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Naked Lunch and A Modest Proposal

- Naked Lunch and A Modest Proposal In 1729, Jonathon Swift published an essay titled A Modest Proposal, which dealt with the issue of homelessness among the poor families of his country. His satirical proposal to control the population of homeless children stirred a debate on the morality of his proposal. Two hundred and thirty years later in 1959, William S. Burroughs published a novel entitled Naked Lunch, which dealt with the desperate struggle of drug addiction and the governments role in rehabilitating addicts....   [tags: Swift Modest Proposal Naked Lunch Essays]

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Naked Lunch

- Naked Lunch Naked Lunch has been described by the author as "brutal, obscene, and disgusting." It was declared "obscene, indecent, and impure... and taken as a whole... predominantly prurient, hardcore pornography and utterly without redeeming social importance," when brought to trial in Boston in 1965. However, declaring William Burroughs' novel to be completely without redeeming social importance seems inaccurate. Naked Lunch paints a vivid portrait of addiction in all its horror, and of the steady degradation of the addicts around whom the novel centers....   [tags: Naked lunch Essays]

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The Struggle in My Name is Asher Lev and Naked Lunch

- The Struggle in My Name is Asher Lev and Naked Lunch Though most of the experiences and actions revealed in William S. Burroughs' Naked Lunch directly contradict philosophies believed by the Jewish faith, there is a definite connection between My Name is Asher Lev and Naked Lunch. This connection lies is the narrators' artistic roles in society. Both Lev and Burroughs stray from the surrealistic aspect of their mediums: art and writing, respectively, and portray life as they see that it really is....   [tags: Asher Lev Naked Lunch Essays]

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Naked Lunch By Michael Hollinger

- “Naked Lunch” is a play written by Michael Hollinger in 2003. This play is one of the groups of written sixteen plays by several playwrights for Trepidation Nation: A Phobic Anthology, that was produced at the Humana Festival by the Actor Theatre of Louisville in 2002 to 2003. This is a one-act play that is around ten-minute long. It consists of only two actors: one man and one woman with a setting on a small dining area. This one act play is solely about two people who used to be in a relationship, namely Vernon and Lucy....   [tags: Domestic violence, Violence]

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Naked Lunch By Michael Hollinger

- “Naked Lunch” is a play that was written by Michael Hollinger that tells the story of Vernon and Lucy, whom had broken up but are now eating dinner at Vernon’s home in an attempt to rekindle what their relationship use to be. The play depicts Lucy telling Vernon that she has now became a vegetarian after they broke up and how Vernon reacts to this news just after preparing a steak dinner for the two of them. Vernon’s reaction to hearing Lucy’s lifestyle change is one of aggression and hostility....   [tags: Abuse, Bullying, Meat, Relationship breakup]

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Michael Hollinger's Naked Lunch

- The professors who composed Psychological Science explain that, “For [Sigmund] Freud, the powerful forces that drive behavior were often in conflict. A key aspect of his thinking was that we are typically unaware of those forces or their conflicts” (Gazzinga et al. 570). To Freud, conflicts in the mind consisted of the never ending battle between the ego, id, and superego. The “id” is the mechanism that drives humans to seek pleasure and avoid pain. The superego is a person’s conscience and morality principle....   [tags: superego, psychological analysis]

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The Apocalypse of William S. Burroughs’ Naked Lunch

- The Apocalypse of William S. Burroughs’ Naked Lunch The roaring of lions, the howling of wolves, the raging of the stormy sea, and the destructive sword, are portions of eternity too great for the eye of man. (William Blake, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, p. 7) In 1980, William S. Burroughs delivered a speech at the Planet Earth Conference at the Institute of Ecotechnics in Aix-en-Provence titled ‘The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse’.1 In this speech, Burroughs, following religious tradition, says that the four horsemen of the apocalypse are Famine, Plague, War, and Death and moves on to prophesise a more contemporaneous apocalypse....   [tags: Apocalypse Burroughs Essays]

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Naked Lunch: Comparisons of Documentaries Super Size Me and Forks Over Knives

- Documentary films have become a very popular in the last few years with the success of Michael Moore’s films fueling interest to learn while being entertained. Two filmmakers have benefited from this new interest in the non-fiction film movement, including directors Morgan Spurlock and Lee Fulkerson. The two filmmakers both made documentaries regarding healthy eating, or the lack thereof, in North America. Spurlock’s film, Super Size Me was about a healthy man who wanted to see what would happen to his body if he ate nothing but items from McDonalds for an entire month....   [tags: obesity and junk food in America]

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Comparing My Name is Asher Lev, Naked Lunch and Animal Farm

- Comparative Analysis of My Name is Asher Lev, Naked Lunch and Animal Farm         What do a junkie, Communists pigs, and a little Jewish boy have in common. No, this isnÕt an Anti-Semitic crack. In fact, the answer is really nothing. Then how would Naked Lunch, Animal Farm, and My Name is Asher Lev make a good comparative research paper. ThereÕs no magic involved really. To solve this perplexity one must think like Chaim Potok who said that "no feeling, no thought, and no sensibility cannot be tapped or explored and revealed" (Abramson 59)....   [tags: comparison compare contrast]

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The Common Problem Of The Lunch Program

