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Story-telling in Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club and Mother Journeys

- Story-telling in The Joy Luck Club and Mother Journeys        "Beginning with Gussie," Maxine Kumin's short story from the anthology Mother Journeys, has a central issue similar to that in Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club: the need for transference of stories from mother to daughter. These two works have quite a few similarities, despite the fact that they are tales about very different cultural traditions. Is the cultural difference important. Or do these works reflect a universal truth about story-telling between mothers and daughters....   [tags: comparison compare contrast essays]

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The Influence of My Mother

- It took a long time to value the exceptional influence my mother has been on my life. She is the type of person who has thoughtful discussions about the importance of building a united family. The type of mother who always has time to listen when I need to express my feelings. The type of benevolent individual who loves to help anyone who is in need. Growing up with such a strong role model, I developed many of her convictions and interests. I not only came to enjoy the enthusiasm of learning simply for the profit of knowing something new, but I also came to conceive her notion of contributing with the community in exchange for an excelling sense of life, love, and spirit....   [tags: mother, heroes, ]

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Looking Back at the American Westward Journeys

- ... Travelers would start to take precautions such as burning the clothes of the victims and their wagon, or even try abandoning their wagons in order to flee as far as possible from it. The few remedies developed against it were Laudanum and camphor, for everything else there were home remedies such as baths and herbs used. In general, the emigrants and Native Americans had a hostile relationship filled with fear and uncertainty. The whites would usually be distrustful and ignorant toward the Natives....   [tags: settling the west, emigration]

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Comparing and Contrasting the Journeys of Odysseus’ and Telemachus’ in The Odyssey

- Odysseus’ and Telemachus’ journeys or nostos were both very similar and different. They parallel each other in some ways but they are also completely different at other times. Telemachus starts as a younger, less mature boy, and without the presence of his father during his childhood, he becomes a timid, shy and spineless boy who is greatly pampered by his mother. He has even more to achieve, being the son of a world-famous father, and this is a very difficult reputation to live up to. His journey, and after that the killing of the suitors who took advantage of him really show how his journeys and problems throughout the book mature him from being a shy, timid boy into a mature man....   [tags: The Odyssey, compare and contrast]

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Analysis Of Eleanor Ayer 's Parallel Journeys

- Analysis of Eleanor Ayer’s Parallel Journeys During the Holocaust six million Jews lost their lives, while others lost their friends, family and dignity. Helen Waterford discusses her survival in the novel Parallel Journeys . Through Helen Waterford’s journey to hide, survive, and rejoin society, she realizes that she cannot dwell on what has happened to her but learn and become wise from what she has endured. In Helen’s lifetime, all she had ever known was that being Jewish was considered the worst thing a person could have been associated with ....   [tags: Jews, Judaism, The Holocaust, Antisemitism]

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The Physical and Emotional Journeys of Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre

- The Physical and Emotional Journeys of Jane Eyre The novel "Jane Eyre" by Charlotte Brontë consists of the continuous journey through Jane's life towards her final happiness and freedom. This is effectively supported by five significant 'physical' journeys she makes, which mirror the four emotional journeys she makes. 10-year-old Jane lives under the custody of her Aunt Reed, who hates her. Jane resents her harsh treatment by her aunt and cousins so much that she has a severe temper outburst, which results in her aunt sending her to Lowood boarding school....   [tags: Jane Eyre Essays]

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The Patterns in Hero's Journeys in Literature and Film

- Joseph Campbell, a very well regarded mythologist and writer, believed that all adventure stories generally fallow the same story arch. The story starts off with the hero in his everyday life when out of nowhere, something calls the hero to his epic journey. He goes through a series of trials which he must overcome to reach the final battle. He wins and returns to his normal life as a changed man. This cycle is called “The Hero’s Journey”. Campbell talks about this idea in a few of his books including The Power of Myth and The Hero with a Thousand Faces....   [tags: The Hunger Games]

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The Mother Daughter Relationship in I Stand Here Ironing by Tillie Olsen

- The Mother Daughter Relationship in "I Stand Here Ironing" by Tillie Olsen 'I stand here ironing,' a unique phrase uttered by a woman in her conquest of life. It may seem like an unwanted phrase to many, but it has deep meaning behind it. This phrase is almost whispered by the narrator of ?I Stand Here Ironing,. Tillie Olsen, and also by many other mothers going through an important stage in their lives. The stage in life that the mother in the story is going through is called child development, and within this complicated stage arise many new worlds of imagination, emotional journeys, and soothing memories....   [tags: Stand Here Ironing Olsen Essays]

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Mother Is Always Right in Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club

- Instead of beating around the bush Amy Tan’s The Joy Luck Club exposes the not so chipper relationships between Chinese mothers and their polar opposite Chinese-American daughters. The mothers struggle to express the importance of their Chinese heritage while also keeping balance with “good” American characteristics to their daughters; while the daughters struggle with their identities and relationships with others. The Joy Luck Club is written as a collection of flashbacks told by the Chinese mothers and their American daughters....   [tags: chinese, culture, daughter]

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It Was Happening Again - Original Writing

- ... “Now who is this?” I wanted to scream, I wanted to warn my parents not to say anything, but this was not the way her dream went. Her father, normally so proud to announce to the world that she was his daughter hesitated a moment before he replied. “It just so happens that Cassandra was pregnant the last time we saw you Morin. This is our daughter Melisandra. Everyone just calls her Mel.” The stranger got down on one knee and held his hand out to me. “It is a great pleasure to meet you my Lady....   [tags: Mother, Mother insult, Auburn hair, Parent]

