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Assessment of Three Government Policies Measures to Increase Labour Mobility

- Assessment of Three Government Policies Measures to Increase Labour Mobility Labour mobility refers to the freedom of workers to practice their occupation wherever opportunities exist. This may mean changing occupation (occupational mobility) or moving to work in another area (geographical mobility). A lack of mobility is identified as a cause of structural unemployment. This is where mismatches occur and unemployed workers are unable or unwilling to fill existing vacancies due to the skills shortages- occupational immobility or shortages in particular areas-geographical mobility Governments use various measures to improve mobility .In the UK these include th...   [tags: Papers]

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Preventive Measures Not Taken by US Before World War I

- Preventive Measures Not Taken by US Before World War I World War I was a war of great magnitude and importance. Wilson's goals for World War I to be the war to end all wars and to make the world safe from democracy were never accomplished. German submarine warfare and freedom of the seas brought the United States into the war. It could've been prevented if we would've not allowed the German submarine problem to get out of control and ended it when it began. To prepare better for the war the United States should have drafted all males and females between the ages of eighteen and forty-five....   [tags: Papers]

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Intellectual Property Laws and Security Measures

- Everyday people are coming up with new created ideas, innovations, and inventions and there are people who would steal those for personal gain. The intellectual property law is to protect people’s ideas, innovations, and inventions to prevent people from stealing ideas and passing them as their own for a profit. According to Grama, (2011), the laws recognizes three types of intellectual property of patents, trademarks, and copyrights, (p. 265). Patents are used to protect inventions such as equipment, designs, processes and more....   [tags: violations, policies, fbi]

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The Measures of the Bolsheviks to Maintain Power and Address the Problems of Russia Before the Outbreak of Civil War

- The Measures of the Bolsheviks to Maintain Power and Address the Problems of Russia Before the Outbreak of Civil War After the Bolsheviks seizure of power in November 1917, Lenin needed to ensure all previously made promises were kept and that Russia's increasing problems were resolved. The Bolsheviks were a relatively small party with big plans for Russia - a communist state. Is this were to be possible Lenin would need to gain greater support. Lenin made several crucial decisions in the early days of ‘peace, bread, land and all power to the soviet’....   [tags: Papers]

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Slovenia: From state economy to the EU austerity measures

- The death of Josip Broz Tito in 1980, made some significant changes within Yugoslavia. As one of the constituent Republics of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Slovenia was considered to be the most prosperous republic of Yugoslavia (ESI). But the election of Slobodan Milosevic as the President of Serbia and then later as the 3rd President of Yugoslavia; the rise of nationalism of the ethnic groups; and the economic turmoil within Yugoslavia shaped within the geography of the Balkans. Driven by those circumstances, Slovenians declared their independence from the Federation after its 10-day war in 1991 (ESI)....   [tags: Yugoslavia, History, Economy]

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Digital Fraud Common Forms and Preventative Measures

- Introduction “Whoever commits a fraud is guilty not only of the particular injury to him who he deceives, but of the diminution of that confidence which constitutes not only the ease but the existence of society” -Samuel Johnson In our ever changing world, technological advances over the past twenty years have paved the way for and deepened our reliance on the digital and computerized lifestyle; electronic mailing, online social networking, computer gaming, e-book reading, mobile phoning, etc......   [tags: Crime ]

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The Effects of Wolves on Game Populations

- The reintroduction of wolves has effected game a crossed the western Rockies. In many ways wolves have been a negative influence. They have caused problems in many wild game populations, including deer, elk, and many more. What has caused these problems, how do wolves hunt, and how do we control them. The original wolves were very different from the ones that were planted. So while environmentalists thought they were helping to level out environmental problems, they succeeded in doing the opposite, by bringing back the wrong kind of wolves they started, depleting elk populations, and wild game....   [tags: environmental measures and effects]

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Triangle Shirtwaist Fire - Lasting Effects

- INTRODUCTION On March 25, 1911, 146 garment factory workers their lives in a fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory in New York City. In less than an hour, these workers died from asphyxiation, burns, or jumping to their deaths in a futile attempt at escape (McGuire, 2011). The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory the eighth through tenth floors of New York City’s Asch building, and employed approximately 700 workers, 500 of them young women and girls (McGuire, 2011). A fire quickly broke out on the eighth floor shortly before the end of the work day....   [tags: safety measures in factories]

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The Process of Making Nuclear Power

- Did you know that about twenty percent of our nation’s electricity comes from an extremely radioactive material. (Phelps). The process of making nuclear power is quite interesting. There are two different ways of obtaining nuclear power. One of them being the process of splitting the nuclei of atoms which is known as nuclear fission, and the other is nuclear fusion (Benson). A component in a power plant called a nuclear reactor is used to split uranium atoms in nuclear fission (Benson). This energy in the form of heat is used to generate electricity....   [tags: radioactive material, safety measures]

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Investigation of the Pinna Effect in Response to a Click: Analysis of the Frequency Response Curve Measured at the Eardrum

- Introduction The human auditory system is incredibly accurate in identifying signal content, location, and meaning through discrete neurological processes. The accuracy of these processes begins at the external, anatomical portions of the auditory pathway: the pinna and ear canal. The pinna serves to collect sound from the environment and generate direction-dependent cues through spectral transformations (Hofman, et al, 1998; Raykar, et al, 2005). Sounds that are funneled into the ear canal contain range of frequencies that are amplified and attenuated....   [tags: the human auditory system]

