall of characters, cities or monsters can be seen often in many stories. Maybe rewriting history is the effort of a plagarist to cheat true historical events. The lovers Aeneas and Odysseus encounter in either the Aeneid or Odyssey is vast and large....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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The Role of Women in the Odyssey

- The Role of Women in The Odyssey Homer wrote the classic epic The Odyssey more than 2,500 years ago. At that time in ancient Greek society, as well as in the whole of the ancient world, the dominant role was played by men. Society was organized, directed, and controlled by men, and it was accepted that women occupied a subservient and inferior position. Women, of course, were valued, but were expected to possess certain traits and perform certain tasks that men demanded of them. Does Homer's writing in The Odyssey support or refute the common belief of his time regarding women....   [tags: Homer Classic Epics Greek Society Essays]

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Three Values of Greek Society in the Odyssey

- “The world is full of wonders, but nothing is more wonderful than man.” This quote shows that the Greeks valued themselves, but also their intellect in which they know that the world about them is great. The Greeks valued beauty, art, intellect, honor, and truth; the list is long. Some of these values are shown through the story of the Odyssey, which tells of the adventures of Odysseus and his family. In order to understand Greek values and how they are portrayed in Greek society, one must examine how some values are portrayed in the Odyssey: hospitality, intellect, and beauty....   [tags: oddyssey, values, greek culture, ]

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Character Analyis of Odyseey in The Odyssey by Homer

- What would you do if you had to sail to Troy from Ithica to fight in a war. In the story ‘The Odyssey’, by Homer, Odysseus, the king of Ithica to Troy to fight in the Trojan war. Because Odysseus is a clever, brave, and sometimes arrogant man, he is faced with many scary situations, but he makes it through all of them. Odysseus was faced with many jaw-dropping situations. He is able to think fast and come up with clever plans all throughout the story. He and his men were trapped in a cave, which belonged to the Cyclops, a man-eating giant....   [tags: clever, brave, arrogance]

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The Odyssey

- The Odyssey Set in ancient Greece, The Odyssey is about the hero Odysseus' long-awaited return from the Trojan War to his homeland, Ithaca, after ten years of wandering. The current action of The Odyssey occupies the last six weeks of the ten years, and the narrative includes many places - Olympus, Ithaca, Pylos, Pherae, Sparta, Ogygia, and Scheria. In Books 9-12, Odysseus narrates the story of his travels in the years after the fall of Troy, and this narrative includes other far-flung places, such as the island of the Cyclops....   [tags: Papers]

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The Odyssey

- Throughout vast journeys of many heroes, no other hero had a more complex journey than Odysseus. This journey is called The Odyssey, written by Homer. It is an epic poem or story told of a hero name Odysseus on a 20-year voyage trying to get back home from the Trojan War. The great epic poem known as The Odyssey and attributed to Homer was probably first written down around the eighth century BC, but the origins of the ancient story in myth, legend, and folklore and art appear to be much older....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Odyssey

- The Odyssey The Odyssey is one of the two great epic poems written by the ancient Greek poet Homer. Due to its antiquity, it is not known when or where it was first written, nevertheless, the approximate date and place is 700 BC Greece. Later publications are widespread as the text is transcribed in modern English with no deviation from the original story. The story is set in the lands and seas in close proximity to Greece changing by books as Odysseus, the protagonist hero, recounts of his many fated adventures and misfortunes in a series of flashbacks....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Odyssey

- Everyone has a home. Regardless of its location, it is a place of acceptance and belonging. In a sense it’s where the heart is. Though in The Odyssey, the concept of home is blurry and for the most part incomplete, it is the most important thing to Odysseus, and he is willing to go through utter hell to return to his home. Telemachus and Penelope reside in an incomplete home. In book one Telemachus speaks to Mentes, the clear-eyed goddess Athena in disguise, “mother has always told me I’m his son, it’s true, but I am not so certain.” Telemachus, although frequently enlightened of his father’s heroic character, knows not the slightest bit about his father, and he has contemplated whether or...   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Contributions of Homer's Book XXIV

