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Customs And Traditions Of The Muslim Population

- ... The structure raised by Abraham and Ishmael was the Kaaba or Cube, now at the heart of the Grand Mosque, and Mecca succeeded from that point. The hajj additionally reviews the life of Mohammed, who was urged to leave Mecca for Medina, returning later with his adherents. He is said to have uprooted various symbols left at the Kaaba by Non-Muslim pioneers and rededicated it as the place of Allah, to which Muslims have flocked to for worship over the following hundreds of years (Henderson, 2011)....   [tags: Islam, Muhammad, Ramadan, Muslim]

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The Rights Of A Muslim Women

- ... 15). Afshar discusses his frustration in his paper at how the western media conceals these statistics to further marginalize Muslim women. Khiabany and Williamson also examine how the western media targets veiled Muslim women. They provide an example of an article from a weekly column in 2006 by Jack Straw, then Britain’s Labor leader of the Commons in the Lancashire Telegraph. He wrote on Muslim women in Britain to remove their niqabs in order to help community relations. The article was on the front page under the headline ‘Straw in plea to Muslim women: take off your veils’ (Khiabany and Williamson, 2008, p....   [tags: Muhammad, Islam, Muslim, Qur'an]

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Summary Of ' Days Living As A Muslim '

- ... Yet, from this video all I saw was that he was far from comfortable going through this experience of “living as a Muslim”. He was not happy praying in a foreign language, nor happy with the fact that he had to kneel when he prayed. Most of all his interview at the radio station proved it all. He sounded still resentful about September 11 and very closed to the idea of the existence of other religion, because of the fact that he thought Muslims were sincerely apologetic about the unfortunate actions the terrorists are committing....   [tags: Islam, Qur'an, Muslim, Muhammad]

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Muslim Terrorism in the United States

- Historical Background It is necessary to examine the historical context of Muslim terrorism in the United States to understand the evolvement of Muslim extremism today. Juergensmeyer (2003) supports this stance by stating that contemporary acts of violence are influenced by historical violence perpetrated in the religious past. The assumption could be made that Muslim extremism in the United States is a more recent phenomenon; on the contrary, this is not true. By understanding history enlightens to where foundations and structures were built to support Muslim extremism and terrorism activities that exist in the United States today....   [tags: Terrorism, Muslim Extremism]

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The World Of Islam And Muslim Integration

- ... It included North Africa. Indeed, early in the fifth century A.D., when Saint Augustine lived in what is today Algeria, North Africa was as much a center of Christianity as Italy or Greece. But the swift advance of Islam across North Africa in the seventh and eighth centuries virtually extinguished Christianity there, thus severing the Mediterranean region into two civilizational halves, with the “Middle Sea” a hard border between them rather than a unifying force. Since then, as the Spanish philosopher José Ortega y Gasset observed, “all European history has been a great emigration toward the North.” Moreover, Kaplan gives a history of from the far-Right political development of Europe...   [tags: Islam, Qur'an, Muslim Brotherhood]

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The Muslim Brotherhood and Political Islam

- In recent decades, Arab governments have lost a lot of confidence from their citizens. Their failure to liberate occupied Arab lands and eliminate the Zionist entity, is a huge disappointment to Arabs everywhere. The Arabs have become discontented with nationalism and with the spread of corruption in their countries, and with their governments’ inability to achieve social justice and a decent standard of living for all. This has opened the way for Islamist parties to emerge as an alternative to Arab nationalism....   [tags: Why the Muslim Brotherhood will not die]

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The Religion Of Muslim People

- Every day in the society we will live in, people are stereotyped. People of a certain race, religion or social background are judged on preconceived notions of people with no basis for actual personal preference. Society lumps groups together into whole categories, like all Marquette is a bunch of rich white kids, or the only people that work as field workers are Hispanics. Stereotypes are everywhere and some of them are not subtle, like the disdain for people who practice Islam here in America in this world after that attacks on September 11th 2001....   [tags: Islam, Muhammad, Religion, Muslim]

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Hate Crimes Against Muslim Americans

- Muslim Americans are a group of people that practice the religion of Islam. In America, some people are prejudice towards people who practice Islam, and can go as far as generalizing them as terrorists which is completely unfair. This prejudice is called islamophobia (Schaefer, 2015), and it is still a big issue in our country. This issue needs to be fixed- not all Muslim people were responsible for 9/11 and some people need to stop acting like they were. As a country, people in America need to rise above stereotyping, and move towards acceptance....   [tags: Islam, Muslim, Abuse, Discrimination]

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Hindu India vs Muslim India

- At first, the aim of the Muslim League was to establish friendly relations between the Muslims and the British Crown. After the Royal decision of the annulment of the partition of Bengal in 1911, Muslim League saw that in order to get their requests dealt with, they need to form relations with the Congress, the representative party of Hindus. Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the member of Congress, also joined the Muslim League in 1913. After witnessing the annulment, he worked on a pact to unite Muslims and Hindus which was eventually signed on 30th of December, 1916 at Lucknow....   [tags: Hindu vs Muslim in India]

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Bangladesh-Muslim World Relations

- One of the most significant factors of Bangladesh foreign policy is its close relation with the Muslim countries. Geographically Bangladesh belongs to South Asia and the Bengalees are not culturally as close to the Arabs, Persians or Turks as the Pakistanis or North Indians are. Some Muslim states even took this movement as an act of ruining the Islamic fraternity. The Indo-Pakistan war, starting in December 3 and the surrender of the Pakistani army to the joint command of the Indian and Bangladeshi army, both has fuelled this suspicion....   [tags: Muslim, Islam, Middle Easy]

