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Technology Is The Enemy Of Tomorrows

- Innovation, every organization wants it, but most cannot grasp proper change. In fact, more than two thirds of innovative efforts fail. Look at corporate giants like Kodak, Blockbuster, Motorola, Toys “R” Us and Yahoo. Every one of those companies where paramount, dominating their market and somehow they all lost their edge. Why. Because of disruptive internal culture. Culture is the foundation to being innovative, but it can be an opportunity or a culprit. When the culture is correct then an organization will have a culture of innovation, or what we call an innovative culture....   [tags: Organizational culture, Organizational studies]

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Jeanette Winterson's Written on the Body and Caryl Churchill's Cloud Nine

- Jeanette Winterson's Written on the Body and Caryl Churchill's Cloud Nine In Jeanette Winterson’s Written on the Body and Caryl Churchill’s Cloud Nine differences between male and female roles in society become distinct. Through these differences, an intricate web of male and female characters seems to be woven, and we can see the clarity between gender roles. With the support of Churchill’s Cloud Nine by Jeffrey Barber, “You see, I am no stranger to love”: Jeanette Winterson and the Extasy of the Word by Celia Shiffer, and “Body Languages: Scientific and Aesthetic Discourses in Jeanette Winterson’s Written on the Body,” the idea of love and gender roles present in Jeanette Winterson’s Wri...   [tags: Winterson Churchill Cloud Nine Essays]

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Nine Ten by Warren Leight

- The major conflict in the play, Nine Ten by Warren Leight is jury duty. The first thing people think when they hear the words “jury duty” is sitting in a courthouse all day and night disagreeing whether a person is guilty or innocent. For most, the immediate thought when getting that letter out of the mailbox is that they do not have time. Their lives are full enough with running the kids to school and to after school activities. Their next thought may be, ‘but I’m going out of town soon’, just because a select few are going to jury duty does not mean that time will stand still and wait for their duty to be done....   [tags: jury duty, play review]

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The Little Rock Nine

- “It was like going into battle every day.” This is what Ernst Green said about his experience at Central High School (Stone). Ernst Green was one of the nine African Americans that were carefully chosen to take part in the desegregation of Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas (Little Rock). The Nine African American students that were picked for this brave action were called the Little Rock Nine. These students were a massive part in the Civil Rights Movement. Little Rock, Arkansas, like many southern cities, was very segregated....   [tags: desegregation, central high school]

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The Little Rock Nine

- In 1954, the Supreme Court took a step in history with the Brown V. Board of Education of Topeka by stating that, “In the field of public education the doctrine of ‘separate but equal’, has no place. Separate facilities are inheritably unequal.” Little Rock, Arkansas a city in the upper south became a location of a controversial attempt to put the court order into effect when nine African American students were chosen to desegregate Central High in Little Rock. How did the Little Rock Nine affect America....   [tags: Segregation Civil Rights Movement]

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The Nine Guardians

- The story of the Nine Guardians takes place during the presidency of Lazaro Cardenas between 1934 and 1940. Lazaro Cardenas instituted the agrarian reform to break up the large ranches owned by the elite class and end the state of peonage in which the Indians on the ranch lived. President Cardenas government opposed the Catholic Church as it was believed to be the vehicle of superstition as well as the ally of the old regime. (Mason 1962, p80) The Churches were closed and many priest lost their lives for saying Mass....   [tags: Literary Analysis, The Church, Indigenous People]

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The Little Rock Nine and Their History

- In May of 1954, the landmark Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court case had declared the racial segregation of American public schools unconstitutional. The Supreme Court had called for the integration of schools, so that students of any race could attend any school without the concern of the “white-only” labels. The public school system of Little Rock, Arkansas agreed to comply with this new desegregated system, and by a year had a plan to integrate the students within all the public schools of Little Rock....   [tags: Segregation, Public Schools]

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The Impact of the Little Rock Nine

- America has had quite a history. Moreover, America has had a distinct history concerning racial differences. From the Civil War to the Civil Rights Act, America has showed past that is unforgettable. However, America has showed a history concerning African Americans that still show up in our present today. The Little Rock Nine, staged in 1957, proves that we are not that far away from our previous actions against a different race. In the American heritage and main structure of government, it says that all men are created equal....   [tags: Civil Rights]

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The Infernos Nine Circles Of Hell

- THE INFERNOS NINE CIRCLES OF HELL Our Guide: Donald and Goofy The infernos worst judgments in the afterlife. The inferno is a place where all people go when they pass away if they were evil during living. when the people pass away they are judge for all their sins that they have committed wenth they were alive. Each person that goes to the inferno is sent to a special place where they pay for their sins according to what their sins are. They are many different ways to pay for their sins according to what the sins are....   [tags: Divine Comedy, Hell, Inferno, God]

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The Reading For Week Nine

- The reading for week nine was Hutchison (2015) chapter five which discussed middle childhood. This chapter goes over the developmental stages of children from the ages of six through eleven (Hutchison, 2015, pg. 181). During this period, children continue to grow, albeit at different rates. Many children even begin to experience puberty at the later end of this stage. The rate of this can occur differently based on both the race and the gender of the child; generally American girls enter puberty before boys (Hutchison, 2015, pg....   [tags: Morality, Emotion]

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Chapter Nine: The Mysterious Warrior

