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An Analysis of Up in Michigan

- An Analysis of Up in Michigan My choosing this story for an analysis is based on what I think is the very American feeling there is to this short story. The title alone has this American ring to it: Up in Michigan. From the start settling the story deep into the soil of the country. The title seems like the beginning of an old tale, once upon a time up in Michigan…it ends there and propels the "unfinished", never settled way of the story along. And at the same time it signifies that this is just another story, told a hundred times before....   [tags: Up in Michigan Essays]

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The State of Michigan

- Michigan is the only state in the union composed to two separated peninsulas. At the closest point, the upper and lower peninsulas are a mere five miles apart. In the early twentieth century, the only way to make the trip across the five miles of Lake Michigan and Lake Huron was to take a boat ride from one side to the other. As businesses expanded and industry grew, the demand to cross the lakes for travel and commerce purposes grew. The only way to cross the lake was by means of a ferry service, which was unable to keep up with consumer demand....   [tags: American History, Mackinac Bridge, Informative]

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Comparing Medicaid in Michigan and Indiana

- Introduction Eligibility for Medicaid programs in Michigan is based on either income only or income and assets. In addition, many of the programs available have age restrictions and/or require applicants to have certain health conditions (e.g. pregnancy). Eligibility requirements for Medicaid in Indiana are similar to those of Michigan. The two programs, however, do contrast in three substantial ways. Two out of three of these ways indicates that Indiana has the better program. Michigan’s Eligibility Criteria for Medicaid Traditional Medicaid is available, in Michigan, to adults that are taking care of a dependant child(ren), are on Supplemental Security income (SSI), aged, blind, disabl...   [tags: Medicaid Programs]

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The Cultural Landscape of Detroit, Michigan

- A culture is a group of people with common belief systems, norms and values. the culture of Detroit itself could be considered a popular culture that is diffused mostly through word of mouth and media sources. Cultural landscapes provide a sense of place and identity; they map our relationship with the land over time and they are a part of our national heritage and each citizens life. A cultural landscape can be referred to as a site associated with a significant event, activity, person or group of people....   [tags: Packard Plant, Heidelberg Project]

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Affordable Housing in Detroit Michigan

- In today’s volatile real estate market what was once a solid investment, real estate, no longer is the financial safe haven that it once was. Many of the distressed properties have been completely exploited. These properties have been completely stripped of fixtures, plumbing, wiring, and are merely shells. One area that has an excess of such properties available is Detroit Michigan, which will be the focus of this hypothetical exercise and essay. Affordable housing is always needed, regardless of it is through a standard lease on a “rent to own” basis....   [tags: Real Estate ]

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Michigan School of Professional Psychology

- My interest in the field of Psychology began during my sophomore year of high school when I started working as a Peer Educator for the S.A.V.E. (saving adolescents via education) program. This position trained me to educate Detroit’s inner city youth about sexual responsibility while advocating community participation into the program. This experience gave me the opportunity to build relationships with local teens and their parents. This was a great experience and it made me realize how much I enjoyed helping others; at that moment I decided to pursue a career in the Psychology field....   [tags: Career Ambition ]

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Capital Punishment in Michigan

- The majority of the United States uses the death penalty; should we add one more to the list and have Michigan become a state that uses the death penalty. Some people think that bringing the death penalty to Michigan would a good idea. Others think that doing this is stupid and would not be just and they should just go to jail. Michigan should bring the death penalty here because it would decrease crime rate, benefit Michigan overall, and criminals who just got released from prison for murder could not go and kill another innocent person....   [tags: Capital Punishment, Death Penalty]

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Water Problems of Michigan

- Michigan has its fair share of environmental issues. Among the state’s biggest issue concerns water quality. Pollution is enormous within the Great Lakes, as can be seen in Lake Michigan and several rivers such as the Kalamazoo and Grand River. The contamination of water includes such things as sewage, dumping of toxic chemicals, garbage, and mercury emissions from power plants and factories. According to Brandon Howell of Mlive Michigan news, who discusses the issues of mercury, “Mercury is a dangerous neurotoxin that harms growing children and pollutes our environment” (2)....   [tags: environmental issues, water quality]

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Education Policy in Michigan

- An outdated education system is the largest problem Michigan faces because it affects not only the present, but also the future of the state. Important issues cannot be solved, nor policies created to remedy them, if the people attempting to solve them are not equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to make informed decisions. The state cannot run itself, let alone the nation as a whole, if its’ people are uneducated. The Constitution, the very basis of our government, relies heavily on the assumption that citizens of the United States are able to make knowledgeable and well-reasoned decisions, the types of which cannot be made when a person does not receive a proper education....   [tags: Education]

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Camping At Lake Michigan

- ... We each dragged a kayak down to the water, and fastened on our life jackets. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, and the water looked crystal clear. I brought along my phone and camera. I used my phone to play music, and every now and then I would stop to take pictures during our kayaking trip. In the beginning, we were all smiles and positive attitudes. However, that would quickly change. My mother at the time was 45 years old, and she was not a very active person although she always tried to convince my father and me otherwise....   [tags: Kayak, Canoeing, Camping, Campsite]

