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Believers and Skeptics of Nostradamus Prophecies

- A prophet. A magician. God. Many people become confused when the topic of Nostradamus pops up. Nostradamus was a French seer in the 16th century. A seer is a person who is supposed to be able to, through supernatural insight, see what the future holds. Among a seer, Nostradamus was an astrologer, philosopher, physician and alchemist. Nostradamus’ predictions are hundreds of years old but still find a way to be relevant in today’s society. “...he is said to have predicted the birth of Napoleon, The rise of Nazi Germany, the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the terrorist attacks New York’s World Trade Center”(“Nostradamus (1503-1566)”)....   [tags: centuries, almanac, quatrains]

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The Mask of Nostradamus by James Randi

- James Randi is an internationally acclaimed stage magician, author, and skeptic. He is well known for investigating the claims of alleged psychics and mystics in such books as The Truth About Uri Geller, The Faith Healers, Flim-Flam!, and An Encyclopedia of Claims, Frauds, and Hoaxes of the Occult and Supernatural. His television appearances on The Tonight Show and Exploring Psychic Powers… Live often featured him debunking the alleged psychic powers of other guests. As a stage magician, he has perfected ‘mentalist’ skills, techniques used by the charlatan Nostradamus....   [tags: stage magician, mystic, ]

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The Prophecies of Nostradamus

- Abstract   What if there was a man who could see into the future. He could predict the fate of not only the ones closet to him, but the fate of the world. Nostradamus was a highly educated man in the medical field. But when tragedy struck him hard, he led a life of solitude. This is the time when he made most of his predictions. Nostradamus was a profit who not only predicted many events throughout history, but also helped put a stop to the plague that devastated Southern France during the 16th century....   [tags: Expository Essays Research Papers]

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Nostradamus: The Truth Behind the Prophecies

-      For Many years scholars and interpreters have been trying to find any truth that could possibly be found in the writings of Nostradamus. For many occasions people have been convinced that this man could see the future and he documented it in his many journals and books titled The Centuries. The writings and prophecies have been a controversial issue for many years. Most Nostradomus translators have more than likely misinterpreted his work because of his nearly illegible style of writings, thus false information is commonly found about this man of the past....   [tags: Prophecy Prophet essays research papers]

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- Nostradamus Biography The following is a biography of Michel de Nostredame, it is a excerpt from Erika Cheetham, "The Prophecies of Nostradamus". Childhood Michel de Nostradame, more commonly known as Nostradamus, was born on 14th December 1503, in St. Remy de Provence. His parents were of simple lineage from around Avignon. Nostradamus was the oldest son, and had four brothers; of the first three we know little; the youngest, Jean, became Procureur of the Parliament of the Provence. Education Nostradamus' great intellect became apparent while he was still very young, and his education was put into the hands of his grandfather, Jean, who taught him the rudiments of Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Ma...   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Nostradamus and Leonardo Da Vinci

- Nostradamus and Leonardo Da Vinci      Nostradamus and Leonardo Da Vinci are two of the world’s most intelligent, amazing, highly achieved men that have been followed and questioned throughout history. They have changed time and left many people wondering what was true or false throughout their work and lives that existed hundreds of years ago. Although they lived in different countries and different times, they are both very similar through their work, genius ness, and minds.      Both men were born in Europe in the fourteen and fifteen hundreds and studied with their grandfathers....   [tags: essays research papers]

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- Nostradamus In the 16th century, a French doctor and prophet, Michel de Nostradame, was born. He gained his fame when his predictions of the death of King Henry II of France came true. Nostradamus, as he is also known, wrote a ten volume book, The Centuries, filled with prophecies. He became a man that people from all over the world came to see to seek his counsel. Nostradamus had a life filled with many twists and turns and has made many prophecies that have come true during the twentieth century....   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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- Nostradamus lived in the 16th century in France. He was a healer of the black plague, which was an incredible pandemic that struck Europe, killing thousands. But when his wife and two children died of it, he went in to seclusion and started writing his “visions.” He wrote them in verses of four that are called quatrains. Nostradamus was said to have predicted many things. He predicted what he called as “the three antichrists.” The first is believed to be Napoleon. The second antichrist he predicted, in which is said by most as his most incredible prediction, is believed to be Hitler....   [tags: essays research papers]

