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The Three Competencies of the Mentor Role

- The three main competencies of the Mentor Role are "understanding yourself and others, interpersonal communication and developing others" (Hesketh et al pp 4). Because high school students are less experienced the author used this role continually in an effort to develop his students and guide them through their learning experiences. Per Hesketh et al the author must determine his own strengths and weaknesses so he can maximize them. "Your weaknesses can be overcome through self-development" (Hesketh et al....   [tags: Mentor Model Study]

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Becoming a Mentor

- One thing I believe is a necessity in growing up is having a mentor. Having a mentor is, not only, beneficial for the mentee but also the mentor. Being a mentor is a learning experience for everyone participating, it helps people grow as a person and friendships are created when a bond if formed. Some people might think it's a waste of time for a child or that it'll never work out for a troubled delinquent but based on the research I've done, I have proven them wrong. Through-out this paper I will provide the pros and cons of mentoring and how they affect both mentor and mentee....   [tags: Human Development, Life Skills]

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The Uv Mentor Program At Uvu

- The UV Mentor Program at UVU, of which I am part, is housed in The Department of Student Success and Leadership Studies. The mission of the UV Mentor Program is to maximize student opportunities for leadership in and facilitation of self-knowledge and self-awareness, academic learning strategies and study skills, student socialization and engagement. The mentors are a group of peers who partner with faculty to help students make the transition into college. Each mentor is assigned a class to attend where they collaborate with and support the instructor; contribute in the planning and facilitation of class; and provide classroom, group and individual mentoring to students....   [tags: Education, High school, Coaching, Student]

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Report on My Project Mentor

- Question 1: What did you learn from the meeting with your Project Mentor, including the presentation that you gave to your Project Mentor. I believed that the mentor has played a very important role during my Research and Analysis Report (RAP). I have benefited from his guidance through out my RAP from choice of topic up till the presentation of my report; which allows me to work confidentially. His guidance to direct my approach proved very helpful to use my time efficiently. I consider mentor’s advice plays an important role as if I succeeded to lay a firm foundation the rest of my project work will be likely to be right on track....   [tags: learning experiences, career choices]

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The Leader As Mentor : Discipleship

- The Leader as Mentor Discipleship is the process of making disciples; students or followers of someone (Oxford Dictionaries, 2016). Although discipleship existed long before Jesus, the disciple-making process as expressed by Jesus is the most impactful example for Christianity. The following is an analysis of discipleship as it was applied to Jesus’ ministry, Jesus’ discipleship model in light of modern leadership theories, and a discussion of what can be gleaned from Jesus’ discipleship model. Levels of Discipleship Shown in Jesus’ Ministry Among the other things that Jesus did during His time on earth, He made disciples....   [tags: Leadership, Management, Gospel of Matthew]

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The Pleasure Of Interviewing My Mentor

- For this assignment I had the pleasure of interviewing my mentor. A gentleman that I truly admire for his endless efforts and never say enough attitude, I find him to be nothing less than the working backbone to an education system. A man that has given his life to his career in order to ensure an amazing future for all students to come. My mentor Mr. Hardy Keith Edwards. Hardy is an educator for the Compton Unified School District, he is a specialist in English language arts and a long term Substitute teacher....   [tags: High school, Education, Teacher, Secondary school]

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The Johnson City Mentor Program

- The Johnson City Mentor Program has paired me up with Jason Nord, a sixth grade student who can be described as an intelligent kid with a vibrant personality. Over the last couple weeks, I feel that I have formed a positive relationship with Jason and have already learned a lot about him. I am fortunate to be assigned a student that I feel I can have a beneficial effect from this program and enjoy working at the middle school as a whole. This is my first time holding a formal position as a leader and mentor for anyone, and I am determined to set and achieve goals with my mentee, as well as my self over the next few weeks....   [tags: High school, Middle school, Class I railroad]

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Relationship Between Mentor And Telemachus

- Relationship between Mentor and Telemachus At some point in their life, many people experience a feeling of inadequacy or uncertainty. In “The Odyssey” by Homer, one of the main characters Telemachus experiences both of these feelings. He feels that he is not good enough, especially compared to his father, Odysseus, who many people refer to as a great leader. In the beginning of “The Odyssey”, Telemachus’ home has been taken over by suitors, each with the goal of winning over his mother in hopes to marry her and become king....   [tags: Odyssey, Odysseus, Homer, Athena]

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What Makes A Mentor?

- A mentor is a person that you may get at any stage of your life. A mentor is a person you get to guide and advise you in your life in the hope of continuing to develop your professional career. You should get a mentor in your career when you have either reached a plateau or when you want to reach the next level of your career. This paper will focus on what a mentor is, some common qualities a good mentor should possess and the steps to finding a mentor in the business world today. It will also talk about a good mentor - mentee relationship....   [tags: Want, Need, Management, WANT]

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Leadership And Being A Mentor

- There is a fine line between leadership and being a mentor. Though some make these titles mutually exclusive, A believe mentoring to be a tool/ability of an effective leader. To be a great leader there is no way to circumvent the continued development of everyone in the organization. To aid in the quality of development and the willingness of those involved to grow, there are some practices that I will incorporate into my life. Within John Maxwell’s book Mentoring 101, he reveals many layers and subtopics on this overarching topic....   [tags: Leadership, Management, Success, Coaching]