- Chapter Nine The Mysterious Warrior When the light from the blast faded away to black, everything went still. All the activity and the commotion on this wasteland came to an abrupt stop. All sound of weapons and movement halted, and for as far as the eye could see; the skeletal army stood frozen in place all about. “What’s going on here?” Willow asked after a moment, her voice so dry she could barely speak. Jack gazed around at the hordes of motionless skeletons in mesmerized bewilderment and relief....   [tags: wasteland, army, relief, quest]

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The Nine Doctrines of War

- ... There is not much they could have done about the weather, but they could have had backup plans for security. They also could have taken medics, outlined clearer plans, and have been prepared for the worst. Moreover, Operation Fortitude had set up an elaborate deception to provide the illusion that the Allies had a large army preparing to attack Calais Harbor. Patton was their General because the Allies knew Hitler would be watching wherever Patton was. The army was the First United States Army Group (FUSAG)....   [tags: security, battle of midway, japanese]

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Little Rock Nine: Their Struggles and How They Can be Applied to Us Today

- In 1957 a group of nine children crossed boundaries that no one had dared to cross before. Standing up for not only themselves, but also an entire race of people, they challenged segregation head on. Despite all the pain and agony they went through, the Little Rock Nine continued to stand against injustice for a better, more equal tomorrow. Although our country has come a long way, there is still much to be done to eliminate segregation. The end to segregation started on May 17, 1954 with the Supreme Court’s ruling in “Brown v....   [tags: Civil Rights]

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Truth in Distance: Caryl Churchill’s Use of Representative Discord in Cloud Nine

- Caryl Churchill is a playwright much influenced by theatrical past, present, and future. Her work in the 1970s with the emergent Feminist movement produced a collection of plays that are in direct dialogue with the social and political climate of that time (Worthen 842). Similarly, many of her later plays look to the issues of tomorrow; A Number, for example, deals with a range of issues caused by human cloning. Influences from the past are just as pertinent to Churchill’s plays, but are sometimes a bit more obscure....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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Nine Tyrants

- Nine Tyrants I sat intently in front of the television as the evening news was being aired. I then watched in despair as the newscaster announced the decision of the Supreme Court of the United States to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act. At the stroke of a pen, a law enacted by our republican form of government was subverted at the hands of a panel of nine, unelected judges. It is the duty of the judicial branch of government to interpret the law, but that is simply not what I it does. We are living in a country with a judiciary that is constantly driving a knife into our republic, and I fear that our nation is slowly bleeding to death because of it....   [tags: Supreme Court, judicial branch, United States]

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Poem Analysis : ' Metaphors, It Says Nine Syllables And There Are Only Nine Lines

- In the first sentence of the poem “Metaphors”, it says nine syllables and there are only nine lines in the poem. The nine syllables can also be referring to the nine long months of pregnancy. The poet uses “I’m” in the beginning, implying that the poet is speaking about a person and a pregnant person at that. In the next few lines the speaker begins to describe how she feels about being pregnant. In the second line of the poem, the words elephant and ponderous house is portraying herself as enormous, lifeless, and bulky being pregnant....   [tags: Pregnancy, Childbirth, Poetry, Emotion]

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To Kill A Mockingbird and the Little Rock Nine

- When a group of children known as the Little Rock Nine stepped onto the campus of Central High School of Arkansas on September 4th, 1957, they changed history forever. By being the first black students to attend a traditionally white high school, the nine students helped move America toward a more fair and constitutional attitude toward colored people. To Kill a Mockingbird was written during this time period and deals with many of the same cultural issues even though it’s story takes place a few decades earlier....   [tags: Central High School, Civil Rights Movements]

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Litttle Rock Nine

- Prejudices will always be prevalent in some way, shape, or form. If feelings of racial superiority are allowed to fester, eventually they can become strong enough to push people to radical actions. The Little Rock Nine is a group of nine African-American students who decided to make a stand and make a large step towards breaking down the walls of segregation. Despite evident opposition, their determination and fortitude set in motion a series of events that have accelerated the progress of integration within the United States....   [tags: Civil Rights]

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Game Of Nine Is A Thriller Horror Story

- GAME OF NINE is a thriller-horror story. The script has a familiar setup with the idea of a group of friends going up against a deadly stalker in a contained setting. However, what sets the script apart is the idea of the assailant playing a game called Game of Nine. The idea that he plans to stab the victim nine times within a deadline is a clever way of setting up an organic ticking clock. This helps to build suspense and anticipation. The goal is clear and the stakes are deadly. There are solid themes about survival, learning to forgive, and moving on....   [tags: Present, Time, Serial killer, A Story]

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Lessons from the "Little Rock Nine"

- Motivators and movers – where would the world be without these people. It is these beings that cause belief to become action and compel the masses to move through their example, sometimes unknowingly. In 1957, nine young African-Americans voluntarily chose to desegregate Little Rock Central High and break free of the black-white mold that society had made. Those young students became known as the Little Rock Nine - hated by those unlike them, terrorized by schoolmates and even ostracized by their people....   [tags: Racial Issues]

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Rhetorical Analysis Of ' The Fort Of Nine Towers '

- At one time it seemed inconceivable to Qais Akbar Omar, his family and his country that the widely embraced and even lauded Mujahideen would push Afghanistan to collapse and destruction. What began for Qais as a blissful life of flying kites and attending school with his cousin Wakeel, would dramatically and tragically lead to death, destruction and despair in Afghanistan. Omar documents his life under these harsh and dangerous circumstances in his memoir A Fort of Nine Towers. He tells his and his family’s story in a way that engages the reader through eye-opening, emotional, powerful, raw and beautiful storytelling....   [tags: Narrative, Narratology, Writing, Fiction]

