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Conventional Medicine vs. Alternative Medicine

- The dictionary states that conventional medicine is offered by hospitals and practiced by those who have a medical doctor degree; it is also called western medicine. The opposite of conventional medicine is called complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). Complementary and Alternative medicine can be considered holistic medicine, which is usually not prescribed by physicians a part of hospitals. There has been an increase in those that have an aversion to conventional medicine that is offered by hospitals (Astin, 1998)....   [tags: Medicine]

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The Medicine As Natural Medicine

- ... Sadly, the peoples of the different cultures who live in the US have not been taught the ancient healing arts and medical schools do not teach those wonderful arts. There needs to be a beautiful amalgamation of modern medicine and natural, alternative, or “original” medicine, which includes, and is certainly not limited to, Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. I say this in the least bombastic way possible, but, I don’t think medical school makes someone a doctor. Every person who has had the honor of receiving the prestigious “MD” insignia after their name knew that they were a doctor “inside” themselves before they went to medical school....   [tags: Medicine, Alternative medicine, Physician]

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Traditional Medicine And Traditional Medicines

- ... In this paper we will overview the different types of complimentary medicines there are, how they are beneficial in the primary health care world and studies that have shown they are beneficial, the average cost of health care versus the out of pocket cost for Complimentary medicine and the pharmaceutical drugs that can potentially be replaced by alternative medicine. In order to begin we first must understand what exactly is Complementary and alternative medicine. As defined by the Oxford dictionary Complementary Medicine is “Any of a range of medical therapies that fall beyond the scope of scientific medicine but may be used alongside it in the treatment of disease and ill health.” (O...   [tags: Medicine, Alternative medicine, Ayurveda]

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Traditional Medicine And Conventional Medicine

- The most recent report by NHIS states, "that in the past 12 months more than one- third (38.3 percent) of U.S. adult used some form of CAM therapies. CAM is defined as by the NICH NCCAM as “a group of diverse medical and health care systems, practices, and products that are not generally considered part of conventional medicine.” (Watkins, Fernandez-Robles, Miller, Pine, & Stern, 2011). Basically, complementary medicine is when unconventional medicine is combined with conventional treatment for treatment, while alternative medicine is a substitute for conventional medicine (Watkins, Fernandez-Robles, Miller, Pine, & Stern, 2011)....   [tags: Medicine, Alternative medicine, Ayurveda, Oncology]

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Alternative Medicine and Mainstream Medicine

- ... Alternative medicine or therapies go from being proven to disproven, and can be downright dangerous and ridiculous. Medical science has recently started to do actual research into alternative medicine. With the exception of some surprising treatments that have medical potential, most treatments have little, if no effect at all. Some people use alternative medicine even when they aren’t sick, like yoga. Many people believe that complementary and alternative medicine can help improve the healthiness of their body....   [tags: remedies, care, conventional medicine]

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Is Medicine A Medical Medicine?

- Historically, Medicine has always been held to a higher standard than most industries. Having said that, is it wrong to think that physicians can focus on the quality of their clinical practice and making a profit. Boschert presents this point, “If Medicine follows a higher standard, then doctors have to choose between high-quality medicine and running a business, right. Well, not necessarily” (pp. 44-45, 2003). For organizations and physicians alike to make a profit they must first create value for present and prospective patients and other stakeholders....   [tags: Physician, Patient, Skill, Medicine]

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Communication in Medicine

- Generally, maternal assurances come verbally in the form of “Everything’s going to be alright.” But instead she told me that horses sleep standing up. Upon reflection, I’m certain she meant that her healing from the last surgery would be swift, as she compared the vigilance with which some animals remain on guard with her own resolve to overcome cancer. Though the message was communicated through an obscure reference to the year of the horse, I deeply understood the perseverance she would exhibit during recovery....   [tags: Medicine]

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Nanotechnology and Medicine

- Nanotechnology and Medicine The active pursuit of knowledge in nanotechnology could revolutionize the treatment and detection of various diseases in the future. Nanotechnology is the branch of science that focuses on the development of technology at the molecular scale, including the development of instruments that have been applied to many fields, such as the automotive, cosmetic, and fabric industries. In medicine, nanotechnology has already been applied to the treatment of diabetes, the production of prosthetic limbs, and the improvement of life for the paralyzed, and many believe it is also the key to curing cancer and even immortality....   [tags: Medicine]

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Capstone : Medicine : Department Of Medicine

- I. Capstone Title Elements -LaGail Jennett -Northwestern Medicine: Department of Medicine -Preceptor Name & Title: Eric Wells, Senior Manager of Finance -Capstone Project Lead: Miriam Guzman, Operation Coordinator-Cardiology -Working Title of Capstone (updated 10.3.15): Understanding & Reducing Same Day Cancellation/No Shows Within Northwestern Medicine Outpatient’s Medical Specialty Clinics II. Capstone Overview Capstone Issue: This capstone will evaluate and address the Department of Medicine of Northwestern Medicine no show and same day cancellation rates within two outpatient clinics of the medical specialty divisions....   [tags: Medicine, Health care, Specialty, Clinic]

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Eastern Medicine Vs Western Medicine

- ... The main focus point of all these treatments is to treat the body as an entire entity, not just one ailment at a time. Eastern medicine is built on the belief of healing someone from the inside out, not just treating a single symptom or ailment. Treatments include education about exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle intervention. Using these techniques is a way to provide not only relief but, to treat, cure and prevent an ailment from reoccurring. The goal is for the body to maintain a state of homeostasis....   [tags: Medicine, Pharmacology, Alternative medicine]