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Being A Mentor / Teacher

- I honestly can’t remember a time when I didn’t feel an innate calling to be a mentor/teacher. From a very young age I was always the one tutoring my peers, leading study groups, making peace amongst my groups of friends, and coaching my pals through rough times. As I aged, my passions stayed the same, what changed was my ability to find a definition for them. This semester has presented me with some serious challenges, as far as deciding my path, and my future as an educator. Though I am certain that the schools are where I belong, I am actively trying to find my exact place within that system....   [tags: Motivation, Decision making, Future]

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My Grandma, The Mentor

- My Grandma, the mentor “The biggest lie in the world is that ‘you can’t do it’.” -- Yongmei Xu, My grandma It was summer 2012 when my parents were out of town, and my grandma was in charge of my life and study. Although it was during the summer break, I still needed to prepare next year’s High School Entrance Exam, and thus I literally spent the whole summer on taking extra classes and doing model exams. “I give up.” I said. “Why do you say that?” grandma asked. “Because I can’t figure out this stupid question or maybe just like teacher said I am just not smart enough to figure it out....   [tags: Family, Grandparent, Investment, A Beautiful Lie]

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Mentor : The Kid And The Ceo By Tom Pace

- Mentor: The Kid & The CEO by Tom Pace (with Walter Jenkins) When I first read the requirements for this book review assignment, I wasn’t currently reading a book. I knew I wanted to do it on a Nicholas Sparks books as those are easy reads for myself and I knew a lot of them had to do with family issues. I went to check out a few options at the library when I stumbled across this book, “The Mentor”. I started reading and I was instantly hooked. • Characters: a. Malcom – CEO and the Mentor throughout the book....   [tags: Parenting styles, Childhood, Parent, Monday]

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Classroom Setting : My Mentor Teacher

- Journal # 4 One of the things that is extremely important in this classroom setting has been the schedule. The students like having a schedule and sticking to it. As the day progresses my mentor teacher crosses out the things in the schedule that they have already done to help the students see what will happen next. Whenever there it 's a half day or there are changes in the schedule the teacher takes the time to address the students in order to prepare them for the changes. This really helps minimize the students from feeling anxiety when there are any changes in their schedule....   [tags: Teacher, Education, Substitute teacher, Classroom]

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My Teacher : My Mentor Teacher

- The most challenging aspect to my lesson was that I was taking a project from my mentor teacher and I then had to present it to the class. Which therefore, as one might expect, caused some uncertainty. Some students had various questions over the material and at times it was difficult for me to answer them, as I did not know the exact specifics of the project. In fact, for a few instances, some of the same questions the students were asking were the same questions that I had. I then had to use a judgment call for various questions, which I hope closely align to what my mentor teacher would have done....   [tags: Education, Observation, Learning styles]

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My Mentor, An Ambulatory Care Pharmacist

- Mentoring experience paper My mentor is an ambulatory care pharmacist. The social need for pharmacists have been amplified with the rise of medication management services. The roles and responsibilities of pharmacists have evolved within the last decade as the focus shifts from the retail setting to the patient care process. The focus of this “new” process is the patient. The roles pharmacists have been sidelined within the past few decades, where the pharmacist is solely responsible for dispensing prescribed drugs to the patient and counseling patients on the drug dispensed....   [tags: Health care, Health care provider, Medicine]

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Human Resource Management at Mentor INC

- Mentor INC does not encounter any recruitment issue. Volunteer recruitment, then again, is a key system of the Human Resource Management Plan for the accompanying reasons: Turnover around more current volunteers is much higher than more seasoned volunteers. A greater amount of those liable to forget ought to be screened at the enlisting stage. Since more nationals try to be Coach INC volunteers than opportunities are accessible, Coach INC could be more particular in the newcomers it chooses. Mentor INC is progressively performing more customary obligations....   [tags: recruitment, strategic model]

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My Mentor Teachers Lesson Plans

- For my first placement I used the majority of my mentor teachers lesson plans, so for the most part, that is how I determined the alignment of assessments with the objectives, learning targets, and essential questions. When I created my own unit plan, I determined the objectives, learning targets and essential questions by looking at examples. I always say, “Why reinvent the wheel?” There are millions of resources to use, so typically I utilize a resource from the Internet to go by. For my unit plan on the First Amendment, I found a First Amendment unit created by the Illinois Education Board and I used that as the skeleton for my content....   [tags: Education, Assessment, Teacher, Critical thinking]

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Career Development By Networking And As A Mentor Or Career Coach

- Linked In and Mentors This week’s assignment was to help a student to think about and start their career development by networking and by using social media, in this case LinkedIn (see Appendix A for an example of my LinkedIn profile). Merriam-Webster defines networking as “the exchange of information of services among individuals, groups, or institutions; specifically: the cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business” (2016). One can also think of a network like a computer network, where every communication is connected through one device in the center, with hundreds and thousands and millions of threads of information being passed to each other and being accessible...   [tags: Coaching, Management, Computer network]

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The Summer Bridge Program Where I Served As A Mentor

- The organization that I served was the Summer Bridge Program where I served as a mentor. This is a program offered by the University of Redlands to incoming students that are first generation and may also be recipients of the Cal Grant. People are able to take part in Summer Bridge through invitation only. In this week long program, students get a taste of what it is like to be in college by living on campus and attending mock classes in various subjects. Students are also exposed to the many resources and facilities that are available at the university as well as having the chance to access faculty and staff....   [tags: Management, Learning]

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How Important is the Mentor Teacher to the Student Teacher?