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Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures in Lord of the Flies by William Golding

- In most societies, adults play a lead role in maintaining civilization. In William Golding’s novel, Lord of the Flies, there is no adult guidance which drives the children to spiral out of control. No authority means there are no consequences for bad behavior; therefore the children were not afraid of getting in trouble for the things that they were doing. When fear of “The Beast” takes over the island, it begins to possess the boys and motivates them to do whatever they need to feel empowered and accepted....   [tags: children, bullying, shootings]

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Measures Companies Need to Take in Order to Prevent Computers System Failure

- ... Both the client and server have keys on encryption keys. When a backup is preformed the data is encrypted at the client before being sent to the server for storage on tape. This added an extra level of security to your backup over the network or if a third party manages to get hold of the backup tape. The keys used to create the encryption should be record and stored in a secure place. In the event of a system failure the data would be irretrievable without the encryption keys. Disaster recovery options are included with larger base packages....   [tags: threats, backup, protection, network]

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UK Health Services Not Meeting the Needs to Identify Specific Health Measures for Gay and Bisexual Men

- Health according to the Constitution adopted by the International Health Conference held in New York in 1946 which led to the foundation of the World Health Organization (WHO) was defined as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” (World Health Organization 2006, pp. 1-18) and it was observed a fundamental right of every human being to enjoy the highest attainable standard of health irrespective of race, religion, political belief, economic or social condition (WHO, 2006)....   [tags: health care great britain, ]

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Research Article Analysis: Juveniles in Prison

- Research Article Analysis This research analysis is meant to measure the effects of this particular program against the goals it set out to accomplish as a means of contributing to subsequent decision making about the program and improving future programming. This applied research study is an evaluation research project of social science that is intended to supply scientifically valid information with which to guide public policy. The goals of this evaluation research are to provide feedback to policy makers in concrete and measurable terms....   [tags: jain, research paper, criminology]

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Goal 12 : Ensure Sustainable Consumption And Production Patterns

- ... The measure of targets also seeks to support majority of developing countries to help strengthen technological and scientific capacities. The reason to use this target to ensure that countries move towards sustainable patterns in both consumption and production. Whether countries gain increased level of production and consumption, they can only measure this through some variables. Buonoet al.(2015) outline in their journal that this depends on promotion of products, number of people that have secured employment, and the extent to which countries promote their culture.The last aspect that regards the measure of targets refers to rationalization of the most inefficient fuel subsidies....   [tags: Sustainability, United Nations, Development]

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Mandatory Recycling and How It Can Help Our World

- MANDATORY RECYCLING The question is why or not recycle should be to be mandatory. I strongly believe that recycle should be mandatory to be necessary for al citizen, not solely in my Country however globally, recycle will facilitate defend the setting and its basis for each nationality Recycle is useful in the setting if done on a vast scale. They're square measure several edges to use and their square measure disadvantages additionally. Some edges embody reducing waste, value effectiveness, and education of the general public on the results Recycling will save saves energy as a result of the manufacturer doesn’t get to turn out one thing new from raw natural resources....   [tags: vast scale, naturally, pollution]

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The Pros and Cons of Standardized Testing

- Throughout the years students have dreaded one thing their entire school career, that one thing is standardized testing. Instead of focusing on classes at school, students are constantly worried about the pressure of applications and the strain that comes along with standardized testing. This kind of testing induces much unneeded stress that may generate the student to do poorly on the standardized test. Many educators argue that standardized testing is an accurate way of testing students in the sense that it can compare students for college and that it provides fast results of the students’ knowledge....   [tags: stress, results, knowledge, student]

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The SAT and Its Role in Public Policy

- Today, in the United States, standardized tests are administered every year by states to their Kindergarten-12th grade public school students. Different states place different weight on their standardized testing results where some states differ their funding based on results and annual improvement, whereas other states allow schools to simply gauge where their students are scoring relative to other schools in the state. These tests, however, are only standardized within one state. One of the few tests standardized throughout the entire country is the SAT, the Scholastic Aptitude Test, administered by College Board and required by, “More than 800 of the nation’s colleges and universities,”...   [tags: standardized tests, US education system]

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Performance Measurment for Non-Profit Organizations

- ... (2009)). Measurement methods Author/Company Year 1ST Measurement Project General Electric 1952 Porter’s five forces Porter 1985 The Value chain Porter 1985 The Performance Pyramid Cross & Lynch 1991 Balanced score card Kaplan & Norton 1992 Business Navigator Skandia 1994 The profit chain in services Heskett et al. 1997 The Stakeholder model Approach Atkinsen et al. 1997 The Value reporting model Wright & Keegan 1997 The intangible asset monitor Sveiby 1998 The EFQM model Olve et al. 1999 The Performance prism Neely et al. 2001 Destination Performance analysis tool Dimitris Koutoulas 2006 DMO’s Activities, performance & productive measures DMAI 2011 Own illustration adapted from De Carlo,...   [tags: stakeholders, market, benchmarking]

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Music Is The Pleasure The Human Soul

- Since I was young, music have always played a major part in my life and to this day it still do. I was always involved in music one way or the other, whether it was playing with my parent’s CDs and tapes as a child, taking chorus classes in middle school, or becoming a professional DJ at the start of high school; music was and forever will be one of the major driving force of my life. I consider music an undying art, that requires a different way of thinking and levels of creativity.. Similar to looking for various possible solutions for a math problem....   [tags: Musical notation, Music, Mensural notation]

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Do Sequoyah Ramps Follow The ADA Guide Lines?