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The Nine Step Stairway to Effective Evaluation

- DiClemente (2013) stated, “Although no evaluation is perfect, evaluation research can have a high degree of rigor” (DiClemente, Salazar, & Crosby, 2013, pp. 298). The result of a high degree of rigor can lead to the utilization by program planners and policy experts which would in turn could impact public health policy and promotion practice (DiClemente et al., 2013). This is obtained by a step by step, all equally important, process in what is known as the “Nine Step Stairway to Effective Evaluation”....   [tags: Business, Stakeholders]

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Poem Analysis : The Poem At Thirty Nine

- These six poems all vary in tone and messages yet all connect to death. Poem at Thirty-Nine explores the feelings the poet had towards her father 's death and looks back on her relationship with him, leading onto how she thinks he would see her now if still alive. Remember requests a lover to remember the speaker when they die, but not so much that it affects their daily life. Do not go gentle into that good night shows the poet lamenting his father 's decreased health and encouraging him to cling to life....   [tags: Poetry, Stanza, Sonnet, Poetic form]

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Why Are We Going For Feed The Nine?

- Every year we hear “How are we going to feed the nine?” In case you have lived under a rock, “the nine” is an expression used by farmers and agriculturist to refer to the expected nine billion people who will be living on earth by 2050. Many solutions have been devised in the past century to increase production of animals and plants for food, for the majority of the history of farming people usually practiced subsistence farming. Subsistence farming is when a family only grows enough plants and animals for themselves....   [tags: In vitro meat, Meat, Agriculture]

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Wal-Mart and The Nine Principles of Sustainability

- According to Marc J. Epstein (2008), to help understand what sustainability is in the context of corporate responsibility, [Epstein has] broken it down into nine principles. These nine principles… highlight what is important in managing stakeholder impacts (i.e. the impact of company products, services, processes, and other activities on corporate stakeholders). (p. 36). Evaluating a large company such as Wal-Mart against these nine principles can give eye opening clues to how much of a leader they are in meeting the needs of their current stakeholders, as well as forecasting and preparing for the needs of their future stakeholders....   [tags: Business Administration]

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An Interpretation And Adaptation : The Yggdrasil And The Nine Worlds

- An Interpretation and Adaptation: The Yggdrasil and the Nine Worlds After extensive research and analyzing numerous photos/illustrations of the Yggdrasil, I and my groupmates, Katrina Duong and Breanna Thomson, created an edible adaptation of what we thought the Yggdrasil and nine Norse realms would not only look like, but also taste like. We attempted to fill the cakes with a flavor that best represented whom the realm was home to while also choosing flavors that symbolized what each realm was all about....   [tags: Norse mythology, Odin, Prose Edda, Æsir]

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The Cost Of War : A Fort Of Nine Towers

- Many Afghans live with the terrible realization that at any time they too could die. Would you be ok living like that. The costs of war have taken social and environmental tolls on Afghanistan such as, families being split apart, fractions splitting up into groups of their own kind and homes, businesses and religious locations being destroyed. One instance of a social cost you can find and relate to this is in the book A Fort of Nine Towers Where a young boy at the time Qais Akbar Omar and his family lived during the Russian invasion and the Taliban takeover, never knowing if he or someone he loved may be killed at the hands of the Taliban or imprisoned for not following their rules....   [tags: Pakistan, Afghanistan, Taliban, Hazara people]

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A Collection Of Nine Letters By Ann Larimer

- I examined a collection of nine letters written by Ann Larimer to her husband John while the latter was serving in the United States Army in the final year of the American Civil War. Ann and john Larimer and their two young children were residents of Queen City, a now-extinct farming community in Adams County, Iowa in the southwestern quarter of the state. They owned a farm which during the war seems to have been operated by Ann with the assistance of her father and a neighbor. The diversity of the farm conveyed in Ann’s references to a variety of crops in addition to a primary interest in corn, sale prices of crops, and her desire to sell cattle suggests that the Larimers were like the maj...   [tags: American Civil War, United States, Civil war]

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Analysis Of The Book ' The Nine Rings Of Jfk '

- On the 22nd of November of 1963, the world was forever changed in a short six seconds. On this date, the United States lost one of its most beloved leadership figures. President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was shot and killed by an assassin while riding through downtown Dallas, Texas. This event sent shock waves throughout the nation and people were stunned in disbelief. The 35th President was shot and killed by gunman Lee Harvey Oswald, who was arrested by Dallas police shortly after the assassination....   [tags: John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson]

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The Nine Planets Of Our Solar System

- The Nine Planets of Our Solar System The earth might seem to be large enough with 6400 km radius and large circumstance of about 40,000 km, but in fact, earth is the only planet of the solar system and the only member of the myriads of systems in the universe, which presents a condition of air, water and land. Thus, the earth is a unique planet having a lot of water, an atmosphere and a surface temperature configuration that have supported life. So, “why is there life on Earth?” Unlike other planets, the Earth has a strong magnetic field of its own....   [tags: Solar System, Sun, Planet, Earth]

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Analysis Of The Nine Principles Of Corporate Governance

- 1. Question 1 Presentation of Financial Statement A critical review is conducted on Michael Hill International Ltd.’s (MHI) corporate governance disclosures in the 2014 Annual Report for Year ended 30th June 2014. To evaluate and determine whether the company complies the requirement of each of the Nine Principles of Corporate Governance (Securities Commission New Zealand, 2011) listed below as the sub-titles. 1.1. Directors should observe and foster high ethical standards First of all, the board adopts the overall principles of Directors’ “Code of Proper Practice for Directors”, and considers that the policies and procedures of its corporate governance are consistent with NZX Corporate Gove...   [tags: Audit, Corporate governance, Auditing]