- Greek literature, in particular, Homer’s Odyssey, remains a masterpiece because of its structure. Additionally, an abundance of wisdom pours forth from its pages. Aristophanes and Aristarchus, two Greek critics, claimed that Homer’s Odyssey ended with the lines, “Rejoicing in each other, they returned to their bed, the old familiar place they loved so well” (XXIII: 337-338). While, at first glance, Book XXIV appears unnecessary, entirely omitting it leaves Homer’s work unfinished. Book XXIV features a wonderful study of the human condition....   [tags: Greek, Odyssey]

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Homer's The Odyssey

- Hu•bris /ˈ(h)yo͞obris/ noun: excessive pride or self-confidence. Hubris is believed to be the most serious of all seven deadly sins. Some say it was the original sin that led to all others. A word with such loathsome synonyms like arrogance, conceit, haughtiness, pomposity, and egotism was seen as one of the worst possible sins in Greek culture. They believed that no matter your social status those who exhibited it were destined to fall down into damnation. Yet some Grecian heroes seemed to ooze hubris in the form of confidence or cockiness....   [tags: character analysis]

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Divine Intervention: Athena's Role in The Odyssey

- Divine intervention is often an integral part of ancient epic poetry as seen in Homer's The Odyssey. The role of the goddess Athena was an essential part of Odysseus's journey back to Ithaka. Athena also played a vital part in Telemakhos's life before the return of his father. Even Penelope is impacted by the help of the "grey-eyed" goddess, often inspiring Penelope to hold off the suitors as well as putting her to sleep when a situation became too difficult. Athena demonstrates that she is a critical component of development within the father Odysseus and his son Telemakhos as well as guiding Penelope as a beautiful mother waiting for the return of her husband....   [tags: World Literature Homer]

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Telemachus in The Odyssey by Homer

- Humans are like play-dough they start off average but with the right guidance they can become what they were meant to be. Telemachus in The Odyssey by Homer, had many obstacles he had to overcome and with guidance from his mentor he followed the path to becoming who he was destined to be. Transitioning from high school to college is also a difficult journey and requires a great ordeal of time and effort put into it. Although faintly dissimilar, Telemachus’s initiation into manhood and the initiation of transforming from a high school student to a college student are dubiously alike because they both transition into confident and independent people....   [tags: initiatory motifs, character analysis]

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Deception in Homer's The Odyssey

- Hiding behind a false identity or a false story is sometimes the easiest way to face difficult decisions. Some believe that, if they make others think something other than the truth, they will have an advantage and, in turn, be superior. Stephen Porter and John C. Yuille acknowledge that “deception is the deliberate misrepresentation of facts through words or actions” (450). Deception is a form of disguise used by humans to hide who they are, what they feel, or even what they have done. In the Bible, it states that “even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light,” showing that, not only mortals use falsehood to achieve what they strive for, but that deities also utilize these methods of d...   [tags: Ancient Greek epic poems]

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Comparing the Odyssey and Medea

- While home is usually represented by a physical shelter such as a house, Homer and Euripides in their respective novels The Odyssey and Medea show that home has much more significance as a state where one can comfortably express the values and beliefs that define one’s identity. Both authors use protagonists who are far away from home. These characters often associate with and depend upon other characters they meet. Since they live under the influence of others, it is not surprising then to find that the two protagonists lose their individual identities....   [tags: Seperated from Home]

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Homer's Epic Poem, The Odyssey

- ... This contrasts with Achilles' lack of sophrosune because Achilles is very rash in the decisions he makes in Troy as shown, in Book 1 when "down on the ground he dashed the scepter" (1.287) after his quarrel with Agamemnon. By doing this, he gives up all the power he once had, making him an outcast. Furthermore, additional proof of Odysseus' ability to think through situations is demonstrated in Book 6 when Nausicaa and her maids wake Odysseus up and he, naked, steps out of the bushes and contemplates about whether he should "fling his arms around her knees, plead for help, or stand back, plead with a winning word" (6.156)....   [tags: intellectual hero, martial hero, intelligence]