- The objective of this experiment was to determine whether or not the ramps at the Sequoyah High School met the qualifications of the American Disability Act, which is enacted to ensure the safety and protection of disabled people in the United States by taking extra measures in public places, such as installation of ramps In the experiment, one person put the laser at the top of the ramps, making sure it was level. Another person then took a meter stick, and measured where the laser light hit the meter stick at the bottom of the ramps....   [tags: experiment, ADA, qualifications]

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Fixing the Canadian Productivity Lag

- In a November 2011 Globe and Mail Blog, the author concludes that lagging Canadian productivity up to 2008 (compared to the USA) has cost Canadians $7500 annually in disposable income. This was one of the conclusions of a model simulation conducted by the Conference Board of Canada (Arcane & Lefebvre, 2011). Additionally, the model relates that real GDP would have been $8500 higher in 2008 while corporate profits would have been 40 per cent higher and government revenues would have been 31 per cent higher (Grant, 2011), had Canada kept up with the USA....   [tags: Canadian Government ]

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Intelligence Definition and Measurements

- Psychologists have differed on the definition for intelligence and how to measure intelligence. In this paper the definition of intelligence and how it is measured will be discussed by comparing and contrasting the two intelligence tests and two achievement tests chosen from the Mental Measurement Yearbook. The intelligence tests chosen were the Primary Test of Nonverbal Intelligence (PTONI) and the Test of Memory and Learning, 2nd ed., (TOMAL-2) and the achievement tests chosen were the Basic Achievement Skills Inventory (BASI) and the Differential Ability Scales, 2nd ed....   [tags: Intelligence]

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Gross Domestic Product

- Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted’ a famous quote by Cameron (1963) which is very insightful and interesting. He explains what many in the 21st century are trying to do so as well, and reminds us that there are many things which have more to them than what we count them for in our books. GDP is essentially measuring and counting all of the economic output/input of an economy in terms of money. In this essay I will be addressing the key terms and explaining how GDP is a good measure in some ways, but does not fully reflect the reality of wealth and wellbeing....   [tags: Wealth, Welfare, Measurement Tools]

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Tourism Industry a Major Source of Income

- ... In terms of indicators based on the purpose of this paper seeks to measure the impacts or benefits, competitiveness and future development in tourism. indicator Core Supplementary Future development Tourism performance and impacts -TDGDP -Inbound tourism expenditures -Exports of tourism services Ability of a destination to deliver quality and competitive tourism services -Labor productivity -Air connectivity and inter-modality -Government budget allocation for tourism Table1: List of indicators for measuring in tourism Source: modified from OECD (2013) Table1 shows indicators for measuring in tourism in accordance with OECD (2013) stated that indicators for measuring such factor...   [tags: economy and tourism destination]

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Social Security Benefit Indexing

- Social security benefit payments put increasing pressure on the Federal budget. The Social Security Administration has estimated that the system could become insolvent by 2041. With the U.S. national debt at over $17 trillion, or about $54,000 per person, reforming Social Security to ensure its solvency is a major problem for economic policymakers. One proposal to tighten benefits it to change the automatic cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs) for payments. In order to maintain recipients’ purchasing power, social security benefits currently rise from year to year based upon a measure of inflation: this is the cost-of-living adjustment....   [tags: inflation, debt, beneficiaries]

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Failures in Research Measuring the Standard of Living

- Standard of living was measured by household asset and material possessions; using an INFHS standard of living index. Possessions were given a weighted average and added up. Each household was assigned to a quintile that ranges from high to lower quintile. Asset indices measure SEP at the household level in an attempt to quantify the material aspects of living conditions and its interpretation is hinged on the relationship of the individual to the household. Subramanian et al failed in measuring life course SEP....   [tags: assets, indicator, gender]

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Classical Music: Gustav Mahler

- Gustav Mahler is now a world-renowned composer of classical music. He wasn’t always looked upon as highly during his working career as he is now posthumously. From Austria and of Jewish decent, Mahler began his musical career like many composers do, with the piano. He soon took to a formal musical education and grew to compose twelve full symphonies among his various other works. Mahler’s music fell into a part of musical history called the Romantic Period. Ranging from 1820 to 1900, the later portion of this period captured his works....   [tags: emotions, love and loss, composer]

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Pools and Riffles Within a River: The River Teme

- Using the results gathered from a recent field study at the The Leigh Brook, suggest the morphological, hydrological and sediment differences between the Pool and Riffle. Within a river there are areas known as pools and riffles. The pool is an area of deeper slow moving water, whereas the river is an area of shallow, fast flowing white water. The rocks are also clearly visible at the riffle, but submerged in the pool. A pool is usually found on a meander whereas the riffle is normally seen on the straighter areas of the channel, they tend to be situated very close to one another, forming in sequences....   [tags: water motion, the leigh brook]

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Handel's Oratorio: Messiah

- Handel’s Messiah No. 9 (measure 107-138) Handel’s Messiah is a Baroque-era, awe-inspiring composition; rich with history, profound in meaning, and intensely intimidating when asked to dig deep into its inner workings. When first receiving this assignment, I was overwhelmed by what I was being asked to do. But after analyzing and critiquing the melody, adding figured bass symbols, macro-analyzing the chords, adding roman numerals, and commenting on the voice leading in chords moving in root position, I feel as if I have only scratched the surface of all Handel put into the Messiah....   [tags: Classical music analysis]