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Starbucks And A Modest Nine Store Operation

- Starbucks was founded in 1987 with a modest nine-store operation in the Seattle, Washington. As of April of 2010 Starbucks had 8,812 company-owned stores and 7,852 licensed stores within 50 countries, and they also had an annual sales of 10 billion. Now something that stood out to me was the impact that took place in the fiscal years 2008-2009. The first set of numbers that I want to get into is the Net Revenues at Company-Operated Retail Stores followed by the Average Sales Revenues at Company Operated Retail Stores....   [tags: Starbucks, Coffee, Howard Schultz, Revenue]

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Journal Entry Week Nine Part A

- JOURNAL ENTRY WEEK NINE PART A The five wishes or the advanced directive is a document that is created by the American Bar Associations commission on law an aging in collaborations with the law nation’s leading experts in the end of life care. American Association of Colleges of Nursing, (2011). The document talks about personal, spiritual, emotional as well as medical needs. The contents of this document explains the person that you will want to make health care decisions for, in case you are not able to do so, how you want to be treated in case you become severely ill, the type of medical treatment you want, how comfortable you want to be, how people should treat you and for the family...   [tags: Health care provider, Patient, Medicine]

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Sixty-Nine Cents, by Gary Shteyngart

- The author Gary Shteyngart of “Sixty-Nine Cent” describes himself in a tug of war between the Russian culture of his parents and the American culture in which he wants to be a part of. At the age of seven, Gary Shteyngart and his family immigrated to the United States from Russia. When he was fourteen, his family and other Russian immigrant made a trip to Florida to see Disneyland. He describes “the ride over the MacArthur Causeway to Miami Beach was my real naturalization ceremony”( Shteyngart 103)....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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The Tomorrow City by Monica Hughes

- The Tomorrow City by Monica Hughes The plot of this book centres around two adolescents, David and Caro and an evil supercomputer which aspires to control the futuristic city of Thompsonville.  Dr. Henderson, Caro's Father creates the "perfect" computer designed to solve all of the problems of Thompsonville by gaining almost complete power of the city.  The computer then begins to make rash decisions of it's own. It decides that humans are incapable of making decisions of there own and soon devises a method of controlling the minds of everyone in the city....   [tags: Hughes Tomorrow City]

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The Power of Six by Pittacus Lore

- Between bearing the burdenful duty of restoring their planet, protecting Earth, being marked for death, and preventing a superiorly developed alien enemy from galactic takeover, Pittacus Lore’s series The Lorien Legacies places extreme expectations on its young protagonists. As the last surviving members of their species, the seven Loric children struggle to incorporate their destinies as the saviours of their planet, Lorien, with their current states of being lost, inexperienced, afraid, and alone....   [tags: raise of nine, earth, planet]

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Melba Patillo and the Arkansas Nine

- Melba Patillo changed history by enduring one of the first high school integration in history. Without Melba's bravery and endurance we would not have black people and white people together in the same building, much less in the same schools. Melba and the other eight black students spent one gruesome year at Central High, which is located in Little Rock, Arkansas. They not only tried to socialize and study, they had to go to press conferences concerning integration and were forced to ride in a car driven by soldiers....   [tags: Racial Segregation Integration]

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The Many Benefits of Section Nine

- The Many Benefits of Section Nine Section Nine affects all women, not just athletes or children young enough to benefit from equalized funding. Women of all ages, all traditions, and cultures, even/especially the older generations who are being confronted with the changing image of the woman as projected through their grandchildren and children who are benefiting and changing in correlation to section nine. This is seen in all the movies we've watched this semester, and I assume is experienced in most homes and families with young woman....   [tags: Sports Athletes Essays]

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Baldwin and The Little Rock Nine

- The Little Rock Nine: Weaving the Tapestry of American History Throughout his literature, James Baldwin discusses the issues of racial inequality within America and discusses reasons for the conflicts between races, proposing his solutions to the problems. One of the most important and recurring motifs between his works is the idea of history; the history of whites in western society and its origin in European thinking and the history of the American Negro, whose history is just as American as his white counterpart’s....   [tags: James Baldwin]

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A Feminist Analysis of Cloud Nine

- Feminist Analysis of Cloud Nine In 1979, Caryl Churchill wrote a feminist play entitled Cloud Nine. It was the result of a workshop for the Joint Stock Theatre Group and was intended to be about sexual politics. Within the writing she included a myriad of different themes ranging from homosexuality and homophobia to female objectification and oppression. “Churchill clearly intended to raise questions of gender, sexual orientation, and race as ideological issues; she accomplished this largely by cross-dressing and role-doubling the actors, thereby alienating them from the characters they play.” (Worthen, 807) The play takes part in two acts; in the first we see Clive, his family, friends, an...   [tags: essays research papers fc]

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Unseen Effects of Title Nine

- Unseen Effects of Title Nine Using the four topics, history, race and class, gender, and sexual orientation in sport, assume you are a screen writer in the year 2010. You have been commissioned to write a movie script about women's sports and current society. What is the theme. Who are the protagonists. What are the issues and how does the movie end. When Annie came in with an idea to do a sports movie, the first thing I did was laugh in her face. She quickly cut me off. "Harry. Harry what do you know about Title Nine?" "What is that, some new soy product?" "Title Nine, enacted in 1972, represents a large change in attitudes toward women and their aspirations....   [tags: Sports Female Social Norms Essays]