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Different Meanings Of Medicine And Medicine

- In the paper you will be reading it is going to tell you about how to become an doctor and all it takes. There will be cool you might not heard before, there also will be information and facts given to us from the web site. If you have ever considered going into the medical field out all this paper will be very help for you. There are two different meanings of medicine. The first meaning is the science of healing, practice of the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease, and the promotion of health....   [tags: Physician, Medicine, Medical school, Pediatrics]

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Medieval Medicine : Ancient Medicine

- ... Surgery was very dangerous and was only used in life or death circumstances. Modern surgery starts with effective anesthesia. This step was non-existent in medieval surgery. There was no good reliable source of anesthesia. Some of them were potentially lethal and often killed the patients. One example would be dwale which is a combination of lettuce juice, gall from a castrated boar, briony, opium, henbane, hemlock juice and vinegar. The anesthesias sometimes cause patients to fall so deeply into sleep that they stop breathing....   [tags: Surgery, Medicine, Middle Ages, Physician]

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Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine

- Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Western Medicine (WM) differ from each other in many ways. TCM favors a holistic approach, views the universe and body philosophically and develops inductive tools and methods to guide restoring the total balance of the body. In Chinese medicine, the correct balance between Yin and Yang make up the vital energy, Qi, an essential life-sustaining substance of which all things are made. Some Traditional remedies include herbal medicines, acupuncture, massage and moxibustion, an herbal heat therapy....   [tags: Medicine]

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Islamic Influence in Western Medicine

- Just as the Arabs preserved the knowledge of the Greek and Roman civilizations, the Europeans were able to use and build off the knowledge built in the Islamic world. This wealth of knowledge was the collection of ideas pulled from every corner of the Islamic empire. Rulers collected Greek, Chinese, Indian, and Persian literary works in vast libraries for the education of the masses. Western Europe slowly learned bits and pieces of this knowledge through trade and diffusion of culture. One medium through which the west learned a great deal was the translated medical texts from scholars such as Ib n Sina (Avicenna)....   [tags: Medicine]

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Comparing and Contrasting Alternative and Convential Medicine

- The use of alternative medicine in health care should be taken seriously as they can improve a person’s health without the serious side effects of conventional medication; alternative medicine is becoming increasingly popular throughout the United States and it also focuses on prevention rather than intervention. Alternative medicine is used in place of conventional medicine. Usually alternative medicine is lumped together with complementary medicine which, instead of being used instead of conventional medicine, is used along with it, and abbreviated together as CAM....   [tags: Medicine]

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Alternative Medicine Vs Traditional Conventional Medicine

- Shaunna L. Roth Strategies for University Writing October 22, 2015 Alternative Medicine vs. Traditional / Conventional Medicine Alternative medicine has it perks over conventional medicine and makes for a healthier being. Many think Alternative medicine is not new to society. It actually started long before conventional medicine was founded. Before there was an FDA and is still used today all over the world it is still used by many people all over the world. Everyone has their own beliefs as to which are more dangerous Alternative or Conventional Medicine....   [tags: Medicine, Alternative medicine, Ayurveda]

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Complementary And Alternative Medicine ( Cam )

- ... 847). This deterioration of cartilage lead to bone erosions, osteophyte formation, bones rub against each other, and degradation of byproducts in synovial spaces produce swelling and pain. Pain is aggravated with activity and relieved with rest. Morning stiffness, crepitus, and deformities may also be present. Because pain increases gradually over time with activity that may be the reason why patients seek CAM therapies to manage pain. It is estimated that 27 million older adults, aged 65 and older, are affected by osteoarthritis (National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health; National Institute On Aging, 2014)....   [tags: Medicine, Alternative medicine]

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The Medical Ethics Of Veterinary Medicine

- ... It is not only the degrees but the location that a veterinarian is currently working at that will pay more than other place. Some states, like the state of California, offer more in salary and benefits for Veterinarians because there are more people in that state that care for their pet’s health. A Veterinarian doctor who also has a good reputation with animals has more loyal customers then all of the Veterinarian doctors in their area. “Veterinarians often work long hours. Some work nights or weekends, and they may have to respond to emergencies outside of scheduled work hours"(veterinarians).The amount of work and dedication a veterinarian puts in is reflected in their wage....   [tags: Veterinary medicine, Medicine, Veterinarian]

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Medicine and Herbal Remedies Throughout the Sixteenth Century

- Shakespeare, self proclaimed poet and renowned playwright, lived in the age of the Renaissance. More specifically, the time at which the Tudor family ruled England, during these times, there were deep-rooted religious cleansings and ongoing witch hunts, that sought out anyone and everyone that did not follow suit. Shakespeare (1564-1616A.D.) was born in, and lived through the medical renaissance, which was the point between 1400 and 1700A.D. that innovated the medicines used in Europe. These treatments were eventually diffused throughout the world....   [tags: Medicine]

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The Benefits of Complementary and Alternative Medicine

- In today’s world, many people assume that the latest medical technology and treatments are always the best option. However, all over the world, different techniques for curing diseases and aliments are being used. These methods fall under the category of complementary and alternative medicine. According to Sandra Augustyn Lawton in Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Teens, complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) can be defined as “a group of diverse medical and health care systems, practices, and products that are not presently considered to be part of conventional medicine” (Lawton, 2007, p.3)....   [tags: Alternative Medicine ]