- ... With all of the schools serving a healthier meal course for lunch should have been thought out a lot out more. So far none of this has worked out for anyone’s parents and students are not happy that there better off packing a lunch. Usually most of the students in the school will eat a lot if they are older. The younger kids will most likely eat a little less, but sometimes it’s pretty close. The biggest downside that the students do not like at all is how they are served the healthier food....   [tags: Food, Nutrition, Meal, Lunch]

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National Breakfast And Lunch Program

- ... Down at the State level, the National School Lunch Program is given by State education agencies, who work the program through agreements with school food authorities (“School Meals”, 2012). With more recent times changes were made to the National School Lunch Program. One of the additions was smoothies. Made with fruit, vegetables, milk, and yogurt, smoothies are a common item in the Child Nutrition Programs (School Meals). The Food and Nutrition Service has added and modified the allowance on smoothies....   [tags: Nutrition, Meal, Lunch, School]

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Comparing The Anne Allison Article And Japanese Style Of Lunch

- ... If you have a nerdy looking lunch box, you are not as popular or cool as the others. When I was in middle school, the Vera Bradley lunch box was the thing to have. It was what classified you as cool and what made you the loser of the group. Of course, since it was middle school, you had to comply with the norm and have exactly the same thing as everyone else so you did not run the risk of being the social outcast. For the Japanese, the container was more of a way to transport the food in a manner that would not disrupt the design and the work that the mother had put into it....   [tags: Lunch, Packed lunch, Meal, Mother]

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The National School Lunch Program

- The National School Lunch Program (NSLP) was authorized in 1946 through the National School Lunch Act making it the oldest of all child nutrition and food assistance programs. The reason Congress initiated this program was because it was a “measure of national security, to safeguard the health and well-being of the nation’s children and to encourage the domestic consumption of nutritious agricultural commodities and other food” (Stillman 451). The NSLP set the standards for the foods that were offered and the goal of the meal pattern was to provide at least one-third of the recommended dietary allowances for children over the period of one week....   [tags: Nutrition, Fat, National School Lunch Act, Health]

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Self-Discovery in Oates Naked

- Self-Discovery in Oates Naked   While other, less accomplished writers use violence to shock or provoke, Joyce Carol Oates is usually more subtle and inventive. Such is the case in "Naked," the story of a forty-six year old woman whose placid outer identity is ripped away by a brutal assault while out hiking not far from her fashionable, University Heights neighborhood. Like many of Oates' stories—and in this regard she probably owes something to Flannery O'Connor—"Naked" focuses on a woman so entrenched in her rigid self-image that nothing short of violence could make her vulnerable to a humbling, though redemptive, self knowledge....   [tags: Oates Naked Essays]

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Should School Lunch Reforms Affect Students?

- ... The main goal is to provide a more balanced and nutritious meal for the students, which in return will help increase cognitive abilities as well as physical activity performance. This new balanced practice includes feeding the students one serving of meat and bread, two servings of fruits or vegetables or a combination of both and a serving of milk (2). These portions will provide a balanced meal that will get students through the day. Although meals like this should be provided every day for students, studies have shown that these types of meals make a frequent appearance during standardized testing time....   [tags: Nutrition, Lunch, Standardized test, Meal]

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Book Report on David Suzuki's "From Naked Ape to Superspecies"

- The book being reviewed is called, “From Naked Ape to Superspecies” written by David Suzuki. This book is actually a revised and updated version from the last novel, which focuses on the same concepts, but back in the 1990’s. It has been revised and updated because as yeas have passed by many new concepts and ideas have appeared. The author of the book David Suzuki is an award winning scientist, environmentalist and broadcaster of CBC TV’s “The Nature of things”. David Suzuki is also a well accomplished author and co-author with the completion of more then thirty books....   [tags: From Naked Ape to Superspecies, David Suzuki, ]

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President Harry Truman 's School Lunch Program

- President Harry Truman initiated The School Lunch Program (NSLP) in 1946, it was established under the National School Lunch Act. The program provides nutritionally balanced, low‐cost lunches to more than 32 million boys and girls each school day.The NSLP ensures the nutrition,portion, and safety of our children food, over the years do to the rise of childhood obesity the The USDA School Lunch Program is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our youth. Many concerned citizens, such as Eric schlosser author of Fast Food Nation believes that the USDA is not providing our children with the right nourishment....   [tags: Nutrition, Obesity, National School Lunch Act]

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Role of Female Characters in Fidelman's Epiphany in Naked Nude

- Role of Female Characters in Fidelman's Epiphany in Naked Nude Word Count Includes Outline    Thesis:  In his picturesque short story, "The Naked Nude", Bernard Malamud uses the female characters to develop, enact, and resolve Fidelman's epiphany and to bring about the protagonist's final, artistic self-understanding. Bernard Malamud, a leading contemporary Jewish author, skirts between fantasy and reality in his almost allegorical short fiction, teaching the reader a lesson through coinciding elements of beauty and comedy.  Venturing away from his usual, inner-city Jewish element, Malamud tackles new challenges of subject and setting in his novelistic collection of short stories, Pictur...   [tags: Naked Nude Bernard Malamud]

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Why The Boys Will Be Naked

- ... Before anyone was able to ask any questions, Miss Tewksbury continued. “There are only twenty boys on the team. For the next half hour, we will introduce you to them. Each boy will exit the locker room as I call his name. He will stand here,” she indicated an area of the pool deck just in front of the bleachers, “and introduce himself, tell everyone about himself, and then proceed to the starting blocks. He will dive in, swim a single length of the pool, exit, and then stand there.” “One other thing girls, bear in mind that we didn’t bring you here as a test to see how well or if you’re able to avert your eyes from the sight of a naked boy....   [tags: Boy, Girl, Man, BOY]