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Office Printers: Michigan

- Print smart technology-office printers michigan Applied imaging is Michigan's reputed office technological equipment provider. It is an experienced provider dealing with office equipment for 65 years. It has offices all over the state. Today almost all government and private firms are running with the help of computers. Computers have invaded the work sphere replacing the staff. Such computers also need additional equipment for the smooth functioning of the office work. One of the most dominant features in offices, hospitals, homes, restaurants, etc., is the printer....   [tags: Technological Equipment Provider]

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Michigan's Economic Development

- By 1900 railroads combined with steamboats, the telegraph, lighthouses and silos revolutionized overland transportation and travel, pulling Michigan and national markets together, aiding in the creation of the modern consumer society and the production of new technologies. The successful development and implementation of networked technologies coupled with ingenuity, from men like Sligh, McMillan and Berkey, along with the collaboration of state industries and furniture exhibitions allowed Michigan to thrive in the manufacturing and service sectors at the turn of the century....   [tags: American History]

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Michigan's Fab Five

- The best recruiting class in NCAA history came in and changed the game. Before they came to college, players still wore short shorts and the only people caught wearing black socks on a basketball court were 60-year olds trying to be young again. They changed the game with their great basketball skills, and their swagger. The road to greatness wasn't very easy for some though; they lived a tough life, and used that as motivation to drive them to greatness. They were are Michigan's Fab Five. In spring of 1991, the University of Michigan signed what was arguably the best recruiting class in the history of college basketball....   [tags: NCAA, Basketball]

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The Great Lakes Of Lake Michigan Watershed

- The Great Lakes are the largest surface freshwater system on Earth, with a basin that is home to around 30 million people (USEPA, 2015). Lake Michigan is the only one of the Great Lakes that lies entirely within the United States, with a maximum length of 307 miles and maximum width of 118 miles. The Lake Michigan shoreline, composed mainly of sand and pebble beaches, stretches 1,640 miles along the coasts of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin, as well as some islands (NOAA, 2015a). The Illinois portion of the Lake Michigan watershed (Figure 1) is only 100 square miles (0.22% of the lake’s total area) and the state’s coastline borders the lake for a short 63 miles (IEPA, 2014)....   [tags: Water pollution, Water, Bacteria, Microbiology]

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Camping At Lake Michigan Is A Wonderful Experience

- ... It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, and the water looked crystal clear. I brought along my phone and camera. I used my phone to play music, and every now and then I would stop to take pictures during our kayaking trip. In the beginning, we were all smiles and positive attitudes. However, that would quickly change. My mother at the time was 45 years old, and she was not a very active person although she always tried to convince my father and me otherwise. She was enjoying herself, and multiple times she said that she wanted to buy her own kayak....   [tags: Kayak, Canoeing, Camping, Campsite]

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The Difficulties of Providing Foster Care in Michigan

- “Foster care is a substitute care for children placed away from their parents or guardians because the guardians are no longer able to care for them. This includes, but is not limited to, placements in foster family homes, foster homes of relatives, group homes, emergency shelters, residential facilities, child care institutions, and pre adoptive homes” (Johnson). To become a foster parent there are many steps. Each step is tedious in order to make sure that the parent(s) is safe and reliable enough to take care of children not their own....   [tags: social issues, foster care]

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Michigan and Boston: The Copper-Mining Industry

- Copper mining has had a huge impact on Michigan throughout history. Copper mining has had such an impact that the Upper Peninsula of Michigan has a region referred to as “The Copper Country” because of its involvement in the copper-mining industry. The copper-mining industry has also led to technological developments necessary for hoisting and drilling as well as the development of towns and cities in the Keweenaw. In addition, it led to the creation of many potential jobs for residents of the towns that were developed to support these mines....   [tags: english miners, calumet, hecla properties]

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Research Paper: Foster Care In Michigan

- Foster care is a substitute care for children placed away from their parents or guardians because they are no longer able to care for them. This includes, but is not limited to, placements in foster family homes, foster homes of relatives, group homes, emergency shelters, residential facilities, child care institutions, and pre adoptive homes. Many people ask how to get involved in foster care. There are many foster care agencies around the state of Michigan; some government-ran, others privately-ran....   [tags: social services programs and policies]

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The Sports At The Michigan Sports Business Conference

- ... For example, the NFL has games in London almost every Sunday morning, usually consisting of two awful teams competing against one another. Typically most people would not wake up and watch an awful game like that, but when they have fantasy players involved in the game and potentially a lot of money on the line, fans are provided with a reason to tune in and care about the outcome of the game. Nik also touched on the controversy of daily fantasy sports, which, in short, consists of betting money on specific players in sporting events against other people....   [tags: Audience, Audience theory, Emotion]

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- States. It is one of the nation's leading manufacturing states. Michigan leads in the manufacture of automobiles. Detroit, Michigan's largest city, is called the Automobile Capital of the World and the Motor City. The Detroit area produces more cars and trucks than any other part of the nation. Flint and Lansing also are important automaking centers. Michigan is a leader in food processing and steel production. Service industries, such as health care and retail trade, employ many people in the state....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The University of Michigan Fab Five

- There seems to be a fine line, a three-point line, between pushing the envelope and pushing a revolution. In 1991, five freshmen from the University of Michigan brashly stepped over that line redefining the world of college basketball as we knew it and in the process, revolutionized the relationship between style and sport. These men were "fresh" in more ways than one, causing an entire nation to dub them fabulous. They brought a hip and a hop to a game that was previously flat. Anyone following college basketball loved or hated to love the "Fab Five," evincing that either way five things were on people's minds or television screens....   [tags: College Basketball Sports]