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Overview of Edgard Varèse’s Density 21.5 for Unaccompanied Flute

- Density 21.5 Edgard Varèse’s Density 21.5 for unaccompanied flute was composed in 1936 (revised in 1944) at the request of George Barrère for the première of his new platinum flute.Inspired by the flute’s capabilities, Varèse sought to showcase the platinum instrument’s full range of sound and explore its timbral capacity. Density is a monophonic work that is characterized by extreme dynamics, angular motives, timbral variety, and complex rhythms. During the span of sixty-one measures, Varèse exploits the flute’s full range of sound and color and almost every pitch on the instrument is realized....   [tags: Tone Color, Upper Register]

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The Importance of Function Over Form in the Classical Concerto

- In the 18th century, the concerto was transformed into a viable instrumental genre to both demonstrate virtuosity as well as a cohesive character that embodied the natural. Though the series of changes from the Baroque concerto grosso to the Classical concerto were gradual and cannot be attributed to a single composer, the Piano Concerto No. 20 in D minor K. 466 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is a skillful representation of the genre in that era. Of particular interest in this concerto is the treatment of sonata form in the first movement....   [tags: Classical Music]

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Are Standardized Tests a Valid Measurement of Student Learning?

- “Standardized testing is one of the most passionately debated education topics in America” (Baxter, pg. 1). They became much more prevalent after the 2002 No Child Left Behind Act mandated annual testing across the United States. Standardized tests are used to assess students and teachers, however some people object the idea that the performance on a single test is a valid measure of what a student has learned, or what their teacher has taught them. In this paper I will argue that relying solely on standardized testing for student placement damages education....   [tags: achievement, bias, education ]

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Woodcock-Johnson II NU: Tests of Cognitive Abilities

- Along with the already clear and precise guidelines for the Woodcock-Johnson III NU Tests of Cognitive Abilities, seven new features have been added to the tests (Woodcock & Johnson, 1989). In the Woodcock-Johnson III NU: Tests of Cognitive Abilities, it includes eight new tests, which measure information-processing abilities (Keith, Kranzler, & Flanagan, 2001). These tests include ones which measure working memory, planning, naming speed, and attention (Woodcock, McGrew, & Mather, 2001b). Also included in this version are five new cognitive clusters (McGrew, Werder, & Woodcock, 1991)....   [tags: measuring information-processing abilities]

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Cost Utility Analysis of Co-Prescribed Heorin Compared with methadone

- The paper details a study conducted to assess two treatment methods for heroin addicts. The first one is the methadone maintenance treatment, and the second is methadone supplemented with heroin. Although, the latter is known for its better effects on patients, both mentally and physically, it requires more health care resources and therefore might not be efficient on a societal level. Benefits of a co-prescribed heroin treatment could be in the form of longer term cost efficiencies, manifested by the decrease of both the need for healthcare services, and crime rates....   [tags: heroind addicts, methadone treatment, drugs]

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Making a Tissue Box Cover

- ... Determine the type of fabric to use for your tissue box cover. Fabric choices can easily be found on the Internet or at a local fabric supply store. Purchase a different style of fabric if you will be making more than one tissue cover. Create a template for the tissue box cover from computer paper. Position the tissue box on one piece of paper and trace around the bottom using a pencil. Repeat this process with each side of the box using a separate piece of paper. Make sure to add one-quarter inch to the height and width....   [tags: Craft, Decoration, Home]

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The Value Of Central Tendency

- ... The geometric mean is used to measure the rate of change of a variable over time (Levine, et al., 2008). The geometric mean is equivalent to the nth root of the product of n values (Levine, et al., 2008). The geometric mean rate of return measures the average percentage return on an investment over a period (Levine, et al., 2008). Data can also be characterized by its variation and shape (Levine, et al., 2008). Variation measures the spread, or dispersion, of the values in the data set (Levine, et al., 2008)....   [tags: Standard deviation, Mean, Arithmetic mean, Median]

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Sizing Software with Testable Requirements

- ... The testable requirements demonstrates characteristics such as a state of the system , required data elements for input , condition or action that invokes the requirement, expected result .The main assertion of this article is to determine the number of testable requirements is the most effective way of sizing of the system. For this analysis not only user requirements but other requirements such as design requirements, change requests in a maintenance release, size of a software package, size of modifications required to a software package etc....   [tags: manage, applications, sizing]

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Calorimetry: How to Count Your Food

- The calorimeter is a large round silver cylinder with a smaller cylinder inside. It has 3 holes around the bottom edge of the larger chamber. The smaller chamber is held at the top by a metal rod the goes through both chambers. Below the small chamber, there is a cork with a needle sticking straight up from it (that is where you place the food to be tested). The small chamber has a thermometer in it which measures the temperature of the water if you were to use it. The top of the small chamber is covered by aluminum foil to preserve heat transfer....   [tags: food, chamber, weight]

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The DeLone and Mclean Model of Information Systems Success: A Ten-Year Update

- The D&M IS Success Model was created having the desire to understand the impacts of IS. This study was a follow-up to the previous model in 1992 which was used as the framework and model for assessing the complex dependent variable in IS research. Three components were identified in the process models; “creation of the system, use of the system and the consequences of the system use, (DeLone & McLean, 2003). The article serves to outline the authors’ beliefs that “the measurement of IS success or effectiveness is critical to our understanding of the value and efficacy of IS management actions and IS investments” (DeLone & McLean, 2003)....   [tags: IS, taxonomy, success]