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The Naked Citadel By Susan Faludi

- Everybody has certain expectations in which they uphold in todays society. A prime example are women, girls are taught at a young age that beauty was a defined thing that not everyone could have. Adolescents and children are expected to be compliant to their parents. Males are accepted to be muscular and always in control. They’re expected to be the pillar of society, never wrong or feminine. A man is frequently regarded as a downcast if he is seen as weak or crying. Society as a whole does not realize that the public has a remarkable influence on the actions aimed at men....   [tags: Male, Man, Female, Fear]

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The Naked Olympics By Tony Perrottet

- Modern Day Olympics are a huge tradition that sweeps the screens of televisions across the world. Competitors take the arena with uniforms that dawn their countries colors and designs that are meant to resemble their designated flag. For months the news is centered around the games; the preparation, the athletes, and of course the competition. Countries aren 't obsessed, they are inspired and full of pride seeing athletes from their country compete and show their incredible skill. This tradition dates back to ancient Greece where the games began....   [tags: Olympic Games, Ancient Olympic Games, Greece]

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The Naked Citadel By Susan Faludi

- ... Susan Faludi gives another example of a woman who refused to follow tradition in “The Naked Citadel”. Shannon Faulkner applied to the Citadel, a previously all-male military school. Many young cadets and faculty did not want her coming to the Citadel because “she would be destroying a long and proud tradition” of the all-male school (Faludi 79). She received many threats, harassment, and vandalism to her home. Faulkner knew what she was getting herself into by applying here, and decided to pursue her goal anyway....   [tags: Reading Lolita in Tehran, Azar Nafisi]

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The Naked Citadel By Susan Faludi

- In the Naked Citadel by Susan Faludi, we are taken into the notorious Citadel were the halls are lined with depictions of stern-faced generals, and where young boys are merely unrecognizable as college students. Where they appear as mere boys dressed in professional cadet attire. Men that have been ruthlessly broken down, and stripped of their egos, by not only their upper class mates, but by faculty. In a relentless manner that was sought by generations of citadel loyalist and alumni in order to shape them into their man hood....   [tags: Gender, Woman, Female, Male]

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Where The Naked Ladies Dance

- There’s a place in France, Where the naked ladies dance. There’s a hole in the wall Where the men can watch it all. – Children’s Rhyme Google creates, reinvents and produces various products that have enriched the lives of people across the world. This intrigues other companies and ignites a desire for them to take a peek at Googlers while they are working. Laszlo Bock gives us one of a few opportunities to look into a small hole by writing WORK RULES. Insights from Inside Google That Will Transform How You Live and Lead....   [tags: Environment, Natural environment, Need, The Work]

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Naked Economics By Charles Wheelan

- In this chapter of Naked Economics, by Charles Wheelan, he describes many aspects of trade. It begins by showing the capabilities of trade and how it affects everyone as a whole. It makes it so that everyone is better off than normal. To put it into perspective, he put the image in your head of how hard your life would be without trade, you would have to make your own clothes, find a way to get/make your own food, make your own car, etc... After showing some of the advantages to trade, he applies it to a global persona and begins to introduce his opinion on how global trade (globalization) makes us richer....   [tags: Economics, International trade, Trade]

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The Article ' What 's For Lunch?

- ... Although most of the child-care centers provided breakfast and snacks, those meals were also not taken into account. When the child-care centers reported menus they were not required to include preparation methods or ingredients/recipes and were therefore standardized using the analysis program. Serving sizes were also not required and were estimated based on the CACFP minimum serving size requirement. Lunches were then compared by using daily averages for the five-day period and looked at against the recommended dietary allowances and were split to compare age groups 1-to-3 year olds versus 4-to-8 year olds....   [tags: Nutrition, Meal]

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School Lunches And School Lunch

- School lunch is an obvious problem that has yet to be fixed. Mark Samuelsson once said, “We struggle with eating healthily, obesity, and access to good nutrition for everyone. But we have a great opportunity to get on the right side of this battle by beginning to think differently about the way that we eat and the way that we approach food.” A well know fact to almost all students and their parents is that there are many problems with school lunches and it needs to change. Not only is school lunch unhealthy, but it also does not taste good most of the time....   [tags: Nutrition, High school, School, Health]

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The National School Lunch Program

- The National School Lunch Program is a federally funded meal program operating in over 100,000 public. It provides nutritionally balanced, low‐cost or free lunches to more than 31 million children each school day in 2012 based on the child's household income (USDA). The program is managed by the Food and Nutrition Service at the Federal level and by a State education agency at the state level. We will be looking at the statistics of the National Lunch Program for five local schools, and compare the number of students enrolled in the districts and the percentage that are receiving free or discounted meals at school....   [tags: federally funded meal programs]

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Are Healthy School Lunch Options?