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- Nostradamous Once, while passing through Italy, Nostradamus bowed before a young Franciscan monk, addressing him as "His Holiness." Others around him did not understand his strange behavior and the reasons as to why someone would call a mere monk by such a title. However, years later, and after Nostradamus' death, that monk became Pope Sixtus V. This was just one of the hundreds of prophecies, or visions of the future, that the fifteenth-century prophet made during his lifetime. Nostradamus, born in the year of 1503 in France, spent his childhood under the guidance of his two grandfathers....   [tags: History]

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Our Decisions and a Predetermined Fate: Oedipus the King

- Since the dawn of time prophecies have supposedly been passed down directly from the gods unto the prophets. In the ancient Grecian time, god’s word was worshipped and fate was all but fact. In the bible, Moses was one of the most famous prophets. In the 1500s, Nostradamus, who was a French apothecary and seer, wrote an entire collection of prophecies. Throughout history there have been theses men and many more who claimed to know details about the future. Why would so many prophecies become world renowned if there were no truths to them....   [tags: Fate, Oedipus the King, Oedipus Rex,]

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Prophecy and the Psyche

- Prophecy and the Psyche "He who could foresee affairs three days in advance would be rich for thousands of years." Chinese proverb. "When the fork is supported by two pillars, with six half-horns and six open scissors: The very potent Lord, heir to the toads, Will then subjugate to himself the entire world." There has been no shortage of effort on the part of men to predict the future. One man who is popularly credited with foretelling many things is Nostradamus, the sixteenth-century French astrologer and physician....   [tags: Papers]

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The 2012 Dilemma and the Media

- It hasn’t been even ten years and here we are all over again. For some reason the human race can not wait to be extinct, and we are already on track for another “Y2K” scare. Every time you turn on the History Channel there is another new program telling us how the world as we know it will end in a little more than two years, sending every viewer into a state of shock, and turning every Tivo into a doomsday prediction recorder from then on out. Now, I am all about putting out as much information about our everyday world out there for all to bear witness, but I also believe in unbiased coverage of events....   [tags: 2012, media, ]

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The Restoration Period Of England

- The Restoration period of England began in 1660 (the restoration). During this time England prospered economically, literacy increased, and new social ideas emerged such as politeness (the restoration). Five years after the Restoration period began the Second Dutch Wars started in 1665 and lasted until 1667 (Bryant). During the Second Dutch Wars a different tragedy struck England, specifically London.   The fire in London had been predicted many times before 1666. The first prediction was by the royal seer of France, Nostradamus (Predictions)....   [tags: Great Fire of London, Charles II of England]

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Historical References to Faust

- Historical References to Faust Faust I Prologue in Heaven · The scene begins with the Three Archangels, Raphael, Gabriel, and Michael, confessing their inability to comprehend the awe-inspiring works of God.In the Christian tradition, archangels are angels of the highest rank and are associated with certain functions or responsibilities.In “Prologue in Heaven,” they personify the cosmos: Raphael describes and represents the heavens, Gabriel the earth, and Michael the elements. · Mephistopheles.Goethe’s devil is inspired by a number of different literary sources, not just Christian....   [tags: Faust History Literature Essays]

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Indian Version of Big Brother, Big Boss, Derived from George Orwell's Novel, 1984

- ... Such is the extent of the control that the Party extends over Oceania and it has been portrayed in a chilling manner by George Orwell. The book is surely not meant for the weak hearted. The idea shown in Big Boss or Big Brother of having a few people locked up inside a house and each and every of their movement being caught on camera and beamed on television across the world may seem to be a source of our entertainment, but have you ever tried to relate it to our lives. How would our lives be if even our bedrooms are installed with telescreens and we are constantly told what to do what not to....   [tags: oceana, dystopia; prophecy]

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Why The United Kingdom Left The European Union

- Part Two: Why the United Kingdom left the European Union Despite the aforementioned benefits that the European Union granted the United Kingdom, the decisions of a state are made by the consent of the governed, and in this case, the governed decided that it was time for Britain’s membership in the European Union to come to an end. Why. Like the election of Donald Trump in the United States, this decision seemingly came entirely out of left field. What did political scientists miss. Did Nostradamus have this written as some sort of sign of the coming Apocalypse....   [tags: European Union, United Kingdom, Europe]

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The Effects Of Social Media On Our Lives

- Social media has increasingly canvassed daily lives of the populace in a way even Nostradamus could not have predicted. People are glued to social media throughout the day in a manner that can only be described as an addiction. Social media started out as a social connection with friends and family, however it has evolved as a source of daily gossip, relationships, everyday news, career advancement, and just ‘plain killing time’. The affects of social media in our lives are quite profound. Due to constant urge of checking status online, it has become a big distraction and an addiction for many folks....   [tags: Employment, Sociology, Social media]

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The Future of Man: Bright or Bleak?