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Neural Precursor Cells and Neuro-Regenerative Medicine

- Introduction The adult central nervous system (CNS) is comprised of cells from two distinct lineages- neurons and glial cells. Neurons are the basic building block of CNS that responsible for communicating information via eletro-chemical mechanisms. Glial cells (astrocytes and oligodendrocytes) surround the neurons; provide them support and insulation. “No new neuron after birth” or “the adult human brain cannot regenerate” was the dogma of neurosciences for the past century (1). Recently, this principle has been challenged by the discovery of NPC in both embryonic and adult mammalian nervous system (1, 2)....   [tags: Medicine]

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The History Of Medicine

- Yasming Stallworth Essay One Due 2-14-2014 “The History of Medicine” From the early Chines, the five basic elements of life was wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. These five elements correlated with the five planets, five directions, five organs in the human body, and more. It was the “lucky five”. There was no real development in medicine and no real tools were used to diagnose disease. Chinese used methods such as observation (of the tongue, and pulse) to figure out if someone was sick....   [tags: Health care, Medicine, Humorism, Health insurance]

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Personalized Medicine

- Modern genetic technology may lead to personalized medicine. Medications have been around for years. You can go to your local drugstores and pick up medicines to cure anything from a headache to a stomachache. Over the counter medicines have eliminated people from having to go to the doctor as frequently. It also eliminates us from having to pay co-pays and other fees. Unfortunately, over the counter medications aren’t enough to cure all illnesses, pains, or ailments. Medications saves a lot of people lives....   [tags: Medicine ]

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There Can Be No Lying in Medicine

- Truthfulness spreads into almost everywhere such as relationships, education, especially medicine because it is a very significant property. Since the beginning, there is an argument in medicine whether doctors should always tell the truth to seriously ill or dying patients or not. There are many various ideas, which may change by situation or people, in this issue. For example, according to Sisella Bok there are three main arguments on this issue, which are that truthfulness is impossible; patients do not want bad news; and truthful information harms them (227) in her article “Lying to the Sick and Dying”....   [tags: truth, medicine, ]

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Alternative Medicine For Health Care

- Traditional medicine plays a vital role in health care, which is based on scientific researches, rigorous experiments and clinical practices (World Health Organization, 2000). With the growth of chronic diseases, ageing and the diversity pathogenic factors, the medical environment, and conditions have changed. In recent decades, modern scientific medicine was developed in the Western world, such as Europe and the United States, which considered complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) as normal treatment....   [tags: Medicine, Alternative medicine, Ayurveda, Health]

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Food as Medicine

- As our Society becomes more educated on how our food choices affect our health and wellbeing, Allopathic medicine needs to recognize its value. Since the beginning of mankind, people have used foods to not only fill their stomachs, but also to heal their bodies. Food can affect our health and even our emotions in both positive and negative ways. Allopathic medicine, evidence based science, looks at food mainly for its caloric value: using food to heal is looked and frowned upon, as “Alternative” medicine....   [tags: health, allopathic medicine]

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Integrative Medicine : The New Health Paradigm

- ... However, alternative medicine is not always based on scientific thought or proven by scientific research, and there is a concern that it opens the door for self-diagnosis and unsupervised remedies. In an interview with Dr. Amy Meyers, M.D., she stated that although it is not supported by scientific research, alternative medicine is beneficial because it “…focuses on preventing and finding the underlying cause of an illness instead of simply treating the symptoms” (Meyers). The focus of Alternative medicine is to treat each patient as a whole and as an individual, while Conventional medicine focuses on using a predetermined course of treatment for a defined set of symptoms....   [tags: Alternative medicine, Medicine, Therapy]

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Chinese Medicine Treatment Options

- Treatments Edmond is passionate about Chinese medicine and dedicated to using this wonderful healing system in the treatment and prevention of illness and disease. He believes in a patient-centred approach and encourages active participation in formulating a therapeutic management plan to optimise your health according to the principles and methods of Chinese medicine. Treatment options include: acupuncture, herbal medicine, moxibustion, cupping, acupressure massage, TDP lamp therapy and buqi therapy....   [tags: Alternative Medicine ]

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Complementary and Alternative Medicine

- Introduction In recent years, there has been an increasing interest in complementary medicine, and indeed alternative medicine (Lee-Treweek 2002, Andrews 2004, Barry 2006). Moreover the number of professionally trained therapist and practitioners has increased giving the patient/client a better choice and at more competitive rates (Smallwood, 2005). In this essay a critical assessment of the view that ‘patients use of complementary and alternative medicine, can be understood as part of the individualisation of responsibility for health’ will be made and argued, that there are many aspects which influence the uptake of such therapies....   [tags: Health, Medicine]

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Hippocrates : The Father Of Modern Medicine

- Hippocrates: the Father of Modern Medicine Hippocrates was born to a physician priest around 460 B.C (History Learning Site). Hippocrates was known as the Greek doctor of medicine. During his time, he made a strong mark in medical history. Although he did most of his work 430 years before the birth of Christ, he is still considered the father of modern medicine. In today’s world he is strongly recognized so much so that graduating medical students take what is called the ‘Hippocratic Oath” as they step into the world of practicing medicine....   [tags: Medicine, Physician, Avicenna, Galen]