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Reasons for the Formation of the All India Muslim League

- ... The birth of All India Muslim League at Dacca on 30th December 1906 came as an expression of that desire. OBJECTIVES OF THE MUSLIM LEAGUE Muslim League which became the mass movement of Muslims succeeded in establishing Pakistan in 1947 by forming the following objectives: 1. To inculcate among Muslims a feeling of loyalty to the Government and to disabuse their minds of mis-understandings and misconceptions out of it’s actions and intentions. 2. To protect and advance the political rights and interests of the Muslims of India and to represent to the Government from time to time, their needs and aspirations....   [tags: muslim delegation, hindus]

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The Media 's Portrayal Of Muslim People And Women People

- The news media is a way to broadcast information that is new and seems to affect a wide number of people or attracts attention to raise ratings. The platforms that news media utilizes is broad and aims to communicate to as many people as possible. Those platforms include television, radio, paper/print and more modernly through social media. These platforms can be used to relay information on a hurricane in another country, a massacre in Orlando, or the “conservative Republican agenda.” (Shaw, Lee, 2015, 261) All information is perspective based, but can be construed in a way that leaves little room for misunderstanding or a lot of room for misunderstanding....   [tags: Islam, Sociology, Terrorism, Muslim]

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The Islamic Muslim Scholars From Around The World?

- What is your reaction to this open letter directed towards the leader of ISIS from a collection of Sunni Muslim scholars from around the world. What is it attempting to argue generally. Why do you think they’ve written it. What are they hoping to accomplish. Do you find their interpretations of the Quran/Sharia convincing, or do you believe that the ISIS implementation of the Quran/Sharia are more accurate. I was surprised by reading this letter to learn of all the violent acts that ISIS has participated in....   [tags: Islam, Qur'an, Muhammad, Muslim]

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The Present-day State of Muslim-Western Relations

- This essay reflects my research and participation towards our collaborative project/presentation, and outlines the focus and arguments of the group presentation. At first, my group members and I chose to do our group presentation on the relationship between the West and the Muslim world, particularly the causes of why it's such an uneasy relationship, and how fantasy plays a part. We were planning on discussing “Park51”, as it's a current event and a good indicator of the present-day state of Muslim-Western relations....   [tags: Muslim-Western Relations]

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Why do Muslim Women Cover their Body

- If someone was to look up the meaning of veil in a dictionary the noun would state that it is “ a piece of material worn by women to protect or conceal the face” while the verb is describes the action as a way to “partially conceal, disguise, or obscure.” Unfortunately, in today's society both definitions have meaning when it comes to the veil and it’s role in Muslim culture. Whether or not women want to accept it the truth, still remains that the veil is a form of gendered violence. Even though people seek to reclaim it’s meaning they cannot change its origins and the reason it was established in the first place, to conceal and control Muslim women....   [tags: gender violen, muslim culture, veil]

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How do Muslim Families Transfer their Ethics and Values to Future Generations?

- ... In the Hadith is says, As a muslim parent they have the reponsiblity to instill all relgious morals, ethic’s and traditon’s into their young. It is different for girls and boys an example of this is prayer. The key purpose of Salat (prayer) in Islam is to stand before God and ask for guidance on the straight path (the correct way on life) and to give thanks and praise to their almighty God. Salat is an important act to perform correctly as it is one of the five pillars of Islam (Suliman, 2014)....   [tags: muslim culture, salah]

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Spiritual Lessons of Muslim Revolutionists Imam Ali and Jalal al-din Rumi

- A prominent element in regards to oral traditions surviving the testament of time is the simplicity, directness, and concision that such traditions tend to be composed of. This makes it appear as though these early simple teaching can have an endless stream of commentary stem from a small assortment of simple words. Certainly such phrases and sayings by highly revered Islamic revolutionists Imam Ali and Jalal al-din Rumi tend to be simple in design much like these oral traditions, but a careful analysis of their work will depict the true depth of their teachings....   [tags: Religion, Quotes, Muslim]

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Women in Muslim Society

- Women in Muslim Society           The role of woman, her position and status in society, and her nature have been issues of debate and discussion informed by religion, tradition and culture, misogyny, feminism and - many times - downright ignorance and bigotry. In discussing the role of women in contemporary society there are three main areas that can be addressed. The perceptions of woman within contemporary Muslim societies. The status, position and role of woman in the Qur'an and in early Islam from where we derive our aspirations....   [tags: Islam Muslim Female Essays]

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The Qur'An Shapes The Life Of An Everyday Muslim

- "The Qur'an - does it shape the life of an everyday Muslim?" Unlike many other religions Islam makes very little distinction between the spiritual and the secular parts of life. Islam means submission to the way of God and this can be seen in the way in which the vast majority of Muslims lead their daily lives through close adherence to the Qur'an and the teachings of the Prophet. Muslim society is ideological in that the followers of the faith are making a commitment to follow God and to accept the word of God as the truth, basing their concept of good and evil on these teachings....   [tags: Religion Islam Muslim]

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Analysis Of Yvonne Ridley 's Article, How I Came And The Veil, Curiosity Of The Muslim Culture

- ... Negative comments such as “Don’t leave a bomb in the back seat,” and “Where’s Bin Laden hiding?” were just a few examples of how Ridley experienced discrimination first hand. Ridley did not wear the veil to cause problems, instead it was more of a personal statement, the statement of expecting the same respect as a white female. Incorporating those experiences into her article truly solidified the issue, not only did it happen to her personally but because it tied on her emotional strings which made the article even more biased....   [tags: Islam, Qur'an, Muhammad, Muslim]