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The Major Constructs Explaining Health Inequalities

- Theoretical approach Perspective on health inequalities In their introduction the authors hypothesise that there is an association between poverty and Tuberculosis (TB) in Recife, Brazil, and that this is mediated by accommodation crowding, malnutrition and “other socially determined factors”. However this paper does not include a nutrition variable, and the authors don’t clarify which other social factors they believe are important. They examine numerous possible socioeconomic position (SEP) variables without defining a priori which is of primary interest....   [tags: poverty, tuberculosis, health inequalities]

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Emergency Room Case Management Program

- Emergency room case managers are active members of the health care team and act as a liaison between the emergency room, hospital, community case management program to improve continuity and efficiency of care (Powell). Case managers coordinate appropriate are care chosen for the class project is emergency room case manager’s role in the preventions and management of asthma. The performance indicators measured are cost of care, quality of care, health status and clinical outcome (Powell). The performance indicators measured are cost of care, quality of care, health status and clinical outcome (Powell)....   [tags: Health care, Medicine, Better, Asthma]

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Analysis of En vain pour éviter

- Throughout history, gypsy culture has developed a mysticism about it that has been pondered by many artists—both in the musical sense and through other creative expressions. George Bizet, a famed French Romantic Era composer, artfully presents the tragic story of Carmen, based on Prosper Mérimée’s famed novella, using unique and captivating expressions in his music to explore the gypsy realm. In the opera, Carmen, the heroine, is a young gypsy woman from Seville, Spain who has a wild and inconsistent love life and becomes involved with a soldier named Don José....   [tags: gypsy culture, the story of carmen]

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Establishing Reliability and Validity

- Establishing Reliability and Validity In conducting a research or survey, the quality of the data collected in the research is of utmost importance. One’s assessment may be reliable and not valid and thus this is why it is important that when designing a survey, one should also come up with the methods of testing the reliability and validity of the assessment tools. For MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) to conduct a survey, the questions they propose to use must pass the validity and reliability test for one to conclude that the survey is reliable and valid....   [tags: Surveys]

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Direct and Indirect Measurements of Stereotypes Analyzing the use of Direct and Indirect Measurements of Stereotypical Behaviors

- Direct and Indirect Measurements of Stereotypes Analyzing the use of Direct and Indirect Measurements of Stereotypical Behaviors In the direct measurement of stereotypes, such as the free response, scientists must ask if it is a reliable measurement of stereotypes. Many people may answer a free question regarding a particular group, but answers may be given to the tester of what the tested may what the tester to hear. For example, if a behavioral scientist were to ask a student his or hers feelings regarding African Americans, the student may state what is perceived as the ‘right’ answer at the time, so the scientist does not project the student as a bigot, racist, discriminatory or stereoty...   [tags: sociology, psychology]

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Fließend: A Brief Insight Into Anton Webern’s Opus 9, No. 6

- Fließend: A Brief Insight Into Anton Webern’s Opus 9, No. 6 Anton Webern’s Six Bagatelles for String Quartet, Opus 9, is a set of pieces for two violins, viola, and cello. Composed in 1913 in Vienna, each bagatelle is brief, spanning a single page, varying from seven to thirteen measures. The composition reflects Webern’s yearning to mirror some of the ideas of his mentor, Arnold Schoenberg. One of the most prominent concepts throughout the six movements is the lack of any contrasts that call for resolution in the music....   [tags: Atonal, Composition, Intensity]

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Traditional and Contemporary Performance Measurement

- 1 Introduction In the past, the company performance was measured by asking ‘how much money the company makes?’ To a certain extent, they are right because gross revenue, profitability, return on capital, etc. are the results that companies must bring to survive. Unfortunately, in today business if the management focuses only on the financial health of the company, numerous unwanted consequences may arise. With the dramatic changes of business environment, the traditional measure that focuses on minimising production costs is no longer well-matched (Hall, 1980)....   [tags: prism, production companies]

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Standardized Testing Vs. Education

- ... How can you measure education quality and intelligence if the test-taker is not even receiving knowledge of certain questions on the test. There’s one final reason on why standardized tests do not measure education quality and intelligence. This is the fact that the test only evaluates a student’s performance on one day. This causes problems because we do not know exactly what is going on in a student’s life that day. Anxiety, family related, and other unpreventable issues can greatly distract a student from the matter at hand and cause the student’s score to plummet....   [tags: Education, Psychometrics, Standardized test, Test]

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How Much Energy Has Been Transferred Through The System

- ... So, it is to great help to know how heat may change through the process of a reaction. If there is too much heat it may cause an explosion, but if just not enough the product may be under par, or not what is expected. Enthalpy plays a bigger role in a large part of everyday life, many people may just not know it. Ever wondered how refrigeration works. Well, it starts off with a very common gas called Freon, or another not so common gas called R134a. Freon is very stable, nonflammable gas that is a gas around typical room temperature and then turns into a liquid once cooled.2....   [tags: Thermodynamics, Enthalpy, Energy, Entropy]

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The Use of Statistics in Business

- Statistics in Business Statistics refers to the use of numerical information in everyday life to calculate facts and figures in limitless circumstances such as, batting averages, market share, and changes in the stock market. In addition, statistics refers to the scientific collecting, classifying, summarizing, organizing, analyzing, and interpreting numerical data. Statistics involves describing data sets and drawing conclusions based on sampling about the data sets (McClave, Benson & Sincich, 2011)....   [tags: data, conclusions, performance]