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The Odyssey Literary Analysis

- “The Odyssey” is an epic poem that tells the story of Odysseus and the story of his many travels and adventures. The Odyssey tells the main character’s tale of his journey home to the island of Ithaca after spending ten years fighting in the Trojan War, and his adventures when he returns home and he is reunited with his family and close friends. This literary analysis will examine the story and its characters, relationships, major events, symbols and motifs, and literary devices. There is a copious amount of major characters in the story....   [tags: Homer's Epic poem]

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Penelope in The Odyssey

- Penelope: In the opening chapters of The Odyssey Penelope is angry, frustrated, and helpless. She misses her husband, Odysseus. She worries about the safety of her son, Telemakhos. Her house is overrun with arrogant men who are making love to her servants and eating her out of house and home, all the while saying that they are courting her. She doesn't want to marry any of them, and their rude behavior can hardly be called proper courtship. She has wealth and position; she has beauty and intelligence; most of all she has loyalty to her husband....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Themes of the Odyssey

- Throughout the Odyssey there are many themes that Homer uses to portray different people and events. To name a few, there are the themes of Betrayal and Revenge,Greed and Glutony, Hospitality, Role of the Gods and Wealth (the amount of money one had determined the status he held in the greek society, and this explains Odysseus's love for plunder). To start with the most common one, the role of the gods, one can see many such allusions thrown all over the odyssey. The epic poem starts in Mt.Olympus where the gods are discussing what will happen to Odysseus , Master mariner and warrior of Ithaka....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Odyssey Report

- The Odyssey Report In The Odyssey , Homer uses guest-host relationships as an ethical norm against which behavior is measured. When the ritual is preformed correctly by guest-host, good results ensue. In contrast, the violations of this ethical norm results in misfortune. This idea was taken very seriously by people of that time and it can be found throughout the story. A great example of a guest host relationship where both the guest and the host behave properly is the relationship between Telemachos and King Menelaos....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Athena, and the Role of Women in the Odyssey

- Homer's great epic, "The Odyssey" was written several thousands of years ago, a time in human history when men played the dominant role in society. The entire structure of civilization was organized and controlled by men; It was an accepted fact that women held an inferior position in society. Society was constructed as if women were around only to serve the men. The involvement of women in any circumstance was almost completely dominated by what the men allowed. The women were valued in society, only they were not given important roles or any decision making power....   [tags: European Literature]

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An Ideal Homeric Greek Hero

- Odysseus ' principles and characteristics are a prototype of an ideal Homeric Greek leader. Odysseus is noble, clever and loyal. Through his distress and blunders, he gains knowledge that was not only crucial for his survival but for his companions too. Odysseus’s cleverness constantly allowed him to avoid death because he relied on trickery, rhetoric and disguise. “The society depicted in The Odyssey is one where male values were dominant and where all socially relevant transactions took place between the male members of the community”....   [tags: Odyssey, Odysseus, Gender role, Homer]

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The Odyssey: The Use Of Hubris

- “There is no safety in unlimited hubris” (McGeorge Bundy). The dictionary defines hubris as overbearing pride or presumption; arrogance. In The Odyssey, Homer embodies hubris into the characters Odysseus, the Suitors, and the Cyclopes. Odysseus shows hubris when he is battling the Cyclopes, the Cyclopes show hubris when dealing with Odysseus, and the Suitors show it when Odysseus confronts them at his home. To start, within the course of The Odyssey, Odysseus displays hubris through many of his actions....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Odyssey - A Creton Lie

