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Iranian Nationalistic Movement

- I'd like to discuss a false Iranian nationalistic movement that initiated in the early 1920's which in it’s extremities has lead to an anti-Arabic or anti-Islamic movement to the extent that it’s more fanatical proponents have postulated that the Persian script (a modified Arabic script) should be changed into a Latin one (Yarshater viii). Of course, none of this is of interest until recent times with the advent of microcomputers and, more importantly (for this topic), the wide scale use of the Internet....   [tags: Internet Influence on Islam]

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The Nationalistic Dlements in the Concerto for Orchestra

- The Nationalistic Dlements in the Concerto for Orchestra Bartók’s Concerto for Orchestra demonstrates many different cultural and national musical ideas. The Concerto for Orchestra is basically tonal with some dissonance. Bar 39 of the Introduzione shows a verbunkos Hungarian melody in the trumpets. This is an extended and over developed version of the flute melody of bar 30. This melody is a synthetic Hungarian style, incorporating all Hungarian music. The lower strings at this point are playing consecutive fourths and seconds....   [tags: Papers]

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The body of the Indian Woman: A tool of nationalistic discourse

- The body of the Indian Woman: A tool of nationalistic discourse The genre of Bollywood film has recently become a popular means of entertainment for the non-resident Indian as well as the western audience. The vibrant color, spontaneous dance numbers, and other alluring factors may have contributed in the popularity of Bollywood films. However, for the NRI, Bollywood films are mean of a connection to the motherland; it brings a sense of nostalgia through cultural and tradition practices. In Chutney Popcorn and Bride and Prejudice, we see how these cultural practices and tradition are preserved by using the woman’s body....   [tags: Bollywood Films]

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W.B. Yeats: Nationalistic Reflection in His Poetry

- W.B. Yeats: Nationalistic Reflection in His Poetry William Butler Yeats was an Irish poet, dramatist, and prose writer who was one of most influential poets of the Twentieth century. His talents were celebrated by scholars and activists and, in 1923, Yeats received the Nobel Prize for literature. Through his poetry, Yeats confronted the reality that felt was Oppression and Heartship for himself and his Irish brethren. Armed only with a pen, parchment, and a dissident tongue, Yeats helped to ignite the Powderkeg that was Ireland in the early twentieth century....   [tags: Yeats Poet Biography Biographical Essays]

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The Burst of Nationalistic Rhetoric in Europe during the XX Century Contributed to the Explosion of the World Wars

- The burst of nationalistic rhetoric in Europe during the twentieth century contributed to the rise of nation states, which fiercely guarded their economic and military interests in order to ensure their country’s continuation of prosperity remained constant. However, the dominant powers of Europe inspired by their nationalistic zeal to expand the influence of their respected nation states, would soon create a fog of rivalry and mistrust. This proverbial fog would eventually engulf the continent, eventually leading to the outbreak of two world wars....   [tags: continental gridlock, mistrust and rivalry]

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German Order and Revolution

- Before the revolutions of 1848, a separation of ideas caused political, social, and economic problems throughout Germany. Additionally, large differences in the eighteenth century led the Germans to become divided between over three hundred states, all of which were included in the Holy Roman Empire. During the Napoleonic Era there was a small period of time in which German unification under one government seemed conceivable, but the defeat of Napoleon left Germany with thirty-eight states poorly connected with the Germanic Confederation....   [tags: lower classes, economy, nationalistic]

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The Rise, Embracing, and Effects of Modernization in Japan

- In the mid-nineteenth century, the Tokugawa system that had successfully reigned over Japan for over two hundred years was beginning to feel the internal and external pressures of a modern world; ultimately calling for a renewal of the world order (Yonaoshi) (Wilson, 59). That calling came when a series of black ships led by Commodore Perry landed off the port of Uraga on July 8, 1853. After over two centuries of seclusion, Japan was being pried open by Western forces, who though were in search of setting up trading posts in Japan, indirectly served as the catalyst that set off the series of events that helped Japan transcend its fixed and permanent system, into the modern era that was chara...   [tags: Social Order, Capitalism, Nationalistic Tradition]

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All Quiet in the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque

- ... Both novels display the harsh effects that war can have on a soldier. Soldier suffer emotional and physical effects that cause the transformation to becoming animals, and losing humanity within themselves. In All Quiet in the Western Front, a major role displayed from Paul is the traumatizing effects that come from experiencing death. To begin, Paul voluntarily joins by being seduced from nationalist ideas. Not thinking of the real effects and consequences that may occur but rather joining for the idea of heroism....   [tags: battles, struggle, nationalistic ideas]

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Preserving the Quebecois Culture

- “Je me souviens”, which when translated to English means, “I remember,” is the provincial motto of Quebec (Eller 1999, 27). The culture of any society is comprised of many factors including the struggles and hardships previous generations prevailed (Valentine 2001). As pointed out by Jack David Eller, author of From Culture to Ethnicity to Conflict, what Quebec remembers is “a history of injustices and ‘humiliations’ that have been likened to slavery or colonialism and which have led one activist to describe the Quebecois as the ‘white niggers of America’” (1999, 27)....   [tags: nationalistic pride, resisting assimilation]

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The Origin of Modern Nationalist Movements

- The Egyptian nationalist movement was inspired by the Tunisian revolution. Thousands began taking the streets on January 25, 2011, demanding the overthrow of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak The people protested poverty, vast unemployment and corruption. Through the use of the internet, the Egyptian masses were able to mobilize and protest, amidst the coercive apparatus of the Egyptian government. The lack of control over the police power in Egypt further cornered Mubarak and his regime. With no means to strike down rebellion or quell the mobilization of protesters, the Egyptian citizens produced a successful genesis of a nationalist movement....   [tags: egyptian nationalists, frustration]