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A Journey is More than a Movement from One Place to Another

- Journeys are a valuable thing. Without journeys every single person in this world would not know what they know today, they would not be here today and without journeys the world would not be as we know it. A thorough study of the text ‘The Tempest’ by William Shakespeare, the painting ‘Entre le trous de la Memoire’ by Domenique Appia and the song Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, reveals that a journey is much more then just a movement from one place to another. There are three types of journeys, imaginative, physical and inner....   [tags: journeys,]

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My Mother 's Journey With Cancer

- I often find myself wondering what my life would be like with her here or if I turned out to be how she imagined. I have come to the conclusion that no matter how hard I try, no amount of research or begging for answers from God will help me. Unlike these few things that will never be known, I will always know her smile, crave her laugh and appreciate the impact my beautiful mother had on this earth. Some days it hits me harder than others that I no longer have a mom, but remembering the feeling helps like medicine....   [tags: Family, Mother, English-language films, Father]

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Importance of Osborne in Journeys End by R.C Sheriff

- Importance of Osborne in Journeys End by R.C Sheriff From the very beginning of the play, Sheriff suggests to the audience that Osborne is the father figure and therefore that he is the voice of reason to the other men. We find out that Osborne is a middle-aged man with 'iron-grey hair'. Osborne however is physically in very good shape and is a 'tall, thin man' who is 'physically as hard as nails.' As Raleigh enters the audience sees a kind, caring side to Osborne. Sheriff puts across the ideas of Osborne being a family man through his calming conversation with Raleigh, where he tells Raleigh from what way he should look at the war....   [tags: Journeys End by R.C Sheriff]

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White Oleander By Janet Fitch

- A person grows up in the shadow of her parents or guardians, and eventually she comes to a point in her life where she wants to break free of their influence and explore her own identity. The path of finding one 's self-identity is to find descriptive characteristics, qualities and abilities that enable one to define oneself. In the novel, White Oleander, by Janet Fitch, the main character, Astrid, was separated from her mother, who has been convicted of murder, is put in to the foster care system....   [tags: Foster care, Family, Fosterage, Mother]

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The Mother By Gwendolyn Brooks

- ... Secondly, the poem “Metaphors” the author Sylvia Plath describes motherhood symbolically. Plath describes the woman by first saying “I’m a riddle in nine syllables” (Plath Line 1) and the poem is nine lines so we know she’s describing herself in this poem. The nine lines also correspond to nine months of pregnancy and each line contains nine syllables. The basic conflict she interferes with is individuality and motherhood. The narrator felt that in order to stand up to her duty as a mother, she will have to sacrifice her individuality....   [tags: Pregnancy, Abortion, Mother, Uterus]

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My Life With My Mother

- Throughout my life I have always had one person who has stuck with me through thick and thin, my mother, Genoveva. My mother’s devotion was to her two daughters, she always prayed that my sister and I would have a better life then what she had and pushed through every obstacle for us. She is from Mexico, Puebla and is a very loud, assertive woman. She always believed in herself and whenever she put her mind to it, she always got the job done. She came to America in 1982 when she was just 16. Even though her journey was made from a rash decision, having to be forced to do something illegal and having to get accustomed to life in America she is just glad that she can now have a happy life with...   [tags: Family, United States, Mother, Parent]

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What Is A Mother 's Ultimate Parenting Goal?

- What is a mother 's ultimate parenting goal. Is it receiving a certain amount of hugs from her child or witnessing a certain number of smiles. Is it watching her child achieve academic success or excel at athletics. Is it managing to successfully parent during times that make it difficult to breathe in and out or through a pain that makes it hard to be selfless. Tillie Olsen 's short story "I Stand Here Ironing" (Olsen 233-239), Amy Tan 's short story "Two Kinds" (Tan 240-248), and Alice Walker 's short story "Everyday Use" (Walker 249-256) each involve a complicated mother and daughter relationship that has emerged out of a time of economic difficulty and a circumstance of great loss and sa...   [tags: Mother, Mothers, Short story, Guilt]

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Being A Mother : Single Mother Guide

- ... Growing up, Casie did not see many families that were split up. However, there were a few of her friends who’s parents were not together. The friends who just their mothers were either one of two things; a widow, or a single mother. If their mother was single they most likely lived with their mom and their mother’s parents as well. According to Casie, she had some friends that lived with just their grandparents, because their mother was deemed “unfit” to care for them any longer. It was as if joint custody did not exist....   [tags: Family, Mother, Poverty, Father]

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My Greatest Influence: My Mother

- Even before my first tear hits the ground, my mother is there to wipe it away. My mother feels my pain before I can even realize it. She understands my needs before I can even think of them. That’s why we call her a mother. My mother has been an extraordinary influence on my life and always will be. She’s the kind of mom who would always take time out and care for her four children and the mom who would never let her hardships in her life distress her kids. My mother has always been a very strong role model to me, and growing up with someone like her to look up to has changed my life in many ways....   [tags: mother, ]

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Imagining A World Without A Mother