- 2. Introduction a. Problem statement / Research problem (Question 2) Over the course of their degree studies, student teachers gain valuable theorical knowledge of teaching without really understanding how this knowledge will be practically applied once they enter the classroom for the first time. This is why teaching practicals are of paramount importance: student teachers are afforded an opportunity to put their theory into practice within a controlled environment, under the supervision and guidance of a mentor teacher....   [tags: classroom, lesson plan, management]

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The Importance in Having a Mentor for Becoming a Better Leader

- ... In fact, I invited her to my daughter’s birthday on the 27th. In fact, through the Global test Malinda and I had many similar answers and scores. The GLOBE test teaches us to understand how strongly we agreed or disagreed with different moral aspects and leadership factors. We both had very similar answers this reassured me that I am on the way top being the best leader. These questions help people to understand how their leadership skills are. The experience I had through week two and four reports helped me understand what I needed for the final mentor report....   [tags: leadership exercise]

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Companies Must Mentor Relationships and Manage Conflicts

- ... Subsequently, “workplace diversity is increasingly viewed as an essential success factor to be competitive in today's marketplace” (Lockwood). The next leadership competency focuses on an employee’s ability to develop others. Developing others “aims to increase the ability of others to perform and contribute to the organization by providing ongoing feedback and by providing opportunities to learn through formal and informal methods. This leadership competency directly relates to the mentor-mentee relationship....   [tags: leadership, team building, career]

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Evaluation Of A Mentor Through The Organization Bright Pink

- I completed training to be a PinkPal mentor through the organization Bright Pink in 2014. As a PinkPal mentor, I provide guidance and support to other high-risk women by sharing my personal experience and listening to their feelings and concerns about being high risk. I currently mentor three high-risk women and greatly value the opportunity to share in their journey. Working as a mentor has showed me the value in empathy and connection. Through Grand River Connection we brought together young professionals to develop a strong network of support for Lansing 's workforce....   [tags: Member of Parliament, Management, The Opportunity]

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My Mentor Teacher And His Classroom Environment

- As I observe my mentor teacher and his classroom environment, I have come to realize the types of characteristics that are being presented from his students. As the students enter the classroom, they hold a privilege to have their homework and binder work ready. There are certain rules in which they have to follow everyday when they step inside the classroom. They have to be attentive to what they are doing and making sure they understand what they are responsible for doing. As I entered the classroom the first time, I noticed that there was enough lighting to see the whole room....   [tags: Education, Student, Homework help service]

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I Have A Great Experience With My Mentor

- I have a great experience with my mentor this semester. My mentor is Dr. John Hoeschen, he owns this own independent pharmacy in St Paul, that is the St. Paul Corner Drug. This drug store has a long history; it is started since 1922. Due to my lack understanding of America’s pharmacy system, he introduced that the basic structure of American pharmacy is divided into community pharmacy and hospital pharmacy, in community pharmacy, two kinds of pharmacy exist, retailed pharmacy and independent pharmacy....   [tags: Pharmacy, Pharmacology, Pharmacist]

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I Have A Great Experience With My Mentor

- Mentoring Assignment I have a great experience with my mentor this semester. My mentor is Dr. John Hoeschen, he owns this own independent pharmacy in St Paul, that is the St. Paul Corner Drug. This drug store has a long history; it is started since 1922. Due to my lack understanding of America’s pharmacy system, he introduced that the basic structure of American pharmacy is divided into community pharmacy and hospital pharmacy, in community pharmacy, two kinds of pharmacy exist, retailed pharmacy and independent pharmacy....   [tags: Pharmacy, Pharmacology, Pharmacist]

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The Work Force Of Yesterday Should Be The Mentor For The Future Generations

- In the article “Forecast 100% of Talent” it is said that the work force of yesterday should be the mentor for the future generations. Older nurses should groom those already within the system by not only offering words of advice but have a real relationship with their protégé’. The reason being is that mentoring allows the mentee a change to grow and development more practical ways of thinking and helps them to receive a sense of satisfaction. According to the Mentoring Nurses toward Success (Hnatiuk, 2012) article there was a new grad nurse that accepted a position over 200 miles away from her family because of the mentoring program....   [tags: Patient, Nursing, Hospital, Physician]

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My Mentor 's Name Is Danny Grant

- My mentor’s name is Danny Grant. He had graduated from University of St. Cloud a year ago. He majored in finance and was hired at Optum in their ODM department. I went to the Optum buildings in Minnetonka and worked from Danny’s office. We worked in a cubicle with the rest of the ODM specialist’s team. The environment was professional and creative. Every design was outstanding in the building, and it was very modern in design. Most people who worked there were fairly young. The tasks we were responsible for were ODM charts, health innovation projects, and other various tasks....   [tags: Old age, Middle age, Future]

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Sales Tips by a Musician

- How learning music and sales tricks are similar. “You've got to learn your instrument. Then, you practice, practice, practice. And then, when you finally get up there on the bandstand, forget all that and just wail.” - Charlie Parker It’s amazing to see that a few months back, a sales leader discussed about sales training referring to the path of fame and fortune of the true rockstar, Charlie Parker. Unsurprisingly, the blog got a lot of takers as readers liked the way the two distinct fields (music and sales) were intertwined....   [tags: Practice, Mentor]

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New Graduate Nurse Practitioners and the Preceptor/Mentor Model