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The Religious Debate on Muslim Women Wearing the Hijab

- Should Muslim women be required to wear the traditional hijab is a religious debate I was never aware existed, I just always believed it was mandatory to wear the veil and that was that. There are many that say the hijab is a symbol of their religion but they are being challenged by the view that it is a personal choice. The Islam religion has five fundamental requirements: Ramadan fasting, believing that the only God is Allah and that Prophet Mohammed is Allah's messenger, praying five times daily, giving to charity, and making a pilgrimage to Mecca if possible....   [tags: Religion Muslim Islam Papers]

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Decline of the Muslim Empires: Safavid, Ottoman, and Mughal

- Decline of the Muslim Empires: Safavid, Ottoman, and Mughal Since the beginning, all empires have faced change in many ways, declining and rising in status. Many empires have collapsed, only to start again under a different name. Like all empires, the three Muslim Empires, the Ottomans, Safavids, and Mughals have faced this inevitable state. Although each individual empire is different, they each have similarities in their reasons for decline. Whether it is social, religious, economic, or political reasons, the empires, like many others, have fallen....   [tags: History Muslim Historical Essays]

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Muslim Violence And Muslim Religion

- ... “The Qur’an is clear, however, that service to God is also accomplished through participation in warfare when required.” (23) In Muslim beliefs they believe they have the authority to warfare when people are not following the “right” religion or nonbelievers known to the Islam religion, shown in the verse (Surat al-Tawaba 9:5) “for example, urges believers to fight idolaters until they convert to Islam.” (23) Muhammad wanted to return to his home tribe in Mecca and he fought his way there leaving other tribes permanently damaged “Muhammad ordering the expulsion of two of the Jewish tribes and, shortly thereafter, the massacre of the males of a third tribe.” (19) When Muhammad returned...   [tags: Islam, Muhammad, Abu Bakr, Qur'an]

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Visibly Muslim by Emma Tarlo

- In her textbook Visibly Muslim, Emma Tarlo outlines how Muslim clothing and fashion in the urban setting of Britain can affect the visibility of ethnicity. According to the 2001 census, there are over 1.6 million Muslims living in Britain. This population consists of individuals from many different backgrounds and descents, and all have their own distinct cultural dress and fashion. The most recognized and popular item among Muslim women is ‘hijab’, which has brought about much debate because of its conservative covering....   [tags: Muslin Clothing, Fashion, Urban Setting]

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Visibly Muslim by Emma Tarlo

- ... The media plays a massive role in the misrepresentation of Muslims throughout the world and many publications stimulate or assume stereotyping of muslims in societies (Aydin & Hammer 2009). When it comes to events such as 9/11, the London bombings of 2005 and the Danish cartoon controversy (Tarlo 2010) it can be seen that muslims are portrayed stereotypically in a violent way, creating conflict with being accepted into society. The cartoon controversy reasserted the association of Islam with violence and terrorism (Tarlo 2010) and this can have dramatic effects on the muslim population as a whole as it can create false judgement and feelings of injustice by being stereotyped as violent p...   [tags: british muslims, fashion, politics, faith]

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Transformations: The Changes Muslim Women Experience when they are Strong, Smart and Brave

- Transformations: The Changes Muslim Women Experience when they are Strong, Smart and Brave Works Cited Missing Many stereotypes present in modern day society portray Arab women, or more precisely, Muslim women, as having little to no independence or power. These stereotypes assert that Muslim women are oppressed both physically and psychologically, and that as a result of such outrageous treatment these women are psychologically weak. As with all stereotypes, this is a misconception. Blanket statements announcing one group of people as exhibiting the same characteristics are patently incorrect....   [tags: Arab Muslim Women Essays]

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Muslim Muslims And Muslim People With Kindness And Love

- “None of you has faith until he loves for his brother or his neighbor what he loves for himself.” (Sahih Bukhari)This is what Prophet Mohammed said, peace be upon him, so all Muslims should treat other people with kindness and love. In fact, they are a numerous of Muslims students in the USA some of them have a scholarship to study aboard and some of them immigrated also; there are American Muslim in the USA. However, some people do not have knowledge and they think all Muslims are terrorists after what happened in New York City on the September 11th....   [tags: Islam, Education, Respect, Muhammad]

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The Muslim Brotherhood

- The Muslim Brotherhood The Muslim Brotherhood was a large Islamic party. It founded by Hasan al-Banna in Egypt in 1928. Their goal was to create an Islamic nation, and they used shari’ah law. The ideas of the Muslim Brotherhood spread throughout the Arab World, and they had many branches in many Arab countries. Hasan al-Banna and his followers worked against the foreign companies “British imperial rule” in their country. What they had done were including charitable contributions and focusing on politics, economics, and societies problems, and they worked to find solutions for making all these things better....   [tags: Islam]

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The Muslim Culture

- Muslim, ever wonder what this word really means. Who is classified as Muslim. Someone that is Muslim is not a terrorist, nor a bad person. They are humans. Someone that is a Muslim only has an Islamic belief. This word originated in Arabia where this whole culture developed (BBC “Islam”). Islam followers, or Muslims, were introduced to their culture from the Prophet Muhammad (BBC “Islam”). The word Islam comes up very often, but who knows what it means. It is said to be the “submission to the will of God (BBC “Islam”).” Majority of the U.S....   [tags: Cultures, Cultural Identity Essays]