- For almost all of recorded history, man has been fascinated with his future and all of both the wonders and horrors it might hold. From the Aztecs, who created a calendar that dated all the way to a couple of years prior to today, to the famed Nostradamus who was allegedly clairvoyant and whose prophecies have been interpreted to fit modern happenings, to modern-day apocalypse writers, man is held captivated by that which he cannot know for certain: the future. Many literary artists have published works on their idea of the future of both the human race and our planet, with very few of them having much of a positive outlook....   [tags: man extinction, human's future, dystopia]

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Role of Women in the Scientific Revolution

- Maria Sibylla Merian was an early biologist. She was the daughter of Matthäus Merian, a Swiss artist and publisher. Matthäus died when Maria was three, and her mother remarried Jacob Marrel, a painter, who taught and encouraged Maria in the arts. As a child, she loved to go with her stepfather to collect wildflowers and insects, but unlike her stepfather, Maria also liked to study the specimens. She published her first book of drawings of different species and different stages in their life cycle at age thirteen, and published five more in her lifetime....   [tags: Catherine Barton, scientist, gender]

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Prophecies and The Mayan Calendar

- The topic I have chosen for my speech is the Mayan’s Calendar and Prophecies, and its relation to December 21, 2012. For several years now the Mayan Calendar, showing December 21st, 2012 as its last day recorded, has provoked different reactions among the people. Some have reacted with panic, anticipating a catastrophic end for our planet; others have begun to be virtuous persons, fearful of the punishment in the Final Judgment. Certain have dedicated to explore it with morbid inquisitiveness, speculating on when and how the end is going to begin, although there are others for whom the quest for the truth is a necessity....   [tags: Culture]

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Dante's Inferno, by Dante Alighieri

- Judgment, a term used in Christianity to refer to someone’s soul, heart and their deeds. Dante Alighieri was the first person to judge people and put them in Hell for their deeds and actions in life. The book, Dante’s Inferno, explores morality and judgment. It is a book that truly says, “The punishment fits the crime.” It explores the deeds of people such as William Howard Taft, King John, Otto von Bismarck, and Nostradamus. These people are in Inferno for the same reason that someone like Alexander the Great is there because they committed some sort of crime or sin while living on Earth....   [tags: Judgment, Standards, Sins]

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The Great Fire of London

- As once posted on Funky, a blog about the latest news, "Fire from the heart of London spreads through the blood of it's veins, making history from ashes" (“Metaphor…” quote #6). In 1666, the Great Fire of London destroyed and turned everything in its path to ashes and is remembered as one of the most historical devastations of Great Britain. The September fire lasted approximately four days. There are a number of different reasons why this fire was so destructive including a lack of response, building material, and of how close the buildings were together....   [tags: lack of response, building materials]

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What Makes Human Sensory Abilities?

- As humans, we interact with the world around us in five main discernible ways: seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, and smelling. Appropriately, they are known together as the five senses, five clearly distinguishable ways we could familiarize ourselves with an environment or recognize a new situation which we have not encountered before. As discussed in class, they help the brain perceive the world around us in a way where we can understand and react to everything which is happening around us. It is not just humans who have these abilities either, as almost all animals rely on at least one sharpened sense to help them avoid danger on a day to day basis and survive in whatever environment the...   [tags: Sense, Olfaction, Perception, Nervous system]

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The Indulgence Of Machiavellian Behaviour

- The Indulgence of Machiavellian Behaviour The Elizabethan era is named after the reign of Queen Elizabeth the first. This era is one of the most fascinating eras in history, not only because of the queen herself but also because of the very first theatre in England – The Globe –which began with the performance of plays written by William Shakespeare and due to his many inspiring and renowned plays this era has been significantly marked. I have chosen texts based on this era and they are the following, William Shakespeare plays: Othello and King Richard III, the series Reign by Stephanie SenGupta and the movie Elizabeth the golden age by Shekhar Kapur....   [tags: William Shakespeare, Elizabeth I of England]