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The Michigan No-Fault Insurance Program & Its Proposed Reform

- Introduction The purpose of this research is to identify the key issues with the current No-Fault automobile insurance system in Michigan and to discuss the three components of the proposed reform and their effect on the no-fault program. This system, which mandates unlimited lifetime coverage for all automobile accidents, is the most expensive in the United States. The three phases of the proposed reform are to set a limit to lifetime coverage, establish cost controls for medical expenses, and establish a state authority to combat insurance fraud....   [tags: Medical Fee Schedule, Fraud Rates]

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Michigan State University and Texas Christian University

- ... The score of IELTS’s test is 6.0. Regular admission needs SAT critical reading scores which is 480 or higher. Academic merit scholarships are provided by MSU to attract the number of students to attend in. Alumni Distinguished Scholarship is awarded to the top 15 candidates who have intellectual performance and participation in the MSU Alumni Distinguished Scholarship competition, and these scholarships include tuition, fees, room and board, and $1,000 annually. There are several scholarships related to Alumni Distinguished Scholarship competition....   [tags: campus, cost, programs, sports]

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Impact of Arab American Immigrants on Southwest Michigan

- Scholars over the years have been studying the impact Arab American immigrants have had on Southwest Michigan. In recent years this has become a very important topic, due to the rapid growth and success that Arab Americans are showing. A wide misconception that we must apply when speaking about Arab Americans is calling them Muslims, they are used simultaneously and this is incorrect. Arab’s are a race who originates from the 22 Arab countries while Muslims are followers of the Islamic religion ....   [tags: economic analysis]

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Academic Proposal: Michigan’s Graduation Rate

- “In order to get a well-paying job, and live a successful life, you must graduate from high school, and get into a good college.” This quote has become one of the most reoccurring statements that teenagers and young adults hear from people such as their parents, other family members, and teachers. Unfortunately, in the state of Michigan, not everyone is taking this advice seriously. The percentage of people who graduate from high school and do not drop out before completing their education is far less than what it should be....   [tags: Research Proposal ]

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Being A Free Education At A Michigan State Football Game

- ... The majority of the population on a plantation was made up of the people performing the labor, blacks, white a small percentage was made up of whites. Compared to the population of the country, only around 15-20% was made up of blacks, you can see the clear connection. Just like on the basketball court or football field, the unusually large population of blacks on the plantation were doing all of the labor. The rich-white men who ran the plantation are still here today, but in the form of commissioners and coaches....   [tags: White people, Black people, American football]

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Commemorating Martin Luther King Jr. at University of Michigan

- ... After Patrick’s speech there was an open Q and A session and musical performances. 2) Why did you choose to attend that event. I chose this event because it was advertised as affecting their audience to reflect deeply on the progress of civil rights and the work we have left to do in creating equal opportunities for all people. 3) What did you like about the event. What did you dislike. What did you learn from the event (BE SPECIFIC). I really enjoyed the fact that Deval Patrick did not just lecture the audience but told stories of his own past and integrated many valuable lessons that tied back to Dr....   [tags: civil rights, american dream, demonstrations]

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I Am A Student At Eastern Michigan University

- ... My first hospital job awarded me the benefits of observing all the different careers that made up a medical team. Believe it or not I had never heard of a respiratory therapist before accepting this position. As I began navigating my way around the hospital, I enjoyed talking to the nurses in the Neuro ICU, the nurse seemed to thoroughly enjoy what they did. Even on the worst days they all were always smiling and remained upbeat during their whole twelve hour shift. I still was not exactly sure what a nurses job was because, I seen so many badges with RN, but their job description varied so much....   [tags: Nursing, Nurse, Nurse education]

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Canadian Waste in Michigan

- Canadian Waste in Michigan In 1986, a waste treaty between Canada and the U.S. was signed by American lawmakers concerning the Transboundary Movement of Hazardous Waste.  Under the terms of this treaty, the EPA is to receive notification of these shipments, and then would have 30 days to consent or object to the shipment. Since 1986 Canada has shipped its garbage to Michigan to be dumped into landfills and the provisions of this treaty have never been enforced.  But now is the time for them to be enforced and stop the importing of Canada's garbage....   [tags: Argumentative Environment Trash Essays Papers]

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Waterford Meadows, Waterford, Michigan

- I grew up in a Waterford Michigan in a neighborhood called Waterford Meadows. The neighborhood consisted of middle-working class citizens, almost entirely Caucasian Americans, nuclear family households (domestic unit consisting of parents and their unmarried children), and the men were the breadwinners while the women homemakers. Today Waterford is a growing township; commercial buildings on every corner, new subdivisions, bigger roads, and high class dining restaurants. When I was a child, in the early eighties, Waterford was not as populated as it is today....   [tags: Free Descriptive Essay About A Place]

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Flint, Michigan

- Flint, Michigan A strong culture is one that has dependency upon itself along with outside resources. The economy is hard if nearly impossible to predict, and this puts severe strain on a community that is dependent on one employer. Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Flint are examples of these types of communities. When a manufacturing process or company pulls out of a city, many problems arise. Flint is a city which has had a significant portion of an industry leave. GM used to be the heart of Flint, until the decision to downsize was made....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Michigan Sales Tax: Sales of Cars, Who Should Pay?