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Unionisim and Nationalisim

- Unionisim and Nationalisim The Loyalist/Unionists are mostly from the protestant community. They are names Loyalists because they see themselves being loyal to the British crown and they are called unionists because they want to stay in union with the United Kingdom. The group's main belief is that they are British and because this is their main belief they strive to remain part of the United Kingdom. Even thought they where born in Ireland they cannot identify themselves as Irish because once again they see themselves as being British....   [tags: Papers]

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Gandhi and the Nationalists Movement

- India has always had to fight for freedom since the origin in 2500 BC. In 1750 Britain's military had begun to move in on India’s islands due to their desire for control of the spice trade. After taking over the islands they then moved to the outer edges. Eventually Britain had moved inland. By the end of the 17th century Britain had taken over India. Even though Britain wanted to keep control of India, the native people wanted their freedom and with the help of Mahatma Gandhi they won the nationalist movement....   [tags: Mahatma Gandhi, East India, Britain's Military]

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Different Beliefs of the Nationalists and Loyalists

- Different Beliefs of the Nationalists and Loyalists There are many reasons why Nationalists and Loyalist are unable to live in the same state. Most of these reasons are based on their two different beliefs, religious and other. The majority of Nationalists are Catholic and believe that Ireland should have an all-Irish republic. Their plans are to create an all Ireland nation and break the relations Ireland have with the United Kingdom. Groups within Ireland such as the IRA support these views and want six countries to make up Northern Ireland....   [tags: Papers]

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- Nationalists The extent to which Nationalists should pursue their goals is a complex issue. The possible changes as well as the losses must be weighed. There is a myriad of complex issues surrounding the situation. Without Nationalists making changes, Italy would not be unified, Apartheid would still exist in South Africa, and many other changes would not have occurred on this planet. I believe that Nationalists should try to solve their problems and get what they want without using violence as a tool....   [tags: essays papers]

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Irish Nationalists Struggle for Independence from Britain

- Irish Nationalists attempted to establish continuity with what they believed to be appropriate or suitable aspects of Irish history and culture. These attempts lead to both the revival and invention of a culturally distinct Irish heritage not associated with British rule in order to justify a sense of nationhood and to support the Irish struggle for Independence (Hobsbawm in Laurence, A p176) (Laurence, A p.160). Whilst there is no single definition of Irish Nationalism, as the various groups and movements within the Nationalist cause differed in views, opinions and methods....   [tags: government, restoration, dublin]

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Irish Nationalists and Ulster Unionists

- Irish Nationalists and Ulster Unionists The question of the division of Ireland between the predominantly Protestant North and the Catholic South is a long-standing, deep seated and highly complex issue which still continues to be controversial to this day. There have been many attempts to resolve the problems in order to restore peace to this small island, however none have been found. The Irish Nationalists and the Ulster Unionists both had powerful reasons for fighting their own cause, and both sides claimed small victories towards their ultimate goal over the years but 1914 was a year when the balance could have been tipped one way or the other if it had no...   [tags: Papers]

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The Beliefs of the Republicans/Nationalists and the Loyalists/Unionists

- The Beliefs of the Republicans/Nationalists and the Loyalists/Unionists There are a number of differences between Nationalists and Unionists and their beliefs. The Nationalists are predominantly Catholic and they do not want Ireland to be part of Britain. They see the British as an occupying army and most believe that the British have no right to be in Ireland, they think it's unfair that the British came into Ireland in the 1600s and have stayed there. They feel angry about how the British have persecuted the Catholics in the past, and they believe that they still don't get treated as well as the Unionists....   [tags: Papers]

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Differences Between the Beliefs of Nationalists and Unionists

- Differences Between the Beliefs of Nationalists and Unionists In August 1968 the first civil rights march took place in support of families blighted by poor housing conditions. Protestants began to grow suspicious of these Catholic campaigners; for example Ian Paisley encouraged Protestants not to trust the marchers, as they were out to destroy Northern Ireland. In January 1969 the students from Queen's University of Belfast formed a more radical organisation called the People's Democracy....   [tags: Papers]

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The Emperor and Nationalist Ideology in Meiji Era Japan

- The Emperor and Nationalist Ideology in Meiji Era Japan The Meiji Era in Japan is known as a time of rapid industrialization and Westernization where many institutions of society were realigned in one form or another to be consistent with their Western counterparts. Ironically, at the same time, it was a period of growing nationalistic feelings that began to develop in Japanese society. However, besides being a reactionary or nostalgic feeling experienced by the population, this nationalist ideology was also actively promoted by the Meiji leadership....   [tags: Meiji Era Japan Japanese History Essays]

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The Faces of Nationalism

- The Faces of Nationalism   Table of Contents Page 2 Introduction Page 3 World War I Page 4 Indian Nationalist Movement Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 African Nationalist Movement Conclusion Appendix: Timeline Works Cited   Introduction The use of nationalism (defined as patriotic feelings, principles, or efforts) as a rallying point is a double-edged sword. The development of pride in, and love for, one’s nation can lead to a unified effort in its development. When carried to excess, however, it is often a basis for the subjugation of others, and a rallying cry and justification for war....   [tags: indian nationalist movement]

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Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1896: Archduke Franz Ferdinand