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Herbal Remedies Vs Modern Medicine

- ... Herbal remedies have gained attention in the past decades, and expanding their uses due to the increased interest of natural therapies (Wachtel-Galor & Benzie, 2011). Herbs used on the remedies grow in the wild throughout the world, therefore making it easy to obtain. The herbal remedies have a lower cost because their naturally grown just like crops and the crops are sold at a considerably low price throughout most of the world. Also the herbal remedies are not mixed with chemicals that need extensive testing giving it a low cost....   [tags: Alternative medicine, Medicine, Herbalism]

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The Benefits of Energy Medicine

- Healthcare industry has a giant place in economy, and medicine part of that industry is developing very rapidly because everyday people use medicines to prevent illnesses, to reduce stress, or to be more energetic. However, many people start to see disadvantages of conventional medicine because of its high costs and side effects. At this time, complementary and alternative medicine shows itself as a good alternative. It is not a type of conventional medicine because it has different ways for treatment, and has different products and practices....   [tags: Energy Medicine, medical, ]

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The University Of Washington School Of Medicine

- ... This year, applications were due by October 15, 2015. Once UW School of Medicine receives the application, the student’s weighted GPA is added to the average MCAT score, and the total is converted to a 4.0 scale so that the combined score cannot exceed eight. If an applicant’s combined score is less than five, he or she will automatically be taken out of the application pool. After review of the AMCAS applications, those who qualified will be granted a secondary application and, for this year, must submit it prior to December 1, 2015....   [tags: Medical school, Physician, Medicine]

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Medicine Is A Noble And Honourable Profession

- As a child it was quite distressing to see the struggles and hardships that my mother was going through. Its very difficult to comprehend how my young, healthy mother went from being able to do things that she enjoyed to struggling to do some of the basic things she desired to do for her family. To be honest, it was a disease that none of us understood first. I remember my mother going from doctor to doctor trying to figure out why her body was failing her. Eventually a rheumatologist, an amazing physician who quickly diagnosed her with Rheumatoid arthritis and started treatment immediately....   [tags: Physician, Medicine, Medical school]

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My Future in Medicine as a Anesthesiologists

- On October 5, 2013 , I received outstanding news that left me speechless. I was notified by the National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists that I was chosen to represent my school and state at this wonderful event. I later realized that I was one step closer to achieving my dream of becoming an Anesthesiologist. This day led me to look at my future in medicine and realize why medicine was so significant to me. At the age of 10 I knew for sure that I wanted a career in the medical field and others around me were sure that medicine was the field for me....   [tags: medicine, career, education]

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A Research Study On Veterinary Medicine

-   One of the most intriguing fields of work is veterinary medicine, and although it may be stressful, hazardous, strenuous, and bittersweet at times it all pays off in the end knowing you’re becoming the voice of many helpless animals. 1Veterinarians are responsible for the health of all sorts of animals in all kinds of places.7 They also help protect humans from diseases that could be transferred from animals to humans such as rabies or salmonella poisoning. Becoming a veterinarian is extremely interesting because there are so many different areas to specialize in like dentistry, zoology, and even orthopedics, and if you become bored with a certain area there is always a new and exciting fi...   [tags: Veterinary medicine, Veterinarian, The Animals]

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Professionalism and Humanism in the Practice of Medicine

- The practice of medicine has been characterized as of late by a departure from the professionalism and humanism that once acted as the basis for all medical care. The current medical model of education and training, as well as an increase in technological reliance and the overburdening of healthcare workers has generated a shift in how practitioners behave in the medical setting. As a student of the PA profession, much of my success as a healthcare provider will be determined by the success with which I perform my technical responsibilities and generate meaningful interactions with my patients....   [tags: physical practice of medicine]

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A Pioneer For Women 's Medicine

- ... Trotula was attentive to the diseases that women get, and women’s overall health, and she became skilled in diagnosing unique female medical issues (Trotula, 2016). She diagnosed unique problems ranging from complications from pregnancy to issues related to feminine hygiene. Trotula wrote many medical works. Her works are a collection of medical advice. Her lesser-known book was titled De Aegritudinum Curatione, known as The Trotula Minor, and it covered more general information about the practice of medicine (Trotula, 2016)....   [tags: Woman, Childbirth, Medicine, Female]

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A Research Study On Preventive Medicine

- Statement of Purpose I can still remember those words, ‘When you are a clinician, you are saving a life, but when you are a public health personnel, you are saving thousands of lives at a time’, delivered by my professor in the orientation class of undergraduate Community Medicine course. That introductory speech was so motivating that I contemplated for a while, should I be in the ‘thousands life saver’ group. Though inspiring, that speech alone was not sufficient to grow my interest in public health....   [tags: Epidemiology, Public health, Medicine]

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Women Discrimination in The Medicine Field

- The field of medicine has been constantly progressing through the centuries with surgery, as one of its most fundamental structure of medicine. Cutting people open to find the harm and relieving them of it. But as the field of surgery progress over time; the surgical environment has developed a gender sphere that makes it difficult for women to become surgeons. The glass ceiling is a political metaphor that exists to explain the gender disadvantages within disciplined jobs (The Glass Ceiling Effect*)....   [tags: medicine, surgery, surgeons]

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Complementary And Alternative Medicine ( Cam )

- Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) in the recent years has become popular as proved by increased number of people have opted to use this as their primary healthcare practice. Most of the practices are done independently at home by just following simple instructions. Patients and their families have started to bring these practices into the acute care setting and for this reason; there is need for doctors and nurses to educate their patients the best ways of incorporating CAM into their treatment so as to maintain their safety in their plan of care....   [tags: Psychology, Emotion, Medicine, Therapy]

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The Benefits of Modern Medicine

- After the industrial revolution in the 18th century in Europe and America, there was the rapid industrial and economic growth in the 19th century, which in turn caused various scientific discoveries and various invention therefore making more progress in identifying illnesses and developing modes of treatment and cure, this was where modern medicine started. After the industrial revolution there were more industries, which in turn created a lot of work-related diseases and poor hygiene, also as the cities began to grow larger, more communicable diseases began to increase, cases like typhoid and cholera became epidemics....   [tags: Western Medicine Essays]

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Personal Statement : Family Medicine

- Personal Statement: Family Medicine It all began when I was eight years, my father and I were waiting patiently in our community health center to see the doctor because I had a fever. A few minutes later, a young man stepped out from a wooden door wearing a long white coat with a stethoscope gently resting around his neck. I turned to my father and asked “Dad, is that an Angel”. My father replied, “No son that is the doctor we came to see”. This experience opened up my dream to become a physician....   [tags: Physician, Medical school, Medicine]

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Ibn Sina's Influence on Medicine

- Katie Grimes Dr. Mohammad Khalil REL 330 15 April 2014 Ibn Sīnā’s Medical Masterpiece: al-Qanun and its Influence on the History of Medicine The great Muslim philosopher Ibn Sīnā was also a great physician—one of the most influential of his time. As part of his studies, he authored the Canon of Medicine, a massive encyclopedia of medical practice. He opens this book with a famous definition, writing: “medicine is the science by which we learn the various states of the human body in health and when not in health, and the means by which health is likely to be lost and, when lost, is likely to be restored back to health” (Bakhtiar 9)....   [tags: medicine history, al-Qanun]

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An Analysis of the Use of Alternative Medicine

- From Asia, to Europe, and now to America, alternative medicine is rapidly spreading into Western culture. Alternative medicine is the practice of treating the symptoms of disease, or injury that is not recognized as conventional medicine. Often, alternative medicine is a form of therapy or regimen that is vaguely founded on science and comes from a natural approach that does not involve chemicals or invasive procedures. Millions of people are being deceived by the façade that natural remedies are healthier and safer than conventional medicine....   [tags: herbal therapy, herbal medicine, diet]

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The Field Of Veterinary Medicine

- The Field of Veterinary Medicine: Communication and Controversies Veterinary Medicine is a competitive field, whether you are going for your Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine (DVM) or to be a Licensed Veterinary Technician (LVT). There will be competitive programs you will need to do well in to be able to continue working at getting a degree to this field. A veterinarian or vet is a professionally skilled worker licensed in providing a wide range of medical care to diverse types of animals. I was able to conduct an interview with Nadeene DeLong, Licensed Veterinary Technician who works at Town and Country Animal Care in Marlette, Michigan....   [tags: Veterinary medicine, Veterinarian]

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The Use of Complementary Alternative Medicine

- In the year of 2013, the number of new cancer cases was estimated to be approximately 1,660,000, causing the death of approximately 580,000 people in the United States. Across America, both, alternative medicine and traditional medical care is used by men and women. Approximately 50% of Americans have found the use of Alternative Medicine to be more appropriate for them and their families compared to traditional medical care in relation to general medical conditions. A study included in the National Library of Medicine states that 193 patients of a 316 patient study used Complementary Alternative medicine following a cancer diagnosis....   [tags: chinese medicine, medical care, cancer]

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Restorative and Enhancement Cyborgs in Modern Medicine

- I am a cyborg; today we live in a world of cyborgs. This makes statements such as these much more common. In the past cyborgs were consider freaks of nature and were one in a billion. Recently our society is has become no longer worried with whether you are a cyborg or not but rather what type of cyborg you are. Cyborg technologies have invaded nearly every aspect of our lives, including technologies such as vaccination, insulin pump, artificial organs, etc. For decades, cyborgs have been exclusively associated with science fiction and fantasy; only in the futuristic genre can the organic and inorganic combine to form a cognitive being....   [tags: Medicine, Technology]

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The Integration of Information Technology and The Art of Medicine

- The integration of Information Technology and the art of Medicine is a challenging process due to the vast variables associated with health information data. Physicians during their medical training are taught to use evidence based medicine. This means using the most up to date scientific research data that has been analyzed and accepted as fact. (Sharon Bahrych, 2011) The defining elements and expectations of quality competent medical care provided to an individual has many varying factors that ultimately determine the patient’s course of treatment....   [tags: technology, medicine]

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Analysis of Alternative Medicine

- Alternative medicine has been around for ages, before we have been born. Alternative medicine is used daily without you knowing, it can be simple as taking fish oil for a minor heart problem. In the article, “At Issue: Alternative Medicine”, it says “Alternative medicine experience a period of growth in the u.s in the 1900s” .Doctors are taking a different approach to medicine, more of a natural way of healing. Alternative medicine is a better solution as opposed to modern medicine because it has little to no side effects, it is statistically proven to work, and it is all natural; it is better because you don’t put bad chemicals in the body....   [tags: antidepressants, drugs, modern medicine]