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Evaluation of Health System Verses Performance

- According to Neuhauser (1990) performance refers to attaining the set goals within an organization. It entails a process where members of staff working towards achieving the business objectives within the set parameters. It’s a collective approach that can be used by management in the organization to appraise the staff and ascertain workers the processes available are able to do what the firm has set to provide quality service. It involves bringing into line the managerial goals with the workers' established actions, proficiency, capability, experience, requirements, growth strategies and the deliverance of outcomes....   [tags: Health Systems, Organizations, Management]

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Energy Is The First Law Of Thermodynamics

- ... This law states that energy is always conserved and it cannot be created or destroyed. This validates that the energy of the universe is constant. This does not mean that energy can’t be transferred from one part of the universe to the other. Thermodynamics is the branch of physics that deals with the relationships between heat and other forms of energy. In particular, it describes how thermal energy is converted to and from other forms of energy and how it affects matter. To describe the relation of heat transfer and the first law of thermodynamics it is best to put in into real life context....   [tags: Energy, Thermodynamics, Heat, Temperature]

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The Operationalisation And Measurement Of Crime

- Summative project 1 The Operationalisation and Measurement of Crime. Crime is a common feature in many societies around the world with the levels of crime differing from country to country and the variation in the types of crime committed. Whilst trying to operationalise crime I have decided to look at the different variables involved in classifying this phenomenon. This phenomenon affects individuals across the world; whether they have committed crime or whether they have been victims of crime....   [tags: Crime, Violence, Violent crime, Domestic violence]

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Rational Thinking And Cognitive Sophistication : Development, Cognitive Abilities, And Thinking Dispositions

- ... Analyzing this results in conjunction with a test given to parents asked to assess their own child’s decision making skills in comparison with other children in the same age range (Toplak, West & Stanovich, 2014). These parents were given a seven-point scale ranging from 1- far below average to 7- far above average (Toplak, West & Stanovich, 2014). Results The three measures of focus; executive function; measure of set-shifting, measure of inhibition, and a measure of working memory, all supported a steady increase with cogitative sophistication and maturity (Toplak, West & Stanovich, 2014)....   [tags: Psychology, Emotion, Cognition, Anxiety]

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Poverty in Great Britain

- Politicians and world leaders measure their performance using the decline of poverty under their tenure, therefore highlighting the importance of poverty in society (Alcock et al, 2012). This essay will discuss how poverty is explained by various theories and how changes have been made to how poverty in society is measured. Furthermore highlighting how historical changes have occurred to poverty in Britain. There is no single universal definition of poverty, nonetheless, it is accepted that definitions of poverty should be considered according to cultural, social and historical circumstances (Lister, 2004)....   [tags: monetary income, absolute porverty]

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Review of the SAT Test

- In researching the types of tests that are administered to determine intelligence, it became very clear that there were many differing opinions surrounding the efficacy of intelligence testing. There exists compelling information that suggest there is a lack of ability for any test to clearly identify and measure intelligence. It is very clearly noted that there is a question of the ability for academics based testing to measure a persons intelligence. One of the most noted tests in the United States that is used to measure the potential of students to perform in an educational setting is the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT)....   [tags: efficacy of intelligence testing]

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The Physics Of The Gauss Rifle

- ... Place the wood slide on the table so that the end of the slide is flush with the end of the table Place two ball bearings on one side of the magnet, at the end of the slide Pour the sand in the plastic box and smooth it out so that the sand is approximately level. Place the box on the floor a couple of feet away from the edge of the table. Place one ball bearing on the other side of the magnet, about 5 centimeters (cm) from the magnet. Measure the height of the table, in meters (m), on which the Gauss rifle is sitting....   [tags: Magnetic field, Magnetism, Loudspeaker, Magnet]

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Role of Women in Shakespearean Literature

- Throughout Shakespeare’s works, the substandard status of women is evident. Women are to give up their homes, their personal choices, and even their lives for the men that they are meant to serve. Marriage and its power over women is used as a convention within many of Shakespeare’s plays, it can be a punishment, a reward, a political move, or a celebration. Put most simply, marriage offers a symbolic and ceremonial form of closure and resolution in a play. The different versions are all apparent in reading A Midsummer’s Night Dream, Measure for Measure, and Richard III....   [tags: Shakespearean Literature]

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Mindfulness Awareness Scale And Perceived Stress

- ... depression, anxiety followed by stress. The Mindful Attention Awareness Scale(MAAS) is a measure designed to asses mindfulness in adults. This measure was designed by a guy named Jon Kabat-Zinn, he explains it as an approach to life based on the understanding that “the present is the only time that any of us have to be alive – to know anything- to perceive – to act – to change – to heal”(JKZ 1990). A modified version of the Mindfulness Attention Awareness Scale was made to measure various dimensions of well-being such as positive and negative affect for children....   [tags: Psychology, Mind, Consciousness, Research]

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The Debate Over Standardized Testing

- In classrooms all across America, students sit perched over their desks in the process of taking standardized tests. As the students take the tests, teachers pace nervously up and down the rows of their classroom, hoping and praying that their students can recall the information which they have presented. Some children sit relaxed at their desks, calmly filling in the bubbles and answering essay questions. These children are well prepared and equipped to handle their tests. Other children, however, sit hunched over their desks, pondering over questions, trying to guess an answer....   [tags: High-Stakes Standardized Testing]

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Testing Is A Good Indication Of A Student 's Competency