- ... Serbia refused to comply and Austria declared war. Europe's “long-smoldering feuds” had finally erupted into war. At this particular time, Europe was suffering from many problems. One of the reasons the assassination was so effective was because of the existing nationalism in Europe. In 1815, a treaty at the Congress of Vienna was signed that created an equal balance of power. Due to the strong surge of nationalism at the time, the divided states of Italy and Germany began to unite, leading to the Italian unification and the German Unification....   [tags: serbian nationalists, ethnic groups]

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The Origin of Modern Nationalist Movements

- In 2010, a 26 year old fruit vender sparked a series of revolutions that reverberated in over 17 countries and territories. The vender, Mohammed Bouazizi, was selling fruits and vegetables in the rural town of Sidi Bouzid, Tunisia. After having his cart disposed by police for not having a permit, Bouazizi lit himself on fire in front of a Tunisian government building. In many countries the resulting four years of turmoil produced death, ethnic strife and political overhauls. Some contend that the Arab Spring was simply a result of poor governments and the fall of authoritarian regimes....   [tags: arab spring, revolt, inequality]

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The Act of Union of 1801

- ... Although the Catholics were finally starting to gain some recognition in a land that was only theirs to begin with, by 1799 only 5% of the land was owned or populated by Catholics. This statistic proved that England had almost complete control over Ireland so two years following 1799 in 1801 Ireland was forced to join the United Kingdom as an effect of the Act of Union of 1801. Irish Revolutionary Leaders: One of the most prominent revolutionary leaders in Ireland was Daniel O’Connell who is remembered as the first nationalist leader, who was also originally a lawyer, of the 1700s....   [tags: great britain, ireland, irish nationalists]

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Nationalist Movements in Britain

- “Combo: But I've got one question to ask you. Do you consider yourself English, or Jamaican. [There's a long uneasy silence, as Milky looks around nervously to the rest of his friends... ] Milky: [eventually] English. Combo: Lovely, lovely, love you for that, that's fucking great. A proud man, learn from him; that's a proud man. That's what we need, man. That's what this nation has been built on, proud men. Proud fucking warriors. Two thousand years this little tiny fucking island has been raped and pillaged, by people who have come here and wanted a piece of it - two fucking world wars....   [tags: immigrants, world war I, racist violence]

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Folk in Nationalist Music

- Using a folk idiom in art music is a problematic practice for composers because folk and Art music traditions stem from fundamentally different origins. Art music is part of a literate tradition with recognized authorship, as opposed to the folk tradition, which is part of a communal tradition disseminated anonymously by means of oral communication. Thus, art music composers aspiring to leave a legacy often refrain from utilizing folk idioms in their music for several reasons; to compose cultured music, to create pure and authentic works that are associated with single composer, and to legitimize their philosophies above national and fugal divisions....   [tags: Art, Music, Culture]

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Was Nazism in Germany Racist or Nationalist?

- Nazism was one of the most essential political ideologies in Germany in the twentieth century, led by Adolf Hitler. It was also an ideology that caused much distress and generated much controversy. Even to this day, historians and survivors alike, are still searching for answers that could explain how the ideals of one man, obsessed with the notions of creating a perfect and flawless race, became the centerpiece for what would be known as the worst tragedy in the history of mankind; the irrational mass killing of millions of innocent victims, particularly the Jews....   [tags: European History]

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Extreme Nationalist, Hitler’s Rise into Power

- Extreme Nationalist, Hitler’s Rise into Power In 1933, a widely known nationalist figure known as Adolf Hitler, rose into power as chancellor of Germany. Germany’s weak government and economic stability gave an enormous opportunity for a new leader to take control. With this control and power, Hitler and his party, the National Socialist German Workers' Party, or Nazi party for short, Hitler rapidly set up concentration camps, created the Gestapo, and began his massacre of 6 million Jews....   [tags: great depression, hitler, dictatorial power]

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British Nationalist Party

- British Nationalist Party In this essay I will explore and discuss the British nationalist party, and give my views to the question "Why do people support such a fascist ideology". An example of the party's politics comes from Mark Collette, leader of the Young BNP. Here are some of his views (sourced from Sunday Time's Magazine); "Aids kills blacks, gays and junkies so I would call it a friendly disease" and "A proud white supremacist like myself will do anything to see all blacks rid from my country" This gives us an idea of just how extreme this group is, which makes the idea of anyone supporting such ideologies all the more confusing, but here are...   [tags: Papers]

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How Nationalist Movements Have Affected Women's Political Freedoms

- The rise of nationalist movements and the modern nation-state has affected women’s political and economic participation and social freedoms. Based on the following documents, there were many opportunities and barriers that nationalist movements posed concerning women's rights in the twentieth century. Many women saw the opportunities of the movements accessible to women, but other women focused on the barriers and didn’t feel that the opportunities were accessible. As stated before, many women who felt that they were involved in nationalist movements saw these opportunities presented to women....   [tags: women, nationalism, feminism,]

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Nationalist Movements of the Middle East and South Asia after WW1

- The years after World War One brought about vast changes to many parts of the world. Places like South Asia and the Middle East were able to see the need for self government away from foreign control. This sparked a number of nationalist movements during the 1920’s and 1930’s. The Middle East had to Westernize to rid foreign control while India had to be united under non-violence and Hindu values. Before WW1, the Middle East was dominated by outside powers. Egypt was under British control and Persia was divided in to Russian and British spheres of influence....   [tags: world war I, world history]

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The Effectiveness and Success of Parnell as an Irish Nationalist Leader