- Are healthy school lunch options at Saint James really an option. Healthy lunches are vital to create a healthy society. Healthy lunches can set children up to live healthy lives and can also teach the importance of nutrition. At my school, Saint James, we have anything but healthy lunches. Our lunches are loaded with high amounts of calories, fat and carbs, and let’s not forget about grease. Healthy school lunch options at Saint James School are a serious issue. Saint James has to take action to help its students in a positive way and set them up to have a healthy life in the long run....   [tags: Nutrition, Health, Vegetable, School]

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Children 's Breakfast And Lunch

- ... Secondly, each lunch offers a fruit and a vegetable with some type of protein and grain. In class we discussed a theme called, “my plate”. According to the discussion in class, and, the daycare is following the “my plate” guidelines. Lastly, I feel the menu is easily balanced and nutritious because the children get water or milk with every snack and meal. On this one website, it states, “milk is an excellent source of calcium and other essential nutrients” (   [tags: Nutrition, Meal, Health, Developmental psychology]

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The Naked Truth: Fiction

- The house is dark and hushed as I make my way up the stairs to my bedroom. As I collapse onto my comfortable bed, straining to keep my eyes open after a rigorous day of school and work, I am overcome with a realization: "I still have to take a shower." Despite my bed's magnetic pull, I use what little bit of conserved energy I still have and make my way to the bathroom. Although my body is weary from exhaustion, a sense of satisfaction overwhelms my senses and emotions as I step behind the plastic drapery to a simple place of relaxation and renewal....   [tags: bathroom, shower, reflection, decisions, water]

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Are You Naked Online?

- Cyber Security is of extreme importance of this day and age. Ted Claypoole and Theresa Payton bring some light on what we have already done and what we can do moving forward in protecting our identities. Everything about us today is involving computer networking. Our society simply relies on computer and the internet more and more each year. It is necessary that we protect ourselves from online predators and from online attacks. With so much information online about each of us, we must take the necessary steps in order to protect our identity....   [tags: personal privacy, cyber security, identity theft]

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Lunch Time For The Average

- Lunch time for the average “nine to five” employee can be one of the most enjoyable experiences of the day. Restaurants and businesses like coffee shops realize this, so, they want to offer the best deals they can to garner their consumer’s attention. Four dollar meals and happy hour coffee deals satisfied hunger and the wallets of both the businesses and famished employees for what appears to be of little cost. Except, there is a cost and it is at the expense of nearly thousands of prisoners. Companies like Wendy’s or Starbucks benefit from labor provided by prisoners who, coincidently, get paid an average of four dollars a day....   [tags: Prison, Punishment, Recidivism, United States]

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The National Lunch Program

- A slice of pizza, a cheeseburger, chicken strips, chocolate milk, French fries, or spaghetti: these all may sound like delicious options, but are they healthy to be serving students for school lunch. All of these foods are common items one might find in a school lunch line, whether it is elementary, middle, or high school. Normally these foods may not be seen as nutritional, and because of this, school lunches are often not viewed as healthy. The people who have this opinion about school lunches may not know the facts and the guidelines that food and nutrition departments need to follow when cooking for students....   [tags: children's health and nutrition]

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Lunch Atop a Skyscraper

- Conceivably one of the most copied, iconic depression era images, as well as one of the single most popular stock photo images in the Corbis “Bettman collection” (Parente 2003), “Lunch atop a Skyscraper” neither brought fame nor fortune to the photographer that captured that moment in time that still brings an uneasy sense of acrophobic fear to it’s viewers. Charles Clyde Ebbets, born August 18th, 1905 in Alabama, never knew the popularity that this emblematic representation of the daredevil American steel worker, in the midst of the skyscraper-building boom of depression era New York, would eventually attain....   [tags: Photography]

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The Packed Lunch Debate

- American schools are under a pressure to serve the children of America now more than ever. On top of trying to create a learning curve to brighten our country’s future, while not leaving any children behind (with the 'No Child Left Behind Act'), the new stress of nutrition has been added to the undoubtedly long list of impossible tasks that United States public schools must accomplish. While there are several ways of implementing changes to the school-served lunches, changing the minds of parents who pack their children’s lunch can be a whole new daunting task....   [tags: requirements, health, obesity, home, school]

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School Lunch

- The students of our school should rally together and hang the cooks in the Cafeteria. Well, maybe that is a little too dramatic, but something has to be done about the school lunch. The stuff that they serve the students is truly awful. Students should not be forced to eat in the cafeteria because the meals are not prepared well, there are foreign objects in the deserts, and many kids have gotten ill after eating certain items. Initially, sometimes the lunch is left over. To know if it is left over it will look wrinkly or dried up....   [tags: School Food]

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Analysis of Jeffery Rosen's: The Naked Crowd

- ... People are trading the power of privacy for the power of connection. People would not simply get rid of power, if power is really everywhere then people must often trade a power for another power, power never really vanishes. If we choose to define power as being everywhere, it is very similar to the law of conservation of energy, which states, “energy cannot be created nor destroyed, it can only change forms”, this means that people are always exchanging power rather than completely giving it up to simply fit in....   [tags: privacy, social media]

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The Naked Man of Steel by Angus Taylor

- ... It was not only the nudity that bothered them, some viewers found it a horrible colour. However many were unaware of the meaning behind ‘Positive’s’ colour. To explain Angus Taylor states: “I often use material as partial conveyor of meaning. The sculpture was cast in carbon steel and was welded together with stainless steel. There is an honesty towards the process, since a foundry normally hides the panelling in the cast - here it is visible on the surface where the panels meet. The large figurative metal man is not imposing or threatening, but rather humble" (Taylor 2014)....   [tags: South African sculptor]

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The Naked Men And The Paradox Of Sexual Freedom