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Chen Rong's The Nine Dragons

- Chen Rong's The Nine Dragons Mysteries within mysteries, this is the gateway to understanding. -LaoZi (Harbaugh) Reading the Dao de Jing can be a daunting task for one who is unaccustomed to such simple riddles, as the Chinese language is so well designed to supply. The Dao de Jing itself is a collection of sayings, pearls of wisdom, which are intended to promote contemplation, an expanding of ones observational prowess, and eventually a total realization of the Dao. The Dao is the energy or being of the universe....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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The Little Rock Nine of Central High School

- Mohandas K. Gandhi liberated India from oppression. Nelson Mandela liberated South Africa from bondage. Who will help liberate the United States from prejudice. Both Gandhi and Mandela saw the need for change and answered the call to do just that. Though they accomplished a great number of things, they endured many trials and tribulations. However, their persecutions did not outweigh their persistence in changing their nation. Because they saw a problem, because they fought for a solution, and because they never gave up, nations were transformed....   [tags: racism, segregation, protest]

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Nine Stages of Divine Vision

- Nine Stages of Divine Vision Nine stages of life are formed by nine crises that shape our awareness and the way we envision and experience the divine in both our cultural and isolated lives. Out vision of the divine is determined by the unique forms and forces in each stage of our lives. The first stage is the unborn stage of the womb. The first part of the first stage is the unborn womb. Since the womb is almost perfect for our prenatal needs, there is an incomparable experience of Kinesthetic euphoria which is the ideal condition for the realization of bliss....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Analysis Of ' For Me From You ' And ' Poem At Thirty Nine

- Love "Plena Timoris," "For Me From You" and "Poem At Thirty-Nine" can be compared and contrasted in several ways regarding the theme of love. Each and every poem approaches the topic of love in a different way but at the same time share certain similarities. "Plena Timoris" by Hardy Thomas tends to present love in terms of philosophy. "For Me From You" by Rita Anyiam St John approaches the theme of love in an objective manner while the "Poem At Thirty-Nine" tends to explore love through contemplating the past....   [tags: Love, Marriage, Poetry, Interpersonal relationship]

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The Little Rock Nine: Civil Rights Icons

- Many events and people stand tall on the battlefield of segregation; Rosa Parks refusal to leave her seat, Martin Luther King Jr. famous “I have a dream (Struggle for Equality: Quotes From Martin Luther King, Jr., 1996)” speech, and countless other events like them. But one event that in particular stands tall as a distinguishing icon of the struggle against oppression: The Little Rock Nine. This group of black students broke down the barriers of segregation with non-violent methods; and despite the bitter social and political environment, became great people in our nation who continue to serve as icons of freedom....   [tags: The Civil Rights Movement]

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Nine Inch Nails versus Johnny Cash

- Which Version Of “Hurt” Would You Prefer. Nine Inch Nails versus Johnny Cash The song “Hurt” written by Trent Reznor and originally performed by his band Nine Inch Nails is a melancholy, haunting song. Nine Inch Nails’ version was recorded in 1994 and rerecorded and released by Johnny Cash in 2002. Each of the performers has a style, which some people would argue is at opposite ends of the spectrum of popular music; one is what is referred to as “Industrial Rock”, the other is country. Indeed, the musical genres are diverse; however, the song “Hurt” transcends the boundaries between old and new, hard and soft, and especially the differences and similarities between these men....   [tags: Music Analysis ]

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Manipulation of Time in "Cloud Nine" and "Top Girls"

- The manipulation of time is important in the Cloud Nine and Top Girls, two plays by Caryl Churchill. In one, she manipulates the passage of time to create a connection between the oppression of women and the oppression of those living in the British colonies. In the other, she puts the present first and the past last, suggesting that the past is more important than Britain would like to admit. Like Patrick Wright, she is questioning the idea of a national identity or heritage that wants to continue class and racial discrimination but give it a different name....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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The Last Years At Blackstone Lake, Nine Years Of Hardship

- Nine years at Blackstone Lake, nine years of hardship. Unaware of being mid-way through their lives, William Lints and his wife Frances Rebecca (b Dec 12, 1870, née Warren) headed towards Blackstone in 1899. With them came their 3 year old daughter Sarah Evalena (b 1896, Mara Township) — and their poverty. German Princes and a German King of England A long tradition of small German states was to rent out professional armies to fight other peoples wars. During the American Revolutionary War, various German princes hired out some of these army units to George III the King of England....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Marriage]

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Cloud Nine : A Perfect Example Of The Exact World

- Cloud Nine is a perfect example of the exact world that any type of feminist is fighting to stop. It is full of men abusing their power and treating women like they are lesser beings. Cloud Nine also has extraordinary examples of how women are almost brainwashed to believe what the men are telling them and that they really do deserve to be treated the way they have been. Those who practice and believe in liberal and radical feminism would read this play a have a vast amount of things to say and be very frustrated by....   [tags: Feminism, Feminist theory, Radical feminism]

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Human Development : The Nine Month Journey Of Pregnancy