- Imagining a world without a mother is a very gut wrenching feeling. A mother is usually the support system for a child during the stages of development. A mom is a mom no matter if they stay at home or if they are working independently. Years ago a woman’s job in society was to simply take care of the family’s day to day responsibilities and the children. Throughout time more women have created a life for themselves by helping support their families financially. One of a mother’s greatest assets is connecting with their child....   [tags: Mother, Family, Mother, Wife]

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The Power of Mother Teresa’s Charismatic Leadership

- Table of content Title Page(s) Introduction 3 – 4 Methodology 4 – 5 Analysis and Discussion Likeableness 5 – 6 Relation to Status Quo 6 – 7 Future Goals 7 – 8 Articulation 8 – 9 Behavior 9 – 10 Influence 10 – 11 Conclusion 11 – 12 References 13 – 14 Introduction Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu or as we know her as Mother Teresa of Calcutta was born in Skopje in 1910 (The Vatican, n.d.)....   [tags: Mother Teresa Essays]

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The Mother By Terrence Mcnally And Night, Mother, By Marsha Norman

- ... Andre created this space by leaving out an important aspect of his life, causing the mother and son to spilt apart. Andre was afraid of what is mother would think of him to the point where Cal said to Andre’s mother that “the only thing that frightened [Andre] was you” [1603]. Andre thought very high of his mother and wanted to make sure that he didn’t disappoint her. Coming out as gay to her made Andre feel as if that would make her feel bad about him. Andre didn’t want his mother to be scared of him because of the person that he loves....   [tags: Mother, Family, English-language films, Mothers]

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My Mother Is Not A Statistic

- This is going to be an obvious answer to the question, ‘Who is significant to me?’ Yet, my answer would be my mother. I would hope that most people would answer the same because it would be a shame if others would overlook their overpowering love and sacrifice. Being a mother has a job that most are not capable of fulfilling; my mother is one of those people who can fulfill the tiring job. My mother uses phrases that I always end up laughing at, but honestly, what good parent doesn’t. “Don’t be a statistic” is one my mom’s favorite things to say to me as I am leaving the house....   [tags: Mother, Family, Mother goddess, Thought]

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Spiritual Formation: A Lifetime Journey

- Spiritual formation is a process that morphs as we grow and change. There is no one singular correct path this type of journey takes because each journey is as individual as the person who is experiencing it. Most obvious, the journey will be different from those who identify as religious and those who do not and will diversify with in each category. For example, the spiritual journey a Buddhist takes will be different from that of a believer in Judaism or Christianity. In fact, the journey will continue to diversify between Christians, male and female, age groups, even by demographic location....   [tags: Spiritual Journeys, Religion, Christianity, Jews]

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Absolution from a Mother

- Mother, I am not looking for the absolution and undoubtedly I don’t deserve it in your eyes. Your eyes… always so full of concern; constantly accusing. The pressure you put on me and the pain it caused was unbearable. Everything you have done – you told me – you were doing for my own good. But you never realized I grew up did you. It’s not possible, it’s just wrong that you want to make all decisions for me: beginning with the extracurricular lessons, through carefully selected well mannered friends and even the damn shoes....   [tags: Absolution, Mother, ]

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My Hero: My Mother

- The one person that I could never live without, the reason I am standing till this day, is my mother. My mother is who I thank and admire most of all. Without her dedication and hard work, I would be in the squatters of the Philippines, stuck in a place where it is a very difficult place to make a good enough living or even make enough money to keep the bread on the table for your family. Her main goal and dream was to pass the NCLEX exam, it would permit her to go to America. That would allow her to make a better living and life for herself and to get a job, in order to send back money needed for her family....   [tags: heroes, mother,]

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Memoir of My Mother

- It seemed like a normal day when I entered Mrs. A’s AP Language and Composition class, but little did I know that she was going to assign a very important project that was going to take forever. I took my seat and wrote down what was on the board. Then I sat patiently and waited for Mrs. A to come explain what we were doing today. When the tardy bell rang, Mrs. A glided into the room and gave us all a stack of papers. She then proceeded to discuss our upcoming assignment, a memoir. As she explained the very important assignment, I wondered whom I would write about....   [tags: biography, mother,]

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Why The Mother Will Be Affected By An African American Single Mother?

- ... Murry states that family structure is associated with the parent-child relationship, and in the African American single mother families there are more conflicts, and less communication than in nuclear families (Murry et al., 2001). The family as a whole will be affected because of the mother’s absence for economic purposes. It will affect the mother as well as the children and the co-parents. It may be easier to co-parent at a younger age when the children are more willing to listen than during adolescence....   [tags: Family, Mother, Parent, African American]

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The Battle Hymn Of The Tiger Mother

- ... In her book Chua tells stories of her daughters and of the mistakes they have made. The way Chua handled the situations was outrageous. For example, when one of her daughters made a mistake while playing the piano Chua threatened to give her favorite dollhouse to the Salvation Army. In interviews Chua has admitted to calling her daughters lazy, garbage, and telling them that they are a disgrace to their family (“Battle Hymn”). A lot of people felt disrespected by Chua’s book, and they were not afraid to let Chua know how they felt....   [tags: Mother, Parent, Childhood, The Child]

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Pro- Abortion and the Rights of the Mother

- Abortion is a controversial subject in today’s world. One side believes that taking away the right to have an abortion is taking away the rights of the mother. On the other hand people view abortion as the innocent killing of a human being. (p.31OpposingViewpoints) The Roe vs. Wade trial declared the procedure a “fundamental right” on Jan. 22 1973(p.7RoeW.Wade)The mother has the right to choose what is best for her baby. Abortion is justified because it could be in the family’s best interest (p.103OpposingViewpoints)....   [tags: mother, abortion, interest, baby]