- ... Jayanthi is distinguishing herself from her family by doing her own thing. She will be remembered differently than all the women in her family that came before her because she is taking a different path and making her own choices. This relates to Shannon Faulkner who applies to a male only academy in, “The Naked Citadel,” by Susan Faludi. She is finding herself by going against society and doing what she wants. She is proving her strength and setting a precedent for all those who come after her....   [tags: Woman, Expected value, Women, Expectation]

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Susan Faludi 's The Naked Citadel

- In Susan Faludi’s “The Naked Citadel”, she analyzes the homosocial nature of men as she tries to discover the causes behind sexism and to find out “why men who oppose women’s progress are so angry” (Faludi, 72). The main subject of her reading is the all boys college named the Citadel and its vehement opposition to admitting a female into its ranks. The boys become aggressive and angry about the thought of an independent and unique woman becoming a part of their student body. The thought of it threatens the gendering society established within the Citadel where the boys rely on each other to establish their own gender identities....   [tags: Gender role, Gender, Man, Gender identity]

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Consistency in the National School Lunch Program

- Claim The National School Lunch Program needs to standardize and regulate their set nutritional standards at all schools to help curb the growing prevalence of childhood obesity and other weight related diseases. What is the National School Lunch Program. “The National School Lunch Program, or NSLP, is a federally assisted meal program operating in over 101,000 public and non‐profit private schools and residential childcare institutions.” ("National school lunch," 2011) This government-run program is headed by the department of Food and Nutrition standards, a subgroup of the United States Department of Agriculture....   [tags: Nutrition ]

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New School Lunch Standards Implemented As A Result Of A Nutritious Lunch Children

- ... according to all these new restrictions, high school lunches must be no more than 850 calories, middle schools no more than 700 calories and elementary no more than 650 calories. These amounts of calories are in conflict. Students all over the United States are protesting in a way of throwing away their school lunches in order to show the government that they are not satisfied with the new serving requirements being given at their schools. There have been many complaints that this was processed to quickly without informing students about the new school nutrition coming up....   [tags: Nutrition, High school, Health, Obesity]

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The National School Lunch And Breakfast Program

- The National School Lunch and Breakfast Program are to help reduce poverty, improve birth outcomes and children 's health generally, and increase survival among low weight infants. People that live in poverty can become under nourished which can lead to permanently retard physical growth, brain development, and cognitive functioning of children (Congress 1994). There are long term effects to a child 's cognitive function if their nutritional, emotional and educational needs are not met. Most low income children that attend school hungry score lower on standardized test....   [tags: High school, Middle school, Nutrition]

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The Founding Of The National School Lunch Program

- The founding of the National School Lunch Program in 1946, otherwise known as NSLP, was inspired by investigations placed on men who were rejected from draft during World War II, where a connection was found between their physical impairments as a result of poor nutritional diets in early childhood (National School Lunch Program). Their mission statement being, “ A measure of national security, to safeguard the health and well-being of the Nation’s children.” Later on effecting after school initiatives in which after school activities on school grounds, were required to provide snacks for the students, in 1998 (National School Lunch Program)....   [tags: Nutrition, Obesity, High school, Childhood obesity]

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Lunch Lady Blues

- In recent years America’s health and economy have become a hot topic of debate in legislative offices. Recent legislation concerning the food served in schools nationwide has undergone changes that have cause widespread debate on the role of the federal government in students’ lives, the possible effects on the industry that supply food to schools and the effects on the schools and students themselves. In some cases the debated changes are welcomed with open arms and are merely formalities, in others the changes are reasons to lobby congress to convince them that pizza is counted as a vegetable because it has tomato paste....   [tags: Nutrition]

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Educating Children 's Breakfast And Lunch

- ... Secondly, each lunch offers a fruit and a vegetable with some type of protein and grain. In class we discussed a theme called, “myplate”. According to the discussion in class, and, the daycare is following the “myplate” guidelines. Lastly, I feel the menu is well balanced and nutritious because the children get water or milk with every snack and meal. On this one website, it states, “milk is an excellent source of calcium and other essential nutrients” (   [tags: Nutrition, Meal, Health, Developmental psychology]

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Breakfast Lunch And Dinner For Three Days

- Day one: I chose to have the same meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner for three days, not in a row, of course. So day one, two and three will look the same; it is roughly what I consume on a regular basis, I really didn’t have to alter my meals much at all, only to make sure I had the same meals each day. Here is day one, two and three. My carbohydrate intake; Breakfast, I had four servings of frosted miniwheats (milk included) with an average of 164 carbs, 694 calories, 3g of fat, 29n g of protein and 20g of fiber....   [tags: Nutrition, Food, Carbohydrate, Meal]

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Graduation Speech : School Lunch Program

- ... However, candy and diet pops are sold in school vending machines as well as school shops. Candy is loaded with sugar and diet pop has absolutely no nutritional value and contains artificial sweeteners. Brooke Alpert, RD, author of The Sugar Detox states, “Artificial sweeteners have more intense flavor than real sugar, so over time products like diet soda dull our senses to naturally sweet foods like fruit. [Why would anyone give a child something that does such a thing!?] Even more troubling...These sugar stand-ins have been shown to have the same effect on the body as sugar....   [tags: Nutrition, Health, Junk food, School]

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Naked and Free in The Awakening