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The Psychic Tradition

- The Psychic Tradition Methodology The first thing that I did to conduct my research was to brainstorm the various places where I could find both fact and opinion concerning the role that the psychic realm plays within society. The most obvious choice was to visit a practicing psychic. I know of a psychic that works in my hometown of Nashville, Indiana. I tried on several occasions to contact her by phone and request permission for an interview, however, failed to do so. (First bit of knowledge acquired: psychics do not always follow office hours)....   [tags: Psychic Essays]

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America Under Siege

- America under Siege… One the greatest bastions of freedom and democracy in our world is now under siege by cowardly forces. The terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon is not only an attack against the US, but an attack against the entire Western civilised world. There is nothing more despised and cowardly then a terrorist attack on innocent bystanders, but yet it is still one of the most effective weapons in the world today. It has been used before and will probably be used again, as we see from the attacks in the US....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Using Technology to Cope with Terrorism

- Using Technology to Cope with Terrorism Each one of us has our own unique story of where we were when we learned of the attack on the World Trade Center towers. It’s a story we’ve told to friends and a story we’ll continue to tell as this event transforms from a living reality to a historical one. Some were awoken by roommates, others informed by colleagues passing through the hall, and others happened to turn on the television and watch with horror as the World Trade Center towers burned and finally collapsed....   [tags: War Terror Essays]

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The 2012 Conspiracy

- History has come around with numerous prophecies about Apocalypse which contradicts each other, but recent years a new day has been set for the end of the world, December 21, 2012. The irony is that the date associated with the end of the world is constructed on the premise that history is cyclical and not linear. Predicting the Day of Judgment is a cultural phenomenon that speculates cataclysmic and apocalyptic events that will occur. This idea has been disseminated in countless books, websites, and documentaries....   [tags: Religion]

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Freedom of Expression

- Freedom of Expression Freedom of expression, and open access to media, are as fundamental to the survival of Progress as the sun and rain are to the survival of planet Earth. Yet censorship remains a traditional response of any group that finds itself offended at another's message or creative indulgence. The argument that because they serve the "public interest," media should willingly accept a moral arbiter to decide what will and what will not be disseminated is both uninformed and dangerous....   [tags: Papers]

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Insight into Hilter's Mind and What Made Him Do What He Did

- Insight into Hilter's Mind and What Made Him Do What He Did What can be said about Adolph Hitler that already has not been said. Scores of books have been written about him, many people have tried to analyze him, I even heard that he has been portrayed in movies the most out of all other historical figures. Of course there are those goof balls that say he escaped to Argentina after the war (I would not be surprised if those same people think Elvis is still alive). So why do so many people write about a man that Nostradamus called an anti-Christ....   [tags: Papers]

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Comparing the McCarthy Hearings and McCarthyism with The Crucible Witch Trials

- Throughout the history of mankind, the misapplication of power, marring of souls have been a part of life. How does this affect us, why does it happen. Human emotion plays a major role in prejudice and the politics that surround it are evident in today's society. Many things can define persecution. No matter how it is defined, it is a tragic event. About three hundred years ago, the witch trials of Salem were a hot topic. Two young girls deceitfully accused a slave, Tituba of witchery. Soon, callous accusations flew and the joke became a sad, sad reality....   [tags: compare and contrast essay examples]

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Three wars that led to the defeat of Napoleon

- Three wars that led to the defeat of Napoleon Napoleon Bonaparte was one of the most powerful men ever to walk the face of the earth. Many believe him to be the first anti-christ, just as Nostradamus predicted. To the troops he commanded, he was known as the "friendly little corporal" , and to the monarchs and kings that he overthrew, he was the "Corsican Ogre" ("Napoleon Bonaparte" ). Some thought him to be a great reformer. Others thought that he was a monster. However, friend and foe alike could both agree on one thing; Napoleon I, Emperor of France and leader of most of Europe for sixteen years, was one of the greatest and boldest military geniuses of all time("Napoleon Bonaparte")....   [tags: European Europe History]

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The Nuclear Terrorism Threat and the Aum Shinrikyo Cult