- Michigan sales tax: Sales of cars Facts A Michigan automobile finance company finance consumer purchases of automobiles from its affiliated dealers. Their contract stated: If a customer purchased a car from one of the dealerships, and needed financing to pay for the car, the dealer would refer the customer to the finance company. If the company did finance the purchase, a retail installment contract was entered into between the consumer and the finance company. The finance company would then pay the car dealer the full purchase price of the car, including sales tax....   [tags: tax liability cases]

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College Is A Nonprofit Career College

- Baker College (Flint Township, MI) Baker College, established in 1911, is a nonprofit career college with over 150 programs of study. It is among the largest independent non-profit colleges in Michigan with over 28,000 students in attendance. The college has a right-to-try policy, meaning that students may attend classes without having to meet a set of requirements. It also offers significant financial aid to ensure a student’s only limitations are their own academic abilities. Baker College offers several associate’s, baccalaureate, master’s, doctoral and certificate programs entirely online....   [tags: Michigan, University, Academic degree]

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Why Ohio State's Football Program Is Better than Michigan's

- Why Ohio State’s Football Program is better than Michigan’s There is one sport’s rivalry that is known as the greatest of them all. It isn’t the Tobacco Road Rivalry, it isn’t the Iron Bowl, and it isn’t even the Red Sox against the Yankees. According to ESPN at the turn of the century, the greatest sports rivalry is Ohio State versus Michigan in college football. While many Wolverine fans claim that the Michigan football program is the superior one, there are a variety of reasons that show otherwise....   [tags: sports rivalry]

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Urban Renewal- The Rebirth of Detroit

- If you live in or near Detroit you know the recession, which began roughly around December of 2007 still seems to exist. Detroit with its auto manufacturing background was hit very hard during the economic downturn of our country. What you may not know however is how city planners intend to breathe new life into what many consider a dying city. To the people who see us as a dying city, you have no vision. Urban renewal will bring renewed glory by preserving buildings that have cultural heritage, providing small business opportunities and rebuilding neighborhood communities....   [tags: Recession, Detroit, Renewal, Michigan]

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A Biography on Henry Ford

- Famous for being one of the few people to greatly influence the twentieth century, Henry Ford was an innovator with a vision for the future. With his astounding work on transforming the automobile from just a simple invention into a great innovation that people to this day still buy and use, he shaped the twentieth century to a great extent. He was an American industrialist who founded the Ford Motor Company in the early nineteen hundreds. Ever since Ford was a young boy he has always seemed to have an interest in machines....   [tags: michigan car company, detroit]

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Statement of Purpose as a Researcher in the Field of Power Systems at Michigan Technological University

- ... Thus the ambition to pursue Ph.D. degree from USA, where the best research amenities are offered, became an automated choice for me. While in my third year of undergraduate study, I got acquainted with the concepts of signal and systems, digital signal processing (ETE 221), electronic circuitry, communication engineering and microprocessor fundamentals (ETE 311). When I studied power electronic circuits such as: ac to dc uncontrolled and controlled rectifiers, voltage controllers, converters, dc to ac inverters and power supplies, I decided to build my career on “Power Systems and Power Electronics” which prompted me to take more core courses and lab works in electrical and electronics f...   [tags: telecommunications, bangledesh, telecom]

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Community Group Process Analysis of the Board of Public Works and Safety in Michigan City

- Name and Purpose of the Group This is an observation of the Board of Public Works & Safety in Michigan City. The overall purpose of this committee is to handle matters and property dealing with the local fire and police departments. The committee is responsible for making decisions in regards to public safety, street closures, street projects, street solicitations, and property demolitions. Seating Chart During the board meeting, all members of the committee were present. The norm is for the group to be seated in a semi-circle with assigned seating....   [tags: regarding local fire and police departments]

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The Amendment Of Same Sex Couples From Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, And Tennessee

- ... He says that instead of a court deciding such things, the state should be able to decide based on the will of their electorates. The constitution as well as precedent clearly protect a right to marry, but the court cannot and should not overstep its boundaries in such a situation. Scalia brings the question of overstepping the boundaries of the courts authority both by exercising legislature as well as doing so in a realm that the constitution reserves for each state individually. He also argues that the action of unelected judges deciding this case where state legislatures should be deciding goes against the fact that political change should occur through the votes of elected representa...   [tags: Fourteenth Amendment to the US Constitution]

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Central Michigan Correctional Facility : A Secure Level I Prison

- The prison we toured was Central Michigan Correctional Facility which was opened in 1990. This prison is a secure level I prison that contains males of ages 18 or older. Prisoner housing units contain 8-bed open cubes, with about 150 prisoners to a unit. The security inside and outside the prison was very interesting. Outside of the prison I noticed the 12-foot fences with rolls of razor-ribbon wire on the side and top of the fences. There is also perimeter security vehicle patrols which we saw because we showed up to the wrong side of the prison....   [tags: Prison, The Prisoner, Corrections]

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Michigan Court Case: Charles Toussaint vs BlueCross Blued Shiled