- Throughout our education, students like myself, are constantly given tests to assess our knowledge on the material that we have learned. However, do we really know what our test scores indicate. Lately, it has been a constant public debate as to whether or not test scores are a good indication of a student’s competency. Test scores do not accurately depict a student’s knowledge for several reasons. To fully understand the concept, we should first define what a test is. According to the article “Important of Testing is Psychology and Education,” published by a2zPsychology in 2002, “A test is defined as a measure of a person’s knowledge, intelligence, or other characteristics in a systematic...   [tags: Psychometrics, Reliability, Test, Assessment]

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Procedure to Investigate the Effect of Temperature on Beetroot

- Aim: to investigate the effect of temperature on the cell membrane structure. Hypothesis: I predict that more concentration of betalains will be released as the temperature increases because the temperature will soften the cell vacuole and cell membrane allowing more betalains to pass through. Introduction: Beetroot contains red pigments called betalains, located within the cell vacuole. Normally the pigments cannot pass through the membranes but they can leak out when the beetroot is cooked. To function correctly a cell needs to be able to control transport across the partially permeable membrane....   [tags: Science Lab]

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Performance Evaluation At Tri Cities Community Bank

- ... TOWS Analysis External Opportunities External Threats Shift to online and mobile banking Expansion to other markets Regulatory changes Increase in microfinance Increased competition from domestic and local banks Internal Strengths Internal Weaknesses Strong financial position Strong commitment towards achieving organizational objectives Good working relationship between managers and employees Poor BSC implementation Short tenure of some high-ranking officials Demotivated employees Alternative Courses of Action It is not easy to implement a balanced scorecard....   [tags: Balanced scorecard, Strategic management]

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Effects Of Sleep Restriction And Extension On School Age Children

- ... Even though the researchers measured the child’s sleeping pattern for 3 nights, the study took a total of 6 days to complete. It commenced on a Sunday and finished on Friday in order to see how sleep can affect children’s academics. b. Day 1 and 2: the child and their families were instructed the procedures of the study and received an actigraph (what was used to measure the child’s sleeping patterns). They also measured the participants regular sleeping cycle, NBF levels, NES scores (see below in measures) in order to create a baseline....   [tags: Sleep, Circadian rhythm, Sleep disorder]

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Legal And Ethical Issues Within The World Fund Research

- Legal and Ethical Issues Legal and ethical issues create standards by which research is conducted. According to Polit and Beck (2014),”Governments throughout the world fund research and establish rules for adhering to ethical principles” (p. 81). These standards protect research participants from exploitation and harm. The study participants in this study were not subjected to physical harm, discomfort or psychological distress. The appropriate consent procedures were used. According to Norris, Hughes, Hecht, Peragallo & Nickerson (2013),” After-school program staff distributed study packets to girls of Hispanic origin to take home to parents or legal guardians” (p....   [tags: Psychometrics, Cronbach's alpha, Reliability]

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Critical Review : Finding A Balance

- A Critical Review: finding a balance for mind wandering in higher education Mind wandering is a universal everyday experience that affects every university student. A voluntary or involuntary shift in attention draws the student from their current task to focus on internal trains of thought. In doing so, the negative effects on the task outcomes may affect study outcomes and the positive effects of focusing inward may affect personal development outcomes. The aim of this review is to understand the primary costs and benefits of mind wandering in relation to the individual student....   [tags: Psychology, Brain, Cognition, Cognitive science]

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Does the Quality of Eductors Effect the Student Learning

- Many educators would admit that they are responsible for student learning, but unfortunately the profession as a whole has averted using evaluations that are based on measures of student achievement, occasionally with acceptable reason, given the biased approaches that have been suggested. The solution, on the other hand, is not to continue with common strategies simply because they are benign and comfortable, but rather to evolve fair and reasonable ways of evaluating a teacher success with students....   [tags: expectations, feedback, evaluations, standards]

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Conceptualization and Measurement in Criminology and Criminal Justice

- Conceptualization and Measurement in Criminology and Criminal Justice In chapter 3 of The Practice of Research in Criminology and Criminal Justice there are four areas of focus. They are concepts, measurement operations, evaluation of measures, and levels of measurement. We are going to address conceptualization by using substance abuse and related ideas as examples. For measurement, let us review first how measures of substance abuse have been created, utilizing procedures as available data, questions, observations, and less direct and prominent measures....   [tags: Criminal Justice Book Review]

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Measuring the Impact of Working Capital Management on Net Operating Profitability: A Comparative Analysis of Cement and Oil and Sector in Pakistan

- 1. Introduction Working capital in an important component of financial management and basically Working Capital Management (WCM) has been approached in numerous ways. It focuses attention to the managing of the current assets, current liability and their relationships that exist between them. In other words, working capital management may be defined as the management of a firm’s liquid assets, cash, marketable securities, accounts receivable and inventories. In the present day context of rising capital cost and scarce funds, the importance of working capital needs special emphasis....   [tags: Capital Management ]

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Experiment on the Differences in Recovery Heart Rates in Athletes and Non-Athletes

- ... The whole area of HRR and its clinical implications is a subject of current investigation, but it is well established that HRR is a strong predictor of both cardiovascular-related and all-cause mortality in healthy adults. Citations: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Variables: • Independent: o I will have two groups both containing 5 people, in total 1...   [tags: variables, treadmill, controls]