- The Effectiveness and Success of Parnell as an Irish Nationalist Leader Parnell was a very influential leader and had campaigned for many different causes but most noticeably he campaigned for land reform within Ireland, this was one of his most noticeable achievements as an Irish Nationalist Leader. Parnell was helped to power by the Land League. This was where the end of the Great Famine within Ireland meant that farmer's incomes fell by a large extent and they demanded the reduction of rents due to this....   [tags: Papers]

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The Status Debate as an Example of Nationalist Politics for Puerto Ricans

- The Status Debate as an Example of Nationalist Politics for Puerto Ricans Puerto Rico and its people have endured a long history filled with colonialism and ambiguous rule. It is a nation whose citizens have endured years of imperial rule, enslavement and forced dependence on other countries for its existence. It is a nation which has changed drastically from the days when Tainoes were the exclusive inhabitants of the island. Unfortunately, Puerto Rico can no longer stand alone as its own country....   [tags: Papers]

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The Spanish Civil War

- The Spanish Civil War occurred in Spain, during the years of 1936-1939 primarily. This Civil War was a result of a military revolt against the government, which was Republican, controlling Spain at the time. This military revolt was lead by a military coup, which tried to take control of the entire country of Spain, failing, beginning the Civil War. Just as in any other Civil War, there were two sides fighting against one another, the Nationalists and the Fascists. The Nationalists were also known as the rebels, receiving aid from Nazi Germany and Fascists Italy....   [tags: Franco, Socialist and Nationalist parites]

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The Desire to Form the United Front of the Nationalist (KMT) and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)

- The Desire to Form the United Front of the Nationalist (KMT) and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) There were many reasons why the Nationalists and the CCP wanted to form the united front during this period. These reasons include… One of the reasons was that both the Nationalists and the CCP had a common goal. For about a hundred years, China was plagued by political and economic problems. Politically, China did not have a strong government and this political vacuum was beckoning for a strong political organization to fill....   [tags: Papers]

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The Vietnam War and its Subsequent Ties to the Cold War

- The Cold War was a prolonged period of political and military tension between countries on the side of democracy and those on the side of communism, the major players being the United States belonging to the former and the Soviet Union belonging to the latter (Westad). While the Cold War was known as such because there were no direct wars between the two major powers, there was large scale fighting in Vietnam. The Vietnam War (1954-75) is thought of as a historical consequence of the Cold War and hence a proxy war between the socialist and capitalist blocs, although many historians provide a second perspective, which is that the war was simply a nationalist struggle for national independenc...   [tags: Nationalist Struggle, Communism]

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The Ottoman Empire and the Establishment of OPDA

- WORKERS IN THE OTTOMAN PUBLIC DEBT ADMINISTRATION Introduction The main aim of this article is to investigate the workforce involved in a main late-Ottoman institution namely Duyun-ı Umumiye İdaresi (Ottoman Public Debt Administration henceforth OPDA). This article consists of two parts. The first part discusses the political and economic conditions in the Ottoman Empire as in Europe, when OPDA established. The second part deals with workforce involved in OPDA. PART I The Ottoman Empire and the Establishment of OPDA In its last two centuries the Ottoman Empire suffered several crises from various aspects....   [tags: nationalist ideas, language examinations]

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An Analysis of Publications on Malcom X's Assassination

- Conspiracy theories, secret societies, are phenomena’s common to all minority groups, especially among oppressed groups with a long history of injustice. Bounded by secrecy, based on exclusivity, such organizations are essentially reactionary. This paper is a convergence of three areas of inquiry; (1) the text and critiques of Alex Haley’s, The Autobiography of Malcolm X, William Sales’s, From Civil Rights to Black Liberation: Malcolm X and the Organization of Afro-American Unity , George Breitman’s The Last Year of Malcolm X: The Evolution of a Revolutionary and Marika Sherwood’s Malcolm X Visits Abroad; (2) which of the text best solidifies the facts surrounding Malcolm X’s assassination a...   [tags: Civil Rights, Black Nationalist]

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Nationalism, Gender and the War Discourse

- The presence of war has been argued as one of the major contextual factors leading to rapid changes in media discourse. During periods of conflicts, the media are characterised by a heightened emphasis on a clear division between “us” – the goodies and “them” – the baddies (Bugarski 1997). In particular, a “polarising logic of war discourse” (Pankov, Mihelj and Bajt 2011, p. 1044) is deliberately formed by conflating various forms of nationalism and other discourses of identity, such as gender and age (ibid), with the intent to create binaries and contrast different entities involved in the war....   [tags: pro-Russian nationalist narrative]

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The Main Cause of World War I: Imperialism or Alliances?

- The first world war, also known as the Great War, was called great, because never has there been a war before with such scale that has caused so many lives and destruction from 1914 – 1918. The industrial revolution, the rise of the masses and sweeping changes in society added up for all the tension between European nations. On the summer of 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in Sarajevo, marking a start, but a single bullet must not only be the reason to begin a war. Countless historians still debate what the main cause is for World War 1....   [tags: great war, serbian nationalists, origins]

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The Avancement of the Cause of Irish Catholics and Nationalist Leaders in the Years 1801 - 1921

- The Avancement of the Cause of Irish Catholics and Nationalist Leaders in the Years 1801 - 1921 In 1801, the Act of Union between Britain and Ireland saw the closing of Irish Parliament and was therefore routinely denounced by all manner of Irish nationalists. Much of Ireland was owned by absentee protestant ascendancy landlords, which caused a lot of bad feeling among the ordinary Irish people who worked on the land and had to pay extortionate rents for the land they worked on, often to be thrown off without compensation....   [tags: Papers]

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Mugabe: A Tragic Hero?