- In 1980, a precedent was set in a Michigan court case involving a man named Charles Toussaint who was suing his employer, BlueCross Blue Shield, for wrongful termination based on the guidelines set in the employee manual (Alfred and Bertsche 33). The manual stated that employees would only be terminated for just cause, and the court decided that Blue Cross had violated the agreements in the employee manual (34). The court also ruled that even with Blue Cross’s efforts to provide a document that “issued non-binding guidelines” the employee manual was a contract and Toussiant was wrongfully terminated (34)....   [tags: wrongful termination, civil rights]

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The University of Michigan Should NOT Use Affirmative Action

- The University of Michigan Should NOT Use Affirmative Action Imagine, your walking down the street looking for a job. You see a sign in the window that says, “Whites encouraged to apply.” Imagine the period in time when just being white got you into a college, without any other considerations of grades or athletic ability. Those were the days of the Jim Crow laws. Now these instances have happened in the past 20 years, through new laws called Affirmative Action. The big argument is over these few years of affirmative action....   [tags: Reverse Discrimination]

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Illinois Michigan Canal is Responsible for Chicago's Size

- "Didn't expect no town" -Early Chicago Settler Mark Beaubien The I & M Canal is universally considered the driving force behind the huge surge of growth that turned the tiny settlement on the banks of Lake Michigan named Chicago, in to a huge metropolis and bustling center of trade. Ever since Joliet first crossed the portage between the Chicago River and the Des Plaines River in 1673, explorers, investors, politicians, and farmers alike all agreed that constructing a canal across the continental divide could benefit them greatly....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Ohio State Study

- The really premise of Ohio State study was to research leader traits. Their work furthered the studies of Stogdill in 1948, which theorized that there was no ideal set of traits that can identify a leader from a follower (Northouse, 2015). Stogdill also went on to say that one’s responsiveness to a decision is purely situational and not necessarily determined by genetic disposition alone. The Ohio State research capitalized on the leader’s behavior when in front of a group by way of the decision maker’s actions....   [tags: Leadership, Management, University of Michigan]

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Human Population Growth and Water Drought

- Water Drought and the Depletion of our Aquifers have lots to due with the human population growth in the World. The population is growing around 80 million people per year. Hence, we now need 64 billion cubic meters of water, per year for everyone in the World. With all the demand for water increases, we need to dig deeper into our wells. However, by digging deeper under the earth’s surface it is more likely to be contaminated with naturally occurring minerals, like radium that have been in contact with rock formations for hundreds of thousands of years with minerals that have dissolved into the water....   [tags: lake michigan, rain fall, wells]

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Senior Synthesis And The Synthesis Process

- ... This time we went on our little trail forging expedition, our trek was cut short by reason C; we were just walking along when I started to notice that my leg was experiencing a burning and itching sensation that was a very common occurrence on these walks, so I told my dad about it, so we had to cut excursion short and start to make the trek back home, but we decided to try and make a shortcut by leaving the creek and looking The real experience that I have thought back on is the trip back because, as usual with these walks, we were also terribly lost....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Poison ivy, Michigan]

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The Current Crisis Of Flint

- ... In October, the General Motors engine plant reported corrosion to its parts due to the high chloride levels and refused to use water from the Flint River (Rappleye). Tests showed Flint 's water in the range of 50 to 60 milligrams of chloride per liter, higher than the level considered excellent, which is less than 20 milligrams per liter (Fonger, mLive). GM reached a temporary agreement to buy Lake Huron water from Flint Township for the engine plant: the plant will return as a Flint water customer after the KWA pipeline is completed....   [tags: Drinking water, Water, Flint, Michigan]

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Affirmative Action: Michigan´s Law that Bans Use of Racial Criteria in Admissions to Public Universities

- The Supreme Court’s recent ruling to uphold a Michigan’s law that bans use of racial criteria in admissions to their public universities brought back national attention to affirmative action. It dates back to the civil rights movement of the 1950-60s, a mass protest against historically racial and minorities inequalities and racial segregation. The Supreme Court’s May 17th 1954 ruling that segregation in schools is unconstitutional in case of Brown v Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas, which overturned 1896 “separate but equal” segregation of the races Plessy v Fergusson case, became the United States landmark case....   [tags: civil rights movement, discrimination]

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Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD)

- Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) The controversial topic I decided to choose was Michigan’s plans on preventing the spread of CWD (Chronic Wasting Disease) in the white-tailed deer and elk herds. Many areas throughout the United States have broken out with this deadly disease, like Colorado, Nebraska, New Mexico, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Montana, and even the province of Saskatchewan. The problem with CWD originated from Saskatchewan, where captive deer became infected with this disease that affects the nervous system....   [tags: Exploratory Essays]

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A Man's versus a Woman's Mind in Ernest Hemingway's Up in Michigan

- The difference between a man’s and a woman’s mind, in Ernest Hemingway’s Up in Michigan Many of the narrative strategies Hemingway applied to his war stories in In Our Time he had already practiced or applied in earlier stories not concerned specifically with the war. One such is "Up In Michigan", which Hemingway had originally intended as the first story of In Our Time, but had to exclude because of its controversial presentation of sexual relationships. From his mother to his sisters to his four wives, Hemingway could not help being influenced by the strong, cultured women who surrounded him all his life....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Social Responsibility And Its Impact On Society

- It seems like every other car on the road today is a Ford. Whether it is a F-150 or an Explorer or even a Focus, the iconic blue logo always stands out. Ford began in 1890 when Henry Ford built the first ever Quadricycle. Fast forward to 1903 and Ford Motor company becomes incorporated, and in 1908 Ford introduces the first ever Model T. Fast forward to present day and Ford is still making innovative additions to there vehicles especially when it comes to technology. Over the past 126 years Ford Motor Company has been both successful and profitable....   [tags: Ford Motor Company, Henry Ford, Dearborn, Michigan]

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Management of a 40 Acre Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum) Stand in Southern Michigan for Sustained Production of Sawtimber.