- Gentle waves lap against the Ithacian shore line as Odysseus has finally reached his native homeland. Rumors of the great turmoil that has rocked Odysseus' home land and house has reached him abroad. After hearing the news, he decides to don a beggar's disguise and so forth begins the great test. When the disguised Odysseus in Homer's great epic poem, The Odyssey, converses with her wife Penelope in Book nineteen, he tests her loyalty to her husband' s honor and her love of her missing husband....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Character Analysis on Odysseus from Odyssey by Homer

- In the book odyssey that was written by Homer, the main character Odysseus, king of Ithaca, is trying ot get back to his homeland. He ends up facing tons of obstacles. He has a lot of characteristics. Wise and determined show a lot through out the story. Odysseus shows that he is wise through out the story such as when odysseus had to decide which was the best way to go, by Scylla or by Charybdis. Scylla was a six-foot headed monster, who sat up on and pulled people off of their ship and ate them....   [tags: wise, determination, give up]

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Evil in Disguise in John Milton´s Paradise Lost

- According to the Christian religion the Devil, or Satan, is the source of sin and temptation. It is believed that there was a war in heaven against the rule of God and that Satan lead away many of the host of heaven to become fallen angels as God expelled the traitors from the heavens. John Milton wished to write a poem by which he could be remembered as the authors of the odyssey, Iliad, and the Aeneid. He did this in the form an epic poem about the story of Eden. Milton’s poem is written from the point of view of Satan and in such a way that he appears to be the heroic figure of the tale....   [tags: Devil, Poem, Christianity]

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O Brother, Where Art Thou?: Modern Adaptation of Homer's Odyssey

- The film O Brother, Where Art Thou. is a reinterpretation of the epic poem The Odyssey. The Coen brothers, writers and directors of the film, did not over analyze their representation. “It just sort of occurred to us after we’d gotten into it somewhat that it was a story about someone going home, and sort of episodic in nature, and it kind of evolved into that,” says Joel Coen in Blood Siblings, “It’s very loosely and very sort of unseriously based on The Odyssey” (Woods 32). O Brother, Where Art Thou....   [tags: films, movies]

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The Odyssey in Oh Brother, Where Art Thou

- The Odyssey in Oh Brother, Where Art Thou The movie O Brother, Where Art Thou is a wonderful movie that was directed by the Coen brothers. The movie features a cast of talented actors, the movie has also won several awards. The book The Odyssey is a timeless classic and it was written by the mysterious bard Homer. The book tells the tale of our hero Odysseus as he attempts to make it home to his wife. There are many ways to relate the movie plot and characters, to Odysseus's journey in The Odyssey....   [tags: Film Movie O Brother, Where Art Thou]

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Understanding A Story Requires More Than Just Reading Words And Matching Them With A General Definition

- ... If it were not for its existence, then the struggle that Penelope (and her son, Telemachos) endure at fault of these suitors would not occur. The book would not have as much depth in this concept of hospitality if Penelope did not let the suitors into her home. Her purpose in the story would be almost irrelevant, because there may not have been any issues in Ithaca if there were no suitors taking advantage of her offered hospitality. Odysseus would not have had to come home and experience the abuse of the suitors after he survived the brutality of Poseidon, and would not have found it necessary to kill the suitors....   [tags: Odyssey, Odysseus, Telemachus, Penelope]

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A Comparison of the Role of Women in Homer’s Odyssey and Iliad

- The Role of Women in Odyssey and The Iliad The Iliad and Odyssey present different ideals of women, and the goddesses, who are presented as ideal women, differ between the two epics. The difference in roles is largely dependent on power, and relations to men, as well as sexual desirability and activity. The goddesses have a major role in both epics as Helpers of men. They have varied reasons for this.  One is a maternal instinct. This is displayed in the literal mother-son relationships of Aphrodite and Aeneas, Thetis and Achilles, and the protective instinct that Athene displays in Book 3 of the Iliad when Pandarus arrow shot an arrow at Menelaus and she "took her stand in front and ward...   [tags: comparison compare contrast essays]