- Is the title “Tragic Hero”, best suited for Robert Gabriel Mugabe. Mugabe was born in 1924 in Southern Rhodesia (present day Zimbabwe). He excelled in all levels of schooling and completed his tertiary education in various institutions around Africa, receiving over six degrees, including two Masters of Law degrees, which he completed whilst in prison after the white government convicted him of conspiracy, in the early 70’s. He spent the early part of his career teaching in schools across Africa, and in the late 1970’s he diverted his attention into the political arena, and became the leader of the Zimbabwe African National United Patriotic Fund (ZANU-PF) and became Prime Minister in 1980(in...   [tags: African Nationalist, Economic Sanctions]

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Spanish Civil War: The White Terror

- ... The law of national referendums, was then passed in 1945 mandating all "fundamental law" to be approved by a popular referendum, in which only the heads of family could vote.5 Local municipal councils were appointed similarly by heads of family and local corporations through elections,while the government exercised the exclusive right to appoint mayors. It was thus one of the most centralized countries in Europe. The mass killings and bombings under the Nationalist movement during the war, the Falange moved east towards the Republican holdings in the country they ended laying waste to the country's infrastructure as well as to its people.6 The Spanish Nationalists believed that being rut...   [tags: nationalist regime, violence, rape, murder]

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The Effectiveness of Irish Catholic and Nationalist Leaders in Advancing Their Cause in the Years 1801 and On

- The Effectiveness of Irish Catholic and Nationalist Leaders in Advancing Their Cause in the Years 1801 and On The Act Of Union in 1800 meant there was no longer any Irish institution capable of advancing either an Irish nationalist or catholic cause. As a result the advancement of those causes depended on influencing the British Government directly. The catholic cause initially focused on securing emancipation for the catholic population and aimed to improve the lives and rights of Catholics throughout the period....   [tags: Papers]

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A Corrupted Nationalist Identity

- For a group of people to live and strive together as one in sovereignty from others, there must be some shared sense of togetherness and freedom amongst them. Between countries and groups of individuals, this shared sense is known as nationalism. Nationalism, according to Anthony D. Smith, is “…the ideological movement for the attainment and maintenance of autonomy, cohesion, and individuality for a social group, some of whose members conceive it to be an actual or potential nation (28).” Simply put, nationalism centrally involves the attitudes, actions, and beliefs focused on a group’s collective identity as one....   [tags: International Government ]

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Essays on Modern Chinese Philosophy

- Sun Yat-sen and the Nationalist Revolution Sun Yat-sen was an early Chinese revolutionary who founded the nationalist movement. This movement was almost entirely Western in its beginnings. Sun Yat-sen was almost entirely Western educated, including secondary school in Hawaii. He originally intended to pursue a military career, but instead decided to go to medical school in Hong Kong. He knew little of classical Chinese studies, thinking them useless, he gained respect it seemed more for his grasp on world trends....   [tags: Sun Yat-sen, Nationalist Revolution]

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How British Imperial Immigration Policies Created the Ghadar Movement

- The Ghadar movement was an Indian Nationalist movement that grew out of a need to destroy the oppressive, Economic, Social, Legal and Racial limits thrust upon the Indian immigrants in the early 20th century North American West Coast. In the early 1900s, a few thousand South Asian pioneers, around 95% of them Punjabi Sikhs, voyaged mainly to British Columbia and California to seek economic opportunity. Over there they met with an inability to own land, were confined to all male labour gangs, denied justice and inaccurately categorized into an inferior and immutable ethnic group....   [tags: indian nationalist movement, oppression, racism]

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The Pros and Cons of Free Trade

- The Pros and Cons of Free Trade Free trade is exchange of goods and commodities between parties without the enforcement of tariffs or duties. The trading of goods between people, communities, and nations is not an innovative economic practice. Nations are however the main element within a free trade agreement. By examining free trade through three different political ideologies: Liberal, Nationalistic, and Marxist approaches, the advantages and disadvantages will become apparent. Theses three ideologies offer the best evaluation of free trade from three different perspectives....   [tags: Free Trade Tarriff Duty Trading Goods Ideology]

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Nationalism and Racism in the Late 19th and 20th Century

- In the late 19th century, with the squelching of the revolutions of 1848, many Europeans still desired reforms. In this desire, the longing for unification began to gain ground. As the probability of unification in places, such as, Germany and Italy began to intensify, Europeans with liberal views quickly began to entertain a nationalistic way of thinking. Many leaders of this school of thought were supporters of, British statesman, Benjamin Disraeli. Disraeli gave a famous speech at the Crystal Palace in London, in 1872....   [tags: Europe, Reforms, Jews]

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Nationalism and Racism in the Late 19th and 20th Century

- Nationalism and Racism in the Late 19th and 20th Century In the late 19th century, with the squelching of the revolutions of 1848, many Europeans still desired reforms. In this desire, the seeds for unification began to germinate. As the probability of unification in places, such as, Germany and Italy began to intensify, Europeans with liberal views quickly began to entertain a nationalistic way of thinking. Many leaders of this school of thought were supporters of, British statesman, Benjamin Disraeli....   [tags: Reforms, World History]

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Planting the Seeds of Nationalism: An In-depth View of Korean Newspapers