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The Muslim Culture

- ... This image above is Hassan and Emman on there wedding day, before they came back to the U.S. Hassan explain to me that he has been here in the United States now for a total of twelve years. He said he went back home to Marocco. Where his mother and father had found Emman as a wife for him. Hassan said his mother and father accompanied him over to Emman parents house to ask for her hand in marriage.Following that they remained engaged For about one year. Hassan came back to the U.S for that year....   [tags: Marriage, Wedding, Islam, Mehndi]

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Muslim and Non Muslim Laws

- Islamic law and non-Muslims Some pro-Israeli opinion cite traditional interpretations of sharia (Islamic law) which requires, among other things, that Muslim territory encompass all land that was ever under Muslim control, as a source for the Arab-Israeli conflict. Since the territory of Israel, prior to being the British Mandate of Palestine, was once part of the Ottoman caliphate, some Islamic clerics believe it is unlawful for any portion of it to remain 'usurped' by non-Muslims. By contrast, pro-Arab opinion points at the pronounced religious tolerance of the caliphates, where Christians and Jews coexisted "harmoniously" with Muslims and were granted limited self-autonomy....   [tags: essays research papers]

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On The Distortion Of Islam And The Muslim World

- ... Schmitt believes that referring to ISIS as an Islamic group gives people a bad impression of the religion as a whole. This is a good point, but the way to prevent it is not to be untrueful about the religious affiliation of the group, but rather to admit it while being supportive in educating people so they know that the views of ISIS are not typical of all of Islam. In addition, the author goes on to claim that, despite the common view that Islam creates unsafe situations for women, gay, bisexual, transgender, and non-Muslims, it is more of a problem of culture, rather than religion....   [tags: Islam, Middle East, Sharia, United Arab Emirates]

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Poltical Parties and The Muslim Republics

- Definition of Poltical Parties: A party means an organization or a group of people who work together. A political parties can be described as ann organized group of people with similar political aims, interest and opinions, and that organized group of person exercise political power. Political parties try to control what happens in Parliament by securing a majority of parliament members. They work together so as to introduce new laws and they alter old ones. Most countries have single-party, two-party, or multiparty systems....   [tags: interests, opinions, democracies]

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Cruelty And Abuse Of The Muslim World

- But nothing compares in terms of cruelty and abuse than Islam, the religion we keep hearing is so peaceful... Unless of course you are Gay or an animal. After hundreds of hours of research I am still unsure which is worse in a Muslims eye being gay or being a dog. Yes the United States treats chickens cruelly but they are considered food and whatever your position is they are put down in a humane way and are never tortured like Muslims do to their dogs and cats. I have not come across many videos of workers at a chicken factory crucifying a chickens, laughing as it struggles and screams for life....   [tags: Muhammad, Islam, Qur'an, Pet]

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The Terror Of The Muslim Mohammed Mohamed

- On September 2015, 14-year-old Muslim Ahmed Mohamed was arrested in MacArthur High School in Irving, Texas because he brought a self made digital clock to school. Essentially, in society in 2015, the word Muslim sparked controversy due to the tragic events of the early 21st century terrorist attack of 9/11. Statistically proven, “4 out of 10 Americans have an unfavorable view of Islam. . . 46% of Americans believe that Islam is more likely than other religions to encourage violence among its believers” (Stopnowactnow, 2008)....   [tags: Barack Obama, Democratic Party, United States]

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Fasting in the Christian and Muslim Faiths

- Would one dare to go a day without food. Food in the twenty first century can be used as medicine, energy and center piece for social gatherings. However in many religions people take time to separate themselves from such consumption in an activity called fasting. The practice of fasting is incorporated in several denominations of Christianity, the Muslim faith, and Hinduism. Fasting can be personal and completed any time of year or seen specific times of year in forms of a holiday. In particular some denominations of Christianity people celebrate Lent whereas Muslims commemorate receiving the Quran by celebrating Ramadan....   [tags: Islam and Christianity]

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Terrorism and the Muslim Community

- Much of the terrorism that occurs globally tend to have a link with the Muslim community. When a terrorism activity occurs, the media focus on the Muslim community as the potential masterminds of the criminal act. In most parts of the world, people associated with the Muslim culture receive a lot of discrimination considering that their colleagues associate with terrorism activities. The main question is that are all the terrorism activities that take place associate with the Muslim community....   [tags: Terrorism ]

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The Enhancement Of The Muslim Fundamentalism

- In both given articles, Lewis and Nicolaas argue about the enhancement of the Muslim fundamentalism with different perspectives; however, I believe that Lewis’ views may be quiet misleading to the actual perception. Bernard Lewis indicates that Muslim fundamentalism is conceived through the Muslim community’s oppression and dissatisfaction with the West’s political involvement as well as Islam being a source of aggression. In defiance of his opinion, the word ‘Islam’ comes from the word peace as well as the will of submission to God....   [tags: Islam, Religion, Muhammad, God]

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The Media Of The Muslim Community

- ... I was flabbergasted by this response. I proceeded to tell him that Islam is nothing like that. Our motto is peace and prosperity but radicals of this religion of peace and do the exact opposite. I also explained that what the media portrays is all the action and it is taken a step further just for views. Yes, some is based on facts and evidence, but most are just to collect viewers and the ratings. Muslims in general are peace loving people, but just like any faith or religion it can be taken to the extreme by certain individuals or groups....   [tags: Islam, Religion, Muhammad, Christianity]

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The Role of the Qur’an in Muslim Religion