- Preceptor recruitment, preparation, and compensation; preparation and evaluation of the students; as well as the setting and overall experience for both student and preceptor have long since been starting points for literature reviews when addressing new graduate nurse practitioner (NP) clinical competency upon entry to practice. Preceptor models and student/mentor relationships address, in part, the following benefits: opportunities for critical thinking, operationalizing theoretical concepts, enhancing professional behaviors, interaction with peers and ancillary personnel, all while doing so in a real world environment (Ivey, 2006)....   [tags: preceptor recruitment, preparation, compensation]

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Zora Neale Hurston : My Mentor Text

- How it Feels to Be Adopted Me I used “How it Feels to be Colored Me” by Zora Neale Hurston as my mentor text for this essay. I have always known that I was adopted. There was never one day when I realized that my parents were not biologically related to me. Being adopted has always been a part of me, ever since early childhood. Almost every year, in my elementary school classes, I had to create a project in which I had to describe myself. Sometimes I would have to use objects or pictures, at other times I would have to write an essay or poem....   [tags: Zora Neale Hurston, Emotion, Adoption, Family]

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Mentor Graphics

- Mentor Graphics Objective To complete all aspects of the exercise regarding D type flip-flop, TTL and CMOS and to familiarize us with the HDL software which is Mentor Graphics. This software is capable of constructing and simulating a particular design. As for this assignment 1, we are given 4 weeks to complete the assignment. It is compulsory to attend every lab sessions as there is no alternative software to use. Only a certain limit of time is given for the use of the software and therefore designing of circuit is required to be completed before attending the lab....   [tags: essays papers]

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Peer Mentor Program Collaborative With The Fye ( First Year Seminar )

- Peer mentor program A peer mentor is a program collaborative with the FYE (first year seminar) to provide help for the first year student. To help student overcome the challenge transition to college life, Sacramento state offer a program that would help them adjust to the new start. This program launched during 2002-2003 and the program has grown from group of 5 to 39 peer mentor to serve and help first year students. Every student who has enrolled in first year seminar classes will have an assigned peer mentor to help them with academic advising and provide one on one meeting with students to get them to know what kind of resource, program, and club sac state offers to them, a...   [tags: Student, University, A Great Way to Care]

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How Mentoring Can Be Associated With Increased Student Success And That Having A Mentor

- Based on the results, my hypothesis was partially supported. I hypothesized that mentoring would be associated with increased student success and that having a mentor who is of the same ethnicity would lead to more positive changes than having a mentor who is of a different ethnicity. Unexpectedly, mentored students did not express greater civic engagement after 6 weeks of mentoring than they had prior to mentoring. In fact, unlike previous research, I found that students who were non-URM and were not matched to their mentor expressed less civic engagement after 6 weeks of mentoring than they had prior to mentoring....   [tags: Ethnic group, Race, Nation]

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What I Would Do If I Didn 't Have A Mentor

- This semester of block teaching has challenged me and has helped me grow to be more self aware. I felt low and was unsure of myself a few times this semester. One instance was over homecoming week when the students were restless and challenged my mentor and me the whole week to stay on task. I felt low, because I doubted myself and my management abilities if I would actually be able to handle a class of my own. I was trying to think of what I would do if I didn’t have a mentor. The highs of my experience came towards the end of my block experience around week 5-week 8....   [tags: Education, Learning, Educational psychology]

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My Mentor Program Has Positively Affected My Time At Bucknell University

- Please compose an essay not to exceed 250 words on what has lead you to the decision to become a T.E.A.M. Peer Mentor. * I have been a part of a couple mentoring programs, both as a mentee and as someone working behind the scene. My mentors helped me transition into a new stage of my life and they helped shape who I am today. The T.E.A.M Mentor Program has positively affected my time at Bucknell University. I would love to be part of the program and help guide incoming students in their transition into the Bucknell community....   [tags: High school, School, Youth mentoring, Education]

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Mentor Whom I Was A Man From Puerto Rico Island

- Mentor Whom I was looking for Eddie Rivera is a man from Puerto Rico Island, he is currently executive coach in ER Enterprise. He could be a great mentor for anyone who easily give up, who already have given up or who need advices. He can give advices because he had already been to harsh obstacles in his life. First of all, He is from blood of military and dancer. His father was in military while his mother was a flamingo dancer. He lived just normal life as normal people live, not very rich nor very poor....   [tags: Puerto Rico, United States, If You Have to Ask]

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My Success As A Coach And Mentor For Risk Team Managers And Analysts

- 1. Please provide an example of your greatest success as a coach and mentor for Risk Team Managers and Analysts. One of the very first observations I had when I was tasked to lead the fraud operations and risk teams at Beneficial National Bank was that fraud required the development of certain special skills. A good fraud analyst or investigator has to be able to quickly identify anomalies, distinguish between patterns, and be able to synthesize a large amount of information within a short period of time....   [tags: Fraud, Credit card, Counterfeit]

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My Building Principal And An Experienced Teacher Who I Consider A Mentor

- I had the opportunity to interview both my building principal and an experienced teacher who I consider a mentor. I feel very fortunate to have two very strong, hardworking, and intelligent women to look up to in a career that I love. When speaking with both of these people, I found that they had very similar ideals when it came to classroom rules, goals, and creating a welcoming learning environment. Gathercoal (2004) tells us, “Bringing about a feeling of community in a classroom begins with an educator’s belief that all students are capable of proper social interaction” (p....   [tags: Education, High school, Welcome, Teacher]

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Martin Luther King Jr.: My Icon, Mentor, and Model