- The story surrounding the rise in nationalism within any nation is a very powerful and significant story to tell. Korea isn’t any different. For Korea, the notion of nationalism and independence can be traced back to the late 19th century when China, Korea and Japan were in the midst of a power struggle. The power struggle involved the ‘decentralization’ of China and the significant increase of power and influence of the Japanese administration. Amidst this shift in East Asian powers and the breakdown of the tributary relationship that Korea had with China, Korea found itself slowly breaking away from its dependence on China and striving to create its own identity independent of China....   [tags: Nationalism]

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Nationalism and War

- Nationalism and War Does nationalism have a relationship with the causes of the wars between 1792 and 1914. This can be disputed through the events of the French Revolution, the Napoleonic Wars, the unification struggles of Germany and Italy in the late 1800’s, the Alliance systems of the late 1800’s and the assassination of the Austrian archduke before the outbreak of World War 1. During the French Revolution in 1792, an effort was made to remove Austrian presence from French lands. This came about in part because King Louis XVI wanted to seek help from the Austrians to remove the reformers, persuading France to declare war on Austria....   [tags: Papers]

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The Importance of Effective Leadership in the Nationalist Movements of South East Asia Before the Second World War

- The Importance of Effective Leadership in the Nationalist Movements of South East Asia Before the Second World War Nationalist movements in South East Asia was a form of negative response, with various kinds of opposition to the Western impact, and although erupted often, most were merely short-lived revolts that were not successful. Nationalism took on many forms and can be defined from different angles, and also does not necessarily mean anti-colonialism. Indeed effective leadership was an important factor in the nationalist movements of South East Asia, in many cases it being the cause for bring the people together to bring about any form of resistance movements....   [tags: Papers]

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Vietnamese Nationalism

- Indochina, modernly known as the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is located on the border of the eastern Indochinese peninsula and it occupies, according to the online encyclopedia (, about 331,000 kilometers squared, where in 1987, 25% of that land was under cultivation. Vietnam is bordered by the South China Sea, the Gulf of Thailand, and Gulf of Tonkin; and it is alongside China, Laos, and Cambodia. Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital since the nation’s reunification, is located in the northeast; and Vietnam’s largest city, Ho Chi Minh City, also known as Saigon, is located in the southeast of Vietnam....   [tags: Vietnam’s Nationalist Party]

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The Service of the River and Its Contribution to Death

- Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness critiques the cause for expeditions and its effects on the land they voyage too. Kurtz accounts of expedition shows ironic details of patriotic intentions of creating goodness and prosperity in a country, but leaving it in disaster and chaos. However, in Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, Kurtz uses cluster images to describe the river and its services in numerous expeditions, yet masquing the truth of death as effects to the performance of change by the water and ship’s patriotic duty through the changes in the atmosphere, alluding of ships and their expeditions, and the anarchic depiction of travellers and their reasons for travelling....   [tags: Literary Analysis ]

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The Bosnian Genocide and How it Changed Society

- The Bosnian Genocide is one of the most horrific events of our modern history. Under the former Yugoslavia, different ethnicities were all compressed under the regime of Josip Broz “Tito”, who managed to keep them united for 35 years, however after the death of Tito, violence escalated. Under General Ratko Mladić’s leadership, neighbors started killing neighbors, and changed the way Serbs, Bosnians and Croats treat each other up until now. Forgiveness for the killings is still hard to find, though more people are beginning to see the benefit in forgiving, and slowly the ethnic groups affected by the Bosnian Genocide are started to move toward each other....   [tags: LCY, communism, Yugoslavia, josip broz]

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European Imperialism in Africa

- Europe, in the late 1800’s, was starting for a land grab in the African continent. Around 1878, most of Africa was unexplored, but by 1914, most of Africa, with the lucky exception of Liberia and Ethiopia, was carved up between European powers. There were countless motivations that spurred the European powers to carve Africa, like economical, political, and socio–cultural, and there were countless attitudes towards this expansion into Africa, some of approval and some of condemnation. Europe in this period was a world of competing countries....   [tags: Imperialism ]

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Blake's Jerusalem and Political Correctness

- Blake's Jerusalem and Political Correctness Blake's, Jerusalem is commonly associated with the National Anthem, Rule Britannia, and I vow to thee my country. However this association is misplaced. Although Jerusalem is often played at national sporting events for example major cricket tournaments and rugby matches as a symbol of national pride, the lyrics do not in fact totally focus on pride in England or the greatness of our country. At a glance Jerusalem gives off the impression that it is in fact aggressively nationalistic, for example, 'Walk upon England's mountains green' This line appears to be promoting England's land and therefore would be considered...   [tags: Papers]

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The Most Important Events in European History

- Two of the most important events in European History are the unifications of Italy and Germany. Both were unified around the same time, and in ways that were both similar and different. The leaders of the two countries were the reason they were unified differently. Count Camillo Benso di Cavour, with the help of Guiseppe Garibaldi, brought about the unification of Italy. Otto von Bismarck is credited with finally uniting Germany. Cavour of Italy and Bismarck of Germany used more similar methods than different methods to unify their countries....   [tags: unification, military, diplomacy]

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A Transcultural Approach to The Verbunkos Idiom in The Music of Liszt

- Franz Liszt (1811-1886) was a cosmopolitan European composer and piano virtuoso of the Romantic era. Although it was his place of birth, Liszt spent most of his formative years away from Hungary, though he returned to his homeland many times over the course of his life. Liszt’s allegiance to Hungary can be found in many of his compositions through the Hungarian-Gypsy folk idiom verbunkos; however, most analyses of his “Hungarian” music are oversimplified and exoticist because of a nationalist perspective....   [tags: Music]