- ... Muslims are faithful believer by being the one who submits him/herself to the will of God. “There is no god but God, and assuredly God is the All-mighty, the All- wise”(Sura 3:38-64, pg.108, Reader), explains that god is the only one worthy for worship. The purpose for their existence as a Muslim attains to be their search for peace and space during their lifetime, and achievement of eternal salvation in their afterlife. “But as for the believers, who do deeds of righteousness, He will pay them in full their wages”(Sura 3:38-64, pg.108, Reader), promise of salvation for followers. In order to reach Allah, Muslims go through the “Five Pillars” (Gordon 71)....   [tags: Allah, Mohammed, Obedience]

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Muslim Women in the Entertainment Industry

- Muslim Women in the Entertainment Industry Imagine a world immersed in beauty, wealth, gloss, and fame. I may be generalizing, but lets just say it’s a world in which you are born with a streaming talent that most individuals could only dream of. You constantly have hordes of spectators cheering your success and everyone wants to be your friend. The greatest fear of most women seems to be being hideous or lacking capacity and you have no idea what that feels like. Seems spectacular, doesn’t it....   [tags: Islam]

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The Rise and Fall of Muslim Empires

- In Islamic history, various events have occurred in different time periods that have led to the rise and fall of Muslim empires. Muslim kingdoms flourished in a cultural, social, religious, political, and intellectual aspect in their time periods, due to Thanks in large part to religious and political conflict between Muslims, whether they be Sunni or Shia, Identify the major periods and empires in Islamic History. You must use at least two academic (non-digital) sources. For each of these periods or empires, you must identify the dates, major locations, major leaders, and major events....   [tags: kindoms, uthman, iran]

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Cultural Competence With Muslim Americans

- ... The first one being that the social worker could set up a quiet, peaceful area for the client to pray or the second, and the most recommended, would be to reschedule the appointment. In addition, when a social worker is working with a Muslim American client, it is important to note the family dynamic as well as their teachings, life challenges, and other problems they may face, such as discrimination. Many individuals associate terrorists with Muslims, which is not fair to those who are innocent....   [tags: United States, Islam, Islam in the United States]

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The Rights Of Muslim Americans

- Through history, and even more so after 9/11, the government of the United States has not fully protected the rights of Muslim Americans. Over the years, CAIR (Council on American–Islamic Relations) has processed and kept records of civil rights complaints from Muslim Americans. In 2008, CAIR processed “2,728 civil rights complaints”, with the largest increase at Mosques and Muslim organizations.(7, CAIR) For five years in a row, CAIR has registered an exponential increase in civil rights complaints....   [tags: United States, Islam, Rights, Law]

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The Islamic Faith And The Muslim Faith

- ... It is believed that after Muhammad’s final pilgrimage, he took the hand of his son-in-law in front of all those present and said that those who follow him should also follow Ali, thus giving him a claim to leadership. These followers became known as Shi’as, which is a contraction for Shiat Ali, or “partisans of Ali” (BBC, 2009). Although Abu Bakr was initially given the role of leader, Ali would eventually be chosen as the fourth Caliph, however this would be short lived as he would be assassinated while praying one day (BBC, 2009)....   [tags: Islam, Muhammad, Qur'an, Iraq]

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Islam And The Muslim Religion

- ... This ceremony is especially imperative to all Muslim’s on the ground’s that Allah is to be worshipped. Secondly, there is jihad of the sword, also known as holy war, which is the known misconception of the meaning of jihad (Streusand, “What Does Jihad Mean?”). Muslim’s often resort to this jihad and engage in warfare when there is a need for self-defense, as well as fighting against evil. This jihad contradicts the jihad of the heart and soul....   [tags: Islam, Muhammad, Al-Qaeda, Qur'an]

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A Community Leader For The Muslim Community

- In the beginning of this globalization class, one did not know what to expect. One knew that classes with Dr. Chin were always exciting. When one read there would be a group assignment, it was no surprise. Learning about different cultures and religion is what expands one’s knowledge. Learning about diversity is a part of the curriculum for health care providers. At first, our group chose the Muslim community. One wanted to choose the Jewish community, but all who favored Muslim community ruled....   [tags: Health care, Health care provider, Nutrition]

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The Meaning Of Muslim Marriage

- ... 5. First cousins can’t be married. 6. A person can’t marry two real sisters at the same time. CHAPTER II: CONCEPT OF DIVORCE IN ISLAM For Holy Prophet the object of marriage is that man and woman may live together in peace and happiness and raise a family for promoting the good of the society. Islam looks upon marriage as a sacred social need and makes it a duty for every man and woman to get married and unless he or she is physically unfit for marriage or has other important reasons for not marrying....   [tags: Marriage, Islam, Alimony, Divorce]

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The Muslim Majority State of Pakistan

- INTRODUCTION The Muslim majority state of Pakistan was created in 1947 when the Indian sub-continent was divided. Since then, Pakistan has been plagued with domestic political hostility and regional conflicts. Originally, Pakistan was divided into two parts (east and west) to appease the complaints of Indian Muslims. The eastern part is present day Bangladesh, while the western part is the present day Islamic Republic of Pakistan (Human Rights Watch 2014). Over the past few decades, Pakistan has faced much corruption and inefficiency....   [tags: ICCPR, religious minorities]

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Muslim Teaching on Wealth and Poverty