- From conception to birth, the nine-month journey of pregnancy is a beautiful process that occurs all throughout the world. Human development begins when two gametes the sperm and ovum join together creating a new being. An infant is composed of 23 chromosomes from each parent for a total of 46 chromosomes. There are three stages of pregnancy, which include, the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd trimester. In addition, three periods can also help to describe, prenatal development. The periods of pregnancy are described as the following: 1. The Germinal Period (first two weeks after conception): rapid cell division and beginning of cell differentiation 2. The Embryonic Period (3rd through 8th week): basic f...   [tags: Pregnancy, Childbirth, Prenatal development]

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Exploring the Concept of Dispensation and the Nine Dispensations Referred to in the Bible

- The concept of the dispensations has frequently caught my attention and sparked my interest. A dispensation can be defined as; the divine ordering of the affairs of this world, or a period in which God dealt or will deal with his creation. The Bible speaks about nine periods, or dispensations, in which God ordered the affairs of this world. Teachers and Preachers refer to these dispensations as the Plan of the Ages. You may have heard of the Plan of the Ages from commentaries on the Bible or teaching at the local church....   [tags: religion, theology]

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Analysis Of The Book ' You Are Given Nine Photos '

- Before beginning the introduction section of Solomon’s book, you are given nine photos. Some of the photos are simply portraits, while others illustrate descriptive details unique to the individuals. All the individuals are unrelated and look physically different, whether it is their skin color, clothing, age, etc. All vary in cultural origins, yet they all share a collective belief, Judaism. These pictures illustrate the diversity and complexity of this religion and act as a reminder for readers to keep an open mind for what is to come in Solomon’s book....   [tags: Judaism, Torah, Halakha, Israel]

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Review Of ' Eighty Nine- Year- Old Paul Matteson '

- Review of Literature Eighty-nine- year- old Paul Matteson was a dedicated and beloved member of his Michigan community. He was known for his generosity and willingness to assist those in need. In late 2012, Matteson committed suicide, shocking his family and friends. Reporter Danielle Salisbury investigated the cause of the suicide and concluded that Matteson killed himself because he felt socially isolated. A few years prior to Matteson’s death, his wife of 62 years was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease....   [tags: Old age, Gerontology, Middle age, Ageing]

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Summary Of ' My Husband 's Nine Wives '

- Most American women would shudder at the thought of their husband spending time with another woman. Not Elizabeth Joseph. Joseph chronicles her life in polygamy in an essay that appeared in the New York Times in 1991 entitled “My Husband’s Nine Wives”. Joseph discusses how it is problematic to manipulate her life around her husband Alex, her occupation and her youngster on a daily basis. She argues monogamous relationships are chockfull of “compromises” and “trade-offs”. She mentions how excited the children are when their Father comes to eat once a week....   [tags: Marriage, Wife, Full-time, Monogamy]

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The Nine Essential Amino Acids And What They Do

- The Nine Essential Amino Acids and What They Do Leucine – is one of the best amino acids for stimulating muscle strength and growth, also referred as to a branch chain amino acid (BCAA). A BCAA not only increases the rate of protein synthesis it also creates the capacity of the cell in protein synthesis. Isoleucine – is another BCAA and similar to Leucine. It helps the body produce energy and hemoglobin. It is vital in the production of nitrogen in muscle cells. Lysine is a proponent of carnitine, a nutrient responsible for converting fatty acids into fuel to lower cholesterol....   [tags: Nutrition, Metabolism, Carbohydrate, Glucose]

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I Am A Little Over Nine Years Ago

- A little over nine years ago, I got myself into the kind of awkward situation any 10 year old would dread to be in. I was too excited about my good grades that day to notice anything. I had just gotten my report card and all the As on it filled my heart with excitement. In no time, I found myself carried away by pride and conceit. When I am happy like that, the world slowly fade away and I am left alone to enjoy my moment. In my imagination, I am the princess of the story, the Arielle of the sea, the goddess in the sky....   [tags: English-language films, Sibling, Father, Parent]

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Case Study Journal Nine : Dean White

- Case Study Journal Nine Dean White is a 16 year old white sophomore at George Washington Carver High School, and he lives in the semirural South. Dean lives with his father, who own an auto repair job. His parents are divorced, and they have both remarried. Dean’s mother lives in another state, and Dean’s school work started to go downhill when his parents divorced, and Dean’s grades picked up to a “C” since then. Dean’s father has not encouraged him to go to college, and his father told him he could work at his auto repair job....   [tags: Homosexuality, Sexual orientation, High school]

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Grey´s Antonmy Script Season Nine

- A/N: Just a quick reminder that this is set in SEASON NINE, before Arizona cheats on Callie. “When it rains it pours. Maybe the art of life is to convert tough times to great experiences: we can choose to hate the rain or dance in it.” - Joan Marques You’ve probably heard the idiom, “when it rains, it pours.” At Grave Stone Memorial, formerly Seattle Grace Mercy Death Hospital, the idiom always seemed to be true (no pun intended). This was the place where bad things happened, time and time again....   [tags: life, jounrey, idea, husband]

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Nine Stories

- Nine Stories J D Salinger wrote Nine Stories with the same brilliance as Catcher In The Rye. His style is so unique and complex that all of his short stories are truly enjoyable. Two of those stories are ^A perfect day for a bananafish^ and ^For Esme with love and squalor.^ The main characters in both of these stories, Seymour and Sargent X, have served in World War II, and the fighting has taken its toll on them. Their physiological well being was sacrificed and as a result they are no longer the same people they were before....   [tags: essays papers]

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One of the Littlerock Nine: Elizabeth Eckford