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The Armenian Genocide

- The Armenian genocide has several main causes: European meddling in Ottoman internal affairs, nationalism, economic jealousy, and Armenian involvement in the Russian war effort. Though, a lot of the causes are interrelated. For example, nationalism and European meddling go hand in hand. What exactly was the Armenian genocide. Well, the Armenian genocide was a state orchestrated machine of mass-murder and rape of the Armenian people, and several other ethnic groups, of the Ottoman Empire 1915-1923....   [tags: European History]

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The Role of National Interest in World War I

- National interest was a key factor in the explosive beginning of World War One. By looking at the Naval Arms Race, the People’s Revolt in Austria-Hungary and European alliances, it can be shown that national interest was a significant factor in contributing to World War One. The ultra nationalistic views of many countries overruled their ability to act in a just and logical manner. It was in the years following the formation of the Triple Alliance in which the desire and craving for power grew, and created insincere relationships and unrealistic portrayals of other countries intentions....   [tags: WW I, First World War]

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Analysis of Chopin's Polonaise-Fantaisie in A-Flat major op.61

- Frederic Chopin, a Polish Nationalistic composer of the Romantic period, is a famous musician. Chopin’s compositions are individualistic to his talent and love of the piano. Chopin lived in Warsaw as a child and spent a great deal of his life living Paris amongst other artists of the Romantic period. He was influenced by people surrounding him and even more from his childhood in Poland. The Polonaise-Fantaisie in A-Flat major opus 61, is musically representative of Chopin and the Romantic period, nationalistic styles from Poland and unique innovations especially from Warsaw....   [tags: composer, musician, piano, styles]

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The Primary Causes of World War II

- World War II (WWII) was the deadliest and most destructive war in human history. Marked by astonishing events such as the Holocaust and the use of nuclear weapons, WWII represented the largest deployment of military forces of the twentieth century. Two factions, the Axis and the Allies, entered into a global military altercation that began with Germany’s invasion of Poland on September 1, 1939, and finished with the surrender of Japan on September 2, 1945. A review of human motives, including the need for revenge, power, and extreme nationalism (jingoism) can explain the roots of WWII....   [tags: Revenge, Power, Jingoism, Analysis]

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The Primary Causes of World War II

- World War II (WWII) was the deadliest and most catastrophic war in human history. Marked by astonishing events such as the Holocaust and the use of nuclear weapons, WWII represented the largest deployment of military forces of the twentieth century. Two factions, the Axis and the Allies, entered into a global military altercation that began with Germany’s invasion of Poland on September 1st, 1939, and finished with the surrender of Japan on September 2nd, 1945. A review of human motives, including the need for revenge, power, and extreme nationalism (jingoism) can explain the roots of WWII....   [tags: Revenge, Power, Jingoism, Analysis]

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What Is A True American?

- Nationalism is extreme loyalty and devotion to one particular nation, and many Americans are nationalistic about their country. But even though they are loyal to America, defining what it means to be a true American is tricky. Being American is one complex thing, but the concept of being American can not be fully grasped. What it means to be American may in fact be one of the biggest mysteries of all time. Indeed, discovering what it means to be a true American could possibly take an entire lifetime....   [tags: America, argumentative, persuasive, patriotic]

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An Argument Against a Presupposition

- In The American Democracy and Its National Principle, Herbert Croly makes an eloquent and poignant case for adopting a nationalistic frame of mind. According to Croly, we are rapidly approaching a junction where we must choose between the traditional values, measures and mind set of our past or embrace the opportunities of the future. As a people we should realize that the future holds great promise, and that is why we should focus on empowering a centralized system of governance that replaces the antiquated approach to governance: regional centricity whose players are driven by their self-interest rather than the common good....   [tags: Political Science]

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Biography: Ho Chi Minh

- Ho Chi Minh was born on 19th of May, 1890 in the village of Hoàng Trù in Vietnam during the time of the French colonisation, his given name was Nguyen That Thanh. His father, Nguyen Sinh Sac, was a district magistrate during the early 19th century, who was openly critical of the French policies that had infiltrated the executive arms of the country's ruling elite. Such political ideas were passed down to his son Ho Chi Minh who became of one of the most influential, nationalistic political leaders of the 20th Century....   [tags: french socialist movement, vietnam, colonization]

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The Beginning of Nationalism

- ... Wilhelm notes “It will now be my task to see to it that this place in the sun shall remain our indisputed possession (Doc 11).” For, the involvement in trade and retrieving outside resources could accommodate to Germany’s stature. As the growth of nationalism continued to spread and expand, it profoundly united citizens of the countries Germany and Italy. The Marzrevolution painting represented the 1848 Berlin uprising (Doc 2). In the painting, bulks of people are shown clutching German flags, which are also raggedly scattered along the ground and also swaying at the top of tall buildings....   [tags: garibaldi, european countries, governments]

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Nationalism in The Trudeau Era

- The argument: No. We are not anti-American; we have always been nationalists with contradictions throughout. We carry contradictions in us; we can be nationalists and North Americans at the same time. Canadians are sceptical about the United States, yet at the same time we admire, are dependent upon, and want to compete with the Americans. When the United States flexes their muscles, claws at our existence, or when we are sceptical of their policies, we become nationalists seeking to protect our national interest....   [tags: The Trudeau, Canada, United States]

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Romantic Composers

- Romantic composers incorporated nationalism into their compositions through special instrumentation and use of local folk song themes. In many nations, they have a sense of individuality through the crafting of their own instruments. For instance the Spaniards had their own styles of stringed instruments and percussion (maracas, etc) and if a composer wanted to write music for a Spanish style, what would be more complete than to portray that style by using their folk instruments to give the song it's individual nationalistic flavor....   [tags: Music, Informative, Art History]