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Conventional and Alternative Medicine

- Conventional and Alternative Medicine It is important to comprehend the movement of the existing predictiments in the issue of conventional which is also called traditional and alternative medicine. At that point those are several positions that accompany to diseases and good health, in accumulation to the steps that entitled for it to be taken out by an individual and then as to advocate full health. Patients are getting frustrated with doctors that seem pushy with drugs and surgeries as cures....   [tags: diseases, tradicional medicine]

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The Field Of Medicine And The Human Body

- ... Concerns about his elevated blood pressure were ignored, and no specialist was recommended though there was prior history of calcium buildup of the heart. While in transit to the hospital, I reassured my mother it was not serious though I was unaware of the circumstances that occurred. After arriving and being informed of his passing, I broke down; this was when I realized the fragility of human life. This sudden change brought me to the understanding that a medical professional should give attention to all aspects of the patient’s life, in order to be preemptive towards possible health issues....   [tags: Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, Medicine]

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Women Of The Profession Of Medicine

- Women Doctors in Medicine Historically and in many parts of the world the profession of medicine is dominated by men doctors and women 's participation has been significantly reduced. Throughout the nineteenth century, woman 's proper place was considered to be in the kitchen where she could appropriately take the lead. The kitchen was her only sphere of influence and whatever action she took there was considered okay. Nowhere was this more evident than for women who aspired to become doctors and entered the medical profession....   [tags: Medicine, Childbirth, Lillian Wald, Physician]

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Precise and Personalized Medicine

- I do not know about you, but some of my favorites gifts are the ones that are made just for me. It could be my name engraved in a piece of jewelry or a calendar filled with family photos. Quite simply, these objects are the dearest, because they were carefully thought out for me. The arena of precision medicine is simplistic in spirit, but there is exquisite complexity in the technology to deliver this medicine. With each passing year, the ability to pinpoint the problem and fine tune treatments is moving at a fast clip....   [tags: benefits, technology, medicine]

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Medicine Through the Ages

- The theories of Hippocrates and Galen are of vital importance to the development of medicine, as they shaped medicine for many centuries to come. Hippocrates was the first to dismiss the notion that magic, spirits, or the Gods could cause or cure disease, reforming the course medicine took. Galen followed in the footsteps of Hippocrates, working relentlessly on human anatomy, endeavoring to fathom how the body functions and what happens when something goes wrong. Without Hippocrates’ belief in diseases being a product of nature revolutionizing medicine, and Galen’s extensive work on the anatomy of the human body, medicine may not have progressed to what it is today....   [tags: Theories Hippocrates, Galen, Medicine]

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Benefits Of Complimentary And Alternative Medicine

- BSTRACT In the face of rapid technological advancement and medicalization of lifestyle, is there space and need for alternative forms of medicine. The purpose of this research proposal is to focus on the advantages and benefits of complimentary and alternative medicine (CAM) therapies. Taking Yoga as an example of CAM, its effects on anxiety disorders will be studied. Yoga is a program that integrates all the life aspects of mind, body, and spirit may allow participants to find greater improvements of overall well-being....   [tags: Cognitive behavioral therapy, Psychology, Medicine]

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Contemporary and Alternative Medicine

- Contemporary and Alternative Medicine “Health need and the use of alternative medicine among adults who do not use conventional medicine”   In researching the article “health need and the use of alternative medicine among adults who do not use conventional medicine,” I found that this article is a notion based on people who use conventional and alternative medicine. (Nahin, Dahlhamer, Stussman, & 2010, p. 220) These results are based on numbers of those who turn to conventional and alternative medicine in a giving year....   [tags: conventional medicine, CAM therapies]

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Evidence Based Medicine (EBM)

- ... The current status of nurse practitioners is that there has been a documented increase in the levels of fear regarding EBM, nurse practitioners have been shown to not trust, or to not posses the skills to calculate the necessary mathematics to evaluate EBM research, especially and specifically the measurement of clinical outcome among EBM 4 information. It has been shown that the technology of the nurse practitioners’ education has not been advantageous to their ability to apply EBM, 5 and thus they have ultimately experienced a difficulty harnessing and implementing EBM because of this inherent educational weakness....   [tags: medicine, healthcare, clinical]

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Medicine : An Element Of Compassion

- There is an element of compassion in medicine that only certain people hold. It belongs to those who truly enjoy the impact they have on someone’s life. I have a memory of this from when I was a little girl: my grandfather performing a check-up on a patient. There wasn’t much excitement behind it but his tender touch helped me see the artistry that goes behind being an effective doctor. Patience, gentleness, and attentiveness were what I noticed most in that short amount of time. On their way out, the patient asked about her son, and without hesitation Tata began to examine him before letting them leave just to reassure the mother....   [tags: Medicine, Physician, Patient, Health care]

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The World Of Medicine And Technology

- ... From this point on, it became reasonable to say whether or not someone’s death was an acceptable alternative to the quality of life the person would have otherwise. This intrinsically is the opposite of what the job of a nurse is supposed to be, what they take the post for in the first place makes this a whale of an issue. The particulate that is causing difficulty for nurses the United States over is legal issues with things such as DNR orders. Perhaps not-so-ironically coinciding with ethical implications that cause its legality to come into question, this becomes more vague when the Venn diagrams come out....   [tags: Medicine, Ethics, Do not resuscitate, Illness]