- When it comes to wealth and poverty, there are many significant roles that Islam plays in a Muslim’s life. Poverty is the term used when people live without the basic essentials that all people need in order to live adequately. These conditions are always below standard. There are two types of poverty. The first type is ‘absolute poverty’ : when a person does not have the basic essentials needed to live and the second is ‘relative poverty’: when a person does live an adequate life style but sees people richer than them and yearns for what the richer person has....   [tags: religion]

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The Society of the Muslim Brothers

- In 1928, Egyptian schoolteacher Hasan al-Banna (1906-1949) formed the Jam’iyyat al-Ikhwan al-Muslimin (Society of the Muslim Brothers) with the aim of “providing an Islamic education (tarbiya) and moral orientation (tahdhib) to their members and a wider public, in order to make them understand Islam correctly.” From this innocuous beginning, the Muslim Brotherhood grew to influence rulers and religious figures across the Middle East. Perhaps the most controversial figured tied to the Muslim Brotherhood is current al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri (Born 1951)....   [tags: education, moral, orientation, rulers]

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The Reality Behind Muslim Terrorism

- ... In every atrocity, politicians and the mass media choose from opposing sides to condemn the others mayhem, but few dare condemn Islam. The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers […] Turkish PM, Recep Erdogan. The days of welcoming the first waves of Muslim immigrants at European railway stations have long gone. Those who survived beatings and rapes now shout racist and Nazi while cowering behind locked doors themselves. Resembling scenes from Alice in Wonderland, immigrants become tourists and Muslim terrorism becomes anti-Islamic activity....   [tags: Islam, Islamic terrorism, Islamism, Jihad]

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The Roots Of Muslim Rage

- In both given articles, “The Roots of Muslim Rage” by Bernard Lewis, and “The Roots of Muslim Rage Revisited” by Nicolaas J.E. van der Zee, argue about the enhancement of the Muslim fundamentalism with different perspectives; however, I believe that Lewis’ view may be quiet misleading to the actual perception. Lewis indicates that Muslim fundamentalism is conceived through the Muslim community’s oppression and dissatisfaction with the West’s political involvement, as well as “Islam is a source of aggression” ....   [tags: Islam, Religion, Muhammad, God]

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Importance of Prayer in a Muslim's Life

- The praying time cannot be shorter than 3 minutes. The length of time depends on the persons and his state, sometimes one likes to pray more. Islam considers many activities in life as worship such as cleaning your house, working. In praying there is a pattern where people kneel and bow couple of times and repeat the words of Quran. Each prayer has a specific number of kneels and bows, so some prayer times is longer than others. The mosque is used differently during “Jumha” Friday prayer; people pray and listen to the “kutbah” speech afterwards....   [tags: islam, mosque, quran]

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Muslim Life in Islamic Culture

- On the board on Monday morning, there were numbers one through five and they each had a religion written next to them. 1 was Hinduism, 2 was Christianity, 3 was Judaism, 4 was Buddhism, and I was lucky enough to get 5: Islam. Oh, I know so much about Islam culture and their religion, are you kidding. I don’t even know where Islam is. I’m just kidding, it’s not a country. There are many differences between Islam and the United states like our religion, clothes, and food, and becoming a Christian or a Muslim, but Islam is the second largest religion in the world, so it’s important to a lot of people....   [tags: allah, mecca, religion]

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Marriage Rituals Hinduism and Muslim

- ... All eight symbolize different groups of people and their beliefs in humanity. The eight types include: Brahma, Daiva, Arsha, Prajapatya, Gandharva, Asura, Rakshasa, Paishacha. The first four are considered proper (Brahma, Daiva, Arsha, Prajapatya), whereas the last four are considered not to have religious sanctions (Gandharva, Asura, Rakshasa, Paishacha). The “Brahma” marriage is when the father gives up his daughter to a man after the man has spoiled her with costly jewels and presents. Secondly, the “Daiva” marriage is when the daughter is given away with ornaments to a priest at a religious ceremony....   [tags: social events and religious beliefs]

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Stereotypes in the Muslim World

- “If a person commits an act of terrorism, it does not negate or change the principles of the religion he claims to follow. If a Catholic Irish republic army terrorist encourages terrorism. Similarly, if a Muslim commits an act of terror, it does not mean that Islam condones or encourages terrorism” (Khan, 2003, pp 102) It is difficult in this world to form an opinion about an issue without experiencing some sort of stereotyping. Stereotyping is defined as a generalization of a group of people, wherein a very simple pattern is used for judging an entire group....   [tags: terrorism, religion, hate crimes]

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Activism for the Muslim Woman

- Spare the world around you a glance. Chances are you are going to find a whole spectrum of races, religions, lifestyles or even appearances. How bland and dull would it be if our daily encounters consisted of people who thought and looked just like us. We were not created to be the same. We were fashioned to be unique and to embrace that something special that makes us different. But sadly, another part of our human nature is to shun people who are not quite the same as everybody around them. We expel minorities from society because they’re “different” when in reality the term “different” could be used both ways....   [tags: races, religion, appearances]

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The Stereotypes Of Muslim Women

- Western films have exemplifies the myth of Islam as inherently patriarchal and sexist and shown Muslim women as bombers rather than exotic. Starting from The film Nila that is considered the first western Muslim terrorist portrays an Egyptian woman who tries to eradicate American federal agents by using a gun and throwing a bomb at the infidels. Others films such as Wrong is right 1982 portrays a group of Muslim female students wearing headscarves and robes in times square shouting death to America....   [tags: Marriage, Gender, Love, Wife]

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Gener Gaps in the Muslim World