- Naked and Free in The Awakening The Awakening, by Kate Chopin seems to fit neatly into twentieth century ideals. Chopin addresses psychological issues that must have been difficult for people of the late nineteenth century to grasp. Just as Edna died a premature death, Chopin's book died too. The rejection of this book, at the time, ironically demonstrates the pressure many women must have felt to conform to society. Chopin shows the reader, through Edna Pontellier, that society restricts women the right to individuality....   [tags: Chopin Awakening Essays]

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- Naked David Sedaris; Little Brown & co. 1997 “ The women’s open” 1. Throughout the essay “ The women’s open” David’s father obsession for golf is shown. The power of his obsession leads him to forget what should be important to him. 2. Sedaris expresses the lack of heart his father shows towards people and even his children when it comes down to golf. For example the first day Lisa ever got her period was out on the golf course while her dad was watching a professional tournament, at first while she complained about her back pains he just simply brushed her off....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Conflict between Man and Machine in The Naked and the Dead

- While the surface of Norman Mailer’s The Naked and the Dead centers around World War II, its focus is on “the conflict…between the mechanistic forces of the ‘system’ and the will to individual integrity” (Waldron 273). The ultimate domination by the ‘machine’ makes for a very depressing, hopeless novel. Mailer explores this conflict mainly in the interactions between General Cummings and Lieutenant Hearn, and although less extensively through their lower ranked counterparts, Sergeant Croft and Private Red Valsen....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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Isaac Asimov's The Naked Sun

- Isaac Asimov's The Naked Sun When the ship stopped Elijah remained on his seat. Then he looked away and saw Daneel Olivaw, he is a robot that look like a man. After Elijah Bailey went in an air-tube, a robot was in charge of the trip of Elijah, his serial number is RX-2475. When the trip in the air-tube ended, Bailey received information about Solaria and he learned that the population on the planet is 20000 people and 200000000 robots in a territory of 30000000 square miles. He then felt the need to see outside the ground-car....   [tags: essays research papers]

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What is Race? A Naked Endorsement Versus Informal Existence

- The presence of a social contract and a racial contract throughout a vast majority of history is undisputable; however, the ways within which these two unwritten, but understood, contracts have been presented or explained can be seen as a fluid process. Therefore, In Charles Mill’s The Racial Contract he contrasts two eras where the Racial Contract is seen as ever-changing, but not necessarily for positive progress. The first of these periods is referred to as one that is “the epoch of the European conquest, African slavery, and European colonialism, overt white racial self-identification, and the largely undisputed hegemony of racist theories.” Then, the second of these two eras is expres...   [tags: contract, social, society]

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Kids Across America Forced to Eat School Lunch

- ​According to the USDA a typical school lunch exceeds the recommended 500 milligrams of sodium. To be exact most school lunches serve meals with more than 1000 milligrams of sodium. All across the United States students from elementary, middle, and high schools are being forced to eat what is being served instead of what they have brought from home. Even though the lunch meals provided by the school might be healthier than what the student has packed, they should not have to inhibit to these actions....   [tags: USDA, childcare]

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A Healthier School Lunch Program Is A Lost Cause?

- Do you think a healthier school lunch program is a lost cause. For the past few years in the United States school lunches did not have healthy programs that could help kids with their nutritional balance, now in days the government is creating a new healthy program that can help schools have a better nutrition, although some schools are rejecting the new healthy program. School lunch’s in the United States need to be healthier, they are critical for the wellbeing of the majority of people from 6 to 18, and also set the pattern for a healthy lifestyle throughout adulthood....   [tags: Nutrition, High school, School, Food]

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The Effect Of Calorie Intake Of Students Eating School Lunch

- Does every student have the exact same nutritional needs. According to the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, all students have similar, if not identical, nutritional needs. This act focuses on the amount of calories in the daily school lunches. Most often, they achieve lower calorie meals by regulating the amounts of fat, sodium, and sugar distributed in daily school lunches. The primary purpose this, regulating the calorie intake of students eating school lunch, is to reduce child obesity in the United States....   [tags: Nutrition, Health, School, Obesity]

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"Naked" by David Sedaris

- David Sedaris is a one of the best-selling authors. One of his books is called "Naked." In this book he talks about his life. David Sedaris is a great writer who wrote about his family and himself when he was growing up. While most people usually don't like talking about the humiliating moments of their lives, he presents the reader with his own obsessions and the numerous interesting and funny events from the life of his family. Sedaris uses a lot of sarcasm in his book; therefore it is very appealing and interesting to read....   [tags: Biography]

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School Lunch Reform : Is It Really A Change For The Better?

- ... Ron Nixon’s states in his article that many Americans are fully in conjunction with the act; in particular, he states that “[a]ccording to the poll, 86 percent of Americans support the nutritional standards required by the law.” Though many Americans support this act, students still aren’t being enticed by these new changes, as quoted by Kelly and Stier, “[e]ven though lunches are ‘free,’ they are so unappetizing thanks to new nutrition standards that much food is thrown away. ‘It is horrible,’ one inner-city principal, responsible for 1,200 students and 10,000 meals a week, told us....   [tags: Nutrition, Obesity, Childhood obesity]

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School Lunch: Why Change Needs to Happen

- Imagine going back to childhood and sitting in a school cafeteria during lunchtime. The room is filled with a thunderous roar as all the children laugh and discuss the plans of attack for the impending recess. Fluorescent lights cast a pale greenish glow amongst the young faces as they walk about the aisles looking for the perfect seat, while rows of tables are occupied with the eager students waiting to devour the food in front of them. Aromas of all the food waft through the air, invoking the hungry stomachs to growl with anticipation....   [tags: Nutrition ]