- Management of a 40 Acre Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum) Stand in Southern Michigan for Sustained Production of Sawtimber Sugar maple (Acer saccharum) is a hard maple used primarily for its lumber and sap. In fact, 9% of the hardwood sawtimber volume in the U.S. comes from this species (5). My client would like to begin extracting sawtimber from her 40 acre maple-dominated stand that has been unmanaged to this point. She sees a market for her sawtimber in the regional flooring industry, but would also like to manage for sustained yield....   [tags: Ecology Sugar Maple Trees Essays]

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Michigans Gay Ban, Banned

- In 2004, by a vote of 59% of the voters in Michigan with a turnout of 63%, Michigan Proposal 04-2 was ratified as an amendment to the Michigan State Constitution. It states, “To secure and preserve the benefits of marriage for our society and for future generations of children, the union of one man and one woman in marriage shall be the only agreement recognized as a marriage or similar union for any purpose.” In May of 2008 the Michigan Supreme Court ruled that it included not just marriage and civil unions, but from being able to get employee domestic partnership benefits including things like health insurance....   [tags: same-sex marriage, federal government]

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Common Core State Standards For Higher Levels Of Education

- Common Core State Standards The Common Core State Standards has been adopted by many states in the United States already. This issue is gaining both positive and negative opinions within the education world and society. Some want to know why the standards were created and what the meaning behind these standards is. What is the reasoning for implementing these standards, and why is there so much controversy that follows. Why do these four words cause such controversy. The following will analyze and evaluate The Common Core State Standards in hopes to understand why education is being overtaken by them....   [tags: Education, Learning, Michigan State University]

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Ford : The Man 's Truck

- The Man’s Truck In the last thirty-eight years, Ford has known how to target the audience they have for the F- series of trucks. After the new advertisement that Ford produced it can be implied that they replicated their success again. With the first commercial being aired on television and online during the 2014 college football playoffs, Ford had a marketing strategy. It is apparent in almost all of the advertisements, including this one that Ford produced is to showcase the newest and the best of the best F-Series of trucks and that they aim to get all the hard working American man....   [tags: Pickup truck, Ford F-Series, Dearborn, Michigan]

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Michigans Natural Disasters

- Disasters, What you Need to Know About Them… Every day there are natural disasters all the time occurring all around the world. They are something that we can’t help, but we can be aware of them and what to do if one occurs near you. Tornadoes are common during Michigan’s Spring months. They are usually smaller than other places, but they still can do lots of damage. The safest thing to do is to go to the lowest level of the building that you are in. If there is no basement, get shelter in the center of the building away from any windows such as a broom closet....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Contamination- Insight into the Effects of Poor Beach Cleanup

- Headlines have filled the newspapers throughout the years in Manitowoc County: “Beaches Closed Due to E. coli Levels,” “Five Beaches Test Unsafe for E. coli Bacteria,” and “Eight County Beaches Closed Due to Bacteria Tests.” All of these headlines came from the same year. It’s quite dreadful to watch the five o’clock news and see beaches closed and water contaminated. Lake Michigan is one of the main sources of water, beauty, and tourism to a lakeshore cities and counties like Manitowoc. Having bad water and beaches affects many aspects of life around the county....   [tags: Environmental Issues]

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Boston University and Life in Ann Harbor

- For 18 years of most students’ lives, they are kept behind closed doors of public elementary, middle, and high schools. One does not choose which high school is best for one’s personality, nor should they expect to. Finally, after 18 long years, the doors open, and the caged student is free to see the real world for the first time. College offers this immaculate entry into the real world, and students are finally free to choose where they wish to go. Should they go to a public college, or a private college....   [tags: comparative, college, university]

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The Ethics Of Mike Bishop

- When it comes to politics, I have a hard time determining where my beliefs fall. Part of me is a strong believer of the way Republicans do things. I like to think of myself somewhat conservative, and therefore tend to lean more toward the right. This is not to say I don’t agree with some of the Democrats points of views, however, I’m more veered toward Republicans. That is why t is no surprise I choose to research Mike Bishop. Mike Bishop is a Republican from Michigan who is homegrown and spent the majority of his life in Michigan....   [tags: United States House of Representatives]

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The Prevalence Of Antibiotic Resistant Antibiotics

- STEC have been frequently isolated from many animals, with cattle being an important reservoir (47- 51). Wells et al. reported the high prevalence of STEC in dairy farms in Wisconsin and Washington with 8% of the adult cows and 19% of the calves and heifers positive for STEC shedding (52). A recent study by Venegas-Vargas et al. reported the higher prevalence of non-O157 isolates compared to O157 isolates in cattle herds in Michigan (53). While recent studies have attempted to study the factors associated with shedding of STEC isolates in cattle (53), the prevalence of antibiotic resistant STEC in cattle has not been well characterized....   [tags: Antibiotic resistance, Bacteria, Penicillin]