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The Medical Field Of Medicine

- ... Older people are easily subject to chronic conditions and hence end-of-life care is very essential. The advancement of medical equipment and technology usually results in expensive machinery, and therefore higher healthcare costs. The quality of care currently provided is still subject to many issues like incoordination between hospitals and doctors, inefficient workflow, medical errors, and staff shortages. Structural issues involve fraud, waste, and market distortions. Besides the problem of healthcare costs is the issue of inadequate medical knowledge....   [tags: Medicine, Health care, Physician, Health]

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Music Therapy And Modern Medicine

- ... Richardson, Babiak-Vazques, and Frenkel agree that “music therapy is often one of the first programs established within integrative medicine programs within hospital settings” (76). With such programs being implemented, it allows the advancement and study of music therapy to continue. The benefits of music therapy are applicable to all ages. One area that has come into the spotlight is the use of music therapy in the NICU. According to Clements-Cortes, “premature infants often suffer from impairment with respect to several abilities including: the inability to suck or swallow; difficulty with nutrient processing/absorption ....   [tags: Medicine, Therapy, Music therapy, Suffering]

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My Most Defining Experience With Osteopathic Medicine

- My most defining experience with osteopathic medicine was shadowing a family physician, Dr. Truong. I was impressed by his holistic, patient-centered care and his hands-on manipulative skills. Not only did he provide the medical treatment to his patients, but he cared for them mentally and spiritually. For example, he asked his patients about their life goals at their initial visit, and he reminded and encouraged them to work towards their goals during their future visits. He also promoted healthy lifestyle, such as eating low sugar, high vegetable diet and doing exercises regularly....   [tags: Physician, Medicine, Alternative medicine]

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The Problem Of Health And Medicine

- Health & Medicine Health is considerably one of the most important things an individual should worry about. Health is essential for day to day activities and can determine how long a person has have to live. However, there are many problems with the current health system today such as drug companies taking advantage of numerous individuals. It seems that health is not prioritised for the right reasons. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, Medical Sociology is defined as “concerns with the relationship between social factors and health.” By this definition medical sociology classifies under Conflict Theory....   [tags: Medicine, Health care, Health economics, Health]

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Is Traditional Chinese Medicine for the Better, or Worse?

- Everyday people hear natural is better, well it isn’t. A treatment for a disease with Western medicine sounds like it has more serious side-effects, but the truth is that Western medicine is just more upfront about it then Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM. Mislabeling is just one of the many problems with TCM. Even though Traditional Chinese Medicine is more natural and has less side effects, TCM should not be used instead of Western Medicine because TCM is increasing the threatened and endangered species list, can be harmful to the planet by increasing pollution rates, and can be detrimental to humans....   [tags: treatment, medicine, side-effects]

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Medical Ethics : The Medicine

- ... Doctor Bradley defines medical conscientious objection as “the notion that a health care provider can abstain from offering certain types of medical care which he/she does not professionally agree. This includes case which would otherwise be considered medically appropriate” (256). Conscientious objection gives medical professionals a way to properly refuse care without being put in a compromising position. Political Scientist Eric Schulzke describes a pharmacy in Washington which does not stock emergency contraceptives....   [tags: Health care, Health care provider, Medicine]

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Hippocratic Medicine

- This chapter will analyze the Hippocratic medicine using especially the study of the Hippocratic Corpus. In the texts of the Hippocratic Corpus, medicine becomes pragmatic and secular, with theories to explain natural causes of diseases and discussions about medical practices and professional ethic. The chapter will discuss fundamental theoretical and ethical changes in medicine after Hippocrates. It is important to keep in mind that the Hippocratic Corpus is not the text of a single author, but rather a compilation of writings by many authors with similar characteristics with Hippocrates of Cos....   [tags: Medicine, Religion]

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American College Of Preventative Medicine

- According to the American College of Preventative Medicine (2011), non-adherence to medications is estimated to cause 125,000 deaths annually and overall, about 20% to 50% of patients are non-adherent to medical therapy. Through my personal experience working in the healthcare field, I have observed an increasing number of patients seemingly detached from the seriousness of their medical diagnoses, as the majority of my patients have taken very little personal responsibility in their own healing and overall health....   [tags: Medicine, Health care provider, Health care]

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Acupuncture: New Medicine Alternative or Scam?

- Acupuncture: New Medicine Alternative or Scam. Acupuncture is an old therapeutic practice in Chinese medicine; however, it is becoming more prevalent in America every year. Have you ever wondered how sticking little needles into someone could actually work to reduce pain and other illnesses. Acupuncture is, by definition, “A Chinese medical practice or procedure that treats illness or provides local anesthesia by the insertion of needles at specified sites of the body” (“Acupuncture”). It sounds crazy that getting poked by needles would actually alleviate pain, right....   [tags: therapeutic practice, chinese medicine]

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The Sports Medicine Staff At Mercer University

- The higher education leader that I was able to interview is my supervisor, here, at Mercer University. Earlier this year, he was faced with an ethical situation involving one of the teams that the Sports Medicine staff covers. First, I will provide the background for the situation. The sports medicine staff at Mercer receives athletic training students from other universities to further the development of their education. Each semester, we will receive about four to five students to help with each sport that is in season during that time period....   [tags: Education, University, Sports medicine]

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Rise in Accidental and Prescription Medicine Overdoses

- Introduction Recent articles in The Age, Morning Herald newspapers and Australian Medical Association magazines highlight an alarming new statistic “Deaths from accidental and prescription medicine overdoses have, for the first time, exceeded the national road toll” (Novakovic, AMA, 2013). These articles raises questions about where does the responsibility of the recent increase in pharmaceutical related death in Australia lie. Does responsibility lye with the professionals prescribing the medication, with the individual or society for creating a socially acceptable environment....   [tags: medicine, pharmaceutical overdoses]

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How Much Did Medicine and Treatment Progress (Change and Continuity) Between 1350 and 1750?