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Lunch Time

- Lunch Time The students of Snow Canyon Middle School desperately need there time away from school. To unwind from tests, teachers, school work, and learning. All those subjects are very stressful in a young teenager’s life. Our lunch hour is the only hour from 8:00 a.m. to 2:50 p.m. that we have that we can just get away from school, and relax and have fun. This is why we must fight for a longer lunch hour. My friends and I are always rushing down to lunch, which takes time out of our unwinding....   [tags: miscellaneous]

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Naked Vs Nude in Reference to Artwork

- There is no difference between the words "naked" and "nude", in my opinion the words are pretty much interchangeable. The only thing that is different is how one interprets the words. A "nude" or "naked" body can be represented in a variety of ways. Most people will use the word "naked" when referring to a body presented in an arousing or sexual way, "naked" has a raw connotation, whereas many people use the word "nude" when referring to a body presented in an artistic way, which focuses on the form and shape of the body....   [tags: Visual Arts]

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Battles With Weather and Terrain in The Naked and The Dead

- Often times, when I think about war, I only think about the protagonist going against the antagonist. I think that the only thing worth worrying about is the enemy and their position. We never stop to think about the weather and terrain that these soldiers face on a day-to-day basis. My vision of war is clouded by what comes out of the Hollywood movies. Luckily, such war veterans like Norman Mailer write and publish novels like The Naked and the Dead, which gives me a better insight as to what war is really like....   [tags: American Literature]

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The Naked Truth of the Poultry Show World

- The Naked Truth of the Poultry Show World Professor’s comment: This student’s wonderfully vivid, often funny, first-person report brings readers into a little-known world of poultry exhibitors. Who could have imagined what it’s like to bathe fifteen chickens and groom them for judging. From this essay I learned a great deal about chickens, and the student’s talents as a writer made the experience thoroughly engrossing. Most people seem to think it’s pretty weird that I show chickens. They’re right, I suppose....   [tags: Personal Narrative]

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The Loss of Self During the Atlantic Slave Trade

- During the Atlantic slave trade many different things were taking place; monarchies where becoming insanely wealthy, free labor was becoming a necessity and free African people were dehumanized and were forced to be slaves. From the capture of the African people and past their sale to their first owners in America they were constantly degraded and treated like cattle. On African soil; on transportation vassals; and on American soil; free people were brutalized and many became salves. Slave traders and “owners” used many different tactics to make their captives become salves....   [tags: dehumanized, naked, humiliated]

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Comparing the Aura Café and the Lunch Box

- Comparing the Aura Café and the Lunch Box The Aura Café Situated on the High Street of Whitechapel, opposite the tube station, the Aura café was opened in December 2004. It is a small café owned and control by a sole owner Mr. Muhammad Ali but well furnished with around 30 covers, with air conditioning system, a nice interior decoration and also a non smoking area. SWOT Analysis of the Aura Café. Strength * According to my findings, the Aura café targets mostly the students from colleges and universities of the surrounding area....   [tags: Papers]

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Lunch versus Dinner versus Supper

- Many times I have moved from one house to the next, one town to another, but the transition never included changing the meaning of words. At one point in my life I actually thought dinner (1) and supper (2) could be interchanged when referring to the evening meal; but oh, how tragically wrong I was. I recall the first realization of my mistake like it was yesterday. This led to my discovery of an ancient plot to starve the world and Mrs. Gump's (3) ongoing struggle against her fashionable enemies....   [tags: Dining Etiquette]

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Nudity in Art History

- The word nude entered in the English dictionary in 1531, as a legal term "unsupported, not formally attested", from Latin nudus 'naked, bare'. It will be, in the eighteenth century, used to describe a painting or other artwork depicting a human figure in a state of near or total undress. While the word nude has becoming positive in art history, due to the large use of it over the years, the word naked has been always negative. In fact, its definition is “having no clothes on, having no defence or protection, unprovided with needful or desirable accessories”....   [tags: nude, naked, art]

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Comparing The Lunchtime Memories Of Jennifer

- ... Mothers spend around 45 minutes each day preparing a “small box packaged with five or six- course, miniature meal whose pieces and parts are artistically arranged, perfectly cut and neatly arranged” (Allison, 1991: 223). When I compare this type of lunch and its preparation to that of the American box lunch, it is astounding. Jennifer told me “ her mom had to go to work every morning right after we got on the bus to school, she did her best and made sure we always had a lunch, but she did not spend very much time preparing it....   [tags: Meal, Lunch, Packed lunch, Mother]

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The Criminal Justice Is Flawed And A Naked Singularity By Sergio De La Pava

- ... When describing policing it is relayed to the reader as “The police were merely not interested observers who occasionally witnessed criminality and were compelled to make an arrest, rather the police had the special ability to in effect create crime by making an arrest almost whenever they wished so widespread was wrongdoing” (De La Pava 3). Basically, officers manufacture crime to meet their quota and typically single out black or Hispanic groups to do just that. The officers are entrapping civilians into concocted charges and summonses....   [tags: Crime, Police, Law, Criminal justice]

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Microbiology Is The Biological Study Of Organisms That Are Too Small For Be Seen With The Naked Eye