- The Nuclear Terrorism Threat and the Aum Shinrikyo Cult Until the mid seventies, the term nuclear terror was used predominately to describe the threat of a nuclear attack by the Soviet Union. Since then, however, it has taken on a whole new meaning which many security experts feel poses a more serious threat to national security. In the past few decades, formal terrorist organizations have exploded planes out of the sky, bombed US military and diplomatic facilities abroad, and with the World Trade Center and Oklahoma City bombing incidents, they have even launched attacks on American soil....   [tags: Terrorism Research Papers]

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Poetry Analysis of The Second Coming by Yeats

- Poetry Research Essay analysis THE SECOND COMING By William Butler Yeats, 1922 Mr. Yeats relates his vision, either real or imagined, concerning prophesies of the days of the Second coming. The writer uses the Holy Bible scripture text for his guide for because no one could explain this period of time without referring to the Holy Bible. He has chosen to present it in the form of a poem, somewhat like the quatrains of Nostradamus. The poem does not cover all the details of this event, but does give the beginning of the powerful messages, and a dark look at those ominous days surrounding the Second Coming of The Lord Jesus Christ....   [tags: William Butler Yeats]

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Carl Sagan And Swifts "A Modest Proposal"

- "Carl Sagan would be pleased. It is his The Demon-Haunted World that opens with a story concerning a taxi driver: The driver, once realizing it is Carl Sagan, “that scientist guy,” in his cab’s backseat, proceeds to bombard Sagan with questions about truly scientific issues in the vein of “channeling,” “Nostradamus, astrology, the shroud of Turin.” And the driver presents each of these subjects “with a buoyant enthusiasm.” Yet Sagan disappoints him. With a list of facts, Sagan tells the man why there is a 99% chance each of his pseudoscientific theses are not true or why sometimes there is just a much simpler explanation which Occam’s Razor dictates we take....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Subjects for Other Conversations

- Categorized Poems from Subjects for other Conversations In John Stigall’s book, Subjects for Other Conversations, all of the thirty-seven poems can be placed into one of five different categories. These categories include sadness, racism, happiness, sex, and religion. Sadness, the first category, includes ten of the thirty seven poems. These poems express hate, anger, and depression about many things in life, from growing old to losing a child. These poems are “Poem on Turning Forty,” “Poem on Turning Forty-Five,” “Blues,” “Impromptu,” “Into the Life of This World,” “Some People,” “The Revenant,” “In the Bibleblack Air,” “Approaching,” and “Final Approach”....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Oedipus the King

- Enjoying "Oedipus the King", by Sophocles 2. Predestination Long before we "got civilized", ancient Europeans (Greeks, Vikings, others) were already talking about "predestination". If something was going to happen, it would happen and there was nothing you could do about it. Why would anybody talk like this. 1. Ancient people may have been impressed (or wanted to be impressed) by the fulfillment of prophecies. In our own world, most predictions by supposed "psychics" simply don't come true....   [tags: essays research papers]

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- Apocalypse FOLLOWING IS AN IMPORTANT REVELATION BEING MADE TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC. THIS IS THE ONLY TIME YOU WILL BE CONTACTED. Disclaimer: The following information contains predictions of the future. This has been written for people who want to know what is on the horizon for humanity, and most importantly, WHAT THEY CAN DO ABOUT IT. Please understand that if you read this material, you will be doing it by your own choice. If your reaction causes you to want to report me to AOL for sending unsolicited email, it could result in my account being closed....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Renewable Energy: The Revolution May Be Fueled With Corn

- The Revolution May Be Fueled With Corn So it’s 2007 and the world is ending soon, say Nostradamus1 and Quetzacoatl2, ubiquitous urban lurkers and suited PhDs alike. So what to do now. It’s tempting to lock oneself away in solitude lazily watching Survivor: Filipino Slum, wolfing GMO corn-and-powdered-orange-facsimile -of-dairy-product edibles, witnessing the remaining vestiges of western culture disappear into the abyss of deserved self-immolation and collapse. Beats the alternative of staring into the face of the impending energy crisis, water wars, nuclear holocaust and the next season of American Idol....   [tags: Fossil Fuels Environment Essays Papers]

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Civil War Sectionalism

- North and South The United States of America, the great democratic experiment, was just that. Not since the great Greek culture had a government of, for, and by the people existed. The entire world felt, that on a large scale, democracy would inevitably lead to anarchy; our founding fathers were determined to prove them wrong. But as the political stand off with the British became a secession issue, a great issue split the future nation. Slavery, a southern necessity, both social and economic, threatened the unity of our nation....   [tags: essays research papers]

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