- Discrimination lives, separation prevails, and oppression will always remain.“Why do they hate us?” writes Mona Eltahawy, a freelance Egyptian-American Journalist who writes publications about women issues and social welfare in the Islamic world. She talks of a short story written in the book entitled “Distant View of a Minaret” by another Egyptian writer, Alifa Rifaat. The book begins with a piece about a woman who feels nothing about her relationship with her husband. She remains unmoved, as Eltahawy would say, by intercourse with her husband as he only does the act for his own pleasure.The woman is distracted during sex and notices the simplest things around the room--a spider web hanging...   [tags: inequality for women in Islamic countries]

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The Muslim Tradition And Religion

- ... My parents showed me our religious customs and traditions which will be hard to leave out of the blue to join a different type of religion. Furthermore, cultural awareness is an important part of a person’s life as experiences and situational events can help defined a person. Moreover, I think that society will probably see me as different and perhaps peculiar as Muslim woman tend to cover their heads. I will probably lose my ability to fit in society as people tend to judge what it is different....   [tags: Religion, Islam, Faith, Human]

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The Muslim Tradition And Religion

- ... My parents showed me our religious customs and traditions which will be hard to leave out of the blue to join a different type of religion. Furthermore, cultural awareness is an important part of a person’s life as experiences and situational events can help define a person. Moreover, I think that society will probably see me as different and perhaps peculiar as Muslim woman tend to cover their heads. I will probably lose my ability to fit into society as people tend to judge what it is different....   [tags: Religion, Islam, Faith, Philosophy of religion]

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Muslim Islam And The Islam

- Sunni Islam is followed by the majority of Muslims and the minority consists of Muslims following Shia Islam. For this paper, Sunnis will be the main focus and how their following and teachings of Islam is used to legitimize specific issues in specific Muslim countries, such as Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia holds the holiest city for all Muslims and are kind of seen as the representatives of Islam which makes sense due to the fact that it is the birthplace of Islam. With that being said, when it comes to Saudi Arabia, there are many problematic issues that have been made as a norm in the country....   [tags: Islam, Sharia, Pakistan, Iraq]

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Religious Conflict in Muslim Countries

- While the Western world today is mainly interested in radical Islam and its posing a serious challenge to civil liberties as well as democratic countries all over the world, Muslim countries are to bipolarities within themselves. One of the most expressed forms of the conflict in many Muslim countries today takes place between secular and Islamic discourse. While the secular wing of the debate is sometimes represented the state elite, the media and / or the military, the Islamic language best expressed between the religious and social groups, if the chance given, in the political parties within the state structure....   [tags: International Conflict ]

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Stereotypes Towards the Muslim Community

- What does one think of when one says the word ‘Islam’. Is it the Quran. Or is it Allah. Is it the word ‘jihad’. Or is it simply 9/11. How much influence do images have on people today. Do they shape how we think or how we perceive “our world?” Is everybody’s vision of the world the same. Does religion define our world. Or do images define our religion. To what extent have we allowed ourselves to submit to blatant imagery. The terrorist attack in America on 11 September 2001 has been widely interpreted as an event so traumatic that it shatters the symbolic resources of the individual and escapes the normal processes of meaning-making and cognition....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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Muslim Religion And Islamic Religion

- All religions have a backbone, a systematic instruction on how to demonstrate devotion to the religion and what it stands for. Those of Islamic faith have pillars; the most fascinating one is the Almsgiving, known as Zakah. The Zakah has been practiced for centuries, although it is not associated with Islamic religion. The Zakah has taught that financial gain and success is Allah’s gift, excess wealth that was not necessity needs to be shared with all of Allah’s children. The Zakah is a privilege that an Islamic person can bestow on others in the name of Allah....   [tags: Islam, Muhammad, Religion, Christianity]

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The Tradition Of Muslim Marriage

- Originally, after choosing my topic, I had planned on focusing on the traditions of Muslim marriage-- however, the more I researched the more corruption was unveiled within the sacrament. I don’t know about you all, but I find controversial things far more interesting. I would like to preface my speech by saying although many of the practices I am going to speak about are widely accepted throughout the Middle East—however, this does not make them justifiable. Like all controversial topics, there are two sides to this argument....   [tags: Marriage, Arranged marriage, Family]

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Muslim World Dominance And Religion

- ... Buddhism and Christianity have many common beliefs on abortion that are all centered on one main idea: abortion is immoral. Both define the fetus as a human life, thus it should not be stripped of life before she or he is given a chance to experience a life. Accordingly, for Buddhism and Christianity, when a fetus is aborted, the humanity of the unborn child is already thought to be in jeopardy before it is even able to take its first breath. Moreover, based on Jelen’s findings, one of the less direct, common reasons on why abortion is not acceptable among Christians and Buddhists is sexual morality....   [tags: Religion, Buddhism, Christianity]

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Muslim Discrimination in America

- At a time of growing tension between religious groups in America, a record number of Muslims have reported religious discrimination claims. Although Muslims only make up roughly 2 percent of the United States population, they accounted for about one quarter of the religious discrimination claims filed last year (Greenhouse 2010). Most Americans reported a heightened distrust and hatred toward Muslim-Americans after the 9/11 attacks and the War on Terror in the Middle East. Islamophobia continues to be provoked by anti-Muslim extremist and tensions between evangelical Christianity....   [tags: War on Terror, Generalizations]