- ... The negative charge on bacterial cells attract the positive charge on the stains used, thus causes the cell to be colorized (2). The gram stain conducted on unknown #53 did not retain the crystal violet when decolorized. The unknown bacteria adhered better to the Safranin stain and was shown to be a pink stained bacterium under the microscope. This indicated that the unknown bacterium was gram-negative. Microscopic examination of the unknown bacterium also indicated that the bacterium was bacillus(rod) shaped....   [tags: Bacteria, Escherichia coli]

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Susan Faludi 's Lolita 's Tehran, By Azar Nafisi, And The Naked Citadel

- Cultures throughout the world encompass a diverse array of lifestyles by which societies are led by. These cultures, in a typical sense, are created by the subset of a population that follows a particular set of morals and ideals. An individual’s own identity, as a result, is dependent on many varying factors of their lifestyle in these culturally regulated regions. In the stories, “Selections from Reading Lolita in Tehran,” by Azar Nafisi, and “The Naked Citadel,” by Susan Faludi, the authors depict the impact made on an individual’s identity by male-dominated communities prejudiced against women....   [tags: Reading Lolita in Tehran, Azar Nafisi, Feminism]

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Haley's Comet is Only Comet Visible from Earth with Naked Eye

- A comet is a small icy body that travels in an elliptical orbit around the sun. Halley’s Comet, or 1P/Halley, is the most well-known “periodic” comet that orbits the solar system and returns to Earth’s vicinity approximately every seventy-six years. It is one of the only comets that can be seen from Earth that is visible to the naked-eye, and can appear twice in one’s lifetime. The comet’s last visit was in the year 1986, and it is calculated to return mid-2061. Halley’s Comet has been sighted and recorded for thousands of years by humans....   [tags: orbit, astronomy, solar system]

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High School Should be Permitted to Have Open Campus Lunch

- French students get 1 ½-2 hour lunch breaks, and many countries including France have off-campus lunch programs, where they can go home or to a restaurant for lunch. Why can’t Oak Creek High School have off-campus lunch. By the time students are in high school, they should be responsible and trusted to have off-campus lunch privileges. To begin, the high school principles and the school district can put restrictions on who’s allowed to leave the campus for lunch. The student’s parents make the ultimate decision of whether they will allow their child to go off-campus for lunch....   [tags: high school experience]

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Evaluation Of A Time Geography Study

- ... Initially, the teacher was concerned that personalization of the space will distract Julia and increase her self-stimulatory behaviors. However, since Julia has not shown any significant increase in self-stimulatory behaviors or distractibility, the personalization of space is still intact. Instead, the personalization appears to help Julia form a personal connection to her space at the table. The personalization has also decreased the uncertainty about her space in the classroom. She transitions back into the classroom smoothly....   [tags: School, Lunch, Packed lunch, Space]

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The Difference in Nutritional Value Between School Lunch and Fast-Food

- The Difference in Nutritional Value Between School Lunch and Fast-Food Pink slime, gray burgers, enough preservatives to mummify a small dog: all examples of what a child attending a public school could be eating in school day. Although awareness concerning childhood obesity has been spread, the food being consumed in schools is still unsatisfactory. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have said that obesity rates have doubled in children and tripled in teenagers since 1980, leading to type two diabetes and other health concerns (Yeoman)....   [tags: preserved, obesity, bacteria]

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From The National School Lunch Program to The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act

- Introduction Will The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act recently signed into law on December 13, 2010 by President Barack Obama be able to deliver healthier meals in the schools nutrition programs or will the bill overwhelm struggling school districts with additional unfunded mandates. Schools confront difficult issues on a daily basis that affect the learning ability of their students: struggling economic conditions, students from poor families, increased food insecurity across the country, and constant pressures to increase student performance....   [tags: Educational Issues]

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McDonald’s for Breakfast, KFC for Lunch, and Where Else for Dinner?

- Obesity affects the lives of millions of American people. Obesity is responsible for the development of many diseases, including heart disease and diabetes. Busy people choose to eat fast food instead of home-made healthy dinners because they have no time to devote to cooking. Many people believe they will never be overweight if they do not eat fast food. However, fast food itself is not the only reason for obesity. Poor knowledge about nutrition, bad eating habits, such as eating between meals, overeating, and selecting foods that have little nutritional value, are the factors that should be considered in discussion on obesity issues....   [tags: Nutrition, Weight Management]

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I Sit At Lunch : Why Do Bullies Target, And / Or People?

- ... "There is nothing wrong with you, there is a lot wrong with the world you live in."-Anonymous, Lets be real here the world would be a lot better if the if discrimination, and harassment was eradicated. You have the right to speak your mind and defend yourself and others, If you are constantly worried about what people might do or say about YOUR rights, YOUR options, nobody owns you. If your gay be proud wear a rainbow shirt and have pride. If you believe in yourself then you can do anything....   [tags: Sexual orientation, Homosexuality]

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Benefits Of Healthy Foods And Unhealthy Foods

- In Ted Talk, according to Ann Cooper, we have to change school lunches and educate children about a food by creating farming class, so they can verify what foods are benefit for themselves, and they are able to avoid unhealthy foods. There are two types of foods: healthy foods and unhealthy foods. Healthy foods equal to organic foods which are fresh as an element of healthy foods. In contrast, unhealthy foods equal to processed foods that contain chemicals. The USDA allows all of processed foods that are harmful to our children....   [tags: Nutrition, School, Lunch, Restaurant]

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