- From long ago, I can recollect that Martin Luther King Jr. is an icon to me, as well as a mentor and a model. I also feel that he is an inspiration and a true leader because of the efforts he made to help African Americans obtain their civil rights in the United States. With Dr. King’s influence on me, at the age of 12 and 13, I had performed Martin Luther King speeches, winning 1st place two years in a row at my middle school. Accomplishments that Martin Luther King Jr. has achieved brought a new perspective to the minds of other individuals and set himself apart from many other activist leaders, and establishing himself as one of the greatest and most influential speakers in U.S....   [tags: Biography]

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The Higher Education Opportunity Act: Teachers Improving Their Education

- ... Policymakers and practitioners can evaluate possible policy options for the financing of the program and guide their decision-making process based on these evaluation results. To ensure the findings accurately reflect the real program impact, it is also essential to review the validity and credibility of the evaluation results. In this paper, I will present a review of an impact evaluation for Boston Teacher Residency (BTR), one of the longest-running UTRs programs, conducted by Papay et al....   [tags: recuitment, preparation, induction, mentor]

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Introducing a New Employee to a Company or Business

- ... This gives the employee chance to learn the RRR Guilding principles. Employee Information – The employee will received a welcome pack which they need to bring with them on the day of induction. This includes a welcome letter to RRR and their contract. Staff handbook which details all procedure’s within the office Hours and break times annual leave process payroll information etc. Information on how the employee calls in sick of how they need to report a near miss or hazard. Health & Safety – This is a very important part of the induction process for RRR....   [tags: induction, information, training, mentor]

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Case Scenario: Managing Diverse Generations in the Workplace

- Case Scenario: Managing Diverse Generations 1. What practices will help to retain these mature workers (Veterans and Baby Boomers). First off, retention for all generations starts on day one of employment (Martin, 2006, pg. 118). Beginning in orientation, it is a good idea to ask workers what their ideal career path would be and what can be offered throughout each stage of their career. However, there are some best practices to follow to assure retention of more mature workers, such as flexible work arrangements, short-term sabbaticals, “phased retirement”, part-time work, and “bridge jobs” (Martin, 2006, pg....   [tags: elderly, employees, mentor]

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Queen Victoria's Influential Reign Over the British Empire

- ... In the initial part of her supremacy, two males influenced her significantly: her Prime Minister, Lord Melbourne, also her spouse, Prince Albert, whom she happily married in 1840. Both males educated her greatly about exactly how to be a monarch in a 'constitutional monarchy' where the ruler had very few authorities but could wield abundant pull. It was in the course of Victoria's reign that the present idea of the constitutional crowned head, who’s starring role was to continue above governmental parties, initiated to develop....   [tags: family, mentor, monarchy]

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Post-Divorce Dating: Because You Are Never Less Lovely by Being Once Married

- ... Or are you after the possibility of another serious relationship. Knowing what you really want to achieve does not only make the activity worth your while. It also brings you closer to finding the right one for you. 2. Savour your fears, take the plunge. Most divorced women feel traumatized about their past relationship that they seem to totally forget about the life that is still ahead of them. It is alright to feel threatened and intimidated while contemplating the idea of dating. After all, you have all the reasons to feel that way....   [tags: women divorce, love mentor]

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Field Education Experience at Christian Counseling

- Write a paragraph about your Field Education Experience. Include such details as site, mentor, length/time, and your responsibilities. It was my privilege to engage in a Field Education Experience for my degree in Christian Counseling at a private counseling practice specializing in art and play therapy. Dan Bayly is an LCPC and the counseling director at Paradise Creek Counseling in Moscow, Idaho. Mr. Bayly was my mentor during my 2 months in working with various ages of children and young adults dealing with a range of psycho-social issues....   [tags: site, service, mentor, responsibilities]

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Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls

- It all began during her visit with Nelson Mandela in December of 2000. She promised to build a high profile school for girls. Two years later (2002), Oprah teamed up with Nelson Mandela and (then) Minister of Education, Professor Kader Asmai to “Build a Dream.” Build a Dream is Oprah’s slogan. She began her stardom through the power of the media, and became the top rated, award-wining host of her own show, “The Oprah Show,” where she made special connections over 25 years with her audience. Her success as a global media leader and philanthropist have established her the most admired and respected pubic figures today....   [tags: academically mentor disadvantaged females]

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Training and Development in Companies

- Every company wants to have the best specialists as employees, who through intense study and experience reach a high degree of professionalism. Some companies choose to use training, others choose to use coaching, and others choose to use mentoring. They are all extremely valuable tools for the development of an employee as well as that of a business, but if they are not used properly they could prove to be a waste of time and money. Confucius, a Chinese teacher and philosopher of the 5th century BCE, once said “What I hear, I forget....   [tags: practice, trainier, coach, mentor]

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Analysis Of The Book ' The Other Wes Moore '

- Knock Knock According to Milton Berle, “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door,” (Berle). As a college student, I agree with Berle, we can help create opportunity for ourselves and others. Recently, I finished the book “The Other Wes Moore” based on the lives of two individuals with the same name, Wes Moore, from Baltimore, Maryland. One Wes is sentenced in jail for the rest of his life, and the other Wes is a college graduate, an author, a husband, and a public speaker. The author Wes Moore claims “The chilling truth is that his story could have been mine....   [tags: Construction, Architecture, Mentor High School]