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Children Of A Single Mother Household

- ... (Bianchi, 2011). Lastly, stress can also be considered as an obstacle that affects children negatively in a single-mother household. According to Kunz (2013), the witness of seeing the parents get a divorce and the constant argument over who gets custody can create major stress on the child. In most cases, these type of arguments can lead the child to blame themselves for the separation of their family. For this reason, it is important for the single-mother to reassure the child that they should not blame themselves for the decision taken....   [tags: Family, Mother, Father, Parent]

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Losing A Mother At The Age Of Ten

- Losing a mother at the age of ten is not something one could imagine; when faced with it, you have no other choice but to hold onto the memories that were left. The day my mother was killed she had the opportunity, to call everyone in the family, to say goodbye. Sixteen years later, I can still remember those exact words of that phone call. While on the phone, I remember my mother saying that she loved me, and that I would probably not be seeing her for a while. At first this really did not register in my mind, because she always struggled to take care of my sisters and I; we often ended up staying with family members for a good amount of time....   [tags: Family, Mother, The Driver]

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My Mother Is A Middle School

- Throughout my life, I would hear constant stories about my parents and their devoted faith to each other. Their love, support, and encouragement created the most ideal scene for my siblings and me to live the childhood dream. Conflictingly, in the United States, we suffer from a 50% divorce rate that is higher than most countries around the world. My parents were born and raised in Laredo, TX, and joined the middle class of America. My mother is a middle school reading teacher and my father worked as an oil field worker after the divorce....   [tags: Family, Mother, Divorce, Parent]

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Mother And The Little Monster

- Mother is love, she is what we children the offspring call the one who raised us, gave birth to us, took care of us protected us from all evil, did anything in their power to keep us happy and well nourished. Ones mother is responsible for making her child the little monster they are today. Moms love unconditionally and will make everything better with her warm smiles, or in someone 's case her corny jokes. A mother is what children, people all around the world recognize as power, all love, a treasure....   [tags: Mother, Family, Parent, Father]

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Battle Hymn Of The Tiger Mother

- Did you know, that some studies show that compared to “Western” parents, “Chinese” parents spend about 10 times as much time schooling their children in mathematics. Though many people have evaluated their parenting techniques, since the release of Amy Chua’s book Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, I personally believe that we should portray the idea that there is no perfect parenting style. The article written by Amy Chua, a Yale Law School professor and “tiger” mom to her daughters Sophia and Lulu, was a personal piece to tell about her parenting techniques....   [tags: Childhood, Mother, Parent, Parenting]

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What Is A Good Mother?

- ... In these two stories, “Ceil” by Harold Brodkey and “The Mother” by Natalia Ginzburg, one can see two mothers with different mentalities, different backgrounds, and what made them to be considered either a bad mother or a good mother. The first story “Ceil” consists on what I consider is a good mother. The story starts with a young boy named Wiley who tries to picture his mother based on stories he is told about her because he cannot remember most of his life next to her since she passed away when he was just 2 years old....   [tags: Morality, Ethics, Mother, Woman]

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Interview On My Father And Mother

- ... He said when they were younger most of their fights came because of money. Having 4 children it was not easy to make ends meet. This reminds me of the documentary “Two American families.” The Neumans often fought over money issues and how they would make ends meet. Growing up we never had “fancy” meals or ate out much. In “Lecture 4, slide 2” It said that 18.5% of households reported that they did not always have enough money to buy food they needed. Growing up we always had the same meals every week, hamburgers, spaghetti, chili, pizza, pork chops; it was always the same meals....   [tags: Family, Marriage, Mother, Father]

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Mother Is The Most Social Person

- ... Her anxiety always gives me anxiety which is incredibly irritating, but her bravery in the face of great adversary makes up for the headache. Even though she is incredibly embarrassing when she traumatizes the coaches. Another quality of my mom is her intelligence but complete lack of common sense. Ever heard of book smart and street smart. Mom is mainly book smart. She is a teacher so of course she knows everything from English to random trivia. For Christmas she bought this game called Historical Figures and said it would be a lot of fun for the “family.” Yeah, right....   [tags: Anxiety, Mother, Fear, Worry]

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Grendel's Mother: Monster or Not?

- In the poem “Beowulf,” Grendel’s mother, a monstrous creature, is one of the three antagonists Beowulf, the main character, fights against. The battle against Grendel’s mother appears to be the strangest of the three battles. The main reason for its strangeness is that Grendel’s mother is the mother of the monster Grendel, who was killed by Beowulf in the first battle. Another reason for its strangeness is that Grendel’s mother is the only female-type creature. An alternative reason for this strangeness in the battle is due to the fact that Grendel’s mother is not a true monster, aside from her physical form....   [tags: strange, kinship, kill, mother]

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My Mother At My Father

- ... One of the things that my mother reminds about my temperament is that I was very sensitive and since I was the first daughter, I became a spoiled child, which was really bad at the end because if I was not able to get something that I wanted I used to cry and do all that bad stuff that kids do I was “berrinchuda” (bad-tempered). According to Baumrind’s the way that my parents raised me was in the authoritative style of parenting, I was actually just raised by my mother because my father was never there to worry about certain things, he was a monetary father....   [tags: Family, Mother, Baja California]