- How much did medicine and treatment progress (change and continuity) between 1350 and 1750. In medicine there were many things that changed and some that stayed the same between 1350 and 1750. Initially I will be looking at medicine and treatment in the Ancient World as a prelude to its importance during the Renaissance period, and also the influence it may have had in the Middle Ages. During Ancient times, cure and prevention of illness and disease were not very well developed – people would blame their ill health on Gods, witches, demons or other supernatural causes....   [tags: Medicine]

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Traditional Chinese Medicine

- One important aspect of Chinese culture is Traditional Chinese Medicine, also known as TCM. Chinese medicine has been around for quite awhile, and is still around today. In the United States, we see it as acupuncture and massage. TCM is still widely popular in its home country where it is still practiced as it was a few centuries ago. Chinese medicine is evolving to our modern day times, but it is keeping close ties to its roots. Chinese medicine is also becoming more affluent in different parts of the globe....   [tags: chinese culture, traditional medicine]

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The Importance Of Becoming A Family Medicine Physician

- My father, two paternal uncles, two maternal uncles, five cousins, and two cousin’s husbands. Three cousins who are in medical school along my sister who is on the premed track. These are the statistics behind my claim of being from a family of physicians. Importantly, these statistics do not hold much importance in my choosing of becoming a family medicine physician. In my last year of medical school, evaluating my personal experiences with my family, my country of origin, and future opportunities, I decided that family medicine was the field I wanted to be a part of....   [tags: Physician, Medical school, Family, Medicine]

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The Importance Of Medicine And Its Effects On Today 's Modern Medicine

- ... During the war , Brian. J Ford said “If any good can be said to come of war, then the Second War, War must go on record as assisting and accelerating one of the greatest blessings that the 20th Century has conferred on Man - the huge advances in medical knowledge and surgical techniques. War, by producing so many and such appalling casualties, and by creating such widespread conditions in which disease can flourish, confronted the medical profession with an enormous challenge - and the doctors of the world rose to the challenge of the last war magnificently” (battlefield medicine) At the beginning of the war there was very little medical help, if a soldier got severely wounded they would...   [tags: Medicine, Physician, Health care, Health]

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Medicine Physical Therapy

- Life as a Sports Medicine Physical Therapist As a Sports Medicine Physical Therapist, many people are trained to diagnose and help prevent injuries that occur during physical activities (“Physical Medicine”). Physical therapists examine patients, and prescribe medications as well as order diagnostic tests to perform and interpret. They usually counsel their clients on preventive care, diets and also hygiene. Most physical therapists stretch, and massage their clients to help strengthen and enhance mobility....   [tags: physical activities, physical medicine]

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Ancient Greek Medicine

- ... She oiled my limbs, kneading and knuckling, and slapping; looked at my wound, muttering charms and said it would heal clean…… I stretched out under the old woman’s hand, feeling my sinews loosened and my blood run sweetly. nothing was left but the smart of the wine in my graze, and a heavy drowsiness…… In the morning the old woman came again with her warm oils. I slept like a log; my leg wound was drying cleanly, and not much deeper than a scrape. The muscles I had thought were torn were only strained; all I need now was to move about....   [tags: alternative medicine, health]

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The Strengths and Weaknesses Within My Medicine Wheel

- Introduction In Aboriginal teachings, the medicine wheel is sacred because it represents the various components of a healthy, well-rounded individual. Like wellness, the medicine wheel represents an “active state of health in which an individual progresses toward a higher level of functioning, thus achieving an optimum balance” (as cited in Fain & Lewis, 2002, p. 7). The medicine wheel is divided into four major sections, each representing a major part of a person (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual)....   [tags: Medicine Wheel ]

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Chinese Traditional Medicine

- “Is twenty bags enough. I think you should take more, because you are not coming home until next year, OK?” My mother said this to me when I packed my baggage to United States, as she gave me twenty bags of herbal tea and told me that I must take them with me no matter how heavy my baggage was. I grew up in the southern China, and we used to drink herbal tea when we got sick or prevented from sickness. In Guangdong province, we have a term call “Liang Cha” (凉茶, cha means tea in Chinese), which means cooling tea; we drink it to cool down the body when we are overheated due to weather or sickness....   [tags: herbal tea, western medicine]

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Greek Influence On Modern Medicine And Health

- ... “…Ultimately, thanatos prevails” (Singh par 18), Thanatos meaning death, no matter what it is going to happen. Modern medicine is the eros or love that can prevent future illness and cure disease, yet death will eventually happen, it is the final step of life and have to accept it. In addition to Alcmaeon, Hippocrates the Father of Medicine, had the ultimate impact of the progression of medicine contributing to its modern use today. In our modern society, every single aspect of life has been named, though Hippocrates did not put a name down he did explain in great detail his findings....   [tags: Health, Medicine, Health care, Illness]

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