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- Merlin Throughout the ages Merlin has been depicted as a druid, bard, necromancer, magician and prophet. Though we may never know if any of his fictitious interpretations are truthful, we speculate he was nothing more than a Celtic bard who lived in the 500's near Solway Frith. It is said that this strange poet, going under the alias of Myrddin, was a madman and a prophet. Myrddin's claim to fame was creating so much tension between the British chieftains of his time that they fought each other in the Battle of Arderydd....   [tags: Papers]

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The Controversy Of The Salem Witch Trials

- The citizens of Massachusetts Bay Colony were undoubtedly aware of the warnings of Scripture against witchcraft. For example, Leviticus 19:31 states, “Do not turn to mediums or necromancers; do not seek them out, and so make yourselves unclean by them: I am the Lord your God.” Other scriptures also warn against witchcraft. Yet, in the years 1692 to 1693, witchcraft was certainly on their minds. During that time, the mysterious circle of girls was a questionable day by day occurrence. The other girls in the community that were not accepted into the circle felt left out....   [tags: Salem witch trials, Witchcraft, Puritan]

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Short Story About a Seance

- Natalie wakes up to a blaring alarm which alerts that another terrible first day of school has begun. "Nat come down for breakfast. I wouldn't want you late to your first day of high school," her mother Nicole said from the kitchen sipping on an orange bliss smoothie. "Mom I'm up and besides I don't think my first day of freshman year is really as important as your making it sound. I already know how the days events are going I'm the lucky 13th which in our long line of history remember I can tell the future." Nat says with a sort of teasing smile her mother can't see from the kitchen....   [tags: Chanting, Demons]

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Monsters in Literature

- We live in a world where creatures have abilities that can blow our minds, however we are ignorant of this. We live in a world where a constant power struggle is occurring between these secret species, a struggle that most human beings have no inclination of. We live in a world where people who know the truth are sworn to secrecy, and those proclaim this truth are considered crazy and locked away; to be sane is to be ignorant. Well, that is what I would love to be true. In actuality, I am fascinated with the topic of monsters; I love them all: lycanthropes, Frankenstein’s monster, witches, fae, necromancers, zombies, demons, mummies, and my favorite: vampires....   [tags: Literary Comparisons]

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Saulot and Vampires

- Clan: Saulot (Saul’s Lot) Progenitor: Saul House: Simonovich Sparse throughout the Modern Nights, the Saulot are barely a clan let alone a ruling house. Composed of few vampires, the Saulot are in search of Golconda, enacting a bloody ritual of cannibalism when they achieve that state or despair of ever doing so. Nicknames: Priests, Soul-sucking unicorns Appearance: Come from a varied background of those that come to piety through revelation. Traditionally this is an epiphany from hitting the bottom of an emotional chasm....   [tags: Clan, Evil]

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The Hobbit

- The Hobbit is on e of the most interesting books I have ever read. I like it because of the adventure and the and the excitement. In the fantasy world of Middle-earth, Tolkien has created many real life things . Familiar human traits, both good and bad, are found in the actions of the hobbits, elves, dwarves, goblins, wizards, necromancers, dragons, and other more unusual inhabitants of this world. In his essay "On Fairy Stories," Tolkien states that one of the major values of stories about the Perilous Realm of Faerie is that such stories provide opportunities for regaining a clearer perspective on the real world....   [tags: J.R.R. Tolkien]

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