- 1 of the 9: Elizabeth Eckford Elizabeth was born in the city of Little Rock on October 4, 1941. She graduated from Dunbar Junior High School, then went to Horace Mann High School, which at that time, was an all black school. On the morning of September 4, 1957, Elizabeth was getting ready to go to her first day of school at Little Rock Central High School. She didn?t have a phone at her house, so she didn?t know that the other 8 students were going to meet at Daisy Bates. house and to go school together as a group....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Importance of Chapter Nine in the Wuthering Heights

- The Importance of Chapter Nine in the Wuthering Heights Chapter nine is a key chapter in the novel for several reasons. Firstly, it is a significant part of the overall plot; the events in this chapter dictate the remaining plot of the story. Secondly, it is in this chapter that the true natures and emotions of the main characters, Cathy and Heathcliff are revealed. Also, chapter nine demonstrates aspects of Victorian society and literature, which add to the readers understanding of the life of 'Wuthering Heights'....   [tags: Papers]

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How To Enter A Nine-ball Tournament

- How to Play Tournament Nine-ball People may think that spending eight dollars on a tournament is a waste of money. Every Sunday I go to Millertime Billiards and enter a nine-ball tournament. I never go in thinking that I’m going to win at least my entry fee back, although it would be nice. On the other hand, I always go in knowing that I will walk out understanding more about the game then the night before. The tournament starts at 7:30 p.m., but the entry fee must be paid before that. After paying, all there is to do is wait....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Authorization of Resource Rights

- The issue of resource rights within a particular territory has been addressed by many political philosophers, among who are Leif Wenar and Cara Nine. Both philosophers try to determine and argue to whom this right over resources justly belongs. Wenar argues that resources within a particular geography belong to people of that territory. However, current global commerce can be characterized as failure of institutions to enforce these property rights. Particularly, it gives rise to brutal authoritarians, who take over country resources and capture revenue from selling these resources in the market (Wenar, p.9)....   [tags: Arguments: Leif Wenar & Cara Nine]

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The Use of Language in A Fable for Tomorrow by Rachel Carson

- The Use of Language in A Fable for Tomorrow by Rachel Carson The extracts give the impression of stark contrast, even contradictions, from the very beginning. The author chooses to use the word fable in the title, which, traditionally, is something fictional and also usually refers to the past and yet this is coupled with ‘tomorrow’. This indicates that the author is looking to show the reader that, although the situation she refers to in the second extract may not be factual in its entirety, it may not be long before it is....   [tags: A Fable for Tomorrow Rachel Carson Essays]

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Chinese Company Nine Dragons and 2009 Crisis, Questions and Answers

- Executive summary This report will discuss and analyse the several issues regarding financial status of the nine dragons paper holdings limited which is growing at a rate of 120 percent from the last five years and suddenly washed away in the 2009 crisis. During that period of time the organisation faced rapid change in the business environment. At that Time Company forced to issue profit warning to its shareholders, market conditions were squeezed and heavy burden of debt on the company, return on sales....   [tags: declining sales, financial crisis]

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Critical review on Robert Gagne´s Nine Events of Instruction

- Critical review on Gagne nine events of Instructions During the early years and eras, there were many learning theories such as behaviorism, cognitivism, constructivism, and etc. Each of them gave big impacts on teaching and learning. To be more specific, Gagne developed nine events or steps used in instructions for teaching and learning and it is called Gagne nine events of instructions. From what I have learned in the last lecture, these nine events are still relevance and applicable even though it needs to be improve a little bit....   [tags: Learning, Psychology]

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Warriors Don 't Cry : A Story Of The Little Rock Nine

- Warriors don’t cry is a story of the Little Rock Nine who went to Central High School; an all-white school with hopes to integrate blacks and whites into non segregated schools. The story mainly follows a girl named Melba and what her life was like at the time of going to this school and making a stepping stone into desegregation. However this took place in a time and place where white people were still being very racist towards black people. Some say sending a girl into a school like this is child abuse because these kids suffered death threats, being physically abused, and slandered against....   [tags: White people, Black people, Racial segregation]

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Gender in Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller and Churchill´s Cloud Nine

- In my essay I’ve decided to examine how gender is presented on stage in Miller’s “Death of a Salesman” and Churchill’s “Cloud Nine”. More specifically, I will be looking at how both playwrights express the gender role of patriarchy in their male characters, Willy Loman and Clive. Gender, unlike the biological differentiation of sex, is a social condition that forms the basis of being a “male” or “female”. The role of patriarchy, as described by (renown feminist) Gerda Lerner, is “the manifestation and institutionalization of male dominance over women and children in the family” (1)....   [tags: patriarchy, father, son]

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Nine Different Types of Human Intelligence: Dr Howard Gardner

- Many teachers ask me which theories or practitioner do I agree with the most. When I get asked that question I sit at my desk and think about everyone we have gone over or the ones I did more research on to get a better understanding of their theories. We cover everyone from Maria Montessori to Lev Vygotsky and many others. I agree with most of the theorist and practitioners we have gone over with in class but there is one that I must say I agree with most is Howard Gardner. Dr. Howard Gardner a psychologist and professor from Howard University developed the theory of multiple intelligence in 1983....   [tags: theories, existential intelligence]

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The Movie ' Velocity Nine Doesn 't Just Part Of A Script

-     Popping pills and sticking needles down the entire length of your body sounds like a lovely way to spend free time. If you try hard enough, you might even die. Seems fun, right. Well, a matter of fact it is not. Drug abuse is a serious matter and always has been. It slips throughout your body and gives you temporary advantages but kills you over time. A great example on a more friendly level is Velocity Nine. A villain took it to gain incredible speed in attempt to beat the super hero, Flash....   [tags: Drug addiction, Addiction]