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The Most Influential

- “The Most Influential” When I first met Mrs. Jackson, I had no idea how much she would impact my life. I have been blessed to have her as my English and Spanish teacher for the past three years. Mrs. Jackson has always pushed me to do my best in bothe of the classes I have taken from her. She goes above and beyond to ensure that her students learn everything possible. She is also heavily involved in our community. Mrs. Jackson has been a wonderful mentor to me during my high school years. Ultimately, Mrs....   [tags: teacher, citizen, mentor]

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How I Initiated Compassionate Person Centered Care On A Home Visit With My Mentor

- Context I have chosen to base my reflection on how I initiated compassionate person centred care on a home visit with my mentor, to a 74-year-old elderly man who will be known as Mr Wilson due to confidentiality; and his family including his wife Mrs Wilson who had just come home from hospital from suffering a stroke and their three sons as they had some concerns about his memory, affecting his independence. In order to analyse the situation, I will be structuring my reflection on the Gibb’s (1988) reflective cycle and reflect on the ways I had communicated and shown compassion to Mr....   [tags: Patient, Health care, Health care provider]

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Relationship Between The Student And Mentor Played An Important Part Within The Hierarchical Structure Of The Multi Disciplinary Team

- The relationship between the student and mentor played an important part within the hierarchical structure of the multi-disciplinary team; evident during the events immediately following the handover, at which point the neonatologists assumed the care of the infant. It is apparent that, within the context of the critical incident, the neonatologists are the patriarchs of the hierarchy, due to the fact that they are the specialists within this field. Although the hierarchical establishment within the team was sufficient to stabilise the infant, Clavering and McLaughlin’s (2007) focus groups bring rise to the challenges presented by this system, facilitated by the analysis of retrospective cas...   [tags: Structure, Hierarchy, Greek loanwords, Heterarchy]

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The Leader as Mentor: Jesus Christ

- Introduction “Follow Me!” The call to His disciples was straightforward. Three short years later, after watching and listening to the Master, Jesus gave a final charge, “Go and make disciples.” (Commonly known as the Great Commission, it is the call to all followers of Christ as well.) Jesus chose to implement the fulfilling of the New Covenant through 12 men who He called, appointed, and commissioned (Willson, 1990). His methods were unconventional and revolutionary for that time. Training was extensively and exclusively provided by Jesus while living with Him for three years prior to His ascension....   [tags: christianity, jesus, disciples]

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Human Development Shaped by Biology and Experience

- HUMAN DEVELOPMENT SHAPED BY BIOLOGY AND EXPERIENCE The first core concept suggested by From Neurons to Neighborhoods depicts human development forming from the interplay of an individual’s biology and experience. Early scientists in this particular field created testable hypotheses to understand the dynamic interaction between the nature-nurture phenomenon. For example, some scientists such as Arnold Gesell considered emerging skills to be the product of an individual’s genetic make-up, while others, such as John B....   [tags: nature, nurture, behaviorism, Vygotsky, mentor]

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The Immersion of Transformational Leadership

- Introduction Leadership has evolved dramatically over the one hundred years. From its early stages of endowed personality characteristics, leadership has evolved to a more dynamic and fluid process that surrounds itself in a more inclusive environment. While many leadership theories compare and contrast one another, the immersion of transformational leadership has truly projected the thinking of leadership into a new form of logic and context. Transformational leadership is formed on a basis of inspirational and motivational qualities that drive a leader to guide others in such a way that is instrumental in the individual growth as well as the group growth within an organizational or perso...   [tags: mentor, coach, morals, ethics, decision making]

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Mentors And Pupils : A Character Analysis

- Mentors and Pupils: A Character Analysis To be a mentor is to hold influence over a person’s actions or education. Overall, “Emma” is a novel about the influence that people hold over each other, and how that influence can affect people. Conflict is built by different characters who view themselves as mentors struggling to assert their opinions over others and pupil characters who accept their mentor’s opinions without bothering to form their own. Emma Woodhouse tries to use her influence to manipulate everyone around to her likings, and she only accepts the advice of mentors who agree with her....   [tags: Emma, Jane Austen, George Knightley, Novel]

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My Experience With College Mentors

- In order to gain necessary skills to be an educator, experience with students is significant. I have chosen to complete my service hours through College Mentors for Kids on Ball State University’s campus. After being involved with this organization for one year as a mentor, I decided to become a general manager as well. I will be applying for a vice president position in order to expand my leadership role and gain experience on an executive board. My experiences as a mentor and general manager have improved my teaching skills and I am hoping that becoming a vice president will allow me to develop my teaching skills even more....   [tags: Education, Leadership, Problem solving, School]

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Mission Mentors Program

- ########This is missing the beginning##########engagement in school work coupled with planning for a future in further and Higher education. The end of year 11 concludes with a trip abroad to experience a residential at a University for the top 12 achievers. Typically the year 11 trip visits the UMass Boston Upward Bound programme on their summer residential experience. Students live on campus with American Upward Bound students that attend Boston Public Schools. These students are from similar economic backgrounds but are from different cultures ....   [tags: personal narrative]

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What to Expect from Nursing Mentors and Students

- According to the Nursing and Midwifery council (NMC, 2008) a mentor is someone who must facilitate students and others to develop their competence. This definition of mentor is ratified by Parsloe (2009): To support and encourage individuals to manage their own learning in order that they may maximise their potential, develop their skills, improve their performance and become the person they want to be. Another NMC publication from 2006: “Standards to support learning and assessment in practice” says that The role of the sign-off mentor and/or practice teacher is to make judgments about whether a student has achieved the required standards of proficiency for safe and effective practice for e...   [tags: teaching, patients, feedback]