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Muslim and Islamic Women

- When one thinks of the role of Muslim and Islam women, the first thought that comes in mind is a victim waiting for the right moment to approach Western Liberation. The ignorance of the people compels the woman to be portrayed as weak, and controlled on what they can wear and how they should act. What most people are not aware about is that the Prophet Muhammad was indeed pro women’s right, as he stated “To seek knowledge is an obligation on every Muslim, male and female” proves that women are treated as an equal....   [tags: women rights, traditions, stereotype]

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The Greatest Muslim Achievements

- The Greatest Muslim Achievements The Muslim community has achieved very much in the past. The Muslims wouldn’t have accomplished what they have without the smart minds of the past. Today the Muslim community would not be as progresses as it is now. The religion Islam has accomplished many different milestones that some religions only hope to accomplish. We find that Islam is a very strict and serious religion. They have rules and guidelines lines that seem silly or weird to other religions. To Muslim those rules are normal and need to be followed....   [tags: yathrib, medina, saudy arabia]

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Muslim Women's Rights: Misunderstood

- “And they (women) have rights similar to those (of men) over them in a just manner… (Surah Al Baqarah 2-228) Islam is a religion of peace, equality, and tolerance. It discusses the issues of life regarding to politics, academics, social, economics, and spirits. In addition, there are also rights and obligations for men and women to act according to Islamic teachings for their prosperity in this world as well as in the eternal life. With respect to women’s rights in Islam, non-Muslims interpret the Islamic teaching in an erroneous manner due partly to lack of understanding; however, it is also partly due to bad conduct of some Muslims in Muslim countries....   [tags: freedom, education, career, partner]

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Muslim Women and Islam

- Islam is one of the most growing religion in the world besides Christianity. Based off the revelations giving to Mohammad by Allah (God), Mohammad formed the basis of Islam which is still present today. Ummas, better known as Muslims, take heed to the Qur'an to live by what is right by God and use sunnah (hadith or teachings of the Prophet) to live by the Prophet's example. Mohammad and his followers traveled the Middle East' spreading this new religion and new way of life, gaining more followers....   [tags: Middle East, Religion, women]

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Muslim Fundamentalism

- The term "fundamentalism" came into existence at the Niagara Falls Bible Conference which was convened to define those things that were fundamental to belief. The term was also used to describe "The Fundamentals", a collection of twelve books on five subjects published in 1910 by Milton and Lyman Steward. Fundamentalism as a movement arose in the United States starting among conservative Presbyterian academics and theologians at Princeton Theological Seminary in the first decade of the Twentieth Century [5] [6]....   [tags: Religion Islam Muslim]

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The Muslim Brotherhood Beginnings

-   Al-ʾIkḫwān al-Muslimūn or the Muslim Brotherhood is an organization that strives for an Islamic world. Since its beginnings, members have become involved in politics and in their communities, but their methods have been constantly questioned. Their influence has become worldwide with groups in several countries across the world ,and it is in Egypt where the organization began. Beginnings in Egypt   The Muslim Brotherhood began in March 1928 by Hasan al-Banna, an egyptian teacher, after seven of his friends agreed that al-Bana should lead them in better serving Allah....   [tags: Islam, Egypt]

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Facebook in Muslim Communities

- At the age of globalization, the whole planet seems to be readily accessible. Before the advent of the Internet, no American can talk to a Greenlander with the comfort of his chair. Now, people of different color, age and beliefs can now convene through social networking sites. Among all the social networking sites, the most popular and people’s number one usage is “Facebook.” According to the Top Ten Reviews Social Networking Sites review, Facebook is currently the largest social networking site today, followed by MySpace and Bebo (“Top Ten Reviews)....   [tags: Social Networking, Internet, Online]

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History of Muslim Civilization

- History of Islamic Civilization 1 Islam and Culture “For the first century following the Roman conquest, Egypt functioned in the Mediterranean world as an active and prosperous Roman province. The value of Egypt to the Romans was considerable, as revenues from the country were almost equal to those from Gaul and more than twelve times those from Judaea. Its wealth was largely agricultural: Egyptian grain supplied the city of Rome. The country also produced papyrus, glass, and various finely crafted minor arts that were exported to the rest of the Roman empire....   [tags: Islam and culture]

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Muslim Gropups and Terrorism

- Since the 9/11 attack in the United States, the term “terrorism” and “terrorists” are often synonymous to several Muslim groups bent on taking revenge against the most powerful and influential countries today. Most of the attacks of terrorists are often suicidal such as suicide bombings, kidnapping and armed conflict against the military. Most reports and first-hand accounts state that these terrorists are doing this “holy war” against the world because they wish to cleanse the world of its evil and create order....   [tags: Developing Countries, Causes]

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We Are Muslim, Right?

- and asked, “You do know we are Muslim, right?” I could not believe it. I could not believe the fact that we had been together for so many months and he never told me about his religion. That was my first, and most important, interaction with someone who was a different religion than me. I was born into a Christian household and was baptized in a Methodist church, but changed to a Lutheran church around age ten. I went to Sunday school, church camps, confirmation, and was a part of Christian groups at school....   [tags: Religion, Islam, Eid ul-Fitr, Eid al-Adha]

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Explaining The Religion of Islam

- Islam is currently the worlds 2nd largest and fastest growing religion with nearly one-fifth (approximately 1.2 billion) of the world’s population believed to be Muslim (About.Com, 2008, Online Islam is a monotheistic religion which means it believes in the one God. It is Abrahamic or one of the ‘Religions of the Book’, this means that, similar to in the Old Testament of the Christian Bible and the Jewish Torah, stories such as that of the Creation story in Genesis and the stories of Abraham ( 2009, Online )....   [tags: Muslim]

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