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The Schemer And The Fighter

- ... This can be seen when Telemachus is talking in the assembly to the suitors, ‘. . . . . . . . .If you choose To slaughter one man’s livestock and pay nothing, This is rapine; and by the eternal gods I beg Zeus you shall get what you deserve: A slaughter here, and nothing paid for it!’ (2. 148-152) The suitors disregard xenia by eating out of Odysseus’s household without recompense for more than ten years. As stated by Telemachus, the suitors will face punishment from the gods and in this case, the goddess is Athena....   [tags: Odyssey, Homer, Athena, Odysseus]

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The narrative epic, ‘The Odyssey’ composed by Homer between 750 and 650

- The narrative epic, ‘The Odyssey’ composed by Homer between 750 and 650 BC recounts the nostos or homeward voyage of Odysseus If I were you, I should take steps to make these men disperse. Listen, now, and attend to what I say: at daybreak call the islanders to assembly, and speak your will, and call the gods to witness: the suitors must go scattering to their homes. Then here’s a course for you, if you agree: get a sound craft afloat with twenty oars and go abroad for news of your lost father— perhaps a traveller’s tale, or rumored fame issued from Zeus abroad in the world of men....   [tags: Classics]

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Comparing Shakespeare’s Women in Disguise

- Throughout the period of the Shakespearean stage, there were many plays that led viewers and critics to question sexual identity and gender roles in not just his plays, but many other plays as well. For early modern England at this time, cross-dressing was looked at as a dramaturgical motif, a theatrical practice, and a social phenomenon. “In Shakespeare’s day, a cross-dressed heroine, like any female character also involved a gender switch in the world of the playhouse, for women’s roles were normally assigned to young male apprentices called play-boys” (Shapiro, 1)....   [tags: Sexual Disguise]

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How does homer use suspense to make the story of the ‘Odyssey’ more

- How does homer use suspense to make the story of the ‘Odyssey’ more exciting in books 13 to 21. To create suspense and tension in the story, Homer uses the aspect of disguise. When Odysseus lands upon the Ireland of Ithika, Athene gives him a disguise so that he will not be recognise by the suitors and killed. The first person he sees when he is on the island is a ‘herdsman of sheep.’ Who is really Athene she is in disguise, Odysseus, thinking she is a herdsman lies to her about whom he is, ‘I have fled, an exile, because I have killed the son of Idomeneus.’ His lie continued and although he lied about who he was it did have some truth in it, for example he says he went to Troy as a henchman...   [tags: Classics]

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Xenia Is The Ancient Greek Concept Of Hospitality, The Generosity And Courtesy

- ... Another example later in the story that finally results in Odysseus’ arrival home is the generosity and hospitality that the Phaeacians extend to him. After Odysseus tells the Phaeacians his story they sympathize with him and show him kindness. He is washed and given a new ship to continue sailing home. An unfortunate example of Xenia not being reciprocated to the host is with Penelope, Odysseus’ wife, who thinks her husband has died. She displays generous hospitality to the many suitors who want to marry her and gain Odysseus’ property....   [tags: Odyssey, Odysseus, Trojan War, Greek mythology]

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Ancient Texts Highlight Important Values Present During The Time Period

- ... In the The Odyssey, an epic poem written by Homer, the interactions between Athena and Odysseus are discrete. Odysseus goes through a series of events in order to reach home after twenty arduous years. Throughout his journey, he is aided by a Goddess named Athena, who appears in several different forms. For instance, “she took the form of the famous sea captain Dymas 's daughter” in order to join Odysseus in helping him overcome his obstacles (Homer, Book VI). As a result, the Gods and Goddesses appear in disguise when interacting with humans....   [tags: Odyssey, Epic poetry, Greek mythology, Oedipus]

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Penelope's Recognition of Odysseus as a Beggar