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Henry Ford and the Senatorial Race of 1918

- In the early twentieth century a prominent Michigan business man fathered the American automobile industry. This innovative engineer and machinist would revolutionize the world’s manufacturing techniques with the advent of the “moving assembly line” technique for mass production. Henry Ford’s innovations would forever change transportation and American industry. With his acquired wealth and power, Ford turned his head towards politics. In 1918 Ford became the leading candidate for a Michigan senate seat; however he was unable to achieve this goal....   [tags: American Automobile Industry]

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Industry Offering Expansion Opportunities

- The Front Door is like the neighbor that saves you when you are trying to bake cookies and realize you do not have enough sugar to finish your recipe. Although The Front Door is not readily stocked with baking goods, it is a place for businesses to go when they are in need of just about anything. They act as a liaison between Metro Detroit based businesses and the resources that are offered by Wayne State University. There are many ways that The Front Door lends a helping hand, creating opportunities for businesses to thrive in Detroit....   [tags: wayne state, front door, business]

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Geography: Customs, Culture and Government of Jordan

- Introduction Jordan is located in the center of the Middle East and it shares borders with Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Israel. It is also next to the Dead Sea and the Jordan River. Jordan has a terrain of about 35,475 square miles (Advameg, Inc., 2014). Jordan is unique because it has sand mountains and colorful rocks, plus it has barren deserts and fertile valleys. The main language of Jordan is Arabic but English is also taught and spoken. The capital of Jordan is Amman (Advameg, Inc., 2014)....   [tags: middle east, government, cultures]

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The Successful Development

- The successful development and implementation of networked technologies coupled with ingenuity and collaboration allowed Michigan to thrive in the manufacturing and service sectors at the turn of the century. By 1900 railroads combined with steamboats, the telegraph, lighthouses and silos revolutionized overland transportation and travel, pulling Michigan and national markets together, aiding in the creation of the modern consumer society and the production of new technologies. Railroads cut travel time dramatically and reduced freight costs with two important economic results for Michigan....   [tags: Technology, Logistics]

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Ways To Prevent Future Foreclosure Crisis

- I am a resident of Detroit, Michigan and witness to the impact of having a high foreclosure rate. I understand that the foreclosure rate in Michigan is a direct link to the high unemployment rate in Michigan. Although, I relate my essay to Michigan it relates to the economy and foreclosures in general. Next to Michigan, the state of Nevada is has the second highest foreclosure rate. So, homeowners are losing their homes throughout the country. We need to have more job resources. Our economy was relying heavily on the auto industry and banks....   [tags: US Economy]

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Supreme Court and Affirmative Action

- Affirmative action has been a widely debated topic for some time. It has been used as a tool to help stop discrimination in many areas such as the workplace, education, and in government; however, some believe that the use of affirmative action is in itself, discriminatory. “Schuette v. The Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action…” is a current United States Supreme Court case that is dealing with the matter. The case has been in the making for over eight years, originating from the state of Michigan in 2006 from the introduction of Proposition 2....   [tags: discrimination, college admissions]

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Health Interventions for Native Americans

- When compared to the U.S. population, American Indians undergo significant health disparities. Steps to a Healthier Anishinaabe adopted a distinctive framework to put into practice health promotion intervention activities in multiple American Indian communities in Michigan. This allowed each community to design interventions to their specific culture and health priorities. The article describes the community-tailored health programs, which included a community-based framework and states that programs that are multisite are a promising method to reducing health disparities in minority populations....   [tags: disparities, disease, research]

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The Water Act Of Harwell 2in 1974 Congress Passes The Safe Drinking Act

- ... All types of pharmaceutical Harwell 3drugs were found including hormones, pain relievers, psych pharmaceuticals, lipid regulators,and antibiotics not to mention recreational drugs. Personal care products like sunscreen,antiseptics, and cosmetics were also found in the water. The human body usually can 't entirelyabsorb pharmaceutical chemicals, according to the EPA. Metformin, a drug used to treat typetwo diabetes was found three kilometers out in the lake. Metformin, along with caffeine,suflamethoxazole, an antibiotic used to treat urinary tract infections; and Triclosan, anantibacterial agent that 's commonly used in soaps and toothpaste were among the top fourcontaminants found in Lak...   [tags: Sewage treatment, Water, Water pollution]

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The Extraordinary Circumstances of Gerald R. Ford's Path to the Presidency

- The oath that I have taken is the same oath that was taken by George Washington and by every President under the Constitution. But I assume the Presidency under extraordinary circumstances never before experienced by Americans.” Gerald R. Ford stated this in 1974, during his first presidential address after the resignation of the 37th President Richard Nixon. President Ford was the 38th president and the only president to assume the Presidency the way he did. President Ford was born July 14, 1913, in Omaha Nebraska....   [tags: partial biography, family, career, ]

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The Same Sex Will Never Be Accepted By Everyone

- Having a significant other of the same-sex will never be accepted by everyone in our society because of personal and religious beliefs. In 2004 the Michigan Initiative was approved, which meant people of the same-sex could not marry one another. I believe that everyone has a right to be happy no matter who they marry whether it’s a male or female for these reasons, people can’t control their feelings and who they fall in love with, it will decrease the amount of children in an orphanage and most importantly, everyone should be treated equally....   [tags: Same-sex marriage, Homosexuality, Marriage, LGBT]