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Journeys in Frost and Eliot's Literature

- There are reasons that the Lord of the Rings trilogy has spanned nearly one hundred years, allowing children to connect with their grandparents through their love of the tale, and that stories like Harry Potter have defined a generation: the story of a journey is one that audiences love to hear. Reading and watching about journeys can make the reader/watcher experience that journey with the characters. Journeys, however, do not have to be fantastical or magical to be powerful to a person. T.S. Eliot and Robert Frost, for example, were both modernist poets, but they were creators of journeys that seemed much simpler....   [tags: modernist poests, comparative, hope, doom]

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My Relationship With My Mother

- ... I make sure I can trust the people that are around my son I can trust and depend on. Simmons page 2 I always knew that I would be a care taker in my life time. I have this need to help other who cannot help themselves. My life has become a care taker for my son I have to provide for him so he can survive. The love I show my son is the same love my step-mother showed me, growing up she is the one who showed me I could be wanted. The bond I have with my step-mom can never take the place of the relationship I wish I had with my mom....   [tags: Mother, Family, Need, Emotion]

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Mother Tongue, by Amy Tan

- Despite growing up amidst a language deemed as “broken” and “fractured”, Amy Tan’s love for language allowed her to embrace the variations of English that surrounded her. In her short essay “Mother Tongue”, Tan discusses the internal conflict she had with the English learned from her mother to that of the English in her education. Sharing her experiences as an adolescent posing to be her mother for respect, Tan develops a frustration at the difficulty of not being taken seriously due to one’s inability to speak the way society expects....   [tags: Mother Tongue Essays]

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My Experience With My Mother

- ... I remember growing up it was crucial to get my mother on your side to get an approval. It was as if my mother was the congress who would reject or approve a bill and afterward our pleas would fall onto deaf ears. It was a tiring process going back and forth to convince both my mother and father but once in a blue moon I would be successful. I am grateful that my parents raised me that way because some of the thing I wanted when I was younger were extremely silly. Even if I consider myself a bit more mature now I still value my parent’s opinions highly....   [tags: Family, Mother, Parent, Father]

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My Father And My Mother

- ... Then my family took my father to the hospital again to ask the doctor “what was wrong with him, why won’t the blood stop bleeding from his wound.” As the doctor said to my mother, “there is not any other way left that he can get well soon, take him home it all depends on miracle.” After hearing this my mother and I cried a lot because we didn’t know what else to do to save him from all the pain. We all had lost hope by that time. After one day we got back home from the hospital, my father’s condition got worse and worse in the morning....   [tags: Mother, Family, Doctor, Crying]

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My Mother And My Father

- When I was six years old, my father divorced my mother. I was blindsided; my young, naïve mind couldn’t understand why my dad did not want to be with my mom anymore. In my mind, we were a happy family. I was convinced that my home life was normal, and that everyone’s parents continually fought like mine did. This was why the divorce shocked me so much. But looking back, the imminence of divorce was obvious. The constant fighting, yelling, and strife combined with the lack of healthy communication ravished my home life....   [tags: Family, Parent, Mother, Father]

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My Life With My Mother

- ... Suffering from these symptoms drastically impacts the outcomes of one’s social life, which in the long run affects more than just the person suffering from the diseases in general: it affects the family and loved ones associated with the individual as well. If I were to talk to my mother about something right now, chances are the response I would get back would be completely out of this world and have nothing to do with what I had asked her, or her response would last about an hour and ramble on about something completely off topic....   [tags: Emotion, Thought, Mother, Mind]

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My Mother And My Grandmother

- ... Before she died, she wrote a poem that implied as much. Uncle Bubba has never seemed to be the church-going type, but he highly values family and work, and I do think he believes in God. Carol certainly is religious, as she taught Sunday School before I was born and for a short time after. She has always put her family above herself, and I can say without doubt that she would do anything for me. In a similar sense, Carol holds education in high esteem and has encouraged my and my brother’s studies for as long as I can possibly remember....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Father, Mother]

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The Mulberry Child Nainai, The Grandmother Of Jian And Mother 's Life

- ... When someone thinks of a grandmother they think about someone who has been around for a while and knows life pretty well. They also know about the past and how things were when they were younger. When it comes to their relationship with their grandchildren they are loving, caring, and they tend to spoil them a little bit. Jian’s grandmother does many things that people would consider things a grandma would do in The Mulberry Child. Nainai both cooks and shows Jian how to cook some older traditional Chinese dishes....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Mother, Time]

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My Life With My Mother

- It is estimated that 50 percent of all American marriages end in divorce, and that 22 million children in the United States alone live without a father. My parents added to these numbers in 2002, when I was only 5 years old. My mother raised me solely. When I was young, I spent every other weekend traveling eight hours round trip to see my father, but for the past five years I’ve only seen him sparsely — maybe three or four times annually. As a child it was, of course, upsetting — I wanted a daddy to come to my piano recitals and ballet performances like all the other girls — but the discontent only grew as I did....   [tags: Marriage, Divorce, Family, Mother]

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My Family : My Mother

- My Story In 1980 my mom gave a birth to a cutie whom they named Anush (means sweet) after my grandmother, the mother of my father. That was me. I was the first child of my parents. My father was the youngest of 7 children and was the first brother out of 4 to have a child. I was a gift of happiness for my parents and grandparents. My mom has told me that my father’s whole family, parents and siblings were all interested to help out my mom to raise me....   [tags: Family, Mother, Parent, Sibling]