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The Nine: Inside the Secret World of the Supreme Court by Jeffrey Toobin

- “The Nine: Inside the Secret World of the Supreme Court is a book written by Jeffrey Toobin. Jeffrey Toobin is a staff writer for the New Yorker, as well as, a CNN senior legal analyst. “The Nine” starts in the Reagan and ends in 2007. Toobin discusses all the major cases that the Supreme Court made a ruling on during that time period. He also talks about each of the Justices, their personalities and how they came to make the decisions they did. One of the things that I found most interesting about the book was that Toobin described how the Justices became Justices....   [tags: inner workings of the Supreme Court]

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Comparing Under Armour 's Working Capital From The Nine Months

- Financial Statements The following ratios gives an insight of Under Armour’s liquidity and efficiency. When comparing Under Armour’s working capital from the nine months ended September 30, 2014 to the nine months ended September 30, 2015 it is obvious that the amount of working capital decreased from $973,424 to $926,665. When observing the inventory to net working capital it is surprising that it increased much more drastically from 65.49% to 93.57%. This increase is due to an 36.02% increase in Under Armour’s inventories....   [tags: Generally Accepted Accounting Principles]

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Analysis Of Paul 's ' The Bible ' And 9 ' 5 And Nine Of The Second Letter '

- 2 CORINTHIANS 8 AND 9: CHRISTIAN GIVING In chapters eight and nine of the second letter to the Corinthians, Paul wrote principles and instructions in giving that a Christian should recognize and live by. In this paper a few will be studied and analyzed through the account of Paul’s involvement in the Jerusalem collection to get a better understanding of them, but most importantly to see how God wants Christians to apply these to their lives. “So let each one give as he purposes in his heart, not grudgingly or of necessity; for God loves a cheerful giver” (2 Corinthians 9:7)....   [tags: New Testament, Christianity]

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A Brief Note On The Second Of The Youngest Of Nine Children By Elvira Vasquez

- Born the 12th of March 1958, Elvira Vasquez was the second to the youngest of nine children. Her parents were hard working Hispanic migrant workers who did everything in their power to provide for their large family. With such a large family one can say that a child could get lost in the mix, but not Elvira. Elvira or Billie, as her family and friends call her, was a quiet but a strong willed child. Her strong will later developed into perseverance in her spiritual life, parenting and health. Spiritually, Billie was always curious and eager to talk about God to anyone and everyone that would listen and occasionally those that wouldn’t....   [tags: Family, Mother, Cancer, American films]

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Can Nine Minimum Criteria Be Used for a Democracy in Yemen and Saudi Arabia?

- ... However, many reports show that this might not necessarily be true. Saudi Arabia and Yemen are very influenced by Islamic law; thus, liberal or secular political parties are naturally suppressed. However, when it comes to the private business sector, Saudi Arabia seems to be more flexible. The country has private schools, private hospitals, and private pharmacies. For example, the Saudi German hospital in Jeddah, which is one of the best private hospitals not just in the country by also in the region (International Hospitals Construction Co....   [tags: freedom, elections, Islamic law]

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Analysis of The Brown vs. Education Case and The Little Rock Nine

- “A negro baby had only half the chance of completing high school and only a third of the chance to complete college as a white baby that was born at the same time and place” (Hubert). Kids were treated differently by color in schools in the 1960’s; Brown vs. Education and Little Rock Nine are two examples. There are many more examples of how kids were treated in the 1960’s but these are the most known and they show how people were treated. In the North most public schools were not segregated and in the South they were very segregated, very racist, and had segregated public schools....   [tags: negro baby, white baby, education]

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Unit Of The Guard Mount For Iraq More Than Nine Years Ago

- 2. Upon deployment to Iraq more than nine years ago, 2007, I, along with twenty-five support element personnel were attached to D Troop 3-7 CAV 2nd BCT to carry out duties as 19D (Calvary Scout) which was not an issues for I needed the experience. Whiles with this element, I constantly received verbal insults from their 1SG. For each encounter and comments made, I referred to a SFC and SSG both of whom were my immediate supervisors and with whom I was assigned. Whiles at our location, I was constantly harassed by said 1SG who felt I failed to carry out my duty as Non-Commissioned Officer of the Guard mount for which I was responsible....   [tags: Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, United States Army]

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The Human Life Experience Is Broken Down Into Nine Periods Of Development

- The preschooler child displays a variety of physical, cognitive, and social abilities that are quite unlike any other age group. To understand this development fully one must first understand how humans come into being. All human life begins with the single interaction of sperm and ovum. This simple collision springs forth new life. One cell becomes two, two cells become four, and so on throughout the organism’s life span. The human life experience is broken down into nine periods of development....   [tags: Developmental psychology, Jean Piaget]

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Generalist Social Work Practice, The Nine Core Competencies, And Component Behavior

- The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate the knowledge of generalist social work practice, the nine core competencies, and component behavior. In doing that through identifying a client system that is served in my agency, analyzing the application of generalist intervention model in the client system served in my agency and then addressing the following areas; Engagement, Assessment, Planning, Implementation, Evaluation and Termination, follow-up and finally Supervision and Consultation. In using the Generalist Intervention Model, more in-depth information will be answered using a client at Impact Lufkin....   [tags: Problem solving, Problem, Telephone, Need]

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