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The Death Penalty Should Be Abolished

- The argument on whether or not the death penalty should be used on criminals in the Michigan and other states without the death penalty is very diverse and complex. Many studies have shown, that the death penalty does not deter crime. Every year, hundreds of people are murdered in Michigan. The proponents of the death penalty argued that if Michigan was a death penalty state, our murder rate would be much lower. History and data tell a different story. In fact, more murders occur in death penalty states than non-death penalty states....   [tags: Capital punishment, Murder, Prison]

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The Dangers Of Texting And Driving

- ... The last exception is someone who carries out duties, such as a police officer, law enforcement official, member of a paid or volunteer fire department or operator of an emergency vehicle. Bus drivers are also prohibited from texting while driving. It is highly enforced and drivers will be fined, if a police officer pulls a driver over for texting or talking on the phone and driving. There is a fine of $100 for the first offense and a fine of $200 for subsequent offenses. Michigan’s texting law is considered a “primary” law....   [tags: Mobile phone, Text messaging]

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"Middlesex" by Jeffrey Eugenides

- Middlesex, by Jeffrey Eugenides, inner struggles are paralleled with each setting. Taking place in the twentieth century each setting plays a significant role in explaining a theme in the novel. Fleeing Greece in a time of war and entering Detroit Michigan as immigrants parallel later events to the next generation of kin fleeing Grosse Pointe Michigan to San Francisco. These settings compliment a major theme of the novel, society has always believed to be missing something in their life and attempted to fill the missing piece....   [tags: Literary Review]

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The Insurance Opt Out Bill

- The biggest decision health care decision since Obamacare is taking effect this May. Public Act 182 of 2013, known as the “Rape Insurance Bill” or the “Insurance Opt Out Bill” was passed on December 11th, 2013 and has begun taking place this March. This bill requires a separate rider to be purchased for health insurance for abortion including in cases of incest or rape. The "citizen-initiated" law, backed by Right to Life of Michigan, will take effect in March without crossing the governor's desk or appearing on the statewide ballot next year....   [tags: Abortion, Rape]

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Decline in Black Admissions to Universities

- If you are a student at an HBCU, looking around your classroom or on the yard hoping to see a familiar brown face is probably never an issue, but for students at colleges and universities where African American enrollment is now steadily declining, it is definitely a concern. Larissa Lincoln, a senior sociology major at the University of Washington knows what it is like to feel alienated or alone on campus. “Sometimes when I’m in a lecture there will be 200 people and I can count about six or seven black students....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Importance of Software Engineers in Today's World of technology

- ... They create software for computer operating systems such as, Windows and Mac. Types of software include games, spreadsheets, databases, and accounting software (Kirk 35). In order to design these types of software for businesses and consumers, software engineers must know how to use programming languages such as, C, C++, and Java (36). Types of projects they perform depends on the company they work for and the size of the IT department, although the role they perform still involves creating and designing software....   [tags: computers, programs, operating systems]

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The Grand River Has A Reputation Of Being Dirty And Unsafe

- A man is walking along a dock that sits above the Grand River; looking at the water, it is quite obvious that water quality is not the best. The water is brown and murky. He trips and falls into the water; he quickly climbs out and notices he has a cut on his leg, but thinks nothing of it. Just a few days later, this man has a fever and the skin around his cut is red and swollen; he has an infection. This infection came from an adenovirus, a waterborne disease, which was in the Grand River and entered through the open cut (Fong, et al....   [tags: Water pollution, Water, Sewage treatment]

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Analysis Of The Old Man And The Sea By Ernest Hemingway

- ... One of these attempts was the 250 word text Pauline Snow set in Hortons Bay about the pretty Pauline, and her relationship with Art, who wants more from her than their walks and talks (Fenstermaker, 2011, 82) (Reynolds, 1998, 95). This was then adapted to form the short story Up in Michigan, written in Paris, 1921 and eventually published in Hemingway’s first book, Three Stories & Ten Poems (Fenstermaker, 2011, 82) (Hemmingway, 2004, v). Although Up in Michigan was eventually revised in 1938, this early piece of writing was quite different from the other short stories Hemingway published throughout his career, which is particularly evident in the power dynamic between characters Liz and...   [tags: Gender, Gender role, Short story, Fiction]

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What does it Take to Become a Dentist

- Dentistry Dentistry can be a wonderful career choice for someone who is interested in interacting with the public and cares about healthy teeth and gums; there are many job options for someone planning to enter this field such as dentist, orthodontist, dental hygienist, dental assistant, and dental lab technician. Dentistry is job that takes care of patient’s teeth. One of the tasks of a dentist job is drilling. It was first invented in the 7000 BC located in Indus Valley Civilization. Drilling was the first thing that was taught in Dentistry Career (History of Dentistry)....   [tags: career choices, opportunities]

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Asian Carp: Destroying the Great Lakes

- Asian Carp should be prevented from entering the Great Lakes because they are destroying the ecosystem in that area. They are a negative contribution to the lakes because they are eating all of the plankton needed for the native fish to survive, which in turn will create a mass starvation among all the fish in the area. The Asian Carp are also a hazard to boaters, as they are capable of jumping out of the water and knocking into fishermen. They can take over an area quickly and never leave because they have no predators, they come in massive swarms, and they breed fast....   [tags: Animal Research ]

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