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Mother Teresa: An Example of Servant Leadership

- Servant leadership is both a leadership philosophy and set of leadership practices. Traditional leadership generally involves the accumulation and exercise of power by one at the “top of the pyramid.” By comparison, the servant-leader shares power puts the needs of others first and helps people develop and perform as highly as possible (Northouse, 2013). One person I feel is a great example of a servant leader is mother Teresa. Mother Teresa, Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu, was born August 26, 1910 in what is today Skopje, Macedonia....   [tags: Mother Teresa]

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Summary Of ' Journeys ' By Deborah Brandt

- ... So, when the students in class had to go one at a time around the classroom each reading a paragraph, I would count the students ahead of me and count the paragraphs to find the one I was going to have to read. I would read it over and over and over again and until I had it basically memorized by the time it was turn. But no matter how0 many times I read it, even knowing I knew every word and how to pronounce it properly, I would still be in near panic. Shaking and stuttering my way through....   [tags: Dyslexia, Reading, Reading, So Many Things]

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Analysis of The Mother by Gwendolyn Brooks

- Analysis of The Mother by Gwendolyn Brooks The poem “The Mother” by Gwendolyn Brooks was written in 1945. Gwendolyn Brooks was the first child of David and Keziah Brooks. She was born on June 7, 1917 in Topeka, Kansas. Brooks wrote her first poem when she was 13 years old and was published in the children’s. Moreover she was the first black author to win the Pulitzer prize. magazine. In 1938 she was married to Henry Blakely and had two children. After a long battle of cancer Brooks died in December 3, 2000....   [tags: Poetry Analysis, The Mother, Gwendolyn Brooks]

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The Importance Of A Mother And Father

- ... One day she walked in on me while I was crying and asked “What is wrong Devin?” and I replied with an “I hate you.” Not knowing fully what was going on I look back on that situation and feel bad. I was small and obese. A father provides discipline, advice, protection, and experience. Growing up without one affected me accordingly. I believe it made me a crybaby and soft. My mother told me my father was on drugs and in and out of jail. That is no excuse for excusing his self from my life. It was always hard for me being picked on....   [tags: Family, Meaning of life, Father, Mother]

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Relationship Between A Mother And A Father

- The relationship between a mother and a father, even when the couple had at least some certainty in their ability to stay together, was tenuous. For many, committing to one relationship after slavery required sifting through the baggage of their past lives. Many mothers had children from men long passed out of their lives, like Sethe, and had to look for a new man to support the family and act as a father figure. This was painful -- and risky. Sethe remarks on men that “They encouraged you to put some of your weight in their hands and soon as you felt how light and lovely that was, they studied your scars and tribulations, after which they did what he had done: ran her children out and tore...   [tags: Slavery, Slavery in the United States, Mother]

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Emotional Journeys and Richard Rodriguez

- Emotional journeys also create feelings of entertainment, passion, growth, and critical thinking. In the highly praised book made up of a compilation of essays titled Darling by Richard Rodriguez the normal system of human social elements and emotional responses are assessed and analyzed. The book Darling despite its subtitle as a spiritual autobiography is more so an account of a spiritual journey and not so much a biography of one idea. In fact, it is more so a biography of multiple intertwining thoughts and ideas that range from the relationship between different landscapes, the rights of women and gay peoples, as well as the struggle of sexual orientation and religion....   [tags: Darling, Compilation of Essays, Literary Analysis]

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My Mother At A Young Age

- ... As a result, my father chose the best option available to him at the time and brought us to work with him. My brother and I were 8 and 10 years old, respectively, so all we wanted to do was to climb the carpets and chase each other around the store, which made his already tough job much more difficult to do. In an effort to restore order in both his business and family, my dad started putting us to work. Our “chores” involved dusting and folding smaller carpets, as well as other relatively simple tasks that seemed arduous and daunting to us as children....   [tags: Mother, Family, Online shopping, Father]

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Mother's Milk Unlocks Magic

- A Mother’s milk unlocks the magic Milk, a tasty drink of creamy white deliciousness, a cookie can’t wait to be dunked into. In this advertisement, Oreo describes itself as milk’s favorite cookie. The milk which Oreo has chosen to represent its cookie, is not your typical milk from a dairy cow. Oreo is actually referring to a mother’s milk. The advertisement was designed by Cheil Worldwide; who has created an inspirational advertisement, using a clever pitch, and descriptive photo. This ad was never intended to be released to the public, due to negative views on public breastfeeding....   [tags: breastfeeding, mother, nursing]

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Mother Teres A Nun

- Mother Teresa (born Agnes gonxha Bojaxhiu) was a nun born in Macedonia to Albanian parents on 26th August 1910. Her family were very religious, so when her father died at the young age of 8, they held onto their religious beliefs tightly and prayed often. At the age of 12, Agnes began to feel a 'Call from a god ' to become a nun. This was a difficult decision for her because becoming a nun meant giving up the chance to marry, have children, and meant giving up her family, perhaps forever. When Agnes decided she wanted to become a nun this also meant she would have to train for two years to become a Loreto nun....   [tags: Mother Teresa, Missionaries of Charity]

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My Mother - Original Writing