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College Mentors For Kids Program My Freshman Year

- I am currently in my junior year here at Purdue and I joined the College Mentors for Kids program my freshman year. I have had a little buddy each year in the program and have enjoyed every bit of it. I can truly see a change in my little buddies, having watched them learn and grow. This makes me very happy and helps me make the positive impact that I want to make on these children’s lives. My experiences have been positive and I would not change it one bit, even during some times where there may have been challenges....   [tags: Management, Want, Help me, Musical notation]

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Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury: Three Mentors

- “It was a pleasure to burn” Bradbury (1) Is the first line of Ray Bradbury’s classic Fahrenheit 451, the line itself is thought by the book's main protagonist Guy Montag. Although from that line alone he wound not exactly seem like the ideal protagonist of a science fiction novel. Throughout the story Montag has some life altering experiences that change him; he starts out as a fireman (the kind that burn books, as opposed to saving lives) and ends up belonging to group of intellectuals who memorize books in order to someday write them down again....   [tags: Plot Summary, Intellectuals]

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Gratitude for the Mentors in Hermann Hesse’s Siddhartha

- Carl Jung once said, “One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to those who touched our human feelings. The curriculum is so much necessary raw material, but warmth is the vital element for growing plant and for the soul of the child.” Siddhartha, a novel by Hermann Hesse, follows Siddhartha through his life stages. While Siddhartha searches for enlightenment and Nirvana; going from Brahmin, to the rich, then to having nothing. The audience can read about his struggles and sufferings that guide him to enlightenment....   [tags: Enlightenment, Siddhartha Essays]

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Teachers as Mentors in Critical Pedagogy

- Teachers as Mentors in Critical Pedagogy The young world history teacher stood stern and erect before her students. Around the side of her arm she wore a black cloth. "My name is Ms. Aping. When you are responding to me, you will direct me standing up as Ms. Aping, ma’am. You are not to speak unless I request for you to do so. I will teach you what you need to know, and I expect you to learn it well…questions are quite unnecessary. If you fail to abide by my rules you will spend a great deal of your lunchtime with me....   [tags: Teaching Learning Essays]

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Proposal of a Community Youth Program and Fundraiser

- Executive Summary As a native of Lancaster, I feel an obligation to act and do something that will benefit my community. I am well aware of the many perils that youth face, and these obstacles can be extremely difficult to overcome without positive figures to aid and provide guidance. There is a great need for an intensive mentoring program within the community to positively influence the lives of youth. For The Land of Dreams, I have proposed to host a community basketball tournament to raise funds to implement a mentoring program to assist in the personal growth and career development of youth in Lancaster County and surrounding areas....   [tags: Lancaster, Leadership, Mentors]

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Mentos Experiment

- MENTOS + SODA = . Problem: Which brand of soda tested spews the most liquid when three Mentos are doped into a 2-liter of each brand. We know that the reaction between Mentos and soda is an explosion, but what we are trying to figure out is which brand causes the biggest reaction. Hypothesis: If three Mentos are dropped into a 2-liter of Diet Coke, Diet 7-Up, and Dr Thunder, then the Diet Coke will have the largest reaction to the Mentos. Materials: 1 pkg. Mint Mentos candies 2-liter Diet Coke 2-liter Diet 7-Up 2-liter Dr....   [tags: Chemistry]

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Meet the Mentors

- ... "Actually, I'm pretty good with knives too." I point out, and this wasn't really a lie, my father did try to teach me before he had died unexpectedly - I kept at it for a year or two before I was forced to focus on my school work - something that wouldn't save me from reapings. "That's it. You really are dead." she chuckles and I frown, and feel already isolated in this hollow box thats speeding towards my death - even if it's not responsible. "How did your Mother take the news then?" she smiles cockily before raising an eyebrow at my silence....   [tags: personal narrative]

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A Research Study On College Mentors

- College Mentors In college there were two teachers that sharpened me into finding my passion for research. First, Julie Collins-Dogrul was my advisor within my major, she herself was new to the school my first year. She was an adjunct professor whose passion for research was evident from the first class I ever took with her, Soc. 100. It was supposed to be an introduction to Sociology, but it was intense, we had to conduct interviews, create a research paper and analyze results. I didn’t do to well, but I enjoyed the class enough to know that I should at least attempt another shot at Sociology....   [tags: Qualitative research, Research]

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Cause and Effect: The Connect2 Complete Program

- At Owens Community College there is a course called ENG 090, which you learn more than just how to write but life experiences to who you can thank Bill Gates. He founded the Connect2Complete program which is his way of giving help to those, who might not be able to help themselves. On campus there is a food pantry, this is here so that no one has an excuse for not being able to complete their college work because of they are leaking household necessities. The C2C program sets up a group of civic ambassadors, student mentors, to help the students who go into their office and ask, they are willing to help the individual with any college problems they are having short of doing the work for you....   [tags: mentos, volunteering, class, learn]

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Personal Statement for Optical System Designing

- ... The physics lab experience in the university fascinates me,specifically optics lab, How the vision systems works; how LASERS works; how light rays carry information and finally, the Telescopes.I enjoy studying physics, especially Optics, because unknowingly, I do feel very comfortable when I deal with light related concepts.My life changed again just a few weeks before completion of my bachelor program when my college principal,Dr.P.Kesavarao,told me that he had applied to entrance exams for two graduate optics programs.(at National Instutute of Technology Warangal and Central University of Hyderabad) on behalf of me....   [tags: education, accomplishments, mentors]