- In Homer's epic The Odyssey, Odysseus returns to the island of Ithaka disguised as a beggar. He reveals his real identity to his son, Telemakhos, as well as a few others who he would need to help kill the suitors. However, Odysseus does not reveal himself to his wife, Penelope. She recognizes the beggar as her long lost husband and chooses not to unveil his true identity. Penelope does this because she realized that her husband would be in danger, in his current surroundings, if she was to reveal who he really was....   [tags: World Literature Homer Odyssey]

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Shakespeare's Use of the Idea of Disguise in "As You Like It"

- Shakespeare uses the idea of disguise in many of his plays. It is used as an escape from the characters’ personalities and sometimes for comic effect. In As You Like it, the disguise becomes very comical as in the time it was written only men could act on stage. This could lead to much confusion and comedy in the roles of those in disguise. Disguise can give the freedom to a character to act how they like and a chance for them to show their views. It was in the 16th Century that there became an increased sense of self consciousness and identity....   [tags: Shakespeare, disguise, As You Like It, ]

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Odyssey Criticism

- Douglas Steward is a very highly regarded writer. In his works that focused on, "The Disguised Guest," he explains his views of Odysseus' self struggles that appear when he arrives back home. His point of views toward the mental and physical struggles that Odysseus goes through are hard to disagree with. He puts a strong emphasis on the effect that others are going to have on him, when he reveals himself. I strongly believe that is something every individual has a struggle with, whether it is coming out of a disguise or just something that is not usual to others....   [tags: Douglas Stewart]

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The Iliad And The Odyssey

- Can two things ever truly be exactly the same. When it comes to epic heroes, I’m not sure. In both the Iliad and the Odyssey, written by Homer and translated by Robert Fagles, the journey of two epic heroes are depicted for us. Achilles, hero of the book The Iliad, is fighting in the Trojan War. Odysseus, hero of the book The Odyssey, is simply fighting to get home. Although both the epic heroes are put through some of the same very tough and difficult situations, it doesn’t mean they are quite the same person....   [tags: Trojan War, Iliad, Achilles, Odyssey]

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The Odyssey, By Homer

- The Odyssey, by Homer, has withstood the test of time. For centuries, The Odyssey has been read to be studied, and also read to be enjoyed. This great book can be acknowledged as superior art for multiple reasons; The Odyssey is written with superior craftsmanship, it perfectly exhibits Greek literary tradition, and it holds pleasing aesthetic value. However, perhaps the principal criteria that this book meets for being superior art is that it explores numerous complexities of human nature. The first people that read The Odyssey, and the countless individuals that have poured over it in modern days can benefit from reading this inexhaustible epic because it delves into fascinating truths abo...   [tags: Odyssey, Odysseus, Trojan War, Ithaca]

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Greek Hospitality in The Odyssey

- Greek Hospitality in The Odyssey The Greeks have been known for their hospitality and politeness, especially when treating guests- whether strangers or not. This is demonstrated near the beginning of the Odyssey when Telemachus went to Pylos to visit Nestor. Nestor, not knowing who he was taking into his home as guests, treated them with great honor and respect. "Now is the time," he said, "for a few questions, now that our young guests have enjoyed their dinner. Who are you, strangers....   [tags: The Odyssey]

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The Odyssey : The Feminine Touch

- ... Athena 's first act of help actually was when she pleads to Zeus to let Ulysses reach home Athena states "O Majesty, O father of us all, if it now pleases the blissful gods that wise Ulysses reach his home again .... He must warn off that wolf pack of the suitors who prey upon his flocks and dusky cattle" (Page 4 line 106-120) this is where it all starts with Ulysses embarking in a journey back to his kingdom and his family. She also helped guide Telemakohs, Ulysses son in decision-making when he had to start taking over his father 's kingdom so she tells him these encouraging words "Listen now to what I say: at day break call the islanders to assembly, and speak your will, and call the...   [tags: Odyssey, Odysseus, Penelope, Marriage]

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