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Mozart's Requiem Analysis

- ... And let St. Michael, Thy standard-bearer, lead them into the holy light which once Thou didst promise to Abraham and his seed” (“Full Text Lyrics,” n.d.). I was asked to explain why the Corni di Bassetto is the only instrument not in the key of Bb/g. This is because the Corni di Bassetto, a basset horn, is in F, a perfect fifth below concert pitch. Everything the Corni di Bassetto plays sounds a perfect fifth below the written note. Getting down to some smaller details, I have Neapolitan chords, nonchord tones, voice leading, sequences, elisions, and imitation to discuss....   [tags: music pieces analysis]

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A Case for the National Adoption of the Metric System

- America is on the cutting edge of almost everything, except for basic units of measurement. Every nation on earth has adopted the International System of Units, or metric system, as their official system of weights and measures, with the exception of Myanmar, Liberia, and the United States of America (“CIA World Fact Book,” n.d.). Throughout history, the metric system has proven itself as a reliable, and simple to use, decimal based system of measurement. In comparison, the United States customary system is overly complicated and requires extensive conversions to apply....   [tags: Argumentative Essay]

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Measurements to Aid in Choosing Employees for a Job

- The measurement of performance, measurement of predictors, the G (general intellect or ability), and personality should be taken into consideration when choosing an individual for a specific job or team. Using just one of these instruments has the potential to break the connectivity and workability of the organization or team. Measurement of Performance The measurement of performance has been an ongoing theme stretching over decades. Since the 1900s, individuals have tried to measure different aspects of performance....   [tags: business, performance]

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A framework for quality management research and an associated measurement instrument

- Research on quality incorporates a range of concerns, including quality definition and management, and such specific mechanisms as statistical quality control (SQC). However, though research in statistical quality control has evolved in a scientific and rigorous fashion, based on the early works of Shewhart, Juran, Deming and others, the study of other aspects of quality, particularly quality management, has not evolved in a similarly rigorous fashion. Theory development and measurement issues related to reliability and validity are particularly weak in the quality management literature....   [tags: Business Management]

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The Economic Health Of A Country 's Economy

- ... Quality of life is multidimensional and more robust than economic wealth, especially when measured on a national level. Even when GDP is discussed on an individual level such as Average GDP per capita, it does not adequately capture standard of living for each citizen “We are not even told about the distribution of wealth and income, and countries with similar aggregate figures can exhibit great distributional variations,” (Nussbaum, 126). Indeed GDP, GNP and other similar economic metrics fail to recognize that a country’s economic prosperity does not trickle down in an equal manner across all citizens....   [tags: Gross domestic product, Quality of life]

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The Harcourt Essen Experiment

- The Harcourt Essen Experiment The aim of this investigation is to: 1) find the rate equation for the reaction between hydrogen peroxide, potassium iodide and sulphuric acid by using the iodine stop clock method and plotting graphs of 1/time against concentration for each variable. Then to find the activation energy by carrying out the experiment at different temperatures using constant amounts of each reactant and then by plotting a graph of in 1/t against I/T, 3) to deduce as much information about the mechanism as possible from the rate equation....   [tags: Chemistry, Science, Experiment]

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Power Struggles in Shakespeare

- The struggle for power is a key theme in Shakespeare’s plays King Henry IV part I and Measure for Measure. Within both plays there are characters that try to make their way through the social hierarchy and gain as much power as possible. In King Henry IV part I, King Henry is having a hard time keeping control of the power he has. Before Henry was king, he overthrew King Richard II. In the beginning of the play, he has to balance feeling guilt from this and his newfound kingship. On top of that, his past decisions are coming back to haunt him, because he is being rebelled against by some of his enemies....   [tags: Shakespearean Literature]

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Poetic Perceptions of Death

- Alfred Lord Tennyson (1809-1892) and Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) are two of the most well known poets of the 19th century. Tennyson, described as “the leading poet of the Victorian Age” and Dickinson, described as “one of America’s greatest poets” both won most of acclaim thanks to their strong ideas on death. Death is a common theme in any eras but it took a particular significance in the 19th century , especially in literature. As intense poets, both Dickinson and Tennyson shared their innermost views regarding death, particularly seen in Tennyson’s “Mariana”, “Crossing the Bar” and Dickinson’s “Because I could not stop for death” and “Behind me—dips Eternity.” In “Because I could not s...   [tags: Alfred Lord Tennyson, Emily Dickinson]

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Investigating Whether the Surface Area or the Length of the Carbon Putty Will Affect Its Resistance

- Investigating Whether the Surface Area or the Length of the Carbon Putty Will Affect Its Resistance Planning I am investigating of whether the length or the surface area of the putty will have effect on its resistance. We know from the book of Ordinary Level Physics by A.F Abbott that the resistance of a conductor is affected by several factors: Surface area: Thick wires may be regarded as equivalent to a number of thinner wires of equal area joined in parallel....   [tags: Papers]

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Coastal Landforms and Features Related to the Rock Type of the Area

- Coastal Landforms and Features Related to the Rock Type of the Area Coastal landforms and features are related to the rock type (geology) of the area. To collect information for hypothesis1 we visited a number of places. These are all recorded by number on the geological map of the Isle of Purbeck. This also served as a location map (see M1 for details). * Man O War Cove * Lulworth Cove * North Swanage Bay * South Swanage Bay * Redend point * North Studland Beach * South Studland Beach * Sandbanks * Bournemouth * Durdle Door * Stair Hole * Old Harry's Rocks We used a sheet to record the information collected in each area....   [tags: Papers]

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