- Sunday, May 10th, 2009 was the day my whole life transformed,and it all happened so quickly. “ Your mother .. she is gone “ my granny informed me, and I understood, but nevertheless it just did not feel real. I was frozen I felt myself drifting away ,and I could not bring myself to speak. My aunt Debbie uttered quietly“ Mya it is okay to cry, let it out “ I could not breathe, I was just gasping for air I felt unsteady, I felt nauseated, and then everything went black. I opened my eyes and I was in the living room of my granny’s house the police,my granny, my brother, my aunts, my uncles, and many of my other family members were there and the entire room was scrutinizing me “ Mya are you oka...   [tags: Family, English-language films, Mother]

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A Study On Chinese Mother

- ... Whereas Western mother is being very selective on their words of choice toward their kids when they are misbehaving, she uses examples such as: “Hey fatty-lose some weight”-Chinese mother (10) versus Western mother “health” “beautiful and incredibly competent” (10). Author Chua relates her own experiences with her parents teaching style and how they make her feel like a piece of trash when she talked back to them. However, she explains that had made her a better person, and she had more respect toward her parents....   [tags: Parent, Mother, Parenting styles, Parenting]

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My Experience With My Mother

- ... For instance,“what am I going to tell my parents” or “how are we going to support this new baby because we’re broke?” She eventually faced all of the facts and decided to keep this precious child, which in my opinion was the right choice because without him our family wouldn’t be complete. Like I said in the interview, the financial situation for her and Richard was definitely a tough one. She openly said, “We went out every once in awhile, but for the most part we stayed home because we didn’t have a lot of extra money to spend on going out....   [tags: Parent, Family, Mother, Full-time]

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My Life As A Mother

- Your daughter has a saccrococogeal teratoma were the words that would forever change my life as a mother. Puzzled and confused I would ask “what is that”. We would find out that this is just a fancy name for a tumor coming off of your tailbone. It could have been that I was naive and didn’t know these types of things could develop in utero or I was in utter disbelief that this was happening to me and my child. You could see the doctor’s hearts break as they delivered the devastating news but they also knew time was of the essence and we needed a game plan and fast....   [tags: Pregnancy, Mother, Doctor, Full-time]

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My Mother Is Not The World

- ... I was not used to living with her and at times I felt like I was alone and could not trust her anymore. I missed my mother very much, but I didn’t know how to live with her and I also did not know how to let her in. She was my mother and felt that I should not have felt this way but I did. I was scared to move back in with her after two and a half years of not living with her. I would ask myself, why did I feel this way. What was wrong with me. I believe it was because I had lived with my aunt for so long that I was just used to being in her house and being around everyone....   [tags: English-language films, Mother, Family, Want]

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My Family And My Mother

- My family and I are from China, where most of our relatives and extended families still reside. When I was 4 or 5 years old, my father hopped onto a plane and flew to Canada, in hopes to find a better future for my mother and me. From ages 4 to 8, I lived with my mother in a small apartment. Close to the end of age 8, my mother and I got onto a plane and was finally able to reunite with my father. On the day of the reunion, I was unsure if I was excited to finally see my father or if I was excited to finally ride a plane....   [tags: Family, Mother, Parent, Incandescent light bulb]

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My Life With My Mother

- When I was young, my father walked out on my mom. It was difficult not having my father be a part of my life, but I could only imagine how difficult it must have been for my mother. Growing up I did not see much of my mom because she was working most of the time. I spent most of my childhood with my grandmother, and in my eyes, she became my second mom. After long hours of work, my mom always made time for me. I could tell how tired she was, but she never complained. My mom always expressed how important it was for me to receive an education....   [tags: English-language films, Family, Need, Mother]

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I Stand Here Ironing There Is A Mother

- Most parents want the best for their children: financially, emotionally, and physically. However, sometimes there are external barriers that prevent full growth in these areas. These are the limitations that no parent feels comfortable speaking about because all they do is bring back memories of attempted success, yet never quite reached. In Tillie Olsen’s narration, I Stand Here Ironing there is a mother who is concerned for her daughter, Emily after a full nineteen years have passed. She begins to remember what her socioeconomic standings represented through the eyes of Emily, who is only now like a blossomed flower....   [tags: Mother, Parent, Family, Emotion]

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Inequity: The Struggle To Be A Mother In A Capitalistic Society

- Inequity: The Struggle To Be A Mother In A Capitalistic Society It would be unfair to judge Mother Courage based on a surface level glimpse of her actions; for though she repeatedly chooses her business over her children, it is only to survive in the capitalistic and war-impoverished society that they live in. Entangled in the dialectical relationship of being both a mother and a capitalist, Courage struggles to find a way to ensure the survival and well being of her children. Rorrison makes an excellent point in his statement, “Brecht intended her to be an object lesson in misplaced energy”; he is, of course, referring to her habit of choosing her business over her family....   [tags: mother courage, reform to society]

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The Depths of Night Mother by Marsha Norman

- “‘Night Mother”, by Marsha Norman, is a play that dives into the struggles of a mother and daughter. First performed in 1983, the play became a major success both in Broadway, which won the Pulitzer Prize for drama, and was first performed as a play. (Spencer, pg. 1) Jessie is a middle aged woman, who is divorced, moved back in with her mother, and struggles with, what she believes, is a failed life. Thelma, Jessie’s mother, realizes that Jessie wants to commit suicide due to comments that Jessie makes....   [tags: broadway, struggles, mother, daughter]