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Leadership Qualities: What It Really Takes

- “Active members of this profession, in whatever arena, show that they have the commitment and the enthusiasm to lead libraries of the future” (Gordon, 2004, p. 52). “If you want to develop as a leader, participating in a committee is a good starting place” (Kern, p. 7). “A lot of leadership development happens through active participation on committees...” (p. 6). “We learn through our experiences. Being on a committee or chairing a committee only gets you so far as a leader” (p. 7). “Observation and reflection are one way to improve your own leadership skills” (p....   [tags: mentors, role model]

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Motivators and Mentors

- Motivation, as defined by Princeton University (2010) is, “the psychological feature that arouses an organism to action toward a desired goal; the reason for the action; that which gives purpose and direction to behavior” (para. 1). There are different types of motivation and different people require different methods to desire to act. Great historical motivators have influenced change, in minds and in hearts. Motivating people to do things that they are unwilling or uninterested in doing is a great challenge....   [tags: Leadership]

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Intonation Patterns in the English Spoken by English Mentors

- The scope of the study The Informants have been selected from APIIITs. This study has been restricted to the analysis of 30 informants, out of which 19 are male and 11 are female. All the conclusions of the study are strictly based on, and limited to the data recorded and collected from the selected thirty informants. The intonation patterns of the specimens are done purely based on the auditory impressions of the recorded data. Procedure In describing intonation patterns of the Informants, Received Pronunciation has been taken as the standard for purposes of comparison because of the following reasons....   [tags: english, language tone, speech]

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Areas of Control and Interest in the Application of Integrity and Ethics Done by Ph.D. Students

- Just as it is important to consider the cultural and regional areas when considering informed consent, it is also important to be informed of the cultural context of a study when determining plagiarism. In some cultural contexts, the concept of intellectual property is not understood and therefore plagiarism is difficult to comprehend (Evering & Moorman, 2012). In other areas, like the Unites States, it is a concept clearly understood in the same way that society understand the need for copyrights and patents....   [tags: plagiarism, unethical practices]

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Designing Instructions For The Mentorship Program

- Designing Instructions The mentorship program is a formal affair; however the interaction between the learners (mentor and mentee) is informal. It is a flexible relationship where the individuals involved have the authority to decide their own needs. Both participates in the relationship are learners because it is a cyclical egalitarian learning experience. The mentor will have a broad curriculum, however it is completely voluntary whether it is followed. The entire relationship is voluntary, from duration to learning objectives....   [tags: Management, Human resources, Coaching]

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Mentoring to Give Someone Advantages

- Mentoring, in my understanding, is helping the person to achieve his /her goals using different methods. Mentor is somebody who knows the advantages and disadvantages of the person, and constantly encourages him /her to use the advantages in order to develop new skills, which can be used on the way to the main aim. Mentoring is a highly effective way to help the person to use the full range of his /her natural abilities. Usually people do not realize the real value of his /her possibilities and the possible ways to reach the needed results, thus, a lot of highly talented people live their lives without even realizing the real value of their talents....   [tags: relationship, responsibility, partnership]

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Training And Development Of Nursing

- Mentorship is an integral part of nursing profession as qualified nurse have the responsibility of supporting and developing future nurses (Hodges, 2009). Hence, this essay will discuss Strategies a mentor can implement to support an underperforming learner in a practice environment. Mentorship is essential in the training and development of nursing student. This will explore how a mentor can identify underperforming learner, evaluate mentors interventions and discuss accountability in relation to decision making to the learners achievements....   [tags: Nursing, Nurse, Registered nurse]

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Peer Mentoring : Benefits And Disadvantages

- Peer Mentoring: The Benefits and Disadvantages of Peer Mentoring in Youth Currently in Canada, about 42000 youths have mentors through the Big Brothers Big Sisters program and there are still thousands of youth on their waiting list. After learning about how many kids were not able to get mentors, I decided to volunteer with Big Brothers Big sisters as a teen mentor for elementary kids during my last year of highschool. Peer mentoring is not the usual kind of mentoring that people think of. In the conventional type of mentoring, there usually an older individual, one who’s had professional experiences in a certain mentoring field, and an individual seeking these specific services....   [tags: Youth mentoring, Coaching, Management]

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A Research Study On The Retention Of Teachers

- Problem Statement Studies suggest that the retention of teachers is a common problem in many school systems. Williams (2011) stated that teachers are in and out the profession and this is disturbing because students are our future. Schools with high poverty rate, high rate of minority students, and with low test scores reveal a much higher percentage of teachers leaving the classroom (The Condition of Education, 2012; Darling-Hammond, 2003;Ingersoll,2003; Ingersoll,2003; Loeb et al., 2005; Richardson et al.,2008)....   [tags: Qualitative research, Scientific method]

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12 Steps for a Mentoring Program for any Organization

- Introduction The purpose of this paper is to provide readers with the steps to take to implement a mentoring program for their organizations. The steps listed below are developed by the United States Office of Personnel Management a have been implemented by a multitude of Fortune 500 companies. According to the website mentoring is defined as: “Employee training system under which a senior or more experienced individual (the mentor) is assigned to act as an advisor, counselor, or guide to a junior or trainee....   [tags: Training, Management, Implementation]

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