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Nationalism and United States Policy in Latin America

- Dejaron ya los campos They left the fields los tanques y los pozos The tanks and the wells y el rico aceite negro And the rich black oil que es producto nacional That is a national product Magnates petroleros Oil magnates que alli se hicieron ricos, Who became rich in this place pelaron todos gallo Took off right away con la ley de la expropiación With the expropriation law - El corrido del petróleo...   [tags: Politics Political Science History Essays]

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Ignorance Is Bliss

- Killing an innocent life is the most inhumane act a person can commit and genocide is killing hundreds to millions of innocent lives, which makes genocide the worst crime a person can commit. Genocide is generally defined as the “intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group” by the 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide but has a much more elaborate definition in the document. Even though this definition is clear to some people, there still have been countless debates on defining certain mass murders by the state government as genocide, for example the Armenian Genocide during WWI and the famous European Holocaust during WWII....   [tags: World History ]

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Country Report: Guatemala

- Guatemala has experienced many significant changes to their government in the past sixty years. The government faced military coups, governmental reforms along with political and social revolutions. Many political forces have influenced Guatemala and transformed it into the country that it is today. When a nation’s system is highly extractive, there are higher stakes to gain power. When there is a high desire for power, more coups are carried out and there are more shifts in the power of the government....   [tags: development, wealthy elites, revolution]

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Factors Leading To World War I

- Modern nationalism began as a liberal reaction to the autocracy of the dynastic states of Europe. Before the nineteenth century, nationality was based upon personal allegiance to a monarch. So a Frenchman living in 1785 would rightfully consider himself a subject of the bourbon king Louis xvi rather than a citizen of France. Moreover, the Frenchman need not even have been French by language and tradition as most of the dynastic states were made up of a mixture of culturally diverse peoples....   [tags: Modern Nationalism, Europe]

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The Role of Philosophy in American Foreign Relations: John Fousek’s "To Lead the Free World"

- John Fousek’s book To Lead the Free World, offers a remarkable perspective on the role philosophy played in American foreign relations. Indeed, the beginnings of the Cold War helped to shape American global nationalism ideology, which has been rooted in the “White Anglo-Saxon” philosophy, that the U.S. was destined to rule the world. In developing his thesis, Fousek focuses on the cultural context in which policymakers worked, and how the Cold War policy consistency developed through perceptions, relevance and its impact on foreign relations....   [tags: Philosophy, American Foreign Relations, John Fouse]

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Causes of World War I with Relationship to Current Conflicts

- Causes of World War I with Relationship to Current Conflicts As the war of the worlds collide between the more democratic Allies and the orthodox Central powers, there were numerous causes to the war in which they can be summed up into the –isms of modern analysis. In the 19th, 20th, and even the 21st century, almost all of the conflicts can be categorized in either one or a combination of those –isms. Nationalism and Extreme Nationalism One of the causes of World War I can be linked to the use of extreme nationalism....   [tags: Papers]

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Exploring how Men and Women see the Involvement of Aware in the Purplelight Saga

- " Booking out, see my girlfriend Saw her with another man Kill the man, rape my girlfriend With my rifle and my buddy and me." (AWARE, 2013) Association of Women for Rights and Research (AWARE), a Singapore women's rights organisation deemed these lyrics in the Purplelight military cheers as "misogynistic". AWARE announced in a Facebook post that Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) would be enforcing a ban on this version of the Purplelight song that is commonly sung during army marches. Linking the images of violence and rape, the song invokes and trivalised rapes....   [tags: singapore, women's role, gender roles]

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The Hamidiye Light Cavalry Regiments

- Introduction: In the spring of 1891 dressed in their special attire, the Kurdish chiefs proclaimed their loyalty to the Sultan Abdülhamid II. Named after the sultan, the indoctrination of the Kurdish tribal cavalry unit (Hamidiye) into the Ottoman fold was met with protests from both foreign and domestic observers over the nature of the unit. Early critics of the Hamidiye questioned the discipline and sincerity of the militia. The Hamidiye Light Cavalry Regiments were an irregular militia composed of select Kurdish tribes under the command of the sultan’s trusted brethren, Sakir Pasha and Zeki Pasha....   [tags: kurds, irregular militia, ottomans]

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Tradition, Terrain, and Turkism: A Study on the Reform of the Imperial Ottoman Army and its Effects on the Outcome of World War I’s Gallipoli Campaign

- Beginning in 1839 under Mahmud II, massive political, military, and social reforms took place in the Ottoman Empire, centered on westernizing practices as an attempt to stave off imperial weakening and collapse. Having spent centuries in slow decline, being forced to ally with European nations in order to succeed at war, several military and territorial losses, social turmoil, and economic ruin, numerous western experts were invited, institutions adopted, and various reforms begun within the empire....   [tags: World History ]

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What is Mandopop and How Does It Differ From Other Pop Music?

- Mandopop is defined as the shortened form of the Chinese music genre ‘Mandarin-Chinese language popular music’ (Moskowitz 2009). However, Mandopop cannot be defined solely as a music genre but a cultural and social importance, especially in China and Taiwan. This essay will first focus on the brief history of Mandopop and its cultural and social importance in China and Taiwan. Secondly, the essay will concentrate on the marketing style in increasing revenues of Mandopop within the Chinese music industry ....   [tags: Music]

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