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Relationship Between Mother And Daughter Relationship

- ... Yet, Jung-ae lets her move to Song Mi-ryung’s house so that Soon Shin can get to know her biological mother and pursue her acting career. Kim Jung-ae sacrifices her role as a mother and lets another woman take that position. Jung-ae acts selflessly and non-judgmentally towards Soon-shin’s move as she understands that Soon-shin will have a better access to life opportunities. Jung-ae does not only sacrifice her time with Soon-shin, but has sacrificed a lot more even before Mi-ryung came into Soon-shin’s life....   [tags: Family, Parent, Mother, Sacrifice]

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My Mother 's House For The Weekend

- On a late spring day in 2004, my mother had taken my sisters and me to Walmart to grocery shop. While in the frozen food section, a scruffy, balding gentleman approached the lot of us with outstretched arms while calling my mother’s nickname. Being only seven at the time, I stood in shock as this stranger began having small talk with my mother. He knew my oldest sister by her first name, pointed at me and asked if I was Ashley, and pointed to my younger sister and asked for her name. Those few minutes in the store were actually the interlude for the next ten years of my life....   [tags: Family, Mother, Father, Parent]

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Marriage and Respect in "The Awakening" and "The Revolt of ‘Mother"

- The novel, The Awakening, and the short story, “The Revolt of ‘Mother,’” both stories have women that are not respected by their husbands. Both of the women, Edna Pontellier and Sarah Penn, have husbands who do not respect them, but they fight back in different ways. Their battles shows the differences between these two women from an earlier and less accepting time. They are both strong willed characters. They both believe strongly enough in themselves that they will go to the extremes. Sarah moves out of her house....   [tags: Awakening, Revolt of Mother, Marriage,]

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Father And Mother I Love You

- No matter how we do, where we go, who we meet, at the end of a day, we still find ourselves walking home. In daily tasks, family might not come first since jobs or other companies occupy the place, but family is something precious that no one wants to lose, eternity. Family is commonly known as a group provides an individual the needs of food and shelter, consisting of parents and children living together. As a child who has been living with the family since day one, I’m respect and thankful for them, especially parents....   [tags: Mother, Father, Parent, Family]

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The Importance of Journeys

- The Importance of Journeys A thorough study of journeys reveals that a journey is much more than just movement from one place to another. Journeys are about learning and growth, and they have the potential to teach people about themselves and the society in which they live. An Imaginative Journey is one in which the individual doesn't in fact have to go anywhere in the physical sense. The physical journey is replaced by an expedition that is fuelled by the human capacity to imagine....   [tags: Papers]

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The Mother Series: Mother 2 and 3

- The Mother series is a trilogy of rpgs, or role playing games, with very funny and quirky humor. They were created by Japanese celebrity Shigesato Itoi in 1989, 1995, and 2006, and they quickly became a cult classic in the U.S. The 1st and 3rd games were never released in America even though Mother 2 developed a massively devoted following. Some fans were so devoted that they spent two years on a translation patch, so every could enjoy the game in English. Some were disappointed by how different from Mother 2 it was, but others were just happy to at last be playing it....   [tags: role playing games]

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My Story About My Mother

- ... 2 I even had to get dressed somewhere else. In the bathroom usually. And so it was for over a year. Unwanted extra baggage. This whole time I was under the auspice’s of my older brother. Gerard was not even technically a year older than me. 11 months and 23 days to be exact. You would think by the way he lorded over me that we were years apart. Always it was ‘take your little brother and see that he behaves’. I know a year doesn’t seem like much time but when its a quarter of your life, its a lot....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Mother]

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Graduation Speech : Tomorrow Is Mother 's Day

- ... “Well, my daddy always brings my mommy on dates…” she trails off. “Maybe you can bring her on a date!” she clasps her hands. [S/N] lifted his head up just slightly thinking about that plan. But he wonders how much money he had saved up to actually bring his mother on a date. Perhaps it doesn’t have to be expensive, something easy and affordable. Thinking for some more, [S/N] averted his eyes to his friend. “You know, I could do that. All I have to do is count how much money I have and I ask her if she’s free!” he said quickly standing up and smacking the desk....   [tags: Mother, Mother insult, Father, Family]

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A Mother Filled With Worries: Oppression of Women

- The oppression of women in society plays a huge role in how mothers raise their young daughters for the cruel world that waits. In Jamaica Kincaid’s short story “Girl”, Kincaid lists multiple stereotypical roles of the “typical” women in her short text. Without question, Kincaid defines roles of women in a way that may seem sexist and put a strong limit on what women can and cannot do. Moreover, Kincaid’s piece does come to empower women and evokes various degrees of power, freedom and the control of women....   [tags: jamaica kincaid, typical women, mother]

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Teen Pregnancy Affects The Life Of The Mother

- ... The data was collected by surveying 148 mothers and 53 non-mothers and by interviewing 22 mothers. The study had three major findings which were: high school-age mothers were more different from than similar to their peers, today 's teenage mothers may not be headed for a miserable prognosis as have past generations of teenage mothers, and differences among teenage mothers that appear to be associated with age at the time of the pregnancy, race, marital status, and several interpersonal factors may affect their prognosis....   [tags: Teenage pregnancy, Adolescence, Mother, Pregnancy]

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